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05/29/2000 10:58 PM

(Were where we? Oh yeah, The intrepid heroes of the first quest are still trying to find a way of relieving their innermost desire to use the Holy Privy of the Gods)

Mertonius looks around and finds that most of his companions are missing.

"Well, talked about be left hanging..."

A sudden grumbling sound sends him packing for the nearest group of trees. While relieving himself among them and using a few wads of cotton conjured for the occcasion, a strange strangling sound came from atop the trees. The smell was so vile, someone up above the trees fell unconscious and landed near the feet of the mage...

05/28/2000 8:15 PM

what the hell man i thought i was disgusting...blech

05/29/2000 5:50 AM

Mertonius helped the man up.

"Sheesh, that's why we need to find the bathroom of the Gods. To relieve us of all what he need to relieve."

05/29/2000 6:02 AM

Can we choke the chikin here..spank the monkey? Cuz i got some jizz, Spooger!

05/29/2000 6:11 AM

Mertonius patiently listened as if his thought was somewhere else.

"Excuse me...."

Running to the far end of a group of trees he relieved himself again.

05/29/2000 8:58 PM

The drunken mage looks around, making herself dizzy in the process of turning her head around to look,
"Hey, what happened to that other fella, the one who asked us to go?"

05/29/2000 10:58 PM

Mertonius returns and nods at Muralasa, "I dunno, he just disappeared."

*looks around and finds a piece of tissue paper and makes a run for the other end of the glade again*

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