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03/26/2001 4:45 AM

Walks in with a staff on his hand and a black robe around him. Looks around than grins. "Any Mages here? I don't care if your beginners or masters. So are there? I don't seek any challenge. I just simply want to know if there are mages." Turns around and thrust silver smoke around him than disappears.

Master Mage Aleximi
03/26/2001 2:10 PM

*A black robed mage appears out of nowhere in front of the other Black Mage... this mage is holding the infamous Staff of Magius in his hand.... though he is young, this mage's power can be felt far from his location*
"Allow me to introduce myself.... I am Master Mage Aleximi Majere! I sensed a brothern to my order near by.... so I was curious to whom it may be. I haven't seen you around here before.... are you new to our order? By the way stranger, what be your name?"

03/26/2001 2:24 PM

There is a bright flash of bright light and then suddenly a human walks out of the brightness.

"Well if you don't want a fight then you probably won't see me much!" :D
"If you must know I am a conjuror.""The light at the end of the tunnel may only lead to darkness, but also at the end of that tunnel there will be...ME!"


Wynter Firecaster
03/26/2001 2:28 PM

Suddenly, a ripple occurs through the air and a young elf woman apears. She looks at the other two, and to the one who called. Her silver robes blew in a wind that seemed to only be there for her. Her silver eyes pierced the gazes of the other. She gently smiled.

"Now, which one of you people asked for a mage?"ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

Master Mage Aleximi
03/26/2001 2:32 PM

"Hey Dylar.... nice to see you again. How's the Qualinesti and Kagonesti elves doing? I heard there was a giant army of Draconians and Dragons attacking their home land, know anything about it? What about you stranger... you know anything about the Elves? hmmm..... maybe we should try finding the orbs again and help fight for the Elves..... hmmm..."
The mage Aleximi stares blankly while listening to everyone... also thinking about his possession.... and the Elven ones.....

03/26/2001 2:41 PM

Gives Aleximi a hard glare that could cut others in two.

"Curs you, Aleximi, curse you!" "The light at the end of the tunnel may only lead to darkness, but also at the end of that tunnel there will be...ME!"


Wynter Firecaster
03/26/2001 5:42 PM

Wynter turns Aleximi around and punches him in the face. "That's for my cousins. This is for Autumn's people!" She grabs his shoulders and racks him.

"Hey Dylar. How has the conjuring gone so far?"ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/27/2001 2:52 AM

In the shadows stand someone who lives there, hidden from all others. He stands and watchs everyone enjoying the confusion because confusion leads to chaos and chaos strengthens him. His true power is hidden from all and that is where he likes it. For now he shall sit and watch and only jump in when time is ready for his revealing. Until Chaos is ready to rule supreme. Then his true magic, his true power shall be known.
"I am here mage," he says in a whisper inaudible to all but him. "I am here."

03/27/2001 11:24 AM

Kalia stepped out of the shadows to watch the scene before her. Her long white robes where trimmed in Lavender, and she held in her hand a Staff that looked very much like the staff in Aleximi's hands. they looked identical...But for color differences.

The Staff of Magius in Alex's hands was made of Black wood, a golden dragons' claw and a blue crystal orb. The staff in Kalia's hands was made of White ash, the Dragons claw was made of Pure Platinum, and the crystal at the top was a Pale Amethyst.

She called it the staff of life, and it was hers alone. She stepped forward again to stand just behind her Cousin Aleximi Majere. A pale misty Aura surrounded her, making her golden eyes glow, and her silvery hair shimmer.

A loud booming sound was heard by all. the sound of a Dragon Roaring, followed by the sound of Kalia's staff striking the ground.

"SILENCE!" she cried watching as all grew silent to stare at her.

"I make this place a place of sanctuary. Mages of all orders must adhre to this!! just like the tower of High sorcery in the forest of Wayereth once was. Petty differences must be laid out on the doorstep. this is a place of magic and nothing more!! Is This Understood?!?"

She stood proud and tall resting her gaze upon each of the mages around her.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

03/27/2001 1:13 PM

"Well I can conjour a pile of old knives and a busted up old chair!" "The light at the end of the tunnel may only lead to darkness, but also at the end of that tunnel there will be...ME!"


Wynter Firecaster
03/27/2001 1:42 PM

"That is really cool. Kalia is right, but you should never attack my cousins. Anyway, why exactly are we here?"ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/28/2001 3:37 AM

The shadow materialized as a figure drapped in a black, velvet robe emerged. Unlike everyone else in this room there were not any runes stitched into his robes. He slowly slide his hood back to reveal a dark handsome face. His dark eyes scanned the room until they landed on Kalia
"Well spoken mage. I see that you are one of the Majeres. Your family has a nice line of arcane talents and I see you have inherated some of them. Even though our robes clash our thoughts are donts. You are right all of us here live for the magic, and we should do anything for the magic. That enough hides the differences of colors. Now I think it is time for someone to tell me why I have been summoned. I dont enjoy being taken away from my studies."

Master Mage Aleximi
03/28/2001 9:24 PM

Aleximi glares at his 'crushey' Wynter with the words of a powerful death spell on the tips of his lips...
"You fool.... though I may have allowed Fistandantilus to posses me at costs unknown to me until too late, I had no control over what HE did... and you should know that. You saved me once, and for that I AM grateful, but do not test me Elven bastard!!!" The Master Mage Aleximi Majere continues to stare at Wynter.... piercing her soul with his hourglass eyes.

Aleximi begins to speak again in a deathly serious voice "Now, in an account on what we're doing here.... obviously it was willed by Nuitary, Solitary as well as Lunitary that each of us meet now..... but why? I may not know, but since I'm depossed now.... here's a crazy ass idea.... why not try saving this half breed's cousins as well as her lover's! or.... we could.... try to figure out why our Masters had us meet here and now. Unless someone else has so better idea, then I'm all ears."

03/28/2001 10:32 PM

Kalia spoke up softly, her golden eyes hidden by her silvery hair.

"That is "Solinari" not solitary..... and Dear cousin...you are out of line!" she stared at him, her golden eyes pleading with him to stop...your village just called, their Idiot is missing

Master Mage Aleximi
03/29/2001 12:25 AM

"Guess I wouldn't know since I'm the bad guy and all!" Glares at Wynter then back to his cousin.... had it been anyone else... he would have been pissed,but to Aleximi's cousin.... he couldn't dare harm her.
But he continues on anyways
"Out of line?!? Though I made a mistake with Fistan. I try to fix it, and knowing I need help I seek it, but this Elven outkast tries to beat the shit outta me bc of what I did when I was possessed!! See if I do anything of my free will for anyone *whispers: except you* again! Let the dragons destroy their home lands... I hope they burn every freakin elf out there for all I care!!!" Aleximi grins mischiviously at Wynter, watching her slowly die through His eyes.

03/29/2001 4:55 AM

The black robed mage walked further out of the corner and into the center of the room. He took a long look at everyone. After a second of thinking he spoke in a voice that was neither loud or soft.
"Let this pettty fighting cease. Let the past die because it is behind of forever except if one of us is the master of the tower. You may have had fights in the past but that is gone now. Our masters, the ones we draw our power for called us and I want to know why. If they need us then I say we put aside our past and work on our future."

Wynter Firecaster
03/29/2001 5:23 AM

Wynter cringed to the ground, feeling her soul twist inside her. She composed herself, and slowly stood up. Rage ignited in her eyes and she stared at Alex. "I saved your life twice, and I don't want to be repaid. You might come after my people as a thanks."

The fireball that was slowly brewing in her hand ceased. "You're not worth a waste of good magic."

She turned to the mage who seemed to be giving the advice. "Who are you? I recognize you. Were you at the Silver Tower sometime? But, you are right. It is the past. So get over it, Aleximi!"ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/29/2001 10:04 AM

"ALEX!" Kalia cried. "Please! you have got to look at it from her point of view. her homeland is being destroyed because of your choice with Fistan...that is how she sees it...understand her anger...her hatred..."

Kalia laid her hand gently on Aleximi's shoulder. "Understand her sadness...." Kalia's eyes shimmered with tears. "Only then will you understand and forgive"your village just called, their Idiot is missing

03/29/2001 10:39 AM

"I have made a visit to the silver towers. It is good to see you once again. My name is Triton." The mage takes a second to think before he conitues. "Once the two of you are ready to work together let leave this place and figure out why we were summoned I tire of sitting here."

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Wynter Firecaster
03/29/2001 1:25 PM

"It isn't my homeland, but that of a people who drifted from the Silvanesti. I do not hate them for what they did. They are my cousins, and I love them. Just as you love your cousin here, Alex. Imagine a whole race of her, then someone close to a friend go and destroy that people. It's like you are hurting me, and that I will never stand for. Autumn's people are just as close, and I will do everything in my power to save them. My father believed this, and Dalamar was a great mage." She turned from all the mages and bowed her head in respect. "Forgiveness is something I cannot have for you yet, Alex." She turned around, a fireball in her hand and a fire in her eyes. "But I will fight beside you to save people who are as dear to me as family."

"I do remember you, Triton. I also agree with you. We should find out why we are here, before we dive into a possible death."

She waved her hand and a pile of logs appeared. She let the fireball fall to the logs and set them on fire. "Might as well keep warm while we wait."ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/29/2001 2:31 PM

From the ceiling, an elf dropped in to the little party of mages as they looked at her akwardly. She gave a nervous smile and said, "Hey, I'll fight for the elves too...oh crap!" She jumped out the window as anther elf, dressed in all black, fell from the ceiling and followed her.If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/30/2001 3:41 AM

"Can you do that with a cup of wine I am getting a little parched."

"Now that we are in agreement what do we do now. We cannot just travel to a moon to ask what we are wanted for. Even though people are now dropping from the sky as if they come from the moon."

Wynter Firecaster
03/30/2001 5:14 AM

Wynter waved her hand and five glasses of wine appeared, along with bread and cheese. "Eat away."

"Yes, the young landy that fell is one of my friends, Autumn Silverbow. An assasin must be after her again."ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/30/2001 1:55 PM

(walks through the door and slowly folds my arms across my chest, grinning maliciously)Tower mages. (snorts in disgust as I look around the room and my eyes glitter when I see the two staffs)(whispers to myself) At long last, soon I will rid myself of that accursed staff. Now all I must do is follow these fools and choose my moment. (thinks for a moment and disappears in a flash swirling colors)-Limits are just an excuse for failure.

Master Mage Aleximi
04/01/2001 9:10 PM

Aleximi glances at his cousin.... small tears in eyes, now understanding.
"You may not be able to forgive my wrong choices..... but.... I do understand now... and... I'm sorry,Wynter." Aleximi walks over to be closer to Kalia.

Out of the corner of his eyes... her notices a stranger.... with a dark aura and meaning that gives Aleximi the 'shivers'
Aleximi whispers to his cousin "I have a bad feeling about that guy over there.... though I can't figure out what it is... or where I've seen him....if......before..... We better be careful, though I don't know why...."

04/02/2001 6:52 AM

Using a spell which he choose not to do every now and then.
Speaking but not with his mouth but his mind he talks to the cousins.
"I do not trust him either. I admire you two for coming over your differences so I shall help you. Maybe the gods sent us here for this reason? I dont know but I shall be here as long as you need me."

Wynter Firecaster
04/03/2001 5:18 AM

"Let us dispense with the pleasantries and get down to business." Wynter said, not hearing or seeing the man in the corner. "We must figure out who called us here and why."ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/03/2001 11:07 AM

"You are right we must. Are we all in agreement that our gods have summoned us. I felt my moon draw me here that is why I have come."

Master Mage Aleximi
04/05/2001 11:11 AM

"I believe each of our Gods have summond us to prepare for something huge... later..... but I'm clueless to what,when,where,why, or how! So once more.... you lead, and I shall follow......" the Mage's voice grows to a whisper as Aleximi continues to stand tall by his cousin "unless harm comes to my beloved cousin."

Suddenly the room grows dark and a scream can be heard..... no one can see in this pitch-blackness "Shirak!" Aleximi shouts and the Staff of Magius begins to glow.... showing their intruders in a Chaos-Dark Form.
"What the heck?!?" Aleximi gawks confused and startled at the 'face' that could scare even a Kender. "...I sense a great dark magick about these....these.... creatures... Creatures I know no name for."

Aleximi looks to his cousin then too the others, wondering what they know or what should be done about them.

04/05/2001 12:51 PM

Suddenly, a wilder elf appears seemingly from no where, her eyes of liquid silver reflesting everyone that looked into them. Her silver robe glittered with the same irridecent glow as the rest of her form.
"Greetings fellow mages, I am Mirror." she said, her eyes fixed onthe evil that was awaiting in the shadows. "I am here for the same reason as the rest of you, and will explain myself later." The ornate fragon tatoo that spand the whole length of her left arm began to glow as her white hair began to rise off her scalp with the static from the magic that they could all feel in the room. Her hands parted and small lightning bolts began to dance from her finger tips. "I believe that now would be a good time to do something about this evil thing in the shadows, am I right?"

04/05/2001 1:01 PM

"These are creatures of the dark, I can feel the evil react to them. At the same time they are powerful, I cannot harm them but I can try to protect you. It is going to take a magic or cleric of the white robes to harm these."

Triton speaks his arcane language while his hands drew out runes into the air. The air sparkles a bit then dies down.

"That should hold why we decied what we do now. Just stay together and dont let that light go out. These are the undead and anything with a pulse is its sworn enemy."

Wynter Firecaster
04/05/2001 3:12 PM

"There are those who do not weild the white robes who may settle this," Wynter said, standing up. "I usually do not promote death, but something of this evil I cannot be around." She closed her eyes before the creature of chaos, and her hands began a dance of magic.

"Darker than darkest night, deeper than the shadow of death. I pray upon the deepest fears of life eternal. I twist thee in the hands of the gods themselves. I strike without fear or mercy!" A ball of condensed light flew from Wynter's hands as they finished their dance. The creature of darkness fell to the ground, struggling with the light that seemed to engulf it. Wynter's hands began to move apart as the great floated out the window and an explosion heard.

"When they explode like that one just did, it's very messy. That is handled, so you may extinguish the light of your staff, Aleximi." She sat back down at the fire and spoke again. "I believe someone is manipulating us. Making us think that our gods of magic summoned(i can't spell if that is wrong) us here for something big. I, too, felt magic draw me here. And I also believe that there is a war brewing...one where our magic is needed more than ever." She suddenly became quiet, the fire starting to die down. She waved her hand and another log appeared. She threw it on the fire and the room exploded in light again.ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/05/2001 10:54 PM

A lone wolf of unusual porportions and motley fur watches from the edge of the woods, standing in perpetual silence. The only indications of his presence are the glowing yellows eyes stabbing out from the darkness, and a soft mist of breath as he breathes slowly.
With a watchful eye, he observes the building, taking careful note of everything. The abomination of nature waits patiently, obeying an unspoken command.
Keep watch and report to me when the mages leave. follow them until I arrive...
-Limits are just an excuse for failure.

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