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02/07/2001 11:30 AM

Alright, here we go.....

A young man walks into the Ogre's Opal. He is incredibly tall, as far as humans
go at least. The bar is loud and he doesn't see anybody that he recognizes.
He approaches the bartender.

"I'm looking for anyone who is willing to go on an adventure. Do you know of
anybody who is also looking for one?"

The bartender laughs, a large, throaty laugh.

"Adventure, right! You're crazy man. What do you intend to do?"

The young man smiles.

"My name is Jorgan Courtland and I plan on ridding Grogan's forest of ogres
for good. But I need good men to help me. It is time we take back the

The bartender laughs, and calls out to the crowd.

"This boy wants to stop the Ogre threat!!! Ha Ha Ha......"

The crowd begins to laugh, the idea sounding absurd.

"Please, listen to me," he pleads "I need people who are willing to help. We
MUST end this threat before any more innocent people die! Won't any of you
help me?!"

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02/08/2001 5:25 AM

A small wiry human pushes through the crowd.
"I'll help you." He calls out over the laughter. "Getting old is overrated anyway"

Settling down on an empty bar stool he extends his hand in greeting
" The names Telgar, who else have you got lined up for this little jaunt ?"

02/08/2001 6:37 AM

OOC: There are no orcs in DL, you need to rename your inn/tavern. Thanks.

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02/08/2001 10:56 AM

OOC:how about Trolls Trollops?
A tall,slender and handsome man walks from the very back of the inn (whatever its called) to in front of the young man. He looks normal,not a fighter, but for the silver cuffs on his sleeves and a strange pronged instrument on his back.
"I will join you."he says quietly,ignoring the jeering from the patrons."The ogre's/orcs/trolls have killed far to many to be left alone.In fact,I was set on this mission even before your impassioned speech,and this man joined you."he continues, nodding to Telgar.
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/08/2001 12:24 PM

The crowd of people look down to see and small Kender dressed in assorted colors crawl out from under a table covered in pouches of even more colors. "My name is Tiver Neehigh and I would love to go on this quest with all of you." Holding out his hand to anyone willing to shake it.

"Well I'm ready to leave when ever everyone else is ready," he says as he turns around slipping a few "burrowed" items into his pouches. "Oh yeah where are we going again, and will it be fun because I really like to explore," he says as his interests see something over at the bar that looks interesting.

"Excuse me I'll be right back," rubbing his hands on the way to the bar.

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02/09/2001 2:19 AM

Telgar returns the nod with a wink at the stranger and absentmindedly reaches out his hand to Tiver
"It would seam that you have the advantage on us sir, by what name do you go?"

Dropping his hand down to his side Telgar turns to order another drink.

"Err will you excuse me our enterprising friend seams to have found my purse"

Slipping off his stool he heads out after the Kender

OOc I do not have access to a computer over the weekend so just carry on with out me and I will catch up on monday

02/09/2001 10:30 AM

OOC: we'll just get to know each other.
The man smiles easily at the kender and shakes his hand,but just as easily removes a ring from the kenders finger."That,my small friend,is mine."
He looks at the retreating Telgar. "That man is strange."he judges. "Actually running after a kender?I consider myself brave not to run from them!"he smiles.
"I'm Joero,by the way."he holds out his hand to the de-facto leader of this expedition.
OOC2:Just to clear things up,this is not my 'Joe' char in one of his many disguises,this is actually another char.Excuse the name.
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/09/2001 12:27 PM

I crawl out from another table easily loosing Telgar in the crowd after saying that i'll help him look for what he lost. Then I walk back up to Joero saying, "Well, I couldn't find what he lost, but it must be around here." At the same time my hand reaches up shaking Joero's hand quickly as my fingers try to remove the the same ring you said was yours earlier.

"Joero, Telgar, and Jorgan how about a drink?" I say quickly fumbling through my many pouches looking for my purse. "I know its in here somewhere, its like this one time that me and my friends were out of money and we couldn't pay and everyone got mad and well..." he says looking for his purse,"There it is I found it!"

"Well like I was saying would you three like to join me in a drink?" as I look at the purse wondering how Telgar's purse fell into my pouches. "Tel... I mean i'm buying."

Smiles brightly as I walk over to the bar my hands moving back and forth from pouch to pouch.
Tiver Neehigh

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Master Mage Aleximi
02/09/2001 5:06 PM

A mysterious figure suddenly bursts through the door as wind gushes into the tavern, the door swiftly shuts behind him (on it's own) as he walks through.
The figure stands at roughly 5'8", 5'9" with his spiked hair. His eyes pierce the skin with the firey gaze as he stares at the man known as: Jorgan Courtland.

"I have been visited by many visions through my weary sleep, telling me I may find a man known by the name: Jorgan Courtland. I believe he is seeking 'recruits' for an 'adventure' through Grogan's forest. I am definitly interested *coughs roughly*.... * walks to Jorgan... knowing now who he is by the glares from everyone in the room, and rememberance from his visions. In a lower voice:*...but I must know if there is any 'pay' for my quests require much effort as well as wages,of coarse."

*grinning mischiviously* "and more importantly when do we leave?"

02/09/2001 5:07 PM

OOC: I am planning to set this before Kalia learns of her Dragon Past..Ayslynn is still with her ofcourse so as of now she is only a normal Mage with a abnormal grasp on her magic. this is where she knows that she was adopted by the Majeres and not a blood releative. I may even use this to bring in hints of her past...I hope thats ok!?)))

A young woman in the back of the inn stared up towards the bar as the young man named Jorgan proclaimed his mission. She stared astonished at the peoples unwilling to help as they laughed at him.

Her golden eyes where bright in the firelight, her dress was esqusite, a misty white trimmed in a rich lilac and embriodered with gold and silver runes. It was Miraculasly clean and bright amung the drab clothing of the other customers. Her Hair was long and silvery white, clean and well groomed. Her skin was nearly transparant and had a faint rosy tint to it.

She stood, Her white cloak settling down around her. She held a dark wooden staff toped with a golden dragons claw that clutched a blue crystal orb.

She walked up to Jorgan as the crowd of people parted before her in awe. Gently she placed her slim hand upon his shoulder.

"I would join you in this Qest of yours...My Magic may help." she said in a clear voice as sweet and melodious as an Elf's

"I have no love for the Ogres. I have had several friends lost to that race. especially to this one in particular....SHIRAK!"

The blue orb burst into light and within it began to project a image onto the wall. An Ogre Chieften..An ugly brute with greenish skin and a neclace of sculls and bones the sculls had gems in them.

He killed my foster sister and I vow revenge upon him for this act of evil!

02/10/2001 2:38 PM

Turns slowly to see the man with spiked hair enter the bar watching evering as he talks to Jorgan. Shrugging it off I continue to the bar only to look back and see the young female wizard offer her magic to help on this quest. Then as the blue bursts into light projecting the image of a Ogre Chieftain on the wall do I forget what I was doing.

"Wow, how did you do that?" staring at the image on the wall along with everyone else in the bar. "That is some really neat magic, and I hope you can teach me how to do it." as walk up to the image touching it wondering about it. "Just think a Kender, I mean Tiver Neehigh thats me, being able to use magic," reaching up rubbing his hand over his top knot, "I could find all kinds of things." Continues to looks up at the image on the wall wondering if I can fit it into one of my many colorful pouches. "Ya know I wonder if I could just..." pulls out a small knife trying to cut the image off the wall to roll it up. Sighs deeply finding that no matter what I do the image stays on the wall.

I walk over to the young female wizard offering my hand to and saying, " Hellu, my name is Tiver Neehigh, well I guess you already know that." Smiles lightly my grey eyes full of wonder and amazement, " I guess you couldn't teach me that trick anyways since magic in a Kender's hands is just... "to fun." I smile again as my hands my from my sides and into my pouches.

"Now I was about to do something, and I think it was buys drinks for all of us since Telgar so nicely gave me his purse, I think, to buys drinks." stands there body eyes darting around looking for something interesting to do. My eyes light up a something catches my eyes as I wander off to find what it is, " I'll be back with drinks if I find the bar." Tiver Neehigh

Master Mage Aleximi
02/10/2001 6:25 PM

The young mage in the blood red robes with golden words written in the magickal language stares over at the young woman...... walks over to her and partially bows in greeting "Hello, my name is Aleximi Uth Majere.... lost 'Son' of Raistlin Majere. If my senses are correct, you must be the lovelyKalia.... Majere.... Perhaps you know of my father? *under his breath:* or of any possible relation between us and our magick?"

*Staff of Magius begins to glow as I stand near this amazing mage of the white order*

02/11/2001 12:08 AM

kalia smiled at Tiver "its a pleasure to meet you." She said holding The staff of Magius close. She turns startled to see antother Mage standing behind her and in his hand was the Staff of Magius.

"How....How is this possible!?" she murmered as she stared at him "Dulak" she mutterd and the crystal on the top of her staff went dark taking the image of the Ogre with the light it had cast. she stared uncomprehendingly at the other mage.

((OOC: what time period is this anyway before or after the Chaos war?? because if it is after...there are no orders for mages any more with out the gods of magic the orders don't exist...my character was born as a human fifteen years after the Chaos war...she was born as a dragon two hundred years before the chaos war...I think it may be a bit helpful to know that....

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02/12/2001 1:46 AM

Telgar returns to the bar looking rather dishevelled
"That Tiver's a slippery one"

As he approaches he glances over at the two mages
"Did I miss anything" he whispers to Joero as he passes.

Walking over to the mages flashing his most dazzling smile, whilst smooting the creases out of this clothing.
"Telgar Vrinn at your service Madame"
Taking Kalia's hand he raises it to his lips.

"Greeting sir Mage it is an honour, before we go out and get ourselves into no end of mischief, would either of you care for some refreshments?"

Reaching down he pulls out a new purse. His eyes never leaving the golden orbs of the woman before him.

02/12/2001 9:59 AM

Joero too,is captivated by the beaty of the lady."I am Joero, Solmanic Knight,fair one."he says,bowing stately."I am at your service."
At the mage he looks coldly."You seek payment for a good deed!Begone,you disturb the lady!"
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/12/2001 10:10 AM

Kalia smiles at Joero.

"I beg your Pardon Sir Knight...But I too am a Mage...But I do not seek payment for my services...I never have and never will. I can get by on my own. My magic is that what comes from the heart. the magic that is within each of us. My foster-uncle Palin Majere taught me this. it is that magic that I tend to use against the Ogres. I go on a quest to recieve justice for the death of my foster sister Kara...and to prevent it from happening to anyone else. I do not expect payment for anything that I do..."

Kalia smiles again and sips from the glass of wine at her elbow.

02/12/2001 10:24 AM

Kalia feels a light tap on her shoulder. As she turns she sees an elf standing behind her. He is fairly good looking for elven standards but he exudes an aura of sadness and hatred. "The ogre chieftain you are hunting is Grimwart Martooth. I too have been hunting him, as he works for the one known as Hooded. My name is Kronathalas, but you may call me Kron. I have been seeking this ogre, and followed him all the way to these bordering woods. If you are going to hunt him down and estroy him, I would like to accompany you," says the elf.

02/12/2001 10:30 AM

Kalia studied the Elf Kron for a long moment her Golden eyes searching his intently.

"I am hunting him...but why do you? something happened to you...what? You can tell me...IF you choose not to...well then, you may accompany me. although I am not the one who started this little adventure"

Kalia turned to face Jorgan who was still standing next to the bar. "It is his quest I only joined because we had a common interest. and something calls me to him."

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02/12/2001 10:32 AM

"Maybe sometime," mumbled the elf, no longer meeting Kalia's gaze.

02/12/2001 12:20 PM

Tiver comes back bouncing through the crowd far to happy at the many things he has already "found" and placed into his pouches. Looking around see all the wonderful and very exciting people who have gathered to help Jogan in his quest.

"Well hello everyone, and the new other people," smiling greatly admiring their cloths and looks seeing more things I would like to look at. "If you haven't heard already after the many times I've said it i'm Tiver Neehigh," he said cheerful as ever. "I think I found a nice table we all can sit at and thanks to Telgar I have ordered us some drinks and food," while slipping Telgar's purse back onto his belt.
"Thats always like me putting other people before me and such," mubbling at the time about something then pointing to the empty table, "Well if everyone would like to sit down I would like to listen to Jorgan tell."

Walking past everyone to the table smiling all the way only stopping to look at the elf. "Wow, an elf I've seen alot of your kind, they are really nice and have some very beautiful jails and such." A impish smile forming on my face, "You know that elves don't really like kinder though they were really nice to let me stay around and look at the wonderful things they have." "They even gave a nice room to live in, but they told me to stay in there and not leave," my eyes watching the table waiting for the food and drinks. "Then they told me to leave and thats how I got here, and well thats even a longer story i'll tell you all about it later after we eat okay?" as I watched the drinks and food being placed on the table.

"Well time to drink and get to know each other and plan for this adventure," as I quickly bounce over to the table to have a seat. "Is everyone coming?" looking back at the group gathered as Tiver thought quitely to himself that this would be a grand and wonderful story when we are done.Tiver Neehigh

02/12/2001 1:29 PM

Kron glimpses Kalia out of the corner of his eye. He heads towards the table, wanting to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of their party. He had to know, to see if they had enough power to go up against the ogres. Otherwise, the elf would go solo, he would probably make it just as far either way.

The elf sat down and picked at his food, waiting for someone else to speak first. He also made sure that none of his meager possessions ended up in the kender's hands.

02/12/2001 4:54 PM

A hush fell when the door opened, revealing the figure of a young man with a hooded cloak. He was peculiar looking for, though he look definitely elvish, the upswept ears and the strange cold hard elven eyes, he somewhat had a strange, fresh and joyful air around him. He carried a longer than usual hoopak (and for an elf this is fairly peculiar indeed) and numerous pouches that circled his waist. As he made his way to the bar, several muttering whispers caught the companion's ears. Words like 'son of an kender whore' and 'elven bastard'.

The man ignored the words and sat down, brooding silently as he ordered for a mug of "Party Juice" and the usual fare of venison and bread.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/12/2001 9:33 PM

The man speaks humbly, "forgive me if I have disturbed anyone and if I was rude by asking a small fee for this task,I did not mean either of that. It's just.....*slightly embarrassed* I have so little coinage that I can barely pay for a single meal.....but more importantly, I take up any adventure no matter what.....NO MATTER WHAT."

*turns to Kalia once again* "I belive you wonder how there may be two Staves of Magius in this time? Simple...... just think of what my father was Master of...... and take a wild guess" *the mage smiles as light reflects from Aleximi's eyes into Kalia's.*

"Now once again.... I wonder ever so curious to when the journey begins. If it truely is to help good..... then we should have been off long ago,correct? and from the looks of this team..... we can seariously cause havok amoungst the enemies."
*grins mischiviously at the rag-tag group of "heroes"*

*Stares with wonderment at the beautiful mage wondering if the thought is mutual or is just as 'weird' with the two 'relatives' together here and now*

02/13/2001 2:20 AM

Telgar leans back in his chair and looks around the group.

"I agree with the mage it is time to be off" casting a glance around the room he whispers to the group

"Especially if the patrons of this fine establishment discover the recent findings of their property"

"So then friend Jorgan where is it we are headed?"

Turning to Kron

"You seam to know of this debauched ogre, do you have any information that might be advantageous to our cause?"

I apologise for not describing Telgar at the start; I will do so now.

He is 5"8 and of slight build
Shoulder length hair tied back.
He is wearing cloths that would usually be found adorning a rich merchant although it is looking a little worse for wear. A long black cape finishes his outfit.
He is quick to smile but the smile very rarely reaches his dark brown eyes

02/13/2001 3:41 AM

Joero looks around at the group dispassionatly.Once he had discovered Kalia was a mage, he treated her like everyone else.That meant coldly. "Perhaps we should discuss tactics,before just rushing into danger.I suggest a simple diversionary tactic by the mages and the kender,then an attack by the rest."
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/13/2001 5:42 AM

Telgar grins broadly

"ahh a man of direct action, I like that."

02/13/2001 6:36 AM

"I think we should infiltrate their camp, then attack in a surprise," says Kron. That way, he'd have a little time alone with the chieftain scum.

02/13/2001 7:00 AM

"Well either will work just as well, but there is one point of each course of action that could be worked on. Where is this camp, is it stationary or do they move on a regular basis, how many ogres are there, and are we leaving today or staying the night here?
Forgive me for being blunt but it seams to me as if we are just going to sit here and discus our 'Battle' plans well in to the next year."

02/13/2001 9:18 AM

"I don't know about you."says Joero."But I prefer to survive bored then to die excitetly.I would support your plan."he says to Kron,"But how are we supposed to inflitate them?We aren't Ogre's."
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

Master Mage Aleximi
02/13/2001 11:32 AM

*The younge mage coughs... while tapping his Staff of Magius on the ground gathering their attention*

"Foolish words from a foolish man, Joero. Don't underestimate forces unknown to you, we mages are far more advanced than you think us to be..... but I partially agree with you on the distraction. Kalia and I can freeze some of them and the kenders can distract the rest.... then I'd suggest placing 'the mages' across from each other and form a circular attack position and work our way inward."

*The mage glances at his cousin, gives an acknowlaging nod and grin... then sits down to continue regaining strength.*

"...then again..... we could do teams of two and work our way in ward... covering 'the mages' and we can cause an incredible spell of destruction my Father used before his trip into the Dark Queen's realm.... I'm sure you remember the incredible 'test'? {Remember, Legends...Volume... 2 or 3.... in the plague stricken village} but whatever stratagy we shall agree on... the sooner we leave, the less purities will be harmed." *cough cough cough*

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02/13/2001 11:51 AM

"Do not call me foolish,mage!" Joero shouts,rising from his seat and bringing the attention of many in the bar upon him."And do not play soldier.Let real men do that.You gather your 'energies'." his voice is lower,but with a vicous cutting edge.
The Knight sits."Now.How about a two pronged attack,with illusions provided by the mages distracting the Ogre's?"
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/13/2001 12:42 PM

OOC:Sorry guys, I've been in inhouse for the last few days...

"Grimwart Martooth... he is as intelligent of an ogre as I've ever seen. But he killed my Blood-Brother. He is mine!"

Jorgan slams his fist to the table, rattling the cups.

"The concept is simple. 4 to 5 days into the forest. I know where there camp is. I come in from the South as you guys circle in around to the North. Or perhaps to the East and West, It's up to you. I can guarantee Grimwart hates me more than any of you, and if I challange him straight out, face to face, he will accept it, and most of his tribe will be trained on me. They won't see you coming in."

He stops and takes a drink of his waterskin.

"I cannot offer to pay anyone for anything, this is a blood debt I plan on drawing out. If you want to come out, then come with me tomarrow morning. I live four houses down from the 'Shining Angel', it's the local brothel, so some of you may know it better than others..."

He smiles, giving an evil grin.

"If you require a rooom, I have three extras. Come by in about an hour if you are interested. We will meet in front of my house at dawn tomarrow morning. Until then, ladies and gentlemen, good day."

He draws his bulk up and leaves.

""Lets mix this up and set it about 20 years BEFORE the chaos wars.....ok?""

02/13/2001 12:55 PM

Tiver almost choked on the food in his mouth when he heard the word illusions. As soon as he swallowed he dived straight into his pouches setting items on the table. "Now which pouch did I put it in," he searched until he finally fell on the the floor with a thud.

Finally jumping back onto to his seat holding a small square package in his hands saying, "I found it." Quickly setting the package on the table opening it slowly as he continued on about how he "found" this deck of cards when traveling with a old, old wizard, and every time he was in trouble all he had to do was throw a card behind him and run from it.

" I don't know what they do, but maybe they can help us out?" Tiver asked looking at everyone. Pulling out a cloth from one of his pouches wiping his mouth and hands off only to see it was Joero. "Oops, I'm sorry Joero i'll get you a knew one," smiling handing it back to him.

"Well, what does everyone think," his eyes wide and full of life, "will these cards help? If not I have a few more things that might if I can find them."Tiver Neehigh

Master Mage Aleximi
02/13/2001 1:16 PM

*gives Joero an evil glare* "Pathetic..... I can kill you in an instant with or without magick. Care to try me? Probably.... but let's get this mission over with before more innocents are slaughtered."

02/13/2001 8:04 PM

OOC: This might be a little out of place, but, WHERE THE HELL DID THE OTHER POSTINGS GO???? I CAN"T FIND THE FRIGGIN' "NEW SUROUNDINGS 2" thread!!!

In a fit of rage, Mertonius rips apart his computer and punts it into the next county.

02/13/2001 10:26 PM

Kron listens to Jorgan, but doesn't plan on following his instructions. He needed to get to Grimwart before anyone else did, and to do that he had to get ahead of the group when they left. Perhaps he could volunteer as a scout for the group, they would probably buy that explanation.

02/13/2001 11:07 PM

OOC: Oh great now what do I do...My character isn't even "Born" yet...at this stage, she is still on the Dragon Isle!! sorry if I sound a bit annoyed but now I am at a loss at how to continue on this thread!!

02/13/2001 11:20 PM

OOC: OK maybe I will use her in her present state...sorry had to change my mind!!

Kalia listens quietly to the entire exchance before standing up to gather the attentions of the others.

"I have powers that Aleximi here does not...even Rastlin himself did not...for he was not what I am!! you see Aleximi here and I are cousins by name only"

Kalia reached out her hands to touch the Blue crystal orb on the top of her staff. the moment she touched it the wooden staff and the Golden claw that held the orb dissapeared. She raised her hand slowly the Crystal orb floating inches above her outstreached palm. She kept her eyes closed and was mumbling something under her breath. Once her hand was over her head, The Crystal gave a bright flash when the light faded, Kalia was gone. In her place stood an ugly hulking brute of an Ogre.

The Ogre held out its hand to the group and spoke in a clear understandable voice.

"I AM Kalia...this is one of my specialties...Shapechanging. Why I am able to do this I am not willing to disclose as of now..." The Ogre raised its hand and again the crystal flashed brightly to reveal Kalia standing there. Her Golden eyes bright, and the Staff of Magius back within her hands.

I will be able to infiltrate their camp with no problems. Aleximi can distract them long enough for the rest of you to gather.

02/14/2001 1:57 AM

Telgar jumps from his chair as an ogre just appears before him. His hand going for his weapon when the ogre speaks.

"Well I'll be the son of a troll, that is some spell." Grinning foolishly he sits back down.

Staring intently at the knight

"Joero it would appear that you have a problem with mages. I am wondering whether you will be willing to risk your life to one? With you attitude towards our friend there"
Gestures to Aleximi
"I certainly would not place a wager on it. What I would really like to know is are you going to be a problem on this trip? Will you follow the directions of our knowledgeable friends if the need arrives?
Remember sir Knight it is not only your own life you risk but all of ours"

Stares at the knight a little longer before turning his attention to Jorgan

"As you're the leader of this expedition, you may enter into it anyway you see fit. And if that entails challenging the ogre chieftain to single combat the so be it. I made it unmistakable my willingness to aid you in your cause and I will."

Gathering his belongings and recovering his lost purse from Tiver,

"Well then where is this house of ill repute you said you were lodging at. I for one could do will a little sleep"

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02/14/2001 10:22 AM

Kalia smiled faintly at the group, her golden eyes troubled. She turned to walk from the table. she paused only long enough to say to the group:

"I have a camp just outside of town. Any who would wish to join me there would be welcome...even you Sir Knight. I will tell my story to any who would wish to hear it."

She bowed her head to the group and backed away. She turned and walked out of the inn, hoping that someone might join her. Once she was outside, A large Eagle dived for her only to land peacably on the Crystal on her staff. She stared at the bird for a long moment and then gently scratched its throat. The eagle gave a sharp cry then flew off in the direction that it had come. Kalia took one last look at the inn and then followed the eagle.

02/14/2001 10:34 AM

Kron waited at the table, wanting to see where the other companions decided to go. He needed to form allianceswith some of the group, and he wanted to see where the others loyalties lay. For now, he would just sit back and watch.

02/14/2001 12:23 PM

OOC: It doesn't matter about your age. We'll let it slide, we're having fun aren't we?

A young man rises from the bar. He approaches the group at the table.

"Hi. Might I inquire where that Jorgan fellow went? I'm interested in talking to him. I saw him leave, but couldn't make up my mind. By the way, my name's Maverick, who are you guys?"

02/14/2001 12:45 PM

Tiver jumped on top the table running across it dropping off the other side, and then turning around waving bye to everyone at the table. Tiver was not going to miss out on a story, and atleast not one from a young mage. "Well see everyone tomorrow bye, bye," Tiver said as he rushed out the door.

"Kalia wait up for me please," He said as he ran as hard as he could to catch up putting the deck of cards back into his pouch. Tiver didn't notice that while shoving the cards into his pouch he dropped one to the ground as the magic of it sprang forth bringing forward an Ogre raiding party running back into the town yelling and screaming ready to kill everything.

Tiver caught up with Kalia as he looked back to see the magic of the card bring the raiding party forth running into the town. Tiver shaking his head only smiling as he looked up to Kalia saying the most dreaded word ever to come out of a Kender's mouth, "Oops!" Tiver Neehigh

02/14/2001 5:25 PM

Kron made up his mind. He followed the kender's lead and headed towards the campsite. He avoided the dropped card, laughing as he heard Tiver say, "Oops." It shouldn't be hard to convince the kender to be on his side, nor Kalia, as she seemed to have a soft spot in her heart. Kron new just what to say.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/14/2001 9:42 PM

*coughs violently as Aleximi stands up and hurries out the Tavern after Kalia.... stumbling over stones and Kenders along the pathway*
"Wait *cough* for me, too!"

Aleximi thinks to himself.

OOC: What time of day is it???

*Alex hears something moving in the forest to the left of him, and he swears he seen a couple of pairs of red,evil eyes staring at the mage...watching his every move. Suddenly the shadow moves on...... seemingly to follow the mages future steps to.... the camp???*

*Aleximi yells to the group up ahead:* "Watch out! We're being followed!" *but they are already too far a head to fully hear Aleximi. So... all he can think of.... is run........and hope none of the creatures overwhelm him as he tries to warn his new companions and friends*

02/15/2001 1:45 AM

Telgar heads towards the "shining angle" when he hears Aleximi shouting behind him.

"What could they possible be up to now" he remarks to himself, looking back towards the inn, Telgar is startled to see what he presumed an ill mage running for all he is worth out of town.

Shrugging Telgar runs after the mage and had just caught up when alarm bell peel out over the town.

Putting on a burst of speed Telgar reaches Kalia, Kron, and Tiver.

Smiling he struggles to catch his breath.

"So would anyone care to tell me what is going on?"

Matching Telgar's grin Tiver points towards the rampaging Ogres

"Why do I get the feeling that you Tiver are responsible for this? Oh well what's the plan?"

Shouts and the ring of steel on steel can be heard all over as the townsfolk fight to repel the ogre threat

02/15/2001 2:19 AM

Kalia spun with cat-like grace to face the rampaging Ogres. She looked over at Tiver and shook her head...Looks like she would have to reveal her secret sooner than she expected.

She Murmered one word, Audible only by Aleximi...one single word...'Freedom'

A blinding light engulfed Kalia, surrounding her in a perfect sphere of light. The spere grew bigger and brighter by the second utill it met a diameter of nintey feet. Once there the sphere of light shattered into bright sparks.

instead of the young human mage there stood a fully mature adult Dragon. Slender and reagal, covered with clear, sparkling, crystal scales. The magnificent creature spread her wings of feathers, each one shimmering with a pearlesence. The Dragon let out a roar of anger at the aproaching Ogres.

The Group of people standing nearest the Dragon suddenly realized that they sensed no Dragonfear. all of them where oddly calm and ready to fight if need be.

Kalia, or the Dragon Crystalamira Roared a challenge to the Ogres let loose a dose of her Breath weapon, a gout of blue/white flame. to those that stood by the flame felt freezing cold Yet serverly hot at the same time.

02/15/2001 7:51 AM

Tiver tried to say something before anyone went off fighting or casting magic, but then thought it would be better to hold his tongue his was already going to have many people mad at him. Tiver just watched everything happen and watched each Ogre dissappear at the first strike made on each one. Tiver was extremely amused at the sight of this, but tried hard to conceal his excitement from the others. Though, it was the increasing smile on Tiver's face that gave him completely away. All Tiver could think was this is going to be a wonderful story.

Then it was the sudden appearance of Kalia turning into a dragon, and then using its breath weapon against the illusion like Ogre. Tiver was in complete awe at the sight of this. Tiver's mouth dropped to the ground at the wonderful sight of the dragon, and all he could say was "Wow!"

Tiver thought to himself as he watched this all happened and quickly figured out the best way to say sorry, and maybe it would help if I gave everyone their stuff back too. Tiver then frown at all the excitement he caused.Tiver Neehigh

02/15/2001 9:57 AM

Joero follows Jorgan to the brothel.He needed some relief if he was going to face a horde of Ogre's tommorow.Damn these idiots.Mages,kenders,women even!It would have been better only the warriours.And the elf maybe,he had seemed a good man-er,elf.In fact,there he was now!He was facing three strangly transperant looking Ogre's,and barely stopping thier attacks.
The Knight,with one smooth motion, pulls his Nortak --a strange weapon,that looks like a pitchfork with a fork on both sides of the stick,and both made of good hard iron,tipped with steel-- from his back, and with an expert lunge, plows it into an Ogre,with a blow that should have split him in half.Instead,the thing disapears, and the Nortak continues moving in a circle,taking Joero with it,leaving his back exposed to the one of the remainign Ogre's.
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/15/2001 10:35 AM

Kalia stopps suddenly to look closely at the Ogres. As an after thought, she whipped her tail at the lead Ogre., but her tail sailed through it.

she Lowered her head to stare at Tiver. she mumbled something under her breath and the card that had fallen from Tivers deck apeared in her claws. She examined it closely then promptly tore it in two. She watched in satisfation when the Ogres dissapeared like popped soap bubbles.

With another flash of light, she was back in her himan form. She turned to tiver, and kneeled on the ground in front of him.

"Alright. Let me see those cards!" she said nicely enough but her eyes said clearly enough that she was ashamed for her rash decision.

02/15/2001 2:49 PM

Kron hands Kalia the cards. He had managed to "snag" them off of the kender while Tiver was excited. He didn't like stealing, but he wanted to prevent any other "catastrophes" that might occur. Hopefully, this wouldn't get him into too much trouble.

02/15/2001 2:54 PM

Tiver looked down at his feet with his arms behind his back, and his shoulders raised up high to his ears as he tried come up with something good to say. Then it came to him and Tiver went to rambling on about how he didn't mean to cause any trouble and how he was sorry and that it would never happen again.

He looked at Kalia seeing that there was no way he was going to be able to keep his special cards, and then started digging through his pouches. "Kalia I would never use anything to hurt anybody," Tiver went on to say as he continued through his pouches. "I didn't mean to drop the card it was just that I was running and everything else and it just fell out," Tiver went on to say. "If I knew how to stop it I would have, but like I said back at the tavern I just throw them behind me and run."

After many moments of trying to delay giving up his cards with pointing, stories, and other way of trying to get out of trouble. Tiver finally pulled out the cards and placed them in Kalia's hand saying,"I would never hurt anyone unless they were being mean to my friends this was all just a big Oops." Tiver said this with a most sincere face a kender could make, though most of it was made up of a impish grin with an act total innocents.

"Thats all the cards Kalia," Tiver said as he made sure his favorite looking card was still up his sleeve, "thats all the cards." The kender only smiled after for tonight was a fun night. Tiver Neehigh

Master Mage Aleximi
02/15/2001 3:55 PM

*still staggering behind the others, watching the shadow follow them and the evil force glaring at him from the corner of his eyes... Aleximi suddenly shouts in extreme pain:* "AAAAAaaahhhhhhhhgggggg!!!!" *and suddenly falls to the ground, eyes open, body losing strength and much blood. A dagger is found stuck out of his back. Aleximi sends an instant astral projection to Kalia the image fades, and Aleximi blacks out*

02/15/2001 9:56 PM

Kalia stared at the cards one by one...The depicted one monster or another. A smile slowly spread across her face as she stared at them. "Tiver You did it!!" she cried "this is our key to distracting the Ogres" she said staring at them.

Unexpectedly Kalia's eyes unfocused and she cried out in pain. She doubled over and fell, clutching the cards tight in her hand. She lay there for a moment as she recovered from a wound that was not hers. Shakily she stood and began to run back towards the Inn.

"Aleximi!!" She cried. She fell to the ground beside him. "No!...I won't let you die!" she cried as she stared at the dagger in his back, and then pulled it slowly from the wound.

She held her hand out, a pale glow forming around her fingertips. the glow flowed from her to her cousin. within seconds she was reaching her limit and began to shiver uncontrolably, but still she kept her hand on his wound. Just as Aleximi showed signs of waking, Kalia colapsed beside him, unconsious.

02/16/2001 2:16 AM

Telgar rushes over to the prone Majere's. Sheathing his sword he drops to one knee.

"Well they are both alive" he remarks as Kron arrives.
"Kalia said she had a camp somewhere around here. Kron if you will carry Kalia
I will take Aleximi. Tiver see if you can find this camp and get a fire going, lets get these to as comfortable as possible."

Lifting Aleximi he turns to Kron

"What is going on. First she's a human then a Dragon of the likes I have never seen. Second there are ogres that just disappear because of some card the Kender has.
And now Aleximi is stabbed in the back by nothing"

Master Mage Aleximi
02/16/2001 10:11 AM

*constantly going in and out of a coma like stage... Aleximi mumbles something under his breath*
"Must..... live.... to..... protect..... Kal--............"
*fades into a coma*

*as he is in a coma, a voice is spoken out of his mouth, a voice not that of Aleximi:*
"The Dragon Orbs"

*blood still barely flows from the wound on Aleximi's back..... Aleximi thinks of Kalia's beautiful face as that's the last thought that was on his mind*

02/16/2001 12:10 PM

Kron helps Kalia up, swiping the cards for a second time and putting them into one of his pockets. "Are you alright, looks like somethings wrong with your cousin too."

02/16/2001 12:24 PM

Tiver nodded to Telgar as he pulled out a small stick from his pouch that dropped to form a full hoopak. Then Tiver ran his hand down one side pulling it back to form a short bow. Tiver smiled as he looked for where the eagle Kalia was following went, and smiled to himself when he found him flying in a circle pattern. Tiver was off quickly looking back to see Kron and Telgar gather up the two Majere's in there arms looking to see where I went. Tiver mubbled something under his breath as he fired an arrow at the ground. The arrow hit the ground pushing out a blue color of farie fire, but Tiver knew this light source would only last for a few seconds but maybe they could follow the small light bursts.

Tiver thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye, but paid no mind to it and went on. Tiver soon found the camp as he started up a fire and waited for them to come, or maybe he should go and find them. Tiver thought to himself that is what I do, I find things. Tiver grew very quite as he thought he heard something moving around the campsite. Tiver wasn't afraid at all its just that he wanted to see what was around the camp. Tiver notched back another as he tried to remember the word that would shine a bright light from the arrow. Lowering the short bow to the ground Tiver wondered how much longer it would be before they made it to the camp. Well, if he was going to fight he wasn't going to fight in the dark more or less fire arrows into the night he would want to hurt his friends. Tiver shrugged and he pulled back the bow string saying, "I hope thats my friends and not a big ugly beast?" It was Tiver that wished he still had his cards now to help him.Tiver Neehigh

02/16/2001 11:30 PM

Kron draped Kalia's arm over his shoulder. He started to make his way to the camp, following the eagle that he had spotted on Kalia's shoulder earlier. He noticed several flashes of light in the direction he was headed and eventually he came upon Tiver. "Is this the camp?" he asks.

02/17/2001 1:56 PM

Kron didn't wait for a reply from the kender. He deposited the female dragon mage next to a tree, where he proped her up so she could be comfortable while she rested. The elf set about making a fire, gethering some dead wood and using flint and steel to light some leaves. After several moments, Kron had a nice fire burning in the small clearing.

02/17/2001 6:25 PM

Kalia muttered softly, still unconsious, as a pale glowing mist surrounded her, and Aleximi.
A faint musical voice mummered gently.

"Do not fear...both will survive...." a image of a serpentine golden dragon appeared above the two and blew
away like fog in the morning sun.

02/17/2001 9:56 PM

Kron looked up as Kalia mumbled. The appearance of the vision spooked the elf. To keep himself busy, Kron played with the fire, taking some food out of his pack to eat. He found his blanket and placed it over Kalia, to keep her comfortable. The elf would be fine as he was in touch with his surroundings.

02/18/2001 2:02 AM

Tiver smiled as he knew he was a bit jumpy, but he was glad to see Kron and Kalia come into the camp from the darkness. Tiver smiled at their arrival seeing that it was a safe one, but he was a bit scared for he didn't see Telgar or the other mage with them.

Tiver walked up to Kalia looking to see if she would be fine, and smiling when she told them everything was going to be okay. Then Tiver walked up to Kron his hoopak short bow held loosely at his side.

"Telgar and the other mage hasn't made it here yet," he said to Kron, "I'm going out to look for them since they can't see that well in the dark. If you'll stay here to look after Kalia and guard the camp it would most likely be best. Then again I could understand if you would what to take orders from a kender."

Tiver fumbled in one of his pouches for something quickly as he pulled out a ring and slipped it onto his fingers. He wasn't going to wait for an answer because he was not going to wait while his new found friends were out in the forest and with no light to guide them. He smiled at Kron as he twisted the ring on his finger and ran off twice as fast a a normal kender run and saying to Kron, "I'llberightbackKronlookafterKalia."

Tiver smiled with the wind in his face for he knew he would find his new found friends close by with no trouble. The only thoughts on his mind was how was he going to stop himself from going so fast, but Tiver only and thought what an adventure.Tiver Neehigh

02/18/2001 9:47 PM

Kron looked at the kender and blinked and the kender was off, muttering something about finding friends. He was content to stay here by the fire and eat.

02/19/2001 2:24 AM

Telgar stumbled forward, the mage felt like lead weights on his arms.

"where is that blasted camp"

He had been following Korn and these strange flashes of light when the mage began to mumble. He lowered the mage to the floor to check the wound and when he looked up both Korn and the lights had vanished. Telgar hoisted the mage to a more comfortable position and started moving in the same direction Korn had gone a few moments ago.

Whispery voices issue from the darkness.
A large shadow darts between the tree's to Telgar's left. Another rushes past behind him.

Telgar spins around trying to catch a glimpse of his pursuers.
More shadows move around him each time they seam to disappear whenever he looked at them.

Holding Aleximi close to his body Telgar runs, weaving between the trees. Branches slap against his face cutting him in several places. Panic wells up threatening to overwhelm him.
Suddenly Telgar trips over a root hidden under the leaves. Twisting in the air Telgar manages place himself under the wounded mage breaking his fall.

Rolling the mage of him Telgar struggles to his feet as the strange shadows descend upon him.

Drawing his sword Telgar waits for the shadows to attack.

Hearing movement behind him Telgar spins around raising his sword. A cold hand reaches out and take's hold of his sword arm.

With a cry Telgar slumps to the floor

02/19/2001 5:47 AM

Joero walks in search of the others.He had been certain that he had seen the elf,but it was just another of these strange illusions that could harm.He trips over something,and almost falls."By Paladine's three sons!" he curses."Its...Whats his name,Telger!And the mage."
He picks up the warrior,and tries to pick up the mage as well."Damn,I can't do it...Do i leave him here...No,not even a mage as stuckup as him deserves to stay with these weird things for a night.Lets hope they don't wake up."he mutters to himself.He starts to glow silver...then grows,and changes...then he is a silver dragon.He easily picks up both humans in his claws and flies back close to the village.
The dragon morphs back,then drags first Telgar then the mage,back to the tavern.He seats them in chairs,treatign them like drunks so no-one will suspect.He then sits near them,hoping they'll wake up soon.
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/19/2001 6:44 AM

Telgar woke from a vivid dream of knights and dragons…. Groaning in pain he opens his eyes.
Staring around the room in confusion until he looks upon the knight.

"What happened?"
He asked as he rubs his sword arm.

"I…. I can't feel my arm"
Terror fill's his entire being as he lifts his limp arm and drops it on the table.

02/19/2001 2:30 PM

*Meanwhile, back at camp*

Kron waited for the kender to return, every once-in-a-while checking on Kalia.

02/19/2001 4:03 PM

Tiver ran through the trees trying to find what tracks he could follow of Kron's, but the light footed elf very little to follow. Tiver continued to run through the forest looking for his new friends only to find nothing. Tiver sighed to himself when he noticed how far from camp he had gone and could not recieve any help from Kron if he wanted.

Tiver turned around only to see a shadow like figure run past him quickly. Tiver reached into his quiver pulling out an arrow mutters a few words into the night as he fired it into the sky. The arrow shot high into the sky glowing white, and then it burst into a brillant light that showed the surrounding area to him. Tiver not at all afraid, but he could feel the blood run from his face as he looked down to see the tracks of a dragon and one human. Tiver looked around a bit more finding out very little until he found a sword. This sword looked alot like Telgar's weapon he had strapped to him. Tiver wrapped the sword in some cloth and held it tightly against his body as the light faded away.

Tiver could feel the shadows creeping on him as he quickly twisted the ring on his finger to start running off. Tiver started his run looking back to see a shadow like figure reaching out to him. Tiver knew the figure would most likely follow him and the magic in the ring would not last very long because his legs started to feel weak as he ran.

Tiver ran as quickly as he could tripping over a brach he did not see rolling to a stop just outside of the camp completely out of breath and tired.

OOC ::Telgar I hope you don't mind me using your sword? I promise i'll give it back when I see you. ::Tiver Neehigh

02/19/2001 4:52 PM

A helping hand reaches down out of the darkness a few moments later.

"Need a hand?" Jorgan smiles.

Helping Tiver to his feet, he leads him back into the camp.

"What.............happened to everybody? I decide to come check up on you guys, and everyones gone gettin' their butts whipped, and what happened to her?"

Jorgan points to the downed Kalia.

02/20/2001 1:52 AM

Slowly the feeling returned to Telgar's arm.

"Not again" he thought to himself as he dropped his head on the table.
"I should be over it… I am a grown man not a child…" looking up he looked at the knight
"If any-one knew they would think me a coward…A coward that is scared of the dark."

Forcing a smile he addresses Joero.

"My thanks sir knight, I must have been attack by something as I carried Aleximi."
Turning to the wounded mage
"how is he fairing?"

Ooc Tiver use what you like....as long as I get it back. if anyone looks at Telgar's arm there is no sign of any wound.

02/20/2001 1:56 AM

Slowly the feeling returned to Telgar's arm.

"Not again" he thought to himself as he dropped his head on the table.
"I should be over it… I am a grown man not a child…" looking up he looked at the knight
"If any-one knew they would think me a coward…A coward that is scared of the dark."

Forcing a smile he addresses Joero.

"My thanks sir knight, I must have been attack by something as I carried Aleximi."
Turning to the wounded mage
"how is he fairing?"

Ooc Tiver use what you like....as long as I get it back. if anyone looks at Telgar's arm there is no sign of any wound.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/20/2001 7:25 AM

*The mage partially awakens and is finally able to stay awake...still bleeding.*
"Shirak!" *The mage mumbles aloud as he began to wake. The Staff began to glow.*
"Wh-where a-am I-I? KALIA! Where's my cousin?!? WHat happened?!? Is she.... is everyone.... ok?"

02/20/2001 8:06 AM

"Well Kalia and the other mage got attacked while the illusions were disappearing. So Telgar told me to find the camp, build a fire, and be ready for them to get to the camp. I saw Kron and Kalia make it to the camp, but Telgar and the other mage did not make it. So, I decided to go and look for them, I gave Kron orders to stay here and look after Kalia while I went out to search for Telgar and the mage." he said to Jorgan then whispering to Jorgan how it was a great feeling that someone actually listened to him.

Tiver seeing that the story of giving orders was not important went back to the story of Telgar and the mage, and trying to find them.

Tiver quickly finished up the story about some dark shadow grabbing at him, finding Telgar's sword on the ground, and seeing the tracks of a dragon where the were.

Tiver continued with story after story, but soon found himself asleep. Unlike most kender Tiver loved dreams because dreams gave him new stories even if most of them weren't even true. Tiver smiled in his sleep as he knew his prized cards were somewhere in his many pouches.Tiver Neehigh

02/20/2001 12:17 PM

Joero looks at Telgars arm,checking,but can find no injuries.Magic,obviously!It could have been the 'Majere',the knight didn't really believe that stupid expression.
He answers Telgar first."I don't know what happened.I found you a short distance away from the village,with the mage,both of you uncouncious.What happened to you?"
Alexmi he answers with scorn."'Kalia' is apperantly a Crystal dragon,the most powerful of all creatures on Kyrnn.Though not always the wisest,as she let the kender keep his pouches.She's obivously no more a Majere then you are."

"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

02/20/2001 12:27 PM

"Okay" Jorgan says to Tiver. "Good thing I'm here. I packed up my gear and figured that if everyone was camping out here, I'd come join you. Where are the other two? I suppose they are out fighting whatever attacked you? Probably just robbers, but I'll go help. Which way did they go?"

02/20/2001 12:51 PM

Tiver had fallen asleep and barely heard any of words Jorgan told him. All Tiver did was curl up into a ball next to a tree as he raised his hand pointing out towards the town past Jorgan.

Tiver unknowingly nodded his head to every question Jorgan asked, and answered with yes and no replies. Though the whole time Tiver was asleep he was dreaming about being questioned on the where abouts of some item by a Knight. Tiver was never going to lie about something to a Knight, but his version of truth was not always correct in his dreams.

Tiver continued to answer Jorgan's questions with more nods of yes and no and finger pointing if various directions while asleep. Tiver was now teling Jorgan a story in his sleep that not even the oldest and wisest dragon could comprehend. Surely this was a funny sight at the moment, but the kender would not stop for the world unless he was woke up. Tiver Neehigh

02/20/2001 1:56 PM

Kron watched the kender point over his head while "talking" with Jorgan. Neither of them seemed to be paying much attention to the other and Kron didn't really care anyway. He put away his food and pulled out a small box from his pack. He opened it up and began to look at the contents inside.

02/20/2001 9:54 PM

Kalia moaned and slowly sat up. Her golden eyes quickly focused and stood up slowly. She stared off in the direction of the inn and started to walk in that direction.

"Thank you for watching me Kron..." She said, handing him the blanket, then continued off twards the Inn.

mumbling a single word, Kalia rounded the corner to stepp right in front of the Inn. She stepped in just to hear the knight say "She is no more a Majere than you are!"

She shook her head. "By blood I am not a Majere...but in my heart I am...I was raised by Laura Majere, and Camoron Majere too,before he died. My uncle Palin tuaght me all he knew, of magic and of life...I am more human than Dragon now...my body may be a Dragon, but I have the heart of a Human. Do not belittle me knight. "

She turned to face her cousin again laying a healing hand upon his wound.

"You and I are more alike than you realize Aleximi, For you are a child of Spirit. Between Raistlin, Crystania, and Takisis...in a sense you are not truely related to them either...but your soul, as mine is tightly bound to the family..that is all that truely matters."

She stared at her cousin then turned her golden, saddened gaze to the knight. Her hair half falling into her face.

"Is there anything else that you wish to know Sir Knight?? She asked her voice soft but her eyes dared him to challenge her.

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02/21/2001 1:47 AM

Telgar shifts uncomfortably in his chair as Joero as what happened in the woods.

"Just like I said we were attack by something…must have knocked me on the head or something. It was nothing…REALLY"
He replied grinning weakly and avoiding all eye contact.

He was sure Joero did not believe his story and that he would try to discover the truth when Kalia walked in to the inn
Thankful for the distraction Telgar leaps to his feet.

"Thank the gods your OK, where are everyone else?"

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02/21/2001 9:07 AM

Jorgan comes thru the door of the inn, and looks around.

"@#$% that little kender is no help!"

He exclames, and subsiquently scares away a small kender at the bar.

"Oops. Well, gentleman, I'm glad I could find you. We've been wondering where you've diseappeared to. The kender gave me a story of some sort, but I think he was half asleep."

Suddenly, a person busts thru the door, panting.

"They say someone saw a dragon in the forest! Everyone's closing up and locking up! We need to hurry!"

Jorgan's head shoots up, looking around.

"A dragon you say?" looking back to the men, "We'd better get back to the camp. Quickly. Do you two feel up to it?"

02/21/2001 11:11 AM

Joero forgets all about Telgar's accident and Kalia's speech when he hears of the dragon.Found out!he thinks,already searching for an escape route.No, wait.No one would evacuate the village because of a good dragon sighting.Kalia must have been spotted.
He raises his voice,so all can hear."Dear people!The dragon is not evil!It is of the forces of good!"he gestures to Kalia."Do you think I,Joero Knight of Solmania would travel with an evil being?I travel with this dragon,and she is good!"Seeing that the magewoman hasn't done anything,he despratly motions at her.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

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02/21/2001 11:24 AM

Kron doesn't even notices Kalia drape the blanket over him. He was absorbed with the picture in the box. It was of his wife, his dead wife. She was killed by Hooded, and he had to kill him. To avenge his life. To complete it. Finally, he had a lead and nothing would stop him. Nothing.

02/21/2001 11:30 AM

Kalia eyes Joero for a moment then stepped forward. She stared out at the people rushing about her.

"Please!!" She shouts. "If the dragon you saw was me...I am sorry to have frightened you all.

She changed into a smaller version of her dragon form, about the size of a horse. Each Crystaline scale shimmered in the light. she spread her feathery wings and bowed her head.

"Forgive me for frightening you all....it was not my intention...I am here to help these people to rid this villiage and its forest of the Ogres. and I intend to do it.!!" She said her golden eyes bright.

She turned her gaze back at the knight...and walked past him back in her human form. she paused as she passed him to whisper...

"And you are no more a Knight than I am....." she whispered softly so that only he could hear. she walked away to sit next to her cousin a faint smile on her face.

02/21/2001 12:00 PM

"DRAGON ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"

People go scattering everywhere. A lone villager, the one who sounded the alarm, come forward in the now deserted inn.


He stammers heavily. He is absolutely terrified of Kalia.

"We...no...not you...bigger...it uh...evil...black as night...it comes...and goes...brings others...into the forest...there is a rumor that they work with the ogres..."

He suddenly seems to remember something.


He quickly runs out of the inn.

02/21/2001 12:17 PM

Tiver slowly opened his eyes when he couldn't figure out why the person in his dream stopped asking him questions. Tiver sat up with a loud yawn as he rubbed his eyes to look around seeing no one right off Tiver stood up and dusted himself off. Looking over he saw Kron looking into a beautiful little box as he asked, "Kron were did everyone go... whats that your looking at Kron?"

Slowly made his way over to him looking at the box and not what was in it. "That surely is a beautiful box it must of been crafted by eyes its to pretty to be anything the dwarves, kender, or gnomes could make, and I think humans would know how to craft such an item of beauty." Tiver noticed the picture of the elven woman in the box pointing to it asking,"Who is that Kron?"

Tiver smiled as he looked at the picture, and waited for the answers to his questions.Tiver Neehigh

02/21/2001 12:56 PM

Joero looks in anger at Kalia."Do not insult me,Crystal being.I do not lie."the knight throws his cloak off,revealing the shiny,antique armour of a Knight of the Rose."I am a Lord Knight!Once Lord Justice,twice High Warrior!None can best me in arms,and none can best me in mind!I was only defeated once.By magic,treacherous magic..."
Joero's face darkens."Treachery...that is all magic is good for!"
The knight pulls the cloak upon him once more,and again his armour is concelead,though his feiry pride diminishes little."Now,enough of talking.I will destroy the Ogre's alone if I have to.I leave now.Will you come,warrior,and you,elf?"he asks Telgar and Kron."And of course you,young warior."he says to Jorgan.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

02/21/2001 9:23 PM

OOC: Kron is still at the camp.

Kron doesn't look up at the kender. Instead he stares into space. "She was my wife," says the elf solemnly. "She was killed by an evil man. A mysterious man named Hooded. He killed her for helping someone he wanted to die. Now, my only purpose in life is to avenge her death. The ogre captain knows where he is. That is why I'm here. I must find him before someone else does."

02/22/2001 2:23 AM

Telgar still rubbing his arm walks over to Joero and Kalia.
"I think we all need to calm down. Why don't we head back to camp and meet up with Kron and the Kender. We can decide what we are doing then. Oh and can anyone lend me a sword as I seam to have lost mine."

That said Telgar leaves the Inn and head towards the camp. Stopping to light a small Lantern at the edge of the forest and taking a deep breath heads into the darkness.

Following the path made by all the coming and going of his companions Telgar finally enters the camp.
Seeing Kron and Tiver sitting near the fire he moves over to join them.

02/22/2001 7:37 AM

Tiver nods to Kron saying, "I'll try everything I can to help you Kron, but it seems that this will be no easy task. Maybe we will be able to find out where this man is named Hooded." Tiver placed his hand on Kron's shoulder smiling lightly,"Until the time comes let us all work together to destroy the Ogres."

With that said Tiver saw Telgar walk into the camp, and ran over to him asking him were he was and what happened to him and the mage etc... Finally Tiver got asking him if the sword leaning up against the tree was his. Tiver running over and grabbing it, and bringing it over to him so Telgar could have a better look.

"You know there are some weird things out there in the forest tonight!" Tiver exclaimed to everyone in the camp and to the darkness of the forest.Tiver Neehigh

02/22/2001 8:44 AM

*Meanwhile, back at the inn*

"You know I will go." Jorgan glares at the knight. He hates being called young. "I am the one who brought it up anyway. We need to get back to the camp. If there are evil dragons in the forest, and they are working with the ogres, we need to make haste. Besides, we left that kender in there somewhere. He could get lost or hurt, the gods only know what else!"

With that said, Jorgan walks to the door.

"Anybody coming?"

02/22/2001 10:28 AM

OOC:Ignore my cry to you then.
Joero slowly loses his flush of anger."Yes, i'll come with you.From there we will attack.And maybe the elf will come with us too."
The knight walks after Telgar to the camp.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

02/22/2001 11:11 AM

Kron shut the box and put it away. Everyone was beginning to return to camp. He hoped that Kalia would return. He felt more in touch with her then anyone else, but the kender was beginning to grow on him too.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/22/2001 11:38 AM

OOC: kinda confused here.....

*The mage stands up, still weakened from the attack, confused and uncertain*
"Ummm..... where's everyone going and what shall we do now?"
*wonders where his cousin is.....*

02/22/2001 12:36 PM

Tiver waited for no answer as he quickly handed it to Telgar an ran to the other side of the fire pulling off his pouches and looking through them. Tiver "found" alot of stuff today as he pulled out several buttons, rings, coins, pieces of glass, rope, written messages, two daggers, one molded piece of bread, two small jems, one feather, and a bracelet. Tiver looked at one of the daggers he found it being of beautiful elven make. Tiver's eyes glanced over to Kron thinking that he would give it back tonight after he looked at it more. Tiver went through more things, but the best part was a written message of urgent battle plans he picked back at the bar.

Tiver kept the message out a read it a few times when he looked down back at the elven dagger,"Kron are you missing a dagger because if you are I think you might have dropped it in the forest and I just found it." Tiver picked it up showing it to Kron.

Tiver looked at the message more as he held it infront of the light of the fire as letters that weren't there started to appear. Tiver's eyes brighted as he read most of the message, and finally looking up at Telgar and Kron saying,"Wow, Telgar, Kron have a look at what I "found." Tiver Neehigh

02/22/2001 7:35 PM

Kron reclaimed his dagger, looking at what the kender had to show him. "What is it?" he asks the kender.

02/23/2001 1:38 AM

Telgar slips his sword back in to its sheath and joined Kron with Tiver.
"Yes my little friend what do you have there"

02/23/2001 1:57 AM

Ooc I will be away for the weekend again as I do not have a computer at home…(I use my works computer)

If anything exciting happens could one of you look after Telgar (just so he dose not wander of on his own) it would be appreciated.

Catch up with you all on Monday.

02/23/2001 8:40 AM

Jorgan walks around the perimeter of the camp, apparently searching for danger.

"Thank the gods you two are all right. I was worried. There have been reports of evil dragons in the forest. You, Kron, and the Kender. What was your name? Tiver? Okay. Telgar, I need you to do me a favor. We are going out to scout the immediate area for danger. I want you to come with me.

OOC: I'll watch him if you like.

02/23/2001 10:10 AM

OOC: I, too, will be gone for the weekend and leave Kron in Tiver's care if you would like. After all, you know Kron's motives.

02/23/2001 11:03 AM

OOC :: Okay Kron I'll take good care of your character for you and take care everyone who is leaving for the weekend. ::Tiver Neehigh

02/23/2001 11:59 AM

Tiver shows the message to Telgar, Jorgan, and Kron as it tells a brief order of a march the Orges are to take up take up, and seige the town they have been ordered to take as their own. The message gave the names of trails, roads, and another army the Orges were to work with.

Tiver looked up at everyone saying,"I knew this would be fun."

"Now what was we going to do? I thought we should wait on the others to get here it might be safer."

Tiver smiled thinking to himself as he placed his hand in his pouch on the favorite card he prized most out of his deck of cards. Tiver Neehigh

02/23/2001 4:01 PM

"Idiot Kender!"Jeoro shakes his head."YOu think the ogre's just told us thier plans for the heck of it?ITs a trap,of course!"
"I think i'll go to sleep now.I will wake in the morn and attack the Ogre's alone,if neccesary."
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

02/23/2001 7:57 PM

Kalia layed her hand gently upon Aleximi's shoulder. She smiled gently, worry and fear obvious in her golden eyes.

"Come on cousin...we must get back to the camp...while we still can."

She helped to steady him as he stood, then she guided him from the Inn.

02/24/2001 1:15 PM

Returning from scouting a few minutes later, Jorgan hears the news, and says:

"It's obviously a trap. We need to wait for everyone else tonight and set out in the morning with everyone. If we don't work as a group, then we will most definetly die as a group. I don't care what everyone elses motives are in this, it's everyone or noone. Got That?"

Jorgan rises and begins to pace. "Which one of us is in charge?"

02/24/2001 3:46 PM

Tiver looked at the message he found and frowned a bit to hear that most likely it was a trap and nothing more. Though Tiver quickly cheered up at the thought of being trapped, and wondered if it was kender proof. Tiver tossing the make into the fire as he shruged of being called an idiot.

"Well, I'm sure if it is a trap we can over come it easily with no problem. We are a group of heroes I think?" Tiver smiled and rested his head against a tree looking up at the stars. "I don't think we will have any problems at all."

Looking over at Kron as he listened to Jorgan talk about motives slightly hearing what he said, but continued to think about the one named Hooded, and how he would find out the location of him from the Orge Chieftain. In Kron's own mind he was forming his own plan with the help of the others to get what he wanted.Tiver Neehigh

02/24/2001 7:48 PM

Kron stayed next to the kender after the other two had left. "Tiver," says the elf, "do you remember the paths and trails? Even if it is a trap, I think you and I should scout it while everyone else sleeps."

This could be my chance, thinks the elf. If I know where they are, I can beat everyone else there. The kender will help me. He must.

02/25/2001 9:16 PM

Suddenly a figure dropped silently in front Kron, an epee flashing in the firelight.

A harsh, gurgling sound bubbled behind the warrior(?Kron).

"You should be far more carefull my friends, spies abound in this place, and not only humans and the like..."

The figure withdrew its epee from the willow tree, black blood pouring from the wound!

And with a soft shudder, the tree immediately withered and fell to the ground...

"Evil Treants, those things work for the ogres as messengers and spies, and the occasional guard dog against adventurers like you."

With a swift flourish, the cloaked figure wiped the blood from his blade and sheathed it in one swift motion.

"My name is Kiel Half-Kender. I believe I saw you at that inn some time ago... I was following you since you piqued my interest about the ogres and such..."Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

02/26/2001 5:51 AM

Telgar leaned back against a nearby tree after first checking that it was a tree and not one of those Treants.
Watching Jorgan pace about Telgar sighed,
"That one seams to eager to be at these ogres perhaps rushing into more than he could handle", Telgar mused as he looked around the camp, his eyes lingering on the Elf
"He will certainly try and go his own way sooner or later and no doubt taking the Kender with him. I have a feeling he is just using this to meat his own needs"
Turning his attention to the knight Telgar smiles
"He does not trust anyone the mages especially." He thought to himself as he settled down and closed his eyes. "As for the mages they seam to be family and so will stick together"
I do not know the new comer but I would wager that he also have a personal motive in this."
"Nope this group will not meld that well, perhaps it will all end on a bloody field somewhere"

With that thought Telgar drifts off to sleep.

02/26/2001 1:54 PM

Kron peers at Kiel. The man had saved him, but his goal supersecceded any debt he would owe to anyone. Maybe this newcomer could help him, but he had to get moving soon. He wanted the kender to come with him, and maybe the newcomer too. He wanted to take Kalia but she had disappeared from camp and the elf had been to busy to look for her.

"What do you say Tiver," said Kron, "will you go with me?"

Master Mage Aleximi
02/26/2001 6:23 PM

OOC: Sorry I've been gone so long everyone :(

*Whispers to his cousin*
"What'd I miss? I haven't been awake so much.... being in and out of cousiousness.... and these visions of an all powerful BLACK robed mage named Aleximi and Dragon Orbs... and Joero turning into a frog and.... what's going on???"
"Where is everyone? Are we the only ones behind? What's this I heard about a trap? Are we there yet?"
*the mage coughs... so many questions... coughs again.....*

02/27/2001 1:44 AM

Ooc Before I start I am assuming that Kron and Tiver will be leaving the camp (as stated by Kron in an earlier post)
If you two decided not to go then I will edit this post.
Sorry for moving your characters around guys. I would not normally do it but I just wanted to get on with the story.

Telgar woke several hours later, cold sweat chilling his body. His breath coming in ragged gasps.
Fighting down the panic, Telgar looked around the camp to see if anyone had heard his quite shout on waking.
Looking across the camp he is startled to see Kron and Tiver quietly slip out of the camp.

"Well that was quicker than I expected" he whispered to himself

Staring in the direction they went Telgar came to a decision.

"Can't go back to sleep," he thought to himself "only have that dream again"

Picking up his pack he quietly followed Kron and the Kender.

02/27/2001 6:09 AM

Meanwhile about 20 metres from the heroes campsite a young barbarian female of the Que shu tribe was fighting for her life.

Brightstar had been out riding her horse in the moonlight as she often did, when she had been attacked from all sides by four large and aggressive ogres. They had knocked her from her steed and the horse now lay brutally slaughtered on the grass.

She had been able to get to her feet and place herself with a large tree covering her back. One of her daggers stuck out of the eye socket of a dead ogre while the other three surrounded her. Two stood back grinning hungrily at her while one came at her again and again. she bravely fought off his blows with her small axe, but she was beginning to weaken.

Fear gripped Brightstar and she started to scream and cry out as the ogres attacks came harder and faster.

02/27/2001 7:01 AM

Telgar stopped dead in his tracks. He could have sworn he heard a scream coming from the Forrest behind him. Telgar forgot about following the Elf and headed in the opposite direction.
The scream came again, Telgar broke into a run, crashing through bushes and swerving around the trees. After a few moments Telgar burst in to a small clearing. Taking in the position of the ogres at a glance Telgar charged forward, leaping over the dead horse as he shot with his cross bow pistol.
The bolt taking the nearest ogre in its arm as it turned.
Dropping to a roll Telgar rushed under the wounded ogre's clumsy attack, comming up behind his opponent, he sliced down with his sword, the keen blade cutting through the ogre's shoulder.

Wrenching his sword free Telgar turned his attention to the remaining ogre's.
The female was still fighting one ogre and the remaining was circling around.
Keeping the ogre in front of him Telgar gauged the distance to the woman.
With a cry he rushed forwards slamming into the ogre attacking the young woman. Sending the ogre crashing onto the floor.

"Hi" Telgar said smiling at the woman as the two ogres attacked again.

[Edited by Telgar on Tuesday, February 27, 2001 7:07 AM]

02/27/2001 12:34 PM


"So Tiver, do you want to go?" asks the Thorn.

02/27/2001 5:56 PM

Relief floods Brightstar as she sees a man run into the clearing.
He skillfully drops one ogre and advances to the other. This distraction is all Brightstar needs to get the advantage. As the ogre turns towards the man Brightstar is able to bring her axe down on his head. although she used all her remaining strength her axe didn't penetrate its skull, but she did knock the creature to his knees. she then swung her small axe and sliced through the ogres throat.

02/28/2001 1:34 AM

Watching as the woman hacks the Ogre apart.
Telgar advances on the remaining ogre.

In a fit of rage the ogre charges forward it's sword held high.
Telgar waits until the last possible moment before stepping to the side as the ogres sword swings past.
Spinning around Telgar brings his sword across the back of the ogre's legs, severing one from the knee.
With a cry the ogre topples to the floor.
Quickly disarming the ogre Telgar binds it's arms and covers the wound with a bandage.

Turning to the female

"Are you injured? My name is Telgar; some of my colleagues have a camp near by. Will you come with me?"

Tying a length of rope to the wounded ogre, Telgar begins to drag it in the direction of the camp.

"one of my party may wish to have a chat with this fellow"

02/28/2001 4:00 AM

Brightstar bows to Telgar grateful to him for just saving her life. "No im not hurt, just exhausted. Thank you for helping me"

She looks at the ogre who is snarling in rage. "I don't understand, this area is usually so peaceful, where are these creatures coming from and why did they attack me, i posed no threat?!"

She looked again at telgar. She wasn't sure she could trust him, since she didn't trust anyone not of her tribe, but she didn't think she had much choice and she wanted to find answers to her questions. "Okay I'll come to your camp with you."

She wiped the blood off her axe on the grass and pulled her dagger out of the stinking ogre and cleaned that too.

02/28/2001 5:18 AM

Telgar smiles as he looks at the young Plains woman

"I am heartened that you were not injured. I would ask you what you were doing out here alone but it is none of my business so I won't. As for these brutes" aims a swift kick to one of the dead ogre's

"My colleagues and I are going to try to rid this area of them. They are supposed to be camped in this area, where I do not know. I am hoping that one of our mages, if they have turned up yet, will be able to find out from this feisty one here all we need to know…or we can just leave it alone with the Kender for a few hours."

Chucking to himself Telgar begins to drag the ogre towards the camp.

Only managing to go a few yards before the ogre catches hold of a root.
Sighing Telgar looks around, finding a large log he strikes the ogre across the head knocking it out.

"That should make him more manageable. If he moves again hit him for me."

02/28/2001 5:30 AM

Ooc where is everyone ?

02/28/2001 7:21 AM

Hearing the noise's of battle, Irin the dwarf quickly stepped away from the path, suspecting a trap of some kind. Seeing no immediate signs of danger, he cautiously followed the sounds of the disturbance, with surprising stealth for one of his race. Reaching the clearing he smelt the unmistakable stench of ogre. However a barbarian woman and the man who had come to her aid seemed to be keeping one of those foul creatures alive. Not sure of their intentions he silently followed...

OOC: hope this post ties in with everything o.k

02/28/2001 8:02 AM

Telgar slogged on, pulling the dead weight of the comatose ogre behind him.

"Why do these dammed things have to be so heavy?" coming to a halt he dropped the rope.
"Should be near the camp by now" he looked over at the plains woman beside him.

"You know you still haven't told me your name."

Turning he glanced back the way they had come.

"A blind gully dwarf could follow that" he remarked looking at the trail dragging the ogre had made.
"Could you try to cover our tracks…. I think we are being followed"

02/28/2001 8:18 AM

Jorgan awakens to the sounds of fighting and yelling.

"...the blazes..." he coughs, getting up.

"What's happening?" he notices his campmates are mostly missing. "I should have figured."

He begins to walk down the trail thru the forest towards the sounds of fighting.

02/28/2001 8:23 AM

Following the tracks the dwarf became more and more uneasy. Wherever these people were leading him to, it was sure to be a bloodbath before long. He may not have been the only one who observed the fight and the ogres bodies were there for all to see. These tracks obviously show that at least one was taken, presumably alive. Hmmm, maybe he was crediting these foul creatures with too much intelligence. Lost in thought the dwarf suddenly realized that the trial had disappeared. Looking more closely he picked it up again. Despite his job suddenly becoming undeniably harder he was glad for at least now he could worry about what was ahead and not behind...

02/28/2001 8:34 AM

Telgar glances over his shoulder. His companion was doing a great job of hiding the trail.

Turning around to continue his way towards the camp. He is startled as Jorgan seams to materialise out of a near by bush.

"By Paladine you nearly scared me half to death. I have um well ah that is…I've got us an ogre."

02/28/2001 8:46 AM

OOC : Sorry everyone I've been sick for the last few days and away from my computer but i'm back now.

Tiver looked at Kron saying yes to traveling on with him and leaving the others behind. Tiver was completely sure that he remembered most of the trails, and could find his way through everything in the wilderness. Tiver being woke by Kron gathered up his pack and things and started off with his elf friend.

Tiver looked through the forest as he thought he heard a scream, but Tiver just thought it might be the wind or something. Tiver only knew that no matter what it was Kron and Tiver were to far away to help. Tiver smiled though knowing that the other at the camp was close enough to help.

Tiver looked at Kron seeing that he heard the same thing. "The others can handle it, but i'm not sure about us though. Maybe we should go off the trails and into the forest next to them so we will have better coverage if something happens?" Tiver looked at Kron waiting for an answer seeing that Kron only wanted to be there first no matter what.Tiver Neehigh

02/28/2001 9:52 AM

Jorgans' sword comes out almost as fast as the look of anger crosses his face.

"Ogres?! Where are they?"

He eyes the ogre menacingly.

"Start talking. Fast."

02/28/2001 11:46 AM

Kalia helps her cousin back to the camp...She stares around...everyone was gone.

"OH now thats just great...Where did everyone go?!" She stared at her cousin...hoping that he may have a suggestion.

02/28/2001 11:56 AM

"Well, I suppose that would be better," Kron said to Tiver. "It won't slow us down too much." The elf had drawn his sword, and was prepared for whatever came. He made sure that Tiver continued to move, the kender leading the way. "Where to next, my friend?"

02/28/2001 4:10 PM

Tiver made his way to the outside of the path looking down at the ground with a smile as he turned to look at Kron.

"We'll follow the tracks of these deer to a nearby stream where they will rest and get a drink of water. We should be able to cross there and continue on to the Orge camp since the would problaly camp close to water. For us though it should take about a 3 to 4 day journy on foot."

Tiver smiled knowing that Kron would never have thought a kender to be a ranger and know so much about the forest. Tiver pulled out his hoopak as he quickly changed it into a short bow and notching an arrow in place. Tiver looked in the distance pointing out a few large figures walking about shealth like.

Looking back up to up to Kron saying, "I knew this was a bad idea for some reason..." as the kender mumbled a few curses.Tiver Neehigh

02/28/2001 6:22 PM

Brightstar was about to introduce herself to Telgar when a man whose height rivalled that of the men of her tribe appeared.

she shrank back behind Telgar when the man drew his sword and started yelling. He didn't seem to notice she was there yet and she didn't mind keeping it that way. His public show of emotion was completely foreign to her.

02/28/2001 6:26 PM

one of the figures ,Arthagos, yells out we are friends of yours do not pull back that arrow if you do you will be terribly sorry.......as Arthagos approaches Tiver he sets down his bow.

02/28/2001 8:28 PM

Kiel followed Kron and Tiver as silent as a Half-elven Kender (being both elf and kender has its advantages as far as I can say).

"I could not help think, my friend Kron, what is 'your' purpose for this journey. And at most, what does he (points to Tiver) got to do with it..."

(ooc: this is assuming that Kiel doesn't know much about Kron and Tiver's private agenda)Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/01/2001 1:39 AM

Telgar was just as surprised by Jorgan's reaction as Brightstar's.

"Just calm down there my friend. It would be wise to get back to the camp to at least to just warn the others. Then you can have your little talk to our guest here. But for now just control yourself."

Telgar turns and smiles at Brightstar still blocking Jorgan's view of the woman.

"He's a friend, do not worry. Come lets get to the camp and see if the fire is still going."

"Jorgan if you want the ogre so bad you can drag it the rest of the way"

not waiting to see if Jorgan is following. he leads Brightstar into the camp.

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03/01/2001 6:07 AM

Hearing voices up ahead once again, Irin slowly entered the ditch on the paths side for cover and tried to get close enough to hear. It was too risky though. The element of surprise was far too valuable an asset to trade for a few snippets of conversation. No, the dwarf was content to simply watch the encounter. Whoever this new human is, he was certainly big, and obviously no friend of ogres which bode well. Despite this the dwarf decided to keep his presence secret a while longer...

03/01/2001 6:42 AM

Pushing through a push Telgar and Brightstar enter the camp.

"Kalia you have made it. How fares your cousin?
Forgive me for not being present when you arrived but there was a few ogres causing a bit of mayhem a little ways down the path. I did manage to capture a live one in the hopes that we may be able to gleam some information from it. Jorgan is currently keeping it company"

03/01/2001 8:17 AM

OOC :: Kiel i'm sorry I ignored your character interduction, but I was just try to jump back in on the adventure from being sick...::

Tiver lowered his short bow as he relaxed the notched arrow looking back Kron as Tiver smiled saying, "Well it looks like we have company friend." Tiver looked back to the figure yelling at him,"If could be any louder you could wake the very dead, you over grown giant!"

Tiver smiled at Kron looking back behind them seeing the Half-elven Kender Kiel behind them hearing not a one of his many slow foot falls. Tiver just grinned at Kiel and shook his head as his curiousity of the Half-elven Kender peeked and started to form in his mind just as Tiver's mouth started to open. "Well, I was wanting to know..." hearing Kiel's question.

"Well, you see Kron is after a man named Hooded, and he believes the Orge Chieftain will know where this man is that killed his wife. Which I believe is a truely noble quest, but the reason Kron wants me to come with him is I know most of this land better than most. I'm also a great shot with my bow when its needed. Anyways thats why Kron wanted me to leave with him early so he could get his hands on the Orge Chieftain first. So, you must tell me how you became a Half-elven Kender, Kron could find out where Hooded is."

Tiver took a deep breath as he looked up at Kron seeing the angry slowly rise in him as Tiver lightly grinned and shrugged. Tiver looked down at his many pouches and all he said was, "Oops."Tiver Neehigh

03/01/2001 10:02 AM

Jorgan tramples his way thru the brush into the camp,muttering profanities, the ogre slung over his shoulders.

"Damn thing."

He tosses it onto the ground next to the fire.

03/01/2001 10:36 AM

Kalia stares around dumfounded. She stares at the Ogre that Jorgan dumped next to the fire. then she points to BrightStar with her staff.

"Who is that? and just what is goin on?? I turn my back for one moment and everything just goes to crap!"

She glared angrily at the three that stood within her camp, her Golden eyes turned dark amber. Her silvery hair flowing loose in the wind.

03/01/2001 10:37 AM

The dwarf stood not more then 50 yards from the camp, trying to learn as much about these strangers as possible. One thing was obvious from the size of the fire and the tracks, was that many more people stayed here last night then were present now. However, time was drawing on and the time for secrecy over.

He covered the rest of the distance to the camp in much more noisy fashion, making sure that they heard him coming and were not startled. Rounding the corner muttering about the 'blasted trails all leading in circles', the dwarf came face to face with the group. Feigning shock, and taking a defensive stance he shouted:

"Who goes there, blocking my path?"

OOC: Exactly who's still at the camp?

03/01/2001 3:00 PM

Jorgan's eyes pop up, eyeing the sudden appearance of the dwarf.

"Damn, we got a mixed bag tonight don't we? We mean you no harm my short little elder. This is our camp, and we are in the middle of discussing certain...events...anyway, it won't hurt us to let you stay. Make yourself welcome, while we figure out exactly what the blazes is going on."

OOC:I honestly don't have any clue who all is here at camp

03/01/2001 3:02 PM

Kron stared down at the kender. He couldn't believe that Tiver had shared his secret. "How could you tell them," said the elf, "after you promised you wouldn't."
The elf hung his head. He could never win, it was one loss after another.

The elf looked sullenly at the others. "We need to move Tiver. With all the noise, everyone will know we are here." Kron looked over at Kiel. "You can come if you want, just know that if you try to stop me from reaching the chieftain, you will become my enemy."

The elf looked back down the path. "Let's get a move on," says Kron.

03/02/2001 1:30 AM

Telgar slumps to the ground rubbing his eyes.

"Ok here's what I know…" Telgar then proceeds to them about Kron and Tiver sneaking off and of the ogre's.

"Well there you have it all in all it has been a rather strange night all around."

Ooc I think that only Tiver, Kron and Kiel are missing from the camp. I think that the rest are still here. Just lurking around.

03/02/2001 4:53 AM

Kiel twisted his topknot and smiled a kender smile. "Well, its kinda like a long old story, older than my Uncle Nosepicker and definitely onlder than my Aunt Ednaralien. You see since I am half elven I kinda older than most kender but younger than most elf... Errrr....Hmmm.... Or something kinda like that."

He looks at the impatient Kron and immediately makes sure that his hands are not moving anywhere near that man.

"My mom, Felicia Lockears, was a well known adventurer. Ummm or something like that. Well, she met this amazing Silvanesti Wild Runner, a relative of the great elven princess Alhana. Anyway, after staying together in a party and helping that each other they kinda got together for some Party Juice. I think the elf guy can't handle his juice quite so well and then one night , BANG!, the next day both of them of were so suprise what they managed to do I think it was a first! It's kinda like 'How did that happened?' and 'How did that thing fit in there?' but in the end they got together well and finally the elf guy, my dad, left the Silvanesti and went to live with my mom at Kenderhome. Of course both the elves and kender made sure it was hush hush. And promise me you wonm't tell it to anyone."

He looks at Tiver.

"Promise it!!!"Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/02/2001 5:28 AM

"Well any enemies of the Ogres, is a friend of mine!" shouted the dwarf, warming to his new found companions.

"Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Irinithin. Known to his friends as Irin. I left my mountain home long ago. Ask me naught about my past, and we shall do fine. In these strange times it seems fool hardy to travel alone, although I admit we certainly make for a strange group. If fate has deemed it this way then so be it. However, one question if I may:

What are the plans for this piece of filth?" asked Irin pointing towards the Ogre.

OOC: Exactly where about in Krynn are we, and in what age?

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03/02/2001 8:43 AM

"My plans? We move into the heart of the forest and kill any ogre that moves. Sound fun?"

Jorgan smiles and sits down next to the fire.

"My name is Jorgan Courtland, up-and-coming swordsman and thei- I mean, treasure-hunter. These are my friends, I'll let them introduce themselves."

OOC: we are about 20 years before the chaos wars, and where? Grogans Forest, next to Grogans Bluff, a small farming community. I just made them up. Sorry

03/02/2001 11:08 AM

Kron looked at Tiver expectantly. "Well are you going to lead or are we going to wander around blindly?"

03/02/2001 11:29 AM

Tiver never remembered making any kind of promise, but if there was one he would be sure to keep it this time. Tiver smiled hearing Kiel's life story in a nut shell and agreed to his promise with a hand shake and a silent exchange of pouches. Though Tiver now believed he was kin to Kiel after hearing his story believing he had elven blood in his viens.

Tiver started to tell his story to Kiel, about how he thought they might be kin when Kron asked his question.

"Okay, just give me one second," as Tiver bent down looking at the tracks before them. " We'll travel until we feel the need for rest then continue on until its time to break for camp. Shall we continue on with our journy?"

Tiver looked back to Kron feeling a small pain in his stomach as he walked on leading. "Kron, I am truely sorry about that it just leaped out before I could catch it."Tiver Neehigh

03/02/2001 6:12 PM

Kiel, now wearing a new set of pouches and even a dagger he managed to pick off fromKron without him noticing, rubbed his
chin in a definitely elven way. "Hmmm, since we are tracking ogres we might as well head off there." He points to a south
easterly direction, relatively parallel to the direction Tiver was goin. "Tis better to sneak in than go blundering about like a troll
in my Uncle Nitpicker's close, like my mom used to say!!!"Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/02/2001 6:44 PM

Kalia stared at the group around the camp. She was confused and getting angry.
She stood up and walked into the center of the camp.

"ALRIGHT!!!!" She shouted. "I want to know what is going on!?!" She stood tall and authoratively, a pale, misty, aura shone about her.

03/02/2001 7:21 PM

Kron followed the two kender. After a couple of steps he tapped Kiel on the shoulder. "Um, you have my dagger." He reclaimed his weapon and continued on. "Whatever Tiver," he mumbles to Tiver's apology. "You can make it up to me by finding that camp for us."

03/03/2001 1:14 PM

Just as Irin was trying to get a better grasp as to just what the purpose of this group was (certainly not very much right now!) a young almost elven looking woman called for order.

"I don't believe we have met yet miss. My name as you may have heard is Irin, and who might you be?"

OOC: are we going to be leaving this camp any time soon? ;)

Master Mage Aleximi
03/03/2001 2:07 PM

ooc: Well.... I hope I haven't missed much and since I'm still confused.... I think I'll shuddup *mostly* and try to learn what's going on

*The mage walks around camp confused. He sees a place to sit.... so he sits and pulls out one of his Father's books.*

"Excellant! I have found the spell I seek" and with that the mage stands, preparing to cast an energy drainging (sever) spell found in the BACK of the book."Ast darak shimkan sharaka!" the mage spoke in a transe like state. Suddenly dark clouds cover the sky and great blasts of lightnening strikes the ground near Aleximi. A brilliant blaze of green fire arrouses around the mage, then blue, then white, then the darkest black flame grows..... and engolfs the young mage (now standing). Fierce winds blows from all directions as though they try to blow out the Black Flame.... but it only feeds upon the blowing air.
A figure can be seen standing in the DEAD center of the flame.... with.... bright hourglass eyes shining..... the mage calmly walks out of the flame with an evil grin on his face.... and donning new robes............... of the Darkness Order!

"Now I have donned a newer, greater power. Nothing and No one can stop me now! Not ogre, not fellow mage, not even the Queen herself! Now... let our quest continue for I grow weary of the wait!" The Dark Mage Aleximi spoke.... as blood slightly drizzled from his forehead.

03/03/2001 4:17 PM

Kalia smiles at the newcomer, her golden eyes bright and warm.

"Welcome..My name is Kalia, Kalia Majere--"

She broke off as she sensed the dark magic surround her cousin. She stared at him, Fear in her golden eyes. She took a hesitant step backwards, stepping into the newcomer.

"ALEXIMI!!!! Are You Out Of Your Mind!!???" She screamed, her silver hair whipping in the winds that surrounded her. She took another step backward, sudden fear of her own cousin overwhelming her. It was like seeing her Great-uncle Rastlin all over again.

The staff in her hands began to glow of its own accord, and changed before her eyes. The wooden staff itself went from black wood, to the whitest ash, the gold of the dragons claw went to Pure platinum, and the crystal, once blue, was now a pale Amythyst. the Saff of Magius was now a different staff entirely, a staff with no name, but with more power than before.

03/03/2001 4:53 PM

"Majere?" Had I heard right? Surely not.... but there was no time to think, darkness had descended over the camp and lightning was raining down. Kalia stepped back into the dwarf knocking him out of his trance-like state. Irin dropped to the ground, trying as best he could to cover both their bodies as furious fire sprung up around the mage. First the name Majere and now a dark robe with the most famous eyes on Krynn.... maybe this camp wasn't so quite after all!

03/04/2001 1:47 PM

Kalia freed herself from the Drwarfs' grasp and stood. She glanced down at Irin, her expression odd.

"I will explain more later." She said softly. Though she practically whispered, Irin could hear her as clearly as if she had shouted it. She stood to face her cousin, Her heart twisting in pain to see him in this state. She raised her new staff into the air, The amythyst Crystal Blindingly bright. The white wood of the staff seemed to glow with a life of its own.

A pale shimmer like Heat rising off of desert sands surrounded Kalia, keeping a two foot distance from her. As she stepped nearer, the black flames bagan to lash out at her, only to be extinguished by the shimmering barrier around her.

"Aleximi!!" she cried as she got close enough to touch him. She reached out her hand, but would not touch him, for she knew that if she would touch him at this time, she would loose herself.

03/04/2001 4:43 PM

Jorgan looks back and forth between the mages, dumbfounded. He wasen't planning on going anywhere quite yet.

OOC: Yes, we desperately need to get out of camp!!! I can't do it all alone though...a little help?!

03/05/2001 1:32 AM

Telgar covered his eyes from the glare of the fire and stalked to the edge of the camp.

"That's it, I am going to try and find that elf and his Kender partner. You two mages can sort out your family problems alone."

Turning to the rest of the group

"Any one coming"

03/05/2001 4:46 AM

Elsewhere------ Way way far away from the camp. Kiel, Kron and Tiver made their way through the forest.

"I think I smell something, quite faint but not faint enough for me..."

With a silent bound, Kiel makes his way through the tree tops like the sshadow of some unknown night bird. After a few momments, a strange cawing sound, likened to the harsh caw of a crow or blackbird passed among the trees. (OOC: That bird call is an elven and also a kender warning sound of danger up ahead. Oh, by the way the smell was that of roasting cattle.)Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/05/2001 8:25 AM

Jorgan stands up, hitching his sword sheath to his side and adjusting the blade across his back.

"Yeah, I'll come."

03/05/2001 8:36 AM

Telgar's proposition was tempting, for there seemed to be no end to the magical battle. It was not that Irin feared magic, in that way he was quite the opposite of a dwarf. It was just that he did not use or understand it and likened his current situation as to standing with his back to the enemy, and unable to turn around. Even though he was not sure what use he could be, he did not feel good about leaving the mage Kalia. It was almost as if he had felt some kind of connection, as if there was more to what she said then the words themselves... his mind made up Irin stood by and watched the magic in wonder.

03/05/2001 9:00 AM

Telgar nods to Jorgan. When no one else looked like they were coming, Telgar move to where he had seen the Elf sneak off.

"Well it looks like it is just the two of us then, I wish the rest of you good fortune and may what ever Gods you pray to walk with you. Are you ready Jorgan?"

With that he leaves the camp.

Ooc this is my last post for the day so just carry one with out me. see yall tomorrow

03/05/2001 9:54 AM

"Well, I doubt we will be able to follow their tracks, so we'll just go our own way. How about straight fr the heart, south by southwest?"

Jorgan nods, and sees that Telgar is armed.

"Good, I hope you're ready because the ogre's know we're coming. Lets go."

With that, Jorgan and Telgar set out from the camp.

03/05/2001 11:46 AM

Kron hears the bird call and grabs Tiver stopping him in his tracks. "Trouble up ahead. Kiel must have found something," whispered the elf. "We'll have to move slower to get a better view. I can smell something too. Burning meat, probably cow. Might be a ogre camp, hopefully the main one."

With that, the elf continues to move, knowing that the kender would beright behind him. "And remember, be quiet."

03/05/2001 1:22 PM

Tiver smiled at all the new excitement as he followed Kron trying hard to stay quite Tiver clapped his hand over his mouth. Tiver keep his foot falls as quite as he could trying to step in the spots where Kron had stepped before him. Tiver like this this whole being a shadow game as his mouth started to move beneath his hand in a whispered mumble.

"Muhhhh annnn da miiiii faaaa tder waaaa issss waaaa kiiiing thrrr uhhhhh," Tiver stopped seeing Kron turn his head casting a cold glance back his way. Tiver started to think that this might not be as fun as he hoped it would be. Tiver started to think about the two Majere's and how much Kalia thought Tiver had solved the problem to winning the battle against the Orges. Tiver sighed beneath his hand as he now realized he should have never agreed to take Kron to the Orge camp. Tiver Neehigh

03/05/2001 8:18 PM

Kiel dropped right in front of Kron and Tiver, startling the two.

"Sorry for that," he whispered," Ithink you are right about the main body of ogres Kron. But, all I can say that it is insane attacking a regiment of ogres."

Kiel's eyebrows knit together for a moment. "Those ogres are tough but I think their leader might accept a one on one duel to the death. I think, Kron, that you can handle him, if not defeat him but keep the main body of his forces occupied by having them watch the fight. Tiver," he silently grabs the kender",and I would try to find a way to cause some ruckus and call for the others for some help..."Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

Master Mage Aleximi
03/05/2001 9:26 PM

"Excellent! At last.... my true colors returns to me" the mage spoke in a different tone of voice than his own.
"Now.... lead me to these ogre pests and I shall end their kind with a great tormented.... eternal death for all the pain and terror they've brought upon our kind. Then..... then...." the mage Aleximi grows silent, not letting the rest of his plan known to anyone but himself.
"Mikara shindoww kidlestrom alstrak!" the mage shouts and suddenly two death knights arrise from nowhere to aid their new master.
"Let us go my loyal Death Knights, for the master of Past and Present has returned to this world.... with a vengence and taste for blood." Aleximi spoke in such a low voice that no one could hear..... except by chance a dragon.....

03/05/2001 10:30 PM

Kalia's eyes widened with surprise. She stepped back towards the Dawrf in a uncousious attempt to shield him.

"Master of Past and present!!" She cried in shock. "It can't be- It just can't!!
Fistandantilus!?" She cried fear evident in her eyes.

03/06/2001 10:48 AM

Tiver listened to Kiel as he slipped a whistle out of his pouch, and put it to his lips. Tiver blew hard but no sounds ever made it out. Tiver put the whistle back into his pouch as he awaited the arrival of his friend.

"I will send my friend to find the others and bring them here as quickly as he can," Tiver smiled seeing a white mist coming flying through the trees over to him. "This is my friend his name is Whisper, and he'll deliver the message about where we are."

Tiver turned to see Whisper materialize into a wolf with snow white fur and almost a head taller then he was. Tiver leaned up whispering a few things in the wolfs ear as Whisper nodded to him and was off and running slowly turning back into a mist.

Tiver smiled knowing the wolf would be able to find Telgar and Kalia. "Now does anyone have any rope I could use?" Tiver whispered to Kron and Kiel as he pulled another ring out of his many pouches slipping it on to his finger. Tiver Neehigh

03/06/2001 11:55 AM

Meanwhile, out on the trail...

Jorgan and Telgar move silently down the trail, stalking slowly along. Jorgan leads, being more familiar with the trails then almost anyone else. He could tell someone had been down the trail, and rather recently. He expected whomever had been missing from the camp, possibly the knight and the kender. But they weren't heading the right direction, or, more accuratly, wouldn't be in a half-mile or so. The trail would twist around and head towards the perimeter of the forest, coming out around the south of Grogans' Bluff. The trail was rather old, and unless they felt like trail-breaking, they would have to turn back. Unless, of course, there was a trail he didn't know...
Anyway, Jorgan dismisses his thoughts and tells telgar that they are going right at the fork, not left.

"It will circle around and come in on the east side of their camp. Hopefully we can beat them. We have to hurry."

03/06/2001 2:18 PM

Kron took the few seconds given to him by the kender to slip away. Tiver was busy finding something in his pouch and asking about rope. Kiel seemed not to notice.

The elf slipped the direction that Kiel had come from. He caught the smell of burning meat and used it as his guide. He came to perimiter of the camp. It was a large clearing, with plenty of ogres all around. Several were on patrol, roaming around the outer edge of the camp. Kron blended into the trees, hiding from the ogres.

He took stock of the camp. The was a large tent, obviously the chieftains. Several cooking fires with meat roasting on them were spread in between the tents. Random ogres walked here and there, some in gear, others not. Kron couldn't spot the Cheiftain anywhere and he had to find him.

Master Mage Aleximi
03/06/2001 4:07 PM

OOC: Whatever happened to Joero???

The Master Mage looks at his 'cousin' and begins to speak in a darkened voice, "Foolish Dragon! But of corse I still exist, and by the will of the Dark Queen herself... I have returned to the desendant of Raistlin. You shall soon see our awesome powers once we open the portal and free the Queen from her dark Abyss." *suddenly Aleximi can be reheard in his normal voice* "Kalia! Help me! I can't exsca---" *then the dark voice returned* "It matters little now, he willingly gave his body in exchange for knowledge.... and power..... once he read the spell from the back of MY book {Yes, mine.... not Raistlin, this was apart of our plan from the beginning} he gave himself to the Dark Queen, just as Raistlin did during the Test at the Towers."

*The Master of Past and Present looks at the cloud filled sky*
"Any second now..... you shall see the rebirth of the War..... ah! Yes! Here she is now!"
With that Aleximi.... Fistandanious.... points toward the sky at an incoming object. At first it looks like a snow white cloud, but as it grew closer, it turned out to be a LARGE White dragon followed by a small patrol of Blue and White Dragons.
"Crystalianus," the mage spoke to the Large white dragon as he began to mount her "take me to my new tower... the Tower of the Stars in Silvernesti!... you have seized it as the Dark Queen commanded, correct?"

Crystalianus looks at her master and begins to speak in a assured voice "But of course my master. It was very simple. We took control of it within two days. The redead Valimaard is awaiting your arrival so that he may return to his eternal sleep. The Reds are guarding the Tower itself and two Blacks are gaurding the Dragon Orb. Are you ready my lord?"

The mage chucks evilly, "of corse my friend.... let us leave at once!"
And with that the dragon lifted off the ground and began flying toward Silvernesti.... with the Blue dragon Patrol guarding them, leaving the 3 members of the White patrol to finish off those who would even consider following.

03/07/2001 1:36 AM

Telgar followed Jorgan Blindly for it appeared that he knew where he was going.

"Jorgan, a thought has been plaguing me for the last few minutes. What are we to do with the Dragon the Town's people have seen?"

03/07/2001 3:37 AM

Elsewhere (I mean) Back to Tiver, Kiel and Kron...

Kiel silently approached the camp from the south east, making sure that he was downwind. He pulled out a pouch filled with a strange black powder and started sprinkling it all over him.

In a moment, he faded from sight.

Invisible, he made his way towards the ogre's supply wagons.Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/07/2001 7:57 AM

Irin felt their presence before he seen them... DRAGONS! The flying menace, flew down and was speaking with the black robe. One who claimed to be the mage of old, Fistandantilus! This situation had escalated out of control. Even though he had no idea, what use it could be the dwarf drew the large war hammer he carried across his back. The dragon and mage were now flying away, as Irin tried to collect his thoughts... had this really just happened?

Turning towards Kalia he asked just that:

"What is going on? Does the dark robe speak the truth, is war about to descend once again upon this land?"

03/07/2001 10:03 AM

Jorgan turns around, stopping in his tracks.

"I don't know...that's a good question. I think we-GET DOWN!" Jorgan tackles Telgar, sending him to the ground. Overhead, flying low, comes a black dragon, flying over them back towards the camp.

"Sorry about that. I think they know we're out here. The black is no doubt headed towards our camp. we must hurry."

Jorgan helps Telgar to his feet, and they take off down the trail together. About half a mile later, they round a bend, and come up over a small rise. Directly below them is the ogre camp. Drawing his broadsword into one hand, and his longsword into the other, he pauses for a breather.

"Are you ready? 1...2...3!!!"

He takes off running down the hill, full force ahead, screaming a battle-cry.

03/07/2001 12:41 PM

Tiver followed Kiel for as far he could thinking it should be best to know what everyone was doing. Tiver made his way with Kiel seeing him use his black dust to disappear leaving him by himself. Tiver sat down and becoming very bored until he had a grand idea. Tiver smiled to himself as he pulled out a card from his pouch and looked at as he saw the image of three giants that looked like kender on the card. Tiver thought to himself whats the worse fear in the world next to the gods destroying the world maybe its giant kender. Tiver frowned not knowing how the cards really work, but Tiver came to the idea that maybe if he was being chased they might work. Since the thought in his head was set Tiver made his was as best as he could and got ready for a good run.


Whisper, the mist wolf, made its way quickly through the trees looking for the female mage Tiver had described to him. Whisper had glanced to his side two warriors running through the trees in a battle cry, but Whisper was given orders to find this mage woman and her kin and bring them to the battle field to help. Whisper lifted his nose to the air smelling the fire of the camp that was slowly going out as he made his way into the camp seeing the female mage and a dwarf. Tiver Neehigh

03/07/2001 8:42 PM

But some dark god must be watching Kiel....

As he made his way towards the baggage train, an ogre guard (alone) notices his shadow. With a quick motion it tackles Kiel bodily, sending him flying. Momentarily out of breath, Kiel quickly recovers and draws his red stilleto and silently dispatches the ogre with a quick stab through the neck.

Another guard spots the bleeding ogre....

The alarm was sounded!!!Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/07/2001 10:16 PM

Kalia stared up at the departing White Dragon and Her cousin, no...her cousin no longer...Fistanditilus (SP) She held Her staff firmly in her hands. She turned to The Dawrf.

"I do not claim to know what is truely going on...but I don't Like it. We had better find the others...And I know of only one way to find them quickly.

She eyes the Dawrf cuiously for a moment.

"I am Kalia Majere...I was adoped as a child by Laura Majere, Palin Majere taught me all the magic that I know, and then some. But I am not a true Majere...I am the Crystal Dragon Known as Crystalamira. I was born in the Dragon Isles 240 Years ago...22 years ago the golden matriarch, Auriana changed me into a human child to protect me from the dragon Purge. Also to protect me from the force of evil on this world...for there are those who would use me to bring back Takisis...Fistanditilus would be one who may try."

she smiles faintly..."I hope you don't mind flying?!"

03/08/2001 1:33 AM

Telgar rushes down towards the camp, Jorgan's battle cry is nearly deafening.
As they reach the camp, the ogres sound the alarm.

Telgar glances at Jorgan. Who was still screaming at the top of his lungs.
"Why do people have to shout so god dammed loud"

Cutting past a large tent Telgar runs straight into a brutish ogre.
With a grunt Telgar falls to the floor.

03/08/2001 7:00 AM

Irin looked at Kalia with sorrow. It seemed she had a led rather a rough life, yet there certainly seemed to be some sort of hidden strength. Maybe there was light in amongst the darkness they faced.

"Do I mind flying? Of course not! I fly all the time..." said the dwarf looking down suspiciously as if he expected to be levitating all ready.

03/08/2001 8:10 AM

Tiver heard the alarm and went into action quickly, and Tiver walked into the middle of a somewhat large group of Orges though Tiver didn't take the time to count. Tiver smiled at they ever one of them as raised their weapons as Tiver opened his mouth, "Your father was a mucos covered warthog that smelled of feces, and your mother so ugly not even a blind and drunken Orge would think twice about bedding with her! Now, since I can see that they produced off spring... you all look like alot of slobbering, pig faces, and weaklings tring to feed off the troth at the same time."

Tiver smiled seeing that the group had grown since the raising of his voice, but Tiver forgot to notice that the Orges had surround him and were snarling at him as they came closer.

Tiver gulped as they circled in on him then leaped screaming into the air their weapons coming down at him. Tiver saw his chance as he dove to one side rolling through an Orges legs, who happily took an axe for Tiver, as he rolled back to his feet. Tiver didn't the largest of the Orges walking up to him as he turned to see the Orge that was in Kalia's staff. Tiver yelled out, "Hey! I found the Cheif..." As Tiver felt his arm get hit and lifted into the air twisting and turning. Tiver watched the clouds and ground change into each other as the world went black to his eyes. Tiver hit the ground hard as the card of the giants left his hand and hit the ground.

Tiver only smiled as the wonderful dream he was having as he knew it was him that found the Orge Cheiftian.Tiver Neehigh

03/08/2001 9:54 AM

Jorgan screams down into the camp, blades leaving a trail of dead ogres behind him. He slashes thru the sentries below him and leaves a clear path for Telgar, but fails to look back at him. He can hear the kender cursing at the ogres. Not particulary smart, since ogres are known to pull arms directly out of their sockets...

He catches the group, and slices through the few who make the mistake of leaving their backs ungaurded. The ones who do see him stop, their mouths dropping in awe. Grunts and squeels are heard, and they begin to part like the red seas.

"*grunt* the tall one...make way...!"

They split apart, and jorgan reaches the center of the circle, the kender laying there, smiliing, blood slowly running down his forehead. On the ground...a card...

03/08/2001 11:19 AM

Kalia smiles. "No...not that way." She chuckled softly.

She reached out to clasp the amythyst crystal on the top of her new staff, The staff of Life, and mumbled softly.

The crystal flashed brightly, breifly blinding Irin. when the light faded, A dragon stood in front of him, one that towered over the size of the white dragon that Aleximi departed on. The scales of the dragon where perfectly faceted crystals. the wings where not leathery but more like a birds' Irrideceant feathers gleamed smothly in the sunlight.

Kalia/Crystalamira lowered her head to be level with Irin. She mumbled something to dampen the effect of Dragonfear over the dawrf.

"Well now...Shall we fly?"

03/08/2001 11:44 AM

OOC: Kalia, I hope you can sense evil because here comes a black dragon in about 45 seconds...

03/08/2001 1:49 PM

Suddenly the brightest of lights flashed throughout the camp, blinding Irin. As his vision started to come back, he could have swore he was seeing things... for there right in front of his nose stood the biggest Dragon he had ever seen! Right there nose to... well foot, was a creature which could end his very being as casually as he might swat a fly. His legs began to tremble, urging him to run but he was frozen stiff. Then as if he had just been introduced as friends the fear started to disappear, but not completely, fading more to a heightened state of caution. Waiting for some directions as to exactly how he was supposed to mount, the dwarf noticed a large black shadow creeping over the camp...

03/08/2001 2:40 PM

Meanwhile back at the camp....

Whisper the Mist Wolf entered the camp turning into wolf form as he skidded to a stop seeing the bright flash. Whisper growled at the new figure not noticing that this was Kalia the one Tiver spoke about. Whisper looked at the dragon as the fear hit him freezing the poor wolf in place as he let out a slight whimper. The wolf found the strength to reform into a small transparent kender that looked like Tiver. Whisper slowly walked up to the dragon out of fear hoping that this was the person that Tiver told him about. Whisper let out a howl loud enough for everyone to know he was there. Whisper waited for them to see him for he was in a rush and had a bad feeling that Tiver was yet again in need of his help.Tiver Neehigh

Master Mage Aleximi
03/08/2001 6:50 PM

*The white dragons follow closely behind the Black Dragon reclessly aiming their Icy Flame at the Crystal Dragon.*
In a voice only the dragons {all} can hear... "I want the Crystal Dragon brought to me at once. Eliminate the others immediately! I'm sending a back up squad of Blue and Red dragons as we speak. If you need them, then hold back a bit. Now.... ATTACK!!!!"

The Master of Past and Present looks at the Amy of Black,White,Red, Blue, and Green Dragons mixed with many Draconians prepare to attack Qualinost and the other half attack Southern Ergoth.

Within a couple of hours.... they split into ranks and leave to their destination. Their mission, by personal request of Master Mage ALEXIMI himself, is to eliminate most of the remaining Elves.

Back at the camp..... the Blues and Reds are within sight of the Black and White Dragons as they begin their attack on the Chosen Heros of this Day and Age.

03/09/2001 1:57 AM

Telgar rolled clear as the ogre's mace smashed into the floor. Leaping to his feet Telgar made a dive for his sword. The ogre sensing his move swung down, it's mace slamming into Telgar's legs.
Shouting his pain Telgar landed in a heap next to his sword. Snatching it up he struggles to his feet. His left leg bent at a strange angle.

The ogre laughed cruelly as it advanced. Swinging the mace casually the ogre swatted at Telgar's head. Parrying the blow Telgar swiped at the ogre's abdomen. The ogre stepped back away from the attack and caught Telgar's arm as it passed, bringing its mace down on his shoulder. There was a crunch of bone as Telgar's arm went limp, his sword dropping to the floor.

With a laugh the ogre tossed Telgar to the floor, stepping over him, raising its mace.
Reaching under his cloak Telgar grasped his crossbow pistol; he had one shot and one shot only.
Smiling a sickly smile that cased the ogre to hesitate Telgar pulled the trigger.
The small bolt shot forward ripping through his cloak and plunged into the ogre's eye.

The ogre stood with a confused look upon its face before toppling over crashing down on top of Telgar.

He tried to push the dead ogre off put his strength gave out Telgar slipped into darkness

03/09/2001 1:57 AM

Kalia hissed angrily at the white dragon that breathed frost on her.

"You fools of darkness!! crystal dragons are immune to the effects of ice and fire!!" she let out a gout of blue-white flame, a flame that burned the skin and froze the blood of any that it touched.

out of the corner of her eye, Kalia spotted the ghostly form of the Kender, Tiver.

03/09/2001 10:01 AM

Kalia and the other dragons can sense something approaching...evil from the east, and a wave of goodness from the west...they were both bound to arrive any minute...

03/09/2001 10:43 AM

Even the dwarf could tell that mischief was in the air.

"Erm... do you think we might want to be flying away around about now???"

03/09/2001 10:54 AM

Whisper howled long and hard seeing the dragons come in to attack the crystal dragon. Whisper could only know that this must be a friend, and then Whisper's howl sounded like that of a plea of help as other howls could be heard from miles around. Whisper turned back into true self and waited for any order of some kind from the dragon to either stay or go, but the wolf was more worried about his little friend. With that thought Whisper gave another howl deep and avengeful as circled around and then left. Out in the distance it seemed as though a small wall of fog could be seen rolling down upon the forest followed by what seemed to be a thunder storm of howls.

Meanwhile back at the Orge camp...

The three 16 ft. kender that looked like Tiver seemed to wreck havoc on the Orges that no longer surrounded him though some still stayed and slowly stalked up to Tiver. Tiver slowly awaking from his short nap tried to roll over, but couldn't from how fast the world was turning around his when he opened his eyes. Reaching up to his head he could feel the blood flowing from it freely as he pressed his hand against it to stop it from doing that. Tiver to woosy to try and move though he knew that danger was quickly aproaching him. Tiver reached into his pocket and rubbed his hand on his favorite card. If Tiver could think of anything it was that he was going to go out on a grand adventure, and maybe just maybe get to see this image before he passed.Tiver Neehigh

03/09/2001 1:01 PM

Kron took the chance with all the commotion to sneak into the ogre camp. He had spotted the chieftain but decided that maybe his tent held the information he needed. The elf slipped into the tent and began looking for anything that might be a clue.

03/09/2001 3:29 PM

Over the horizon to the east, five more chromatics crest, one of each color. Over the west, a gold, two silvers, and two bronze. They quickly join the fight, bringing back a semblence of balance to the melee.

Master Mage Aleximi
03/09/2001 4:46 PM

*Out of nowhere, a dragonlance falls deep into the ground where only one worthy of it may use it*
"You'll need it,foolish mortals! If you intend to save the Qualinesti and Kagonesti races... Muhahaha! Let us see what you shall do now! Will you destroy me or save an entire race? Either way your death is near!" And the Master's voice disapears back into nothingness.

Back at the Tower of the Stars.
The mage Aleximi whispers some mystacal words into the Dragon Orb.

"You know of the incoming threat to stop my dragons from attacking these impudent heroes,correct? And you also know that some of those heroes are the chosen ones,right?

"I want you to take control of the Good Dragons of Gold, Silver, and Bronze.... or at least the Gold and Silver. I want them to wipe out as much of the hero threat as possible and destroy my cousin at all costs! I fear.... she may be roublesome in the end. SO BE IT!"


"Send a message to my other Red Dragons attacking to burn the forest around them and to not let them escape allive."

The mage silently walks out of the Dragon Orb room and casts the most powerful enchantment to protect the Orb. Only he and one other..... currently unknown to him in this Time at least, will be powerful enough to enter.... and stay alive!

03/09/2001 4:53 PM

Kalia grabbed the Lance with her front claws, holding it tightly to her. She let out a defiant roar at the white dragons around her and then leaped straight into the air.

She flew to meet with the metalic dragons. she suddenly let out a gasp of surprize.

"AUICANA!!" she cried out to the Gold Dragon in the lead.

Master Mage Aleximi
03/09/2001 10:03 PM

OOC: After Sunday at 10 PM Central, I will be gone until Friday.
I hope this doesn't cause a big problem, but plz update me once I get back.
Thanks in advance! I'll miss you guys! :( :)

03/10/2001 10:01 PM

The gold dragon, recognizing his name, flys from the group to join Kalia. He smirks, looking completly alein to the melee, and pauses as she approaches.

03/11/2001 3:55 AM

OOC : Hey i'm going to be gone for a few days. I was is a car wreck and i'm pretty some i'm going to get some rest and every thing. I just wanted everyone to know what happened incase some asks what happened to that little S.O.B kender. So if everyone doesn't mind... Kron could you please take care of Tiver and Whisper for me since you trusted me with your character? Thank you if you do, and if not oh well i'll just have to play catch up. (LOL) Well, laters everyone


TiverTiver Neehigh

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