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02/13/2001 2:51 PM

The young elf stood over looking the vast and beautiful forest as his heart sunk deep into chest his soul tomented by the evil of the staff he carried. He could feel the the life force trapped within it calling to him as the shadow like staff started to bend and shape trying to destroy the elf who controlled barely. The elf fought hard with what magic he had but the staff would only drain him more and more of the power he used to protect himself. Struggling the elf fell to his knees suffering a death unlike any ever experianced before for the death would destroy his soul and not his body. Fighting more he stood up calling upon the staff powers to cover him from watching eyes so that his travels would be safe.

After he made it to the town he was to find the adventures he dreamed about to help him destroy the staff, but the staff had other things on its mind. The staff speaking into the elf's mind said to him, "Aldra Windwalker the Exiled One, you will never destroy me nor shall anyone help a dark elf of the black robes you fool!" These words screamed in Aldra's mind as he finally collasped upon the door steps of a temlpe that Aldra was to blind to see which god it was. Aldra's eyes closed slowly as his hands grasped onto the staff with the might of a god hissing his last words at the staff, "I will destroy you, and free myself of your torment."

:: OOC it is up to who finds him to whether the young mage either survived the night or died.:: Tiver Neehigh

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02/13/2001 11:59 PM

Kalia Majere stepped out of the temple to stare at the Dark Elf laying at her feet. She quickly dropped to her knees beside him. She rolled him over gently eyeing the shadow-like staff still clutched in his hands. She touched his cheek gently and his forehead.

"Come on...wake up now...I cannot use my magic on you...it would only serve to harm you more..." She murmered staring at him willing him to open his eyes. She fixed her Golden eyes on his closed ones her silvery hair flowing loose in the wind.

02/14/2001 12:21 PM

The shadow like veins shrank back at the closeness of this good woman as the elf's eyes opened slowly. His pale grey eyes slowly turning back to the sky like blue as the staff's power yeilded to him. Sucking in the air around him as though the life of his body was being choked from him.

His eyes looked up to this beautiful wanting to thank her for her help and even more wrap his arms around her and cry like a lost child. "I...," he started to say and he started coughing wildly as a tear flowed down his face. He had spent to much energy to get here and he needed rest. He forced a smile to his dark lips, this being something he hasn't done in many years, as his eyes slowly closed with his breath steady as the wind.
Tiver Neehigh

02/15/2001 2:41 AM

Kalia smiled softly back. She didn't know the Dark elf's story and she didn't care. All she knew was that he needed rest and that her presence was helping somehow.

She used a small bit of her magic, using it to levitate him. She walked with him in tow to the nearest inn

"TRISTA!!" Kalia cried "I need your help!" A slim blond girl-no more than a child ran up to Kalia. "I need a room for the night" she said to the girl as she dropped three steel pieces in Trista's hand "that ought to do it right?"

Trista nodded quickly her eyes never leaving the inert form of the elf in the dark robes. "don't worry Trista, all will be ok." Kalia said softly as she guided her magic to take the elf to the room.

Once there, she layed him onto the bed, and covered him with a thin blanket. she settled into a chair that she had pulled next to the bed and prepared herself for a quick nap..she had the feeling that it was going to be a long night.

02/15/2001 12:56 PM

A hansome young human rides into town.

He is thirsty and wants something to drink and maybe a bite to eat.

He goes to the nearest innand sits in one of the tables.
He orders then asks one of the people siting at the bar if he has seen anyone who was carrying a mysterios black staff.
When He answers no, I say, It is important that you tell me if you do because this staff is very dangerous it can overdo some of the strongest magick. And who ever has it is in very serios danger.

02/15/2001 8:01 PM

The staff sensed the black robed elf was asleep and drained of energy, and that the young white robed female was also alseep. The staff then started calling the shadows around the room, it was the staffs to completely cast this town into the blackness of shadows, but it would have to do this quickly. The life force within the staff called upon the shadows quickly spreading its darkness into the room and out.

The staff called to both the mages in the room softly saying, "I Nilrem the Shadow Keeper shall live again and this mage will be the body I shall take for my own. I will rule the world of Krynn by casting it into darkness, and in his weakened state neither of you will be able to do anything."

Nilrem used the staff to quickly do as he wished, and then started to rip at the very Soul of Aldra Windwalker waking him into a nightmare with a scream of terror. Though Aldra seemed young it was the staff that kept him looking like he was barely past 165 years old, but in reality he was atleast 700 years old.

Aldra tried his hardest to wake Kalia but it seemed as though Nilrem had wrapped the shadows thick around her so she could not hear a thing. The only thing that Aldra could do was scream into the darkness hoping that someone would be able to him before Nilrem got what he wanted most... Aldra's body.Tiver Neehigh

02/15/2001 8:32 PM

*In the Silver Tower, some distance away*

The Thorn feels a dark energy flow through Krynn. It was strong, close to thelevel of power Mertonious could call upon. That was power, and that meant danger. The Thorn would have to do something about this. There was no telling who could be in danger. The Thorn located his crystal ball, scrying for the power. Eventually, a location showed in the glass, a tavern, the Steel Piece.

02/15/2001 9:44 PM

Kalia snapped awake, Her gold eyes wide with sudden fear. she murmered a single word and she was swathed in a brilliant light. It was then that she saw the Elf on the bed, he himself swathed in shadow as she was in light.

She reached over and held out her hand to the Elf, as a thin tendril of light like a wispy fog spread from her hand to the elf Screaming in silence on the Bed.

"Gods of all Light Help me!!" She cired falling to her knees as an image appeared over her head. the image of her true self, A serene Crystal Dragon, Feathered wings folded loosely, Golden eyes tear filled and pleading.

02/16/2001 10:51 AM

Ferat herd the screaming comeing from the room and Said: that is it I can feel the darkness nere by.
He got up and ran to the room and bursted down the door.
When He seen the Lady crying and the staff he admediatly cast a spell on the staff. The staff then stopped, and he told the lady that it would only hold for about 7 min. and 34 sec. so we have no time to lose!Ferat

02/16/2001 11:49 AM

*Back at the Silver Tower*

The Thorn had moved to his labratory. He had gathered several components he needed to cast the teleport spell that would take him to the tavern. He began to chant, casting the spell.

02/16/2001 1:48 PM

Nilrem, the staff, released its hold upon the elven mage as the shadows faded back showing a silver haired aged elf. As the shadows fell from the elf his youth returned to him casting the shadows to the side though the staff still held the town in a vast darkness slowly coming back to the staff. Aldra opened his eyes slowly, his vision blurred from all the tears. He tried to roll over and stand up, but when he tried his leggs gave out on him. Kalia quickly quickly helped him back to his feet. The elf looked younger now his body more full of life, his hair long and brown, and his pale grey eyes now burned with the fire of survival. Aldra had tasted the power of Nilrem just then, and it had seemed like a eternity of hatred and destruction. Aldra had then learned his secrets his knowledge and the truth of how Nilrem became the staff.

Slowly Aldra stood on his own knowing the man that came in to help spell would not hold as long as he said. Now that Aldra was younger again he could feel his own need for power, and now did not what to cast the staff away. No, Aldra wanted to aid to the calling of the staff, of Nilrem, and cast the land into the shadows of his world. Nilrem promised him power, magic, money, and a place in his kingdom. Aldra tried to shake this all away realizing that in becoming younger his mind had become weaker. Hissing a command, "Ki-hussh!" the shadows quickly started to come back to the staff as it floated before the young elven mage. The staff screamed at him to stop and allow the shadows to bath this town in hate, but the elven mage would not listen as the shadows were pulled back into the staff.

Turning slowly to the two who had helped him his eyes full of fire full of torment clearly showed that he was not completely who he once was before. Aldra bowed before both of them saying softly as he raised up to meet their gaze, "I am Aldra Windwalker the Keeper of the Shadows..." his voice trailed off softly as he continued, "I thank you both for your help, but as you see our work has only begun."

The shadows of the staff lashed out at Aldra trying to grip at his soul, but Aldra only hissed at the staff as it resumed a twist and old form of a black staff of wood. "Our work has only begun." he said to himself hearing the call of Nilrem begging Aldra to release him from the staff. Then the young felt its power again as he fell to his fells in pain tears streaming down his face. Tiver Neehigh

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02/16/2001 2:55 PM

The Thorn appeared in a flash of light and a small of sulfur outside the Steel Piece. It was unnaturally dark, especially for late morning. Slowly the darkness fled, finding refuge in the tavern. The mage was right something was horribly wrong. It was a strong power that could drape a town in shadows at midday.

The silver robe entered the tavern, waiting a moment for his eyes to adjust. He looked around seeing if he could find the source of the problem. Not finding it, he got a glass of wine and took a seat to wait.

02/17/2001 2:00 PM

The mage nursed his wine, trying to sense the evil he felt before. Not sensing anything, the mage decided it was dormant at this time.

02/18/2001 2:27 AM

Aldra felt very hungry and thristy as he slowly pushed himself up to his feet with help of the other two in the room. He nodded to both of them as he held the staff at his side command it with his mind with the best he could do to yield its power to him and stop these acts. The staff stopped as Nilrem thought it best to keep the dark elf in mind and play to his wishes. Letting out a sigh of relief he looked at both of the people who entered with those same eyes as before. "I wish to thank you both for helping me now, but I fear I can not keep this up for my throat is parched and my body wishes for a bite to eat." he said softly to the two in the room. "Forgive me, I have yet not yet told you my name." he nodded his head to you both saying, "I am Aldra Windwalker."

Aldra had no idea as to what he said early. It seemed to disturb him when he saw the look upon the two people in the room, and it made him back away slowly as though they were looking at some kind of ghost. It was now Nilrem's turn to laugh for he and the others knew the truth about what had happened to him while he slept. It was Aldra who then saw a ghost when he looked into the eyes of the two people there seeing his own image in them. Aldra was already pale but now he look nothing more than a ghost as he heard the laughter of Nilrem in his mind as it echoed in his mind. Aldra closed his eyes wanting it to stop as he opened his eyes seeing only the power of the fire that burned within him, but it was Nilrem and the other who knew the truth of his new name.Tiver Neehigh

02/20/2001 10:48 AM

wow, You look pretty bad, I think you should lay down and rest, I will have one of the people at the bar bring something to eat and drink for you.
Ferat walks out of the room.

02/20/2001 1:11 PM

Aldra gathered himself quickly as he took the man's advice as he look to the robed female saying to her softly, "Hello, Kalia Majere."

Seeing the surprised look on her face he thought he should explain, but decided to leave it as it was. "I wish to thank you for saving me Kalia, though not very many people would save a dark elf." he said calmly with no emotion in his soft musical voice. "Maybe we should discuss why I am here, and what I want to do?" as he heard the man walk down the steps to the bar of the Inn ordering some food and drink.

Aldra sat on the edge of the bed his hands resting on the staff as the black steel staff glowed an eerie shadow of darkness around it. Aldra lowered his long hair hanging down infront of his face as he whispered to Kalia loud enough for her to hear, "Ask all the questions you, and I will try my best to answer all of them." Tiver Neehigh

02/20/2001 9:59 PM

Kalia shook her head. her golden eyes bright with wonder.

"no you are right...No many would...but I must ask...How did you know me? and what in the Abyss is that?!" she asked gesturing to the staff.

02/21/2001 9:09 AM

Ferat woalks back up the stairs.
I have your food for you, I hope you like it.
I waswondering how you are feling?Ferat

02/21/2001 11:45 AM

The Thorn notices someone carrying food upstairs. That was unusual. That could only mean one thing, someone was injured. Perhaps the evil had done it. Until something else happened though, he could only wait.

02/21/2001 11:53 AM

Aldra smiled at Ferat taking the food and eating nits and pieces of it taking few drinks of whatever Ferat brought to him. Aldra set the food to the side and the drink looking at Ferat saying," I'm fine, thank you for asking."

Aldra turned his gaze to Kalia remembering the images brought to him by the staff and his dreams gathering himself he began his story. "I know your name from what the staff has told me about you, and the much I have learned is all but it cursing your name and existance, but that is all I know.

Taking a sip of the drink Ferat brought him then setting it back down contining his story. "Your next question about the staff I can give you only what I know about it now. This staff is known as The Shadow Staff of Nilrem the Elven Slayer. This staff holds the spirit of the Nilrem, a lich of great power, a power wizard who hated all elves." Aldra shook his head as he took another sip the liquid warming his dry throat as he set it back down. "After my exile I went after this item so that I could return and destroy those who exiled me out into the world. In my own blindness I did not know the true power the staff held upon those who would so foolishly try to posses it. It was soon after I found the staff that Nilrem is when began his torture upon my soul. I have looked and searched for a way to destroy the staff, but now it seems that my time is running short. The younger I become the closer Nilrem comes to being released taking my body so he can finally finish off the elves of Krynn."

Aldra could feel the staff trying to break him as he heard it call asking him to free Nilrem, and in doing so Aldra would gain great power. Aldra shook his head looking back up at Kalia and Ferat saying, "This is all I know I of now if you have more questions please ask I may have answers." Tiver Neehigh

02/23/2001 10:38 AM

Ferat looks strangely at aldra.
There is nothing that can be done , or is there some kind of potion or magick of some sort that will destroy the staff?
If there is we must get to him or her quickly before the staff does it again. Ferat

02/23/2001 8:11 PM

Kalia smiled weakly, her golden eyes troubled. She pushed a stray lock of hair out of her face.

"Of course it would curse my name and my existance....Creatures like me live to destroy creatures like that staff...I am not human, Dark Elf...But a Dragon of the Light...My name is Crystalamira, the last remaining Crystal Dragons of paladine. I wander the face of Krynn to help those who need it and to help prevent the return of Takisis. Many would use me, a True Child of Chaos, my soul to return her to Krynn."

She stopped for a moment, her golden eyes saddened. She then stared at Aldra. So, Is there any way that you can think of to destroy that staff?"

02/24/2001 4:17 PM

Aldra thought for a moment thinking of what he has learned from Nilrem and the ghost of the Elven protectors.

"I learned of a riddle that is supposed to be the key of destroying this staff," Aldra thought long making sure he remembered the full riddle. "It was the elven protectors of the staff that gave me this riddle, and told me that this was the only thing that could save my soul. The riddle goes like this," as Aldra prepared to sing the riddle the elves gave him.

"Come with me out of darkness my kin, Come back to the light again, Sing the song of the way the Gods, Find the light in the blessing song, Seek the house that meets the rising sun, Seek the home of a lost kingdom, Walk the path by the dark of night, To meet the rising angel of light, Release the beast at hieght of its power, Release him from his tormented prison, Sing the song of the way of the Gods, Sing the song of the way of the Gods and all shall be forgiven."

The staff reacted to this song fiercely attacking Aldra with everything it had throwing him over the bed his body crashing into the wall. Aldra was shocked that the staff could lash out at him like this quickly tried to calm it back under his control, but Nilrem was in a rage of power when this knowledge was passed on to the others as Kalia could he a faint chanting in the mirror behind her. Though it was Aldra's hands and mouth that was moving in motion with the spell. Tiver Neehigh

02/26/2001 10:40 AM

I thought that the riddle that you stated would destroy the staff. All it seems to being doing to me is making it more mad and out of control.

"Aldra are you sure their is nothing else that we can do to destroy the staff?"Ferat

02/26/2001 11:28 AM

Kalia sat silently for a moment. "Seek the house that meets the rising sun.....? Seek the home of a lost kingdom....?" she stared at Aldra for a moment then her Golden eyes widened in revelation.

"House that meets the rising sun....The Speaker of the Sun, the King of Qualinesti!....and that part of "Seek the home of a lost kingdom...could that be Silvanost??" She stared up at her companions...

"Could that be part of it?!" she asked, her hand tightening over her staff.

02/27/2001 10:46 AM

Does that have something to do with the riddle aldra just read?
Or is that place we need to go to destroy this staff of shadows? What ever it is we need to do it and do it fast. I think that staff is about to start again. Ferat looks at aldra, is it starting, are you going to be ok?Ferat

02/27/2001 12:29 PM

The Thorn nearly choked on his meal. The evilness pulsed again, this time it was definately coming from the upstairs of the inn. He did not want to look shady, but he had to start investigating. The mage rose from his meal and headed upstairs.

02/28/2001 9:20 AM

The image in the mirror looked like a old and shadowed like elf with hollow like eyes that seemed to come from the abyss as its hands and mouth moved in a spell like chant. As Aldra motioned his staff across his body placing his hands together as fire leaped from his finger tips at Kalia and Ferat.

The staff started to work quickly as the shadow like darkness started to fill the room as the spell went off. The darkness bleeded through the cracks in the wall and started to fill the Inn in its vast darkness. Nilrem knew that Aldra was confused from the blow of hitting the wall, and would not be able to protect the others. Though Nilrem also knew that they now knew to much about how to destroy him and the staff. They named all but one of the places, and know all they had to do was figure out the rest of the riddle was. Nilrem cursed the elves that banished him into this staff and protected it. Nilrem thought of a new idea that if he was going to be able to take Aldra's body he would need some outside help to distract everyone from him. In this thought Nilrem chanted as he searched for a powerful being that would be able to help him. Tiver Neehigh

02/28/2001 10:42 AM

Ferat ducked as he seen the fire coming straight for his head.

Wow! that was close, Kalia do you know the last part of the riddle, or the other place. Hurry, this staff will have the whole town in death in a couple minutes.
Wait i will see if i have another restraining spell.
Ferat pulls out what is left of the potion. It must of gotten smashed when i dived. It is all up to you Kalia. I can see beyond the farest mountain.

02/28/2001 11:40 AM

Kalia frowned...Her eyes dark and troubled.

"Im not sure if this will work, I cannot control the staff...but maybe I can disorent it."

She stepped forward, her left hand holding tightly to the Staff of Magius, the Crystal on the top blazing bright. Shakily she reached out and firmly grasped the staff of shadows.

She gasped in pain as the staff tried to take over her as well. As a snake-like shadow raced up her arm, the Staff of Magius Flared bright, destroying the shadow. She stared intently at the staff, as the white light that surrounded her grew brighter. Through the struggle with the staff, Kalia felt a familiar tugging on her mind, a tug of magic, of one that she knows.

Her eyes turned to the door. "THORN!!" she cried hoping that she was right, for she needed his help in this.

02/28/2001 12:11 PM

The Thorn heard a familiar voice cry for help. He ran to the door and threw it open. Inside stood Kalia, and two other people he didn't know. Shadows were springing forth everywhere, attacking the three, but centered most around a dark elf. Kalia was grasping her staff and another the mage had never seen.

The Thorn rushed in. He could see that his friend was in trouble and that meant serious danger. The mage placed his hands on Kalia's arms, channeling his own energy into her to make her stronger.

02/28/2001 4:52 PM

Aldra opened his eyes as he saw the light from Kalia's staff fighting off the shadows that the Staff of Shadows produced. Aldra's eyes burned with fire as images of a twisted and magicaly unseen tower appeared in Kalia, Thorn, and Aldra's mind. Just as a image appeared at the top of the tower of a old withed shadow like dark elf holding the staff of shadows looked out to the three elven nations from the top of the tower.

A shadow like form swooped past landing behind the elf as a voice could be heard as this form asked, "What now my master?"

The image faded as the staff pulled back the shadows and Aldra stood a bit dazed as the image faded in the mirror with a wicked laughter. Aldra stood there as he looked up at everyone and smiled.

"The place to destroy the staff is somewhere close to the elven nations. I know both of you saw the image did you make out anything of it?" Aldra leaned back against the wall to support himself hoping the others could help him.Tiver Neehigh

03/01/2001 10:44 AM

Ferat walks over to Aldra and helps him to his bed.
Is that the only way to destroy this thing.
Wait, is there a staff of light. If there is Then its forces might be storng enough to destroy the staff. I can see beyond the farest mountain.

03/01/2001 10:51 AM

Kalia nods weakly.

"There may be...finding it however my be more difficult than finding this tower in the elven nations....Wait..wasn't there a tower of High sorcery in the elven lands...one dedicated to the Dark God of magic, Nuitari? maybe there in the ruins of that tower...we may find our answers."

Kalia looked up at The Thorn. She smiled thankful to see her friend.

"Thank you Thorn...There is something about that staff...I am glad you came...I don't think that I could've handled it alone.

03/01/2001 11:56 AM

Aldra leaned forward his hands on the staff, "I do not know of a Staff of Light though it may be possible that one might have been created incase the Staff of Shadows was ever released. As Kalia said it maybe harder to find that staff then finding the tower, but the riddle does hint to something like that."

Aldra stood up finally tired of all the laying and sitting down he was doing. Aldra stood tall as his muscles felaxed and then relaxed his hand gently holding the staff at his side supporting himself with it. He looked at the newcomer who helped Kalia as he nodded to him and said thank you both for himself and Kalia's safety.

"Whatever course of action we choose we should be quick for I fear the worse now," as Aldra turned to look into the nights sky," I fear Nilrem has sent his pets after us. I know we could mould most likely handle theses evil things, but it is my thoughts that the staff will not allow me to fight if we do come across these things." Tiver Neehigh

03/01/2001 2:42 PM

The Thorn whispered to Kalia, "You're welcome."

The mage listened to the elf and Kalia's reasoning about the tower was sound. They needed a plan. The silver robe would love to study the staff of light, if not to learn how to stop the staff of shadows, then just to learn it's secrets.

"Maybe we should keep both options open," says the Thorn. "I could search for the staff while you travel to the tower."

03/02/2001 10:12 AM

Ferat Looks at the Thorn.
Well if you could tell that there was danger here wouldn't you be able to locate the staff of light, if there is one.
But i think that is a good idea you search for the staff and we travel to the tower. I can see beyond the farest mountain.

03/02/2001 10:56 AM

"It's not that easy. The staff of shadows was active, I could feel the evil coming off of it. The other staff may be dormant, that's if it exists at all," explains the Thorn. "But I will try to find it, if it exists."

03/02/2001 12:56 PM

Aldra pulled the hood of his robe over his head as he looked at the others feeling that this might be more than they could handle though he had faith in them all. Smiling lightly Aldra looked at Thorn and said, "If you need help I believe the ghosts of the elves that still dwell in a cave about 4 days travel from here, that guarded this staff, may have knowledge of such a created Staff of Light if it exists. Don't expect much other than riddles in form of a song, but do be expected to be questioned about why you are there and such other things."

Aldra looked at the other two mages and saw that the best thing would probaly be that Kalia traveled with Thorn since they knew each other. Though, the youth of the other mage struck him oddly as he looked at the young man seeing the fire of adventure and knowledge burn brightly in his eyes. "Well, if we all agree I think the young mage Ferat should travel with me, and you and Thorn should travel together. If you have any objections please speak them if not we can plan a course of action."

Aldra looked at every seeking for their approval though his own nature was seeing that it was not amongest his worries nor did he really care. Tiver Neehigh

03/02/2001 7:27 PM

"I have no problem with that, what about you Kalia?" asks the Thorn.

03/03/2001 4:19 PM

"Its ok with me....when do we leave?" Kalia says softly

03/03/2001 5:10 PM

The Thorn turns to the dark elf, "If you know where this place is, can you make us a map. Hopefully we'll be able to find it from that."

The mage addresses Kalia, "If you need to rest, that's fine. Otherwise we can take off as soon as possible."

03/04/2001 1:35 PM

"The ruined tower within Sylvanesti...I know where it is...I was once a friend of the Sylvan elves, that was before I was reborn as a human, before I forgot that I was once a Dragon. No, I do not need the rest, I will be fine..we should leave as soon as possible." Kalia murmered, her Golden eyes dark.

03/04/2001 9:37 PM

"Okay," says the Thorn. He turns to leave, offering his arm to Kalia.

03/05/2001 7:10 AM

Ferat looks at Aldra

Well I guess that leaves you and me. I can see beyond the farest mountain.

03/05/2001 1:46 PM

OOC : Thanks man I didn't even see that oops!

Aldra smiled his fueled by a burning fire that made his eyed burn a bright silver as he looked to the young mage.

"Yes that just leave you and me young mage," Aldra let it trail off as he pulled out a map beneath his cloak handing it to Thorn.

"This map will guide you to the guardians resting place where you may ask the questions you seek the answers to. Please be careful the trail leading there is a dangerous one always keep your mind about you, and don't get lost in their songs."

Aldra stared at Thorn his eyes like burning silver dots beneath his hood as he whispered, "Be careful friends."Tiver Neehigh

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03/05/2001 11:25 PM

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03/08/2001 10:40 AM

Ferat looks at Aldra. Well i guess we better get going also. Do you want to leave now or tomorrow. I can see beyond the farest mountain.

03/08/2001 12:17 PM

Aldra looked at Ferat his eyes glowing the same eerie glow as before. "Yes, we can leave when ever you wish I am fine for travel," looking back at Kalia and Thorn, "did either of you have any questions?"

Aldra gathered his things listening to whomever spoke first as he stuff minor things into a bag tieing a piece of hemp to either end and tossing it on one shoulder. Aldra looked Ferat, "Go and gather your things boy you will need them at your side. I will meet you down stairs, and gather some rations to take with us also."

Aldra turned and looked at Kalia and Thorn.Tiver Neehigh

03/09/2001 10:41 AM

Well i have all my stuff already, I was just passing through until I seen this. But I will go and het some rations for us for how many days do you think? I will get about 5 days worth, that ought to do it.

Ferat walks out of the room. I can see beyond the farest mountain.

03/09/2001 10:57 AM

Aldra looked at Ferat and nodded, but Aldra thought it would be less than that though it was always better to be on the safe side. Tiver Neehigh

03/09/2001 12:52 PM

OOC: The Thorn and Kalia have already taken off. Where is Kalia?

03/09/2001 1:35 PM

OOC : I don't know wish I could help though...Tiver Neehigh

03/09/2001 4:57 PM

OOC: Hee Hee sorry been running rampant through too many threads!

Kalia sighed. It had been one hundred years since she was even near Sylvanesti, how would they react to her now? the dragons of paladine had always been friends with the elves, but recently, she wasn't so sure.

"we will go," she paused looking over at the Thorn..."How would you prefer to go, do you wish to walk or fly?"

03/11/2001 6:59 PM

"I'm comfortable with either," says the mage. "It's up to you."

03/12/2001 10:39 AM

Ferat eager to leave brings the rations to Aldra.

Well I got the rations, I think that should be all that we will need to be oof on our way. Do you have every thing youneed to leave? I can see beyond the farest mountain.

03/12/2001 12:12 PM

Kalia smiled, her gold eyes bright with mischief. she lightly touched the crystal on her staff, and a blinding light surrounded her.

In her place was her true form, the Crystal Dragon Crystalamira.

She smiled, and stretched her feathered wings. "I say we fly"

03/13/2001 3:04 PM

"Would you permit me to ride you or should I fly beside you," asks the Thorn.

03/13/2001 11:05 PM

Kalia bowed her head in aquiecense. "You may ride, Silver Robe." she said softly, lowering her wings so that he might have an easier time climbing aboard.

03/14/2001 5:58 PM

The silver robe proceeds gingerly onto Kalia. He found a comfotable seat (which was surprising) and said, "Let us be off."

03/14/2001 10:06 PM

Kalia stretched her wings and leaped into the air, she climbed high, and banked to the west, toward Silvanesti.

"Lets just hope for a warm welcome!" Kalia said to The Thorn. "There may not be many amung the elves who may remember me."

03/15/2001 12:03 AM

"That's alright," yells the Thorn over the rush of air. "We're resourceful and I bet we can get by."

03/16/2001 1:19 AM

Aldra looked at Ferat as the walked out of the town as he pulled out a few items from his pouch. "I will summon two creatures that shall make our travels far safer and faster, and I do hope you now haow to ride do you not?" Tiver Neehigh

03/17/2001 2:00 PM

"I know someone in the area if you can't remember where we are supposed to go," shouts the mage to Kalia.

03/17/2001 9:13 PM

Kalia grimaced, her movements faltered for a second, but she recovered quickly.

"No my friend, I know exactly where the ruined tower is....I will have no problem at all finding it...but my presence in Sylvanesti may cause quite a stir..."

03/18/2001 12:38 AM

"We'll make it through," say the Thorn, more to himself then Kalia.

03/28/2001 1:11 AM

Eventually the mage and the dragon reach their destination. After some searching they find the location of the staff and head towards the randevious point with the others."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/29/2001 10:50 AM

Aldra was waiting for Thorn and Kalia at the place they were to meet though Ferat was nolonger with them. The tower was easily found, but was very hard to secure alone though it seemed the fight was a bit too easy. Aldra waited in the very room that would be Nilrem's demiss as Aldra with the help of the others would send Nilrem screaming back to the Dark Queen herself. Aldra only smiled as screamed at Nilrem telling him this was the end over and over in his head.Tiver Neehigh

03/29/2001 2:52 PM

The two questers found Aldra alone in a tower, looking very worn. "We have it," says the Thorn, raising the staff. "Now what?""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/29/2001 10:03 PM

Kalia smiled wearily, dust covered her from head to toe.

"I am going to wash up and rest before we go anywhere!!!!" she said with a disgusted look summing up her form.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

03/30/2001 1:03 PM

"I believe we all need to rest up for I can feel the the magic growing in this place as we speak. The time will be soon when I am able to destroy the evil Nilrem." Aldra said with a sinister smile that spread across his lips as the fire in his eyes lit up.

"A nights rest should do us some good, and we will all be ready for what is coming tomorrow." Aldra stood up walking to the window looking out to the night sky as the stars land seemed to vanish beneath a black velvet blanket. "Yes, we will need are rest to destroy the boy." Tiver Neehigh

03/30/2001 3:54 PM

Kalia looked up at Aldra's last words and glanced at Thorn, a puzzled expression on her face. She could sense that something was wrong here...but she couldn't figure out just what.....your village just called, their Idiot is missing

03/30/2001 6:55 PM

The Thorn noticed Aldra's strange behavior too. He was glad he was in possession of the staff. If something went wrong, at least he'd have a weapon to defend Kalia and himself."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/01/2001 3:44 PM

Aldra turned around removing the hood of his black cloak reveiling dark and twisted face of a person that was not Aldra's. His skin was as pale as a ghosts, his eyes was hollow no light shined in the dead body, and his skin was so tight about his body it looked as though he was a skeleton.

Nilrem only smiled at the two mages as he began to speak. " There is no way either of you can beat me now. For now the light of Krynn is setting and my powers will be at their fullest. As for the boy Aldra his soul will be in the hands of the Dark Queen herself by morning. Then I will be here forever and none shall stop me from bringing back the true master of the black robes." His words hissed through the air as they echoed through the chamber of Nilrem's Tower.

"You may either leave or die it makes no difference to me either way," as he waved his hand reveiling Ferat in a corner tied up and gaged. "Take him with you also he would not join the ranks of the Dark Queen so I thought I would torture the young mage just so I could hear his girlish like screams." Nilrem laughed wickedly it waking the sleeping Ferat up as he tried to scream through his teared filled eyes.

OOC : Ferat I hope you read this I would really like you to join back in on this to rp. It was just that you were gone so long I didn't know how to fit you back in. I hope this works man. Tiver Neehigh

04/06/2001 12:59 PM

Nilrem could see the terror in their eyes, and feel the fear coming from them. Nilrem walked over to Ferat laughing wickedly as he picked the young man up throwing him to Kalia and Thorn's feet.

"Now! take him and leave, or better yet stay and die," as Nilrem pointed his skeleton like finger at the staff of light whispering some words of magic as the staff began to glow red hot in Thorn's hand. "You can leave that with me if you please I need that thing destroyed to kill the boy Aldra."Tiver Neehigh

04/07/2001 11:15 AM

The Thorn said some of his own words of magic, turning his hands so they were as tough as stone. The heat no longer bothered him after his spell went off. "You can't have it," states the mage."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/12/2001 10:41 AM

Nilrem growled as he pulled a glove form his belt chanting a few words as he tossed the glose into the air and it enlarged into a massive hand. Nilrem motioned his hand over to Thorn its fingers wrapping around the mage slowly crushing his body. "If you will not give me the staff I shall take it from its owner after you die fool! Now you shall feel my true power!"

With the shadow staff in his other hand he slammed it down on the ground hard as the top of the staff lighted up with sparks. "Now everyone shall die including the foolish boy everyone knew, and everyone shall watch his horride death before everyone will die!"

Nilrem smiled as he pointed the tip of the staff at Kalia firing a bolt of lighting that was covered in a black like shadow at her. Then looking to Thorn still held in the in thgrip of this huge hand its crushing force holding him from making a move. "Now we shall all see who is the strongest..."Tiver Neehigh

04/12/2001 9:42 PM

Kalia held out her own staff, the light from the crystal shone brightly. Like water going down a drain, the staff swallowed the Lightning. She mumbled words to herself, as the light from the staff grew brighter and brighter.

She stepped forward, slowly, one step at a time. She stopped ten paces away from Thorn. The Staff of light rose from Thorns Grasp and hovered paralell to Kalia's Staff. The Staff of Light Shimmered with an inner luminecsance. The light between the two staves grew umbarably bright. WHen the light faded, a new staff shone brightly in Kalia's hands. A staff of Pure Crystal, topped with the Platinum Dragon Claw and a Clear Crystal Orb at the top.

"Try and take it from me, mage....you will never take it from one who knows how to use it properly!!!." she pointed the staff to THorn, and the Giant Glove that pinned him crumbled into dust.

Kalia stood confidantly in front of Nilrem. in her mind she thought it was such a pity that this room was so small....her true form might blind Nilrem long enough for Aldra to gain a foothold again.....................your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/13/2001 2:13 PM

The Thorn moved behind Kalia, trying to find some way that he could aid her. If she could turn it to her dragon form, it might help. The silver robe actively searched for some way to give her more space."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/16/2001 3:55 PM

Nilrem screamed in pain as the light blinded him burning even the fire within his eyes. Though as Nilrem's magic failed the roof of the tower exploded off as a huge black claw raced down at both Kalia and Thorn. Nilrem growled in anger not able to see the fight. "Tainted Claw, you fool that is just what they wanted you half wit Black Dragon!"

Nilrem opened his eyes to see the ritual was to begin shortly for the sun in the sky was being covered, and this would be the only time night and day would be the same. "Take care of them Tainted Claw I must finish the ritual now! You must destory them and get me that staff!"

Nilrem walked to the center of the room just barely five feet from her and Thorn. "Now, when I am done all of Krynn will fall before me in fear as I bring back the Dark Queen."

Nilrem placed the staff in a hole before him as he stepped back chanting words of magic as he became louder and louder with passing moment the sun grew dark.

Tainted Claw flew back up into the sky growling a challenage to Kalia trying to lead her away knowing that his master would be able to take care of the other mage.

A singing voice could be heard from the staff in Kalia's hand. The staff whispering words of magic into both of the mages minds as Aldra's voice was heard. " Nilrem must not finish the ritual! You must destroy him and the staff together. I can help you no more I wish you luck my friends." Aldra's voice was heard no more only the singing voice of the elven caster within the staff of light.Tiver Neehigh

04/17/2001 1:03 AM

Kalia, her Golden eyes flashing with anger glared up at the Black. she took a deep breath, knowing in her heart that anger twards the Black would not help them.

"Thorn!! I know that you can handle the Black!! Leave Nilrem to me!!" She clutched the combined Staff of Light close to her body, the crystal resting on her heart.

She Resisted all temptation to shift her form. Might and strength of body had no ground here. She glanced back at Thorn once more then stepped forward. Combining her own inherant Magic with that of the staff, Kalia's body was wrapped in a Shimmering white aura. Creating a light that stedily grew brighter and brighter with each step that she took twards Nilrem.

"I will not allow you to cover Krynn in darkness, Balance will be restored."your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/17/2001 7:58 AM

The black dragon saw his challenge was unheard so he looked to the other mage behind Kalia as he let out a deafing roar as he inhaled the air around him.

The shadows leaped out to attack Kalia trying to kept her back from Nilrem, but the aura of light that surrounded her could not come close to her. Nilrem eyes were bleeding from the light of Kalia's light as it took all his power to continue chanting. Nilrem was blind now his dark eyes would know how close Kalia was to him now, but Nilrem could feel the power coming now that the sun was being covered.

The wind picked up around the three mages as it picked up it uncovered a hole directly infront of the staff of shadows. A ghostly like figure could be seen behind Nilrem that looked like a white robed elf. The figure was completely still his eyes closed with his hands folded beneath the sleeves of his robe.

Nilrem reached to his side unsheathing a ghastly looking dagger as he lifted above his head chanting. The dagger begun to glow a white light though that light grew darker and darker. Tiver Neehigh

04/17/2001 11:16 AM

Kalia saw the spectral white robed elf. she paused for a moment, thoughts running rampant in her head. If she could destroy the staff, Nilrem would follow it. and the only way to des-- THat was it!!

Kalia ran forward and snatched the Shadow staff from its place. Though the shadow light raidiating from the staff hurt her, she held on for all her worth.

mummering under her breath, she stood in the center of the magical Malestrom. she held the staves apart, and raised them both above her head.

"Light and Dark, when joined they cancell each other out. Balance will Rein over Krynn!!" She shouted, clearly heard over the storm.

with visible effort she brought the two staves together. when they touched, the magical Malestrom went wild. The Black Dragon, unable to fly in the storm, lost control. His wings beat uselessly against the wind, which in turn snapped the dragons wings backward, breaking them both. the Dragon fell.

An Odd Light surrounded Kalia, and the staves. White with Crackling black lightning around it. Kalia Screamed out, and fell to her knees. With a deafining crash, the staves joined, and canceled each other out. The light that surrounded Kalia, exploded, and the malestrom faded, spreading out like a diminishing shock wave.

Uttering a low moan of pain, Kalia fell, Unconsious.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/17/2001 10:27 PM

Nilrem screamed in outrage as he felt the power leave him as the malestorm sucked him into its fury. Nilrem spun through it as the two staffs joined his screams only heard to himself as the power of the destruction ripped the once former body Nilrem had took apart, and his being destoryed. Nilrem was no more an the sun now shown fully in the sky as the clouds in the sky parted as the elf slowly walked to Kalia kneely down besides her. The elf was nolonger a ghost and the appearance was that of Aldra's.

"Thank you Kalia and Thorn you have freed me from the prison of torment I suffered at the hands of Nilrem. I shall return when the time comes and balance shall be our goal on the world of Krynn for or journies shall never end until there are no more heroes to face the evils before us."

Aldra laid a bottle next to Kalia its color as clear as the winter springs of a flowing river. "This shall restore your strength, but I fear I must leave now. Farewell my friends and again thank you both."

With that Aldra was gone in a flash of light though no spell was heard, and all to be known that was the end of Aldra.Tiver Neehigh

04/18/2001 1:17 PM

The Thorn looked at Kalia. "You did wonderful, I just wish I could have helped. You better drink that and then i think we should get out of here.""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/18/2001 11:17 PM

OOC: um....Kalia is unconsious, right now, please leave a message at the sound of the beep.........BEEP! lol sorry
your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/19/2001 12:03 AM

The Thorn's eyes finally focus and he realizes why Kalia hadn't responded. He quickly pours the contents of the silver flask down the crystal dragon's throat. The mage lifts her up in his arms and descends through the tower as rapidly as possible."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/19/2001 10:33 AM

OOC : And here comes the swift escape... nah it can't be that easy Thorn you still have a huge problem and its name is Tainted Claw.

Tainted fell to the ground in a crash during the malestorm, but his mind raced wondering if his master had won. Though now his wings were usless he waited at the door of the tower to see his master exit in all his glory. In all his thoughts the black dragon failed to realize the sun still shined overhead and darkness was nowhere.

The dragon thought heard talking, but could not be sure nor could he go check because of his broken wings. Then Tainted Claw heard the foot steps of someone coming down the stairs. The dragon could smell the scent of his master, but this scent was someone else. With a roar of vengence the dragon decided to bring the tower down upon the mages inside and on himself. With that thought the dragon took a deep breath breathing out a stream of acid at the door and bottom of the tower. The dragon whipped around swinging his tail into the tower destroying a section of it leaving a whole where his tail was. The black dragon continued to roar as tried his hardest to bring the tower down upon them.Tiver Neehigh

04/19/2001 11:28 AM

The Thorn felt a giant tremor run through the tower. He could sense it from the other side. The lower he went, the stronger the vibrations got. Chunks of the walls began to shake loose. The mage thought quickly. He cast a spell, it took some time but he got it off. A part of the wall in front of him melted, allowing a large enough passage for him and Kalia to escape. He cast a second spell, picked up Kalia, and jumped out of the tower. The two slowly began to float out of the tower when the mage spotted the dragon attacking the tower. "Kalia, I hope you wake up soon," muttered the silver robe."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/19/2001 2:45 PM

Tainted Claw thought he saw what looked liked wo mages floating down from a big hole in the tower. Though the black dragon was to concerned about destroying the tower, and failed to even glance back at the floating down mages.

Tainted Claw continued destroying the tower as rubble flew every where in was becoming more and more unsafe to stay there and hide from the wrath of Tainted Claw.Tiver Neehigh

04/19/2001 11:38 PM

The Thorn cast a simple invisibility spell on himself and Kalia. He quickly carried the crystal dragon into the forest, attempting to hide from the distracted dragon."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/20/2001 1:28 AM

Kalia moaned softly and slowly opened her golden eyes.

"Wha--what happened??" she mutteredyour village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/20/2001 4:28 PM

"You passed out. The cazy mages dragon tried to destroy the tower. We escaped, and are now invisible and hiding in the forest," says the Thorn. "We either need to get out of here or dispose of the dragon.""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/21/2001 11:20 AM

Kalia's golden eyes grew dark, anger sparked in them. she stood, her strength returned and then some.

"We can't let that dragon destroy anything else! we can't let it run amuk!!"

she cried, as she shifted back to her dragon form, smaller than usual, and crouched amung the brush, waiting to see what the Black dragon would do.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/21/2001 6:52 PM

"We might be able to get the jump on him. He didn't seem to notice us when we escaped. He was more intent on destroying the tower, probably in hopes of saving his master," says the Thorn."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/21/2001 11:14 PM

The black dragon roared in anger as he heard twigs snap in the tree line near though he could not see anything. "Where are you mages it is your blood I taste!"

The dragon swung his great tail taking out the tower as it came crashing down to the ground bringing up dust all about making it almost impossible to see a thing. "Show youselves so that I may destroy you like you have my master!!" Tainted claw howled in rage as the dust covered his sight.Tiver Neehigh

04/23/2001 12:15 AM

"Well, there goes the surprise idea," mumbles the Thorn sarcastically."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/24/2001 11:08 AM

"Not quite..." she murmered. whispering a spell to douse the light from her scales, she launched herself into the air, using the dust and debris, to shield her from the BLack's sight. she circled twice, allowing herself to grow back to normal size, then dived, claws outstreched, mouth open, Inhaling deeply, knowing that her breath weapon may save them all.

She landed straight on top of the black, knocking the wind from him. "I am no ordinary mage, you hated black snake!!" she hissed, holding her freezing flame deep in her throat, redy to exhale at any moment.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

[Edited by Kalia_Majere on Tuesday, April 24, 2001 11:09 AM]

04/25/2001 11:59 AM

The dragon did not live this long to be caught completely off guard, but the though Kalia in her dragon form did get him caught and the wind knocked out of him. Tainted Claw roared back at her as his tail whipped around above coming down into the of her neck.

"You not think this to be that easy," as Tainted Claw tried to roll but his broken wings would not let him do so. "Damn you mages!!!!" Tiver Neehigh

04/25/2001 12:32 PM

The Thorn tried to think of something that would help. After several minutes he cast a spell. A very simple spell. The vines from the forest started to move, beginning to wrap around the black, most of it concentrating around it's muzzle.

"Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/26/2001 10:55 AM

Tainted Claw struggled trying to break free of the vines, but there was no use to it as the vines strenght pulled the old dragon to the ground holding him there. Tainted Claw now knew that he was beat and hoped that his death would be swift. Tainted Claw growled at the dragon on his back knowing the end would soon come. Tiver Neehigh

04/26/2001 10:05 PM

Kalia's eyes softened, and she swiftly raked her claws across the Black's throat, Each CLaw rendered a Deep slice against the leathery hide.

"If only you chromatics could listen to reason...." she sighed as she watched the Black's life blood drain away.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

04/26/2001 10:47 PM

The Thorn waited in the forest to make sure that the black had been taken care of."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/27/2001 11:58 AM

Tainted Claw roared in pain breaking the vines that held him down though the cuts deep in the black dragon made it impossible to move. The dragon laid there as his breath became short and then was no more. The dragons body was still warm but his life was gone.

The tower was destroyed the only thing left of it was a stair way leading to now where. The wind started to pick up as a storm was rolling in slowly its clouds blacker than night. An eerie song could be heard rolling in wind the loud thunder as the clouds seem to light up with lighting. The sun was slowly blocked out by the clouds as the rain started to fall fast and furious. The victory was complete though how often is victory greeted by a storm of rage of ill omen.Tiver Neehigh

04/27/2001 4:10 PM

"We'd better find some shelter, looks like this one could be bad," shouted the Thorn to Kalia."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/28/2001 10:49 AM

Kalia frowned at the oncoming storm, her golden eyes dark with worry. wiping her bloddied claws against the grass, she stepped forward. She stretched out her feathered wings, a low growl escaped her throat.

"Something is not right here.....I do not like this...." she hissed as she stretched out one of her wings to shelter Thorn.your village just called, their Idiot is missing

05/01/2001 11:04 AM

The expanded all over Krynn as all its fury and rage beat down upon the land below it. In the clouds though it seemed like a unseen war was being fought as the lighting crashed into forest catching them on fire while hail fell from the sky as big as a man's clenched fist. Tornado's formed tuuching the ground with its whip like tail destoying everything in its way.

Aldra watched the storm come his eyes full of sorrow and pain, and then he heard a voice from behind him. "Well, you'll catch your death if you stay out any longer you old fool," the old man said from the house of a broken down house it seemed. Aldra turned and smiled a bit of laughter on his lips. "I am no more older than you so compared to me i'm still a pup."

Aldra walked up to the door as the old man put his robed arm around Aldra's back, and with his other hand fixed his beaten hat. "Now, Aldra come in from this storm you have many people to meet, and many things to learn and do my dear boy."

OOC : I hope this hints to the where abouts Aldra has been for so long. Oh, yeah the storm still continues to destroy what it travels through. Tiver Neehigh

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