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04/06/2001 6:14 PM

Zyrthax steeled himself for the inevitable. The talons that gripped around his body, threatining to squeeze the very life out of him, would soon release. There would be no comfort in this however, for the great dragon had now reached a deadly 3 miles in elevation. At any moment the great black claws of the beast would open, and not very long after that would be the horrible crunching sound as his bones broke upon the jagged peaks of the mountains below.

If only he hadn't been stripped of his components. With a bag of arcane materials at his waist it would hardly be an effort to slow his rapid drop. The great creaking of the dragon's wings ceased as it began to glide. Zyrthax wondered if this very dragon that held him was a product of the unholy experiments he had witnessed the Theiwar priests conducting. Seeing those things was the crime for which he was now being punished. The claws opened.

Zyrthax didn't scream. As a dwarf and a mage he too much pride for that. His velocity increased with each moment. Any time now he would be nothing more than a splotch. Any time no...

His thoughts were cut off as he struck something in midair. A bird! A falcon in fact. The creature whose feathers were required for a spell of slowfalling. The impact had broken it's spine. Without taking a second to think Zyrthax plucked three of it's tail feathers. Gripping them tightly in his hand he spoke several words of magic and for the first time since he could remember, prayed.

His descent slowed immediately... and just in time. A moment later he was safely on his feet running heedlessly towards the nearest building. A sign above the door read "Black Griffon Inn". Zyrthax coud only hope that he would find friendly souls within. Bursting through the doors his exhaustion caught up with him. He collapsed upon floor with a heavy thud.

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04/06/2001 6:42 PM

Brightstar dropped the tray full of empty mugs she had been carrying onto the bar and rushed over to the dwarfs side.

"Are you okay?" the plainswoman asked as she tried to help him to his feet. "Get me a mug of Dwarf spirits quickly" she called to one of the other barmaids.Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

04/06/2001 11:20 PM

The sound of the crashing mugs had not so much woke up Zyrthax as the mention of spirits. He groaned and rolled over. Carefully opening his eyes he noted that the world was awash in white. This must be what those few Theiwar who had visited the surface world refered to as "Sun Fever". Hopefully it would pass. Zyrthax lamely focused upon the woman (human or elf? his vision could not tell him) who was helping him up.
"Th- thank you miss." His voice had the characteristic cynicism of all his kind. "I must refuse the drink though... my stomach feels as though I've already had my share."

04/07/2001 1:14 AM

Mirror, who had been roused from her studies by the sound of a dwarf falling heavily on the floor of the inn, put her spell book back within it's pack and slowly wondered over to where the dwarf and plainswoman were, her silver robes gently glistening in the faint sunlight from the open doorway. She sensed that the dwarf had been through enourmous torture and had endured much. She had an overwhelming urge to help.
"Is there anything I can do?" she asked, mirrored eyes glinting as she crouched down next to the plainswoman.Mirror.

04/07/2001 6:19 AM

Triton, a silver robbed mage, sat under his usual tree in his usual groove when he saw something falling from the sky. He adjusted his eyes to the sun to see a dwarf, or what appeared to be a dwarf drifting slowly to the ground.
"Now that is interesting," the mage said to himself. He pulled his silver hood over his braided hair and light brown skin that was rare on Anslon. Standing slowly he walked to the spot he thought would be the landing spot of the dwarf.
Upon his arrival, the dwarf was not there. Instead a small trail of blood greeted him. He must have been dragged Triton thought to himself as he followed the trail, which lead him to a inn.
To his suprise he saw the dwarf laying on the ground, Mirror who he knew from past experiences coming to him, and a plainswoman standing over him. She was soon coupled with a waitress who carried a dwarf spirit with her.
Triton didnt want to crowd the dwarf, so he took a seat near the crowd and listened for an explination to his flying.

04/07/2001 10:53 AM

Blinking and shaking his head Zyrthax finally decided to give up. The upper world was not meant for the Derro to inhabit. He closed his eyes and turned in the direction of the new voice.

"Aye, you can help miss. I need a dim room and a friendly ear. I've been through much recently, and I need to know how sane it sounds to outsiders."

04/07/2001 8:56 PM

Mirror noted the entance of Triton, and gently nodded in his direction. "Do not worry Master Dwarf, I shall listen to all you have to say and help if I can." She turned towards the plainswoman and told her to go and ready one of the rooms for their new arrival and then turned her attention back to the dwarf. "Do you think you can walk?" she asked.Mirror.

04/07/2001 9:59 PM

Brightstar nodded to Mirror and walked down the hall to one of the back rooms. She pulled the curtains across the window and dimmed the lantern.
She returned to the others "There is a room ready out the back" she told them and gestured for them to follow her.

04/08/2001 7:17 AM

Mirror looked down at the large, rotund and temporarly blind dwarf and shook her head *of course he can't walk you stupid elf!* she said to herself. She gestured over towards Triton who came and helped the dwarf to the room. She looked down at the wounds he had sustained and asked the barbarian woman to quickly go and get some warm water, some towels and something that could be used for bandages. The plainswoman left and then Mirror turned towards the dwarf.
"Now Master Dwarf," she said to him in a quiet soothing voice, "I am goin to have to tend to these wounds. You may feel a little discomfort, but it's for the best." She removed her silver robe so as not to get it bolld stained and revealed that she was wearing a pair of tight deerskin trousers and a white, loose fitting mens shirt, tucked into her trousers at the waist. She wore a belt there aswell, ornately designed in silver, with images of the three moons engraved in the buckle.
She began to slowly remove the dwarfs shirt so she could look at the wounds properly.
"Now, please tell us what happened to you Master Dwarf."Mirror.

04/08/2001 12:50 PM

Zyrthax tensed slightly trying to play off his embarassment as pain.
"I thank you once again for your kind treatment miss." he drew a ragged breath thinking on how he would relate his tale.
"I hail from the great dwarven kingdoms of Abanasinia." His white on white eyes were under less strain in this dim light and his thinking was much clearer.
"The city I called home was that of the Theiwar, home of what you might call the Derro." He shook his head and smiled at the plainswoman. Of course that much could be told from his appearance alone! "I was trained from youth in the darker arts of Magi, and by a young age was an aide in the High Temple of Her Dark Majesty." he eyed the woman before him, attempting to detect the typical signs of contempt.
He continued, "That is where my story begins. Less than a fortnight ago I was up late studying in my chambers. I had failed to tell the high priest that I would be staying past normal hours, but thought nothing of it. Just when I had found what I was looking for an unholy scream emmitted from the chambers of the high priest, startling me and causing my hand to knock over the vial of ink on my desk.
"My papers were ruined! Without a bit of logic I stormed off in the direction of his chambers. I knocked thrice on his door, but there was no answer. Three times I knocked again, louder this time, but there still was no answer. Now worried I threw open the door and looked inside. There wasn't a soul around, but I noticed something odd on the far wall. As I approached there was another scream, and I had an unreasoning wish to flee from the room. I pushed upon the wall with an unsteady hand."
Sweat was glistening uupon Zyrthax's forehead now. "The wall swung on well oiled hinges. What I witnessed within is almost too horrible to say aloud."
Zyrthax drew another ragged breath. "Children of many races, dwarf, elf, goblin, human, none old enough even to speak, were kept in a cage next to an Idol of Takhisis herself. At the idol's feet was an altar upon which the High priest stood, an elf child in his hands. As he laid the child upon the altar it's small body twisted and writhed and.... screamed. And within moments it was an elf child no more. It was a reptile, and yet more than your common lizard. It was now a bright green dragon wyrmling.
" I turned and fled, straight into the arms of the temple guards. The scars and wounds upon my body are compliments of their sadistic captains torture. I have no wish to speak on that. This morning I was given to a Black dragon" Zyrthax related the tale of his flight.
Tears were now in his eyes. "I know what you think of the Theiwar. All of us, murderers , theives and practitioners of black arts. Aye, perhaps you are right, but what I witnessed that night must not be allowed to continue." He looked up into Mirrors eyes. "Help me stop them!"

04/08/2001 6:39 PM

Brightstar held her hand over her mouth and with her other hand she steadied herself against the table.

"Tha...thats horrible, i can't believe those sort of experiments are being carried out!"

She looked down at her atire, it consisted of a grubby tunic and an even grubbier barmaids apron. She realised that these people must only see her as a humble waitress, not as the barbarian warrior that she was.

She hurriedly untied the apron and stood tall and proud "I know the first impression of me must seem like i am a simple barmaid, but i asure you i am a warrior first and foremost. For most of my life i was trained in the art of battle, that is before i left my tribe." she grew quiet as she recalled painful memories. She realised they were all looking at her and composed herself "I would be honored to help put a stop to this evil." She looked at Zyrthax pleadingly, she had been waiting to get out of this town for so long and just hoped he hadn't dismissed her as merely a barmaid.

04/08/2001 8:31 PM

Mirror had stopped in her tending of the dwarf half way through his tale. She was shocked and sickened. She could not believe that things like that still went on in the world. She let a tear fall down her cheek unchecked.
She turned to the plainswoman as she heard her speek. She was heartened at the fire in this young human woman. "Believe me Master Zyrthax, I will do all within my power to stop this evil, and I will not rest until I have!"Mirror.

04/08/2001 9:48 PM

Zyrthax was mustering what strength he had left just to keep his eyes open. He smiled weakly and turned to the ladies. "Your passion gives me hope, and I do not doubt the skills of either of you. But I must rest now. Tommorow I will need to see an herbalist, and..." his face reddened and his throat caught. "Well... you see I haven't a possesion to my name, save the robes I now wear. So errr..."

04/09/2001 2:08 AM

Brightstar nods "Yes you should rest now and I'll organise this room for you with the innkeeper, my employer and good friend." she turns to Mirror "Do you know of any good herbalists in this town?"

04/09/2001 3:31 AM

Mirror shook her head. "Unfortunately I do not," She confessed, "I am new in town and am still trying to get my bearings myself. I know someone who might though...." she said, thinking of Triton out in the bar. She finished dressing the wounds on the dwarf and then went out to see if she could find him. Mirror.

04/09/2001 3:59 AM

Bergrum Coppervein sat at his usual table. Stubby legs swinging under his chair. Laying aside his studded helm he took a long gulp from his tankard. Wiping the foam from his beard the Dwarf looked around. Noticing no one in particular he concentrated on his drink.

04/09/2001 9:06 AM

Triton turned to see Mirror standing behind him. With a smile he spoke quietly. "I know a little but very little. He may need time more than anything. Take him to a room and I shall meet him there. I have to go and buy something first."
With his smile still there, and not giving Mirror time to reply, the mage slipped out of the double doors of the inn.

04/09/2001 10:19 AM

Mirror watched him leave, the impression of his smile seemigly imprinted on her brain. An invouluntary shiver went down her spine as she smiled to herself and thought of him. She went back to the Dwarf and told him that someone was on their way who could help, at least, she hoped he could....... Mirror.

04/09/2001 6:42 PM

Zyrthax nodded, "Aye miss, thank you." He turned to Brightstar, "And you as well, for your hospitality."

His weary eyes closed, "If you don't mind I'll just be..." he cut off in midsentence. His breathing became deep and even, if a bit ragged. His exhaustion was such that even after the horrors he had witnessed, nightmares were not a concern.

04/09/2001 10:32 PM

Mirror looked at the now slumbering Dwarf and smiled faintly to herself. If only it were as easy for her to sleep! She turned her attention towards Brightstar.
"Thankyou for your help Mistress Brightstar," she said, "I am sure that you will become a most trusted ally and travelling companion. I will stay here with the Dwarf incase anyone should come looking for him. If the man you saw me talking to earlier should come back, could you send him in here please?"Mirror.

04/10/2001 12:49 AM

Brightstar nodded "I'll send him in when he returns, I have to organise this room with my employer as well as let him know i may be leaving for awhile." she turned to go then looked back at Mirror "Can you honestly believe there are things that terrible still going on in this world?!" she sadly shook her head and left the room.

04/10/2001 1:49 AM

Bergrum Coppervein stared gloomily into his empty tankard. Placing it on the table he looks over at a door near the back of the inn.

"All this coming and going.people never want to sit still these days"

Climbing of the chair Bergrum heads towards the bar, absentmindedly smoothing him beard and tucking it into his belt.

04/10/2001 4:38 AM

Triton walked down the street as fast as he could. People he pased by looked at him with distrust as they do all magic users, and as usual they were ignored. Triton walked into a mage ware shop, and walked out shortly after with a couple of bags. From the front of the mage shop, he teleported himself to the bar, right next to the sleeping dwarf.
"Make him eat this and it will take away the pain. His wounds will have to heal by themselves," Triton said to the plainswoman as he handed her the bag. He then walked off in search for Mirror.

04/10/2001 6:40 AM

As Brightstar made her way down the hallway towards the bar she tied her apron back on her waist, after all she was still working. She reached the bar and saw a Dwarf standing there staring into space.

"Sorry about the wait sir, can i get you something?" she asked him smiling.

04/10/2001 8:53 AM

Bergrum turned and glared at the barmaid. But despite himself her smile was infectious.

"well yes ummfff. I'll have another of this swill you call ale if you please"

Looking up at the barmaid he gestures to the door at the back of the bar.

"Been a lot of comings and going's lately. Nothing untoward I hope"

04/10/2001 11:19 AM

Mirror sat quietly in the darkened room watching the slumbering dwarf, his snores the only sound in the room. She thought over all he had told her, and could not stop thinking about the poor elven child used almost as a sacrifice for these hideous experiments. She banished those thoughts form her mind and instead thought of Triton. The image of his warm smile, light brown skin and braided hair made her feel warm inside. The thought of his deep, dark intoxicating eyes stirred something within her. She smiled to herself as she too gently drifted into the realm of slumber.Mirror.

04/10/2001 12:32 PM

Triton sat by Mirror, while she sleep. With a smile, he picked her up and transplanted her to a room he just recently rented. After seeing that she was comfortable, he sat in a wood chair and forced himself to sleep as well.

04/10/2001 1:47 PM

((Don't think I stopped writing, I'm just going to let Brightstar and her friend finish))

04/10/2001 10:39 PM

Mirror woke with a start from a nightmare of a young elven child being turned into a dragon, and sat bolt upright in the bed, sweat soaking her white shirt and plastering her hair to her forehead. She looked around the roon, baffled. *how did I end up here and where is the dwarf?* Suddenly she noticed the slumbering form of Triton in the corner. *He must have bought me here. He sure does look uncomfortable!* She quietly walked over towards him and just studied him. He was so handsome it made her heart ache. She bent over and gently kissed him, leaving him a message in his mind that she had gone back to see the dwarf. With that she left the room.Mirror.

04/10/2001 10:49 PM

Brightstar smiled to herself as she poured the dwarf another tankard of 'swill'.

She passed it to him "Another dwarf came bursting through the doors earlier and collapsed on the floor, he is quite unwell so we arranged a room at the back for him to rest. He told us a very disturbing story that could see peaceful life here on Krynn disrupted."

04/10/2001 10:51 PM

The sound of the closing door, woke Triton from his sleep which was everything but refreashing. He felt as if he just talked to Mirror and she told him she would be right back. Thinking it would be best to wait for her, the mage pulled out a spell book and started to study. He could not work hard though because his mind was not on his magic, but on someone else. Instead of seeing arcane words, he saw silver eyes, which made him smile. He did not know how to get the silver robbed mage out of his mind, but he wasnt sure he wanted to anyway. The thought of her made him smile.

04/10/2001 11:03 PM

Mirror looked in on the dwarf, who was still slumbering peacefully. *That's probanly the best thing for him at the moment,* she thought to herself and decided to let him be. She returned back to Triton, who was now awake and studying his spellbook. She smiled at him as she entered. "Feel better for your sleep?" she asked, going over to sit on the bed.Mirror.

04/11/2001 12:08 AM

Zyrthax awoke with a start as well. Not however from any horror of the subconscious, but due to the sound of heavy breathing from without his window. He recognized that struggling resperation, and knew who it belonged to. Opening his eyes to slits he could see by Luniutari's light a hunched form lightly stepping through the low window. Zyrthax was amazed as he always was at how light of foot this disfigured dwarf was. Putting his hand to his dagger Zyrthax steadied himself.
Just as the hunchback came within arms length Zyrthax was on his feet, a dagger to the intruder's throat.
"Sorry Beezem." He whispered through clenched teeth. "This is one bounty you won't collect." Beezum was suprised but only for a moment.
"You should be in a thousand pieces carrion" Beezum's own hoarse whisper was not out of wish to be quiet, the assasin was suffering from a disease known as the Grey Cloak, due to the discolorment of it's victim's back. Besides eventual blindness this ailment struck at the throat of a person eventually destroying the vocal chords.
"Believe it or not, Ihave not come for your hide. My blade is meant for someone else." Beezum was sweating profusely, eyeing the black dagger in Zyrthax's hand that he knew was poisoned.
"Who do you want then?" Zyrthax demanded "Tell me or..." the dagger crept nearer to Beezum's neck. Beezum tensed and something dropped from his hands. A flash filled the room with blinding light. Zyrthax yelled out in suprise. Beezum's voice came from the window, "I won't die tonight old friend. I suppose I can collect my bounty later. I'll make sure the High Priest knows you survived, he'll probably even send you a gift... the edge of an axe blade"
Zyrthax dropped to the floor his vison having gone completely white. He clutched at his watering eyes and moaned.

04/11/2001 1:45 AM

Bergrum look startled.

"Another Dwarf did he say what village he was from?"

The dwarf started pacing around.

"What was the very disturbing story that could see peaceful life here on Krynn disrupted has war started again?"

Turning he headed towards the closed door. Upon passing his table he picked up his helm and axe

"If the villages are in danger I'd best get all the information I can"

04/11/2001 3:35 AM

Just as Triton was about to answer, she heared a faint sound coming from the direction of the dwarfs room. Her elven ears pricked up and she stloe herself along to the door, before opening it up, the words of a spell on her lips. She saw nothing but the shape of the dwarf, breathing heavily and slouched against the window pane from sudden exurtion (I know I can't spell!!! But you know what I mean!!!). She hurrird over to the dwarfs side and helped him back onto the bed, a concerned look on her face.Mirror.

04/11/2001 5:59 AM

Brightstar tried to stop the dwarf from going into the backroom. "Sir, please sir you can't go in there! Wait sir!" he ignored her and headed towards the door. She hurried after him but he was suprisingly quick for his short legs.

The dwarf opened Zyrthax's door just as Brightstar reached him. She started to apologise when she saw Mirror sitting on the end of the bed looking concerned. She looked to Zyrthax and saw him clutching his face.

"What happened?!"

04/11/2001 8:51 AM

Bergrum stomped over to the door, the barmaid trying in vain to stop him.
"Humans always getting themselves worked up" he thought to himself as he opened the door.

Upon entering the room he heard the barmaid ask what was going on.
Moving to the foot of the bed he saw the other dwarf holding his head.
"Dressed a bit funny" he thought to himself as he moved over to the dwarf.

"now then lad is that any way for a respectable Neidar to act? And in front of humans toboot. Come lad show me your face and tell me what has got these people all worked up"

04/11/2001 10:44 AM

Kalia Majere stepped into the Inn, her robes of silver gleamed brightly in the light. she held a staff of white ash, topped with a gleaming platinum dragons claw and an amethyst crystal. She was tall, with silvery-white hair, and bright golden eyes.

she immediatly noticed all of the hub-bub, and walked over to investigate. upon noticing Mirror, she nodded once, a silent greeting.

"Whats wrong??" she asked her voice, though barely spoken above a whisper, was heard by all in the room.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/11/2001 1:50 PM

Zyrthax snarled at the sound of the other dwaf's voice. Uncovering his face he revealed the pale white skin, bleached white on white eyes and straw blonde, ragged beard that defined him as a Theiwar. His voice was almost a hiss "Tell me tainted one, my vision is a bit bad right now, from what surface-loving clan do YOU hail."
The viscious intra-racial hatred dwarves have for those of other clans flared up inside the mage blocking his mind from other thoughts. His hand went to his belt but didn't find his blade's hilt. Zyrthax remembered that it was upon the floor. Words of magic burned through his mind. If this dwarf so much as offended him...

04/11/2001 2:39 PM

Triton who was in the middle of a hard spell, didnt pay attention to the comotion going on in the inn until he noticed Mirror's absense. He closed his silver spell book, but not before laying the ribbon in the middle for a place keeper. He then put the book home in his traveling chest and walked out in search for Mirror.
It was not hard to find her or the other because of the noise they were generating. He knew Mirror would be in the center of everything. Upon finding the room, the silver robed mage walked to the door and stood there for a second listening. He could hear the angry voices, but did not know what to think of it. To make sure he knew what he was getting himself into, the mage stood outside the door listening with a hand in one of his secret pockets just incase he needed a spell component.

04/11/2001 3:09 PM

Mirror nodded and smiled at her friend Kalia before retuning her attention back to the two quarreling dwarfs. She placed herself in between them and turned to the new comer.
"Please Master, if you would just like to leave now I would be most grateful. My new friend here is very weary and needs his rest. Unless you are willing to listen to his story and help us then go now, for I do not want to have to turn you into something nasty-like a gully dwarf!"Mirror.

04/12/2001 2:47 AM

Bergrum's face turned crimson with rage his beard bristling he glared at he Theiwar.

"You stinking traitorous Theiwar scum I should cleave your head in two. What brings you out into the civilised world, and not cowering in your mountain like the rest of your cursed brethren?"

Raising his axe he took a step forward when a woman wearing silver ropes stepped in-between them.
Cursing Bergrum reached up to push her out of the way when he looked into her eyes. His anger faded as her silver eyes held him enthralled.

"I am Bergrum Coppervein, captain of the guards from the NEIDAR village of Loadstone. If this scum has information that could prove useful in the defence of my village then I would hear it, but have a care mistress "his" kind are not to be trusted"

Even with the woman's calming influence generations of hatred still had a strong hold of the Dwarf and he glared balefully at the Theiwar, although he now held his axe at his side.

04/12/2001 10:30 AM

Zyrthax sneered. His anger was being replaced with fatigue now and he might have need of another companion on the road (if for nothing else than to carry supplies). The nfluence of the silver eyed one had worn down his obsidian hatred as well. "Aye friend, we ARE not to be trusted and after you hear my tale you will know that fact to ever more acurate. But I am tired now. If you are able to wake yourself from your ale induced slumber by sunrise tommorow, I will fill you in."
Zyrthax noted through his clouded vision the new silhoutte ((that's a toughy to spell!)) that had joined the silver robe's side. For the first time that night he realized he knew not one of these folk by name. He had trusted his life to complete strangers, and they were worth that trust. What a strange society.
"Formal introductions will be in order... as... well." Not for the first time that night Zyrthax nodded off in midsentence. A moment later he started and blinked.
"I would like everyone to sleep on these matters, if by tommorow you don't want to come I'll understand... Indeed I don't even want to go back."
Zyrthax closed his eyes and fell into a slumber that would remain undisturbed through the night.

04/12/2001 10:33 AM

Kalia stepped forward, her staff thudded softly on the floor. her gold eyes took in this very awkward situation. she stopped two paces from mirror, the dwarf, and the Theiwar.

"What, may I ask, is going on??" she asked, brushing a few silvery strands of her hair form her face.

suddenly, with a loud sreeching cry an Eagle flew into the Inn, dodging people left and right, only to land on top of Kalia's staff. Briefly distracted, kalia turned her attention to it.

"Ayslynn!! good to see you've returned." she absenly scratched the raptor under its razor beak as the turned back to the small group an expectant look in her golden eyes.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/12/2001 10:40 AM

Zyrthax mumbled and turned over at the sound of the screech but that seemed to be all the reaction he was capable of at this point.

04/12/2001 10:52 AM

Mirror looked into Kalias golden eyes, "I think you should sit down, it's going to be a long story." She began to recount to the mage all that the dwarf had recounted to her. She told her about where the dwarf had come from and the experiments he had seen being conducted. She noticed Kalias eyes grow wider in horror and disbelief as she continued, and when she had finished she looked back up at the mage.
"That is all i know myself at present. I'm sure my new friend here."she motioned to the dwarf lying asleep on the bed, "could tell you more when he awakes."Mirror.

04/12/2001 1:32 PM

Once Triton was sure no danger would come to anyone in the room, especally Mirror, he walked back to his own. He disrobbed and layed the silver garment on the back of a chair and once again laid in his bed.
"Hopefully Mirror will come back," the mage whispered to himself.

04/12/2001 9:25 PM

"Experiments you say?" Kalia mused, her eyes locked onto the Eagle on her shoulder. "with Dragons?" she held out her hand. " Mirror I have something to show you....my friend here may be of help." Kalia pionted to the Eagle on her shoulder and motioned her Friend outside.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/12/2001 9:49 PM

Mirror followed Kalia outside and waited to see what her and her familiar were going to show her.Mirror.

04/12/2001 11:19 PM

As everyone left the room Brightstar dimmed the lamp and quietly closed the door.

She turned and saw Mirror and Kalia walking down the hallway whispering to each other. She slowly crept after them, her doeskin mokasins making barely a sound on the floorboards.

She watched as they walked outside and then crept over to a window, from there she peered through the curtains and saw them standing together in the moonlight.

04/13/2001 10:51 AM

Kalia shook her head as she stroked the Eagle on its beak.

"This is no Familiar, my friend." Kalia nodded once to the Raptor, and tossed it into the sky. The Eagle climed high into the moon-lit sky, it easily rode the thermals to circle miles above them. As Kalia and Mirror watched, The bird grew bigger, its neck stretched out, feathers faded into scales, and a Dragon was in full view.

The dragon in the air, was not as large as Kalia in her true form, but large enough. its scales where a milky white at this distance, but, as the Dragon spiraled downward, both could see the specks of red, green, and blue within each scale.

The Opal Dragon touched down lightly beside Kalia. "This Mirror, this is Ayslynn, a friend, my guardian so to speak." Kalia stopped for a moment for somthing had caught Ayslynn's attention, and Kalia looked back to the Inn, to a darkened window.

Ayslynn's voice rang in Kalia'a head. //A barbarian....no harm intended though....//

Kalia sighed, and then called out. "Ho there! no need to hide, I have nothing to hide from you BrightStar. come on out."your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/13/2001 11:01 AM

Mirror gaped as the dragon transformed in front of her very eyes. She was in awe of the beautiful creature, it's opal scales glinting in the moonlight. She looked behind her and saw Brightstar walking towards them, a mixture of terror and awe on her face. Mirror turned her attention back towards Kalia. "You said you had something to show me?"Mirror.

04/13/2001 2:06 PM

Kalia Jestured to Ayslynn.

"as you can see Ayslynn is not a natural dragon, she too was one of the Dark Queen's experiments. Through the use of a crystal egg, and the blood and scales of a red, blue and green dragon. She is unique, one and only, she may know something of these experiments."

Kalia gestured to BrightStarr. "do not be afraid"your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/13/2001 3:05 PM

Zyrthax shivered in his sleep. In his dream a pale white hand reached out for a Theiwar child. HIS child, the one he had left out of the story. Yes, had the experiments been only on elf children he could have gone on without giving it much thought. But he had seen Theiwar children among the lot. Zyrthax was lucky enough to have friends in the ranks of the temple guards, he could only hope Myrea had escaped with their son.

04/13/2001 10:44 PM

Brightstar slowly walked towards the women, she had never in all her twenty two years seen anything so beautiful yet so intimidating. Her heart was in her throat as she tried to speak "I..um...I'm sorry i didn't mean to spy i just...." she looked at the dragon, it's scaled face was kind and loving and its eyes told her not to be afraid.

Brightstar smiled back then turned to Kalia and Mirror "These experiments have got to stop, but with the state Zyrthax is in we won't be going anywhere soon. Kalia, Triton gave Zyrthax some herbs before which have momentarily eased his illness but he needs more. Is there anything you can do?"

04/14/2001 1:15 PM

Mirror looked towards Kalia and then back at Brightstar. "It is only my opinion of course, and I could very well be wrong, but I feel that Zyrthax is troubled more in mind than in body now. The sleep brought on by the herbs that Triton has given him will help to cure his phsical wounds, but I feel that there is something that he is not telling us, something else that is troubling him greatly. Of course, I could be wrong........" She stood there is silence for three heartbeats and then she turned her attention back towards Kalia. "I am sorry, but i am tired and I need to get some sleep before the morrow-I have the feeling it will be a long day. What is it that you think your dragon friend can tell us Kalia?"Mirror.

04/17/2001 2:49 AM

Grumbling to himself Bergrum stomped back to his table.

"A curse on all Theiwar, humans and mages" he grumbled to his flagon, taking a long pull he looked around the room
"And a great curse on all barmaids who don't stay around when a man needs a drink"

He was just about to stand when he heard voices coming through the open window
"Maybe now I'll know what's going on," he thought to himself as he settled down to listen

04/17/2001 11:19 AM

OOC: I need someone to take over the roll of my Opal Dragon Ayslynn. I am stuck for an Idea of what she can help with in the story, and I don't want to cut her from it! will someone help?your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/17/2001 9:47 PM

OOC: *After re-reading his Zyrthax vs. Beezum reply*

Yeah it's hard to roleplay two characters at once and have them interact with each other. But for now just try the best you can. I'm getting interested in this plot, and I want to know what happens next.

(Yes, I'm just as suprised at the plot twists in this thing as the rest of you. Ask Joe, I like to make the games up as I go along with other peoples help)

Somehow we need to make it to the next morning!

04/17/2001 10:38 PM

Ayslynn sighed, and folded her wings, The Opal's Large Blue eyes stared serenly at the Elf and the Barbarian.

"Forgive me friends. I am tired after this long flight. I will try to explain more by morning light."
your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/18/2001 4:17 AM

Brightstar regarded Kalia and Mirror "I will go and organise a room for the two of you, if you would like a light supper i will be serving in a few minutes. There is a quiet table near the fireplace i will reserve for you."

She left them and hurried back inside where she saw Bergrem sitting by himself looking very grumpy and sullen. She could not shake the feeling that they could use his help and experience in their quest so she poured a tankard of their finest dwarven spirits and approached him smiling.

"My apologies for the delay sir please except this tankard on the house." He grumbled something but grabbed the handle "Would you mind if i sit awhile?" he grunted something else and she sat down.

She relayed all that Zyrthax had told them about the experiments and about how they planned to try to stop them, he listened carefully but didn't say a word. "Sir i believe we could use your help in this quest and i plead with you to consider, be the bigger dwarf and put aside the interacial hatred that has plagued Dwarfs for eons." Tears formed in her eyes which were pleading with him "Please before another child, maybe a dwarven child, dies...." She waited to see what answer he would have for her impassioned speech.

04/18/2001 10:38 AM

Mirror walked back towards the inn and headed towards Tritons room. She knocked lightly on the door, and when she heard no sound coming from inside she gently pushed open the door. She saw Triton lying in his bed, asleep, his naked torso exposed to the waist. The moonlight glinted off of his light brown skin and she walked over to him quietly. She felt desire begin to rise in her, but managed to fight it down. She nelt down beside the bed and just looked at his peaceful face before bending over and brushing her lips aginst his forehead. "Sleep, my love, for tomorrow brings a new day." she whispered softly, and departed from the room, looking for Brightstar and Kalia.Mirror.

04/18/2001 11:24 PM

Kalia sat downstairs, to agitated to sleep. she knew so little of Ayslynn. hell it has been only one year since Ayslynn told her the truth. "the day I learned the truth about myself was the day my life went to the Abyss" she murmered to herself.

her life as a Dragon for 200 years , seemed nothing more to her than a dream. bits and pieces are all that she can remember. her life as a Human, 22 years seems more real to her than the truth.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/18/2001 11:27 PM

Mirror saw Kalia sitting at a table and went over to join her. "You look deep in thought my friend, what is wrong?" When Kalia didn't answer, she continued, "I may not be able to help, but I can listen if you would like......."Mirror.

04/19/2001 4:15 AM

Taking a long pull from the tankard Bergrum listened as the human told him the story.
Trying hard to be as dispassionate as possible he sullenly took another drink.
As the woman neared the end of the tale he could see she struggling to keep from crying.

Putting own his tankard he reached across and took hold of the young woman's hands.

"There lass no need for tears. It is a dark tale, if it is true." Bergrum tugged at his beard a sure sign that he was agitated.

"There is no telling if the Theiwar was telling truth. If he is not then these people could be walking into a trap, but if he is then it needs to be stopped." He thought to himself

"All right lass I'll come with you, just don't expect me to like the Theiwar" smiling he looked up at her.
"Don't you go fretting now we'll sort this mess out, I'll bet my beard on it"

04/19/2001 10:55 AM

Kalia sighed and looked up at Mirror.

"I don't know....Well, I am a dragon, and you know this. but, my life as a dragon, 200 years of it, seems nothing more to me than a dream. all I can remember is bits and pieces. my 22 years as a human seems more real to me than that. I just feel lost. I love being who I am, don't get me wrong, but I feel as if somthing is missing...."your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/19/2001 11:09 AM

Mirror looked at Kalia, sympathy and empathy in her eyes. She understood, in a way, how she was feeling. She had felt empty and alone most of her life, being shunned by her own race because of her love for magic. But now she had found Triton, who she loved with all her heart. Yet, he was human. If they had a future together, she would have to go through the pain of having to watch him age and die, whilst she still looked young. She banished her own worries from her mind and concentrated on Kalia.
"It must be difficult, being two different people at the same time. I think that you will feel truly at peace once you have accepted that ou are a dragon, yet you are human aswell. Don't dwell on the fact that you cannot remember much as a dragon. Maybe you are not meant to. The most important thing is that you remember the things that are important to you in your life. I know I have probably done nothing more than confused issues through what I have said, as that is usually the case with me," at this she smiled, "But just remember that I am your friend, and should you ever in the course of your travels need to talk, or moan, or cry-my shoulder is always avaliable." She ordered some elven wine, and offered a glass to Kalia. "To new friendships, and new beginings!" she said by way of a toast, raising her glass towards Kalia.Mirror.

04/19/2001 6:40 PM

The night was concluded with the two beautiful women raising their glasses, blood stained silhouttes by the light of Lunitari. Perhaps blood was the proper fashion in which the adventure should have started...


Zyrthax awoke with a shaft of blinding light in his eye. The Theiwar cursed his situation and stumbled out into the reception and drinking area of the inn. He was the first to arrive and waited to see who, if any, would show up to join him.

04/19/2001 9:08 PM

Brightstar was in the kitchen loading a breakfast of toasted bread, cheese, fruit and spiced tea onto a large tray. She had been awake for hours and had already packed and said her goodbyes to her friends at the Inn.

She carried the tray out to the main area and saw Zyrthax standing there.
She placed the tray onto a large table and smiled "Please eat something while we wait for the others, Zyrthax" that was the first time she hadn't called him 'sir' since she had met him, she was no longer their barmaid and she didn't intend on placing herself lower than them anymore. She poured some tea for the both of them and sipped hers while they waited.

04/19/2001 10:17 PM

Mirror had had a hard time sleeping, nightmares plagued her. Luckily, she could go for a couple of days without any real sleep, so she wasn't that tired when she made her way down towards Triton's room. She was once again wearing her doe-skin breeches and the loose fitting white shirt. Instead of a belt, this time she had a silver sash tied round her waist, showing the order of mages that she belonged to. Her spell pouches hung from it, knocking against her legs as she walked. She opend the door to Triton's room quietly and saw that he was still sleeping. She placed the note that she had written to him the night before on the table near his wash bowl and kissed him lightly on the forehead. "I love you Triton," she whispered, "I hope we are not apart for too long." With that she left and went down to the inn. She found Brightstar and Zyrthax alredy there. She smiled at them and bid them a good orning before sitting down at the table with them. Mirror.

04/20/2001 1:49 AM

Bergrum stomped up the muddy road towards the inn. His armour and weapons clanking with every step.
Why he was doing this he really did not know, if the truth was told the Theiwar could rot for all he was concerned. He did not really believe the Derro's story and is sure that no good will come of this. But why then did he feel compelled to help out?.
Shaking his head he walked into the inn.

Dropping his axe and round shield onto a near by table he glared at the group.

"I must be a fool"
he said under his breath

04/20/2001 3:53 AM

Triton heard the door close, and he knew Mirror just left. He hurridly dressed himself, in a blue tunic and threw his spell components in pouches on his belt and ran downstairs. He hated being late with a pasion and once again he was.
When he arrived at the table, he gave everyone a friendly nod, and took a seat next to Mirror. He was still half asleep and thought it would be better to keep his mouth closed for now.

04/20/2001 10:51 AM

Mirror watched as the dwarf dumped his belonings at the table and smiled. Her smile grew broarder as Triton approached and sat down next to her, still looking half asleep. She giggled and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. "Glad you could make it!" she whispered softly in his ear.
She looked at everyone present. "So, is everyone still wanting to come along? Anyone wants to turn back, now is the time!"Mirror.

04/20/2001 6:34 PM

Zyrthax's nobility was eased with his sleep.
"Bah! lovers!" the dwarf believed that affection, when showed at all, should be a private issue. The mage was nursing a rip he had recieved in his sleep during the struggle with Beezum.
"Thorbardin is at least a three day's journey from here. " He glowered at his comrades. "I won't wait for anyone who can't keep up. If you get left behind, well good luck!" With that the Theiwar finished sewing his robe and stood up.
"We'll head north til' we hit the sea, and then we'll decide what route to take from there."
The dwarf stomped off to the door waited for the others. He looked outside and squinted. He hoped that he would be able to deal with the Sun.

04/20/2001 7:22 PM

Brightstar was pleased when she saw that Bergrem had arrived, no matter how grumpy he looked. She started to pack up the rest of the food from breakfast and placed it all in her pack.

When Zyrthax started to leave she hurriedly grabbed her pack and stood up, she looked around at the others and shrugged "Well i guess we better get going" she looked around the old Inn that had been her home since she had been cast out from her tribe, she sighed and headed over to the door.

04/20/2001 10:53 PM

Mirror stood up, slung her pack, long bow and quiver over her shoulder and prepared to head off with the others. Mirror.

04/22/2001 11:33 PM

As Triton walked past Mirror, he wrapped his arm around hers and together they walked through the door to a new adventure.

04/22/2001 11:36 PM

Mirror smiled up at Triton as she felt his arm entwine with hers. She stole a look behind her to see if the others were coming.Mirror.

04/23/2001 6:43 AM

Strapping his shied to his back and axe into its harness Bergrum headed out of the inn.
Catching up with Brightstar he strolled along beside her.

"What was all that about going to Thorbardin?"

04/24/2001 10:53 AM

A loud screech could be heard, as ayslynn in her Eagle form flew low over them. as they watched the Eagle circle higher, they all noticed the Crystal Dragon that flew high overhead.

"Alright!! are we going to get going or what??" Kalia/Crystalamira cried out lashing her crystalline tail. With a Roar of trimumph, she drove herself faster, performed a intricate wing-over and a summersault.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/24/2001 11:32 AM

"Y'know Kalia, it would be a lot easier if you and your friend there could give us a ride!!! :D" Mirror yelled up towards them with a massive grin on her face. It wasn't like her to be that cheeky, but what the hell!!!Mirror.

04/24/2001 9:21 PM

Kalia/Crytalamira shrugged and gestured to Ayslynn. The Eagle Screeched and immediatly assumed her prober shape. The Opal and Crystal Dragon, landed nearby.

"Ok no problem. hope you don't mind hights...and no getting air sick!!" Kalia said, stretching her wings, and spreading her crystaline claws.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/24/2001 9:33 PM

Triton looked at the two dragons and then at Mirror. He could see the smile on the face, her eyes looked forward to the fight, unlike Triton. He would rather use a teleport spell, atleast that way he didnt have the chance to fall a thousand feet to his death.
"Mirror I think I would rather meet you there," Triton said low so no one else would hear his fear.

04/24/2001 10:11 PM

Mirror looked into Triton's eyes and saw the fear in them. She reached out a hand and squeezed it tightly. "Do not worry, my love, I will not let you fall. Trust me!" With that she leaped up onto Kalia's back and jestured for Triton to sit in front of her so she could hold onto him and keep him steady."Ha Ha
Hoo Hoo
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Greedy Mutherf*****s
Try to have you cake
And eat it too!!" - Miss Jackson if your NASTY! :D

04/25/2001 5:01 PM

Triton stepped up, and sat infront of Mirror. He felt good to be helt by her, but the spell for safe falling was still on his mind and ready to be cast.

04/25/2001 9:09 PM

Still sensing th fear in him, she held on to Triton tighter than really nessecarry and kissed him lightly on the neck. She watched as Brightstar mounted behind her and the others sat on the back of the opal dragon. "Ok, off we go!!!!""Ha Ha
Hoo Hoo
Thought you'd get the money too
Greedy Mutherf*****s
Try to have you cake
And eat it too!!" - Miss Jackson if your NASTY! :D

04/25/2001 10:23 PM

((OOC- sorry 'bout the last few days. I'm back to daily posting now))

Zyrthax had watched the entire scene without saying a word. When he had mounted all he said was an uttered "to Thorbardin." He would cut off his beard before he'd admit it, but he was scared senseless of the dragon. Casting away his fears he turned back to Bergum

"Have you ever even BEEN home, sundered one?" he asked spitefully.

04/25/2001 11:56 PM

Brightstar grabbed Mirrors waist in fear as the mighty dragons launched themselves into the air, a massive wave of nausea crashed over her and she felt like she was going to pass out. She held on tighter, closed her eyes and breathed deeply, she soon felt better and battled with her fear so that she could open her eyes.

04/26/2001 1:45 AM

Mirror let out a great big Whoop! of excitement as the companions set off into the sky. She felt the adrenalin pumping and found the whole process totally exillarating. She could feel her two companions hold onto their mount tightly and sense their fear. She looked down at the ground and shouted to them both "Open your eyes!!! It's a wonderful view!!!!""Ha Ha
Hoo Hoo
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Try to have you cake
And eat it too!!" - Miss Jackson if your NASTY! :D

04/26/2001 2:07 AM

Bergrum was about to shout a scathing reply to Zyrthax when the Dragon shot into the sky.
Watching in amusement as Zyrthax visibly stiffened and clutched at the dragon.
The sight of his nemesis discomfort allowed him to banish his own fear.

As the dragon levelled out Bergrum leaned froward and shouted in Zyrthrax's ear.

"You know full well that no Neidar has set foot into Thorbardin since you greedy pigs locked us out in our time of need. With the exception of Fireforge who only went there because he had no choice."

Lowering his voice so know one else could hear.

"Know this scum I am only going along to keep an eye on you. If it was not for these foolish people believing you're scheming backstabbing lies I would throw you from this dragon right now and laugh as I do it. Reorx only knows why these people trust you."

04/26/2001 5:07 PM

Zyrthax was too fear struck to move his jaw. His breathing was short and shallow. Smirking arrogantly the mage said between breaths, "It... wouldn't be... the... first time... I've... take-... taken a... fall from... one... of... these... beasts."
The Theiwar decided to forget talking for a bit, and concentrate on gripping the dragon's strange hide.

04/26/2001 10:00 PM

Crystalamira/Kalia Smiled softly. Each beat of her Feathered wings bore them swiftly onward. She turned her head and leveled her golden eyes with Theiwar.

"I, my friend, am more than any common "Beast" and you need not worry, I will not intentionally allow you to fall." she shrugged as she checked on Ayslynn and her group. "Besides, if you will notice I have already used a levitation spell on all of you, just in case."your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/26/2001 10:03 PM

Mirror was having the time of her life as Kalia dipped and soared on the wind currents. She seemed to be the only one who was, for some reason. She gave Triton a quick squeeze and a slight pinch-"I said to open your eyes, your missing the ride of a life time!!!!" When she still got no answer, she gave up, "Fine, be like that then, but don't come crying to me when your upset because you spent the whole time you were on dragon back with your eyes closed!!!!!""Ha Ha
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04/27/2001 6:37 AM

Triton opened his eyes at the request of Mirror, but made a big mistake. He looked straight down. The town they passed over looked so small, and the clouds under him almost made him lose his breakfast. He closed them shut quickly.
"Sorry my love but I cant do that. Dont you think I should meet you there so we can have supplys waiting?" Triton asked even though he knew she would say no.

04/27/2001 10:41 AM

"No, Triton, I want you where i can keep my eye on you!!!" she chuckled to herself. She squeezed him gently and ran her hand up his stomach to try and calm him down a bit."Ha Ha
Hoo Hoo
Thought you'd get the money too
Greedy Mutherf*****s
Try to have you cake
And eat it too!!" - Miss Jackson if your NASTY! :D

04/29/2001 6:22 PM

Triton did not enjoy the ride at all. Even though it was smooth with no problems, he had to force himself to calm down. Thanks to Mirror he managed to calm down a little, but relaxing was something he could not do. When the dragon landed in a open field half a days walk from their destination, Triton could not be more thankfull. He never missed walking so much. To put his feet on solid ground was hevan to him.
After everyone else was on the ground again, Triton was the first, they started on the trail to their adventure.

04/29/2001 8:54 PM

Brightstar walked along the trail with the others glad that her feet were on solid ground again. She thought about their destination Thorbadin and all the stories she had heard about it "So how are we going to get inside, i mean we can't exactly go to the front entrance knock and announce our arrival can we?"

04/29/2001 10:08 PM

"Brightstar has a point," Mirror agreed, walking next to her friend, "We are a band of humans, elves, magic users and a dwarf that has not seen Throbardin since only the God's know when! We won't exactly be a welcome sight to the inhabitants!""Ha Ha
Hoo Hoo
Thought you'd get the money too
Greedy Mutherf*****s
Try to have you cake
And eat it too!!" - Miss Jackson if your NASTY! :D

05/01/2001 2:19 AM

"Maybe our magic wielding dwarven friend can use his magic to take us in there since he has been there before. That is the only way we can get in that I can think of," Triton commented.

05/01/2001 7:14 AM

Looking around the group Bergrum shook his head.

"If the Theiwar had enough magic to just pop in and out of there do you think he would have been in that inn?
Use your head that is what you mages are famed for after all. It is pretty obvious that we can not walk in the front door. A place as big as Thorbardin must have a lot of hidden ways in if you know where to look.
So then Zyrthax do you have another way in or are you just going to ask politely if they would kindly open the door for us?"

05/01/2001 11:20 PM

Kalia/Crystalamira growled softly, and ruffled the feathers of her wings. Her crystaline scales glittered gently in the light. Her golden eyes where bright with interest as she watched the group.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

05/02/2001 11:54 AM

Mirror looked around at Kalia/Crystalamira and shouted, "Come on friend, I don't want you to be left behind. I think you and i are the only ones here with sensible minds at the moment!!!" she giggled cheekily and the rest of the group knew that it was a joke, already growing accustomed to her sense of humour. So hurry up, and bring your juke box money!!!!! :D

05/05/2001 12:00 AM

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05/05/2001 12:10 AM

(ooc: I dont know but I am like you this is getting interesting and I dont want it to just sit here and go away do you think he just is busy for a while or what?_

05/05/2001 4:39 AM

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05/08/2001 3:15 AM

Ooc same here I was looking forward to many arguments with him. Do you think we should carry on and hope he comes back ?

05/08/2001 8:47 AM

ooc that would be a good idea but we need him to go on in the mountain without him. if anyone can think of something I say we go on with it and drop him off the mountain when he comes back

06/15/2001 6:29 PM

ooc-- errr... I don't really know how to apologize. I kinda feel like crawling under something. Dropping me off the mountain wouldn't do you much good though (see first post). My official apology is in the Happyland forum. Many many more very sorries go out to all of you guys too.

06/18/2001 3:42 AM

Don't worry about it my friend. Are you sticking around now? If so it would be good to start this going again if not no worries.

06/19/2001 2:58 AM

yeah I say we start off where we left off now that all of us are back in action

06/19/2001 3:19 AM

OOC- okay remeber when Bergum asked about other ways in...

Zyrthax stumbled away from the bush that now contained his breakfast. Looking around the base of the mountain he binked rapidly. As an apprentice he had been taught this. It recalled things to your memory that you might have lost. In more modern times people would make the analogy to camera shutters, but Zyrthax knew only that it helped. And then something came to him.

Looking up the road a bit Zyrthax saw it bending off around the East side of the mountain. Smiling darkly he said, "All of you, follow me and don't ask questions. We're going to get into Thorbardin, but we might not smell as nice once inside." with that the mage set off in the direction of a Gully dwarf camp...Arthur- Camelot!
Lancelot- Camelot!
Galamere- Camelot!
Squire- It's only a model...

06/19/2001 6:46 AM

Bergrum followed Zyrthax closely his hand resting on his axe. Just give me one reason he thought to himself as he imagined the many ways in which he could kill the Theiwar.

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