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07/13/2000 9:28 PM

*Lady Lidora examined her surroundings with much awe. Her eyes lingered over every corner, every new interesting new thing to examine. Satisfied she walks into the new, unfamiliar place. Suddenly a feeling of home sweeps over her, warming her heart and causing her deep brown eyes to twinkle. She walks over to a cozy fire and makes her self comfortable in a large, plush chair.*

I think I'll stay here for awhile.

05/10/2000 2:28 AM

Quiralanthalasa approaches. After her long walk through the new surroundigs, she is happy to see someone at this fireplace.

"Hello, my name is Quira. I think we haven´t met before, but I`ve heard that some are around here who have survived the big bang...you seem to be one of them..."

She sighs.

"I think we all have to learn to live with that new situation...may I sit down and join you?"

05/10/2000 9:33 AM

*Kistar Dragonstar enters the area, her tri-colored eyes
sparkiling with aprehension.* What happened here? *she asks
no one in particular.* Seeing those by the fire, the tri-mage
makes her way there.*

I am Kistar Dragonstar, the Choosen of the Three Gods of Magic.
May I join you? Also, are we still on Krynn? This place is so
>Strange< *Looks a little lost.* I miss the old places I knew.

05/10/2000 10:11 AM

"I don´t know really, what happened..." she answers the mage.
"Some days ago - well, I had a good conversation with a renegade Irda in the Inn of the Last Home in Solcae then - somehow the world as I knew it seemed to collapse..."

Quira looks around, still a bit confused.

"Then it was as if I was in coma or something and when I came back to consciousness again I was here. I was wandering around a bit, then I came to this fireplace where I met someone who seemed as confused as I am."
She points at the Lady Lidora.

"I dunno if we are still on Krynn...maybe we are, and something like a second cataclysm has occured..."

05/10/2000 3:21 PM

*Lidora smiles at the company which has arrived*

"I too have been very confused about what has happened. For days now I have been lost, wandering about like a puppy without a mother, than one day I found this place. The fire is warm, and the people seem nice *wink*. I think I can make this place into a comfortable home."

05/10/2000 11:11 PM

"I think we sould figure out, WHERE we are now, and if there are more people like us, who have survived this...whatever it has been."

05/12/2000 8:50 PM

A cough surprises the company. A man wearing the black robes of a Renegade falls at Quira's feet.
Blood pools around the battered body of Mertonius...

05/13/2000 3:55 AM

*A tall, well-built Kagonesti walks to the group of people. His deep green eyes sparkle in the light of the fire. His fingernails match the colour of his eyes, sparkling in the dancing lights of the fire*

*Notices the body on the floor*

Good day to you all...What has happened to this...person??? He looks dreadful

*takes out of his satchel a pouch full of herbs and pultices*

I am a healer...I think my talents are needed right now ey.. *smiles , his white teeth showing through his green lipstick covered lips*

05/13/2000 10:51 AM

*Lady Liroa looks up at the wilder elf in wonder. She remembers the stories she has heard of them since a baby, but never had she set her eyes on one before.*

"Your healing talents are needed so it seems. This fellow here seems to have come by some misfortune. Do you use the same healer magic as the famous Kagonosti elf Feril?

05/13/2000 3:03 PM

*looks at the lady for a long time , as if in a trance*

"I am a healer ,yes...Of a force known only to a few. I am not unlike the Son of Kith-Kanan Silveran."

*Stares at he 2 beautiful ladies, and then at the body on the floor*

"How long has he been like this?"

*reaches down to touch his forehead and yanks his burnt hand away in pain*
"He is evil...My healing may not work, But I will try"

*Llewyn's face goes pale* I am deeply sorry ladies. I have not introduced myself. I am Llewyn Darkash." *smiles once again*

05/14/2000 5:46 AM

"It is good to see one of my kind who has survived..."

Quira opens her leathern robe so everybody can identify her as a Kagonesti.

"I know this man" ...she points at the bleeding Mertonius... "- he is the one I had this conversation with, in the Inn of the last Home, before all this happened. We just didn´t notice his presence, since he fell coughing to my feet, only instants ago."

She looks at Llewyn. "I´m a Cleric of Mishakal, look at my medallion. Maybe we should join our healing talents to help Mertonius. He is evil yes, but he showed himself very kind towards me."

Her hand unconsciously reaches up to her head, where she can feel a hairpin stucked into her long, dark hair. She sighs.

"Lets give our best, Llewyn Darkash."

05/14/2000 9:13 AM

*amazed by the sight of 2 Kagonesti elves. Their beauty awes her and their abilities amze her*

"Your healing powers are well needed on this man, let us hope he will be thankful for all you have done. Is there anyway I can assist you?"

This is for all those who I have never loved unconditionally

05/14/2000 2:52 PM

"So you ARE Kagonesti. I thought as much. But I knew you must have had a reason to hide your heritage...Shall we get to it?"

*Pulls off his deerskin shirt, revealing a lightly tanned, strong chest. He paints green and brown war paint on his chest, hands and face. He then offers some to Quira. After she is done he takes her hands in his own. Feeling her soft touch he recoils slightly.*

"Are you ready. This will be hard. My hands are usually my foci...Well then lets begin"

05/14/2000 2:58 PM

*Looks to Lidora*

"OH...Yes thank you. You could bring a small, healthy branch from outside and a bowl of water if you dont mind. Oh ...One last thing...put my shirt under his head *gestures to the shirt that is discarded on the floor*

"Thank you"

05/14/2000 4:42 PM

*Lidora hurries to do what the Kagonesti asked. She watches them in amazement as they slowly work their magic on the mysterous man.*

This is for all those who I have never loved unconditionally

05/14/2000 8:07 PM

Coughing up blood, Mertonius struggles to fend them off.

"Leave me be... It was me.... In my madness for.... Vengeance.... that ruined.... this world...."

He begins to tell his tale of vengeance against the Dark Queen (As noted by Astinus, who still lives, as The Search for the Old Gods) wherein, with the powerful warrior Azazel and the mysterious Nightbreeze, travelled to a distant world and fought the Dark Queen. As he wreched the Queen's crown (containing the soul of his beloved wife) from her head an influx of dark magic from Nuitari overloaded Mertonius's dark power disrupting the great rift he created for the escape of his companions. The energy flowed into the rift and entered Krynn, altering it's structure for a time. This , as Mertonius said, the cause of the second cataclysm...

"Let me rest..." His eyes focused at Quira.
"I was succesful Quira. My wife's soul is free. But Mishakal said it is not time for her yet. I am weakening. But I must do this for her and Mishakal..."

Bounding to his feet though he was severely wounded, Mertonius took a leap at Quira. Taking a diamond gemstone the size of his fist the presses it on Quira's forehead before anyone can stop him.

Pressing tightly, he began to transfer all the memories of Valeria Celebrindal, the greatest Elven Cleric of Mishakal since the Age of Dreams to the Kagonesti.

Mertonius then collapses, his energy spent.

Lidora checks his pulse and finds none.

As they all gaze at the body who was once known as Mertonius, a figure in black robes slowly materialized. A feeling of great reverence and power seems to permeate from the figure. The figure's gaunt and haunted look took them all.A smile slowly formed on his plae lips as he took the body in his arms.

"My son, you have made me proud. For this, I would not let your grandmother take you from me."
At this, Nuitari, the Dark God of Magic, took his son, Mertonius of the Irda, into his arms and faded from sight...

05/14/2000 11:53 PM

In all that sudden chaos, nobody has noticed Quiralanthalasa faint. The memories that Mertonius had transferred into her brain were of a strong and powerful nature, for they were the memories of a great Cleric of Mishakal, and all her knowledge suddenly spread out in Quiras head.
But not only the knowledge - she suddenly felt Valerias pain and sadness about her lost love to Mertonius with a strength that nearly was not bearable.

She manages to whisper "Llewyn, help...", but she isn´t sure if anybody hears her.

And then the strange feeling of being two persons in one, the mixture of her memories and Valerias, finally made her losing her consciousness.

05/15/2000 1:02 AM

*gasps when he sees Quira fall to ground , and barely manages to catch her*

"Milady Quira...Wake up.."

*cradles her head in his crossed legs, stroking her cheek gently*

*pouring all his strange energies through his hands, and into her head he whispers softly*
"I think you should wake up now "

"I will find that ...that thing and destroy it...How dare it forcefully implant it's wife's memories into this young one. She does not deserve the burden of those memories."

*strokes Quira's head , whispering quietly in her ear*

05/15/2000 2:02 AM

The first thing she notices when she slowly comes back from the abyss of her soul, is a terrible headache, and the strong feeling of the presence of her Goddess. Wondering what happened she opens her eyes.
The first thing she sees are Llewyns eyes, filled with worry.
She tries to sit up, fails and allows Llewyn to lift her up.

"What happened...? I feel so strange... I remember things...things I´ve never done and never learned...things about my Goddess...good things...bad memories..."

She slowly shakes her head and looks around.
"Now everything comes back to my mind again! I remember Mertonius pressing something on my forehead - then those strange memories came to my mind...and this powerful knowledge...oh, Llewyn, this is wonderful! I feel so blessed! It is as if Valerias power is mine now!"

05/15/2000 5:50 AM

*places his hands lightly on Quira's shoulders*

"Quiralanthalasa...Listen to me. There are always two sides to everything...With the good comes bad...with order comes chaos, with love comes hate. Remember that."

*takes his hand off her shoulder's and places them by his side*

"One other thing...Someone elses memory will not bring you closer to your goddess...YOU must do that yourself"

*smiles at Quira, his eyes looking deep into her own*

You are beautiful milady...You are a fine example of a Kagonesti...

*Face pales slightly, his brow creased with worry*
"Forgive me...I did not mean to speak so hastily...."

05/15/2000 9:26 AM

"Thank you very much for the compliment..."

She blushes and hastily closes her robe again. Then she looks at him.

"But, Llewyn, what shall I do now? I can´t do anything against those memories...I have to live with them..."

05/15/2000 2:41 PM

*looks at the worried elf, fearful that she may not be able to handle these memories*

"Quira...You may not be able to handle these memories. They may overload you...They may not."

*looks down at the ground, a look of intense concentration on his face*

"You will be living with these memories ...yes. But do not let them fool you into feeling anything for people in her memories..."

"Perhaps you would like a drink??? Lidora???"

05/15/2000 4:27 PM

*Lidora has been quietly watching the scene unfurl before her eyes.*

"What? Drink, oh of course."

*Lidora scurries to the kitchen of the new place and brings back some hot tea for the confused Kagonesti. As Quira drinks the hot tea Lidora sits down, lost in all the excitement.*

"Never in my life have I ever seen something like this...."

This is for all those who I have never loved unconditionally

05/15/2000 8:33 PM

A figure formed near the doorway. Roughly 5'10 in height and dark skinned his presence nonetheless brought forth a feeling of peace.

Looking around, the young man (or so he seems, barely 19 or so)notices the commotion.

"What has happened here?"

What surprised everyone in the room is the outlandish clothes the man was wearing. Black pants with a white cover vest with large buttons make up his rainment. Silver spectacles were perched upon the bridge of his pointed nose.

"Hmmmm...." Rubbing his chin as in contemplating.

"Mertonius is dead. But his legacy is not."

Startled from his musing, he apologized for not making any introduction.

"Oh, forgive me."

Bowing elegantly at everyone.

"I am Marcus Mertonius IV, I am from Krynn, roughly 1560 years from now."

Everyone gapes at the mysterious traveller from the future.

05/15/2000 11:10 PM

*looks at Lidora with a grin on his face*

"I was actually asking whether you would like a drink. But thank you."

*begins to both Quira and Lidora when the strange man enters*

"Good day sir. You say you are from the future...I am amazed...And you are the 'man' descendant you say."

*Hovers protectivelly over Quira, scared that this man may do something to her as well as his ancestor*

"Touch my friend and die..."

05/16/2000 1:11 AM

Quira softly touches Llewyns arm and gently pushes him away from her.

"Llewyn, I think this man has his reason for travelling from the future and I think we should let him explain himself."

She looks at the young man, startled.

"Although it is hard for me to believe in what he said. It needs a mage like the mighty Raistlin to travel through the river of time..."

She shivers as she feels an arbor of power floating from the man and unconsciously she searches the closeness of Llewyn again.
As he notices this, he smiles hasty.

05/16/2000 1:37 AM

*Feels slightly hurt when he is pushed away*

"I am sorry. I thought he had some evil intentions...I will not make this mistake again"

*notices Quira shiver and involuntarily steps a little closer*

"Sir...What business do you have here..in this humble place?"

*glances at Quira*
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05/16/2000 9:36 PM

Marcus takes a seat and relaxes. Pulling something from his vest pocket he presents it to them.

"This is a holoprojector made by the mages left in my time. This would explain what you need to know..."

Pressing a button on the device a figure of an ancient elf forms before them. To the astonishment of those present the figure looks very much like Llewyn, though he appears to be older and weaker. The old Llewyn's face seemed to be marked by sadness but also of that of triumph.

"Greetings to you all. I have to make this message as concise as possible for the danger is great for us who has survived to dragons attack."

The figure gives forth a great sigh and continues.

"Two hundred years from the point that you receive this message a great war would erupt between the great dragonkind and the mortals of Krynn. In this war all the races of Krynn would suffer and their would be much death and pestilence in the lands of Krynn. The dragons would have taken over the world if not for the valiant efforts of three Mages that received the power of the three Ancient Gods of Magic. These three fought the dragons and sealed them back much as the three ancient gods did to them after the first dragon wars."

The Older Llewyn seems to stagger. Another figure comes to his side to help him. The figure was that of Marcus.

"You don't have to worry about me great grandson..."

He turns to the projector again.

"To you, my younger self, I have this message as it came to me the same way as it to you. You must protect Quira at all cost. Mertonius did not only give her the memories of his wife Valeria..."

At this, the younger Llewyn's eyes widened in surprise.

"Yes, she now bears the three children that would be the salvation of all the good people of Krynn..."

A smile forms on the old Llewyn's face.

"I remmember that expression as well when I received the message. No matter, you must protect Quira at all cost. To this, Marcus would explain the reason for his being there at your time."

05/16/2000 10:04 PM

*Tries to take in all the information, suprised at seeing himself in the future*

"I...This is amazing...."

*eyes flutter as though he is going to faint. He grabs onto a chair and keeps himself up*

"This information is...astounding. We must prepare for this eventuality"

*remembering what he said about Quira he jumps to her side*

"Milady. I vow to protect you from any harm...I will gladly sacrifice myself to save your life..."

*takes out a knife and slashes his palm, putting the in a vial*

"My will protect you, as it protects and nutures the earth and the mother "

*pours the onto a patch of soft earth*

"MErtonius...tell me more...please.."

~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/16/2000 11:58 PM

Quira stills stares to where only seconds ago the older ego of Llewyn spoke to them through this strange machine.

She has noticed Llewyns vow to protect her, but she hasn´t really understand it.
Her hands are lying on her belly and she is trying hard to understand what happened. Could that be true? Could Mertonius have implanted three children into her only by pressing this stone on her forehead? And of what kind shall those three be - offspring of an elf and a Renegade Irda?

She suddenly feels Lidoras hand on her arm, somehow helping her to find back to reality again. She shakes her head.

"Marcus, excuse me, but I cannot believe this. I do believe that you must be very powerful, for you are able to show us an illusion of Llewyn in 200 years, but what he said cannot be true. After the War of the Lance, I don´t believe that the dragonkind would ever turn against us. For what reason???
And as we all know - children are not to be implanted by stones on a forehead. By the way - I vowed to my Goddess never to bear children, to live my life in a total devotion to her."

She then turns over to Llewyn, gently putting his hurt palm into her hands, speaking a prayer to Mishakal. The wound closes nearly immediately.
She smiles warmly to him.
"Llewyn, I thank you so much for this, but I don´t see the need in it..."

05/17/2000 12:52 AM

*looks at Quira fearfully, As though she is dying before his eyes*

"but..But what if he is right ...Then what?"

*slumps to the ground, his face in his arms. His hair covering his arms and down past his shoulders*

"Oh Great One...Give me a sign ...anything...that shows he is speaking the Truth"

*looks up, His eyes now totally green*

*in a strange, womanly voice*
"Listen to this man...There is some merit in what he says

*slumps back to the ground and when he stands up, everything is as it was*

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05/17/2000 1:04 AM

"Llewyn - is everything alright with you?"
*steps forward to help him up

"I think the Gods will show us the truth soon. The truth will show itself within some months - then you can see that this all was just illusion."

*smiles reliantly and then gives Marcus, who is still sitting in his chair and watching the scene with a strange expression in his eyes, a challenging look

05/17/2000 1:18 AM

"Quiralanthalasa...I am fine..."

*look changes to one of peacefulness*

"My Goddess will guide me through this...May I stay by your side until we know whethere what He has done to you is true?"

*sits down and begins plaiting his long, brown hair, tying the plaits up with slivers of reeds*

"This takes so long to do...Sometimes it isn't worth it...Could you possibly help me Quiralanthalasa?"

*smiles at Quira , his green painted lips sparkling in the Sun*

~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/17/2000 2:47 AM

"It would feel so good to have someone at my side after all this travelling on my own...especially when it is one of my kind and after all what happened right now..."

*again glances at Marcus in distrust*

"I haven´t enjoyed the presence of a Kagonesti all too often...*sighs*...and sure, I will help you."

*carefully takes strands of Llewyns beautiful hair into her hands an begins to plait them quickly and very neatly*

Quira feels quite uncomfortable in the strange presence of Marcus. He reminds her very strong of Mertonius and with all the memories of Valeria in her mind she feels a strong grief for Mertonius death. Marcus´ similarity to him makes this even worse.
Knowing that those feelings are not her own ones, she tries to concentrate on the hair of the wonderful elf in front of her. She realizes that she really likes Llewyn and that she feels very happy with his offer to stay at her side for her protection.

05/17/2000 3:11 PM

*smiles at Quira gratefully*

"Thank you Quira...You do not mind if I call you that? You are very good with hair..."

*stands up when you notice a strange symbol hanging from his neck. It gives off a little glow and is warm to the touch*


"So...What do we do now?"

~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/17/2000 4:10 PM

*Lidora looks up at the group with a look of amazement in her eyes.*

"This is all so overwhelming for all of us. You two must have some long journey ahead of you. I know you don't know me all that well, us having just met, and you are highly capable of taking care of yourselves, but I would like to join you on this quest, whatever it may be. I am skilled in swords and can help fight anything that may come across the path. Also, if it is true about Quira being pregnant with the children, you will need someone there to deliver the babies. I would be grateful if I could come along on this journey.

*Lidora looks at Llewyn with such grief in her eyes that one can only imagine the great sorrow that has filled her life. She shifts her eyes to Quira and a wave of compassion engulfs her entire soul. Quickly she turns her eyes to the floor in anticipation of their response.

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05/17/2000 10:17 PM

Noting the distrust it seems to pain Marcus very much.

"I know that my story seems to be highly improbable but please understand. By the madness of your, ahem, husband Mertonius, he, ah, well, allowed a temporal rift that made it possible for the dragons, not all of them of course, to realize their dream of godhood."

Troubled by what he said he seems to shake of a terrible memory.

"Your children, lady Quira, were the product of the powers of the three Gods of Magic and thus are destined to become their avatars in the war against the dragons. Torminius, eldest would serve Paladin and Mishakal well as a knight and as a mage of Solinari. Quirandia, the one closest to your heart, would take up the Medalion you wear upon your throat and become a priestess and Mage of Lunitari."

A sadness creeps into his voice.

"And Llylgamyn, gentle, loving and near to you both, would take the Nuitari, his grandfather, as his guide in the necessity that would come."

He shakes his head as if he has revealed too much already.

"You need not worry milady. Mishakal has understood what has to be made, a small sacrifice in your part to save the future."

He stands up and walks over to Llelwyn and hands him a pair of golden rings.

"You need not worry great grandfather. I will stay to protect great grandmother as well..."

He then gives his Llelwyn the same smile that he knows so well.

"The three wouldn't be her only children you know..."

05/18/2000 12:34 AM

"Great grandmother? Great grandfather? But I´m only 90 years old!"

*steps forward to Marcus, takes his arms to turn him towards her and looks him straight in the eyes*

"But why me? Why did Mertonius choose ME? There are so many other women - elfs and humans, the world is full of them! Why me?"

Marcus looks at her with an undefineable look in his eyes. For Llewyn and Lidora it seems that both, Marcus and Quira are having something like a silent conversation.
Then it seems as if all of Quira´s energy leaves her all at once. Her shoulders hang loose, her head falls to her chest and she sinks down to her knees.
In Marcus eyes she has seen that every single word of him was truth. She can feel the presence of her Goddess now very strongly and as she is kneeling there, holding her now glooming medallion, her face brightens again and something like a holy glance lies on her face now.
She lets Marcus help her up and bring her to the next seat.
Then she smiles a warm smile.

"Lidora, we welcome you in our group, you will be a great companion. Llewyn, it will be hard for all of us. Mighty forces will try to kill the unborn life inside me, you´ll need all of your strength and Marcus experience to save it."

*smiles friendly to Marcus*

"I apologize for distrusting you. My Goddess has spoken to me and now I know that you don´t have evil intentions and that you only spoke truth."

05/18/2000 12:51 AM

*looks at each person in this room, amazed thwat he could be a part of this*

"My life...I now realise that this is what She put me here for... *looks at his strange medallion, now glowing green*

"Why did I ever doubt you my goddess??? Do you have any ideas what will come Marcus???"

*eyes widen as he suddenly remembers something*
"Marcus...What did you mean by that last statment you made...Those will not be her only children??? How strange *he murmurs to himself*

*swings around to Quira, his plaits waving around his head*

"If we are destined to spen some time together I think we should get to know eachother a little better..At the moment...I know only your first name?" *smiles*

~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/18/2000 1:21 AM

"Yes, you are right. Maybe we all should introduce ourselves to the others. So, I will begin, but I want to hear your stories too."

*smiles to each one of the new-built group*

"So, you know my first name and I don´t want to tell you more. My whole name is a shame for all elves of all kinds, at least that´s what I´ve been taught.
My parents left our woods to travel through Krynn, when they were young. My father had the tolerant idea that all races could live in peace together and he also dreamed of all elves living together.
One day my parents reached the land of the Silvanesti...*sighs*...they imprisoned my parents as agitators against peace immediately. I´ve been born these days. I dunno when and why but someday they let my parents out again, but my father decided to stay. Whyever. I think he has gone crazy during the time in prison. Our live became a big mess then. A Kagonesti family among Silvanesti...we lived as beggars...mocked or ignored. One day my father died under mysterious circumstances. Only months later my mother died of a broken heart...

Then a Silvanesti white robed mage found me in the streets. He was a loner and lived on the edge of Silvanesti since a time nobody can remember. I think he also survived the cataclysm, but he never spoke about that.
Somehow he felt compassion with the little dirty girl, so he took me with him. He tried to hide my Kagonesti roots as good as possible from the others - what he didn´t managed very well *grins* - and raised me as if I was his very own daughter. He protected me from the Silvanesti elves and when we were alone - what we were most of the time - he even let me live as my Kagonesti nature forced me to. He was also the one who encouraged my interest for herbs. But I never really lost the feeling of being ashamed for my heritage...
When he finally died of his high age, I left my "home" and since then I am travelling around. Years ago I met Goldmoon on her mission to spread the knowledge about the true Gods among the people and I followed her for a time. She opened my mind for the mighty Mishakal and since then I´m serving her with every part of my body and soul."

*her hand reaches up to her still glooming medallion and then she smiles again*

"I slowly learned to be proud of my heritage, but I never dared to travel to the Kagonesti land..."

*smiles at the other Kagonesti as if she sees him the first time*

"Now you all know my story. It´s your turn now!"

05/18/2000 2:59 PM

*smiles painfully, taking a deep breath*

"I do not know where I was born, Or who to. I spent the first years of my life living around one tree, *smiling* which I can still pick out from any other tree on Krynn. I remember gathering herbs and berries, fruit and occasionally a rabbit or two. I was at peace.
One stormy day, 2 Qualinesti Elves took shelter under the large boughs of my tree. I didn't try to hide because I didn't know the meaning of fear, or being scared."

*eyes lose a touch of their sparkle, his face some of its brightness*

"I greeted them, strange evil grins on their faces, and invited them for a cup of my herbal tea. They accepted , and half-way through our conversation I was captured by them. I was sold as a slave to some wealthy Silvanesti noble, and for 7 years lived as his slaves. But during that time I discovered Her. She was like a guiding like in the darkness...When I was finally set free I went back to my tree and set off on a journey...to where I wouldn't know...Except that it had something to do with Her...And that is where I got this *holds up his medallion, Not one of any known god* And I have wandered like that till my 86th birthday day, which was only a few weeks ago..."

*opens up a small pack laying beside him*

"First of all...I would like to give to you some gifts that I have found and been given during my journeys"

*Takes out a flute from his pack and gives it to Lidora*

"This flute has long been useful to me. Through it's tune it can calm your enemies, or game you are hunting, on incite something to attack erratically..."

*takes out a medallion from the pack*
"Marcus...this medallion will heal your wounds, large or small...but there is a cost...each ttime you do it will lose some of it's power..until it is destroyed"

*smiles at Quira, a tear in his eye*
"This object has never been touched by hands other than mine. It is something I have treasured for my years...and now I wish it to be yours"

*takes a brown, deer-hide belt from his pack and hands it to Quira*

"This made was crafted by me...Just after my discovery of Her. It will protect the wearer at close range by changing into a snake...It's poison is deadly but I guarantee it will not harm you"

*sighs and moves his jaw, his mouth aching from talking so much*

"I apologise for my lengthy story...Now it is someone else's turn"

*smile at each of them, stopping at Quira*~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/18/2000 5:39 PM

*Lidora looks up into the eyes of her new friends*

"It seems we all have our fair share of sadness in our pasts. I never knew who my parents were until a drunken innkeeper revealed me the story. I was told him that my mother was a frail women who worked as a farmer, and my father a ranger who never could stay in one place for to long. The story goes that my father took pity on my mother when he was passing through the small town and seduced her into making love with him. The day after they spent the night together my father was ordered by the leader of the group he traveled with to scout ahead of the town for any vagabonds that may be along the road they traveled. Sure enough my father ran into a group of thieves. He was not expecting so many men, they overpowered him and brutally murdered him taking all his possesions. My mother was so grief stricken that he left her (she did not know of his death at that time) that she decided to go search for him. She journeyed in the opposite direction he had gone and ended up giving birth to me on the side of the road. She did not survive. I was left in a ditch to die until a traveling knight found me. He took me to the nearest inn and payed the innkeeper to take care of me. The knight had taken from the body of my mother a ring. It is all I have to know her by. It is rumored by the innkeeper to hold some arcane magic, but I never found out if this was true. The Knight also took her sword she had carried and left it with the innkeeper and made him vow to give it to me when I was the right age. I never knew of my story until I was 14 years old when the innkeeper gave me the sword. Up until than I had worked as a barmaid in the inn. When I learned of my past I left the inn. I never did like the innkeeper. He had alternate ways for me to pay the rent since I had no money. I trained myself in swordsmanship and worked as a mercanarie for awhile, but I never was hired often since people did not want me just for fighting, also they had no faith in a woman fighter. I have wandered for months until I came here. I am now 22 and ready to go on any journey you set before me."

*Lidora twists the ring around her finger, it is a habit she has picked up along the years for when she is nervouse or sad. The warmth of the ring always seemed to spread to her heart.*

"Well that is my story. Thank you for taking the time to let me share it."
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05/18/2000 9:27 PM

Marcus shakes his head as if to state something.

"I may not discuss anything in my life for it may alter me as time it self flows"

He looks around again.

"But maybe not, I was born on the day when my grandfather, Llylgamyn, ascended demigodhood. He passed to me the knowledge of chronomancy as a gift. I displayed these gifts quite early on and was made a mage well before I reached 17. Life during the times when we were hunted down by the dragon armies at my time was hard and it took its toll on my family. I lost my two elder brothers and my younger sister. I will never forget what they did to my sister..."

He turns away as a single tear trickles down his cheek.

"I vowed that I would do anything to stop the madness of the dragon armies of my time. My grandfather then revealed the intentions of the dragon gods of Krynn to send an agent to stop the birthing of my grandparent and his kin. This prompted my greatgrandfather (points to Llelwyn) to seek out the means to go back in time also. Reading about an ancient text taken from the fallen tower of Wayreth I managed to cast the timetravel spell and arrive here."

A sad look came to his face again.

"I must return to my time again to report on my journey. But know well that I can return anytime to aid you.My powers can cross time and space to protect any one of you. I am a chronomancer, the only one on Krynn. At this I bid you all farewell!"

Taking out a strange amulet from his pocket he began twisting it in a peculiar manner. It stretched and folded until it became the shape of a scepter. Activating the artifact, he disappears from their view...

(OOC: Please read my Farewell message my Friends. I ask this of you for this may well be my last...)

05/19/2000 12:12 AM

*Somehow paralysed, Quira watches where Marcus just left the scenery. She feels very lost now. Slowy she turns around to Llewyn and Lidora.*

"It seems that we have to manage all what will come on our own now. *sighs* I wish Marcus a good journey - may he arrive save wherever his destination may be."

*Turns towards Llewyn*

"Llewyn, I will keep your present close to my heart. Your fate touches me - I can see some similarities to mine... And Lidora...hearing your sad story makes me very proud of being your companion. You seem very strong and experienced and you haven´t lost the goodness of your soul..."

"Has anybody a good idea what to do now? I wish Marcus had told us where to go to be save from the one who wants to kill us - me and my children. For Marcus has found us quite easily I think our enemy could manage that too. Maybe we should not stay at one place for too long?"

05/19/2000 5:45 AM

*sits down cross legged, his amulet in his lap. Looking up, he concentrates for what seems like hours*

"I agree Quira. But one day we will need to settle SOMEwhere. I think perhaps the forests will be a good idea...but there is a certain amount of bias in my choice..."

*turns to Quira, putting his hand affectionately over hers*

"Everything is going to be fine. No harm will come to you, or those in your care *looks at her flat belly* I promise...."

*turns to Lidora, his hand still on Quira's*

"I must thank you so much for helping us. Your warrior skills will undoubtedly be invaulable"

*smiles warmly*
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05/21/2000 6:23 PM

"I feel so lost, how can so much have happened in a matter of minutes. I feel that a plan must be thought about soon. Maybe we should seek advice from someone else. I don't know much about magic, but I do know that this event should not be kept secret. Perhaps we should travel to the Tower of High sorcerey in Wayreth and seek advice from the conclave. I know this idea may seem proposturous, but please think about it."

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05/22/2000 12:10 AM

"The tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth, yes...that sounds good to me, somehow. Maybe we will find a mage there who will accompany us then? Two healers and a warrior will not be capable of defeating the evil one. I dunno wether you, Llewyn, have some fighting experience or not, but I have never used a sword. I only have my dagger and my bow and arrows, which may be quite useful some day."

She smiles as she sees the others staring at her in wonder, for a cleric carrying bow and arrow.

"All elves can handle those, and for my experience with other elves were not the best my whole life, I decided to be prepared...

But I wouldn´t be able to fight with you for all too long, I think...

Lidora, if you are still willing to join us, you have to give up your new found home for an uncertain span of time..."

Then a thought comes to her mind.

"But...if the stories are true I heard about the forest of Wayreth - how will we find it then, if this forest doesn´t want to be found?"

05/22/2000 11:19 PM

(OOC: My hands stil feel a bit numbed but I'll try typing with my left hand for now... And thanks for the encouragement. My hypokalemia was not that worst and I can still use my hands except my legs. Cant type with my feet ya know)

A great crash went up as a creature shattered the great doors. A beast unlike any other they have seen crossed the threshold. It was somewhat metallic silver though it acted as if it was a living thing. It silently assumed a form of a draconian Bozak warrior mage and launched a blinding bolt of energy at Quira. Knowing that there is little time left to shove Quira, Llewyn took the blast himself. It seemed that the blast was not that effective for it only knocked the air from the elf. The creature then turned to Quira and approached her like a juggernaut poised to crushed its victims. It raised a hand that transformed into a silvery blade. It flashed a brilliant but deathly sheen as it fell for the killing blow...

The blade slices thin air as a blink spell sends Quira partially out of this realm. Another figure forms at the doorway.

Battered, with savage wounds marking a deadly contest of sorcery and swords, the figure staggers forward with a bloody hand.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you..."

Marcus the Wanderer has returned

05/22/2000 11:21 PM

*looks at the two ladies*

"I am no healer. I worship a that few know about..."

*smiles at Quira*

"And yes...I do know how to wield a sword...I will tell you more later..Ijust need to trust you both...completely...In time...soon I hope"

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05/23/2000 1:57 AM

(no rpg-message: Mertonius, how good to see you back again! Thank God that you weren´t forced to stay away for too long...And for our RPG here: it was as if we are in a lack of good ideas without you - you are the one who gives us the plot, we are just acting out your ideas...)

As Quira sees Marcus approach, she cries out in amazement. Seeing his severe wounds and all the blood, she wants to reach him, but his spell still holds her between this realm and something she doesn´t really want to know. She looks down at her hands, seeing the floor through them.

The monster was still there, preparing to attack Marcus now - an attack he wouldn´t survive with all his wounds. She quickly takes the medallion in her hand and speaks a pleading prayer to Mishakal, that the Mighty One may heal him before the monster reaches him.
Her medallion starts to gloom in a bright light and the monster turns his attention towards her again. Simultaneously Marcus wounds are closing and his strength suddenly comes back into his body again.

05/23/2000 9:57 PM

*awakes from his stupor, not knowing what has just happened*


*looks at the creature advancing on Marcus*

"How did he get here...What just happened???"

*wonders what he just said or did*

"Here....let me help.."

*hums loudly, a green cloud forming around him, he unleashes it at the creature, and the cloud immediately
dissipates, but notbefore harming the creature*

"Ugghh...It has been a long time since I did that"
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05/24/2000 10:29 PM

The creature seems confused now - two sides are disturbing his attack at Marcus? It cries out in anger, then turns it´s attention towards Marcus again. But instead of the bleeding, weak man it sees him standing there, his wounds closed, his sword in his hands, awaiting the attack in concentration.

The creature tenses his muscles, prepares to jump and when it reaches Marcus Llewyn, Lidora and Quira are crying out in horror at the same time.

But somehow the creature didn´t hit Marcus, it has jumped through the door and left the scenery quickly.

Marcus immediately closes the door and says something like "...not for long..." and "...return soon..."

"What was that, Marcus???" Quira, still hold between two realms, tries to walk to him. "This must have been a creature directly from hell! And if you ask me - we should leave this place as soon as possible! Our enemy has finally found us, just like Marcus did before! It is too dangerous to stay here all too long!"

05/25/2000 2:44 AM

Marcus watches them closely but with a different glint in his eyes. He seems to somewhat exude a far more mysterious ((you guys only feel this alien feeling but ignore it for now. It would spoil the surprise if you make any assumption)) aura which the others could not understand.

"Quira is right. We have to leave as soon as possible..." He said, in a very strange detach tone.

"I cannot assure our survival if we stay here much longer. It is imperative that we find the means of arriving to Wayreth though it is possible that since the Great Upheaval it must have been destroyed."

He turns to them, his eyes glinting with a mechanical coldness.

Leading them outside, he stops and turns to them.

"If you think that I may be leading you into an ambush or something, I won't mind."

He turns to them again. Quira and Llelwyn and Lidora (since they are nearer to the natural order o things) felt their skin crawl as he pulled a dagger and plunged it into his left eye.

Quira turned away and Lidora shuddered as he pulled the eye away from its socket. Carefully, Marcus pulled off his eye revealing a glinting red light beneath it. A light definitely not from something living and of flesh and blood.

Something more mechanical than alive...

05/25/2000 3:06 AM

"Marcus, what the hell...?"

She steps close to Llewyn, shocked about the eye-thing and takes his arm. Somehow the good and friendly aura of Marcus is gone, but she has no explanation for it. Before he had left them, Quira felt good in his company, but now...?
Her one hand wanders to her belly, her other hand still holds Llewyns arm.

"Llewyn, I feel strange in his company!" she whispers in his ear, so silent that nobody else than he can hear it. "Shall we trust him? What do you think?"

05/27/2000 3:56 PM

*cannot take his eyes off the gruesome thing before him*

"I..I am not sure. If he was an enemy then he wouldn't have told us everything he has...on the other hand, he may be doing that to gain our trust."

*looks past the abomination, at the line of trees in the distance. His eyes turn green, then blue, then back to his normal colour. A low-pitched hum escapes from his mouth, followed by what seems like 3 whistles*

"My goddess is sending us some steeds. We will be free of this place by tomorrow morning"

*seeing a quizzical look on Quira's face he grins slightly*
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05/27/2000 9:15 PM

Looking them straight in the his one normal looking eye he nods.

"It is good that you are ready to face what dangers lay before you. It is right for me to explain what has happened to me."

Marcus sits on a large rock and started explaining what has happened to him.

"Upon my arrival to my proper time I was immediately set upon by an extermination squad. I managed to kill most of them off but was badly wounded. Knowing that they have already captured the hidden base from which I activated the time travel device I was forced to use the self destruct mechanism built into the facility. I created a defensive shield for me but I was gravely weakened by the fight that when the explosion occured it managed to pass my shield and nearly killed me. The enter facility went up in an explosion sending me along with it. Some of my great grandfather's men found me near death and most of my body parts burnt beyong recognition. Without any clerics they were forced to use an experimental method of magically grafting mechanical and magical arifacts on a person. The procedure worked. Worked to well in fact that they managed to preserved part of me as a living machine. Not a golem, for a golem has no mind of its own , but a living, breathing organism sustained by magic and science."

He puts his head in his hands as if to banish a horrible memory.

"I often wonder if I have given up my humanity just to find nothing to come fruit of it."

He looks again to his companions with his other mechanical eye.

"Yes, I have changed. For the better or for the worse, my vow to protect my bloodline still binds me. You need not fear me for what I have become..."

05/27/2000 10:06 PM

*turns away from Marcus sharply, his plaits flailing around his head and walks in the opposite direction to the others*

"What am I supposed to do Great Mother??? I despair...Who am I to believe, trust....love?? How did all this happen to me?"

*a tear forms in his eye*

"You must help me through this ..you must"

*leaps about 6m onto a branch of a tree and sits there, weeping quietly*

~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/28/2000 1:36 PM

(( Sorry guys I have been gone for a week, but I am back now and the story is going good))

*Lidora is still in shock from the knowledge of what Marcus truly is. Never surrounded by magic as a girl she is very confused by all that has happened*

"Llewyn I am not sure who to trust, but I do feel I can trust you. This is hard for all of us, but we need your strength. Quira and I both need you right now, we must take action somehow, Quira and I are lost without you."

*Lidora raises her eyes to Llewlyn in the tree. Her crystal blue eyes plead for his strength so that it may help her keep her own.*

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05/28/2000 3:36 PM

*bows his head, afraid that his new-found friends may see his tears*

*in hushed tones*
"Can I tell them my secret...do I dare???"

*takes the long, soft leaves from the trees and wipes his eyes with them, leaving faint green stains under his eyes. Llewyn jumps from the tree to land before the three friends*

"..........I have decided that since we well be together for a long time that you must know something about me. *all of them promise but he stares directly at Marcus*

"Ok...Bear in mind I have told no one in my entire life...I do not worship any of the 21 gods that you know. I worship the Mother of these gods...How can I put this...She has no name, but is known as Order. Just as Quira has devoted her life to Mishakal, I have devoted mine to the Great Mother."

*takes a great sigh and continues*

"It may not seem like much of a secret, but very few even know of Her and her consort's existence. I beg of you...tell no one about this. "

*looks into Quira's eyes and notices that his lipstick is smudged and there are blotches of green under his eyes*

"Ughh..I didnt know I looked such a mess. I apologise"

*quickly turns around and reapplies his paints*

*smiles at the trio before him*

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05/29/2000 12:24 AM

"The Great Mother? I have never heard of a God called like that. But maybe even the Gods must have a mother..."

She smiles warmly and walks over to Llewyn.

"Don´t worry, your secret is kept well among us. Isn´t it?" She asks with a glimpse to Lidora and Marcus.

"And as for Marcus..." she looks at him thoughtfully, trying to understand his personality with her heart and her soul, but she comes to no real conclusion.

"I think we have no other choice than to trust him. Who else knows about the dangers that lay before us? Who else knows our enemy? Who else knows what to do or where to go? And after all the bloodline binds him...but I still have difficulties in accepting and understanding all he said."

Feeling observed by this weird mechanical eye, she walks close to Lidora and looks at Llewyn, who is still trying to wipe away the green streams under his eyes. Somehow this image touches her. Elves don´t hide their feelings as humans do, and Llewyn seems to be a very sensitive person, even for an elf. She likes him very much, she realizes. But before anybody could see something in her eyes, she lowers them.

"Lidora, you are right. We need Llewyns strength to get through this. I trusted him from the first moment I saw him and I felt the same about you too, Lidora. And in case of doubt - we three could make a good team."

She looks at Marcus again. "Even against him.", she adds silently.

"But we shall not lose more time in standing here and figuring out whom to trust or not. We shall leave now and search the forest of Wayreth before this ugly creature returns!"

05/29/2000 1:14 AM

*smiles at the three of them*

"let me explain what I know about my Goddess...In the beginning there was nothing. Out of that nothing came Order and Chaos. From them came the gods, who created this earth. That is all I know..I am still young *grins* and have a lot to learn"

*looks in the distance, in the direction of Wayreth*

"So...Is everyone ready to go. I know I am. This place feels so tainted."

*smiles at Quira and Lidora and then turns to Marcus*
" Marcus...I don't know exactly what you are but I am willing to put my trust in you"

*lightly pushes Marcus to his knees and takes out a paste, drawing a sigil upon his forehead*

"As a sign of trust I place upon you my favor, also the favour of my goddess, the Great Mother. My you grow in her protection"

*smiles at Marcus, hopeful that his benediction was not foolish*

"I think we should go in *thinks* that direction...but first ...I think we should get out of here, find a nice grove and sleep"
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05/29/2000 1:47 AM

Quira nods.

"Good idea, Llewyn. The events of the last hours have made me very tired."

Even Marcus looks jaded and so the four of them leave the place in the search for a save grove.

The four of them walk together, the mood is peaceful, but very quiet. Marcus walks in front of all, he is very taciturnly and seems to avoid the company of the others. Lidora walks behind Marcus, her hand on her sword, ready to fight if necessary. But at the moment they seem to be save.
The two Kagonesti often leave the path to search for a good place in the familiar surroundings of the woods.
After about an hour Lidora, Marcus and Llewyn can hear Quira´s voice out of the forest sending for them.

She has found a little cave, hid between large trees and tangly bushes. Now, as the others have followed her and have entered the very narrow cave, they try their best to close the entry with wood and leaves and whatever they can find.

"I hope this place will do for the night."

05/29/2000 5:48 AM

Marcus stared with his mechanical eye at a mass of foliage. It momentarily flashed and the a beam lashed out. A deer fell as it was hit some 10 yards from the place.

Walking over he carried the beast back to the campsite.

"This will solve what provisions we need. I will gather some herbs and fruits. Though I am part machine I still need human sustenance."

He looks at Lidora with his menacing red eye and smiles, "I might need help and if I may, I would like to ask that if you may join me in foraging for what we need."

He walks over to a clump of trees and goes down to his knees searching for somethings that they may need.

05/29/2000 6:03 AM

Seeing a flash like she has never seen before, Quira looks at Marcus in wonder.

"I will not ask you, how you managed to do this. I´m sure I won´t understand. You are very weird now, Marcus..."

She smiles at him to make sure he doesn´t think of what she said as an offense. As Llewyn did before, she has now fully accepted Marcus as their guide.

"It is so difficult for me to imagine those possibilities we will have in your time...creatures - half human, half machine...please don´t feel angry about my ignorance, but my mind is too weak for such imaginations...I´m still trying to see you as pure human...

While you are away, Llewyn and I will prepare the deer, alright?"

05/29/2000 6:16 AM

Marcus continued searching for some herbs and pocketed some of them. He pulled out some strange roots and berries and strange looking flowers.

05/29/2000 10:04 AM

"I have forged in the woods many times during my long journeys, I will help you find what is needed."

*Lidora helps Marcus search for the herbs and needed items, however, she never lets her guard down. A feeling of confusion goes through her body as she tries to make sense of the flash of red she saw only moments before.*
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05/29/2000 3:39 PM

*glances at Quira and the deer as the other two leave the grove*

"Fianlly...some peace and quiet...that Marcus certainly can drone on...pardon my pun"

*smiles at her, somewhat intrigued at her beauty*

"Well...We should get to skinning his deer *gulps* ..To be honest, I HATE skinning game I catch. But I supposed it is something that has to be done"

*stares deep into her eyes, seeking something inside her soul, but doesn't seem to find it. Begins skinning the deer, when he is done he goes to a nearby stream ,strips and washes himself and his clothes, he then proceeds to walk back, and hang his clothes on a tree*

"I refuse to wear wet clothes. I apologise if my body offends you but I am not going to smell like mildew for the sake of modesty"

*a broad grin appears on his face as he sets up a fire in the middle of the grove*

"May I ask if you had any plans, before we all met eachother?"

~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/29/2000 10:47 PM

Marcus and Lidora pressed on into the forest looking for herbs and others that they may need.
Not knowing what to say to Lidora he gave her a smile that went completely at odds with the deadly menace his left eye gave.

"We need not move on with a hurry, I can produce a light in this dark..."

He raised a hand and the air around them glimmered with a soft light like an elven lamp.

Not far from the cave they came upon a glade with evening lilacs and night roses which gave forth a sweet scent. Lidor gave forth a gasp as she went down to her knees and started watching the flowers unfold in the twilight. Marcus stood a way beside watching her with a soft smile playing on his lips. Lidora started picking some of the flowers.

"I'll help you with that and as he went down to pick some his hand passed over Lidora's..."

He gazed longingly into her eyes...

05/30/2000 1:01 AM

"Come on, Llewyn, a bare body cannot offend me at all. How can natural things offend me...?"

She smiles at him, not able to avoid a short glimpse over all his muscular body.

"But no, I had no plans. The last thing I remember before all this occured was that I was sitting in the Inn of the Last Home in Solace together with Mertonius, whom I met there by chance. I came to Solace to find myself a neat place to live, after my long travels, but then something happened and I was here - suddenly pregnant."

She blushes. Somehow it makes her feel uncomfortable to talk about those three children, whom she had received as a virgin, not natural.

She lowers her eyes, takes out her dagger and starts to cut off stripes of meat from the deer. She doesn´t want to think about the children. For her it feels as if the children could be a barrier between her and... - she stops that thought immediately. How could she dare thinking such things? She has offered her entire life to Mishakal, and he did the same with the Great Mother.

Suddenly she feels strange, being alone with Llewyn. Somehow she whishes Marcus and Lidora would hurry up...

"And...and how about you? What were your plans before?"

05/30/2000 2:49 PM

*sits down next to Quira and begins doing what she was doing a moment ago, noticing her discomfort he moves away slightly*

"To be honest, I did have plans. Not every important, but for me, well I NEVER plan things so it would have been kind of important"

*takes a deep breathe and stops talking for a moment, knowingly that he is rambling*

"As I was saying, This 'plan' was to go to A mountain I have heard of in the Kharolis ranges. Well, not a mountain, but rather a valley in the mountain. A powerful druid is said to live there and I was going to ask him to teach me. It is also said that it is one of the more beautiful places on Krynn..."

*looks wistfully at her*
"I am sorry for boring you...what a boring life I lead"

~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/30/2000 6:41 PM

*Lidora suddenly felt at ease with Marcus. All feelings of mistrust seemed to be covered by the soft light illuminating from Marcus. Puzzled by the exact source of the light, but intrigued by it at the same time Lidora settled into the cool grass of the glade. She continued to gather the beautiful flowers as she shyly glanced at Marcus. She played with a delicate rose on her soft lips letting the sweet scent and smooth petals comfort her. A look of rememberance came over Lidora as she handled the flower*

"I remember when I was younger, I was so lonely. I had no other young children to play with, I worked all day in the dreadful inn. At night I would come to a glade such as this, I would dream of who my family was, if I would ever escape the innkeeper, and I dreamt of meeting a knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet, or even someone with a kind face who would look at me with love. Never did I have anyone to love or love me. My only refuge was my midnight fantasy world in the forest. Gathering flowers and smelling their lovely scent and feeling their soft petals, it always helped comfort me, as though the flowers would only give me something sweet, and nothing evil. They were my only love."

*A look of embarassment came over Lidora*

"Oh excuse me, I have said too much, I have a habit to ramble on. I did not mean to...I mean..."

*Lidora's face flushed red*

I represent that remark!

05/30/2000 9:41 PM

*talks to Quira as they prepare the meat*

"If you can cook this I will set up camp..ok?"

*Quira agrees so he takes the bedrolls from everyone's packs*

"Ok...First of all we need a campfire..."

*gathers some kindling and lights a fire in the centre of the grove, then he places 3 bedrolls around the fire *

"I guess I will be taking watch tonight. Is that ok with you?"

*Quira nods hesitantly*

"Now all we have to do is wait for Lidora and Marcus...I hope they are ok"

~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/30/2000 10:13 PM

"Maybe something happended to them?"

Quira looks into the growing dark, hoping to gather a glimpse of them with her elven sight.
Seeing nothing humanoid, she starts to prepare some of the meat for cooking and the rest for drying, that they will have some provisions for the next few days. The deer was a big one, so Quira cooks a delicious, rich meal for all of them.

"Llewyn, maybe we shall share the watch? I mean, we don´t know our enemy well...he could appear and kill you right before anybody of us would even notice it..." A sudden shiver flows through her body at the thought of Llewyn being killed and she wipes away that thought.

Meanwhile the meal was finished and she lay back in the grass, with a blade of grass in her mouth. Not knowing what to say to Llewyn, who tried to dry his clothes near the campfire, she chewed it nervously.

05/30/2000 11:54 PM

Marcus turned his back for a moment and muttered a few strange words. When he faced Lidora again his face was that of his old self again, no mark of any strange mechanical device that makes up his eye.

"You need not worry about anything..." He smiled.

He kneeled in front of Lidora and brushed the hair near her forehead. He smiled again, "My life was as lonely as yours and I know how it feels to have no friends."

His face came closer to Lidora, his arms wrapping around her, to banish all her fears and the loneliness she feels...

05/31/2000 1:34 AM

Llewyn looks at Quira, thankfulness spreading across his face as she offers to share his watch.

"I would love or you to join me in my watch, I would feel much safer, and warmer to have you sitting beside me...now we just have to wait for Lidora and Marcus...whenever they decide to get back, Im sure they are ok though"

Sensing something between him and Quira, knowing that he has never felt this before, but not knowing WHAT he is feeling, Llewyn lays against the back of the cave, chewing one of his plaits nervously.

"Quira...Have you ever been in love?"
~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/31/2000 12:08 PM


She watches Llewyn thoughtfully and goes on chewing her plait for some moments, thinking about his question.

"Yes, I loved my stepfather and I love my Goddess. And as all elves do - I love life."

Then she smiles at him a warm, soft smile. "But I think that is not the kind of love you meant. And no, I dunno what love to a man means. I have only heard stories...stories about a certain kind of love between men and women...that kind of love I vowed never to share..."

She lowers her eyes to avoid the vista of the Kagonesti opposite her.

"But I never vowed to anyone to never have any feelings for a man..."

Afraid of Llewyn´s reaction on what she just said without her volition and suddenly feeling very guilty and dirty, she hastily stands up and stammers something like "...back soon..." and disappears in the woods.

As soon as she is out of the elf´s sight she starts to run, a prayer on her lips, tears running from her eyes. She runs ´till she reaches the river, where Llewyn has washed himself before and sits down at the shore. "Mishakal, forgive me...forgive me my mortal, unworthy feelings..."
Then she suddenly rips off her clothes, walks straight into the water and starts to rub her skin, as if she could wash away the strange feelings towards the other elf and the guilt she feels towards her Goddess with that.

Slowly she starts to feel better. She becomes aware of all the natural, calming sounds around her, the fissle of the leafs in the slight wind, the sounds of all the small animals around her, the soft splahsing of the river...she stops rubbing her skin and dives into the clear, cold water...her mind clears up and she decides to wait here, until she hears Marcus and Lidora return.

05/31/2000 3:05 PM

Llewyn looks astounded at the reaction and walks to the cave mouth to see if he can see her, all he notices are small droplets of water on the ground. Despairing he goes and sits down.

"I just asked her a simple question...Have you ever been in love?..such a simple, open question. I don't understand why she reacted that way...I don't even understand what she was saying...BUT I cannot bring this up again."

Llewyn's face becomes pale and drawn after waiting for what seems like hours for Quira, and no sign of her.

"I am sure she is alright...she can take care of herself...but..they are after her...I have to find her...she could be in danger.."

Llewyn runs from mthe cave, concealing it so noone knows they are there, and thens begins searching for Quira desperately.

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05/31/2000 3:51 PM

*Lidora felt the warmth of Marcus' body against hers and the touch of his soft skin against her cheek. All she wanted right than was to know the love of another, of someone who could show her what it felt like to be held out of the sheer feeling of love. Suddenly an epiphany of what was going on struck her. Scared by what was going ocurring she pulled away from Marcus. She quickly scrambled to her feet and brushed the grass off her skirts. The loss of his warmth and the chill of the night wind swept past her causing her shoulders to shake and her teeth to chatter. With a look of embarassment Lidora turned away from Marcus.*

"We should go back, Quira and Lewlyn, they are waiting, and...and..."

*Lidora ran off towards the cave, she went quickly and soon the distance between her and Marcus was deep, a soft tear glistened down her pale, white cheek. She was running faster and faster to reach the cave when out of nowhere strong arms grabbed her from behind a large tree. She struggled to escape, but she had been caught by surprise. Lidora tried to face her capture to see who it was she was attempting to escape from. All she saw was a black hood, and silver eyes glinting in the pale moonlight.*

"Marcus! Help me....."

*Suddenly, she felt a hard hit to her head and all went black....*

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06/01/2000 1:40 AM

Quira suddenly hears Lidoras voice crying out in horror. Quickly she jumps out of the water, grabs her clothes and hastily dressed herself again. Suddenly all her thoughts about Llewyn and her Goddess were gone. (Btw, the longer she was swimming in the cool water she came to the conclusion that she behaved like a stupid little girl - Llewyn has only asked her a normal question and she has said something she didn´t want to say, but she wasn´t sure anymore if he even understood what she meant with "feelings towards a man"...)

She quickly runs in the direction from where the shriek came. With her elven sight she can see two figures - one is Lidora, the other one stands behind a tree partly, so she can´t figure out if it was Marcus.

"Lidora! Keep up! I´m coming! If that bastard Marcus has done any harm to you, I vow - I´ll kill him!"

Maybe her trust in Marcus has been wrong? Maybe he has awaitened this moment to kill one after another...maybe HE was the enemy we have to fear! Maybe HE has been sent from the future to kill them!!!

06/01/2000 3:11 PM

Llewyn is dozing away, waiting for the others to come back when he hears a scream, followd by a yell. He jumps up and grabs his, and the other's weapons.

*yelling* "I'm coming guys!!!!"

Llewyn runs with the speed of a cheetah, bounding over rocks and fallen logs with ease. Finally he sees Lidora being held by some dark, shrouded creature...But it couldn't possibly be Marcus, for Llewyn knows the truth that he is at the very least, not evil.
Walks quietly up in the tree so as not to disturb her attacker, and sits down, and waits for the right time to attack her captor.

"Great Mother give me wisdom" He whispers, sounding like a breeze floating through the trees
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06/01/2000 5:22 PM

*Lidora's head feels heavy as her eyelids slowly flutter open. Unfortunatly, a large cloth has been tied around her eyes and mouth obstrucing her view and making her uncapable of comprehensible speech. With her warrior instincts Lidora stays perfectly still to fake unconciesness. She can feel herself being carried slowly through the forest in someones arms. The captor holds her effortlessly in his arms, as though she were a feather. After an hour or so of travelling Lidora hears some muffled voices.*

"Pssst...are you there?"

"Shhh you blockhead, we don't want anyone to hear us. Is that her?"

"I believe so. She was with the group we have been following. I believe this is the one."

"Bring her closer so I can check."

*Lidora can feel eyes scrutinizing over her.

"You idiot this is not the one we wanted! This is the warrior woman. We wanted the Kagonesti! She is the one bearing the children. I knew I never should have let you handle this. Now we have the wrong woman, not to mention she is skilled in fighting. We are going to have quite a bundle on our hands here now. What is the master going to say??"

"I am sorry, I thought she was the one, it was dark she was running, I wasn't sure. I know it isn't the Kagonesti, but I am sure the master can find himself some way to amuse himself with this woman. Her beauty surpasses the other girls he keeps himself amused with."

"Well, you are right on that point, but we can't forget the Kagonesti. One of us is going to have to go back and search for her. The Master will be furious if we lose her trail! I'll go back. You take her into the caves we found a few miles back. Stay there until I come back with the elf."

"Ok, be careful now, remember she is travelling with a Kagonesti man and the one who looks strangely familiar."

*Lidora is frightened by the information that has been revealed to her. Silently she makes a helpless plee*

Quira, please be safe. Don't come for me! Mishakel please watch over Quira!
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06/02/2000 12:07 AM

Seeing the creature carrying Lidora away, Quira moves quickly, but silent like a kender behind them. With her elven sight she has no difficulties to follow the capturer. She now can see that he isn´t Marcus and she feels sorry for her imputation immediately. Lidora seems to be out of consciousness.

A shadow among shadows she is sure that nobody can see her. But suddenly she feels a hand softly on her shoulder, then another hand above her mouth to prevent a possible outcry. She turns around in horror to see - "Llewyn!!! You nearly shocked me to death!" she whispers.

But then she smiles, happy to be in company now and she smiles about herself and her silly, shocked reaction. Surely Llewyn has heard Lidora too and reacted exactly like her. And for he is one of her kind...

"Llewyn, have you seen Marcus?" Then she shakes her head. "We must not waste more time - come on before we lose sight of Lidoras kidnapper!"

06/02/2000 4:36 AM

Llewyn smiles at Quira, somewhat amused by the reaction he got from her.

*whispering quietly* "No..I haven't seen Marcus...But I know they are looking for YOU...I think you should go back to camp...please...let me take care of this. Or at least stay up in the trees, out of danger. I dont want anything bad happening to you"

Llewyn looks worriedly at Quira, hoping she will take his advice and hide. She shakes her head.

"Fine then...But stay behind me ...At least do that"

Quira steps behind him playfully steeping on his heels.

"Ill take out the attackers...you grab Lidora and run back to camp...ok?"

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06/02/2000 4:54 AM

Hearing the muffled screams of Lidora, Marcus
immediately ran after her. A shadow suddenly
appeared and blocked his way. A flash of steel and
the ringing sound it came with proved that he
managed to block the attack. Leaping backwards,
Marcus faced his opponent.

A figure swath in a dark cloak and armed with a
silvery blade stood in his way.

"Who are you? And what have you done to Lidora?"

Marcus gestured with his left wrist and a blade
as long as his fore arm was exposed.

"Tell me of what you're planning or I'll split
your head and sift it for answers."

Launching a sudden attack the figure made a
cupping motion with both hands a shot an energy
attack at Marcus. Crafting a spirit shield he
deflected the attack and dove straight at the
figure blocking his path with his blade poised
for a strike. The figure deflected the blow and
tried to stab at Marcus, but the wanderer was too
fast for the figure and his attack hit thin air.
Marcus lashed out with a right hook hitting his
foe and followed with a snap kick with his left
foot. A rapid series of punches pummeled the
figure dropping him. Just before he hit the ground
another series of devastating kicks sent him
flying into a tree.

Marcus pulled his deathblade over the figure's
throat, "Where did you take the girl? I'll ask you
once and no more..."

"We took her to a cave not far from here... It's
not her we're after, it's the other girl. Our
master sai...."

A plopping sound came as the man's head exploded.

"Damn, a mental rune breaker. And just when I
was going to find about there plans..."

Marcus shook his head.

"I gotta find Lidora. If something ever happens
to her I can never forgive myself..."

He immediately ran into the forest to find the

06/02/2000 7:33 AM

Llewyn and Quira are moving fast and nearly soundless. Quira tries carefully to make no own traces in the soft ground of the forest.

"What if the kidnapper is not alone, Llewyn?" she whispers. "What if they are too many for us to fight? You know - I have no sword, only my bow and arrows and a small dagger! And what if something happended to Marcus???"

Suddenly Llewyn stops and Quira runs straight into him.

"Shhh..." he gestures to Quira to be silent. "Look." He points to where some dark men are standing outside some caves. One of them carries a bundle in his arms - Lidora. Another one stands close to them, it seems that he is checking something on Lidora. Then a disucssion begins.

The two Kagonesti are too far away at the moment to understand what´s going on, but the one who just watched Lidora so intense seems to be very angry.

The elves go down on their knees and start to move forward. The dark men are looking very weird and a shiver crawls down Quira´s neck.

"I would feel better if we´d know, if Marcus is okay..."

06/02/2000 9:00 AM

*Lidora can feel herself being placed down in a cold, damp place. In the distance she can hear he trickle of a running river or creek, perhaps a stream somewhere underground in the cave. Her hands and feet are bound, but she can feel the cold steel of a dagger hidden beneath her skirts. Slowly she tries to manuver her way out of her bindings. In the distance she can hear the soft breathing of someone. It seems to her they are eating or keeping themselves busy with something.*

I wonder if there are any others guarding the cave. I must be quick and quiet if I wish to escape.

*Slowly Lidora loosens her binds to where she can now release herself when the time is right.*

Now I need a miracle

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06/02/2000 9:30 PM

As stealthily as a cat stalking Marcus made his way into the forest. Not a sound was made in his passing, not even the whisper of cloth moving.

In a moment he has reached the general vicinity of the cave. Crawling slowly through the underbrush he made his way near the mouth of the cave. He heard the two guards discussing something about Lidora.

"Ya think the boss would mind if we 'ave some fun tonite?" Said the thin but dangerously looking one.

"He he he. He won't care nuthin 'bout sumthin 'e never finds out." Grinned the fair haired one.

The fair haired one grinned and made made his way inside the cave leaving the thin guy outside.

"He he he. Leave sumptin for me der!" Shouted the thin guy.

The thought of what they were planning sickened Marcus to his core. Without heeding the danger he may be placing himself into, he apported himself before the man.

But the man was nearly as fast as him. The thin one struck out with his palm and it connected at Marcus' chest. But the wanderer ignored the blow and followed up with a roundhouse kick sending the man sprawling into the direction where Quira and Llelwyn were hiding...

06/02/2000 10:57 PM

Lidora heard the man approaching. She could hear him snicker and instantly a horrible feeling crept into her spine as she realized what he planned to do. luckily, her binds were completely loose now. As the man approached she prepared to strike out with her well concealed dagger. Suddenly a noise from outside the cave caused the man to turn toward the entrance and focus his attention towards the sound. Lidora took the oppurtunity without hesitation. She sprang to her feet and plunged the dagger into the back of the man's chest. It bounced of harmlessly causing Lidora to have to tighten her grip to keep a hold on the dagger. The man spun around and faced her with a look of malice in his eyes.

"A simple dagger will not harm me pretty one."

The man grabbed Lidora's wrist and twisted it until the dagger fell from her hand. She struck out with her foot catching him below the knee, the sudden impact of the blow caused him to stumble backwards, but he soon regained his balance with inhuman agility. Knowing she could not defeat the man unarmed, Lidora sprinted for the entrance of the cave. She caught a glimpse of Marcus before she felt the man grab her from behind. Lidora cried out in pain as she felt the man pull her arms behind her. He held her in a tight hold as he dragged her out the entrance. He had picked up the dagger she used against him and now held it to her throat.

"I guess this dagger can be something useful." laughed the man as he let the sharp blade pinch into Lidora's skin. She desperatly tried to break his inhuman hold, but every inch she moved caused the dagger to pierce deeper into her neck. Soon she gave up the struggle as he brought her out the opening of the cave. Standing before them was Marcus. The Kagonesti were nowhere to be seen, but than again, neither was the other guard.

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06/03/2000 1:04 AM

Llewyn is in front of Quira when the guard comes sliding before them. He lays on the floor, looking groggily around . He stands up, although he is shorter than Llewyn. then he speaks

"What are you doing here?" *he says slurring*

Llewyn looks at the guard, tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry............"

He grabs his dagger and drives its long,sharp blade into the guard's head. The guard slides off the dagger, and onto the floor., blood gushing from his wound. llewyn covers Quira's eyes with his hand and runs up, standing behind Marcus.

"LET HER GO!!!!!"

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06/03/2000 4:59 AM

Still hiding in the bushes, trying to avoid the vista of the corpse, she watches in horror what is going on. Marcus and Llewyn are standing opposite the guard, ready to fight, but motionless, for they are fearing for Lidoras life. The guard still holds the dagger on Lidoras neck.

Slowly Quira takes out an arrow and her bow. She prepares them and aims carefully on the guard, who is holding Lidora. Unfortunately he moves from time to time, so Lidora is in danger to be hit by her arrow, if she is not concentrating herself perfectly.

Taking a deep breath, hoping that Llewyn or Marcus wouldn´t do something unexpected, she aims at the forehead of the guard, speaks a short prayer to Mishakal, tries to fight down her fear for taking away life - and shoots.

06/03/2000 6:43 AM

Stands perfectly still, able to feel Quira drawing her bow, aiming at the guard, and shooting. He prays to the Great Mother to protect Lidora, who now seems to be outlined in a soft, green light.

*whispering quietly, while still concentrating on the arrow*
"Marcus...You truly are a friend...both to be..and Quira and Lidora..."

~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

06/03/2000 5:57 PM

*Lidora is filled with an inner feeling of terror and fear for her life and that of her friends. Silently she prays to Mishakal (which she had found herself doing lately). Suddenly a feeling of peace washes over her. She closes her eyes and recieves a vision of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She could not tell the age of the woman in her vision for she seemed to show now age at all. The woman raised her hand to Lidora and whispered to her softly.

My daughter, don't worry, I will keep you safe. You have a very wonderful person as your friend who has called upon me to protect you. His faith to me will be the sheild for your group on their journey.Another in your group has put her faith in my daughter, a wise person to do so, she has influenced you, though you do not realize it now. Be faithful Lidora, and remember, I take care of all my children.

Lidora felt herself drift into a state of Euphoria. Suddenly she felt the zip of an arrow wiz by her cheek, missing her, but hitting her captor directly in the forehead. He fell to the ground with a thud, releasing Lidora. Lidora fell to the ground also, but her fall was graceful and she found herself slip into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Quira cried out as she saw Lidora and the man fall. Instinctivly she ran to Lidora's side, followed closely by Marcus and Llewyn. Immediatly she realized that Lidora had not been hit by the arrow, but the man had. Letting out a soft cry Quira said a prayer of thanks to Mishakal, and heard a similar prayer come from Llewyn's lips to another, mysterious, God. A God who could be a driving force behind the small groups journeys.

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06/03/2000 9:27 PM

Smiling at the group, especially at Lidora, knowing she is safe in the arms of the Great Mother.

"She is asleep..Marcus..Could you carry her back to the cave?"

Marcus readily agrees and picks her up in his strong, comforting arms. The walk back to the cave is uneventful, apart from a rabbit that crosses their path. The 2 of them jump, showing their apprehensiveness.

"Come on guys...It was only a rabbit. Marcus..Make sure Lidora is warm, I suggest you sleep next to her tonight, just to be safe. Quira and I will take tonight's watch, that is , if you are still ok with that Quira?"

Quira nods rather hesitantly, not sure why.

"Ok then. It is settled..But before all that ...we eat"

Llewyn runs on forward and by the time they are back The deer is sliced and ready, along with a few steamed vegetables found along the way.

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06/04/2000 7:42 PM

Marcus carried Lidora into the rear end of the cave, his cloak wrapping her in its warm darkness. Gently, as a mother lays her child in a crib, he set her down.

"I almost lost her. I should've been aware that something like this would happen,"he whispered into the night.

Lying down on the ground, foregoing the need to eat, he held Lidora close to his chest. Turning to the others he said, "I have little need of food or sleep. I would make sure no harm would come to pass while you all rest. Tomorrow would be a long day..."

Holding Lidora closer he let her peace take a hold on him so as to keep his silent vigil.

06/04/2000 11:44 PM

Quira takes a short look on Marcus, who is holding Lidora so tenderly, then she turns her back towards them for not to disturb their peace.

She takes a piece of meat and chews it thoughtfully. Nobody speaks. Llewyn eats his share of meat as silently as she does. Both of them think about what had happened and both of them know that the attack wasn´t meant for poor Lidora...

"She could have been killed, Llewyn..." Quira whispers after a time. "She could have been killed through my very own hands..."

She looks up to Llewyn and he can see tears in her pale-blue eyes. "What, if I had hit her instead of that bastard of a guard...how could she ever forgive me...how could all of you ever forgive me to have brought you in such a danger..."

Quira let her head fall down on her chest, sobbing bitterly...

06/05/2000 12:09 AM


Marcus continued running after the dread shadow,
ignoring the horrible wounds on him and his
missing left arm.

"Bastard, I won't let you get away for killing
my friends and Lidora."

His hand grabs the fiend's shoulder and pulls him


A horrible scream cuts through the darkness as
Marcus sits up from his nightmare, panting hard.

06/05/2000 3:13 PM

Llewyn looks at the sobbing elf he has come to adore. He shuffles across to where she is satand pulls her head up gently, feeling no resistance from her.

"Come on...Don't cry. You knew that you could do it, otherwise you wouldn't have done it. NEVER doubt your abilities. *looks at her still tear ridden eyes* Come here..."

Llewyn puts his strong arms around Quira, pulling her up against him. Embracing her warmly he strokes her long hair with his right hand, the other one, holding her tightly. He begins to speak to her in a soft, quite tone.,

"Quiralanthalasa...Understand me, trust me when I say that you are an excellent archer...We all have complete and utter trust in your abilities...Please don't cry *a small tear rolls down Llewyn's cheek to land on Quira's finger.* Your making me cry as well.."

The gay cat sat on the mat. It held a bat in it's hat, ready to smack the homophobic twat.

06/06/2000 2:13 AM

Shivering hard Marcus stalked out of the cave, oblivious to what is happening around him.

"It cannot be...It cannot be..." He muttered, loud enough for Llewyn to hear.

Outside, looking up at the cloudless, starry night sky, his thoughts raced to the time when he was taken to be healed for his grievious wounds.

"I know and I know something but I can't seem to remmember what it was..." He thought.

Gazing up he traced the outline of a far different constellation, a constellation shaped in the form of a mask.

"I know you are up there Mertonius, great-great-grandfather. Please help me..."

06/06/2000 2:28 AM

Letting Llewyn embrace her, she closes her eyes and enjoys the comforting feeling of his warm body close to hers. Tenderly he strokes away her tears and she presses her cheak against his shoulder to feel his soft, warm skin...she puts her arms around him and sighs confident.

"Llewyn...don´t you cry...please....I..."

The very same moment a horrible cry sounds out of the cave and only moments later Marcus walks out of the cave.

Quira pushes Llewyn away and moves from him quickly.

"Marcus - what happened...?"

06/06/2000 8:33 PM

Marcus collapses to his knees, craddling his head in his hands.

"What is happening? What is it that I have forgotten? What has happened when they replaced my body parts? What? WHAT? WHAAAAAAT!!!!"

The scream reverberated into the night.

-------------Somewhere in the Future--------------

The lone figure of the Draconian Female approached the Master.

"They have failed, my Master......"

At this the figure called the Master threw his wine glass across the vast hall striking the far end. Dragon feet shuffled.

"Curses! I was hoping that we would be able to eliminate that accursed blood line by going back. It seems that if I need a job done, I better be the one to do it!"

He grabs a nearby human servant and hurls him after the wine goblet smashing the servants head.

"How long before the time dilator becomes fully charged again Slira?"

The female Sivak licked her lips for a moment to compose her answer.

"It would be ready in 5 standard days, my great lord."

The Master lsent forth a rumble from his chest, "That long? Very well then. In five days time I would become the ruler of this worlds..."

06/06/2000 8:51 PM

*Lidora was chilled by the sudden loss of warmth. Slowly she felt herself awakining. She looked around to find herself in the empty cave. Still a bit confused, but at peace with herself she stood up. Suddenly, from outside the cave she heard the shouts of Marcus. Lidora rushed outside to find Marcus weeping on the ground. His whole body shook. Lidora ran to his side and wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace. Slowly she cradled him back and forth soothing his tears.*

"Marcus, what is wrong, I feel fear and confusion in you. Marcus please stop weeping, I want to help you."

*Slowly Lidora brought his face closer to hers and looked deeply into his eyes."

"Marcus, what is wrong with you...."

*Lidora looked into his eyes with a passion of love she had never felt before. At that moment she cared more for his well being than for anyone she had ever cared for in the world. Her arms around him, her face inches from his, she felt herself become a part of him.*

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06/06/2000 9:05 PM


06/06/2000 9:15 PM

Marcus takes Lidora into his arms and holds her tightly, letting her love and warmth banish whatever demons that the nightmare has awakened in him. He looks into her eyes and gives her a heated passionate kiss not even the eternal flame of the gods can rival. Taking the woman that he would willingly give his life for into his arms he carries her into the shadows of the forest, protected by a barely visible halo of protection, to banish the pain each other felt in the single act of true love that would encompass both and bridge two worlds separated by the river of time.

(OOC: I'm blushing severely here... Honestly...I am not joking... To tell you the truth... I think I better step outside for a while to get a hold on my emotions... My blood is racing...)

06/06/2000 9:21 PM

(OOC: Hey guys were going good, already at 100. I truly am loving this story, it's wonderful. You guys are great.)

*Lidora feels herself being carried off by Marcus. A smile plays on her lips as she gazes longingly into his eyes. The love she always longed for and never believed she could have was finnaly hers.*

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06/06/2000 9:27 PM

Llewyn, still awake, opens one eye, to see Mertonius and Lidora in each other's arms, their lips pressed together. He smiles broadly, and closes his eye, giving them both some privacy. He hears them leave and smiles even more, knowing just what is going on.

"Quira...Did you see that...Isn't it the most beautiful thing in the world...In can't believe THEY would be in love, may the Great Mother bless them eternally..."

Llewyn inches next to Quira, putting his arm around her

"Are you alright now...I hope you are, I can't stand to see you sad"

A look of concern crosses his face, sincerely hoping she will be ok. Llewyn plants a soft kiss on her cheek.

"You'll be fine...Im sure of it"

The gay cat sat on the mat. It held a bat in it's hat, ready to smack the homophobic twat.

06/06/2000 9:41 PM

I would also like to congratulate us all on our centenary...IT is a privilege to post wiyth you all

Lidora - Thanks for creating this thread..You are a cool rper and fun to with...:)

Quiralanthalasa - Hope it's spelt right...You are an excellent RPer and I am thoroughly enjoying posting with you

MErtonius - Ahhh...what can I say....You are the brains behind all this, It is you who has created the storyline, an excellent one at that, if not for you, I fear this thread would have been jsut an inn, but you have made it cool...keep it up..

All I can say is....GROOVY....(My fav word)
And I look forward to some cool twists...OH and Quira...when are you going to notice how hard I am trying to charm you ;) ....j/k

TO another hundred *raises his glass of port*
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06/06/2000 10:30 PM

OOC: ok, before I go on postig I have to give words to my delight that all of you seem to like the story and how´s it going on. For me the plot somehow got that great, that I even think about it when I´m not in the boards. I want to keep it up guys, ok???

Mertonius, your ideas are great. Llewyn is right, if it wasn´t you, we probably had stopped when you left us for some time. Glad that you came back!

Lidora, don´t let Marcus ever treat you bad, ok??? *grin*

And Llewyn - hah, surely I notice your charming attemps - I am made from flesh and blood, but don´t forget my binding vow to my Goddess - I will be a hard nut to break....*grin*

06/06/2000 10:45 PM

Enjoying the soft kiss, Quira sighs.

"Yes, I´ve seen them. Weird, isn´t it? But I am happy for them two. Love can make them forget our troubles - at least for some time..." She looks into the wood, in the direction the two have disappeared. "I only hope that they will be save from our followers, out there..."

Then she looks at Llewyn. "I still don´t understand why Mertonius chose me to give life to the children, me, a cleric of Mishakal, who has devoted her entire life to her Goddess - I mean, for that reason I´m not even able to give them a father...I would brake my holy vow if I´d try to find them a father... And now that Lidora and Marcus seem to love each other...I mean, Mertonius must have known that. He must have known that things would turn out like this...he must have given the children to Lidora...she could give them a real family..."

Quira thinks about it some instants, with her hand on her belly, then she shakes her head and smiles warmly at Llewyn. "But somehow I feel very proud of being Mertonius chosen... And to answer your question - I am fine again. At least I think so. I feel save with you at my side. I really enjoy your presence, Llewyn."

Seeing Llewyn watching her quite intense with a strange look in his eyes she blushes. She hesitantly puts her head on the elf´s shoulder and then closes her eyes. Feeling the comfort she gets from Llewyns arm around her, holding her tightly, hearing nothing than the spitting campfire and Llewyns regular breathing, she let herself sink fully against him and finally dozes away. Holding the half asleep woman in his arms, Llewyn suddenly hears a silent, confident sigh from her. Has that really sounded like his name?

06/07/2000 3:43 PM

Hearing her deep breathing, and feeling an intense emotion deep inside of him as she lays on him, Llewyn sits and thinks out loud...His words echoing out into the forest..

"Why is she playing games with me....I know it, somewhere deep down inside of me I know that I feel something for her, yet, she only hesitantly returns it. I know it is something to do with Mishakal, but what...I need to ask Lidora about this...mayhaps she will know"

Llewyn feels Quira stir, so he lowers his breathing and quietens down. As soon as she is asleep once more he bgins stroking her long, lustrous hair.

"I wish you would give in to your feelings, you are fighting a losing battle, and I know that it hurts..."

Llewyn bends down and kisses Quira's forehead. Satisfied that he got what he wanted off his chest, he takes off his cloak , exposing his skin to the cold and lays it over Quira..

"That should keep you warm...Good night....my love"

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/07/2000 8:27 PM

------------------Somewhere in the Future---------

"Damn those Draconians, they seem to be multiplying like rabbits. We're screwed if we don't find a way to blow up one of their processing plants." Wedge glaring out towards the monstrous facility before him.

His companion, Biggs, reaches out and tugs his friend's sleeves.

"Do you have any idea what that thing beside the facility is?" Poiting to a large machine.

Wedge rubs his chin for a moment, contemplating the sight.

"That is a time dilator! And a big one."

Pulling out a plasma pulse grenade, the dwarf called Wedge drew himself closer and then looked out again with his binoculars.

"That thing is big enough to send a dragon back in time or large enough to move even a regiment of draconian heavy soldiers. Come on Biggs, I think we better give our pal Marcus a helping hand. Even he can't handle that many draconians."

The two slowly made their way to the facility. Biggs the kender slip over the fence and used a pocket torch to allow Wedge access. Making their way to the back of the Time Dilator they planted a small thermodestructor artifact given by the mages. After finishing, they made their way back out to the foot hills.

"I think we better wait here Biggs. Once they run a field test on that monster I would to see the foreworks fly."

He then gave Biggs a hearty slap at the back and they both went back to their posts to observe the draconians.

06/07/2000 8:34 PM

The ray of sunlight that struck Marcus's face woke him from his sleep. Beside him lay Lidora, sleeping peacefully and innocently like a child. Holding her closer, thoughts raced through his mind, "I love her and I will never deny that. No matter how hard it would be between us I would still hold on this love and use it to strengthen us through whatever challenges what this new future would bring us." He looks down at the woman he loves, the woman in his arms, and kisses her forehead.

"I love you... Lidora..." The words caressing the morning air.

06/07/2000 11:25 PM

(OOC: Mertonius, a dwarf called Wedge and a kender called Biggs, eh? May the force be with them... LOL)

The bright morning sun awakened Quira. Before she opened her eyes a thought came to her mind: "I fell asleep while I should have kept watch tonight..." Then she realizes that she is covered in a warm cloak, that smells wonderful like Llewyn, while the morning air is quite fresh and cool. She opens her eyes and sees him sitting a little away from her, working on setting the fire again. He hasn´t noticed her yet. Marcus and Lidora are nowhere to be seen.
Silently she stands up, with his cloak around her shoulders and moves behind Llewyn. Then she goes down on her knees and quickly puts a part of the cloth around him too, so that both of them can profit from it´s warmth.

"Good morning, Llewyn." she sais as he turns his face towards her, surprised by the sudden warmth of his cloak and Quira´s body around him.

"I want to apologize for my tiredness...I know I should have kept watch with you, but somehow I fell asleep...and I want to thank you for that..." She points at the cloak.

06/08/2000 1:00 AM

Llewyn smiles at Quira.

"No need to thank me, You looked cold, and with *puts his hand on Quira's still flat stomach* the little ones in you as well, I thought it best that I go cold instead of you...It was no fuss"

Feels extremely at ease, and very comfortable in the cloak with Quira, her body heat mingling with his, her pleasant scent intertwined in the cloak with his.

"Quira...Why can you not have a father for your child...I have been wondering about that all last night...And it baffles me"

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/08/2000 1:15 AM

She looks sadly into his eyes, somehow longingly.

"Llewyn, I vowed never to let feelings for a man disturb my faith to my Goddess. She hasn´t asked that directly from me actually, but I know that if I let my love for a man control my heart, I cannot serve her that intense as I do it now...I would have to share my heart then...a part for my Goddess, a part for a man..."

Quira puts her hand softly on Llewyn´s, who still holds his on her belly.

"And what man would ever take a woman with three children, that are not of his own flesh and blood...?"

06/08/2000 1:30 AM

A look of sadness crosses his face

"But didn't Marcus have a wife that was a Cleric of Mishakal, Valeria...."

Llewyn hopes that Quira will realise how much he feels for her, because he can hardly bear to keep his true emotions in.

"Could you not search her memories to find out how she did it...That is ...if you want"

Llewyn moves out of the cloak and to the mouth of the cave and turns around facing towards her.And in an act of sheer spontaneity he says

"Quiralanthalasa...I love you...Ever since I layed eyes on you, I have loved you...More than even I know...But...I do not know how I compete with a Goddess for YOUR love"

Spinning around, and stalks off into the forest.
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/08/2000 1:55 AM

Quira watches him puzzled. Not able to answer, she watches Llewyn turning his back towards her, walking away. She wants to stand up and follow him, but she is not able to move.

"Mishakal", she prays "forgive me, I´m not worth of being one of your servants...I´m not sure how to go on living with my feelings...Llewyn touches me...I know he shouldn´t, but I am weak..."

The medallion around her neck suddenly starts to glow and Quira closes her eyes, as if listening to a silent voice, that only she can hear.

After a long time, the medallion stops glowing and Quira opens her eyes again. Somehow she seems to be calmer now. Slowly she stands up, tightens Llewyn´s cloak around her shoulders and walks out of the cave. Llewyn was nowhere to be seen, but somehow she knows that he is not far away. But she is happy that she doesn´t has to face him right now, for she doesn´t know how to react, what to say. She hopes that Marcus and Lidora would come back soon...

06/08/2000 6:35 AM

----------Somewhere in the Future-----------------

Biggs and Wedge watched as a troop of Draconian
Scientists started prepping the Time Dilator.
A grin crossed their face as they watch the
draconians order another batch of Sivaks to be
sent back in time. The Time Dilator started
humming and a field of concentric energy started
pulsing around the Regiment of Sivaks.

Suddenly, a catastrophic explosion rips the power
source of the device. Draconian bodies flew
everywhere and the screams of the dying rent the

Wedge hi-fives Biggs and crept back to the
Returners headquarters.

06/08/2000 3:51 PM

Llewyn jumps down from the tree and walks back to the cave. He comes upon it, but notices that Lidora and Marcus STILL aren't back.

"I don't think Ill go in there...It could be a little tense"

Llewyn climbs up above the mouth of the cave, sits down and meditates by listening t the sound of Quira's breathing (Got good hearing) and waits till they come back.
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/08/2000 4:21 PM

(OOC: Wow I get home from school and there are 9 new messages! Very awesome)

*Lidora's eyes flutter open as she hears soothing words whispered to her. Opening her eyes she sees Marcus before her. She wraps her arms around him longingly. She looks into his eyes with such passion that she is forced to look away.*

"Marcus, I, I, I'm scared."

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06/08/2000 10:11 PM

Surely Quira has heard Llewyn returning. But she keeps on standing where she stands, thinking about what to say to him. Then she shakes her head. She must face him now, for she doesn´t want to have that tensed mood between them any longer. She steps out of the cave.

"Llewyn?" She asks. No answer. Confused she says his name again - again no reaction. "Llewyn, are you mad at me now? Llewyn, I have done what you wanted me to do - I have searched in Valeria´s memories..."

06/08/2000 10:23 PM

Holding her closer he whispers words of comfort in her ear.

"You need not fear anything, I will be true to you, I'll never abandon you..."

Smiling, he stands up and started putting on his clothes. He then kneels down beside Lidora and kisses her again.

"I think we better go back. The others maybe worried sick." He grins for a moment.

06/09/2000 5:15 AM

Llewyn hears Quira perfectly, and decides to stop acting childish at face her. We walks to the edge of the top of the cave and peeps his head over , hanging on by his legs .

"And....What did you find??? You must have searched hard, for I can sometimes feel what you feel when I touch you..."

Llewyn smiles impishly , his plaits hanging down from his head.

"And you had better hurry ...Marcus and Lidora are on their way"

Llewyn hopes what she is about to say is good...that he may be able to show what he truly feels for this beautiful Kagonesti before him.

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/09/2000 6:10 AM

A sudden gush of pain drops Marcus beside Lidora.
His eyes bulged as the pain spread from his chest
down the entire left side of his body. The pain
becomes too much for him that he loses

06/09/2000 3:04 PM

*Lidora shrieks as she sees Marcus fall to the ground.*

"Marcus, Marcus!"

*Lidora stands quickly and yells desperatly for Llewyn or Quira*

"Llewyn! Help! Oh Marcus"

*Lidora drops to her knees and holds Marcus head up to her chest.*

"Marcus, wake up my love. Please."

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06/09/2000 3:42 PM

Llewyn hears a yelling coming from the forest, and the voice is that of Lidora's. He jumps down from the lip of the cave .

"Quira...Stay here...It could be dangerous...Please don't come..."

Llewyn plays a tune on his flute and a web of sticky, purple goo covers the cave.

"Ill be back soon!"

Llewyn runs to the sound of the desperate voice and when he gets there he is quite shocked. He sees no enemies around, and does not yet notice the limp form of Marcus.

"Lidora , stop crying and screaming...It won't help. "

seeing the inert form of Marcus, Llewyn rushes not to him, but to Lidora and embraces her warmly

"It's going to be alright.."

Llewyn kneels down at Marcus' head and put's his fingers on his temple.

"Great Mother, show me what ails this noble man"

Flowing into Llewyn's mind are strange images , none that he understand's.

"We need to get Quira....Stand still"

Llewyn mumbles some words and Quira appears in front of him.

"Quira...Help him....I will...be fine...Just tired"

Llewyn collapses to ground, his head landing on some soft moss.

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/09/2000 9:57 PM

OOC: This is a memory burn, read this but don't make any assumptions. This is only a part of Marcus's missing memory.

The mage-doctors wheeled Marcus's inert and battered for through the operating room doors, the glare of the light shining around them.

The badly mutilated form of the mage lies before Llylgamyn. After a cursory glance he started ordering the other mages.

"You two, slow his heart rate with a Chilling Blood spell. Dregos, cauterize the stump of his left arm. It is impossible to reattach the arm since it was burnt beyond recognition. Start an IV flow and maintain PSY-pain reducer spell on him. Evelyn, summon the medical-artificer, have him prepare a core-flux unit for his damaged lungs. The lungs can still be saved by a core repair."

The mages sprung into action...

(OOC: Here ends the first part of the Memory Burn. And the subsequent return of Marcus's Memory.)

06/10/2000 10:09 PM

Marcus spasmodically leaped to his feet. Ignoring
the shouts of his friends, he immediately runs into
the forest scattering animals and brush.

"What am I? What am I!!!"

He continued running and kept on and on till he
hit a tree.

A huge,dead vallenwood tree.

Ranks upon ranks of the dead trees bar his path.
Mists and voices called on him, their seductive
singing pulling him closer into the darkness.

The darkness of the Forest of Wayreth...

06/11/2000 10:39 AM

*Lidora's face was soaked with tears. She cried out as she watched Marcus leap up and start running around like a mad man. Suddenly, she noticed the new trees that had come out of nowhere. A dark chill whispered down her back. She stared into the blackness of the forest.*

"Marcus...." she whispered

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06/12/2000 12:20 AM

Hearing the call of Llewyn, Quira hurried to reach her friends. She sees Marcus lying there and Llewyn collapsing, but before she is even able to do anything, Marcus stands up and runs.

Paralyzed, she sees the forest of Wayreth appear only instants before Marcus runs straight into the vallenwood-tree.

Quickly she kneels down to Llewyn to lift him up to make him see what´s going on.

06/12/2000 12:22 AM

(OOC: has anybody noticed what happened to the first messages of this thread?)

06/12/2000 12:42 AM

Marcus slowly walked towards the ranks of trees before him, a strange melodious voice beckoning him. But as soon as his foot stepped on the path the trees closed ranks and attacked him. He lashed out violently with a 'Wind Rake' spell that uprooted the huge trees with ease. The trees continued their attack on Marcus, ignoring his companions.

"For some reason they attack me as if I threaten them. But why?"

A brilliant flash engulfs the way inside the forest. A mage in black robes appears before them.

"Forgive me for testing you. I have to make sure that you have the power to cross the boundaries of Wayreth."

He gave a rueful grin.

"And it seems that you indeed have the power, Sir Mage. Welcome to Wayreth, I am Fordius, and I am an Apprentice to the head of the Conclave..."

(OOC: I have a new character pic and profile. Check it out, this is how Marcus looks like.)

06/12/2000 12:45 AM

Llewyn comes to, in Quira's arms. Sitting up he feels strangely at peace.

"Wow...that spell took it out of me...Perhaps I should not...We will deal with that later"

Llewyn realises he is staring right at the Forest of Wayreth.

"I...It is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a wonderous place"

Llewyn stands up, but his strength isn't fully returned so he slides back into Quira's arms. Feeling an odd, drunken-like sensation he giggles

"Quira milady, You aree even more beautiful than that forest"

Llewyn leans forward and kisses Quira passionately, her hot, full lips against his.

"WOW!..I think you'll have to solve this without me..."

Llewyn collapses once again, still drained from his exertions earlier...
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/12/2000 10:07 PM

Marcus looks around bewildered for a moment and then steadies himself.

"But why did you test me and not the others?"

06/12/2000 11:02 PM

Surprised by Llewyns sudden "attack", Quira has no chance to push him away. And to be honest - she even doesn´t want to. Enjoying the first kiss in her entire life, she lets Llewyn do...

As he fell back in the grass, she sits there, paralyzed, her heart beating and her knees trembling. Dizzy she looks up to where Marcus stands, slowly noticing that something is going on. Gently she touches Llewyns cheek.

"Llewyn, come up, please...look, Marus talks to someone..."

06/12/2000 11:11 PM

Llewyn bolts up, awakened by Quira's touch, and perhaps even her thoughts

"We must help Marcus...Even if he is not in danger...He should not be in there alone...We must help him......"

Llewyn takes Quira in his arms, cuddling her warmly and leads her to Lidora.

"Look after Lidora....I will go and get Marcus"

Llewyn strides to MArcus but is stopped at the medge of the forest my a barrier. Somehow he know's he should not pass it.

"Marcus !!! Get out of there!"

Marcus doesn't answer and he notices he is talking to someone...

"Show yourself mage....Or are you afraid??? Come out here and talk MArcus, where your power has no hold over him!!!!!"

Llewyn waits for a reaction from the thing that is there.....He turns sharply round to Quira and looks into her eyes, revelling in their beauty.

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/12/2000 11:21 PM

Marcus smiles as Fordius relaxed into a sitting postion. The mage in the balck ribes grinned at the younger man from the future. Marc's eyes gleamed with anticipation.

"We have heard of your comming Marcus. You don't know how much it surprised the Conclave to know that a mage of you power has passed the barriers of time to do something that many has tried but failed. To go back in time and alter the future. Very few seems to have the power to do this and only the great mage Raistlin Majere and his brother Caramon has done so."

Fordius waves a hand and the barrier that stopped the others were dropped. He stands up and bows towards the cleric of Mishakal, evidently surprising Quira.

"Though I am under the Dark Powers I am honored to meet the one who will bring forth the new children of magic. We, of the Conclave, welcome you all to the Tower of Wayreth!"

At this the mists part and the dead vallenwoods bloomed into the enchanting life of spring. Birds flitted from tree to tree, their sweet voice soothing away the fears and anxieties of the companions. A pair of mages in white robes approached Quira and bowed down. They then proceeded to escort her into the enchanted forest.

06/12/2000 11:24 PM

She steps next to Lidora. Seeing her staring at Marcus, with a worried look in her face, Quira lays her arm around her shoulders.

"Everything will be alright. He knows what to do..."

Suddenly she sees the black mage pointing at her and a shiver crawls down her neck.

In deep surprise and wonder she sees the forest suddenly blooming up. It is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen in her whole life and it brings tears to her eyes...

Suddenly those two white robed mages bowed before her and she blushes, not knowing what to say. She looks at Marcus, hoping he would help her out of that situation.

06/13/2000 2:25 PM

Llewyn walks up to the Black Robe and whispers in his ear, in a language only the mages would understand

"If you lay one hand on Quira...I will slit your throat ear to ear"

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/13/2000 3:55 PM

*Lidora looks around sheepishly. She feels unworthy before such a group of powerful people. Looking to Quira she sees the magic within her from her goddess, looking to Llewyn she looks into the magic of a mysterious goddess, and lastly she gazes at Marcus. His magic is dark and unknown to her. She shivers as a breeze sweeps past her ruffling her suddenly mundane skirts and simple blouse. Quietly she felt her melt into the trees as though she were only a simple ant on the ground watching the actions of a larger more powerful group.*

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06/13/2000 8:21 PM

Marcus smiled at the sight and silently made his way back to Lidora's side. Taking her hand, he enfolds it with his own.

"You have nothing to fear. I'll be with you, beloved."

Leading Lidora towards the forest, peace stealing over him as they made their way through the forest.

Slowly, the party made their way into the forest, the paths winding slowly into the depths of the lush greenery.

Suddenly, the forest canopy broke and before them, stood the walls of the great tower of Wayreth.

The strangely reflective obsidian walls seem to reflect the sky at night. And upon the walls, the reflection of the three moons, Solinari, Lunitari and the dark outline of Nuitari.

A group of mages of various ranks appeared near the courtyard that they have entered. The eldest mage, in white robes, approached them.

"Welcome to the Tower of Wayreth..."

06/13/2000 9:16 PM

Llewyn stands, struck by the beauty of this sacred place of mages. He stands by Quira, staring up at the Tower of Wayreth. Tears fill his eyes, for a strange sadness washes over him, nothing to do with what is going on...

"I think I need to rest" he says to the group.

Llewyn walks over to a tree, as if in a trance and lays against it, falling asleep instantly.


Llewyn is standing on a green plains, mist rolling over the plains. A beautiful, young woman appears before him, her radiance bedazzling.

"Llewyn...You now share your love with another, do you not?"

Llewyn nods solemnly

"Yet you are truly devoted to me are you not"

Llewyn nods again

"This is quite a predicament you are in. I am a Lady of Peace, yet sometimes combat is needed to gain that peace. I have always helped you with this, yet now...I cannot, It hurts me too much. Please...do not call upon me to harm anyone again, for I will not answer You may call upon me to defend you, to heal you or anyone you choose, but NO destruction...Do you understand?"

Llewyn nods, understanding what she means

"If it is any consolation Llewyn, I know she loves you, dearly...And I bless the both of you"

Llewyn smiles peacefully then wakes up

"Wow....How strange"

Llewyn looks into Quira's eyes, a slight grin tinting his lips. Llewyn winks at Quira.

"It is only a matter of time ...Quira...You wanted to say something back in the cave...now that everything is calmed down, Pray, tell me what it was"

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/13/2000 9:58 PM

Quira kneels down next to him, looking at him very intense.

"Llewyn, we are next to the Tower of Wayreth...we are about to get help from the most powerful mages...how can you think about heart-things at the moment?"

Her words are rough, but as Llewyn stares into her pale-blue eyes, he sees every answer he needs cleary in them. He smiles warmly and as Quira suddenly touches his arm, a shiver crawls down his neck. She hopes deeply that he would understand her, even without words.

Suddenly she stands up again, and turns towards Marcus, Lidora and the white mage that just greeted them. Again smiling at Llewyn, she then walks over to Marcus and stands herself close to his side. Somehow she felt secure in his presence, for he seems to be the only one who knows what to do. And some of the mages around are watching her quite interested, for they somehow seem to know that she is the one who carries the babies and that makes her feel quite nervous. Marcus would protect her, she is sure about that - at least he has travelled the river of time, to protect the unborn life inside her.

She takes a short glimpse on the wanderer, who faces the white mage very calm, and Lidora, who stands at his other side, looking as if she wanted to dissapear anywhere immediately.
Llewyn still lies near that tree. Quira has to smile a bit, shaking her head. How can he have the coolness to sleep, or even rest in such a moment...?

06/13/2000 10:00 PM

Marcus confers with the head of the order then after a few moments turns to his companions.

"Forgive me, we have matters of great import to discuss. I will send you all to a room furnished for our arrival. Farewell and know that I'll be back after the meeting."

And with this, Marcus gestures with his left hand. A slight nauseating feeling passes for his companions that it forced them to close their eyes. Upon opening their eyes they find themselves in a spacious room furnished with an oaken table and comfortable, high backed chairs with cushions. A large bed big enough for six people occupy a corner and beside it a lampstand. A cedar closet stands nearby the bed. A large fireplace was ablaze to warm the coolness of the room. Across them were a pair of nightstands more appropriate for a ladies sewing room than a mage's tower. A locked door led into the hallway was near a pair of potted plants. Another door was at the opposite end of the room across the bed. The door led to another room similar to the room they are now standing. It is silent for a momment before they noticed the mouth watering steam from the table, which was empty upon their arrival, which is laden with delicacies that tempt the appetite. Chilled wine and juices were placed in bottles and jugs before them. The smell of food tempted all of them.

06/13/2000 10:24 PM

*Lidora waivers from the sudden feeling of nausea sweeping over her. Suddenly the aroma of a well cooked meal tantilates her senses.
Looking first to Quira and than to Llewyn she walks over to the table and uncovers the plates of food.*

"I don't know about you two, but I am starving. All this excitement is too much for my stomach to handle."

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06/13/2000 10:40 PM

"Yes, you are right...Seems that we three can´t do anything but waiting for Marcus´ return. At least we could fulfill our hunger then."

At her last words she sees Llewyn gazing at her, she blushes and starts to put tons of food on a plate.

Lidora and Llewyn are doing the same and suddenly a peaceful calmness spreads in the room, for all three of them started to eat. Quira catches herself once staring at Lidora. She sits there, not noticing her look, eating. Quira can see a certain gloom in her eyes, a gloom that wasn´t there before last night. She has to ask her once about those things, when Llewyn and Marcus wouldn´t be near...

Llewyn...the handsome Kagonesti sits next to her, eating his share without speaking...suddenly he feels her gaze, looks up to her and Quira gains a short smile from him. She smiles back, then continues eating, still watching Lidora.

06/14/2000 1:11 AM

Llewyn eats his meal, occasioanlly looking up and smiling warmly at Quira, clearly understanding her gaze just minutes before. A surge of pure joy engulfs him, and he silently screams his pleasure. After he finishes the meal he goes and sits on the floor on a cushion.

" I think I will have a shower, I feel as though 3 weeks of dirt has piled up on me. If you don't mind ladies, Ill take it in the other room"

Llewyn smiles at the two women, and blows Quira a kiss, then walks into the other room. The noise of the shower is heard.

(That'll give you two girls a chance to talk, and me a chance to come out looking just gorgeous for my new love...:) )

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/14/2000 12:38 PM

Jay walks in and smiles as big as a kender."I decided no to try to teleport this time," she said.She sits down near Quira.

06/14/2000 3:46 PM

*Lidora looks at the new arrival completely puzzled. The kender seemed to appear out of nowhere.*

"Umn excuse me, what did you say, teleport? And who are you and what are you doing here?"

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06/14/2000 9:43 PM

Seeing the kender taking place close to her, she moves a little bit aside, keeping an eye on her bags.

She exchanges a completely surprised look with Lidora, who just shakes her shoulders, puzzled.

"Lidora, I will search for Llewyn, keep an eye on this one - and don´t tell her more than necessary, ok?"

With this she leaves the table (including all her bags) and goes to where the water-sounds are coming. Reaching the room in which Llewyn is washing himself, she knocks on its door, not wanting to open it herself, for Llewyn would probably wear no clothes.

"Llewyn, are you there? Llewyn, please hurry up - we may have a problem out there." She looks back to where Lidora still watches the new arrived one with much suspicion. "Well, maybe no real problem..." she adds. "Please, come out!"

06/15/2000 10:30 PM

Marcus continued to stare into the scrying orb. He sighs, "Forgive us Quira, but this is the only way we can assure that the three children of magic would be born in safety..."

He turns to the white robe mage beside him.

"Are you sure that the accelerated natal developement potion was ingested by the cleric?"

The white robed mage nods, "Yes, the way it was suppose to be archmagus. Her fetuses would develope at the rate of one month for every day she spends here. She will suffer no ill effects from the potion."

Marcus continued to stare into the orb.

"Quira... Lidora...Forgive me..."

06/16/2000 12:56 PM

Suddenly a strange feeling spreads out of Quira´s belly through all her body. She groans out in surprise, one hand pressed on her stomach, with the other one shoring up herself on the wall.


06/16/2000 4:22 PM

Llewyn, apparently not hearing anything from Quira, turns off the water, and walks out, to see Quira clutching her belly.

"QUIRA!!!!! What is wrong?????"

Quira shrugs hysterically.

"Come here my dear...."

Llewyn takes her in his arms, putting one hand on her belly, the other round her. He feels the baby growing inside her, at an extremely rapid rate.

"Quira...Something is happening...the babies are growing extremely quickly...This could hurt you terribly...and I know who has done this...*looks up at the ceiling* DAMN YOU MARCUS!!! DAMN YOU AND ALL YOUR ROBED FRIENDS!!!!!! DAMN YOU TO THE ABYSS FOR DOING THIS TO HER YOU HEARTLESS, SELFISH BASTARDS!!!!!!"

Llewyn looks up in fury, and clenches his fist tightly. He then composes himself.

"We are all getting out of here...But first...Something to foul those bastard mages plan"

Llewyn's green eyes seem as though on fire...his braids swinging wildly around his head. An aura of power is gradually surrounding him, bathing the room in a green glow. He goes around the room collecting a few candles, then from his own pockets he takes some herbs and a piece of chalk.

With the chalk he inscribes a circle on the floor, trailing salt as he goes.

"To to keep out the mages that wish you wrong" he says solemnly

He then lights a small fire and immediately blows it out leaving only embers. Then throws the herbs on the embers, filling the room with a strong scent.

"Now...Quira..Please come and sit on that side of the circle, and I will sit on the other side. Lidora, you take care of the unwanted one and both be quiet please"
They all follow the orders that Llewyn has given out.

"Now this might take a few second for me to work out, It is alot different to usual magic, and alot more powerful...Afterwards, I will fall straight asleep. What I need you to do Quira is to douse the embers, brush away the salt and give me this herb and will help meregain my strength" Llewyn hands Quira the herb, while thinking of the spell.

"Ok..Quira...close your eyes, let me hold your hands, and just open yourself to me...This maybe be frightening, but I promise I will NEVER hurt you"

Llewyn takes deep breaths, Quira soon matching these, both their eyes closed.

"Great Mother, Enter this circle now
I need to help her, Show me how
With your power, loving and true
Leave my beloved fresh and new
Destory the 'cantation I beg of you
She is my beloved true
Take off the mages' iron grip
As though it were a mere cantrip
It's time for my love to be free
I bind this spell so mote it be"

A great flash of light is seen at Quira's belly, expanding to cover many rooms in the Tower, then Llewyn smiles, his energy drained, and falls down , before that whispering
"I think it may have worked"

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/16/2000 8:24 PM

Three figures in another time and space watched the scene unfold before them. One of them, wearing the a white robe and bearing a sword, speaks out to those with him, "This must not come to pass my cousins, we have to prevent this from interfering our return to Krynn. Though it would pain me to do so, we must stop this spell."

Another one , his face resembling that of an emanciated man in a death grin and carrying an orb swirling with the images of a five headed dragon, nods "Yes, this would certainly prevent our return to our beloved world. In this,for now, we both agree. Do you agree with us cousin?" Indicating another figure in red robes bearing a great book.

The figure removes her hood revealing a beautiful face, ageless. She holds the book tighter, nearer to her body. "It seems we have to do this, for the sake of the Magic. Yes, we must counter the spell..."

Joining hands, the three gods of Magic infuses power into the scrying sphere, weaving a powerful counter magic of such maginitude, using their powers to preserve their very existence.
Solinari, Nuitari and Lunitari, infused the essence of abjuration to dispell the ward and counteract Llewyn's magic.

06/16/2000 9:34 PM

Marc's brows knit together when he felt the power of the Three Gods of Magic.

"There are something happening to the room! Summon for the apprentices. I may need help!"

He immediately bolts for the door, knowing what was happening to his friends and what was occuring.

"Something is tampering with the accelerated birth spell. If I don't stop it as soon as possible, the Children and Quira will die. Damn that Llewyn, he should have contemplated more before acting rashly! He might kill Quira and destroy the future as well. I should've found a way to get him away from her."

Marc continued racing down the hallways of the tower, shoving aside several of the apprentices, as he made his way to his friend's rooms.

A sudden shockwave of magic struck him as the Three Gods of Magic succesfully negated Llewyn's spell.

06/16/2000 9:50 PM

Lidora watched the scene with complete horror. She knew what was being done to Quira was wrong, it worried her. Lidora did not move as she heard Llewyn utter strange whipery words, unknowing what to do Lidora just stared in wide eyed terror.

Make a little birdhouse in your soul...

06/17/2000 12:29 AM

Quira cries out in horror...she feels great powers around her, fighting, but she has no real sense for that. She just feel her babies grow oh so fast, and that nearly rips her mind off...the pain was not bearable...

Between two waves of pain she sees Lidora standing by her side and she suddenly grabs her arm hardly, not sensing how strong she digs her fingernails into her flesh...

06/17/2000 6:56 AM

Llewyn is assailed by the power of the Gods themselves, his very being buffeted by the energies negating his spell. He lets out an unholy yell


Llewyn grimaces as his stomach is churned by the magic of the Gods, his heart pounding, chest thumping. He begins convulsing violently, then is still... A faint, erratic rise and fall of his chest shows signs of his living, his breathing, somewhat laborious, returns to him, his heart beats weakly inside his chest.

"Li....dora...Get...a ...healer"

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/17/2000 10:26 AM

Lidora looks around the room franticlly. Seeing only one way out she runs for the door. As soon as she opens it Marcus runs in.She can see a look of anguish on his face.

"Marcus, help us please!"

an eye for an eye keeps the world blind

06/18/2000 1:41 AM

Suddenly, as a fast as it happened, all the flow of power in the room stopped, silence reigned.

"The potion has run its course. The children would be born 9 days from now..." Whispered Marcus.

He held Lidora closer to him as he walked to where Quira was lying on the floor. He checked her pulse and her belly. It seemed to have swollen slightly.

"Each day the children would grow at the rate of one month. I have a potion here that would negate the pain." Pulling out a vial.

He lifts Quira's head and forced her to drink the blue liquid. Pain seemed to pass her face before it faded.

Slowly he carried Quira back to her bed, making sure he doesn't disturb her. As he turned, someone pulls him around.

Llewyn slugs him hard into the face. Marc sails into a far wall.

06/18/2000 2:30 AM

(OOC: SUDDENLY, AN ANOUNCER APPEARS. "What a plot twist. Llewyn fighting a friend. Quira giving birth within nine days. What would happen to their friendship? When will the Dragon Kings of the future reach back in time to take Quira? Will Marc and Lidora's love stay even though Marc performed this despicable and underhanded move on Quira? What will happen in the next postings? We will find out in the future episodes of....
"Days of Our Lives...." Ooops, I mean...
"New Surroundings!!!")

06/18/2000 3:32 AM

Quira feels herself hold up by strong arms...not able to open her eyes to see who it was, she suddenly feels a vial on her lips and a liquid is forced into her mouth.

It tastes bitter and ugly, she wants to spit, but the hands hold her strongly and wouldn´t let her turn her head away. She swallows with pain and she feels the liquid spread inside her body.

As the pain suddenly stops, she feels herself lifted up and carried away, into a bed. Thankfully relieved from the pain, she wants to open her eyes, but all she can do is letting herself glide into the warm, inviting darkness, that slowly takes hold of her mind...

06/18/2000 3:24 PM

Llewyn smiles, satisfied by the physical punishment he just gave im. He walks up to MArcus and firmly steps on Marcus' ankle, not causing TOO much pain.

"Trust ...Sorcerer....That is what holds this group together. I trust both Quira and Lidora with my life!, but not you. You appear out of nowhere, telling us all this...and we trusted you. And now you go and do so an under-handed deed...WHY should we trust you...We would be safer without you I believe. YOU are not our employer and NO LONGER will you overtly or covertly FORCE us to ANYTHING! For if I find out, I hope you will have memorized your spells. And do not think I am threatening you Marcus Mertonius...no...I am above that, I am simply pushes on his ankle, then relaxes* stating *does it again* a fact *does it again then takes his foot off his ankle* .....You had better find some way to regain our trust"

Llewyn walks to the bed at Quira's side and begins tending to her

"It's ok my dear...He apologised for his terrible behaviour...It will all be ok now"

Llewyn smiles at Quira and puts his hands around hers.

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/18/2000 5:49 PM

Lidora rushes to Marcus' side. She drops to the floor and rests her hands gently on his chest. Looking into his eyes she no longer sees the warmth of his love, but the look of sorrow and confusion. Lidora is at a loss. She loves Marcus deeply, but she is confused and scared of the secrets he holds. Slowly she helps Marcus up and serves him some cool wine. He sits at the table across from her and slowly eats some of the food left on the table. He is unable to look into her eyes. Lidora feels a small tear slide down her cheek as she looks away from the table and gazes out a small window, Solinari's light illuminates her face with a pale, white light.
an eye for an eye keeps the world blind

06/18/2000 9:59 PM

Quira feels a soft touch on her hand and she opens her eyes slowly. She sees Llewyn sitting on the edge of her bed.

"Oh Llewyn..." Her voice sounds still weak, but he can hear no more pain in it. She hopes that Marcus could hear her too...

"Llewyn, forgive Marcus. His spell has brought pain to me...terrible pain, but he was also the one who relieved me from that pain again. Trust him. I understand why he did this to me...it would be too dangerous for me and the unborn ones, if I would carry them around for nine months...their surviving is too important for the world...and our enemies are powerful...if it is meant to be, I would willingly give my life for them, if necessary...they would need someone to care for them then, Llewyn...would you do that...you and Lidora...?"

She holds Llewyns hand a bit harder and in her eyes he can see real trust for Marcus.

06/18/2000 10:25 PM

His head bowed low, Marcus made his way back to the door massaging his jaw along the way.

"My room is at the other end of the hall, second one to the right near the stairs across the Grand Library." He pointedly ignored Lidora on his way out.

"You better go to your room Llewyn and take a rest, the ladies should rest, as all of us should." He sighs then proceeds to go out the door, locking it. A wave of magic washed over it as he incanted a magic lock spell.

Upon arriving his room, he locked it up again and laid a powerful locking spell too. The magical lamps have all died down, indicating it is his time for rest. He made his way to his bed, disrobed and proceeded to put on his night robe. Upon lying on his bed, he stared into the night. No one heard the pained tears he shed that night...

06/18/2000 10:29 PM

His head bowed low, Marcus made his way back to the door massaging his jaw along the way.

"My room is at the other end of the hall, second one to the right near the stairs across the Grand Library." He pointedly ignored Lidora on his way out.

"You better go to your room Llewyn and take a rest, the ladies should rest, as all of us should." He sighs then proceeds to go out the door, locking it. A wave of magic washed over it as he incanted a magic lock spell.

Upon arriving his room, he locked it up again and laid a powerful locking spell too. The magical lamps have all died down, indicating it is his time for rest. He made his way to his bed, disrobed and proceeded to put on his night robe. Upon lying on his bed, he stared into the night. No one heard the pained tears he shed that night...

06/19/2000 6:29 AM

In a distant reality from them, a lone figure watched...

"It is not yet my time... But I shall return... We shall be reunited..."

06/19/2000 3:25 PM

Lidora watched Marcus leave the room. She tried to catch his eye, but it was faced away from her, it seemed purposely so. Lidora felt the warmth of the love they shared fading away with every step he took towards the door. A chill shuddered down her spine, a single tear sliding down her cheek. She slowly stood and headed for her room. Silently she layed down on the bed and let the large feather comforter envelope her. She invited the coming darkness. Tears flowed painfully down her cheeks as she drifted off into a sleep mirroring a coma. Her dreams were dark and troubled, perhaps foreshadowing a coming future, or maybe a coming evil, something unknown, yet waited for....

an eye for an eye keeps the world blind

06/19/2000 11:00 PM


Marcus kept on running, running after the one who slew his friends, took Lidora's life...

He caught him, the cloaked one, and whips him around to look into the figure's face...

Brown Eyes...
Twisted Smile...

His own face...


06/20/2000 6:03 AM

Llewyn attempts to sleep, but after many restful attempts cannot. He gets up and walks around the room.

"So much has happened to me so quick...I must apologise for hitting Marcus, I know what he did was wrong, but I was wrong as well..."

Llewyn waits for morning, knowing that he will regret not sleeping, yet still not being able to sleep. He walks out to the centre room and stirs up some stimulating herbs that will keep him up during the day.

"Well...I wonder what we shall do next"

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/20/2000 9:33 PM

That morning, Marcus made his way to the ladies room. He reluctantly knocked on the door. He was very tired and hasn't gotten a restfull sleep for days since their arrival.

"Are you ladies awake now? May I come in?"

06/20/2000 10:16 PM

(OOC: did I get you right that already several days passed?)

Hearing Marcus knocking at the door, Quira lifts herself up. She hasn´t slept much that night herself. Her belly already has huge dimensions, for she is giving shelter to three babies at once. It makes her feel strange and weak, to feel her babies grow so fast. She feels no pain, for Marcus offers the medical liquid to her twice every day...she already became used to its ugly taste, but she feels like no real mother somehow, for she will bear her children withing days instead of months.

She looks to the bed in which Lidora lies, she seems to be still asleep. Good for her, for nobody of the friends have slept all too much the last days.

Slowly she walks to the door and opens it.

"Good morning Marcus, have you had a pleasant night? Lidora is still sleeping, but I don´t want to wake her up. I am glad that she sleeps now...she is so good to me...she helps me whenever she can and forgets about her own needs sometimes..."

She opens the door fully to let Marcus in. She lets him touch her belly for short and sees a short, but warm smile in the wanderer´s face. Then she leads him to the table.

"What´s the matter, Marcus, that early in the morning?"

06/21/2000 11:11 PM

A smile crosses Marc's lips again and a look so startlingly like Mertonius gave his features a soft edge.

"I came here to talk. Among other things."

He gestures and two cups of lemon grass tea appears before them.

"You see, there is something I would like to tell you, but you must promise that you would never tell this to Lidora."

He looks into Quira's eyes and knows that she would not betray that trust.He let out a deep breath and started recounting an incident in his life.

"To tell you the truth, I am acutally adopted by Llewyn in the future. This you must not tell him. I do not know who my real parents are or where I came from. But all I know is this. I have had a startling affinity with magic that frightened even the great mages of my time. And I know that I might not survive till the end. So this, I give you a message for Lidora. Tell her 'That I would always love her and that I'll never regret anything about us. I would always keep her face in my mind and that I would never forget her even after I die.' Tell her that."

He then rose from his seat, taking one of the cups with him. And closed the door of the room with a finality as a coffin closes its lid.

06/21/2000 11:40 PM

"Marcus! Wait!"

Then she realizes that she might wake Lidora up with her shouting and hurries to the door as fast as possible with her big belly. She opens the door, looks to the left, then to the right - Marcus was nowhere to be seen.
She shakes her head slowly, trying to understand what he told her...adopted by Llewyn...how strange it must be for Marcus to know eveything that will come...she wonders what he knows about her and her friend´s future, maybe death...

She closes the door behind her and walks over to Llewyns door. A sudden image of Mertonius came to her mind, and with Valeria´s memories she suddenly misses him very much...

She shakes her head once again to get rid of those strange memories and knocks at Llewyns door.

"Llewyn? Are you awake? May I come in?"

06/22/2000 1:31 AM

Llewyn hears someone knocking at his door.

"Come in...no need to knock"

Quira walks in, or waddles rather.

"How are you Quira??? Not to uncomfortable I hope"

A look of concern flashes on his face

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/22/2000 5:12 AM

Quira smiles.

"Thanks, Llewyn...I feel like a ton..."

She sits down near him and watches him.

"I felt like company now. May I stay in your room for a while?"

06/22/2000 2:20 PM

Llewyn smiles a big, deep, loving smile at Quira, his eyes brightening as she enters the room. He gives her a pillow to rest against the wall with.

"Of course you may stay in here for a while, It would be my pleasure...Now what is wrong, because I can tell that something is wrong"

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/22/2000 9:55 PM

Marcus made his way to the Great Library of The Tower of Wayreth and immediately went to a silent corner. He pulls out a book and started reading about the history of Mertonius...

06/23/2000 6:57 AM

Quira sits down and leans on the pillow Llewyn has prepared for her, smiling thankfully.

"No, nothing is worng. I just want to enjoy your presence. We won´t have much time together within days, when the babies will be born..."

Seeing the doubt in his face, she then admits:

"Ok, you got me. I lied to you. Something is wrong indeed...Marcus came into our room today and begged me to tell poor Lidora about his love for her. It seemed as if he wanted to take leave from us somehow...he frightened me..."

06/24/2000 5:35 AM

The library was still dark despite the magical light Marc brought.

"This is the book I'm looking for..."The thought passed through his mind.

"It says here...."

Mertonius travelled to many worlds in search of the necessary components to finish creating the magical artifact 'The Orb Of Fate' which he would use to vanquish the Queen of Darkness. The first time he tried making the sphere, the magical energies he gathered on the night of the eye was too much for the vessel that he used to contain all the magic in the cosmos. The first sphere ruptured and was nearly destroyed, but in effect it captured the essence of all and nothing, thus becoming that of power of total oblivion. Knowing what he created is not what he desired, Mertonius hid his first creation, a small black, heartshape device known as the Heart of Darkness, and cast it out of the planes into the void....

An abrupt pain strikes Marc as he read the final passages. An unholy fire suddenly burns the last page of the book, destroying what he sought for.
The pain was totally unbearable and he went down to his knees, screaming into the darkness...

06/26/2000 9:24 PM

A thought passed Marcus mind as he fell...

"It can't be true..."

06/26/2000 9:58 PM

"LLewyn, have you heard that too?"

Quira bends forward to listen. "That sounded like Marcus...something must have happened to him!"

She lifts herself up again, wanting to run through the door to see what happened. But with her big belly, she is only able to walk more or less fast. Suddenly she feels Llewyns hand on her arm, holding her back.

"Quira, go wake up Lidora, I will look after Marcus." And with a look on her belly he adds "You would be no real help, at the moment."

With that he leaves the room in the direction the scream came and Quira walks back to her room again. Seeing Lidora still sleeping she sits down at the edge of her bed, stroking her face slightly.

"Lidora, wake up..."

06/27/2000 6:13 AM

Blood dripped from Marc's lips as he struggled his way to the room. A half dozen apprentices tried to assist him but he ordered them to leave him.

"I don't believe it! You're lying! You're all lying! Bastards!!!"

He collapes as soon as he reached the door.

06/27/2000 11:13 AM

Lidora awoke to the different sounds coming from outside the room. Rushing out she found Marcus collapsed on the floor, but as she kneeled to help him she heard Quira cry out. not knowing what to do Lidora rushed to Quira's side.
Looking into her face she knew what was happening.

"Llewyn, get some hot water know! First help me get Quira onto the bed, than go see what is wrong with Marcus, we may need his help. Oh Mishakal we could use your help right now!"

you can't live life if your living death

06/27/2000 2:31 PM

Llewyn runs around like a mad rabbit. First Quria tells him to go to Marcus, he begins his healing preparations...then Lidora tells him to help Quira. He scrabbles up and fetches the bow of hot water...

"What do I do now!!!"

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/27/2000 9:20 PM

Marcus was convulsing now, his arms and legs shaking with frightening violence. A half dozen apprentices came and started restraining him.

"Take him to this room! He needs immediate medical attention!" An elderly mage came and pointing out Lidora's room.

06/27/2000 10:11 PM

(OOC: lol, I didn´t know I will get my babies so soon, Lidora...so damn...help me through it, guys... ;) )

Lidora rushes back to her bed to help her lie down. The pain disappeared as fast as it came. She smiles at Lidora.

"Don´t worry about me, everything is alright. Help Marcus first, he need you more urgent than I...I know I have some time left. Care for Marcus, don´t let anything happen to him, we need him, for we are lost without him..."

Lidora stands there, staring at her, obviously not knowing what to do. Quira hears Llewyn´s confusion outside and Marc´s moaning. Yes - he needs Lidora more than she herself at the moment. She grabs Lidoras arm to push her away.

"Go now! I will be alright!"

Lidora turns around to leave the room, as another wave of pain tortures Quiras body...

06/28/2000 6:16 AM

Llewyn rushes to Quira's side and wraps her hand around his.

"Squeeze this when it hurts...Oh Great Mother...Help THIS mother through her ordeal"

Quira screams at him to goto Marcus.

"quira...I dont care about Marcus...I care about YOU..the other mages have Marcus under control...and the way he is acting She upstairs wouldn't want to help him, upsetting the natural way of things *he pats her extremely large stomach* So You are stuck with me...Got that?"

Quira nods and Llewyn bursts into laughter

"Come here *Llewyn sits on the bed next to her, and puts her head in his lap, then regulates his breathing so she will follow his example. He then starts to lovingly stroke her hair* Everything is going to be ok dear..."
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/28/2000 7:43 AM

Quira smiles thankfully at him. With her head on his lap and the regular sound of his breathing, she immediately feels better. The attacks of the pain are easier to bear with him at her side.

Little sweat-drops are slowly to be seen on her forehead, but Llewyn continues stroking her hair regularly, looking down at her with this loving gaze...

When the pain comes to strike her again, he can hear "Damned Mertonius!" out of her tensed mouth from time to time, which he notices with a slight smile, continung calming her down with his touch.

She squeezes his hand hardly...but it is only a small pain he has to take, compared to the one she is bearing at the moment.

Then, suddenly, inbetween two waves of pain, Quira looks up at him with the same loving gaze, reaches up her arm to lay her hand down on the back of his neck and quickly pulls him down to her lips, to give him a long, tender kiss...

06/28/2000 3:01 PM

Llewyn is almost enjoying this moment, the only thing holding him back is Quira's pain. He sits, stroking her hair, breathing, quite content except for the little squeezes that remind him of her intense pain.

It is almost peaceful in their quiet corner of the room, Marcus still convulsing over the other side, but that does not seem to worry him.

All of a sudden Quira puts her hand on his neck and pulls him down, her soft, gentle lips touching his. At first he is taken aback, surprised at this sudden , tender kiss.
After mere moments he realises what she is doing and then responds. His tongue explores her mouth , his arms ,getnly massaging her shoulders. Then another spasm of pain forces her to break off their kiss. Llewyn looks concerned about her pain and decides it is time.

He takes out a bag of herbs and mixes certain ones together, adding them to a cup of hot water. He then squeezes a lemon from the fruit bowl in.

"There ...drink that...It should help the pain..."

Llewym smiles warmly and hands her the cup of tea.
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/28/2000 9:11 PM

After the pain is over again, she grabs the cup of tea and swallows it down very quickly. She feels that the babies won´t give her much time to rest anymore and the pain meanwhile almost make her go crazy.

She tries to sit up and looks Llewyn solemnly in his eyes.

"Llewyn, I thank you so much for all you are doing, but I feel it is time now...the babies are coming...if you don´t mind, I want a woman at my side now...please...go...search Lidora for me, will you? I don´t want you to share that moment, seeing me in all that pain...please...I will call you back as soon as the babies are born...Llewyn...please, respect my will, at least once..."

With that she smiles at him, tensed, but still loving, hoping that he would understand her wish and leave her, at least for now.
She bends forward a second time, to give him a quick kiss, then leans back again to prepare herself for the next attack of the pain.

"Please, Llewyn...go now...bring Lidora...and don´t be offended...I don´t want to hurt you...please..."

06/28/2000 11:15 PM


Marcus opened his eyes and saw a figure before him. The figure was wearing a cloak and is drapped with a myraid of colored robes.


Marc nods, acknowledging the man.


He nods again.



A jolting blow shakes Marc from his dream. The apprentices were running around in panic. In desperation, Marcus grabs one who passed by his place.

"What is happening? Where am I?"

The apprentice gives Marcus a startled look and then bows.

"We are under attack sire. Metallic skinned creatures assault the tower. They suddenly appeared out of nowhere, penetrating the great barrier we had created to keep outsides away!"

The apprentice went running towards a window near Marcus's bed and pointed out. Marc apported himself to stand near the window beside the young mage.

"Oh my, Draconians in heavy assault armor! And a full regiment of them!"

A number of heavily armoured draconians started landing on the outer walls. Many mages fell from the powerful weapons wielded by the creatures from the future. Magic met technology and fought a losing battle.

"And damn them! They're wearing magic dissipating suits."

Marc ran to his companions room and started banging at their door.

(OOC: It seems Biggs and Wedge were a tad too late. They managed to damage the power supply but it seems that the draconians were succesfully sent. I think it is time for you guys to get ready for the fight of your life.)

06/29/2000 1:03 AM

(OOC: fight of my life??? hell - i am getting triplets right now...lol...)

06/29/2000 1:31 AM

Llewyn runs in search of Lidora...He finds her and explains the situation to her. She hurries to Quira, while Llewyn goes to find out if Marcus has awakened. He walks silently to the door, when he hears Marcus' voice.. He listens intently to the conversation , then hurries to his room afterwards...

"So many things are going on around here...It is too chaotic...I do not know whether I can stand all this pressure...I like Order...Chaos is too...I cannot let this happen...Great Mother, protect us all, especially Myself and Quira, at the moment , we both need you desperately"

Llewyn sneaks out, virtually invisible, and slips out the open door. He runs down the stairs to the bottom of the tower, takes a minute to catch his breath then opens the doors to the tower and slips out, shutting the doors behind him.

His voice strangely amplified, so it can be heard for miles
"Creatures from Afar!!!!! Hear me!!! You have come here to destroy something so precious to me, that destroying it will destroy me!!!!! I cannot let that happen!!! You may not be harmed by Magic...But it is not magic I carry...But Love...Love for my Goddess...and for a lady dear to my heart, PREPARE TO DEFEND YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!"

Llewyn rips two green daggers from his boots, holding them in his hands and crouches into a fighting stance.
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/29/2000 4:50 AM

Seeing Lidora approaching, Quira smiles thankfully at her.

Suddenly chaos breaks out, as the two ladies can hear a voice that sounds pretty much like Llewyn´s outside...Quira shrieks out in horror, trying to sit up to look outside the window, to see what is going on. She can see strange creatures...draconians...she can see a battle arising...she hears Llewyn´s voice...

"Llewyn!!! NO!!! Lidora!!! What is he doing!! Don´t let him sacrifice himself!!!"

Another pain attack is striking her, but she tries to ignore that, ignoring the pain and Lidora´s warning hand on her arm, trying to force her back to bed...

06/29/2000 11:03 AM

Lidora watches as Quira attempts to rise, but the pain in her stomach is to much for her to bear, causing her to fall back on the bed.

"stay Quira, please, we have to get these babies out safely."

Lidora eases Quira through the delivery, she helps her focus on something other than the fighting.

"your going to have to push with every ounce of strength in your body"

Lidora continues to work with Quira, at the same time she can here the sounds of battle outside the window.

you can't live life if your living death

06/29/2000 9:11 PM

Quira closes her eyes...the sounds of the battle outside are intermingling with the sounds of her pain...her only thought is to give birth to those children as fast as possible to be able to fight outside with Llewyn...the room starts to move before her eyes, for her pain somehow makes her feel kind of hypnoted...she loses her feeling for time...she feels as if she was already lying there for hours and hours...but it could have been only seconds as well...she sees Lidora standing close to her, but in her mind she could be one of those metallic armed draconians as well...she cries out in horror as suddenly Lidora reaches out one of her draconian claws to touch her stomach...then suddenly Lidora changes again and her mother, her loving, gentle mother, was standing before her, calming her down, with her soft, warm voice...a smile softened Quira´s tensed mouth and she leans back, more or less relaxed...there was the cry of a baby sounding in Quira´s ear...then another wave of pain, strong, but already slighter then the last one and now Quira gives in to the process of nature...she forgets about the battle, she forgets about Llewyn, or Marcus, as suddenly peace spreads all over the room and she finally feels those three little half-elven children being put on her chest by Lidora...

Suddenly it was as if the two women and the newborn ones were on an island of peace...the women sweating of effort, even Lidora, the babies crying and freezing, but protected by Quiras loving arms...the sounds of the battle oh so quiet and unreal compared to the sweet sounds of the babies...the next wave of emotion to strike Quira´s body is no more pain, but pure delight and happiness...she reaches up to touch Lidoras hand, tears of happiness and thankfulness in her eyes.

06/30/2000 4:11 AM

Llewyn looks up to the Tower, suddenly aware of what has happened up there...He feels a surge of happiness but quickly represses it.

"I have to concentrate...That can come later"

Llewyn looks at the masses of metal-plated draconians and snarls.

"It's time to die!!!"

Llewyn screams in rage, his sense heightening as he does. He draws his bow, firing almsot one after the other, most of them hitting the target right between the eyes.

Llewyn throws his bow to the side, and crouches back into his fighting stance.

Llewyn dashes at the oncoming draconian, and before he can slash at the creature, it slices him across the face with a dagger. He ignores the pain and stabs it through the armor, into it's chest. he spins around and slashes another one across the face, then punches it in the nose, knocking it out. One clobbers him across the back with a metal club, he grunts and falls to the ground, rolling onto his pained back and stabs upwards .

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

06/30/2000 8:44 PM

The mages of the Tower of Wayreth fared well on at the onset of the attack, being in their own time and place. But the regiment of Advance Draconian troops were quickly penetrating into the Tower's defensive barrier. Already, reports of scattered one on one combats between the Mages and the Creatures have been arriving to the central keep.

There, upon the top of the keep, stood Marcus, alone, his clothes disheveled, his eyes blank, his breathing ragged. He stared down into the carnage bellow him, knowing that somewhere one of his friends was fighting for his life. Another was giving birth to the ones who will bring salvation to Krynn along with the woman he loves...

Marcus stared into the green expanse... Knowing it is the time for him to reveal what was hidden... That was hidden from him for so long...
The only thing that would destroy those who threaten the ones he loved...

The words of Mertonius started to form again in his mind...


Marcus stared into the clear sky with eyes full of longing... He ripped open his robe...


A sudden, ominous, and shadowy light erupted from his chest...


07/02/2000 9:22 PM

Suddenly a hard slam on the door of the ladie´s room is heard, then another one and suddenly the blade of a huge sword is seen, hacking its way through the door.

Quira shrieks out and tries to hide her children in panic, hastily searchig for her bow and arrows, but too weak to get them. Lidora quickly hurries up to grab her sword, preparing to fight for her and her friend´s life.

Now the hole in the door is big enough that the women can see a draconian claw reaching through it, then an ugly reptile face, watching them, evilly grinning.
Suddenly the face disappears and the voice of the draconian is heard, obviously calling his companions in triumph that he has found for what they travelled through the river of time and then the woman can hear more and more draconians approach.

Gazing at each other in panic, Lidora and Quira, can only watch them finally breaking through the door and spreading in the room, heavily armed and with a look in their faces, that might be something like triumph...

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