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05/01/2001 11:52 PM

Mirror just stood for a moment, staring, not totally comrehending what was going on. She looked from Triton to the Thorn. HE wanted her to travel into darkness with him? Suddenly images of Crsyania and the great mage Raistlin Majere came into her mind, Crysania lying in the abyss, broken and blind. She did not want that to happen to her. Her hands, once again, for no reason that she could fathom, rested on her stomach. She then realised that she should have the courage of her convictions. She loved this man, Triton, and only the God's know how much time they had left together. She needed to be by his side, even if it meant giving up her own life for it.
She walked over to stant beside Triton, and placed a hand on his face, cupping his cheak gently and raising his head up so his eyes stared direstly into her almond shaped mirror orbs.
"I love you Triton, and although you ask so much of me, although I am scared of what might hapen, I will go with you. The dark wont seem as oppressing with you there." she smiled. "But.....why me? What is it that is so important? I'm not sure I understand......" she broke off, not really meaning to have questioned him like that. She had forgotton about Thorn, standing just a few paces behind her. Her love blinded her to all else bar the man she loved. She waited to see if Triton would answer her questions.......So hurry up, and bring your juke box money!!!!! :D

05/02/2001 12:11 AM

"My dear I cannot answer that for I dont even know the answer to that what we are going to do is dangerous for both of us. Why we go that I dont even know. That cursed crystal told me that much, and my dear to tell you the truth I fear this as well. I dont know what we go into or if we will return but I can tell you this. I will give my life for you to live. If one of use gets out of there alive it shall be you. I thank you for agreeing to come with me," Triton turned his loving eyes from Mirror to Thorn. "So master do you give us leave to go. I know your brother and others will think the trators will be gone, but that maters non to me. You will need atleast one mage who can say they have been on both sides of the line, and the only one strong enough to do it in my opinion is Mirror."

05/02/2001 12:24 AM

"You have permission to leave, but remember, we aren't trying to battle the evil, we are trying to preserve magic. This you must always remember," says the Thorn, looking at the two. "The choices you make are your own, but when it comes to magic, now and forever, that must be your first choice." The mage turns to leave then stops. "Was there anything else?""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

05/02/2001 12:30 AM

"Yes Thorn be ready the evil you dont care to fight is the one who is trying to end us all. Magic is split between us all evenly but they plan on making magic for the ones who worship the dark queen only. Their plans are already under way. IF they have their way you wont have any magic to protect."

05/02/2001 2:56 AM

She looks up at Triton as Thron leaves the room, and stands on her tip toes in order to press her mouth against his in a soft, loving kiss. She was about to tell him how much she loved him, but she knew he didn't need to be told, he colud feel it. That is always the way of unconditional love. Her body was pressed close against his as the two stood there for a few moments in a tender embrace. Mirror closed her eyes against the tears she knew wanted to come out. She would not let them! She would be strong for Triton, and for the sake of the magic. Feeling his heart beating as she layed her head against his chest. "When do we leave and where are we headed my love?"So hurry up, and bring your juke box money!!!!! :D

Master Mage Aleximi
05/02/2001 11:30 AM

Aleximi looks at the rag-tag group that's finally found him.
"Speak now and speak fast. I have no time to prance around in your mortal worries. Be warned though... there is one here who may unsettle my reasoning." Looks evilly at Autumn with his hourglass eyes. Aleximi thinks of the perfect spell to use against her... one comes to mind and it rests on the tips of his crimson lips.

Aleximi looks at his cousin. "You are the only one I ever cared for... er.... umm... cared to umm... listen to. Dearest cousin, explain why you all are here." Still glaring at Autumn.. planning her destruction with every second.

05/02/2001 1:12 PM

Kalia shook her head, she lay curled up, still in her dragon form.

"To tell you the truth cousin, I don't quite know myself....I took a nap and I am trying to catch up...." she turned her massive head towards the others and sighed. She eyed her cousin warily, and stretched her wings.

From feathered tip to feathered tip, her wings reached one hundred feet. Her tail, from base to tip reached fourty feet. and her body itself was fifty feet from rump to nose tip. Her head was crowned with five pairs of pearly horns. Her golden eyes where bright, and the iris alone was about the size of an average humans' head. Her jawline was ridged in feather-like scales and a short spikey ridge trailed her spine from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. her face was long an narrow, aristocratic; more like the face of a bird, her nose too had a slight hook to it, shadowing her lower jaw slightly.

She let a low growl escape her throat, as she looked over the group around her. the tension here was wrong...they had to work together.....but how could she keep Alex, Autumn and Wynter apart.... Angry at herself for her inablitity, she clawed at the ground slowly.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

05/02/2001 5:57 PM

Autumn stood there, her head bowed. She ran her fingers through her brown hair and slowly rose her head, her green eyes flaring with an emotion she couldn't name herself. She didn't like emotions anyway, they got in the way of her fighting skills. After hitting Alex witha cold stare she spoke. "Death is inevitable. I don't care if I live or die, it's just another road to take. Use your spell if you wish, but remember...we are all here for magic, as I am part."

Justin looked to his cousin, not knowing she had such words in her toward him. He smiled but quickly surpressed it. One point for the good guys, Justin thought. He finally stepped forward and spoke. "I am Justin Swyftsword. We haven't met before but I will explain since both of the women to my flanks do not wish to speak.

Yesterday, I believe, a red robed mage came into the Silver tower and spoke of a war...a war of magic. He showed Thorn a battle against the White and Black robes, the Red robes just leaving. Then there stood three, and as of what happened here I am not sure. But magic was destroyed. We are to rally up all the mages of the Silver order, with the exception of my cousin, and bring them to the Tower of a council. As a fighter and a mage, I could have another skill if magic disappeared. But why let it disappear when we have a chance to save it, therefore continuing a life of fireballs, lightning bolts, and ice. If you do not wish to accompany me, Autumn, and Wynter, I believe Kalia will be happy to bear you. But we need all the help we can get!"

He stood there, his chain mail being as silent as his footsteps, his silver cloak fluttering lightly in the wind. He stood, as did the others, awaiting his answer."Man, if I were Sturm's child and I was a knight after he died, I would be strutting around in my Solamnic armor saying 'I'm Sturm's kid, man! I could take that stupid Neraka butt of yours back to the Abyss where it was spawned if you don't shut up!'"


Wynter Firecaster
05/02/2001 6:35 PM

Kyron, with her crystal counterpart, stood awaiting the answer of the silver mage. She had never met him so she had no reason to be angry, unlike Justin. She thought changing to her human form but she knew from the hurry this human was in, there was no need. She looked at the skies and noted the weather. She wouldn't be teleporting this time, nott since they were close to the Tower. They were going to fly, and the sky wasn't promoting good flying weather. "May I suggest you hurry, considering the weather. We will be flying and if it you don't hurry, we will be staying the night in Darken Wood, a very unpleasant experience."

Wynter nodded to Kyron and looked to Aleximi. She knew the hard times they had had, and she knew Justin wouldn't let him escape without something to remember what he did by. She instictively rested her hand in Justin's and stepped forward. For the first time in Wynter's life, she spoke to the mage without anger in her voice, or sardonic humor. "Enlight of our current situation, I suggest we place ALL our differences behind us. We are all on the same side, unless Mirror's thought is right. And even then, we were all red robes before, except Aleximi. I do not believe we will switch back, because if we did, I would not be a coward and leave a battle where my life hangs in the balance. As Kyron said, the weather isn't promoting good flying and we have a little ways to go so if you are coming, speak now or forever stay in this forest. We will not be back to fetch you if you change your mind."

She pulled her hood over her head against the light rain that began to come down and stood in pride. ROUS - Rodents Of Unusual Size

05/02/2001 7:35 PM

"We leave as soon as you can get your stuff ready our destination is Neraka. To be a little more accurate the Lords of Doom. There is a cavern where dark mages and dark clerics do their work and there we shall go. Get your things ready and come back here as soon as you can," Triton said while he held Mirror in his arms. He didnt want to look in her face, but he could feel the fear course down her spine.

05/02/2001 10:11 PM

Mirror tried to surpress an involuntary shiver as Triton said the words "nereka" and "Lords of Doom". She had decided she would be brave, and brave she would be. She left the room andgathered together her things-spell book, few supplies, her bow and arrow and her short sword. She changed quickly into her travelling clothes and plced the silver robe tenderly into her pack. She threw a silver cloke around her shoulders and went back to Triton. "I am ready." she said, her face calm and determined.So hurry up, and bring your juke box money!!!!! :D

05/04/2001 6:14 AM

Triton stood slowly from his chair. He was still weak from the spell he cast earlier but that didnt matter now.
"My love, you must leave the weapons. They cannot be taken with us. The only weapons allowed where we are going are those of the mind. The pack will also not be necessary. Dress in your robes of silver and bring along any spell components you will deem necessary. Then we shall leave as soon as we can. We dont have much time left, and we have a lot to do," Triton feel back into the chair, his strenght gone from standing to long. He looked up at Mirror and saw the concern in his eyes. Forcing himself up in the chair to make himself look strong he smiled at Mirror. He knew she could not be concerned for him where they were going. It would not be safe.

05/04/2001 9:45 PM

Mirror looked at him as he spoke, could see the pain he was suffering, could feel how weak he was. Yet he still tried to make out he was alright. She smiled as she looked at him, knowing that he did not want her to worry. She nodded and asked "Would it be alright if I left my weapons and things here?" He nodded at her and she placed her sword and bow on the bed. She then turned her back on him and swapped her travvling clothes for her silver robe, delighting as she felt the soft fabric slide over her skin, smiling as she unconciously traced the outline of the runes around the sleeves. She always felt more at peace when wearing her robes, but because she was brought up to fight with brawn as well as brains, she often found them too impractical. She left the dagger in her boot, as she knew that this would be permitted. Once she was dressed she said a word, and all her spell components were suspended around her slim waist on a rope of silver. She had everyting she could think of in them-from the rudimentary rose petals and bat guano, to herbs of healing and of death. She turned around to face Triton again. "Is this better?"You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/05/2001 12:07 AM

"You look beautiful my dear," Triton replied. Kneeling next to his bed, he pulled out one last chest, the one where he keep all of his magic components. From there he pulled out a small flask that was designed to be tied to a belt.
"It is a potion to transport us back. It is only to be used when we are near death or in other extreem emergancys,"Triton answered Mirror's unspoke question. He then stood and slowly walked next to Mirror. After grabbing on to her arm, he threw the clask down which shattered with a clash. Smoke filled the room, covering both of the lover. Then vanished smoke in all.
They appeared under the Lords of doom. In a small room. There were spell books that lined the wall, and a large experimenting table in the center of the room. Along the top of the table were small jars filled with different spell componets.
"THis is the room where I have practiced alot of my magic. Learn what you can, defense and offense see what the dark side is capable of. Now I must rest, it is not going to be easy to get you out of here." Triton walked to the wall and slide down it.

05/07/2001 2:53 PM

Mirror looked around the room in both fear and awe. She watched as Triton slid down the wall, and on hearing his words realised that she was in a lot of danger, and also putting him in danger just by being there. She was about to go over and shake Triton to make him transport them both back when something caught her attention.
A spell book was laying open on the table where she was sure no book had been before. It was glowing with a strange light, seemingly of all colours but of none. It was enchanting, and seemed to draw her over to it. She reached out to touch it and then withdrew her hand, realising that it was evil, andeven if she wanted to, she would not be able to read what was inside. Then she remembered that she was a silver robe now, she could draw from all three moons and scolded herself. She touched the pages and felt magic stonger than ever she had ever felt before course through her veins. She rejoiced in the power that she felt, and this made her feel slightly afraid. Afriad of herself and what these new spells would make her do, what kind of power she would now possess. She had to learn these skills though. She had to be ready to defend the magic!
With that decided, she pulled up a stool to the tble and began to memeorise the spells the book contained.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/07/2001 6:26 PM

Autumn felt raindrops glide down her skin and her face and looked up. She loved rain beyond her own comprehension and she could stay in it forever but she must handle the task before her and not enjoy pleasure of life just yet. "Well, looks like we are staying in Darken Wood for the night. Those trees look safe so I'm going to stay the night under it. Maybe we can all figure out why this is happening."

Justin nodded and, dragging Wynter right behind him, starting walking over to the tree Autumn indicated. He felt a pulsing on his back and new the spellbook Aldra gave to him beckoned him to read. His pace quickened and he finally reached the tree, enchanting a ball of light to hover them as they spoke. He wrapped his arm around Wynter and pulled her close, both out of protection and cold. She rested her head on his shoulder and he settled against the tree. "Well, let's all find out a few things about each other. Autumn, Wynter, and I know enough to make us all turn red in the face but what about you Kyron, Aleximi, and Kalia. Tell us something about yourselves. Oh, Autumn, I recommend you don't run in the rain," Justin spoke to the look in Autumn's eyes.

"You are too much like an older brother.(OOC: WINK WINK!!) I will not miss the opportunity to hear the great adventures of those here I don't know well.""Man, if I were Sturm's child and I was a knight after he died, I would be strutting around in my Solamnic armor saying 'I'm Sturm's kid, man! I could take that stupid Neraka butt of yours back to the Abyss where it was spawned if you don't shut up!'"


05/08/2001 8:55 AM

Triton leaned against the wall half asleep half awake.
"Mirror there is something I have to tell you before I go any further. That is not a book of the black robes because I was not a black robe for long. I wore that color not even a year. When I first came to that book I belonged to no tower. I was a renagade mage. Those spells are for renegades. Your silver robes will allow you to study that book but beware those same spells almost got me killed a lot of times. You now study the spells of your biggest enemy.

Master Mage Aleximi
05/08/2001 3:30 PM

"How could you have done that to me Autumn? I still can't believe you..." With the anger in his heart... and tears in his eyes, Aleximi prepares to cast a spell... but not one to harm any of his new-found allies.... at least, not yet.
"Astinius, cryson, mintowa shinla!" Lightning strikes the Silver Robed Aleximi and a Green Flame engulfs the young.... heart-torn mage.

As the flames settle down.... the once Black Robed mage falls to the ground... seemingly lifeless, but also.... he wears the Robes of the Black Order.

Aleximi begins to speak.... but being to weak, words don't come out. SO in a thought speak message to the entire group: A tear falls down the young mages cheek.... remembering the past.... remembering being happy every day of his life.... with Autumn.... then remembering what drove him "mad" and why he is once more of the Black order.

With the last thought message sent to those now around him... looking down on his body as they always have.... Aleximi passes out into the cold blackness.... like the one within his lonely heart.

05/08/2001 9:16 PM

Mirror gasped in horror at what Triton had just said and began to back away from the book. "why didn't you tell me Triton!" she yelled, shaking uncontrolably.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/08/2001 10:45 PM

Triton's felt weaker by the second. The terror in Mirror's voice woke him up and brought a little life back to him.
"Mirror what are you more suprised about the fact that I was a gray knight or that book is one that no tower mage would ever study? Now you can study that book because you to do not draw magic from one moon any more. Read up my love, study what you can. I may not be able to fight in this war, but I will make sure you will hold a important part in it."

05/09/2001 2:37 AM

Kalia Stared down at her cousin, unable to speak. Swiftly she spun away from him, Tears clearly apparent in her Gold eyes. with a worldess cry of utter dispair, she polymorphed back into her true form, the Crystal dragon, Crystalamira, and lept into the night sky, her feathered wings bearing her high, into the black velvet sky, strewn with twinkling diamonds........Your Idiot just called, he said his Villiage was missing!

05/09/2001 1:48 PM

Mirror looked at Triton, the book now forgotten. She went to him, gently resting her hand on his forehead, realising that his teperature had now returned. "My love, what do you mean you will not be able to fight in the war? of course you will! I need you! I need you now, to help me and be my strength, just as I will be yours. But i need you for the future aswell. I want to be with you forever. It's not just me, we need you," she almost whispered, placing his hands on her stomach. "Don't ask me how I know, but I do. I can feel it! I am carrying your child and I need you to be here, for the both of us!" she cried. Her heart almost stopped when she saw the look on his face, in his eyes. He didn't believe her, and she knew that even if he did, he didn't want a child, not now. Still, the baby would be born 9 months from now, like it or not, and she would raise it on her own if need be.
Suddenly, she heared a noise behind her, and the sound of soft booted feet decending the stairs behind them. She went over to the table, grabbed the renegade book and headed back to Triton, pushing their conversation to the back of her mind for the moment, she looked at him. "What do we do now?"You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/09/2001 1:54 PM

Autumn fell to her knees. She curled into a little ball and began to cry. She finally composed herself, Justin holding her close to help her. She crawled over to Aleximi's body and quickly wove her healing abilities, tears falling into the blue light the filtered through her fingers. Aleximi awoke suddenly and Autumn stood..."I did what I had to...to save you from what was to come. I thought you knew that!""Man, if I were Sturm's child and I was a knight after he died, I would be strutting around in my Solamnic armor saying 'I'm Sturm's kid, man! I could take that stupid Neraka butt of yours back to the Abyss where it was spawned if you don't shut up!'"


05/09/2001 2:38 PM

Aldra's eyes widened beneath the cloth he wore as it glowed a bright gold his eyes burned a bit as a smile spread across his slender face. "Oh, now she knows... hmmmm," Aldra said as he placed his fingers to his lips. "Though she is not sure, but all three... she will see soon enough." As Aldra relaxed after muttering to himself quietly in the study.

Aldra looked over his shoulder wondering when Thorn and Lord Yuric would return. Aldra pulled a few items from his pouch as he wrote a small message on a piece of paper. Setting the paper in his hand he sprinkled the dust on it as he softly blew across his open hand. The paper lifted into the air then blinked out.

"Now, where did they go?" Aldra said as he stood up dusting the rest of the dust off himself. Tiver Neehigh

Master Mage Aleximi
05/09/2001 2:53 PM

"N-no... Aumtumn... I still don't understand! I don't understand at all! All I know is... despite the colors of my Robes, my heart remains Red with love... love for you! But back to what we were doing.... allow me to show you my new trick..."
Aleximi bows his head and spreads his arms high toward the sky.

"Sharlatan, abdimuso, careblé... transmogrification!"
Suddenly the Black Robed Aleximi begins to glow... an erie golden/silverish light. A blinding flash overcomes everyone.

When they all can see again.... they see a Griffon of Crystaline Silver/Golden feathers staring at them... almost laughing at the small groups suprised looks.

The transformed Aleximi spoke through thought-message. Feeling so much happier in this form... than the heart broken Human form.

05/09/2001 3:07 PM

Autumn started to laugh and smiled as long as the long bow on her back. "As long as you don't play tag with the dragons, all right?" Autumn ran and jumped onto the gryffon's back, landing with ease. "Well, Wynter, you coming or what!?"

Justin looked around uneasily and raised his hand slightly, preparing to speak. "Do you think I'm going to get on a dragon by myself?" "Man, if I were Sturm's child and I was a knight after he died, I would be strutting around in my Solamnic armor saying 'I'm Sturm's kid, man! I could take that stupid Neraka butt of yours back to the Abyss where it was spawned if you don't shut up!'"


Master Mage Aleximi
05/09/2001 3:13 PM

The Griffen smiles at Justin...
The Griffen suddenly does a summersult for pure hyperness... Autumn gripping tight to his back... like usual!!!

the Griffen Aleximi tosses a magical ring from his beak


05/09/2001 3:27 PM

Justin casts Alex an evil look and catches the ring one handed. He slips it on his finger and suddenly changed into a wyvern, a small but fast flying silver dragon.

Autumn hit the gryffon on the back of the head like usual. "I do not hold tight to your back!!""Man, if I were Sturm's child and I was a knight after he died, I would be strutting around in my Solamnic armor saying 'I'm Sturm's kid, man! I could take that stupid Neraka butt of yours back to the Abyss where it was spawned if you don't shut up!'"


Wynter Firecaster
05/09/2001 6:27 PM

Wynter shook her head slightly and turned to the dragon form of Kyron. "You might as well change into mortal form. I'll ride on Justin. Kyron, you ride with Autumn is Aleximi will bear you. If you all are going to race, at least you both have fair competition now. Wyverns are just as fast as gryffons, and just as, if not more, agile as gryffons too. We are heading for the Silver tower. Justin knows the way so just follow him. Kalia, you can fly, teleport, whatever you want too."

Kyron quickly changed to her mortal form. Her silver mane slowly grew to her back and braided itself. The dragon's body started to glow and mold into a human female. As it died down, rain dripped on Solamnic armor. A sword as silver as her hair stayed at her side. Her armor was lined with silver scaled and a silver bracelet hung about her wrist.

"Alex, if you will bear me and Autumn, we can get there much faster. I would appreciate it." Wynter, following Autumn's example, ran and jumped onto Justin's back, performing a front flip in the process. She landed with so much ease Justin didn't even know she was there until she spoke again.

"Can we please hurry? I need to speak with Aldra! And I believe Justin needs to get studying on those spells in that book he gave him. Let's ride the wind like we never have before!"This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

05/09/2001 11:13 PM

Triton leaned against the wall, Mirror's touch giving him strenght. "Before we go on, I have to say something." The mage took a pause before speaking again. "Mirror, if we both survive this will you marry me? Dont answer yet, because there is somehting i have to tell you something. I dont feel the magic in me any more. That crystal sucked all of my magic. I will be with you as much as I can. Now you must study that book learn what you can, I will deal with the dark knight. What ever I say you must not go against me in any way. Just know that I love you and we will fight this fight together for our child.

05/10/2001 12:45 PM

Aldra looked around the study feeling that it was time he amused himself a bit feeling a bit bored in this place. Chanting softly Aldra reached into his pouched as he waved his hand across him as several images of Aldra appeared talking about a number of things. Aldra smiled as he thought of how he hated everything being so quiet. Just to have some more fun Aldra decided to talk with some of the images around him.

Topics ranging from anything Aldra at one time counted atleast 16 image including himself. Though it was all fun Aldra became bored very quickly and decided to leave the study and go to the garden leaving the images to discuss about everything on their own. Though a smile crossed his face thinking of what someone would say finding all of them. Aldra continued to smile as he decided to stop and smell the roses for a sec waiting on the others return. Tiver Neehigh

05/10/2001 2:38 PM

Mirror looked at him, her heart showing openly in her refletive eyes. "It doesn't matter if you can't feel the magic, I did not fall in love with you because of the magic, I fell in love with you.......and yes, I want to marry you." she said, tears of happiness running down her cheeks. She kissed him lovingly, allowing themselves on more tender moment before they had to be gone. She looked at him, "what do we do about that person approaching?" she asked.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/10/2001 9:58 PM

Kalia lay curled up in her dragon form, deep within the Darken wood. this was becoming almost more than she could bear...To loose her cousin, once again to the Dark Magics.....

The Crystal Dragon shuddered, tears mingling with the rain, her golden eyes filled with misery.Your Idiot just called, he said his Villiage was missing!

05/11/2001 9:41 PM

A loud knock which was more of a bang made Mirror jump. Triton was too tired to be frightened. The lost of his magic hurt him deeply, and sucked away his strenght. Triton survived for his magic to cast a more powerful spell the next day, but no longer could magic be his life. His ability of arcane talents lost to him. Now the only thing to live for was Mirror and his unborn child.
"What do you want?" Triton yelled trying to sound annoyed.
The door opened slowly with a dark knight standing in the door.
"What is she doing here, you are to report any prisoners to your comanding officer immideatly?"
"Sir knight she is not my prisoner, she is my spy. Leave here immediatly and do not bother me again. I am going to do some experimenting tonight."
The knight walked out of the room with a huff. The door shut with a slam.
"Mirror, Triton said hastily. Get the book and everything you want out of the room. We have to be leaving now. He will be back with another mage to test us. They will find me with no magic and you with a pure heart. We will both be killed. You must hurry."

05/11/2001 11:11 PM

Mirror grabbed the book, clasping it to her breast protectivly. She looked around quickly nad saw two more books seeming to glow with the same wierd light, though neither were as big as the first. She ran over to them and grabbed them aswell before returning to Triton's side. She colud ear loud voices approaching from down the corridor. "I'm ready" she said to Triton, "Now what?"You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/12/2001 2:47 AM

Kalia found herself outside of where Mirror and Triton were staying, sensing Mirror's sudden panic, she shifted back into her Dragon form. lightly she tapped a crystaline claw against the glass of the window...

"Come on...I'll help you get away....." Kalia whispered hurridly.Books that we will never see:

Five miles to the outhouse- By: willie Makeit Illustrated by: Betty Don't

See if you can figure that out...lol

05/12/2001 7:28 AM

"Oh, Wynter, you did not just try and beat me out of mounting a large flying creature! It's on now." Just Kyron got on to Alex's back, Autumn kicked her heels into the gryffon's side and into the air they went.

Justin, seeing himself losing this race, quickly jumped into the wind. He quickly caught up with the gryffon and spun circles around them, causing Wynter to whoop in exhileration. "Man, if I were Sturm's child and I was a knight after he died, I would be strutting around in my Solamnic armor saying 'I'm Sturm's kid, man! I could take that stupid Neraka butt of yours back to the Abyss where it was spawned if you don't shut up!'"


05/13/2001 4:47 PM

The griffin looked back at Autumn as he continued to fly

The Griffin did a couple of spins to try and make Autumn Air Sick...

The griffin continues to fly... not saying another word.... just flying to where ever they were going
In a A1 Private message to Kalia

OOC: This blows! I couldn't log into my account!!! Grrrr! :(

05/13/2001 10:36 PM

Mirror looked out of the window and saw Kalia standing there in her dragon form. Her heart let out a sudden cry of joy as she saw her friend there willing to help them. She turned to Triton, who was still weak, and helped him to his feet, supporting him on her shoulder. with the books in one hand and Triton in the other she began to go towards the window, all the while telling Triton that everything was going to be alright.
Once they had got to the window, the voices could be heard clearly now. "It should not be allowed that he keep that elf wentch to himself, and she was a pretty one at that." said one voice. "Aye, he knows the rules, any females are shared between us," commented the second. The two voices continued to talk as they got closer and closer.
Mirror's eyes widened in fear as she realised that if she was caugth she would be raped over and over again by these evil people. She frantically tried to open the window, but could not make it budge. She looked at Kalia and said into her mind that she could not open the window and that they would se her back at the tower. he wanted to talk to Kalia anyway.
With that she turned back towards Triton, who seemed to be deteriating by the second. Suddenly she remembered a spell that she had read in the renegade book, and began to recite it. They both glowed with a strange eerie light and just as the door opend they dissapeared from view to reappear in Tritons room in the silver tower.
Mirror sank back from the shock and the use of her power. She felt drained herself now. But she needed to talk to Aldra before she did anything else. She dissrobed Triton again and layed him on his bed and told him to get some rest. Before she left she kissed him and cast a protection spell around him.
She made her way to the library in the hopes Aldra was still there. She found him and ran over to him, lokking at him intently, pleadingly.
"You know about me, don't you?"You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/14/2001 3:29 PM

"Next time I will make it more painful!" She played around with the gryffon's mind and enjoyed the spins. Fast heights and loops were her favorites.

Justin, making a few loops of his own, slowed his wings as a tower came into view. "That's it!" He spoke aloud cause of his wyvern voice. He circled and heard Autumn and Wynter singing a song. He would have joined in but he had to concentrate on the landing.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

05/14/2001 11:38 PM

Kalia nodded and launced herself into the air, acting as a decoy for any who followed, eventually using magic to send herself back to the tower as soon as she lost them.Books that we will never see:

Five miles to the outhouse- By: willie Makeit Illustrated by: Betty Don't

See if you can figure that out...lol

05/15/2001 1:28 AM

Aldra continued walking through the garden at the Tower admiring the sounds and smells coming from such a beautiful place. Aldra wished that he had his sight back for being blind hurt his very soul. Aldra at times only wished for death for the release of torment, but it was the power of other for now that kept him this way.

Soon his time would be done here and he would be able to return to his place of rest. Until then he would watch and record the actions of everyone until his calling.Tiver Neehigh

05/16/2001 12:08 PM

Suddenly she realised that she was not talking to the real Aldra at all, but a clone of himself. She cried in frustration and went charging off around the rest of the tower in the hope she would find him. Finally, her search led her to the gardens, where he was just stooping to sniff some roses. She stopped up sharp when she saw him
"Master Aldra," Mirror said, looking at him pleadingly, hoping with all her heart that he was the real one this time. "You know about me, don't you?" she said, clasping her hands over her belly.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/16/2001 4:43 PM

Aldra turned and looked at Mirror the visions running through his his head.
"Ah yes, I do know about you. Why is there something wrong?" Aldra said as he pick a rose from a bush. "You may ask all the questions your heart desires child, but I may not answer them as you wish. As for speaking of just one child that is not the truth."

Aldra walked over to Mirror standing before her with a smile as clear as day. "Well, should we start with your first couple questions Mirror." Aldra said placing the rose in Mirror's hands.Tiver Neehigh

05/16/2001 5:36 PM

A young mage suddenly appears near mirror and says, " Damn that spell, it never works. Oh by the way am I in the right place if i want to become a mage of the Thorn ?"Oh sorry are those your pants-it must be a kender thing

05/17/2001 12:35 PM

Mirror turned towards the new arrival, the rose still in her hands. "The tower is over yonder, Master mage," she said, indicating the silver tower with a pointed finger. "The Thorn is inside." she waited until the mage had gone before turning back to Aldra.

She looked down at the rose again, and placed it behind her ear, so that it was like a splash of blood on the white cotton sheets that was her hair. She looked at him intently. "I have more than one child inside me?" she said more to herself than Aldra. Suddenly she understood, "There are three, aren't there? I am carrying triplets! Are these the three mages that you spoke of in your vision? Shall I be the bearer of those mages?"You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/17/2001 2:32 PM

Wynter felt the ground beneath her and thanked the Gods for it. She dismounted Justin with a flip and no-handed cartwheel. She landed facing the wyvern and patted it's snout. "You are even better as an animal than I thought." She gave him a grin and help Kyron from the gryffon.

"What a ride!" Kyron exclaimed as she got down. She saw two robed figures in the garden, then a third appear. Wynter started singing the song her and Autumn had going before, and no one but them seemed to know it.

"We fly and fly to death if it may be but we can't see. We jump and flip and fight side by side like the gods do stride. But we won't give up. We are a army of elves in the world today, and we ain't giving in, OK! So jump, and flip, and ride the wind like you never did before, regiment number 4. SECOND VERSE SAME AS THE FIRST!"This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

05/17/2001 6:36 PM

As the young mage enters the tower, he looks around to see no one, but not having his glasses on he couldn't quite make out anything, so he yelled, " Is there anyone in this place that can help direct me to where i need to be to become a mage of the thorn ?"Oh sorry are those your pants-it must be a kender thing

05/18/2001 2:49 AM

Aldra smiled at the young mage pointing to the tower along with Mirror, and once he was gone Aldra turned and looked skyward. "In my 800 years me and my twin brother have lived we have never seen any thing like this..." With a long sigh Aldra turned his smile quickly disappearing. "It seems as though you have answered your own questions, and much is said that the future is never for certain. Though I do fear that much will come in the future. Your children will have a magic unlike no other on Kyrnn, and this magic the gods will even fear."

Aldra picked another flower smelling it as he held gently in his cupped hands. "Your children will be the very flower of magic as in unfolds in its beauty and grace, but..." Aldra searched for an answer in his mind as placed the rose in his book. "There will come a time when you will have to choose whether to fight against your children, or with them. I know that seems like alot to take in at the moment, but you will see when the time comes." Sighing deeply Aldra looked towards the sky again as if seeing and hearing something no other could. "I can not tell you any more child, but all your questions, fear, and doubts will be answered when the time is right. If there is nothing more I will take my leave unless you have another question?"Tiver Neehigh

05/18/2001 1:42 PM

"I do," Triton said from the shadows weakly. He went looking for Mirror but when he heard her talking he thought it would be better to listen for a change. "If my children are that powerful, then tell me this what side of the pendulem will they take. And who are going to train these three in the art? Their mother if so then they shall only learn the magic of the good. Their evil father no longer has the arcane gift."

05/18/2001 2:32 PM

Autumn dismounted the now silent gryffon and started singing with Wynter. It was from their old days in an army of elf-mercenaries. They would march and sing that song as they went. No one seemed to lose hope when they sang that song. Autumn guessed, since Wynter started singing it, she had a feeling of doubt and needed hope. She saw the three mages in the garden and suddenly everything came into focus.

"Don't worry, cousin. We are here and will decide the best course of action to take. War is far from happening, but we must prepare at this time." Justin laid his hand on Autumn's shoulder, having changed back into his elfself. He turned and tossed the ring to Aleximi and spoke once more. "Thanks. It was a great ride."

Autumn nodded and took her first steps toward the Silver Tower, Justin and Wynter hand-in-hand before her, Kyron soon after Autumn, and the gryffon still left behind in the courtyard.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

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05/18/2001 5:32 PM

A kender, appears out of no where, " Do any of you know where i might find palin he brought me to this place, but i dont know where he is?" maybe you can direct me to this thorn fellow i keep hearing about, please ?"Us kenders need to stick together, all you mean wizards(Galan) need to have a little more fun in life.

05/18/2001 11:34 PM

Mirror went to Triton quickly and supported him with her body as He spoke. She was still trying to digest the information she had heard, and could not quite believe it. THREE children!!! She could not remember ever hearing of an elven woman having three children before and living to tell of it. They had all died in child birth. Yet Aldra had said that one day she would have to choose to fight with or against her children, so this meant that she would live, didn't it?You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/20/2001 5:30 PM

Aldra only shook his head when he heard Triton's questions. "As we all know we choose what magic we learn when that time comes. It is not how we are raised and taught, but our own choices that make us who we are. As for the children being taught that is not our choice for it will be their own." Aldra calmed himself down as the angry in his voice grew.

Aldra looked to Mirror's worried face with a bit concern. "You will live through this Mirror though that is all that may be for now." With a quick turn and a flutter of his robes Aldra started to walk away. "All other questions shall be answered in time child..." Aldra soon vanished away from their eyes as no other sound was heard.Tiver Neehigh

05/21/2001 2:54 PM

Wynter walked forward with Justin's hand in her own. They opened the door to the tower and entered. They had no clue where Thorn was and hoped to find him soon. She looked to the library and thought he might be there so she and Justin walked up the stairs.

Kyron stood behind Autumn and walked slowly. She was here mainly to help Wynter but also to protect one thing she lived for, magic. She wish to be through with this all as soon as possible.This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

05/21/2001 11:47 PM

Kalia passed the room with Mirror, Triton, and Aldra in it, turning, she entered to hear Mirror exclaim "Triplets!!"

Kalia stared at the elf, a small smile on her face. in her mind Mirror was a lucky one, to have children... "I am the last of my kind...." she said to herself. "Children is one joy that I shall never experiance....." Tears suddenly filled the golden eyes, and she ran from the room.With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

05/24/2001 12:06 PM

Mirror saw her friend before she realised what she was saying. God's she knows was all she could think. She was about to explian to her friend that she wanted her condition kept secret for the time being when she suddenly saw Kalia's eyes well up and she ran away from her and Triton.
She looked at Triton. "I'll be back in a moment," she promised and ran after her friend, but not before giving her husband to be a kiss. She remineded herself that she would have to talk to him about the wedding plans soon.
She ran after Kalia, and finally catching up to her turned her round to face her. She saw the tears course freely down her cheeks and became worried. "What's wrong Kalia?" she asked in a concerned manner, placeing a hand on her friends shoulder. You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/24/2001 4:33 PM

Kalia smiled weakly. "You're lucky Mirror, and I am truely happy for you..." Kalia sighed and looked up at her friend.

"I just can't help but think that I am the last of my kind here on Krynn...Children is one thing that I cannot enjoy." She said softly as she wiped her eyes.With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

05/24/2001 11:17 PM

Triton leaned back weakly against a tree once Mirror left. He needed rest, he told himself. But he knew rest would not bring back the magic he held so dear. Shacking the thought of his lack of magic out of his mind, he limped back to his bed. He was not use to walking all the way back to the tower usually a spell would do the traveling for him, but he could not do that any more.
Upon entering his room and laying on his bed he feel asleep. Only to dream about dragon's stealing his magic.

05/25/2001 1:43 AM

Aldra fell on his face as his portal opened up next to Mirror and Kalia as it pretty much spit him right out. Looking up Aldra smiled at both of them with a small chuckle as he slowly stood up dusting himself off thankful that he did not land in a rose bush. Looking at them both catching only a bit of their conversation Aldra smiled.

"Now Kalia you have a longer life span than even the elves and the almost as long as the gods themselves. Do not think that you will not have kids." With that said Aldra spun looking to the heavens above as if hearing something so quite that the wind barely could carry its whispered tone. "Hmmmm?..."Tiver Neehigh

05/25/2001 11:39 AM

Mirror smiled at her wise and learned friend aldra as he said the exact same thing that she was about to say!!!! She hugged Kalia and told her to stop being so silly, and that she would save all the baby clothes once her children grew out of them, if they would be any good. Her smile faded, however, when she saw Aldra look up to the sky. That couldn't be a good sign!!!!
Suddenly she remembered Triton, and teleported herself to outside his room in the tower. She knocked on the door, and when she got no reply pushed open the door and saw him laying on his bed, his sleep seemingly troubled. She went over to the bed and sat on it, gently stroking his braided hair. She loved him so much, and hated seeing him like this.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

05/25/2001 11:54 AM

Kalia looked at aldra, her head tilted, straining to hear somthing just out of range, something she couldn't quite understand. slowly, she got to her feet, and rested a slender hand upon Aldra's shoulder.

"What is it???" she asked softly.With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

05/25/2001 1:39 PM

Autumn looked at the tower library in sheer amazement. She had seen a lot of books in her life but not as many as in this room. Every wall was filled with books of magic that she would die to read but couldn't perform since the only magic she could wield was the magic of healing. She looked around the room, seeing no one and quickly looked to her cousin.
"Where is everyone??"

Justin look curiously at his cousin and answered. "I don't know myself. Well, we might as well take you around and show you everything. Wynter, you and Kyron go look for Thorn or Aldra. We just need to find out what happened while we were gone."
He smiled at Wynter and she let go of his hand and left the room. He extended his arm and bowed slightly. "Take a seat, my dearest cousin."Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

05/26/2001 11:37 PM

Aldra looked towards Kalia a bit of a smile though it was a bit of fear that shook his body. "There has been a turn of events that was that was not unseen, but was hoped that would not happen." Aldra looked back up to the sky his elven face paler than seen before. Gripping tightly to his staff before Aldra's knee's gave out on him. "You know when you live 800 years then you are given back your young body your spirit never can tell." Aldra said with a slight chuckle. "Please, help an old blind man back to the study where he may have a rest? There we can talk more." Aldra said as he held out his arm for once acting his age.Tiver Neehigh

05/27/2001 9:17 AM

Wynter walked down the stairs of the tower. Kyron followed and the door opened, Aldra and Kalia coming in. Wynter bowed in reverence to the two, Kyron following.

"Hello, Aldra and Kalia. We have returned with Autumn. This is my dragon-friend, Kyron, and the mage Aleximi is the gryffon in the courtyard. Where is Thorn? What has happened in our absence?"This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

05/27/2001 1:46 PM

Kalia gently wrapped her arms around Aldra, helping him into the study.With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

05/27/2001 7:43 PM

The Thorn was not in the tower. The mage had left, shortly after he had sent te others on their errands. The head of the silver robes had also been given a vision, and not one he enjoyed either. He had left to try and prevent this but so far his attempts had been in vain. He had been unable to hunt down his kender friend Ghostbuster Lilypad. He couldn't find the oldest of the Templar, Pyranthas. Many of the powerful mages were gone. Mertonious and Hooded, two of the more dark mages had vanished. His teacher, Kistar Dragonstar was planeswalking. Cai'de, the powerful telepath and one of his few love interest that he had botched was nowhere to be found. It was like they were cloaked by some higher power.

The Thorn stood alone atop a high peak in the Khalkist Mountains. He had been searching for almost two weeks for any allies that would help him. His efforts had been in vain. Soon he would return to the tower, but not yet. The mage still had hope, still believed. Hope... that was all he had now. Hope and his dream."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

05/29/2001 12:47 AM

Yuric say quietly. He had long since vacated the tower. He would return, of coarse, yet no was not his time. He must watch over his brother and ensure that his brother kept hope. Yuric knew this was not his battle. It was his brothers. And Yuric knew that the child so commonly spoken of was not a child to be born of two mere aprentances. This child was to be a child of two creature of great power. This child was to be the Thorn. And it was Yuric's job to make sure the Thorn would care to fight the war.

06/01/2001 7:14 AM

Triton was taking in too much infomation at one time. Too much was happening in a day and he needed a little time to get away. Leaving Mirror with a kiss and a promise to get some rest, Triton found a horse in the tower's stables and rode off into the woods. He let the steed carry him, until he was too tired to stay on the horse's back. There he found a tree to lean under as the sun made its first appearence in 10 hours. With the days events ebbing away Triton's energy, the ex-mage fell asleep without wanting to.

06/01/2001 11:23 AM

Mirror went to her own room, and began to un-pack her megre posestions, seen as it looked like she was staying where she was for the time being. She tenderly unpacked her clothes, a pair of doe skin breeches, hose, a white shirt, a tunic made of the same material as her breeches, a silver sash and a few under garments. The next thing she came upon was her only physical memory of her childhood. It was a small, wooden, beautifully carved dove, that had a small string suspended from it's wings underneath it's belly. As you pulled the string, the wings flapped, and she was suddenly transported back to her childhood. A childhood that, although dark and unhappy, still had it's bright times, such as the time she had recieved this toy off of a very old and gruff dwarf in Solace, that kept the strangest company of a kender and a half elf. She had been scared, she remembered, but her sister Terra had taken hold of her hand and walked her over to the dwarf, who was no where near as scary as others had said! She remembered his words as he had handed her the toy.
"Never forget where you come from, and always remember that you are part of the wind, just as this dove is. One day you will need the courage to go on though others will stop by the way side, just as the dove must ave courage when faced with huge storms and predators. I have no doubt that you will have that courage, and this wooden gift is to remind you of that fact. Never forget."
She had been rather taked aback by what he had said at the time, and the Kender had started to tease the dwarf, and his words were soon forgotten. How apt that they be remembered now!
She lay back on the bed and pulled the string under the wooden dove, watching it fly off into the sun. She closed her eyes and cried herself to sleep, wishing that Triton would come to her, talk to her, just hold her. She needed his reassurance more than anything right now. Why wasn't he there with her!!!!!!! The tears flowed freely in her dreams, just as they had in her waking hours.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

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06/01/2001 1:47 PM


Did you get my letter?
Did you even care?
Have you completely forgotten me?
.....I guess.... I'm almost over you.......... but I can never ever be completely over you.

I miss hearing your cute voice.... seeing your heavenly looks.... but... i don't know...... I want to call you. Especially when I sad or bored...... but I don't. Because I know you wouldn't want me to, right??


06/05/2001 12:16 PM

OOC: Ummmm?... alright I don't what direction this story is heading anymore so Thorn choose a fate, and we'll most likely run with it. Because right now I don't know who is the choose one. If the three children are really coming, or whether or not this story just hit a stopping point.

So with a bit of help... I say we continue some where in the mist of the cloud and smoke just a little while after the explosion of the last few things said. How about it?:) Tiver Neehigh

06/05/2001 11:43 PM

ooc: Well, my character is deffinately pregnant with triplets, so there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D I want to carry on with this story too, but don't know what to do with it anymore. You decide Thorn.You are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/07/2001 9:49 PM

OOC: You know, my brother asked me why I hadn't posted here in a while. He asked me what was going on. You know what I told him, I said, "I just set up the story, but I letting the others run with it." Like I told Katyr in another post, I don't have to be the main character to add flavor. So here is the deal, since the story has become yours, take it where you like. I still follow the thread and will participate but where it goes is up to you."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

06/07/2001 11:00 PM

Triton rises from his bed awaken from his sleep from a nightmare. But the nightmare told him something very important. It gave him a question that only Thorn could answer. He put on a black tunic with pants to match and went around the tower in search for the mage.

06/10/2001 2:42 PM

Autumn sat with Justin in the Library. She knew Thorn wasn't here and that she would most likely go back out into the world to do what she could. Somethine told her to stay though...it was her cousins voice.

"I am truly sorry for Thorn not being here. Maybe he is off working with something and will not return for a while. I can escort you back to the forest if you wish."Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

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