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06/26/2000 5:10 AM

Do you feel like fighting in a grueling match to death with someone else on this board? A little frustrated, and you just wanna type about ripping someone's head from their body? Well, The BloodBath Arena is just for you!

There is only ONE rule: no one attacks Lady Katherine, the founder of the BloodBath Arena.

Other than that, there is NO RULES!
~You can make up new races or animals
~You can make up new weapons
~You can use magic
~You can come back from the dead

Now let's start, I wanna see some gore!

05/10/2000 12:53 PM

a cold warrior stance as I look about

"what are we your own Gladiators...though I am always interested in a good spar"

05/10/2000 8:01 PM

The image of an incredible handsome warrior-mage appears. He approaches Lady Katherine and kisses her hand.

"Greetings, I am Torminius, the son of Mertonius the Dark Renegade."

He raises his hand and two swords appear out of thin air. Floating, they twirl, protectingly hovering to defend their master.

05/11/2000 2:37 PM

****just for some blood and gore to please any freaks out there that like that stuff (including me)*****

A large knight enters with sword held high. He walks around the arena sizing up all the wimps and wussies here.
"All right, who will be the first to challenge the great Gunthar Goblinbane?"
A rather scrawny looking man steps forth and says 'I will'
"You are weak and pathetic!"
Gunthar charges forth and in one quick motion chops off his legs and arms.
"You are no match for me!"
Gunthar walks off to the other side of the arena as the man's body falls down, dripping blood everywhere. The man looks at his fallen form and calls 'come back here you yellows bastaard!! i'll bite yer legs off!!!'
Another man, this one large and well-built, approaches the knight and says 'i will face you you pathetic little weakling.'
Gunthar cocks his head to the side and says, "You are much bigger, much stronger......Much more blood!!!!"
The large man runs at Gunthar who nimbly steps to the side and opens the man's chest with his sword. His intestine fall out of his body and land on the floor of the arena with a sickening 'plunk.' The man then falls face first into the pile of guts and blood, smearing hot sticky blood all over his face. Gunthar then cuts off his head and holds it up to investigate. He then pops out the eyes and throws them on the ground and steps on them, liquid squirts out of it all over the floor. He then proceeds to cut the tongue out, wich he then trows over his shoulder and it lands in the middle of the crowd gathered around to watch the knight. He holds up the eyeless and tongueless head and throws it to lady katherine.
"Hope you enjoyed."
Gunthar then leaves the building.

05/11/2000 7:26 PM

An ancient Red Dragon (Great Wyrm) flops down at the center of the Arena inviting all to take him on.

Mertonius gestures and his blades float into the air to attack the dragon.

"Wrath! Hate! Duo Strike Attack!"

The twin blades lunge at the dragon who tried to melt the flying swords with a devastating flame attack that singed the floor of the arena, narrowly hitting Lady Katherine. In response the blades did a broad slashing attack at the dragon slicing its wings off. The bleeding dragon sent forth a great scream and attacked Torminius who immediately teleported to the further end of the Arena.

"You're to slow ancient one. It's my turn again!"

Thrusting his right fist into the ground making a scooping motion, the ground beneath the dragon suddenly heaved like a monstrous maw of a hellhound. It's earthen jaw sent the dragon up into the air then it snapped together engulfing it. The ground settles and Torminius walks to the remains of the dragon that littered the arena grounds after it was decapitated by the "Earth Maw" spell. He takes a dragon claw and offers it to the beautiful Lady Katherine.

05/12/2000 8:30 AM

Lady Katherine takes the dragon's claw thankfully. "Well done, Sir Warrior, this is a fine prize." she says. Then, Lady Katherine looks to Teutonic Knight, "Interesting first match, I'll see to it my trolls get this head as a new toy."

Lady Katherine steps back from the fighters and grins, "Now let's see some more gore."

05/12/2000 11:33 AM

((because I have to time and feel like a good fight))

~at Six feet two inches, One Hundred and Eigthy-five pounds a Warrior at heart...a battling ramm to the finish...stands amongst the Arena Floor...a cold wind brushes through his hair...as He looks on too other opponents~

~This soul has been through three wars and has seen more blood in his lifetime to last four...as He steps out He finds an opponent steping out with him...RammStein calls out his name to his awaiting foe~

"Me name is RammStein...Lord of the Scoire...Lord of Souls...are you to dance with Me on this fine day?"

~His opponent turns to face RammStein...his size slightly larger and his built bigger...his voice rings out at RammStein and too thoughs that dwell amongst the crowd~

"My name is Drios Lucphos...Master of Sword...Student of none...Mentor to all...today RammStein you dance with Drios and it will be your last...what is your choice of weapon"

~RammStein's eyes close as his mouth moves...a silent summon...a calling...his eyes flash open as though He has recieved his answer~

"Bamboo Staff...a weapon as strong as wood...but leaves a lasting impression"

~We both salute each other...and prepare...each soul cracking their bodies...as though both warriors know of the awaiting torture of a Bamboo strike...as both grasp for their weapon...RammStein waste's no time as he screams out~

"...prepare yourself Drios"

~with one strong foot and quick hand and balance of his upper body...RammStein feels the first of many impacts upon his opponent...the Staff strike the midsection of Drios...having Drios gasping for air and his knees begging on the ground quicker then he intended to be there~
~Drios watches on as RammStein raises his Staff to strike upon the back of his neck making this a quick kill and victory...Drios furiously rolls to his right while raising his own staff...as RammStein strikes downward his crest plainly open...and the end of Drios's Staff strikes RammStein in the chest...RammStein himself is out of breath for a second...as both opponent re-evalutate the situation at hand...both now breathing normal though the beginning of this fight has proven to be a worthy match~

(too be cont.)((and people of the crowd or fellow fighters...please respond to this...I'd like to know people are reading this and are involved somewhat...I don't like to waste my time))

05/12/2000 12:50 PM

~as the cheers from the crowd build watching all and well him battle on...this energy feeds both of them as glare at each other...lips snarling and teeth gritting~


~a forward charge from Drios as he holds the staff in both hands...the staff follows his commands to beat down RammStein...they both counter each other in this expression of grace and power...as one staff would move left the other right...this continues for atleast ten swings by both parties...tired of this...RammStein steps back swiftly and quickly...swings the staff end into the ground...as RammStein watches Drios staff...by inches miss his face...this puts Drios off balance and leaving the face of Drios's open...RammStein takes one step forward...plants the end of the staff into the dirt floor of the Arena and swings around the staff as his knee comes crashing into the face of Drios...a hollow crack is barely heard by those seating in the front gallery of the Arena...but the blow devastating...the first site of blood as Drios's head snaps backward...sending raindrops of his blood into the sky and eventually landing upon him and around him~
~Drios knocked from his feet and landing some feet away...the dirt of the grounds scatter and settle quickly...all while the crowd roars...as though they felt the impact themselves...RammStein wasting no lands upon a flat foot as his back is shown to Drios...white of his nuckles more then present as he shifts his weight and sends the bamboo staff into the thigh of Drios...a wicked thud smacks the skins of Drios...as he yells out in pain~

~thinking quickly...Drios...takes a hand full of dirt and faithfully tosses into RammStein's eyes...RammStein stumbles back...clearing his face of this unhonourable gesture to survive~

~Drios regains his footing...with a slight limp and staff in hand...and RammStein trying to see...Drios twists his body around locking the staff to his armpit as his body spins around...RammStein's defense to late...the butt of Drios's Staff strikes the cheek of RammStein's face...sending RammStein's into a twirling blow to the grounds...he lands cold...as a blow to the face...would kill any man...looking on Drios just stands...gesturing to the crowd...his staff raised in both hands...for praise...very little is recieved from the crowd...Drios paying no attention to RammStein is surely not a wise move by ANY warrior~

(to be cont.)

05/12/2000 1:51 PM

*teh knight steps forth to RammStein and helps him up.*
"Good show. Got anything left in ya? If not, I'd be more than happy to finish this for you."

05/12/2000 2:37 PM

~a pool of blood gathers as RammStein's mouth is open and surely his jaw is shattered...with the help of a knight he crawls to his feet...finding only Drios in triumph as though he thinks to fight is over...blood more then present upon my lips and chin as is drains from RammStein like a faucet...as he lean over his head begins to throb though RammStein grasp the staff and whisper in a cold voice to the knight as RammStein brushes him away~

"this is far from over"

~the cheers from the crowd make Drios aware of RammStein regaining his strength......it is to late...RammStein pouches on the opportunity...as Drios continues to turn around...RammStein's staff has already struck him down...a wicked blow to the back of the neck sends Drios stumbling to the grounds...RammStein jumps into the air...heels strong...as Drios rolls over he has no time to react to rib crushing blow to his crest...a round pronounced sound is heard as Drios rib cage is crushes...as RammStein stands atop of Drios's chest...he only looks down at him and snarls...ready to deliever the mortal blow...Drios lays limp upon the ground as his body coughs up blood and spilling over his shock look...RammStein's blood deeps from his chin and adds to the ravenous scene~

~RammStein's looks to the crowd for the support then falls upon Lady Katherine...seeing he is approved...not bothering to look down...RammStein just glares at Katherine with a cynical smile...as he twist his flat feet upon Drios's crest...Drios chest collapse...silence grows around the Arena...as all are in shock themselves...as RammStein steps from his opponents chest...He colapse to his knees still glaring at Lady Katherine...as his rush of strength comes to an end...his mouth moves as the last of his strength is expensed on his name~


~RammStein colapses and finds comfort in the dirt grounds as a slow smile appears on his face...He knows something no one else knows about his lastest foe...is he dead?~

((well there you are...hope you all enjoyed...I'm glad I got that out of my system...any comments please do share...and no I haven't seen Gladiator yet...*l*))

05/12/2000 5:12 PM

anyone feel like fighting a Silver Dragon?

05/12/2000 8:21 PM

A black swirling mass appears at the other end of the Arena. Recognizing this phenomena, Torminius leaves immediatley along with some of the crowd veterans. Those who were still present felt their skin crawl as the dark presence of Torminius foster father appears. Wearing a pure white porcelain mask, the Renegade Cleric/Mage Irda appears in his dark majesty. After defating the Dark Queen on the mirror realm of Vexir, Mertonius has gained power beyond what is mortal.

He gestures with a hand and a flaming staff materializes out of thin air. He thrusts his staff forward and a legion of death knights with Lord Soth at its head erupts forth from the ground. A huge skeletal zombie dragon drops from the sky to take its place beside its undead master.

"Lady Katherine shall be mine again! And no one else would take her away from me again! I will make her the queen of this world!"

At this, he orders his legion to kill all but Lady Katherine.

05/12/2000 8:39 PM

The Silver dragon leaves before the legions of the dead could take a step.

the dragon looks back, sees death, and hears death

05/12/2000 8:47 PM

The Zombie dragon takes to the air to fight the Silver, launching a powerful acid attack.

05/13/2000 8:39 AM

The silver swoops low, looks up to see the large Zombie dragon spiting acid everywhere in vain attampts to destroy the silver.

The silver gains altitude, and spits a shot of frost on the neck of the Zombie.

05/13/2000 7:59 PM

Lady Katherine watches the two dragons battle before her. She glances down at her gift from Mertonius, the red dragon's claw. "Perhaps I will add another claw to my collection," she mutters to herself, "This Arena is turning out great."

05/14/2000 8:27 PM

The Zombie Dragon ignored the frost attack. (Ever read a monster compedia my friend? Zombie Dragons are immune to frost, fire, and acid. You have to fight this guy tooth and claw.:))

Wheeling in the air, the Zombie Dragon made a diving pass and struck out with a diseased claw, stripping plates from the silver's back.

"You are thoroughly outmatched my friend," shouted a figure from the stands.

Marcus the Wanderer looks at his old nemesis, Mertonius, and with a flick of a finger and a wave of a golden tube, sends a deadly meteor barrage from his fingers striking the Zombie Dragon. The dragon falls to the ground with a sickening crunch as rotting flesh and bones splew on everyone.

Marcus blows the shimmering outline of smoke from his figertips.

"That, is how you get rid of a Zombie Dragon."

05/14/2000 8:39 PM

Knowing that he would be thoroughly outclassed,outgunned and outlooked (huh?) by the powerful Archmage,Chronomancer,Geomancer,High Magus, Lord Knight, Blade Master Extraordinare Marcus the Planeswalker (Those were his classes)
Mertonius opted for a direct approach.

Changing his form to his full Irda manifestation, dressed in all white armor, riding on a elegant white charger, he rides forth and takes Lady Katherine into his arms while riding in full gallop. His long silver hair glittering, he takes the lady and kisses her passionately keeping her close to him. (OOC: Kinda like those romantic, flowery romance books you find in those book clubs). He rides to the back of the arena to the VIP rooms near the end.

After a few hours, they both reappear with huge smile son their faces. Mertonius waves a hand and disappears.

05/15/2000 2:11 AM

He scaned the area, looking for foes powerful enough to make the trip worthwhile.

'Damn spell! Just let me appear, and no foe will qualify as powerful enough!' he thought to the self-aware spell as he stuggled in his bodiless form.

With a resounding crack, he appeared in the arena. At 7'8", he cut an impressive figure. Perhaps it was his blood red eyes, his stance, or maybe even the fact that he was a minotaur to cause everyone to give pause for at least an eyeblink. He took up his axe, a minotaur-sized double bladed battle axe with a stylized condor engraved in both sides that radiated unholy magic enough to shoud it dark shadows in even the brightest of days. He raised it above his head and yelled:

"Your souls are now forfeit! For the glory of Sargas!"

With that, he let them all know.

Erebus had arrived.

05/15/2000 6:09 PM

*the knight looks up at the minotaur with disgust at the dark magic weapon*

"Minotaur, you shall NOT take any more lives. I might not have been able to save those innocent souls from the undead hordes, but I shall cast out your unholy magic from this profane place!" (just have to play the character ehheheheheh)

*the knight raises his sword, Swathstinger, up on high and dispells the dark aura of the giant axe*

"You may have the power of darkness on your side, but I have the power of nature with me. This sword was given to me by a great and powerful druid by the name of Saai. With its great natural powers and the powers given to me by him, I shall drive you out of this arena!"

05/16/2000 1:22 AM

"FOOL!" Erebus yells back "This axe was forged by the time-streaming Lich, Hourlaeltandra, and a coven of Sargasian priests! You may change its appearance all you wish, but the power remains as pure as ever!"

"You wanted to save lives from the corrupted dead? I shall show you the power over undead I wield with my weapon"

*Erebus holds his axe high. The Ingraved Condor glows briefly. A pair of Soth's Death Knight Army explode into shrapnel and dust*

"Your honour is your saving grace, human. I come to collect souls of the undead and honourless to weaken Chemosh and Takhisis' power. But if you wish for battle, I will not disappoint"

With that, Erebus readies his axe in a battle stance...

05/16/2000 1:11 PM

Okay, no offense is meant by this:

The Bloodbath Arena is kinda stupid. Not the idea. What you should do is make it like a tournament. Like every couple months you should have a Bloodbath Tournament based on the best Roleplayers in the Bloodbath Arena. It would bring a lot more order to the thing. But it's actually pretty cool.

What you should do is take the eight (or four) best RPers and say you face him; you face this guy; so that everyone has an opponent and the winners move on.

I think it should work on a turned based kind of basis. Like, fighter one opens it up, fighter two responds, fighter one responds, etc.

Each person should get three roleplays. Then, just so that they can't end their last RP: And then I sliced his head off; Lady Katherine should decide who wins and post the end of the match.

But hell, that's just my opinion, take it or leave it as you may.

05/16/2000 3:59 PM

Baz, that is a good idea, but not just yet. The Arena just opened about a week ago, so the 'best' fighters aren't really known yet. In time, the better fighters will stand out, and a tournament could be arranged. 'Til then, we'll stick to the free for all style k?

Oh yea, I really like the idea about ME getting to post the winners.

I like my men with tight shirts and loose pants NOT the other way around!

05/16/2000 9:10 PM

Torminius returns to the Arena after he was sure that his foster father was gone.

Sensing the immediate danger the minotaur posed against all that was good he summoned both his deadly holy blades to his bidding.

Weaving his hands in an intricate gesture, he formed a deflective barrier against any attacks the minotaur may launch and attacked with his flying blades.

"Cross-cut. Double weave attack!"

The sword made a slashing attack at the minotaur.

05/17/2000 5:20 PM

Unaware of the chaos of the Bloodbath Arena battles around them three figures walk onto the arena's hard dirt-packed floor.

The first figure, a red robed mage, glares around, looking for any challenges that may rise. He sees only frivelous beings fighting like children over the affection of the lovely Lady Katherine.

The second figure, a broad shouldered minotaur, drops immediately into a warrior stance when he notices the dragon hovering above them. The minotaur is armed with a large battle axe strapped across his back, a crossbow also slung over his shoulder, two broadswords hanging sheathed on either hip, and various daggers in his many beltloops. In his hands he holds a trident made of purest platinum. To those with any knowledge of the minotaur race the trident is easily identified as the Trident of Zeboim, goddess of the sea.

The third figure seems out of place in the arena. He's no larger than a child, with wide eyes and small hands. He watches in awe at the individual battles being fought. The minotaur grasps him as he is about to walk right into a fierce competion between a knight and an ogre.

Together Baz, Minotaur Champion, Deakath, Renegade Mage, and Queerli, War Kender, enter the Bloodbath Arena.

05/17/2000 5:29 PM

*the knight waves his sword in a wide arc, leaving a sparkling trail of light in its path. he then reverses the stroke and the light whizzes towards the great evil minotaur*

"Eat Holy Light, vile creature!!"

*he then charges behind the wave of light and keeps his sword ready to strike any portion of the minotaur's body that is left unscathed by the blast of light*

05/17/2000 9:28 PM

A blast hit Torminius as he turned to help the teutonick knight.

A figure across the arena approached the fallen mage.

"Prepare to die son of Mertonius!"

Raising a hand that quickly transformed into a sharp blade it slashed down at the stricken warrior-mage.

The blade rang as it met another.

Marcus, Chronomancer, turned to his heel to face the draconian terminator.

"I would let you harm my grandfather, pawn of the dragons!"

At this he brought up his time blade for another attack. Twisting and turning, doing the dance of death, the two figures were nothing but a blur of light slashing at one another. Marcus faired well early on by surprising his opponent, but it is becoming apparent that he is no match for the biomemimetic liquid creature known as the draconian terminator.

Torminius recovered enough to recoginize the image of his grandson from the future.

"Move back, you have no chance against him!"

But Marcus ignored the motions of his grandfather. He continued pressing on dealing blows and taking them in turn.

"There is only one way to defeat this abomination," Marcus thought.

Filled with sudden resolution he magnetized his blade and struck it at the beast. Grappling with both his hands he shouted.


The draconian terminator's eyes bulged in horror as Marcus initiated a time leap back to his time with the beast in tow.

A brilliant flash of light engulfed those in the arena. As the light subsided the figure of both combatant disappeared.

05/18/2000 2:41 PM

Baz flares out at the oncoming knight. Catching the blade between two prongs in his trident Baz flips the trident, sending the knight's sword reeling to the dirt behind Baz.

Queerli, War Kender, draws a large hoopak to face the knight. Deakath reaches into a concealed pocket of his robes and withdrew a small ball of clay.

Surrounding the knight on all but one side the kender, the mage, and the minotaur move in for the kill.

The knight quickly draws another sword to face the oncoming attack.

OOC: Let's keep this real teutonicknight. Don't attempt a kill yet. Go at least three or four RPs without attempting a kill. And, you're outnumbered and outmatched. Remember, keep this real (at least as real as fantasy can be).

05/19/2000 1:57 AM

Erebus blocked the double bladed attack and shifted his weight to brace against the holy wave in a manner just short of instinct. The wave burned him, but more on a spiritual level than a physical one. All the same, it stung like a shadows touch.

Maneuvers and tactics formed in his mind at the rate of dozens per second. He recognized the other minotaur as Baz, a warrior of some repute in the Arena of Mithas. A quick glance at the psionic plain showed that none were the match for him on that side.

Then, seeing the honorless attack against the knight by the trio, Erebus knew the which side he was on. His lord Sargas did not like his race doing such dishonorable actions, and Erebus must be the punisher. Using a small enchantment from his axe, he began to grow, weapon and all. His already 7'8" frame began to expand. Picking up the dropped sword, which was getting smaller to him by the second, Erebus tossed it above the others heads hilt first to the human knight as he put one firm hand on the kender's head.

"War makes strange bedfellows, eh human?" Erebus said, if only to get the combatants to shift their view to his now 13'10" frame. Everyone knew his threat of what he was to do to the kender's skull if the attack was not stopped, so he did not bother to say it.

The battle plans still formed in his head as he waited...

05/19/2000 5:20 AM

*the knight catches his magical sword in one hand as he replaced the other one in its hilt*

"I thank thee, mighty minotaur warrior."

*he halts his charge as he sizes up his situation. minotaur before him, kender about to be crushes to his left and to his right, a mage of immense power. he knew he stood a chance against the minotaur in one on one combat, and the kender posed no threat at the moment. so, he decided to first take on the mage*

"Wizard, have at thee!" he yelled as he turned to face him instead of the minotaur. he kept a close watch on the minotaur as he approached the mage. he readied his sword and mind for the magical attack that he was about to face.

05/19/2000 12:41 PM

Queerli, startled by the presence of a large hand on his scalp, whirled around. His war hoopak slams into the minotaur's shin with a bone-crunching thud. Quickly Queerli pounded the hoopak into the minotaur's unprotected shin. Finally the minotaur wheeled away from the attack. Queerli then takes the butt end of the hoopak and slams it down hard on the minotaur's big toe (or is it paw).

"You're just a big, ugly bully", the kender screams as he dashes into the crowd of other fighters.

Baz, seeing Queerli dash away, is forced with a decision: Attack Erebus, help Deakath, or go after the kender.

Hoping the mage and kender can fend for themselves, Baz turns on Erebus. "You think you know honor, yet you threaten a kender. Face someone your own size, or is it that you know I would sever the horns from your head without trouble." Holding the Trident of Zeboim against Erebus Baz glances over his shoulder at Deakath.

The mage pays no attention to the oncoming knight. He stands with a ball of clay, dusting it with a white, powdery substance. When the ball was fully coated Deak hurled it at the knight.

A large web bursts out of the cracked ball of clay. It envelops teutonicknight in a mess of sticky webbing.

Struggling near suffocation the teutonicknight pauses. "I'd cut you loose, knight, but I fear you'd attempt something stupid...again. You see, I bring along my two companions only for combat protection. I'm not here for a fight. I come in search of someone. Baz simply gets out of hand sometimes. Besides, you started it. Now if you promise to be good I'll cut you loose."

Queerli, meanwhile, had stumbled over behind Lady Katherine. "Uh...excuse me, Lady Katherine, is there a bathroom?"

OOC: And, Malecus, I think you're talking about Sargonnas, not Sargas. Sargonnas is the goat headed god. But I'm not sure if there's a Sargas I don't know about. Either way, just thought I'd tell you.

05/19/2000 12:55 PM

*the knight, struggling against the power of the webbing hes entrapped in looks up at the wizard and snarles*

"I will have NO help from a magic user!"

*he struggles to his feet and vainly slashes with his sword, trying to cut himself free. he then stops, drops, and rolls. the webbing looses its stickyness and the knight is able to break free of its bondage. he then stands up and looks around. he looks to the two battling minotaurs and decides that they are well matched. he looks at the wizard who is looking for someone. he then looks towards the gathered ensemble of fighters. he walks up to them*

"Is there any amongst you that is brave enough to face me in one on one combat?"

*none speak up, so the knight turns around and walks into the bleachers and awaits anyone brave enough to test his courage*

05/19/2000 7:21 PM

OOC: Sargas is the minotaur name for Sargonnas, and he is a condor. The goat-headed god is Chemosh, Lord of the Dead.

"Do not leave yet knight. You shall yet get your wish!" Erebus yelled while blocking one of Baz's attacks.

He removed the growth enchantment from himself and shrunk back once again to his regular size.

"You are a fool,, Baz! Do you not realize who I am? I am Erebus, choosen of Sargas, he who is as strong as the gods! As you attack, I see a dozen ways to bring you low. Let me show you but one..."

On the psionic plane, Erebus could see the ball of energy that was Baz. Forming an ego whip, he cracked it towards the area of Baz's mind that dealt with his self-worth. On the physical plane, he guarded and watched to see the reaction.

05/20/2000 7:23 AM

OOC: Sorry, my bad. And no, I don't know who Erebus is. Is he a real character in the DL series? If he is, what book is it in?

Baz, feeling the effect of the ego whip in his mind, stopped dead in his tracks. Thinking he might not be able to face the minotaur who now opposed him Baz stepped backwards. Turning to flee Baz trips over Deakath and sprawls flat on his face. Crawling to a corner of the arena Baz stays there for a moment before coming to his senses.

"What have you done to me? You cannot defeat me so easily. I've conquered the Minotaur Death Arenas nine times. And a simple trick by a wizard affects me so? Oh no, Erebus, you know as well as I that cracking a will such as mine will take more than cowardly tricks of the mind. Have at you!" Baz again moves against Erebus, this time calling on the power of Zeboim to help him.

Holding the Trident of Zeboim out he calls forth a tremendous gush of water. From each of the three points of the trident a burst of powerful water aims right at Erebus.

Meanwhile Deak has come over to the bleachers. He presently approaches teutonicknight. "Hello, knight. Care to chat for a while?"

05/20/2000 5:10 PM

*the knight looks over at Deak and smiles*

"Sure, while I watch the battle of minotaurs and see who I will face, I would like a change in pace for a moment."

*watches as the water blasts fly towards Erebus and waits for the victor*

05/21/2000 1:52 AM

OOC- Nah, Erebus is just a fractured slice of my own conciousness, but he's got a bit of a rep in my game, so I put it in as role-playing (He's got a small merchant house and his wife is the High Priestess of the Temple of Sargas).

The words 'Move out of the way, block or counter?' rang in Erebus' head as the blast rushed to meet him. Quickly deciding that a block would provide a much more effective means of showing his powers, Erebus got low and shoved his fingers into the dirt beneath him.

The blast hit him harder than normal water should, an indication that it was more than sheer physical force being applied. So much force in fact, that Erebus soon re-learned one of the most important facts about being so strong: Not everything else is at your level. He stayed in his defensive position against the blast, but the force was causing him to slowly get pushed back, leaving deep gouges in the earth.

Besides which, he was getting uncomfortably wet, so Erebus desided to make a counter instead.

"You want to play with the elements, boy? Next time, keep to your shoals" He shouted as he quickly got up, aimed the flat of his axe at the water gout, and countered with a blast of fire of his own. Great masses of steam soon filled the area and obscured the two combatants. The deep, heart stopping sound of Erebus' laugh could be heard from within the cloud. The hunt was to begin.

05/21/2000 12:31 PM

Baz, badly burned by the fire, rolled backwards. "I don't play with the elements", he screams. "I play with the Gods!" Lashing out with his trident, the Trident of Zeboim, Goddess of the Seas, Baz deflects the wall of fire with a blast of wind.

Calling on the power of Zeboim Baz created a gale of such strength as to knock Erebus back. Most of the other combatant in the Arena were toppled head over heels into the walls. When the gale ended only Erebus and Baz remained standing, silently laughing at each other. Indeed, the hunt is about to begin.

Meanwhile, Deakath, picking himself up from the force of the gale, moves over to where teutonicknight was dumped. Seeing the knight steadily regaining his feet he says, "Don't mind my friend, he gets angry quite easily and acts rather impulsively. I'm sure that in a fight of that magnitude that little blast was the least of what is to come."

Queerli, War Kender, comes over behind Erebus. Whacking him repeatedly in the back of the knee with his hoopak he exclaims, "You are a very bad person", emphisizing each syllable with a slashing blow.

05/21/2000 12:42 PM

*the knight regains his composure and looks at Daekath*

"The least?"

*he looks on and smiles, hoping that the winner will turn out to be a worthy opponent*

"I could do worse than that..."

*the knight kneels and thrusts his sword in the ground and concentrates on the power of the planet, calling upon the might of the spirit of the world and the druid Saai*

05/21/2000 4:12 PM

Deak stares at the praying knight. "Tell me knight, who is this Saai you speak so highly of?"

05/21/2000 5:20 PM

"Saai was my mentor and my saviour. When goblins killed my parents and later my sister, he took me in and taught me the ways of the world. He taught me herb mastery and some basic druidic abilities. I then left his counsil and became a solamnic knight and advanced through the ranks extremely fast. Once i became a knight of the rose, I went back and visited Saai, who gave me my life quest to destroy as many vile goblins as I possibly can. I have killed hundreds of armies of them by myself. Thus my name, Gunthar Goblinbane. Once i obtained this title, Saai cast a spell that interlocks our spirits. We can fight as one, my sword arm and his druidic spells. Quite a force to be reckoned with."

(OOC-Gunthar is a level 28 fighter (knight) and Saai is a level 50 druid in AD&D rules. very very powerful)

05/21/2000 6:27 PM

"You spin quite a tale knight. This Saai must indeed be powerful for those types of spells. Those are reserved for magi of only the highest regards. I myself am only beginning to grasp such power. You must indeed be a match for even my minotaur friend." Deak looks casually around the arena, his gaze pausing for a moment at Baz and Queerli facing Erebus on the floor.

"You know, Sir Gunthar, it must be a hell of an advantage having the power of a magi and the power of a warrior. For warriors have no protection from magic and magi have no prtection from steel. You seem more than a match. I'd be glad to have you on my side."

05/22/2000 1:12 AM

OOC- 28th lvl fighter with help from a 50th lvl druid? Good thing I didn't fight you, Erebus hasn't even hit his 'teens yet

'Mmmm, boy! Them kender weapons hurt!' thought Erebus as the hoopak made repeated contact with his skin and his leg buckled ever so slightly. Still, he needed some time to activate his favorite enchantment from the axe. By the time the kender was finishing his sentence, it was done.

Erebus opened his eyes, and saw everything slow down to half speed. The kender's words became heavier and slower as they too, slowed down. Swirling around, he caught the accursed kender by its neck as he psionically unleashed a mental blast followed by a life-draining effect.

The blast opened the kenders' mind to Erebus' effects. The life-draining devotion was not powerful this time, as Erebus drew only the energy needed to repair what the kender damaged. The blood trickling down the back of Erebus' leg clotted as the wound sealed itself.

Whipping around, Erebus began to yell out in a slow and heavy pitch, designed to sound normal to those not at his speed.

"One does not play with the Gods, one wages glorious war at their sides! Now take the child and go" Erebus roared as he tossed Queerli at Baz.

05/22/2000 2:07 PM

"Yes, the divine protection from Saai and my warrior's skills do aide me quite often. I have found that not even most dragons are powerful enough to scathe me."

*looks Daekath up and down*

"You seem to be a good man, I would gladly accept a fine mage such as yourself as one of my friends."

05/22/2000 3:03 PM

OOC: I don't do D&D. Could someone please explain to me what the levels are? And, Erebus, for someone in their teens, you fight pretty damn well.

Baz, catching Queerli and slowly pushing him aside, turns slowly to face Erebus. Gazing quickly up towards Deakath a look of pleading crosses his face.

Deak, catching the signal, realizes what must be done. Reaching for the correct spell components in his bag, withdraws several herbs and leaves. Grounding them up in a s large maple leaf Deak puts his spell components to work. Placing the maple leaf to his lips he blows the powdered concoction onto the arena floor. As the powder settles time seems to go faster, returning to a normal pace.

Baz, nodding in thanks to Deak, again faces Erebus. "You see, minotaur mage, I have the ability to counter all of your traps. As for the kender, he seems to be doing quite well.

Indeed, Queerli is skipping around merrily. It is well known that ebbing life force from a kender has little or no affect on the kender, for the kender are full of life and energy.

Anyway, Baz lowers his trident and glares at Erebus. "As you think yourself honorable, let us spar with steel and not sorcery. You look to conquer one who moves at half your speed. What challenge is that. Now have at you!" Baz raises the Trident of Zeboim, made of purest platinum, into a defensive position. Acting reflexively, Baz drops into a catlike stance, prepared for battle.

Deakath sits back down next to Gunthar. "My friend requires help often. But say, this is quite a match, eh?"

05/22/2000 4:09 PM

To the cheering of the crowd, a strange creature never before seen on Krynn steps through the threshhold of the arena. Clad in nothing but a red cape and loin cloth he still makes up an imposing figure. Standing at eight feet tall, his skin is rough and leathery. He is heavily muscled and his fingers end in claws, the thumb being the longest at ten inches long. The head is the most spectacular aspect of this strange being. Seeming to have a crown of horns, his eyes slant upwards and he has two slits for a nose. He has no visible mouth. From underneath the cape, long black blades emerge, five on each side. He carries a black staff with the head of a cobra. Seeing the battle already ensueing, he makes his way up to Lady Katherine and kneels, bowing his head. He reaches up taking her hand, his clawlike hands seeming as gentle as a newborn kitten, and places it on his forehead. "Where I come from, this is the signal that a warrior is approved by the nafta, or queen," he explains, his voice a strange raspy sound that is made all the more eerie by his lack of a mouth. "Guess I'll have to wait my turn," he grates, gesturing to the battle already taking place. He takes a seat underneath Lady Katherine giving her one last gaze of respect... and could that be another emotion?

Garth One-Eye

05/22/2000 5:54 PM

Deakath stares at the newcomer. Thinking inwardly, 'he's not even a match for Queerli', Deak leans over tp Sir Gunthar. "He appears quite a challenge. What do you say. I'll cover you."

But before Gunthar can respond Queerli, War Kender, jumps at Garth. "Hi-ya", he screams as he comes saling through the air with his hoopak swinging in a wide arch. Landing with the hoopak inches from the face of his opponent Queerli is bewildered to see Garth didn't even flinch. "Well done, newcomer. Very well done. I'm Queerli, War Kender. How do you do?" Queerli lowers his hoopak nad extends his hand.

"Sike!" he screams. Swinging up his hoopak Queerli ducks behind Garth and slams the butt end of his hoopak into the back of Garth's knee with practiced aim. The knee buckles and Garth is left looking eye to eye at Queerli. "You actually thought I was gonna shake your hand." Queerli is rolling on the floor in laughter.

Deak, seeing Queerli's display, leans over to Sir Gunthar yet again. "On second thought, I may have to bow out the kender from this one. Perhaps you could join me."

05/22/2000 5:59 PM


Okay Lady Katherine. The Arena's been up for a couple of weeks now, and I think the best rolelpayers have been pretty clearly defined. I think maybe it's time to start the Bloodbath Tournament. My own opinion on this would be:

Best Roleplayer: Malecus or Mertonius
Second Best: Malecus or Mertonius
Third Best: Myself (not an attempt to brag, I just think I do well with this)
Fourth Best: teutonicknight

I think you should go #1 against #4, #2 against #3. The winner should get some kind of recognition. But, again, that's just my opinion. If anyone wants to read my previous post concerning this, I think it's on the third page. Please post your response Lady Katherine.

05/22/2000 6:31 PM

(OOC)I agree that there should be a tournament, however I think that whoever wants to can sign up for the tournament. There a several good RPers out there that just haven't had a chance to establish themselves. Anyways, if the person isn't a good RPer, then he/she will be eliminated in the first few rounds. Period. Just my opinion. No one has to respect it or anything.
Garth One-Eye

05/22/2000 6:34 PM

Looking with unblinking eyes at the kender, the creature chooses his words carefully. "My honor prevents me from attacking those who are smaller than myself, no matter how skilled or powerful, unless my existance is threatened. That is the way among my people. Tread carefully small one
for my temper has not been known to respect the rules."Garth One-Eye

05/23/2000 12:47 AM

OOC: Levels help to determine your ability to do things such as cast magic, hit an opponent, or take damage; and usually ranges from 1-18.

"Aaahh, it has been quite some time since last I fought without resorting to magical enchantments. It shall be a pleasure to fight like the good old days, but I find the best weapons are of flesh, not metal!"

With that, Erebus maneuvers the blade of the axe away from Baz, and jumps at him, almost flying, preparing for a kick.

05/23/2000 6:43 AM

OOC: As far as anyone signing up for the tournament, I think it would be kinda unbalanced. Considering it would be the best roleplayers moving on, it would end up with the four best anyway. And, just as an afterthought here: What ever happened to Mertonius and RammStein? They were pretty good at this but they haven't posted in a while.

Baz ducks away, rolling to his right to avoid Erebus' kick. "Indeed", he says, "When fighting bareknuckled, there is no luck involved." With that, Baz pauses. Leaning the trident against a wall Baz strips away all his weapons with the exception of one broadsword and several daggers on his belt. Returning to Erebus Baz pauses. "Lay down your weapons!" He screams.

Meanwhile Queerli stares at Garth. "You don't consider me a threat?" Queerli stops for a moment, as if pondering why. "I'll show you threat, you big jackass!"

With that Queerli leaps into the air and brings his hoopak against the side of Garth's head. Landing on his feet Queerli swings the hoopak low, attempting to trip Garth at the ankles.

05/23/2000 2:05 PM

*looks over at Deak and nods*

"Queerli is indeed brave and a very skilled fighter for a kender, but I do believe he may be in over his head."

*the knight stands up and extends his hand. he begins to glow a faint green colour. he moves across the arena floor to where Garth and Queerli are, ignoring the fight between Baz and Erebus*

"Garth, I am an opponent of stature. Perhaps you could find a challenge in me."

*he holds his blade in a defensive position, ready if Garth strikes out with any of his many weapons*

(OOC-the enchantment that makes Gunthar glow is a spell created by my old DM, it is called 'Gaia's Blessing', it gives the effect of being blessed, stone skin, haste, and blur.)

05/23/2000 3:13 PM

Queerli looks up at Sir Gunthar questioningly. Staring at Garth, and then back to Sir Gunthar, Queerli decides to make his move. "I've got this fight. Back away, knight." Queerli stands about up to the knight's chest, with his hoopak planted squarly in the dirt. When the knight refuses to move Queerli brings up the butt end of the hoopak into Gunthar's knee. "Stand back, I say."

Deak, from the crowd, yells, "Take caution Sir Gunthar, your legs will never be the same again after fighting the War Kender. Be especially wary with your legs and your ankles."

Queerli flashes a look of annoyance up at Deak and again turns to Sir Gunthar. "Stand back I say."

05/24/2000 2:58 PM

*looks down at the little kender swinging his hoopak at his legs*

"Kender, I admire your bravery, but I must insist that I take this fight for thee."

*reaches down and grabs his hoopak in midswing and tosses it over to Deak*

"Keep a close eye on this one, Deakath."

*he waves his hand and a burst of wind blows forth, forcing Queerli beside the mage Deak. the knight takes his stance once more*

"Well, shall we?" he says to Garth.

05/24/2000 6:52 PM

Garth blinks at the kender. "So much fire" he mutters. "Glancing at Sir Gunthar again he says, "You look like an honorable opponent," looks at Lady Katherine, "If the fair lady has no problems with this battle then I will indeed battle you, sir knight."
*crouches into a ready position*
"Whenever you're ready"

Garth One-Eye

05/24/2000 7:00 PM

*grins at this chance to face an opponent*


*he gestures with his hand and the ground beneath Garth becomes mud. wet, sticky mud*

"This shall be a one on one hand to hand battle. No tricks, no running."

*he jumped in the mud about two feet from Garth and smiled*

"Let's get this show on the road."

*he swings his sword low and curved it up, hoping to catch either his legs or his gut. thinking that hitting either target would definitely assist him to victory*

05/24/2000 7:02 PM

A strange mist forms in the middle of the arena as always the only being that can make such an enterence is Nitecrawler he stands only 5.7 feet tall but, he is quick cunning and quite deadly when he needs to be.
With a confident air he walks past all the combatants and even through some of them and up to Lady Katherine and says
"Good Lady we meet again you seem to have started a little game and invited us all to play well I am your humble servent and am here to prove my self to you and your world who shall be my frist opponent??"
Nitecrawler stands back and in a flash of light a double edged pure energy staff appers in his hand.
"I am ready Lady who shall it be?"

05/24/2000 7:34 PM

Garth effortlessly blocks the blow with his staff, showing no emotion on his face. Holding the knights sword with the staff, he swings the staff upwards toward the knights groin.

Garth One-Eye

05/24/2000 7:55 PM

*quickly adjusts his grip on his sword and blocks the shot to the groin with the hilt of his sword*

"Cheap shots, eh?"

*but he made a mistake, and by the time he realized it Garth had already knocked him on the head with his staff. Gunthar fell backwards in the mud and made a huge splash. his vision cleared just in time to roll out of the way of a staff strike to the head. he got up heavy with mud and started a thrust, but as garth was about to easily block it, he easily flicked his wrist and the blade turned and nicked his left hand holding the staff*

"Score one to one, eh?"

05/25/2000 12:58 AM

"Here, let me put my weapon next to yours!" Erebus yells as he raises his axe over his head, and tosses it into the wall, burying it next to the trident.

"A fight as in the Arena of Mithas?" Erebus suggests, meaning a loss being declared at dishonor or unconciousness... or worse.

With that, Erebus readies his massive hands into fists, and assumes a defensive posture.

05/25/2000 1:46 PM

~A large figure strolls into the Arena unnoticed for the audience and guards eyes are all turned to the battle taking place. He wears the Black Robes of Nuitari and stands a little over 9,0". On his back is a large two sided battle axe and at his waist is a long slender sword with a golden hilt. And in that hilt is a green gem the size of a child's fist. The gem seems to emmitt it's own light. The spectator sit's down in one of the seats underneath the overhang of the balcony, in the shadows~

05/25/2000 4:13 PM

Garth steps back and takes a defensive position. Glancing at the cut on his wrist oozing a greenish blood, he takes stock of the situation. Carefully he makes controlled thrusts at the knight waiting for the one moment in which the knight would make a fatal mistake.

Garth One-Eye

05/26/2000 1:47 PM

*realizes that he was better off on the defense, he parries the blow with enough force to cause Garth's staff to fly off to one side a little, but not enough to make him unbalanced. he then reassumes a defensive stance, hoping that Garth's next move would provide a better chance for a counter-attack*

05/28/2000 11:40 AM

*gazes intently at the knight*
"You are a worthy opponent. I might even spare you." As he flicks his surprisingly nimble claws, a cut, small but stinging, appears on the knights hand.

Garth One-Eye

05/28/2000 5:36 PM

*throws his sword to his other hand as he flexes his now injured hand*

"Quick, faster than the eye can see."

*flicks his hand and blood from his wound flies onto Garth*

"I shall not kill thee, now of my blood, but I still enjoy a good fight!"

*wheels around surprisingly fast for being in the mud and locks his sword into Garth's staff. he smiles as he continues wheeling around and kicks him in the side of the knee, which buckles and Garth falls on his knee*

05/29/2000 8:38 AM

LadyKatherine smiles at the magical being from another realm. "You wish for me to pick your opponent? Sure, show your strength against the Ogre of the Sulnethis Swamp. He is a tall creature, and fights using a battle axe."
Lady Katherine wavers for the guards to release the ogre from his cage where he was kept becaues he was too insane to let him out. He charges out into the arena, waiting for his match.


I like my men with tight shirts and loose pants NOT the other way around!

05/29/2000 8:59 AM

OOC: Sorry I was gone so long. I took a pretty long vacation. Anyway...

Baz readies himself against Erebus. Crouching low on the hard packed dirt floor Baz scans hos opponent for weaknesses. Not surprisingly, he finds none.

The two circle each other for a minute or so, scoping out their opponents. Baz readies himself for the attack. In a split second Baz feints to the left and dives at Erebus on the right.

The left horn on Baz's skull gashes deeply into Erebus' side as they both topple to the ground. They both pounce up, Erebus a bit slower. Rolling away from Erebus Baz steadies himself about twenty feet away and slowly closes, watchful for the attack.

Deak, meanwhile, has set himself next to Queerli on the bleachers. Deak carefully studies Garth's attack and often yells tips. "Watch your back!"

Queerli looks casually up at Deak and then stares in amazement at the enormous ogre that charges onto the Arena floor. Carefully slipping away from Deak Queerli tries to get a closer look at the beast that's already torn itself through a larg e group of barbarians. "Wow", he exclaims, then charges the monster. Leaping on the ogre's back Queerli dodges backwards swings. "Hey Deak", he screams, "This is pretty fun."

05/30/2000 1:33 AM

Erebus cursed his mistakes. He had kept his frame of mind for regular battles, not such a skilled opponent as Bas, he though as he shifted his weight to compensate for the bleeding gash on his right side. Enough with the playing, he was going to quit pulling his punches. A single attack was enough to kill most of the native creatures around Mithas, and Erebus desided it was time again to fully flex his muscles. Closing the gap between his opponent, he readied for a massive attack.

The fight was interrupted when a ear-splitting howl errupted from Erebus' left. Risking a quick glance toward the maker of such a sound, he saw an ogre, larger than any he had seen before, running full tilt towards the two of them, attempting to remove some small creature from it's back. Erebus worked the best plan given the situation.

As the giant ogre ran between him and Baz, Erebus jumped. Using the ogre's first shoulder, he pulled himself up and above the massive body. On the way down, Erebus extended a strike to the ogres other shoulder. It connected with a sickening crunch, and Erebus used the change in momentum to start spinning. Twirling like a dervish, he maneuved himself until he touched down right in front of Baz. The wound at his side was now just a scar.

"Surprise!" He yelled, and aimed a blow at Baz's chest.

05/30/2000 4:42 PM

OOC: OK, just out of curiousity Malecus, what does appepting mean? Don't think I'm stupid, I've just never heard the word used.

Baz spins away quick enough to dodge the blow, but he ends up slipping on a rock. Baz falls backwards and just manages to catch himself. Erebus' large foot comes crashing down, pinning Baz to the ground, but Baz grabs his opponents ankle and spins him down.

Again both warriors climb to their feet. "Never have I faced such an opponenet Erebus. You fight like a true champion." Kneeling in respect for Erebus Baz bows his head.

However he returns quickly to his feet in time to leap away from the charging ogre. The ogre manages to catch him on the shoulder, sending him crashing to the ground with all the breath knocked from his lungs. Erebus starts to move in for the kill.

Deakath and Queerli, however, are quicker. Deak throws up Queerli's hoopak just in time for the War Kender to leap off the back of the ogre, catch the hoopak, and send it twirling into Erebus' face. Without checking what damage was done to the minotaur the kender hurries to help Baz.

05/30/2000 7:12 PM

The area in the middle of the arena begins to shimmer. With a flash of light 3 figures appear. One is a seemingly young mage wearing black, blue and silver robes. He is about 5'9" and has shoulder length silver hair. He has peircing ice blue eyes and carries a staff with a silver claw clutching a black orb on top. Another is a knight. He is rippling with muscle and carries a two handed broud sword. The final being is a winged feline. The 3 walk over to Lady Katherine and bow. Standing up the mage anounces "I am Tarohl, and these are my companions. The knight is Garret Banestone and the feline is Sky Tiger. You may call him Skyt. We wish to battle." The mage takes the lady's hand and gently kisses it. "For luck" he wispers.

06/01/2000 1:09 AM

OOC- Heh heh, sorry, it was attempting, I fixed it now.

Erebus sees Baz crashing to the ground, and went forward to help his honorable opponent to his feet and heal any wounds the ogre caused. Mistaking his approah for an attack, the elf and kender make an attack, and see to the their comrade. Erebus moves his hands up to try and protect his face, but the hoopak finds its mark beforehe can get them up.

Fortunatly for Erebus, it's mark happened to be his left nostril. Cursing a streak enough to make the undead blush, he removed the hoopak, and keeps his hand over his now bloody nose. Walking over to the kender, he hands back the hoopak with a deep grunt of acknowledgement. Putting his hand on Baz's head, he begins to concentrate.

The damage done to Baz's body flowed from him to Erebus. Erebus felt a rib crack and his muscles groan in pain. "You are the true champion, and worth more to the empire in a healthy state" he says.

"As far as I am concerned, this battle is moot. The reason for fighting you is now past. The new reason to fight is running wild throughout the arena. Will you help me in my new purpose?"

06/01/2000 5:14 AM

With a salute of surprise to the lady nitecrawler spins around to face the fearsome sight that is the ogre.
Nitecrawler flexes his hands and spins his staff with amazind dexterity. As the oger nears him he catches a wiff of the foul breath of the monsterand just has to comment.
"Um I don't quite know how to tell you this mate but your breath smells worst than a rowers armpit after a two hundred mile race"
In hearing this the ogre raises his great axe and smashes it down on to the head of his opponent. The ogre smile at his victory but then feels a tap on his huge shoulder it turn round only to see Nitecrawler standing behind him with a smile on his face as he arcs his staff up into the jaw of the ogre.
A blinding flash is produced by the impact of the staff as a huge burn mark appears on the ogres gigantic face, it wails in pain and fury and trys to rip off the head of this tiny thing that hurt it but once again the Phantom is too quick and with a slight flick and thrust of his staff impales the ogre and lifts it off the groung like it was a featherand discards both the ogre and the staff in one movement.
Befare the ogre has time even to realise what has happent the phantom makes a circle in the air with his hand and the ogre freezes on the spot and shatters in to a thousand peices at a touch from Nitecrawlers hand.
He walks over to the Lady and with a slight smile on his face says
"Thankyou my lady that was most amusing.
But I need some one in the magical arts to really test me.

06/01/2000 12:26 PM

Tarohl standing there with his companions heres a shout from the entrance of the arena. Turning he sees a women clad in armor with a cloak covering her face running towards them. At her sides are 2 twin katanas. When she reaches them she throws back her hood revealing her to be an elf. "Tarohl, there you are." the elf panted. "What's wrong Talla?" the mage asked. "I've been looking for you, that's all" she replied.

06/01/2000 2:19 PM

Baz picks himself up and offers a hand to Erebus, who gratefully accepts. "Tell me, great warrior, what is your goal here?"

Qieerli silently sneaks up behind Erebus. Tapping him on the back he squeaks, "Sorry about that little misunderstanding. I didn't mean to."

With that done Queerli moves swiftly over to Nitecrawler. "Howdy do, Mr. Nitecrawler. I am Queerli, War Kender. Pleased to make your accquaintence. I see you defeated the ogre. He was a rather big pain. Anyway, hello."

Deak remains sitting in thew crowd. As he follows the action of the Arena his eyes float over Baz and Erebus, Garth and Sir Gunthar, Queerli and Nitecrawler, and the apparently reaccquainted Tahrol and company. "Quite a franchise Lady Katherine's built around here." He muses.

06/01/2000 4:20 PM

Curses his knee for betraying him.
Using momentum from the fall, Garth rolls forward and springs to his feet freeing his staff in the process. Turns and looks at the knight.
"You are more skillful than I thought. I might even like you knight." Bows his head quickly as a sign of respect, then jerks it up and assumes a defensive stance.

Garth One-Eye

06/02/2000 9:29 AM

*cocks a slight grin*

"You too are a worthy opponent. Few have ever been able to injure me."

*he sizes Garth's defensive stance up and decides on a new tactic of offense. he sheathes his sword and flexes his hands. he bounds up to garth in two long strides and grabs Garth's staff. they wrestle for a minute. Gunthar succeds in forcing the staff into the mud at their feet and then uses his massive weight to force Garth's staff back to hit him in the face*

06/02/2000 8:01 PM

Jessamine, newly arrived on the scene, watches and draws her breath in sharply as TK whoops some loser. ;) Mischiem has an arm around her waist and she leans on him wearily. he buys her several bonbons and candies and they watch the matches, mischiem all the while trying to cheer her up.

06/02/2000 8:27 PM

~Notices the new couple to his right down the aisle and pulls his hood farther over his head~

~Speaks in a loud voice~

"Ahh Great matches today huh m'lady?"

06/02/2000 8:33 PM

_-Mischiem smiles at Aryx and nudges jessamine as TK proves his bravado and manliness in the ring (monster score baby!) She smiles faintly and sighs distractedly, then gets up and leans over the balcony right above the fighters and watches from there. She smiles to invite mishiem over and he comes -_

06/02/2000 8:37 PM

~Shakes his head briefly at the sight of the two then he turns his attention back to the fighting in the ring~

06/02/2000 8:52 PM

heh, heh, heh, ( hey aryx- monster score...hehehe.)

06/02/2000 9:55 PM

A number of large banqueting tables suddenly materialize in the middle of the arena. The tables were filled with all kinds of delicious food stuff. A kender mage suddenly appears and started picks up a piece of liver pudding and throws it at Baz and Jessamine.


06/03/2000 3:29 AM

"My job is to be the anvil upon which all are to be tested on. It is my duty to ensure that only the fair survive, and by only honorable means" Erebus says, repeating words taken from dreams of his God.

Looking over the arena, he recognizes that he is still indebted to the human knight for a battle. Just then, the tables appear, and the shrill kender voice shouting "Food Fight!" is nigh unmistakable. Thinking instead of the taste of the food, rather than it's aerodynamic properties, Erebus asks:

"The decor may be lacking, but would you like to toast a succesful battle with me?"

06/03/2000 6:07 PM

Mischiem takes a slimy patch of blue gooey icing of some sort and slaps it across Jessamine's lovely face.
"I'm telling Mother!" she shreiks as it drips down her leather vest into no-man's land. She takes a chikin breast and rips the meat from it, hurling the greasy flesh through the air at whoever hit her first. Then, laughing helplessly, both her and Mischiem proceed to throw whatever they can get their hands on at whoever they see. It soon becomes a full-scale battle when Mischiem squeals, "I'm telling Mother!", mocking his sister. It gets him a well-aimed apple to the crotch of his breeches- he sucks his breath in and whimpers, ready to curl up and die. But he retaliates harshly with a pitcher of ice-water, and Jessamine screams/gasps/laughs as she is drenched.

06/04/2000 11:13 AM

Baz looks at Erebus, then at the kender, and finally at Jessamine. Picking up a large apple pie he hurls it at Mertonius. Without slowing he picks un the kender and throws him in a bowl of punch. With his last move he picks up a pie tin and brings it down over Erebus' head. "I haven't had this much fun in years", he laughs.

Queerli, now heartily involved in the food fight, creeps over behind Jessamine. Scooping up a large portion of gelatin he dumps it over her head. "You little rascal", Jessamine yells, but Queerli is already long gone.

Deakath stares at the carnage around him repulsively. "Children", he thinks. Then Queerli splashes a large glass of wine at Deak. Deak stands up, drenched with wine, and points at th War Kender. Queerli flies through the air and goes chrashing through the buffet table. Pies, cakes, entrees, and appetizers of all kinds fall on the kender. Shakily, Queerli gets bak to his feet. "Again, again", he screeches, but Deak ignores him.

06/04/2000 12:10 PM

*steps back from his opponent to aviod getting hit by some U.F.F. (unidentified flying foods), he shakes his head and smiles. he turns his head to look at the center of the arena and everyone all covered in all sorts of foods and drinks. he thinks 'at least im not messy', but just as he thinks that, someone drops a cake on his head. he looks up to see Jessamine smiling and 'trying' to look innocent*

"You!!" he yells and shakes his fists at her. he then falls on the ground laughing his head off, completely forgetting about Garth and the match."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/04/2000 2:55 PM

Jessamine stands over TK, hands on her hips triumphantly...she tries to keep a stern face but she is laughing and Mischiem, also trying not to die from hysterics, hurls a sloppy mess at her. She tried to duck- and he tripped her, throwing the remains of the ice water on top of her as she lands in TK's lap.

06/04/2000 7:45 PM

"Ooomph." TK mutters as Jessamine falls on him. he assists her up and out of the mud pit he is in. he then grabs some jello and shoves it down the back of her shirt. he then runs off as fast as he can, trying to avoid the pursuing Jessamine as best he can, nearly tripping over Queerli who now looks more like a blob of food than a humanoid."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/05/2000 1:31 AM

The pie tin rips as it comes down over Erebus' head, eventually forming a sort of gully dwarf necklace on him.

Picking up a loaf of longbread, he uses his mental powers to make the bread as hard as wood. Bringing a plate of cupcakes to his right side, Erebus puts his plan into action.

Tossing the cupcake a few feet up into the air, he readies his loaf. As the cupcake comes in front of him, Erebus swings with the loaf. With his unnatural strength, Erebus manages to get the cupcake, as well as following ones, to amazing speeds. Several people are knocked down from the hits, and some roll a few feet afterwards. With a yell of "Hey, kenderkenderkender!" he lauches one at Queerli, knocking him upside the chin, making the cupcake explode into little more than crumbs, and making the kender fly off his feet, getting knocked a full 360 degrees toes over ears, and into a massive. multi-layered cake. Laughing at the whole commotion, Erebus sorely wishes his daughter could be here to share in the fun.

06/05/2000 5:21 PM

Queeli picks himself up off the ground. A large welt has formed over his chin and a small bump has come up on the back of his his head. He grabs a watermelon from the ground and hides it behind his back. He stomps over to Erebus. "That was not very nice!!" He screams. And with his last syllable he tosses the watermelon at Erebus. It catches him in the side of the head and knocks him back.

Baz catches him, but then trips him, sending him into a pile of mayonaisse. Baz doubles over in laughter and Queerli does the same, until Sir Gunthar sneaks over behind Queerli and drops a pie on his head.

OOC: You see what you started Mertonius? Everything was going much better before this. But this is rather funny.

06/06/2000 7:50 AM

*Gunthar runs off to keep from being 'creamed' by Queerli. he runs to the balcony seats and sits down to calm himself from all this laughing*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/06/2000 5:22 PM

Walking over to Deak, Tarohl observes "Like children are they not? Hello I'm Tarohl and these are my comrads. You are?"

06/07/2000 4:13 PM

Disgusted at this show of weakness, but honorbound not to attack an opponent unable to defend himself as TK looked at the moment, Garth decides that as long as he is on this world he might as well engage in the rituals that the inhabitants engaged in no matter how debilitating they might be. As he is about to heave a loaf of bread at a tall man a cupcake lands on one of the many horns lining his head and sticks. Soon all of his horns are similarly decorated.

Garth One-Eye

06/07/2000 4:53 PM

Deak looks up at Tahrol. "Indeed, children. Greetings, I am Deakath, pyromancer, hydromancer, and healer. The large minotaur down there with the black mane is my warrior companion, Baz. The kender who is running away from the other minotaur is Queerli."

06/08/2000 7:51 AM

*Gunthar laughs at all of the antics going on below him. he picks up a huge cake (don't ask me where it came from, it was just there) and threw it down in the middle of the arena. it hit with such force that it 'exploded' and covered everyone in icing of all colours and textures. Tahrol and Deak got the worst of it seeing as how it hit right next to them*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/12/2000 3:21 AM

Erebus got up and wiped the mayo from his eyes. Looking around him, he saw the antics of several people, and watched as the cake exploded into little more than paste. Just as he was to re-enter the culinary battle, an alarm went off in his head, alerting him that he had little time left before he would be pulled back to his temple in Mithas. Looking around for an idea to use before he left, he siezed one and made use of it.

Taking a rather large pile of cotton candy, he closed his eyes and began to concentrate. Making the consumable fabric conform to his will, it began to move. Slowly at first, it began to pick up momentum. Off-shoots began to whip towards people, items, and walls. Branching like an insane tree, the candy formed a web, ensnaring people like flies, and then using them as part of the general construction. Looking for Baz and Queerli, he made sure to entangle them a little harder than most, with Queerli being entirely blinded and lifted several feat off the ground. Sensing the oncoming shift in realms, Erebus stopped, and briefly though of his giant battle-axe. Appearing in his hand, he holstered it and looked around. With the exception of Lady Kathrine, everybody he could see were at least partially covered in the now arachnidian candy threads.

"I wish you all the best of luck in freeing yourselves. Mayhaps we will meet again!" Erebus exclaimed as he began to vanish from view. With nothing more than a blink, he was gone...

OOC- Sorry, guys, but I need Erebus for a campaign, and I don't like to have him in two places at once. It's been fun!

"You may laugh in the face of Death; but it'll be a small, nervous, unconvincing laugh."

06/12/2000 9:15 AM

*Gunthar looked at the sticky candy ensnaring him and sighed. he closed his eyes and was consumed in a sphere of fire. he falls down to the seat beneath him unscathed and his armour nice and shiny. he looks around at others struggling against the candy web and laughs*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/12/2000 7:32 PM

smearing cake and cotton candy off his face, Tarohl turns and glares at Gunthar. "Now it's personal." Levitating the man out of his seat he drops him in a giant vat of peanut butter.

-don't cross me-

06/13/2000 9:43 AM

*Gunthar rises up out of the peanut butter and trudges over to Tarohl like a giant mud monster*

"Eeeevvveeerrr fiiiight a muuuuuud maaaaaan?" he asks like a mud man. "Theeeeeeyyyyyy caaaaaan beeeeeee quuuuiiiiiiteeeeee feeeeeerrrrrrooooooocioussssss.""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/13/2000 7:39 PM

~A blazing fireball lands in the center of the Arena. It lands barely far enough away not to burn the skin but close enough to singe their clothes. The gladiators look up to see a tall Black Robed Figure standing in the stands~

"You calls yourself warriors??? Why in Mithas you would either be dead or you would wish you had for they would disgrace you by telling everyone that you were once honorable but now have been decreed dishonorable." He yells in his booming voice.

~He jumps from the stands to land gracefully on his feet~

"I cannot believe that warriors could fall so low."

~He makes no movement and speaks no word but out of the skies flies a monstorous blue dragon who lands. In the blink of an eye the mage appears ont he dragons back and flies away~

06/14/2000 10:53 AM

He could use some Midol.

06/18/2000 6:29 PM

Feeling the light fingered touch of the kenders hand on his shoulder Nitecrawler spins around and looks into the childlike face of Queerli.
" Hello little one thankyou for the compliment but it was nothing the Ogre was slow and stupid."
Nitecrawlers words are cut off by a cream bun hitting him squarely in the jaw,
he stumbles but quickly recovers his composure, waves his hand and throws a large slice of blueberry pie at the latge minotaur that had thrown the bun.

As the pie lands on the beasts ringed nose Nitecrwler ducks an apple and strides over to Deak and wispers to him.
" it is true the lady has built quite an empire for her self let us give her a fight that she will never forget, but we will fight for fun and honour not to the death for what would the world be like without You or I??"
" What say you Deak?"

06/19/2000 1:11 PM

Deak looks up at Nitecrawler. "I accept your challenge, but what shall we fight to, if not death? Perhaps, to submission?"

06/26/2000 5:10 AM

Smiling nitecrawler simlpy replys
"It is clear that we are both powerful beings you seem to have a magical power as do I but I am a skilled fighter as well so I propose that we fight to submission and the the winner pick the loosers next opponent" Nitecrawler looks around and returns his gaze to Deak
"What say you? do you accept the terms??"

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