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05/18/2000 12:16 PM

As much as I hate having to restart my post, I guess I will, but I guess it looks like I will start from the beginning once again because it is too hard for me to do from where we last left off.

*A tall cloaked warrior walks towards the edge of the Qualinesti forest escourted by ten armed guards. As he reaches the border of the forest, he gives it one last look over his shoulder, and then he leaves towards the road and heads north. He stops when he sees a band of hobgoblins all standing around a tree looking up it. The tall man looks up and sees a figure up in a tree. He then walks forward a few steps and then stops.*

"Why don't you pick on someone else slime balls!" he says

*the hobgoblins turn around and see the lone man standing there and they laugh as the man, who pushes back his hood to reveal his fine elvish features, his sharp angular cheek bones, his almond shaped deep emerald green eyes, his pointed ears and his long honey blond hair which he has tied back. He looks at the laughing creatures and draws a long sword with a gold handle and stands ready to attack. They all look at him and continue to laugh, but that is before they see his rushing forward with blinding speed and spinning his blade with unmatched expertise and takes down five of the creatures with just a few quick movements. With in another few minutes they are all dead and he looks up.

"You can come down now," and sheaths his sword.

05/10/2000 2:42 AM

*stunned, she hugs the tree top for a moment in an obviously failed attempt at camouflage and studies this elf below her*

Suddenly, "WAAAAHHH!" she leaps from her place in the tree and lands gracefully before the elf, "Thanks! I thought I would have to stay in that tree for an eternity!"

Steps forward and smiles brightly, "Autumn Half-Elven's the name," extends a hand, "Sheesh! I was hunting, you see, and had my eye on this beautiful stag when they", she hisses with a nod of her head to the dead hobgoblins, "Came along."

*shuts up and shuffles her feet and looks up at the elf from behind her shiney black hair*

05/10/2000 8:44 AM

*he gives her a crooked smile and extends his hand* "Name is Pyranthas... I was once Pyranthas Bronzeblade Captain of the Speaker of the Sun's Personal Guards, a minor noble in the elvish land of Qualinesti, but now, I am Pyranthas Dark-Elven," he says sadly, "I no longer have a home and I am luck I got to take what I could of my belonging. I lost my home, my family name, but I did retain my wealth... secretively." *he fingers the gold hilt of his sword.* "I probably should be on my way now. It was nice meeting you Autumn Half-Elven." *he starts to take a few steps away.*

05/10/2000 9:35 AM

"Wait!" jogs over to him and grabs his elbow, then drops her hand, embarrassed, "Er, where are you headed? Solace is just down the trail."

*looks away and grimmaces at the pile of dead hobgoblins then turns back to him and studies his face*

"I live there, it is my home. There is an inn, and there you can find lodgings and a meal. You are free to come along with me..." she fetches her bow and quiver of arrows and slings them over her shoulder and waits to see what he decides to do.

*shuffles her feet and whistles a little and finds something interesting in a tree to gaze up at*

05/10/2000 10:07 AM

"I am headed where ever the road takes me, but if the road leads me to Solace than that is where I shall go." *he walks to her and looks up into the tree.* "I would really like the companionship. I have lost all of my friends when I fell from the light."

05/10/2000 11:12 AM

*she watches as he approaches her and frowns. her human half (her mother's half), cringes at the ways of the elves*

"It would seem to me that you have suffered enough."

She smiles at him, "Very well, umm, Pyranthas, you shall come with me. I will show you around the town," begins walking down the trail.

"But first we need to get you something to eat and drink," glances over at him quickly and scans his appearance...he is an imposing and regal figure and she feels clumbsy and messy next to him.

Pulls her hair up into a tail on her head, "And later we will find you a place to rest up, and oh, I must show you the most marvelous bakery," she continues to blabber nervously at she walks.

05/10/2000 11:30 AM

*he smiles at her and walks beside her down the path when a band of hobgoblins stand there blocking the way, with an Ogre as their leader. he elf stares at the Ogre and then undoes the clasp on his cloak and it fall to the ground. He now reveals elvish chain of the finest quality. The elf has a two handed sword strapped to his back, the golden handled long sword on his left hip and a short sword on his right, and and there are daggers placed in his belt. The golden circlet on his head glows a little, and then fades away. The elf then darts forward and unleashes a bararge of dagger from no where at some of the hobgoblins and hits three of them with deadly accuracy right in the neck. He then whips his long sword free and slices and dices through the hobgoblins and is almost as if he is dancing through the monsters. Then he gets to the ogre once everything else is dead. They stare at each other and then the ogre charges at him and lifts it's massive claymore and rushes at the elf. The elf spins around and slashes right trough the ogre's belly and chops it e then looks at the monster and whips his sword on it and goes to retreive his dagger. He walks back over to Autumn.* "Shall we be on our way now?"

05/10/2000 12:10 PM

*stands there blinking, unmoving*

A few minutes later, she shakes her head and looks at Pyranthas, "Huh? Oh, yes, on our way now," starts back down the trail, almost tripping over the body of a hobgoblin.

She bends and picks up Pyranthas's cloak without stopping and hands it to him, "Here."

*concentrates on the trail as she walks, ever so often turning only her eyes in the elf's direction, then quickly flicks them back to the trail. she smiles slightly.*

05/10/2000 12:21 PM

"Thank you, I hope I did not frighten you with my skill to much young elven maiden."

*he smiles and walks beside her to up the path to Solace. He can feel her eyes on her. He doesn't mention anything about it, but he continues walking. He stops and looks up at the ancient vallenwoods with awe.*

05/10/2000 3:40 PM

"Yes, beautiful aren't they?" she says having noticed Pyranathas's expression.

"Come, to the Inn we go," she leads him thru the bustling streets of Solace, waving her hellos to her neighbors, and they walk up and up and enter the Inn.

She takes a seat by the window and orders up a platter of spiced potatoes and wine, then looks into her money pouch and blushes and whispers to the barmaid, "Put this one on my tab."

Turns to Pyranthas, "I lost a kill today," shakes her head sadly.

05/10/2000 4:16 PM

*he looks over and pulls out a small ruby and tosses it to the waitress* That should cover everything.

*the waitress looks at him and walks away.*

05/11/2000 7:52 AM

"So, what is there to do around here? I lived in Qualinost, the capital of Qualinesti and there was quite a bit to do. One of my favorite things to do was spar with others to test their skills with the long sword in comparison with mine. Then there was the market place which I loved to find little trinkets..." he says think back about his home.

*he picks up a fork and drops it, and before it hit the ground, it float up as he bends over to his hand. There is a slight glow to his circlet, but it is almost unnoticable to the human eyes... but not for an elves or perhaps a half elf.*

05/11/2000 10:45 AM

She laughs, "Oh, I'm am certain you could find a sparring partner in this town...especially near bar closing time!"

"And, we have a suitable market area...I will show you sometime. We aren't exactly Haven, or Qualinost for that matter, but you can find what you need here."

Sips her wine and watches the fork, "Neat trick," flicks her eyes at his circlet and smiles slightly, watching his face.

Picks at her food and looks out the window, "I would like to hear more..sometime..about your home."

05/11/2000 1:48 PM

*He looks up quickly in surprise*

"Yeah.... It is just a little something I learned when I used to dabble with magic as a youngster. My parents wanted me to become a mage, but my passion was and still is the sword."

*a dagger appears from nowhere and he stands up and walks to the dart board. He tosses the weapon and watches it land in the bullseye and he then smiles. He looks around and gives a quick flick of his wrist and the dagger quivers from the dart board and shoots to his hand and he catches it by it's hilt and places it back into it's hiding place. He only hopes nobody noticed.*

05/11/2000 6:19 PM

*smiles and shakes her head*

*remaining seated, she reaches beneath the table and removes two arrows. places one in her teeth and the other in her bow*

*still sitting, she takes aim and the arrow flies across the room and lands a bullseye. seconds later, that arrow is split apart by the second arrow*

*lays her bow on the table, sits back in her chair, and finishes her wine*

05/11/2000 6:54 PM

"Very nice"

*the elf pulls out three daggers and begins to juggle them and within a quarter of a second all three daggers are lodged into the bullseye around the arrow. He looks over at Autumn and smiles and his deep emerald eyes sparkle brightly.*

05/11/2000 7:35 PM

(OOC: Can I post? Can I? Can I? Please?)

05/12/2000 8:07 AM

*the elf walks over and retreives his daggers. The bartender gives him a nasty look. He walk back to his seat and looks out the window towards the forest. He thinks about home and thinks about his past.

"Pyranthas you are my bravest and most skillful warrior." he can hear the speaker say to him. "I would like to make you the leader of the Templar."

Templar... leader of the Templar? I... I don't remember this.

I know you don't Pyranthas, some of your memory was erased when you were banished from your homeland. Your memory shall come back to you eventually.

Who are you?

You know who I am. You Templar are my warriors. You are special warriors with special powers. The Speaker was the one who had your memory erased and placed a new memory in your mind. The do not want you to know about your past. Your powers are coming back. The Speaker can not hide them from you.

Who are you?

I am E'li...


Pyranthas's eyes flare a very deep emerald green and then his circlet flares and his armor disappears and in it's place is a long black leather coat (a sephiroth look for those who have played FF7) He gets up and clenches his fists*

Lies... all lies... my life is a lie. I did not kill that elf. They were all jealous of my skill.

*he pulls his sword out and walks towards the door and slices through tables in half as he makes his way to the door. He kicks at the door and it flies off it's hindges. He slowly walks down the long stairs.*

05/12/2000 11:10 AM

*watches all this motionlessly*

Finally stands and grabs her bow and quiver, "I'll pay for that," she points to the door and the table.

*goes into the kitchen and finds the trap door and scales down the rope*

*not sure what she intends to do, and thinking that she has gone completely insane, she waits at the bottom of the stairs for the transformed, angry, and deadly elf whom she barely knows*

05/12/2000 4:57 PM

*Cailen the Irritable Black Robe walks in in the midst of all this and walks right on through it, stomping over towards them*

"Well!!!! Here we @#$%$#@ are!!! with YOU!!" she glowers at Py

"HELLO, Autumn..."

05/12/2000 7:24 PM

Grins and elbows Cailen, "HEY woman," turns and watches as Pyranthas descends the stairs.

05/12/2000 8:15 PM

*he walks down the stairs and stops when he sees autumn and the new comer. His hair is now much longer and is in the middle of his back.*

Lies... ALL LIES!

*he swings his sword and looks at the woods. He leaps into the air... much higher than it is normally possible and then lands behind autumn and the new comer. There is a cart in his way and he flings his hand outwards and the cart sails through the air and smashes into a building. His circlet flares a bright gold, and he drops to the ground and clutches his head.

Pyranthas... calm down. you shall get your revenge, but first you must find out why and who was the real elf who caused the murder and to find out what really happened

His circlet glows less and less and his eyes become normal one again, but his cloths stay, for this is his true form...*

05/12/2000 8:31 PM

Kicks the dirt ground and scratches her head and looks to Cailen, then goes to Pyranthas and clasps his shoulder and leans over, "C'mon...stand now...I don't understand what has just happened, but get up before you draw a crowd," looks around nervously.

05/12/2000 8:37 PM

*the elf stands up and looks at the ground, then he lifts his head and looks at Autumn.*

I need a place to stay. I do not think the Inn will allow me to stay after I destroyed their tables. You wouldn't know of anyplace where I could stay do you?

05/12/2000 8:44 PM

A flame haired woman approaches the group. Her red curls cascading down her shoulders.

"If you need a place to stay honored guest you may stay with us." She indicates a house constructed among the vallenwoods trees nearby.
"My husband, Caramon, would gladly welcome anyone who wants to stay." She smiles again.
"Otik might object,"nodding her head towards the innkeeper," But Caramon wouldn't."

She then turns to another woman beside her, "Dezra, see to it that Tanin and Sturm are still playing war, they might have wandered again with Tas." She shakes her head and turns to them.

05/13/2000 7:24 AM

*nods at the red-haired woman*

Pulls Pyranthas aside, "Not to worry. See those vallenwoods over there," points, "My home stands in those. A stag and an arrow are carved in the door, and that is how you will find me. You are not alone, Pyranthas," looks at him with concern.

Smiles at Cailen, "Perhaps you would like to join me on the hunt tomorrow, woman," she laughs and turns back to Pyranthas, "You too, of course," eyes the elf, "For now, well, I will be going to the market," pats the elf on his arm and turns and walks away to her errands.

05/13/2000 7:50 PM

Thank you Autumn. I shall be up bright early in the morning ready to hunt.
*sees her head to the market place and he runs after her.*
I was hoping you could show me around a little and I... hope I didn't scare you with everything that just went on.

05/13/2000 10:16 PM

*Waves her hand offly*

"Yea, sure, i aint got nuthin the @#$% better to do.
So what are we waiting for? lets get the @#$% going!!"

05/14/2000 8:52 AM

"To the market first, woman," she smiles and shakes her head at her foul-tempered friend, "Now pick up your robes and come along."

"Py," blushes and watches her feet as she walks, "I don't fully understand your ways, but I am not frightened," she lies.

"You," looks up at him and lowers her voice and speaks to him in elven, "spoke the name E'li. It reminded me of the stories my mother told me when I was young, stories given to her by my father, a Qualinesti."

Sighs, brushes her shiney black hair out of her eyes, and changes the subject switching back to common, "Here we are," guides him thru the market, watching as the elf is noticed by those they pass. Children hug their mother's skirts and stare wide-eyed at the tall warrior.

"There's the barber, and over there is the general market," takes his arm in her tanned hand, "They sell just about anything. And here is the butcher and the leathersmith, where I do most of my business when am not selling my kills myself."

Stops and laughs, "There they go again. Look!" points to a courtyard where some townsmen are wagering and swordfighting.

"Now that man there," nods to an enormous figure in full armor, "He is one to be caustious of. He has a foul temper, and is probably the most skilled fighter in Solace. He spends a lot of time with that minotaur and the black robe magic user over there. He keeps dark company for sure."

*watches these tests of skill and swordsmanship*

05/14/2000 6:10 PM

*he looks at Autumn with a sly look.*

I am sure I can handle him.

*he draws his sword and darts in quickly, disarms the mans opponent with lightning speed and pushes him out of the way.*

Care to duel?

Why you little! I'll show you not to interfer with a sword duel alright!

*the man slashes at him, by the elf gracefully sidesteps the mans weapon, not even using his blade. *

You call that a thrust? That was patheic!

*he spins around and spins his blade around with much unseen skill and he flicks his wrist and the mans sword pops out of his hand and the elf catches it and places the blade into the ground.*

This match is a freebie. Next time I will wager.

*he walks over towards autumn, but the man flings a dagger at him, and Pyranthas spins around and catches it by it's hilt just inches away from his face.*

Thank you for the dagger. I am a big collector of them... Dwarven made very nice. Thanks again.

*walks off into the crowd with Autumn.*

05/14/2000 6:46 PM

*smiles up at Pyranthas admiringly, then looks back and cringes as she sees the loser and his minotaur friend knocking people down in pursuit of them. scans the crowd for the black robed magic user and doesn't see him*

"Py," she warns him and turns around to look for an exit from the crowd and sees the black robe coming in the other direction, "Gad!" those around them scurry away.

~black robe~
"Half-Human," he hisses to Autumn, "You seem to keep company with the most unusual sorts, yet you refuse my company," he folds his arms in his sleeves and glares at Pyranthas.

"Leave me be!" she fingers her shortsword, glances back at the loser and his min friend.

05/14/2000 6:58 PM

*Pyranthas steps infront of Autumn and looks at the human and the big minotaur. He the loks around and sees a basket full of apples and he moves his hand and the apples shoot from the basket and nail the minotaur in the head. He then barrels into the creature and drives his fists into the beasts head, knocking him out. He sees the human running at him, but he then makes a pushing motion with his hand and the humn warrior gets thrown back and land on his back He looks at the black robe and themakes a swipe with his left hand into the air and a basket hits him in the head, knocking him out.*

Autumn! Lets get out of here before the minotaur wakes up and our buddy here comes after us.

*he grabs her and lifts her up over his shoulder with ease and then leaps high into the air and lands on one of the platform above them. Everyone below them stair in awe at him. He sets her down.*

Lets get out of here.

05/14/2000 7:10 PM

"Yes...let's go," runs to the other side of the platform and leaps off and onto a branch of a young vallenwood and scales down the tree and walks swiftly into the woods motioning for him to follow.

"They will lose interest in a while, but I dare not go home just yet," she finds a resting spot beneath a larger tree and leans against it, watching Pyranthas closely, she smiles.

05/14/2000 7:18 PM

*he smiles at her.*

He wasn't really much of a challenge.

*He looks back over his shoulder. He long hair blows in a gentle breeze.*

Ok lets wait it out then.

*he sits down on the branch.*

05/15/2000 5:18 AM

"Huh? Wha?" scrambles to her feet in a panic, having dozed off.

Blushes and smooths her hair, pulling a leaf from it while she does, and thanks Pyranthas in elven for his heroics.

Sighs, "Also, the offer for you to join me hunting still stands."

05/15/2000 8:19 AM

I would like that. Where can I get myself a long bow? There must be a store around her some where. Also... it appears that we have lost the mage in the crowd.

*pulls out something he had not realized he since his "brainwash." He takes the item and puts it around his neck and it glows slightly and he feelsa great peace wash over him.*

05/15/2000 8:55 AM

*she stares at the platinum medalion he hung around his neck, reaches out to touch it, then draws her hand back quickly*

"Um, yes, follow me. Let's go see a friend of mine about that long bow," flicks one more glance at the medalion and starts down a path which leads away from the market, "Tuck that in."

"There," motions to a dark shanty hidden away on the ground near some stables, "Don't ask too many questions, alright?" guides him to the door and she knocks 3 times, then after a couple moments, knocks once more.


"You will find the best tools for your needs here, Py, made from the finest materials."

On the walls they see swords, daggers, bows, crossbows, axes, shelves filled with flints and arrowheads, and darts, and some spell components. The place is simply packin. It smells like pine, and willow, and metal, grease, and smoke.

*an older scraggly but rugged man with few teeth regards Pyranthas, frowns, and looks to Autumn. Autumn nods her head 'yes', and the weaponsmith and shopkeep relaxes a little.*

05/15/2000 10:09 AM

*he tucks the medallion in before they leave. At the shop he looks at the old man. and then around the shop. He immediately walks over to the sword display. There is one that he sees in peticular and picks it up and looks it over.*

Elvish made... just the right balance... the blade is very sharp....

*he spins it around to test it ut and the blade hums through the air.*

Does this blade have a scabbard with it and how much is it?

That sword is 5,000 gold and it does come with a scabbard. That blade was made for a grandmaster elvish warrior. It is made by a speacial metal.

*He sets the weapon down and then walks over to the long bows and selects a composite one and pulls on the string and then takes hold of it. He grabs a quiver of sheath arrows and slings it over his shoulder. He sees a display of dagger and he rushes to them and looks them over. it is almost like he is in a candy store. He looks over at the sword he was looking at. He puts the bow and quiver down. He opens his hand and the weapon flies to his hand and he grasps it and smiles. The blade glows a faint blue in his hands and he feels it communicating to him. He can hear the blade speak to him. He notices the old man staring at him*

Get me the scabbard for it please. I also need you to open up your dagger case. I need fifty of those daggers there and if you don't mind I would like to sell you mine. They are dwarven made.

*the man grabs fifty of the daggers that Pyranthas wants and then places them in a sachel for him. Pyranthas plucks daggers from places up known and places them down on the counter. He also undoes his belt for his short sword and then undoes his two hander from his back.*

Will you take these also? They are also dwarven made.

Yes I shall. Have you picked out everything you want?

Yes this will be it. What is my total?

Your total is 12000 gold.

That all?

*Pyranthas pulls out two fist size diamonds from his belt and sets them down.*

Will these do?

*the man looks at him with huge eyes.*

Ahhh yes...

*Pyranthas grabs his new gear and places his new daggers in their hiding places and then places his new sword on left hip once he does some switching around and then attaches his quiver to his belt and grabs the bow and walks to Autumn.*

Are you ready? I am finished.

05/15/2000 10:32 AM

*looks beyond Pyranthas and to the old man and puts an 'I have no idea' look on her face in response to his baffled expression.

Smiles up at the warrior, "Well, well, well. You look all set," she laughs.

They go outside into the fresh air, "The day is still young, I say we head this way toward Crystalmir Lake," takes long strides down the trail and starts humming a little tune while she ties her hair back in a braid.

05/15/2000 10:37 AM

*he moves quickly and easily through the wood with his bow ready. He eyes scan the area. Not only his eyes, but his mind... He feels at home in the woods. He moves very silently though the woods and suddenly he fires his arrow and hits a stag in the neck and watches it go down. He runs over to it and pulls the arrow out. He then murumers a prayer and then stands up*

05/15/2000 11:04 AM

*he pulls out one of his new daggers and guts the stag and then hangs it in a tree. He retreives his arrow and looks it over and then cocks his bow and then walks back through the woods looking for more kills*

05/15/2000 11:11 AM

*he looks over at Autumn and smiles. He then releases his arrow again and it strikes a hobgoblin in the chest. He quickly spins around as he hears the gurggling of it's dying breath. He drops his bow and pulls out his knew sword and is ready to attack and he then lowers it when he sees one hundred goblins step out behind a tree.*

05/15/2000 4:14 PM

*two large rabbits hanging from her belt, she finds Pyranthas and goes limp with fear*

"I think now is a good time to pray to E'li, Py," backs up, putting an arrow in her bow, "to the lake...my fishing boat is there," she says behind her teeth.

05/15/2000 7:21 PM

*he stares at the hobgoblins*

I will not run from these foul creatures.

*his eyes glow a bright green and sparks come from his fingers and then he puts them to his circlet and suddenly lightning bolt is everywhere striking the hobgoblins, killing them.*

That's better... now I can handle them a little easier

*he brings up his sword to face twenty hobgoblins.*

05/15/2000 7:26 PM

*He charges forward and unleashes his deadly attacks spinning his new sword with such speed and power the creatures can not help butloose to watch in awe and also die in awe.*

My Psyonic Storm always works well.

05/15/2000 7:33 PM

*picks up his bow and then goes and grabs his stag. He also picks off a few rabbits while he goes back to get his stag.*

Shall we return back to town now? It's almost night time and I am getting a little tired. It has been a long day for me today. Plus I could use a bite to eat.

05/16/2000 7:13 AM

*shivers, throws her arms around him, then lets go, embarrassed*

"Looks like you saved my life again, Pyranthas, and got yourself a stag to boot," she looks up at him.

05/16/2000 7:17 AM

*shuffles the dirt around with the toe of her boot*

05/16/2000 7:18 AM

Looks at him again, "Shall we?" motions to the trail.

05/16/2000 7:25 AM

*he closes his eyes and hold her in his arms. He had not had a woman in his arms for a long time.*

Sorry... lets go.

*he drags the stag along towards the town, walking up ahead of her. not sure what he should do. Finally he drops the stag and walks up to her grabs her in his arms and presses his lips to hers and then goes back to the stag and continues towards the town.*

05/16/2000 7:30 AM

*stands there blinking rapidly and stuttering*

*after a moment, smiles and runs to catch up with him*

"Yes, let's go get a bite to eat. I'm simply famished!"

05/16/2000 7:32 AM

Shall we go to your place? I can cook.

05/16/2000 7:37 AM

Looks at him amazed yet again, "You can? hmmm."

*keeps walking*

"Ok then. See up in the vallenwood way over there?" pushes his face in the correct direction, "Mines the one with the purple door and the carvings, which you will see when we get there. A dwarf acquiantance of mine did that work for me."

05/16/2000 9:22 AM

Very nice.

*He drops the stag and then runs and jumps onto the tree and climbs it hand over hand with amazing speed to the platform where her house stands and waits for her to climb the stairs. He whistles as he waits for her. He pulls out his sword and then cleans the blade and goes to work sharping it and then spins it around and goes into a little training routine and slashes and spins his blade and the blade sings and he relaxes his mind and listens to the blade speak to him. He then murmurs a word and a whirlwind flies from the blade and strikes a tree across the way. He stare across at then tree and then watches some branches fall and hit someone on the head below. He shirkis away from the edging and sheaths his weapon and then hides agains the door.*


05/16/2000 9:45 AM

*he starts thinking about Autumn and he then smiles to himself.*

05/16/2000 9:53 AM

"WAAHH!" she leaps down from an overhead branch and lands infront of Pyranthas, hands on her hips, "Didn't see or hear me climb all the way up this tree, did ya!?" she laughs.

Moves toward him and unlocks the door and invites him inside, "I'll put on a kettle. Oh, and, Py...you answer the door when my neighbor across the way comes calling about that tree branch," she winks at him and sets the fire.

05/16/2000 10:20 AM

*he smiles at her and walks through the door way and looks around at her house.*

It is a very cozy house you have here Autumn.

05/16/2000 10:41 AM

Smiles as she puts the kettle on the flame, "Thank you. The same drawf who carved that door, also built this lounge," shows him a large green lounge that takes up most of the living area.

"Make yourself comfortable, and all you need for cooking you will find in the cabinet over there."

*removes her bow and quiver and leans them against the wall. stetches, yawns a little, and is happy to be home after such an eventful day*

"Tell me about Qualinesti," she asks in elven.

05/16/2000 11:01 AM

*he puts his bow in the cornor and then walks into the kitchen and grabs many assorted vegtables and dices them up with one of his new daggers. He hen tosses them into the pot and then grabs some rabbit and dices it up and throws that in the pot.*

My rabbit stew will take an hour to simmer.

*walks over and sits next to her once he removes his swords and his daggers and places them in a pouch.*

Well, Qualinesti is a beautiful city. The buildings are all made of rose quartz. It is the most beautiful city I know of. I have been to many cities. I have been to Palanthas and to Sancrist before, but not of them can compair to my homeland.

I lived on near the Tower of the Sun which has to be the most beautful building I have ever seen. It stand high amongst the trees. I had a room at the tower also where I was most of the time, but everyonce and a while I would go home for some peace and quiet.

05/16/2000 1:36 PM

*he thinks for a minute and then gets up and removes his heavy shoulder gurads and his jacket he reveils his muscular upper body and he then rummages his through his backpack. On his back he has a green dragon tattooed on his back. He pulls out a green shirt and puts it on. Then he pulls out his medallion and then places it back under his shirt. The he sits down and thinks about his homeland*

05/16/2000 3:46 PM

Sighs, "I have only seen that beautiful city from a distance," casts an admiring glance at Pyranthas and blushes a little.

"My father, he was from Qualinesti, and my mother from Solace. They were never wed and my existence, as well as my mother's, was a dark secret my proud elven father kept to himself, with the exception of a white robed mage woman who worked an herblore shop with him."

Pours some tea and hands Pyranthas a cup, "Well, when my human mother died, my father came to care for me until his death. That was a long time ago," smiles sadly.

"I would like to go to Qualinesti some day. That shop, if the mage woman is still alive to care for it, should be my rightful inheritance...my father's legacy to me."

*sits on the floor and begins to sharpen some arrowheads*

05/16/2000 3:59 PM

You may just be able to go claim it...

05/16/2000 9:26 PM

*smiles slightly and shrugs*

"Child's dream."

*dishes out the rabbit stew*

"It's delicious, thank you," sits next to him and eats hungrily and silently.

05/17/2000 9:39 AM

Thank you. Child's dreams you say? I think it could happen. I plan on returning back home sometime. I just need to find the right time and the right magical devices.

05/17/2000 10:16 AM

"Magical devices?" thinks about this, "What are you planning, Py? Surely, you won't find what you are looking for here."

05/17/2000 1:29 PM

I need to get a ring on invisiblty. I need one that will even allow elves not to see me with our night vision, but as you said I probably can't find one here.

*takes a sip of his soup*

05/18/2000 4:56 AM

Does that friend of your have anything like that? If he does it could be very helpful. I got to get back to my homeland and prove to the Speaker that I wasn't the elf that killed that theif. There was someone else and I want to find out who.

*thinks for a second.*

Come to think of it I am going to need a ring that will make me appear as another. I need a ring of polymorphing.

*Pyranthas's eyes glaze over and he hears a voice in his head.

Pyranthas... you do not need any magic item in order to change form you can do it yourself but you have to get that power for yourself. I need you to come to a special plane of existance where I have a mission for you. This mission will must be kept secret. Get your sword and then go just outside the room and you shall be transfered to the alterinate plane.

Pyranthas gets up and places his jacket on and then puts all of his weapons back on him and heads for the door and head outside with a look over his shoulder.*

I shall be back.

*he walks outside and disappears.

He turns around and then looks over his should and sees the portal close behind him. In front of him is a huge Platnium dragon.*

05/18/2000 5:25 AM

*looks up, shrugs having seen him do this before, and cleans up supper*

*goes to a panel in the floor, moves it and takes out a small wooden box that was her father's. opens it and fingers thru the contents and finds what she is needing. places the simple metal bracelet in her pocket and replaces the box in it's hiding place*


05/18/2000 6:48 AM

*A hobgoblin enters Autumn's house. He walks in and sits on her sofa and he changes form and then in it's place is the elvish warrior Pyranthas.*

Miss me?

05/18/2000 7:00 AM

*The elf now has a new circlet of Platium on his brow. His eyes have a faint glow to them.*

Want to take a trip with me? It would be to Qualinesti.

05/18/2000 7:23 AM

"Huh? Pyranthas? Sheesh! Don't do that to me!" breathing hard, hand clutching her heart, she goes to sit next to him, "OOMPH."

"Here, I want to show you something," pulls out the nondescript bracelet and puts it on her wrist, "Watch carefully."

*slowly, she blends in with the green lounge, the wall behind her, the floor. if you look closely, you can see her form, but she is perfectly camoflauged*

Removes the bracelet, "Father thought this would help me while hunting, but I enjoy the sport of it too much," smiles down at the bracelet and sighs, "Oh, I miss him. I do feel a longing I cannot understand. I feel as if I want to go home."

"Yes, I would like to go along with you."

05/18/2000 12:16 PM

Ok then. We will be going to Qualinesti. We shall leave right away. I want to gather some supplies quickly and then we shall be on our way. It will be around a two day journey. We have to be very careful about the archers, but I think we shall be ok. Once we are in the city, we will head to my home were we can get more supplies and a few other items I have hidden there that may be helpful. Once I have everything I need, there is a place I know of in the Tower of the Sun.

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