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01/14/2001 4:42 AM

*The Kagonesti healer Llewyn, walks into the bar that him and his friends Mertonius, Lidora and Quiralanthalasa used to frequent. He walks up to the Barkeeper*
Good day sir...Have you you seen 3 people..A dark-robed man, a young kagonesti lady and a human lady??

*Llewyn glances around the room, hoping to catch a glimpse of his companions*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

01/14/2001 2:47 PM

The young woman in white robes glances at the Kagonesti, half listening to his words. She watches as he talks to the barkeep. absently, she hands a scrap of meat to the eagle perched on the chair next to her. the eagle snapped its beak around the meat scrap and her finger as well.
"OUCH!" she cries as the raptor's sharp beak rips into her finger, slicing it open. she stickes her finger in her mouth trying to staunch the bleeding. she mumbles a vauge curse at the bird around her finger. she picks up her staff, and murmers something softly under her breath.
The staff's crystal flared birghtly for a moment nearly obsuring the dragon claw that held the crystal on the top. when the light faded, the womans finger was healed.
she shakes her finger at the bird, who oddly enough looks ashamed. "you're just lucky that I know how to use this staff..." the woman murmered absently, gazing back at the Kagonesti who was sill standing at the bar looking around expectantly.

01/14/2001 11:23 PM

A man clad in outlandish clothes (he seems to be wearing pants made from a strange fabric and strange white shoes with the words "Sketchers" at the back. He wears a plain white shirt and a pair of strange, dark colored spectacles.)

He waves at Llewynn, smiling, "Hey Llewynn, it's me, Marcus!!!"

He made his way to his old travelling companion and shook his hand.

01/16/2001 12:04 AM

*in a strong voice, full of emotion* MARCUS!! I haven't seen you in a long time... *pulls Marcus in and embraces him*

Have you seen Lidora and Quira lately??

*Llewyn orders them both ale, and glances at the lady with the raptor, eyeing her curiously*

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

01/16/2001 12:36 AM

Kalia continues to feed the Eagle, musing thoughtfuly to herself.

"I wonder Ays' do you thing that it is time to join anothers quest, or should we sit this one out may friend?" she mused, while stroking the bird's throat.
the bird chortled softly looking straight at her. and with in the womans mind the bird-creature muttered...

"(If you insist dear, but what will you tell them about me? I refuse to stay in this form forever you know...I don't like it that much..too small, I feel like Ive been stuffed into a living box...You know I dont't like this!)"

Kalia laughed..if only her foster uncle Palin Majere could see her now...she shrugged..and looked over to where the elf and and the oddly dressed one stood..


she said just loudly eneough that she was sure that the two heard her. she placed a few coins onto the table. She then picked up her staff, (its Crystal now dark) and allowed the Eagle to hop onto her forearm. She took one more glance at the two, then walked out of the bar.

01/17/2001 2:43 AM

Mercus gave Llewyn a side long glance and smiled. He went up and ran towards Kalia as she made her way out and with a light tap on her shoulder, smiled at her.

"I am sorry for forgetting my manners. I am Marcus Mertonius, chronomancer from the future.I would be honored if you stay with us for a while so that you may learn of our tale..." He then glanced at Llewyn.

"I believe that my friend Llewyn here can explaine what I am talking about. And by the way, in answer to your inquiries friend Llewyn. No, I haven't seen the others for a while. Though I occasionally meet up with Lidora... I think we should wait for a while..."

01/17/2001 7:27 AM

Nobody yet noticed the hooded woman in a dark corner of the inn, who was watching the conversation intensely.At first the woman didn't pay much attention to her surroundings, but when she heard the voice of that kagonesti male, her gaze went up and she could hardly suppress a gasp. How often did she come here, how many evenings did she spend in that dark corner, watching the people who came in to eat, and then left again, without seeing a familiar shape... how many hours did she spend in her memories of better days, when she was still with her dear friends and her children... and the man she loved... and now... finally... could that be... that shape, that voice...

She watched the scene a few more minutes, remaining in the shadows, as suddenly another familiar figure stepped in... Marcus...

She stood up and, her face hidden behind her hood, and slowly walked toward the two men and the strange woman.Directly behind Llewyn, she stopped.

"Excuse me, I heard you mentioning a few names, people you are searching for... Lidora and Quira... what is your business with those ladies, if I may ask?"

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01/17/2001 8:45 AM

Kalia stopped and nodded, holding the un-jessed Eagle on her forearm.

"I would be honored to join you...I am a wanderer of sorts, I join who I please, not for money nor for fame, because I am called to help you."

She smiles holding the black woodden staff at her side, the crystal at its top glowing with a faint light.--------------------------------------------------
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/18/2001 2:26 AM

"Ah! Quira!"

With this pronouncement, Marcus brushed past
Llewyn and gave Quira a friendly hug (brushing
away a tear that suddenly streaked his face).

"You're looking well for a change!"

He turns to Llewyn and Kalia and, without losing
his composure, introduced Kalia to Quira.

"This is Kalia, a magus of some repute who we just
recently met."

01/18/2001 7:33 AM

Quira returns Marcus' hug warmly, feeling all emotional. With his embrace, her hood fell down, revealing her face to everyone in the room. As Marcus introduces her to the woman, she nods absent-mindedly at her.

"Kalia... greetings..." she murmured, as she stared at the kagonesti, Llewyn Darkash...

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01/19/2001 3:24 AM

Llewyn stares back at Quira, remembering her beautiful eyes. " Q...Qu...Quira...It is you.."
His eyes brimming with emotion, his voice thick with happiness he says " I missed you so incredibly much...I can't believe you are here...Ironic, that we would meet again in the same place with met that first day"

Tears run freely from Llewyn's eyes, staining his cheeks. He clasps her hands in his, leaning forward to kiss her

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

01/21/2001 7:24 AM

A wind blows the door open,and a man dressed in a dark cloak enters.Lightning strikes.Thunder rumbles.A man farts in fear.Joe, laughing, takes off his cloak and hangs it on his shoulder."Relax people,it is only mua."with this assurance of non-existent familarity,he walks to the bar and orders ale.
A small rainbow suddenly materializes through the door."Ah,thre you are!"Joe exclaims,as it floats toward him alternating happy colours.__________________________________________________

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Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/21/2001 9:55 AM

"I missed you too, Llewyn... it's been a while...", she says, smiling.

Suddenly feeling his lips on hers again, after all that time, she gets so absorbed in his embrace, that she doesn't even notice the appearance of the man in black. As she pulls back a little to smile up to Llewyn, she suddenly sees Joe and with a gasp and a quick movement, she pulls the hood over her face again.He didn't seem to be aware of her yet...

"Llewyn, Marcus...", she whispers, "let's go... quickly!"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn

01/22/2001 5:43 PM

'Why do we need to leave??? I just got here Quira'
Llewyn looks around the room for any sign of trouble, but all he sees is a man in black, with a ....rainbow...following him

"I suppose....You wouldn't look so panicked if you were tricking us....Let's go Marcus.."

Llewyn grabs his pack and walks towards the door.

You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

02/05/2001 3:57 AM

"Hey, wait for me!!!"

And for some inexplicable reason, Marcus grabs Joe and runs after the others.

The colorful raibow races after them...

02/06/2001 1:04 AM

Joe had just ordered the beer when someone grabs him and pulls him off his feet."Hey,what are you--"
He's cut off when he notices the female elf running before him.Her?Here? He stops resisiting and runs along with the man."Hey,i'm Joe.Who are you?"
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/06/2001 5:54 AM

Dragging Llewyn along with her, Quira didn't notice what Marcus has done. Not even turning around, she quickly explains to the other Kagonesti.

"This man with the rainbow, Joe... I met him shortly after you and I parted... he made me trust him... he used me for his own evil purposes... he betrayed me... and that betrayal cost the life of dozens of innocent people... he made ME responsible to wash all the blood off his hands and walk away innocently... they believed him... I could escape... since then I am hiding... wearing this hood... I am an outcast now, Llewyn..."
Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

02/06/2001 6:44 AM

As they come around a turn in the path, the companions are met by the sight of a mage, clad in silver robes, standing in the middle of their path. He looks upset about something, and he stares right at Quira, leaning slightly on his plain oak staff.

02/06/2001 6:57 AM

Joe see's an oppurtunity to stop,and 'crashes' into the wizard."Sorry about that."he says."These guys are running from something,back in the bar..."
The rainbow turns the corner and floats over to his shoulder.He absently pets it."What happened?Can I help somehow?"he looks closely at the elven female."Wait,I know you!What are you doing here,where's your watcher?Oh dear,did you escape the jail?"
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/06/2001 10:12 AM

Kalia rounded the corner slowly watchin the group. she nods a greeting to The Thorn. she absently scratches the chin of the Eagle on her shoulder. Her white dress and cloak where of an expensive material. the dress dipped off of her shoulders, and was trimmed in a rich Lilac color. on the dooping sleeves, also trimmed in Lilac where embroidered in gold and silver runes.

the staff in her hand was of a deep dark colored wood, with a golden Dragons' claw clutching a blue crystal sphere. her golden eyes and silver hair noticible in the bright sunlight. self-conciously she pulled her hood over her hair.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

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02/06/2001 1:56 PM

Llewyn looks around at his new companions, inexplicably thrown into his once quiet world. He manages a comforting smile

"An outcast??..Well..you seem to have taken a turn for the worst..."

Llewyn looks apologetic, sorry that he wasnt there to stop this happening.

"Where do we go...Why can't we stop and fight this guy....and his rainbow.."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

02/07/2001 4:42 PM

A strange *eep* *eep* *eep* sound came from Marcus who was panting heavily
after chasing Llewynn and Quira.

"Ah, wait for a moment..."

He pulls out a strange hand held device from his pocket and starts thumbing in
keys that are built into the device. After a minute or two, he pockets the device
again, and smiles.

"Sorry about that. It was my apprentice. He text me a massage asking what kind
of modulator I would need in my time traveling bracer..."

(OOC: For the purpose of informing those who have not yet met Marcus, he is a
Chronomancer from the future. He has stuff the other guys can only dream of.)

02/08/2001 10:35 AM

Joe looks curiously at the strange mans strange magic items,but soon returns his attention to the elves before him."Why would you fight me? Are you aware your companion has escaped from a prison for the insane?I was adventuring with her,and she murdered more then a dozen people in Haven!She thought they were 'Evil'."
He puts on his most aprehensive face."I strongly urge you to return her to Qualensti where she was imprisoned.Unless you helped her escape!"the rainbow man ponders,a if it has just occured to him."If that is true,you will go back with her!"Joe shouts,and without seeming to move,arms himself with two daggers.
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/08/2001 11:19 AM

"I believe it would be best for everyone if we all went to Qualinesti," says the Thorn, not usually this stern. "That way this whole mess can be sorted out and the proper actions taken." The silver robe makes no move from blocking the path, but he slightly nods his head to Kalia in acknowledgement. "What is your decisions?"

02/08/2001 2:31 PM

Llewyn stops, looking at both Joe and The_Thorn strangely. His face changes, becoming a mask of anger.

"How dare you....I know your kind....Forever lying through their teeth. I was captured by liars like you..And I killed them....DONT LIE TO ME!!!"

Llewyn roughly grabs Quira, shoving her behind him. Llewyn rips a black-handled scythe from his back, brandishing it threateningly

"Is this enough of a decision?"

Llewyn quickly blesses his scythe,thanking the Mother and asking her to protect him~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

02/08/2001 4:32 PM

The Thorn looks at Llewyn, calm as ever. He was not bothered by the man's aggressive actions. He had dealt with his kind before, and he wasn't afraid of him.

The Thorn lifted his hand vertically, causing him to float several feet in the air. "I am not here to pass judgement, only to see that wrong is set right. If you feel you need to you defend yourself, do so in the elf capital. If you wish to remain like this, I will have to escort you there by force," states the mage calmly. "Will you come peaceably?"

02/08/2001 9:52 PM

Marcus gave an exasperated sigh and interposed himself between Llwyn and the

"Wait, I don't want any unecessary blood shed on anyone's part..."

With a casual wave of his hand everything that was happening all around them
stopped. Birds in mid-air hung there in space, leaves falling to the ground
suspended in thin air. At a distance a man who was whipping his horse stood
frozen, his blow halted. The wind neither blew nor the clouds race.

Time has stopped.

A wry grin formed on Marcus' face, a grin that was contorted in pain as the drain
of the spell started to take its toll.

"To tell you the truth, I don't have any idea what has happened before. I want
everyone to calm down before they burst a vein here." He turns to Quira and the
Kender, trying to keep his cool.

"SIT DOWN! I would not take any foolishness on your part. Nevertheless, you both
better explain to me what had happened. That is only when I will pass

Marcus takes a chair out of thin air and sits down. He then points towards the
kender. "You start your tale, but make it brief..." He turns to Quira and stares at
her pointedly, "Let him tell his part before you tell yours Quira, I don't want any
trouble but please try to hold Llewyn down. All those anxiety won't do you both
any good..."

02/08/2001 10:49 PM

The Thorn sat in the air. His spell was much easier to maintain then Marcus's, and the wizard thought it would be better if everyone was calm. Unfortunately, he was not here to pass judgement, he was here to take the kender and Quira to the elf capital.

02/09/2001 3:18 AM

Llewyn sighs, realising that both of the mages won't back down, he throws his hands up in exasperation

"All I want to know is that this lady is looked after..."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

02/09/2001 6:34 AM

*Quira sighs desperately and panickly lays her hand on Llewyns arm*

"Llewyn, I don't want to go to Qualinesti...", she whispers into his ear, so that only he can hear. "This man is crazy... he will bring me back to that madhouse... they will torment me again... Llewyn... bring me away from him... let us escape..."Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

02/09/2001 10:20 AM

OOC:And once again to the explanations.Ok,'Joe' is human,'Ghostbuster' is kender.Please don't confuse them.Thank you,and we now return to your regurally scheduled programs.
Joe keeps a frozen expresion on his face,but visibly relaxes when peace is restored.He sheathes his daggers as quickly as he unsheathed them.He sits on the ground,and begins his tale."First I will tell you,if you do not believe me, I will fight to return this murderess to her place in prison.Even if it causes more death,it is better then what she will do."he says this with as much anger as can be relayed in a voice as quiet as his.
"I traveled with her(it is obvious to who he refers) in search for a great treasure in platinum in the elven lands.In truth I am not totally human,but half elven.My tipped ears were cut to protect me.The elven gaurdians were unsespecting of either of us,and they promised to turn it over to us in the morning.But in that morning she walked to thier camp,tied them up,and butchered them.Some still sleeping,others she woke for horrible torture's... " the mans voice turns cold with horror,"I saw what remained,later...I saw!"his voice breaks,and there are tears in his eyes.
"I captured her.She was quite insane,babbling about how they were hunting here,wanting to kill her...The elves took one look at her,at the horrible evidence,and took her immediatly to Qualensti where they tried to cure her.Were still trying,as far as I knew,until now."Joe's eyes glitter with the tears,then turn stone hard."And the only reason you are not dead with a knife in your back is becuase I guess you knew her before she went mad,and do not know what she has done.But now you know."
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/09/2001 12:56 PM

The Thorn listens to Ghostbusters story. The mage new the kender from several adventures and he had helped him several times in a pinch. Ghostbuster's story seemed plausable, he had heard about some kind of massacre, but he hadn't heard the outcome. There was no involvement of magic in the slayings, he had just been hired to bring Ghostbuster and Quira to Qualenesti. The mage would now listen to the ladies side of the story, but regardless of the differences, they were both coming with him.

02/09/2001 11:56 PM

(OOC: LOL, Thorn... Ghostbuster is Joe here and therefore HUMAN, well half-elven...)

Quira turned pale while listening to Joe. Everybody was now looking at her, the "kinslayer", with a shocked expression in their faces... even Llewyn and Marcus, her old friends...

"Llewyn! Marcus! You don't believe him, do you... you know me... you know I would never even kill a fly... you have travelled with me for so long... you know better, don't you..."

A look from The Thorn made her stop. The only way to convince her friends of her innocence was to tell her story now... the TRUE story... she took a deep breath, looked at everyone but Joe in the round, then stopped at Llewyn. He just has to believe her...

"Well, now let me tell you the truth... this man here is evil... he is a liar..." She points accusatory at Joe. "Yes, we were searching for those treasures... and yes, they were in elven hands... Joe convinced me in his greed to negotiate with the Qualinesti about that "treasure"... I am Kagonesti after all, and some of those elves knew me, since I was working for them in Qualinost for a while... I succeeded after days... and we made an appointment to meet the next morning, at sunrise... but it never came to that..." Tears were forming in Quira's eyes at the terrible memory of that morning. "Joe conspired with some ogres... behind my back... while I was negotiating with the Qualinesti... I didn't realize it... and in the night before I was supposed to meet the elves, the ogres surprised them in their camp and slaughtered them... they had no chance... they grabbed the treasure and left without witnesses... or so they thought. That night was warm and clear, and so I decided to sleep outside my tent... and I have a very light sleep... I heard something... I went to the elves' camp... all I saw were the ogres disappearing in the forest... and then... then... blood... the sun was already rising and everything appeared in a dreadful red light... the blood of all those elves who didn't have slightest chance... I broke down crying at all that horror and death... life is holy for elves... and this was how Joe found me, that evil grin in his face... that necklace, the treasure, around his neck... he took me as his captive... and accused me of being guilty of their death... he delivered me to Qualinost, he made up his crazy story, he convinced them of my guilt, then they started to torture me for killing my kind... if I couldn't have managed to escape a few months ago, they would have slowly killed me... and this man here, this MONSTER is still free..."

Crying, Quira held on to Llewyns arms... "Llewyn, you believe me, don't you... Marcus... you know I could never kill someone for wealth... This man is the madman! He is the one who should be damned to the Abyss to kill so many elves..."Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

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02/10/2001 5:34 AM


"Something is wrong here. A time slip, a major one at that. I wonder... Is HE here at this time period??? What is the use of him doing this..."

He stared at Quira, who is, or going to be, his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother.

Then it struck him.

"Damn it. I think I finally understand..."


With all his powers of disassembling, Marcus turns to Quira, trying his best to lie (OOC: For story purposes, please believe this guy ;) ). A grim but sad look, and says, "Quira, for your own good please go with them. It is not that I am mistrusting you or your actions, and not believing you, but running away is as good as admiting your own guilt."

He releases his 'Chrono Negator' spell and awaits what would be the response of the others to this pronouncement.

02/10/2001 5:50 AM

Joe (YES,JOE!!!lol) looks at Quira with a strange look in his eye.It is...pity."Yes,I am not exactly a cleric of Paladine,but I am not evil.I have never killed anyone in cold blood,I hate death!And you havn't either,have you.Somone else did.You must understand,the people in Qualensti help you..."
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/10/2001 5:54 AM

Quira looks from Joe to Marcus, still holding on to Llewyns arms. She can't believe what he just said.

"Marcus... don't you understand... those elves think I killed their brothers... they will put me in that madhouse again! How can you be on his side, after all we've been going through together..."Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

02/10/2001 2:55 PM

Llewyn turns so his back is to the three men and faces Quira. Wiping the tears from her eyes he turns so everyone can see him and says " Quira..I'm so sorry....But You just seem so different...I think that we should go to Qualinesti"

Llewyn's eyes brimming with tears , "I have known Quira a long time...And she is the sweetest person, with the kindest heart..But if she is sick...in the head, then I will do what I must to help her get better...Even if it means her going to prison...I am soo sorry Quira....but you need to get better"

Llewyn turns and surreptitiously looks at Quira. She realises his face is now devoid of tears, and a tiny smile pulls at his lips. He winks and turns back, his face suddenly red and his eyes teary again.

"Please..let's get this over with"

Llewyn walks to Joe and circles him, looking at every aspect of the man.

"If I ever find out you are lying, I will cause you so much pain that you will be begging for death even before I start...."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you the chance.

Master Mage Aleximi
02/10/2001 6:47 PM

OOC: Could someone give me a quick overview of the events in this RPG and if I may cut in,plz?

02/10/2001 10:33 PM

OOC: Sorry Joe, had your character mixed up. Overview: Quira has been charged with murder. The Thorn has been summoned to take both Joe and Quira to Qualenesti. Marcus and Llewyn are two of Quira's companions.

The Thorn looks at the gathered people. He was glad there would be no battling over this decision. "If you are innocent, then no harm shall come to you. Someone has taken a new interest in you Quira, someone who wants to defend you. They have hired someone who can glean what really happened from your mind. Now, if you will all please gather together, I will take us to the elven capital," says the Thorn.

02/11/2001 12:38 AM

"Llewyn... you too..." Quira doesn't have seen Llewyn's wink at her, or so it seems to him. But she senses some help from him and now carefully tries to act that nobody might get suspicious.

"Llewyn... how dare you even considering that this madman is speaking the truth... I thought you are my friend... if no one else on this world, I thought I can trust YOU... after all..."

As Llewyn grabs her arms to pull her to where the others stand to receive the magic that would bring them all to Qualinesti, she pulls back with a quick movement and runs off into the near forest.The forest... she would be save there... nobody can find a wilder elf that doesn't want to be found in a forest... except another wilder elf, of course... and it seemed that Llewyn believed her and wants to help her...Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

02/11/2001 12:27 PM

The Thorn sees Quira sprint for the forest. He was prepared for this, pointing a finger at the elf. A blue ray shot out of a ring, hitting Quira and freezing her in place.

"It looks like your friend doesn't want to come peacably. If you could bring her over, I will take us to our destination," says the Thorn, somewhat perterbed.

02/11/2001 1:48 PM

Llewyn wakes over to the frozen statue of his friend Quira, sighing deeply. He places his hands on her icy skin, pulling in warmth from the air around them to unfreeze and warm her up.

"Quira...Let's go...We'll finish THIS in Qualinesti..."

Llewyn puts an arm around Quira, and holding her tight, walks back to the small group, glaring at Thorn.

"WE are ready to go....." looks at the mage, then back at Quira and sighs

02/11/2001 2:01 PM

Kalia had remained silent through the whole exchange. She stared wonderingly at Quira and Llewyn. Then turned her Questioning gaze back to The Thorn. Her golden eyes steady, When suddenly the staff in her hands began to flash with a steady puslating light.

She turns gracefully Cat-like to the forest beyond them all to see something emerge from it.

02/11/2001 7:56 PM

Marc was barely fast enough to bring up the protective barrier before the fireball struck.

The ball of flame dissipated as soon as it touched the shimmering barrier of light.

"It seems no one wants Quira to tell her story..."

A striking figure strode into the forest. Roughly six feet in height and garbed in an ebony dark cloak, the stranger was as impressive as any Black Robed mage. But
this is no ordinary Black Robe.

In the slender grasp of the faintly pale hands, a staff of power, with a figure of a striking snake, glowed in the eerie light of a released spell. Various floating stones orbited the figure's covered head, likened to the revolving planets.

"Elder Ioun Stones, a complete set in all. I only know one man can has the complete set of Elder Stones..." A tinge of horror running through Marcus' voice.

The figure took the hood off, revealing a very handsome, very strikingly inhuman face. A face of that of an Irda.

"Mertonius!!!" Hissed all.

02/11/2001 9:09 PM

The Thorn new Mertonious, but his attack came as a surprise. The mage hurredly began the teleport spell. He had no time to deal with this mage now. He had a job to do and he planned on getting it done. The spell went off and the group was teleported to he elven capital.

02/11/2001 9:18 PM

"Good work Thorn! I know my skills pale in comparison with the mad man."

Marcus turns to the others as he took a deep breathe of the air of the Elven City.

"Damn. Of all people. I mean, we're screwed if Mertonius tracks us here... You did mask our destination, right, Thorn?"

He turns to the Quira and casts "Dispel Magic" on the freeze spell of Thorn.

02/12/2001 7:40 AM

Disorientated, Quira finds herself shivering in Llewyn's arms, Marcus in front of her. Looking around, she sees houses... graceful houses, beautiful colors, tenderly shaped trees, slender arches made of marble and ivory... Qualinesti!!!

In her fear, she presses herself against Llewyn and looks at Thorn and Joe hatefully."Now, what are you going to do next? Bring me back to prison immediately or put me on the pillory first and show the kinslayer off to the Qualinesti public???"

She looks back at Llewyn, pleadingly. "You better think about a way to get me out here... I am INNOCENT, Llewyn... you must believe me... and Marcus... you, who came from the future and know about the present... don't you remember that I, your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother never ever killed one of my kind??? You MUST know that I am speaking the truth... you KNOW my history..."Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

02/12/2001 9:39 AM

Joe smiles inwardly as Quira's companions seem to begin to believe him.As he hears Thorns words about a mind-reader, his inner smile widens.Good thing I took the precaution of buying those hypno spells
After they are teleported, he listens to Quira plea to Marcus.From the future?That could complicate things...lets just hope no-one ever found out.The rainbow suddenly appears at his shoulder,and rubs itself against him."Thorn,we will take the elf to the prison.She cannot be allowed to journey the streets.Perhaps the elven gaurds will allow this truth-sensor to visit us there."
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

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02/12/2001 10:01 AM

Kalia stares at Quira mulling over what the Wilder elf had said. maybe she could find out more, She had many friends amung the Qualinesti elves. In her Youth, she had helped to protect those elves during the war of the lance. Thankfully no one had mentioned her true form to any around her.

Kalia sighed and watched Quira. then she turned to The Thorn.

"I will watch her. I have many friends in Qualinost. I am sure that they will agree to leave her in My custody. even a Wilder elf cannot hide from me." She said smiling gently at the elf.

SHe then turned sharply to stare at Joe. " And I warn you as well...You know I don't trust you...and I probably never will...who could ever trust a theif?"

she turned to Quira. "trust me young one...I will allow no one here to Harm you."

02/12/2001 10:03 AM

The Thorn replies to Marcus first, "I attempted to mask our journey, but the spell was not very strong. As you noticed I didn't have a lot of time, so it is possible that Mertonious could track us if he put in the time and effort."

Looking at Joe, "As for Quira, we are not to take her to the prison, nor is she to be marched around for everyone to view. We are to take her to the elven court, where a trial will be held immediately, and judgement will be passed. If everyone is ready, we should go now. I didn't like that previous surprise and I don't want it to happen again."

The Thorn gives directions to Marcus, so he can lead, with the Thorn bringing up the rear to make sure noone tries to escape justice.

02/12/2001 12:47 PM

The group is suddenly shoved aside as two horsed-guards make for the court house, between them a bound human female tagging along as best she could, almost dragged by the horse's pull. Her black hair hung limply down her back, her blue eyes lacking some of their luster. Her arm was slightly burned, her clothes a little bit singed. In an attempt to toss the hair from her eyesight, she caught a glimpse of Thorn, and immediatly started struggling.

"Thorn, it's me . . .Cai'de . . remember?" The guard yanked on her rope and she fell face first in a puddle (of course . . . good ol' physical humor, ya kno?). Undaunted, she looked back at Thorn; "I didn't do it . . you *know* I woulnd't!" She said with much desperation. "Not on purpose . . . not to anyone . . .Thorn, I'm still learning, you have to tell them that!"

By that time one of the guards had pulled her harshly to her feet, and the other rode swiftly near and grabbed her up by the waist, and they continued to the courthouse.

((ooc; Thorn advised me to join and I must say I am very intrigued. I hope my entrance is okay, I know it's kinda similar to Quira's story, and if anyone has a problem with that I can try to change it, but this is just what came to my mind at the moment. Thanks! ~~Tolk))

02/12/2001 1:22 PM

The Thorn stopped the guards before they made it much further. "This one is in my custody," says the mage, "by rights of the speaker." Slowly the mage removed a sheet of paper and handed it to one of the guards. The two discussed something, then nodded, turning Cai'de over to the silver robe.

The Thorn released his friend from her bonds. "This is Cai'de," he said. "She is the one who will be gleaning Joe and Quira's minds when we reach the courts."

The mage addresses Kalia, "If you want to take responsibility for Quira, so be it. We must all travel though, for Lord Thrunkithas is waiting."

02/12/2001 1:36 PM

Llewyn stares at Cai'de, the new arrival, his eyes glinting with both hate and hope.
"So...You will be the one to decide whether Quira lives.....or d.di" Llewyn can't finish the sentence, choking on the last word. Llewyn walks away from the group, drifting down a side street then into a large building.

Half an hour later, Llewyn rejoins the group, his pack bulging now.
"Are we almost there?"

02/12/2001 4:40 PM

"Excuse me my friends, I need to confirm something that is bothering me since I arrived..." With this pronouncement, Marcus made his way to a secluded corner, surrounded by aspens. He withdrew a picture of Qualinesti from his own time. Certain landmarks in the picture are starting to fade from existence!

"I need to do something. This may be risky, but I have no choice..."

He keyed in a strange combination of numbers and symbols into his bracer and started to countdown backwards. And in an instant, a flash of light engulfed him.

The odor of burnt sulfur lay heavily in the air, the gases choking him. The Grand Hall of Mertonius was silent as a crypt, not a light glimmered from the crystal chandeliers that hung from its high ceiling. Once, he remmembered, there were Grand Balls and luxurious parties here. Visitors from many planes came far and wide to dance and enjoy the exquisite arts and delicacies that was the trademark of Mertonius. But all is silent now, and the silence was disconcerting.

A fiery mace descended from nowhere, nearly splitting Marcus' head like a melon. He instinctively drew his sword and faced his unseen assailant. The shadows masked the figure's face as it swung the mace again to his direction. Dodging with a grace of a dancer, he avoided the clumsy blow meant to take off his head. Dropping to a crouching position, he thrust out his left hand, releasing the catch spring that slipped an eight inch blade dagger from his jacket sleeve. The concealed weapon bit into the figures side as its mace started to descend. Marcus' brought his blade up to catch deadly blow...

02/12/2001 6:58 PM

Cai'de rubbed her bruised wrists, looking in shock at Thorn. "You mean for me to judge between life and death?!" She declared. "I still don't have full control of my powers; I was brought in here because I was practicing out int the woods and a bolt of lightening hit a near farm and killed the livestock. I'm not sure you want me working on people's heads . . .I'm not that confident about myself yet!"

02/12/2001 8:47 PM

"Pyranthas could not get here in time, but, he will be helping you. As for you practicing in the area, that was no coincidence, it was arranged. Not by me, of course. I was just informed that you would be here. My job was to gather everyone and make sure that noone was harmed up to this point. Now, we need to make haste, please," says the Thorn.

"I'm sorry you were drug into this Cai'de. You know I consider you a friend, and wouldn't want any harm to come to you. I have faith, you must to. If not for yourself, then for Quira or Joe," appologizes the mage.

02/12/2001 9:11 PM

Cai'de nods solemnly. She looks to Quira and Joe, hoping they would uderstand and be able to forgive her if the outcome was not positive.

02/12/2001 11:00 PM

(OOC: Welcome Tolkanin! You worked yourself pretty well into the storyline, but after you, I think we have enough participants now... I am not addressing you, Tolk... but anyone else who might think about joining in the future. Not to sound rude, but it gets difficult to keep a storyline going when there are too many players... Joe, Thorn, Tolk, Llewyn, Mert, Kalia and I should be it... did I forget anyone? Anyone disagrees? I would post now, but I have to run off to work... :()Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

02/13/2001 4:08 AM

(OOC:I agree.Lets not have a population explosion)
Joe looks at Cai'de with alarm.She could have already read his mind while it was unguarded!But no...she was unsure of her powers,that gave him time. He would save the self-hypnosis spell until totally neccesary, to keep his mind clear.
"Fine."he says to Thorns suggestion."The elven courts will have the evidence found when she was first put into the mental hospital."to Cai'de he bows."I hate to put this burden on you...but remember that no matter what you decide,no one will die.She will only go to a place where she will be healed."
Then he thinks a litlle.Something was wrong."Thorn," he says in an aside."Did you transport the lady with the small dragon here?"
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/13/2001 5:22 AM

Quira watches the arrival of Cai'de and starts to feel better a little. SHE will know... she will see the truth...
She turns to Kalia.

"Please, milady... since that trial seems to be inevitable now, and you will be my watcher... I beg one thing of you... do not separate me from Llewyn... and Marcus... I haven't been with them for a long time... too long *glances shortly at Llewyn*... and I need them to support me while this lady *points at Cai'de* will find out the truth... the TRUTH, Joe... aren't you slowly getting worried??? This lady will see what you did... and she will see my innocence... it seems that things turned out to look better for me now..."

Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

02/13/2001 6:33 AM

As the Thorn continued to walk, he turned to talk with Joe. "I don't remember including her, she wasn't part of our group. She might have already been in the town though, and she's a personal friend of mine so there is nothing to worry about there."

The small party traversed the elven capital, eventually coming to the courts. The mage walked up to the door of a large building and rapped loudly with his staff. After several moments, the door opened a crack. The Thorn had a brief conversation with someone that the others couldn't see, then nodded and waited.

02/13/2001 9:28 AM

"Sure,nothing to worry about." Joe says to himself.She might be a spy for him.As careful with her as with the others.
Joe waits until Thorn is occupied talking to someone.Joe quickly mutters the words to release the pre-configured spell."Haja kola,menro!"he whispers under his breath.As the self-hypno spell is engaged,Joe looks at Quira.The Murderess!It would be a pleasure to bring her to justice.For a small fee of course,but I would have done it without the fee.she betrayed me.
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

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02/13/2001 10:00 AM

While they were waiting, Cai'de tried this passive side of her powers, having only read minds a couple times previously. For a while all she heard was a buzz, since everyone seemed to be thinking, and she wasn't ablt ot discern one thought from another. Then, she concentrated on a passing elf and was able to hear his thoughts crystal clear as the others faded away . . .she quickly turned red with embarrassment; no wonder the elf was smiling so much! She cleared her mind (something she found easier to do after she had gained these powers) and turned to Thorn. "How will this all proceed?" She asked.

02/13/2001 8:26 PM

The air crackled with fey energy as a figure started to form in front of the group. It glimmered for a moment, then disappeared.

There, laying on the ground bleeding from various serious wounds was Marcus.

His hand gripped his notched blade as he struggled to stand up. One of his eyes was totally closed from a cut he received, and what seemed a dagger wound was bleeding profusely at his side. Barely enough strength to breathe, he mouths one name...

"Mertonius..."Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

02/13/2001 10:20 PM

The Thorn begins to explain to Cai'de how things will proceed when Marcus appears amongst their group out of nowhere. The Thorn hesitates, not quite sure what to do. Finally, he comes to a decision.

"Kalia or Llewyn, one of you needs to get Marcus to a healer. The rest of us need to proceed inside, so nothing can happen to us," says the mage as he holds the door open for the rest to enter.

02/13/2001 11:29 PM

Kalia notices Marcus and turns to Llewyn.

"Stay with Quira...I will help him...you saw what I did in the tavern. He will be ok." She turned to kneel down beside Marcus. She closed her eyes briefly and laid the Staff of Magius across his chest. She hovered her hands over the staff, a warm golden glow spreading from her hands( and intesified by the staff), to spread over Marcus.

Kalia watched as Marcus's wounds healed before her eyes and his breathing became more regular. She lowered her hands with a sigh and continued to rest beside him, trying to regain her strength. She knew she was going to need it.

02/14/2001 11:03 AM

The Thorn hurried the others inside, dragging Marcus and Kalia in with them, to make sure they were all safe. Once inside, two elves shut the door behind the mage. The were armed and appeared to be guardians. They were in the antechamber to the main court. There were several plush seat around the room and the silver robe placed the two resting companions on one.

02/14/2001 1:59 PM

Looks at Kalia wistfully as she heals Marcus, his eyes tinged with regret. turning to Quira he says " Did you know, I haven't healed a single person since the day we all separated..."

Llewyn bristles as he is almost dragged into the courtroom, where Quira's fate is to be decided. " Will I be able to testify...or something....?"

Looking around the courtroom, his anger grows, seeing that a few simple people, who have never known Quira in her life are going to determine the rest of her life.
"Great Mother, give me protecton now....and be with Quira through this ordeal" Glances quickly at Thorn then resumes " Give her strength...courage..the power to show her oppressors the truth..andm ostly..make sure she knows that I love her.."

Llewyn looks around, hoping his whispers weren't heard

02/14/2001 5:19 PM

The Thorn went into the main chamber, he was gone for several minutes then returned to the antechamber.

"This is how the procedings will go. The plaintiff, Joe will enter and give his side of the story. He will remain after he is finished. Next, the defendant, Quira will enter and tell her side of the story. She will then stay in there and Cai'de will enter. She will use her gift to glean as much information from the two as she can. After that, they will be allowed to come back out here while the court makes a ruling," explains the mage. "They are ready for you now Joe."

02/15/2001 8:22 AM

Quira smiles as she heard Llewyn's whisper, grabs his hand and squeezes it slightly.

"Do not worry" she whispers at him, "everything will be alright... they will have someone here who will be able read my mind... she will see what really happened that night, she will see that I was not lying... and when everything is over here, you and I can leave..."

She smiles at him warmly, then watches as they close the door behind Joe, who just walked in with a winning smile to tell his version of the story.

She sits down on a cushioned chair, waiting for her turn to go in there... she glances at the other Kagonesti nervously.

Why is Joe so cool? He should be nervous as hell, now that they will soon find out that he is the one to blame and I am innocent... he cannot betray a mindreader... what are his plans...

Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

02/15/2001 9:33 AM

Joe notices Marcus appear battered and dead,but ignores him.The most important thing to do was make the bitch pay.If not with death,then with imprisonment for life.He walks towards the center of the court.I have not been in Qualensti for a while,but I still recognize some of these old fossils,even in cloaks and hoods.There's Raghot,the aide to the Supreme Justice!Why is he here,in this relativly insignificant case of a relatavly unimportant Wilder elf?
"Your honour,"he says,suprising the elf by his recognition,"I wish to bring witnesses,those who had locked the b--the wilder elf up before.They have evidence.May I?"

'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/15/2001 10:43 AM

Kalia stared in wonder around the room It had been nearly one hunderd years since she had set foot within Qualinost. She stared around hoping to see a familiar face.

She stared at the elf that Joe was talking to. Raghot!! this was one person that she knew alright...but he did not know her in her Human form.

She walked up to them and bowed from her waist. "your honor...I am not sure that you will remember me but I remember you...One hundred years ago..I helped to save Qualinesti from destruction." she said as a Image of her true self the crystal dragon, apeared above her head.

02/15/2001 11:39 AM

Cai'de decided to forgo the plush chairs and set herself cross-legged on the ground, meditating, trying to focus all her energy on preparing this particular power. She prayed to Paladine that she would find the truth, and that her own opinoin would not taint it . . .

02/15/2001 2:29 PM

The Thorn sat down on one of the plush seats. He removed an amulet from one of his pouches and placed it on his lap. He studied it intently, as this amulet had caused problems similar to those on trial her. He had named it Glasswalker's Amulet, but he wasn't aware of the full extent of it's powers yet. He would test those after this trial was resolved. He could probably leave now, having done his job, but he was curious about the outcome and how Cai'de would perform.

02/15/2001 2:32 PM

Sits down next to Thorn, wondering what goes in the mages mind. Looking at the door where Cai'de is, He sighs deliberatly, wishing he could be in there with her when she goes.

Llewyn concentrates on his prayers, hoping to make the time pass quicker

02/15/2001 2:39 PM

The Thorn puts away the amulet. "I'm sorry what has happened to your friend. I have not judged her in any way. I have found that, often, rumors can ruin people, even when they aren't true. I hope this doesn't happen to Quira, she seems very nice, but a little scared," says the mage to Llewyn.

02/16/2001 3:29 AM

"I hope so too....I have known Quiralanthalasa a long time...WE have shared adventures together...She is a Cleric of Mishakal you know...a powerful one...I can't ever blieve that a follower of Mishakal would do this...can you?"

Llewyn sighs depressedly, and stares at the ceiling

02/16/2001 12:13 PM

"Sometimes it is not the person acting, but someone or thing acting through the person. The amulet I was studying caused a mageling to go berserk and attempt to killour party. It wasn't him but the amulet. For Quira's sake, I hope that didn't happen to her," says the Thorn.

02/17/2001 3:24 AM

OOC:I meant for Thorn to answer me,since he seemed in charge of the trial thingy.Oh well,lets get into snotty elf mode...
Raghot looks down his nose at Joe,staying that way for a long while as he thinks."All right."he finally agrees."Name the witnesses."Joe names them,five key witnesses."Summon them...and the mind-reader...we'll test her skills on them."the elf lord says to one of the gaurds.
As the human enters,he looks at her with distaste."Bad enough we have to let this half elf into Qualensti,and the mage and his mind-reader, but another human?! Remove her from the councils presence."
As gaurds pick her up.He looks at the strange thing above her head.A crystal dragon...a crystal dragon,where did he know that...never mind.Rainbows,crystal dragons,humans,half elves,mind-readers!It was all to much.He sits and waits for the witnesses and mind-reader to arrive.

'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/17/2001 1:47 PM

OOC: Sorry Joe, I justed wanted to set the stage. It's not my post, I was just helping it along.

The Thorn sits back, thinking about Cai'de. He had heard about her powers, but didn't know how she came about them. All the mage knew was that it had something to do with someone named the Black Claw. The character sounded shady to the mage, but these days, you can never judge a person by their name. The Thorn had met an ogre once, who had come to his tower after a major battle. The ogre's name was Grog, and he wanted the mage to fix his right hand, or lack of one. The Thorn's mind drifted more as the trial continued.

02/20/2001 11:32 AM

Despite the deep mediatative state that Cai'de tried to achieve, she was still very nervous. She desperately hoped that none of Black Claw's influence was left in the powers, and that she could keep her own mind out of it and allow Paladine to use her for good, for truth. She swallowed, yet her mouth was still dry.

02/20/2001 12:20 PM

A gaurd walks out of the main courtroom."Human cai'de,enter."
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

02/21/2001 12:07 AM

Cai'de could feel her ears burn as she was summoned, and she rose on rubbery legs. She glanced over at Thorn, then nervously followed the guard into the main courtroom. . .

02/21/2001 4:52 AM

Quira glances at Llewyn, then manages a little smile.

"See... now that lady will look into Joe's mind and see the truth there. No more need to worry... I know that I am innocent and Joe knows it... there is no way I can think of he could trick a mind reader. Soon she will be finished with him, and then there will not even be the need for me to tell my story. The trial will be over, and we can leave, Llewyn..."

She walks up to the wilder elf and sits down next to him, to lay her head on his shoulder, while waiting for Cai'de to finish her task in the courtroom.
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02/21/2001 7:50 AM

As Cai'de enters, the elf lord smiles,and starts talking,slowly,as if to a child."Now human,we have a simple task for you.Just tell us if these people,"he points to a group of three elves in the middle of the courtroom, "are lying or telling the truth.They will now speak,tell us if they lie.Thats all.Ok?"
Without waiting for a response,he gestures for the first elf to start speaking.
"My Lord,my tale is simple.I was one of the gaurdians of a treasure of Platinum,kept for an elf lord who's name we did not even know,except for one of us,his agent.We spent an easy time,ocassionally repusling Ogre's with no casulties.Then,the half elf"he nods toward Joe "And the murderess came.They talked with the agent of the elf lord.They seemed to have a deal, certain magic items for the platinum,but it was still in negotiotion.Then,one night,I and my watch,"he points out the two other elves,"Were hunting a wayward Ogre.When we returned after killing him...it had already been done.The elf woman was fighting one of our people,and just as we ran to help him,killed him.Then Joe rushed from the tree's,and together we tied her up,and later sent her here,to rot in a duengeon.For what she did to my men...she should rot forever!"the elfs voice cracks,his hands clench into fists,and he holds his arms together,as if to defend against something."She had tortured them...horribly.None was still alive by the time we arrived."
"And that, my lord."he sits again."Is the truth,the horrible truth."The two other surviving elves nod,and tears fall from thier cheeks.
OOC: For Cai'de.The man is telling the truth,from his point of view.Except for something near the end,that has a tone ofa lie.

"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

02/21/2001 10:07 AM

Cai'de had used the Elf Lord's exaggerated speech to calm herself, slightly annoyed that he found humans so simple minded. She cleared her head, and then watched the elf and listened . . .felt . . .his story. He was speaking the truth, she could tell that. At least he was until the end, where Cai'de's mind suddenly twitched. As he finished, she furrowed her brow absently. A first impression began to form in her mind, her twitch supplying her with possible variations and different views. She forced herself not to assume or suddenly jump to conclusions, and waited patiently for the next story.

02/21/2001 11:14 AM

The Thorn sat outside patiently waiting. He wanted to speak to Cai'de after the trial was over.

02/22/2001 10:13 AM

Raghot looks at Cai'de,annoyed."Well?Is he speaking truth?Speak up,human!"
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

02/22/2001 10:49 AM

Cai'de takes on an indignant look. She was nervous, but she didn't like being treated like a simpleton. "Well if someone would have *told* me you wanted my summary after each story. . ." She paused a moment. "He is giving us an accurate depiction of the events as they unfolded to him . . ." She said, and then added to mock Raghot; "in short, your honor, he is telling us the truth from his point of view, with perhaps the only exception of the last statement."

02/22/2001 3:04 PM

Llewyn taps his foot impatiently on the floor.
"How bloody long is the going to take........" Glances at the room and sighs.

"This better work....They better find out the truth.."

02/22/2001 7:39 PM

"Have faith," is all the mage replies.

02/23/2001 10:43 AM

Quira glances at Thorn.

"Where do you know Cai'de from? Do you trust her? She seems a bit... unexperienced... and nervous... like she wasn't sure about her ability... like she could be easily influenced..."Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

02/23/2001 3:54 PM

The elf who spoke pales for a second,but only a second.A lapse barely noticble."I,lie?!You are the one who lies,human..."
Joe(remember him?I barely do.lol) looks amazed at the elf."You werelying!What was the lie!Tell me...or i'll cut your throat!"the volitale half-elf draws a long edged stilleto.
OOC:YOu know,its not really fair for me to play the judge guy.It should be someone impartial.Maybe Thorn,and if he doesn't want him maybe we'll advertise...All in favour?
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

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02/23/2001 9:19 PM

(OOC: Agreed....:))) Im enjoying this guys...better than I expected./.)

02/24/2001 7:52 PM

OOC: If I judge, I already know the ruling. Anyways, I don't want to play the judge. If someone else plays him, I'll take over when he needs to give the verdict.

The Thorn turns to look at the accused. "I trust in Cai'de's powers. She has not had the for very long, and is learning to use them. If anyone can prove you innocent it is her. I had choosen another but he was unavailable. You must have faith, if not in her, then in yourself," says the mage.

02/25/2001 8:48 PM

Elsewhere, a figure in a dark cloak made his way at the back of the stand. He takes off his hood to reveal Marcus's apparently healthy looking visage. His eyes gleamed with an inner, almost unholy fire as he watched Quira from his place, he wets his lip with the tip of his tongue . And for a moment, he stares angrily at Llewyn, a deep and unabiding hatred running deep. But as Llewyn turned to him, the hatred disappeared and was replaced but a calm presence.

"Greetings Llewyn. I trust that the trial is going well?"
Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

02/26/2001 12:11 PM

As Quira sees him staring at her, she starts to feel very uncomfortable and reaches for Llewyn's arm almost unconsciously. Something was wrong with her friend... he never looked at her that way... and a cold shiver runs down her back as she sees the feelings in his eyes as he looks at Llewyn...

She steps closer to the elf, to support him as well as in search for protection...

Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

02/27/2001 2:16 PM

Oblivious to everything but Quira at the moment, Llewyn doesn't notice the set of eyes staring deep into him. Her nervous fidgets with a lock of hair, finding the court room both oppressive and despondent. He continually looks to the door , wishing he could be outside, in the fresh air, but knowing that he cannot go out without leaving Quira. As she sidles up to him, he unconciously puts an arm around her shoulders , pulling her in closer.

' Everything is going to be ok dear...You'll go in....What's-her-name will find out exactly what happened...and then you'll be free to go wherever your beautiful elven heart wishes. And I'll be there whenever you need me...Not like last time..
SOMETHING brought me back to you, and now I know why. By the Mother, I have missed you Quiralanthalasa...And I won't let anything happen to you."

02/28/2001 4:40 AM

Still watching Marcus out of the corner of her eyes, Quira lets out a soft sigh when Llewyn puts his arm around her shoulder. His presence calms her and helps her to focus on her thoughts. She tries to remember every detail of that night in question as good as possible, to order her thoughts, to make it easier for Cai'de to enter her mind and to see for herself what had happened.

Then she looks up to Llewyn. "What was it that pulled you away from me... when I was still suffering from the separation of the children... you were suddenly gone... and I didn't even know why... or where you did go... and then, years later, I find you standing at the bar in the Inn, searching for Marcus and me... "
A tear forms in her eye. "I missed you too, Llewyn, you know..."Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

02/28/2001 12:28 PM

The Thorn figured the two needed some privacy so he moved away. He sat in a chair over in a corner and once again started to look over the amulet.

02/28/2001 1:07 PM

(OOC: May I say that I am proud to post the 100th posting)

Llewyn nods slowly.

Sighing quietly, he says "Quira...After the children were born...I don't know...something came over me, urging me to this small island. I lived there for a long time, I don't know why...but I did. I think I needed that time in my life to think, to reflect on everything that had happened to me. And it worked. I feel more free than I EVER have. I am truly sorry you had to suffer because of it"

Llewyn looks into her eyes, then continues, "On the island , I realised who I truly worship...I found out from an old hermit that lives there, that her name is Chislev. How strange, I always thought I had named her true. I realised that violence is an unnecessary part of life, and now only use it when I truly have to, But I digress....

After a couple of years, the compulsion to stay left me, and I travelled immediately back to the Inn, hoping somehow that I would meet some of my old...and dear friends"

Llewyn smiles, glad to have been able to explain.

02/28/2001 8:45 PM

Not knowing if this cloying show of affection between the two would be enough to turn his stomach inside-out or he would become decidedly nauseous enough to throw up then and there, Marcus stalked out of the room, banging the door so loud that it startled everyone in the room including the silent elven foot man.

He made his way back to the guest room and locked the door.


Senator Selestaria tended to the grievious wounds of the young and handome 'being' that lay on her stately bed in her own room. For al she can tell, the being was male, as evident as he lay partially naked in her bed, covered by silk and linen coverings. His far more serious wounds has been healed by her sister, a cleric, and now he laid in state of blissful sleep.

His right arm was crushed, as if by a blunt weapon, and is blood loss was severe. Selestaria admired the 'man' before her for his indominable will to survive.

"I do wonder what his name is, and what kind of being is he..."

With this she alighted herself and brushed her lips upon the sleeping man's own.Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

02/28/2001 10:43 PM

Quira looks intenesely at Llewyn. "Now I know... thank you, dear. But you are back now... and that is all that..."

At the sudden slam of the door, Quira pulls back startled. Exchanging a wondering look with Llewyn and Thorn, who sat a little aside, she decided to follow Marcus to see what's up with him. That waiting here for her trial only makes her nervous anyways. She turns to Llewyn again.

"My dear, please wait here. Marcus behaves so strangely... I want to go and talk with him... I wonder what happened..."

Not waiting for Llewyn's response, Quira went through the same door that Marcus just slammed close, but she doesn't see him anywhere in the halls. She walks to the guest room, the only alternative where Marc could be. She knocks at the door.

"Marcus? Marcus! Are you in there? Please, open the door! We need to talk! Please..."Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

03/02/2001 4:34 AM

But not a sound came from Marcus's room. Only the labored sound of someone breathing hard... Then nothing...The glimmer of a spell flashed through the cracks of the door and then it was gone. The door opened on it own... And Marcus was gone.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/02/2001 8:48 AM

As the door suddenly opens all by itself, Quira hurriedly steps in.

"Marcus! What the hell..." - but no one answers, the room is empty. Startled, Quira shouts Marcus' name several more times in vain, before she turns around and slowly walks back to Llewyn and Thorn.

"He disappeared.", was all she said and Llewyn just nods, remembering scenes like that from former days, when they were travelling all together.

"I really wonder what is wrong with him again..."
She sighs.
"And how is it going in there?" She points at the door to the courtroom. "Anything happend while I was gone?"Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

03/02/2001 11:02 AM

OOC: That's a good question. Where are Joe and Tolk. I haven't heard from either in a while now.

"Not much," says the Thorn, "still in the proceedings." The mage was engrossed in the amulet and no longer payed much attention in the trial. He had an idea of what the outcome would be.

03/02/2001 11:36 AM

OOC: Dunno... didn't see Joe online in a while, not even on ICQ... as for Tolk... no clue. :(Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

03/02/2001 11:48 AM

ooc; sorry, I've been following the storyline diligently, I just haven't really been inspired. I'm going to write this next part anyway, in hopes that Joe won't mind. I think in his last post he pulled out a stiletto, a small dagger (I think?)

Cai'de is suprised at first by Joe's movements, but smirks as she finds a chance to use one her favorite powers; telekenisis. She holds her hand out and snaps her wrist and the dagger's handle is ripped from Joe's grip and flies swiftly into Cai'de's, who simply tosses it to the ground behind her. "Careful there, you could poke someone's eye out with that!"

03/02/2001 6:01 PM

Elsewhere in Qualinesti.

"You...You will not get away with... This...." The advocate struggled to back off from the figure that stabbed him. The ground was
beginning to soak up much of his blood as he strove to speak...

And then the figure that attacked him was gone...Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/03/2001 1:50 PM

OOC:Sorry guys,my comp was ruined.But its cool now,I hope.Thorn,when I was thinking objective,I meant not Quira or me.Despite the fact that its obvious who's telling the truth to an outsider,you could weigh the evedince presented,and then decide.Up to you.
Joe looks at Cai'de in amazment,his anger turning cool in a second."So.You are more then an elven hireling,it seems."he says thoughfully,and bows at her,smiling charmingly.this girl could make a pretty conquest.And a usefull one.

The Elven Judge looks angry at the elven gaurd."What were you liying about?How dare you lie to this Jury!Your testimony is struck!"with a wave,he accents the order.Joe protests."But your Honour,only a small part of his testimony is a lie,she said so herself..."
The elf ignores Joe,and motions for the gaurd to be taken to the duenguons.
While in the Qualensti House Guard building,a captain is giving a speech:
"All right men,we've got a problem.Some powerful mage is running around killing people.Important people,and the Speaker doesn't like it.So,unless we want to ask the Tower of High Sorcery for help,its our job to find him!Is that clear?"at the nods around the room from the assembelled elven magic users,the captain disperses the meeting.
OOC2:Mert,this is just so you wont run wild.No offence.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

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03/04/2001 5:47 PM

Cai'de takes a quick breath hearing Joe's last internal comment, and her eyes lock with his, a slight horror in her own. She quickly turns away. "Can we proceed?" She asks the judge, ready to be over with the whole thing. She would continue to ponder Joe's comment, though she knew she had to let it slide to concentrate fully on the proceedings.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

03/05/2001 5:03 AM

OOC: None Taken Joe :)

As the the Chief Guard (ooc: AKA Joe in the previous posting) ordered his men to start searching, Senator Selestaria appeared, along with a strange looking young man who has a bandaged right arm.

"I believe they are searching for someone. Are you alright, Sir Marius?" She turned to the man she was helping.

"I am alright. But I wonder what is happening here...." Sir Marius(?) turns to the chief guard and asks him, "Can you fill me in on what is happening, captain?" (OOC: This is addressed to Joe)


A lone figure watched as Joe struggled against the guards who took him to the dungeons. The figures eyes closed into slits of bright crimson.

"Damn, I know this would have happened if I sent that accursed Joe to do this errand. I might as well free that bastard. No use leaving that pathetic coward here. Those elves might find a way to get what they want from him..."

The figure made his way behind the guards. A night black mace descended on their skulls, crushing their heads like over ripe melons dropped on a granite floor.

The figure stared at the suprised Joe.

"I believed that you were working for me. How did it come to this where I had to rescue you from these slimy elves?"

The cloaked figure stepped into the light, revealing the grim visage of.........

Marcus....Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/06/2001 7:50 AM

ooc; I am just a little bit confused here . . . Wasn't the Elven guard taken to the dungeon? The one who just gave his story? Is Joe being taken down *also* because of his act with the dagger? Who's leading the proceedings? In short, What's going on here?!?!? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

03/06/2001 10:43 AM

OOC: Yeh... I lost the storyline too a little bit...Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

03/06/2001 2:29 PM

OOC: Uh, Yeah.

03/07/2001 3:31 AM

OOC: I Think It was te Guard. Basically I was talking about Joe's Guard being taken down. He is working for Marcus(?). Basically, I can't tell much. (heh)(heh)

Joe is still present in the precedings while Marcus(?) freed the guard. Believe me, all would be alright.... (Insert Evil Laughter Here)Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/07/2001 4:27 AM

OOC:I'm guessing here that Mert just put my name on the gaurd,becuase I didn't give him one.And he's working for Marcus.Ok,would you just edit that,its confusing.His name is...Gorerd.or whatever.Also,he's a elf.As snooty as anyone else.
Joe looks at the gaurd being led away with anger, though none is apperant on his face.Just like that,a key witness gone!I just hope the others are telling the truth!
But Joe's plans are interupted by the Elven Lords next decision."I do not like this man."he sniffs at Joe."I believe I will hear the evidence for the Wilder elf now,before the rest of his.Send for the female.Quiralanthalasa,was it?"
The gaurds outside open the doors."The wilder elf and her evidence are to enter!"they shout.
The elven captain looks at Marius."A fighter,I see."he turns to the higher ranking elf at the knights side."Senator,I am sorry,but unless this man is a mage,he will not survive an encounter with the murderer in the streets.In this mission I outrank you,but I will only request that he not be involved."
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/07/2001 1:30 PM

Llewyn watches hesitantly as the guard calls out Quira's name, his gut wrenching with fear. Whispering to himself, he says " I hope for your sake and mine Quira, that what you have told me is true...That you ARE innocent......"

03/07/2001 9:00 PM

Marius turns to Senator Selestaria and smiles a secretive smile.

"I believe I can do better than your guards. I can track this murderer with ease and believe me, if I find him I would make sure that he pays for this crime."

After a moment, thinking of way to keep the strange but comely Marius (Elves absolutely adore beauty, Marius is VERY handsome) with her but the security of the state and of her people finally gave way to the wishes of the heart.

"As you wish Marius. Knight Captain (that is you Joe) accompany this man as he investigate the matter. Make sure that all available resources at our disposal are also available to him. I have an absolute trust for you, as you have served our land and your fathers before, " she turns to Marius ", and I believe that you can help. Even though I have only known you for a short time, I believe that we were fated to meet. Farewell Marius, and may you succeed!"

With this, the Senator and her retinue made their way to the courthouse to to act as witnesses to the bizarre tale that was about to unfold (Okay Joe you can use the Senator as a witness. For the Prosecuting side.)


"Fool! If you have done what I have told you you would've avoided that mind reader's ability. But No.. Instead of taking the full dose of that bitter drug you took only a quarter. Do you understand that one word from me and you and your family would be banished? Do you know what Banishment is? Come, come, don't snivel and follow me, I think I can still find a way to make that elven woman mine. Come and follow me..."

Marius began to turn around but halts midway. "I think I have to solve this minor inconvenience first.

With a trange motion of his hand, Gorerd's skin started to painlessly slide off his body and that of the fallen guard. In a moment, Gorerd has taken the form of the slain guardsman!

Gorerd was a bit squeamish of loosing his old appearance but he is to far gone now. There is no turning back. He followed his Master back to the court.Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/07/2001 10:36 PM

Quira breathes in deeply to calm down, then looks at Llewyn. Not the least aware of what was going on inside (ooc: so I don't really have to understand the storyline at the moment - I still have some troubles with it, lol. Since Q was outside the whole time, she'll take the situation that unfolds in the courtroom as normal.), she looks at Llewyn.

"Llewyn, I don't have any evidence. I would be more than thankful if you would join me and speak for me, when someone asks you. You know me for such a long time, and Cai'de could look into your mind as well to see that you tell the truth about me..."

As Llewyn nods, she gives him a quick kiss on his cheek, then she walks into the courtroom, her head up high, holding the look of those who are staring at her, the "murderess", with pride and dignity.

In front of the jury, she stops, looks at everyone, then slightly bows in respect.

"I greet you, noble elves. My name is Quiralanthalasa. This..." *points at Llewyn who stands a little behind her* "... is Llewyn Darkash. He is my evidence. He knows me for a very long time and he is known to always speak the truth."

She slightly bows again to finish her little speech properly, then waits for her trial to begin, not showing anyone how nervous she really was. Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

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03/09/2001 1:20 PM

OOC: Do you guys need the Thorn anymore?

03/09/2001 3:26 PM

((ooc; don't leave me!!! please!!! you're my only friend!!!! ::cai'de begins to sob unconrtolably:: you can't leave . . .))

:-D Sorry, I get so emotional at times!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

03/09/2001 3:53 PM

OOC: I have no reason to stay in the thread anymore.

03/09/2001 10:45 PM

OOC: If you leave this thread it is like the OJ Simpson Trial without Judge Ito, or the Bill Clinton Trial without... ah ...hmmmm
who is the judge of that trial anyway? Anyway, we need a judge!!!Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/10/2001 12:48 AM

OOC: Good Idea, Mert... play the judge, Thorn. Since Thorn's job is done after bringing Joe and Quira to Qualinesti, you could easily take over the part of the judge. :)Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

03/11/2001 3:39 PM

OOC:Yes Thorn!Play Ragmuffin,Ragpoop,Raghor,whateevr the elven guys name was.
OOC2:Mert,um,why do I need the Senator?do I know her?
The elven Lord (last time i'm this guy,I hope) motions impatiently at Llewyn."Well,come on.Characer witness,speak!"
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/11/2001 6:40 PM

OOC: Alright.

The judge looks at the senator. "Lets try to hurry this along if we can," says the elf.

03/12/2001 4:04 AM

OOC: Having a powerful, well-to-do, honest, and well placed witness would do wonders for you Joe. I know you can think of a way to use her to your advantage.

Marcus(?) slips past the guards posted at the entrance of the room and makes his way beside Quira, without her and Llewyn noticing.

"You have nothing to worry about Quira. I think the truth would be in order at this time..."Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/12/2001 2:04 PM

Joe looks at Marcus."Aren't you dead?"then shakes his head.If this man wanted to show the truth,he had no problem with it.But why whas he telling the elf bitch not to worry?
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/12/2001 2:18 PM

Llewyn nervously steps up to the stand, his hand s quivering behind him. Gathering his courage, he starts to speak..

"Quiralanthalasa ...Quira... Is the kindest, noblest woman I have ever met. She journeyed with myself, Lidora and Marcus for a long time. She saved our life many times, as we saved hers. She was, and I still believe is a Cleric of Mishakal, even before Marcus put Valeria's memories into her." Lewyn takes a sip of a drink, then starts speaking again, " She always stands by people, no matter what they are going through. I mean, like, Followers of Mishakal don't just go around killing people."

Llewyn shuffles, then quickly glances upwards. " She is devout, warm, kind, caring...and so much more. They are al part of the reason I fell in love with her..and still love her to this day, even thoiugh we have been separated for a while."

Llewyn steps down, and blushes, embarrased that so many people are watching him.

03/13/2001 1:58 PM

Joe allows himself a small sneer."Fool."he says to himself."Falling for a woman,and so blinding himself."Make sure that never happens to you,Joe. he thinks,aware of the dangers of womankind.
Joe rises to speak,loud enough to fill the room this time."My Lord Justice,this elf is obviously caught in the b-...the womans charms.Love blinds his eyes.I move that his testimony be stricken."
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/13/2001 2:59 PM

The Lord Justice considers the motion. "Denied. The witness is character material and developed how the accused acts and behaves. This will be admitted." The elf then turns to Quira. "Now that you have presented this witness, please have your remaining witness, other then yourself, stick to only the night in question. Furthermore, I would like the mind reader to verify the truth to all testimonies. If any are in question it is to be brought to my attention immediately."

03/14/2001 5:50 AM

OOC: Now Mert, did Quira and Llewyn notice Marcus or not??? lol

After a short, thankful smile at Llewyn, Quira bows her head respectfully.

"No more witnesses, Lord Justice. I was all by myself in the night of question, when I found the slaughtered elves..." She lowers her eyes at that terrible memory and continues with a weaker voice.
"But my friend Marcus could testify what Llewyn just told you... we travelled together for a very long time and he knows me as good as Llewyn does - and he is NOT in love with me", she adds with a side glance at Joe.

"But if not, lady Cai'de could now verify my story..."Don't dream your life, live your dream... and be HAPPY (or spanked...)!!! ;)"Saucy little lady, ain't she?! She got spunk. That's good. I like that." - JaxThe Happy Lance Inn (http://pub37.ezboard.com/bhappylanceinn)

03/14/2001 5:56 PM

"Proceed," says the Lord Justice.

03/14/2001 7:18 PM

Cai'de had suddnely lost her voice. She knew her abilities had to be right, but she didn't want to judge wrong. Why does it have to be all up to me? She thought. She was quiet for a few moments, calming herself, and then spoke;

"Quirathalanasa and her friend Llewyn is . . .not lying." She breathed.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

03/15/2001 12:08 AM

"Are not lying," corrects the Lord Justice. "Noted. Will the accused please recount the events of the night in question."

03/17/2001 2:10 PM

"Let's hurry these proceedings. I don't want to sit here all day," states the Lord Justice.

03/17/2001 9:08 PM

***Inside Marcus's Head (Protected from any type of Psychic Probes)***

"Damn that bitch, she could see through any lies. How can I find a way to get Quira and Llewyn to fall apart. Shoot, my plan seem to be falling apart on me instead..."


Marcus turns back and makes his way towards the main door. With a careful nod at his personal guard (aka the switched Gererd) he motions him near the other guard posted nearby...

(OOC:Sorry for being gone for some time. I got confined for an acute infection. :) )Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/18/2001 5:10 AM

Quira takes a step forward and starts to talk.

"Lord Justice, I was travelling with Joe for a while... he was searching for a treasure in Qualinesti hands... and made me negotiate with those elves... so I did... but Joe planned a conspiracy and organized some ogres to kill the elves... I heard the noises out of their camp... I have a very light sleep... so I went there and all I saw were some ogres quickly fleeing with the treasure... and blood everywhere... my cousins... all slaughtered..."

Her voice breaks and a few seconds pass until she finds the strength back to talk.

"I... I broke down next to them... I couldn't bare what I saw... Joe found me like that... dragged me away from there and brought me to Qualinost as the murderess, to wash his hands clean... he got away with this... and they locked me away in a mad house... but I am NOT guilty..."

She looks at Cai'de, hoping for the words to free her... and to damn Joe to the Abyss...

"That is all I have to say, Lord Justice. The truth and nothing but the truth..."Andrea
VP of Personnel, Amethyst Alliance (http://www.amethyst-alliance.com)
Director of the RPGC

03/18/2001 9:07 AM

Cai'de couldn't speak for a moment and instead stood gently nodding, then turned to the Lord Justice. "She speaks the truth." Cai'de said silently.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

03/19/2001 12:55 PM

Joe's cool expression changes only once during Quira's whole speech.At the end,when Cai'de confirmed it as true.The expression is...astonishment.But the half elfs face is soon calm and genial again.His thoughts are not.The bitch has goten hold of a hypno spell from somwhere!PErhaps from that fool mage of hers,Mar whatever.
Joe steps up to speak before He can be arrested by the Justice's order."Listen to my tale before you decide what to say is truth and what is not."he says grimly."I will repeat the tale of Garerd,the elf gaurd.Who you may have perhaps forgotten,only lied at the end of his testimony."And I will kill him for that lie when I find what it is!he thinks angrily.But he starts his story.
"I will shorten the tale.Yes,the bi-the wilder elf and I were adventuring together to find a treasure hidden by the Qualensti elves.In truth it was I who wanted the treasure more then her,but we would share it equally.We had bargained with the Captain of the gaurds succesfully.We would part with some useless -to us- magical trinkets,and he would give us the treasure.
"But it was not to be."Joe's voice seems sad more for the steel then the lives he says were lost."That night I woke,I don't know why,and the... elf was not asleep.I heard sounds of screaming from the clearing where the gaurds slept.I ran there....and found her torturing one of the few surviving gaurds,the rest either tied up...or dead.I stopped her,or tried to,she was insanely strong.When Garerd's band returned,we held her,and she cursed us to the tenth generation,swearing oaths to the Dark Gods that would chill your blood.
"We brought her to justice.Then she escaped,and we brought her here.Where I hope...she will not escape justice.And every word I have said is truth." With this,Joe finishes,and sits down in a chair as if emotionally exuasted.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/19/2001 1:04 PM

"Is this the truth," asks the Lord Justice to Cai'de.

03/20/2001 8:00 PM

Inside Marcus(?)'s head. Protected by a plethora of Psychic Barriers.

"He is saying the truth. Or whatever he saw as the truth. The eyes are like the door into a granary. Whatever enters the door would ultimately affect what the granary would hold. Put into it rotten grain and all grain within would rot. Show something that is not really what it is and the mind will make it into something else..."

Marcus(?) grins inwardly.

"My doppleganger did its job well. Having it duplicate my dear Quiralanthalasa and sending it after those two went well. Not even Llewyn (That Bastard Who Stole her from Me) can find a way to save her. It is only a matter of time. Those two never knew what happened to my children. Llylgamyn, frozen within my Mirror of Despair. Quirandia, turned to a stone statue by my Waters of Forgetfulness, Torminius of the Silver Shield, cursed to wander as a wraith for a 101 years. Oh, how they tried to stop me from returning... Oh how they tried... BUT FAILED!!!"

Marcus's (?) eyes closed into slits as he watched Quira, a hungry gaze, a gaze full of longing... and madness...

"That girl, Cai'de, would be the linchpin of my victory. She would be unable to say that Joe lied caused he didn't... Victory... IS... MINE!"
Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/22/2001 6:54 AM

Feeling Marcus' stare, Quira slowly turns around and faces him. A shiver runs down her back as she sees the look in his eyes, which she cannot understand. This is not the Marcus she knew for such a long time...
Her hand searches Llewyn's and she forces her eyes back on the judge again. Soon they would be told to leave the courtroom, so the jury could decide upon her and Joe's fate. No matter the outcome - she HAS to talk to Marcus... as soon as they are outside the courtroom, she has to get him alone...Andrea
VP of Personnel, Amethyst Alliance (http://www.amethyst-alliance.com)
Director of the RPGC

03/22/2001 9:41 AM

Cai'de continued to watch Joe, her brain working overload. He wasn't lying. Quira wasn't lying. Both had spoken true, and yet these elven guards lay dead. Something was wrong, something was off. The twitch in the back of her mind had returned, pounding with ever-increasing strength. Cai'de continued to stare at Joe, completely unaware that she was staring at him; to her she glared into space, searching for an answer. She heard the judge dimly behind her, and she started to feel lightheaded. Closing her eyes, she felt for something to hold onto, to steady herself. "Neither lies." She said softly, weakly. "neither lies . . ." And for the second time in her life her abilities outweighed her strength and she collapsed.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

03/22/2001 11:26 AM

Joe looks at the man,apperantly a mage,who was with the elven bitch.Joe decides that as soon as the trial would end,the mage would die.His eyes looked too knowing.But he smiles at Marcus affiably,and winks.
Then Cai'de collapses.Joe erases the smile immediatly.He replaces it with a sober expression,and stands up, adressing the Lord Justice."My Lord.I have heard of something...called hypno-spells.They convince the user that what he...or she, wants to believe is true.They can convince the best mind-readers with this trick,since even the user does not know he uses it until it is undone."
He gestures toward Quira."And it has been known to cause slight madness as what the person knows is true,even remembers,is oppisiote a strange...feeling."
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/22/2001 11:59 AM

"We will take a recess. And take care of her," says the elf pointing to Cai'de. "Be back at seventh hour." With that the Lord Justice rose and left.

03/22/2001 10:06 PM


Quira wants to explain to the Judge that she has never learned how to use magic and that Joe is the one, capable of a hypno-spell... but the Lord Justice already vanished and she feels Llewyn's hand, slightly holding her back. As she looks at him, he slowly shakes his head.
Irate, she turns to Joe.

"A hypno-spell, huh... that's how you conviced the mind reader, you bastard... I should have known that you would trick her like that..."

With that, she turns around furiously and walks over to the collapsed Cai'de. She kneels down besides her, and forgetting everything around her, forgetting the anger she just felt, unaware of the people watching her, she chants a prayer to her goddess, Mishakal, to heal the woman. A peaceful, almost exstatic experssion shows on her face, as the goddess uses her as an instrument for her divine powers, and with Llewyn protectively at her side, no one tries to hold the "murderess" back. And after a few moments, Cai'de opens her eyes again, looking around, obviously confused. Quira slowly raises again.

"Llewyn, take care of her. I'll be right back."

She walks over to Marcus and before he could disappear before her very eyes again, she gets hold of his arm.

"Marcus, my friend... we need to talk."

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03/23/2001 9:28 AM

Cai'de looks around, and slowly time and place come back to her. She loks at Llewyn as he helps her up. "What happened? What's the verdict?" She asked, sure that she had missed the rest of the trial.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

03/23/2001 2:12 PM

A look of deep concern, yet also of great hope crosseses Llewyn's face. "The verdict hasn't been reached yet...It will be soon. Thank you so very much. If it weren't for you, Quira would have been damned from the start"

Llewyn's eyes shine with gratefulness. He turns to Quira, holding her hand protectively. " Everything is going to be alright...They can't judge you guilty"
Wrapping his arms around Quira, he gathers her against his chest "You are going to be free..."

03/23/2001 7:11 PM

Cai'de smiles seeing the two, but is soon clouded over with another thought. "Joe wasn't lying, but my personal opinoin of him is not altogether positive. He had some thoughts about me personally, not pertaining to the trial." She said as she remembered him thinking; 'this girl could make a pretty conquest.And a usefull one.' She now had the time to ponder what it meant. She walked out into the lobby where Thorn was seated and sat down next to him. "Hey." She said almost casually. "What are you still doing here?"

ooc; thus assuming that, since Thorn's player has taken over the Lord Justice that Thorn's chara Thorn is still here???~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

03/24/2001 12:27 AM

The Thorn puts the amulet away. "I stayed to talk with you. Have you sought out Py yet? I still feel that he can help you most with your powers, although, I see you have discovered some on your own.""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/24/2001 2:43 PM

Joe looks at Quira as she heals the mind-reader.Of course she wouldn't admit to using a hypno-spell.One of the side-efects is complete ignorance of its use,and un-ability(ooc:is that a word?) to even think of its having been used on you.Joe thinks.
Now,I had something to do before I start convincing the Lord Justice.Ah yes,the mage.Mar-something.The soon to be dearly beloved late Mar-something.As soon as the bitch is done with him.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/25/2001 2:19 AM

As Llewyn embraces her, Quira lets go of Marcus arm for a while and lets Llewyn pull her close, enjoying his comforting presence and almost forgetting about Marcus besides them.

"I hope so too, Llewyn...", she whispers, "...but Joe obviously used this hypno-spell to convince himself that his version is the truth... I am not sure if Cai'de is capable of seeing through that trick..."

She sighs deeply, desperately, and after a few more moments in Llewyn's strong arms, a few more moments of letting his love and trust strenghten her, she smiles up to him and gently pushes him away.

"Forgive me, love, but I HAVE to talk to Marcus before the verdict is spoken..."

She turns around, almost surprised to still see Marc standing next to her and the other wilder elf, staring at them with that strange, almost frightening look again. Swallowing hard, she forces herself to get hold of his arm again and somehow manages a warm smile.

"Marcus, my dear friend... please allow me a few minutes to talk with you... what is up with you... you behave strangely..."

She continues talking softly as she slowly leads him away from the crowd a little bit, surprised that he lets it happen and didn't just vanish yet. Her hand still on his arm, she looks up to him, searching his face and eyes for anything that reminds her of the old Marcus, the Marcus who travelled with her, Llewyn and Lidora for such a long time, their protector and caring friend...
But a cold shiver crawls down her back as he finally returns her gaze and she quickly pulls her hand from his arm, as if she just burnt herself.

"Marcus...", she gasps...Andrea
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03/25/2001 6:01 AM

Cai'de smiles somewhat. "Sometimes things just pop into my head. Like; I wonder if I could do this? sort of thoughts, ya know? I still need to see Pyranthas, I may be discovering these powers but that doesn't mean I necessarily know how to use them!"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

03/25/2001 6:08 PM

"Is there any side effects from all this? There must be some good with the bad," says the Thorn."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/26/2001 6:46 AM

"Well, I've lost consiousness twice so far. Sometimes there's still this little voice in my head . . . at times it gets really hard to decipher the good from the bad, this voice is so convicing." She sighed. "I've been doing my best in this trial, Thorn, but I'm still afraid . . . I'm afraid of Joe. But his thoughts weren't lying, and that's what's frustrating. I know he's hiding something, but he's so good he hides it from me, too, or at least that's just how I feel."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

03/26/2001 11:52 AM

"Don't worry," says the Thorn. "The truth will come out, just make sure that you take care of yourself. I don't trust him either so watch your back around him. I'll see what I can find out on my own."

OOC: This time is for Mert to set up his plot and for Joe to help. If they are going to do a plot twist or something it should probably come soon because I'll probably have court convene again around the end of the week real time."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/27/2001 12:53 PM

Joe looks daggers at Marcus's back.The mage will have to wait.he thinks.Time to present the testimony.
The man walks out of the courtroom,and to a corner alley.Once there,he removes a brooch pin from his shirt.Using the tiny amount of magic he knows,he activites it.Joe speaks into it,and a woman who owed him a favour or two answered,almost imediatly."Senator Selestria"he says."Good to hear you.I am in a bit of trouble,and could use your help.The courthouse. Oh,and could you also bring Senators Helmar and Goret.Yes,thats all."
Joe returns to brooch to his place and smiles,reflecting how good it was to make sure you always have friends in high places."How very,very good!"he says to himself,and laughing,he returns to the courtroom.
OOC:I'm finished with plotting for now.The trial can start,for me.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/31/2001 10:15 PM

(OOC: Anyone knows what's up with Merty? It is his turn, I believe... :()Andrea
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04/10/2001 6:13 AM

OOC: bugger Mert then,if he ain't doing nothing.
Joe sits in the waiting area for a while, casually listening to Cai'de and Thorn,filing away thier convarsation for later use.So she's afraid of me,eh? Well, its good to be apreciated,and it could come in handy if she goes the wrong way.
Finally,he gets impatient.The scoundrel rises to his feet,and goes off to search for Quira. He didn't trust the eld any farther then he could throw her with his pinky finger. After a while,he finds her,with her wizard friend. Joe roughly pushes Marcus away,and catches Quira's arm, pulling her along with him as he heads for the courthouse.
Joe pushes Quira down to a chair, glaring at her. "Now stay here.I don't believe the Justice will enjoy knowing you were outside,free as a bird. Suspects of multiple murders don't run free. Or conspire with human friends."
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

04/12/2001 5:22 AM

Quira looks up to Joe, irate. Reaching up to her shoulders, she dashes his hands away from her and quickly stands up again.

"How dare you... I was talking with my friend, you have no right to treat me like this... after all... your innocence is as much in question as mine... "

After a last, icecold look at Joe, she prepares to walk back to Marcus.

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04/18/2001 9:39 PM

Cai'de glances around at Thorn's last comment. "Where is he, anyway?" She asks. "I'm rather surprised that both he and Quira aren't better guarded, both being held for possible murder . . ."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

04/24/2001 8:50 AM

(OOC:THorn?Yooo hoo?)
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

05/28/2001 11:15 PM

(ooc:OOps, Sorry for being gone for soooooooooooooooooo long.)

Marcus's eyes stayed for a momment upon Quira, again the look of despairing longing upon his face. Silently, he pulled her mind into his....


With this, Marcus stretched out his hand towards Quira... His eyes burning with the fires of passion and desire...Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

05/30/2001 7:06 AM

(OOC: Merty!!! Where have ya been for so long??? Good to see you back! :))

As she walks back to her old friend, she suddenly has the weirdest sensation... almost as if... yes... as if someone was manipulating her mind... not like it was before, when Cai'de was reading her thoughts... this was different... this was... unpleasant... weird... seducing...

Doesn't matter. Marcus was here, alone with her, that was all that counts. She has to find out why he acts to strange towards her recently...

"Marcus, we have to talk. You seem so weird to me since you are back... so..."

Again that voice in her mind...

She looks up at Marcus, confused, stopping right where she is, staring at his hand, he was holding towards her.


She shakes her head resolutely and turns around to search for Llewyn in the crowd.



No reply. She can't see him there in the crowd, he must be in the other room, waiting for her to finish talking with Marcus...


She turns back to face Marcus, her old friend she wanted to talk to... - talk... about what?
Confused, she stares at him. She knows there was something important... she feels it... it had something to do with... with... - and the thought slips from her mind right before she could grab it.

Calling her...

She takes another step... and another... then she reaches out and touches Marcus' hand...
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05/30/2001 8:57 PM

Again, Marcus pulled Quira into his mind, tempting, filling her mind with his hopes and dreams...

"Look at us together, in symphony, close within each others arms... Always together, holding together, forever...."

His eyes glowed with an inner light, drowning everything, making that momment seem like a lifetime...

"I will make you mine again... Again... And nothing can take you away from me..."Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

05/31/2001 11:17 AM

Joe looks at the human and elf with growing irratation. She's just standing there,looking in his eyes! The Senator should be arriving any second, I don't have time for this... he thinks.
Joe grabs the Kagonesti elf by the arm,shaking her."Come on,you can make lovers eyes later! We're on a trial now,and your sorceror won't help you survive." The rouge drags her to the courthouse door,and kicks the locked door in. "Justice,we do have a trial to conduct!" He says to the suprised looking elf standing before him.
"Mr Darcy, I am undone... your britches are magnificent...
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dreadfully undone...."- khirsah,in a moment of surging hormones.

05/31/2001 1:38 PM

"Yes, we do," replies the elf. "Please be seated, as the court has rendered a decision."

The senator waits for the group to sit before proceeding.

"We have found the evidence presented today to be in favor of the defendant. All charges against her have been dropped. You one the other hand," he says addressing Joe, "are another matter. You will remain within city limits until a reasonable explanation can be reached. Court adjourned."

With that, the elf rose and left, letting the guards sort everything out."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

06/01/2001 8:21 PM

Marcus immediately sent out a well defended telepathic message to Joe.

"You fool, if you hadn't rush things, everything would have worked out fine... Damn, now I have to take HER and free YOU in the process..."

With this he immediately grabs Quira and wraps her in his NOW darkened cloak. Swiftly pulling two shards of razor sharp glass, he threw them towards the elven guards. The glass suddenly fragmented, shredding the elves like a leaf through a raker.

" I will make her mine, and nothing you can do can stop me!"

A half-dozen white elven mages materialized, their hands waving above their heads as they prepared to cast a spell upon Marcus. Several dark-elven warriors broke through the side doors of the court room, apported by their Master from his hidden fortress, their eyes gleaming with the chance for vengeance upon those who banished them. They efficiently cut down most of the mages before they can release their spell.

Marcus effectively protected himself and Quira from the elves as he killed a dozen more in the process.Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

06/03/2001 9:33 AM

Cai'de dives under one of the tables, looking madly around for Thorn. ((I'm assuming I at least came back for the trial)). Outside, a storm grows directly overhead.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

06/03/2001 1:49 PM

Joe starts as the sorcerer suddenly throws a telepathic messge at him.Rushed things? free me? huh? were his most coherent thoughts.But then he realizes that staying in Silvansti was death for him.Better to go wih the wizard then to die.
"Stop you idiot,you're dead, you can't fight the whole elven nation!" Joe yells at Marcus. He aims a stilleto,as if to throw a Marcus,then changes directions and stabs a elf in the back. "I'll kill you,mage!" he shouts, throwing a small needle point dagger, so thin as to be invisible, at another elven blade master."Come and fight me,like a man!"
"Mr Darcy, I am undone... your britches are magnificent...
oh my....
dreadfully undone...."- khirsah,in a moment of surging hormones.

06/03/2001 5:41 PM

The Thorn he put up a protective shield the moment Marcus grabbed the elf lady. His magic hadn't been able save the other elf mages, but he planned to put a stop to this now.

"Release her now and be judged," the Thorn's voice boomed over all else, "or suffer dire consequences.""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

06/04/2001 7:58 AM

Just as she was about to fall into Llewyn's arms, after the judgement was spoken in her favor, the chaos broke out.

She felt strong hands grabbing her and as she turned around, she saw Marcus' mad look in his face, as he pulled her close, quickly dragging her under his black cloak. After she came over her surprise, she tried to fight him with all her might, but when the first elves fell through Marcus' hands, she realized it made no sense. His grip was like of iron claws... not hurting her, but holding her firmly, showing her there was no escape. For now.

"Llewyn!!!!!!", she shouted as loud as possible, taken by a sudden anger that gave her more strength than she ever knew she had. Again and again she shouted out Llewyn's name, all the while trying to wind herself out of Marc's iron embrace - it was almost as if she could gain strength only out of the very sound of Llewyn's name... and in a final, desperate attempt, she collected all her strength - and the moment as the Thorn's voice boomed all over the room, louder as all the fighting noice, she rammed her elbow straight into Marc's vitals...Andrea
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06/04/2001 4:21 PM

Cai'de closed her eyes and concentrated. The storm outside boiled with anger, and then let loose a pelting rain. Suddenly, a few moments after Thorn has spoken, a bolt of lightning tore through the roof and to the ground, thunder deafening all. The flash was gone, and another tore through, this one winding around Joe with long, skeletal streaks of electricity. This was not a normal shaft of lightning, but worked to pull energy from its victim and lend it to it's master. ((Joe, I'll leave it up to you weather or not she's successful)).~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

06/04/2001 9:09 PM

Quira's blow was almost enough to free her from Marc's grip.

Almost, but not quite enough.

"You fools! How easy for me to trick you all into thinking that she was the one who did the act! Ha! And none of you have seen through my charade for the time I was here!"

His gaze passed through the fallen bodies of the elves before him, his eyes glittered with malice. A dark swirling mass of 'nothingness' started to invade the bodies and give them 'life'.

One of the reanimated corpses tried to grabbed the judge from behind as the others attacked the reinforcement squad that managed to pass the doorway.

"No one can take my wife away from me again! For I am..."


A blast of pure energy knocks Marcus/Mertonius's grip off Quira. The Mad Reality Master rubs his injured hand as he turns to face the one who dared confront him.

The red rune upon the forehead of the figure, the rune for demon, glowed with a light so amazing that even the others halted from the sight.

The figure launched a spinning roundhouse kick into Marcus/Mertonius midsection, sending the mage flying. But with the agility of a cornered snake, Marcus/Mertonius quickly recovered in midflight and landed with his right hand, then executed an amazing back flip. A blue rune was now visible upon the mage's forehead. A blast of blue energy emerged from his fist, sending his opponent into a lighted corner of the room.

The man has the face of Mertonius. But a glint life in his eyes revealed him for who he truly was. It was Marcus!Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

06/04/2001 9:37 PM

Quira was dashed back, and landing on her behind, she hastily pulls back until her back reaches the closest wall.

Mertonius... she rememberes the charismatic man she got to know a long time ago, and she stared up at Marcus/Mertonius in disbelief... he certainly looked like Mertonius... she would remember his handsome features always and everywhere... hell, she still carries the hairpin he once gave her with her...
But his eyes... his eyes were different... they were still the eyes of her once good friend and protector Marcus...

By the Gods... what happened to Marcus... this madman was not the man she got to know...

Paralyzed, she could do nothing but sitting there and stare at the man who looked so much like Mertonius...

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06/05/2001 8:49 AM

Cai'de halts her attack on Joe and crawls over to Quira. "Are you all right?" She asks, the storm still rages above, rain falling through the burnt hole. "I suggest we should probably get out while we still can . . ."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

06/05/2001 11:40 AM

Quira looks at the mindreader and nods, dragging her attention off Marcus/Mertonius. She quickly grabs Cai'de's hand and together they are crawling in the direction of the exit.
Cai'de has to push the elf forward a few times though, since her gaze goes back to the sorcerer quite often...Andrea
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06/06/2001 5:58 AM

(OOC: Hi...Im really sorry I haven't posted lately, but the message below should explain it all.

I wont be able to keep up my postings on here anymore, cause I have been, and are studying for my exams like a studying maniac.
My involvement in the plot isnt so great that I cant slip away unnoticed, and I would like to thank you all for answering the call of the New Surroundings..Especially Mert and Quira....Hope to see you all around sometime..

06/06/2001 1:17 PM

The lighting wave hits Joe as he is about to throw another pin-dagger.Like a wave of relaxation,like cold water after maximum heat, he suddenly becomes sleepy. The bolt begins stripping his mind of everything he ever knew and everything he ever did, but he can't summon up the will to fight it. It just feels so good...everything feels so good...he had never been this relaxed since...he had never been this relaxed peroid. He wants to live like this forever,and the shock as his protection spells are destroyed never even touches him.
Then the memories start to go...the years of corruption and crime...of thievery and murder...of love and hate and trickery and honesty(though little enough of that). The bolt erases every memory of the last 5 years...and finally arrives at the night the whole cycle of evil began. He had never meant for those Ogre's to kill the elves...only to tie them up so he could take the treasure! But they killed them,and he had to blame the lady elf or die, and then it just got worse and worse as his life grew darker and darker...and then that too is erased...and the bolt stops! and he is left as he was 5 and a half years ago,with no knowledge of where he is now.
Joe finds himself suddenly in a strange place.An elven courtroom,where a batlte seemed to be waging! He looks around and recognizes no-one...except Quira."Lady Quira! What are you doing here? Aren't you in the forest looking for the treasure? Aren't I in the forest looking for treasure? What is this place?"

"Mr Darcy, I am undone... your britches are magnificent...
oh my....
dreadfully undone...."- khirsah,in a moment of surging hormones.

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06/06/2001 3:25 PM

Cai'de's storm begins to dissipate when she and Quira head for the exit, and gradually the energy built up from the attack on Joe sifts down into Cai'de's memory. She hadn't expected this. She stops and looks at Quira, then over at Joe . . . he looked lost.

"Oh, crap . . ." Cai'de said. She suddenly stood and looked madly around the room. "Thorn!!!"

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

06/06/2001 7:35 PM

"Not a chance Quira! You will be mine!!!"

With that, Mertonius (the guy who started it all and who has the appearance of Marcus) lashes out a bolt of death energy at Cai'de.

It seems that all is too late for the mind reader.

Marcus (who still looks like Mertonius) grabs the bolt in midair and returned it to its source. The bolt dissipated upon impact of Mertonius's power shield.

"Damn you Marcus, I should have made sure that you were dead when I took your face and made it mine!" With this, the insane Reality Master pointed a strange looking device at Marcus.

As the chronomancer brought his spell ward up, Mertonius shifted the device and pointed it towards Quira!

A resounding crack and an explosive release of stored energy flashed towards the elf.

A bright explosion lit the badly damaged court room. The acrid odor of burnt flesh lay heavily in the air.

There, standing before Quira, Marcus took the burst of energy.

His chest was badly burned by the blast, and his left arm was reduced to a smouldering stump. Pain contorted his face as he fell into Quira's arms...

[Edited by Mertonius on Wednesday, June 6, 2001 7:36 PM]

[Edited by Mertonius on Wednesday, June 6, 2001 7:39 PM]

06/06/2001 10:21 PM

Quira hears Joe, asking her if she wasn't supposed to be in the forest... the forest?

Confused, she looks back to her enemy, expecting to find him doing one last trick on her, before they all die, but instead finding him standing there with a weird look on his face, looking lost.

But before she could say a single word, the energy spell was cast, Marcus was staring at her wildly, sending the energy right into her direction... she pulls back... a shadow rushes between her and the energy... something explodes... and the next thing she remembers was finding Mertonius badly wounded on the floor in her arms, and herself unharmed. The other one, Marcus, was standing close by, maniacally laughing.

Horrified, she looks down at the man in her arms. Mertonius. Yes... there was no doubt, this man certainly looked like Mertonius...

She was just about to look up to Marcus through a veil of tears, Marcus, her once good and loyal friend, the man she shared so many memories with... the man who suddenly turned mad and wanted to kill her, and hit Mertonius instead, who has sacrificed himself to save Quira - as Mertonius, moaning in agony, slowly opens his eyes, looking up at her... those eyes... Marcus' eyes!!!

Confused and shocked, she looks up to the man who looks like Marc, unable to speak...


She looks back down at the man in her arms.

"Marcus... this is YOU... by the Gods... this is you... you haven't gone mad... you tried to save me..."

She stops suddenly realizing HOW badly he was wounded.

"Oh god, Marcus... you need help... Mishakal help us..."

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06/07/2001 9:41 PM

During this, the Thorn had been saving others. The elven reinforcements, for he had destroyed the animated dead. He had saved Llewyn. He had teleported him out, so he couldn't be a target. And when he turned to save the others he saw catastrophe. And Cai'de was in danger. That became the mages foremost thought."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

06/07/2001 11:42 PM

Blood bubbled from Marcus's mouth as he lay there, staring at Quira.
"There is nothing you can do for me... Grandma... I have very little time and strength left in me... I'm so...sorry that I... dragged you into this..."

With that, Marcus grimly groped with his remaining hand into his chest, pulling the "Heart of Darkness", the powerful gemstone that contained the distilled energies of a thousand slain demons, from the entombing caverns of his heart. Slowly, he slipped it into Quira's nerveless fingers, her tears washing away the charred ashes from his fingers as he stroke her gentle face.

With his fading strength he struggled to stand, blood continued to pour forth from his mouth, his chest held together by his own force of will alone. In one despairing cry he grabs Mertonius.

"You don't have any strength in you to defeat me, Marcus!!!" cackled Mertonius.

"No, I don't. But I can deny you victory!" And with this, Marcus's eyes glimmered with the light of a thousand suns...

"Initiate self destruct spell!!!"

A glaring light, likened to a star dying, encompassed the room, the purifying light reducing the undead like new mown grass into a burning pyre. The shrill scream of Mertonius reverberated throughout, echoing amongst the trees and even into the air...

And then there was silence, and darkness, and finally... nothing...

And darkness took his soul and made it it's own, forever trapped in the endless nothingness that is the heart of dearkness...
-Prophecy of the Mad One

06/08/2001 9:30 AM

Cai'de watched, speechless, as Mertonius's death energy bolt shot towards her and Quira. After Marcus caught it, Cai'de's breath surged back into her lunges, and she soon found herself searching madly for Thorn. Chaos, destruction, Marcus had stood with difficulty and seemed to have something in mind for Mertonius. "Thorn . ." Cai'de turned in wild circles, then feeling the light of Marcus's spell swarm around her, she made a mad dive for the ground and covered her face, tears of confusion and fear welling up in her eyes.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

06/08/2001 6:48 PM

The Thorn pulled back his hood. He had anticipated what Marcus would do, and had sheilded himself from the light. He walked over to Cai'de and helped her up. "It's okay now," whispered the mage. He left her for a moment to help Quira up. He eyed the gem still resting in her had. "If you ever need a safe place to keep that, just bring it to my tower or give it to me. I have many things such as that hidden away where they can hurt noone," says the mage.

The Thorn turned back to Cai'de. "Perhaps we should leave and let the elves clean this up?""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

06/08/2001 7:05 PM

Joe slips out of the building, still very confused and now half blinded,but still with his instincts intact.As he tries to digest what has just happened, he notices that his body is feeling...strange. He squints into a pool of collected water and gasps. "In Gileans name..."he blasphemes as the white hairs on his brow come into focus. "I'm older! At least five years older!" he picks at his fancy shirt. "And whats this shirt? I wear normal black, not this fancy shmancy velvet! And I certainly don't wear any jewelry!" he says as he begins to see more clearly and the brooches, and bracelets, and rings come into focus.
Joe sits down, crushed. "I know I don't exaclty lead a perfect life, but I don't deserve this! Five years of my life,gone, just like that! I appear suddenly in an elven courtroom, where two super-mages are killing each other, apperantly over the elf! So she's hot,yeah, but can't they just play cards for her or something? I'm half blind, i've got a hangover like a house fell on my head, i've got white hair, and i'm dressed like a rich dandy!"
Joe almost starts to cry when the last thing he said seeps into his mind."Like a rich dandy..."he says again."Like a rich dandy!" he shouts. "I knew i'd get somewhere someday!And if I know me, probably all this jewelery is magic..." Joe begins to skip around happily,feeling like a kid on Yuletide. "Me! Rich!" he keeps saying to himself.
"Mr Darcy, I am undone... your britches are magnificent...
oh my....
dreadfully undone...."- khirsah,in a moment of surging hormones.

06/08/2001 9:23 PM

Cai'de is shaking, looking around her, and leans into Thorn when he returns from Quira. She nods at his suggest. "Yes," She says quietly; "Let's go."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

06/08/2001 11:14 PM

The Thorn wraps his arm around Cai'de. He looks at Quira and says, "Are you coming, or will we meet again sometime?""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

06/09/2001 2:44 AM

Weakly and emotionally crushed, Quira turns to face Thorn and Cai'de, looking at them as if they were strangers. Her mind seems to be too slow to realize what just happened. Marcus, her grandson-to-be died... but how could he? He will live in the future... how can he die now...

And for some reason she can't imagine living without him, after all they went through together...

"Yes... yes. Leaving would be best..."

She looks around, seeing all the chaos and death and shudders.

"Where is Joe... did he get killed too?"
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06/09/2001 6:19 PM

"Not sure," said the Thorn. "I lost track of him." He still held onto Cai'de, almost afraid to let her go."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

06/09/2001 6:47 PM

Cai'de made a move away from Thorn, though hesitantly. "It was my fault . . ." She said quietly. "I didn't know what my attack would do, I just wanted to stop him." She avoided eye-contact with both of them, but they could see as she started silently crying. "I just wanted to stop him, so i hit him with the lightning. I didn't mean it . . things got out of hand . . ." Cai'de sniffed, curled her shoulders inward. "I took five years of his life-- I just took it, I didn't mean to!" She buried her head in her hands and shook gently as she sobbed, shame, fatigue, and fear finally wearing her down.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

06/10/2001 2:08 PM

OOC: just so I know, how does Cai'de know what she did to poor ol' Joe?
Joe stops prancing around,getting serious. Rich or not, older or not, he would have to see what this world was like. A lot could change in five years. Who could help him...ah! All those people from the courthouse, and Quira! She knew him, apperantly he and her had become partners or something. And she would probably know how to access his riches!
Joe walks to the courthouse, fingering a knife he had found in his sleeve, just in case. As he aproaches the place, he finds the rag-tag group of people he had seen before,with Quira among them,as well as a strangely famlaiar looking woman who was crying...odd.He decides to play it as if nothing had happened to him."Um, hello everyone! What happened,why were we seperated?"
"Mr Darcy, I am undone... your britches are magnificent...
oh my....
dreadfully undone...."- khirsah,in a moment of surging hormones.

06/10/2001 5:43 PM

ooc; I thought you had implied that when the storm rerouted the eneergy to Cai'de, it did the same with his memories . . .I'm terribly sorry if I misread! Please let me know if this is the case!

ic; Hearing Joe approach them, Cai'de went silent, feeling very awkward.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

06/10/2001 8:00 PM

*Time Stops for a momment, but in this momment between breaths, much can happen...*

As the spells of destruction started to rip Marcus and his foe apart, two travellers from the future arrive in that passing instant...

"Hey Wedge, I think we got here in time." A kender in a strange body hugging jump suit nudges his companion, an dwarf in a lab coat.

"Shut up Biggs, gotta check the coordinates of this 'Walker' time travelling device that Elwin Hawkhaven (a descendant of Joe from the future) lent us. It locked on Marcus as he activated his emergency beacon."

The dwarf slowly made his way past the others, frozen in that single momment. The dwarf laid his hands upon Marc's burned shoulder.

"I'm sorry laddie, we should've gotten here in time. Spared you all of this..."
A lone tear made its way down the gruff dwarf's face.
"Hurry up you doorknob of a kender. Get his clone. We have only two minutes left..."

Biggs slipped the 'Heart of Darkness' from Quira's hands and replaced it with an exact duplicate. Can't have these people carrying the most destructive force in the universe, thought Biggs.

The dwarf replaces Marcus with the clone and carries him ear the kender.
"You got the gem? Let's go!"

And with a push of a button, the momment that was, was altered...And darkness took his soul and made it it's own, forever trapped in the endless nothingness that is the heart of darkness...
-Prophecy of the Mad One

06/11/2001 5:06 AM

OOC: Nice Mert, good writing,good idea, good names (lol) but...moment is with one 'm'. Just so you know...lol
OOC2: Oh,right Tolk, just re-read your post. Sure, you having my memories could be an unforseen side effect.
Joe waits for somone to respond, but the only one doing anything is the strangely famaliar woman,and she just stopped crying.Joe feels a bit akward. "Um...guys? Whats up?"
"Mr Darcy, I am undone... your britches are magnificent...
oh my....
dreadfully undone...."- khirsah,in a moment of surging hormones.

06/12/2001 10:46 PM

OOC: He he he, I brought up the Original New Surroundings up so everyone can get an idea on whats the link ofthe stories. Just to let you guys know.

And thanks for the 'momentary' insight Joe. ;)And darkness took his soul and made it it's own, forever trapped in the endless nothingness that is the heart of darkness...
-Prophecy of the Mad One

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