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01/08/2001 7:11 PM

Pyranthas awakes in a cold sweat in his bed. He looks out the window of his chambers and sees two of Krynn's moons, and senses the third one. It has been the third time this night he has awaken from his slumber. He stares out the window and then tried to go back to sleep.

Before he tried to go back to sleep, the Arch-Templar tries to remember what he was dreaming of.

He recalls standing in a city with building made of copper. He sees people walking the streets. They look similar to him. Some looking like elves, and the others with white feathery wings and skin ranging from a light blue to a deep indigo. The ones with indigo skin appeared to have more muscle on them and word very heavy armor on them. Every so often he would see a few of these beings that wore orange robes and appeared to be the elders. These elders seemed to have short horns, their wings silver and their skin was also indigo.

He stands next to one of the elders and is being instructed. This peticular elder wore a yellow robe. He looked similar to Pyranthas. He remembers hearing him saying to him, "You need to learn to control your powers better and not use them so much to attack. You should use your sword arm more. You are one of the best swordsman of our race and you need to rely on your blade more. You powers should be used to improve your fight to win the upper hand. A quick energy blast every now then won't hurt anything, but the way you use your energy is not acceptable Pyranthas. You flaunt your powers too much. If you keep using your powers in battle like that, you will become a Dark Templar."

This is where he keeps waking up. Who is the Templar talking to him, teaching him? He had to know. He sits up, not being able to sleep, he sits up and gets out of bed to gets dressed. He places his long sword at his side and then walks outside. He looks at his temple from the outside and looks at the moon. He stares into the light of Solinari and then decides that he needs to set out to find the answers he was looking for, but where to start. He had no clues. He decided he would start by sailing to Palanthas to head to the Great Library.

He walks down to the docks and aboards his ship and readys it to sail at dawn.

At the dawn he sets sail and heads towards the main land.

Four days pass before he gets to the mainland. He stops at a small port for some supplies. Once he has his supplies, he heads to a small bar for a quick drink, possibly looking for someone who could help him out on his journy.

01/08/2001 8:06 PM

The shadow of a willowy woman with flowing hair sweeps past the window and disappears...

Qui Salas

Quickly, a breath of air winds it's way around Pyranthas, and the world becomes silent and still. The scent of carved wood and berries fills the room.

At Pyranthas's feet now lies a bow and quiver with one arrow.

Barely audible a soft female voice, Use the arrow I crafted carefully Pyranthas...be awares, you and your companions...you will know when the time comes...I am always with you...

The mood changes suddenly, and the bar is filled with noise yet again. Oddly, in a corner now stands a small array of weapons and one spellbook. There is one sword, one mace, and one battle ax...each finely crafted. The spellbook is nightblue with silver ruins, very old.

The scent of the woodlands still lingers.


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01/08/2001 8:18 PM

Pyranthas lowers his head as he hears the voice and then lifts the bow and arrows up. He slings the bow over his shoulder and then stores the arrows in a pouch. A tear slowly falls to the floor. It has been so many years since the loss of his wife Autumn Half-Elven. He remembers her face. He looks at her long black hair and her fine and beautiful elven features. He smiles and then walks to the table and picks up the weapons and the spell book. He stores the book in the same sack. he places the mace, sword, and axe in another sack and stows it next to him.

He sits down at the table and calls for the bartender.

"A glass of wine and a plate of venison please," He says as he orders and tosses the man a few gold coins and then scans the bar.

01/08/2001 8:49 PM

Katyr leans back against the wall of the bar and finishes the last of her ale.

She absently picks dried blood from her dagger and looks around the noisy bar.

The female mercenary's eyes rest on a strange looking man sitting in the shadows. he appears to be taller than the average man but she cannot see his features for the shadows.

"God im bored!" she sighs to herself. work for a mercenary had been slow of late and she was getting anxious with having nothing to keep her busy. she looks at the few remaining coins in her pouch and frowns. she needed a job soon or she'd end up begging.

"Another ale" she says to the barmaid and hands over her last coins.

01/09/2001 3:48 AM

The door opened and a man clad in an old, patched-up cloak made his way towards the counter. A hood hid the stranger's features from prying eyes but few took any notice of him. He laid an an ancient looking, weather-beaten, staff on the counter.

A sudden spasm of pain racked the stranger's body that nearly doubled him over, for which he accidentally knocked over another bar patron's drink.

It was unfortunate for the stranger that the man was one of those types that enjoy tormenting those they deem weaker than them.

"Hey old man, why don't you fork over what you have in payment for what you spilled."

The stranger answered in a soft, weary voice ,"Please kind sir, I am old and I have very little save for this staff, my ragged robes and a few pieces of steel. I have nothing of great value to give y..." He did not finished his sentence as the drunken reveller struck him down.

01/09/2001 4:39 AM

The opens yet again, and Xitaa enters. Not noticing Mertonius(him being on the floor and all)she walks up to the bar.Obviously very frusterated with her seemingly new equiptment,she curses the sword under her breath. When she fianally gets the sword sheathed, her shield clatters to the floor.Leaving the shield where it is (but keeping her foot on it in case a kender should enter) she puts her elbows on the table, her head in her hands, and shakes her head.

01/09/2001 11:15 AM

Upon watching the man strike down Mertonius, a smile crosses Jorgan's face. He remembers when he was young and cruel. He remembers the pain he caused his elders, and the ass he made of himself. Watching the scene now, his heart changes from humor to anger, his heart filling with loathing and disgust at the person he used to be. As the man strikes Mertonius again, Jorgan springs from his table, drawing his longsword.

"Hey! You hit that old man again, and I'll run my sword through your gut!"

The words and his own actions surprise himself. He is at a loss for a moment. The young man, Draklin, raises his merciless eyes to Jorgan.

"You can't stop me weak fool. You'll have to kill me first."

Draklin stands up from the stool and draws his broadsword, a look of joy crossing his face.

"You honestly think you can stop me!? Then give it your best shot!"

Jorgan points to him, fingering him closer, and issues his challenge.

"You want some?"

Draklin smiles, picking up his sheild.

"Hell yes."

Jorgan reaches to his back, drawing his broadsword. With it he scrapes a line in the wooden floor, and steps back a few paces. The onlookers a beginning to get scared, and are giving the two their space. The barkeeper, an old, feeble man, is too frightened to do anything. Noone moves as Jorgan raises his now drawn broadsword towards Draklin, keeping his longsword in a defensive position. He points his broadsword directly at Draklin.

"Then come get some."

Draklin's speed surprises him as he crosses the gap in a a blink of an eye. It is obvious he is a trained fighter. The two cross swords and struggle, Draklin gaining the upper hand by kicking Jorgan in the groin. Jorgan stumbles and falls to his knees, gasping for air. In a moment he is on his feet, both swords coming down in an arch, connecting with Draklin's sheild. Draklin counters, slashing with his sword at Jorgans' now exposed ribcage, knowing that Jorgan's leather armor will not stop the blow. It connects, cutting thru the hide and bites deeply into his side, doubling him to the floor. Jorgan gasps, sweat dripping from his brow. Draklin steps back, and laughs.

"Ha Ha Ha, fool. I warned you you couldn't beat me!"

He stands above Jorgan and swings his sword in an executioner style arch, aiming for his neck. Jorgan, using what strength he has left, blocks with his longsword, and looks Draklin directly in the eyes.

"It will take more than some foolhardy man who thinks he is better than me to finish me off."

He pushes Draklin back, and rises to his feet. Blood is now freely flowing from his side, and he can barely breath. He appears dizzy, and closes his eyes to shake his head. Draklin sees his opportunity to finish the fight and attacks. He brings his broadsword down in a strike meant to split Jorgan's head down the middle. Jorgan, still appearing groggy, raises his longsword to block, and at the same time, runs his broadsword thru Draklin's chest. Draklin's body spouts blood, and bile. It begins to convulse on the floor as Jorgan removes his sword. The body, writhes in agony and begins to shrival. It suddenly explodes, sending blood and guts everywhere. A small, black, apparition rises from the smoking remains.

"I swear I will kill you Jorgan Courtland! You and any children or grandchildren you will ever have!"

The demon writhes, as in agony, and begins to fade.

"I will find another body. Then you will pay. Until we meet again, Jorgan Courtland."

He diseappears, leaving the stench of rotten flesh. Jorgan now appears dizzy, and, remembering his wounds, he looks. He wipes a hand across his side, staring at the blood that covers it. He has lost a lot of blood. He blinks, and takes a step towards the door. Slowly, step by step, he walks, looking at his blood drenched hand. An onlooker chuckles, and his words are heard thru the silence.

"The dead one never did cross that line."

The crowd begins to murmur, and rumors begin to spread. The crowd seems to forget about Jorgan as he reaches the door. They examine the fight scene, and the young man's remains. The crowd never notices as Jorgan reaches the doorway. He opens the door slowly, smearing blood on the handle. The door creaks open on un-oiled hinges and a slight, seaport breeze blows into the bar, carrying the smell of salt and fish. Jorgan sways heavily in the breeze, and before he can take another step, collapses out the door onto the sidewalk.

01/09/2001 12:30 PM

Pyranthas notices the the female mercenary looking at him. He lowers his head avoiding eye contact. His plate comes to him and he slowly starts to eat. He looks up to see an old man coming in and then knock over the mans drink. He sees the drunkard strike him down. As soon as he did, Pyranthas jumped up and was at the old mans side.

"Are you ok old man?" He asks and then grabs a few coins and throws them at the drunk man. "Take those as your payment. There is no need to strike down the elderly like that."

The drunkard laughs and then walks up to Pyranthas and pushes him back. He then draws a short sword and fumbles with it. He swings at the Arch-Templar and Pyranthas leaps back and then pulls his own sword free with lightning speed. With in a few seconds, the man is disarmed and in his knees at the mercy of Pyranthas's blade.

"Get up and I would go appologize to the old man," he says as he spins the blade and places it back in it's scabbard. He walks back over to the old man and helps him up and walks him over to his table.

"Here you go sir. Have a seat. Bartender, get this getleman something to eat and drink," seeing the staff on the counte, Pyranthas opened his hand up and willed it to him. He then handed the staff to the old man.

"Here you go, here is your staff."

Pyranthas then notices the newcomer and how she is seemingly having trouble with her equipment. He decides to give her a helping hand. He walks over and places his hand on the shield and telepathically tells her that he is only helping and that she should lift her foot up of from the shield. He lifts the shield up and sets it on the table next to her and then sits back down at his own meal.

Moments later, he notices the battle that was going on and sees Jorgan defeat the other person. Py watches him leave and sences that he collapsed outsie. He quickly stands up and runs outside. He lifts te man up and then carries him inside and sets him on the table. He lays a hand by his neck and closes his eyes. He concentrates on his wounds and uses his templar energies to heal him. Once he is healed, he walks ack over to his seat and sits down and takes a sip of his wine.

01/09/2001 6:17 PM

Katyr had jumped to her feet once the fight had started. she had left her sword by her side but clutched her dagger poised and ready should she need to join in.

when the body exploded she jumped back in alarm and nearly retched at the foul rotting smell that emanated from the carcass.

she watched closely as the man in the corner carried the wounded man to a table and began to heal him. she gasped when the light fell on his face. His features were elven like yet he clearly wasn't elven. his skin was what made her gasp, it was tinged with blue.

she watches him as he walks back to his seat and sits down. she doesn't realise it but she is staring intently right at his face.

01/09/2001 7:30 PM

Pyranthas looks over at Katyr with his intense silver eyes and then smirks.

"Is something wrong miss?" He asks her from his seat and then goes back to eating his meal. Once finished, he goes and checks on the old man.

"Well, I best be off to my ship. I got to get to Palanthas..." he said to himself loud enough for others to hear him. He smirks and then heads outside towards his ship.

01/10/2001 3:40 AM

Very embaressed because people thought she couldn't pick up her own tower shield, she goes outside, coming back in with a staff instead, mumbling something about how she likes her staff better anyway.
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01/10/2001 4:19 PM

Jorgan receives his smental message with a little sceptisism, but follows the instructions. Peer Twenty is found through the throngs of people and Jorgan boards the Sea Dragon.

"Hey. What's up?"

01/10/2001 7:27 PM

(ooc I accidently deleted my message before Glasswalkers message so I'm going to do the best to recreate the message.)

Pyranthas sences Xitaa's embarressment and sends her a psychic message. Sorry to embarress you fair lady. As he approches the peer, he sends a message to all of those in the bar which he either helped or talked to.

All of though who are looking to go on an adventure, come to peer twenty and look for my ship the Sea Dragon.

Pyranthas sees Jorgan approach his ship.

"Greetings, Jorgan. I saw you fighting in the bar. Very impressive swordsman ship. Name's Pyranthas Bronzeblade, Grandmaster Swordsman and Treasure Hunter. I am just looking for some companions to travel with me. I am looking for a lost city. I thought maybe you would like to go on an adventure. You have a great swordarm," Pyranthas says as he leans agaist the main mast and strokes his gotee.

01/11/2001 11:37 AM

(OOC:Sorry about that....My computer went haywire)

"You mean TWO good swordarms, don't you?"

Jorgan drops his satchel and flexes his arms.

"Ha Ha Ha, nice to me you Pyranthas."

He looks around the ship.

"Nice boat. So, where do I sleep, and when do we sail?"

01/11/2001 12:30 PM

Pyranthas chuckles. "Yes, yes two great sword arms. I have a rooms down stairs. I am hoping they are to your liking. They are all well furnished and each have teir own supply of liquor and food in them. We will leave as soon as the others get here. They may not be so quickly to respond to my message I sent them."

Pyranthas removes his cloak and stretches his feathery wings. He wears a loose silk shirt and black leather pants. He has daggers all around his belt and his long sword strapped to his left hip. He flaps them a little and then pulls then back into place. He closes his eyes and they fade away.

01/12/2001 7:46 AM

The shock in Jorgan's eyes is quite apparent. He swallows heavily.

"You...(gulp)... you have...(gulp)...wings!? Um, okay."

He is visibly confused, and at a loss for words. He is tall. Quite tall, a towering 7 feet in fact. He is wearing leather armor and carrying a large brown pack. At his left hip he carries a longsword, it's sheath battered and chipped. At his back, his broadsword is strapped. His hair is a curly dark brown, and he is freshly shaven. He looks to be in his mid twentys, as most humans do. His teeth are straight, as he flashes his dazzling smile quite often. He is of good humor, which is surprising considering his near-death encounter from the bar.

"I'll find my room now, I guess."

01/12/2001 5:55 PM

Katyr receives the message from Py.

she gulps down the rest of her ale and runs out the door towards the docks. she sees an enormous ship looming black against the water, the only other boats are small fishing boats.

she heads towards the ship and walks up the gang plank.

she approaches the two men puts on one of her most charming smiles and brushes her short curly dark hair out of her eyes. she is a female mercenary/thief aged 19. she is about 5 foot 3 and petite yet strong. she wears dark purple leather armor and her weapons include a shortsword, and several daggers placed on her wrists, in her boots and on her belt.

"My name is Katyr and i have decided I will come with you to Palanthas. Mercenary work here is slow and i've heard there's plenty of work there, besides i want to pay someone and uexpected visit."

she turns to Py and bows slightly "I wish to apologise for my rudness before, i didn't mean to stare, i just have never seen anyone of your kind before. I look forward to learning more about your people."

01/12/2001 7:38 PM

Pyranthas smirks and flexes his muscular arms. He leaps up and does a full flip in the air and lands firmly on his feet infront of the young human female and bows before her.

"Pyranthas Bronzeblade, Grandmaster Swordsman at your service. I am the Captain of this ship. It is good to have you aboard and I am sure you would find my race... interesting. Now we wait to see if the others show up."

01/13/2001 4:19 AM

Done considering the offer of an adventure, Xitaa leaves,and,with the sword and shield in her hands once again, boards the boat. Around 5' tall, she wears the red robes of neutrality(did i spell that right?). Her long brown hair falls down to her waist. Though a young 18, she is very skilled in magic. Any fighters,etc,can easily tell she cannot use her wielded weapons effectively. "Hello,My name is Xitaa. I'm ready to go." she says with a smile.

01/13/2001 8:52 AM

ill go with xitta on the ship to do the quest with here i say that can i use here sword or sheild becuese i have nothin good

01/13/2001 8:59 AM

the palidin seeing the adventures boards the ship and turns to pyranthas "where are you going" "can i help"

01/13/2001 11:01 AM

The young white robed mage standing nearby listens to all of the hub bub near the ship. She stands 5 foot 7 inches, with silvery hair and golden eyes all hidden by her white hooded cloak. she holds a staff of polished wood in her hands, that sported a crystal held by a dragons claw at the top.
She stands with an air of authority, a person born to rule...her golden eyes search for the captain of the ship...something tells her that she must go with them as well.

01/13/2001 6:44 PM

"Greeting, all of you. I am Pyranthas Bronzeblade. You may all refer to me as Py. I was just looking for some people to accompany me to Palanthas, and I guess I found some. Once we get to Palanthas, I will be doing some research in the great library, and if the mages tower still exists, then I will try there to to get the information I am looking for. I heard it disappeared when Khellendros attacked it at the beginning of the 5th age. I was on the continent of Taladus at the time. After we leave Palanthas, there could be the chance that we will be going to Taladus, looking for a lost city. This city, I do not know the name of, but I am told that there is much wealth in this city. I am hoping you are all up for the trip. I beleive you will all enjoy it and possibly get weathy. So welcome aboard, and we are missing all ut the elderly mage I helped in the bar," Py says as he looks around at the group.

01/13/2001 8:10 PM

Kalia nods as she looks around at the group. Her golden eyes catch the light and seem to glow for a minute, like the eyes of an animal. she smiles warmly at all who glance her way, she pushes back the hood of her cloak and hold her hand out to Pyranthas, with the intention of introducing herself.
"hello, my name is Kalia Majere, I wish to join your group, my aim is not money nor is it the fame, I join you only because I am called to do it."
Her golden eyes showed her good intent, her silver hair is whiped by the wind of the sea.
she smiles warmly.

01/13/2001 8:44 PM

Pyranthas smiles warmly at her and shakes her hand. "It is a pleasure to met you.... Majere.... you are related to the Majere's from the war of the Lance? Caramon and Raistlin? I never got to meet them in person, but I heard much about both of them. I also heard much about Palin. He I have met. He is a very nice man," Pyranthas strokes his white gotee and then runs his hand through his long white hair. The light of the moon reflects off his light blue skin and reflects from his silver eyes. "It is nice to see someone who is not in an adventure for only money for a change. Well anyways welcome aboard. We set sail in the morning."

The Arch-Templar then walks towards the bow of the ship and looks out at the sea.

01/13/2001 9:05 PM

Pyranthas sences something in the water. He gets an uneasy feeling about it. Suddenly a sea dragon bursts out of the water.

"A Sea Dragon!!! This close to shore!" Pyranthas yells and then pulls his hands back and releases a charge of energy in a huge ball and it explodes as it hits the creature. Knocking the creature back into the water. It comes up again and this time Pyranthas levitates into the air and darts at it with his sword. He strikes at it's head with lightning fast slashes that only a Grandmaster could make. He lands back on the boat and watches the dragon's head fall to pieces into the water.

"Nevermind! It was nothing I couldn't handle!"

01/13/2001 9:29 PM

Kalia nods as she shakes Py's hand "I was raised by them, Palin was my foster uncle, you must forgive me if I dont say any more, my past is difficult at best" she murmers.

01/13/2001 9:39 PM

Kalia grips the staff of magus as the dragon surfaces. she watches intently as Py dispatches it as quickly as it appeared.
She relaxes her grip on the staff. she pauses as she senses something behind her. she watches Pyranthas's expression of shock as another Dragon land behind her.
Py Darts forward, prepared to dispatch this one as well when Kalia steps in front of him.
"NO!" she cries! "Don't!"
He stops eyeing the Dragon Warily, noticing that It had not made a move.
"Please...do not harm her, she was only trying to protect me."
Kalia lowered her eyes, droping her hand from Py's arm. "forgive me for any problem that I may have caused. Ayslynn here is a friend, she will not harm anyone here. Unless they threaten me, she has been my companion and my guardian since I was a child, she saved me from a terrible accident that claimed the life of my parents. she in turn brought me to the majeres' I was raised by Palin's sister...Palin himself oversaw my training as a mage."
Kalia Looked at Pyranthas, her golden eyes pleading.
"If Ayslynn is going to cause a stir, I understand, I will go"
she picked up her staff and turned to go.

01/13/2001 11:15 PM

Pyranthas looks at the dragon.

"Can she change form? It might be easier if should could get around on my ship. If she can not, I may have a device that will help her. I think I have a ring or amulet of some sort. I can polymorph at will so I do not need it. It is in my cabin so I'd have to get it."

Comes back with an amulet. "Here put this on the dragon Kalia. SHe will be able to polymorph. If she can already polymorph, then keep it for yourself. I got to meditate before we leave."

Pyranthas walks over to the helm and sits down. He closes his eyes and lets his mind run free. He sees the same Templar in his dreams he was having. Who was he? Why did Pyranthas keep seeing him in his dreams? Who are you? Pyranthas asks. I am your father Pyranthas. I am your father. Come to me. You shall know the way to get to where were are. It is in your heart. The image then leaves and Pyranthas's eyes open wide and he shakes.

He whispers, "My father is alive."

01/14/2001 4:03 AM

Kalia takes the amulet and nods. "yes she can polymorph, and I thank you for the gift, It may come in handy." she slips the amulet on and slips it beneath her robes.
she turns back to the Dragon. "come on Ayslynn you can stop frightening every one now!"
The Dragon gave a deep rumbling laugh and polymorphed into an eagle. She gave a loud screech,and pearched on Kalia's outstretched arm. Kalia then turns to board the ship.

01/14/2001 11:13 PM

(OOC: Sorry for not being able to post for sometime.Oh well, I'll try to weave the old man into the tale...)

Hidden in the shadows of a nearby warehouse, the old man watched them board the ship. He then turned to another figure that stood beside him and nodded at the direction of Pyranthas.

"It is him Drakon Krylan. I am sure of it. I sensed the blood in him..."

The figure smiled and answered, "Very well Drakon Stentarius, I will take your word for it. If he is indeed The One, the children of the Wurm would act against him. Let us wait before we act, oh Ancient one."

Weaving a spell spoken in a language that none on Krynn can recognize, the two figures vanished into the shadows...

01/15/2001 4:47 PM

Elsewhere, another being stares out of the void
that he was cast into after the gods left Krynn.

It is Mertonius, Blood Spawn.

(There are many forms of this reality master, each
with his own identity and purpose. The Blood Spawn
Mertonius was once a powerful Blood Wytch that
was thought to be destroyed by the Guardian,
another of Mertonius's form. For now, let us call
the 'Bad Guy' Mertonius, "Blood Spawn". Oh, by the
way, I am nearly finished with my fourth
underground comic, "Entropia". All I need now is a
few materials for future story lines. I don't know
if I could ever publish it though. I only
circulate it within a select group of friends...
Oh, yeah, I got two of the guys here as characters
too, in that comic, along with Mertonius. I think
I took The Hooded One and Pyranthas.)

The Blood Spawn, evil incarnate, a spawn created
from the hatred of a thousand gods. He seeks entry
into Krynn... The Blood Spawn, Great Wurm, a
mass of pulsating flesh that feeds on the essences
of youth females. Banished by the power of the

Out of his festering flesh, creatures, nightmarish
dreams of dragons, crawl out of mounds of boils.

A spray of water suddenly struck everyone on the
ship. A darkness pooled in the swirling waters,
a darkness not born on this world. Out of this
darkness, a creature rose, a creature that looks
like a dragon but is not.

A flesh beast. A creature spawned from the seeds
of Chaos and of Blood.

Fire blazed within its inhuman eyes as it stared
at everyone, a look that made one feel dirty and
unclean. The foul beast spread wings marked with
boils and dripping pus. Its flesh covered with
slime and gore. And in its eyes, death.

01/15/2001 8:39 PM

Katyr awakens from her short nap and climbs the stairs from the slleping quarters below.

she walks onto deck and Yawns. she looks around at all the new companions and smiles to herself, these are highly skilled people of all trades.

"Sorry i slept for so long i think i drank to much ale at the pub. greetings fellow companions my name is Katyr, i look forward to travelling with you all."

"i brought some ale and wine up from below deck can i offer anyone a glass?"

01/16/2001 12:22 AM

Kalia let out a cry as she stared up at the Blood Spawn. Ayslynn let out a screech of rage as the polymorphed dragon caught a glance at the creature.

The Eagle took off, rising higher in the air, about thirty feet the Dragon reappeared where the Eagle once was. The dragon was thirty feet nose to tail tip, and about twenty feet high at the shoulder. she sported three pairs of horns on her head, amber eyes fixed on the creature, gaping jaws prepared to release her breath weapon, the dragon was a whitish color, each scale mottled with red, green, and blue, shining with a irridesence that was never before seen in a Dragon. The Dragon hovered over the ship, using the sharp sea wind to keep her aloft.

Kalia stood below the dragon, holding fast to the staff of magius, the crystal at the top blazing with light that rivaled that of a star. the young mage stood tall, keeping her gaze level with the creature. It terrified her, but she forced herself to stand still, it took everything in her to convince herself not to bolt.

In her head she heard Ayslynn whisper to her... "(change to your true form, what are you waiting for?)"

"(NO!)" she shouted back to the Dragon...

"(Now is not the time...I cannot reveal myself yet! I cannot)" She cried mentally, her fear threatening to overwhelm her, as she frantically looked at the other companions.

01/16/2001 10:36 AM

Jorgan awakens slowly, rolling out of his bed. It is apparent he hasen't used his senses in a long time. He groggily gets up, and pulls on the bottom half of his leather armor, leaving his top off. He straps on his broadsword over his exposed back, for he never leaves it willingly. At his side, his longsword hangs. He examines the wounds to his side, and glances at his various scars. He sleepily stumbles out of his cabin and up onto the deck.

The shock of combat hits him in a wave that awakens his senses fully. He draws his swords, taking a defensive position. It is apparent that he can be of no use in this fight. But he stands strong, and watches the coming conflict.

He notices the Blood Spawn then. The demon, the demon that had been cursing his family for countless generations-the one he had defeated in the barroom-it looked like a smaller version of the Blood Demon. He wonders if it is a coincidence? Could this be the demon that had been hunting his family, killing them off like a hunter? The resemblence between the two is uncanny. This can be no coincidence. What had his ancestors have done to anger this Demon so badly that he would hunt Jorgan's bloodline to extinction? Already, Jorgan was the last of his line, he had watched the Demon kill his father. Could this demon be hunting him? Could he be endangering everyone on this boat?

His anger is rising, yet he cannot do anything. Should he run? Should he hide? Should he fight, die, and leave these people, his companions, to die also? He is too confused to act.

01/16/2001 11:44 AM

The large Dragon hovered on the sharp sea wind, glaring malevolently at the creature, no, deamon that was before her. Ayslynn was a Opal dragon, the only one of her kind, and thankfully the last, for she was an experiment by the dark Queen, created just before the fith age.

**(created from the egg of a silver dragon, and used in a ritual containing the blood and scales of a red, Blue, and green dragons, Ayslynn was created to be the Dark Queens finest weapon...but turned to be her greatest failure. Ayslynn escaped one day while freeing a crystal dragon that the Queen was holding( Takisis was trying to get it to be on her side). Ayslynn freed the young crystal wyrmling, but the world has not seen the young crystal dragon since.)**

Ayslynn roared angrilly, clawing at the sky. She looked down at her companion, wanting for her to change to her true form, but Kalia is right, now is not the time, if they found out...what would they do to her? The dragon shook her head in anger, she would never understand humans...

Kalia looked over at Jorgan, stunned by the sight of the demon...and shouts at him.

"DO SOMETHING!! Dont just stand there!!" She cries frantically as her staff creates a shield around them all...

"I dont know how long I can keep this up!!!"some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/16/2001 12:39 PM

Staring up at the big creature, Xitaa eyes widen. She had never seen one of these before! Quickly deciding which spell to use, she uses a spell to freeze the monster temporarilt, giving her more time to think, and the others to react.

01/16/2001 6:07 PM

"Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my Gods.........."

Jorgan contemplates his options of combat. Either way, he knows he's screwed. With a loud battlecry, he hurrtles himself towards the edge of the boat, his two swords drawn and gleaming.

"Prepare to return to whatever foul circle of hell you crawled out of!!!"

He springs from the edge of the boat, and lands directly on the demon's head. He raises his broadsword to strike, but slips on it's slimy skin and falls very ungracefully onto his ass back on the deck. Normally, to this he would have only laughed, but anger begins to boil at his embarassment, and he rises to his feet.

"Alright. Now you are REALLY screwed!!!"

He pounces again, this time driving his broadsword directly into it's skull. He swings his longsword directly at it's eye, but misses, his longsword bounces away into the ocean from his numbed right arm. He pulls helplessly at his broadsword.

"Crap....................it's stuck."

01/16/2001 6:38 PM

Katyr drops her mug of ale and draws her short sword. she looks around helplessly at the others not really knowing what to do.

She watches paralyzed with fear as Jorgan bravely leaps onto the head of the beast and rams his broadsword into its skull with a sickening crunch. she realises that he is unarmed and in trouble.

She shakes her head and composes herself. she starts to feel her fear fade and be replaced by the adrenaline of battle.

she sees that Kalia can't hold the protection shield up much longer. Katyr runs and grabs onto a rope from one of the sails and swings towards the beast. she lets go as she is over the head and drops down onto it. she slips on the pus and slime and starts to slide right off the head when she releases one of her wrist daggers and stabs it firmly into the side of the beasts head.

she pulls herself up and throws her short sword to Jorgan. "Hi, need any help?!"

01/16/2001 7:20 PM

Pyranthas stares at the Blood Spawn.

"What do you want Daemon?" he asks cooly standing still, watching it.

01/16/2001 8:50 PM

Jorgan catches Katyr's shortsword and quickly rams it into the beast's eye. As the beast thrashes to and fro, Jorgan is able to pry free his broadsword. Jorgan swings his broadsword in an arch, slashing open it's good eye. He lunges, and drives the sword thru the remains of the eye. The beast thrashes and throws Katyr clear of his head, into the boat's mainmast. Jorgan remains, firmly gripping his broadsword with all his might. The beast gives a final spasm of pain and dives back into the black water it came from. Jorgan goes down with it.

01/16/2001 9:41 PM

With a cry akin to pain, Kalia slumps to the deck. Ayslynn lets out a screech of rage and shifts to a human form, catching the young mage before her head hits the deck.

Ayslynn chose a human form that was slender and wearing armor like the scales of her dragon form. she has long black hair, braided loosely down her back. she cradled Kalia's head in her lap as she reached for the staff of Magius. the staff responds instanty to the dragons' touch, It's crystal blazing bright. murmering words unkown to all kalia's faint shimmering shield becomes a bright palpable barrier.

To all looking their way, the young mage was bathed in a bright white aura, which was feeding the power of the shield by a thin stream that eminated from the mage's body. Kalia lay motionless in Aslynns lap, silvery hair taking on a vauge irridesence, her hands and all visible skin paled, and seemed to become slightly trasparent. suddenly her eyes snapped open, her eyes where still their bright gold color, but her pupils where slitted a thin black line in a sea of gold.

Kalia stood, and ayslynn backed away. Kalia stood, her robes whipping violently in a sudden wind. she raised her hands and her staff rasied to her hands. above her, was a vauge shimmering form of a dragon, with crystalline scales, and Feathered wings.

as the Demon fell into the water, she let out a sigh of release..and slumped gracefully to the deck, the visiage of the Dragon gone, ayslynn had polymorphed back into her Eagle form and flew to the top most mast and screeched a challenge that was carried forth on the winds.--------------------------------------------------
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/17/2001 2:57 AM

(OOC: This is only a secondary spawn. Not the big guy. I'm saing him for the last! (place evil grin here) )

A roaring wave took the ship as the Lesser Blood Spawn rose from the sea again.

A gasp went up from some of those who can see clearly.

Near the cheek of the beast, Jorgan was slowly being assimilated into its form!

"RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! SUBMIT AND BE PREPARED TO BE ASSIMILATED!!!" The voice seemed to come from both the creature and Jorgan's mouth.

(OOC: Sorry Glasswalker, I need to use you for this one only. I'll return you as soon as this blasted beast gets it.)

The Lesser Blood Spawn spontanously generated small, humanoid entities from it's pus covered body that leapt on to the ship, wielding bloody, bone like scythes.

The Lesser Spawn turned to Pyranthas and grinned.

"Are your ready to die, Spawn of Light? The Great Wurm would be pleased if I slay you now!!!"

At this, the creature of eternal chaos ordered his minions to attack.

01/17/2001 8:48 AM

Kalia looked up at the blood spawn, dazed. she groaned in frustration..she could do them no more good like this.

somewhere above her Ayslynn screeched a challenge.

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/17/2001 11:23 AM

(OOC: That's fine with me, Mert. I'm having lots of fun)

Jorgan gives a low groan of despair as the Lesser Blood Demon dives underwater. The black water is cold, ice cold, giving a pull downwards into the abyss. Jorgan will not relinquish his hold on his broadsword, his only heirloom of his father, he fights with all the might he has. When nothing else works, he resorts to punching the beast. But, his arm suddenly becomes stuck. It begins to pull him closer, the Demon's skin latching to Jorgan, draining his strength. Jorgan quickly runs out of energy, his essence weakened as the demon steals his power. With his stolen energy, the Demon rises from the water. Jorgan watches as Kalia falls, and is caught by her Ayslynn. With the last of his strength, a tear streams down his cheek at the knowledge that he couldn't save his friends. He closes his eyes, and blacks out.

01/17/2001 7:56 PM

Pyranthas smirks back at the creature and places his arms outward and his hands in a fist. His legs spread evenly apart. He then begins to drawn energy into him. It comes faster and faster. As his energy level rises to a nhigher level, his hair begins to float and he is surrounded by a aura which looks as if he is surrounded by blue fire. He grits his teeth and then yells loudly and the aura rises up and moves faster and wind surrounds him. He pulls his blade free of his scabbard and as he runs forward, he disappears and then appears behind the blood spawn. He unleashes seven lightning fast slashes at the creatures back with his blade, and then disappears and reappears infront him, leaving ten images behind him. He spins around and moves like lightning. He slashes some more at the creature and then leaps back, watching if fall away from Jorgan. He places his blade away.

"Jorgan move now!" he says as he pulls both of his hands to his sides as he watches the creature reform. A small ball of energy forms in his hands and as it gets a little larger and more energy compressed into it. Py yells and and it flies towards the blood spawn, much larger than what it was orginally, ten time larger then what it started at, the size of the blood spawn now, it hits it, and Py only waits to see what happens.

01/18/2001 12:13 AM

From the back of the boat, a lone figure watches the scene play out. He new Py would take care of the beast, he had seen what the Templar could do.

The Thorn, standing there in his flowing silver robes clutched a plain oak staff. He had received Py's message, but had other business to attend to before he could see what his friend needed. He had some idea, as he recognized the minor spawn from ancient lore books.

If anyone needed his help, he would give it. Until then, he was a spectator until he could talk to Py.

01/18/2001 12:39 AM

Kalia lay motionless upon the deck, unconcious. Her hand still clutched the black woodden staff, the crystal dark. While Ayslynn stayed pearched upon the topmost mast screeching angrily.
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/18/2001 2:53 AM

With a scream of outrage, the lesser blood spawn
started to regrow its lost appendages, draining
more power from Jorgan. It seems, that all is

A flash of light stabbed out and struck the beast
near the place where Jorgan was last seen by his
companions. Fire erupted from the beast's face as
the light continued to hack at the creature's
corrupt visage.

The bright light flickered for a momment, then it
flew down to the deck of the ship. A figure was
visible through the shimmering light, and it was
carrying Jorgan!


The others could clearly see the figure lay Jorgan
on the deck whose face was twisted in a paroxysm
of pain.

Then, the figure disappeared...

But the creature has done so much damage to
(OOC:Tentacles that were once part of
the beast were now attached to Jorgan, a total of
three pairs. His skin was altered to be capable
of absorbing damage from nearly any form of
attack like spells and blunt weapons. In AD&D
terms, he was an improved natural AC of -2. Each
tentacle has a strength rating of 20 and could
grasp simple weapons and have 60 HP per tentacle.
AC of tentacles are 0 and are regenerated back to
full health after each encounter. Of course, this
ability has its drawbacks. He now has a penalty to
his charisma by a whopping 6 points, which means
from a possible natural Charisma of 16 or 18 he
drops to 10 or 12. Hold Monster spells would work
on him like a Hold Person spell. Ah... The price
of power... But I won't mess with a guy who can
use 8 weapons at a time and can reach out at a
distance of 10 feet from any direction. Those
tentacles are attached to the back.)

01/18/2001 10:42 AM

(OOC: This stuff better not be permanent on him!)

Jorgan lays there, unconscious as the battle rages on. His hand clenches his broadsword with whitened knuckles. Throughout the fight he had not let it go. He rolls over, a spasm of pain racks his body. He opens his eyes, and sees Pyranthas, two, four, six, eight, ten of him. His eyes blur, and he thinks back. He had passed out in the water, and had awakened on the boat. His back felt like it was on fire. He rises to his knee, blood rushing to his head. He stumbles to his feet, dizzy, and his vision blurring.

He raises his sword, the sheer determination of his willpower is amazing.

He takes a step forward, anger rising on his face, burning it bright red. He was back on the boat, weilding his Father's broadsword Malkimoor.

He would not fail his second chance. He points the sword at the reforming demon, but falls to his knees from the effort.

"I'll send you back where you came from even if I have to lead you back in chains!"

He stumbles to his feet. He's never lost a fight in his life, and this is starting to get personal.

"Gods lend me strength!"

He exclaims as he begins to advance on the lesser demon. (He still hasen't noticed the crap on his back)

01/18/2001 11:17 AM

"Let's see how you do old friend..." He whispers to his blade and then slams it into the deck of the boat. Lightning seeps out of the blade and strikes the daemon. He then darts at the creature in a blur, leaving images behind him, slashing that the creature again, and this time attacking the tenticles. He leaps back and then lunges for the blood spawns chest. It sinks into its chest as easily as a knife cutting butter.

Pyranthas stares into the daemons eyes with such intensity. He then lifts his blade with the blod spawn on the blade and begins slamming it into the floor boards of the ship. He lifts the daemon one more time with his blade and then whispers a command to his blade and lightning is sent into the blood spawn's body and it explodes off from his blade. He only hopes it's now dead.

"I wonder what he ment... I wonder why it wants me dead... I wonder who it is who wants me dead."

01/18/2001 12:18 PM

Jorgan stares angrily, and glares at Py. He had wanted the kill, but in his reduced state he shouldn't have expected to do much. He sheaths his sword, and by cutting off the connection, faints from lack of strength.

01/18/2001 2:32 PM

The Thorn takes this chance to announce his arrival. He moved down the ship towards Py. "Greetings friend," says the mage. "I see you are victorious once again. I received your message. What is it that you needed?"

01/18/2001 6:32 PM

"It is good to hear from you my friend. I am going on a quest to search for my father, well I have reasons to beleive that my father is alive as well as the rest of my race. I am beleive it is in Talidus. I was originally going to head to Palathas to check in the library. Do you know anything about Taladus?" Pyranthas says as he looks at his friend. He then looks at Jorgan. He walks over to him and places a hand on his chest and concentrates some energy into him to heal him. He goes around doing this to the others, waiting for the mage's answer.

01/18/2001 9:34 PM

As Pyranthas reached Kalia, he noticed that she was totaly unharmed, but for the fact that she lay unconcious on the deck.

He reached out to her hoping to rouse her, gently shaking her shoulder but still she did not move.

Ayslynn dove down from the mast, landing nearby, then shifting to the human female that he saw before.

"this happens sometimes...She should be ok..but she will be unconcious for a while..while she gains her strength back. She has abilities that she doesn't even know of, and when they do manifest themselves, it drains her. She is weak now but she will be more powerful in light of it. help me take her below deck, and I will explain more if you like...I trust you Pyranthas, your soul is of the like that I have never seen..."
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"
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01/18/2001 10:55 PM

"I will help also," says the silver robe, "as we have some catching up to do."

The Thorn helps Py carry Kalia below deck to one of the many rooms. Along the way, the mage helps Py with what he can.

"I'm sorry my friend, but I don't know much about Taladius, as my travels haven't taken me there. I would be honored, though, if I may accompany your party on this most important campaign," proclaims the Thorn. "What leads you to believe you father, and others of your race are alive? I thought you said you were the last of your kind? I may not remember everything, but when someone tells you that the first time you meet them, it makes a big impression."

01/19/2001 12:16 AM


In the shifting aethers that is called the
Unnamed Plane, The Blood Spawn, also known as the
Great Wurm pulsed with renewed hatred.


The Blood Spawn brooded and formed dark thoughts,
twisting inside himself to find an answer to his

His gaze wanders to the ancient blade that he once
bore, before his great foe, The Guardian,
banished him to the wretched existence of this
plane of existence, nothing more than a living,
pulsating, mound of flesh.



Elsewhere, on the distant world of Lindar, the
world created by Mertonius to be the home of the
elves willing to follow him to exile, a meeting
was held by a few of the remaining Guardians.

"I cannot go with you Drakon Salador, the elven
council would never allow you to return to Krynn.
It was made sacred law that no one, not even a
descendant of the Guardians or the Templars are
allowed to return to Krynn."

Drakon Mordius paced back and forth, his hands
clasped at the small of his back.

"Salador, we were friends since the dawn of the
creation of this world. This foolish meddling of
the affairs of those upon Krynn is useless..."

Another figure, this one with a far older look
and has features that even an elf would envy,
stared out into the night sky.

"It is not foolishness to send a number of our
ancient order back to Krynn, even through time and
space. It is our duty as Guardians as to keep
the seal to the Nameless Gate which leads to the
Nameless Plane. But..." Silently, he looked back
to his friend, Mordius, "The seal is slowly
weakening. And only the two races that sealed that
infernal gate can renew that. The Templars and
the Guardians..."

A look of anguish crossed Mordius's face.

"That is the reason why I am calling it a
I can't believe that you are willing to
gamble away our lives on a man who can't even
find the truth within himself! This is insane!!!"

With this, Mordius stalked out of the room,
leaving the Ancient Guardian, Salador...

01/19/2001 1:18 PM

Ayslynn walked silently behind The Thorn, and Pyranthas. she watched Kalia's face intently, watching for anything new, unusual in her sleep. finding nothing to alarm her she breathed a sigh of relief.

Ayslynn helped The Thorn and Py lay Kalia down on a bed, and covered her with a light blanket.

The dragon then turned to the companions, her pale eyes and skin a contrast to her dark hair. The dragon scale armor she wore mirrored her own natural scales when in her true form. Each scale a perfect opal.

"I will explain all that you wish to know..I trust you Py, which is something that I rarely do. You see, Kalia is very precious to me, to all of the dragons of light. Without her, the future of the dragons of light here on Krynn is very dark indeed."
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/19/2001 8:42 PM

Flashback-------------- The Dawn of Time

The remnants of the Guardian and Templar army has
finally routed the Blood Wytch's forces and has
it trapped between the Unnamed Gate and the
Everhold Mountains (A place that would be one day
the greatest mountain range on the other side
of the world of Krynn, years distance towards
the west of Ansalon. The name Everhold would later
be replaced... However...)

At the mouth of the Great Pass, The First Elector
of the United Army challenged the Blood Wytch to
a duel that lasted for 40 years, such is the
stamina of the ancient races. The gods held their
breath as the two Champions battled with their
own strength and will, neither giving ground as
their blades struck one another, blow after
hammering blow, parrying and dodging, neither
gaining an upper hand.

But at last, even an evil wind breaks before the
fury of righteousness. The Elector sinks his
enchanted Templar blade into the flesh of his
foe, who in turn, decapitates him.

Struggling, unable to continue the battle, the
forces of the Blood Wytch was forced into the
Unnamed Gate into the Unnamed Realm, their
leader at the rear of the army.

Then, the two remaining High Lords of both
Templars and Guardians used their remaining power
(a power that stretches beyond magic into another
realm) and closed the Gate and sealed it...


The Thought Provoking Insight for Today is:

"If you are left without light and dark, to what
will you turn to?"..............Drakon Salador

01/19/2001 9:43 PM

(OOC: I blacked out for awhile)

Katyr lies crumpled on the deck. when the beast had thrown her from its head in rage she had slammed into the main mast extremely hard.

she starts to regain conciousness and becomes aware of noises around her. she can hear voices that seem to be fadeing until all she can hear is the creaking of the ship and the waves.

she tries to open her eyes and move but she feels a searing pain run from her neck and left shoulder down to her fingertips. she screams out in pain and frustration, but all she can do is lie there and hope someone finds her before she blacks out again.

01/20/2001 3:56 PM

The Thorn turned to the polymorphed opal dragon. "I know about your friend, we've met once before, fighting the Goro."
He turned to Py, "I will chat with you later, my friend, I believe there is someone else on deck who requires our assistance."
With that, the mage, heads back to the deck. He spies Katyr crumpled near the mainmast, barely moving. The Thorn was no healer, but he knew she needed a bed. Instead of picking her up, the silver robe cast a levitate spell, lifting the injured warrior into the air.
"Don't worry, I'm taking you below deck to get treated." The Thorn placed a hand on her arm. He moved slowly, pushing the prone figure through the air. He manueverd her down into the hold of the ship and into one of the beds. Releasing the spell, she settled into the comfortable bed. The mage reached into one of his bags and produced a potion. Uncorking the healing potion he lifted it to Katyr's lips. "Drink this, and then I will find a proper healer," he said. He slowly tilted the vial back and poured the liquid through the thinly parted lips. After it was empty he left Katyr to go find a healer.

01/20/2001 4:25 PM

Ayslynn turned to The Thorn as he went to search for A healer. I can help. I was gifted with Healing abilities when I was created.

She reaches down to Katyr's side. Ayslynn's pale eyes flashed with a warm golden light. the light slownly spread to her hands as she closed her eyes in concentration. the light slowly, inch by inch covered Katyr's body.

Katyr's features, began to loose the look of agonizing pain, and slowly relaxed.

The light began to grow bright around Katyr's wounds. the bruises faded, and the bones mended to become just mere bruises.

With a sigh, Ayslynn slumped to the floor.

"Sorry, that is all I can do...but she will survive. If Kalia was awake, she could help more. But, this will do for now." she whispered, weakened by the spell.

She turned to Py who happened to be standing in the doorway. "You may know of her,Thorn, But our friend here does not. Unfortunately that was the extent of my healing abiliy, so you will have to find a healer to help anyone else."

Ayslynn turned to Pyranthas. "If you want to know, I'll be up on the deck.
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/20/2001 7:36 PM

"I can also be of use as a healer. My energy though is not from magic, but of the mind. I use my mental energies and i can then heal wounds to some extent, sort of willing the wound to heal at an accellerated rate. Ayslynn, wait. Please tell me more about Kalia. You mentioned she had powers, please tell me about them." He places a finger to his forhead and closes his eyes. He then touches Kalia on her head and a light blue glow leaps from his finger and heals her wounds better.

I'll talk to you afterwards Thorn. He transmits to the Thorn and then faces Ayslynn.

01/20/2001 10:20 PM

Ayslynn sighed. "Kalia is not human...she only looks like one...here.."

She hands Py his amulet back. "she does not need it. Kalia is as I said not human, she is the last remaining Crystal Dragons on Krynn. her siblings never hatched, thier eggs remain dark and lifeless. Her powers are unknown, even to the Golded Matriarch that raised her on the Dragon Isle. Years ago, before Chaos returned to this world, She was abducted by the Dark Queen. to serve what end I do not know...But in the end I escaped with her, to return her to the Dragon Isle..when Auricara sent us back to the main lands, with Kalia, now in a human form, as a tiny baby, I then took her to the Majere family where I knew she would be well cared for. Kalia just recently learned of her true identity, since Auricara did her best to repress her memory. Believe me it came as quite a shock to her...but she has since then adjusted...

She is just now learning to use her new powers, and she is still very reluctant to shange into her dragon form..."

Ayslynn stared out upon the waters of the ocean.

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/20/2001 10:45 PM

Katyr lay sleeping peacefully for awhile.
Her wounds mostly healed except for some small bruises.

She opened her eyes and lay awake wondering where she was. she looked around the small cabin and then heard voices in the next room.

"Hello? is anyone there?"

She sat up and checked her weapons. she had lost her short sword and two of her daggers, but her leather armor was still intact and she still had her other daggers. fear suddenly gripped her and she felt her throat. she sighed thankfully. The amulet her mother had given her as a child still hung there. as she held it and thought of her mother the amulet glowed slightly and she felt at peace.

01/21/2001 9:55 PM

"It's good to see you're well," said the Thorn. The mage was sitting alone in the room, over in one corner. The other two companions had left to go discuss the crystal dragon.

"How do you feel?" questions the Thorn. "You took quite a spill on the deck. I've done what I can to heal you as have some others. Unfortunately, we weren't able to recover your weapons, but I'm sure Py can find something suitable to your likings."

After this brief explanation, the Thorn thinks a message to Py, knowing the man will receive it. He lets him know that when he is ready to talk, to come and find him.

"Would you care for something to eat?" asks the Thorn, rising from his seat.

01/22/2001 8:45 PM

"Thankyou so much for all you and the others have done for me." Katyr said gratefully to Thorn.

"I don't feel hungry at the moment, but i think we should get back up on deck now that I'm feeling stronger."

She rises slowly and heads towards the deck, then she stops. she takes Thorns hand and holds it a moment. "Because of my Solamnic upbringing i have never really trusted magic, and i never thought i would need the help of a mage. but today my whole way of thinking has turned around, you all have taught me a valuable lesson, and from now on I will be honored to fight by the side of a mage".

She smiles at him and again heads towards the deck.

01/22/2001 10:31 PM

The Thorn watches Katyr leave the room. He would be proud to fight side by side with her to, or to just be her companion. The mage collected his thoughts and left the room. Instead of heading for the deck, he went further into the bowls of the ship.

The silver robe found a dark corner and sat down. He placed his staff across his lap and closed his eyes. He began to meditate, praying to the three gods of magic. Most mages only prayed to one god, but he drew his powers from all three moons. Soon the answers he was seeking came to him. The mage wasn't sure if one of the gods had given them to him or if he knew them all along but he had them now.

The Thorn rose and traveled to the deck. Along the way he stopped and picked up an item. Seeing Katyr standing on the deck he heads over to her. "I found this for you, it's magical. I'd like you to have it," he says, offering her a shortsword.

01/23/2001 8:36 PM

Pyranthas takes the device and places it in a pouch.

"If you need me I shall be on the deck I need to get this ship a sailing," Pyranthas say as he dashes upstairs and onto the deck.

The Arch-Templar runs towards the front of the deck and grabs hold of a rope and propells himself up to the bow, kicks a switch which begins hauling up the ancor, and then swings around back towards the main mast and qucikly lowers the sail. He climbs the stairs to the rear of the ship and grabs hold of his wheel and starts stearing the ship out to see. He uses some of his templar energies to create enough winds to give the ship a boost, so the ship is out to sea at an accellerated rate.

Pyranthas lets out a shout of happiness. "There's nothing like sailing in the open seas!"

01/23/2001 9:48 PM

Kalia's eyes open at the first sign of the ships movement. at once she knew that her secret was out..Ayslynn told Py..

She shrugged and stood. slowly as if in a trance she made her way to the deck. She hears Py's Cry of elation once she clears the top deck..she smiles to herself as she sees him in the far aft of the ship..she smiles again and murmers softly to herself, the Staff in her hand gave a bright flash, and Kalia stood there in a smaller version of her dragon form, about the size of a large dog.

THe Dragon's scales where faceted crystal and shone brightly in the daylight. she looked once over at Pyranthas who was staring up into the sky..with a leap THe dragon launched herself into the air, Feathered wings catching Py's magical winds easily and she perched on the topmost mast to act as a lookout...

Kalia stared out onto the waters awed by the oceans power. She fiddled nervously with the blue crystal orb that hung around her serpentine neck on a silver chain, the orb from the staff of Magius. the sea was so much like herself. Beautiful and so full of destructive possiblities yet unlike her in the way that only another could use her for destructive means. The sea was its own creature of destruction

She sighed and looked up to the heavens tears in the golden eyes falling slowly down crystaline scales to add to the salty waters below.

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"
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01/23/2001 10:04 PM

Katyr takes the magic shortsword from Thorn and smiles. "thankyou, i was feeling nervous about being unarmed. when we get to Palanthas i will search out an arms store and re-equip myself again. You can also use that time to gather reagents or scrolls when we arrive."

she places the shortsword into her sheath. it weighs so little due to the magic that it feels like she isn't carrying it at all.

She turns to Py "How long do we have before we arrive in Palanthas?"

01/24/2001 9:12 AM

"well, since I've created these winds to help us, I am thinking maybe a week, that is as long as there isn't any more attacks where my mental concentration can be broken, and also as long as there isn't any storms," Pyranthas says and then looks at Kalia and then up towards Ayslynn. Py begins thinking his silver. He wonders where she is and how she is doing.

The Arch-Templar begins thinking of her more heavily and concentrates on her form. The winds die down and a glowing outline begins to appear next to him. He holds that thought of her and the form begins to fill out and shine silver. With in momments, the full figure appears, and he sees a young lady with silver hair and the big violet eyes, who is looking very confusedlook at him.

"Celestia?" he asks it.

"Yes, I do not beleive my eyes. Is it really you master Pyranthas? You look different."

"Yes, it is me, as do you," he says with a few tears in his eyes. "It has been about sixty years since I have last seen you my young dragon friend. I see you have reached young adulthood. You look beautiful Celestia. You have taken on the form of quiet the lovely elven lady."

The young dragon of sixty years, was about 90 ft from nose to tail and stands about 20 feet tall on her feet. Here scales shine more than silver and her eyes are big and violet. In her elven form, she takes on the form of a beautiful elven maiden about eighty or so years, with long silvery hair and large eyes.

"Well, I wanted to be in the form of a Templar like yourself my lord, but I have never seen a female of your race," she says sadly.

"Well dont give up now, because you may see one if we can find the isle where they are located. I beleive them to still be alive."

I hope so... the young dragon says to herself and then sits down by Pyranthas's feet and takes a look around.

01/24/2001 9:59 AM

The Thorn notices the wind start to slacken. Having not contributed to the previous battle, the mage thought he could be of help here. The silver robe went and sat by the main mast. placing his back to it, the Thorn begins to chant. He weaves his hands around in circles mimicing a tornado. Slowly the wind in the area starts to increase. The Thorn lets the wind pullb the slack out of the sails. The mage levels off the spell at a speed slightly faster then what Py had them moving at before.

01/24/2001 12:56 PM

Thank you old friend Pyranthas says to the Thorn through mental projection. The Templar smiles and looks out to sea, and then back to Celestia.

"I have missed you a great deal master. Where are we headed?"

"We are heading to Palathas. I need to stop at the great library and do some researching, and maybe see an old minotaur friend who can possibly get me a few maps to Taladus. I have been there before, but I did not do much exploring there. If I remember correctly, the people were a little cold to visitors," the Arch Templar says trailing of and then suddenly snapping his head to the Northeast.

"Pirate! To the Northeast. Be on the look out," he shoulds as his eyes narrow and begins to create a veil of fog around their ship.

"I shall let my clairvoyance to help us this one," he whispers to himself.

01/24/2001 1:16 PM

Jorgan stumbles into the room with Py.

"We have to talk. There's something You need to know"

01/24/2001 7:55 PM

"Yes Jorgan? What do you need to talk about?" He says as he motions for a barrel from across the room to come to Jorgan. "Have a seat my friend."

01/25/2001 10:09 AM

Kalia in her smaller version of her dragon form looked to the northeast moments before Pyranthas shouted out.

Kalia turned her crystaline head down to the form of the elf. A silver Dragon!! It had been 22 years since she had seen another dragon of light...she dove off of the main mast to land lightly on the deck only ten feet from Py and the Silver Elf...

Kalia stayed in her dragon form...Crystaline scales sparkling in the diffused sunlight..four pairs of silvery horns crowned her head. Her GOlden eyes bright and intelligent. Her feathered wings folded tightly at her sides. she stood there in her diminuitive form the size of a large dog..for her normal size would've sunk the ship.

She stared at the silver for a long time and then nodded "my name is Crystalamira I am pleased and grateful to meet you."

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/25/2001 10:37 AM

The Thorn did the one thing he always did when he was troubled, he began to read. Still sitting by the mast, he pulled a tome out of his bag and began to read. He read a story he had written. It was the story about the first time he ever met Py. It had been a long time since he had read it.

In all actuality, Py would outlive the Thorn by many years, that was, if they both grew to old ages. The mage was proud to have found Py on that island while he was looking for objects. Py had accidentaly destroyed a crystal ball that the mage had taken back to his tower and repaired. Little did they know that one day they would both use it again to best Khellendros, but that was another story.

The Thorn opened the book to where his writing began, it was one of the first things he had ever chronicled. "The brown robe mage, the Thorn, walked along to swampy road. There was a dragon in the area, a black dragon...

01/25/2001 12:41 PM

"The problem, for one," begins Jorgan, "Is that I have ARMS coming out of my back. I'm surprised you didn't hear my screams from my room!"

He turns, as though to model the tentacles on his exposed back.

"What the HELL am I supposed to do with these?!"

He sits down on the barrel.

"But that's not my main concern now." He laughs. "When I came on board, I said I would help. But I never told you why I volunteered. I'm running. The demon I fought in the bar, I'm running from it. Something someone in my family did, generations upon generations ago, really pissed off something. It has been hunting my bloodline ever since. I am now the only one left. I watched it kill my father before my very eyes. That is why I weild his sword, Malkimoor, now. It gives me the strength I need in a fight. But the problem is that the demon I killed, the one that's hunting me now, it looks identical to the one you slew earlier. Absolutely IDENTICAL. Only smaller. And that terrified me, because, think about it. Something trying to kil both of us, and they look the same. Could there be a connection?"

He drops his head and sighs.

01/25/2001 4:31 PM

"Well... lets see what I can do about those tenticles," the Templar says as he locks the wheel in place and then walks over and examines the tenticles. He takes hold of his sword and slices through them like butter. He watches them fall to the floor.

"Did that hurt? I hope not. Let me try and heal you. If it is a curse, we can see if the thorn can remove it. That is if they grow back, and yes that is very strange that something is after us both. I'm not sure what I have done to that daemon or who ever it's master is, but I sure would like to know why it attacked us and wanted me dead, although many of times, I am hated by almost all evil beings. Well, anyways, I'm not sure what is up, unless it is something that happened a long time ago my friend..."

Celestia smiles at Crystalamira. "I am Celestia. Lord Pyranthas is my master. He found me as a baby and raised me. He later on left me with the dragons of good so I could be trained in the ways of dragons. He also said he wanted to protect me from some battle that he foresaw in the future. He is so smart and brave. If only he was a dragon..." she says with a sigh.

01/26/2001 1:06 PM

As the Thorn continues to read he remembers what it was like to be a renegade. Not fitting in with any order, he went on the run until Kistar had taken him in and given him more training. It was when she left, that he developed his own order.

The mage snapped out of his daydream and continued to read. "As the Thorn traveled through the swamp, he encountered a battle. A man was single handedly fending off a black dragon. Although this is rare, it was the power that the man was using that was most unique. Eventually, the man, Pyranthas, dispatched the dragon. The Thorn would take several parts that made good spell components. As the man left, the Thorn followed him back to his home..."

02/06/2001 1:14 PM

Pyranthas remembers what he was gonna tell the Thorn and begins to talk to him with his mental projections.

Thorn, I am on my way to Taladus, in search for my father. I have reasons to beleive that he is alive. I have been having dreams where this Templar in orange robes with darker blue skin than my light blue skin and short ivory horns has been speaking to me, telling me I must learn to control my powers or I shall end up a Dark Templar, a Tanar'ri. He claimed to be my father. IThis dream has been coming more and more frequently. He says that I know where I can find the Templar, that the way is in my heart. I do not really know where I have came from, nor who my father is. I actually don't know my true age. I was guess I was found as a baby by the Qualinesti Elves. I went to see the man who raised me before the Khellendros war and the Tanar'ri war. I asked him about where I came from and he told me that he found me in a small boat. He said that there was something special about me and that he could tell. He raised me as a child and taught me how to se the sword, which I became in love with. I trained harder and faster than the others who I trained with. I reached mastery at an early age. I was told I was the youngest ever recorded to reach master swordsman. The only thing I can come up with is I cam from the temple, which I live now, but where did all of my race go? I have explored the island and I have even gone deep within the island and explored all of the temple and I have found no clues. I am stumped. I must find the way to my people. I must. Thorn you are perhaps the greatest wizard on Krynn, and one of my greatest friends, and if we find my people and homeland, I would like you to stay and learn from them. I know you are interested in stuff like that. You have always seemed interested in me and my powers. Well, I shall talk to you later. Sorry to interupt your reading my friend.

Pyranthas smiles and he opens his eyes and looks around the ship.

"We've passed the pirate ship. Now, to Palanthas!"

He says as he adjusts his course and heads Northeast to Palanthas.

02/06/2001 9:38 PM

The Thorn quit reading to concentrate on what Py had to say. The mage knew this trip was very important to his friend, and he was going to do everything in his power to help the Templar. He would start at the library, between the two of them, they could probably find an answer to where they needed to go.

Also, the silver robed mage would more then likely stay with the templar when the party found them. On the other hand, he would love to travel with the warrior woman who dressed in purple. There was something about her that the Thorn just couldn't get out of his mind.

By this time, the mage realized he wasn't going to be able to finish his story he was reading. Instead, he began to write at the end of it, chronicling the new information that Py had just shared with him.

02/07/2001 10:13 AM

Kalia continued to sit at the top of the main mast, still in her downsized dragon form. She sighed as they passed the pirate ship with out incident.

She watched Py, and The Thorn intently..ever since she discovered her powers she felt yanked away from the Human race...they where all as strangers to her now...even Palin....the man who had raised her as his own...

She remembered how he was so proud of her when she began to show signs of being able to use magic...but she also remembered seeing fear there as well...HE KNEW there was somthing odd with her...too powerful for such a young child.

She shuddered and let out a low mournful cry at the past and family that she had lost. In the next Heartbeat she let out a screech of rage and lept off of the main Mast once in the air her form doubled, tripled untill it was full size.

with another screech she dove down toward the water her wing tips just touching the water with each downbeat, the feathers glimmered in the sun and her scales where positivly blinding

She drove herself hard pushing herself to near exhaustion trying the drive the rage and fear from her mind. perfoming a neat wing over she climbed high into the sky climbing untill she was little more than a gimmering star umung the clouds.

02/07/2001 10:33 AM

The Thorn looked up at the screeching noise. Kalia had gone crazy, hopping off the ship and flying towards the water for no reason. The mage shook his head. Some people had issues that they had to deal with in their own way. That was why he was hear, to help Py resolve one of his many issues. It wasn't the first, and it probably wouldn't be the last.

02/07/2001 11:24 AM

OOC:speaking of issues......

Jorgan comes on deck very slowly, swaying with the boat.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh my god........oooooooohhhhhhhhhh my god. Oh......... what the hell was I thinking?! Oooooooohhhhhhhh........I'm gonna be sick!"

He heads for the edge of the boat, and throws up over the edge.

"..........the hell was I thinking?"

He mumbles as he falls down to rest next to the railing. Don't mess with me man, cause I got more testosterone in the foot that I will break off in your ASS then you have in your whole body......and you will swear that the hand of God himself has come out of the clouds and squashed you like the bug you are......

02/07/2001 5:14 PM

Darkness covered the sky for a moment, a darkness so encompassing that one
would think that night has descended upon the world. A chill wind swept everyone
as they turned to look up the sky.

A large winged form slowly descended from the sky. It has a long tail easily twice
the length and breadth of the ship. Wings that span for hundreds, maybe a
thousand feet, sprouted from its back. Silvery patches and gem encrusted scales
line its body.

It is easily the largest dragon like creature they have encountered.

It did not flap its wings like creatures of its kind, if there are any dragons like it.
It hovered in the air for a moment, then, it laughed.

"Well met child of the Templars. Well met indeed..."

The dragon-like creature slowly shrunk to the size of a medallion, then dropped
into the sea...

"If any of you ever need my help, summon me..."

02/07/2001 8:28 PM

The Thorn looked up at the new dragon. He was tired of being interupted. Maybe he should have become a bard, thought the mage. He had so many stories he could tell about the weirdest things. Frankly, he was starting to get sick of some it. Maybe it was time for him to retire.

02/08/2001 9:17 AM

Kalia watched the new Dragon with interest as it shunk to a medalion size, making a curious sound in the back of her throat she dove. Feathered wings held close to her body she fell like a shooting star.

She pulled out of her dive at the last possible moment and caught the medallion before it hit the water. She examined it closely in her claws. Shrugging she diminished her form again so she was about the size of a dog. She turned and flew back to the ship.

She landed before the Templar and handed him the amulet before returning to her human form, her silver hair tousled by the wind, her gold eyes where bright but blood-shot as though she had been crying.

02/08/2001 9:51 AM

The Thorn finished his scribing and put his book away. The middleaged man needed to rest, so he headed inside the cabin to find a place to sleep. He found the room where they had tended Kalia and layed down there to get some rest.

02/13/2001 8:47 PM

Elsewhere, in the dark bloody realm of the Unname Plane, The Blood Spawn plotted the downfall of the companions.

And it came to him at last as he watched them fall asleep.

He took out a larva, the size of a coin, with strange protruding spines at its back.

"Go and infest one of them, my child. Bring him, or her, to my side."

He dropped the larva into the great mirror that spanned the distant planes.

Turning away, he started to laugh, a laughter that echoed in the nothingness.

(OOC: I wanna request that one of you would be willing to be "infested" for this part. It would be really fun to have someone acting against the party without anyone knowing who he or she is. There might be one or no one. This type of thing would breed paranoia and would be good for an overall effect of suspense.
Oh, yeah, I would be playing the bad guy, The Blood Spawn)Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

02/13/2001 10:05 PM

The Thorn slept peacefully, dreaming about his students who hadmoved on, new companions, old friends, and his mentor. His mind wandered, thinking about the gods who had granted him his powers, items he had collected, and the magic he defended. He dreamt of wars, those he had fought physically, and the mental wars too.

02/17/2001 2:10 PM

Eventually the Thorn awoke, feeling refreshed. Now to see what the others were up to.

02/19/2001 9:28 AM

ooc: heehe sorry I've been busy and haven't really had the chance to post very much lately

Pyranthas examines the misterious item and places it in his pocket. He then walks back over to the heml and guides the ship to Palanthas.

"Everyone go get some rest. I've got to tend to the boat. Do a little maintaince. I am going to try a few modifications to the sail," he says to everyone, and then heads to the main mast and starts climbing it.

He examines his sail and thinks for a minute. He tries to think of ways to make the ship faster, but he can't. He then climbs down and goes back to the helm. He sets a table up made from a wooden crate and grabs another one as a seat. He then goes into his cabin and grabs maps, books, and a lantern. He sets the lantern up so he can see his maps and books, and sarts examining them and charting the course to Palanthas.

Once he has the course to Palanthas, he places it into a map case and then pulls out another map labeled Taladus, and another labeled the Dragon Ilses. He knows he can not let anyone see the Dragon Isle map. He swore he would neer let anyone have it or see it. The map is a magical one that is linked with the posistion of the isles. He rolls it up and stuffs it into his map case and then focuses on the map of Taladus.

The Arch-Templar was one of the very few beings from Ansalon who has ever been there. He had only seen a small portion of the land to the east. It was different than Ansalon. He was lucky to get his hands on a map, and escape with his life. He remembers the great dragons there, and how he was almost killed by a great red there, but he managed to slay it and escape with his crew. It was also the place where he met his old friend and First Mate, Mingaz, who was killed during a storm years ago when he first found the isle he now calls his home.

He looks at the map carefully and then closes his eyes, but when he does, he goes into a trance and sees the templar who he often say many times standing infront of him.

"You are not looking in the right place Pyranthas. Look to your heart and you shall find us, your people. There you shall find the location of our hidden civilization. You have a map that you do not know about, but you must look deep inside of you to find it. From there, you shall find the key to finding us. With that key, you must then open up your mind and look deep inside and there you will have the map. We gave the map to you when we sent you to the elves, just before we all left the isle you call you home."

"Please help me... tell me more... Why did you all leave the isle?"

"Once you find our location, you shall be told. I shall give you the information when you come to us, and you will learn all about your race, plus disapline. The disapline of your power. If you do not learn to disapline your mind, you shall become one of the Tanar'ri. Your powers will become too much for you and take your mind over. You will slowly turn from good and then to evil and you shall never be able to turn back. You can change your fate Pyranthas. right now, you are on your way to darkness. Control your powers. Once you do control them, you you unlock powers that you have never thought possible. You were sent away for a reason. You are the chosen one Pyranthas..."

"Chosen one? what do you mean?"

"All shall be reveiled in the future. Find the key... find the map..." and the voice fades away from the Templar.

Pyranthas snaps out of his trance and takes a deep breath.

"Ok... search my heart for the key..." he says to himself.

He closes his eyes again and starts looking deep inside of himself. He sees his heart and can hear it pounding. He tries to focus is his mind on examining his heart and then focuses on the inside, and then stops. He smiles and figures out what he means. What was he one true passion deep inside of him that he locked up inside his heart? It was the memory of his slain wife, Autumn Half-Elven.

He opens his eyes and says aloud, "Autumn, my love, unlock my mind, and give me the location of my people."

He stands up and takes out the weapons that his wife's spirit had given to him. He looks at them and he sees runes on the metal. He smiles and then reads them allowed. He knew the language, even though it looked as if it was magic, it was his language, Templar. He laughs and smiles. He knows the location now. Those words told him the location. They simply say 'Dragon Isles'

He puts everything away quickly and then grabs the wheel and spin it hard to the North, changing his course.

"TO THE DRAGON ISLES WE GO!" He shouts at the top of his lungs. "TO FIND MY PEOPLE," and then starts laughing madly.

02/19/2001 2:22 PM

The Thorn hears Py laughing imside his cabin. He was glad to hear that someone was in high spirits. Everyone else seemed to be keeping to themselves lately.

02/19/2001 3:23 PM

Getting excited, Pyranthas starts to drawing in energy so he can increase the speed, but then he stops as he hears the words of his "father" in his head and just smiles.

"Ok, time to get my powers under control a little more. I am not about to change myself into a Tanar'ri. No way will I ever do that! I must teach myself disapline... how can I do this..." he begins to think of all of the training that he taught when he was first training to be a swordsman and was an "Elvish Templar" (the Speaker of the Sun's elite warriors.) "Disapline... I must teach myself disapline."

He smiles and then pulls out his enchanted map and sets it back onto his crate/table and starts studing it. He watches as the isle move and he looks at each isle and studies it.

"Which one of you isle are the home of my people..."

02/19/2001 5:47 PM

The Arch-Templar stares and studies the magical map for a long time. After a few hours, he rolls it back up and tucks it back into his map case. He thinks hard and looks out at the sea. He looks at how calm the waves are, and he then begins to meditate. Disapline he thinks. I must learn disapline, but what does that fully mean? Controling my powers? I can control them, yet I always attack with them first... thats it. My powers are used not to attack, but to aid and defend myself in battle. That is it!

He finishes meditating and then stands and grabs the wheel and continues his course. He uses his abilities to speed up the ship's progress and then transt mits to the Thorn We are not going to Palanthas. We are going to the Dragon Isles. I have a magic map that tells me their location all the time. We may have to search each one though... unless I will be able to sence my peoples mental abilities.

02/20/2001 12:41 PM

Jorgan comes up on deck (even though I never did say he went back down...)

"Have we changed course? We aren't heading towards Palanthas anymore, are we?"

He sits down next to Py, and draws his broadsword absentmindedly, and spins it on it's tip like a top, slowly.

"So what's going on? I was hoping we could stop at Palanthas so I could at least get a new longsword. I lost my old one fighting that demon. I liked that one to...oh well. So what now? Hey, you know what? We don't really know each other at all! He extends his arm. My name is Jorgan Courtland, son of Dundee Courtland. I am pleased to meet you. I realize we've done this, but it wasen't ever really...I don't know...official, I suppose."

02/20/2001 2:10 PM

The Thorn hears Py's explanation. The mage didn't care about the city, he was along to help his friend. If that's what the Templar thought was best, so be it. It could have taken them years to find the information they were looking for.

02/21/2001 8:38 AM

"We are going to the Dragon Isles now. As for your sword, I have one in which you can have," Py says as he picks up the sword which was given to him by Autumn. "I beleive the sword to be magical."

Pyranthas thinks for a moment after shaking hands with Jorgan.

"I am Pyranthas Bronzeblade of the Templar. I am a grandmaster swordsman and I at one point was the captain of the Speaker of the Sun's Templar guards, which were elves with psonist powers. There are not very many on Krynn. The order has been disbanded, for they were all killed fighting the great dragons. Now that the Great Dragons have been defeated, and the War of the Tanar'ri is over, the land may be in peace once again." He stops for a second and then starts again, "I am on a quest to find my race. I do not know much of about my race, except for what I have read of their writings at their temple to the west of Qualinesti. That temple and the isle on which it is on is my home."

Pyranthas picks up the bow which was left at his feet, and picks it up.

"I haven't used one of these in years." He thinks back to his days in Qualinesti and his home. He remembers the quartz building which he had. He also remembers the tunnel in which he had that led down to his arms room. The room which eventually lead to Tower's ventalation system. He remembers each and every magical weapon, artifact and normal weapons he had in there. He also remembers his wife.

He remembers the day she was murdered in battle. He plead for her to stay hom, but she wouldn't listen to him. She was killed in battle, along with all of the Elvish Templars. He was the lone survivor of his group. He can feel the sadness well up inside of him and the anger start to come. Those damn dragons. The great dragons did this to him. The great dragons all paid for their crimes on the people of Krynn and to his wife... A look of anger hits Pyranthas face and he begins to shake as his anger rises. Disapline Pyranthas. Disapline... The words stick in his head and he calms down immediately.

02/21/2001 8:53 AM

Jorgan can see the pain and anger on Py's face.

"I'm sorry to hear about your people. You have my solomn (sp?) promise that I will be at your side to help."

He rises, and holds his sword up to the sky.

"I thank you for the promise of an enchanted sword. Malkimoor here will get lonely without a companion in my other hand. You sound like quite the swordsman," he says, lowering his sword "perhaps I have more to learn than I thought."

He begins to pace the deck slowly, trying to keep his balance, but not doing very good. After a moment, he sits back down, his face showing the early signs of sickness.

"Remind me to never get on another boat in my life, please? Thanks. Well, personaly, I'm out to avenge my father. But all things come in time. I doubt that I will have a chance in this quest of yours...(hint hint hint :) ) but it's too late to back out. So why do you think that your people are on the Dragon Isles? I've heard that noone can live there. Is that not true?"

02/21/2001 11:10 AM

Kalia sits nearly forgotten near the back of the ship. She raised her head at the mention of the dragon Isles.

"No human could live there...The Dragons do...so I would think that Templars could too...."She said, her silver hair covering her face.

02/21/2001 7:21 PM

"Well Jorgan, I do not truely know where my people are. The elvish Templars were nothing more than elves with psychic powers. I have never truely met another real Templar. As for not surviving, I think you shall do fine, and people can live on the Dragon Isles. Have you heard of the Irda? They live on one of the Dragon Ilses. What brings me to beleive though that they are there is mainly by vision. There are many ilses there, and I am the only one with a map of the area. You see the isles constantly move and the map I have shows me their posistionings all the time," Pyranthas says as he watches Jorgan getting see sick.

02/21/2001 7:43 PM

Pyranthas hears Kalia, even though she would not think he would. He sends her a mental message.

Kalia, I am speaking to you through your mind by projecting my thoughts to you. The Irda have lived on one of the Isles for a long time. I once helped some lost Irda's get back to their homeland. I then set off and found the Dragon Isles. I found the Isles and the Dragons could not understand how I got to them, and neither could I, but I was welcomed. I was welcomed because they knew my race was one that was even older than theirs. They respected my race. The templars and the Dragons have always lived in harmony. They shall understand my quest and why I have brought others with me. They shall understand I shall explain to them. I lived with them for a dozen years, when Celestia was just a dragon whelp so she could be trained in the ways of a dragon. I also took on the form of a dragon for the time I was there. I took the form of a Platnium Dragon, where I am a child of Paladine. Do not worry Kalia, we shall be fine.

Pyranthas then leave her mind and goes back to navigating the ship.

02/21/2001 8:44 PM

(OOC Okay sorry ive been away for so long but im back again so i hope you dont mind if i jump back into the story. But i really think we need to get off this ship or this story will die.)

Katyr placed the last item of her leather armor on and gathered her weapons, she looked at the new sword Thorn had given her with admiration and sheathed it.

She had been in her room all this time polishing and repairing her armor which she always did thoroughly.

she started to feel light headed and decided to head upstairs to get some fresh air and execise. she was almost blinded by the bright sunlight from being below deck for so long, but when she regained her sight she wasn't happy with the view.

There was a very low vibe on the main deck of the ship. Kalia sat by herself in a corner, Jorgen was slumped against one side looking very green, Thorn sat by himself with his head in one of his books. Py was the only one who looked upbeat, he was staring out to sea as he navigated the ship on what appeared to be a new course.

Her eyes then caught a flash of silver and she turned to see the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, she stood lightly with the wind softly blowing her silver hair around her clear pale face.

Katyr had been proud of the repair job she had done on her armor and had thought she looked resectable, but now compared to this elven woman she felt a mess.

She sighed and started to practice her sword fighting using some basic Solamnic training moves, but her heart wasn't really in it. she longed to stand on solid ground and to see her companions positive and happy again. she hated seeing them so low.

02/21/2001 9:03 PM

The Thorn noticed Katyr and put away his book. She looked beautiful and he had wondered where she had gone. The mage had not gone searching for her, though, because he hadn't wanted to invade her privacy. The silver robe saw that the warrior didn't look all that pleased with their progress. He too, was looking forward to reaching their destination.

02/22/2001 8:57 AM

Jorgan rises to his fet slowly, seeing Katyr rise from the hold.

"Long time no see..."

He says, fighting to keep his balance. Finally, he gains it, but quickly rushes to the railing of the boat. Loud wretching and coughing can be heard. Turning around, he coughs, scratching his muscular chest.

"Damn it, when are we going to get off this @#$%ing boat!? I mean, no offense, it's a very nice boat, but I just ain't cut out for it. There is definetly something wrong with throwing up my guts every ten minutes."

His stomach muscles visibly ripple, and he sways heavily before sitting down.

"I just ain't cut out for it..."

He mumbles to himself.

02/22/2001 1:28 PM

Pyranthas notices the discomfort in everyone. He knows he has to move faster. He thinks hard on idea on what to do. He finally comes to the conclusion that he must speed the ship up using mental energy over the air and attempt to take control of the water current.

He locks the wheel in place with a rope, and then he places his arms at his side in a defensive posistion, and his legs spread. He closes his eyes and all is quiet and then suddenly "ERRRRR..... ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" He screams as his power level soars higher than he has ever had it at such a fast rate. A blue aura surrounds him and his long white hair flails everywhere. He slowly gets down onto his knees and places one hand on the floor of the boat and the other in the air. The wind begins to blow harder and the sail takes the wind hard. The ship's speed begins to increase rapidly. It begins to go even more rapidly when Pyranthas takes control of a current. The Arch-Templars body shakes, and he begins yelling again. He starts pulling in more and more energy. The wind whips hard and sea water begins to move harder and the boat hits appromately 50 knots.

"I.... don't know.... how much longer.... I can.... do... this!"

He glances at the map and notices that there is a small red dot on the map and he he begins to calm his energy, along with the wind and the sea.

"We are... almost.... there... we are on ... the... map now...." He grits his teeth. "I must stop... now!" he shouts Now and then stands and aims out to the ocean and release a huge energy blast into the ocean and creates a tidal wave.

"Brace yourselves everyone!" Pyranthas yells as he stands up slowly trying to regain his strength and takes recontrol of his ship.

02/22/2001 2:53 PM

Katyr smiled back at Thorn, "It is good to see you again friend".

She looked with pity towards Jorgen and hands him a bottle of red liquid. "Here sip this it should ease the nausea, its an old solamnic remedy for sea sickness, one part Vodka two parts tomato juice."

She hears Py start to scream and unsheaths her sword ready to face some terrible beast, instead she watches facinated as he performs his ancient magic.

She is knocked to her feet as the ship starts to speed forward but stands and regains her balance only to stare in horror as a huge black tidal wave comes surging towards them.

02/22/2001 7:12 PM

"HANG ON!!! I"M GOING TO STOP THE WAVE!" Pyranthas yells and then powers up again and fires multiple energy blasts from his hands quickly striking the wave, slowing it down, until it finally breaks and is destroyed.

With it distroyed, Pyranthas smiles and then shakes and faints and enters a trance.

02/22/2001 7:50 PM

"That's the most entertainment we've seen in three days," says the Thorn applauding. "Now, we should probably move Py and someone needs to steer." The mage looks around for volunteers. He didn't know how to steer, but he could drag the templar with some help.

02/22/2001 10:04 PM

Katyr takes Py's legs in her arms and helps Thorn drag him below deck.

"I don't even know where we are going, let alone how to steer a ship of this size. But i can help you with tending to Py." she starts to gather cloths and cold water to combat what seemed to be the onset of a feverish trance.

02/22/2001 11:22 PM

"Best we can do," says the mage. "The wheel was tied anyway so maybe the boat will take us where we need to go."

02/23/2001 12:19 PM

Pyranthas gets feverishly hot. In his mind he see the image of the Templar once again. Pyranthas... you will be here soon. Very soon. The ilse which you are seeking is not on the map which you have. It is an ilse which we made ourselves, do not look to the sea to find it, but to the air. We made the isle a floating ilse to protect our race. Even the dragons do no know of this isle. It only admits who we wish. It is based on the same magical principles at the Tower in Wayreth. When you away, you and your crew shall be hear, and your ship shall be transported here. Also, you will have awake in yet another form of Templar. You change forms faster than any templar has ever done so. You shall be in new form know as the Primarch Templar. Now... awaken my child. Awaken...

While this is going on in Pyranthas's head, outside nightfalls comes quickly. The ship is lifted out of the water and is lifted through the air. An island in the air takes place in the mist and the ship settles onto the island in a lake. The aea surrounding the lake is a tropical setting and the noise of many nocturnal animals can be heard. Also, there are two large bond fires on shore, and the shapes of people take place.

In the cabin, Pyranthas begins to shimmer. His wings disappear and his skin turns deep indigo. Two small ivory horns about six inches in length sprout on his head. His body grows to the length of seven feet, and his muscle mass is much heavier. Pyranthas wakes up, and slowly rises. he feels his head and then looks at his hand and color of his skin. His eyes have changed from silver to their orginal emerald green.

He goes to stand up and he hits his head.

"Damn... that hurt." He says as he crouches down and makes his way upstairs and looks outside.

"We are here," he says and then goes to the front of the ship and drops anchor. He then walks to the rest of the group and he sees a small boat coming for them. There is one figure in boat. When the ship gets there, he floats up and lands on the boat. He places a rope around the edge of the ship and holds the boat in place.

He looks just like Pyranthas, except a older and taller and has orange hair. He is dressed in a orange robe.

"I am Ta'kelhria, I am the leader of my city, I am also the father of Pyranthas. If you all wouldn't mind, I would like to take you all to my city for food, drink and a small celebration for the return of my son. It has been 511 years since he was born and I have seen him, but I have been keeping an eye on him. I have a small boat which will take you all to shore," Ta'kelhria says as he looks at Pyranthas.

"Father..." Pyranthas says in awe, and then starts for the small boat. He takes a rope latter and attaches it for the others and then looks back at Ta'kelhria in disbeleif. His vision has come true, he has met his father finall after all of these years.

"Let's go everyone,"Pyranthas says and watches his father float down to the boat. He follows.

02/23/2001 12:32 PM

In the small boat, while waiting for the others. Pyranthas looks at his father closely and then says, "Father, why did you send me away, and why did the Templar leave?"

Ta'kelhria places a finger at his lips. "Shhh Pyranthas. I shall explain all later." He then sits and waits for the others. Pyranthas also sits and waits, leting the questions develop in his mind.

02/23/2001 8:36 PM

Katyr gathers her belongings and with some hesitation starts to climb the rope ladder down to the smaller boat.

She sits at the back and looks all around her, the island is like something from a dream, the colours apeared more intense and the air seemed sweeter.

As she waits for the others she stares intently at Py's father, it would be impossible to guess his age but he only looked maybe 10 years older than Py. She looked at Py who seemed different apart from his obvious physical changes. He was less troubled, and seemed at peace.

She thought about her own mother. Although she knew she would probably never see her again in this lifetime she sometimes felt like she was looking over her. She felt her mothers amulet grow warm against her skin under her armor and smiled.

02/24/2001 1:06 PM

Jorgan also gathers what little gear he has, and climbs down the ladder to the small boat. He sits quietly, sipping the medicine Katyr gave him. It was good, and he was feeling a lot more sure about himself. Tossing his pack to the back of the boat, he takes a seat next to Katyr.

"Here, you can have what's left back. It really helped. Thank you very much. So, My names Jorgan. Your, Katyr, right? I hope I pronounced that right. Anyway, so why did you come out here with us? I mean, an attractive young lady like you, I guess I just don't understand. But, I don't mean to sound rude or anything. I've seen you in a fight, you can sure handle yourself. In fact, I probably owe my life to you. Again, thank you."

Jorgan goes on slowly, asking honest questions and trying to get to know Katyr better. He can always use more friends, especially among the ladies.

02/24/2001 3:58 PM

Kalia stepped off of the boat to touch the ground that she had not seen nor felt for nearly thirty years. She stared around, like a child taken somewhere that she has been before but cannot remember when.

"I am home" she whispered to herself. she sighed, a sense of relief washing over her.

02/24/2001 6:58 PM

(ooc My name is pronounced ca-tier)

Katyr turns to answer Jorgens questions.

"Well basically the only reason i came along was for profit and adventure. You see I'm a mercenary by trade and business has been slow of late." she looks around at her new friends "But i never thought i would meet such interesting people that i could call friends. Ive never been able to trust and rely on anyone 100% before, especially magic users, but all thats changed now." she turns and smiles at Thorn.

She takes the bottle back from Jorgen and slips it into her pouch.

"So what about you, why are you here?

02/24/2001 7:39 PM

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The Thorn climbs down the ladder into the small boat. He is ready to learn about this new isle they are on. What kind of magic it holds. It's secrets. Everything.

02/25/2001 10:08 AM

Celestia follows and climbs down the latter and gets in the boat and sets next to Pyranthas, and looks at Pyranthas lovingly. Ta'kelhria looks at each of the people in thr group and smiles.

"I see we have some children of the Draca here. You are always welcomed here in our land, on our floating isle," he says looking at Kalia and Celestia. He then looks at the others and continues, "I hope you will all find my small village comfortable. You Jorgan look as if you could get be on land for a bit. We have a very good tavern here. Thorn, you would probably enjoy our temple which we have here. It is filled with knowledge from the beginning of time. All of you are welcomed in my village, and may explore the island as you wish, but there is one group of Templar here that are not as keen on visitors. They live on one of the other Templar villages."

The boat goes to shore with out rowing. Pyranthas, Celetia, and Ta'kelhria step out, and some other Templar walk forth to meet them. One is a child who looks like an elf, there are a few in Arch-Templar form, and a the rest are in Patriarch form, and all have hair of different colors. They all bow before Pyranthas and the others.

"Welcome home Pyranthas," one of the Patriarchs with blue hair say. "It is good to have you amongst us my lord."

Pyranthas looks around confused. Wondering why he called him 'my lord.'

"Father, it is good to be with my people, but please explain to me, why did you all leave the surface lands and leave me there? Why father?"

"Be patient my son, and I shall tell you. Let us get back to the village first," he looks at Pyranthas's sword that he has strapped to his hip. "You wear the blade Draco's Tooth I see."

Pyranthas looks at his sword. "Actually I distoryed Draco's Tooth. This is a new blade, more powerful that before. I created it with Thorn. I call this one Kyrnn's Hope, for I used it in the battle against the Tanar'ri."

02/25/2001 4:27 PM

The Thorn nods at this comment. It had taken some powerful magic to create the sword. He had to destroy several artifacts, including the first he ever had. The mage quickly put this out of his mind as he was looking forward to seeing the temple. He hope Katyr would accompany him. If not, oh well.

02/25/2001 8:49 PM

Katyr turns to Py's father "I don't mean to be rude and cut short the greetings but I, and i'm sure my companions, really need to freshen up and store our belongings somewhere. Would it be possible to do this before the celebratory feast?"

She turns to Thorn "I would also like to visit the temple, I wish to learn more about the sword masters of the Templar, their training and arms. would you mind if i came with you later?".

02/25/2001 8:59 PM

In the dark twisting nether world of the Unnamed Plane, The Blood Spawn laughed his twisted laughter.


The revolting mass of twisted, corrupt flesh of the Blood Spawn watched through the eyes of his infested agent. Hearing every word that was said or unsaid, be either mind or mouth.


Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

02/26/2001 9:51 AM

OOC: my name is pronounces 'george-ann' as one syllable

Jorgan quickly agrees with Katyr.

"Yes, I need to freshen up. I wouldn't mind finding a room either. Of course, I wouldn't mind sharing..."

He winks at Katyr.

"So, you got a....um....man somewhere? Husband maybe?"

He shyly turns his face away from Katyr, begining to blush.

"I can't beleive I just said that." He mumbles, shaking his head. "Stupid. Stupid..."

02/26/2001 11:36 AM

OOC: My name is pronounced (Kay-le-a) kalia!

kalia continues to stare about her, Ayslynn sitting on her shoulder in her Eagle form.

02/26/2001 1:36 PM

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The Thorn answers Katyr, "I would be delighted if you would go to the temple with me."

Freshening up, that would be nice, thought the mage. It had been some time since he had a warm bath. As for stowing his belongings, there was nothing for him drop off. As for a room, it was just a place for him to sleep.

02/26/2001 10:14 PM

OOC: LOL Glass!!! thanks for adding some light humor to the story I needed that!

Katyr was amused by Jorgen's comment and not at all shocked, she had been around soliders all her life and was used to their comments.

"I think if we had to share rooms it would be best for the women to be in one room and the men in another, wouldn't you agree Kalia?" she smiles at the female mage, Kalia had been very quiet lately and Katyr hoped to find some time later on to see if she was okay.

02/27/2001 9:13 AM

"Of course you can all freshen up first! What about you Pyranthas?" Ta'kelhria asks his son.

"I want to head straight for the temple. I also want answers father. I need to know why I was sent away, and why the Templar moved to this isle and how long ago was I actually with all of you before I was sent away as a baby. I need these explainations," the younger Templar says as he looks at the ground and then pulls out the medallion that fell from the sky. He examines it carefully and wonders where it came from.

The group heads to the templar village. As they reach the village, they call all see very well that the buildings are made of pure silver and the large temple in the center is made of gold.

Pyranthas looks in awe at the city of silver and gold.

"Welcome to Tempest, my village," Ta'kelhria says as he lets the travelers look around. Many templars stand and stare at the new comes and then they see Pyranthas, and all start bowing before him.

"Father.... why is everyone bowing before me?" he asks.

"All shall be explained my son..." he starts to finish, but he sees Pyranthas already heading to the temple with his eyes fixed upon it.

"Oh dear... um all of you may make yourself at home. You will all be staying at my home near the Temple," Ta'kelhria says as he points to a large house near the temple. "Make yourselves at home. I must tend to Pyranthas. I have many questions to answer him..."

02/27/2001 11:46 AM

"Well, that's cool with me."

He walks over to where Katyr is, catching up with her.

"So...uh...after you freshen up...do you have any...uh...dinner...plans?"

Blushing slightly, he trys to hide his face by looking the other way.

02/27/2001 12:22 PM

The Thorn was becoming slightly irritated with Jorgan but he said nothing. Instead he headed to the house to freshen up. He cleaned himself and changed his garments, restocking his supplies and spell components. He didn't know how long he would be at the temple. He had lots to learn. He made sure that he had several candles, ink and plenty of space left to write in his book.

"I'm headed to the temple," says the mage. He catches Kalia on the way out. "If you would like to talk or anything, maybe share a meal, I have many questions for you. I'll bee holed up in the temple, just come and find me."

With that, the Thorn follows Py who has an enormous lead on him.

02/27/2001 5:42 PM

Katyr turns to Jorgan "well i think Py's father is holding a special celebratory feast in Py's honor later, and we've all been invited as guests. and if its anything like the rest of this place it should be pretty impressive."

she arrives at her room which is decorated with exquisite tapestries and sculptures.

After freshening up she removes her leather armor and changes into comfortable leather leggings and an embroidered tunic.

As always she straps her sword to her waist then heads out the door.

She faintly sees Thorn in the distance, she was slightly annoyed that he hadn't waited for her but she shrugged this off and started towards the temple.

02/28/2001 8:27 AM

Jorgan heads to his room a little disapointed. He was starting to like Katyr. He had hoped maybe she had felt the same way. He was young after all, only at 18, but he was quite happy with himself. Except for being shy around women. He always hated that. He washes up, not paying much attention to his room with it's beautiful pictures and tapestries. His mind is still on Katyr...

"That was stupid...really stupid. You could have been a little more covert about it..." he mumbles to himself. "She probably thinks you're a moron now. Perfect. Just perfect..."

OOC: sorry, but my charector does have a life outside of adventuring. Doesn't hurt to expand on it a little :p

02/28/2001 8:49 AM

OOC: Is this adventure free for ppl to join? If so could you give me a little info on the current location and general storyline? I will make an effort to read the old posts once I know thats its o.k to enter the adventure.

02/28/2001 11:49 AM

Kalia stared after The Thorn. She looked over at Ayslynn, then nodded once. Hell she had nothing better to do.

"Hey!! Thorn!! Wait for me!" She cried and ran after Thorn and Py.

02/28/2001 12:03 PM

The Thorn slowed to let Kalia catch up. If Katyr wanted to spend her time with Jorgan, the mage would talk with the crystal dragon. "I'm glad you could join me. It'll be nice to have some familiar company when we reach the temple," says the silver robe when Kalia catches up. "Now that we've found Py's father, what are you going to do?"

OOC: Reaper, you need to ask Py, it's his thread.

02/28/2001 6:11 PM

ooc: read the whole story first, it will introduce the other characters to you and explain the situation.

Katyr saw Thorn and Kalia reach the temple and she slowed a little. She didn't understand what she had done to make Thorn ignore her, but she was determined not to let it get to her.

She continued on to the temple, annoyed at herself for letting her emotions have an effect on her. She decided to emerse herself in the study of the Templar sword masters.

Tonights banquet should be interesting she thought. She decided she would sit with Jorgan, at least he would hold a conversation with her.

02/28/2001 8:09 PM

Pyranthas walks into the temple and looks around. He senses his father behind him. He says without turning, "Why was i sent away and why did the Templar move to this island?"

"Because you are the chosen one. We were fighting a battle on another plane at the time, and we needed you to grow and reach your full power again... We left when the cataclysm hit. We left our island to the west of Ansalon because we feared we would be discovers, so we contacted the dragons of good, our allies and they allowed us to move to the Dragon Isles with them, but we decided that we would make our own island and we would make it float in the sky and with our powers. The island is made from four Templar who are from the linage of the first templar. They turned their bodies into pure energy and then created this magical island and gave it's power. There was a fith one... a fifth Templar who when he went to sacrifice his energy, something happened and he was transformed into an infant again, and was stolen. He was stolen by a blood spawn and was dropped in Qualinesti. The spawn's orders was to make sure that the Templar was away from his people so he would not be as powerful as before. he was the most powerful templar. For he was the first Templar. His name was Paladinius. When he was changed into a baby, he was placed into my care, and I gave him a new name, one in which he would return with. I named him Pyranthas. Pyranthas, you are Paladinius, the first Templar. Just after I renamed you, you were taken away and the blood spawn forgot about his. He must have placed a powerful spell on your mind so you would forget everything about your past..."

"What? You are kidding right? Father... please say you are kidding..." Pyranthas says and then trails off and passes out.

02/28/2001 8:21 PM

----------------- In a world distant yet as near as the moons are to Krynn-------------

"It is true Mordius, The Chosen One has finally found his way to the hidden land of the Templars."

Drakon Salador's joy was evident on his face as he related his news to his now distraught companion, Drakon Mordius.

"At last, we can finally attain our fervent desire to return to Krynn!!!" With this, Salador embraced his brother and showed Mordius the scrying sphere.

Mordius stroked his chin as he watched from the glimmering crystal sphere, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

"If what you say is true Salador, tis means that the Blood Spawn would act soon. If not in 6 cycles of the sun maybe in ten. We must prepare... But...."

Salador turns to his brother, "I know, the transport orb has only enough power to send on of our kind back to Krynn. Drakon Baramos now guards the Templar Pyranthas but is that enough?"

He turns around and clasps his hand behind the small of his back. "It seems that we are in a dire situation here my brother..."

Mordius turned quickly as he noted the change in his brother's tone. "I do not know if that action would be appropriate my brother. To send that creature to Krynn would be... against what the gods wish."

Salador turned to his brother, a smile playing on his lips "But the gods will not have any idea about this my brother, they will never know since they are not there..." Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/01/2001 12:14 PM

In his unconsious state of mind, Pyranthas searches his mind. He is not sure he beleives what his "father" has told him. Why would he lie to him like that? He begins looking for something. Some clue that could reawaken his old self if of course what his father told him was true. He comes to a door. He goes to open it, but he can't it is locked. He bangs on it and kicks it but it won't budge. He wants to know what's on the other side. Could what his father said be true? Could he infact be another Templar? The first templar created? If so, that would me Pyranthas was older than he ever imagined. He begins thinking about this and he then points to the door and says 'Truth is the Key,' and the door opens. On the otherside, there stands a tall warrior with long snow white hair, emerald eyes, white skin, a long monkey like tail with white fur. He is dressed in very heavy plate armor and holds in his hand a large sword which resembles Pyranthas's, but it is larger and heavier. The man is ten times more beautiful than any elf and as tall as a minotaur. He stares at Pyranthas, and Pyranthas stares back.

'Who are you?' the Patriarch Templar asks.

The man says to him, not my voice, but by telepathy, I am you. I am Paladinius, the first Templar. You were not allowed to know me when you were growing up. The blood spawn did what they could to keep you from me so I could come back. The curse was very strong. What Ta'kelhria told you was true. Do you beleive this?

'Yes. I do now. I feel the truth. It is freed from it's prison in my mind.'

Do you wish to free me? If I am freed i shall combine with you to create a templar know as thePerfect Templar. I am in the formation called True Templar. You wish to free me still?



Pyranthas wakes up and then puts his arms to his side and he begins to glow. Another being takes form next to him. This for is taller. They then look at each otehr and begin powering up fast and hard screaming and an aura surrounds them and they then merge together and Pyranthas is shot against the wall and begins yelling louder and louder. Ta'kelhria stands and watches wide eyed. He has never seen anything like this.

"Pyranthas? What is happening..."

Pyranthas's body glows and the aura is still around him shining furiously. A blast of energy flares from him, and an child is created near him. This child radiates with evil, for it is the little bit of evil which lives in Pyranthas's soul.

Pyranthas still shimmers with the aura. He then begins going though another templar transformation. The light around him swirls and his white hair gets longer, his eyes only get greener. His horns leave, and his indigo skin turns a deeper blue, to black, and then turns pure white. His sword shimmers. He pulls it out and it gets larger and heavier, and ruins develop on the sword. the aura slowly disappears and Pyranthas stands. He stands 8' tall and has about two times the muscle mass that he had before.

"Paladinius?" Ta'kelhria asks.

"No, you will call my Pyranthas. Paladinius and I have merged to become one. We are what you call the Perfect Templar. Now where is my armor?"

"It's here in the temple. I shall get it for you..."

"No need. I hall find it," Pyranthas says as he places two fingers to his head and disappears. He reappears within a few mints with the very heavy plate armor which Pyranthas saw on Paladinius.

"I, Pyranthas of the Templar shall protect Krynn from all evils," he says as he floats in the air and holds his huge sword and stares at Ta'kelhria. He pulls out the medallion which he found and looks upon it.

"What are you?" He asks.

03/01/2001 2:28 PM

The Thorn enters the temple with Kalia in time to see Pys transformation. He heard what the templar had to say to his father. This was not the friend he knew. His attitude was all different. The Thorn tried not to think about it. He would have time to talk to Py later. The mage was more interested in literature. "Anything you are looking for Kalia?" asked the silver robe.

03/01/2001 2:44 PM

Jorgan, after washing and dressing, finds himself bored out of his mind. He begins to pace the room, thinking deeply to himself. He passes a mirror and stops. His face shows the shadows of a four day beard, and he had no shaving kit, his hair was unkept, his clothes dirty and torn. The top to his armor was in shambles, more likely to fall completely off his back than to stay on. He looked like a mess, even after bathing for a half hour. He slowly shakes his head in disgust.

"No wonder she doesn't like me. I'm a mess."

He slumps down to the bed. Granted, the dirt and blood of travel had all come off, making him many shades lighter (showing he could use a tan) and he smelled ALOT fresher. He had his land legs again, and wasen't throwing up at the slightest movement, so he should feel great. He kept telling himself that. But it just wasen't helping.

"Well, I can't go out without a top. I mean, I don't mind, but it might be rude. Hmmmmmm.....I don't see any changes of clothes.....maybe they aren't here yet."

He stands up and stretches. He needed something presentable before he could attend diner. No doubting that it would matter, Katyr most likely wouldn't sit near him anyway.

OOC:Of course he has his doubts....

03/02/2001 4:40 AM

"What is light without darkness? What is life without death? The facets of life are ever changing, forever the same, the same but each as unique as each snowflake to another..."

Sorry got bored for a while so I thought up that I should impart some knowledge. Anyone who reads this post should add 1 point to their wisdom and gain a +15 resistance to mind magic :)Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/04/2001 8:14 AM

ooc: Nice one Mert

Ta'kelhria watches Pyranthas and then looks to the floor and sees the baby. evil radiates from it... pure evil.

"The child my lord..." Ta'kelhria says to Pyranthas.

"Oh... the child... It is the evil which was purged from my body. Only one of pure heart may enter the state which I am in now. The infant will need to be bannished to another plane unfortuantely, unless there is a way in which its soul can be trapped in some sort of device like a gem. If he was to be allowed to grow, he would become a very powerful foe and most likely be a Tanar'ri..." The Templar says as he looks at te amulet again. Who are you? he thinks.

"We will deal with the child. I beleive we have a way to do it. It is an ancient Templar spell. Shall we deal with him after the celebration? We could place him under the watch of the keepers of the Temple."

"Ok that sounds good. Let's get the celebration started. My friends, do you all wish to come outside to the festivities? Or would you rather stay here?"

03/04/2001 9:42 PM

The Thorn nods. He had plenty of time to look at the books later. "Celebrations sound fine to me. You coming Kalia?" asks the mage?

03/05/2001 1:48 AM

"Sure! Party hearty!!!" Kalia laughed

03/05/2001 4:30 AM

Drakon Salador and Drakon Mordius made their way to the Chamber of The Great Eye at the same time The Blood Spawn summoned his minions for the assault.

"In the beginning there was darkness... And in this darkness everything began... In this darkness, everything would return to..." -The Blood Wytch as he faced the GuardianSuddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/06/2001 12:31 PM


Jorgan flops down on his bed, still feeling bad for himself.

"Maybe she already has one...No, don't think like that...But she might! Well, then prove you're better, impress her..I'll make a fool of myself..So? You probably already have...Damn...you're right...Maybe I should lay off...But what if she's interested? Don't worry about it..."

He mentally runs thru many such conversations in his mind as he lays there.

OOC: He needs a woman quickly, and a reason to come out of his room. ;)

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03/07/2001 12:25 AM

Kalia cried out suddenly, holding her head in her hands. She fell to her knees, and dropped her staff.

"NO!" she cried. She could feel something evil near, something plotting an evil deed so horrible, her mind could not truely fathom it.

03/07/2001 4:02 AM

OOC: Hey Glasswalker, thinking about Kalia eh? Are you thinking of doing something evil? Ahem... Oh man, I didn't know that Kalia can really read minds.... lol.Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

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03/07/2001 11:45 AM

OOC: No, he's developed a crush on Katyr, not Kalia...He's not a player you know... ;)

:0 ;) ;) ;)

03/07/2001 10:22 PM

OOC: Kalia is a Dragon of the Light, She can sense Evil around her..especially if it is focused on her surroundings.

03/09/2001 9:24 AM

Pyranthas focuses on the child.

"That child is pure evil... It was purged from my body in attempt to get all evil removed from my body, and that is the form it took. We will have to banish it..." he says and he raises to fingers. a glow surrounds his fingers and a ray of blue light shoots out and surrounds the child. He then disappears, being sent of to some unknown dimention.

Pyranthas walks outside. Many templar cheer.

"Let the festation begin!" Pyranthas shouts, and music begins to play.

03/09/2001 9:55 AM

Jorgan can hear teh music begining to play outside, and shamedly slumps to his bed again.

"Nothing to wear...what am I going to do now?"

03/09/2001 1:04 PM

The Thorn did something that he didn't do very often. He pulled out his old ceramic pipe and began to smoke, enjoying the music and merrymaking of everyone.

03/09/2001 11:00 PM

OOC: Hmmm, who amongst our brave heroes harbor the insidous parasite that would ultimately lead to betrayal? Only time and
future messages would tell... And now back to our story...Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/12/2001 4:51 AM

ooc: sorry guys my computer crashed, but im back now.

Katyr had been walking along the lake where their ship had arrived. the templars isle was beautiful and she felt like she needed a walk. she had started practicing her sword play when she heard the faint music that sounded the beginning of the celebrations. she ran back to her room to freshen up and found some clothes had been left on her bed. she held them up and discovered a pair of mens leather breaches and a tunic, she laughed to herself and guessed that someone had made a mistake with the rooms.

Realising that the clothes must be for Jorgan, since they were definately nothing like what the magic users would wear, she grabbed the clothes and headed towards his room.

When she got to his door she noticed his light was still on. She knocked on his door.

03/12/2001 3:24 PM

"Um...who is it?"

When Katyr answered, a large crash was heard.

"Um...just...just a sec...hold on..."

More crashes can be heard along with quick curses and more banging.

"Just a sec..."

The lock to the door clicks, and the door opens slightly, Jorgan peers out at her.

"Oh...it is you...um*gulp*come...in...please...I guess...uh...yeah."

Jorgan trys to keep his cool, but quickly cracks, begining to blush and fumble over himself.

"How...are you doing...uh...I um...pardon the mess...I haven't had time to clean I...uh...so what are you doing?"

03/12/2001 10:01 PM

Katyr tries to hide her smile when she sees Jorgan blush.

"I found these clothes in my room, i guessed there had been a mistake and they were meant for you." she hands Jorgan the clothes.

"So, were you planning on going to the celebrations tonight?, i'm heading over there now. I'll wait for you if you want to come."

03/13/2001 9:59 AM

"Um...Okay I suppose."

Jorgan eyes the clothes shyly.

"Go ahead and take a seat...um...anywhere I guess. Pardon me while I change."

He takes the clothes and diseappears into the other room, closing the door (Most of the way ;) ) And comes back out a few minutes later fully dressed in new clothes, his hair done, and looking quite good.

"Well, I'm not much of a partier, but if you're going, I suppose I can too. Ready? Let's go."

He holds the door open for Katyr.

03/13/2001 10:51 AM

Pyranthas looks around at the celebration and smiles. Music... food... festivities. A great time. It reminded him of some of the elven parties. He begins thinking of Qualinesti, and then he begins thinking of his beautiful wife Autumn. He remembers the day he met her. He saved her from a tree that was surrounded by hobgoblins. That was the daywhen he was originally exiled from Qualinesti for something he did not commit. It was love at first site. He was married to her for maybe ten years before she was killed in battle. Even since that date, he has never forgave himself for letting her fight in that battle. If she never fought in that battle, she would have never been killed. he tried his best to save her, but he wasn't quick enough. He never let himself forget about what happened. After that, he burnt his house in Qualinesti, and then left the elves forever, in search for something. Something he never would find, and that was true peace with himself.

Pyranthas felt his smile leave him, as his thoughts of his beautiful wife, Autumn Half-elven came to him, and he was feeling something that he had not felt in a long time. Pain, the aching in his heart. He had tried to push that aside and let his adventuring take over. He loved the battles of the great dragons, and he loved sailing the seas, and the treasure, and the discovery of new lands, but that was only hiding the pain. Only there to protect him from the reality, the reality that he was alone in the world. He thinks about all that has happened in his very long life, and the happiest moments was those with his wife.

Tears move over his face, and he drops to his knees. He closes his eyes and starts to cry. "Autumn... my beloved, please please forgive me, for not being there in time to save you in that battle. I could have saved you if I could have got there quicker. I am sorry. If you only stayed home like I wanted you to, you would still be alive. You would still be alive today... I have tried to hide all of my loneliness, and I can not do it anymore. I need to be with you beloved. I need to be with you. Remember the elvish celebrations? Remember? Remember how much fun we had? It was the greatest. We had so much fun. This celebration reminds me so much of our lives together. I want it back..."

Pyranthas knees on the ground and hangs his head. He closes his eyes and just sits and lets his memories come to him.

03/13/2001 12:09 PM

Kalia stood not ten paces from Pyranthas, Tears shimmered in her golden eyes as she could sense His pain, and anguish. She stood there silently, watching him, hoping that there was something she could do to comfort him.

03/13/2001 12:26 PM

The Thorn watched Py collect his thoughts. He had done much thinking lately. Maybe it was time for him to retire. He didn't mind campaigns like this. Those done with his friends. The one with saving the world, though, were taking their toll. His body was being eaten away by his magic. The rapid rate he used it sometimes and the amount was aging him quickly. He was in his late twenties, but he appeared to be in his fourties. His hair was beginning to grey, and although his skin was still smooth, he had small creases around the corners of his mouth and around his eyes.

Maybe it was time for a new guardian. A predecessor, maybe Cai'de. She had potential, but didn't truly cast magic. Kalia had power, but she didn't seem content to stay in one area and she was in constant peril. Then there was the newcomer, Wynter. She was good with fire, but the silver robe didn't know about the rest of her magic or her commitment.

He took several more puffs of his pipe then headed over towards Py. He wanted to talk to his friend.

03/13/2001 8:46 PM

When Katyr and Jorgan arrive the musicians are still playing and people are dancing, everyone seems happy and relaxed. Then Katyr sees her friends and her smile fades. Py looks miserable slumped on his knees, Kalia has tears in her eyes as she watches over Py and Thorn looks tired and deep in thought.

She hurries over to them with concern. "Whats going on? whats happened?" she says, worried that something terrible must have happened for them to look like this.

03/14/2001 5:59 AM

He smells the scent of leather and roses and closes his eyes and feels the quick warm breeze, know that it was his love.

"Just some memories..." Py says and then stands up. "There is a celebration going on in my honor. I can't be down at a time like this..."

Pyranthas then slips on a ring which he had not worn in years, and then turns again and wipes his eyes.

"I'll be fine. There is nothing to worry about..." and he walks off into the crowd of Templar.

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03/14/2001 8:25 AM

Jorgan watches him.

"Best let him go guys. Just let it go. He'll be okay."

Jorgan listens to the music for a moment. Then he approaches the band and speaks breifly with the leader. He makes some hand movements and flourishes, then when the leader nods acknowledgement, Jorgan walks away with a smile. A few moments later the band begins a deep, slow waltz, and Jorgan approaches Katyr.

"Care to dance, my lady?"

03/14/2001 5:53 PM

The Thorn turns and slowly heads towards the temple, extinguishing his pipe along the way. He entered alone, making a small globe of light appear above his shoulder. He moved towards the manuscripts, sitting at a small desk and begins reading the first thing he comes across.

03/14/2001 10:15 PM

Katyr watches as Py heads towards his people. She smiles to herself, "thats good, he needs to be with his own kind at this time." she thinks to herself.

She then notices Thorn walk quietly away by himself. she didn't understand what was troubling him, she just hoped he knew he could still talk to her.

She faces Jorgan when he asks her to dance, she smiles and takes his hand "I'd love to" she says and lets him lead her to the floor.

03/14/2001 10:20 PM

Kalia watched the others leave, then sat down on the ground where she stood. she had felt nothing but fear and lonliness since she stepped foot upon this Ilse.

She sighed, depression weighing heavily on her soul...maybe she should just leave.....

03/15/2001 12:01 AM

The Thorn continued to read, trying to take his mind off of the despair he was feeling. But his mind kept wandering and he final realized that it wasn't despair that was eating away at him, it was loneliness. He yearned for a companion to travel with him on the road.

03/15/2001 9:05 AM

"I'm sorry, but I'm not a terribly good dancer, the only thing I can really do is this one waltz. It's simple, just follow along."

He takes her hand and leads her out, beginning to dance. He leads her around the floor, holding her as close as he dare, trying not to blush, and when the music stops, is reluctant to let go. But he does.

"I'm hungry. When do we eat?"

03/15/2001 12:29 PM

Kalia sighed, tears forming in her eyes. She still sat on the ground, toying absently with a strand of her own silvery hair. Loneliness was all that she had now...She was the last of her kind, a crystal dragon, and to be trapped in the body of a human to boot.

She sighed again, remembering the happy days she had with laura, and camoron before he died, Palin too. now all of that was over...she had no past, and a bleak future......

03/15/2001 3:23 PM

Jorgan comes trotting over at a leasurly pace.

"Hey Kalia, me and Katyr are going to eat. Do you wanna come with, cause you look kinda bored?"


03/15/2001 4:30 PM

The Thorn removed a tome from pack and placed it on the table in front of him. He began reading, flipping through the pages of his own diary and notebook. He read about the first time he met Py, several adventures they had and several other people. There were several blank pages after the section on Py and the Thorn began to write once again, chronicling their journey up to this point, adding another chapter in Py and the mages history.

03/15/2001 5:53 PM

Py visits with his people, and after a while, he walks to the temple and sees the Thorn and sits down near him.

"Finding everything you need my friend? I see you have your diary out. I can remember the first time we met. Then there was the battle against the Tanar'ri and Khellendros... Those were quite the battles. I am thinking of retiring from adventuring, to be with my people. I am thinking of becoming the guardian of Krynn. Krynn needs a guardian. I have been almost everywhere on this world and I must say it sure is something. Very majestic and beautiful, but I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't go explore other planes. There is so much to explore..."

03/15/2001 9:34 PM

"I, too, have been thinking of retiring. Unlike you, my magic takes a toll on me. Constantly galavanting around to save the world has started to wear me down. And I seek companionship. It would be nice to have someone to travel with or to come home to," says the Thorn.

He sighs deeply and looks at his friend. "If you retire, I will visit. And, I'm always here if you need me. I plan on having a couple more journeys with you. How is everyone else doing?"

03/15/2001 10:01 PM

"I'll go and call our friends to dinner" Katyr says to Jorgan and Kalia.

She heads to the temple and sees Py and Thorn sitting together.

Katyr walks quietly towards them and overhears parts of their conversation about retirement. They both turn to face her and she smiles warmly at them. "Come my dear friends, dinner is being served." She takes their hands to lead them back to the celebrations.

03/16/2001 9:43 AM

"Yes a few more adventures would be nice my friend, but I am not sure what I will do after that. I may just go to a period of wanderlust again and just disappear from the face of Krynn and explore other planes. Possibly retire and then come back when Krynn needs my help, but I am getting so tired of fighting..." Py notices Katyr and hears her before she even mentions dinner. Something he often did, being able to see into the immediate future was often helpful in battle, allowing him to see what someone was going to do before they did it. Allowed him to prepare for the attack.

"That sounds great. I haven't sat down to a good meal in a long time... Coming my friend?" Pysays as he stands and starts to walking outside to the banquet.

03/16/2001 2:41 PM

"Sure," says the Thorn, putting his book away and taking Katyr's offered arm. "Thank you," says the mage.

03/16/2001 5:37 PM

Katyr, Thorn and Py join Jorgan and Kalia in the Banquet room.

Katyr felt good, it was better that they were all together than seperated, especially after all the troubled looks she'd seen and things she'd heard.

She hoped that after they had all eaten and were sitting together they would feel they could talk. She was especially worried about Kalia, the usually bright and vivacious female had become severely depressed and withdrawn.

Maybe after a few drinks talking will become easier, she thought to herself. A plan started to form in her mind, after dinner and the celebrations she would organise for a table to be put aside just for them with plenty of food and drink, then if she could just get them talking.....She looked at Jorgan, she would fill him in later and ask him to help her.

03/17/2001 2:05 PM

The Thorn picked at his food, not eating much. He sipped his wine, waiting for someone else to speak first. He missed home. That would be his next stop.

03/17/2001 2:24 PM

Jorgan fidgits at the table, looking nervous. He eyes a large roll, glances around caustiously, and quickly grabs it. Around his first large bite, he tries to break the ice.....

"My family's from Grogan's Bluff origanaly. To bad my old man died before he could tell me more. I don't even know where Grogan's Bluff is. Maybe it was just cover. Never mind. Anyways, so what about you guys? We made it all the way here, why not get no know each other a little better?"

He flashs a quick, blushing glance at Katyr.

(Stupid...stupid...shouldn't have done that...she knows what I'm thinking now...stupid...) He thinks to himself regrettingly.

"Oh, come on people! I'm not the only one here ya know! Someone else talk for crying out loud! You'de think someone was dead or something!"

He looks around the table for volunteers.

"You" he points to the Thorn "Why don't you enlighten us about your life?"

03/17/2001 9:02 PM

"Actually, I'll start, since I am the oldest here my tale is long... I'll start from where my life as Pyranthas began, then I shall tell you about what I have found out here, and of course why I have once again changed forms again..." Pyrantas gets his thoughts together. "I was found as an infant in a boat near the Qualinesti shore, near Qualinost. I was found by a noble and he raised me as his own. I was facianated with sword play, and especially the long sword and went to a school to take formal lessons. I was faster, stronger, and much more focused than most of the other students it was like sword play was natural to me. At that time I could anticipate what the person would do for their next attack. I was also developing the ability at the time to move small things with my mind. At my 60th year, I became a master swordsman, and 2 years later I reached high mastery. At this time, I was inducted into the Speaker's personal elite team he called the templar. At this time I was not aware that I was a Templar." Pyranthas takes a sip of wine.

"I became the Captain of the templar after 5 years, and shortly after, I was framed for murdering someone. I left, and not long after I left, I met the lady I married. A beautiful half elven girl named Autumn Half-Elven. She was stuck up in a tree and I happened to save her by killing the hobgoblins with extreme swiftness. At this time I had achieved Grandmastery with the long sword, I could lift up to 1000 lbs with my telekenisis, I could communicate with the minds of others, control minds, fly, I could push or pulls things to or away from me. Well anyways to get this as a long story short, we eventually made it back to Qualinesti, I proved myself not to be the murderer, and regained my place back as captain of the templar. That spring, Autumn and I got married. one our second anniversary, I retired from the Templar so I could spend time with my wife," takes another sip of wine and then continues.

"About... another few years, the War of the Lance started. I went with the elven army to fight in a battle. Autumn came with me. I told her to stay, but she said she was going to fight along by my side. During the battle, she was killed by a red dragon, scorched to death by his terrible breath weapon," a tear rolls down his face and he paused for a second.

"I went into a berserk rage. I could lay hands, and I can now to heal, but she suffered such damage from the fire, that I couldn't do anything. I couldn't save her in time. If she only listened to me, she would be alive now, and we maynot be here now. I ran to her side and tried to heal her as I saw her go down. I guess she scored a lucky hit with an arrow to the dragon and killed his rider. When I couldn't heal her, I went into a berserk rage. It was when I found out about my real power. I just began drawing in energy and I was shaking so violently. I suddenly screamed and I changed physically. My blond hair turned white and my green eyes changed and flickered with lightning. My muscle mass was increased and my speed, and agility was doubled. I then released an energy blast and distroyed the dragon and I ended up slaughtering half of the army myself. I killed an about... 2,000 troops in about 15 minutes, and another 4000 in another 25 minutes. I was using energy blasts and my sword never moved so quickly. At the end of that battle, the rest all cheered and was saying i was a hero, but then they looked at me and noticed how my body had changed and almost shunned me away. I changed back to my normal form and went to my wife and i lifted her body up and flew away to a place that she and I often went to, and there I buried her under a great aspen tree near the edge of Qualinesti. That was about the middle of the war of the lance. After that one battle, I left ansalon and began adventuring and began sailing which I picked up quicker than anything. I sailed everywhere. I have visited the Dragon Ilses many times, and I have gone east and west," Sips some more wine and thinks a little more.

"I fought in a few battle, I even went to a few different planes as time went on. By te time i returned, the Chaos War was over, and the gods were gone. I was about 190 at that time. About 60 years later, I found a misterious Isle in the west and i met Thorn there. there, I learned about my heritage that I was not an elf but a Templar. Thorn and I became good friends at that point. About... oh 10 years later, there was the War against Khellendros, and then the war against the Tanar'ri, the Dark Templar. At that pointed I had my first metamorphasis and became an Arch Templar, how I first appeared when you all saw me. The Dark Templar was lasted about 25 years. At this time, Thorn would would have been older than he appears now, but he had a ring to keep him from aging, and probably still has it. He used it to enter a dimention in which we could train quickly and prepare for the war. The dimention would have aged all of those who were in my party about 200 years, if not for the rings, Thorn, and a few others would be dust by now. I didn't use a ring so I aged another 200 years and I gained more powers, and after the war against the Tanar'ri was over, there was another war against Khellendros, and I finally killed Khellendros, and I was now about 475 because of the aging dimention, and I was stronger than ever. I returned to my island, and I was there for about another 25 years so I am about 500 years old now. This is where I meet all of you, and we arrive here," stops and has a few bites to eat and sips some more wine.

"I found out here, that I am not who I thought I was. I was not a normal Templar, but a special Templar. I was special, because I found out I was the first templar created, back before the dragons were created. I am the father of the Templar. I did not beleive it first, but then I passed out and entered a trance and found a portion of my mind that was locked, and there I found my old self locked away as a prisioner in my mind. I was once know as Paladinius, or the Son of Paladine, named by E'li himself. Oh, for those who do not know elvish, E'li is simply Paladine. I talked to Paladinius and I then decided i wanted to rejoin with my former self, and I freed him and i split into two beings. Paladinius and myself. We then merged back together, and I purged all evil from my body in the form of a child. That is whan I entered this form, which is called the "Perfect templar" Stage. I have the power to control all elements, I can enter different dimentions at will, and I can stop time briefly also. Well, there you have it, my history as Pyranthas. Oh I am still Pyranthas. I am not Paladinius. I was the stronger being when we merged and therefor, I am incontrol and he is part of me now, so in away I am not the same as Paladinius... So... who's next?" Pyranthas says and finishes his wine and asks for more and eats a little more.

03/17/2001 9:29 PM

(OOC: Sorry for being gone for so long, I got hospitalized. Nothing Serious :) )

As our intrepid heroes feast, an evil that has wormed its way into the island made its way into the private chambers of Pyranthas's father. That evil (unbeknownst to our great heroes), slipped a poisonous powder amongst the templar's belongings
What dastardly plot is this unknown agent planning?

Elsewhere, Drakon Salador arrives at the Ancient Site of the Guardians. Along with his companion and brother Mordius, they prepare for the journey to the Templar's Isle... Would they arrive in time?

In the twisting unnamed realm of the Blood Spawn, his armies mass for an assault on the peaceful island of the Templars. Creatures twisted by the swirling madness of the ether, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, await slavering at the dark portal, waiting for the signal to invade Krynn...

Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/18/2001 12:28 AM

"I suppose I will go next," says the Thorn. "Many years ago, so many that I've quit counting, I was born. My parents were regular run of the mill. I was treated well and attended school. One day a traveling mage discovered dormant magic abilities in me. I began to study the arts. Several years passed and I eventually took my test. What I lost that day I will share with you now, for none others have ever heard it and it often weighs heavy on my heart. To pass my test I had to give up my family. I have never seen my parents since that day. I assume they are long dead by now but I have never officially checked. Anyway, it came time to choose my allegence to one of the gods of magic. It was at that point that I realized that I wanted to work for all three."

"I left never choosing a color, instead having on choosen for me. I was made a renegade after I left, and wore the robes of brown. I was hunted by the mages, which is how I aquired this ring," he said, holding up the ring which Py had referred to earlier. "It greatly slowed my aging and my power grew as time passed me by. Eventually I met Kistar Dragonstar. She was the current guardian of magic, but wanted to retire. I applied for the position and eventually won the spot. I became the second silver robe mage ever, the guardians of all magic. I moved into the Silver Tower and founded my own order which eventually became accepted by the council."

"Not to long after that, on a journey to discover new magic I met Py. He has already told you this story. We had several journies but our paths split. I learned to spot people who would influence the face of Krynn. I began to study them, learn about them incase they ever threatened magic on our world. You are sitting here with two of them, Py and Kalia. There are several others that I have found: Ghostbuster, the one known as Hooded, Mertonius, and Furanthas. I know where they are, well most of them, and I'm sure there are others out there."

"To end my story, I have chronicled many things, but found out that once again Py needed my help. I joined up with all of you and now I'm here. What I'll do next is yet to be determined. I thinking of retiring and passing my mantle on to someone else, maybe settling down and starting my own family or just finding someone who I can have as a traveling companion," says the Thorn, ending his story.

03/18/2001 2:17 AM

Katyr finishes her glass of wine and starts to tell her tale.

"My tale is very simple and quite boring compared to yours, yet I am still young and hope to change this in the future."

"My father was a Solamnic Knight of the rose and my mother was a cleric of Mishakal, they knew each other briefly and i resulted from that." she smiles slightly embarassed. "I never knew my mother, she left me on my father's doorstep when i was born and he raised me. he couldn't tell me anything about her except that she was beautiful and very kind. All i have of her is this amulet" she pulls out an amulet of Mishakal from around her neck "I have no idea what it does, it just makes me feel good to wear it." she tucks it back beneath her shirt.

Katyr pours herself more wine then continues "My father wanted me to be taught in the ways of etiquette so that i would grow up to become a proper lady and marry a Knight from a noble family, I had other plans for my future." She grins and takes a sip of her wine.

"At the age of nine i started to secretly train in the art of Solamnic arms and would enter tournaments in disguise, I won alot of those tournaments but could never tell my father. By the age of sixteen i was winning every tournament i entered and had become a very experienced swordsman, then my father discovered what i had been doing and i was cast out of the family home for disgracing him."

She looks down into her cup trying to fight back tears, she composes herself and continues "I joined up with a band of mercenaries and earned my living doing odd jobs with them until i met all of you." she smiles warmly at all her close companions.

Bringing up her past had been painful and difficult, she sits back and quietly drinks her wine.

03/18/2001 5:54 PM

"That medallion, it is a medallion of faith. It was worn by the clerics before the gods left Krynn. I wear the medallion of Paladine, as a symbol of my faith and as a tribute to my father. Looks like the rest of you need to go now. Lets here it," Py says smiling.

03/18/2001 5:57 PM

OOC: I started to write before Py posted a reply, so this should have been before his. Sorry, I'm a slow typer.

"Well, I'm not much of a storyteller either," He says, winking at Katyr.

"At one point in the history of my family, someone managed to REALLY piss off...something. Something rather evil. Like a demon. For the rest of our lives it has hunted the men of my family, trying to end our blood-line. I in fact watched this thing kill my father, and when he fell, I picked up his fallen broadsword and slayed the demon's body. But it always comes back. The man I killed in the bar...that was him, no, It."

He pauses, and takes a drink of water, searching his memory for what to say.

"Anyway, I've spent most of my life running to survive, because I don't know how to stop it. My dad was a mercanary all his life, and my mother died giving birth to me. My brother left to become a knight when I was very young. So I neverreally knew him. I don't even know if he's alive. So I make my keep by selling my services. I guess you could say that I to, am a mercanary."

He smiles at Katyr.

"Rough life, ain't it?"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
:[ May the forces of evil become lost on the way to your house :[

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03/18/2001 10:14 PM

Katyr agrees with Jorgan "It's rough but it sure beats being tied down in a loveless marriage to some stuck up boring Knight!"

She leans toward the rest of the group again "actually being cast from the family is probably one of the best things my father could have done for me, I have learnt and seen so much of the world outside solamnia. I have also learnt to change alot of my solamnic beliefs. For most of my life i was taught to distrust magic and never associate with mages, now here i am with some of my closest friends being mages."

03/19/2001 1:10 AM

The Thorn listens to the other stories. Kalia hadn't spoken yet but he knew her past. She was unusually quiet and that unsettled the mage's nerves. "Something wrong?" he asks his friend.

03/19/2001 9:59 AM

Jorgan smirks, and chuckles.

"Yeah, I never really trusted them either. No offense," He says quickly, eying the thorn and Kalia. "But it's not really a problem now."

He notices Kalia's nervousness, and notes Thorn's comment.

"Yeah, he's right girl, what the blazes is wrong? You haven't said anything in a long time. Usually, you're the one talking all of our ears off! Is there something we should know about?"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
May the forces of evil become lost on the way to your house

03/19/2001 1:16 PM

"Well, being brought up with elves, I have always trusted magic, but I had no desire for it myself. I think my reasoning is because i had my own powers which could be as powerful or more powerful. The mind, body, and soul can be very powerful."

Pyranthas looks at the Crystal Dragon.

"What is wrong Kalia? You... miss your kind? You miss being with the dragons? If you wish, I am sure there has to be a way that I can return you there. I can try and return you to the Dragon Isles. I could send Celestia with you."

03/20/2001 3:05 PM

Katyr looked at Kalia with concern. Her friends sudden change in character was worrying her, she wished kalia would talk to them.Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/20/2001 7:35 PM

CHAPTER 21 The Guardians

Salador and Mordius arrives at the ancient burial grounds of the Guardians and Templars. Little has changed in the face of eons. Drakon Salador surveys the lands about with the keen eye of a wolf, watchful for the presence of unfriendly eyes.

" 'Tis not difficult to cross time and space, but it is definitely exhausting, my brother...*" (*translated from Ancient Elvish)

Drakon Mordius sat down on a lone boulder that topped the incline. A smile formed on his face.

"It has been ages since we have stepped on the long grasses of our ancient homeland. Our once ancient citadel, now dust beneath the trees of this land. And what mighty trees they are..."

Below them, a valley of vallenwood trees, swaying in the cool night breeze, washing from a crystal clear lake nearby...

(OOC: Any idea of where the location of the ancient burial grounds? I gave enough hints already... Anyway, It's good yo be back :) )Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/20/2001 9:19 PM

(ooc: ummmmm........is it Solace?)Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/22/2001 9:51 AM

OOC: It has to be Solace, where else do the vallenwoods grow like that?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
May the forces of evil become lost on the way to your house

03/22/2001 2:45 PM

Pyranthas looks down at the amulet they found on their way to the ilse of the Templar. This amulet seems familar to me now... Where have I seen it... he thinks. Then it occurs to him, and all of his ancient knowledge floods him at one and he grabs his head.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" he screams and stands up and runs from the great dining hall running outside grabbing his head. "Too... much knowledge at once..." he says as he gets to his knees and starts shaking violently, as he suddenly sees the dragon wars, and other battle. He also sees the blood spawn, but this one was different. This monster had much more power. He saw himself as Paldinius fighting it along side with another ancient race, he suddenly reconized as the Drakon. The Templar and the Drakon fought side by side and banished the beast.

Pyranthas finally stands back up and looks at the medallion.

"So... is it possible that our beast we once fought years ago is returning? Why else would you make yourself know here on Krynn, to no other than myself..."

Pyranthas frowns and then heads inside.

"The Drakon have returned. Prepare everyone for battle. All Templars are to get ready to fight. The Drakons are our allies, another forgotten race as ourselves."

Pyranthas gets suited up in his heavy battle armor, and drawns his blade, and makes a pledge.

"I give my life to Krynn! I shall be it's guardian," he proclaims and then walks into the temple.

03/22/2001 5:35 PM

Katyr stands "I pledge my life to fight for Py and his people".

She starts to head off to her room to get her armor and weapons ready, as she is walking away she thinks to herself "this is just what the group needs, its going to be like old times." She thought about the ship and the battle with that huge beast, and she remebered when her and Jorgan jumped onto its head and drove their weapons through its skull. She would be honored to fight with him again.

As she passed his room she got an idea, she quickly scribbled a note and pushed it under his door. The note read "Dear Jorgan, thank you for a wonderful evening and for helping me to get the others to talk. Your companion Katyr."Curglaff - The shock felt in bathing when one first plunges into the cold water

03/24/2001 12:32 AM

I am here for you friend, think the Thorn, knowing Py can hear him.

The mages head hangs, this is what he and Py had talked about earlier. Always saving the world, wether he wanted to or not. The mage rose. "Kalia, could I speak with you at the temple alone?""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/24/2001 8:52 PM

Kalia stared blankly at her friends, she nodded vaugely to Thorn, then made her way to the temple. she sat down on a stone bench, her silvery hair covering her face. Her lonliness went deeper than being separated from dragon kind, but from humans too. Even if she was around dragon kind, she was the last of the Crystal Dragons on Krynn, She was truely alone on this world.

Kalia hugged her knees to her chest, thinking of Palin, and his father Camoron. tears formed in her eyes at the thought of the Happy man. Camoron was more than a friend, she thought of him as a father to her, he and Laura raised her in her human form untill she was eight, then Palin offered to train her in the ways of magic.

Friends and family lost, more alone than ever, She began to cry softly, her nervless fingers lost their grip on The staff, and it clattered to the floor, the light in the crystal dying the moment it left her hand.

on top of it all a nagging feeling that they all where in danger here tugged relentlessly at her mind, she felt it strongly when they first came to this Isle, but it had faded. If only she could regain the rest of her power as a Dragon, maybe then she could find the source of this evil presence.

Maybe this existance could be bearable if only there where one more Crystal Dragon on this worldyour village just called, their Idiot is missing

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