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07/02/2000 11:28 PM

Darkness fell, obscuring the light of the noon sun. A darkness of such palpable feeling washed all over them. All creatures on Krynn, great and small, were hushed. Not even the wind howled as an aura of great power emanated from Marc's chest.

Then it slowly opened. His ribs opening like some closet, hiding a dark secret.

In place of his heart a gemstone pulsed as if taking the place of his heart.

Light slowly spiraled into the dark nothingness of the Heart of Darkness. A great vortex of air started pulling everything into the gem...

The draconians started screaming as the mystic energy tugged at them, masks, armor and all...

Scores of the vile creatures and a few of weakened black robes were pulled into the swirling maelstrom, torn apart by the mystical energies that powered the Heart. The screams of the draconians and exposed black robes were too much for the many who watched and they just turned their head in fear...

Then there was silence...

Only a few of the creatures were left...

A scream went out from the window of the room were Lidora and Quira were staying.


Marcus flew into the window and landed on his feet.

A draconian was blocking the doorway.

What seems to be an evil grin was on its face.

Then the face contorted into pain. Then it started to melt...

The draconian turned into a pile of protoplasm...

Behind the the pool of protoplasmic draconian stood another form.

It only nodded. It's hood obscuring the face.

Then the figure disappeared...

07/03/2000 9:08 PM

"MARCUS! My Godness, Marcus! What happened? The draconians disappeared!"

Quira, still sitting on the bed with the 3 newborns, looks at Marcus, completely startled, who appeared as suddenly as the dracos disappeared.

She sees Lidora letting her sword fall to the ground and running into Marcus arms, crying, letting all her fears and effort of the last hours loose with her tears. Marcus holds her close, caressing her, but he watches Quira and the babies with a look in his face, that the Kagonesti woman is not able to interprete. Feeling very insecure about that, she leans back in the bed and pulls the wet blanket a little over her children to cover them from Marcus weird gaze.

Then a terrible thought came to her mind.

"M...Marcus...tell me...have you seen him...have you seen Llewyn...tell me he is alive...tell me he has not sacrificed himself...TELL ME THAT YOU HAVE KEPT HIM SAVE WITH ALL YOUR DAMNED POWERS!!!"

Marcus sees tears suddenly running down her tired, sweat-smeared face, he can feel very deep emotions inside her, and he also feels that she would never forgive him, if anything happened to the other elf, no matter if he could have prevented it, or not...

07/03/2000 10:07 PM


The voice did not come from nowhere. It came from Marc's cold lips! The deep, resonating voice of Mertonius etched themselves onto Quira's mind...

Mertonius was invoking Valeria, not her!


Marcus/Mertonius gently set aside Lidora's crying form, and made his way near the now fully apparent form of Valeria superimposed on Quira. Quira was apparently unconscious. He looked at his children... Love in his eyes as he looked at both wife and children...

"My little ones... My gift to Krynn and to my Father,Aunt and Uncle..." His voice subdued... Filled with love and longing.

He turns to Valeria and smiles. Marc's possesed body drops to the floor. Mertonius gestures and Llewyn appears near the body of his clone. Valeria rose and turned to Quira and Lidora. With a simple wave she heals Llewyn and Marcus. Mertonius took his wife into his arms and gazed into her eyes...

"Oh I have missed you... Longed to be in your arms again... I don't want to be away from you again..."

"Though I was trapped in that horrible prison on the Queen's crown I never let the madness take me... You're love for me gave me strength and hope to last even beyond time itself... Mertonius... I love..."

Mertonius kissed his wife, letting the love between them be the bendiction upon their children.

Then, a great halo of light appeared from the heavens, piercing the damage roof of the room. Out of this halo strode three figures...

"We at last return to Krynn... Thank you my son... In you and your wife a new chance for the rebirth of Krynn has finally arrived... And now we will give the blessings as what we have promised to give..."

Solinari made his way to the eldest of the triplets. Laying his hands on the boy's forehead he gives his benediction.

Lunitari took the next child, a girl, and took her into her arms. Stroking the silvery strands of hair from the child's forehead she gave her benediction on the child's chest.

Nuitari lightly touched the eye's of the youngest who did not even flinched from the touch of the Dark God of Magic.

After giving their blessings, the Three Gods of Magic fade from view... And a strange smile on Nuitari's face was all that Lidora can see.

07/04/2000 10:41 PM

(OOC: Hey, Marcus...are you going to end this up???)

07/04/2000 10:54 PM

Quira came back to consciousness the very moment, when the three Gods of Magic appeared. She watched the scene, totally confused and shocked, she sees Mertonius and a strange woman embracing...then she realizes that the woman must be Valeria, for her memories were gone...only her own memories are left...

Now she sits in her bed, still very weak, but as she sees Llewyn save in the room, close to her bed, she sighs relieved.

Suddenly a terrible thought came to her mind - her children! Mertonius and Valeria would take them with her! But they were HER children...SHE has carried them...SHE has given birth to them...SHE has beared all the pain and all the uncomfort...the children belong to HER!!!

She grabs Llewyns arm and reaches out her other hand in the direction of her children, trying to suppress the trembling in her voice.

"Llewyn, would you please bring my children now back to me? They are freezing and they need their mother. Please..."

07/05/2000 2:34 PM

Llewyn walks to where the three babies are layed.

"Such beautiul children...May I hold them?"

Without receiving an answer he manages to pick all three somehow. Holding them in his arms he starts talking to them.

"Well didn't your mother do a great job in housing the THREE of you...You are certainly going to be bundle of work for her, but I'll always be there to lend a hand.

One of the young babies, the one to receive Solinari's benediction , reaches out and grabs Llewyn's finger. Tears stream openly from his eyes, so he walks over to Quira.

"Here...I can't help but cry when I hold this young ones , but first. Young babes, As sweet and innocent as you are, receive the GReat Mother's blessing, And shine."

Llewyn smiles and hands the babies to Quira.

"You are truly blessed m'lady. Three such as this are the greatest thing the Mother could give you. I would be honored if you would let me help you raise these babies???"

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07/05/2000 9:15 PM

Quira gently receives the little ones from Llewyns arm. Before she answers she watches the others in the room with open suspicion and distrust, all of them, except Llewyn and Lidora.

"Thank you, Llewyn."

She doesn´t answer his last question, for she fears the reaction of the others in the room. But with her eyes she sends a silent plea to the elf, to protect the babies from whatever may come. As an answer Llewyn smiles warmly at her and stands himself protectively before her bed.

07/06/2000 5:35 AM

Marcus struggled to stand but his stregth failed him.

"You... can... keep the two youngest... But the eldest... Torminius... Has to go... Send him to his uncle... who lives at Solamnia... You may do to the other two young ones as you want. Quirandia and Llylgamyn would follow each of your paths... The girl child would become a cleric and a magic user... (ooc: half-elven beings are allowed to multi-class) The youngest would be a great scholar... But... There is somethings else you should now... Lee, as I call Llylgamyn... would become the Avatar of Black Magic... Take care of him... That is all that I can say... right... nowwwww......."

With all his strength gone, Marcus faints.

07/06/2000 10:02 AM

Lidora looks around in confusion. Seeing Marcus fall she rushes to his side. She lifts his head slightly, cradling it as if he were a babe.

"Oh Marcus, what has happened to you."

She weeps softly letting her tears fall gently onto Marcus' face. She looks up to Quira who looks equally as confused, and to Llewyn who seems determined to stay by Quira's side. What is to happen of all of us, she wonders. Where will Quira and Llewyn go, what is happening to Marcus, and lastly......where will I go?

Lady Lidora (http://members.home.net/susanrodgers)

07/06/2000 4:40 PM

Llewyn stands by Quira's side, even as Marcus falls he does not flinch.

Speaking to himself he says
"That man his brought it upon himself....He drained his very life force to control the power he held. All I feel for him is pity...pitry that he didn't realise just how deep he was going..until it was too late. But I am sure the 'powerful' mages do not need my help."

Llewyn turns to Quira, and seeing the distressed look in her eyes and holds her close to his chest.

"I am not going to let them take ANY of the babies away from you...If they do..." Llewyn leaves the statement unanswered

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

07/06/2000 6:25 PM

OOC: Dream Sequence

"Marc... Wake up... Wake up." Kreg kept on shaking
his cousin.

"Kreg, but you are dead. You got killed way back
during..." Marc was astonished at the sight of his

Kreg just smiled, "You better get up and wake up,
Lidora is really depressed... And you have to get
ready too. Someone from the future would do one
last attempt to kill off the chldren. And you have
to convince Llewyn to part with Torminius. He, I
mean Torminius is destined to become a great
knight and mage in service to both Paladine and

Marc smiled and openned his eyes...

ooc: end of dream

He finds Lidora looking down, sitting beside him.
Managing a weak smile he strokes away a glistening
tear from her face.

"You need not worry. My job is not yet over."

He just gives Lidora a small smile then turns to

"You must never contend against the wishes of the
gods Llewyn. You can keep the youngest and the
middle child. But the eldest, Torminius, is
destined to be apart from you. You need not worry,
he will return in the future to his mother..."

(OOC: Ok, to get things straight, we now have
additional characters. That's why I set it up as
the story. Quira will play as Quira, of course.
Llewyn will play out the thoughtful and scholarly
Llylgamyn AKA Lee. And I will play Torminius. The
exception would be Lidora, I don't want to spoil
what would happen next :) )

07/06/2000 10:21 PM

(OOC: ok, my friends...I just want to tell you that I am going to make holidays now...3 weeks San Francisco...:)...3 weeks with very seldomly occasions to come to a computer. But I will try to post as much as possible, to keep the storyline up...heh, heh, what would the surroundings be without Quira...*EG*... I just want to beg you to keep it up, I would hate to see the new surroundigs ended when I return home.

So far, farewell my friends! See you soon!)

07/07/2000 3:44 AM

(ooc: Marcus..Let's get this straight...I have to play two chars ...Llewyn and Whatever his name is ....)

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

07/08/2000 12:53 AM

(OOC: Yup Llewyn, just call the youngest Lee for short so you won't get confused. I also have a way to keep the storyline up. We have to let about 16 years past so that we can use the children as our new characters. Lidora can use Quirandia for a while whie Quira is away. Say, why don't you start it off by making the story start here in Wayreth 16 years after you (You and Quira went away and haven't returned yet) and your new wife Quira left. Since we are playing the children we can have a 'find our parents quest and learn more about ourselves journey'. We get to keep the same storyline and the flow will still followe the same. I have entered the three children's profiles in the character profile section. Check them if you need to. :) )

07/08/2000 6:41 AM

(OOC: Marc...You dont happen to know my char Llewyn on Ansalon...Lee is just like him..Llewyn is a Black Robe, but he actually displays emotions such as friendship and loyalty, as well as selfishness and cruelty..Im gonna enjoy this)

Lee is reading from the black, skin-covered tome he is reading.

*without raising his eyes from the book and waving at Quirandia with his hand*
"Quirandia...Fetch me a glass of wine if you will..An incredible thirst is upon me"

Quiran frowns and ignores Lee, who is now looking in his spell-cupboard for some components

"Brother...Do you have any Spider silk??...I can't seem to find mine..."

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

07/11/2000 8:45 PM

In a distant castle, near the Solamnic Plains...

"Go on boy, keep it up!!!"

Lord Kuldar Uth Kinan watched as the spry young man swung his sword in the most delibirate and precise manner of a Solamnic Knight.

"Good work! But you still need some practice with that blade!"

The youthful knight removes his helmet, letting his black-blue hair cascade. He salutes his sparring partner then turns to the man he calls uncle.

"Twas a sure fight uncle. I am now confident of my abilities as a knight than ever before!"

A flicker of concernn washes over him as he noticed a figure in white robes appear at the corner of his sight...

--------------Somewhere in the Future-------------

"Lidora is late again... She said she would come at the grand openning of the New Mage's Tower here in New Haven, but..." Marc sighed waiting for the arrival of his fiancee...

(OOC: Remmember this part is in the future. Time is subjective so this event happened only roughly 1 year after the children's birth.)

07/12/2000 3:13 PM

(OOC:Merty baby....I'm just informing you that Quirah as gone on her holiday...AND Lidora is banned from the comp for a couple of weeks...So it's just you and me ..k)

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

07/13/2000 9:28 PM

Marcus looks at his watch then shakes his head.
"Well it seems that I have to go solo for know..."

-------------Back to the Past---------------------

Torminius brushes away the apparition as nothing more than the strain from his exercise.
"I wonder what my siblings are doing right now..."

07/31/2000 8:35 AM


Lady Lidora (http://members.home.net/susanrodgers)

08/01/2000 11:14 AM

(OOC: Folks, I am back again! Well, I am still in the USA, instead of 3 weeks I decided to stay 6, but Lich Nexus had to go back to work again
, so I have every afternoon to post...and Lidora is back again - so the party is complete again and the fun can continue!!!!!!!!!!!!)

08/01/2000 2:33 PM

Quirandia waits for an answer of her brother, gets none and finally shakes her head.

She stands up and walks to the other end of the room, where she takes two glasses and pours some wine into them. It is red wine, dark red, almost black.

She walks back to Lee and hands him his glass, setting herself on the edge of his table.

"Here, brother, your wine. What are you doing?"

08/01/2000 9:14 PM

--------------------At the Uth Kinan Castle-------

"Torminius my nephew you need to relax from your training from time to time. Now you're starting to see phantoms in my castle!"

Lord Kuldar stared at his young ward, the son of his foster kin, Llewyn. (OOC: It was said that Llewyn and Quiralanthalas the Elf wed after the incident. They also made it appear that the three were their own children to hide their lineage from those who might come after them.)

"He is very human. If it was not for slender built he might be said to be human. But he also seems to be very elven. Much like his mother..." The Knight mused in his mind.

08/02/2000 8:37 PM

(OOC: i am a little lost and the threads are not showing up, can you guys get me up to date with what is going on)

we're in the age of backwards, the future is old fashioned, you make my heart beat faster, is this life a disaster.....

Lady Lidora (http://members.home.net/susanrodgers"target="blank)

08/03/2000 11:12 AM

(OOC: let's see if I got it right: it's 16 years later, Quira and Llewyn have disappeared somewhere and it seems that they are married now. Torminius is in Solamnia, being trained to become a knight (Marc plays him), Lee and Quirandia are somewhere else (didn't really get where they are), Llewyn is playing Lee and I am playing Quirandia, and I have no idea what happened to Marc and Lidora, or what Marc plans with you or how the storyline is going on...Hey Marc, where eactly are Lee and Quirandia at the moment??? And what is Lidora's part??? And yours? Confusing...And Llewyn - what's up??? No more postings in here???)

08/03/2000 9:35 PM

(OOC: Let me see. Oh, Lee and Quirandia are living with their relatives at Qualinesti and are both studying to be White Robed Mages since they haven't passed their Test yet. Torminius is studying with a human Uncle at Solamnia to become a Solamnic Knight (he was sent there for some reason that includes his safety). They still have no idea what would happen to them. Oh, arc took Lidora to the future to be together. They aint married yet, Lidora is staying with an order of the Silvanesti Wildrunners and is training as a Ranger (cool huh?) and Marc is still an agent of the New Order of Mages. The story would continue to unfold as we see)

08/05/2000 9:03 PM

(OOC: HEY DUDES!!!!! WHAT'S UP??? Is our adventure already dead and is this only my last attempt to bring it back to life??? Come on...)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~May the force be with you...

08/08/2000 3:16 PM

(OOC: I am SOOOO sorry guys..I only just found out that the msg boards are open again....Forgive me...)

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08/08/2000 4:02 PM

(OOC: I forgive you if you go on posting, Llewyn...lol)

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08/08/2000 10:41 PM

--------------Back to The Castle------------------

Torminius made his way back to the castle garden, contemplating. He missed his kin and especially his two younger siblings who were staying at Qualinesti.

"Come out of the rose bushes, whoever you are!"

A young girl peeped out and smiled. She seems to be no more than 10 years old, with deep brown hair and coal black eyes. She smiled at him.

"I know you would find me that easily cousin Torminius!"

Torminius hugged his cousin and led her brushed the leaves off her hair.

"You shouldn't be popping out like that. Why were you there in the first place?"

The young girl gave her older cousin a peck on the cheek before handing him a letter.

"The messenger said it came from Quali, ah Quamines... ah Quali... Your place!"

The girl then skipped off back to the main keep.

Mertonius opened the letter and read the letter from his uncle who was taking care of his brother and sister. Without a word, he let it fall to the ground and made his way back to the castle...

08/09/2000 4:31 PM

Q watches her brother for a while. He was sitting there, fully concentrated on his work and she wasn't even sure if he noticed her, or the glass of wine she just put on the table for him.

With a sigh she finally reaches out for a picture, that was standing in front of her brother on the table. She watches it for a long time and the always serious and concentrated look on her face disappears for a while, replaced by a warmth and softness that only very few people have ever seen.It is an old picture, a painting. It shows two Kagonesti elves, a male and a female, both very beautiful to look at.The male was a tall elf, his long hair neatly braided and his muscular body painted with traditional Kagonesti signs. One of his strong arms lies on the shoulders of the beatiful woman, his face is showing the deep and passionate love he must feel for her. The elf-woman next to him is looking up to his face with her pale, almost colorless eyes, a loving smile on her lips, her beautiful black hair falling down to her waist. A medallion around her neck identifies her as a cleric of Mishakal. One of her hands is resting on her belly, a big belly, shelter for three children...Q looks up and catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror an the wall. The same black hair, the same colorless eyes of the woman and the same fine face as both of them...the man and the woman, Llewyn and Quiralanthalasa Darkash, her parents...
She doesn't know when this picture was made, or who has done it. It looks old, far older than she or her brothers are, and that's the weirdest thing about it...

She touches the painted face of her mother gently with one finger and puts the picture back on the table. This painting is the only picture of their parents she and Lee have ever seen in their whole life...Her parents...she wonders where they are, and what happened to them... She and Lee have been here in Qualinesti since she can remember and she knows only stories about her parents and their adventures. Mysterious stories about the circumstances of her and her brother's birth, their half-human heritage...She doesn't know what made them leave their children, or why they separated them from each other. She and Lee are living here, in Qualinost and their brother Torminius was so far away...Torminius, the apprentice in Solamnia... It's been a long time since she saw him and the loss of him hurts her very much. Somehow she feels closer to Torminius than to Lee, the serious and ambitious Lee, who seems to be so cold and distant from time to time...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~May the force be with you...

08/10/2000 9:31 PM

Torminius quickened his pace. The message still etched in his mind...

"Come to Qualinesti at once! The lives of your kin depend on it!"

No other distinguishing mark was on the note, other than a simple mark of a mask.

What is happening there? The thought passing through the young man's mind. Deep in thought he didn't watch where he was going until he hit somebody.

"Torminius, what is troubling you?" The cheery voice of his sparring partner, Vandol Silverheart, shaking him from his musings.

"Nothing my friend..." He answered.

"Nothing what? You are in deep thought and agitated. What is it my friend?" Pushed Vandol.

Torminius sighed and faced his friend, " I have to go back to Qualinesti. A message came requiring my presence."

Vandol stroked his short mustache as he looked on his friend, "Uncle has left for a Council of the Knights, he won't be back for days, even weeks. I think you can take leave and visit your relatives. Just be back before the end of two weeks."

Torminius smiled and rushed out to his room to get packed.

But Vandol just stood there, watching the young knight leave. Then, with a quick, sharp gesture, he disappeared upon the wings of a magical wish spell...

08/16/2000 2:38 PM

*Finally looks up to see Quirandia staring at his parent's picture*

"Why do you constantly look at that picture? The only reason I keep it here is so it is away from you. It is not good to look at it so much...Oh...By the way..Torminus is coming back. He has managed to get a week away from that stuffy Solamnic barracks of his"

*Lee notices the wooden symbol of Nuitari poking out of some papers and quickly hides it, the Medallion of Solinari glowing slightly on his chest. He then also notices the glass of wine and picks it up, sipping at it*

"How are your studies going...Well I preume?"
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

08/17/2000 10:57 PM

"Well, yes...Torminius is coming, you say?"

Quinaria glances a last time on the picture, noticing Lee's sharp look on her and moves back to her table again.

Torminius is coming...

"When did you say will he arrive? We need to prepare for that a little bit, I guess. Order a good meal and more wine... We haven't seen him for such a long time, brother. I really miss him."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Don't dream your life, live your dream...

08/18/2000 4:45 AM

*smiles sarcastically* Yes...Our wonderful brother Torminus. The Knight-Mage. He is a traitor to the Art. I should of killed him and taken his power long ago" *Lee realises jsut how much of his ambitions he is letting out and shuts up*

*Lee walks over and begins sifting through a bunch of papers*

Quira? What do you think about the Black Robes??? I have always been curious about their goals. They are so mysterious..."

*Lee doesnt wait for Quira's answer and goes to the window* We should get out of here for a while...Until Torminus comes. I am Kagonesti, by Solinari...I should be outside"

*Lee sighs depressedly*

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

08/18/2000 10:15 AM

(OOC: Llewyn, better not call Quirandia Quira... might lead to confusion later, in case the real Quira and Llewyn appear again... what about Qui, or something like that?)

"Yes, brother you are right... let's enjoy the last rays of the sun... We have spent the whole day in here with our studies..."

Next to each other they walk outside, Lee with his hands crossed behind his back, in deep thoughts, so it seems. Together they move through the complicated system of corridors and rooms both are so familiar with.Nobody speaks until they reach the outside. Qui can her her brother take a deep breath and as she looks at him she sees that he has his eyes closed, breathing as much fresh air as possible into his lungs.Lee truly is most Kagonesti of all three of them. His fine shape and elegant way of moving... his need to be outside all the time... Qui herself shows more of their human heritage, she was a perfect mixture of both sides. And Torminius... he almost look human. None of them knows about the circumstances of their birth... about their human father... Qui shakes her head, trying to get those confusing thoughts out of her mind.

Finally she answers the question of her brother.

"The Black Robes, you say? Well, you know what I think about them... As we have been taught all our lifes long, there can be nothing Good without the Bad... and Neutrality holds it all in balance... Why are you asking me this question, Lee?"
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08/18/2000 4:09 PM

(OOC: Ok..Mert said something about the two of them studying to be white robes. So now Lee is going to become a black robe..Oh..I am confused about Quirandia's sex..is it a he or a she? If I get it wrong during the post then justs pretend)

Dear sister... I ask that you do not tell Torminus this..for he would surely die of shame, but *says with a lot of pride in his voice* I have decided to follow the ways of the Black Robes.

*They continue walking and occasionally pick a few herbs, seeds and other components*

"I think we should head back, Torminus will be here soon"

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

09/02/2000 7:58 AM

I am sick and tired of waiting for our slow brother ...Torminus can stuff himself if he thinks I am going to wait this long for him...

*Lee walks off in the distance*

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

09/02/2000 10:32 AM

"Lee... wait! Wait for me! The black robes you say??? Why in the name of Solinari do wou want to follow the ways of the black robes??? We are supposed to be White Robes!!!"

She runs after her brother, not understanding his sudden outbreak of anger.
But Lee already disappeared in the near little forest, leaving his confused sister back alone.

"Damn... I wish Torminius was here... everything seems to be easier in his presence... he is so good and pure... so devoted to his duties as a knight of Solamnia... maybe he could bring Lee back to reason again..."

Shaking her head she walks back into her study-chamber again...
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06/12/2001 10:49 PM

HMMMMM,the smell of a classic.Can't go wrong with this...And darkness took his soul and made it it's own, forever trapped in the endless nothingness that is the heart of darkness...
-Prophecy of the Mad One

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