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06/29/2000 8:32 PM

Ok now maybe my bar can go on without much trouble
I hope that you all will come in and have a drink
and have a good time. Disscuss anything you want
You can rent rooms for 10 silver pieces a week.
If you have any time to spare come in and have
the BEST roasted chicken in the town.


05/19/2000 10:05 AM

*walks in and sits down in a chair near the far corner and starts wiping beans off of his nice armour*

"I'll have some of that nice chicken!" he yells, hoping someone will hear him and comply to his request.

05/19/2000 3:49 PM

*Tanin swings the door of the inn open and walks in. He takes
a deep breath, breathing in the smell of the inn. He sees teutonicknight sitting
in a chair in the far corner. Tanin then moves up to a bar stool. He looks directly at a bar maid.*
"Give me some chicken please!"Tanin says as he slams the coins onto the table.

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/19/2000 6:50 PM

*looks up as tanin slams the coins on the bar. goes back to plucking beans off of his nice plate armour*

05/20/2000 11:01 AM

Jessamine walks in, reveling in her *new* attire- so long to those stupid robes. haha now she wears...her birthday suit. no really she has leather breeches and soft supple high boots that hug her nice legs...this is starting to sound like a red shoe diary...and a light tunic with a whit linen shirt underneath. she has a caddywampus belt on her hips that is home to seven sharp daggers and strapped on her back is a broadsword.her gold hair swept up in a braid-coil thing on her head, loose curls somehow finding a way onto her face. (that was good. was that good?)
"Hey, TK, long time no se. Nice beans. If you please, what happened?" she sits near to him and Tanin and smiles to Nadja.
"Some o' that chikin." she mouths as TK begins to speak.

05/20/2000 12:29 PM

~The door to the Inn swings open silently but quickly and a woman cloked in black walks in. The only features her hood allows her to reveal (and the only ones she want to reveal) are her cold stunning saphire eyes and wisps of silver hair. She surveys the room intently and deciding that is was ok she went into the darkest corner and took a seat. She called a barmaid over and ordered a red wine. The barmaid was quick at it because she didn't like the feeling of fear that the woman installed on her. With the wine on the table in front of her she sits back and observes the conversations.~

05/20/2000 3:49 PM

*he looks up from his bean-picking at jesamine*

"This is the gratitude i get for helping autumn..."

*brushes some more off and a bar lady comes with two trays of chicken*

"Ahhh....finally some food i can eat, and isnt all over my armour!"

*he proceeds to dig in as he gives jessamine her tray*

05/20/2000 4:07 PM

The door of the inn is slammed open. Moonlight outlines the silhouette of a large (very large) person in the doorway. Ducking his head to enter the room the person is revealed to be a minotaur. Eyeing the two knights with distaste the minotaur moves slowly to the bar. The patrons all seem to notice the minotaur's heavy armory: a large battle axe is strapped across his back, a large broadsword is sheathed on either hip, a crossbow is slung over his shoulders, three daggers, with hilts of gold, silver, and platinum, respectively, are tucked into the minotaur's waist along with several throwing daggers. He carries a platinum tipped trident in his arms. The one thing the bartender seems to notice is a bulging pouch of black silk hanging at the minotaur's waist. Walking to the bar the minotaur eyes Nadja precociously.

"What'll it be warrior?" Asks Nadja.

"Dwarf Spirits. Quickly. I've got business only a roaring drunk would do, and I plan to make it that way."

As Nadja pours the warrior a mug of the strong liquor the minotaur stared around the room. He remembers teutonicknight from somewhere, but no real memory comes to him. Putting eleven steel coins on the counter he says, "And board for a week."

Nadja shows the minotaur to his room, where he lowers two packs of equipment to the floor before returning to the common room. Taking up his mug of Dwarf Spirits Baz approches teutonicknight. Sitting himself in the knight's booth Baz remarks, "I recognize you, yet I can't place you. Do you know a Baz Firestorm?"

05/20/2000 5:06 PM

*the knight looks up from his voracious eating and looks at the minotaur*

"The name sounds familiar, but....perhaps we may have crossed swords at one time."

*he leans back and studies the minotaur intently*

"Perhaps...at the Bloodbath Arena? I remember faces, but there were so many there, I can't tell one from another. I remember facing a minotaur, but not his name."

05/21/2000 12:36 PM

A look of satisfaction crosses Baz's face. "Indeed, I remeber it vividly now. I must apologize for that attack, I have a bad temper, but hey, no hard feelings."

Baz stares at Jessamine. "And who is this beauty you have with you?"

05/21/2000 12:44 PM

"No harm done."

*looks over at Jessamine sitted across from him*

"This is...an old friend."

05/21/2000 4:08 PM

Baz, by this time on his third glass of dwarf spirits, is roaring drunk. "Hello, knight's old friend. Oh, and knight, Deakath says hello. He's missed you." Baz continues rambling for a few minutes. Then he belches and passes out, falling across the table.

05/21/2000 4:11 PM

Any thing yall want.

*hands Baz his drink* here you go.

TK how has Khell been I miss him terribly.

05/21/2000 5:28 PM

*the knight calls nadja over and whispers something to her. the name 'khellendros' could be heard above the rest of the message*

*looks at the passed out minotaur on the table and takes the goblet nadja just put on the table and splashes it in his face to revive the large man*

"Wake up sleepy head."

05/21/2000 5:29 PM

*the knight calls nadja over and whispers something to her. the name 'khellendros' could be heard above the rest of the message*

*looks at the passed out minotaur on the table and takes the goblet nadja just put on the table and splashes it in his face to revive the large man*

"Wake up sleepy head."

05/21/2000 6:21 PM

Baz stirs in his sleep, then lashes out at the knight without opening his eyes. Grabbing the knight's collar Baz opens his eyes. "Oh, knight, I didn't recognize you. Why'd you soak me so? I was only napping." With that Baz falls backwards, again asleep. One of his large horns pierce the wooden floor.

05/22/2000 6:33 AM

Damn I just had this floor waxed to.

*picks Baz up and slowly floats him into one of
the back rooms.*

Nighty-night Baz

*Walks back to TK*

Tell me what happened to him Please.

*she whispers about a child by him*

PLEASE my child needs to know her father.

05/22/2000 2:10 PM

"I am truthfully sorry Nadja, I know not of his current whereabouts. I do know that he left and took his gifts with him. I do not know if he plans to return or not. I would rejoice in his comming back, but there are those that oppose him so that he may never return..."

05/23/2000 3:49 AM

*Airiana walks into the bar and sees Nadja*

"Hello Nadja! How are thee today?"


"Could I get a flask of Dwarven Spirits, please?"


05/23/2000 12:37 PM

*Tanin has been eating his food but keeping a close eye
on things. He watches as the minotaur is taken out. He then turns to TK.*
"How are you? It's been a while since I've seen another knight. My brother Sturm
is off fighting, ironically enough, minotaurs. What was that about a child?"
*calls the barmaid and orders a mug of dwarf spirits.*

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/23/2000 1:50 PM

*accepts tanin's greeting and returns it*

"Yes, I see too few knights around these days. And if you wish to know about the child, you should ask its mother, Nadja. She knows much more about the specifics than I."

05/23/2000 3:07 PM

{Seeing the familiar bar, Furanthas strides in and gives one quick glance over room. His eye's suddenly turning deep green, he see's Airiana calmly ordering a drink. Moving with grace to the bar, He cast a simple can trip and her necklace begins to radiate small floating emerald coloured lights. The lights drift over her shoulder all the while her eyes following.}

"Good evening Fair one."His eye's now more aqua in colour.

{The lights move to Furanthas's heart and pass right through his silver robes. A smile lights his Handsome face.}

"I see you've been thinking kindly of me."He say's bowing quickly.

"Nadja. If you'd be so kind could you put the ladys drink on my bill. And I would like Your best elven Ale."
{Saying a quick word, A money bag appears on the bar counter. Reaching inside he brings out more than enough for the drinks. Handing the money to nadja Furanthas motions for Airiana to come sit with him.}
"That is if you don't have any arrangments." He said with a pardoning look.
"Power comes with Discipline."

05/23/2000 3:32 PM

"Ah I understand. I won't go into it. How have you been TK?"
Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/23/2000 4:26 PM

Mischiem comes in quietly and spots Jessamine near TK. He heaves a great sigh and retrieves a parchment from his cloak. Handing it to her, he gave her a long, considering look. After meeting her questioning eyes for a few moments, he walks away. Jessamine watches him leave and then opens the letter.

05/24/2000 3:35 AM

**Airiana smiles as Furanthas comes in and checks

"Good Evening, Furanthas."

**Listens to his comment of her thoughts towards

"I would think no other way of such a dear

**Airiana watches as Furanthas brings out the
money bag and hands a few too many coins to Nadja.
She gets up to follow Furanthas to a nearby table
and smiles.**

"So, how are thee, Friend? I've not been able to
speak to thou for such a long time... What hath
happened in my absence?"


05/24/2000 2:54 PM

"Tanin, sit down my friend."

*he takes a sip of his wine and sighs*

"Things go well, I may finally be able to avenge my family's demise. And I have been looking forward to retirement for some time."

05/24/2000 3:19 PM

*Tanin sits down*
"Great to hear you ma be able to avenge their death, although
I doubt my brother Palin would agree. 'Vengance is evil' he says.
Anyways, if I can be of some help just name it. I'm always up
for adventure!"
*gets a barlady to get him another drink*

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/24/2000 6:23 PM

Jessamine buries her face in her hands and her eyes fill with tears as she skims the writing. lying it facedown on the bar, she tries to wipe her eyes.

05/24/2000 7:07 PM

"I believe that killing the merciless goblins could hardly be termed 'evil' my friend."

*looks at Jessamine who started crying. walks over to comfort her*

"What's wrong?"

05/24/2000 7:32 PM

*accompanies TK to comfort Jessamine.*

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/25/2000 1:20 PM

{Pulling the seat out for the lady, and making sure she is comfortable, Furanthas sits down.}

"It truly is a pleasure to be in your company once again."Bowing his head in respect. Furanthas reach's inside his silver robes and brings forth a Sphere shaped Diamond. The diamond is beautiful and the light of the room dance's on it sparkling surface.

"Tis true. I have been on a journey To the cold lands of the south. Searching for a Shalafi to teach me the ways of Cryomancy." Placing the diamond on the table, suprisingly it doesn't roll off.

"I found a wildman or a renegade if you may, deep in a glacier valley. At first he tryed to kill me. Until he looked at my eyes, When he saw them he gave me this diamond and lead me to his home. Over the weeks he tought me how to call upon ice to split walls or to simply create ice out of nothing."Looking deep into the crystal Furanthas's eyes changed to a Icy blue.

{Looking up to meet Airiana's gaze. Furanthas leans forward and whispers.}

"I past my Cryomancy test. This diamond is one of the coldest objects in the land of krynn. I spent three nights siting atop the highest ice mountain I could find, gathering the cold of the world into this diamond."

"Power comes with Discipline."

05/25/2000 1:37 PM

~The Black Robed minotaur walks into the Bar. He seems strangely different. Almost like he ahs grown. Where he used to be 9,0" he now seems almost 10,0" and his horns also seem to have enlarged. He walks in and trudges to the bar. He stops in front of Nadja~

"I would like a room please." he says calmly

"Oh and I would like a pitcher of dwarven spirits brought to my room along with some of your famous chicken."

05/25/2000 8:10 PM

*seeing the minotaur enter, Tanin's hand goes immediately to his sword
since he has just been out fighting minotaurs a while ago. He then realizes the minotaur
isn't blood-thirsty and goes back to the TK and Jessamine. He calls a barlady and orders
their best wine for Jessamine.*

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/26/2000 3:29 AM

**Airiana's eyes open wide as Furanthas tells her
of his newly found treasure.**

"Thou past the Cryomancy test? I thought that was
said to be harder than the High Sorcey Test! How
did thee do it?!?"

**Realizing she sounds like a spoilt child
awaiting candy, she stops.**

"I am sorry, dear friend. I am much to impatient.
Please forgive me?"

**Airiana looks in wonder at the beautiful diamond
before her.**

'I've seen a diamond like this before,' she
remembers suddenly, 'this looks like the one that
belonged to my grandfather...'


05/26/2000 3:04 PM

~Watching the interactions in the room she laughs at the jumpiness of Tanin. Finding the minotaur interesting she watches him intently. Then she looks to the diamond; finding nothing of interest at that table she continues to look at the minotaur. She calls for a barmaid to refill her wine then she sits back and drinks at her wine alone.~

05/26/2000 8:17 PM

*a child walks to Nadja calmly looking at the
people around her*

'Mommy who are these people and where is Daddy?'

*Nadja finishes filling drink orders and goes to
the child*

'Xander these people are your mommies customers.
You see that knight over there'

*points to TK*

'Go tell him who your Daddy is. I am sure he can
tell you many stories about him.'

*Nadja starts crying at the thought of Khell.*

*Xander walks to TK and pulls on his tunic*

'My Daddy is Khell. Will you tell me stories of

05/27/2000 10:05 AM

*Tanin turns to TK.*
"Go with the child. I will stay here with Jessamine."

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/27/2000 1:23 PM

*Nadja looks at Tanin*

'Thank you my child need to know her father.'

'Free drinks all around'

05/27/2000 5:24 PM

*a tall elf walks in*

What's this I hear about Khellendros? Cause if you want to know where he is I can tell you that. He's dead. I killed the bastard. It was part of my test to becoming a Master Templar. This test was given to me by Paladine himself. You are looking at me with disbeleif well, look outside and see where his head sitting on your roof. Now if you will be excusing me I have treasure to fine and dragons to kill. Byebye.

*he then walks out side and flies away*

05/27/2000 11:30 PM

~Hears talking of his former master and walks over to where TK is sitting~

"Hello old friend. What is this I hear of Khellendros? He was a great man...er Dragon. He brought me under his wing, literally, and turned me into the General of his armies. Now I control his lands and am mearly taking a break from all the work."

05/28/2000 8:36 AM

*turns to aryx and frowns*

"Friend, I'm sorry but that man speaks the truth I fear. You are now, I guess, the ruler of his lands. Be wise in your decisions dear friend and be a just man. I would hate to have to start a rebellion against a friend such as thee."

*turns to tanin*

"Thank you friend."

*looks at Xander and sees wonder and fear in his eyes*

"Do not worry young one, I knew your father, and not even death can surpass his powers. Pyranthas may have killed him, but he is the most powerful creature in the realms."

*holds Xander's hand and walks him over to a seat away from the roudy customers*

"Here I shall tell you great stories of your magnificent father...."

05/28/2000 2:44 PM

Looks up at Tanin and gives a shuddering sigh, then shakes her head..."It is not something i am ready to talk about...thank you, though." she sobs, burying her head in his chest.

05/28/2000 3:31 PM

*Tanin puts his hand on Jessamine's shoulder.*
"That's allright. I'll be here if you need me."
*Tanin gets seat near Jessamine and oreders a drink and meal.
He glances over at TK and the young boy. He also sees the onlooking
Nadja. He then turns and sees the Dark Lady in the corner. He smiles then
turns and faces his meal and begins to eat.*

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/28/2000 5:08 PM

"I should leave; i don't even know you...thanks. " Jessamine smiles slightly and gathers her things. then she heads to her room.

05/28/2000 7:37 PM

*Tanin watches as she packs up her things.*
"If you need anything, call upon me. You may not know me but I am a knight of Solamnia and it is my duty to help people."

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/28/2000 8:13 PM

Mischiem enters and sits beside Tanin, Jessamine doesnt' see him come in. "Awww, gawsh. I feel like a monster...this is all my fault. There's no way she'd talk to me now... is she okay?" he turns to tanin, concern in his brown eyes.

05/28/2000 8:52 PM

*Tanin turns to him*
"You did this to her? Why? No she's very not ok! I tried to comfort
her but she was so upset she left! What did you do!"
*Tanin gets out of his chair and grabs Mischiem by the shirt*

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/29/2000 8:07 AM

"...and that is who your father is, Xander." he finishes a tale and looks over at Tanin and this newcommer. he gets up and walks over to them. "Brother, calm down." grabs Tanin's hands and forces him to release the stranger. "This is not the way of a knight." looks at the new man. "Who are you and what did you do?"

05/29/2000 12:40 PM

*Tanin looks intently at TK then releases the stranger.*
"You're right. It is not the way a knight should act. But this man..*points to the stranger* Has made a
lady weep until she has no more to tears to let out! But you're right. It is NOT the way a knight should act. Thank you for controlling me."
*Tanin sits down again*
"Now tell me stranger, what have ye done?!"

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/29/2000 6:29 PM

slowly swinging the doors open, an elf preistess walkes in. The lights shine off her long silver tresses, and make her amber eyes take on a certain glow. dressed in black robes she slowly makes her way to a table in the corner leaning hard on her staff as she walks. In a voice that sounds faintly like tinkling bells she asks the barmaid for a cold glass of mead and something hot to eat. Sitting at the table she sighs audibly as her journey was hard on her small legs, unfortunately she still has a way to go.

05/29/2000 7:15 PM

*nods at tanin, hoping to keep him calm then reguards the man standing in front of him*

"Yes, what HAVE you done?"

05/30/2000 9:02 AM

*Nadja gets everyone the recommmended drinks and

*She then walks to TK. and hugs him*

'thank you my friend. you have done me a huge

*She walks back to her room and breaks down into

05/30/2000 9:43 AM

{Seeing Airiana's intent gaze Furanthas's eyes change to calm green.}

"Do not be sorry for being interested in a topic. As for impatient, I'm impatient for even trying such a test at my age. At first even the thought of the Test at the tower of high sorcery made me second guess my ability's. But my life was filled with blood and revenge and now magic can fill the emptyness. And I want nothing more in the universe than to fill that emptyness. I put all regard for my life away while taking that test. The cold was nothing compared to the cold of my heart. And when I thought my best wasn't good enough and my life was over, The memories of living alone and killing for a living and the last look of love and sorrow on my mother's face as she was dragged off by those Draconian scum. Those memories filled my blood with a inner energy and I reached new strength's through my pain."

{Thinking once again of his mothers face Furan's eyes turn a joyless blue.}

"Power comes with Discipline."

05/31/2000 3:56 AM

"What did thy mother look like? Can thou describe

**Airiana smiles**

'She must have been a wonderful woman to raise
such a child as Furanthas.'

**She thinks to herself and smiles again...**


05/31/2000 2:57 PM

"What did see look like?..."

{A smile grace's his saddened features.}

"My mom was small in height but it made her no less beautiful. She had hair colour that reminded me of light reflecting off gold. She had Crystal blue eye's with a ring of frosty white."

{Furanthas's ears twitch as if hearing some unheard voice.}

"Her voice is what I miss most about her. She had a voice like angels singing a constant lulaby. See would sing me and my dad to sleep every night."

"She always was up before both of us, with breakfast ready and a big smile. I wondered how early she would wake so I stayed up one night. My mother went outside and walked into the woods, and of course I had to follow. Once deep into the forest she stopped in a clearing and sang one line.
"When the light of the white moon shines."
And moment's later a man dressed in silver robes appeared from the woods. Solinari's silver ray's seem to touch nothing but him in the clearing for he sparkled and glowed with silver light. They embracced in a deep hug and exchange only a few word's. Then she went home where I was already faking sleep. But that brief conversation kept repeating in my mind."

{Moving closer to Airiana, His eye's lock with her's and as she look's the changing eye's stopped for an instant. In that instant Airiana saw what really was hidden in his soul. She looked upon two silver dragon eye's with gold slit's, took'n back by this she move's backwards then slowly leans forwards again. Only to see the emerald green eye's that only his trusted friend's may look upon.}

"That man shared a secret with my mother, a bond a love. That man was more than just a stranger, He was my father."

{Pain and humility slash's his face and his eye's change to dark blue.}

"Power comes with Discipline."

05/31/2000 3:15 PM

A sudden cold breeze whips thru the bar...In a drakened corner of the establishment, a lone figure stands dressed in old, battered black armor, his helm firmly attatched..it looks around the room seeking a familiar face before sitting quietly at a nearby empty table...frost forming on the wood where he places his gauntleted hands...

05/31/2000 5:49 PM

Mischiem lowers his head and draws a hand over his neck..."God, i'm so sorry. I didn't do anything to her...i had to bring her some bad news. Her father...no, it is very personal, i'm sorry but i dont' want to talk about it. thank you for your concern." Mischiem smiles halfheartedly.

05/31/2000 6:39 PM

*nods in compliance*

"Well, next time you deliver bad news, try to do it as subtle as possible. Women can be so easily hurt, you have to be careful around them."

05/31/2000 7:48 PM

*looks up to see her old love Thorne.*

*She rushes to him and gives him a hug and a kiss*

'Ohh how i have missed you.'

06/01/2000 3:55 AM

"Thy father was a Silver?"

**Airiana was both shocked and excited.**

"Thou art half human, half dragon?"

**Airiana holds out her hand and her eyes pleed
Furanthas to do the same.**

"Blood of My Blood, thou have told me something I
know must cause thee great pain..."

**Airiana feels foolish for what she is about to
ask but does so anyway.**

"What is thy true form?"


06/01/2000 12:31 PM

*Tanin turns his eyes away from Mischiem*
"Yes. Next time be more subtle and don't do it in a open, crowded place."
*Tanin then turns to TK*
"Should we go see if she's ok?"

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/01/2000 1:38 PM

{Seeing her hand and eye's gesture of friendship, Furanthas's pain is a little easier to handle. Placing his hand gently in her's he look's deep into her eye's.}

"Yes the pain is great, but not as great as being the only one of my kind I know. Tis true you are Blood of My Blood and that is something I'm honored to be apart of. But my human side demands that I live as one. I haven't been in my true form since the day my mother died."

{A look of anger and grief covered his face as he spoke.}

"Those draconians never thought for a second that a young boy could do what I could. When they killed her it triggered a inner self I never knew of. The cell I was in streched and burst apart as my form remolded itself. After the change I was as big as a horse at six years old. The human and dragon side's worked together to destroy that camp. Using human common sense and dragons strength and power I desimated that place. When they killed my dad as a threat I breathed my breath for the first time. A ball of white consumed everything in it's path, A hundred draconians ready to fight all froze and shattered at my feet. And when I finally reached my mothers body lying on the ground her clothes ripped and her face bruised and cut I couldn't fight no more. The pain of both blood's cryed for revenge and yet nether would work, I sat before here body for days asking myself what did I do wrong. Why didn't she tell me, so I could save her?"

*At that moment Airiana thought she saw his teeth sharpen.*

"But since then I knew and have never stood any abuse, to anyone, from anyone. I have been using my human side to hide the truth of my past, But now there is no reason to keep it a secret."

"Power comes with Discipline."

06/01/2000 2:19 PM

*looks at Tanin*

"Perhaps we should, seeing as everything here seems to be in order."

*begins out the door in search of Jessamine*

06/01/2000 2:25 PM

{Holding her hand he speak's a word known to his and her kind. Instantly they are both in a cave of Silver. Looking around the walls are smooth silver and the ceiling is a good hundred feet up.}

"You wish to see my true form. Because of your trust and friendship I can show you my true form."

{Backing away from Airiana, Furanthas close's his eye's and a single tear roll's down his cheek. As the tear dropped to the ground his body began to heave randomly. His eye's changed to the silver Airiana had seen before. His shoulder's and hole upper body began to spread. His legs snapped inwards as his legs changed to scale's and claw. His shoulder blades dissapered as his chest expanded. Scales cover his hole body up to his forehead and cheeks giving him a knightly look. His arm's grew another 2 feet and quadrupled in size. The pain of the change was unbarable and he dropped to his scaled knees. His back was tensed to his max as two Glorious silver wings tipped with golden spike's burst out from under his skin. A moan of a dragon excaped his lips as two perfectly smooth and sharp silver horns pertruded from the two side's of his forehead slowly growing till they were behind his head. And finally as he stood and looked upon her, a long scaled tail with a golden end could be seen between his massive legs. Flexing his clawed hand's he spread his wings wide in the open space. A good 10 foot wingspan of silver scales and skin reflected what light there was in the cave. Standing upright on his dragon legs he was now 9 feet tall and built like a dragon.}

"Now you see what I hide every day of my life. I may be human and I may be dragon but this is what both side's have created. I have shown you myself because I trust you with my secret. And although we are different in many ways, We share the fact that we are different."

{Moving to stand infront of her, Furanthas takes her hands in his scaled ones and looks deep into her eye's.}

"I will be there for you, if ever you need me. And if you ever need someone to share pain with know that I will help in any way I can."

{Saying another word of magic they find themselves sitting once again in the bar still holding hands. But Furanthas is yet again in his human form. The only difference is that his eye's are no longer changing when Airiana looks at them. For she can see the silver eye's that are the true Furanthas .}

"Power comes with Discipline."

06/01/2000 4:14 PM

*Tanin walks close behind TK.*
"I wonder what news could do that to her?"
*Tanin remebers Misheim briefly mention Jessamine's

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/01/2000 6:21 PM

*The dark armored shape carefully stops Nadja from embracing him, fearing that his freezing aura will damage her*

"Nadja...you need to sit..and come no closer to me...time..has not been at all gentile to me...fro as long as the years have been, I made this pact to be able to see you once again..as much as it has cost me...."

06/01/2000 7:12 PM

'My dear what has it cost you? I will surely die
to be with you again. I have missed you. Please
tell me what pact you have made to be able to see
me. I need to know'

*sits down and tears comes to her eye from not
being able to embrace him*

06/02/2000 8:08 PM

Jessamine swings the door shut....not quite; it is still ajar, and lies on the bed, her head in her arms. she weeps like she has not since ....i dunno, since something really bad happened.

06/02/2000 8:25 PM


~The mage walks off to his table in the darkness off to one corner and sit's down~

06/02/2000 8:28 PM

MIschiem comes in quietly and puts his arm around her. He tenderly wipes the tears away and kisses her forehead softly, speaking soothing words.
"Do you forgive me?"
"For...what?" she asks as he runs his fingers through her golden hair.
"Well, i dunno, a few of the guys down there were concerned for you ...and angry with me, because they thought that it was cruel of me to give you a letter instead of telling you myself, and also since it was in a crowded inn...not 'subtle'."
"They would not understand the circumstances, Misch, do not worry. Tanin was kind to me...i want to tell him but i can't."

06/02/2000 11:09 PM

*Nadja comes to the door and knocks*

'I brought you two some wine and some food. If there is anything I can do to help please feel free to ask me.'

*With that she leaves the room*

*Looks around for the familiar face that she has missed so much. Thinking "please let him be here"*

06/03/2000 8:34 AM

*Tanin quickly walks up to Nadja.*
"Could you please direct TK, and I to the room which
Jessamine is in? We would like to make certain she is allright."

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/03/2000 5:57 PM

Mischiem slaps Jessamine lightly on the shoulder and rises to his feet.
"Well, sis, sorry to just leave you here, but I have some business to clear up at the dock and it's getting a little late...chin up, tomorrow i'll take you over to the Bloodbath and we can have lots of fun."
Jessamine sighs and looks up, "n.s.b with the HB?"
Mischiem grins at the 'code name' ..."N.s.b with the HB...and haha, the OW."
Jessamine laughs half-heartedly at the memory of the inside joke.
"...orange twinky. that still cracks me up, the look on Mother's face was hilarious."
"Yeah," jessamine nods and smiles, then hugs mischiem and watches him leave. She sees him in the street outside, drenched in rain, and they wave to each other before he kicks his steed and gallops away.

06/03/2000 6:52 PM

*A thumping sound is heard underneath the tavern. A few floor boards are snapped in two and Hooded emerges out of the hole. Running with speed, Hooded picks a small child off the ground by its hair. The short legs of the child kick in mid-air frantically and desperately.*

"Well met, Xander." Hooded says politely.

*Hooded snaps his fingers, his dagger appears instantly into a tight grip. With agonizing slowness, Hooded inserts the dagger into Xander's throat. The child's body spasmotically twitches in its death dance. Hooded discards the body with a powerful throw to the furthest wall. The dead body of Xander thumps against the wall and slides down, coming to rest in a pool of blood.*

"Be seeing ya round Nad."

*Hooded jumps into the hole in the floor and quickly departs the scene.*

06/04/2000 5:19 AM

*Nadja quickly runs to her fallen child, and picks
him up*

'Oh my presious baby what have I done to have you
taken from me in such a way? Oh please someone
help me!!!!!!'

06/04/2000 8:41 AM

*a roaring can be heard from the kitchen and the sound of bottles smashing on the inside can be heard. Smoke starts to fill the room. A bottle with a flaming rag flies through the window of the bar and lands in the lounge. Laughing can be heard.*

Hope things dont get too hot for y'all.

*then a few more bottles fly into the bar and break open. The arsonist then disappears, Laughing manically as he flies away*

06/04/2000 8:42 AM

Two figures enter the inn. The first is a solid middle-aged male wearing a white robe, who leans heavily upon his staff. The second is a slender young man, swathed in dark robes, who reveals dagger hilts every time his cloak moves slightly.
"What the heck was that commotion about?" inquires Uziel, the young fighter/thief.
Uziel looks inside the inn and sees the crumpled form of Xander, and Nadja hovering over him.
"Sherazod, look. Some fiend has cut down the boy. We must assist."
Sherazod nods silently, moves over to the boy, and begins an incantation. Several moments later the boy's body is suffused with white light, and
in mere seconds, his wounds heal and his eyes open. Sherazod falls back in exhaustion.

Uziel smiles at his companion. "Thanks for the assistance my friend." Sherazod mutters a brief farewell to Uziel, muttering something about not liking crowds or people staring at him, and hastily departs.

Noticing that Nadja is still coming to terms with her son's return to the land of the living, Uziel quickly puts out the small fires caused by the arson attack. "Damn fools, trying to cause trouble. Can't we just drink in peace? I could certainly use one anyway."

Uziel turns to Nadja, "Forgive my intrusion, milady. But what fiend did this to the boy? May I assume that he is your child?"

Uziel's Krynnish Lore (http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/uziel)

06/04/2000 10:56 AM

Jessamine comes to the stairs at the pandemonium and sees everything. As soon as Xander is revived she rushes over to the crowd and leads people gently away. nadja is almost in hysterics as various ppl ask her questions- but she manages to stay calm. Jessamine puts an arm around her- "nadj, babe, you need quiet. Let me take Xander up to bed and i'll get you a drink..." ..nadja sighs shudderingly.

06/04/2000 12:17 PM

*growls in anger at what the murderer and vandalist have done to this fine establishment*

"I will be back." he says as he marches out the door. he looks left then right. he starts off running to the right, in pursuit of the murderer The Hooded One. "He will not escape."

*he is soon out of sight, quickly catching up with the hooded fiend*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/04/2000 6:31 PM

*Tanin watches TK leave but decides he can't follow in case the arsonists or The Hooded One
return. He walks over to the crowd and helps Jessamine calm people down. He then moves over to Najda*
"I shall stay with the child and protect him until TK returns with news of The Hooded One."

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/04/2000 7:06 PM

*She looks at Tanin with worry in her eyes*

'Will he be ok? I mean he is my pride and joy.
I will not be able to live without him.'

*She crys as she thinks of what might have happened
to him*

'Oh let my baby be ok'

06/04/2000 7:17 PM

Uziel moves over to Tanin and Nadja.
"The boy will be fine milady. Sherazod's healing skills have brought me back once or twice. He is more than an adept. The child will certainly require plenty of rest though."

Turning to Tanin.
"What do you know of this Hooded One? Why did he attack so callously? If you need a sword against him, then mine is with you."

Uziel returns to the bar and grabs a drink.

Uziel's Krynnish Lore (http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/uziel)

06/04/2000 7:35 PM

*comes in and throws a dagger down on a table and plops down in a chair. he calls for some ale. he takes some and downs it and sets the mug heavily on the table*

"He got away..." was all that he could say."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/05/2000 10:42 AM

Thorne gently tries to wipe away a tear from Nad's face, the small drop turning to ice the instant it does.

"I made no pact, save with that of my goddess...she felt it nessasary..that I be able to "live" like this..a constant reminder of what I longed for and now can never have..my price for betrayal...I am sorry Nadja, that you see me in this way.."

*Thornes voice seems to echo from within his helm, the visor rusted down over his eyes..*

06/05/2000 12:37 PM

*Tanin turns to Najda and Uziel.*
"I shall protect the child with everything I have. It would be
good of you to help me but don't feel any obligation."
*He then goes to TK*
"He got away? He may return. We must protect the child until we are certain The Hooded One does not return."

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/05/2000 12:42 PM

*nods in agreement to tanin*

"He will not get away alive if I see his ugly face around here again. Murder in cold blood is an unforgivable act.""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/05/2000 8:17 PM

Uziel orders three drinks and moves over to the
Solamnic Knights. Seating himself and handing two of the ales to the knights, he turns to Gunthar.
"Been a while, old friend. Haven't seen you since just after the Gork campaign. It was Gork, wasn't it? All goblins look (and smell!) the same to me.
That Hooded One is a blackheart. I recall now that he has a history of such callous transgressions. In some of Nadja's previous establishments he has pulled similar stunts. He should be brought to justice."

Uziel's Krynnish Lore (http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/uziel)

06/06/2000 7:37 AM

"Ah, yes Uziel. You have quite the memory."

*takes a big drink of the ale Uziel so graciously got him*

"Hooded will not be tolerated in my presance here. For, if I see him, his life span will suddenly stop.""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/06/2000 12:50 PM

*Tanin thanks Uziel and takes the drink. He sips it slowly as
he listen's to TK and Uziel talk of old times. He then goes over to the
crack in the floor boards The Hooded One came from. As he is inspecting them, one
of the surounding boards breaks and Tanin goes sliding beneath the boards*

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/06/2000 8:07 PM

*Nadja rushes to see if Tanin is ok*

'Thank you for all your help. My son is my life. If anything was to happen to him I shall die. I am willing to help in any atempt to hold onto the life of my son. I have tried to protect him from The_Hooded_One. That is why I didn't bring him out in my other bar.'

*She looks at Thorne*

'Please tell me the whole story. I need to know. My love has always been for you. I am not afraid of what you may say. I need to know'

06/06/2000 9:23 PM

*She looks up to see the half sister she never knew walk in. She rushes to Goldmoon to see how she has been doing*

'Goldmoon thank you for joining us. I have your place saved for what ever you need. You can start work at anytime. You need to watch out for one person the one known as The_Hooded_One.'

*She goes back to what she was doing*

06/06/2000 9:35 PM

'thank you Nadja. I will take this offer as a blessing.'

*Goldmoon steps behind the bar and pours herself a water with a zest of lemon.*

*Goldmoon grabs a serving tray.And askes..*

'Any one care for a drink??'

*Goldmoon walks over to Nadja and hands her a rum and coke with more rum than coke.And then hands her 10 silvers.*

06/07/2000 11:07 AM

*Tanin climbs out of the boards covered in dust and dirt.*
"Nothing down there. ow."
*Turning to Goldmoon.*
"Can I please have a room and a bottle of dwarf spirits brought to me there. I must change
and clean off. I will not be long however, for I fear the return of The Hooded One."

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/08/2000 1:45 PM

A beatiful girl walks in.She has brown eyes&hair.There's a broadsword at her belt,and a bow along with a quiver of arrows strapped to her back. She walks in quietly, and sits down at the bar.She looks around and smiles. "I'll have some chicken please," she says.

06/08/2000 8:10 PM

*Nadja gets up and gets her the chicken*


*She looks at the door as if waiting for someone*

06/08/2000 9:40 PM

Barkeep!Dwarvish wine with a twist!

06/08/2000 9:46 PM

*Nadja looks at the new person in the bar*

'Ok one Dwarvish wine with a twist of lime. Can I get you a room for your stay? Would you like any of my chicken while you are at it?'

*Gets the drink and some chicken and floats it to him. All of a sudden she appears before him bending over the table showing a generous amount of clevage.*

'Can I get you anything else?'

06/08/2000 9:49 PM

A room would be great. I have been awake traveling through the night I could use a place to rest. This is great chicken and wine.. i may stay longer than planned.

06/08/2000 9:52 PM

You may have to teach me that floating trick of yours.. The only thing I can float is a check.

06/09/2000 11:56 PM

*She looks at Connor*

'So how long are you staying for?'

*She shows even more cleavage as she bends futher down*

06/10/2000 12:20 AM

A medium sized man steps up to the babr and walks in.... he is about 6 and a half feet tall with not a bulky look but a more muscular one... he has a 2 small axes holstered across his back in an x pattarn...the axes are thin but look well made... they have strage run markings all over them that glow in the dark and when you look at them a certain way...there the kind of axes you use to shatter and decapitate bones with... not like heavy battle axes where you need two hands to take there bobdy in half , but smaller... they look weaker because of there size.... but at glance it makes you think twice.he has moderatly priced armour on and a belt , dangeling with 5 viles filed with a neon yellow substance....He also has a large gash in his right arm.... about the size and depth a long sword would make.... there is a hastily made bandage on it , but it doesent seem to be working... as there is a small trickle of blood flowing down his arm and onto the floor... after he enters the bar and examines the place , he walks very softly to the nearest empty table and waits patiently for service....

06/10/2000 2:28 PM

*Nadja rushes to him and says some words over the wound. All of a sudden it is gone.*

'Can i help you my friend?'

06/10/2000 4:20 PM

*Tanin emerges from his room, changed and fed. There is
a healthy, warm color in his cheeks. He returns to stand by Nadja's son
with TK.*
"Can someone bringme a bottle of dwarf spirits please?"
Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/10/2000 6:40 PM

"Chicken sounds good, mmmmm, smells good too."

Uziel glances at the lovely Kaelyn who seems to be enjoying her chicken.

"Been a while since I last ate." Turning to the bar with some coins in his hand. "One chicken please, and a glass of red wine."

Uziel's Krynnish Lore (http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/uziel)

06/10/2000 8:13 PM

Many thanks inn keeper... i was just resently in a battle and my entire regiment was devestated...i have been running for three days with niether sleep nor food. the un-dead do not like survivors... fortunitly i found this town when i did.. the gaurdsmen probably scarred them off... might i find food here and shelter ,so that i mend my wounds... i have a little money of what was my pay back in the army...and what do i owe you for the healing???
"we are afraid of darkness , even when it is all around us"

06/10/2000 10:44 PM

*She gets the fist order taken care of. Then she turns to TDTyde.*

'You may stay here as long as nessesary. The healing is free. I hate to see anyone in pain.'

*She looks at the man who healed her son*

'I have him to thank for my son'

*She hands the man a glass of Dwarf Spirits*

06/11/2000 2:03 AM

"Then your lodging is welcome to my weary body... for now i shall take leave and rest... is it any trouble to send up some food later? i will pay for it all when i wake up... good night... and i thank you again..."with that ,Tyrus (which is my first name-Tyrus D. Tyde) stood up slowly.. and walked up the stairs to an empty room.... but before he turned away... you sense a slight eagerness inside of him... with his hand twitching slightly and his eyes , you notice his eyes...a slight neon yellow color....you relize it is the same color as the viles hanging from his belt...his eyes had been that color w all along, but the detail had eluded you until now..

"Why are we afraid of darkness , when it is all around us"

06/11/2000 3:40 AM

Uziel downs the glass of dwarven spirits and smiles at Nadja.

"Many thanks for the drink, milady. The chicken
was delightful as well. Is it just me, or was
there...something a little strange about TDTyde?
Hope he's not up to anything nasty. Not in the
mood for any more senseless violence, like earlier. BTW, how Xander doing?"

Uziel's Krynnish Lore (http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/uziel)

06/11/2000 9:56 AM

Kaelyn quickly gets the attention of Nadja. "Ummm...Nadja? I need a room for just tonight. And thanks for the chicken. It was great."

06/11/2000 7:40 PM

*when Gunthar heard of undead, he immediately went to the door of the inn and looked out to make sure none were comming. he re-entered with a sigh of relief*

"None commeth." he said as he sat down and ordered a glass of white wine."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/11/2000 8:07 PM

*Gives the people what they needed and goes to check on her son*

'He is doing fine. I am jast glad he is alive.'

06/12/2000 10:47 AM

As jessamine heads to her room, she notices a handsome somebody on the stairs (Tyrus...) and smiles to him, noting his nice shape and the viles, but missing the eyes.

06/12/2000 12:38 PM

*Tanin rushed to the door as Gunthar leaped up. After the danger had seemed to be
a false alarm Tanin sits back down. His hand still rests on the hilt of his sword and
he watches the child's every move.*

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/12/2000 8:04 PM

'Tanin I am truely greatful for what thou hast done. Please room and drinks and food are on me. I am sure that is not enough to thank you for saving my son'

*Gives Tanin a key that is plated with gold.*

'The key goes to the very back room. No one shall bother you there.'

06/13/2000 12:24 PM

*Tanin looks up at Nadja and gives her that amazing, wonderful
smile that was given to him through Caramon and Tika. He takes the key and places it into his secret pocket under his armor.*
"Thank You very much. But I cannot, nay, will not rest until I am certain the danger
to your son has passed. It is my duty as a Knight Of Solamnia to protect those innocents in need."
*Tanin's eyes gleem with pride as he says this.*

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/13/2000 3:09 PM

'Still I am very grateful for all that you have done. I will be any help that I can be.'

*She looks up as she sees her son enter. She rushes to him.*

'Xander you should be in bed young man.'

*She gives him some milk and sends him to bed. As the two new people walk in she goes behind the bar and pours drinks.*

'Here is a key it unlocks room 1001. Top floor first door. I can float you up there if need be.'

06/15/2000 10:22 PM

Mischiem comes in (with Nadja and Kaidryl??? but that would be sorta confusing) and slaps Tanin on the back as he passes him (lightly of course)

"Hey, how's it hangin?" he nods to Tanin.

06/16/2000 12:20 AM

After a restful nap Tyrus steps down the stairs and onto the main floor. with a renewed spirit and a fresh mind Tyrus takes a seat at and bar and stares at the people in the bar while waiting for a drink. you notice he had left his weapons and his belt with the potions in his room but if you had the care to notice his boots you would notice a cylinder shape just inside the shin of the boot.

"Why are we afraid of darkness, when it is all around us?"

- Tyrus -


06/16/2000 7:46 AM

Jessamine comes into the bar, removes her cloak, and leans against the wall as she waits for a place to sit. The bar is crowded- there's not a single table left. She yawns and almost falls asleep.

06/16/2000 8:01 AM

*Gunthar sees Jessamine standing on the wall and gets up and offers her his seat*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/16/2000 9:42 AM

*Tanin walks over to Gunthar and whispers*
"The bar is crowded my friend, be careful the enemy does not
slip through our fingers."
*Then as Tanin notices Jessamine he stops whispering and raises his
voice to normal.*
"Greetings Jessamine. How do you fare this evening."
*Then as he moves to greet Jessamine he whispers to Gunthar*
"Be careful friend. Of everyone. Evil has many eyes."

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them,
Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell
Rode the six hundred.

06/16/2000 10:43 AM

Jessamine nods to both of them, but refuses his offer..."I couldn't do that; thank you though. Hey, Tanin." she is about to say something else, but shuts her mouth and then busies herself with her herbs and materials, putting them all in the right places and checking them all, whatever she can to not look at him.

06/16/2000 12:08 PM

*Tanin turns his gaze from Jessamine, his memory returning to him.
His eyes flash with both anger and sorrow. He then quickly hurries over to
Nadja and her son.*

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them,
Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell
Rode the six hundred.

06/16/2000 12:39 PM

'Ok Tanin, Jas come with me you can help me put my son back to bed and help with the baby.'

*She turns and leaves hoping they follow.*

06/16/2000 7:27 PM

Tears come to Jessamine's eyes and she suddenly hugs TK, and then Nadja, for a long time.
"I have to go," she says, and leaves quickly, not looking back.

06/16/2000 7:34 PM

*She forgets to put her sons to bed as she chaces after Jess.*

'Jess wait. Please let me know what I can do to help. I have seen how you look at Tanis. Please let me help you and him. I need to know what is going on.'

06/16/2000 7:51 PM

Jessamine sighs and pushes a lock of hair behind her ear.

"It's not that...that is not the reason, but i will tell you about it.
Tanin...and i were flirting , and he was so sweet,

he gave me a rose....
he was just so attractive,

and i was so caught up in the moment, and i kissed him.

and then, i remembered...how i was betrothed to marry in a year...

I dont' want to marry this man,
it was all my father's doing...
but i didn't want to hurt Tanin , so i told him about... this man, and i told him
that we could not do this...
he just left, without saying anything.

I felt like a whore...for not telling before, and...for...letting myself get so caught up."
Jessamine fingers her dagger, safely at her hip.

"It's not that, though...i have to leave."

06/16/2000 8:42 PM

'Why don't you just tell your father. I mean I escaped my betrothal and now I am disowned. But that is because I just left. Please come back I bet Tanin doesn't think that. He loves you I have seen that look. I want to look at TK like that but I am afraid it will ruin our friendship. But just talk to him. If you want I will go with you to your father. But please come back and talk to him. You two need to work this out. I loved a man once and I had his child. But you need to talk to him about it.'

*Holds the girl in a hug*

06/16/2000 9:30 PM

I sure could go for some of that roast chicken!!

06/16/2000 9:35 PM

Hmmmm.. *looks around the place* Thinks to himself.. sure is quiet..

06/16/2000 9:36 PM

*magically gives Connor his roasted chicken, then appears beside him. leaning over to expose more cleavage than nessecary.*

'There ya go can I get you anything else?'

06/16/2000 9:38 PM

Um, uh hello. Thank you, I was thinking I should be on my way...

06/16/2000 9:39 PM

*digs into his roast chicken* This is the best meal I have had in a long time.

06/16/2000 9:45 PM

*leaves his meal and walks outside and stares into the sky*

06/16/2000 9:50 PM

'What's wrong tell me. I can probably help.'

*waits for him to say something.*

06/16/2000 9:52 PM

*walks back in and sits down to his meal* Nothing, I am fine. I just have to keep an I on the weather. *signals for some more wine*

06/16/2000 9:56 PM

It is very quiet here. What is the time?

06/16/2000 10:04 PM

*looks around* *thinks to himself, she's dissapeared again very, odd* *Grabs his things and leave silver peices on table and makes his way to the door.*

06/16/2000 10:07 PM

'No I am still here. I had to feed my baby. Well how is the weather tonight? Good I hope.'

*Sits down with a bottle of wine and two glasses.*

06/16/2000 10:11 PM

*looks over his shoulder and turns around* Oh hello. I thought you had gone. *takes a seat at the table with you*

06/16/2000 10:22 PM

*pours wine into the glasses*

06/17/2000 12:25 AM

ooc- sorry i keep leaving and coming back my comp likes to freeze

06/17/2000 8:45 AM

*Tanin takes Nadja's to his room and puts him to bed,
seeing as Nadja forgot. He then goes and starts taking care of the
baby. Playing little games with it and such.*

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them,
Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell
Rode the six hundred.

06/17/2000 5:26 PM

*Nadja rushes back to Tanin's room to feed her baby and check on her child.*

'How could I have forgotten my own children. Maybe I should take some time off and take a trip with them. Of course I will need a Strong, Male to accompany me. As to keep me from harm.'

06/17/2000 8:03 PM

"Heh heh. Are you implying something? You're childern are lovely.
But I fear, if you ARE implying something, my heart is too heavy to travell
for many a day. I am certain Lord Gunthar would be happy to accompanie you."

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them,
Volley'd and thunder'd;

06/17/2000 9:54 PM

~Returns to the bar in a flash of dark luminous light and looks around at the surroundings, walks back to his table and sits down~

06/18/2000 12:16 AM

*Walks to the door.*

'No I wasn't implying anything. I am jsut mad at myself for allowing my mind to wander from my children. They are all I have left.'

*Starts to cry.*

06/18/2000 4:19 PM

*Walks over and tries to comfort Nadja.*
"Sorry. I should not have spoken. Nothing will happen
to your childern if you leave them alone for two minutes
to do your job. I will make sure of it."Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them,
Volley'd and thunder'd;

06/18/2000 6:03 PM

'Still it makes me scared. The Hooded_One has already said he wishes to kill and eat my children. I can't afford to be slack when it comes to my children.'

*Crys harder.*

06/19/2000 8:23 AM

'Why is it that everytime I talk to you I end up crying?'

06/19/2000 9:59 AM

*Gunthar wonders what happened to Jessamine as she ran out the door and decides that it might not be a good idea to follow someone that tempermental. he takes his seat back and enjoys his wine. he watches as Nadja flirts with the newcommer Connor and laughs inwardly to himself. he then notices Tanin going to take care of Nadja's children and then follows Nadja up to her room*

"You end up crying 'cause Tanin is a heart breaker." smiles just a little at the joke."Two minus one leaves none."

06/19/2000 10:17 AM

'TK I guess you should know that Xander, Androth and I are leaving for about three days. I plan to go on this trip for awhile. I am tired of having to look over my sholder to make sure The_Hooded_One is not there. He has threatened to kill my children...even Androth who is just a baby. I can't take that chance. I am going to leave my pendant here so I can check on it everyonce in a while. I shall be back. Until then I leave my bar in the care of you my friends. Try not to burn it down.'

*She hurry's and packs away her childrens clothing and food and her clothing and food. She turns to TK.*

'Please take care of my bar.'

*With that she leaves.*

06/19/2000 10:55 AM

*follows Nadja and her sons out of the bar and runs in front of them to cut them off*

"Who will protect you if Hooded does strike?"

*looks at Xander and tiny little Androth*

"I would not be able to sleep at night if he were to kill you or your lovely sons."

*kneels down and smiles at Xander. then looks up in Nadja's face*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/19/2000 3:04 PM

*Looks at him with all the love in her heart.*

'You are right. But I need to get away. My children need my undivided attention. Here I haven't been able to do that. We need time alone. If it makes you feel better you can come with us.'

*Starts walking again.*

06/19/2000 3:25 PM

*Walks through the door and takes his usual table. Signals for service and orders his usual*

06/20/2000 6:33 AM

*nods and starts walking next to them*

"I would feel much better knowing you are safe."
"Two minus one leaves none."

06/20/2000 7:43 AM

'You know I would not allow you to come if you don't want to. I am grateful you have decided to come I enjoy your company and would love the help looking after my children.'

*Starts walking faster as Xander speeds up.*

06/20/2000 10:53 AM

*Tanin smiles as he watches Nadja and TK leave. He then decides
that he should help with the bar. He turns and seeing Connor signal for
his usual, goes and gets it for him.*

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them,
Volley'd and thunder'd;

06/20/2000 11:54 AM

'I am sorry for me leaving like this. It is just that I need time with my children. Xander and Androth need to know I will be there for them. Please forgive me for all the trouble my being gone will cause.'

06/20/2000 3:45 PM

"It's no problem. Really. It'll be fun. But be careful!
The Hooded One could be anywhere!"

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them,
Volley'd and thunder'd;

06/20/2000 8:02 PM

'I know but we still need time alone. Thanks for all of your concern. But don't worry we have TK. I am sure we won't be harmed.'

*casts a floating spell on the group to make the journey go quicker.*

06/21/2000 1:30 PM

'My name is Lady Skylark but call me Sky. I was once known to you all as Nadja but call me this from now on.'

06/24/2000 10:21 AM

"I promised Nadja I would keep this bar safe and going and that's
what I intend to do! SO COME ON PEOPLE! START TALKING!!!!!"

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them,
Volley'd and thunder'd;

06/26/2000 7:35 PM

*Tanin hears someone near the door way and turns to see
a messenger carrying a small envelope with the Solamnic Knight seal on it.
The messenger comes over to Tanin and hands him the envelope. Tanin thanks the man
and hurridly opens the letter. Inside he sees a notice from a Knight of the Rose. It reads:*
~Dear Tanin Majere,
Your presence is needed in Southern Ergoth. You must come in 5 days from now you should leave Solace and head this way. We are trying to track down and subdue
a renegade gourp. Reports say that in the group are mages, draconians, goblins, wolves and perhaps an ogre. Bring weapons,
food and blanket. You will be there for 31 days and nights. I am sorry to disturb your rest but we are in need.
Thank You.~
*Tanin reads the note three times over then a sudden wave of excitement rushes over him.
He's going to battle! He leans back, happy that he was chosen and not Sturm. Then he remebers it's not for 5 days and he slumps down.*

--In case it's not clear in the message, I will not be here for the month of July (probably). I wish I didn't have to leave but I must. Sorry! But I still got 5 days!--

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them,
Volley'd and thunder'd;

06/29/2000 8:32 PM

*Tanin is in his room and just finishes packing. He grabs his
bag and heads out the door. On the way out hee sees Jessamine.
He stares for a moment then hurries out the door. As he heads off there is
a small water mark on the spot he was standing looking back into the inn. A tear?*

Counting Sheep Doesn't Make You Tired,
It Makes You A Shepard!! :-D

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