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Master Mage Aleximi
03/26/2001 2:23 PM

Continue from:Kalia shook her head, unbelieving what she heard. She flew fast trying to reach her destination before anything happened.

"Alex!! just hold on, a little bit longer!!" she said as she banked sharply and then began to decend her flight.

When they passed low over a section of a forest, she shifted back to her human form, using a levitation spell to lower them amung the trees, carful not to damage any of them.

"ACORN!" Kalia cried as she lay Alex at her feet. "I ASK YOU FOR THAT FAVOR NOW!!!" she turned, raising her hands to show that they where empty, her staff lay on the ground.

A rustle in the brush sounded from across the clearing.

"I CLAIM THE DEBT THAT YOU OWE ME!!!" she cried falling to her knees.

The rustle stopped and a creature of pure white stepped forward, cloven hooved, and a spiraled pearl horn reaching toward the heavens.

The Unicorn stepped forward, lowering his head. "For what debt do I owe you HUMAN!!" the unicorn rumbled.

"The debt that you owe me...Crystalamira, for saving your forest during the chaos war." she said holding out her hands. The unicorn bowed so that his horn touched the ground "What do you ask crystal one?"

Kalia knelt down beside Aleximi. "MY cousin, by spirit, if not by blood, he has made a mistake, but i think he deserves a second chance." she stared pleading with the unicorn, tears shimmering in her golden eyes. Acorn raised his head. his blue eyes wary.

"He has evil in him." He said, pawing at the ground. Kalia bowed her head. "Please...I..Heal him, I will take full responsability..if he rages again..I will kill him myself."

Acorn stared at her for a long moment...then the pearl horn on his head began to glow with a pale blue light. He stepped forward then toched it to Aleximi's forhead.

A bright flash of blue light surrounded Alex, healing all wounds to his body and spirit. As he lay there, the robes that where once black, where now Red. Acorn stepped forward. "know this mage...or rather I knew one like him long ago...he was a gentle man..if not a bit odd...but he reminds me of MAGIUS." Acorn turned on his heal then turned to stare at Kalia...

"This makes us even Dragon...but I do believe that we can be friends...."

Master Mage Aleximi
03/26/2001 2:28 PM

OOC: That would be Kalia's post from Good Ol Fashion Adventure.... so if anyone happen to suspiciously follow the Dragon as she flew off.... or... something else.... feel free to join in! :)

*Aleximi's eyes partially opens.... not understanding what's happening... Alex begins to speak*
"Wh-where are we? W-What *cough cough* happened? Kalia?!? Am I.... are we.... did we die? This place is.... amazing! *coughing fits* Is that.... a unicorn?!? WoW! I thought those were only in legends.... though I believe my father met one once.... never knew that was true. *cough* Even though we're dead.... I... I'm sorry I allowed Fistandatilus to posses me.... I jsut wanted my magic powers to increase"
Aleximi's eyes flutter... still exhausted and confused

03/27/2001 12:56 AM

Kalia looked over sternly at her cousin. Her gold eyes held an odd mixture of anger and concern.

"We are in a forest south of Silvanesti, and Yes that is a Unicorn. And You arae not Dead! And as far as your magic increasing...you ought to know better..Those who search for such power will only be consumed by that same power. I am your cousin and I would've helped you...but you chose another..."

Kalia sat back and stared at the unicorn who till this point remained silent. the Unicorn took a step forward and gently nuzzled her shoulder then turned, gave Aleximi a baleful glance then galloped into the trees.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

Master Mage Aleximi
03/29/2001 12:43 AM

"A unicorn..." Aleximi speaks,amazed "..such a beautiful creature."
The young mage looks at his cousin and for the first time in a long time, Aleximi remembers two things.... a secret feeling for her.... and part of his mission.
"Kalia, do you believe my father is still alive??? and.... whatever happened to Caramon and Palin and Aunt Tika? What about.... Aunt Kitiara, my father's sister?"

For the first time tears can be seen in Aleximi's eyes, tears of sorrow not regret.....for he truely wishes to follow in his Father's footsteps, but he'd rather meet him first. The young Aleximi moves closer and hugs his cousin.
"Y--you---you're my only living relative now....aren't you? Don't leave my side, please beloved cousin.... I am weak and foolish.... and I need you to be with me. I love you, Kalia....." Tears flow more... *in the back of his mind, he also wonders whatever happened to his mother Crysannia... but he's so choked up and emotional....that the words are unable to be spoken.* All sounds in this section of the forstest are songs of sorrow by the creatures around Kalia and Aleximi....whose robes, unknown to Aleximi at the moment, turned a mysterious silver as he shed his loving tears.

03/31/2001 1:45 PM

An elf lord sat in a tree above the two mages. He ran his fingers through his short blonde hair, and listened to the conversation at hand. A green cloak was over his elven chain mail shirt, hiding the glare of it in the sunlight. He didn't want to disturb the two, so he sat quietly. He saw the unicorn, Acorn, gallop away and Alex hug his cousin. He sat thinking of his only living 'relative' that he knew of, and spoke to himself quietly. "I hope you made the right decision, Acorn. He can either save the world, or destroy it. Yes, we will meet again, o' mage. My cousin and I will be looking out for you, as your cousin does now."

The elf lord jumped from tree to tree, leaving the forest of Silvanesti and the two mages behind.If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

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04/01/2001 3:30 AM

"Did you hear something just then?" Kalia asked her still half dazed cousin, her golden eyes curious with a certain amount of fear present in the very depths.
Alex looked at his cousin, and acknowledged the faint glimmer of fright in her eyes as he responded, "I heard nothing but the wind whispering," He reached out and gently placed a palm on her shoulder, "Are you alright?" he asked, concern flashing in his features.
Kalia blinked, as if trying to get rid of some imaginary scales that hung over her eyes and stared at her cousin, the fear now gone only to have been replaced by annoyance at the stupid question that Alex had just that moment asked. She shrugged off his hand and, glaring at him replyed, "Of course I am alright you foolish mage! Now, come, we must try and find some shelter, for the sun will soon be setting and Silvanesti becomes biter at the rising of the moon."

Hope I didn't spoil any bits of the story thread!!!

04/01/2001 1:32 PM

OOC: Ah....jsut a bit....Kalia is a dragon, raised as a human for 22 years of her life, with no recoginition of being a dragon, she isn't that nasty of a person, she cares for her cousin, and she is a mage herself!!!!!! OH well, thats ok i guess...we'll see what we can do with it.....your village just called, their Idiot is missing

Master Mage Aleximi
04/01/2001 8:57 PM

ooc: Now I'm lost... did someone just try playin my character?!? riiiiiggghhhttt
Oh HI BETH!!! :)

04/02/2001 5:19 AM

OOC: wazzzupppppp"Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

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