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03/11/2001 1:33 PM

Kalia landed next to Auricana. she breifly bowd her head in respect to the Elder Dragon, folding her feathered wings to her sides.

"Auri, what are you doing here? I thought that you swore that you would never again leave the Isles?!"

03/11/2001 6:55 PM

OOC: No problem Tiver.

03/12/2001 3:56 AM

ooc: my comps been down after crashing but im back, ill just try to blend back in ok?

Brightstar had slipped out of the camp during the terrifying scene with Kalia and her cousin. She had decided that if she wanted to find answers to her questions about the ogres then she would have to go about it on her own. These new people made her feel uncomfortable and they obviously had issues of their own.

She had wandered about for awhile hiding every now and then when she heard strange noises or saw people running past. She came once again to the clearing where Telgar had helped her fight the ogres and felt sorry that she hadn't said goodbye to him before leaving. She saw her poor horse lieing in the blood soaked grass. she knelt before it and said a silent prayer.

She must have been exhausted because she fell asleep then and there. She awoke later to the sound of two people coming her way. she hid in the bushes and saw that it was Telgar and Jorgan. They were hurrying along and seemed to be trying to follow some tracks. after they passed, Brightstar quietly crept out from the bushes and followed them. She kept a fair distance from them but their tracks were easy to follow.

She followed them into the ogre camp and heard Jorgan screaming, she stayed where she was for awhile before deciding to go on. she passed many dead ogres when she came to one that seemed to be two bodies lieing together. she crept closer and gasped in shock, it was Telgar.

At first she thought he was dead and shed a tear, then she tried to wipe the blood from his face and felt that it was still warm, she felt for a pulse and got a faint one. With all her strength she pushed the dead orge from him and began to dress his wounds as best she could hoping that her small effort would do some good.

03/12/2001 6:30 AM

Telgar groaned weakly as Brightdawn removed the ogre that was slowly crushing him.

Even from the depths of unconsciousness he felt the pain as she reset his broken leg and shoulder.
Slowly Telgar regained consciousness, turning his head he watched as his wounds were being tended to. Reaching out he gently caressed her neck with a groan he once again drifted into oblivion.

03/12/2001 3:33 PM

"Ahhhhh...yes....I vowed never to leave the island again....but you are in terrible danger. Palidin himself has sent us to aid in your rescue. Now then, I'd recommend bracing for the fight. We'll be lucky to get out alive."

Quickly from the east, approaches two greens, roaring a challange. One of the bronzes carrying a rider begins to break free.

"Let's go Redblaze.....Yeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhaaaaaaawwwwwwww!!!!!!!!"

They break from formation and begin to engage the greens.

Master Mage Aleximi
03/12/2001 8:00 PM

"Send in the other Myst Dragons... send all five for all I care, you damn Orb!"

A voice is heard as the Myst Dragons near the heros.
"Feed my children! Feed and drink on the blood of Justice!"

"I bet those flames surrounding them are hot...... AHAHAHAHAHA!"
The mage spoke to himself at the Tower.

Out of nowhere a Dragon Sword is found on the ground by Tiver. This sword is one of very few Swords with the power to Destory
most Dark(ened) Dragons.... and can meakly damage Myst Dragons

03/12/2001 10:12 PM

Kalia turned away and roared a challenge back to the dragons surrounding her. She spread her wings, and launched herself into the air.

03/13/2001 12:34 PM

Tiver picked up the sword, "Wow this is neat. I have to show it to Kalia, I bet it's something special. I'd show it to Kron but he's been grumpy and I don't know where he went." The kender turned and headed back to the camp, ignoring the ogres.

03/13/2001 11:09 PM

From Over head, Kalia spotted the Kender holding a sword, even from this distance, she could sense the magic surrounding it.

"Tiver!!" she shouted, slowing her flight, Her massive wings beat faster to keep her aloft, creating winds below her.

"Up here!!" she shouted trying to catch his attention "Hold on I'm coming down!!"

03/14/2001 11:02 AM

Just as the dwarf thought things couldn't get any worse, Irin saw a kender running towards the camp.. and not only that a kender with a big sword! The dragon which he presumed was Kalia came sweeping down.

"Tell me, how can I help!" shouted the dwarf, much more accustumed to battles on the ground.

03/14/2001 4:40 PM

OOC :: Okay i'm back and feeling better and thanks Thorn for taking care of Tiver.

Tiver looked into the sky blood caked on his face his eyes blurred as he saw the sun sparkle off a crystal like figure flying down to him. Tiver started to feel woosy as he remember how he escaped, and wondered where Whisper was. Tiver knelt on one knee barely having anymore strenght to stand up. Tiver's eyes watered as the sun shined off of Kalia's scales almost blinding Tiver's sight.

"Kalia i'm sorry I shouldn't have left... I," as set the sword to the side pulling out his cards. "If you need to use them you can I... I," Tiver's vision slowly faded back into darkness he had lost a great amount of blood and looked as a ghost. "My... m... Whisperrr," Tiver he said as he fell to the ground face first laying there his breath came in short gasps. His eyes were closed both his hands on the sword and cards a streaks of tears where down his face.

Meanwhile back at the camp...

The mist wolves entered the camp tearing into the first Orges they came across as their teeth ripped at the Orge flesh. Whisper had ran back to the camp to see the Orge Chieftain standing over Tiver about to deliver the fatal death blow to the pron kender. Then, in a burst of speed Whisper ran at the Orge Chieftain leaping up at full speed hitting the huge Orge in the chest knocking him on to the ground. Whisper was knocked off of the orge with a brutal blow sending rolling as the Orge Chieftain slowly stood back up. Whisper rolled to his feet and growled a challenge to the Chieftain drawing his attention back to him. Whisper could see Tiver slowly get up and grab the sword taking off quickly to find Kalia. Whisper growled another time as the Orge Chieftain lifted a huge double bladed battle axe and roared his on challenge. Tiver Neehigh

03/14/2001 5:30 PM

He found something. A small scrap of paper. Written in ogre, with a comtact location. It might not be Hooded, but it was his style of writing. Demeaning, right to the point, almost brutal. Who else could it be. Now Kron didn't need the chieftain. He could escape. The elf felt bad for the kender, Tiver, leaving him behind and for the dragonlady, Kalia. He liked them both, but they were secondary to his mission.

Kron poked his head out of the tent, looking for an escape.

03/14/2001 10:27 PM

Brightstar used all her strength and dragged Telgar out of the way of the battle. she saw a bunch of tents and couldn't see any ogres near them so she dragged Telgar towards them hoping they could hide in one for awhile.

She headed towards a large tent and was a few feet away when she saw someone poke their head out of the entrance. She looked harder at the figure and realised it was elven. "Thank the Gods! please you must help us, this man is seriously injured. You must help me get him to safety!"

03/14/2001 10:27 PM

Kalia landed beside Tiver, changing immediatly back to her Human form.

"Tiver!! NO! come on...stay with us..." she murmered, laying her hands on his chest, a soft white glow surrounded her hands then surrounded Tiver.

"I Won't let you die..." she cried...as she healed him the memory of her healing her cousin, just before he...."I should've let Aleximi die...I knew the darkness in his soul....I won't give you up Tiver."

She closed her golden eyes, and the light that surrounded them both grew brighter, nearly blindingly bright.

(Back at the camp)

a wispy image of Kalia formed infrot of whisper...

"Do not fight him my friend, your friend, Tiver needs you more right now...Come back to my camp."

The image fades like fog in full sunlight.

03/14/2001 11:57 PM

Kron stares at the plainswoman. Reluctantly he folds back the flap and allows her to drag in the body. Once she is passed, though, the elf slips outside, closing the tentflap behind him. He cautiously made his way out of the campsite, avoiding all contact with everybody.

03/15/2001 1:47 AM

Telgar awoke with a soft groan. Looking around it took him a while to realise he was in a tent. Outside the sound of battle continued but with something else a loud roaring filled with hatred and anger.
Dragons his mind registered.
Turning his head to the front of the tent he saw the plainswoman standing staring out of the flap.

"You know you still haven't told me your name."

Slowly he pulled himself up to a sitting position.

03/15/2001 9:20 AM

Outside the tent...commotion...

Jorgan steps into the clearing in front of the Cheif. His swords are bloody, dripping slightly in the light as dawn breaks over the mountains, sending light spilling down into the camp. A most beautiful sight indeed, if not for the carnage and the dead bodies. Jorgan surpresses a shiver. Tiver was on the ground, slightly conscious. It hurt Jorgan to know that the little guy might die...he kinda liked him. The realization slowly settles on him. He had to protect him. The cheif would kill him if he got the chance. So he had to kill the cheif. But the cheif had two allies...two very large, black and green allies...and Jorgan knew he wasn't man enough to take all three... ;)

As the cold dawn light cuts the shadows, it slowly creeps across the ground, and up Jorgan, sending a shadow running behind him. A shiver runs up his spine. This is it. His hands shake, his tension shows. He takes his sword, and draws a line in the sand. He points his other sword at the cheiftain.


The cheif charges, Jorgan charges, weapons clash, sparks fly, muscles bulge and teeth grind.

03/15/2001 9:26 AM

In the air...commotion...

Redblaze and his rider engage the two greens...at the same time...The bronze easily defeats the first, smaller, of the two, and begins to tangle with the other. Over the horizon...more approach.

03/15/2001 4:50 PM

Kron made it to the forest and easily blended in with the trees.

03/15/2001 10:11 PM

Brightstar jumps at the sound of Telgars voice. she goes to his side "how are you feeling?" his question suddenly registers in her mind. "Oh im sorry, my name is Brightstar."

The noise of battle is getting louder outside and she goes to peer out the crack in the tent entrance. "We can't stay here, we have to keep moving or we'll be discovered." She turns to him "Are you strong enough to walk?"

03/16/2001 1:13 AM

Meanwhile back at the camp...

Whisper looked upon the Ogre Chieftain his growls low as he saw a young man step before him shouting a challenage to the huge Ogre. Then Whisper saw the image of the dragon woman as he heard her message clearly. Though, Whisper clearly saw that the young man was clearly out numbered didn't what to leave a friend of Tiver's to be slaughtered by these creatures. Whisper let out a great howl that raised the hairs of even the strongest of men sending a message to his kin to help this young man as best as they can. With that done Whisper leaped at the Ogre Chieftain missing him on purpose hoping that the young warrior would see his chance to begin his fight with the Chieftain. Whisper barely dodged the blow the Ogre set after as he howled in rage missing the wolf, and off Whisper was back to his small friend.

Meanwhile back with Kalia...

Tiver saw the light fade slowly as his eyes closed feeling the hands pull him up hearing the voice in his head as everything faded slowly away. Tiver now stood in a dark tower as a figure of an old friend came before him in white robes. "Now, Tiver it is not your time to be here little friend though it would be nice to have your company," the white robed figure said. Tiver was completely curious of his surroundings as he looked as the white robed figure seeing his elven traits clearly now. "But, Al..." Tiver tried to say as he was cut off by a smile and a wiggle of a finger. "You are needed by your friends now you must go back," the elf said as Tiver felt the pull of Kalia's magic upon him. "Well, since you put it that way can I come and visit you old..." Tiver was cut short by a laugh as everything quickly traced back to where he was.

Tiver opened his eyes to see Kalia holding him as he smiled happily to be back, and at the same time happy to have such a great adventure. "Do not fret Kalia I was only resting my eyes... I think," Tiver said with a smile though he knew things were far more serious. The blood had stopped flowing from Tiver's head as Whisper appeared out of the woods running over to Kalia's side. Sadly the wolf carried in his mouth Tiver's topknot which was cut off in the blow he had recieved from the Ogre Chieftain. Tiver frowned as he looked at the dwarf, Kalia, and Whisper and said "Well, what shall we do?" Tiver Neehigh

03/16/2001 1:42 AM

Telgar grimaced with pain as he tried to lift himself up.
"Brightstar that's a…..beautiful name, please help me to stand. I fear that I will not………….be able to move to swiftly, it m…..might be better to leave me here. You……you will be able to get away quicker with out me."

03/16/2001 2:23 AM

Ooc Katyr could you please look after Telgar over the weekend if you post as once again I do not have access to a computer until Monday

03/16/2001 3:10 PM

Kron made his way through the forest, approaching the old campsite. He saw Kalia, along with Tiver and some dwarf. They looked distraught and the elf was torn between stopping and continuing.

03/16/2001 5:21 PM

Brightstar helps Telgar to his feet.

"There is no way im leaving you here for those monsters! come on, it may take us awhile but if we stick to the shadows and the thicker parts of the forest we should be able to make it through undetected." she said this with a little more confidence than she felt.

they quietly crept throught the tents entrance and headed towards a dense section of trees. Telgar gritted his teeth to stop from crying out in pain, but kept moving.

When they reached the protection of the trees Telgar slumped to the ground. "I have to rest for awhile, but we should be safe here."

Brightstar agreed, her muscles ached from half carrying Telgar. She began to redress his wounds and noticed they were starting to heal quite well.

Brightstar turned to Telgar "What about your friends, do you think if we found them they would help us?"

Telgar thinks for a moment "There are some i know would help us, then there are others who have their own agenda that we are not part of. But i think we should try to find them, it may be our only hope."

Master Mage Aleximi
03/17/2001 8:47 AM

A young man appears out of thin air and armored in the Dark Knight of Solamia Amor.

"Your time has come Tiver" The man spoke in a deep voice, ignoring Kalia.
"Are you ready to meet your God?" The man didn't wait for a reply..
"Shirak!" He spoke and the staff he held in his hand began to glow.... then slowly it changed into a Darkened Dragon Sword. He raises the sword ready to strike Tiver, but as he swings.... he purposely swings too far and strike Kalia deep though her back.

"Prepare to die.... cousin! Mmmhmmmhmmm" The Knight removes his helm and then brightly shines his hourglass eyes.... Aleximi is ready to kill for the power he seeks for himself and his Queen.

03/17/2001 1:58 PM

That made Kron's decision easy. He nocked his special arrow, the one with the purple fletching and let it fly. It tore through the mad mage, imbedding itself in his shoulder. It caused Aleximi to drops his sword, giving Tiver a chance to strike. Now he was even with the kender for his help.

03/17/2001 9:20 PM

Kalia watched Aleximi drop his sword, she smiled at the opportunity. One second she was Kalia, the next, she was Crystalamira, roaring a challenge.

Rage filled her and she spread her wings in display of her challenge. she took a swipe and knocked Aleximi down, her claws tearing up his injured shoulder even more, accidentily breaking the arrow shaft. The arrow head was imbedded deep in the Mad Mages shoulder.

She stood protectively over Tiver, refusing to stray far from his side.

"I will not allow you to harm him any further!" she sneered "Cousin! HA!" she spat, a small flame of Frost burst from her mouth and hissed on the ground.

03/18/2001 12:31 AM

Kron had done his part. As scout he had led the party (with some help) to the ogre camp. He had payed Tiver back with the save and given Kalia an opening to fight.

The elf slipped back into the woods, headed for town. Once he got there he would go back to the inn and then start tracking Hooded. Maybe this time he would catch up with the murderer.

Master Mage Aleximi
03/18/2001 1:10 PM

Aleximi suddenly drops his sword.. blood oozing from the wound in his shoulder.
A small glow dims as a spirit seems to leave Aleximi's body behind, leaving ALeximi in his Black Robes (though now that the spirit is leaving... they grow a lighter Black). The spirit is Fistandantilus... trying to escape and possess himself to Kalia in his quest for revenge.
But why did he leave Aleximi? Is Kalia truely more powerful...? Not just that....

Aleximi Mejere falls to the ground.... blood still oozing out of his shoulder....
"Because... love is more powerful than evil.... and I care about my cousin though we aren't of blood.... we are connect by spirit. Begone spirit!"

Aleximi passes out from blood loss and strength zapped from the Evil mage's Spirit

03/18/2001 2:56 PM

Kalia roared a challenge to the spirit of Fistandantilus, a bright white aura surrounded her, preventing the spirit from coming near. The light represented the purity of her spirit, the innocence of her heart. the shadow-spirit shrieked in rage and faded from sight.

"Alex?" Kalia cried. She leaned over him, her Golden eyes wary. She folded her wings to her sides, and settled herself on her haunches. with a single wave of her hand the arrow tip, tore loose from Aleximi's shoulder, and shattered.

she gathered him in her arms, and launched herself into the air, taking Aleximi with her.

03/18/2001 5:44 PM


The battle still rages on between Jorgan and the Cheif. Lots of swordplay and grunting.

(I'll let you use your imaginations on this one because I'm lazy today.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
:[ May the forces of evil become lost on the way to your house :[

Master Mage Aleximi
03/18/2001 9:29 PM

Aleximi briefly opens his eyes... deathly weak from all the events up to now... and especially from Fistandatilus's energy absorbtion he used to tap Alex's own strength and power....
Tears drip from Aleximi's eyes.....

"Kalia *cough cough*.... I'm..... so..... sorry..... *cough*....."

The mage closes his eyes
"I.... feel.... so.... tired..... can I..... *cough cough cough*..... rest...... now?"
Aleximi speaks softly as his skin begins to feel cold and clammy..... as he slowly begins to die from both the Evil Dark Spirit Fistandantilus and the blood loss.... both a great pain for him.

Aleximi's skin grows paler..... and he whispers "They said.... to the Abyss with me and my dragons....... *cough* actually.... *voice grows even softer* Fistan.......'s...............gues....s.... I'll..... see....him.... there........"
The master mage Aleximi's heart grows slower and slower......

03/19/2001 3:50 AM

Telgar glanced around the camp; dead ogres lay every where. Above Dragons still fought.
Smoke from the cook fires obscured most of the camp from view,
"I can't see anyone," Telgar shouted to be heard above the cry of the dragons.
Suddenly two figures emerged from the smoke. Both were hacking furiously at each other.
Instantly Telgar recognised the tall figure of Jorgan.
"There's Jorgan and that must be the ogre chief " Telgar shouted to Brightstar "we must help him"

Jumping to his feet Telgar started forward, his wound forgotten.
He had not taken two steps when he collapsed with a cry of pain.
Using his good arm Telgar dragged himself towards the battle. He could now see that both combatants had suffered hits, blood running from several small cust.
Steeling himself Telgar started to move again when the world seemed to explode.
Large rocks and the very ground Telgar lay were flung into the air as a large dragon crashed into the ground a mere two human lengths away.
With a cry Telgar crashed into a near by bush.

03/19/2001 9:52 AM

The green rolls almost as soon as he hit the ground, but not fast enough. Redblaze lands on top of him,smashing him down. The rider lets out another war-cry, shattering the cold morning air.

"YeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Get him Redblaze!"

The rider raises his sword in challange, and an arrow catches him in the shoulder, knocking him out of the saddle, landing right next to Telgar, unconscious.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
May the forces of evil become lost on the way to your house

03/19/2001 11:01 AM

Seeing the black robe weakened for a second Irin wasted no time, and drawing his axe charged towards the mage. It seemed as if Kalia had stopped her attack, perhaps under some new enchantment? No matter, seizing this chance to stop the evil the dwarf brought his axe down hard across the black robes neck, taking his head right off...

03/19/2001 11:42 AM

Tiver watched the events unfold before his eyes as Kalia guarded me with all her might as the spirit left Alex's body and tried to take her's. Tiver watched as Kalia took Alex in her arms, and flew off before the dwarf's killing blow missed its mark by barely inches. Tiver reached over as he used the sword he found to pull himself up. Tiver lifted the mighty sword to his face seeing the beauty of its crystal razor edges and marvelous craftmanship. Tiver then turned to here a large boom as he saw two dragons crash to the ground hearing to yells. Tiver relaxed the sword on his shoulder as he looked to the dwarf saying "Well, it seems that theres a fight that needs us to be there."

Tiver quickly went off running though his strenght was not all completely there Tiver figured that he could still put up a good fight. Tiver ran to find a green and bronze(?) dragon battling it out. Tiver raising his new sword ran into battle like a warrior raising the heavy sword high above his head trying to find out a battle cry that only came out as gibberish. Tiver ran right up to the green bringing down the sword with all the strength he could find sinking the blade deep into the green dragon's neck. Tiver heard the roar of pain as he fell back from the dragon not able to free the sword from it. Tiver looked over to see Telgar and another man in armor laying on the ground as Tiver thought to himself. "Oh dear, what have we all gotten ourselves into now?" Tiver Neehigh

03/19/2001 12:12 PM

Kalia shook her head, unbelieving what she heard. She flew fast trying to reach her destination before anything happened.

"Alex!! just hold on, a little bit longer!!" she said as she banked sharply and then began to decend her flight.

When they passed low over a section of a forest, she shifted back to her human form, using a levitation spell to lower them amung the trees, carful not to damage any of them.

"ACORN!" Kalia cried as she lay Alex at her feet. "I ASK YOU FOR THAT FAVOR NOW!!!" she turned, raising her hands to show that they where empty, her staff lay on the ground.

A rustle in the brush sounded from across the clearing.

"I CLAIM THE DEBT THAT YOU OWE ME!!!" she cried falling to her knees.

The rustle stopped and a creature of pure white stepped forward, cloven hooved, and a spiraled pearl horn reaching toward the heavens.

The Unicorn stepped forward, lowering his head. "For what debt do I owe you HUMAN!!" the unicorn rumbled.

"The debt that you owe me...Crystalamira, for saving your forest during the chaos war." she said holding out her hands. The unicorn bowed so that his horn touched the ground "What do you ask crystal one?"

Kalia knelt down beside Aleximi. "MY cousin, by spirit, if not by blood, he has made a mistake, but i think he deserves a second chance." she stared pleading with the unicorn, tears shimmering in her golden eyes. Acorn raised his head. his blue eyes wary.

"He has evil in him." He said, pawing at the ground. Kalia bowed her head. "Please...I..Heal him, I will take full responsability..if he rages again..I will kill him myself."

Acorn stared at her for a long moment...then the pearl horn on his head began to glow with a pale blue light. He stepped forward then toched it to Aleximi's forhead.

A bright flash of blue light surrounded Alex, healing all wounds to his body and spirit. As he lay there, the robes that where once black, where now Red. Acorn stepped forward. "know this mage...or rather I knew one like him long ago...he was a gentle man..if not a bit odd...but he reminds me of MAGIUS." Acorn turned on his heal then turned to stare at Kalia...

"This makes us even Dragon...but I do believe that we can be friends...."

03/20/2001 1:35 AM

Telgar lay dazed, pain shooting through his battered body. Glancing back the way he had come he was glad to see Brightstart concealing herself behind a bush.
Forcing himself into a sitting position using a tree for support. Watching in awe as the two dragons begin fighting close to him, when the rider of the (Tiver went with bronze so I will follow suit) Bronze dragon tumbled from the back of his mount.

Crawling over to the body he finds the man already dead.
"Oh well wont be needing this" Telgar said to himself as he picked up the dead mans sword. "Not that I'll be able to use at the moment"

Turning back to the fighting dragons Telgar is surprised to see the small figure of Tiver charging the green dragon shouting what sounded like a very strange shopping list.

"By Paladine he's a plucky little one" despite himself Telgar felt himself grinning.

03/20/2001 3:02 PM

Brightstar runs swiftly to Telgar. "This is crazy, a Dragon almost crashed into us! Are you alright?" She looks at Tiver and then to Jorgan, they were so brave she started to feel ashamed for hiding and trying to run away.

"Are you okay to fight?" she says with concern looking at Telgar's many wounds. "If we are going to help the others in this fight lets stick together back to back, okay?"Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/20/2001 4:31 PM

Tiver looked up at the sky seeing the other green dragons approaching quickly as he ran to Jorgan's side, and Whisper joining their side. "Well, it seems as though we have more approaching. Do you think you can finish off the green dragon quickly with the help of the bronze?" Tiver said as he looked at the battled Jorgan.

"I'll try to to buy us some time though I don't know how long my card will last." Tiver said pulling out his favorite card that had ten silver dragons and a man in full armor riding ahead of them leading the other dragons to battle. "I truely hope this card works..." he said as he threw the card to the sky saying the words to make the magic of the card work. "Huma lead us to Victory!"

Tiver watched as the magic leaped from the card in an awe inspiring blast that destroyed the card knocking Tiver and Whisper back. The powerful magic took hold as the armored man lifted his lance and the dragon let out a mighty roar as all the illusion like dragons leaped into the sky to meet their oppenants. Tiver looked back at Jorgan and said "Well, I'd be a bald and bearded dwarf it worked..." as Tiver just smiled.Tiver Neehigh

03/21/2001 1:46 AM

Telgar smiled and was touched by Brightstars concern.
"I can't walk with out aid and my sword arm is broken but I still have my crossbow"

using his good arm Telgar lifts himself to his foot keeping his damaged leg of the floor reaching out he took hold of Brightstars hand.
"some times I have the manners of a gully Dwarf,
Thank you for helping me back there, I am forever in your debt."

Leaning forward he kissed her hand.

"now shall we see what we can do to help those two fools" looking around he notices a large rock over looking this part of the camp.
"help me over to that rock over there and I will be able to give you all some form of covering fire. I'll try………….where did that lot come from?"

his mouth dropping open as a flight of silver dragons rush into battle.

[Edited by Telgar on Wednesday, March 21, 2001 1:51 AM]

03/21/2001 7:03 AM

Looking around him at all the confusion, Irin shook his head. All that awaited this party was death. Each member seemed to have their own agenda's, many of them evil, all of them selfish. Deciding that he had spent long enough with these people the dwarf drew up his hood and slipped away from the camp.

OOC: Had to leave I'm afraid as I just don't have time for this crap anymore. Plus it wasn't quite what I expected... too many grand heroes and masters of evil and not enough plot. I think it could have worked better if there was more of a central story, rather then little set pieces starting up every few days. e.g. Suddenly a character becomes possessed and has command of every dragon on Krynn and wages war on all the land... only to be stopped in a day and everything goes back to normal. I mean there are many story possibilities, and there is no need to include Fistandandtilus/Raistlin/any other relatives to the original heroes of the lance, in them. Doing this limits the story immensely and turns into nothing but a pathetic imitation of the original DL novels. We should strive to create smaller more rewarding stories which are ORIGINAL and not just a rehash of previous DL works.

Alas, I know none of you will agree as you all want to be the ‘most powerful warrior/mage/kender-crossed-minotaur-elf’ so that my character just happens to have the advantages of every race on Krynn!

03/21/2001 3:26 PM

OOC: Dude, there's no need to be a dick about it....we all have our own agendas for sure, but that' swhat makes the story...grand magic and heros. You don't like it, I'll create my own Forgotton Realms world were it can happen, so SCREW YOU!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
May the forces of evil become lost on the way to your house

03/21/2001 10:31 PM

Brightstar quickly helped Telgar over to the protection of the boulder. They hid behind it as ten or so silver dragons swooped down from out of nowhere.

"Silver Dragons! maybe there is hope" Brightstar exclaimed as she watched the dragons fly into battle.Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/22/2001 1:25 AM


don't let him get to you my friend.

03/22/2001 2:38 AM

"Hope? I think you are right there. look"
Telgar points to where the Bronze had just killed the green and was charging back into the sky. Everywhere the dark dragons broke and fled the battle, the dragons of light charging after them.

Down on the ground Jorgan and the ogre chief still fought.


I think it may be time to rap this one up people. Not many of us left now so Glasswalker if you would like to finish off the ogre we can all go home…

03/22/2001 8:34 AM

The Ogre's speed surprises him as he crosses the gap in a a blink of an eye. It is obvious he is a trained fighter. The two cross swords and struggle, the ogre gaining the upperhand by kicking Jorgan in the groin. Jorgan stumbles and falls to his knees, gasping for air. In a moment he is on his feet, both swords coming down in an arch, connecting with the Ogre's axe. The Ogre counters, slashing with his sword at Jorgans' now exposed ribcage, knowing that Jorgan's leather armor will not stop the blow. It connects, cutting thru the hide and bites deeply into his side, doubling him to the floor. Jorgan gasps, sweat dripping from his brow. Draklin steps back, and laughs.

"Ha Ha Ha, fool. I warned you you couldn't beat me!"

He stands above Jorgan and swings his sword in an executioner style arch, aiming for his neck. Jorgan, using what strength he has left, blocks with his longsword, and looks the Ogre directly in the eyes.

"It will take more than some foolhardy ogre who thinks he is better than me to finish me off."

He pushes the Ogre back, and rises to his feet. Blood is now freely flowing from his side, and he can barely breath. He appears dizzy, and closes his eyes to shake his head. The ogre sees his opportunity to finish the fight and attacks. He brings his broadsword down in a strike meant to split Jorgan's head down the middle. Jorgan, still appearing groggy, raises his longsword to block, and at the same time, runs his broadsword thru the ogre's chest. The cheifs' body spouts blood, and bile. It begins to convulse on the ground as Jorgan removes his sword. The body, writhes in agony and then suddenly lays still. The small remaining group of ogres turn tail and run. QUICKLY!!!

OOC:Now then, about those dragons....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
May the forces of evil become lost on the way to your house

03/22/2001 10:49 AM

Tiver smiled seeing that the illusion card really worked chasing the evil dragons away. "I think its time that we should depart because I have no idea how long the magic will last." Tiver was grinning as he walked over to the dead green dragon yanking the sword out of his neck and falling back to the ground.

"Hmmm, now what am I to do with you sword?" Tiver smiled looking at everyone around him.Tiver Neehigh

03/23/2001 1:28 AM

Telgar waves down at the group.
With Brightstar's help he makes his way over to the them.

"Well that was certainly a strange one. Still it looks like we completed what we set out to do. Why don't we all head back to that nice little inn. I'm buying"

03/23/2001 8:29 AM

Jorgan trots up to the group, massaging sore arm muscles.

"Waaaasssuuuuupppppp?!" (okay, it overused, but I couldn't help it)

He sheaths his swords, and picks up the cheif's battleaxe.

"Well, it aught to make a good memento. So? Back to the inn huh? Well, feel free to stop by my place anytime you want. Just ask for directions, I'm sure almost anyone will help."

He begins to walk out of the camp, but turns and waves back.

"Like I said feel free to stop in. Have fun ladies and gentlemen. Until next time..."

AND THUS ENDS "GOOD 'OL FASHION ADVENTURE"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
May the forces of evil become lost on the way to your house

03/23/2001 10:16 AM

Tiver waves bye to Jorgan as he looks to Telgar nodding to in agreement as to go back to the Inn. Tiver smiles to himself as wraps the sword up and slides it through his belt. "Well, since your buying Telgar i'll join you friend," smiles as he stands straight and tall. "I Tiver Neehigh the Great Dragon Slayer." he says chuckling to himself as they set out back to the Inn.Tiver Neehigh

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