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03/07/2001 4:55 AM

Merry Yule,and welcome to the Charity Festival!The only festival where all money is given to the poor!Sponsored by Joe.
Proclaims the large sign before all four of the entrances to the great fair in Palanthalas.Inside is everything anyone could want.Mages perfoming illusions to astonish,and acts of real magic by mages who had actually passed the Test.Gnomes with new inventions such as the carousel,and the Ferris weel.Contests of accuracy with bows,daggers,axes,and magic.Jousts for knights and lady's.Bueaty salons.Bands playing every music from every race.A zoo,filled with wild and dangerous animals such as lions,tigers,owlbears,ghoatsucker birds,and even a consenting silver dragon.And food from every place known to man,elf,dwarf,and god.
People of every race walk the street,including many kender,each with his own personal space.This despite the fact that all kender were turned away at the front gates.Goblins,dwarves,elves,humans,even an Ogre and a Troll here and there.The gaurds of Palanthalas keep the peace,though they are not called often.
So enter,and enjoy yourself!And know that all money is given to the poor.
OOC:I want this to be a happy,silly,merry thread.No plots,no schemes,just pure plain fun!
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/07/2001 1:05 PM

Tiver made it past the front gate somehow unknown to him though it seemed his money pouch was a bit lighter. Tiver made it quickly to zoo, he had never seen an owlbear before and Tiver just had to have a feather from one or one claw from one though the Tiver's attention quickly was drawn to the silver dragon. He looked at the silver dragon as his head slided through the fence that surrounded the silver dragon until Tiver finally just fell in rolling head over feet ending his roll as he bumped into the silver dragon.

Standing up dusting himself off he turned around to find a slightly disturbed silver dragon. "Hello, my name is Tiver Neehigh, you know those fences are not all that strudy I just fell right through them, and you know some little kid could hurt themselves," Tiver rambled on as he started pulling out game pieces out of his pouch setting them on a board he unfoldedinfront of the dragon. "I can't believe I just fell right through and here I am talking to a silver dragon," Tiver exclaimed," People say dragons are extremely good at games, are you?" Tiver didn't wait for an answer as he set a game up of chess each piece consisted of multitude of colors to keep a kender's attention.

" I have always wanted to play a game with a dragon, but never could find one that was willling too," Tiver rambled on about a few other stories. "Oh yeah! you want to play me... whats your name?"Tiver Neehigh

03/08/2001 10:56 AM

Ferat, The young mage Walks gloomily in to the festival, Ferat has never seen something so wonderful in his entire life.

Wow! is this ammazing or what. Ferat walks over to the ferris wheel Lookinjg very suspicious. I wonder, before he could think of what he was doing he handed the ticket taker his ticket and jumped on.

This is great! I can see beyond the farest mountain.

03/11/2001 3:10 PM

"I am Octarina,curious one."the dragon responds."Are you sure you should be here?"
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/12/2001 6:49 AM

Telgar walks through the crowd, a large foolish grin on his face and a mug of ale in his hands. Bleary eyed he stares at the Kender and the Dragon.

"Well this is unusually cruel," he shouted as he wobbled on his feet "keeping a dragon locked up with a Kender. I am going to find the Zookeeper and but a stop to this" he stumbled off towards the gates of the Zoo.
Stopping by a bench he stares at it.
"Best sit down whilst the ground is moving" moving to the edge of the bench he sits down missing the bench by a good foot and landing on his butt. Belching contentedly he falls on to his back and amuses himself by making rude pictures from the clouds above

03/12/2001 8:24 AM

Autumn walks through the crowded place to the ball room, picks the first guy she sees sitting down, and starts to dance around the room. "Maybe next time three mugs of ale is enough," she says to herself.

"So, what's your name? I'm Autumn Silv....OH LOOK!!! ALE DIPPED CANDY!!!!" She starts to run to the candy stand and buy herself some.

"I feel like a elf in a candy store...wait a minute! I AM AN ELF IN A CANDY STORE!!!!"Which is better, a dark elf trying to kill you or a dark elf fighting beside you? I'll leave the decision to you.

Wynter Firecaster
03/13/2001 7:37 AM

Wynter looks around the festival, a mug of ale in one hand, a big lolli-pop in the other. She sees Autumn run toward the candy store and joins her.

"Hello there, Autumn!" She says as she locks arms with her. She heard a crash and saw her ale on the ground. "DRAT!" She says as she orders another.

"You wanna go to the ferris wheel? I heard the gnomes saying it's a blast!""I wish I was the full moon shining off a Camaro's hood."

Pearl Jam - Wish List

03/13/2001 8:27 AM

"Let's Go!"Which is better, a dark elf trying to kill you or a dark elf fighting beside you? I'll leave the decision to you.

03/14/2001 4:51 PM

Tiver looked at Octarina curiously as he finished setting up the pieces to the game. "What do you mean? Are you talking about the fence? Oh, i'm sure all that fence in for is to keep others from disturbing our game. I'm really sure thats whats its for... Is it true that dragons are the greatest collectors in the world well I mean them having a huge whats the word?" As Tiver moved a piece on the board. "OKay your turn. Now what was I saying... oh, yeah a word what word is it. Is it Keep? no, no thats not it. Is it collection? no, no not that one. Wait, I have it... its, its hmmmmmm?

Tiver looks at the game and back up to you. "What was it we were talking about again?"Tiver Neehigh

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