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01/20/2001 4:54 PM

Kalia Majere sat up suddenly in the middle of the night. her bedroll and blankets where thrown every wich way.

She had that dream again, the one with the Dark Queen.

(((((In the darkness all she could see was the dim firelight in the distant halls. The young wyrmling sighed in resignation. She was a Crystal Dragon, the last in fact, her siblings never hatched, their eggs cold and dark. She was known to the other dragons as Crystalamira, she was being raised by a Kindly old Golden Matriarch, and a prime adult silver dragon. For reasons they had yet to explain to her they sheltered her from the outside world.

And she disobeyed them and left their isle, only to be captured by the Dark Queen, Takisis herself.

she looked around her small prison. nothing to help her escape, nothing to ease her fear. She knew nothing of the Dark one's plan for her. but she knew that It would not be nice.

she turned to hear a scratching at her prison entrance. there before her was another dragon, of the like that she had never seen. The other dragons scales where like opals, milky white, with flecks of red, green, and blue. the other dragon turned to her.

"the Queen wants you now...come with me. the other dragon rumbled, female, she knew now.

Crystalamira sighed. and rose to her feet. As they neared the main chamber, she began to shake with fear. the Opal dragon pushed her forward at the feet of the five headed Dragon, Takisis.

She sat there trembling at the goddesses feet as each of the heads stared at her in turn. "What do you want with me!?" Crystalamira shouted defiantly, with more bravery in her voice than she felt. the center head, the red one lowered to about her level.

"I want you my dear, no more no less." said a sickening sweet/sour voice")))))

Kalia wiped the sweat off of her brow and sat there in the moonlight. Ayslynn was sleeping soundly in her eagle form making a makeshift nest out of Kalia's cloak.

she stood and looked out over the sea...The Dragon Isles, she must find them again...
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/20/2001 7:18 PM

Kalia yawns as dawn aproached, she hadn't been able to sleep since her nightmare...and that damned dream....

Ayslynn eyed her curiously..("did you not sleep well?") the dragon asked her Ice blue eyes level with Kalia's golden ones...

"no I didnt, I had that dream again ays..." Kalia murmered...

Ayslynn was silent, for she know that dream Kept Kalia up for days on end, and made her nervs raw and ragged...

Suddenly Kalia went stiff in Ayslynns saddle, her hand clutching the staff of magius...

"We have to go to the dragon Isles...something is terribly wrong...Ayslynn..please"

Ayslynn hung her head as they skimmed the clouds..

("Alas child, I do not remember the way....Auriala made sure that I would never remember the way....")

"DAMN!!" Kalia cursed, as she stared down at the earth below..."maybe we could find someone who would know..."
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/22/2001 2:52 PM

Tugging on Kalia's sleeve until she looks down, the kender smiles innocently once she has the mage's attention. "I couldn't help overhearing you saying you needed to find the Dragon Isles. Now I don't know where they are, but I have some maps in my pouches that might help.." she says as she digs through her pouches to find the maps.

01/22/2001 10:41 PM

Kalia looked down in wonder at the Kender. Smiling as she watched the kender search furiously. she remembered that kender have thier good points...and smiled again.

"you may be able to, you may...." she said softly as she stroked Ayslynn who sat pearched in her Eagle form on Kalia's staff.

Ayslynn chortled in her throat which could either be humor filled laughter or a dread filled choke.

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/23/2001 5:43 PM

Triumphantly pulling a map from her pouches, she unrolls it and hands it over to Kalia. "That's the one," she says.She smiles as she happily makes sense of the kender-drawn map to Kalia.

01/23/2001 9:17 PM

Kalia stared at the Kender's map for a moment and looked at Ayslynn and held her head in her hands...

"this is gonna be difficult" she mumbled as her head began to ache from looking at all the scribbles and scrawls of the kender drawn map.

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/24/2001 12:40 PM

While in the middle of explaining the map, the kender frowns and cocks her head. Then she smiles and nods. "Ooops, the map was upside down," she says, turning the map over. "Now, you see...wait. This wasn't here before!" The kender squints at a mark on the paper. "Never noticed that before..." she says as the mark on the paper begins to faintly glow.

02/06/2001 7:33 AM

Airiana the Silver/Red hybrid flies over towards Crystalamira. She would not remeber her, as Crystalamira was barely a hatchling at their acquantence. "Good Morn." Airiana says, shaking her head at the map drawn by the kender. "Getting back shan't be as hard as you may think. Here," she hands her a map bound in all the colours of the good Dragons, "this will help you. I will see you when you return home. Have a save journey." With that, Airiana nods her head to Crystalamira and starts flying in the direction from with she came, east.

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

02/06/2001 10:02 AM

Kalia stared stunned at the departing dragon. after she followed it as far as her eyes could see she turned to stare intenly at the map in her hands~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

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02/09/2001 8:14 AM

As a point on the map begins to glow brighter, Rosie's eyes widen. "Wow! A glowing map! What'd you do, magic it?! Can it fly?! Wow, thanks, whatever you did! That's neat lookin'!"

02/09/2001 1:30 PM

Kalia stares at the map in the Kenders hands. She watched as the spot grew brighter. She glanced down at the map in her own hands the location of the Dragon Isles on her map was the same place where the glow was on the Kender map.

"They are calling me..." she murmered staring out at the sea.

02/09/2001 1:30 PM

Kalia stares at the map in the Kenders hands. She watched as the spot grew brighter. She glanced down at the map in her own hands the location of the Dragon Isles on her map was the same place where the glow was on the Kender map.

"They are calling me..." she murmered staring out at the sea.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/10/2001 7:30 PM

A puff of odd smelling smoke appears as a young Red Robed mage steps out, coughing roughly and leaning on his staff that once belonged to his father. The mage regains his strength and stands up still leaning on his staff, the Staff of Magius. The young,spiked hair, firey hazel eyes, and slight tanned Neautrility Mage begins to slowly walk towards the group... as he does so the Staff begins to glow with the Map as well.

The Mage glances at his staff then to the Map in bewilderment. "I take it you must be the ones about to travel to the Dragon Isles?" The mage speaks calmly with a stern face and a provoking grin on his face. "And you must the Kalia Mejere,correct? Yes, how could I forget such a amazing female as yourself..... judging from the lack of sleep shown around your eyes, you too are still having the dreams,correct?"

The mage takes a couple more steps toward the group. "Allow me to introduce *softly coughs roughly*....allow me to introduce myself. I am Aleximi Uth Majere, Son of Raithlin Majere and future Master of Past, Present, and Future *in a soft, bragging tone:* not that I'm weak now...heehee, but I am here to join you on your quest and help you along your way. *frowns* Like a....kender... I'm eager for new adventures, especially those that may help me discover how my father is who he was, and my past."

In hopefullness the mage raises an eyebrow wondering if they will mind a 15 yr old Neautrility Mage join them on their near future journey.....

02/10/2001 11:56 PM

Kalia stares at Aleximi in wonder and confusion...

"How..." she breakes off gesturing to the staff in her hand...The staff of Magius
"Palin gave this to me once he thought that I was ready...How...."

She stares at Him her Golden eyes puzzled, Her silvery hair flowing in the wind. She Looked over her shoulder to the Kender and Ayslynn(the Dragon.) Then returns her gaze back to Aleximi waiting for his expanation.

02/11/2001 8:17 AM

Stepping in between Kalia and Aleximi, the kender puts on the most serious face a kender can have. "Y'know, those staffs look alot alike.." she says. Smiling again,she shrugs and asks both the magic-users,hoping one will say yes," If magic items can be copied like that, I'd like to have one,too. Than we can all have a staff and It'd be a lot fairer, dont you think so?"

Master Mage Aleximi
02/12/2001 9:48 PM

*laughs smiling at the kender...thinking of how perky they can be.....suddenly caughs violently and falls to floors, barely able to breath........ weakened, the Mage gets to his standing position*

*Grows serious and stares directly into the beautiful mage's eyes*
"My father, Raistlin and Master of Time, died at the hands of the dark queen. Based on rumors and legends I've head (and the unnatural WEAK healing powers I have) I was supposedly born in the Dark Queen's realm..... by some magickal combination from Raistlin, Crysannia, and Takhises. Though I cannot confirm or deny any of this.... what I do know is that as I was advancing through my magic this Staff appeared accross my chest while preparing for a time travel spell to take me back to the days before the Caticlysm.
Remembering what I learned about my 'father'...... and the few pictographs that I've seen of him. I remembered seeing a staff exactly like this.... not only that, but it seems to work best with those who have a direct bloodling to the Mages of the Mejeres.
Strange, I know.... I'm absolutely clueless to how this is happening, what information I know is true/false, who/how I was born, and where my past is...... and where I'm from..... all I do know, is that one day I would find a 'sister' type figure to help guid me on my quest to find the answers...... and that I may help her in her quest's too...... but alas, this is all that I know.... and I 'figured' that you may be the 'sisterly figure' (in this time, at least) to help me and to be helped.....)
But enough about me...... (since I don't know much about me as of yet) What about you? Where are you from? How did you aquire this same Staff? and WHERE ARE MY FATHERS BOOKS?"
*falls to ground completely weakened from this...... and the force of two staves counter acting with each other....... and some outside force at work, probably the dangers awaiting Dragon Isle*

OOC: I hope that wasn't too confusing for everyone..... but my character is basically just as confused for now.... not knowing what information he's learned over time to be correct or false. By chance of fate, it seems Kalia may be a nice ally to stick with throughout a couple adventures and maybe will allow our characters to learn more about themselves and their histories (if that's alright)?
But for now.... back to the story.

02/12/2001 10:36 PM

Kalia stares at Aleximi in wonder at his claimes. She stared at her staff and back at the Dragon behind her.

"I am Kalia. I was adopted By Laura Majere, Camarons daughter, Palin Majere raised me in the Magic, and it was he who gave me this staff for it was Rastlin who gave it to him."

She helped Aleximi to his feet. and looked up at Ayslynn who spread her wings and nodded her head once.

"I would feel honored if you would join us. I am drawn to the dragon Isles for I am a dragon myself. yet i was raised as a human from when I was around 200 years old. The Council of the Dragons of Light deemed me too dangerous as a wyrmling. I was too easily swayed, this was when Takisis was still roaming the Abyss. Now that she is gone...Many would use me, a child of Chaos, to bring her back to this world, I also have the same capacity to bring back Paladine. although I would perfer that none returned to this world the only one that should return is Gilean...that is all this world needs is balance. there is too much of an imbalance in this world already."

She smiled at Aleximi her golden eyes bright. She pushed her hair out of her eyes. The staff in her hand began to glow bright.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/12/2001 10:47 PM

"Maybe it's my *cough* clerical side but I,myself, would like to have the Gods return (so I can rerewrite my father's history......and possibly.......possibly bring him back somehow............hmmmmm)"

*coughs violently* "This is very interesting, from what you say..... in a way...... we're..... cousins...... but maybe the connection I seek is not physical, but magickally brother/sister(?) Maybe..... I guess for now I let fate take it's course and magick follow us everywere." *weekly smiles,still holding onto Kalia for support until strength is regained*

"I hope I won't be too much of a burden....I'm too much like Father, the damn cough and all....... but with you here.... *slightly blushes for no "apparent" reason* I will do whatever I can to help out"

A spark of magickal electricity flickered between the staves.

02/12/2001 10:54 PM

Kalia smiled softly and held her hand out to Alexim. she set her palm onto his shoulder, and a warm glow spread from her hand to his shoulder. In seconds a warm feeling spread across His chest, calming the violent cough.

Kalia smiled again and Helped steady Aleximi, then she nods "yes in a way you are right. we are cousins by family and spirit, if not by blood. something tells me that you can be more of an accet than a burden.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/12/2001 11:01 PM

*smiles softly almost hypnotized by Kalia's heavenly eyes*
"and I think there's more to my quest than what Father let on...... yes.yes, I do believe that we'll make a great team.... and who know's what will happen along the way *uncertain to what I mean, even though the words are correct*. Something else I'm positive will happen...... I'll die before I let anything harms you severly." *Places a hand gentally on your cheek.....and suddenly (and unexpectdly...as well as unwanted) gets a vision of... of..... Raistlin and Crysannia!*

*Tells Kalia the quick vision that had just happened, wondering if she may be able to make some sense of it*

02/12/2001 11:08 PM

Kalia holds her hand to her cheek and ponders Aleximi's words, Her golden eyes dark.

"I think that no matter what Rastlin said to anyone he truely did care for Crysania, I think that is the reason why you recieved it...other than that I do not know..."

Master Mage Aleximi
02/12/2001 11:15 PM

OOC:Why'd u leave chat??? :(

"I agree..... then maybe... Raistlin's magic and Crysannia's spirit....mixed with Takhisis's powers.... created me................................"

"Got time to teach me a few spells related to our family before the trip to Dragon Isles?"

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02/13/2001 1:18 PM

Shaking her head to wake herself up from almost falling asleep-magic talk was so boring!-Rosie pouts. "Can we go somewhere already? I mean, Raistlin and Crysania and Takhisis are kinda boring." Rosie pauses,making sure a lightning bolt wont come from the sky and sizzle her for saying that and continues talking. "I almost fell asleep there! I wanna go someplace..."

Master Mage Aleximi
02/13/2001 1:35 PM

"Foolish kender.... know your allies before you do something rash and take on an enemy who may have an enemy desquised as an ally.... but more importantly... I finally found my lost cousin. Here *throws the kender a small, golden, magic ring...* have fun with this until we leave. Hope you like it." *smiles softly to the kender*

02/13/2001 11:44 PM

Kalia smiled also but caught the ring before the Kender could catch it.

"Forgive me Aleximi...for I knew of Raistlin's distaste for Kender...." She examined the ring for a moment then cast her own spell upon it and then tossed it to the kender.

"As I said, forgive me for doubting you." she said bowing her head, Her silver hair obscuring her face.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/14/2001 11:37 AM

*Glances at Kalia, a bit hurt*
"Of coarse... I understand, but I also have a pure heart with my "clerical" background as well..... I was simply giving the kender something to pre occupy herself until we're ready to leave. Speaking of which.... when shall we leave?"
*a stern look is upon Aleximi's face..... hurt*

OOC: so are we really cousin's by blood or by "name" only as you put it in the other adventure?

02/14/2001 12:40 PM

OOC: Whats the ring do?

*Smiles, sits down, and examines the ring*


Master Mage Aleximi
02/14/2001 10:21 PM

"I have no clue what it does.... I just 'found' it in my pouch..... but based on the markings on it...... it'll probably turn you into a creature of your choice for a small amount of time, then return you to your normal self...... just be careful and don't cause any trouble or destruction of Kalia's place."

*thinks carefully about it for a couple of minutes*
"You know..... if everything works out ok, and no harm/trouble is done.... I suppose I could let you keep it as a souvineer....... if you want,that is......"
*glances at the enchanted,golden, crystalistic ring once more to make sure that's the 'ok' one.....*

02/15/2001 2:31 AM

"Again Aleximi, Forgive me...I am not exactly the trusting type...but I see now that your intentions are true...Forgive me..."

OOC: yes you see Kalia is a Dragon born an raised through her first 200 years. when she was just a wyrmling, the Dark Queen tried to sway her to the darkness.(Crystal Dragons are Chaotic/Neutral) but failed. soon after, the Chaos war tore apart Krynn. Kalia..AKA..Crystalamira, and her newfound companion Ayslynn(An Opal Dragon a creature created from the egg of a silver dragon, and used in a ritual using the blood and scales of a red, blue, and green dragon. yes Ayslynn was evil once..But upon seeing Takisis's plan for Crystalamira she turned from the dark to the light) when the dragon purges began, Crystalamira returned to the dragon Isles for help. the Golden Matriarch, Aricana,(As well as the other gold and silver dragons there) Truned Crystalamira into a Human Baby, to be raised by a human family of Ayslynn's choosing. Ayslynn chose the Majere family, Laura raised her, but Palin taught her the ways of magic. when her talent for magic surpassed his when she was "Ten" he turned to Ayslynn, who had sworn to be her protector (SHe said to palin that Kalia's parents where killed in a natural disaster and she saved the child) who finnaly told him the truth with his promise never to tell her untill he thought that she would truely understand....

Anything else??

02/16/2001 12:25 PM

*smiles,slips on the ring and turns into a squirrel*
"(in squirrel language) Cool! Look at me guys, Im a squirrel! Yea! How long does it last? And can I really keep it?"

Master Mage Aleximi
02/19/2001 11:34 AM

*Smiles at Rossie*
"I'm not exactly sure how long it will last, but I recommend not using it longer than 5 min with another 5 min break for the ring to recharge itself"

*Glances at Kalia*
"Aren't Kender just so..... fun sometimes?"
*grows serious*
"I believe it is time to leave for the Dragon Isles now, though..... before it's too late"

02/19/2001 11:45 PM

Kalia's smile faded at Aleximi's words, and again turns to the map in her hands.

"Alright then....lets go...Rosie you amy ride on ayslynn..." Kalia paused as the Opal Dragon regarded the Kender curiously, Blue eyes as big as the Kenders' Head.

"As for you Aleximi...." She hesitated for a moment then touched the crystal sphere on her staff, and a Bright Blinding light enveloped her.

When the light faded, a Large Crystal Dragon stood before the red-robed mage. Her Crystaline scales sparkled in the sunlight, and her feathered wings nearly glowed.

"You may ride me...." She said bowing her head, and Spreading her wings to their full extent of 100 feet.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/20/2001 7:18 AM

*Amazed by what he jus seen, Aleximi stares in complete awe.
Suddenly another vision is seen, not just by Aleximi, but also by both mages. With a flash of bright light
Aleximi and Kalia sees a Dragon and a Person sacrificing himself to save the female Dragon he loved so
she may life*
, Aleximi said to himself..... unknown to him the Kalia seen the same thing.

*Aleximi mounts the Crystal Dragon, his cousin, feeling wierd. He grabs two of her crystaline scales and
prepares to leave.*
"Thank you dear cousin, tell me if I harm you accidentally.... I've never ridden on a Dragon before..... so
I'm not 100% certain how to."

*Aleximi looks out toward the sky.*
"Well then..... TO THE DRAGON ISLES!"

02/20/2001 10:11 PM

Kalia blinked at the vision and shook her head. She had heard many tales about dragons fallin in love with humans...but for the most part they where silver dragons. love was something they had always fancied.

Kalia smiled, revealing two even rows of sharp teeth. her Large golden eyes regarded her cousin with amusement.

"Do not worry yourself about me...there is very little you could do to harm me." she said with a chuckle.

She spread her wings and leaped into the air Ayslynn a wingbeat behind her. Kalia soared high into the sky and banked to the left twards the setting sun.

02/21/2001 3:25 PM

Smiling as she reputs the ring on her finger, she boards Asylynn (sp?) as a squirrel and looks to Aleximi.
"(in squirrel) How did you understand me before? Do you speak squirrel or something? What's he saying?" she asks as she points to some random squirrel chattering and climbing about.

02/25/2001 2:10 PM

Crystalamira (Kalia) banked sharply to the left, her wings slicing through the air effortlessly. She looked over her shoulder at her cousin, seeing the pale, sickened look on Aleximi's face, she slowed her pace a bit.

Chuckling softly to herself, she raised her voice so that he could hear her. "Are you feeling ok cousin??" she called watching Aleximi's reaction.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/26/2001 5:53 PM

OOC: Sorry I haven't been on for a while... :(

*looks at the Kender and begins to laugh* "I have an aenchantment that allows me to understand the animal's equivilant to our Common language. And that squirl? He says he thinks you're cute." :)

Master Mage Aleximi
02/26/2001 5:55 PM

*Aleximi makes a deathly coughing noise.... then suddenly begins to relax*
"I'll be ok dear cousin.... just watch out for those troublesome geese you seem to 'accidentally' fly into all the time" *the mage chuckles*

"By the way..... *almost sounding certain he knows what he's talking about* his name..... was Huma"

03/16/2001 12:58 PM

*seems to be enjoying the ride immensely*

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