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05/26/2001 6:56 PM

The elf-maiden looked to the stars then to the city below her. Palanthas always had a way of giving her hope when she looked at it under the stars. She wore a green silk tunic, with brown satin trousers. A long sword at her side, a quiver on her back as well as a long bow were her weapons. She was the splitting image of an rich Wildrunner, but she was far from it. She jumped off the Old City wall and walked the streets of one of the largest cities on Krynn. She stopped at an inn, and walked in.
All the people turned to look at her. She gave them a charming smile and walked to the inn keeper. "I'd like a room for the night, please." He nodded and handed her a key while she flipped a steel coin at him. She went to sit down at a table, most of the men staring at her. She was pretty to the elves, but nothing compared to all the elf-maidens. Humans thought her beautiful, but her beauty was just a tool...to get her own ends.
The door to the inn slammed open. Five figures, all cloaked in black, walked into the common room. They walked with the gracefulness of an elf and the elf-warrior stared without interest, but fear welled inside her. One of them saw her and drew his sword. He gave a cry and charged the woman head on. She quickly stood and jumped over her attacker, drawing her sword and preparing to defend herself. The elf charged her again and quickly turned, grabbed him around the neck, and brought him toward her, her sword heading for his throat.
"Why are you here?" she asked.
"We want in on the cut. We are not the normal elf assasins you are used to. We, unlike our kendrid, care about what happens to those in the world of Krynn," the elf spoke calmly back.
"There is no cut, just trying to help a continent that will know terror if they are not saved. You think you can save them?"
"What makes you think you can, Autumn?" The young elf countered.
"I have friends in these parts. They can help me, in magic, fighting, and wisdom. This adventure could very well mean the lives of us all if we fail. Those in the Evil Majesty's service are more fierce than those followers of Paladine and Gildean(OOC:I don't really know how to spell it and I can't think how it really is so, I'm sorry). We have to be cautious as well as fierce and able. Fizban was very clear on that matter."
The four elves nodded, and withdrew their black coverings. They were dressed in the same way as Autumn was, green tunic and brown trousers, and all had a long bow and quiver on their backs. One of the group stepped forward and spoke, seeming to be the leader, "We will follow you into the Darken Wood Forest, the Abyss, or any other place that Fizban instructed us to go. We are not afraid, but we wish to help our people. Qualinost and Silvanost are about to be attack by an unknown force."
Autumn nodded and let go of the elf in her grasp and he also took off the black coverings. He smiled, and extended his hand. Autumn extended hers and they sealed the deal. "Well, a group of six elves will not get us anywhere." She stood on the chair and spoke outloud, for the whole inn common room to hear:


She stepped down and retreated to her room, the elves following and piling on the floor for a night's rest that wouldn't come easy.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

05/26/2001 8:00 PM

Kista StarBlade walked into the inn, her platinum blonde hair windblown. she too was an elf, a highborn Silvanesti, raised amung the pathfinder clan of the Kagonesti, she was a silend and stelthy as the grass cat that stood at her side, but her beauty was of a elven princess.

Around her neck, hung a silver pendant, the gem in it was as of right now clear and non-descript. she motioned for the grass cat to follow her as she walked up the the inn/bar keep. "I need a room for the night" she asked softly as she tossed him a steel coin, "dinner too..." she tossed him another.With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

05/26/2001 10:40 PM

Mirror ran into the inn after her cousin, her white hair blown all around her fine elven features. Her skin was the darker colour of the Kagonesti, and a tatto of a dove was on her left cheek. Her mirrored eyes matched the colour of the silver sash around her waist that held her spell components perfectly. "I do wish you wouldn't go off ahead like that!!!!! I swear your worse than a kender on market day!" she turned to the innkeep, "Make that 2 rooms and 2 plates of food, and bring some wine over aswell!" Mirror was not in the best of moods, was tired and hungry, and wouldn not suffer fools gladly tonight. The innkeep turned on his heal and went in to the kitchen, muttering about an elf witch at the bar........You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/27/2001 12:01 AM

"My that was an exciting boat ride." Thistledown Kendergnome said as he walked into the common room. "I really must commend it to the gnomish seafarers guild when I return. Ah, well, here I am. Barkeep, I have heard that you are a very courteous person and that this is one of the few inns in Palanthas in which Kender are welcome. My name is Thistledown Kendergnome, although I am actually a kender. I was raised in Mt. Nevermind though, and I have lots of really neat things from there. Would you like to see them? ... Oh, well maybe later. Hey, what is this, an Elf convention? (To Autumn) Would you like to see what is in my pouches?

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05/27/2001 1:33 AM

In the fartherst, darkest corner of the inn's common room Solthanas Pah-reft overhears the heated conversation between the elves and the call for adventurers to fight a new evil. Taking a pull from a mug of the inn's finest ale Solthanas surveys the elven party.

"This may just be the calling that I needed. If there is indeed a great evil about to beset Ansalon and I help in the vanquishing of this evil I should gain enough honor and respect to face my father..."

Given a quick glance Sol's features give him away as an elf, but on closer inspection the human heritage is more obvious. More rounded ears, a thicker jaw, and a heavier frame than the average elf marks him as a half-breed. Sol's Silvanesti features passed onto him by his father are apparent in his white-blond hair and hazel eyes. Though currently concealed in a heavy cloak if seen in less atire Sol would have the bearing of a skilled warrior. Standing at 5'8" and wielding a well muscled 165 lbs. frame Sol makes a formidable, yet graceful presence.

Reaching the bottom of his mug Sol comes to a conclusion, "Luck has found me. By Eli' this must be a sign. I have decided. I shall meet with them tomorrow."

Having arrived earlier, Sol leaves his shadowy corner behind and makes his way to his room to retire for the evening.

05/27/2001 4:17 AM

Marquita D'Angelo pushes open the doors to the inn. She is dressed in a white frilled shirt and black leather vest, pants and knee high boots that is common among sea captains and pirates. Her hair is a dark fiery red which makes her emerald green eyes stand out and sparkle. She has a sword strapped to her side and carries two daggers one in her belt and one her boot.

She looks around then heads straight to the bar where she greets her friend the innkeep with a smile "How goes things Derek? anything interesting happen since I was last here?" It had been several months since Marquita, the captain of the Armistaad a cargo ship, had been back to Palanthas and she wanted to catch up on the latest news.

Derek smiled back pleased to see his long time friend again. As he poured her a mug of ale he relayed to her the events that had just transpired "So this elf woman got up and called upon everyone to help her fight the Dark Knights, crazy if you ask me" he finished.

Marquita thought over what he had told her "Any reward?" she asked, he shook his head then went to serve a new customer. Marquita thought for awhile about the situation. She could afford the time off, she owned a very profitable transport business and she was her own boss. She also knew that if the Dark Knights were to succeed in their attack she was sure to lose her ship and business to them and she was determined not to let that happen.

Making up her mind she called again to Derek "What do I do if I'm interested?" he shook his head and sighed "Well if you're mad enough you should meet the elves tomorrow infront of the Library at sunset."

Marquita nodded, ordered some food and more ale then went and sat next to the fireplace to eat.

05/27/2001 6:45 AM

Triton sat in the corner of the bar and watched the action with a concerned look. He didnt want to intervine for fear of helping the wrong side, but the elves were none the less entertaining. As soon as they calmed down and seemed to come to some kind of agreement, Triton's love and her cousin ran into the inn. They both looked tired from traveling, but their look made Triton smile anyway. He would wait for them to notice him. Until then he would enjoy his wine.

05/27/2001 6:54 AM

Mirror looked around the room, taking in the inhabitants one by one and studying them, trying to decide which of them were friends and which were foe. Suddenly she spied a familiar shape in the corner of the room, shrouded in darkness as always! She walked over to the table, swinging her hips as she went. She bent over and leaned on the table, looking at Triton, a seductive smile on her lips. "Well hello there handsome, come here often?" she asked, giggling to herself.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/27/2001 8:08 AM

"Well, my good kender, I do not have the time," she answered kindly, smiling at Thistledown. "But maybe in the morning, you can show me. Oh, my good kender, may I have my dagger back?"

She smiled again, knowing very well the ways of kender. She saw the silver robed mage enter the inn and smiled. "I will speak to Mirror in the morning. But I need to sleep and think things through before I speak to anyone." She thought to herself.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

05/27/2001 1:50 PM

Kista smiled and laughed, she loved to infuriate her cousin at times. She absently patted Warrls head and handed him a handfull of her own dinner.With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

05/27/2001 3:10 PM

Sir Deven Malcome enters the inn. A Solmanic knight who could trace his familes bloodline back to the Dragonwars in which Huma sat astride his massive Silver beast.
Sir Malcome stands at 6 foot 1, with a well muscled body his black hair hangs just above his shoulder blades.
It looks as though the knight had just earned his spurs, judging by his young age. He is dressed in full plate armour, with his ancient sword strapped to his back. Pulled over top of him is a mud splatted cloak.
Sir Malcome looks throughout the inn with his dark brown eyes, seeing a empty table the knight heads towards it.
The Knight bears a certain air of nobility with him as he walks across the common room and sits at a table alone. A bar maid aproaches him.
"M'lady, I seek boarding a food for the evening." says the knight through his thick solmanic accent, as he lays two steel coins down on the table for the bar maid.
True honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

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05/28/2001 1:11 AM

"If everyone here is as good looking as you I will," Triton said with a smile. The love of his life, Mirror was once agian at his side. Even though they were complete opposites Triton had his shadows while Mirror was pure of heart, they loved each other dearly.
"Take a seat my love and have something to eat and drink. You can also tell me about your trip, you look tired so it should be a good story."

05/28/2001 10:51 AM

Kyron Khojirrim walked into the inn. Silver hair fell down her back in two braids. She wore the armor of a Solamnic Knight, adorned with silver scales. If anyone knew her better, they knew she was a silver dragon. Her sword was that of the elves, not of the Solamnic make. She walked with a stride of ease and comfort. She held her head like everyone else, not high like a real knight. She walked to a table and sat down, taking in all her surroundings. She heard people talking about an elf-witch and assasins. Kyron already knew all of this. Autumn had spoke with her before she came to Palanthas, to find all the people Kyron could and and try to gather up what was left of the Elven Resistance in Qualinesti. She had done so, and they were scattered throughout the city, waiting for a signal.

Kyron retreated from the table to the room where Autumn was. She knocked on the door and waited for an answer. This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

05/28/2001 11:18 AM

Kista walked over to her cousin. She flashed a smile at Triton, and looked over at Mirror.

"So can I join in? or is this a Private table?" she smiled, an Impish gleam to her Lavender eyes.With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

05/28/2001 1:27 PM

Sir Malcome seeing another Solmanic Knight enter the inn. This knight, however looked a fair bit odder, she held a sword of elvin design and her hair was styled in 2 braids, which was not a popular in Solminia at the time.
As Sir Malcome stood to speak to his fellow knight, she quickly walked from her table.
Sir Malcome, leaving his own food sitting on the table followed the other Knight.
He caught up with her just outside someone elses room right after she had knocked on the door.
"Hail Knight, from where do you report and what news do you bring? And from whos command have you been sent?" True honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

05/28/2001 2:57 PM

Mirror looked over at Kista, sitting down on a chair so close to Triton that she might as well have been sitting on his lap. She entwined her hand in his and smiled at her cousin, her heart beating a little bit faster at the closeness of his body. She smiled up at her cousin. "Sit if you would like, by all means! I was just about to tell Triton here about our travels, maybe you'd prefer to start, you know what I'm like, I'm hopeless at telling stories!!!"You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/28/2001 5:40 PM

Autumn looked to the door when the knock sounded. One of the elves stood and before he answered it, the other elves exited through the window, bidding Autumn farewell.
"We will meet you when you reach the border of Qualinesti. Then, we will defeat this army, and march to save Silvanesti with the kirath." The elf bowed and left, leaving the two there.

"Go on, Justin. Answer the door. It's Kyron with the news." Justin nodded to his cousin and started to open the door. He stopped when he heard a male voice.

"M'lady?" Justin stood back confused. Even though he had known Autumn for a good time of his life, playing like he was her servant would help.

"Wait."Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

05/28/2001 5:55 PM

Kyron turned to the knight and smiled. "Hail, m'lord. I report from the woods of Qualinesti and I bring news of the Elven Resistance to their co-commander, Autumn Skie Silverbow. I am under her command. If you wonder why I wear the Solamnic armor, is because it was a gift from Lord Gunthar and the knighthood. To them, I am a knight. To myself, I am just another servant of good." She knocked again, three times, then two.

"What brings you to the strange world of elves and adventures, my good knight?"This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

05/29/2001 12:16 AM

Triton held Mirror's hand tightly. He didnt know he missed her so much, and made a promise to himself that he would not let her travel without him again.
"Please cousin tell me the story.

05/29/2001 1:47 AM

Justin listened for the knock that signaled Kyron's entry and opened the door to a knight and the silver dragon. He bowed and spoke, "M'lady. Please come in. Autumn has been waiting."

Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

05/29/2001 11:09 AM

OOC: I really don't know what to say! for once I can't come up with a story!! so Im just gonna joke a bit!! ))

Kista smiled a lopsided mischevious grin...

"Oh it was nothing really...just mirror getting into the usual trouble that I had to pull her silver hide out of...nothing that I couldn't handle!!"

Kista threw a joking smile at her cousing and ducked when Mirror threw her spoon at her.With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

05/29/2001 11:18 AM

OOC: Don't worry Kista sweetie, I didn't know what to put either, that's why I handed it over to you!!!!!!! Evil ain't I :D :D :D

Mirror gave a look of mock severity towards her cousin, who ducked under the table giggling as Mirror's spoon flew towards her. "Watch it, or next time it won't be just my spoon I throw at you!!!!" she said, giggling now inspite of herself. It was good to travel with her cousin, and even better to be back with Triton again. She turned to her love, "So, what have you been doing with yourself since we last saw each other my love?"
You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/30/2001 4:52 AM

That night in an adjacent room in the inn, Solthanas was restless. Having retired from the common room expecting to get a good nights rest, Sol instead found himself unable to sleep. Giving in to the insomnia Sol decided to inspect his gear, even though he had already done so before climbing into bed. Lighting the oil lamp on the small desk that was the only other furniture in the room beside the bed and matching chair, Sol quickly took inventory of his belongings. "Everything is there." That he already knew. Retrieving a plain leather scabbard with the hilt of a sword protruding from it, Sol returned to the comfort of his bed and sat cross-legged with the sword and scabbard on his lap. Slowly but smoothly Solthanas took hold of the hilt and pulled the long sword out of the scabbard without so much as a hiss. The well oiled scabbard Solthanas laid near the end of his bed, the slim, elven long sword now being the object of his interest. The blade though slim due to its elven design possessed the strength of the arm of a Thorbardin smithy. The edges were razor sharp and the polished flat of the blade reflected Sol image flawlessly. Though just a regular long sword, Sol treated it as if it were the pricelss treasure of some Speaker long dead. This sword happens to be the only connection that he currently has with his father. Staring deeply at the well cared for blade, Sol is suddenly brought back to reality by sounds outside his room.

*knock, knock, knock* *knock, knock*

No answer.

Stirred from his thoughts Sol quickly returned the sword to its sheath and stole away next to his door. Pausing to listen, Sol heard a man speaking in an accent that instantly identified him as Solamnic. Curiousity overwhelming him, Sol opened his door as silently as a shadow so that he had a minuscule crack. Peering through this very limited portal to the hallway outside his room, Sol nearly caught his breath by what he saw. In his mind he spoke to himself, "Gods! That is the most beautiful woman I have ever had the fortune of laying eyes upon." Fighting hard to overcome his awe by the silver haired and armored beauty Sol quickly located the one who had spoken. He was indeed Solamnic and wore the trappings of the knighthood proudly. After a quick conversation, the silver haired woman that had taken Sol's breath away turned back to the door she was standing in front of and knocked again in the same manner as before.

*knock, knock, knock* *knock, knock*

From his obscured position Sol could not see very well, but this time there was an answer and he heard someone invite the woman inside. As silently as he opened it Sol closed his door. His interest piqued, Sol pressed his ear against the wall of the room next door, the room that the most beautiful woman he had seen in all his 41 years on Krynn, had went into. Patiently he awaited anything he could overhear...

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05/30/2001 7:46 AM

Larkin Breen had ridden for days, not knowing his destination or destiny. He had left his fathers home in search of the honor and glory that would make his father proud. He had spent the better part of a week living off the land and sleeping in barns. This night he approached Palanthas, he opted to spend a portion of the money he had managed to earn along the way. He tied his horse as he entered the city and made his way through the streets. On this night, the Dragon and Thistle Pub was extremely crowded, the dwarf spirits and ale had taken their effects on many a man, and Larkin decided to stay out of harms way, at least for tonight. He rounded the corner and made his way down the dark street to a small inn at the end. He opened the door and stepped inside, he looked around the room and saw a slew of characters, none looked too imposing, so he made his way to the barkeep. "Good Sir, I have heard your meat pie is unmatched in these parts, and the ale makes for fine company". The barkeep looked Larkin over, his expression softened, "Sure thing".

Larkin was not a man of means, but he carried himself in a noble manner. He was human, and as far as humans go, he was quite attractive. He was a tall fellow with Dark brown hair, and eyes to match. He wore a leather tunic and breastplate, his cloak reached the bottom of his leather boots. As he sat down he removed the cloak, on his hip was a borrowed sword of mediocre quality.

As he looked around the room a strange feeling came over him, he felt as though he had a future here, these people seemed like they were friends, but he had never met them. He put this down to the ale, and waited for his pie.

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05/30/2001 10:54 AM

Slowly, the door to the Dragon and Thistle opened, revealing a darkly clad person. His features were masked by the black cloak that billowed about him. Stepping inside, a clink of metal could be heard from within, indicating that he was armed with some sort of weapon. Taking lithe like strides, he quietly approached the counter and sat down on a stool, drawing out an exquisite blue steel dagger with an ivory hilt.Looking around he called, "Barkeep, fetch me some wine, and make it quick!"The barkeep, seeing the traveler's eyes nodded, unable to speak and rushed out to the cellar.Taking a general gaze around, Kari made a mental note of everyone in the room as he waited for his wine. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

05/30/2001 11:09 AM

Mirror noted the new comer enter the inn, and an intense feeling of apprehension creeped over her. She did not like the feel of the man (don't twist that, I know what you guys are like! :D :D :D), and instinctivley tightened her fingers around Triton's hand, squeezing a bit harder than she had meant to. She heard Triton break in his story to give a small yelp of discomfort at the pressure and turned to him.
"Sorry my love," she said, bringing his hand to her lips and kissing the injured part tenderly, her eyes fixed on his. The mirrored surface had aquired a hazy kind of look to it, and now, instead of seeing himself, he could see her desire caused by months of travelling away from him. "How about I go and see if that barmaid has found me a room?" she said, still holding on to his hand and leading him forward as she got up out of her seat. She turned to Kista,
"Sorry to leave you like this Kista, but you know how it is!" she grinned at her cousin, "Suss out the place and see if you can find out if there's any adventures going down anywhere, I quite fancy a quest! See you bright and early in the morning!" she smiled, and carried on with Triton not far behind her.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/30/2001 11:09 AM

Mirror noted the new comer enter the inn, and an intense feeling of apprehension creeped over her. She did not like the feel of the man (don't twist that, I know what you guys are like! :D :D :D), and instinctivley tightened her fingers around Triton's hand, squeezing a bit harder than she had meant to. She heard Triton break in his story to give a small yelp of discomfort at the pressure and turned to him.
"Sorry my love," she said, bringing his hand to her lips and kissing the injured part tenderly, her eyes fixed on his. The mirrored surface had aquired a hazy kind of look to it, and now, instead of seeing himself, he could see her desire caused by months of travelling away from him. "How about I go and see if that barmaid has found me a room?" she said, still holding on to his hand and leading him forward as she got up out of her seat. She turned to Kista,
"Sorry to leave you like this Kista, but you know how it is!" she grinned at her cousin, "Suss out the place and see if you can find out if there's any adventures going down anywhere, I quite fancy a quest! See you bright and early in the morning!" she smiled, and carried on with Triton not far behind her.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/30/2001 11:55 AM

Larkin felt a draft as the door flung open, he was somewhat taken aback at how the man had stormed in and demanded service. He had seen the two elves leave their companion and make their way upstairs. He had overheard the elf maiden mention something about a quest. As the two exited the room, Larkin stood up and moved in the direction of the sole woman, . He approached the table "Madam, I do not mean to bother you, but I could not help overhearing your companions, is it true that you seek adventurer's?"

05/30/2001 12:32 PM

OOC: Sweetie, Triton is a human and Mirror and Kista are elves, just to get that straight!!! :D :D :DYou are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/30/2001 1:15 PM

OOC: I guess I must have missed that, I am still learning. Was that in the story so far?

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05/30/2001 5:49 PM

Kyron bowed her head to Justin. She was well aware of the man watching her, and turned to the knight. "Well, Sir Knight, I must leave you now. I will see you again, and we can carry on this conversation."

She walked into the room. Justin shut the door behind her and as soon as she heard it click, she knelt down before the elf-warrior before her. "General Autumn, I have returned from the woods of Qualinesti and Silvanesti with news. Also, I have news of the adventures that have lined up to meet you."This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

05/30/2001 5:51 PM

ooc: hey, me and autumn are gonna be gone until June 10, so she will have what can happen. She has always got an ace up her sleeve when it comes to stories she wants to write.This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

05/30/2001 6:04 PM

Justin posted himself by the door and listened for anyone who would pose a threat to his cousin and the human form of the silver dragon he knew so well.

"Do not call me that! I'm no general for the elves. I just want them to be safe. I know what you are thinking. I am not one of them entirely. I am a Kagonesti, but I still care for the elves in the world who have changed it and were an impact that even affected my people. But that doesn't make me a general of three people coming together. Do the elves call me that? The Lioness is the resistance's leader. I do not know who leads the kirath. (ooc:if you haven't noticed, this is 5th age. but we are gonna change one thing, for the mages. magic isn't dwendling but the gods are gone. good for you guys?)" Autumn stood and paced the room.

Kyron told her the news she brought(ooc:sorry about skipping your spill, kyron, but I gotta get something out to keep everyone occupied.) She nodded and sat down. "All the adventures out there, they will be a great help."

~~~Sunset, the time where everyone meets at the library to start their adventure!~~~

Autumn and Justin sat on the stairs to the great library. Kyron was with them, and they waited for the adventurers to come.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

05/30/2001 8:22 PM

After being rudely snubbed, Malcome mutters sokmething under his breath "the knighthood would have never been like this 60 years ago"

Afterwards the knight heads back down the the common room to finish his dinner.

(OCC: sorry for the short post guys, but I'm real tired)True honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

05/30/2001 11:10 PM

Marquita heads towards the three elves (or two elves one dragon?) sitting on the librarys stone stairs. She nodded in greeting. "I have heard that if you want to help in ridding the land of the filthy dark knight scum that continue to plague us you should meet here, am I right?" The female elf nodded in answer and Marquita bowed slightly "My name is Marquita D'Angelo and I am the captain of the cargo ship the Amistaad. I can offer my services aswell as safe passage on my ship should you need it." she stood waiting for the elves decision.

05/31/2001 1:36 AM

Fed up with the keep's slowness I rise quickly, concealing my dagger, and making glances around the room. With a snort I silently leave the inn and walk through alley ways, rapidly approaching the Great Library.Seeing someone talking to the trio on the stairs, I take a round about way and silently glide in behind them, pulling my hood lower over my eyes.With a sudden cough, I turn the elves attention away from the captain and towards me. "I hear you're looking for adventurers," I whisper, "I think I could be of some assistance." Masking my elvish accent, I pull back my cloak a little, revealing two knives and a longsword sheathed at my side, "The name's Kari. I don't have a last name, so don't bother asking for it."Standing stone still, I await their response. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

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05/31/2001 1:59 AM

Triton instictivly (sp) pushes Mirror behind him and looks at Kair with distrust.
"My name is Triton and my lady is Mirror. What kind of adventure do you speak of and what does it concern?"

05/31/2001 2:07 AM

Nods my head in acknowledgment as Triton gives off his and Mirror's name."Don't be so obtuse. This town has ears and there are a great many who know of what you intend to do." I stop to smile slightly. "Saving Ansalon from the Dark Knights- oh yes, most know of it as we speak. I came on my own accord to assist you, for we both know you need it." Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

05/31/2001 4:46 AM

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE" the gruff voice was swiftly followed out of a dark ally way by a dishevelled looking dwarf.
What was once finely crafted armour was now covered in dents, filth and old bloodstains the remains of a cloak fluttered behind him. An old battered helm sat on top of head likewise covered in filth.

The Dwarf advanced across the street to where the four people were stating staring at him.
"What? You lot never seen a Dwarf before eh?" he shouted waving around a rusted and dented axe.
On his other arm looked what appeared to be half of a round wooden shield.

"It is all that cursed Theiwar's fault. You know. I did not have to go but out of the goodness of my heart I did. Help out the mountain dwellers sure I said. Flew on a dragon I did. Right up to the mountain. We could not get in. no door. Theiwar vanished. Didn't like him. I'll help them. Big dragon it twas all sparkly."

He continued to advance towards the group. Every time he mentioned a dragon he would stick out his arms and pretend to fly.

"could not find home. No dragon to fly with. Did not know way. No door, Theiwar's fault."

05/31/2001 6:23 AM

Larkin had gotten nowhere with the elf woman and decided to relax and take things in. He had seen a few people leave around the same time and decided to do some investigating. He followed a heavily cloaked figure to the great library, and then had watched from the shadows of a small back alley. He saw 4 individuals seated on the stairs, and a strange dwarf with his arms outstretched, tilting from side to side as he walked. "This must be the adventurer's meeting place" Larkin said to himself. He left the shadows and walked confidently in the direction of the small group.

05/31/2001 8:10 AM

Thistledown walks from the inn to the Library, talking to people as he goes. When he finally arrives, he says hello to the crowd of people gathering there. "Hello again. Nice to see so many of you here. So where are we off to?"A kender born and raised in Mt. Nevermind? And it didn't blow up the mountain?!?

05/31/2001 11:09 PM

"You are right stranger we can use your help. Sorry but I have never meet you before and I dont trust people I dont know."
Triton puts out a hand for his new ally to shake. "Welcome to the cause. DO you know anything that can help us?"

06/01/2001 8:06 AM

"I know a couple things that could help you. First off, shaking hands with a stranger is a good way to lose it. Besides, Shaking hands is a human gesture. Secondly, I know more than a handful of secrets pertaining to the knighthood. What is it you wish to know?" I ask. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/01/2001 11:05 AM

Mirror moves out from behind triton and looks at the new group of people that are gathering around her. Some people she recognises, some are strangers, totally new to her. One of those people stands opposite her, conversing with Triton. She looks him over, noting his heavily cloaked visage, his small arsenal of weapons and the fine structure of his frame. She steps forward, interupting Triton as she does so. She gives a low bow, making sure to not take hereyes from the stranger.
"Excuse me, Master Kari, but from which fraction of elves do you hail from?"
You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/01/2001 11:29 AM

Almost lazily, I break my gaze away from Triton and look upon Mirror. Thinking for a moment to myself, I draw back my hood, revealing my visage for the first time."I was once a Silvanesti, but haven't been to my home," I sneer, "for a human's lifespan. I cannot."With a quick gesture, I pull my hood back up over my face, leaving nothing but shadows and twin green orbs that shine dangerously. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/01/2001 11:36 AM

Mirror, greatly daring and always making sure she kept her mirrored eyes locked with his green ones, she took a step towards him.
"What has happened to you that you cannot go back to the beautiful land of your birth?"You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/01/2001 11:41 AM

Narrowing my eyes slightly, wondering what could possess an elf to be so bold, I speak bluntly, "I am a dark elf. I have been banished." Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/01/2001 11:51 AM

Mirror, having already guessed the answer, nodded.
"I understand. What did you do that caused you to be deemed a dark elf, Master Kari?" She was intrigued by this stranger, and wanted to know more of him. She sensed that he could prove to be a powerful ally, and needed to know as much as possible before she could trust him. You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/01/2001 1:25 PM

Autumn stood and cleared her throat. "I'm sorry to interrupt you all, but I believe we should get down to business. I am Autumn Skie Silverbow, and this is my cousin Justin Swyftsword." For the first time since he had met up with her, Justin stood his full hiegth and glory. He was a well built elf and he was going to show it. "You are all know why we are here so let's get straight down to it. We are going to adventure to Qualinesti first, where the Lioness and her elven resistance is going to help us. Then we march on Silvanesti, where the kirath will join us. There, we will go to Haven, then to Solace. When we reach Solace you may leave or stay. I am a very ambitious person, and I intend to do everything I have just said," Autumn stated, smiling.

"The use of your ship will not be needed. We have a special...surprise outside the city for us all. Are you with me?"

Justin smiled and stood by his cousin.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

06/01/2001 2:30 PM

Larkin looked around, the exitement of an adventure was beginning to take hold of him, "I am with you" he said.

06/01/2001 2:50 PM

Well, wherever we go, i'm sure the people there would love to see some of the wonderful things that I found in Mt. Nevermind. AndmaybeIcangetsomenewthingstotakebackwithmeandshowallmyfriendsand... OOps, sorry. Guess being raised by gnomes rubs off on you.

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06/01/2001 3:40 PM

Larkin walks in with 3 swordfish. Suddenly the Market closes, and Larkin leaves.Me and you are caught up in the same flow...I'm just swimming against it.
- Delita to Ramza - Final Fantasy Tactics

06/01/2001 4:17 PM

Triton looks from the dark elf to the two talking of their trip. He was not ready to go. Now he wanted talk to someone who lived in the shadows as himself did for so long. But that would have to wait. Now he would have to follow their course, that is if Mirror wanted to travel with them.
"My love," Triton said quitely but everyone heared thanks to their nearness. "Our destination is up to you. What ever you choose I will be there with you."

06/01/2001 10:44 PM

Marquita took in all the new information Autumn had given them and made her decision. "When do we set out for Qualinesti?" she asked.

06/02/2001 4:56 AM

Mirror withdrew her gaze from the dark elf and focused back on her lover. He could see the flame of excitement at a new adventure burning deep within her eyes. "Well, I'm ready to kick some evil butt!!!!!" She went over and bowed before her friend Autumn and her cousin Justin. "I pledge my allegiance to you both for the time span of this adventure. I will battle by your side, if, that is, you will have me?"You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/02/2001 11:23 AM

Larkin drops a seal, but the Deans office opens at 3 pm.Me and you are caught up in the same flow...I'm just swimming against it.
- Delita to Ramza - Final Fantasy Tactics

06/02/2001 11:04 PM

Turning away from Mirror, I nod in acknowledgement at Autumn's statement and prepare to leave with them, gathering myself up.Giving a lazy gaze towards Mirror, I whisper, "I loaned my services for hire to eliminate certain wealthy elves." With that, I slowly walk towards the city gate, moving silently. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/02/2001 11:09 PM

"Blast that damned kender to the Abyss! Ah, at least I managed to get most of my stuff back. Why if I wasn't in a hurry..."

Sol was unable to complete his thought as it was rapidly getting darker outside and he did not want to miss the gathering at the Great Library.

While paying for his dinner Sol had set his pack next to him on the counter. Not paying full attention, when he turned to pick it back up it was gone. Quickly looking around he spotted a kender with a pack identical to his pulling out the items from inside and examining them with great enthusiam. Sol had stormed over and reprimanded the kender for handling other people's belongings. Despite all the indignant protests of the kender Sol managed to get most of his items returned. Had he not been pressed for time Sol would have taken the kender by the ankles, turned him upside down, and shaken everything of his out of the kender's many volumnous pouches.

Following the street that Sol knew would lead him directly to the Great Library he was greatly relieved when he spied a small gathering of people. Slowing his pace Sol strode up to the group and introduced himself.

"Hail there! I am called Solthanas Pah-reft and I am at your service. Since there is no need for formality you can just call me Sol. So, I see that I am not too late. I was worried that I would miss everyone. I had a little distraction back at the inn. I would ask where we are off to?"

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06/03/2001 12:06 AM

OOC: Hang on a moment, isn't there a Kari in Digimon?

Mirror's gaze followed Kari as he walked towards the gates. He was a very interesting person indeed, and it would be even more interesting to find out more about him. " 'eliminate certain wealthy elves......' " she mused to herself. "Mmmmm......"You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/03/2001 5:28 AM

Seeing that the party was eager to get going Sol did not push for an answer to his question. Instead he took a quick but insightful survey of the adventurers. Eight men, five women he counted.

Sol thought to himself, "Aye, five women, but these aren't your ordinary ladies. As skilled warrior as any man here I'd wager."

A human male and a silver haired elfmaid seemed to be a pair. Another silver haired beauty seemed to be with those two as well. Sol immediately recognized the woman he had seen the night before standing next to a well built male elf and the female Kagonesti that had issued a call to arms the night before. His heart still ached at the beauty possessed by the one he had spied upon. Sol also recognized the Knight of Solamnia that had been present the night before. A strange dwarf kept flapping his arms speaking loudly of dragons and 'Thee-war' or something like that. His glance next came across a woman who most definitely belonged to the sea. Another man was listening to a kender that was speaking so fast that Sol could not make anything of their conversation. Finally, Sol noticed the dark figure that had already started moving toward wherever it was that the group was heading.

Asking no one in particular Sol piped up, "So, are we following this guy?" Pointing in the direction of the already departed Kari. "If everyone else is ready to go then so am I."

06/03/2001 1:18 PM

"Right," Mirror said, grabbing hold of Triton's arm and pulling him along with her, "let's get going now people!" and the two went off after Kari's dissapearing form.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/03/2001 1:35 PM

Alright, let's go!

(follows them)A kender born and raised in Mt. Nevermind? And it didn't blow up the mountain?!?

06/03/2001 5:03 PM

Marquita looked to Autumn and saw she was in a deep conversation with Justin, she decided to wait for instructions.

She walked up to Sol and introduced herself "Greetings Solthanus, my name is Marquita. In answer to your question we will firstly be heading to Qualinesti where we will recruit the help of the Lioness and the resistance, then we are to head to Silvanesti where the Kirath will join us. the next two destinations are to be Haven and Solace. That is all the information we have at this point."

06/03/2001 7:04 PM

At that moment, Larkin grabs a clawy bear, and stabs the salty goldfish. But the Dean is drinking Mr. Sparkle, and the Snapple lady takes her swordfish to the market. But seal in Deans office is to hungry for monkey, so claw for bear and dirt. Dean yells "I bring in giant cow, we bash cow over head!" Me and you are caught up in the same flow...I'm just swimming against it.
- Delita to Ramza - Final Fantasy Tactics

06/03/2001 10:01 PM

OOC: Larkin seems to have lost his sanity;)

Appraising the woman of the sea Sol replied, "Nice to meet you Marquita. So, you say that we shall eventually be headed to Silvanesti? I had hoped as much. I have not been back there for many a season. I shall look forward to it."

That said Sol continued with the group on their way toward the city gates.

06/03/2001 10:53 PM

I continue walking, paying attention to the noises all around me, taking everything in. Succinctly, I make glances around me, taking note of the others following me as well as peering into the shadows.You can always tell when you're being hunted, I think to myself, the air has a different feel to it.Upon reaching the gate, I stand immobile and lock my eyes onto the others, making quick profiles on each. "This should be a change of pace," I muse to myself, allowing myself a soft smile, "Maybe these bunch of bar room adventurers will actually learn something." Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/04/2001 3:32 AM

The Dwarf began following after the group. Why he was following them he did not know nor did he really care. He had often done things for no reason at all.
It was better to be around people than it was to be alone he reasoned to himself.
Looking down he tried to brush off the filth that covered him. How he had come to be so dirty he did not know but he put it down to too much drink the night before, also the reason he did not know where or who he was must be down to the drink as well. Funnily he could not remember having a drink at all.

He looked around the group for the first time. Each face meant nothing to him until he came across two that seamed to stir some kind of memory.

*He was a captain of the guards of a small Dwarven village, where was it? That was the question he had been struggling with for sometime now. He had been sitting in a tavern of a neighbouring village. There was some commotion going on in a back room. He followed the barmaid in the back room and saw a……..A………Theiwar it was all his fault. Big dragon.. Door. Home……………….*

The dwarf began weaving from side to side arm's outstretched mumbling to himself

06/04/2001 7:56 AM

Not really sure what I did wrong, but I guess beginner's aren't welcome to participate in the fun.

Cool forum regardless.

Thanks, Justin :D

06/04/2001 9:16 AM


Of course beginners are welcome. Hell we were all beginners once.

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06/04/2001 12:04 PM

ooc: aight, if you are a beginner, stay. I love beginners cause i can check out their styles and sometime use them when i write. you know you want to stay.

After hearing the replies of everyone, Autumn stood with Justin behind her. Kyron followed and they walked to the gates.

"If you could please not go through the front gates. They know who I am and I am not liked around these parts," Justin stated. It was true. Justin was a mage and a fighter, and had made the people of Palanthas angry on many occasions. Autumn nodded and jumped to a tree near the wall.

"Allright, everyone. If you can't climb a tree, you can go through the front gates. But Justin, Kyron, and I are going this way because we must deal with the transports."

She jumped over the wall and Justin followed, Kyron being quite agile in her armor. Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

06/04/2001 2:24 PM

Oh, this could be interesting (climbs tree over wall)A kender born and raised in Mt. Nevermind? And it didn't blow up the mountain?!?

06/04/2001 6:42 PM

OOC: I am a beginner, and look how quickly Larkin got popular. Stick with it, and vote Quimby!Me and you are caught up in the same flow...I'm just swimming against it.
- Delita to Ramza - Final Fantasy Tactics

06/04/2001 10:52 PM

OOC: schuey10, do you see now what has happened? Marshal_Medan here had start posting gibberish using your character's name (Larkin) in the posts. After rereading the posts I realized that Larkin is your character and Marshal_Medan is the one that is missing some machinery upstairs, not you. So, by all means you should stay. This is my first shot at using the RP forums here, so you are not the only "beginner" here.

06/04/2001 11:04 PM

Not wanting to show any weakness to his new companions Sol decided to take the more difficult route and easily leaped into the same tree that Autumn and Justin had before him. After climbing up a few more branches Sol found that he could now scale the wall. With as much grace as possible Sol made the leap over to the other side. Following a quick descent Sol managed to land nimbly on both feet. Sol was the fifth one to make it over the city walls and so he waited for the others to gather at this spot.

06/04/2001 11:12 PM

Marquita nodded to Autumn, Justin and Kyron. "I will let the others already at the gate know to meet you three outside the city walls." with that she ran off towards the small group at the gates.

06/05/2001 10:19 AM

Having watched the other travelers climb up the tree and over the gate, and seeing another running towards our location, I quickly ascertain what she is going to tell us and I address the others."Everyone else has already climbed over and we're to meet with them outside," I whisper, "Stay here if you wish, but i'm going to the others outside the city."Turning my back on them, I take a quick sniff at the air, tasting it as I walk outside the gates; drawing the expected attention from city guards.No, I think to myself, it's the usual attention I get. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/05/2001 11:36 AM

Mirror nibly leaps up into the tree with all the beauty and grace of a wilder elf and scales the wall, landing with a small thud on the other side of the gate.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/05/2001 11:58 AM

OOC: ack Im lost....can somone bring me up to date...this thread is growing like a weed, my puter went :P and now i am so lost help Mirror!! help me!With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

06/05/2001 10:45 PM

OOC: It's Kyoni from Tenchi! Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/05/2001 11:37 PM

OOC: Right then Kista, let me fill you in as best I can..............!
OK, at the moment there's a whole bunch of us met up at the Palantahs Library. We've all joined a quest to rid the world of evil. First were gonna go to Qualinesti to join up with the Lioness, then were off to Silvanesti to join up with the Kirath. I can't remember what were gonna do from there!!!!! Anyway, were all heading towards the city gates and juming over them because Justin and Autum don't want to be seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K?You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/06/2001 2:48 AM

The Dwarf followed after the tall one wearing all black.

Perhaps he is death, he thought to himself. Perhaps he will take me home.

Head down the dwarf continued to follow.

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06/07/2001 11:03 PM

ooc: thanks Mirror I needed that too.

Triton walked towards the rear of the group. Mirror and her kin folk walked up front talking about old adventures. Triton would have joined him, but he needed a little time to be alone for a while to think and his thoughts were best in solitude.

06/10/2001 7:51 AM

Autumn, seeing all that wished to come follow her over the wall, started to speak with Mirror and walked to a place where many hoofbeats were heard.

"Well, here is our ride." She extended her arms to the horses that were on the field. "I know it's not much but it's better than having to walk the whole way."

She picked out a gray horse and mounted it by jumping onto it's back. She rode bare-backed because that was the only way the horse would allow it.

Justin picked the pure white horse beside it and mounted in the same manor.

"Well, pick a horse and get ready. As soon as everyone is saddled up, then we will leave," Justin stated, taking his place on the right side of his cousin.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

06/10/2001 12:05 PM

"Hey, what about me?" (Looks up at the horse) "Can someone give me a lift up there?" (thistle should probably ride with another person)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

06/10/2001 1:04 PM

Mirror spots a beautiful mare standing away from the others. At first glance, it looked to be white in colour. When she got up closer, however, she noticed that it had a silver hue, and that the sun glinted off of it's slightly reflective hide. She smiled, and nimbly jumped up onto it's back. The horse never moved, never made a sound, but just stood there, as if it had belonged to Mirror all her life. She grabbed hold of the mares reins, it having no saddle or bridle and steered it around to join the rest of the group that had already mounted up.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/10/2001 2:37 PM

Autumn smiled at Mirror. She had picked a great horse that matched herself. "That horse is just like you, Mirror. In almost every way. She's called Reflect(ooc:get it, mirror...reflect...knee slapper!! lol.). She will bare you safely anywhere."

Justin patted his horses neck and spook soothingly to it. Blaze was always one for praise.

ooc: ok, everyone, you can name your horse if you like. Sometimes a horse can play a bigger part than you think...wink wink.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

06/10/2001 10:57 PM

Mirror looked down at the horse and patted it on the neck. "Reflect........" she murmerd softly to herself. Suddenly, she heard a vioce in her head. /Yes, that is my name. And the elevn warrior was right, I will take you anywhere you wish to go and get you there safely, Mistress Mirror./
Mirror started in surpise, and once again looked down at the horse. "You can talk to me?" Mirror said in surprise. she hadn't noticed it before, but the beasts eyes were a metalic golden hue, just like soeone she used to know..............
/Yes, I can talk to you. We have a special bond, you and I/ the horse said.
Mirror, finding it difficult to comprehend what had just happened, just accepted it and resolved to figure all the details out later. "Thankyou for your services Reflect." she spoke to the horse.
She looked out over the field, and saw the others climbing over the gates. She watched as Triton made his way over the top rather ungracefully. *well, he is human........* she chuckeled to herself. You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/11/2001 6:13 AM

The Dwarf moved up to the group. The glazed look in his eyes faded. Muttering to himself he began to clean up his armour. Grunting in disgust he threw his axe to the floor followed by the shield. After a few moments he managed to get himself reasonably clean. Looking around he saw the Kender looking wistfully at the horses.

"Well Kender kin perhaps we should double up on one of these beasts"

06/11/2001 6:15 AM

Marquita chose a chestnut gelding with a black mane and tail, Autumn told her his name was Raja and that he could be a little stubborn sometimes.

"Just don't try anything with me matey" she warned the horse who quietly whinnied to himself as if he was laughing. Marquita picked up the Kender called Thistledown and threw him up onto Raja's back. she then hoisted herself up so she sat infront and turned around to Thistle "You can ride with me but make sure you hold on tight, I don't want you flying off the back!" she laughed loudly to herself as she pictured a flying Kender.

06/11/2001 8:02 AM

Justin looked at the dwarf and held out his hand. "You may ride with me and Blaze. He's a gentle horse will not consider you a burden."

Autumn spook to her horse quietly and nodded as if in agreement. "Yes, Shadowfax(ooc: lord of the rings, I love this horse.), we will soon be on our way."Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

06/11/2001 11:15 AM

"Don't worry Marquita. I've flown lots of time. It's how we get up to higher levels in Mt. Nevermind. We have big catapults. While it is an interesting experiance, it would probably slow us down a lot and I'd get really dirty and stuff. So don't worry I'll hold on tight.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

06/11/2001 1:56 PM

Kyron sat on her brown horse, Silgiloth. She spoke back and forth to it, finding out it's history and the such. "Silgiloth is a very interesting name. It means shining star flower(ooc: i decided since Autumn used a lotr thing, I would use the name I made up from the back of the Silmarillion(sp?))? That is odd. Well, we are soon to be journeying to Qualinesti so do you fancy the trip?"
/yes, i think it will be exciting./ The stallion stood on his hind legs for a minute, Kyron holding on for dear life.This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

06/12/2001 3:33 AM

A sleek brown horse caught Sol's eye. Following suit of the others before him Sol hopped on opting to go bareback. Once mounted the horse eyed Sol appraisingly. Smiling back Sol asked more for himself than for the horse, "So, my friend, are you ready to depart?."

06/12/2001 11:59 PM

Watches the others and calls a horse from the woods. Sattled, the brown and black mix struts towards me and I mount it, trailing behind the others silently. Pulling out a piece of dried venison, I patiently wait, softly fingering a concealed dagger. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/13/2001 7:31 AM

Autumn sat on Shadowfaz awaiting everyone to be ready. She looked to Justin and he nodded. She then looked to Kyron and she nodded. Autumn then rode forward and stopped, turning to speak with everyone. Kyron and Justin took her flanks. "We have a need for swiftness. We must be at the High Clerist Tower by midnight and that hour is fast approaching. After that, we may ride at a slow pace." The group nodded and she turned around with Justin and Kyron and waited for a few moments.

After not hearing anymore bustle behind him, Justin nodded again to Autumn as did Kyron. "Let's go!" Shadowfax burst into speed with Blaze and Silgiloth right behind him. The rest of the group followed and they set off on their adventure.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

06/13/2001 6:36 PM

Yea!Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

06/13/2001 10:48 PM

"Come now Reflect, let's get going!" And with that the horse took off at a breakneck speed and had soon caught up with Justin, Autumn and WynterIf people could have it all, there would be no need for a Jerry springer Show...................................:D

06/14/2001 12:05 PM

Follows at my own pace behind the others, my horse as silent as I am. My eyes scan the horizon and the forests, always searching for the hidden and unseen. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/14/2001 12:56 PM

Autumn settled in with Shadowfax and enjoyed the ride. "Who wants to sing?!" she asked jokingly, enjoying the night air and the speed she was experiencing.

Justin laughed at his cousin's words and began to sing himself. "We are the Fighters. The mighty mighty Fighters. Everywhere we go. People want to know. Who we are. So we tell them. COME ON, EVERYBODY NOW! We are the fighters. The mighty mighty fighters. Oh...break it down now."

Justin and Autumn laughed together and rode down the rode in high spirits.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

06/14/2001 8:06 PM

Kyron laughed and rode. The High Clerist Tower came into view just as the moons were rising to midnight,This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

06/15/2001 2:45 PM

(ooc: sorry about not posting but we had a big flood in houston and it pretty much stopped my internet time completely.)

Triton rode a non distinct horse, and really didnt care for the beast. He much preferd his feet, but he didnt have that much of a choice on it. He stayed close to Mirror. He could swear that the horse and her had some kind of connection as if they were talking to each other, but he pushed that thought aside. The only thing he wanted to think about was getting to the tower so he could get off the unrulely beast.

06/15/2001 7:43 PM

ooc: hey, don't worry man. I hear it's pretty bad down there.

Autumn reined in her horse as did Justin. She dismounted and whispered in the horse's ear. Shadowfaz galloped away. "We have to sneak past the guard. Yes it's the only way. Unless someone is good with the knights..."

Justin turned to the group and whispered, "Your horse will meet you down the road a few miles. If you want to walk, just slap the horse twice and it will go off into the wild."Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

06/17/2001 12:47 AM

I ride up silently besides Autumn, looking at the knights with a cold eye."I know how to deal with knights. However," I whisper, "You won't like my methods." I watch Autumn, waiting for an approval. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/17/2001 8:51 AM

"If it has to deal with killing every knight in this tower, it won't do. But I'm all ears."Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

06/18/2001 1:22 AM

Gives my full attention, "It's simple really. We wait until last watch, kill the sentrys and flit past them. Of course, " Looking back, "We'd have to be perfectly silent to avoid detection and we might have to kill the horses out running anyone who chases us. If you feel bad about killing, I have no qualms, just stay hidden."Waiting for a response, I stiffen in the saddle, trying to avoid becoming comfortable. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/18/2001 5:45 AM

Marquita dismounts and stands silently behind the two as they discuss strategy. She listens to the man's plan and agrees that it would work but she has her doubts "Sorry to interrupt, but I overheard your suggestion of a different strategy and I like it, its good. But there would be no way we could all sneak up on the Sentrys and kill them, they'd hear all twelve of us and sound the alarm before we even got within ten feet of them. However if someone were to say knock them out first, as an alternative to killing them, there would be enough time for us to get past the tower and regroup with the horses before the bodies were found." she helps thistle dismount from Raja and waits for their response.

06/18/2001 7:46 AM

"I agree with both your ideas. Though knocking them out seems better," Autumn said, contenplating both plans.

"My dearest cousin, have no fear. You have many mages here who know spells to knock out people. I think it would be perfect. No alarm would be set off, no bodies would be dead, and we would be able to go past with no complications." Justin smiled and Autumn nodded.

"Yes, that would be much simplier. Do it. I can only heal, I have no other magic."It's not the game you play but the how you play it.

06/18/2001 10:47 AM

Mirror rides up next to the others and dismounts effortlessly and silently from Reflect. She whispers in the animals ear and pats her twice on the rear. Reflect gallops off into the distance.
"I am a magic user, as you have probably already guessed, and I may be able to help you with your plan, if you would like. My magic repitoire is quite varied......." Suddenly she catches Justins eye and blushes, turning her gaze to the ground as she hears Triton come up behind her. She looks up at Autumn and awaits her approval.Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
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06/18/2001 1:05 PM

"Go ahead. I am always eager to see magic being worked." Autumn smiled at the mage.

Justin watched Mirror with a loving look and cast his eyes down when Triton walked behind her.It's not the game you play but the how you play it.

06/18/2001 1:27 PM

Kyron dismounted her horse and sent it off. "Well, I can help in a small way. Knights are always amazed by a dragon in the sky and it will partialy help."This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

06/18/2001 10:02 PM

Understanding that his mount was not needed for the upcoming task Sol leaped off effortlessly and landed softly on the ground. Having listened to the discussion on what to do about the sentries Sol was relieved when the talks of murdering the knights was discarded. Though obviously an obstacle to their quest, which was still vaguely described, Sol was not ready to needlessly kill innocent knights. Evil was not in his capabilities. Keeping his voice low Sol offered his help, "Go ahead and work whatever magic is needed and I will be one that will help in the disabling of these poor souls." Slipping off silently into the shadows Sol called back to his companions, "I will wait for your sign to strike." With that he was gone.
"There are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent, the second is good, the third is useless." -- Machiavelli

06/19/2001 2:57 AM

Triton half listened to the plans being made. He didnt hear his name come up so he guessed he wasnt needed in this part of the mission. The mages mind wondered on what kind of arcane secrets he could find in this tower. Then it hit him teleportation.

"My wife and I can help you with getting in the tower. There is a teleportation spell that will allow us to get into the castle. Mirror will have to help me with it because it will require me to start it and her to finish it. The only bad thing is that I dont know where the spell will lead us because I have never been in the tower I just can promise you that we will make it in the tower."

06/19/2001 10:58 AM

Mirror walks over to Triton, running a hand through his braided hair and bending in to kiss him quicky before turning to the others. "Well, what do guys think? Teleportation or sleep spell?"Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
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06/19/2001 3:12 PM

"Life's most dangerous question," Autumn said sarcastically. "Well, teleportation would weaken you. I'll leave the mage to decide." She looked to Justin, who hid his hands in his robes as if in deep thought.

"Well, I would not wish to drain you two of magic, so I suggest sleep. And Kyron, you can help us with the guards on the battlements by flying overhead and swooping down a few times."It's not the game you play but the how you play it.

06/19/2001 3:20 PM

"I can help! I've got a great map of the Tower!" (I made it on versacad actually, using the atlas as a guide, now I just need a big enough scanner to make a picture of it) Teleporting would be great!"Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

06/19/2001 10:33 PM

Mirror caught the sarcasm in Autumn's voice and her hackles rose almost instantly. She bit her tounge to avoid saying something that she would surely regret later, and instead bowed to the two. She turned towards the tower, and silently advanced as close as she dared. She closed her eyes and began to draw symbols in the air, all the while muttering to herself. She then reached into one of her many pouches and pulled forth a handful of white sand. After she said the last word she blew the sand in the direction of the guards.
The onlookers watched as a thin silver film of magic encompased the guards, who slumped to the floor almost instantly, each with their breathing steady, and one snoring loudly.
Mirror turned back to the others. "This sleep spell will last longer than others, because of the type of sand I used. I suggest we go on now." As she spoke, it was obvious to all who watched her that part of her energy was gone. Her eyes were now surrounded by dark circles that seemed to appear before their eyes, and her body was no longer held straight as she walked, but was slightly stooped.Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
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06/20/2001 1:40 AM

Marquita was amazed at the magic mirror performed, but she was confused. She thought they were trying to slip past the tower and find the horses to continue on to Qualinesti. Now she was hearing plans of actually getting into the tower. She turned to Autumn "Which way do we go?" she whispered.

06/20/2001 7:47 AM

"We are going through the gates to get past to tower. Don't worry, we can do it." She signaled to Kyron to fly overhead and stood back. "When she changes, we will go."

Justin nodded, casting glares at Mirror as he waited. Married, he said to himself. It's not the game you play but the how you play it.

06/20/2001 9:19 AM

Kyron smiled and stood still. "Stand back, you are in for the ride or your life." A soft silver light slowly engulfed her body. It grew bigger and bigger until it reached a very extravagent length. The light faded and there stood a silver dragon. The red and silver moon shone on her wings and scales. She jumped into the wind and flew off."..Now far ahead the Road has gone, and I must follow, if I can. Pursuing it with eager feet, until it joins some larger way where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say."

06/20/2001 2:12 PM

The Knights, seeing the magnificant silver beast morph beyound the tower walls sound the alarm, and many of the knights take up arms fearing that this is and attack.
Suddenly, just as the gates open to let a group of mounted knights out to run the heroes down, a loud command voice is heard.
"Halt" it cries.

Out from the front gates walks the knight which the heroes had last seen at the inn. Sir Deven Malcome.

"Welcome to the Fabled High Clerists tower, last time I saw many of you, you were all at the inn, after hearing your plan to ride to Qualanost, I immeditly departed here to seek your safe passage through this tower.
However, seeming by your spellcasting and what not, you had plans for passing on your own"
By now Sir Malcome has reached the band of heroes.
"We now have safe passage through this tower, although it may take some talking to the knights council now that you have the tower up in arms.... Well, on a good point, we can advance through the tower with our horses so we wont have to walk on the otherside.
If you'd be so kind as to follow me"
Sir Malcome turns on his heal and heads back towards the Tower.

OCC I've been reading every single freakin post since the inn, and I just couldnt find a place to get back into this story. AH, now at long last I have found it :D
Hope you dont mind me jumpin in again.True honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

06/20/2001 3:53 PM

ooc: nice one

Autumn, noticing the niceness the knights treated her with, decided to follow Sir Malcome. "Sir Knight, if this is to set us back, I think you should just let us pass. We have a long trip and not long to make it in."

It's not the game you play but the how you play it.

06/20/2001 4:21 PM

"M'Lady, I'm sure this wont take very long. In fact, we already have already been granted safe passage through the tower. All that you need is your horses and we will be on our way.
May I be so bold as to ask you, M'lady, if I may join you and your companions on your journey. The Knighthood is aware of the threat to the south, and I have sought clearance from my supierors to be sent out on a long range reconnacance mission.
I introduce myself as Sir Deven Malcome of Caegroth, Knight of The Crown. And I swear by Paladine, if I am accepted as part of your band, I will fight until I am felled."

True honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

06/20/2001 4:38 PM

"We will be grateful to have a knight with us. Don't worry, you will not be felled."

ooc: I'm out of town for the weekend. someone do something interesting so everyone can have some fun!It's not the game you play but the how you play it.

06/21/2001 11:08 AM

Mirror caught the looks that Justin was throwing her way. She made her excuses to Triton and moved over to speak to him. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you Justin. It all happened so quick!" She outstreached her hand and placed it on his cheek, gently caressing the soft flesh beneath her fingers. "I never ment to hurt you Justin," she said, tears welling up in her eyes, "Believe me, I didn't........" She trailed off as she felt his body move closer to her and his own hand lingered on her cheek. Tears began to well up in her eyes when suddenly she heard Triton begin to speak behind her, and it was obvious that he was not happy..............Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
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06/22/2001 4:30 AM

All of Triton's words died before be could say them. The mage was deeply hurt, but his anger was competing for the strogest emotion. He didnt know who to be mad at Justin or Mirror. He would decied that later now he had to get away before he did something that would make him feel better.
Turning quickly, his robes flying upward, he walked away into the shadows he so enjoyed. The only question on his mind is should he stay.

06/22/2001 10:51 PM

Mirror turned and ran after her husband, praying to the God's that he would at least talk to her. She called out his name, and he stopped, turning around to face her. As she approached him, she noticed the anger in his eyes, and was suddenly scared, scared of loosing him for ever. There was no way she could possibly live without him, and she needed to make him understand, make him realise that she was doing nothing but saying goodbye to Justin. She quickly rehearsed what she would say to him in her mind as she came to a stop directly opposite him, their bodies nearly touching from their closeness. But the moment she opened her mouth to speak, all the words were forgotton. Insted, she just let the tears flow uncheck down her cheeks and reached out to touch him. "Triton............"Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
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06/23/2001 1:40 AM

"Mirror", Triton shouted then took a second to regain his composer. "Mirror what have you done? Because of you I left the black robes and would never be a renegade again. I thought your light had hope had love but the only thing it holds for me is hurt. In my darkness I had everything power fear everything that I could want. In the light I had you now I have nothing. Mirror I hope you are happy. Go back to Justin enjoy your life with him. For me I shall be another place," Triton turned and started the spell to take him to another place when Mirror grabed his arm and forced him to turn around. Tears streamed down her face as she opened her mouth to talk.

06/23/2001 1:48 AM

"Triton, please don't leave me! Without you I have nothing! I will not be able to live if you are no longer by my side. There is nothing going on between me and Justin. There was, once, a long time agao before I met you. Today, I was just saying goodbye to him. Please, don't leave me!!!" She said, holding onto his arm tightly, tears streaming down her cheeks.Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
:P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P

06/23/2001 7:42 AM

Sir Malcome turns on his heel once again to see who is following him. Not many people are.
Infact, there seems to be some sort of argument going on. Sir Malcome begins to tap his foot and wait for the others.True honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

06/24/2001 1:14 AM

Marquita looked anxiously from the tower to Triton and Mirror as their voices became louder. She hurried over and spoke quietly to them "Look, this is neither the time nor the place to be having this argument, we have to keep moving towards Qualinesti and once there you will be free to discuss your relationship in privacy and safety." She felt sympathy for the two of them but logic prevailed.

She gently ushered them to follow Malcome and the others through the gates of the tower.

06/24/2001 1:23 AM

Triton followed Marquita without a word to Mirror. He glanced at her when she was not looking. He cared little for the trip to Qualinesti the only thing on his mind was Mirror. The trip to the tower would give him a chance to think things through so he decieded to walk along.

06/24/2001 2:23 PM

Sir Malcome, seeing that the group is once again following him, starts to walk to the tower again. He usshers the others through the massive portcullis in the outer wall.
An older Knight in battled scarred armour is awaiting them there.
Malcome walks up and speaks to the older knight, the two converse in muttered tones, afterwards, the older knight inspects the group, gives a grunt of aproval and turns to walk back to his post.
Malcome turns and speaks to the group.

"Very well, we have our clearance to pass through the tower, I suppose all we need to do now is to saddle back onto our horses and ride through the tower. I'll meet all of you on the other side of the tower, for my steed is in the stables located within the tower. I assume you all know the way through the tower. Any questions? Very well. I'll meet you on the Solmanic plain."

Malcome turns again and walks towards where his steed is.True honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

06/24/2001 9:06 PM

Marquita walked through the tower with Autumn, Justin and Kyron she quietly talked to them of her fears "I now wonder just how much the Solamnics know of our plans, for sir Malcome wouldn't have gotten clearance without informing his superiors." she sighed "I feel the least anyone outside the group knows of us the better, for the moment anyway."

06/25/2001 10:02 PM

Sol watched from a concealed position as the guards fell unconcious from the magical sand. He also watched the transformation of one of his companions into a glorious silver dragon. Then feeling that it was time to move in he came to an abrupt halt when the gates opened and a familiar figure stood before the others. Still favoring his place in the shadows Sol listened to the exchange between the knight, Sir Malcome, and the rest of the party. Understanding that the plan had changed Sol backtracked to where he left his horse, mounted, and pressed to meet up with the group. Sol emerged from the surrounding foilage just as the group was passing through the huge gate in the outer wall of the tower. Once back with the party Sol reigned his steed and awaited for whatever was to come next.

06/26/2001 1:07 PM

"I agree, Marquita. We should keep this between us. Knights have spies, as well as us." Autumn smiled at the shipcaptain.

Justin stood in confusion. "This is an inappropriote time to speak of this but I must say something. Triton, I mean no harm to your marriage. I will admit that I love Mirror and it is hard to realize that you are married to her. I do not wish to separate you. I didn't know, and I'm sorry. Take it out on me, instead of Mirror." He bowed low and walked away, following the group.It's not the game you play but the how you play it.

06/26/2001 10:49 PM

Triton glared at Justin as if he would set him on fire by sight alone. In a calmer time, he would have accepted the appology with a hand shake, now he only wanted to send a fireball through his chest. The mage didnt even have a problem with Justin, he knew nothing of his relationship with Mirror, it was Mirror who he was furious with.
He pulled his hood over his head which was now a deeper silver than it was earlier that day and followed the group but at a distance. He said he would help everyone out and that is what he intended to do for now, but his later plans were still in the air, and that included Mirror.

06/28/2001 8:32 PM

Kyron flew overhead and saw that the others were going through the tower. She landed on the hill and awaited their return."..Now far ahead the Road has gone, and I must follow, if I can. Pursuing it with eager feet, until it joins some larger way where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say."

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