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07/06/2000 4:24 PM

Welcome to the Fae paradise! this is where all Fae creatures, dragon, Faerie Dragon, Fairies, Sprites, and any other cute, cool or non-evil creatures can come and relax!. My name is Liyestastardonnameilesta. you can just call me Liyesta. I'm a faerie dragon w/ mottled purple and pink fur and blue dragonfly-like wings. ::anttenas twitch:: so, who are you? =^.^=

06/01/2000 6:45 PM

*A figure drops out the branch of a tree. He stretches
his muscles, making it apparent he's been there for
some time.*

"Liyesta, you and your ilk disgust me. You have
insulted my honor. Now, I will kill you."

*Hooded begins an arcane chant which will enable
him to use the power word 'kill' against the
colorfull creature.*

06/01/2000 9:06 PM

*Nadja steps from the shadows*

*she disrupts his attempt by putting herself in
danger. but thanks to the amulet she wears it is
not effective*

'Hooded_One you need an attitude adjustment'

*Nadja passes out from the exertion*

06/02/2000 5:46 AM

A young boy (roughly 10 years old) pops from the
time/space continium and gives the faeri dragon a
big hug.

"I luv cute dragons. I like faeries, they're so
so so so cute....."

He turns to the others and raises his arms waving
them like a wind mill.

"HIYA! I'm Marcus, a wanderer of time and space!
I accidently became young when a bathe in the
faeries fountain of youth."

He walks over to Hooded and peers into the cloak.

"Hey! It's uncle Hooded!"

He immediately clambers on Hooded, pulling his
cloak this way and that, making a general pest
of himself. After making the Hooded one as his
monkey bars he raced to the trees surrounding the
grove. High pitch giggles and screams from the
sprites up the trees tracks his movement from tree
to tree.

06/02/2000 7:15 PM

*Hooded squirms away from the revolting child. Pulling out a throwing star he hurls it at the youngster. Narrowly missing the young Marcus as he performed a branch swinging manouvre. Turning in horror, Hooded sees seven furry humanoid creatures skip towards him. They are singing a melodious tune which continually repeats itself. Closing in on Hooded they stop singing.*

"We love you." Says the red one.

"Let's be friends." Says the yellow one.

*Hooded quickly snaps his fingers, his dagger obediantly appears into a tight grip. Hooded stabs the furry red humanoid in the throat. Blood spurts out of the creatures throat as it dies. Turning quickly, Hooded grabs the blue and executes a choke hold. The furry blue humanoids wind pipe is crushed. Moments later, the furry blue creature finally dies. Looking to the west, Hooded sees big bird, grover and Gonzo advancing. Acting quickly, Hooded runs back in a fighting retreat.*

06/08/2000 2:06 PM

A beatiful girl with brown hair&eyes appears at the enterance.She sees some guy running away. She hesitates, wondering whether to take her sword from her side, her bow from her back, come in, or just leave. She walks in, but hesitantly. "Ummmm....Hi?" she says, her on the the Hooded_One.

06/10/2000 9:00 PM

*Hooded dives over a couple of boxes. Deciding to make a stand against the colourful creatures. Hooded pulls out his blowpipe and several poison darts. A bright green female humanoid jumps onto a box from nowhere. The green female cheerily sings the alphabet, gagging in pain and falling to the ground dead. A poison dart sticking out the side of her neck. Noticing the new comer for the first time, Hooded glaces at brown hair and eyed girl.*

"Kill one of them colourful things, or I kill you." Hooded says and jerks a chin at the colourful creatures.

06/10/2000 9:51 PM

Suddenly, hundreds of small blue skinned creatures
started to swarm Hooded and drops him on the ground
and pinning him.

"Hey! Look at this guy!" shouted one Smurf.

"Yeay! A new friend for a place!" Shouted another.

Hundreds of Smurfs started to smother Hooded with
their cutenes.

06/11/2000 10:01 AM

"Ummmmm..... should I come back later?" asks Kaelyn.

06/12/2000 2:30 AM

*Hooded grabs a smurf with a red hat and holds a toothpick to the tiny blue creatures throat.*

"Get back vermin or Papa Smurf gets it."

*Hooded sighs in relief as the smurfs begin to back off. Papa smurf mutters a few words of magic and disappears. Reappearing amongst his blue smurf brethren. Papa smurf yells a few commands, organizing the smurfs into a cohesive fighting unit. Hooded turns to the female archer.*

"You know how to escape this realm? Help me escape?" Hooded says with his dagger drawn. Ready to fight off whatever weird form of attack the smurf's come up with.*

06/12/2000 5:41 AM

The smurfs started to fire white hot needles like arrows that peppered Hooded's legs. Hundreds started to pull him down and started tying him with small but very tough and elastic rope. For every 10 smurfs Hooded smacks 100 replaces them.

06/12/2000 2:10 PM

Kaelyn stares.She sets out a container with smurf berries in it, and all the smurfs run in. Kaelyn puts the container aside just as about 100 fluffy, meowing kittens start to run up and smother Hooded One.

06/14/2000 4:41 AM

*Hooded shakes off the smurfs only to be suddenly ambushed by fluffy kittens. Retreating backwards, Hooded stamps a booted foot on as many kittens and smurfs as possible. Hooded points a furious finger at Papa Smurf.*

"You haven't seen the last of me Papa Smurf." Hooded says with hatred.

*That said, Hooded runs into a forest of purple, orange and polkadot trees. Pulling out a blowpipe, Hooded fires a poison dart. The magical dart mutiplies into 50 poison darts in mid-air, heading straight for his enemies.*

06/14/2000 6:40 PM

*Looks at Hooded with distaste*

'Yours such an ass!!!!!'

06/14/2000 10:37 PM

Out of nowhere, 50 butterflies appeared and started intercepting the darts, each catching the darts deftly. Behind Hooded, a small round and pinkish creature with large luminous eyes gazed at him.


Halts for a moment and takes a breath.


The Jigglypuff gives Hooded the dirty finger and then lunges at him.
\ I /

06/15/2000 1:46 AM

*Hooded watches the trajectory of his poison darts and holds his dagger tightly. Ready to stab

06/15/2000 8:13 AM

*out of the dark you hear a feamle voice.*


06/16/2000 5:08 AM

"Don't shout too loudly Nad, ya might wake up ya son Panda."

06/16/2000 12:43 PM

*looks at him with distaste.*

'You touch my sons and I will kill you. That is not a threat it is a promise.'

06/16/2000 8:03 PM

coming out of an interdementional portal, Ash, Brock and Misty appear. Ash throws Hooded a pokeball to capture the Jigglypuff before he sings his deadly song of death. (well, sleep). The poke-trio are back through the portal as quickly as the appeared.

06/16/2000 8:55 PM

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge white kitty cat without a mouth pops out of the polka dot trees and lands on Hooded. The Kitty has a huge red ribbon on her head and has a small dots for eyes.
A pack of other kitties started piling up on Hooded, trying to smother him with cuteness.

06/17/2000 1:46 AM

"Any day now Nad, I'm gonna be frying baby liver over a campfire."

*Hooded turns to see three strange adventurers. Seeing the apparent leader throw a spherical object, Hooded catches it studying the orb.*

OOC: LOL, I've never seen that pokemon program so forgive me if I get some of this pokemon law wrong.

*Punching Jiggly in the head, Hooded throws the sperical red and silver orb at the creature. The sphere sucks it inside. Hooded grabs the orb and chucks it in his pocket. Being "attacked" by the fluffy kittens, Hooded grabs several. Snapping each ones neck. But for every kitty killed, another three are in reserve. Hooded falls to his knees in agony. Reaching into a pocket for something...*

06/17/2000 3:14 AM

'Hooded there is no way in hell I am going to let you near my children. If you have any problems with me you take them out on me. NOT my children. So you better be careful of what you say.'

06/17/2000 5:34 PM

OOC: Hey Hooded! For not watching Pokemon, you're very accurate. You throw the poke-ball at the Pokemon. It opens in half during mid flight and zapps the pokemon into the ball! LOL! Great job!

06/18/2000 2:24 AM

A small yellowish creature falls from the tree and stared at Hooded who was on the ground.

Electricty started to sprout from its cheeks.


A thundershock strikes Hooded as he lay on the ground.

06/18/2000 4:16 AM

OOC: Thanx Ingrid! I'll have to remember all this for future pokemon battles :-)

*Seeing the yellow thing hit him with a thunderstrike. Hooded goes flying and bangs into a polkadot tree. Hooded regards the yellow thing with grudging respect. The thunderstrike being almost as effective as a full grown blue dragon's breath weapon. With his hand still in his pocket, Hooded withdraws the red and silver orb and throws it in the general direction of the little yellow creature.*

"I call Jiggly... Jiggly attack."

06/18/2000 4:25 AM

Actually, its called a Jigglypuff, and here are it's attacks:

Take Down
Body Slam
Defense Curl
Double Edge

06/18/2000 10:15 PM

Then suudenly, hundreds of spectators appear out of nowhere to lay bets on the fight between Pikachu and Jigglypuff.

"I lay 10 golden eggs for the Jigglypuff to rip Pikachu's head off!" Cried the Goose who lay the golden egg.

"I bet 20 scooby snacks for Pikachu to lay the smackdown on Jiggly!" Shouted a small spunky pup standing near a large scrany mutt.

"Go Pikachu, show that Jiggly who's the best!"
"Yeah, Go Pika!"
"Beat the daylights out of that Jiggly!"

Jigglypuff seems to be the underdog in this match.

The two combatants circle each other like gladiators in an arena of death. The yellow creature was wheezing from using a powerful attack at Hooded not knowing that he carried one

Pikachu sends out a thundershock attack at Jiggly!!!

(OOC: Hey Hooded, You Handle Jiggly, I Handle Pika)

06/19/2000 3:53 AM

OOC: Wow Kaelyn. You seem like an expert. Can you sing that song where they name all the pokemon?

*With his back against the polkadot tree. Hooded watches the small creatures circle each other. Battlelust filling both combatants eyes.*

"Jigglypuff, doubleslap attack."

*Hooded listens to the ewwww's and arrrr's from the growing crowd. Looking to his left, Hooded sees Papa Smurf walk up to a gambling booth and pull out a huge wad of notes to lay a bet. Looking back to the battle, Hooded sees Jigglypuff throw a vicious doubleslap.*

06/19/2000 4:45 AM

The PokeRap? I know a lot of it, but not all. I used to know more, but I got the pokemon soundtrack and memorized those, so let's see....

Electrode Diglett Nidoran Mankey Venusaur Rattata Fearow Pidgey Seaking Jolteon Dragonite Gastly Ponyta Vaporeon Poliwag Butterfree!!

Kabuto Persian Paras Horsea Raticate Magneton kadabra weepinbell ditto cloyster caterpie sandshrew bulbasaur Charmander golem pikachu!!

Those are two of them. My hand hurts, so I'll do some later.

06/19/2000 6:01 AM


The yellow creature slams into a sugar plum tree and one of its eyes was apparently damaged by the Jigglypuff attack. Blood spurts from a cut above the eyebrow.


Pikachu does his agility attack ramming Jiggly into one of the three little pigs. The pig shoves Jiggly back into the circle of death.

06/19/2000 7:38 AM

OOC) I thought this was a DragonLance thing. Not some Damned Pokemon.

'Hooded the minute you lay a finger on my sons your life is mine...I will NOT tolerate you going and screwing my family.'

06/20/2000 8:43 PM

The ten year old version of Marcus pops out from a purple polka dot tree with a dozen giggling faerie dragons with him.


The Faerie dragons started clambering all over Nadja.

06/20/2000 9:44 PM

'Get the HELL off of me.'

*Runs to the forest and escapes. She goes to her bar for a drink.*

06/21/2000 3:13 AM

"I'll only kill one Nad. As for the baby, I'll just shake it real hard and make it brain damaged for life. Have fun raising a vegetable."

*Turning back to the small figures engaged in a vicious battle. Hooded watches Jigglypuff battered in a counter-attack from the Pikachu. Jigglypuff staggers around momentarily in a confused daze. Getting caught up in the excitement of the fight, Hooded yells furiously at Jigglypuff.*

"Jigglypuff. Body slam."

06/21/2000 9:00 AM

*Mutters a spell and all of a sudden The_Hooded_One is taken down in a barrage of fire balls.*

'I hear of anything you have done to my children I will personally hunt you down like the dog you are and kill you. Besides what do you have against my children?'

06/21/2000 11:15 PM

Blood spurts from Pikachu's nose and ears as the Jigglypuff slams him hard to the ground. But Pikachu manages to shake of the attack and gives Jigglypuff a nasty scratch that mars Jigglypuff's cute face. NOW, JIGGLY IS TRULY MAD.

06/22/2000 1:45 AM

"Nad, I don't hate your kids. I'm just going to kill them. Nothing personal. It's just business."

*Seeing Jigglypuff go spaz with anger. Hooded cheers encouragement..*

"Good... good..." Hooded mutters to himself.

*Performing a previously unknown attack move. Jiggly charges into Pika. When Pikachu lands on its back. Jiggly hooks in a figure four leg lock. While performing the manauvre, Jiggly puts a paper bag on over his head. Emabarrased about the loss of cuteness.*

06/22/2000 4:59 AM

**An elf-looking girl walks up to the Pokemon battle. She has long light purple hair and bright blue eyes. Walking up to Hooded, she smiles.**

"What is this place, PokeWorld or Krynn?"

**Shaking her head, she goes over beside a tree and pulls out a PokeBall. She releases it and out comes a beautiful young Ponyta. Seeing Hooded and the pitiful Pokemon who are fighting, it shakes it's head.**

"There, there. It's alright, Firestar..."

**The girl murmurs to Firestar as it starts to nibble at some leaves overhead. The young girl smiles at her Pokemon and effortlessly jumps into the tree. When she finally comes down, in one hand she holds an apple and above the other hovers a small fairy. The girl promptly feeds the apple to Firestar and sits back down while talking to the fairy.**

~~ Unknown Girl/Firestar

06/22/2000 5:37 AM

all of the pokemon can go to hades. get a roleplaying site of your own

06/22/2000 9:00 PM


Pikachu manages to struggle out of the figure four leg lock and scambles away. Badly wounded, he pulls out a platinum amulet and starts praying to Paladine to cure his wounds. A silvery light covers the yellow creature and heals the damage done to him.

Pikachu pulls out a mini-morningstar mace and starts to spin it above his head.


06/22/2000 9:23 PM


06/22/2000 9:30 PM

OOC: LOL. I'll have to steel that translation gag
for this message Mert :-)

*Jigglypuff sees Pikachu's display and sneers back.
The battle lust in Jigglypuff increases tenfold.
Muttering jiggly several times in an arcane voice.
Jigglypuff is suddenly clothed in a black robe and a
magical staff. The staff seems to be a mini version
of the staff of Magius. Twirling the staff in front of
of him, Jiggly replies to Pikacha.*

"Jiggly, jiggly, jig-jig-JIGGLY."
Translation: "Like fu** you dick licking yellow blob."

06/22/2000 10:18 PM

Pikachu wirled his morningstar and let it go.

(Translation: Prepare to die you pussy licking anthromorphic retard!!!)

The mace whistles by and knocks Jiggly to the ground.

06/23/2000 2:11 AM

*Jigglypuff goes red with rage at the insult. Jigglypuff spins his tiny staff in a series of complicated manauvres. The entire crowd applaud loudly in appreciation (including a standing ovation from the smurfs). After Jigglypuff's amazing display of staven skill, he surprises everyone and throws the staff away and addresses Pikachu with intensity.*

"J-j-j-jiggly, jig jiggly."

Translation: "I will kill you with my bare hands, mother-fu**er.

06/23/2000 2:54 AM

Pikachu drops his armor and mace and shoves Jigglypuff bodily.

Translation: I'll shove that stinking staff of yours up your ugly little ass, you monogonadal freak!

He then smacks Jiggly right in the kisser with a left hook.

06/23/2000 4:27 AM

**The Unknown Girl stands up and walks over to the battling Pokemon. She looks at Hooded and then at Nadja.**

"This is a battle indeed, but what is the true battle about?"

**Shaking her head, she motions for her small faerie friend to come over. Firestar, the Unknown Girl's Ponyta, follows. She looks at Hooded.**

"Could you tell my friend Undine and I what the problem is... that is, if you don't mind telling us..."

**The Unknown Girl sits down on the back of Firestar and awaits Hooded's answer.**

~~The Unknown Girl

06/23/2000 7:39 AM

*Throws out a Pokeball and out pops a Rychue(sorry if it mispelled) and helps Pika fight Jigglypuff*

'Take that'

06/23/2000 3:47 PM

*Hooded watches as Jiggly takes a vicious hook shot, splitting Jigglypuff's lip. Acting with admirable poise. Jiggly throws 4 quick jabs at Pikachu in a lightening quick combo.*

"Ji-jiggl-jigglyj-j-j-j-jiggly" Jigglypuff says to Pikachu through gasped breaths.
Translation: "If you had a neck Yellow Blob. I would snap it."

*Hooded turns to Unknown Girl.*

"Don't ask me. Ask Nad, she's the resident fruit loop."

06/23/2000 7:17 PM

*Rychu attacks with a powerful mass thunderbolt, and a incinerate spell.*

Nadja conjures up a blade barrier makeing up a wall of 400 knives. She then casts a push spell.

'That is for my children and my family's children you SOB'

06/24/2000 2:11 AM

*Hooded leans against a yellow and purple tree casually. Seeing the 400 daggers. Hooded looks at his own dagger.*

"Take care of it."

*Hooded's dagger negotiates with the dagger wall. All 400 daggers disappear into another realm.*

"Copy me all you want Nad. I'm still the dagger king." Hooded says to Nad and winks. Not considering her worthy enough to retaliate.

06/24/2000 3:08 AM

*Kit appears out of thin air*

"No, im the dagger king...or i will be after my operation"

*Kit rubs tummy*

"Mmmm im hungry. What smells so good?"

06/24/2000 5:23 AM

Pikachu takes the initiative with the arrival of the distractive people. He pulls out a pink rocket launcher with a huge pink ribbon and aims it at Jiggly.


His missle missfires and the shot hits a pack of smurfs watching the match. Small bodies fly into the air while screams of agony echo around the pink and purple polkadot forest.

06/24/2000 5:38 AM

*The smurfs run around in a panic. Suddenly they calm down. The smurfs part and Papa Smurf walks out of the blue crowd.*

"Nobody messes with my kids. Me and Smurfette spent ages breeding those smurfs." Papa Smurf spits out angrily.

*Raising his hands above his head, Papa Smurf gathers magical around him. Muttering powerful arcane words. Papa Smurf fires lightening bolts at all the pokemon. Deciding to wipe the breed out of his realm.*

06/24/2000 5:47 AM

That will kill almost all of them, but you just supercharged the electric pokemon, papa smurf!

06/24/2000 5:53 AM

*Papa Smurf looks at the supercharged Pikachu.*

"A wise guy, ehhhh. Brainy Smurf, what next?"

*A snivelling smurf who wears glasses walks out with a note pad and starts writing down some calculations.*

06/24/2000 5:59 AM

Pikachu and Jigglypuff looks at each other. Each look into each others eyes. They both know that now they face a common enemy.

Translation: Let's get that pedophilic daughter f****r!!!

Pikachu loads another High explosive round and blasts another pack of panicking smurfs. Gore and innards start flying all over the place!

06/26/2000 2:34 AM

*Reeling from the attack. Blue body parts explode everywhere. Most of the smurfs are killed in the viloent pokemon attack. One smurf stands tall however. One smurf stands defiant against the attack. One smurf stands, magical power begins flitting between his fingers. The lone smurf of course being the almighty Papa Smurf. Pulling out an ogre two handed broadsword. The one inch tall Papa Smurf wields the huge blade one handed. Spinning the sword skillfully in figure eights, Papa Smurf aims a vicious horizontal arc at the pokemon team.*

06/26/2000 4:49 AM

**The Unknown Girl rolls up her sleeves.**

"Mayhap this isn't the time for talking."

**Looks at Kitaria, Nadja, Hooded, Mertonius, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Raichu.**

"Do you all need some help? Undine, Firestar, and I would be happy to help against these one-inch-tall s..."

**Just then, one of the smurfs comes charging at her while serveral others attack Undine and Firestar. The Unknown Girl smiles with an look in her eye.**

"Lets get this over with!!"

**The Unknown Girl pulls out some strange silvery powder. She sprinkles a pinch of it on the attacking smurf. Suddenly, the smurf stops, shakes its head and falls down. Its stomach starts to bulge and suddenly explodes. The ground is covered in blue slime. The Unknown Girl laughes.**

"Any smurf that comes near me gets the combustion (SP?) spell... com'mon, who's gonna challenge me?"

~~The Unknown Girl

06/26/2000 9:23 AM

*Rychu looks at the lone Papa Smuf standing alone. He attacks it with a vicious Incenterate (SP?)*

'RYCHHUUUUUUUUUUU RRRYYYYYYYCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHUUUU... translations there you ugly blue mother F*^**R!!!!!'
Love concurs all

06/26/2000 9:41 PM

But a couple of reinforcements arrived to help Papa Smurf. Three dozen or so ponies with multi colored horestails arrived, mounted by a couple of rainbow colored bears.

"Care bears! Little Ponies! Attack those UN-CUTE infidels!!!"

The thundering charge of the ponies shake the purple polka dot forest.

The cavalry has arrived.

06/27/2000 3:41 AM

*Hearing the Unknown Girl's challenge, Papa Smurf closes his eyes in concentration. Suddenly, Miner Smurf digs his way out of the ground at her feet. Several smurfs follow him out and launch an attack against the Unknown Girl. With the incoming incinerate spell, 10 smurfs sacrifice themselves and jump on Papa Smurf. Protecting him from the searing heat. Papa Smurf shakes them off, just in time to see the the cavalry arrive. Shouting orders, Papa Smurf organises his grown army into a cohesive fighting unit. Nodding his head, Papa Smurf signals the little ponies and carebears to charge.*

06/29/2000 5:24 AM

**The Unknown Girl, Undine, and Firestar stand ready as they see the 'calvalry' arrive. Undine smiles and pulls out a strange looking staff made of pure water. Surprisingly, the water is stronger than any metal or wooden staff could ever be. As a group of little ponies and carebears charge at her she raises the staff to the sky and it begins to storm. But instead of water as you would expect; fireballs began to fall. It hit only carebears, smurfs, and little ponies.

Firestar took on a battle with the little ponies that charged it. Five of them surrounded it. Firestar smiled and did a Pokemon move called Fissure. It worked and all the little ponies were desinigrated (SP?).

The Unknown Girl smiles as a group of smurfs, carebears, and little ponies attack her. She sprinkles the dust on the first wave of attackers. They all fall to the ground and explode. The Unknown Girl pulls out a talisman made of gold and whispers a prayer to the Dark Queen. Instantly, Papa Smurf and all his little 'cute followers' were given Black .

~~The Unknown Girl/Undine/Firestar

06/29/2000 5:28 AM

*As all of this is going on the owners of Pikachu and Rychu have been making out. They only seem to look up to take breaths and tell their pokemon to f**k off. They then get up after a joyus bout of sex and get there pokemon fighting again.*(:))

Love concurs all

06/30/2000 8:25 PM

Jigglypuff pulls out a backpack radio and started radioing some backup. A group of Digletts started tunneling some foxholes for the party. He takes cover as a Diglett holed a charging little pony, breaking its legs.

Translation: Send in the Air force!!!

A whirling hum fills the air as a dozen anti pony Beedrills started popping out of nowhere. Like a pack of Apache helicopters they started to blast the ponies using advance tactical, wire guided 'crap' bombs. One poor pony was all covered up in deep shit that it died.

07/03/2000 3:23 AM

*Feeling the devastation of the Unknown Girl's lethal attacks. The smurfs and little ponies back off into a hasty retreat. The smurfs changing to black. With the added force of apache helicopters, Papa Smurf signals his hoards to gather around for one last stand. Suddenly a rift appears. A small green figure steps out. All the smurfs, carebears and little ponies fall to their knees in homage. Even Papa Smurf falls to one knee. Yoda steps out of the rift. Acknowledging Papa Smurf with a quick nod.*

"mmmMMM." Says Yoda, looking at some pokemon x-rated action in front of him.

"mmmMMM." Spits Yoda in disgust.

07/03/2000 5:43 AM

**The Unknown Girl looks around and sees the group
of attackers back away as the spell and other
Powers begin to set in. She smiles as she sees
them all get ready for their last wave of battle.
The Unknown Girl watches as the rift appears and
out comes Yoda. She too pays her homage to the
Great-One and walks up to him. Speaking in tongues (SP?)
only Yoda himself would understand.**

"Latito, Pala-Maku. Shaloom lavera asi, sala
loche. Loe cambara tutti lanero pana si cu.
Palanese, Pala-Maku."

**With that, she again drops to one knee. Undine
flutters over to Yoda. She smiles, says a few
words, and does the same. Firestar trots over,
shakes it's mane, and falls to one knee. The
Unknown Girl looks up long enough to see how the
others react to seeing Yoda...**

~~The Unknown Girl/Undine/Firestar

07/03/2000 9:19 PM

The rift widened and a pack of furry brown creatures plopped out near Yoda. The creatures carried mismatched spears and staves.

All the pokemon present gasp in horror as the Ewoks arrived on scene.

Translation: What the hell? Call the Death Squad!

Another pack of weird life forms started arriving on the battlefield. A green frog was there leader along with his queen, a pig. Dozens of monsters toting weapons ranging from flamethrowers to plasma rifles came into view.

"Oh Kermie honey, they have that stupid old Yoda with them..."

"Don't worry Miss Piggy, we'll take care of them!" Piped in Bert.

"Yeah Ernie!"

Ernie popped out a dozen claws turning into the ultra violent Evil Ernie.

A blue monster with wrangling eyes came into view on the sides of the muppets.

07/04/2000 2:56 AM

*Noticing the appearance of Yoda. Hooded stands still for a moment, then gives Yoda a rare respectful bow, acknowledging the little green guys power. Seeing the multitudes of ewoks. Hooded backs into the polkadot forest and watches with interest. Papa Smurf and Yoda link hands and begin some magical chant to battle the animal puppet beings.*

07/04/2000 12:40 PM

Aliese, a traveling mage, sees battle on the horizon. She scrambles up the hillside to watch the spectacle! "Wow!," she exclaimed. "The Old Cartoon Smackdown!! How very interesting!"

She snickered and invoked the Teletubies to appear. "Go, my friends! Into the melee!!!"

Tinkie-Winkie bounced up and down then ran into the fight. "A Gun!! A Gun!!" was his battle cry!

07/05/2000 5:12 AM

*Seeing the teletubbies and hearing their high pitched, piercing and repetitive battle cry. Hooded falls to his knees. Resisting the urge to puke. Try as he might, Hooded vomits. The drull teletubby chant effecting him harshly. Looking at the teletubbies with hatred, Hooded raises an arm and drops it. Scrooge McDuck drops from a yellow and blue tree. Huey, Duey and Luey not far behind him. Scrooge McDuck lashes out with his his cane, the smaller duck trio fire blowpipe projectiles at the teletubbies.*

"Kill the one with the triangle first." Hooded says to the ducks.

*Scrooge and his three cronies nod and turn their attack onto the purple teletubby with a triangle above his head.*

07/06/2000 5:27 AM

With the combined might of the fearsome Muppets and the Wild Pokemon army, Pikachu initiates an attack!

Total chaos ensues as everyone forgot about what side their were on. Smurfs vs Smurfs, Pokemon vs Pokemon, muppets vs muppets. Hell descended on the faerie paradise.

07/06/2000 4:24 PM

"Oh my!! Such enterainment!" Aliese plopped tummy down on the grass with her chin resting in her hands. She muttered an ancient spell and snapped her fingers. At once, a tub of Reddenbutters movie theatre popcorn appeared in front of her. "This show is just smurfy!"

She sat up laughing as a dangerous thought came to mind. Again, her fingers moved, conducting a symphony of magic. Storm clouds appeared above the battlefield and began raining Skittles upon the combatants. "Taste the rainbow, guys!" she yelled to them and resumed munching on her popcorn.

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