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03/02/2001 1:28 PM

With in the stone walls on the building lived a man of knowledge, and a short temper, though he could answer question... for a price. You have come to the building of Yellow Page the Sage: Maps, Riddles, Magic, and many other wonderful stuff.

As you enter you see a hall way lined with bookselves lighted by magic torches leading to a chamber door where you a small table and a book with thousands and thousands of names scribed within and a sign saying, "Please read the rules and sign your name in the book."

The rule book really says nothing other than please don't touch anything, but there is a special rule for kender that reads as following:

All Kender please READ! In order for a item to be found within this home it must first be lost. Though, in account that an item becomes lost means it can not be found. Therefore, that means if an item can not be found is grounds for asking Yellow Page the Sage where it is. That making the item no longer lost, but in my knowledge it is known to me within. Which for certain means that no item within this building can ever be found nor lost. This meaning keep your "WANDERING" in your pouches please.

As you finish reading this you hear a dwarven voice yelling from behind the door before you, "Hurry up and be gettin your stinkin skin in yer, before I be thinkin you wasten me time!!!"Tiver Neehigh

03/05/2001 10:39 AM

"I have two things to ask of you noble sage. I seek the recipe for the Love potion of Endearing feelings. I also must have the location of the lost Talisman of the Sphere?""Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

Puck,Pixie A MidSummer Nights Dream

03/05/2001 1:36 PM

The old dwarf hopped out of his chair at his desk and walked over to the man in his office. The dwarf's beard was as white as the winter's snow and seemed to be just as endless as he dragged it across the floor over to you. The old dwarf looked you up and down and smirked at the request.

"Aye, you be gettin no recipe from me boy! Unless you be performing me a serves of some kind. Yer be gettin yerself into some trouble if you be using any kind of love potion stuff, but I do have that much is to say."

The old dwarf walked over to his selves pulling out some maps as he streched them out on the table. He eyed them closely for just a moment then pointed his stubby finger on a place on the map.

"There's where you be finding that Talisman boy on this island located to the north. Now if you be still wanting that potion we can talk the price, but for the map it will be 500 platinum."

He eyed the boy harshly as he waited for his relpy.Tiver Neehigh

03/06/2001 7:10 AM

The mage bows deeply to the small sage.

"Perhaps there is some service I could provide you with for the cost?"
"Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

Puck,Pixie A MidSummer Nights Dream

03/07/2001 1:09 PM

"I must know now how much money you have?" the old dwarf asked as he lifted a mug to his lips and tasted not a drop of spirits.

The old dwarf mumbled to himself, "Well! come on boy tell me." As the dwarf slammed the mug onto the table.Tiver Neehigh

03/08/2001 7:06 AM

"Only about 25 platinum, sir.""Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

Puck,Pixie A MidSummer Nights Dream

03/08/2001 7:38 AM

"Aye, good young man... good. Now fetch me something to eat and drink and we shall discuss what you need for this potion you what."

The dwarf waited as long as he could looking at the blank stare on the young man's face.

"Well! you going to go and get what I want boy, or am I going to be chargin you more for taking up me time!" The dwarf mumbled hiding the smile that grew on his face. Tiver Neehigh

03/08/2001 10:39 AM

"Yes, Sir!"

The mage runs off hurriedly to hetch the sage his meal."Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

Puck,Pixie A MidSummer Nights Dream

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