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03/20/2001 8:18 PM

Twisting...Singing...The Song of Madness Calling...
Whispers... The Sighing.... Inglorious Death....
I... Came... And...Went...
Searching in an Ever twisting mind of nothingness therein....

I am Mertonius? Antonius? News? Or an Ant on us?

He he he he. What is everything but a part of nothing?

I am here, there and everywhere...

And I have returned...


You wake up in a cold sweat. You are chilled to the bone my the nightmares that racked your sleep for days. Mertonius... He is ever calling... He was dead... He had died years ago... Giving up his life to protect Krynn when his Dark Portal to another world collapse on itself and tried to take the world with it... And now... Twenty years has passed....


Indorius and Syldarion watched as the cloaked man made his way towards them. They guarded this passage into the hidden citadel of the elves, barring entry for all those who tried to pass.

(everything was translated from Silvanost Elvish)

"You are forbidden entry, Black Robe. You may not pass."

But the figure continued on, nearing the gates.

"Thou art forbidden to pass. Guards! Stop him"

A dozen arrows flew towards the figure, imbeding themselves. Nevertheless, the figure pressed on.

He came within sword range of the two guards. Indorius swung his longsword, but before it struck the cloaked figure, he fell dead on the spot. His head blown apart. Syldarion backed away, fear in his eyes. And in the eyes of the stranger, madness swirled.

On that day... Madness and Death walked hand in hand amongst the streets of the Elven Citadel...

-------------------------------Three Days Has Passed-----------------------------------

You and a number of intrepid adventurers gaze in wonder and shock. Before you lay the shattered remains of the elven citadel. Nothing alive walked its ancient streets. Only the dead... Or those who were once dead...
Again you hear the maniacal laughter. The Maniacal Laughter of Mertonius...

(Trees are representedt as X Houses O)
Area Descriptions:
GATES-------Main Street--------North Side------Abandoned Temple
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | xxxxxxxxxxx | xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx Second Street xxxx |----------White Robe's Library(?)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \ oooo |ooooooooooooooooooooooooo
xxxxxWest Barracks-------- Central Market-------------East Gardens
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| xxxxxxxx Civilian Quarters-----------------Military Training Area
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx |
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx |
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Primary Barracks
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Main Citadel

Monsters Roaming the CItadel:
Elven Zombies
Hell Hounds
Lesser Liches
Giant Spiders
and other nasties

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03/21/2001 10:17 AM

That is kinda confusing.

03/21/2001 10:57 PM

You all start of at the gates of the Elven CItadel.Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/22/2001 11:05 AM

OOC:LOL,Mertonius,You ever try to start a small,fun,un-assuming thread?
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

04/18/2001 9:49 PM

ooc: Tolk trips and falls on Ghostbuster. "Ooops, sorry!" She says as she gets up and dusts them both off. "Hey, cool ring! Looks just like mine!" She rummages through her bags, but can't seem to find what she's looking for. "Oh, poop! I seem to have dropped it!" Tolk turns to Mertonius. "It seems like a really REALLY cool trhead, but I *am* kinda confuzzled . . ."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

04/25/2001 11:29 AM

Passing by, a gray robed traveler emerges from the forest, obviously in a hurry. Taking great care not to stumble and snag his robes, his entire attention is focused upon the ground.A lone wolf, mottled and disfigured trots to the side of the mage, acting as guard. With a growl, he lowers his ears and stops walking, the hair on his back rising.Turning angrily I yell at the dog, "What is the matter with you? I don't have time to stop, let alone punish you for misbehaving. You stupid mangey..." My mouth momentarily drops as I, for the first time, gaze upon the ruined city.Quickly regaining my composure, I take in my surroundings and call to mind numerous spells."I don't have time for this either. Someone's going to pay for this mess." Looking back at the dread wolf I command, "Go and find your brothers and sisters. Then, go through the town and see if you can find anything useful. I highly doubt that you'll run into any....elves, but be careful nonetheless. I'd hate to waste my energies bringing you back, again."Taking a step towards the city, I extend my hand and mutter a few choice words. "Hmmmmm. There's a black robe afoot. I can sense his dark castings."Smiling, I walk into the city, sticking on the main roads. "Only a coward would hide in the trees. Besides, this should make things more.....challenging."-Limits are just an excuse for failure.

04/26/2001 7:50 PM

OOC:interested on taking an apprentice Galan?

04/26/2001 10:33 PM

OOC: I have had the opportunity to teach the art to numerous aspiring mages, all of whom I drew away from the towers. If you wish to be my apprentice, know this: I am a renegade and thus am hunted by the mages of the three moons. I don't teach as most masters do, for I use magic far more deadly to control. Survival skills and ambition are absolute requirements and I hate a weak mind. (smiles) but enough of that. I will take you on as an apprentice if you wish, but know that you've been warned of the lifestyle you will have to lead. -Limits are just an excuse for failure.

04/27/2001 2:11 PM

OOC: I would willingly take the risk of being hunted by the Mages of the Conclave for the chace to study under a mage as great as yourself. I have great ambition to be a strong mage and i believe that the rules set down by the Conclave hinder mages from reaching their true potential rather helping them realize it. Yes I will gladly live this life for the chance to learn true skill in magic. I would be honored if you would have me as your apprentice, Master.

04/30/2001 8:42 AM

OOC: (narrows my eyes) I will take you on as my apprentice. But don't be so glib in your speech from now on. If I am to be impressed, it will be by your magic and ability to learn. Regardless if I accept you as an apprentice, my mind still requires, no demands a test of you. Keep your eyes open, for I will have something made ready for you shortly...note- do people just not like the madness? I think this RP was a great change of pace.-Limits are just an excuse for failure.

05/28/2001 11:07 PM

.....As the party made its way through the streets of the corrupt citadel...

A haunting laughter echoes through the dark recesses of the twisted halls...

.............(Madness tingles in your very bones as nothingness comes to nothing. And everything comes to everything)....

A dozen Mad Elven Rangers assault the party!

......( And death takes death, becoming death).....

A ranger takes a swipe at the Mage, his mouth foaming and his deep green slanted eyes glowing with an insane gleem....

Laughter resounds across the street....

.......Can you survive, and so we can meet? Ha ha ha ha ha.....

(OOC: Anyone available can still join the fray,
are you feeling lucky this day?)

[Edited by Mertonius on Monday, May 28, 2001 11:08 PM]

05/29/2001 12:08 AM

A sack of black poweder flies through the air and crashes into the ranger attacking the mage, causing the powder to explode violently and destroying the zombie.

A graple shoots into a nearby building and is shortly followed by a kender using the graple as a zip line. He kicks another zombie in the head as he slides down. Then he disengages the graples and readies his Hoopak Mark II.

Howde Galen, Thistledown Kendergnome at your service.A kender born and raised in Mt. Nevermind? And it didn't blow up the mountain?!?

05/29/2001 10:03 AM

OOC: Galen, I hear that you don't like kender, which is to bad but I do understand. First off, while my character is most definately a kender, a few of his qualities have been rounded off a little by his Gnomish upbringing, ex: he still "handles" things but often feels guilty about it unless it is for something he is trying to build. So please don't be too quick to judge and try to get along for this adventure.A kender born and raised in Mt. Nevermind? And it didn't blow up the mountain?!?

05/30/2001 9:03 PM

Suddenly, another mad ranger tackles the newly arrived kender and pins him to the ground. Foam and drool spills all over the kender as the elven ranger tries to strangle him...

And again... The haunting laughter wends its way through the citadel...

"Drool...fool...what damnation can be a tool...for fools who rule and who think they are cool...Ha ha ha ha ha"Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

06/05/2001 10:11 AM

I stand calmly, watching the elven rangers without worry or fear. Withdrawing my hands from my sleeves I point my fingers at the elves and whispers a sharp syllable. Instantly, power courses momentarily through my veins and flys out towards them.The elves cry out as their bones shatter and their organs rupture within their fragile shells.Showing a slight grin of satisfaction, I step through the bleeding mass of dead and walk towards the pinned kender. Observing for a moment as the kender struggles vainly, I leisurely flip through my mental spell book. After another moment's time, I find the proper spell and repeat, in rapid succession, multiple sentences; changing tone and pitch.Suddenly, the ground shudders and rises up, only to come crashing down, overtaking both kender and elven ranger. Flicking my wrist, I draw the kender up from the ground, encased in an orb of flickering green.Setting him down, I address him, "If you don't interfere with any of my workings kender, I'll let you live through this." With that, I step forward and trace a magical rune onto the kender's forehead and walk further down the road, leaving the kender to his fate. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/05/2001 10:30 AM

Hey thanks! (heads of down the road after Galan, watching the nearby buildings for interesting creatures to jump out, has his Hoopak at the reddy)

(OOC: Where'd everyone else go?)A kender born and raised in Mt. Nevermind? And it didn't blow up the mountain?!?

06/06/2001 8:12 PM

But terrors nigh into the night, and madness takes all who fly...

Shifting and turning, the energies swirling, magic made mine...

And then there is nothing...

(ooc: for the next 10 postings, there is a 75% chance of any magical spells backfiring. This, is of course, due to the presence of a vast amount of caotic energy swirling in the citadel. Defensive spells, though, would work at 50% of the time. Thrown objects and ranged weapons would also fumble at a 30% chance.)

And Madness takes all, who waits for nothing...And darkness took his soul and made it it's own, forever trapped in the endless nothingness that is the heart of dearkness...
-Prophecy of the Mad One

06/13/2001 12:13 AM

OOC: So do we take that into effect on our own, or will you tell what doesn't cast? Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/13/2001 1:24 AM

OOC: You takein the effect. Be creative:)And darkness took his soul and made it it's own, forever trapped in the endless nothingness that is the heart of darkness...
-Prophecy of the Mad One

06/13/2001 1:29 AM

OOC: ohhh, fun fun. I'll get my bag of dice out just to make sure! :D BTW: this isn't to eat up those ten posts! i'll write up something for this tomorrow afternoon. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

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