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05/03/2001 12:48 PM

In a secluded forest encased in a perpetual mist, two individuals walk inbetween the mammoth trees, silence guiding their way. The forest shimmers in the morning dew and collects on the light gray robes only to fall harmlessly to the ground. This person walks with intent and a firm stride, while the other walks with curiosity and more importantly, different colored robes.Walking in a zig-zag pattern through the woods, they approach a clearing by a small gnoll in the landscape. Turning his robed head, the mage asks, "This is to be the first test I have for you. I will test different aspects of yourself, and failure in any three areas means death. On the other side of that gnoll is a cave. Inside are precious baubles and books of magic. Go in and bring out the most important you deem to be so. Be warned, this isn't just any mage's dwelling. Think upon these surroundings and what's inside. Use any magic you deem necessary. Now then Harz, go."Disappearing, the grey robed mage is gone from sight.OOC: Note- As you go through and look around, I will act as your eyes, telling you what is what; or what appears to be....-Limits are just an excuse for failure.

05/03/2001 1:31 PM

Proceeding slowly with both a spell of offense and a spell of defense on his lips, Harz crosses the gnoll all the while looking for the entrance to the cave.

He looks from his left to his right as he is walking, thus attempting to thwart anything lurking in the woods waiting for the right moment to spring their trap.

05/03/2001 9:34 PM

(the forest is completely quiet. The only noise you discern is the sound of your robes swishing against the blades of grass.)-I love fishes 'cause they're so delicious! Gotta go fishin'!!!

05/04/2001 11:36 AM

He keeps moving, not a little bit unnerved but the unnatural silence. As he crosses the gnoll, he thinks to himself, "If this is a forest, Where is all of the wildlife." He thinks about the deathly silence and wonders at its portent.

When he is across the gnoll, he sees a dark entrance to what looks like a cave. He tries to see inside but it seems to be too dark. Deciding that he could not and would not go back now, he enters the cave to see what secrets it might hold...

05/04/2001 12:04 PM

(the cave is shrouded in unnatural darkness, save for a feint glimmer of light in the recess of the cave. Your senses pick up a trace of magic in the walls and floor, highly unusual for this darkness. Something is not right.)-Ask me is the glass half empty or half full, and I will ask you, "what glass?"

05/04/2001 3:02 PM

Kista StarBlade balanced delicately on the high treebranch. she watched the mage below her investigate the same cavern that she herself came to see.

Kista, a true born Silvanesti elf, was raised by the Kagonesti. Her silver-blonde hair and lavender eyes mark her as a silvanesti, but her stelth and sheer silence as she knelt on the vallenwood branch shone through her aristrocratic appearance.

She wore a tunic made of finly knitted cotton, dyed in hues of brown and green. Her doeskin breeches where soft against her long legs. Her boots came up to her knees, and where soft soled, so she could feel the earth below her feet. Her long silver-blonde hair was braided expertly down to the middle of her back. Her dark-colored cloak sheilded her hair from the light, making her even harder to see.

In her hand she held a fine Dagger, and a long slender sword hung at her hip. Around her neck was a neclace made of silver, with a pendant that sported an unusual stone. when looked upon, the stone changed colors from one moment to the next. the pendant is Kista's only remaining memento of her parents, who died when she was around four.

Kista breathed slowly, softly as she cranned her neck to get a better look at the mage below her.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

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05/04/2001 11:38 PM

The branch besides Kista suddenly sways and bends unnaturally and a mage, shrouded in gray stands besides the Silvanesti with his arms folded across his chest; watching the young mage enter the cave with a smile on his face."You do realize that if you interfere I will kill you. Call it professional courtesy. If you like, you may enter when that mage exits, but not before." I grin to myself, knowing a secret. I turn my head and give a look into the elf's eyes, "Besides, you don't honestly think you stand a chance against what's in there, do you?" I smile again, watching the Silvanesti's reaction. "No, I doubt you would make it ten steps in...Kista."With that, my eyes flicker momentarily and I disappear from sight; the branch swaying as it returns to normal.-Ask me is the glass half empty or half full, and I will ask you, "what glass?"

05/05/2001 12:08 AM

Kista stared at the Mage, no expression evident on her face. even her eyes expressed the same, soft, serene quality. She shrugged, and settled herself to watch the scene below.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

05/05/2001 7:54 AM

Harz-Takta decided that this would be the time to employ some form of magic. "Ast bilmar sanctus," he says and feels the magic course through his body as an invisible shield of protection raised around him.

Next he says,'Shirak," the magic word for light and a glowing ball of light forms in palm of his right hand. Hoping this will afford him some protection and dispel the unnatural darkness blanketing this area.

This done he strides forth into the cave with purpose toward the one glowing patch of light that he can see. As an afterthought he says,"Ast Magica mactus/ost analysar." in an attempt to discern the nature of the enchantment in this cave.

05/06/2001 11:00 PM

The shadows part to reveal a dark robed traveller. Shrouded in the creeping tendrils of mist, he takes several steps forward and frees himself from their grasp.

"Ah, I see that my dark brother is training another apprentice. Galan, old friend, well-met. Hope this one lasts longer than all the others have."

Turning to Harz, "Good luck young mage. My friend is a stern master and you will need to draw upon every resource to survive his tests. I bid thee well."

With that, Uziel takes a place upon the branch and watches the young mage resume his test.
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Uziel's Krynnish Lore

05/07/2001 7:51 AM

(A small bell chimes and something glows a dark shade of red through cracks in the cave when the magical shield is activated. Runes on the floor flash dangerously as you pass over them, alerting runes throughout the cave's entreeway.Unfortunately, the darkness swells and engulfs your light spell and quickly you are once again in the dark.The casting done to reveal spells hidden through the cave reveal far too numerous spells placed to count, and this is just within the walkway to the main chamber. The spell tells you that the runes are all linked together and contain powerful magicks, but the reason why is beyond your ability.)Appearing besides Uziel, I greet my old friend with eyes upon the mage entering the cave, "Good to see you again. It's been awhile now since we last had some fun." I smile. "I still owe you for taking me away from that accursed gnome and kender. Call upon my services, and I'll gladly loan them out to you."-Ask me is the glass half empty or half full, and I will ask you, "what glass?"

05/09/2001 12:29 PM

OOC:sorry it's taken me so long to post back but i was busy working on my chemistry report on Enrico Fermi

Deciding that the protection spell could be more hindrance than help, Harz decides that he will let his concentration lax and end the protection spell. With this done he attempts to study the runes to see if he can make out the meaning of any of them. This done, he moves on into the cave to see what awaits him.

05/09/2001 2:26 PM

(the runes are powerful glyphs that generate emmense magic. Just by reaching out with your senses, you can feel the dark energies encased in each. As you walk further into the cave, it appears as if you're gaining no ground. The laboratory at the end seems but a pinpoint of light in a cloudy darkness.)-Ask me is the glass half empty or half full, and I will ask you, "what glass?"

05/16/2001 1:22 PM

Muttering a curse, Harz stops seeing that to continue forward while gaining no ground would be complete idiocy. Deciding to examine the problem mentally rather than only thinking about what is tangible, Harz closes his eyes and thinks about the labratory he was sent here to reach. Smiling to himself, he concentrates on his goal...

05/16/2001 3:40 PM

OOC: Galan, you remebered me escaping your little cantrips. Anyways, this reminds me of one of those old text adventure games, or a session of AD&D I heard about once. The DM just had his PCs tell him what they were doing, while he did all the work describing stuff. He never once mentioned any game lingo. I would say I came to watch to, but then you'll try to kill me again, and I don't want to distract you. And I'm busy ridding Kyrnn of some real fake gods and goddess. And Galan, I still wear that my special non-detection item that keeps you from finding me. So, nah nah na boo boo, you can't kill me. Or should I say "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, HO!!" (little inside joke there).Kender Proverb #1:

"Every Path Leads Somewhere"

Kender Proverb #2:

"Every Path is the Right Path, Except When It's The Left Fork."

05/21/2001 4:06 PM

(As you close your eyes, the way suddenly becomes clear. Certain runes line up and glow brightly, showing you the proper path to walk. You sense that as you progress further into the cave, the runes that do not glow contain powerful destructive magic within)OOC: This is the best way to conduct this portion of the test. I say this because there's a lot of traps and artifacts in here and I don't want to spend most of my time correcting him where he goes wrong.Tay, if you're going to crack that joke, get it right! :D It goes- Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats!!! HOOOOOOOO!!!!!- there's only 3 thunders! ;)As to your trinkets you possess, next time we meet, I will thoroughly torture you; just to make sure you don't come back. :D-Eat drink and be merry, for you never know when I might come to take it all away.

05/21/2001 8:29 PM

A old mage approaches, he is hobbled over an old crooked staff. The mage is wearing the robes of white, dedicating his skills to the white moon.
The mage continues to walk up the path aproaching Galan and the other mage who stands beside him

"Galan my brethren, I wish to see this test you conduct as to be sure that you are well within the laws of magic" calls the mage from a distance.

OCC: Galan, I would have used good ol' Insano the gnome, but he is our on another adventure with Tay, trying to rid the world of some "new" gods.True honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

05/21/2001 10:05 PM

"well, in that case, I suggest you leave then; old man. As the laws of magic dictate," I sneer, "you will be required to stop me and Harz when we cross that rule to which you have set. I hardly think that you could bring me to justice, one way or another."OOC: well Insano, I guess i'm lucky that you and Mr. Magetaunter are out saving Krynn. (laughs) Or maybe it's you who are lucky.....:D-Eat drink and be merry, for you never know when I might come to take it all away.

05/21/2001 11:40 PM

Kista still sat outside of the cave, resting on the branch. she fingered the pendant around her neck and sighed. "Think that I cant survive does he? well I guess that he doesn't see much of the wilder elf mages...we deal with the magics of nature, which are every bit as powerful as the magic of the moons."

The darkness shrouded her and with a whispered word, she summoned forth spirits of light, and a small golden mage light apeared above her, lighting her surroundings as she waited for the other mages to come out of the cave.With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

05/21/2001 11:50 PM

The wind howls in Kista's ears, whispering to her, "As I said, once Harz comes out from the cave you may have your luck at it, but know this, you're already dead. Wild and moon magic doesn't mix. You take one step in there even thinking upon the spell and you just might find yourself in an ugly situation. Consider that an indirect warning from the mage who dwells in there."-Eat drink and be merry, for you never know when I might come to take it all away.

05/21/2001 11:55 PM

"well if thats the way your gonna be about it then fine!!" Kista said to the same wind.

Whispering softly, calling forth the spirits of invisibility, she faded from sight, and the branch straightened as her weight was lifted from it.With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

05/22/2001 12:44 PM

The muddled old man sees the evil intentions in Galans eye.
"Now you listen here, I've licked a few of your type in my day, another wont matter that much. Now I give you the option, ceace these experiments, or testing or what not and I will let this little intance escape the eye of the conclave."True honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

05/22/2001 1:46 PM

"Oh come now," I say, reading the mage's thoughts, "evil? Get a grip old man. Now get lost. I could rip the tower of high sorcery from its foundations and rip the bones from its inhabitants. If you value your life, you will leave." Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

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05/23/2001 1:25 PM

OCC: HEY GALAN, This character isnt Insano, I just havent given him a name yet! Insano is a gnome remeber?

"Well sir, I suppose you leave me no choice" The old man slowly begins to draw his staff up in the air, and begins to chant.......True honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

05/23/2001 11:27 PM

"Well, as much fun as it would be to spend time sending you to the abyss, i'd rather conserve my energies. Instead, I'll just do this."Pointing at the mage I mutter two sharp syllables, erasing all the spells from the mage's memory. Smiling, I watch the mage.OOC: Sorry Insano ol' boy! I'll go an edit it out for you! Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

05/24/2001 12:37 PM

The old man mumbles

"irath....Clod Foot!"
The old man seems to be puzzled at what he was saying.

"Humm, that spell should have worked... Wait, what did that spell even do? Ah darn, what am I doing?"

The old man turns on his heel and begins to walk away muttering something about gnomes and kender under his breathTrue honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

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