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03/19/2001 4:25 AM

Telgar settled back in the chair, absentmindedly rubbing his leg. Ever since the attack on the ogre's camp several years ago it still hurt from time to time.
Taking a long pull from his mug of ale Telgar studies the ancient map he had picked up from a foolish old man in the market place.
"Umm looks like it could be a difficult journey," he thought to himself as he traced a path deep into the Kharolis Mountains.
"Gonna need some help"
Making his way to the bar Telgar shouts for the inn keeper

"My good man by chance do you know where I could place a notice. I wish to recruit some brave individuals for a journey that could well make a good profit"
The innkeeper looks at him dumfounded for a few moments before grunting something about the door.

Taking this a permission to place the notice on the door Telgar heads back to his seat and begins writing. Several minutes later he attaches a piece of paper to the doorframe.


With a smug grin Telgar settles back in his chair and calls for a serving girl.

03/19/2001 6:02 AM

The door of the inn opens and a young elf enters. Her long brown hair blows in the wind outside. Her face is weathered and battle-hardened. Her green eyes look around the room, then to the notice on the door. "Hmmm, interesting," she said to herself. She continued walking to the bar, and asked the inn keeper for a mug of ale and a room.

"How long will yah be staying, miss?" he said, getting the mug and placing it in front of her.

"Two nights," she answered as she threw a piece of steel to the inn keeper. She took her mug of ale to a table and sat down. "It's going to be a long two nights,"he said to herself."What if I stumble? What if I fall? What if I loose my step and make fools of us all?"

DC Talk - What If I Stumble?

03/19/2001 12:40 PM

Brom looked up at the notice on the door. A trip to the mountains, he could hardly believe it. This would be a perfect chance for him to try out his new invention. The gnome pushed open the door and waddled into the inn. He looked around then headed for a large, unoccupied table. He plopped down and started spreading papers all over the place. "I just need to make a few adjustments," he mutters to himself.

03/19/2001 2:59 PM

"Hey, that sounds like fun!" said Istukoro looking up at the sign. "I hope they let me come. It is so freakin' boring here. Maybe Melinda will come to. I have to go ask mommy first."

03/20/2001 1:46 AM

Telgar leans forward scrutinising those who had shown interest in the notice.
"Umm not the best turn out I could have asked for, let's hope more turn up before we set off"
Pushing away his empty plate Telgar stands and brushes the crumbs of his expensive looking clothes. Putting on a dazzling smile he heads over the Elf's table
"Madame, I could not help noticing that you were looking at the notice on the door. By chance are you interested in the up coming trip?"

03/20/2001 11:43 AM

Brom continued to scribble furiously, making changes here and there on several drawings that were sprawled about the table. "Thatisalittlebetterbutohcourseitwillhavetobetestedfirst," says the gnome, becoming excited.

03/20/2001 3:15 PM

Katyr ran her fingers through her short dark hair as she finished the last of the dishes in the Inn's small kitchen. She untied the grubby kitchen apron and threw it on the sink.

The female mercenary was finding business slow of late and had been doing odd jobs around the Inn to get by. She went up to her room and freshened up then went downstairs to the public area for a meal.

She ordered a light meal and went to sit down, as she made her way to a table she noticed a sign on the Inn's door she took a closer look and almost squealed in delight, this was exactly what she was waiting for.

Now in high spirits she ordered a mug of ale and sat down to enjoy her meal.Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/20/2001 3:44 PM

"Well, I had business to take care of before then, but I thought it would be a chance to get something worth my while. Autumn Silverbow, and I assume you are the man who placed the sign up." Autumn met his smile with her own. Her green eyes dazzled in the light of the inn. She extended her hand in a sign of friendship. "What if I stumble? What if I fall? What if I loose my step and make fools of us all?"

DC Talk - What If I Stumble?

03/20/2001 4:05 PM

Tiver walked into the bar taking notice of the sign posted which he took with great interest reading along the way to Telgar's table. Though it had been years(?) since the Ogre campsite battle Tiver never grew back his topknot and carried a small scar from where the Ogre Cheiftain cut him deeply, but he still dressed in his bright colors and as always carried a grin from ear to ear.

Tiver looked up from the notice he was reading about adventure in the mountains to see Telgar talking to an elven woman. "Well, if I be a bald headed and bearded dwarf I think I see Telgar!" Tiver exclaimed as he jumped into a seat next to Telgar's. "How have you been old friend?" Tiver said still holding the notice in his hands. Tiver Neehigh

03/21/2001 2:20 AM

Telgar raised Autumn's hand to his lips.

"It is a pleasure, you are correct I did place the notice. I had been searching for this city for years and have only recently…acquired a map showing its location. I will…"

Telgar jumps in surprise.

"Tiver you little rascal. I assumed you would have found yourself a suitable and grisly demise before now"

Looking down he notices the sign in Tiver's hands

"I see you have seen my notice. What do you say my friend fancy accompanying us?"

03/21/2001 10:56 AM

Brom looks up, "AreweleavingalreadycauseI'mnotquitefinishedyet." The gnome scribbled faster, making lots of calculations in his head. Hopefully they were all right. "Bedoneinasec."

03/21/2001 10:24 PM

Katyr finishes her meal and orders another ale. she looks around the Inn and notices people crowded around a table where a man dressed in fine clothes sat.

Thinking that he must be the one who posted the sign she takes her mug and saunters over to the table.

She stands with one hand on her hip and introduces herself. "My name is Katyr, is this where we sign up for the adventure?"Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/22/2001 1:40 AM

Telgar turns towards the gnome.

"Forgive me friend but if you could slow the speech a little it will make it easier for us slow humans to understand. No we are not leaving just yet but unless no one else arrives we may as well get going lets wait and see"

"Welcome Katyr, if there is a place to sign up then this would be it. I was just about to share with you all the map showing our target. If you would care to look?"

Lets give it one more day real time to see if any one else wants in then we shall get started OK?
My geography of Krynn is not the best so if any of you want to add to the location etc then be my guest.

03/22/2001 10:57 AM

Tiver sat down at the table as he ordered something to eat and drink, and was humble that Telgar would pay for it though he didn't know. Tiver would pay his friend back before he ever found out. Tiver ran his fingers through his short hair as he placed the notice infront of Telgar, but not before making a copy.

"Yes the adventure does tickle my fancy, and how would you ever make it without Tiver the Great Dragon Slayer," Tiver said smiling refering to the time he made up his own battle cry. "So where we off too Telgar, and hello my name is Tiver Neehigh the Great Dragon Slayer."

Tiver just smiled as he interduced himself to every one there now.Tiver Neehigh

Wynter Firecaster
03/22/2001 1:29 PM

A mage sat in the corner of the room, watching all the people gather around a man and another elf. The mage extinguished the fireball she was twirling between her fingers and stood, grabbing her staff. She walking over to the people and stood behind them.

"A group of people going on an adventure for treasure. My, my, I don't think I can pass up this offer. Wynter Firecaster, at your service," she said as she made a graceful bow. "I already know you all, so no need to introduce yourselves. When will we be leaving?""I wish I was the full moon shining off a Camaro's hood."

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03/22/2001 2:15 PM

"Sorry," replies the gnome, not even looking up from his drawings.

03/22/2001 2:39 PM

A smile crosses Autumn's lips as Telgar kissed her hand. "A ladies man," she thought to herself. As Tiver and everyone came around, she took note of all those she would be adventuring with. She tried to spot weaknesses in their demeanor and fears in their eyes. Most seemed sturdy but the elf that came toward them. (OOC: Yo, Wynter...which robes are you wearing, the silver or red??) The mage seemed to know something and Autumn was going to find out what is was. She first needed to work out her problem with the knights in these parts.

"It is nice to meet you all," she said, taking her feet off the table as they were before."As the snake is drowned and I look in his eyes my fear begins to fade recalling all of the times I could have cried then. I should have cried then."

Tool - H

03/23/2001 2:04 AM

"Tiver the great Dragon slayer? Ugh you know part of me is screaming were doomed were doomed but another part is glad your with us Tiver. I still haven't worked out which is the crazy part yet."
Smiling he rummages in his pack

"As to where we are off to" (Ooc again my geography is not good so you will have to help me out…as long as we end up in a mountain somewhere)
Telgar spreads an old map on the table and traces the route into the mountains

"Greetings mistress Firecaster, please take a seat and I will tell you all I know of the lost city" (Ooc how cliché)

Turning to the gnome

"If I could interrupt you for a while, you might like to listen"

"Now it is rumour that this city was founded during the age of dreams, but whether it was built by humans or the ancient Ogres none could tell me.
There is only one other piece of documentation regarding this city and this tells of the mass of wealth the inhabitants had collected and also it was a sit of learning in that time, so there may well be some valuable manuscripts. Unfortunately it does not tell who the inhabitants were.
According to one source, a drunken old man who clamed he had been there, The City is or rather was well protected; sitting in a deep natural valley it is surrounded on three sides by sheer cliff. A wall covers the fourth side but now that is just a ruin. A large overhang protects the city from above, which I can only assume is why it has remained "lost".
We will have to enter by the old wall, unless any one here can fly?
It will mean a gruelling hike but I am sure it will pose no difficulty for us."

Ooc I do not have access to a computer over weekends so if one of you would like to carry on and I will catch up on Monday.

03/23/2001 10:30 AM

Tiver raises his hand as far as it can reach getting Telgar's attention. "Telgar do you have any idea what we're going up against, or whats even guarding it?"

Tiver felt uneasy about all this then realized that the dragon sword strapped to his back was making him sit weird. Taking the sword off him he placed it right next to his chair. "Well, I feel better now."Tiver Neehigh

Wynter Firecaster
03/23/2001 5:28 PM

Wynter grabbed a chair and sat herself down. She looked at the map and figured out what would be the right way to there. 'You seem to have this planned out pretty well. I do agree with Tiver here. Do we have any idea of what is out there?""I wish I was the full moon shining off a Camaro's hood."

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03/23/2001 5:38 PM

Katyr agreed with the others "If this city has been lost for as long as you say it has we could be up against foes that none of us have ever even heard of let alone fought!"

Katyr's eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw Tiver's dragon sword. "Tiver, would you mind if i looked more closely at your sword?"

Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/23/2001 7:13 PM

A smile crossed Autumn's face again as she watched Wynter. "What is it that makes me nervous about her?" Autumn thought to herself. She looked on to Tiver's dragon sword, which looked like it might just outbeat Dragon's Bane at her side.

"I believe that we should just dive into whatever's down there. It may be worse than the Abyss(she slightly laughs to herself, being to the Abyss before), but we can at least die trying," Autumn said, putting her feet back on the table."As the snake is drowned and I look in his eyes my fear begins to fade recalling all of the times I could have cried then. I should have cried then."

Tool - H

03/24/2001 12:24 AM

Brom does his best to speak slowly so the others can understand him. "I have developed a new invention that will help with the hike. Unfortunately, there isn't enough for everyone.""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/24/2001 6:22 AM

Tiver lifted the large sword handing it over to Katyr's hands. "Sure you can look at it I don't mind at all," Tiver said with a smile as he looked at the dagger that once was on Katyr's hip. "Look as much as you want and you can burrow it also if you ever need it. I just carry it around for my name because everyone here knows who would really believe a kender to be a slayer of evil dragons." Tiver only chuckled and went back to looking at the dagger.

Tiver then placed the dagger in his belt without thinking, and took out a piece a paper that if someone looked at the writing it said "BATTLE CRY! three eggs, milk, some bread, a little cheese, a bit of meat, I can't forget fruits, and etc... and take that you over grown Troll smelling Ogre vomit looking lizard!!"

Tiver though looked completely puzzled at what to add and take out though it seemed the kender was bound and determined to have a battle cry that would strike fear into monsters and such.Tiver Neehigh

Wynter Firecaster
03/24/2001 1:10 PM

Wynter looked over the kender's shoulder and the sheet of paper labeled 'BATTLE CRY!'. "Dance. That would make a complete kender battle cry, my good kender." She smiled and returned to the map."I wish I was the full moon shining off a Camaro's hood."

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Wynter Firecaster
03/25/2001 12:47 PM

OOC: Sorry about the wait, Autumn. I'm wearing the silver.

"Well, we should leave soon. We have been talking quite loud and you never know what dangers will come up if riches are mentioned." "I wish I was the full moon shining off a Camaro's hood."

Pearl Jam - Wish List

03/25/2001 1:00 PM

"Wynter is right. We should leave soon. It's in the Kharolis(that's right, isn't it??) Mountains, so it would be an 8 or 9 day march. It may take longer, depending on what we encounter." Autumn traced the line from where they were to the mountain they were heading too."As the snake is drowned and I look in his eyes my fear begins to fade recalling all of the times I could have cried then. I should have cried then."

Tool - H

03/25/2001 2:00 PM

"Thanks little friend" says Katyr as she hands the Kender's sword back.

"Well im ready to go at anytime, i have all my weapons on me and my
provisions in my room." she indicated to her sword and the many daggers attached to her wrists, boots and belt. She then noticed one of her daggers was missing.

"I hope whoever has borrowed my dagger is very careful with it, it is laced with a very lethal poison and only i have the antidote." She smiled knowingly at Tiver.

"Anyway, whenever Telgar thinks we should leave I'll be ready". She leans back and starts to clean some dried blood off her sword.Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/25/2001 5:41 PM

Brom began to gather up his drawings and notes and shoved them into his pack and verious pouches. "I'mready," piped up the gnome."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/26/2001 12:59 AM

Telgar glanced around the group. They were certainly eager for the spoils he thought to himself. Standing he smoothed off his clothes.
"Ok since we are all ready I say we head out now, we still have a couple of hours daylight left.
What are we up against? Umm-good question, I'll let you know when I find out myself.
My dear gnome, please tell us of your invention. would it add us on the return journey ? as I feel
we will have a lot of.....provisions to carry down the moutain.
Allow me a couple of minutes to collect my gear and we shall depart, if you will excuse me"

Leaving the table he headed up the stairs.
Returning a few moments later carrying a small pack.

"when you all are ready"

03/26/2001 5:18 AM

Autumn took her feet off the table and stood, grabbing the pack at her feet. She fitted her long bow to her back and made sure her sword was in place and ready to go. "Ready.""As the snake is drowned and I look in his eyes my fear begins to fade recalling all of the times I could have cried then. I should have cried then."

Tool - H

Wynter Firecaster
03/26/2001 8:56 AM

Wynter stood also, grabbing her staff. She waved her hand and her pack rose from the ground. She grabbed it and placed it on her back. "Good to go."ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/26/2001 11:46 AM

Brom talked slowly, "Well, it's like a climbing spike except you can hook them to your knees or something. And when you jam then into something the spike splits, giving you more support for climbing."

To show them, the gnome removed a spike from his pack. He proceeded to strap it to his wrist and then slammed the spike into the table. A loud pop is heard and then the gnome says, "Look under the table." under the table was a bar that had come out of the tip of the spike. When the gnome pulled up the bar caught on the underside ofthe table. "To get the spike out, just turn." Brom flicks his wrist and the bar retracts. He removes the spike from the table. "Do you think it'll help?""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/26/2001 1:49 PM

"Any sheer climbing and it will work like a charm," Autumn said, patting the gnome on the back and smiling.If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/26/2001 11:36 PM

Katyr also had to go upstairs to get her pack from her room. She grabbed it and headed back downstairs. She passed Telgars room and told him she was ready.

She joined the group downstairs "Okay now im ready, oh and i passed Telgar on the way and he said he'd be down soon."

She looked around the group. This should be a good journey, she thought to herself, her companions were skilled, intelligent and very eager, maybe a little too eager. She thought about how she had seen people change when there was treasure involved, how she had seen friends turn on each other for the sake of some gold. She reminded herself that she didn't know these people and to be alert until she knew she could trust them.Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/27/2001 1:04 AM

"People call me Brom," says the gnome, offering his hand to Autumn. "I would tell you my real name but it would take to long and you'd probably tell me to shut up anyway.""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/27/2001 1:14 AM

Telgar looked hurriedly around for somewhere to take cover as Brom pulled out his new invention.
There was an audible pop then silence. Telgar stood tense waiting for something to blow up.
After what seamed like an age Brom put the device away and was talking to Autumn.

"Ok it would appear that we are all ready, let us begin."

Leaving the inn he heads out of the small town, thinking about gnome inventions that actually work.

Ooc just giving you all notice that as of Thursday this week I will be away at a LARP event. I will be back on the Wednesday of the following week, unless I have been beaten to a pulp.
If one of you lovely people could take over for a while, and look after Telgar for me. Thanks

03/27/2001 6:05 AM

"Maybe sometime on watch you can tell me your real name, Brom." She shook Brom's hand and headed for the door. She followed Telgar out of the small town to start an adventure.

"I hope this time I won't have to go to the Abyss," she thought to herself.If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/27/2001 7:15 AM

OOC: Telgar, before you go away try and give us something to work with so we can continue the story Ok? :)

Katyr followed Telgar and the others towards the town gates.

"It will be good to get out of this place, I was starting to think of quitting the mercenary business and settling down!" katyr joked with Autumn.

Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

Wynter Firecaster
03/27/2001 8:58 AM

Wynter, overhearing Katyr talking to Autumn, laughed to herself. She was the last to exit the inn, walked in the evening with a happy stride. She started to whistle old songs she new, some marching tunes and others just diddies that popped into her mind. "This is going to be fun!"

OOC: Yeah, Katyr right. If we have something to get after you wouldn't miss much.ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/27/2001 9:05 AM

"I hear yah. Before I saw that notice, I was sitting in the tavern down the street thinking 'maybe I should find a nice elf and marry myself off before anything happens to me.'. I'm never thinking that again!" She laughed and smiled. Autumn heard Wynter whistling behind her, and she recognized the tune. She joined in, feeling some music would make the journey go by faster.If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/27/2001 10:26 AM

Tiver grabbed his stuff and gave back the dagger though he felt that he must know of this lethal poison but not yet. Tiver just smiled as he walked down the road listening to the merry whistling(sp?) of his friends.

"You know Telgar this all reminds me of the time we were leaving that one town and I dropped that card of mine, and well you remember what happened," Tiver said with a laugh as he pulled out a card from his pouch.Tiver Neehigh

03/27/2001 5:56 PM

Brom hastens up to Tiver. "I have this invention that could help keep your stuff in it's place. I'ts thissort ofshelfthingthat fitsinabackpackandyouplace allyourstuffonitthencloseitupsoyouneverloseit. Isn'tthatgreat," says the gnome, becoming more and more excited with the explanation of his invention."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/27/2001 11:23 PM

As the group journeys down the main road outside of the small town Katyr suddenly sees something up ahead.

Quietly she nudges Wynter "We've got trouble, see those bushes up ahead? if you look closely you can see the glimmer of sun off metal. My guess is we're about to meet a band of lowly thieves."

She uses mercenary hand signals to let the others know what was happening and hoped they would understand. Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

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03/27/2001 11:34 PM

Brom ignores Katyr, being wrapped up in his explanation of his invention to Tiver. He continues to blunder forward right towards the bushes, yakking all the way."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/28/2001 12:49 AM

Telgar chuckled to himself as he remembers the last adventure with Tiver.

"Yeah that was…. Interesting"

Half listening to Brom's excited ramblings of his inventions when he noticed Katyr motioning with her hand. Not really sure what she was trying to say he started to head towards her when he to saw the reflection.

With his hand oh the pommel of his sword he runs over to Tiver.

"Ambush my friend t… where is that gnome going"

Cursing as Brom heads straight towards the bushes.Running over Telgar takes hold of the gnome's collar.

Just as a crossbow bolt whistles past his ear.
"Time we wasn't here friend"
Spinning around he drags Brom away from the bush.

"MAGE DO SOMETHING," Telgar shouts as another bolt hits the floor beside him

OK let see you want some kind of info. The first part of course is just getting to the mountains. Should be pretty straightforward. You know the usual "lowly thieves" etc.
I was thinking of bringing in a rival treasure hunter just to make it a little more interesting. But really need an extra person for that. Hint hint.
As for what we are after…. That is a kind of surprise Telgar has his own reason for going. Don't worry he is not going to rule the world or kill you all or become all-powerful. Just rich. He is a thief and con-man after all, and by all accounts "ladies man" hey Autumn #wink wink#

Ahhh hell I'll tell you.

The city is an ancient ogre one, and as you all know they had some pretty good stuff. There is a broach that Telgar is after for another person (I'll make a name up latter) what it does is not really important, perhaps it is magical perhaps Wynter has heard of it? You can decide. (So I can not be accused of being a power - player.) There will be a lot of treasure there, gold, gems, magic items (non to powerful) weapons etc so you will all get a share.
What's in the city? I was thinking something along the lines of a rare group of creatures not usually found on this forum. What exactly I do not yet know.
To be honest with you all I set this as a kind of group thing, as long as we get to the city I am happy.
Anything you want to happen can (as long as it is nothing unrealistic)

Hope that helps a little (like I told you anything)
See you all in a couple of days

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[Edited by Telgar on Wednesday, March 28, 2001 1:00 AM]

Wynter Firecaster
03/28/2001 5:14 AM

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Wynter spoke a word of magic and a fireball conjured in her hand. She launched it at the bush, sending another right after. The bush ignited in flame.

"That won't take care of them too much, just scare them off. If anyone wants them dead, they can kill them. I can't stand killing people I have no reason to kill." She looked at the bush, seeing the thieves running away. She continued walking, seeing the threat elimintated for this point in time.ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/28/2001 11:27 AM

Tiver heard Telgar tell him about the trouble, and Tiver also thought that there might be trouble up ahead anyways. Before Wynter set her magic into play Tiver threw his card to the air as its magic took place. All of a sudden there were 10 rabbits hopping every where, and then there were 10 more then 20 more and more just kept appearing. Tiver watched the magic of the card with a scratch to his head a forming smile, but then he saw Wynter let her spells lose as the fireballs exploded into action scaring off the bandits.

Tiver smiled and looked back at the magic of his cards and just shrugged. "You know I don't think this would scare anyone away unless it was a group of carrot farmers," Tiver said with a laugh.

"Well, Wynter thank you, and shall we carry on friends?"

Tiver twisted the ring on his finger and speeded up to Brom speaking as quickly as he could with the ring's magic turned on. "Youknowthatinventionsoundsgreat,butwhatyouneedtomakeissomekindof
flyingshiptomaketripsshorteryouknow?"Tiver Neehigh

03/28/2001 2:41 PM

Before Autumn could act, everything was taken care of and they were moving again. "I must be losing my speed lately." She kept walking, listening intently to the world around her for something not to her liking. She saw eyes watching them in a near by tree. She strained her vision to see them before she tried to find out why they were there. She jogged forward and jumped into the tree.

One of the theives flew out of the tree, Autumn flying gracefully after him. She held his body to the ground as she screamed, "We have a vistor. What do we want to do with him?"

She pulled him off the ground and held his arms behind his back, pushing him to the rest of the group. "He's a young one, but a thief nonetheless."

The young man struggled, not used to a warriors grip. Autumn was stronger than most women warriors and she definitely made that point clear to the young man.If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/28/2001 8:49 PM

"Tiverisit?" asks Brom at normal speed. "Ihaveacousinwhoisworkingwithagroupright nowonaprojectlikethat. HisnameisKrank. Hislifequestistomakesomethingthatflies andcancarrypeople. PerhapsIshouldsuggestthatheuseitforsomethinglikethis, assumingthathecangetittowork. Hiscrewhasbeenmodifingitforaboutthreyearsnow, althoughhekeepstellingmethatitisalmostdone.""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/28/2001 10:11 PM

Katyr had braced herself for the thieves ambush but hadn't needed to act.
Wynter had handled the situation well with a simple spell used in an effective way.

She turned to compliment Wynter when she saw Autumn suddenly jump into a nearby tree with the swiftness only an elf possesses. She ran up to Autumn when she had the struggling man held tight, he looked about sixteen years old.

"Hold him while I search him" she said to Autumn. She started to go through the boys pockets not finding much. She checked the pockets inside his shirt, found a piece of paper and unfolded it. She couldn't believe it, it was practically identicle to the map Telgar had shown them.

She showed Autumn the map. "Tie him up, Telgar may want to ask him a few questions". She then went and showed the others what she had found.Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/29/2001 12:49 AM

Autumn looked at the map in astonishment. As Katyr said, she slammed the boy back to the ground and tied him up. She brought him back over to the group as Katyr spoke of the map he possessed.If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/29/2001 10:43 AM

Tiver smiled to Brom as he walked to the prisoner of the group now and looked at the young boy. "Myheseemsmightyyoungyouknow!" Tiver frowned as he twisted the ring on his finger and cleared his voice. "My this bandit is merely just a boy he's no harm to us," as Tiver eyed the map in Autumn's hands. "Katyr would do you think we should do with the boy while Telgar scouts out the roads ahead of us. It might be awhile before he gets back you know?

Tiver walked over to Autumn looking up at the map as he stood on his tippy toes to see it. "Hmmm, well now you thinking what i'm thinking Autumn?"Tiver Neehigh

Wynter Firecaster
03/29/2001 1:31 PM

Wynter looked at the map, and saw it was exactly like Telgar's. She wondered. The thief was unusually young, and him having an exact duplicate of the map seemed odd enough. "We should first question him, then question Telgar. Either both of them are in this or this boy knows something we don't."ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/29/2001 2:36 PM

"Well, my kenderkin, if you are thinking this boy had this map for a reason more than to follow us, then I just might be thinking the same thing you are. I think we should make camp over in those trees tonight. And right now would be a good time." She made her grip tighter on the young man struggling in her arms.

"Easy killer. All you have to do is tell us what this is all about and we just might let you go."If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/29/2001 2:50 PM

Brom hurredly begins setting up the camp for the rest. Out of his backpack he produces a large tent, which, when he lays it out, seems to put itself together. While the tent is being "put up" the gnome starts a small fire for them to cook with. He also pulls out several metal rodas and arranges them so they become a makeshift table and bench. "Myowninvention," he beams proudly. "Portablecampsiteinasack. Onlytookmetwoyearstoperfect it. We'llbefineaslongasamonsoondoesn'tcomeby,tentcan'tholduptothat.""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/29/2001 3:51 PM

"Brom, you have outdone yourself." Autumn took the struggling prison and tied him to the tree trunk beside their camp. She looked at the many great campsite things in front of her and smiled. "I'll take first watch on the prisoner and camp tonight. We can watch in pairs or alone, and I don't care which way it goes with me so." She sat at the table, and admired the great invention Brom made.If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/29/2001 4:06 PM

"Thanks," the gnome said and blushed, preparing to launch into another story."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/29/2001 11:23 PM

Katyr pat Brom on the back "Travelling with you is going to be good, just as long as you don't turn us all soft with this treatment."

she turned to Autumn "I'll watch with you, maybe together we can get some information out of him." she looked straight at the young boy "And if he doesn't want to speak maybe Wynter can turn him into something horrible!"

She set her pack down then helped Autumn fasten the prisoner to a tree.Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/30/2001 1:13 PM

Tiver whistled into the forest as a mist form shaped as a wolf came running out from by the road. As the form came closer it turned into a furry like wolf leaping at Tiver tackling him to the ground. The wolf and Tiver looked at each other as they seemed to exchange some silent thought. All of a sudden Tiver burst out into a laughter that made the wolf growl at him. Tiver pushed the wolf off him and laughed. "Poor Whisper you should of known thoughs rabbits were only illusions, but I can't believe you have been chasing them all this time."

Tiver laughed as they moved into the camp and at near the fire while the food was cooking talking away about his adventures and looking at all of Brom's inventions.Tiver Neehigh

03/30/2001 1:33 PM

"That would be great. I think Wynter has got some pretty good tricks up her sleeve too." She walked over to Brom and crouched down to the fire.

"Here, let me help. I have the perfect recipe for such an adventure."If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/30/2001 6:59 PM

"Fine by me," says the gnome, talking as slow as he can. "I never learned how to cook. No time.""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/30/2001 11:08 PM

Katyr settled down and watched as Autumn and Brom started to prepare the meal. Soon a delicious aroma could be smelt as the meal started cooking, Katyr's stomach grumbled and she realised just how hungry she was.

"That smells delicious, let me know when its done." She settled back and began to clean her sword and equipment. "There's a stream near here, I'll clean the plates there after dinner."Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

Wynter Firecaster
03/31/2001 6:10 AM

Wynter sat in front the prisoner with the map in her hand. She left the other free unless her called from some...unpleasant torture. She could smell the delicious meal and wanted him to talk so she could go eat.

"Why did you have the map? That is all I want to know. Please, I'm already depleted of energy. I don't want to have to use magic on you so quickly." A fireball appeared in her hand and she moved to very close to his chest, right over his heart.

"Dinner's ready!" Autumn declared to everyone.

"I'll deal with you later." She waved her hand and the fireball disappeared, a sigh of relief escaping the young man's mouth.ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/31/2001 2:05 PM

Autumn dished out the delicious smelling meal onto plates and brought them to the makeshift table. She pulled out two flasks, one of drawf spirits and one of elven wine. "Choose your poison. I recommend the wine for the early and the dwarf spirits for the latter. Well, this is a nice little recipe for traveling, it doesn't ask for much. Tell me what you think."

She poured herself some wine and drank deeply. If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/31/2001 7:53 PM

Katyr also poured some wine for herself and thanked Autumn. The meal was delicious and soon her plate was clean.

"Autumn, someday you're going to make a nice male elf very happy" she joked bringing up their previous joke.

She turned to Wynter "Any luck with the boy?"Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

Wynter Firecaster
03/31/2001 8:03 PM

"No. It's like he's mute and cannot talk, but I've heard him mumbling to himself at times. He is debating to tell us or not." She cleaned her plate of the food, and poored some dwarf spirits.

"It's never too early for dwarf spirits, as I always say." She drank the whole glass in one gulp and poured some wine.ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/31/2001 8:12 PM

"And the same day I make the nice male elf happy is the day I'm a toad," she answered with a smile.

"Don't worry, Wynter. I've been taught ways of torture that will make a man with no tongue talk."If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/31/2001 8:21 PM

Katyr frowned in the direction of the young boy. "Well i don't know what it is, but there is definately something going on. Its too strange that we would find a young inexperianced thief with an identical map as ours on the exact same day we set out on the hunt!"

She poured herself some dwarf spirits and looked at the two elves "The sooner we find out what he knows the better."Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/31/2001 8:29 PM

"I agree. It is very odd. Well, we can either find out now or sit here thinking about it. Shall we? I think three strong women might scare the poor boy, let alone the torture we can inflinct on him." She picked up the flask of dwarf spirits and walked over to the prisoner, taking out her dagger and placing the tip of it above the fire as she walked by.

"Just in case," she said, indicating the dagger.If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

03/31/2001 8:38 PM

Katyr nodded to Autumn. She walked to the boy and stood with her hands on her hips.

"Look, we know you have information that we need so you can either tell us the easy way or the hard way, and let me just tell you the hard way is not pleasant!"

The boy's eyes widen and he starts to sweat. he is obviously terrified and
he starts to squirm against the ropes in panic. Katyr tells him to be still but he ignores her, with a quick flick of her wrist Katyr sends a dagger flying that lands just between his legs. The boy freezes in shock and is quiet.

Katyr takes a step back "Autumn, would you like to continue?"Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

Wynter Firecaster
03/31/2001 8:40 PM

"Yes, let us go and find out this whole mystery." Autumn grabbed the dwarf spirits before Wynter could and she smiled, grabbing the wine.ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

03/31/2001 8:48 PM

"Glady." She went back to the fire, grabbing her dagger and feeling the tip. It was just right.

She walked back over and saw the boy squirming like a mad man. She placed one hand on his shoulder and held the dagger a foot away from him. "Calm down. You've never been tortured have you?" He shook his head, sweat beading down his forehead. "You don't want to learn, do you?" He shook his head again. "Now that we are on the same track, you have two choices. You can either learn what real torture is," she said as she lower the dagger over his chest. "Or, you can tell us and save the trouble of having a burn scar on your chest."

"Wynter, your turn."If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.

Wynter Firecaster
03/31/2001 8:54 PM

"My young lad, before I enforce magic on you, would you like to say anything to save you some pain?"

He stared at her in terror, opening his mouth to speak.

"Lady, I cannot say what I don't know. And as for a burn scar on my chest, I would gladly speak instead of that. M'Ladies, I ask you to please stop torturing me. I have no clue what you are asking!"

Wynter looked at him in disbelief. "I actually don't think he's bluffing."ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/01/2001 3:25 PM

Tiver had already found his way to the bottle of Dwarven Spirits by the time dinner was finished. Stumbling over to where Autumn and Wynter was torturing the prisoner with Whisper close to Tiver so he wouldn't fall down. Tiver was amazed about how the world spun so fast, but much slower when he wasn't drunk. Tiver soon found himself crawling over to where Autumn and Wynter were.

"Has the prissssssoner said...*Hiccup* said anything? I was just wanting to know because... *Hiccup, Hiccup* because my friend Whisper is hungry," Tiver pointing to the mist wolf friend of his. Tiver had many stories about being drunk, but no one ever told him about the part with every thing going black and the not stop falling dream. With a finally hiccup and a grin from ear ro ear Tiver fell to his back out for the night. Whisper only growled and shook his head as he bit down on the shirt of Tiver's and dragged him back to his bed roll. Tiver Neehigh

04/01/2001 4:37 PM

"Remind me not to give a kender dwarf spirits," she said, grabbing the bottle and taking a long gulp. "Well, Wynter, I have a feeling he isn't lying either. We better talk to Telgar when he gets back from scouting the road." She placed her dagger back into her belt and took another drink of the dwarf spirits, placing herself up for watch. "Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

04/01/2001 6:50 PM

Katyr holds up her hand "Wait a minute, okay boy so you don't know anything about what the map is but you must know where you got it from. How about you tell us that story"

The boy was more than happy to tell this story to the companions "It was part of my initiation to get into a gang of theives, everyone has to do something risky. My task was to steal something of value off a victim of the gangs choice." He swallowed hard remembering the victim "They chose someone known as Hook, i think he used to be a pirate and he has a bad reputation for being psychotic. I managed to steal the map and thats all i know."

Katyr thought about this for awhile and decided she believed the boy.
"So can you give us more information on this Hook character, what does he look like?"

The boy shrugged his shoulders "All i could tell was that his face is badly scarred, he's very tall, oh, and he has a hook where his left hand should be"

Katyr looked at the others "I think we definately need to talk to Telgar about this".Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

04/02/2001 5:03 PM

Brom finished his meal and cleaned his own plate. He had choosen to drink water instead of any of the alcohol. He once again layed out his drawings by the firelight and began to doodle on some of them."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

Wynter Firecaster
04/03/2001 1:16 PM

OOC: Nice one with the Hook thing, Katyr.

"So, boy, you are saying that some pirate had this map, this identical map, and you stole it from him? You were in this band if thieves tonight, on the road to wherever this map is taking us all and just happen to run into a band of people who are going to the same place." Wynter shook her head slightly. "This is too confusing for one night. We will talk to Telgar about it and I'm going to sit watch with you two tonight. I think it would be best if we all though about it."ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/03/2001 4:41 PM

OOC: Thanks Wynter, though its a little cliched :) ummm....Telgar is coming back isn't he?Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

04/03/2001 4:54 PM

OOC: I hope so...we can only carry on with this for so long."Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

04/03/2001 6:40 PM

Tiver was completely asleep as he drifted into his little dream land though this night his mind would be plagued with nightmares of his bestfriend.

Tiver began to mumble something in elven as his words switch to common as his speech began louder. "Aldra... no the staff is evil... Wait!" Tiver reached out trying to help his friend in his dream. "No, Nilrem will destroy you!" Whisper ran over to the sleeping kender trying to wake him though nothing was working. "Aldra whats wrong... Aldra wake up please wake up! No! you can't die friend... Don't Die!" Tiver yelled out into his nightmare though everything he said was heard all around him.

OOC : This should keep us busy until Telgar returns... I hope LOL!Tiver Neehigh

04/04/2001 12:14 AM

Katyr runs over to Tiver with her hand on the hilt of her sword when she hears him yelling.

She realises he is having a nightmare and shakes him trying to wake him.

"Tiver wake up, can you hear me!" Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

04/04/2001 3:05 AM

Oh ye with little faith. I have returned a little bruised and battered but still here.
Right then down to business.

Telgar leaned back against the tree, just out side of the camp. He had been sitting there for a while now listening in to his companions.
"So the old man was right. This could be a problem. Still no need to worry that lot about this little set back. I will deal with the "hook" in time " He thought to himself as he eyed the young thief
"He was very lucky to get away with it perhaps he would like to join us, could always do with a good thief around"

Standing Telgar strolled into the camp.

"What have we here?" he said as he approached the young man "by the gods I would have told you two
Everything, If I were in his shoes. So tell me everything"

Telgar listen to the story as he helped himself to some wine.

"So a fellow called the Hook had a map identical to the one in our possession. It would seem to me that it is a void problem as we now have both maps"

Turning to the young man

"My friend I wish to help you, I would not want to have these women torture you any longer. Just answer me these simple questions and we could let you go or you could join with us, as you seem pretty resourceful.
Question one where was this pirate when you stole the map
Question two did it look as if the pirate was planning to follow the map, for example was there any equipment for a landing party.
And question 3….."

Before Telgar could finish asking two arrows slammed into the young man, one piercing his chest the other cutting through his throat.

Dropping to his knee Telgar spun around pulling his crossbow from his belt. At the same time
Tiver started to shout.

Well this is a twist to the story, umm looks like we are going to have a little bit of competition, would be nice if some one would come in a take over this pirate "Hook" no peter pan jokes please.
If not I have a few ideas of what to do with him…umm family

04/04/2001 5:48 AM

OOC: Hey its good you're back! we were getting a little bit desperate....could you tell? :) Hope you don't mind about the whole Hook thing, but i figured if i left it open like that anyone could work with the story.

Katyr draws a dagger from her belt and crouches over Tiver's little body. She gently places her hand over his mouth to keep him quiet as she peers into the darkness.

She remembers elves have excellent eyesight in the dark so she quietly gets the attention of Wynter and Autumn "Can you see anyone?" she whispers.Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

04/04/2001 6:31 AM


Desperate you lot no……I refuse to believe it. The Hook thing has certainly given me a lot to think about and a way of bringing some of Telgar's history to light.
I might change the name though if you don't mind.
as always if anyone wants to add something to the adventure then just go for it.

Telgar slowly moved forward using the near by trees as cover.
More arrows shot out of the darkness, one of them striking the tree inches from Telgar's head, the other hitting the floor by Katyr's leg.

Cursing he fired his crossbow in the general direction of their attackers.
Dropping to his knees he quickly reloads.

"We could use some light over there," he shouts over to his companions

04/04/2001 1:30 PM

Whisper growled at the attackers as he could smell the sea water from the pirates cloths as another arrow landed by Tiver's head. Whisper enraged ran into the darkness as a low growl could be heard as a fight took place. From within the darkness a scream could be heard followed by a dead silence. Whisper hand taken care of one of the bow men quickly his jaws still wrapped around the ugly mans throat. Whisper felt a small sting in his side and then another then all around him seemed to crumble into darkness.

Tiver woke in his finally scream only to find it hindred by Katyr's hand that was over his mouth. Tiver eyes were as he saw Katyr place her fingers over her lips. "Shhssssh... quite Tiver," she said as Tiver reached over to his hoopak. "Whats wrong Katyr?" Tiver whispered to her as he saw a arrow land next to his head.Tiver Neehigh

Wynter Firecaster
04/04/2001 2:40 PM

"Give the mage some time!" Wynter, with a gesture of her hands, made a stream of fire from her head to her waist in length. 10 arrows shot towards a few of the attackers, hitting directly. "Is that enough light for you or do you need some more?"

She conjured a ball of light and sent it into the sky far enough so the light engulfed the camp and a little of the surrounding areas.ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/04/2001 2:59 PM

Autumn drew her bow immediatly when Katyr said if they could see anything. She began picking off the pirates one by one, leaving a bunch for the fire-arrows she saw Wynter conjure and launch. As the light went out, she saw a few footmen coming toward them. "I think I will give these people a far fight." She drew her blade and a song of death and triumph filled Autumn's ears.

She walked slowly toward them and fought with them one by one, giving them a little time before they fell dead. "Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

04/04/2001 4:02 PM

Brom took cover, as fighting was not his thing. He hid under his table, his little body shaking in fear. He just wanted to try out some of his inventions, that was all.

Meanwhile, the bandits continued to fire arrows. At the back of their group was a tall man. Hook stood watching the scene unfold. The 6'2" minotaur with only one hand peered through the spyglass he had. The monster had allowed the theif to take his map, knowing it would lead him to any competition. Now his squad would annihilate the others."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/04/2001 11:17 PM

OOC: Telgar - 'Hook' isn't his real name its just a nick name so feel free to change it. Thorn, - love the Minotaur idea.

Katyr stood and drew her sword when she saw that Tiver was awake. "We're being attacked, Whisper has finished one of them off but he hasn't come back." She told him quickly.

She then ran over to where Autumn was dropping the enemy one by one and stood back to back with her "Hey save some for me!" she joked as she drove her sword through an enemies stomach.Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

04/05/2001 2:52 AM

Ooc yeah good shout on the minotaur Thorn

Telgar blinked and bright light filled the area. Standing he rushed towards a small group of pirates shooting his crossbow as he moved catching a bald headed pirate in the eye.
Drawing his sword he dived into the fight hacking down two of his attackers in the first instant.
Moving into the group he was confronted by a large grizzled man. As the two moved together recognition dawned on Telgar's opponent.

"YOU? I told the captain to keel hall your sorry carcass the first time I laid me eyes on you" the pirate shouted as he advanced swinging his cutlass low at Telgar's legs.
Parrying the attack Telgar steeped in close locking the pirate's blade with his own.

"Good to see you to old friend" Telgar replied as he reversed his grip on his sword and struck down cutting deep into the pirates knee, reversing the attack struck the pirate full in the face with the pommel.

With a blood pouring out of his nose the pirate fell back wards. Leaping on top of the stunned pirate Telgar whispers.

"Go and find that cow of yours and tell him that his past is about to come back to haunt him. Tell him that the "little monkey" has all grown up and has returned to seek vengeance."

Riffling through the pirates clothing for anything of value, Telgar stands up.

"Leave now and know the next time we meet I will kill you"

The pirate stands and looks about the camp. Seeing that his men are being slaughtered he makes to leave.

"You have signed you death warrant "little monkey". Eye we'll meet again then yell know the true meaning of pain"

Turning he stumble back through the bushes.

04/05/2001 9:44 AM

Tiver still felt the effects of the dwarven spirits in him, but he was not going to stay out of a good fight. Tiver, after a bit of hard thinking, set up his short bow as he pulled a farie fire arrow from his quiver. Tiver notched the arrow whispering something quitely to himself as he pulled the arrow back then let it fly. Tiver watched as almost everything in the forest before him exploded in a purplish glow of fire, and thoughs caught in the explosion found themselves rolling on the ground trying to put out the flames that traced their body.

Whisper laid there as he soon realized that he was out numbered, and needed some time to think about the fight at hand. Whisper would have taken flight back to the camp only if there wasn't a 6'2 foot Minotaur not more than ten feet from him. Whisper thinking of nothing better to do let out a low howl into the night as a fog rolled in on top of the Minotaur. Whisper was up to his feet and running hoping this would give him enough cover back to camp. Tiver Neehigh

04/05/2001 11:15 AM

Brom continued to quiver under the table, hoping that the fighting would be over soon. He also hoped that none of his inventions were ruined, although, this would give him a chance to improve on those.

Hook saw the wolf just as the fog masked him. The minotaur turned to go report to his superior, his captain. After his last run, the minotaurs crew had been put in shambles. Rather then return home disgraceful, he had become first mate for the Black Claw. When Claw had given him the map, the lizardman captain had said something about flushing out others, and the minotaur's captain's plan had worked. Hook was able to count the parties number and although his scouting party had suffered some losses, the Black Claw had plenty of men. The minotaur took off to find his captain."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/05/2001 2:35 PM

"Hey, take care of these filthy worms while I go handle the cow who is running away!" Autumn retreated from the melee and ran toward the minotaur running away.

"Not so fast you bastard!" Autumn screamed her challenge as she jumped high in the air, over the minotaur's head and landing right in front of him face to face. She swung her sword and a clang of metal against metal filled the night air.

"Did you think you could kill me that easy?" The minotaur asked in a sarcastic voice, countering Autumn's attack but only to be met with her sword.

"Next time you attack an elf with a magic sword, do the background on it first." She rolled and whispered a word in elven, cutting the minotaur on the leg. "This is Dragon's Bane, and you are dead."

Hook's eyes filled with fear as he fell to his knees, poison coursing through his veins. There was only one antidote to the poison when the owner of the sword said the word that would cause death, and Autumn didn't feel like sparing this ugly cow's life.

"Enjoy your stay in the Abyss." She casually walked back to the camp and saw the other pirates slowly disappearing, both dead and running away. Three were left and they were soon taken care of by Katyr, Telgar, and Tiver's arrow."Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

04/05/2001 7:55 PM

OOC: The Black Claw is my own character so please don't kill him yet.

The Black Claw saw the warrior slice his first mate. She grabbed his face and whispered something to the minotaur. Hook fell, and ugly gash on his leg. It normally took more then that to put his capable warrior down. "Go get him," hissed the captain. Two lizardmen, both capable warriors and both shamans went down and drug the minotaur up to the Black Claw. "What happened?" asked the captain.

"Poison," moaned Hook. "Fix him," says the Claw to his shamans. He turns and heads back to his own camp, knowing that even the strongest poison wouldn't kill the minotaur once his shamans were through. After that, he'd grill his first mate on the information the raiding party gathered.

Brom crawled out from underneath the table. It appeared the battle was over. The gnome looked around to see what was damaged. His tent was destroyed so he would have to improve that."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/05/2001 11:07 PM

Katyr bent over out of breath after the battle, it had been awhile since she had been out of the pub and she wasn't at her peak of fitness yet. "Tomorrow i do one hundred sit ups" she thought to herself.

She regrouped with the others and tried to help Brom pick up the pieces of his tent. She shrugged at him "looks like we'll be sleeping under the stars tonight."

She caught the attention of the others "Okay, its come to my attention that this 'treasure' is no ordinary gold and jewels. This is big, why else would those pirates be so desperate as to launch such a suicide attack!" She turned to Telgar "I think i saw you talking to one of those ugly mutts, do you want to fill us in on whats going on?" Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

04/06/2001 2:12 AM

Telgar stood staring after the fleeing pirates a far away look in his eyes.

"…Of those ugly mutts, do you want to fill us in on what's going on?" Telgar came back to reality with a start as he realised Katyr was speaking to him.

"Huh? Sorry just daydreaming." Rubbing his head Telgar moved towards Brom's table
"Any drink left" he inquired as he sat down. "Ok you want to know what is going on and I agree you have a right to know. All of you." Nervously fingering an expensive looking ring on his left hand Telgar glanced around the group.

" I was not aware of another map in existence and I honestly do not really know just what the extent of the treasure is. As for the scum that attacked us…That is going to be a long story as it involves my entire life."
"When I was but a child I travelled with my parents across the country. They were merchants selling anything and everything.
One night a gang of goblins attacked us on the road. My father knowing that there was no escape threw me of the wagon moments before the attack.
Both of my parents were killed in front of me as I hid in the bushes. Some how the goblins saw me and chased me through the woods. I got away and ended up in a small city where I begged for what ever I could get.
Soon one of the local thieves took me in and trained me. He said he could use my stature to our advantage. I was starving at the time so did not really mind how I got the food. For one reason or another the thief who took me in had to leave the city and taking me with him we settled in a small fishing village.

For four years we lived there plying our trade….Life was good for a change. Still things change as they always do. Once I reached 12 years of age I took a job on one of the fishing boats as a basic ship hand. We got caught in a storm and blown too far out to sea. Whilst trying to return we were picked up by a large Minotaur vessel.Althought there was a few humans on board. One of them I recognised here tonight and I also know the name of "hook". He is the Minotaur captain of the ship that picked us up. His real name is Gol'thal. I must admit though I thought he was dead. Anyway I stayed on the Minotaur ship for Six years and doing menial task and being treated like a slave." Telgar smiled a little as he recalled his time as a pirate " it was an interesting time. Taught me how to fight and what was worth taking. They never did realise I was a thief before a pirate still I am sure they did not have many morals where people were concerned. One night the ship ran into trouble and I fled…..So there you go that is why I was talking to the ugly mutt. I really do not know what bearing my life story has on any of this but you now know who is after the treasure."

Standing Telgar strolled to the edge of the camp looking out towards what he hoped was the sea.

Ooc I hope this fits in with what you had in mind Thorn.

[Edited by Telgar on Friday, April 6, 2001 2:16 AM]

Wynter Firecaster
04/06/2001 11:05 AM

Wynter sat listening to his story. When he finished and he stood up, Wynter followed and stood beside him. "Look at the bright side. You are alive, you have strong and able people helping you to find a treasure that could very well send that Black Claw to the Abyss where he belongs. I have a feeling there is something there that would bring joy to us all, so do not despair. If the others are not here for you, I am." She put her hand on his should trying to comfort him. ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/06/2001 12:24 PM

Tiver made his way over to Telgar, though it seemed like ages to get there since none of them would stop moving for one second. Tiver looked up at Telgar a big smile on his face as he pulled out a bottle for Telgar handing it up to him.

"Now, if every one would stop moving around so fast I might be able to catch up," Tiver said placing his hands on his head to hold everything still. Though, doing this only made it worse because Tiver saw everyone start doing backflips and such. "Uhhhhh, I think i'm going to go and lay down for a bit okay?" Tiver stumbled back to his sleeping bag thing and went to sleep.Tiver Neehigh

04/06/2001 6:33 PM

Katyr took in all of what Telgar had related to them. She believed his story and was grateful that he told them this information.

"Well now we know what we're up against and we know not to let our guard down for a second. And although we have both copies of the map, who's to say that there isn't a third or fourth copy."

She looked over at Tiver sleeping peacefully "I think we should try and get some sleep, who wants to take first watch?"Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

04/06/2001 6:45 PM

"I'll still take watch. I am ancy from battle and if there are anymore people coming, it will calm my nerves." She drew her sword and began to clean it."Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

04/07/2001 11:10 AM

Brom tossed the tent remains into a pile. "Oh well," he said. "I'm tired," said the gnome. "I think I'll sleep first.""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/09/2001 2:10 AM

Telgar looked over at Wynter and smiled.
"Thank you Wynter, I know that I can count on you and all the others. To be honest with you I have been looking forward to getting my revenge on "the hook" and the though I thought him dead I never stopped dreaming of it. Now I have my chance and I feel as if I am not ready. Strange hey?"

"Katyr is correct we could all do with a little sleep. I am afraid that sleep is going to be in short supply as we will need to move fast now if we are going to beat the pirates"

Walking over to Brom Telgar looks at the remains of the tent. Grunting he lowers himself to the ground.
"Is it fixable Brom? I would hate to think that your inventions are broke due to our actions"

Looking over at Autumn
"Wake me for the second watch

04/09/2001 5:19 AM

Autumn nodded to Telgar. She went over to Brom and sat down beside him. "You can stay up for first watch and we can try and fix it.""Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

04/09/2001 10:18 PM

"It's okay. I'll just build a new one when I have the time and resources. That why I brought this stuff along, to test it out. I guess the tent needs imporvement," says Brom. "I'm kind of tired though, can I sleep now?" asks the gnome."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/10/2001 12:55 AM

Katyr started to unroll her blanket "Telgar, I'll watch with you. It will be far more safer if we watch in pairs." She looked at Autumn "Let Brom sleep, maybe Wynter will watch with you first?" She lay down and closed her eyes and realised just how tired she actually was "Goodnight guys".

04/10/2001 1:34 AM

The night passes with out incident and the group head out in the early hours.

Telgar looks at the group

"well now you all know about my past so tell me about yours. at the very least it will make the walking a little more interesting"

04/10/2001 6:55 AM

"My tale is very simple and quite boring , yet I am still young and hope to change this in the future."

"My father was a Solamnic Knight of the rose and my mother was a cleric of Mishakal, they knew each other briefly and i resulted from that." she smiles slightly embarassed. "I never knew my mother, she left me on my father's doorstep when i was born and he raised me. he couldn't tell me anything about her except that she was beautiful and very kind. All i have of her is this amulet" she pulls out an amulet of Mishakal from around her neck "I have no idea what it does, it just makes me feel good to wear it." she tucks it back beneath her shirt.

Katyr stares at the dusty ground for awhile then continues "My father wanted me to be taught in the ways of etiquette so that i would grow up to become a proper lady and marry a Knight from a noble family, I had other plans for my future." She smiles to herself.

"At the age of nine i started to secretly train in the art of Solamnic arms and would enter tournaments in disguise, I won alot of those tournaments but could never tell my father. By the age of sixteen i was winning every tournament i entered and had become a very experienced swordsman, then my father discovered what i had been doing and i was cast out of the family home for disgracing him."

She looks far off into the distance trying to fight back tears, she composes herself and continues "I joined up with a band of mercenaries and earned my living doing odd jobs with them until i met all of you." she smiles warmly at all her close companions.

Bringing up her past had been painful and difficult, she becomes quiet hoping someone else will tell their story.

Wynter Firecaster
04/10/2001 1:22 PM

Wynter walked beside Katyr and tried to comfort her as much as she could. "Forgetting the past is the first step in the long path of life. I have a similiar story to yours, but it resuts in a entirely different way.

Wynter walked with her staff and closed her eyes before you spoke. "You all have probably heard of Dalamar the Dark, or Dalamar Argent. Well, before he was deemed a dark elf, he had a fling with one of the many female servitors. I resulted. My mother raised me since he wasn't around and didn't even know about me. I was a servant to General Konnal. He gave me certain freedoms that most servants didn't have for he knew the power Dalamar had and since he used it for wrong. When I was about 23 years of age, I came across a book that started my descent from good. I started practicing the spells, and General Konnal followed me one day. He say me, and banished me the next day."

She smiled to herself, finding irony in her words. "Her banished my father, and myself. I had left the forest by ways of magic and found the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas. At this time, Dalamar was the master of it. I walked in and he looked on me in a way I can't explain even to this day. I spent many days with him after my tests and talked with him. The last day was the day my consequence for magic came unto me. He spoke, 'You have a darkness within you that you do not know of yet, so therefore..until you find it, you will wear an aura of the darkness you hold.' I will never forget those words." She stopped and bowed her head in both sadnes and respect. "I will never see him again, for he has disappeared to this plane. He is not dead, that I know for sure. But since then, I have just adventured with myself and a few others in anyway I could. But I have found you know, which makes my life more interesting."ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/10/2001 6:07 PM

"I was asked to leave Mt. Nevermind because my inventions had a tendency to work. So here I am," says Brom."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/11/2001 2:04 AM

"They asked you to leave because they worked? I will never understand Gnomes"
Telgar chuckled to himself as he strolled along.

Ooc I am going to jump forward a couple of days if you all don't mind just so we get to the mountains before Christmas

Telgar leaned heavily on the tree stump. Glancing around the group he could see that they were all tired. Adjusting his equipment Telgar started to move forward again when a horn pierced the still air.

"By Paladine don't these pirates ever give up?"

The group broke in to a shambling run as they tried to put some distance between themselves and the pirates.

[The pirates had surprised the group three days ago when they were crossing a small river. At first the fought the pirates off but more charged out of the near by woods. Heavily out numbered the group ran and had been running ever since, the pirates seemed to always be just around the last bend or watching them from the horizon]

04/11/2001 2:04 AM

"They asked you to leave because they worked? I will never understand Gnomes"
Telgar chuckled to himself as he strolled along.

Ooc I am going to jump forward a couple of days if you all don't mind just so we get to the mountains before Christmas

Telgar leaned heavily on the tree stump. Glancing around the group he could see that they were all tired. Adjusting his equipment Telgar started to move forward again when a horn pierced the still air.

"By Paladine don't these pirates ever give up?"

The group broke in to a shambling run as they tried to put some distance between themselves and the pirates.

[The pirates had surprised the group three days ago when they were crossing a small river. At first the fought the pirates off but more charged out of the near by woods. Heavily out numbered the group ran and had been running ever since, the pirates seemed to always be just around the last bend or watching them from the horizon]

Wynter Firecaster
04/11/2001 5:21 AM

"Can you buy me some time? I might just be able to handle a few of them while we get away." Wynter stopped and began to weave a spell. Mist came from her staff as it formed people. It was the group. Each had it own replica and it looked exactly like them, ready for battle. "Ok, RUN!"ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/11/2001 5:49 AM

Katyr covered Wynter as she cast her spell. "That's incredible!"she exclaimed when she stood facing her exact double. When Wynter had finished Katyr made sure everyone was together then followed Wynter and the others.

"Where are we headed, we can't keep running for long" she gasped as she picked up Brom, who had tripped and fell under the weight of all he was carrying.

04/11/2001 9:06 AM

Telgar looked around Katyr was right the could not keep this up. This close to the mountains the ground had taken a more rugged appearance.
Up ahead was a large incline a row of large boulders lined the top creating a natural wall. Behind these rose an immense cliff face

"Up ahead on top of that hill" he pointed as he ran " we should be able to hold of most of the pirates there using the rocks to protect our front and cliff at our back. at least hold them until we work out what we are going to do."

He tried top sound optimistic but it painfully obvious that even if they did get to the hill they would not be able to hold out for long.

04/11/2001 1:27 PM

Tiver was riding on the back of Whisper being able to stay with the group in a full run. "Well if we can make it to the hill my bow should be a bit of help," Tiver smiled at Telgar in the lead Whisper sprinting beside him. "Well, if you remember I still have a few cards that should scare them off." Tiver said with a smile as they kept running for the hill.Tiver Neehigh

04/11/2001 3:45 PM

Autumn sprinted over the rocks, not used to the terrian but used to the running. She was close behind Telger and Whisper carrying Tiver. "Tiver, i think it best if you keep those cards in your pouch!" She jumped over a rock the rest had dodged and kept going. "Wynter, I got an idea. I'm not a magic buff but i think it will work!""Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

04/12/2001 6:57 AM

Telgar scrambled over the rocks on the top of the hill and collapsed behind them.
Gasping for breath he quickly loaded his crossbow.
"Running out of shots," he thought to himself as he watched the rest of the group climb over the rock wall.
Pulling out his reaming bolts he placed them on top of the wall with in easy reach, crossbow in hand he started outwards waiting for the attack to begin and resigning himself to fight to the last.

Ooc have a good Easter you lot and I will see you all on Tuesday. If you want to continue then do so.
The group is very near to the mountains so just head up them oh and look after Telgar for me.
See you later….

04/12/2001 8:21 AM

Whisper leaped up to where Telgar was getting ready for the coming fight. Whisper turned as Tiver hopped off Whisper's back landing next to Telgar as he pull out his short bow. "Well, since no one wants the help of my cards i'll just keep them in my pouch," Tiver said with a slight smile as he notched an arrow and aimed. "You know I really hate...," Tiver tried to say as a crossbow bolt flew past his head.

Tiver frowned as he let his fly taking down a pirate as the magic in the arrow exploded with farie fire on most of the other pirates. "Oops, wrong arrow," as Tiver frowned at the waste of a good magic arrow.Tiver Neehigh

04/12/2001 11:27 PM

Katyr crouched next to Tiver and pelted rocks at the pirates, she was a good aim and had managed to knock two out momentarily. As the pirates got closer and closer she drew one of her poison daggers from her belt and aimed it, she would only throw it if she really had to as she didn't want to waste them on pirate scum.

"Hey Magi, if you have any good spells now would be the time to use them!" she yelled over the noise of the battle.

04/13/2001 2:06 PM

After Katyr set Brom down to fight the gnome had continued his ascent. It was harder for him then anyone else because his legs were so short. Being ambushed hadn't helped either because the gnome hadn't been able to use his climbing spikes.


The Black Claw watched as his pirates harassed this little party all the way up the mountain. His shamans had managed to save Hook and the minotaur had given him the information he needed about the party. He would tire them and then he would let them go. The would lead him to the treasure then he would take it from them when they couldn't fight back."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

Wynter Firecaster
04/13/2001 2:55 PM

Wynter dove down behind the rockwall and turned to Autumn beside her. "I'm all ears!" She turned around and knelt on one knee launching a great fireball at the on coming pirates. "That'll give us time to think a little."ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/15/2001 11:29 AM

Autumn, adding effect to Wynter's fireball, shot 4 arrows through the flame, hoping they wouldn't incinerate but catch on fire and burn their attackers. "All right, have you ever summoned a deamon before? From what my cousin told me it similar to that. What you are going to do is open up a portal to over this ridge where they cannot find us and they will think we went some place horrible. Do you get the idea??""Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

04/17/2001 2:33 AM

Telgar fired his last crossbow bolt and watched it disappear amongst the pirates.
Drawing his sword he waited for the attackers as they scrambled up the hill.

Wincing a little as wynter's fireball shot out over the rocks. Glancing over he saw autumn gesturing to Wynter but could not make out what they were saying.

"what ever you two ladies are doing, do it fast or well be climbing the cliff" He shouted as he threw a rock at the pirates.

Wynter Firecaster
04/18/2001 5:07 PM

Wynter smiled to herself, knowing exactly what Autumn meant. "You are lucky that your cousin knows magic or else we would be having to deal with these pirates!" She raised her voice for those in her group to hear only. "ALL RIGHT! WHEN I OPEN THIS PORTAL, JUMP IN! GO FEET FIRST AND TRY NOT TO LAND ON POINTY ROCKS!"

She stood up and the pirates launched arrows at her, but they seemed to miss. Not that their aim was true, but the arrows seemed to have a mind of their own, not wanting to kill someone of magic. She began to concentrate and move her staff feverently, trying to make this quick. Her opposite hand began to draw arcane symbols in the wind, blowing away to where she deemed a good destination. Suddenly, her arms flew back and her mouth shot open in a scream of pain and joy, feeling the magic she loved course through her veins and make her heart beat fast. A portal opened as she stopped screaming. "JUMP, NOW!"ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/19/2001 12:15 AM

Katyr launched herself towards the portal and sailed through it landing and rolling on the rocky ground. She quiclky ducked behind some rocks and waited for the others to come through aswell.

04/19/2001 12:20 AM

Brom also scrambled through the portal. Right before he entered he checked to make sure he had everything then went through feet first."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/19/2001 4:38 AM

Telgar looked at the portal uncertainly. Maybe he should try and fight them off the thought to himself
At that moment an arrow shot past his head. With his mind made up he jumped into the portal and crashed down on hard rocky ground. Rolling out of the way he looked around.

"OK does anyone know where we are?"

04/19/2001 10:39 AM

Tiver and Whisper quickly made their way through the portal also right before it closed. Rolling on the rocky ground Tiver came to a stop next to Telgar as he asked his question. "Well, maybe the person who got us here knows?" Tiver Neehigh

04/19/2001 11:16 AM

The Black Claw saw the party he had so diligently been hounding starting to disappear. Every so often there was a flash of light and then someone was gone. "Find them," he howled. "Hook, have my shamans find them. They are using magic. Go now!"

The minotaur rushed off looking for the lizardman shamans. He had failed his captain, his savior once and it wouldn't happen again."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/19/2001 1:44 PM

Autumn stood while the others jumped in. She was firing arrows at those who tried to come near them. She saw Hook desperately trying to find the shamans, and as she looked about, most were shot by her arrows. She smiled to herself as she watched Tiver and Whisper jump in. "You're next, Autumn. I can't jump in or it will close!"

She made a leap toward the portal and going through, landed gracefully down and moved out of the way. Hearing the question most asked, she turned to look at her surroundings, still hearing the battle. "We must be on the other side of the ridge," she answered."Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

Wynter Firecaster
04/19/2001 3:28 PM

Wynter made a dive for the portal after Autumn went through.

The portal closed after Wynter landed on the rocks, gracefully landing like Autumn. "It worked, Autumn. You know more about magic than you give yourself credit for!"

Not noticing, she had dropped her staff while trying to keep the portal open and now it lay on the other side of the ridge.ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/19/2001 9:27 PM

Katyr stood and dusted herself off "Is everyone okay?" she asked to which everyone nodded. She helped Telgar to his feet "So where do we go from here?" she looked around herself but the scenery all looked the same. "Thanks to Autumn and Wynter we have a considerable lead on the Pirates but we should get moving, they outnumber us by far and it won't take them long to find our tracks."

04/19/2001 11:21 PM

Hook scrambled around frantically searching for the shamans. He found one dead, an arrow protruding from his skull. The minotaur managed to find one of the others still alive. Do his best to communicate, Hook finally manages to get the lizardman to go see the Black Claw."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/20/2001 2:17 AM

Thanking Katyr with a nod of his head Telgar looked around.

"Well if we are on the other side of the ridge then Wynter has done us a double favour. Not only are we save from our pursuers for a while but we are also many days closer to our target."

Squatting down Telgar takes out the map.

"Ok this is where we are now." Pointing to a large cliff face
"With out Wynter's help we would have been forced to travel along this cliff face for around three days then double back on ourselves on the other side." Moving his finger he pointed to their destination

"Now this is not far. IF we were on flat ground it would only take about a day's hard march as it is it could take a lot longer than that. As you can see from here on we are about to enter the mountains proper."

Looking up Telgar took in the surrounding terrain. Rugged stone walls climbed up to dizzying heights before them.

"well then shall we continue?"

04/20/2001 4:39 PM

Autumn gave a nod of appreciation to Wynter and looked to Telgar, quickly noticing how everyone was tired. "I vote we rest for a little bit. We did just run about 4 miles. only about 15 minutes should do, but I say we take a little advantage of the extra time we have and rest.""Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

Wynter Firecaster
04/22/2001 9:54 AM

Wynter smiled and said, "I may have accomplished it, but Autumn came up with idea. Give her as much credit as I have recieved. But, I do agree with Autumn. I should rest a little bit."ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/23/2001 12:13 AM

Brom plopped down but not to rest, although he should be. Instead he began pulling his climbing spike out of his bag and strapping them on. "Anyone else want any, I have two more full sets, although they might be kind of tight," says the gnome, having become accosted to slower speech after spending several days with his new companions."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/23/2001 1:55 AM

Rubbing his chin Telgar looked around the group and smiled.
"Yes of course your right a rest would be appropriate, I was getting carried away with it all it would seam."

Turning to Brom

"Would you mind if I tried your invention Brom? I would like to get aquatinted with them. They might come in handy"

04/23/2001 6:04 AM

Katyr turned to Brom "I also would like to try your invention, i have never been much of a climber and could probably use the help"

04/23/2001 3:22 PM

"Sure," says the gnome, "they're in that sack." The gnome points to a sack leaning against a rock. "That's all of them though."

Meanwhile, the shaman finally reached the Black Claw. "Find them," hissed the captain. "Use your magic." The shaman began to chant, drawing symbols in the air. The air around the lizardman began to shimmer, a image beginning to take shape."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/23/2001 5:50 PM

Autumn watched Telgar, Katyr, and Brom strap on the invention and she sat down. "I think I'll stick to the traditional elf way of climbing." She smiled and rest her head on the rock behind her. Ahh, this is nice, she thought to herself."Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

Wynter Firecaster
04/25/2001 1:11 PM

Wynter sat down on the rocks. She absentmindedly felt around for her staff, but she couldn't find it. She opened her eyes and looked, not seeing it. Something coursed through her blood, but it wasn't magic. Then it stopped. She looked around and tried to speak, but was to confused.

Finally, she got out a sentence. "Has anyone seen my staff?"ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/25/2001 2:33 PM

Tiver walked over to Wynter seeing the fear in her eyes. "Ummm, well, I saw you drop it when you jumped through the portal." Tiver bit his lip not knowing what to say only wishing he had a staff to give her.

"I'm sorry Wynter," Tiver said actually feeling a bit said himself now that she lost her staff.Tiver Neehigh

04/25/2001 3:19 PM

Autumn opened her eyes and saw Wynter looking for something. She heard her ask her question, and Tiver answer. She looked over the ridge and a plan, very risky, came into her mind. She stood up, determining what to do, and walked up the ridge back where the came from.

She reached the top and peered over, trying to see what was going on. She saw lizard shaman casting spells trying to find them and saw a piece of wood glowing on the ground where the left. She drew her cloak closed and stealthly climbed over the ridge, heading down for the staff. She kept to the shadows the rocks provided and her cloak seemed to change color to match the terrain. She jumped down the the spot the jumped into the portal from and placed the staff into her belt. She headed back, going silently and stealthly. She climbed over the ridge and looked to see if anyone saw her. If they did, they were not following until she was out of sight which Autumn highly disbelieved. She went back to the group and stood beside Wynter, handing her the staff.

"I thought you might want it back. I found in where we left.""Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

Wynter Firecaster
04/25/2001 7:42 PM

"It's ok, my good Kender. I'll just go without one." She stopped and watched Autumn go after her staff. As Autumn handed her the staff, she cast a quick spell. The staff glowed blue, not a good sign. She took it and walked over to Telgar. "Telgar, good you please hurl this back over that ridge for me. My staff is comprimised by the lizards and if someone doesn't throw it quickly, they will know where we are!"

Wynter saw the worried look on Autumn's face and she placed her hand on the Kagonesti's shoulder. "You couldn't have known. At least you tried."ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/26/2001 12:49 AM

The shamans spell had worked. They had found a staff from the party and it had given away their location. Black Claw new where they were but planned to let them travel some more before harrying them once again. "Hook, we must get ready to mobilize again, they are moving over the mountain, go now," hissed the lizardman captain."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/26/2001 3:41 AM

"No Problem Wynter" Telgar said as he took the staff " are you sure you don't mind losing it?"

Taking the staff he hurled it out over the edge of a large precipice. Watching as the staff disappeared into the inky blackness.

"Hopefully they will search for us down there"

Looking around the group as he removed Brom's climbing equipment.

"I think it is time to move on. If Wynter is right then they may already know where we are"

The companions continued their journey through the mountains. Each step taking them closer to the lost city.

Wynter Firecaster
04/26/2001 1:40 PM

"Well, one problem down, one to go." Wynter said, indicating the lizards. She talked behind Telgar as they continued on.ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/26/2001 3:26 PM

Katyr had tested Broms climbing equipment under his close observance and had mastered the art of Gnome climbing. She took the spikes off and handed them back to Brom.

Katyr watched as Autumn bravely went after the staff. When the group found out it was cursed she saw how Autumn looked and went over to her. She put her hand on Autumns shoulder and nodded in recognition of her courage "That took guts, you have alot more courage than many Solamnic knights i have known."

She continued on with the others making quick glances behind them every so often.

04/26/2001 6:34 PM

"Courage it may have taken, but stupidity to not know a staff would be glowing. I know enough about magic that I should have known that. But, life goes on. When this is over, if I'm still alive, I am going to get drunk like no tomorrow. Are you with me, Katyr?"

She walked beside Katyr and risked her own glances backward. Nothing seemed to be happening."Knowledge is a right of all, not a privledge of few."
- unknown

04/27/2001 12:47 AM

"Hey I'll buy the first round!" Katyr smiled, glad that her friend had not lost her sense of humor.

04/27/2001 5:34 AM

The sun slowly set over the ragged terrain, as the small group stood in front of a large cave.

Heading in to the cave the group set up a rudimentary camp. Once everyone was settled Telgar stood up.
"If you all will excuse me I will try and get some sleep" moving away from the fire he found himself a dark corner. Checking that no one was watching he took out a small piece of parchment and began to hastily write.
Putting down the parchment he reached into his pack and took out a glass tube. Dropping the parchment into the tube he quickly lit a small piece of twig which he also placed inside the tube.
Instantly there was a flash of light as the parchment was comsumed in fire. A small waft of smoke drifted out of the cave.
Looking around again to make sure he was not seen and satisfied that the others are unaware he laid down to sleep.

04/27/2001 12:12 PM

Tiver was already trying to sleep when Telgar told everyone he was beding down for the night. Trying to sleep Tiver found his way opening his eyes as sleep escaped him fourth time to night. Tiver looked over to see if anyone was awake, and noticed Telgar was but he seemed a bit busy with something. Tiver watched closely not noticing his feet were moving him closer and closer to Telgar. Tiver saw the bright flash in the glass tube, and by that sec Tiver was already back in his sleeping bag as Telgar looked around. Tiver waited to hear Telgar fall asleep as he got up and went over to see this glass tube thingy. Quietly Tiver went through Telgar's stuff in his bag and on him finally finding the tube in his pack. Picking it up Tiver quietly went back to his bed looking at it,and when he was done in mindless sleep placed it into his backpack to look at it tomorrow.

Whisper smelled the scent of the ink and parchment being burnt, but only shrugged it off figuring that Tiver was burning something with writing over the fire.Tiver Neehigh

Wynter Firecaster
04/27/2001 3:53 PM

Wynter leaned against the cave while, trying to catch the sleep she needed after casting that portal spell. She smelt a weird smoke coming from the back of the cave where Telgar was and she shook her head, trying to find the sleep in her that she wanted.ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/27/2001 4:07 PM

Brom was out like a rock. The moment they moved into the cave he removed his climbing gear and went to bed, mumbling about physics of the wind and the way fire shifted in it."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/27/2001 11:18 PM

Katyr fell asleep almost instantly, all the running they had done that day had completely worn her out.

04/29/2001 5:15 PM

Autumn stayed up for a few moments. She had much to think about and tried to clear her mind before she slept. Finally, sleep caught her in a trap, and she closed her eyes."Man, if I were Sturm's child and I was a knight after he died, I would be strutting around in my Solamnic armor saying 'I'm Sturm's kid, man! I could take that stupid Neraka butt of yours back to the Abyss where it was spawned if you don't shut up!'"


04/30/2001 3:29 AM

In a small cabin a similar class tube to the one Telgar used sat on a plain table.
A bright fire caught inside the tube burning itself out almost instantly. In its place a sheet of parchment appeared.
A large man reached in and read the note. With a grim smile he headed out of the cabin.
"Alright you scurvy ridden lot its all going to plan. Lets get going"


The companions awoke to the smell of cooking.
Telgar stood over the fire occasionally poking the food with his dagger. Sunlight streamed into through the mouth of the cave.
"Good morning friends, breakfast is almost ready. Plain fare I am afraid, but it is better than nothing."

Smiling he started to dish out the food.
"We've got a long way to got and have already missed most of the morning. I estimate that we will arrive at the city in the next two days, if we travel fast."

04/30/2001 7:12 AM

Katyr yawned and stretched, her muscles felt well rested and she looked forward to the days travel. "Travelling fast won't be a problem if we don't have any unwanted interuptions" she said in between mouthfuls "Where do you think the pirates are now?"

04/30/2001 8:42 AM

"I suppose it is to much to ask for them to be hopelessly lost" Telgar replied smiling.

Wynter Firecaster
04/30/2001 1:30 PM

Wynter awoke to the smell of food and she walked over to the fire, dishing some out and sitting down. "If there were three things in life I love the most are magic, men, and food. Yeah, that is good!" She smiled and starting eating more.

"Sorry to disappoint you Telgar but there are far from lost. By the time we make to the city, the will be at this cave. But we still have a 2 day head start so!"ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

04/30/2001 3:21 PM

Brom continued to snore away, not waking while the others talked and ate breakfast. The gnome dreamt about gears and cogs and other gnomish things."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

05/01/2001 10:18 AM

Tiver awoke with a cheerful smile as he walked over to the fire finding a plate and something to eat. "Goodmorning everyone today seems like a wonderful day," Tiver smiled at everyone as he took a bite out of what was on his plate. "Youuu knoww we could really use a nice night at some Inn or something," Tiver said with his mouth full forgetting his manners completely.

Whisper awoke walking over with Tiver glancing at Telgar still smelling faint scents of ink and parchment his way. Though, shugging it off Whisper sat down for a morning meal. Tiver Neehigh

05/02/2001 6:14 PM

Autumn walked into the cave and settled by the fire. She silently ate and kept to herself. She knew something that sank into her brain like a piece of steel in water and she waited, hoping what she saw wasn't true."Man, if I were Sturm's child and I was a knight after he died, I would be strutting around in my Solamnic armor saying 'I'm Sturm's kid, man! I could take that stupid Neraka butt of yours back to the Abyss where it was spawned if you don't shut up!'"


05/03/2001 4:01 AM

After all the companions had eaten and woken up Brom. They once again headed out into the mountains.
Telgar had noticed that Autumn was acting a little strange and seamed to be keeping herself distant from the group.
He was pretty sure know one had seen his actions the other night but if she did then it could well prove to be a problem.
He looked over at her and smiled hoping that she would not cause any harm to his plans.

As the companions topped a large rise they looked down upon a large valley.
Trees grew in abundance; a sparkling stream meandered thought lush grassland. The piercing cry of some large bird echoed of the shear cliff faces surrounding the valley.

"If the map is correct we must cross this valley. The city should be situated at the eastern end. I estimate another 2 days of travel, which is entirely dependent on whether we are able to find a decent trail to follow down there."

Turning he looked back the why they had come.

"Haven't heard anything from the pirates for a while that concerns me"

A large body of men began climbing into the mountains. Supplies and weapons weighing them down. Several carried large backs containing what would look like nothing more than clothe.
A large male at the front of the column squatted down on a large outcrop of rock. Watching a few moments as the men continued to March past.
Reaching into his pack he took out a glass tube and a piece of parchment. Thinking for a while he wrote something on the parchment and dropped it into the tube adding a flame he smiled at the predicted burst of flame and the waft of smoke.

Thorn these people are not the pirates you have been controlling so well.
Please continue to have them chase us around.


05/03/2001 1:23 PM

Autumn smiled back, not wanting to think about what she saw. Nothingness.

The night before, Autumn stood watch in a tree near the cave. She had dozed off, and when she awoke, a darkness was around her. A single light shone in front of her. She saw wagons, supplies and weapons. She fell from the tree, landing on a rock the went into her side. She limped lightly after she had healed it. She feared the wagons, for some reason she couldn't fathom. As she stared into the valley, she shivered.

The wagons in her dream were in this valley, burning it to a crisp..."Man, if I were Sturm's child and I was a knight after he died, I would be strutting around in my Solamnic armor saying 'I'm Sturm's kid, man! I could take that stupid Neraka butt of yours back to the Abyss where it was spawned if you don't shut up!'"


05/04/2001 2:35 AM

The companions moved down into the valley and headed out over the grasslands. A warm sun beat down on them, whilst a cooling breeze blow around them.

Telgar was getting increasingly concerned about Autumn. He could tell she was troubled about something. Sighing he moved over to her. Tapping her on the shoulder he whispered in her ear
"My I have a word in private?"
Hoping she would follow he headed off to a discrete distance away from the rest of the group.
Just as he had moved away Tiver started feeling heat emanating from one of his pouches.

The column of men moved on making good speed. Occasionally one of their wagons would get stuck but this did not slow them too much.
Soon they would reach their destination.

05/04/2001 11:08 AM

Tiver reached into his hot pouch pulling out the glass looking at as he saw a parchment appear in it. Tiver blinked a bit then reached into the tube pulling the parchment out as he dropped the glass tube back into his pouch. The magic on his pouch acted as it was dropped into one pouch and appeared in another while Tiver unrolled the parchment readying it quietly to himself. "Hmmm?... Telgar would you please explain exactly what your up to?" Tiver looked at Telgar the parchment in one and the other on the hilt of his sword.

"You should really explain youself." Whisper said in a low growl now seeing the real danger they were all getting into. Tiver Neehigh

05/04/2001 11:50 PM

Katyr sensed there was something amiss within the group yet she had no knowledge of the events the night before.

she stopped walking when Tiver made his remark and looked from Tiver to Telgar in confusion "Is something going on?" she asked, concern creeping into her voice.

05/05/2001 8:06 AM

"Yes, but after you explain this note," Autumn stated, reading the note in Tiver's hand. She wasn't angry, but worried that what she saw was a vision, not just a dream she had."Man, if I were Sturm's child and I was a knight after he died, I would be strutting around in my Solamnic armor saying 'I'm Sturm's kid, man! I could take that stupid Neraka butt of yours back to the Abyss where it was spawned if you don't shut up!'"


05/08/2001 3:06 AM

Telgar looked around the group. His eyes darkening even as a smile lit up his face.

"Perhaps if you would let me see the 'evidence' I might be able to tell you all what it means"

He reached his hand out taking the note from Tiver he read aloud so every one would know what it said.

" Captain
We are making good time; we should be in position with in three days. No sign of our quarry yet but we are sure you will be able to delay them for us. What of the others are they to be spared?
I await your orders"

Telgar turned to Tiver

"I take it I had dropped this and you just happened to find it?"

He looked around the valley and sighed

"Ok you all demand a explanation and you have every right to get one. You may not like what you hear but I assure you all it is the truth.
I set this little trip up so I could trap our pursuers. Oh don't worry there is a lost city around here that I swear to you. I planted the map in the hook's hand knowing that he would follow. The Thief was a bit of a problem but as you all know the hook did not need the map he had us to follow. The people in this note are my own men and are heading to a prearrange site to ambush the Hook.
Why use you and not my own men? Easy the hook is aquatinted with my own people; he does not know you. He should be thinking he is just chasing a group of treasure hunters who he more than out numbers. Which is exactly why I could not tell you the truth. I needed you all to run from him, which we did exceedingly well. Ok there you have it. I will not apologise for my actions but if you decide to leave then go. It is your choice."

05/08/2001 5:42 AM

Katyr thought this over for awhile then addressed Telgar "As a mecenary i have been involved in this type of situation before, however i was in your position Telgar so i know how important it can be to sometimes keep the truth hidden. You didn't know us or anything about us so you had every right to keep the truth from us." she rested her hand reassuringly on his arm "Thankyou for telling us the truth, for i feel now it will benefit us to know exactly what we're up against, just make sure you don't leave out any details from now on" She turned then smiled and added as an after thought "You're lucky you lied for a good cause or i would have slit your throat by now" :)

05/08/2001 6:26 AM

Smiling Telgar turned to Tiver.

"If you are satisfied with the explanation I would appreciate having my property back"

His grin broadening he turned to Katyr

"And what makes you think cutting my throat would be easy?"

05/08/2001 10:15 PM

Katyr smiled back "Well i guess thats something we'll thankfully never have to find out, will we."

05/09/2001 11:58 AM

Tiver smiled as he reached into his pouches finding the glass tube placing it in his hand. Tiver still didn't like the wild look in Telgar's eyes though he did explain himself. Tiver shrugged it off as he decided to continue on with the others though now Tiver had alot more questions about his friend Telgar that he would find out soon enough.

Whisper looked at Tiver as they seemed to exchange some silent conversation between the both of them. Whisper walked up closer to Tiver now always watching Telgar.

"Well, sorry for all the trouble Telgar, but you shouldn't hide the truth from your friends. You see if you would of said something from the beginning all this could have been avioded." Tiver smiled as his hand fell to his side from the hilt of his sword. Tiver Neehigh

Wynter Firecaster
05/09/2001 5:55 PM

Wynter stood, seemingly knowing everything all ready and just yawning in response. "Can we please move along? I really hate to be rude but something magical is in that city and I wish to reach it as soon as possible."This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

05/10/2001 2:15 AM

"Tiver you are right if I told you then it would have avoided this confrontation however you would not have looked so believable if you knew you were being pursued. By my not telling you we have lured the Hook into thinking we are weak." Telgar smiled when he saw Tiver's hand on the hilt of his sword. But wisely refrained from saying anything

"You are right Wynter too much time has passed already. If you are still with me then lets go."

Not waiting for an answer he strode off.

The companions entered the woods several hours later. As soon as they passed the boarder they were plunged into darkness.

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05/10/2001 8:28 AM

Katyr followed Telgar towards the woods, she respected his integrity, and the lure of promised treasure was strong.

As they entered the seemingly normal woods she froze as darkness engulfed them.

"What's going on?" she called out to her friends "please tell me we're not in some enchanted forest!"

05/10/2001 11:31 AM

Tiver looked up through the giant growth of the trees seeing that the canopy it had been built by the limbs of the trees blocked out the sun completely. The forest seemed unnatural to Tiver and Whisper as their ears caught no sound of a bird or even any movement. The smell of the air around the group was moist with the stench of rotting leaves and such. The trees seemed to be the blackest of black as the twisted up skyward though never able to taste the rays of the sun through their thick leaves. The group stood their in awe as they looked upon this decaying life in a forest unheard of more or less only whispered of in ancient text.

Tiver was about to say something until a cold breeze touched his shoulder an ran through his body like a toxic vemon that made Tiver stumble to his knee as everything swayed back and forth. The forest seemed to come alive all at once as the even the sparkle through the top of the trees diappeared. There was enough light to see, but the howling wind followed with howls of wolves as a pack or two could be heard running this way.

The ghost like figure watched Tiver fall to the ground as Whisper ran over to help him out. The figure watched the group seeing the chaos that made the being so happy. He wouldn't let anyone have the item he prized so much be taken by a group of thieves, or at least thats how the figure saw it. The figure grew tried at this game as he raised his hands to the sky chanting quietly to himself then sweeped his hands infront of him as fog rose up around the group with a uncontrollable fear to run as far away from this place as they could.

Tiver hopped on the back of Whisper as he ran up to Telgar waiting his signal to stay or go. Tiver looked up at Telgar his face cold and pale. "Telgar I don't feel to good..." Tiver Neehigh

05/11/2001 3:16 AM

Telgar stared around his eyes wide, full of fear. Coldness seeped into his bones, shivering he tried to move out of the woods. He stumbled unable to take a single step. He saw Tiver riding his wolf. He saw Tiver's lips move but could not understand what the little fellow was saying. The mist that had all so suddenly appeared rose higher. Panicking Telgar looked around he could no longer see the rest of the group……..
He was a child again; there were Goblins in the woods he knew. He had seen them kill his family and they were after him. He tried to run but his leg hurt looking down he saw a large scar covering his thigh……..
Ogres where everywhere, his friends where gone fighting elsewhere, a large brute had him trapped he could not get by. He tried to attack by the ogre was to strong something hit him in the leg, he fell…….
A large minotaur stood over him. Fist clenched. All over the ship men fought and killed. Smoke rolled across the deck obscuring the scene………..

Telgar lay on the floor amongst rotting leaves and such. A scream dying on his lips. Around him he could hear his friends screaming but he was unable to move paralysed by the fear. Covering his ears he tried to block out the sound

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Tiver this wood is your baby you take over for a while if you like. I will be back.

05/12/2001 12:43 AM

Katyr was frozen by confusion and panic, she could hear someone screaming but she couldn't tell who it was or where they were. She tried to move her legs towards the screams but they wouldn't budge. A deathly coldness had surrounded her and she felt like her blood was slowly freezing in her veins. She started to lose consciouness and visions flashed before her eyes. Her family home was burning and being looted by dark figures. The same figures had tied her family up and were throwing rocks at them till they were cut and bleeding. She tried to see what the enemy was and gasped when she saw that they were all wearing Solamnic armor. Tears streamed down her face as she saw her Fathers bloodied face look up at her and she heard his words "You did this to us, you disgraced us!"

She sunk to the ground as everything went black.....

05/12/2001 7:14 AM

Autumn stood in utter confusion. Fear griped her sanity, twisted it to form a scared elf child in a haunted wood. She stared around and saw figures...other elves that were her friends. They were leaving her, and she didn't know what way to go. "Joryn, Rhael...where are you going??"

So Autumn sat in the darkness, rocking back and forth...fearful of the world ahead of her, and fearful of being alone."Man, if I were Sturm's child and I was a knight after he died, I would be strutting around in my Solamnic armor saying 'I'm Sturm's kid, man! I could take that stupid Neraka butt of yours back to the Abyss where it was spawned if you don't shut up!'"


05/13/2001 4:05 PM

Wynter stood in front of a dark robed figure, a wizard by the smell of rose petals and other sorts on the figure. Tears rolled unchecked down her cheeks but she stood firmly. This man wouldn't see her fear, wouldn't see her weakness. "How do we get past the wood?"

The figure laughed from within the hood, a musical laugh all Silvanesti elves had. "Overcome your fear, dearest child. If your fear is your father, overcome him. The rest will follow."

Wynter fell to her knees like her companions, feeling the fear taking control. "I can't face something that isn't real..."This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

05/15/2001 1:42 AM

Whisper looked around what seemed to be a battle field as his saw his cousins battling it out with some unknown force. "Prince Xander hurry your father has fallen we must leave this place!"

Whisper only watched as the words leaped from his lips. "I will not leave my father here cousins! We must find him and bring him with us."

"We can't Sir our survival depends on your choice will we leave to save your son, or rest here with your father!"

Whispers eyes filled with tears as he looked into his fear. "I... I can't just leave him!"Tiver Neehigh

05/18/2001 2:48 PM

Autumn slowing got up from her position. She looked on with tears in her eyes...seeing friends leave her to die in the forest. It was her first memory of being outcasted, a dark elf. She stood, no longer a child but an adult in the same wood. She slowly walked forward and another memory flashed before her, magic. She looked at her leg, trousers torn and a large gash in it. She placed her hand above it and healed it, blue rays filtering through her fingers.

"I will not be thwarted by a magical forest!" She willed herself to walk, helping the rest of her companions up on the way, giving them words of courage and stength. Soon, they were all up and walking toward the light at a clearing in the wood.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

05/18/2001 8:05 PM

(ooc: thanks for keeping this moving Autumn, ive been racking my brains on how to do that :) )

Katyr slowly regained conciousness. She could faintly hear someone yelling at her, but it wasn't in anger it was gentle and urging. She strained to make out the words "Come on! you have to fight this Get up!" she felt empowered and started to make out the blurry image of her friend Autumn. And with that image came the present, she remembered her companions and how far they had come. She would not let them down.

With the help of Autumn she struggled to her feet feeling a little dizzy but strong. Her vision cleared as did her hearing, she saw Autumn and heard her clearly say "Welcome back" Katyr hugged her friend "Thankyou Autumn".

She saw that Wynter was up, as was Telgar. She smiled at Tiver who still looked a little pale and shaken, which was strange for a Kender.

She and the others followed Autmun towards a bright clearing in the woods and as they got closer the deathly cold that had chilled their bodies faded and was replaced by a warmth that made them even stronger.

05/18/2001 8:15 PM

Brom watched as the others had walked into the forest. the news they had received earlier hadn't bothered him. The gnome wondered though if it was time for him to leave the others. He had tested his climbing spikes, which is what his whole goal had been. There was no longer a need for him. He also had repairs to do, mostly on his tent. The gnome stared at the forest wondering why he couldn't hear the others. Oh well, he thought, I'll just wait for them to come back.

The Black Claw was furious. "What do you mean you lost them in some forest," he screamed at Hook.
The minotaur stammered at the lizardman's fury. "The shamans say it is magical. They can't locate them anywhere," he mumbled.
"Very well, we will just beat them there. Round up the troops and tell them double time. We'll ambush this little party when they reach the lost city, the loot the town when they are dead," said the captain.
The first mate turned and left, hurrying to complete the task set forth."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

05/21/2001 12:52 PM

OOC: No problem, katyr. It took me a while to think it up though!!

Autumn stood in the sunlight she felt she could be in forever. She spun around in circles and screamed at the top of her lungs in joy. When she stopped, she was smiling as big as a dragon's length but it quickly disappeared. One of her friends was missing.

"Where's Brom?"Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

05/21/2001 10:45 PM

Katyr looked around when Autumn mentioned Brom. "I thought he was following us, I could've sworn i saw him behind me." she looks back in the direction they came from but can't see him anywhere. "We'll have to find him, if he's gone off on another path and gotten lost he could be in real trouble." she starts to call out his name but there is no response.

05/22/2001 1:35 AM

sorry for not posting for a while. There was a death in the family so my mind was on different things.

Telgar looks up from where he was laying.

"I can't remember him even in the woods are we sure he came with us?"
standing he adjusted his belt.

"well at least we know what's gonna happen when we go back in"

05/22/2001 5:51 AM

(ooc: sorry to hear about your loss Telgar :) )

Katyr disagrees with Telgar "No i don't think that will happen again, i have a feeling that we passed the 'test' or whatever that was." she shudders remembering the visions and cold feeling of before.

"You know i think you're right Telgar, i don't think Brom even came into the woods afterall. He could very well be waiting at the entrance for us." she waited to see what the others thought.

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05/22/2001 6:44 AM

(Ooc thanks Katyr. I will not be posting tomorrow got the funeral)

"so what do we all think then ,shall we go back for the little guy or trust he is ok and move on? I know it sounds harsh but I have the feeling we are running out of time."

05/23/2001 8:36 AM

(ooc: Thats cool I'll look after Telgar for you, best wishes for the day.)

Katyr looked back through the forest "Look, you guys keep moving ahead. I'll run back to the entrance and try to find Brom, if he's not there I'll catch up with you, okay?" she didn't know if they would agree with her plan but she felt so bad about forgetting him before she felt she had to at least try to find him.

05/24/2001 7:17 AM

(OOC: hey guys, I'm gonna be out of town for the next four days.)

"I'll go with you, Katyr. I feel bad we left the poor guy behind!" Wynter stood up from her dazed position and prepared herself to go back trhough the forest.This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

05/24/2001 3:30 PM

Katyr smiled gratefully at Wynter "Thankyou". The two made plans with the others to meet them further through the forest if they didn't find Brom at the entrance. The two groups wished each other luck then set off in opposite directions.

Katyr and Wynter walked back along the path on which they had walked before, the forest now seemed like any other forest. Birds sang, the sun shone through gaps in the trees and brightly coloured flowers perfumed the air. Being alone gave the two women time to talk about the events that had occured regarding Telgar "Do we trust him? I mean he has told us alot but only because he was caught out. It makes me wonder what other information he's keeping from us." katyr said as she walked.

05/25/2001 1:49 AM

Tiver still laid out on Whisper's back as the mist wolf walked up to Telgar. " I don't know whats wrong with him he's alive, but won't wake up and I have a bad feeling about things if we stay here any longer. Tiver Neehigh

05/25/2001 6:15 AM

Telgar looked down at Tiver. Feeling slightly foolish he addresses the wolf.

"I agree we had best move on. Can you carry him as he is until we get out of this Forrest?"

05/25/2001 1:52 PM

"The poor gnome. Anyway, let's move on. If we are going to meet them where we planned to, we better move fast." Autumn slowing stood and walked to where Telgar spoke to Whisper. Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

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