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02/19/2001 3:24 AM

The sleepy town of kelper lies in the fertile fields of Solamnia. Although protected by the Knights the town is still subject to the occasional raids by goblins. So the village leaders have erected a small wall around the town and the occupants take turns acting as guards.
Bord was not happy, he had a ton of work to be done on the farm in the morning and here he was in the middle of the night sitting on the village wall looking for goblins.
Still he thought to himself at least it is a nice night.
Staring at the two moons Bord wondered if they were really gods.

Standing to stretch his legs bord watches as one of his fellow guards vanishes around the corner.
Turning to walk back along the stretch of wall he was guarding Bord heard what sounded like a scuffle coming from the direction the other guard went.

Gripping his sword Bord headed back the way he came when the other guard appeared at the end of the wall.
As if by magic the two moons were covered by dark and threatening storm clouds.
"Looks like there's going to be a storm eh Johan" Bord shouted as he headed towards the other guard.
As he approached he noticed that the other guard was dragging his leg behind him.
"What you don to ya leg" Bord asked as he steeped up to his friend.
Just then lightening flashed illuminating the area.
Bord stumbled back as the flash of light reviled Johan covered in blood.
"what the…" strong hands grasped Bord from behind, the stench of rotting meat making him gag.
Lightening flashed again showing Johan advancing his woodcutters axe held high.

The fire popped sending sparks shooting out of the fireplace. The bar man rushed over to see to the fire.

Dynes sat slumped at the bar an empty bottle of Dwarf sprits in his hand. His mind wandering to the past few weeks. It all happened two weeks ago at the harvest festival. No one from the neighbouring town of kelper had attended and no word had been heard of them either.
Last week several of the town's young men had headed off to kelper and none of them had returned.

"Still no word of your boy then?"

The bar man asked as he squeezed behind the bar.

"Nope not a thing and now my youngest son ragard has got it into his head to head on out and find his brother. It is a bad business. You mark my words no good will come out of this."

The bar man glanced around his empty inn. Most of his patrons had gone on that fools errand and is business was suffering.

"Yep you could be right there my friend…. Do you want another bottle?"

Ooc I am pretty new to this whole thing so you must forgive me if I get a bit carried away

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03/10/2001 9:30 PM

(what is Ooc?)

The door of the empty in suddenly opens and a little girl of about nine enters. She seats herself as close to the fire as possible. She stairs into the fire with her freaky black eyes and starts whispering to herself.

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