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06/28/2000 6:06 PM

OOC: Okay, this is basically a story I've been contemplating writing for a while. I'm looking to you guys for inspiration here. Please help me out. Just to tell you right now, it's basically about a boy who gets sucked into the world of Krynn in the midst of the War of the Lance. I'll be playing as the boy, giving background and such, I just need interaction between the boy and Krynnish people. And please reply in the form of a book. Don't use the asterik to show that you'
re doing something. And I'm not setting all these rules to kill the fun. They serve a purpose. Please be creative, for my sake. Thanx for any insight you might have to offer.

It was late on a Saturday night a long, long time ago. I was up late finishing a new book I had picked up called Dragons of Autumn Twilight.

The book was one of the best I've ever read, but it lacked something. A human element. Granted, the authors made the book very lively and exciting, but it lacked that little something extra, like a cheeseburger with no pickles.

Anyway, as I was reading the book I got kind of tired. It was, after all, almost one in the morning and I'd been up since ten yesterday. This book had some real dull parts mixed in with a lot of excitement, so it made like a roller coaster, never knowing what to expect.

Anyway, it was during one of these parts, where the heroes of the tale were conversing with a unicorn in a haunted wood, that I finally drifted off to sleep. Little did I know it was a sleep I would remember for a long, long time.

I woke with the sun shining brightly in my eyes. I rolled over to get out of bed, but I didn't. I was on the ground. I was on the ground in a large meadow. My home was nowhere in sight (nor was there much of anything else in sight either, with the exception of grass and trees).

Without much thought I went to explore my new surroundings. It didn't set in until later that I had no food, no water, and no money. I was alone with the clothes on my back. And so, without a second thought, I set out keeping the rising sun to my back.

In about an hour I reached a stand of aspen trees. A babbling creek flowed through the little clearing. Cupping my hands I bent down for a drink. Minnows and tadpoles darted away in the water. After an hour in the hot sun I finally had a drink.

Then I heard something. A snapping twig. Standing frozen in fear I looked for something to defend myself with. Picking up a large rock I stood ready to hurl it at whoever came through the trees.

05/28/2000 11:49 AM

The lithe figure of an elf stepped through the foilage, bow drawn. Raven black hair framed the pointed ears native to an elf. "State your name and your intentions, boy!" the elf said sternly. The odd sense of several eyes watching him settled on the boy.Garth One-Eye

05/28/2000 4:30 PM

(OOC - not really good 'Kryinnish characters' for you, but they'll do!! (And if you're thinkin of writing a book, these guys are trademark!! lol ;p )

Walking up the path are a tall woman in a thick, dark gray-almost black cloak; and a huge carnivore at her side eyes the two warily.
Enormous, the huge beast comes up past her waist and can't really be described for the catlike grace and the bearish mass, and his red eyes absorb everything. A long tail flicks and his long tongue

Laying a hand on his broad head, they don't stop in until they stand by the two, completing a little triangle. Nodding at the boy, she removes her hood and speaks to the elf.

"Greetings, Elven One, "she begins formally, not wishing to make offense; though it seemed that if offense were to be taken it would not have made much difference to her and her companion.

"It seems this one is lost, to some degree, and looks foreign. Once a foreigner myself, shall we not find out what his business is?"

05/29/2000 12:45 AM

"How amazing!" the kender says aloud, almost startling himself out of the tree in which he is perched.

Notices those below him noticing him, "Hello there!" he drops from the tree.

Side-steps the fierce but really interesting looking elf, and goes to the woman in the robe, "What is his name?" he asks her excitedly, pointing to the animal, "I've never seen a beast like that before! Do you think he would let me ride him? Does he bite? I sure hope not, but I have never been bitten by a beast like this one before and I think it would be quite an exhilerating experience!"

"Oh. I'm sorry, did I interupt something?" sees the other's annoyed expressions and turns to the boy and sticks out his small hand, "I'm Woody...Woody Willknot. Nice to make your acquaintance. Did you know that there are elves in the brush with bows and arrows? Really serious looking fellas," looks up at the fierce-looking elf and grins.

05/29/2000 1:28 AM

Suddenly something touches the shoulder of the kender and as he turns around he sees a young woman, standig only two steps behind him. Her long black hair hangs loose down to her waist and looks weird together with her water-blue pale eyes. The angular position of her eyes identifies her as an elf. And further, the traditional tatoos on her arms, her soft leathern clothes and her typical trappings made of natural materials identifies her as a Kagonesti elf.
She carries some bags around her waist and her only weapon is a small dagger.

"What is this crowd of people here? I was collecting some herbs in the woods around and then I saw all you people here..."

Then the elven woman realizes the boy in the strange clothings and she raises her eyebrows in wonder.

"Oh, who are you, little one?"

05/29/2000 9:22 AM

The boy looks at awe at the creatures around him. "Elves", he says, pointing at the lithe maiden and the strong warrior. "And a kender", he exclaims, staring at Woody. "And a...a...what beast is this?" He asks as he stares at the large beast with the glowing red eyes.

"Um...hello. My name is Thomas, Thomas Crowell. I guess I'm kind of lost. Could any of you tell me where I am?"

05/29/2000 10:34 AM

Quivers with excitement, "Very nice to meet you Thomas, and what marvelous clothes you wear! May I touch," touches the boy's shirt and comes away with a few buttons, "Well, you seem to have lost these, I will hold them for you," puts the buttons in one of his many pouches.

Turns to the elf woman, "Wow! You must be a Kagonesti elf," admires her tatooes, "I've never met one of you before," smiles up at her and examines her dagger then places it in a pouch.

Looks at the little boy again, and finally notices that he is a tad frightened, "Er, well I am travelling, we kender do that from time to time. And I believe I am, and you are, somewhere close to Qualinesti, er, maybe closer to Thorbardin..." starts looking at one of his maps.

05/29/2000 4:04 PM

I stop for a second, dead in my tracks. "Did you say Qualinesti? Or Thorbardin? You're joking, tell me this is all a bad dream. Please tell me. Please, lady, please tell me he's joking."

05/30/2000 1:10 AM

"Hey kender! Return that dagger to it´s owner!!!"

Waiting for the little thief to give her her only weapon back, she looks at the boy in wonder.

"What do you mean, joking? This dirty little kender is right. Can you see the mountains over there? That´s Thorbardin.

By the way, I was impolite. I haven´t introduced myself. My name is Quiralanthalasa." Seeing the boy trying to stammer out her full elven name, she adds "But most people call me Quira. Hey kender, I haven´t noticed yet that my dagger has been returned!"

05/30/2000 3:47 AM

Looks himself over and sees that he is perfectly clean, then peers into one of his pouches and a puzzled look crosses his face, "Well, isn't that odd. I wonder how that got in there?" hands Quira her dagger, "You really should be more careful with your things," takes a step away.

05/30/2000 3:58 AM

Quira takes the dagger out of the kenders hand.

"Thank you. But let me warn you: if you´ll ever touch one of my possesings again, I´ll take my dagger and cut off your hairknot!"

05/30/2000 4:25 AM

*fondles his topknot lovingly*

"I will keep that in mind, Quira!"

05/30/2000 4:26 PM

I look around stunned for a moment. "You mean to tell me that I am on Ansalon? I...I was reading a book...and...and I fell asleep, and now I'm here... and ohhh." I stare at Quira and Woody and the elven warrior.

"This must be a dream."

05/30/2000 10:45 PM

"Yes, maybe you were on the way with your parents in a carriage, where you read a book and then all fell asleep and somehow you fell out of the carriage. So you are here now."

Quira steps to the boy and softly touches his hair.

"Maybe we should go and find your parents, little one."

05/31/2000 3:22 PM

*The lady smiles but she warns Woody to stay a distance back with her hand*

"Yes, you can touch him, but later; he's not partial to kender, i'm afraid...or anyone else for that matter. But there was one names Whistle he was quite fond of, so wait a bit and see."

*Turning to the boy, she pats him reassuringly on the back*

"This one you've never seen before, nor will you again...His name is Tarakona, and he is my companion."

"And yes, THAT way is Thorbardin, and YES, she is an elf, and GET your FINGERS OUT of my cloak!!" she slaps the kender's hand away and Tarakona looks steadily at Woody*

05/31/2000 5:09 PM

Puts map away and looks up innocently at Eltanin, shoving his hands in his pockets, "Gee. I will sure try to make friends with Tarakona. What an interesting name he has!"

Looks at the boy, "I once saw a giant lizard when I traveled into the future, and he almost ate me. That's a marvelous story..." sees the boy's face droop, "I know what will cheer you up," hands him his hoopak, "I'll teach you how to use that sometime."

Starts fidgeting, "I need an adventure, and you all look like the types of people who attract all sorts of interesting circumstances. I was just wandering around. Would anyone care to wander around with me?" looks around hopefully, "Thomas can come along, and maybe find his parents along the way."

06/01/2000 2:29 PM

I stare blankly. "No, I was reading a book, about you. Well, not you, but your world. I'm not from here. I'm not from Krynn. I didn't fall out of a carriage, and I fall asleep, and ohhh..."

Calming down I stare around. "But I would like to get home. Could you please help me?"

06/01/2000 4:15 PM

"You are human, and by elven laws I should not help you... but your story is interesting. I think I will help you. And Woody... I am a bit partial to kender, but do not let me catch you with my belongings. I may be forgiving, but nothing angers me more than a thief,"
*pauses* "But how do we get you home?"
Garth One-Eye

06/01/2000 6:26 PM

*Smiling at the kender and his comment on the odd name, she turns to the boy*

"How old are you, child? And by the looks of you, you havent been here for very long if you've just arrived.." she touches the fabric of his shirt, which is not too dusty

"Yes, its obvious you're not from around here, or ANYWHERE on this godsforsaken (literally) world.....do you remember how you got here? Perhaps it was a spell, maybe i can reverse it.."

*Tarakona rumbles, and glares at Woody, who was just a little bit too close*

06/01/2000 7:07 PM

Backs away from Tarakona a bit and smiles broadly, "WOW! What a menacing growl he has!"

Looks to Garth, "Thief?" is offended and kicks at the dirt and plays with one of the elven warriors arrows.

"Yes Thomas, we help you get home," smiles at the boy.

06/02/2000 10:45 AM

With a slight smile she nods..

"Yes, Woody, he certainly does, and yes, Thomas, I too will help you get home...though HOW will certainly be a challenge!!"

06/02/2000 3:33 PM

OOC: Okay, I'm not to keen on the fifth age. Just a quick question, could we go fourth age, about the time of the War of the Lance? Just get back to me.

06/02/2000 3:41 PM

OOC - fine, i thought we WERE in the War of the Lance.....maybe its just me

06/02/2000 4:51 PM

*cuts himself on the elven warrior's arrow and sucks on his finger*

"My gosh, Thomas, you are far from home," looks at the boy with much innocent concern then smiles, "What part of Ansalon would you like to see?"

*starts shifting from foot to foot, growing in excitement*

06/04/2000 11:20 AM

OOC: I'm gonna start doing this in third person. I like it better that way.

Thomas is taken aback by the question. "This is quite the chance to explore", he thinks. "I've heard Palanthas is beautiful", he says. "But what about Kendermore? That's supposed to be loads of fun. Or Silvanesti? Qualinesti? Ergoth or Thorbardin? So many choices." Thomas stops.

"I must get home." He says. "Where do you suppose I would find the way home?"

06/04/2000 11:54 PM

"I wouldn´t even think about entering Qualinesti or Silvanesti, if I were you." says the elven woman with a sigh.

"Maybe you better describe us your home, Thomas. So we can help you travelling back to it."

06/05/2000 3:16 PM

"Yes," the woman adds
"The odds of you returning right now are slim. With combined powers, maybe. Why not travel to the Tower of Wayreth, or," she adds, seeing the look on the elf's face

"....the great Tower in Palanthas as well? It might be wise to speak with the magi there, else you may never return!"

06/05/2000 5:26 PM

Thomas looks up at the crowd gathered around him. "Well, let's go to Wayreth. That is, from what I understand, the tower of magic. They magi would be able to help."

Thomas stops. "You asked earlier about my home. I keep trying to say, I'm not from here. I'm not from Ansalon...or even Krynn. This is like a really good dream, but one I'd like to escape."

06/06/2000 1:28 AM

*pats Thomas on the shoulder*

"Ummm," pushes the dirt around with the toe of his soft boots and looks up at all the big important people, "Correct me if I'm wrong, and I am wrong A LOT believe me, but doesn't the Tower of Wayreth have to find YOU? How can we let the mages there know we would like to pay them a visit?" ducks his head a bit, waiting for the scoffing of the other's gathered here.

Then looks up excitedly, "But finding a mage...that is a really good idea, wish I thought of it! A mage could help you, Thomas."

06/07/2000 4:22 PM

"I don't trust the wizards abiding in the Tower of Wayreth. I wouldn't enjoy going there in the first place. And the kender has a point. You can't find the Tower unless the Tower wants to be found. In that case we would have to contact one of the mages there and ask them for admittance. They too would likely be intrigued by your story and would probably at least look into it."
Garth One-Eye

06/18/2000 5:27 AM

All of a sudden, the group sees a young man with brown hair and eyes coming through the clearing, fighting a small group of bandits.Soon the group is dead, but he is badly hurt. "Is there a .... healer in the ... group?" he asks weakly.

06/19/2000 6:09 PM

"Get some wormwort, quick! Someone get water from the stream," so saying the elf rips a piece of his clothing off and prepares to bind the wounds

Garth One-Eye

06/19/2000 9:17 PM

"I am a healer...I will help him."

Quira steps next to the seriously wounded man, kneeling down. She gently touches his forehead and closes her eyes. The others can see the medallion of Mishakal around her neck suddenly glooming in a bright, warm light, covering the wounded one softly.

As Quira whispers intense prayers to her Goddess, the wounds slowly start to close. The heavy breath of the man gets calm and quiet and the Kagonesti woman opens her eyes again. The medallion stops its glooming and Quira moans weakly.

06/27/2000 7:13 AM

The sky darkens. As the party looks up, they see a huge golden dragon,Craglor. Surprisingly, he doesn't attack, but sits down(crushing a few trees). He sends a telepathic message to Baz's group 'Have you seen Frinhorn,a black dragon, flying by?'

06/28/2000 6:06 PM

OOC - sorry guys, been outta town!!!

Eltanin looks mildly concerned at the injured newcomer, but when the Gold landed her face freezes and she steps back. Looking upon the giant Gold with a granite expression, she hushes the snarling Tarakona and folds her arms*

*Wondering if the Gold would react to her presence there, she remained silent and watched carefully*

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