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Master Mage Aleximi
02/19/2001 11:49 AM

OOC: This Topic is being continued from where "Browsing Any Palanthas Market----" left off. Please check that one out to get a quick update of what's going on.

02/19/2001 11:52 PM

Kalia stared at her cousin, awed. In the back of her mind she could still see the Vision of Takisis, and the learing laughter in her ears.

"Wh-Why are you l-looking for them?" she stammered her golden eyes wide with fear. She gripped her staff, holding onto it for support.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/20/2001 7:10 AM

*Aleximi looks back with his hour glass eyes.... for the first time they can be noticed.*
"Why am I seeking the Dragon Orbs? Simple.... they are 'The Key' to our master plan.
Once I've collected the three Dragon Orbs, we can begin phase two the opening of the portals."

*Grinning mischiviously, but not knowing exactly why this is going on.... Aleximi begins to cackle... then
abruptly falls to his staff in a coughing fit.*

02/20/2001 11:01 AM

OOC: I'm here!

Not really caring what the "Master Plan" is, he just wants the Golden Ord for him self.

"So, where are these Orbs?""No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/20/2001 12:29 PM

A strange man wearing a long cloak walks up to the group."Hey kids,wanna buy a Dragon Orb?"he whispers,opening the cloak.Inside lie 5 mystical orbs,thier size unknowable.
He grins malicously.Before he can say anythign else,another man jumps on him."You sold me a defective Dragon Orb!I couldn't take over the world,and now my wife's angry at me for being out trying until late!I'll get you!"
Both men are envoloped in a ball of dust and defenite sounds of glass breaking is heard.The Dragon Orb salesman runs off, his opponent after him.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

02/21/2001 10:52 AM

OOC:Joe's finally lost what little mind he had! "No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/21/2001 10:54 AM


Kalia stares at her cousin, fear playing over her face. She withdrew her hand and brought it up to cover her mouth, to stifle a cry of fear.

02/21/2001 11:01 AM

OOC:Where is the mage?
"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/22/2001 11:59 AM

Tiver walks and stands in the middle of Kalia, Dylar, and Aleximi looking up at everyone smiling. "I over heard you all were looking for a dragon orb, and the that walked by saying he had some but he ran off before I could talk to him. Well then I noticed that he "dropped" one and I "found" it just lying there on the ground, and hearing everyone talking about finding one I thought it would be nice to get you one." Tiver smiled holding up the silver like orb up to Kalia, Dylar, Aleximi. "If this isn't the one you want i'm sure I could help find the guy that had them and I could get you another?" Tiver had a grin from ear to ear as his hands went into their pouches after finding something new.

"You know this reminds me of this one time when a mage friend of mine went looking for this item..." Tiver continued on even though he knew most likely everyone was not listening. "Well can one of you show me how to work this orb thingy?" Tiver smiled still holding it up,"I'm sure i'll be busy for hours if you show me." Tiver was looking into a pouch that he found earlier to see what was in it. Tiver Neehigh

02/23/2001 10:57 AM

"Quickly! What color is the orb!?"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/23/2001 11:21 AM

Tiver tilted his head and looked extremely puzzeled at Dylar, "Well I did say it was silver..." Tiver glanced up at Kalia whispering to her,"Is your friend okay? He seems a bit funny in the head if you know what I mean."

Tiver turned his head quickly looking at Dylar smiling as Tiver placed the orb in his pouch. "Alright Dylar I want you to come with me okay? We're going to a nice place where people in armor and white robes take good care of people like you. Everything will be fine I'll I want you to do is come with me, and you'll be in good care okay?"

Tiver looked back and smiled up at Kalia with a wink, "He should go for this, but if not i'll just have to bonk him on the head with my mighty hoopak."Tiver Neehigh

02/26/2001 10:50 AM

"Have you seen the Gold one? I must have it!""No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


Master Mage Aleximi
02/26/2001 6:05 PM

"Fake.... so fake..... we must head towards Xak Tsaroth for our first clue. I believe that was were one of the real Dragon Orbs was last seen, though the undead that I spoke to had a hard time knowing exactly what I meant.... being dead and all." *grins mischiviously*
"Then, once we get the 3 orbs together..... we must travel and find one of the few remaining portals to the Dark Queen's realm. Doest thou remember where thy portal lie in this day and age?"

02/27/2001 7:07 AM

OOC: Er, Mage, there are about seven differant dragon orbs."No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


Master Mage Aleximi
03/03/2001 2:14 PM

OOC: ok so I just started reading book 2 of Chronicles...... though I've read some other besides that trilogy. Sorry.

"Well anyways let us begin. Shall we try flying or do you all perfer the natural walk through Darken Wood? I perfer Darken Wood myself but.... whatever you all want shall be fine. I hear Darken Wood has plenty to offer in the lines of a sub adventure *looks at the Kender* and many wonderful thrills too. So what shall it be?"

03/03/2001 4:04 PM

OOC: There WHERE seven...but only three where found, one was destroyed by tasslehoff, and one was destroyed in Sylvanesti? Right??

Kalia shudders, and stares at her cousin strangely. Only followers of Nuitari can pass through the darken wood safely.

"Cousin! Are you insane!! just how do you expect to pass through the Darken Wood?!"

She paces nervously in front of them, Her Golden eyes shadowed, her silvery hair flowing in the faint breeze created by her wake.

03/05/2001 7:07 AM

"I'm all for it!"

It had been a good long time since Dylar had slain an evil minion of darkness(or even a squirell for that matter.)"Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

Puck,Pixie A MidSummer Nights Dream

Master Mage Aleximi
03/05/2001 9:33 PM

OOC: Correction...there were 5 Dragon Orbs (just read it a day ago in Chronicals Book II) 1 destroyed by in a tower when it was destroyed (supposedly)... 1 by tasselhoff.... one 'accidentally' by Raistlin in Legends Tril if I'm correct..... so since that leaves 2.... lets say the one in the tower wasn't destroyed

"It is simple... I the new Master of Past and Present shall destroy anyone and anything that comes between me.... er.... us and the Dragon Orbs, and my newest Dark Knight, Lord Soth.... shall help us. Yes, the Lord has returned....." The mage begins to cackle evilly then suddenly begins to cough roughly.

"Now.... does anyone remember how Darken Wood finds us?"

03/08/2001 5:43 PM

Suddenly, a cloaked figure appears beside the group, leaning upon a tree trunk. Her features are hidden, but her body definitely screams female. A long sword, and a quiver of arrows stick out from her cloak showing she is a skill warrior. "Did I hear someone is looking for a Dragon Orb? Well, strange thing, i just happen to know where one is."
She holds out her slender hand, a crystal ball floating above it. "But, beware of illusions," she said as the ball disappeared. " 'Master Mage', there is no reason to journey through Darken Wood. Although, such an adventure does seem appealing."

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Master Mage Aleximi
03/08/2001 6:27 PM

OOC: Everything is appealing to you E.D.B aka Elven_Ranger :P

OOC: Hmmm.... two places at once. Am I neautral or am I dark?

Suddenly the Mage's true colors show and the Red goes Black.
"You fools now have a choice. You may join my Queen and I's quest to conquer Krynn or you my relive the past that is being reborn. Speak now or may the choice be made for you, and believe me... you don't want that." Spoke the mage in a deepr voice, hourglass eyes piercing their souls.

03/08/2001 6:59 PM

She laughs histerically. Her knees buckle and she falls over laughing. Slightly embrassed, she regains her composure. "You, a black mage?!? Oh, don't kill me, Smalls!" She slowly removes her hood to reveal the face of a Kagonesti elf. Tatooes run down her face, her long brown hair blows in the wind. Her green eyes pierce the mage's stare, showing her evil side to someone who knows nothing of evil. "Go ahead, take your best shot."

03/18/2001 3:39 PM

OOC: This really amuses you dosen't it Ranger?"The light at the end of the tunnel may only lead to darkness, but also at the end of that tunnel there will be...ME!"


03/18/2001 6:34 PM

OOC: OH YEAH!! lol"What if I stumble? What if I fall? What if I loose my step and make fools of us all?"

DC Talk - What If I Stumble?

Wynter Firecaster
03/18/2001 7:29 PM

A shadow form of a figure dressed in an odd from of blue trousers, and green shirt, with the words 'Bite Me!' on it appears before Autumn and begins to speak, "Autumn, are you causing trouble again!? Don't make me bust a cap in you!""I wish I was the full moon shining off a Camaro's hood."

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03/19/2001 6:12 AM

"What the.....?!""What if I stumble? What if I fall? What if I loose my step and make fools of us all?"

DC Talk - What If I Stumble?

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