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05/13/2001 8:42 AM

It is the Fifth age.....It appears that all the gods have abandoned Krynn and three fallen sorcerors are in search of anything that will give them their powers back, they have been searching for four years and still have found nothing......"Dammit!" exclaimed Qortein, one of the sorcerors as he came out of the enchanted cave "Another legend another dud, no Magic....AGAIN!!!!"

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05/13/2001 8:56 AM

Turnam glared at his impatient brother, "Do not worry Qortein we will reclaim our stolen power maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon...soon we will have our revenge....." the brothers friend looked at both " yes soon we will take our power back from those greedy gods.....just as soon as we find the scroll." They both turned to him "Yes the scroll," Turnam said "You're right as always Yatume..." The older brother looked at them as if a minotaur had just hit them in the head with a club " But what if what everyone says is true? What if the gods are dead??? We may be like this for the rest of our lives!"

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05/13/2001 9:05 AM

They looked at him coldly " You were always the voice of panic brother" said Turnam he then looked at Yatume, where is the next location?" He pulled out a map and said about 23 miles east of here it says it's quarded by knights clad in deep crimson armor that no man has ever beaten in battle."Qortein smiled "But we are not men are we Yatume? We are the most horrifying mages ever to walk Krynn! They looked at him strangely "what?" he asked...His brother said "just a minute ago you were totally afraid of never getting our powers back, now you're saying we're the most powerful mages to walk Krynn and everyone knows that Raistlin Majere was."

05/13/2001 12:50 PM

"Let's just get going" said Yatume, "we aren't going to regain our powers by just standing here." The brothers looked at each other "right, let's go....." 3 Days later they were facing 'the knights of the spike' as they called themselves and the leader had challenged their best swordsman to a duel, of course it was Qortein for he had once trained with the Knights of Solamnia, The Knights of Takhisis and other various faction during the chaos war. He stared into the the knight leaders eyes and smiled,he drew his sword which was surrounded by a deep green aura and the hilt contained so many rubies it would take years to count them. Both sides stared at it in awe, the two companions of his had never seen this blade and all could tell that it was magical by the aura and the ancient runes carved into the bottom of the blade. The Knight was clad in what Qortein recognized as Magori Shell, an almost indestructible material that the servants of chaos had used as armor in the Chaos War it was part of them, part of their body, it was their shell and Qortein couldn't imagine how the knight had carved it into a perfect set of armor, but it soon would be his after he killed this 'knight of the spike'. "What are you waiting for, mage?" asked the man.......

05/13/2001 1:24 PM

"Just thinking if I can kill you without denting the Magori Shell, I'd like that armor." He said mockingly, you could see the rage fill the man.....then he attacked, viciously and everyone thought that Qortein would die after that first blow but he just stepped to the side and tripped the unsuspectiing knight, he put his enchanted sword to the knights neck but withdrew it, "I want a real fight, get up." He said calmly, the knight rose staring stupidly at the mage, "how'd you do that?" he demanded, "I am one of the best warriors in history and one of the most feared sorcerors, fool" replied Qortein "And don't be so risky in your blows, they can be easily dodged and you opponent can end your life from behind." The knight glared at Qortein, "I need no advice from a weak and powerless mage!" screamed the angry knight as he got up and started to rush at Qortein again, "Powerless mage, huh?" asked he, "yes, powerless mage" replied the warrior. Qortein's eyes turned the same color as the aura that surrounded his sword and he started pulsing with power, when the mage reached him, he parried the knight's swipe and started rushing at the knight swinging his sword in a rage the knight tried to parry but the blade shattered and he got a nasty gash across his arm, Qortein smiled. The knight ordered one of his men to throw him a weapon and he got a battleaxe to fight the mage's enchanted sword, he knew that the battleaxe could easily shatter the sword so he rushed again and at the last second the mage-warrior lowered his blade acut the axehead off, barely slowed the blade kept going and it messily decapitated the knight.....

05/13/2001 5:55 PM

The knight's disciples stared at Qortein in a stunned disbelief, "no one has ever beaten him before? were all the challengers talentless kender?" he asked the knights as the power surrounding him faded and his eyes turned back to their natural color."no, no they weren't" whispered the knight's second, "they were some of the best warriors in all of Krynn, that's what they claimed anyway" then the man dropped to one knee and the others soon followed suit, "what in the name of chaos you doing?" asked the mage, "paying homage to you, master" said the men as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, "why?" asked Qortein completely dumbfounded. "because you are the slayer of the slayer..."said they "what?"asked Qortein "The slayer of 2000 Magori, The slayer of 5 dragons, the slayer of countless servants of Takhisis, the slayer...." said the knight, "What is your name" asked Qortein "Jptori" replied the knight "rise all" the mage said, they all obeyed "and what is your name, oh master?" said Jptori, Qortein replied and the magori shelled knights all screamed "ALL HAIL TO QORTEIN THE CONQUEROR!!!!"

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