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05/20/2000 2:27 PM

You see the Mertonius sitting by the fire at the Forum Room. He sits as if...

I would like to thank you my friends and all the adventures you have shared with me. But like all things there is an end. I fear that this may well be my last posting here. I am to be confined tommorow (Saturday, May 21 here) in a hospital for my health is degrading rapidly. I had to make a lame excuse of going to my college to check on my grades to make this posting. My cousin has left me to post what may be my last message. I might be gone for only a short time or, if the prognosis is not favorable, longer than expected. I Might not be able to post at all...

I wish to thanks the moderator of this place for all they have done and those who I post with for a long time. I would have e-mailed you all if I have known your addresses but it is better this way since this place is a place that is very special to me.

Do not grieve for me, for grieving is for those who may never return. I'll give my cousin my passcode and log-in name to check on some of the postings I have made before and print it for me so I can I have something to read by when I'm confined.

I would like to thank the following for being good sports and being good enough to be considered as friends:

Autumn: May you continue to post and lead a happy life both here and irl. And try to continue posting in the our Pirate ship thingy. I like it a lot.

Hooded: You may be a pain in the ass for those around here, but hell, YOU'RE OUR pain in the ass and don't you forget it.

Pyranthas: You post very rarely in the messages I check but I think your a swell guy. Keep on posting.

Tanin: Keep on posting and make sure Autumn keeps on posting. Very few makes me laugh nowadays.

Elvenblade: If you can read this posting, thanks for the hearty laugh your adventures made for me, especially since the Quest for the Bathroom of the Gods...

The Full Monty: Well Monty, it seems that Jessamine's yours again... (HAR HAR HAR)

Jessamine: Thanks a lot Jess, I'll miss you too. And keep Monty's filthy hands off you, hear?

The Teutonick Knight: I don't know if you'll be able to read this posting ,but keep on truckin!

Quiralanthalasa: Well, I managed to write out your full log-in name. Thanks for the adventures with good ol' Mertonius. Keep on running that thread and make sure nothing happens bad ok?

To those who I may Have Forgotten:

Thanks you for posting with me and make sure you spend time with those you love as well. You may never know when one may leave you...

Thanks To the Dragonlance Team and The Amethyst Alliance. Amethyst is my birthstone you see...
Keep on doing your best and make sure that people play good RPG out their.

(Mertonius stands up and looks around. Seeing that things are in order he takes to the door of the Forum)

Try to post a reply soon. I might still prevail on my cousin to print out any reply this message. At least I can have something to hold by while I am away...

Farewell.... My Friends...

05/18/2000 9:26 PM

*Hooded watches a small child wish Mertonius good
"sniff, sniff... I hope you come back soon." the
small child says sadly.
"I don't." Hooded interjects.
*Hooded steps out of the shadows and stabs his
dagger into the back of the childs neck. There is
a brief exclamation of air and the child falls to
the ground dead.*

OOC: Good luck dude!

05/18/2000 10:06 PM

Stomps in heavily, scowl across her face, the air crackling around her, "Where is my friggin' CROOOWWWWNNN!!!" she hollars and wags her fists in the air.

"WHAT THE!!" looks over at Hooded, lunges at him, grabs him by the throat and shakes him like she's testing the ripeness of a mellon.

*she lets go and regains her composure*

"Ehem," clears her throat, "OOPS! Sorry. NOT!"

OOC -- may the gods of Krynn, and they are around you, watch over you. AND....see you soon...understand me? Autumn doesn't like to be DISAPPOINTED! Take good care, and see you on der ship, ARGH!. Peace.

05/18/2000 11:49 PM

(Ah, you are one of the very few ones who are capable of writing down my whole name...)

"I will speak a prayer for you to my Goddess, the Goddess of healing, dear friend.
I hope you will return soon, for I need someone to protect me and my unborn children from evil forces. DonĀ“t leave us alone for too long..."

*seeing Mertonius step through the door, she whispers*

"Mishakal watches over you, my friend..."

05/19/2000 2:57 AM

Thats one thing about necromancy I will never like...disease...because it touches so many in real life..it kills our friends, our families, even our beloved pets..

But then everyone has to die sooner or later...even though I knoew you only a small while...I do hope that God is with you and that he decides it isn't your time to go.

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05/19/2000 5:49 AM

*"Crown?" grins and places it on his head and flaunts it around Autumn and then hides it again*

Good luck man.

Oh so you know I did post a lot, but it was just in my own thread. I have my reasons though.

05/19/2000 6:05 AM

"Though I have not known you long, you are a damn good person (BTW Thanks for setting up the plot on New_Surroundings... we will miss ya)

May the God and Goddess watch over you and speed your recovery :)

~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/19/2000 12:50 PM

*Tanin stands before the departing Mertonius. He places his hand over his heart.*
"May the gods be with you, Mertonius. I will carry out your wishes. May Huma return you to us."
*Tanin bows and walks away*

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/19/2000 1:03 PM

*the knight humbly stands with his head hung low*

"A dear member of the family must leave us now. I do hope that he may come back soon and in good health. I may not have known him well, but any member of this board is like family. I shall miss thee, and good luck."

*the knight takes a bow and quietly walks away, a slight drop of water falls from his face...tears?*

05/20/2000 10:46 AM

Jessamine smiles warmly, a slight tear coming to her eye as she hears a reference to her.
"You are always remembered here, mertonius. come back soon alrighty? HAhaha and eat lotsa oranges they are so good for you." :) you had about fifteen million characters; the forum will be empty without you!!!

05/20/2000 2:27 PM

*bows respectfully* the Amethyst team whishes you all the best. Come back soon!

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