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Master Mage Aleximi
02/10/2001 7:58 PM

The Red Robed Mage of Neutrility known as Aleximi Uth Majere by many across the land of Krynn walks through Palanthas's Market Place...looking for some sort of top Magic Shop that may have some rare/important items.

02/13/2001 10:50 AM

Done!"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/13/2001 1:24 PM

"Stop right there!" yells a booming voice. As you look over, you see a tall,stern man holding a kender up in the air by the collar of her shirt. "What's wrong sir?" the kender asks with an all-too-angelic smile.The man frowns. "Return that dagger," is all he says. The kender puts on a confused expression. "What dagger? I don't have any-" she stops talking as the man pulls a nice-looking dagger from the kender's pouches. "Oh,that dagger. You really shouldn't be leaving your things out like that, it could've been stolen, you know..Um..you can let me down now.." The man has no obvious intention of putting the kender down.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/13/2001 1:31 PM

*Bewildered at the comotion behind him, and hearing the word dagger.... checks secret compartments in Robes for the missing dagger* "Oh no.... not the dagger. Kender! I swear... I'll turn you into a blob of boiling gooze if you don't return it this instant!" Aleximi shouts

02/14/2001 12:03 AM

Kalia smiled and Laughed gently, placing her hand on her cousins' shoulder in an attempt to calm him.

"Hey there Rosie...Could I have the dagger back please?" She said, her golden eyes bright with laughter. Her silvery hair was loose and tumbled over her shoulders in Platinum waves. She smiles at the kender as she holds her hand out.

02/14/2001 7:05 AM

Would that happen to be the dagger I gave to the mage?"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/14/2001 12:45 PM

OOC: yup, dylar, it is.

*smiles sheepishly*
"Umm.. I would give you the dagger, but I kinda can't get down.."
*knees the man,who loses his breath and drops the kender*
"Okay,here you go"
*hands the dagger to Aleximi, with a sigh*

Master Mage Aleximi
02/14/2001 9:49 PM

*calmed down and staring at the Kender with sympothy and compassion, yhe mage begins to chuckle and he grabs his dagger back.*
"You seem to be a perky kender, though all seem to be anyways, but there seems to be something different about you..... I'll make you a deal,since I've taken an interest in you, if you return any of my items that you 'find' right away...... I'll let you joing me on my many adventures. How about that? I'd love to have a Kender companion, especially knowing my father had a Kender friend..... I belive his name was Tasselhoff.......Burfeet.....no..... Tasslehoff Burfoot... you ever hear of him???"

*Smiles at the Kender..... wondering if she'll join him or not..... and if she can also provide any needed information,too.*

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Master Mage Aleximi
02/14/2001 9:57 PM

*Suddenly realizes there are more people around him than the Kender....and begins coughing a terrible fit.... in complete shock....*

"Nuuuh!!! *cough* Don t do that! Couz! Dylar! When you two arrive? I didn't expect to see either of you here...... but since you ARE here.......
I don't suppose you two would,also, want to join me on an adventure? *cough cough cough*"

*Not quite certain to where..... but knowing the answer will present itself shortly*

*Suddenly a gigantic gust of wind blows and whispers something only the mage can hear: "Retrieve the Dragon Orbs......the Dragon Orbs *voice fading*....Orbs...."*

Aleximi begins to speak in a hypnotic stare, "Must retrieve the Dragon Orbs..........." *wakes up* "Well..... I guess we know what the task is. You three interested?"

02/15/2001 2:47 AM

Kalia stared at her cousin for a moment. The sudden mention of the Dragon Orbs rocked her senses for a moment.

a memory that she would have cared to forget rushed back to her.---- Five heads each a different color leering out at her from the shadows of the Abyss.

She shook her head sharply to rid herself of the image and stared at Rosie, Dylar, and Aleximi, Her face pale and her golden eyes wide and haunted.

02/15/2001 7:05 AM

"Sure.""No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/16/2001 12:21 PM

"Okay,I'll come! I was bored anyways."
*Dumps a few coins into Aleximi's hands*
"And you dropped these too. By the way, you said you knew Tasslehoff! He's my uncle, did you know that?"
*smiles proudly*

02/26/2001 1:05 PM

Rosie looks at Aleximi with a very confused look on her face. "Y'know...your the very first person who actually asked me to go with them somewhere. Most people think I'm annoying..Can't figure out why for the life of me...but, oh well."

02/27/2001 7:09 AM

"Geez, I wonder why?" :D"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


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