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02/15/2001 1:49 PM

HA HA HA an evil laugh come roaring down from the mountain that towerd over the helpless litte village. Everyone who was outside ran for cover in the cottages.
Suddenly the voice comes again, I will rule this town forever! Noone has the power to defeat me.

OOC: I am a newbie but come and help the poor village get rid of me at the top of the evel mountain.

02/15/2001 1:55 PM

OOC: I hope many people come and try to defeat the evel one at the top of the hill, because who ever kills him gets his treasure of 100,000 gp, But be careful the evel one is very talented and very powerful.

02/16/2001 7:10 AM

OOC: We already have a thread for this, Ferat. We don't need another!"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/16/2001 10:41 AM

OOC: This is going to be diffrent one and if you don't like then don't post on it!
It is not going to be like your "Evil on Mt. Hood" so don't worry.FERAT THE MIGHTY

02/16/2001 10:55 AM

OOC:Ferat the Mighty my foot! Besides, this is the exactly same storyline, but you are playing as the "Evil" instead of a guide!"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/16/2001 10:57 AM

OOC: I will make it a lot different from your thread so stop being so self centered and I can't stop it now.Ferat

02/16/2001 12:28 PM

OOC: it sounds a lot like it to me...maybe you could add whats different about it to make people want to do this one too?

02/17/2001 3:03 AM

Um,sounds dif to me...I'm just in to many threads to join any more...
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/17/2001 1:50 PM

Kalan had just gotten done with a prosperous journey at sea. He was looking for a place to spend some of his money. Traveling along he spotted a village from the ridge he stood upon. It was as good as any, so the minotaur headed towards it.

02/20/2001 10:59 AM

The voice came again and Kalan heard it only this time the evil one on the top of the mountain wanted the fool to came . He new that if any one were to come that he would simply just destroy them. He could feel the brave one comeing close so he began thinking of evil spells. Ferat

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