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02/05/2001 3:54 AM

The weird storm batters tha famed Pirate Ship and it sinks upon the shores of a strange Island. A strange magical aura on this island prevents the use of magic (OOC: QUITE THE IRONY EH?) And now, let us see who can survive the longest.
The rules are simple: No magic, use survival rules, and no use of violence against the opposing tribe (EVEN THOUGH SEX AND OTHER RELATED STUFF ARE ALLOWED I WOULD NO STAND FOR THE BLATANT USE OF THIS POSTING FOR SUCH ACTS. HEH HEH HEH :) ) Okay, let us see who is the best!

02/05/2001 7:05 AM

This sounds.. okay. First off, my character's a shape-shifter.. is that
counted as magic? If so, I guess I won't play.. but if it isn't, I wanna name
one tribe the rafiki tribe!! (Sorry, I'm tired and hyper at the same time...
not a good combo...)

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

02/05/2001 10:53 AM

OOC:I hope a flaming staff dosen't count as magic!

I would like to label the second tribe "The Wanderers."

02/05/2001 10:54 AM

OOC:You mean we can't just kill the other team!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

02/05/2001 4:31 PM

(OOC: Shapeshifters are allowed but their powers would be limited to
small size creatures. I don't want people turning into super powered dragons
and other monstrous denizens. Basilisks and cocatrices are allowed however.)
(OOC AGAIN: And now killing of the other tribe. But you may maim or otherwise
incapacitate the other tribe's chances of winning. Backbiting and other types
of evil devices are allowed and remmember, survival is the key. And I almost
forgot, we all arrive on the island wearing only our birthday suits. ;) )

DAY 1: The two tribes, The Raffiki tribe of Airiana is located at the south
of the island, near a blue lagoon. Daryl's tribe is located north-east, near
a volcano and a bunch of cliff side caves.

02/05/2001 4:36 PM

Kalan the minotaur would like to join the Raffiki tribe of Airiana. Kalan is a young male who has sailing experience and can hold his own in a fight. He prefers his large sword or crossbow but can fight proficiently with a sling or staff. He also has several other skills.

02/05/2001 5:02 PM

Ok, my character would be Ben T. Lador, the host of the show, I mean, of the
story. He is a dangerous, conniving, filthy, former-lawyer turned tv-host for
bigger bucks. And he is willing to bribe members of the two tribes so that he
can have his way.


02/06/2001 7:09 AM

Runs to a nearby tree and pulls down a single plam leaf.

02/06/2001 7:16 AM

OOC: ...My character is a dragon... aside from shape-shifting, her only power is Dragonbreath (fiery-ice, she's halfSilver, half Red Dragon...) If I can't do that, then I'll switch to her elven form. The dragon is fifteen feet tall and about twice that in length.. I could
make her smaller? Anywho, the elven form is a female around eighty years old, she has long black hair, weighes around one-hundred-thirty pounds, and is about five-foot, eight inches tall. ...I don't know about the whole birthday suit thing... well, all I need is a few strategically placed leaves and I should be fine..

Sorry peoples, but what're basilisks (okay, I think I know this one, ...but what about the other?) and cocatrices?

Just wondering so I don't end up seriuosly screwing up...

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

[Editted by Airiana on Tuesday, February 6, 2001 7:19 AM]

02/06/2001 7:23 AM

OOC:basilisks and cocatrices are the same thing.They're basiclly lizards who can turn you to stone if you look in thier eyes.They can be killed by using mirrors on them.What about clerical magic of low class.you know,just normal healing and levitatign?
And can we pretty pretty pretty please name one of the tribes the 'tofu tribe'?Please?
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/06/2001 10:45 AM

Maybe if there is a third tribe.

02/07/2001 6:45 AM

OOC: Okay peoples, are we gonna start this thing, or what?


~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

02/07/2001 7:08 AM

I did. 2 posts ago! Were waiting on you and some more players.


02/07/2001 10:47 AM

Looking around and not seeing anyone else on the god-forsaken island, Dylar runs into the woods in search of anyone else and some desent clothes.

02/07/2001 10:48 AM

I"m not a dragon but I thought the picture looked cool!

02/07/2001 10:53 AM

Kalan, feeling comfortable in the nude, instead looks for something that can be used as a weapon. The minotaur searches for a log, something he can whitle down to a quarterstaff.

02/07/2001 10:58 AM

Just wanted to remind you that we can't destroy the other team! Unless of course you are going to use that to hunt!"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/07/2001 4:58 PM

"Good day people, this is Ben T. Lador your host on 'Survivors'. It seems that
Dayrl and the Minotaur won't be going to go well together. Elsewhere, we have
Airiana the dragon-elf girl trying on some new leaves to wear... What the hell.."

A weird looking bird suddenly flies out of nowhere and craps on Ben.

"Someone, please get rid of that stupid bird."

02/07/2001 8:32 PM

Kalan found a suitable piece of wood. Using a stone he located, the minotaur fashioned a quarterstaff that he proceeded to sharpen, turning one end into a point. Time to go fishing.

02/08/2001 3:58 AM

Airiana finally found some leaves that were suitable and made a bikini out of them, with the help of some vines she found. Next, she fashioned a rock-knife using one rock to strike and sharpen the other. Within a few minutes, she was walking South towards the blue lagoon and finds Kalan. "Hello! ...Are you coming, or what?"


~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

02/08/2001 6:40 AM

The minotaur snorts at her, but follows the pushy lady anyway. This would be a good time for him to show off his talents. That way he'd be a sure in.

02/08/2001 6:50 AM

Knowing the snort given by the minotaur meant he already disliked her, Airiana tried not to be bossy. "Sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude. I was just wondering... Personally, I know I can't make a shelter all by myself and we've still got a long trek ahead of us... By the way," Puts out her hand. "My name is Airiana. How about you?"


~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

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02/08/2001 7:08 AM

Hits the giant bird with a bamboo spear.

"This should do well for food."

OOC: I didn't know that the minotaur was on my side!"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/08/2001 9:56 AM

OOC: the minotaur is on his own side

Kalan grudgingly shakes Airiana's hand. "I am known as Kalan," states the minotaur. "I passed a good cave not far back that would make excellent shelter. Not much work to it, just some fixing up."

With that, the minotaur went about trying to spear some fish so he and maybe a couple of other people had something to eat tonight.

02/08/2001 10:44 AM

OOC: OK, now it makes sense!

Draging the bird into a near-by cave he sees what seems to be a batch of berries on a bush.

"Hmm, poison!"

OOC: Can you poison other people to make them sick or anything like that?"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/08/2001 10:01 PM

(OOC: HEH HEH HEH, Anything short of killing each other is allowed. :D )

Ben wipes the crap out of his hair and shouts at the other 'castaways'.

"Hey I almost forgot, each of you are allowed one luxury item!!!"

02/08/2001 10:45 PM

Kalan, being informed of the rules ahead of time, already had his luxury item secreted away, his sharpener for his horns. That wasn't important now, though, as he had to catch some fish. The minotaur was hungry, and he needed food.

02/09/2001 7:08 AM

Pulls out his luxury item, a small vial of a mundane anti-toxin.

"Here you guys! I found a good place to make shelter 'till the storm blows out again."

Looking onto the horizon, he sees dark clouds degining to roll in."No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/09/2001 8:08 AM

I want my kender to join the Raffiki tribe. Why? It sounds funnier. So am I in?

02/09/2001 1:06 PM

The minotaur peers at the kender babbling about tribes. As far as he knew there was only one tribe, his, and there was two other people in it, the pushy lady and the shelter guy. "Only one tribe here squirt, so if you're part of the game, you're part of that tribe," states Kalan. Finally, with his anger rising now that he had to put up with a kender, the minotaur managed to spear several fish. He always worked better when he was mad.

02/09/2001 2:18 PM

Message from the T.V. Networks:

Mr. Ben T. Lador,

Due to the fact that the ratings of your new Survivor Series is in reality plumeting. We at the Network wish that you would hurry up to improve your ratings on the show. I am truely sorry that I have to write you this message, but in doing this our jobs are safe with the Network. I hope you will speed things up and have some fun that the viewers will enjoy.


President Tiver Neehigh of C.Y.I.A.K.I.C Corp.

"Wow, could you imagine a kender in charge?" shaking my head, "that sounds great."- Tiver pretending to president of a companyTiver Neehigh

02/10/2001 5:42 AM

Suddenly, out of the thick jungle brush, a man with a long bushy beard and wearing a strange leather loin-cloth approached the members of the Raffiki tribe.

"Um, I am Tom Shanks. I am the lone survivor of a mailing-delivery ship of Ned-Ex that ran aground here four and half years ago. What the hell are you doing on this island?"

02/10/2001 10:46 PM

Kalan swings his spear towards the human. "What's it to you old man. Are you looking for a way home. Go talk to the execs if you want off. Me, I'm going to win," states the minotaur.

02/11/2001 7:39 PM

"Sure woke up thr wrong side of the bed today. Sheesh..."

Tom shook his head made for the nearest cave to answer the call of nature.

02/13/2001 7:31 AM

Airiana smiles at the kender. "From what I can tell, there's two tribes: The Rafiki tribe, and The Wanderer tribe. Kalan and I are of the Rafiki tribe, and Dylar's all by himself. Anyways, if you want to be part of our tribe too, then I guess that's fine."

Airiana first looks at Kalan spearing fish, then her gaze turns to a banquet table full of food near the host and the camera men. Walking over to it, she takes about ten already-cooked fish from the table "Here." She says, handing them to the minotaur. "Save your energy, eat this."

She goes back to the table and picks up a bushel of apples, five loaves of bread, and a couple of bottles of wine (one white, one red). Placing the bread on top of the apples, the apples on her head, and the bottles of wine slung over her shoulder with a rope, she makes her way back towards the trees. Choosing a large one that could probably be woven to make a tree-house, she climbs up and sets down the food. With her knife, she begins to cut a few branches and starts weaving a tree-house. __________________________________________________

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

02/13/2001 10:41 AM

If someone will join me I'll share my bird!"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/13/2001 8:00 PM


02/13/2001 10:28 PM

Kalan decides to leave the island, figuring there is no honor in beating the weak.

02/14/2001 10:46 AM

OOC: Don't even go there, Mertonius!
"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


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03/11/2001 8:37 PM

A little girl of about nine jumps in front of the wonderer guy and says
"I am Melinda and i want to join your tribe. You will not have to share your bird"

03/17/2001 12:06 PM

*Sees the liitle girl come out of the water.*

"I am amazed that you stayed in the water that long! Here have a bite of this bird. you probably need it after all that."
"The light at the end of the tunnel may only lead to darkness, but also at the end of that tunnel there will be...ME!"


03/20/2001 11:30 AM

"Um...I'd rather not."

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