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05/20/2000 4:24 PM

The poker game between Dukel Fredling and Baz Firestorm was heating up. "Alright minotaur, what do you have?"

Baz lays down three queens and two tens. "Full house, beats your three kings. You're thoroughly beaten my friend, give up now."

Dukel stares at Baz for a moment. "One last hand, I'll put up the inn. You put in all your money."

Baz stares for a moment, shocked that Dukel would give up his prized Mercenarie's Heart Inn and Tavern in a mere poker game. "Deal."

The cards were dealt, the antes were placed, the bets were up. "You may go first friend." Baz watched in silent satisfaction as Dukel laid down his cards: six, seven, eight, nine, ten of clubs. "Beat that minotaur."

Baz smiled with elation as he laid down the ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of spades. Dukel riased in a fit, hurled two keys at Baz and stormed out of the club.

The next morning Baz approached the Mercenarie's Heart Inn and Tavern. Entering his favorite inn Baz wasn't fully prepared for the job. He had at his disposal two cooks, three waotresses, and a bartender. And the repairs were to be a haughty job.

By midnight the Inn was closed down, and only the head cook remained to help Baz with the final repairs. The next day the gloriously restored Mercenarie's Heart Inn and Tavern would open.

A sign outside the Inn directs the people towards the comfortable inn. A long time of business is looked forward to.

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