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01/08/2001 4:44 PM

(OOC -- remember this monster? Mwahahahahaha!)

"OOMPPH!" Autumn sets the last barrel of wine, 2,457 stolen barrels in all, on the deck of her stolen yet fine 3-masted pirate ship.

She tossles her messy mass of red curls and takes a look around, "Seas seem fair," adjusts herself in her blue dragonscale armor, "The wind is, ummmm...windy," casts a glance at the big blue warming himself on the beach amist a mass of recently chewed bones, "Wouldn't you say, Indigo? All we need now is a crew."

Paces around the deck a bit and stops at the helm, leaning against the wheel, "ACK!" she yelps as it spins and she topples over, arms flailing, landing firmly on her ass.

"What are YOU looking at?!?!" she hisses, ego damaged, to those standing on the dock, "I pay handsomely if you aren't a landlubber, ARGH!"

Stands, helps herself to a large mug of wine, and leans over the rail, "We set sail when the moon rises! Lotsa riches waiting for us out beyond the horizon! Ya comin' along?! ARGH!"


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01/08/2001 5:57 PM

"Riches aye? I'm always in for a good adventure on the seas," a tall man around 6'6" says as he steps from the shadows. His face is a pale blue and is faintly elven, except his features are a little rounder and the fact that he has a white gotee on his face. He definately wasn't an elf though. His long hair is white. His eyes gold. He wears the garb of a sailor, except he has a long sword on his hip instead of a cutlass.

"It's good seeing you again Autumn. I promise you this time I will not cause any trouble like I have in the past. I am only here for the adventure and to have a good time. Also, if you need a navigator, I would be happy to do it."

With that, he bows and then walks aboard the ship and heads for the stern.

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01/08/2001 8:12 PM

Blinks, "Make yourself at home.."

Resists kicking this odd elven looking dude in the ass as he passes, "Steer us well, and you shall have your pay," offers a little drunken smile and settles down on a bag of flour."

"I NEED A CHEF!" thinks of pancakes and muffins and starts drooling.

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01/08/2001 8:29 PM

Pyranthas stops and then turns back and heads to the drunken Captain.

"I forgot to introduce myself, although I am sure you already know who I am fair lady. I am Pyranthas Bronzeblade, Grandmaster Swordsman.," he says and bows once again and then heads back to the stern.

01/09/2001 3:59 AM


A kender suddenly popped out of nowhere in particular and lands on the guy in the crow's nest.

"Oops, sorry. Ta ta!"

The lithe and nimble kender made his way down ropes and spars and landed with a soft thud. He looks around for a moment to get his bearings and spots the woman in blue dragonscale armor. He runs up to her and surprises her by giving her a big hug.

"Hiya! Miss me? Oh, sorry. Is this yours?"
He immediately hands her the dagger that she mysteriously 'misplaced'.

The kender then quickly made his way into the storage room of the ship before anyone can react.

01/09/2001 6:35 AM

"Yes, I remember you, Pyranthasssss," she hisses silently wondering if this is indeed a kinder and gentler elf guy. She gives him the hairy eyeball, "I'll keep my eye on you, hot stuff."

"E GADS!" Autumn proclaims as she is suddenly assaulted by the kender, then watches helplessly as he runs down to the storage room, "No monkey busines Mr. Sticky Fingers!"


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01/09/2001 6:47 AM

A large minotaur eyes the ship from the docks. It looked worthy of him, but a ship was only as good as it's captain. Polacek snorted, a sign of irritation. Kender were aboard, and they were always trouble.

Polacek waited to see who else enlisted, to see if they were worthy of him.

01/09/2001 7:14 AM

A dark man dressed in sea-mens clothes,with daggers openly worn on his belt, walks on the deck and looks around."Who be the captain here?"he asks with an Ergothian accent.
"I be Joeger,of Northern Ergoth,and I've heard someones' hiring!"
Joe smiles beneath the makup.From what he'd heard,this captain was a drunkard,and he'd be able to scam him with no trouble!But where was he?All he could see was a drunken woman,perhaps his mistress.


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01/09/2001 5:30 PM

Autumn sobers a bit at the site of these two burly beings.

She reaches into a food sack mark "onions" and grabs a large one and hurls it at the minotaur. It impales itself on one of it's massive horns, "OOPS! Thought you looked hungry!" jingles a money sack, "I could use one of your obvious bulk aboard mine shit, and you are a sailor, no big guy?"

Turns her attention to the Erothian, "Ahoy, Joeger, I am Autumn "owner" of this ship, and that elf over there is Pyranthasssssss," she hisses the name again bad adds a friendly wink this time, "Our helmsman," eyes the well-armed man up and down, "Yes, you'll do, and your pay is all the booty you can carry. There is an island out yonder rumored to have a dragon's lair and you know what that means...jewels, gold, all that good stuff," her eyes sparkle greedily, "You in?"

Scratches her chin and stomps a boot on the deck, "KENDER! What are you DOING down there?!"

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01/09/2001 6:40 PM

A young female of about 18 yrs suddenly comes running at full speed down the wharf. she runs up the gang plank and leaps aboard the ship. she lands and rolls behind a stack of crates where she stays crouched.

she peers out and notices that everyone is staring at her "Oh hi um...mind if i come along? i can cook, clean, fight and i could probably climb those ropes faster than any burly sea dog!"

Suddenly the heavy booted footsteps of the town guards can be heard pounding along the wharf. Katyr ducks low behind the crates when she sees them.

The guards stop at the boat and approach Autumn. A man who seems to be the leader addresses Autumn. "We're looking for a young female scamp who came this way, have you seen her?"

01/09/2001 7:04 PM

"Correction Autumn, I am not an elf. I am a Templar, or have your forgot already?" the Templar says with a crooked smile and then makes is way over to Katyr.

"I'd like to take you up on that little bet on climbing them ropes," He says with a twinkle in his silver eyes and a pair of feathery wings appear upon his back. He then looks at the men approaching the ship. He walks up to them and Autumn and then waves his hand and says "She isn't on this ship. Try another." The man repeats him and walks off. Py then heads back off towards the helm of the ship.

"Shall we set sail Autumn?"

01/10/2001 6:52 AM

Autumn blinks at Pyranthas and her jaw just kinda hangs there for a minute, "What in the name of the ABYSS are those?!" points at his wings, "And Templar, yessss, ok then," chuckles.

Stomps over to Katyr and offers her a hand, "Welcome aboard, girly. You can be our official kender-watcher. I think he's a fairly good map reader as well..."

"Well, you coming or not?!" she hollars to the minataur.

"Joeger, if you're coming along, quit your gaping big guy and help me find the map to the dragon's isle," starts rummaging thru a chest fulla maps.


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01/10/2001 8:33 PM

"They are my wings. I am no longer the same Templar you remember Autumn. Do you not remember my transformation? and why are you always hissing at me?" Pyranthas says with a smirk and waves his hand quickly and a apple hits her in the head from behind her. He snickers and then walks back to the helm and gets ready for her to say the word so set sail.

01/10/2001 11:50 PM

A stocky figure walked slowly down the wharf.
The Powerful rays of Nutari cast a fat shadow
onto the water. He walked with a limp, favouring
his right leg. A long staff adorned
with ribbon aided the man's steps,
and he carried a large pack over his shoulder.
"Ahoy there! You need a Chef and none but a Dwarf
can cook the best of sea fare!"

He stepped onto the ship with a look of satisfaction.

01/10/2001 11:56 PM

The dwarf strode confidently, well, as confident as a dwarf with a limp can look, toward Autumn.

"Pess is the name. I gather from the shouting that you are Autumn, no?"
Not waiting for a reply, he began to nose around the deck, mumbling to himself.
"Where is that blasted Kender..."

01/11/2001 9:03 AM

'Joager' looks at the tall man,who had suddenly grown wings,with amazment.This was no trick,and Joeager had done enough tricks to tell."What are you?You wear no robes,yet you do the magics of a great sorcerrer!And you are the captains...helmsman?"
He stares at the wings.They were no fraud.


'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/11/2001 12:17 PM

Pyranthas smiles at Joeager.

"My race is an ancient one. One that dates back even before the ogres... and dragons. My race is know as the Templar. I never did have these wings, nor was my skin this light blue. I looked more elvish and then on my coming of age day I went through my change. Oh... it isn't magic I use. It is psychic energies, the energies of the mind. I also use another type of energy. One that is know as Kia energy by my race," Pyranthas says to Joeager and pauses for a second. He then continues, "I am the last of my race as far as I know. I have learned everything about my race by reading books I found in a libary in the ruins of my people on a small remote island on which I now live. I am the keeper of the knowledge there. I am still studying my people and I am hoping to find some remains of them. I do not ever recall meeting my parents. I was raised by the Elves of Qualinesti. My powers came to me naturally. First thing I noticed was I could see what my opponent was planning to do with his attack when I was training with the sword. As time went on I could see more of the future and i was able to levitate objects and pull a disarmed weapon to me. I later learned how to will the mind of my opponents through the power of suggestion. I gained the power to levitate my body and fly. I could charge my energy up and release energy blasts in the form of lightning, fire, ice, and wind. My fighting skills were exceptional and I ended up becoming a grandmaster with the long sword. There is not too many of us grandmasters left on this world. Well, I wait for Autumn's command to start sailing. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask Joeager."

Py places his hands on the helm and closes his eyes trying to sence his course in which he must take. He opens his eyes and smiles.

01/11/2001 10:42 PM

Katyr looks thankfully ay Py "thanks!"

she turns to Autumn "so where are we headed anyway?"

01/12/2001 6:38 AM

Flinches when the apple bops her in the head, then makes 'magicky-fingers' in the air and sticks her tongue out at Pyranthas, "Just steer...to that dragon isle place out yonder...the one with the rich stuff. You may set sail now."

Looks at the dwarf, "Pess, huh?" considers him then decides she likes him, "I like my eggs over easy," smiles then pours another mug of ale, "Besides chef, do you have another trade?"

While she waits to see if the dwarf heard her she looks to Katyr, "A fighter, eh? Now, why don't you tell me why those guys were after you?"

On shore, Indigo takes flight, keeping an eye on Autumn's crew._____________

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01/12/2001 6:54 AM

Joeager stares at the elf,no,'Templar'.A grandmaster with the sword,a powerful magican,no matter what kind of magics,and probably thousands of years old.What the hell was he doing on this ship?
It seems this trip would be more intrestiing then he had thought,and probably much more worth it."What am I to do,captain?It seems I'm hired."he says,noticing the ship taking sail.


'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/12/2001 6:07 PM

Katyr looks down at her boots sheepishly when Autumn asks her the dreaded question.

"Uh those guards? ummm... welll..." she seems to be racking her brain for an answer. "well those guards had me confused with some other person, Yeah um some guy, must be my short hair and clothes that confused them. I think he was a thief or something...they thought I was the thief so they chased me. and thats what trully happened, honest!"

she gives Autumn a quick charming smile and goes to look at Py more closely.

01/12/2001 7:25 PM

Pyranthas yells some orders to get the ship moving and then listens to the calling of the sea. Feels the wind blow over his face and he closes his eyes, guiding the ship with his mind. He breathes in the sent of the sea and smiles. It has been a long time since he has been sailing. How he missed it. His mind roams and he sences Katyr near by.

"Can I help you with anything Katyr? That is your name? Am I correct?" the Templar says and then opens his eyes. "Name's Pyranthas. I'll be your helmsman for this trip. You can call my Py."

01/13/2001 3:24 PM

With all of the jabbering aboard the ship the minotaur had taken his time to board the ship. His original intention was to kill the female "captain" that had thrown the onion at him, but then he realized that he might be able to use her for a better purpose. With their departure, his sea legs came instantly. The shaggy one set to the rope work, rigging up the sails. He ignored everone, concentrating on his work.

01/13/2001 11:33 PM

As Pyranthas sails the ship out of the harbor toward the Dragons Ilses, he decides he would do a few mental exerises. The first thing he thought maybe he would do is to charge his mental energies. He ties the wheel up on a set course and then stands back and pulls his arms to the side and balls his hands into fists and spreads his legs. He starts drawing energy into him and he feels his energy level growing. He starts pulling it into him at as faster rate and he crosses his arms infront of him and he then swings them out and grits his teeth. A blue aura that looks similar to flames surround him. His long white hair flies in the energy aura around him. He stands there allowing the energy to come to him. He closes his hands inward and places them near each other and cupped. He then pulls back and a small ball of energy appears. He the lets out a yell and foruces his hands skyward, and a huge blast of energy is released from his hands. He stands there for a moment with his eyes closed.

Pyranthas calms himself and his energy level gets back to normal. Once calm, he walks back to the wheel and takes hold of the wheel, and makes sure he is on course.

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01/14/2001 11:40 PM

Jiggs the kender walked up to Autumn and smiled. He did nothing. He just stood there, staring at her. Staring with large, blue eyes. He just stared and stared and stared. He then smiled. Then continued staring and staring and staring. This is kinda freaky. A number of crewmen kept a reasonable distance from the "freaky" kender. Jiggs continued to stare at Autumn. Then, he walked away and made his way to Pyranthas, then stared at him. He stared and stared and stared. He didn't do anything else but stared and stared and stared. This continued on and on. Jiggs stared at everyone and everything the whole day.

Unknown to them all, the "freaky" kender has plans of his own.

01/15/2001 1:49 AM

Kalan finishes the rigging, checks his weaponry, and ascends up the main mast to find a comfortable,solitary seat in the crow's nest.

01/15/2001 2:39 AM

Out of nowhere jumps the reclusive and brazen pirate, Cap'n Billy "Crunch" Jibber.

ARRRRGH!!! Me hears of thar be riches!! Well ye gots yerselves a chef missus! Cuz I can whips up the largest batch of cawn, lobsta, and clawm chowda this side of the Ogre's Arse!! ARRRRRRGH!

I tells ya thats these seas be swimmin' with thar largest sharks thar be! AYUH! So, ye best be on yer guards, thar be other pirates 'round here these parts! MYUH!

Red Wizards (http://www.redwizards.com)

01/15/2001 4:23 PM

Jiggs the Kender suddenly drops on Cap'n "Crunch",
(I think it must have been an accident. He was
staring out of the crow's nest, trying to catch
sea gulls with his bare hands. It is kinda freaky
to have a 'supposedly' insane kender on board :) )

"OoPs, SoRrY AbOuT ThAt. I tHoUgHt I CaUgHt a
PuTtY Tat."

Jiggs peeks inside his clasped hands.

"I dId! I dId CaUgHt A pUtTy TaT!!!"

With this pronouncement, the kender ran back to
the storage room, mumbling about cooking up
some 'rat' stew.

01/15/2001 8:54 PM

Enjoying the sea breeze on her face and the exhileration of her first real adventure, Katyr stares absently out to sea.

Suddenly she sees a dark spot on the horizon far out to sea. she stares at it a little longer till she can make out the form of a large ship. she can see a raised flag and starts to panic when she makes out a white skull. she looks up to the crows nest but The Thorn is looking at some ships in the opposite direction.

She hurriedly runs up to Py. and points towards the ship.
"out there, see?, a ship. I think its a pirate ship and its coming straight towards us!!"

Suddenly there is an enormous boom and a cannonball lands in the water with an emense splash just metres from them.

01/16/2001 1:35 PM

OOC: Katyr, this characters name is Kalan.

Kalan head whips around from the sound of the explosion. He had been watching a couple merchant vessels, now the new ship had his full attention.

"Ship of the portside bow," bellowed the minotaur. "Appears to be some kind of war galley. Can't make out it's origins yet, though," states the minotaur, pointing at the ship with his gigantic sword.

01/16/2001 2:27 PM

"ARGH! Cap't Billy Crunch, ye scoundrel, ye!" Pulls out a map from the chest and whaps him about the head with it, then wags it at Jiggs, "The Jigg is up you freaky little kender!" then watches him scurry down under.

"No problemo, Katyr, you will use your sword along side me when we board that...that.." gives her a knowing smile and jumps *JUMP* as the cannonball crashes near by, "That ship that's firing at us!"

"Kalan, Joeger! To the cannon!" looks around furiously for a cannon, "I think they want to sink my ship!" wraps her lips around the wine barrel spigget and takes a swallow, "Or stay in the crossnest! I DUNNO!!!"

Finds the cannon and loads and lights and FIRES...



01/16/2001 6:18 PM

Kalan sheathed the massive sword. He wouldn't need it until the boarding started. Instead, he pulled out a crossbow and loaded it. Carefully, he wrapped a small black and red cloth around the bolt right behind the head. Tieing that in place, he soaked the bolt in a small flask of oil. Still waiting for the ship to pull closer, he chunked a hole out of the mast and placed a torch in the new notch, which Kalan then lit. He was ready to fire on the vessel when it was close enough.

01/16/2001 7:36 PM

Pyranthas had an idea. He closes his eyes and then starts gaining energy. He then concentrates his energy into the ship, and the ship begins to float. Cannonballs fall to the sea before they can hit the shit. When they almost hit it, a blue field of energy glows. Next thing Pyranthas does is to push the ship forward just enough so it is ahead of the Pirate ship. Once cleared, he lowers it into the water and keeps the shield up for a few more minutes. He commands the winds to give the ship a push and the ship moves forward at an accellerated rate. Once the ship gets further enough ahead, he lowers the shield and lets the wind return to normal. He then seeks to get the ship back on course.

"No pirate shall sink this ship while I am on it. Not while I am the helms men!" Pyranthas says and then starts laughing as he sails the ship to the north.

01/16/2001 11:02 PM

The minotaur in the crows nest notices that they are beginning to outdistance the pirate vessel. There was to be no combat. Oh well, thought Kalan, as he extinguished the torch next to him.

01/17/2001 1:57 AM

The sea elf saw his chance to escape. He could hear his guard being distracted by some battle outside. He could see nothing outside of the barrel of sea water he was trapped in, but the noises of cannons firing and shouts from the pirate leader who commanded this vessel could easily be heard. The Dimernesti rocked the barrel, fearing no longer the large human guard always keeping an eye on him. He felt the barrel sway and then topple. Then, there was the impact on the floor. He could feel the barrel rolling, anticipation of his escape swelling...


The barrel hit something, and the sea elf heard a startled shout.

"ARRRH!! The elf's escapin'!!!"

The barrel had been bound tight with thick rope and the lid was glued shut somehow. The Dimernesti saw his desperate plan falling apart.

Then he heard oooh's and aah's from his pirate captors as one of them exclaimed, "That ship! She be flyin'!!! By the gods, we'll make her ours!!!"

Then the sea elf felt the barrel roll again, as the vessel he was on was being rocked by unsettled waters. The barrel rolled and rolled until it slammed hard against the walls of the ship. The impact rattled the elf, but better yet, the barrel cracked a bit open. The precious sea water spewed out. The elf kicked hard at the opening, splitting it even more. He grabbed at the edges of the tear, cutting his hands breaking the difficult wood apart. A few seconds and he was able to make a hole barely able to squeeze through. He scraped fresh cuts into his body, as he pushed his way out, but freedom was soon his!

"Where do ye think yuir going, elf?", said a familiar voice. The Dimernesti wasted no time. He rolled away from the barrel, as a huge machete chopped the air where his head was a second ago. His guard was back and making no effort to take him captive. The Dimernesti stood and leaped, his muscles aching from being confined for so long. Another swish of the machete nearly took his head off again...

Meanwhile, the other pirates on the ship were distracted by the other vessel as it landed ahead of them, many yards away. The flying ship! The sea elf smiled as he saw his captor rush towards him. He timed his next leap and planted one foot on the large human's head and vaulted over him, avoiding the human's clumsy swing, out over the edge of the ship and then double-flipped into the ocean.

Ahh, the glorious coolness of the ocean returned his vitality! However, the pirate vessel he escaped from loomed above. The sea elf wished to bring the downfall of his pirate captors. Perhaps, just perhaps, he may find allies on that marvelous flying ship.

With vengeance on his mind, the Dimernesti swam towards where the flying ship landed...

01/17/2001 2:35 AM

Crouching ing a corner, Jiggs the Kender continued in staring at everyone and everything. Nothing seems to bother him, not even when the ship 'flew'.

As again, no one paid any attention to the kender.

And again, no one noticed the gleam in his eyes...

01/17/2001 1:24 PM

Kalan, still intently watching the pirate ship, saw someone jump off the side of the ship.

"Man overboard," bellowed the minotaur, pointing back at the pirate ship.

01/19/2001 10:16 PM

Katyr stared amazed at everthing that was happening around her. she looked around at everyone and then looked at the kender jiggs. he stared back at her making her shudder and turn away, she didn't trust that little guy.

she hear Kalan shout and ran to the side of the ship and peered out into the water. "I can see someone, they're swimming towards us!" she pointed towards the sea elf.

01/20/2001 3:41 PM

Kalan, once again, recocked his crossbow and trained it on the figure swimming towards the ship, just in case.

01/20/2001 7:26 PM

Pyranthas peers over his shoulder and then had an idea. He spins the wheel hard to the left and the boat eventually swings around.

"They would never think of us coming back!" Pyranthas says laughing and steers for the ship, and the sea elf.

"See if you can't help that person swimming someone. My insticts tell me that it was a prisoner!" He yells as he steers towards the other ship, smiling to himself. He gets another idea.

"Hey Kender! Come here I have a job for you!" He yells with a smile getting his plan ready.

01/20/2001 10:51 PM

Katyr looks at Py with shock, they had just escaped the pirates and now he wants to go back!?

Suddenly she hears a voice in her head telling her to trust Py, that everything will be okay.

She starts to unwind the rope ladder and stands ready to throw it down to the sea elf at Py's command.

01/21/2001 5:08 AM

Joeger looks at the helsman with mild distaste.He knew the type.A showoff,overcompansating for some childhood trauma.No matter how powerful,always needing to prove himself."Great,I get on a ship with a drunk captain and a demi-god helsman with childhood problems.This is all I need."
He looks on to the pirate ship.There would be no problem with the pirates,he had a feeling Pyranthas could kill them all with a word.But who was that man swimming towards them?Never mind,if hwe was escaping pirates,he was Joeger's friend.
The sailor throws a rope to the man."Here,climb up!We'll fight the pirates with no trouble."he says.


'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/21/2001 9:39 PM

Kalan once again readies his croosbow and lights up his torch. The crazy captain and her helsman wanted to attack the pirates. They were going to make the crew work for their cut. Well, the minotaur had no problem with that.

01/22/2001 10:33 PM

The Dimernesti saw two members of the crew ready means to help him aboard the ship. He opted for the rope the dark man in seamman's clothing lowered. The sea elf easily grappled aboard the ship, pulling hard on the rope.

The elf knew he may have just traded one band of cutthroats for another. It mattered not. As long as he knew the pirate captain and his men aboard the other ship would perish in the upcoming battle, he would be satisfied. Luckily, the ship he was on seemed to be already preparing to battle the pirates.

He looked to the nearest crew members and held up his hands, in a surrendering position. To the others, he appeared as a hale and healthy sea elf with a broad chest and long deep blue hair. The only thing he wore was fish scale wear around his crotch tied together with twine with small shellfish.

He suddenly regretted not knowing the Common language some of his friends used to communicate with surface-dwellers. In Elven, he spoke, "Can anyone understand what I am saying?"

01/23/2001 6:06 AM

The sea elf, cause thats what he was, said something Kalan couldn't understand. The minotaur ignored it anyway. The elf was unarmed, and couldn't help much against the pirates that way, who were now almost in range. Kalan lit the head of his first bolt and took aim at one of the masts, near the sail.

01/23/2001 11:24 AM

"EGADS!" Autumn gasps at the site of the sea elf, "A SEA ELF!"

*hands him a harpoon and points at the approaching ship, then faints*


01/23/2001 9:00 PM

Pyranthas laughs as he sails the ship at the Pirates.

"Fire the cannons!" He yells and laughs. "Get the Captain in her cabin right away, and get some ropes together so we can grapple the ship with ours. I want to board it. There has to be treasure on it."

The Arch-Templar eyes the ship and places his hand on his long sword and then goes back to steering the ship.

"For the treasure!" He shoults at the top of his lungs and then smirks as he looks at the ship.

01/23/2001 9:27 PM

With Py's battle cry, Kalan looses his bolt. It flies true and hit squarely in the pirate ships main mast. The blaze from the bolt ignites the main sail. The minotaur hurredly reloads to fire at the human that is nestled in the crow's nest of the opposing ship.

01/23/2001 10:22 PM

Katyr smiles at the sea elf. in elven she speaks to him "i can speak a little elven, what is you name?" she looks at the others and explains "one of my boyfriends was elven, i picked up some along the way."

01/24/2001 10:24 AM

Kalan lets the second bolt fly. It takes the pirate in the chest, toppling him from the crow's nest onto the deck. Enough of the long distance fight, thought the minotaur, it was time to take it to the pirates.

Kalan drew his great sword. Grabbing a rope, the minotaur slid onto the deck. He was going to be part of the boarding party. He wanted some treasure, and he could get it honorably this way.

01/24/2001 1:04 PM

"Drop anchor! I'm heading aboard!" the Templar shouts and then runs and leaps over the edge of the ship on to the pirate ship. In mid air, he frees his blade and lands on a pirate and drives his blade through his chest.

Pyranthas spins his blade and runs through the crowd of pirates slashing as he goes, leaving only a trail of dead and broken weapons behind him.

He makes his way to the main cabin, and kicks the door in. Inside he sees the Captain of the ship and many guards.

"Ok, lets do this the hard way then," Pyranthas says as he does a back flip and lands on the deck near Kalan.

"Let's get that treasure my minotaur friend," He says as he smirks and then charges back into battle.

01/24/2001 11:02 PM

The minotaur bellowed a mighty warcry, "May the seas run red with your blood." With that Kalan charges into battle, bowling over several pirates in the process. He follows Py back towards the cabin, cutting a bloody swath of all those who oppose him. The shaggy beast took several nicks here and there, but he hardly felt them as his adreneline surged. Kalan had just one objective, pay.

01/24/2001 11:43 PM

The Dimernesti turned to the maiden who spoke to him and brightened. In Elven, he told her, "I am Siun. A pleasure to speak with you."

He looked about the ship and saw the various humanoids who made up its crew. The strange human woman who gasped "A SEA ELF" had handed him a harpoon he assumes would be his chosen weapon against the pirates of the other ship. Just as he was about to talk to the maiden who had spoke Elven to him some more, the battle began. The minotaur and a winged elf were the first to strike against the pirates. Siun smiled as he knew it was a wise choice to board this vessel. The crew of this ship seemed to make unusual but powerful allies, as he saw the winged surface elf slay many of the pirates. However, he neglected to tell them that the captain of that ship was no ordinary human pirate...

When the sea elf was on that damned vessel, he witnessed the captain turn into a horrid sea wolf one rainy night when the pirate thought no one was looking. This was when they held Siun in a cage before they decided on using the barrel full of sea water. Who knows how many on that ship the captain had infected with his lycanthropic bite?

Siun readied the harpoon in his hands, preparing for battle. He looked to the maiden near him intently. "And what is your name, milady? Your friends need to know about the sea wolves in the enemy vessel..."

01/25/2001 6:24 AM

Pyranthas swings his blade in a graceful manor slashing his weapon. His blade sings as he slashes and kisses many pirates. He darts back towards the main cabin and stops just outside. He when he stops for a brief second and he senses something about the captain. The captain wasn't quiet normal. Having another idea, he runs and dives into the water. He swims to the bow of the boat and then slashes a hole in the bottom of the boat.

The Arch-Templar appears back on the boat near mid ship and makes his way to start heading down below the boat to find the treasure. He know he nes to move quickly. If not, he and the minotaur was going under with the boat.

Finding nothing down below in the hold except for food and ale, he charges back up and catches up to the minotaur.

"There's nothing below, and the ship is sinking. I made sure of that! The only place their booty could be now is with the captain and there is something not quiet right about him. Guard me. I'm going into his mind," he says as he closes his eyes and he begins to see in the mind of the captain. He sees another image inhis mind. One of a creature he hasn't seen before, and this creature changed into him. He then realizes the truth.

"The captain is a lycanthope! We got to work quickly. My blade can slice through anything, and it's going to slice though the captain just so I can get the treasure."

The Templar charges into the cabin again and slashes at many of the pirates in his way until it's just him and the captain.

"Where be your treasure on this ship captain?"

"Tis right there elf, but you won't leave with it alive!" he says laughing manically and then begins to transform.

While he's transforming, Pyranthas grabs the captain and throws him out onto the deck.

"Hold him off until I get this trunk," Pyranthas yells to the minotaur and then slashes the lock off and sees the treasure inside and smiles. He check each trunk. Every trunk loaded with gold and gems. Pyranthas smiles and drags the two trunks out to the deck.

"Here it is. I'll get it on board and then I shall be back to help you out," he shouts as he gets the trunks on board, but not before he was attacked by the captain.

The captain pounced on his back, and Pyranthas swings his leg up enough from behind and kicks the captain off from him. He sees the were beast and swings his blade in an arch around him, keeping it at bay. He watches the captain glaring at him. He makes a quick moton with his hand for the Minotaur to ambush him from behind.

01/25/2001 10:50 AM

Kalan listens to everything that Py has to say. He remembers hearing about lycanthropes once, but he couldn't recall what they were. The minotaur continued to slice down pirate after pirate. He had obtained a second sword, much smaller then his normal one, and was now fighting two handed.

Py emerged from the captain's quarters lugging some trunks. He shouted something about a captain, and then was attacked from behind. Py managed to struggle free, and Kalan knew he had to help his friend or he wasn't going to get paid.

The minotaur stepped in between the two, menacing at the captain. To Kalan's surprise, the captain had a head like a wolf, and was covered in hair. No matter, thought Kalan, as he began to by Py time as he sliced at the captain.

02/05/2001 3:47 AM

Then out of nowhere more pirates pop out and surrounds the entire crew. Cornered, they have no where to go as the ship slowly sank...

Suddenly, Jiggs the Kender plops out and drops into the middle of the fray.

A pirates screams at the top of his voice, "Run for your lives! 'Tis a Rabid Kender!!"

The remaining pirates started making for the side of the ship, diving into the churning sea, leaving their captain to the tender mercy of Pyranthas.

Jiggs, on his part, ran back to Autumn's cellar and bolted the door again.

02/05/2001 11:19 AM

Kalan looked at Jiggs, stupified. The kender was demented, on so many levels, that the minotaur just stood there and stared at the whole scene in shock. As quickly as he came, the weird kender was gone, and the minotaur continued to battle against the lycanthropes.

02/05/2001 4:56 PM

A rumbling sound came from the cellar... A stomach wrenching sound of flesh
stretching and bones cracking, of sinews lengthening and skin pulling tight.

Then, a dazzling light flashed from the cracks of the cellar door as it
slowly opened... revealing...

A strange looking warrior with a strange curved blade. The warrior's hair was
tied into a top knot and he is clad in a strange, loose robe with cherry
blossom marks. But the most striking feature was his blade.

Easily four feet in length and with a very keen edge, the blade was of alien
design. It is totally unlike the straight long and broad blades that the
others were accustomed to seeing.

The mysterious warrior ran towards the lycanthropes, wielding his strange
blade against the foul creatures and within the space of a heart beat he
completely decimated their ranks. With a strange gesture he sheaths his sword
and made his way back to the cellar, but before closing the door, he turns
and bows to the others and said, "Sayonnara."

The door closes and the briliant light appears again and disappears. And
from the room, only the muffled sounds of Jiggs could be heard.

02/06/2001 7:12 AM

Joear greets the sea elf in crude sea-elven. "I Joear.Learn language from female Dimersti,save me.Who you,what you do on ship?"of course he know fluent elven,but no red-blooded Ergothion would...
the Ergothion doesn't even notice the fighting,knowing his powerful companions could destroy them with no trouble,sea-wolves or not.But this kender turning inot a powerful warrior he had not expected at all.He recognizes a fellow con-man.Or kender,or whatever.And perhaps he would like to teach me some tricks!
Joear enters the cellar.He looks at the kender,who seems normal again.His clothes were ripped on the floor."So...who are you?"Joear asks.
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/06/2001 12:53 PM

Pyranthas stares at the Captain and smirks. He then notices the giant warrior come and then disappear. He shrugs and then powers up his energy and becomes a blur, attacking the Sea Wolf. After a few seconds, he stops and looks at the wolf and watches it fall to hundreds of pieces. The Arch Tamplar turns around and the runs for the treasure chests and throws them aboard.

"Come on my Minotaurian friend. This boat is sinking!" He says as he leaps into the air and lands upon the deck.

02/06/2001 9:30 PM

Kalan is quick on Py's heels. He too, makes the leap from one boat to the other. He grins widely, revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth. The sight was startling to most of the passengers, for the minotaur almost looked like a wolf grinning back at the seawolves.

Kalan watched the pirate ship slowly sink. He then turned his attention to the treasure test. It was time for him to get payed! Then he needed to clean his weapon.

02/07/2001 11:31 AM

"Thought you could rid yourself of me that easily, eh?!" leaps aboard nearly bowling Py down and starts massive map-whapping, leaving no one untouched, "Hands off that chest large and furry one!"


Pet my monkey!

02/07/2001 8:38 PM

Kalan backhands the annoying mapwapper. The treasure was partly his, and no one was going to take it from him. The minotaur drew his sword, ready to defend his money.

02/08/2001 1:47 PM

"He did his share Autumn. I didn't see you or the other's on that ship with us. I beleive she should get at least half of that trunk."

Pyranthas says and crosses his arms.

02/08/2001 4:46 PM

OOC: Kalan is a guy, Py, for your info. Please keep that in mind.

Kalan nods his thanks to Py. He had earned his part of the money, and none of the other shipmates other than Py had done hardly anything. The just stood around talking to that smelly sea elf.

02/09/2001 9:17 AM

Raises an eyebrow at Py, "Hmph! Well, I don't really care about that right now, anyhow. Put your sword away Kalan," she sniffs the air.

Following her nose below decks, she finds a large wooden chest. Rubbing her hands together she coos, "I knew I'd find you again, my darlings," openning the chest she begins digging thru the rich fabrics and fanciful shoes and interesting bobbles held with in, tosses things hither and yon.


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02/09/2001 12:59 PM

With Autumn's departure, the minotaur sheaths his sword. "How should we divvy this up," growls Kalan to Py, looking at the others aboard the boat. "Some of them didn't even help recover it," he says scanning other members of the crew.

02/17/2001 2:11 PM

Kalan hauls the booty into the cabin he's staying in. The minotaur begins to sort through the treasure, looking for the most interesting items.

02/18/2001 3:04 AM

Siun is silent as he watches the pirate ship sink. Farewell to rubbish. The fight over before he had a chance to join in, he stands and watches the crew squabble over meaningless baubles.

A crew this unbelievably powerful and they still value coin? Feh, how intriquing. The sea elf turns to the one who spoke bad elven, Joear was it? "What is this crew and her ship's name?" He hoped that was understood.

He glanced at the maiden who first spoke to him. She never replied to his question. A pity. He needed someone to help translate and she was a pretty one at that.

02/18/2001 6:51 AM

"Ship...Pirate ship."Jeoro shrugs."Crew,super-crew."
"What you?Why you there,on other ship?"
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/19/2001 3:49 PM

Pyranthas watches the minotaur take the chest.

"You can take my share Kalan. I have no use for it. As for you Autumn, I didn't see you do anything during the fight."

Pyranthas turns and then walks away and heads over to the sea elf, and speaks in very fleunt elvish.

"Tha name is Pyranthas Bronzeblade. I know I may look strange with my wings and blue skin, but I am no elf. I am a member of an ancient race known as the Templar. I did live with the elves for the first 120 years of my life..." the Arch-Templar says and then turns and walks away, thinking of his life in Qualinesti, and his wife.

"Autumn is the Captain of this ship. Ask her for the name." He says in elvish and then goes in common, "Autumn the sea elf wants to know the same of this ship. I'm going to the helm now.'

He walks to the helm and takes the gets the ship back on course to the dragon isles.

He closes his eyes and the memory of his wife comes to him and a tear falls from his eye, the first tear since her death...

02/20/2001 2:26 PM

The minotaur continued to rifle through the treasure, looking for something "important."

02/22/2001 7:23 PM

Pyranthas thens to the helm and pilots the ship, and thinks of the days when he was with his wife Autumn Half-elven. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He glances at Autumn the Warrior and frowns. He has never know what to make of her ever since he first met her. his thoughts trail off and drift out to sea.

02/22/2001 7:51 PM

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02/25/2001 11:31 PM

Siun nodded thanks to the templar. Though the crew on this ship seemed an interesting bunch, his heart was always with the sea. Siun wished no attachments to those who lived on the land. With that in mind, he told them all "farewell" in Elven and leaped off the ship. ...Perhaps, there may come a time when he shall meet them again...

02/26/2001 2:00 PM

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02/28/2001 8:58 PM

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Mertonius turns to the assistant nurse and yells for 50cc of atropine. He calls for the MRI technician to get ready and PAs for the resident surgeon. Then he calls for a defibrillator and starts ready the paddles.

Nurse: Clear!


Mertonius: Clear!


Mertonius: Live!!! Goddamn it! Live! L I V E !!!!!!!!!

Beep beep beep beep.....zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz hmmmmmm hmmmmm

Nurse: I'm sorry doctor, I think he's lost....

Mertonius: Noooooooo!!!!
Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/01/2001 7:02 AM

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03/01/2001 3:05 PM

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