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05/17/2001 11:14 AM

[OOC ~ This takes place after the War of the Lance and before the Dark Lady’s War]

The Dark Warrior sat impatiently on the back of the dragon, one leg thrown over the front of the saddle, the other carelessly swinging off to the side, occasionally kicking the Blue in the scales. The Blue snorted once, then turned his massive head toward the woman, the light from Solanari and Luntari playing over his scales. “Thisbe, stop it.”

The warrior started, her hand going to the pommel of her blade. She blinked once, then twice, at the dragon, her expression blank. “Stop what?”

“Kicking my side. It is getting annoying.” Thisbe looked down at her leg, and blushed a tiny bit, stopping her leg. She adjusted her position, so she could rest one elbow on the high back of the saddle. She smiled apologetically. “Sorry, Kobalt. You know how much I hate being kept waiting. If this courier had been in the Dragon Army, I would have had him in cleaning the stalls for a month.” Kobalt started to chuckle, his deep laugh shaking his entire body, nearly dislodging Thisbe from her seat. She smiled again, then slid off the dragon’s back, her dragon scale armor rattling as it rubbed against the dragon.

Thisbe streched, working the kinks out of her muscles. She sighed, staring into the surrounding forests, “Well it looks like we’ll have to wait for this blasted courier a bit longer.”
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