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12/28/2000 3:57 PM

Oh Shit,Oh Shit,this time i'm really going to die!Is the thought that passes through Joe's (thief,seducer,juggler,and general all around scoundrel) mind.I had the steel, why look for more?
He looks down at the rushing waterfall beneath him,and up at the slowly breaking branch on which he is holding.Note to self:be satisfied.
"Rainbow."he says to the magical and colorful rainbow which follows him around."Go look for help.On anyone who is greedy,suggest steel in that strange way of yours.If its a knight,make him think there's a damsel in distress.Now go!"
The rainbow fly's off,and Joe waits for rescue.He amuses himself with lewd thoughts of those responsible for his predicamint and rabid dogs.


'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

12/29/2000 5:22 PM

Pehlya skips along the path, enjoying the nice day. She pauses for a moment to admire a pretty rock, which ends up in her pouch.

12/30/2000 2:51 AM

Katyr yawns and stretches as she sits back on a large boulder. she counts the few remaining steel in her pouch and frowns. The mercinary business has been slow of late, so she was back on the road looking for adventure, excitement and danger! well, mostly she was looking for ways to make easy money.

She smiles as a young female kender skips past, "like a small child really", she thinks to herself.

she lies back on the warm rock and closes her eyes, with her hand over her money pouch of course.

12/30/2000 9:05 AM

"Hello!!!", she stops to greet the female mercany and smiles broadly. "Nice day isn't it?"

12/31/2000 11:26 AM

A rainbow,glowing brightly,blndingly even,floats at top speeds toward the two people.It drops in front of them,its colours shifitng,its rudmintery mind trying to send the image of a man in trouble,a rich man.


'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/01/2001 3:28 AM

Katyr smiled at the bright little kender "it would be a much nicer day if there was some action".

suddenly a mass of colour appeared in front of them. Katyr's hand went to her sword as usual, but she didn't feel threatened.

she and the kender stare amazed at the rainbow for a few minutes, the swirling colours start to meld together and form pictures. Katyr thinks she can make out someone in distress, she also sees money shining infront of her in the rainbow.

Katyr didn't generally trust magic but she decided to trust magic that obviously served a very rich master in need of a brave mercinary's help.

She looked down at Pehlya. "what do you think it wants us to do now?".

01/02/2001 3:17 AM

The rainbow moves in the direction it had come from.After no-one follows it,it returns,then sets off again.


'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/02/2001 10:33 AM

A feeble old woman walks laborously along the path to the river to catch her supper, all at once a luminescent rainbow appears and beckons her to follow it down the path. Remembering the adventuresome days of her youth, she follows.

01/02/2001 4:22 PM

Cai'de watches as a bright flash of color soars over the trees. After a brief glance, it is gone. Cai'de's dapple shook it's mane and snorted. "Strange, I know . . ." The human replied. She glanced back to where the rainbow had come from. "Hold on a moment, Silvermoon, I'll be right back." She dismounted and agily approached the river's bank. The familiar drum of the waterfall increased until it pounded in her mind as she stepped out on a large, flat rock. To her complete surprise, she found a man hanging on a branch suspended over the brink of the waterfall. She tensed, then said perhaps the dumbest words she could have thought of at the moment; "Do you need any help, sir?" and promptly slapped her forhead. ((ooc; how come I get the feeling that this is going to turn into something like Tenchi Muyo??))

01/02/2001 8:19 PM

Katyr realises that her chance to save this man (and his money) might be over if she doesn't act fast. she runs at full speed after the rainbow and comes to a sudden halt when she reaches a rushing waterfall. she sees the man from the rainbow image hanging from a branch over the waterfall. she also sees a female human standing beside the man.

"stand back!" she orders the woman in her best commanding tone. she removes a long rope from her pack and ties one end around the trunk of a tree, she then ties the other end around her waist. she edges herself towards the man treading carefully on the slippery rock. "when i get close, grab my arms" she yells to the man over the roar of the waterfall.

she edges closer and stretches out her arms, the man grabs hold of one then the other and she starts to pull him back. suddenly she slips on the rocks and lunges forward. she grabs hold of the man who is still holding the branch and the two of them swing way out over the water. the branch snaps and they fall, the rope around her waist snaps taut and holds the both of them. they swing back and forth over the cliff helpless.

01/05/2001 10:30 AM

As they dangle hopelessly, the rope stretches a little, and they move up towards the edge by about a foot. Little by little, the rope, and its contents near the edge. When she is within reach, Katyr grasps the edge and lifts the man to the bank. After a quick conference to check that the man is okay (and his wealth still intact) she remembers that someone had to have pulled them up.
She looks to find what appears to be a young mage, propped against the tree, taking a large swig from his waterskin. He then takes a large breath and sinks to his knees, passing out. As Katyr approaches, she sees that he is indeed a mage, rather young. His skin tone and build mark him as an obvious farm hand, or perhaps even a slave. A quick glance at his hands reveal severe rope burns, still red and bleeding profusely. The disapointment of having ruined her rope changes to admiration as she realizes the sacrifice that this mage made to save both their lives. (wether they needed it or not she may never know.)
Further investigation finds rope burns just as severe on his right bicep and shoulder. He had removed his black cloak, which now hangs limply from the branch to her right, and wrapped the rope around himself for leverage to pull. His back reveals no signs of whippings, so he was obviously not a slve in his life. A farm hand would explain his strength, and determination to get them up. He rolls over and moans lightly.


The word brings a smile to the faces of those now watching. He tries to get up but appears too weak. With a moan, he falls back and passes out again.

01/05/2001 11:17 PM

Katyr catches the mage as he falls over and rests his head on her pack. his face is very pale and wet with sweat. she mops his brow with a rag soaked in cool water, through the rag she can feel the intense heat of his face.

"This man is not well" she says to the other man. "he needs a healer". she starts to dress his wounds with the expertise of someone who has done it a thousand times.

She looks around and sighs. she has no idea where she is nor where the nearest town would be. she looks back at the mage with concern.

01/06/2001 4:37 AM

OOC:What the hell is Tenchi Muyo?
Joe looks at the great group around him.How the hell did one little magical rainbow get all these people here?He hoped that most had come because of curiosity,not becuase of greed.
"Thank you for rescuing me.All of you."he looks around.His rainbow was floating in the middle of the group,looking as pleased as a rainbow can look.
"A healer?"he asks of the one who had really saved him.He owed that one,and he would remember that."There is a lords manor about a mile from here...but I am not very welcome there right now.In fact,the lords men hung me on that branch."


'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

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01/06/2001 7:56 AM

A young female who appears to be a fighter/mage walks into the clearing. She looks about to say something, then stops. Looking down she sees the hurt magic-user. "Is he alive? What happened?" She kneels down and puts her sword aside, and begins to heal him.

01/06/2001 6:29 PM

Katyr looks very interested when she hears about the Lords Manor.

"And what did you do to make the lords men hang you on that branch?"

01/06/2001 7:04 PM

Pehlya snaps her fingers, dismayed that the woman left her behind. Running as fast as a kender may she follows and sees all the people. Kender curiosity
kicks in, pushing her to go see the man everyone is crowded about first. After poking at the rope burns, and seeing the man grimace, she looks to the others. Tugging upon Joe's arm she inquires if he is the owner of that rainbow. "Where did you get a rainbow? I want a rainbow! Can you walk on a rainbow, or is it like a cloud? A gnome told me that clouds aren't fluffy like wool though, do you know if they really are? I mean you do have a rainbow, so don't you know about weather??"

01/07/2001 4:08 AM

Finished with the healing, Xitaa reaches for her sword, only to find it's not there. Rolling her eyes, she turns the kender around to face her,keeping a firm grip on her wrist. "Alright, I want my sword back now." She says. Before the kender can say anything she adds, "And it was right there, on the ground," pointing to where her sword once lay.

01/07/2001 9:37 AM

"sword? What sword?", Pehlya looks around and sees it half tucked into her pack. She pulls it out and smiles, "You must have dropped it! There are a few shady characters in this wood so you better watch it, i might not be around to protect it next time!"

01/08/2001 10:33 AM

The young mage begins to stir, and rises slowly to his feet with the assistance of Katyr.

"The only danger" he stops, and coughs a loud hacking cough, "The only danger in this forest is to you, my young kender, if you can't keep your hands off of other peoples belongings."

He turns, and faces Katyr.

"I'm......Sorry about your rope ma'mm. I don't know if you'll want to use it anymore."

He steps to his left to retrieve his bag and cloak, only to find that his cloak is...surprise! Gone! He turns to his right to think.

"HHmmmmmm....lets see, I took it off, I hung it from that branch, now it's conveniently.....gone."

His gaze strays from the branch to the young kender. He smiles and winks.


His devilish grin drills into the kenders consiousness. She knows that he knows that she has his cloak.

01/08/2001 2:10 PM

Pehlya smiles and scratches the back of her head, handing him back his cloak with the other. Normally people don't smile and say hello when she 'borrows' their things.

"H'lo!", she smiles innocently at the young man and offers her hand. "I'm Pehlya Rockskipper, what's your name?"

01/08/2001 4:23 PM

Rolling her eyes and sheathing her sword, Xitaa turns to Joe. "What happened here?" she asks.

01/08/2001 6:34 PM

Cai'de watches as the rescue unfolds before her, then decides that all is well and her help is not needed. She stands and starts to head back to her horse, but suddenly loses her footing on the slippery rock and she lands backwards in the water. Cai'de throws her head above the surface, sputtering, and watches as the brink of the waterfall looms closer. Suddenly unaware of the mob of people standing near the bank, she pulls out the sash around her waist and snaps it at the branch. The wet fabric coils like a whip and holds long enough for Cai'de to pull herself up. She pulls herself up onto the branch, then hangs there a moment before carefully sliding near the edge. She swings onto the bank, then collapses and lets out a heavy sigh. Gradually, she remembers the mob of people, and, slowly standing, hopes desperatly that no one saw her acrobatics.

01/08/2001 8:31 PM

Seeing that the mage is okay for now, Katyr turns to Joe.

"Uh..your rainbow showed that there was some kind of reward for you rescue? and although of course i would have come to your aid regardless of money i am setting out on an adventure and the extra cash wouldn't go astray."

she looks hopefully at the man and his money pouch.

01/09/2001 6:49 AM

Joe watches in amazment as two more people arrive at the now crowded waterfall area.And one of them a kender!Good thing he had a sorceress magic his valuable items to always return to him unless given freely.
He answers the warrior-mage absently."What happened?Well,its along story,but suffice to say I was in danger and was rescued by this woman."he points at Katyr."Who apperantly wants payment now."he smiles.As much as he hated to part with precious steel,the woman had saved his life.
"Here,will this be enough?"he asks,handing Katyr a pouch full of copper and silver,almost a third of his money.Seeing her suprised at the amount,he laughs."Don't worry,most of it isn't mine,but the money of he who left me here.Take it with pleasure."
He turns to his other would be rescuer,also a woman.Strange,no men had seemed to come to the call."And I thank you too,despite the fact that you had no time to rescue me.You would have,which is what is important."__________________________________________________

'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/09/2001 7:08 AM

"You must be more careful Cai'de," says a voice from the forest. "Spying upon competition does not befit you though. What are you doing in these woods? I thought you would be headed home after your escape from the Black Claw," says the voive.

A middle-aged man in silver robes glides out of the treeline and into Cai'de's sight.

"I know plenty about you Cai'de, it is the nature of wizards to, especially one such as myself. I am called the Thorn," says the mage. "What is your interest in that group up there?"

01/09/2001 10:24 AM

Glasswalker, nice and content now that he has his cloak back on, is drawn to a commotion in the distance. He hears a splash in the water but sees noone. After a moment, he sees something shoot out of the water and attach itself to an overhanging tree branch. Following the hastily made rope, a women pulls herself out of the current before nearly falling over the waterfall. She hastily climbs the tree and disappears before the perplexed mage can even utter a sound. His mind returns to the group around him as Joe comments on there being no men.

"EXCUSE ME? Apparently I sacrificed my body for nothing because I thought you two were in trouble. But I guess not! But no, that's okay. Go ahead and ignore me. I may not be as old as you little man, but just cause I saved your ass, doesn't mean you got to pretend I don't exist. How can you miss me? I'm taller than all of you!"

The disgruntled mage begins to gather his gear, mumbling.

"The least you could do is say thanks..."

Angrily hitching up his pack, he turns and begins to leave.

01/09/2001 6:27 PM

Katyr stares after Glasswalker indignantly "Just wait a minute! i was the one who caught you when you collapsed, i made you comfortable and dressed your wounds! and i didn't hear so much as a thank you!" Katyr stops suddenly and realises just how stupid she must sound, arguing over who should thank who and who didn't.

She smiles and laughs "this is ridiculous, look thank you for saving both of us and for risking your life. Where are you headed now anyway?"

01/09/2001 6:53 PM

Cai'de nods at Joe, then snaps her head to the voice. "I was on my way back . . ." She protested. "but I noticed this man was in trouble, so I stopped to see if I could be of any assistance. This woman and mage had better timing and means than I, and so I had been on my way home." She remembered her unteathered dapple. "That is if Silvermoon decided to hang around . . .you didn't scare him, Thorn, did you?"

01/10/2001 10:19 AM

Glasswalker stares at Katyr for a moment, before the stupor leaves his eyes. He laughs hard. A little too hard, because he begins to buckle. He catches his breath, and chuckles.

"Ha ha ha ha ha. My gods, your right. I'm sorry, I'm being an ass. Thank you, I didn't realize you were the one who healed me."

He looks about, taking in the scenery.

"This place is so beautiful. I am a traveler, not even really a mage, I mean look at me. I'm as big as an ox. I've been a farm hand on my parents farm all my life. I wanted to be one of those famous knights of old. But I'm a mage with no spells. Where am I going? Nowhere. I just wander. Would you like a companion? I don't know any magic, other than the cantrip knock, nor can I fight with a sword, but in a brawl I'll win, hands down."

He looks aout and laughs again.

"Where in the blazes am I, anyway?"

01/11/2001 9:10 AM

Joe stares at Glasswalker.His eyes narrow.How the hell had the man heard his thought?Never mind,time to fix this.
He walks to the mage and slaps his back,smiling and turning on all his charm."I'm sorry Glasswalker.I was dizzy,guess I still am.All I noticed was the mercenary holding me,I didn't notice anything else.Here,sit.I want to hear alll about you.About all my rescuers."he says this last sentance much louder,so everyone can hear.


'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/11/2001 12:34 PM

Cai'de looks at Thorn. "Horse or no, I'm staying. There's nothing I'd rather hear than a good story, and it looks like I'm going to get a lot of them tonight." She wrings out her dress and long black hair as much as possible. "Why don't you join us?"

01/11/2001 10:36 PM

Katyr turns to Glasswalker "well i didn't actually heal you completely, some other girl did, i merely dressed your wounds. God knows ive done that enough times!"

"Well, to tell you all the truth i havn't really got any idea where im going, all i know is that if a mercenary doesn't keep moving, keep finding jobs, they don't eat."

She sits down and leans against a tree. "well it's getting dark and this looks like as a place as any to camp." she starts to unpack her bedroll.

01/12/2001 7:30 AM

"Well, thanks for the help nonetheless. Me, I don't have much of a life since my parents died. I just wander. There's no use for a mage like me if he knows no spells."

Glasswalker sits down next to his tree, and wraps his cloak tightly around him.

"I'm going to sleep. Wake me in the morning if you decide you want me to come with.

He pulls his cloak down over his face, hiding his shame. The people around him can tell that it hurt him to tell that truth.

01/12/2001 8:47 PM


*Kitiara appears, smiling.*

"I couldn't help but overhear conersation, I thought I'd involve myself."

*Lowers herself in front of Glasswalker seductively. Smiles*

"Hi, Im Kitiara the Tyrant (its just a nickname), but you can call me Kit if you want to. If you want, you can come with me. I need a nice man, to help keep my ex husband away (He was a... kender)
and I would love for you to help me make some money. Im trying to set up a mageware shop, you see."

*She flicks her long dark hair out of her eyes and grins*

"So, are you in?"

01/13/2001 4:07 AM

Xitaa, about to unpack her bedroll, stops and looks up at the mention of a mageware shop. She quickly decides to wait until she can hear if the mageware shop will really open, and where before she goes to sleep.

01/13/2001 11:09 AM

Pehlya shrugs, confused by all the human bickering. She pulls her bedroll, a lovely woll one dyed pink, out and lays down. Before going to sleep she glares suspciously at the new human woman. Pehlya, having as much common sense as most kender can handle, knows that overly friendly humans,since they aren't kender,usually mean big problems for the recviever of their friendliness. Besides, she was feeling sorry for the poor human man and figured more problems were the last thing he needed. "oh well," she yawns, ending the unusal, un-kenderlike moment of thought.

01/13/2001 2:01 PM

"I think I will stick around, thank you," says the Thorn. "Tonights events could be very noteworthy, and I wouldn't mind keeping company with you."

"Shall we?" asks the mage gesturing towards the people near the fall. "I believe your horse is up near there anyway."

01/14/2001 3:29 AM

Hearing no mention of a mageware shop, Xitaa sighs and finishes unpacking her bedroll.

01/15/2001 9:09 PM

Katyr begins to gather wood for the fire and soon has a blazing fire started.

She unpacks some bread and cheese and ale and starts to eat. "I have three other bottles of ale so you're all welcome to share some." she uncorks another bottle and passes it around.

She turns to watch Glass who she could tell was still awake although he'd covered his face. "You don't have to tell us any more about your parents, it is obviously still painful" she whispered.

She lay back against the tree "I'll keep first watch tonight you guys get some sleep."

01/16/2001 11:09 AM


He chuckles, and slowly looks up from his cloak.

"I am a mage in name only. That's what hurts. Yes, my parents are dead, nomatter what I tried to do, they were still killed. What's embarassing is the fact that I am a mage. Not that there is a problem with being a mage, only that I'm not. I said I know nothing of magery, nor can I fight with a weapon. That's what is embarassing. I risk my life to save two people I don't even know, and to add insult to injury, am mistaken for a woman. That's what is embarassing. I sit here, and everyone laughs at me on the inside. You see me as a pathetic young man. Don't say you don't."

He holds up a small pendent from underneath his cloak.

"I can hear your thoughts."

He smiles. He knows it wasen't fair to them.

"It's a family heirloom. So watch what you think around or about me."

He smiles again, and chuckles.

"I'll take first watch, because I suffer from insomnmia, and I'll be awake anyway."

01/16/2001 1:13 PM

The Thorn ascended the ridge to where the others had gathered. Cai'de would catch up when she was ready.

"Greetings again mageling," the silver robe said to Glasswalker. "May I share your fire?"

01/16/2001 1:40 PM

Cai'de's horse had eventually found its way to her, yet she had trouble getting the stubborn thing to follow her nearer to the group. Finally, though, she got it moving again.

"Icould swear this horse was a donkey in a previous life." she grumbles.

01/16/2001 2:25 PM

"Hey!", Pehlya hops up, hands on her hips, frowning at Glasswalker. "Now see here! I did not think you're pathetic! But we all will in a minute if you don't cut that pity trip out!" She walks over and stands next to him,"I'm sorry about your parents and that you aren't a good mage, yet! But isn't there a way you could learn more spells? I'm not a mage,i'm a kender, so yah know i don't know much about these things. Hey! You could be an apprentice! I meet an apprentice once, but nevermind that! There's always hope!! Just try!" She smiles broadly, at him, hoping to encourage him.

01/16/2001 5:45 PM

"Get the blazes out of my face little one. Don't test my patience, for it has been a long day for me."

He smiles evily.

"Besides, I don't want your pity. I am weak now, but no, not forever."

He rises and walks towards the path to camp. Quickly, he grabs a large overhanging branch and boosts himself into a tree.

01/16/2001 6:11 PM

Since Glasswalker had choosen to ignore the Thorn, the mage made himself comfortable next to the fire. He withdrew a book, something he had snagged at the tower library, and started to read. The book was very interesting, it was about the different types of mephits and how to create/summon them.

01/16/2001 7:02 PM

Katyr looks at Glass in disgust.

She turns to greet the Thorn "Actually I built the fire and you are most welcome to share it with us." she pours a mug of ale and passes it to him. She then uncorks another bottle and passes it to Cai'de. "Share it around."

She looks in the direction of Glass but addresses the group. "like i said before I'll take first watch."

She turns back to the Thorn

"What news have you heard about this place Thorn?"

01/16/2001 7:10 PM

"Actually, Katyr, that's why I'm out here," says the Thorn as he sips his ale. "There is supposed to be a glade around here that has something extraordinary within it. Unfortunately, I don't know what's in the glade or where it's at, only that it's in this region. And thank you for the hospitality."

01/16/2001 9:20 PM

Glasswalker appears silently on the other side of the camp.

"A glade you say?" He smiles that evil smile again.

"About three miles farther up the path, there is a small waterfall. A small deerpath leads from the trail to the bottom. Behind the waterfall, there is a path, it travels about 200 paces or so into the back of the cliff, and comes to a door. I can sense very strong magic there, but cannot open it. I have no clue where it may lead, but that's my best guess."

He begins to walk away again, but stops. Without turning he says:

"Forgive my disrespect, silverrobe, today has been a very trying day. Only resently my parents have been killed, and I have no family, nor any friends. I have always been the outcast, because of my size and intelligence. I've never been too smart, I've lived on a farm all my life. So please, I hope all of you can forgive my harshness. Tomarrow should be a better day for me, hopefully. As long as a CERTAIN KENDER doesn't make off with my cloak while I sleep."

He chuckles and walks back to his post in his tree.

"I'm taking first watch wether you like it or not, there's no point in me being awake if I'm of no use. Go ahead and get your sleep. Don't worry, you can..................trust...........me."

Though his voice comes from the dark, everyone can imagine the evil grin on his face.

01/16/2001 10:29 PM

two pairs of eyes stare worriedly from the deep forest, one pair belonging to a human female, with eyes the golor of gold, and hair silvery white. she is dressed in white robes of fine linen, embroidered with gold and silver runes. she holds a black wodden staff in one hand, a crystal held fast to the top with a golden dragon's claw.

The second pair belonged to a dragon, polymorphed to be ten times smaller than normal, the creature was curled around the young mages feet, its blue eyes worried.

"(Kalia, Im worried, that one is not as he seems...what are we gonna do?)" the dragon mindspoke feverently.

"(I don't know Ayslynn, but we had better keep quiet...if he can hear our thoughts then we are already in trouble...but if not, then we chould stay up and keep watch as well...something is not right here...)"

Kalia sat down slowly, pulling her furr-lined white cloak around her tightly, and waited.--------------------------------------------------
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/16/2001 10:54 PM

"I remember your tale from the bar," says the Thorn to Glasswalker as he departs, thinking about how he knew there was more to the tale. "Well, I for one am not worried about an attack. With a large party like this and our exceptional skills, most would think twice before trying anything. But just in case..."

"Jakar Omunlet Neawuu." With this, the mage traces a symbol in the air, in faintly glows green then disipates.

"Now we have nothing to fear," says the silver robe as he to preps his bed roll.

01/17/2001 8:52 AM

Kalia watched the symbol fade into the night from her hiding place, and relaxes slightly. She trusts this man in the silver robes, which is something that does not come readily with her.

She smiles faintly at the dragon by her side..but then looks back worridly back at the group. something still was not right.--------------------------------------------------
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/17/2001 11:09 AM

Doubt nags at Kalia as she watches Glasswalker walking out of camp. Suddenly, not more than 10 feet away, she sees a ragged man in a large black cloak, identical to Glasswalkers, stumble thru the brush and trees, severly injured. Glasswalker sees him and hisses.

"Damn you, Die!"

The man falls into the camplight in front of startled onlookers. He removes his hood, and looks up......

It's Glasswalker.

The two identical Glasswalkers stare each other down. The beaten and bloody one sways, and falls to a knee.


The other Glasswalker sneers, removing his cloak.

"You are a thorn in my side you pathetic Mageling!"

Then he begins to (I can't quite describe it) bubble (I guess). His skin grows black, his teeth become long and sharp, his hair falls out. He gains even more muscle mass, his skin tearing and bleeding, oozing slime and goop. He opens his eyes and stares at them with large, crimson eyes. A peircing stab of pain enters everyones minds as he speaks to them mentally.

"If I cannot get your souls in my cave, then I'll have them here!"

01/17/2001 12:47 PM

Pehlya's eyes widen at the new Glasswalker and at the old, now changed Glasswalker. Indescion tugs at her mind, should she investigate the changed Glasswalker who's threatening to take their souls. (And as interesting as it may be Pehlya has plans for her afterlife, besides they all might be meeting again there soon.) or help the injured man? Swiftly she goes to the hurt man's side and taps him lightly, "You alive?" She kneels down and tries to fix up his wounds as well as she may.

01/17/2001 1:01 PM

With the appearance of the injured Glasswalker and the shapechange of the other, the Thorn's spell is triggered. A green glow appears around all those friendly towards the mage (including the two peeping from the bushes). It is some kind of protective skin, but it doesn't hamper anyones movement or thought.

"I thought that might be the case," says the Thorn to no one in particular. Addressing the fiend, the mage shouts, "I have been tracking you for some time. Now I will destroy you and your lair, and return the magic to where it rightfull belongs. After all, it's my job to protect magic, even in the form of a mageling."

The Thorn reaches inside the voluminous silver robe and produces a plain looking oak staff.

01/18/2001 12:56 AM

Ayslynn, the Opal Dragon, lets out a roar of rage at the changling creature. The dragon has now resumed her full form, and stepps clear form the trees, the young mage Kalia Majere sitting on the saddle on Ayslynn's back just above the wings.

Kalia herself is holding the staff of Magius, the crystal at the top blazing bright as the moon above. she holds on as Ayslynn rushes the creature.--------------------------------------------------
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/18/2001 3:14 AM

Suddenly, out of nowhere, four costumed figures

"You need not fear! We, The Avenging Four, have
arrived to aid you in your struggles!"

(Place Power Rangers Action Pose here...)

A figure steps forward and galantly introduces

"I am Wonder Man. I am called Wonder Man
because..." He then places his right hand to his
chin and smiles.

"I am Wonderful!!!"

He then points to another figure, wearing nothing,
evidently a mental vegetable.

"And that is Master Man. He has the ability to..."
He glances at the girls and just shakes his head.

Another figure steps out of the shadows and
and the stars started to blink out. A strange
red blinking signal could be seen on his chest.

"I am LowBattMan. I have the power to drain energy
from anything!!!"

At this, the last figure steps out from the
darkness, cloaked in bright red velvet. It was
definitely an elf, though he is wearing some
classy duds and blue suede shoes. He carries a
guitar and twitches his upper lip.

"Uh huh huh. I am Rock Man. And I always rock! Uh
huh huh. And don't step on my blue suede shoes."

(OOC: Sorry Joe, I just can't help it. I need to
do something to lighten up the mood. Oh, don't
ignore these guys. They have power that you can't
judge by looks alone... From your pal, Merty :) )

01/18/2001 8:21 AM

Ayslynn, the Opal Dragon froze in her tracks, staring dumbfounded at the four odd-looking men. she turned her head to stare questioningly at her rider and Kalia just shrugged.

"I dont know...NO! you CAN'T Eat them!! the mage chided as she stared at the group.

unfortunately she happened to be the closest to the creature that was once a very convincing Glasswalker. and while her attention and Ayslynn's, where on the four odd-looking men, It attacked.

The Dragon let out a screech of what was more anger than pain. Ayslynn whipped around so quickly that Kalia was thrown from her back. she feel to the ground, hitting her head on a sharp stone, and lay there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"
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01/18/2001 11:30 AM

As Kalia falls to the ground the Demon( Gorodrogan, Goro for short) springs back from the dragon. He pounces again for Kalia. She opens her eyes, and sees him flying towards her. She raises her staff to block, but closes her eyes in a moment of fear. She hears a thump and a crunch. She opens her eyes to see Glasswalker on top of Goro, punching him in the face. He grabs the demon around the throat and pulls off the Medallion.

"This is mine bitch"

The demon throws him away into a large tree. Goro walks over to the tree and breaks a large branch off. He raises it to hit Glasswalker.

"Pardon me, but what do you think you're doing?"

The demon turns to see LowBattMan standing there. He swings the branch in a lightning fast arch at his head, connecting. (How many of you have seen X-men?) LowBattMan flies thru the air and lands on the campfire, extinguishing it. He's not going to be getting up anytime soon.....his skull is crushed in.

(OOC:Sorry Mert, that's for the Lesser Blood Demon)

01/18/2001 2:43 PM

With Goro's preoccupation with the others, the Thorn had ample time to prepare several spells. The first went off, an acid arrow racing towards the beast. The second spell was on the way, a hold spell that should immobilize Goro until the rest of the party could regroup.

01/18/2001 3:03 PM

Pehlya starts to laugh at the entrance of the four new men, "That was-ouch!" She bites her lip at the sight of LowBatt Man's injury. She rubs the side of her own head and grimaces, "He's gonna be hurtin' in the morning, if he gets up!" She looks over at the dragon "Holy shit! I've never seen an opal dragon before! MAybe she'll lemme ride it later........." She procedes to ignore all the fighting around her and stare at the beast.

01/18/2001 5:21 PM

The Thorn's hold spell goes off, immobilizing Goro. The mage looks at the party and sees their disarray. LowBatt Man lay on the smoldering fire, dead. Several others were just standing there.

The silver robe strode over to the kender, Pehlya. "Excuse me, but we could use your help little one. I'm sure if you ask our new guests later, you might be able to talk or even ride the dragon. Right now though, we could use your help with this," says the Thorn, gesturing at Goro.

Without waiting for a response, the Thorn points his staff at the monster. He once again begins to chant. "Damen Rhuton Earzat Wumnak."

01/18/2001 6:31 PM

"You need my help? Wow! Okay!", she smiles and readies her hoopak. "So sir, how long is yah spell gonna last?" She procedes to poke Goro in the side with her hoopak and 'borrow' an object or two of his in the meantime.

01/18/2001 9:46 PM

Kalia stood and turned to Ayslynn. She climbed back up to the saddle and rested her head on Ayslynn's cool scales, each a perfect shimmering opal...

"(Are you alright Kalia?)" the dragon asked. "(I am fine my friend, just a bit dazed though)"

Kalia then proceeds to ready herself for any spells that the silver robe might need her to cast.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/18/2001 10:47 PM

The Thorn does not reply to Pehlya as his spell goes off. A brilliant flash of blue light emits from the end of the staff. It shoots like a shaft towards the monster, piercing it and dealing more damage as Goro begins to freeze.

The mage turns to the female kender, "I don't know how to kill it. Maybe if you had something to stab it with, or maybe the real Glasswalker knows. You could ask him while we keep this thing occupied," he says, nodding to Kalia and the opal dragon.

01/18/2001 11:43 PM

Suddenly, as if nothing happened, LowBattMan pops
up griining.

"Hey, thanks for the charge!"

Wonder Man shakes his head, and mutters, "The more
you hurt him the more he gets up. That's why we
call him LowBattMan...."

With a flick of his hand, LowBattMan pulls out his
LowBatt-Rang from his utility belt and throws it
at the demon, cutting off an appendage.

Meanwhile, in a safe corner, Wonder Man starts
fixing his hair.

Master Man is still standing there like the
vegetable he is.

Elven Prestly, AKA Rockman, started swinging
to the sound of his guitar, playing "You Aint
Nothing But A Hell-Hound Dog."

A Dozen Hell-Hounds pop out of the Plane of Fire
and started assaulting the demon, biting and
belching forth fire.

01/18/2001 11:44 PM

Suddenly, as if nothing happened, LowBattMan pops
up griining.

"Hey, thanks for the charge!"

Wonder Man shakes his head, and mutters, "The more
you hurt him the more he gets up. That's why we
call him LowBattMan...."

With a flick of his hand, LowBattMan pulls out his
LowBatt-Rang from his utility belt and throws it
at the demon, cutting off an appendage.

Meanwhile, in a safe corner, Wonder Man starts
fixing his hair.

Master Man is still standing there like the
vegetable he is.

Elven Prestly, AKA Rockman, started swinging
to the sound of his guitar, playing "You Aint
Nothing But A Hell-Hound Dog."

A Dozen Hell-Hounds pop out of the Plane of Fire
and started assaulting the demon, biting and
belching forth fire.

01/19/2001 1:38 AM

Cai'de can hear the commotion around her, but she knows she must block it all out and concentrate . . .she had recently been harnessing the powers left to her from her ordeal with Black Claw, and sat with her legs crossed over each other and her hands set upon the knees, fingers held in a circle. Her head was down, her brow furrowed. A wind began to form around her, picking up leaves and pulling her hair into billowy branches from her head. The sky darkened . . .the clouds were menacing, with boiling underbellies the color of a murky pond. Rain began to fall, winds lashed it against the face of friend and foe alike. Cai'de took a deep breath and snapped her teeth; lightning crackled in the sky. Now confident that she had concocted a worthy opponent for Goro, she opened her eyes and fixed them on him, then again snapped her teeth. A bolt of lightning shot down from the sky and missed, shearing a nearby tree in half. Sparks flew and branches fell, and Cai'de scoweled. Apparently her aim was going to need a little work . . .

01/19/2001 3:14 PM

"something to stab it with," she mumbles more to herself than the Thorn while digging in her pouches. "Nope, i must have lost my dagger. It was a nice one to, dwarven make. I suppose I'll ask the real Glasswalker," she then walks over to the real Glasswalker and nudges his arm.
"Excuse me but is there a way we could kill that thing? As interesting as this is, big things trying to kill you can get old real quick. So, any suggestions??"

01/19/2001 7:34 PM

The Thorn notices the weather pick up. The hell hounds were undoing his frostbite spell. He needed a break. The mage slid to the edge of the clearing, avoiding the lightning strike that was close to Goro. The four weird men were not really helping. They were mostly just undoing his hard work.

The Thorn was a little worried. The original Glasswalker had spoken since he had been tossed into the tree and his hold spell should have expired by now. Maybe the tides were on his side, he thought, as he leaned against his staff and rested.

01/19/2001 10:08 PM

Katyr had been trying to get in close so that she could fight the demon in a fair and honorable fight but everytime she tried to get in close another mage set off another spell.

Being the daughter of a Solamnic Knight (or so she believed) Katyr had never really trusted magic and believed it to be a cowardly form of fighting. (little did she know that by the end of this adventure she would be honored to fight side by side with mages).

Bit by bit she moved in closer to the demon which she assumed must be a very powerful demon considering what it had been hit with so far.
She let out what she thought was a Solamnic war cry and charged the demon.

01/20/2001 10:16 AM

Cai'de had been rivited on the demon, determined to hit him with at least ONE lightning bolt, but as she got her hold and prepared to send another streak, Katyr yelled out and charged. Cai'de stumbled in her mind, not wanting to hit the warrior, and a great bolt sheared the sky and split the tree directly behind her. Cai'de quickly leapt to her feet and ran out from under teh shower of sparks and branches. She still had a long way to go before she became comfortable with the powers she had inherited from Black Claw. But now, she turned to watch Goro and Katyr. Maybe the warrior had a point . . . nothing that the mages had done had produced any effect, maybe all he needed was a good sword through his gut. Cai'de wondered if her lightning would have caused any damage . . .she didn't consider herself a mage as she didn't know any spells . . .but she certainly was no warrior. She was just . . . she didn't know; mental.

She decided that standing around and thinking about herself wasn't going to improve the situation any, so she took her shoe off and began to spin it above her head by the laces. After she had gotten it going to quite a hefty speed, she let go. It seared through the air and smacked Goro right in the head. Not much, she knew, but hopefully enough to distract him so that Katyr could take advantage.

01/20/2001 2:02 PM

Kalia watched as Cai'de threw her shoe at Goro, and shook her head...she knew what she had to do...but what would the others do to her?

She shook her head, dismissing any thought of a possible future...she had to do it, if she didn't they all were in very serious trouble.

Kalia slid off of Ayslynn's back. The dragon gave Kalia an odd look, as she walked to the center of the clearing.

Kalia stood silent and still in the center of the clearing, the Goro directly in front of her. A pale misty aura surrounded her, growing brighter with each passing moment. Her hair took on a irridecent quality, Her eyes changed too, staying their bright gold color, but a thin line of black replaced the round pupil.

"Demon!! I will send you back to the Abyss!"
she screamed as the mist suddenly bacame blindingly bright. The staff of Magius held tight in her hand flashed as bright as the sun.

When all could see again, the woman they had seen before was gone in her place was another dragon.

This Dragon was as beautiful as it was noble. Each scale a perfectly faceted crystal. four pairs of horns crowned its head. Its head was long, and slender, sporting wicked looking teeth. Golden eyes set purposefully on the Goro. Claws of silver curved wickedly into the earth. Great wings spanning sixty feet, where not like any dragon any had ever seen. Irridecent white feathers where leathery membrains should've been. The dragon Roared in Anger at Goro.

The clearing was silent as the party gazed wonderingly at the last Crystal Dragon on the face of Krynn.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/20/2001 3:09 PM

The Thorn smiles, he knew there was a reason he had come up to check out the party. This was magic at it's greatest. Even he was awed. The opal dragon was impessive, but he must sit down and talk with this crystal dragon. She wouldn't need his help to defeat the Goro. In this battle, he had just become a spectator.

01/20/2001 3:45 PM

The Crystal Dragon glared at the Goro, her scales magnifying the light of the moon, making the clearing as bright as day.

Her True name is Crystalamira, the last of her kind. she spread her feathered wings to direct the light towards the goro, shielding the party from the light she cast.

The light steadily grew brighter and brighter, becoming a ball of pure, light energy. Her wings shielded the party from most of the light as the dragon murmmered under her breath.

The Goro cringed back from the light, trying to shield itself from the brilliance. crying pitiously it tried to offer the dragon anything she wanted, fortune, the world, anything to spare its wretched life.

Crystalamira laughed. "Me? what on the face of Krynn would I want? I need nothing but friendship, and I want nothing but to help the people of this world, and my fellow Dragons of the Light. It is creatures Like YOU who undermine my existance...and for that alone..you will pay."

The Dragon raised her claw arm, the ball of light energy lengthening to create a spear-like shaft of light. with a mighty heave, Crystalamira threw the shaft at the Goro. The light energy flew straight and true to the center of the Demon, Shattering its existance as the rising sun shatters the night. the Demon howled in pain as it faded into the night.

Crystalamira relaxed as the light from her attack faded. then turned to the party.

"forgive me for frightening you all. my name Is Crysalamira, and I am truely the dragon you see. if you wish I will leave you, if not, I will share my tale to all who wish to listen."

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/20/2001 6:40 PM

"Damn!!!", Pehlya's already shocked mind can barely register her luck. First one dragon, who is extremly magnificant in its own right, and now a crystal dragon?! She runs over to it and slowly stretches out a hand to touch a scale. "Pretty," she murmers quietly, spellbound by the sight.

((OOC: i saw a car with the liscense plate 'Thorn' lol, i just thought i'd share))

01/20/2001 6:57 PM

Crystalamira stares down at the kender, smiling...
as Pehlya's had gently touched her scales.

"thank you little one..." she murmered...and began to search for a loose scale to give to the kender. finding one, she gently pulled it loose and gave the palm sized scale to the Kender watching her eyes widen.

"there you go..."
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"
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01/20/2001 10:58 PM

Katyr stood in battle stance infront of Goro, she circled him waiting till he either made a move or she could strike.

suddenly something flew over her head and hit Goro in the head, he stumbled a bit and she took her chance. she charged him and stuck her sword deeply into his stomach, jiggled it about, and pulled it out again.

she stood back and waited for him to slump forward and die but he didn't.

(OOC: i replied after Caide but my post took ages to come up for some reason so just imagine it is before he died. :))
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01/21/2001 4:54 AM

(OOC:didn't the superduperwhatshername dragon already kill the thing?)
Joe wakes,(rainbow magiclly apearing above him) xpecting to see the mob of people dispersed or asleep so he could sneak away.Instead he wakes to the sight what appears to his sleepy mind to be hell on earth if not for the magnificent dragon in the middle of the destroyed woods,who's beuty touches even his hardened heart.
Joe looks at the four strange men,at the body of Glasswalker,at the other strange dragon,and pinches himself."What the hell happened while I was asleep?!"he shouts.__________________________________________________

'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/21/2001 8:04 AM

"Thank you ever so much!!", she smiles broadly and admires the scale before slipping it gently into her pouch. "You said you have a story, i love stories!!! Will you tell? Please??"

01/21/2001 7:01 PM

The Dragon nodded, her face solmn...then she looked at the group, seeing in thier faces a mixture of awe, and even fear.

She bowed her head. "Again, forgive me for frightening you all, I am Crystalamira, the last of my kind...and this-" (Pointing to the other Dragon) Is Ayslynn the first and last of HER kind...My story is complicated and long...and confusing, even to me.."

she looked at her claws and gazed at her refection in the water of the creek, near the clearing. "But first allow me to return to my more confortable form...one we all are at ease with...Ayslynn?"

THe other Dragon nodded, and Crystalamira clasped the blue crystal orb that hung from a chain around her slender, serpentine neck. The crystal flashed suddenly and Kalia stood once again before them, the Staff of magius returned to her hand, its crystal orb back in its place.

Ayslynn returned to her Eagle form, Pearched perfectly balanced on the Top of the staff.

Kalia turned her golden eyes to the group...ask me and I will try to answer your questions.

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/21/2001 9:14 PM

OOC: The license plate thing is cool.

The Thorn sat down where he was. He removed a large tome from his bag, a quill, and a vial of ink, preparing to record everything Kalia had to say. This was tuely one of magics greatest creations. She could also be a very powerful ally.

01/22/2001 8:51 PM

Katyr turns to Kalia.

"Okay you said we could ask you anything. Who is after you, why are they after you and what happens if they catch you?"

01/22/2001 10:51 PM

Kalia stared steadily at Katyr.

"To answer you first...All of darkness..They search for me because of my ability, my power.
If they catch me...IF they catch me(if they even survive...) Krynn will be plunged into darkness...Shadowed by Takisis's wings."

Kalia sighed..."The crystal Dragon is Chaotic by nature, only certain circumstances made me as I am now...being chatotic makes the crystal dragon a creation of Chaos, and only a cration of Chaos can bring any of the gods back to this world...if any with dark intent who knows who I am gets ahold of me...all could be lost.."

Kalia fell silent as she walked over to Glasswalker, laying a pale hand over his chest. Her hand glowed faintly and the glow spread to his body, first his chest, then circling his head...when the glow faded, he appeared whole, unharmed.

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/23/2001 6:01 AM

The Thorn scribbled in his tome furiously. He had to record all of her tale. The touch about all the darkness would make a great story too!

01/23/2001 10:50 AM

Cai'de was awestruck. The crystal dragon was magnificent, the story chilling. Finding herself weak in the knees, she plopped down beside Thorn, never tearing her eyes from the opal dragon nor the crystal dragon's human form. "Thorn, could anything in this world be more beaufitul and more majestic than these two creatures?" She said, partly to herself.

01/23/2001 12:08 PM

"Wowie!! That's really amazing!!", the importanace of Kalia's statments had, in part, been lost upon the ever curious kender. "I know you said you can take care of yourself, and i bet yah friend," she nods at Ayslynn, "can always help you out, but do you want some company? You sound like you've got a very exciting adventure ahead of you, i'd hate to not be a part of it! 'Sides, you told me a story and i have plenty i could tell you!" Pehlya smiles up at Kalia and crosses her little fingers behind her back.

01/23/2001 3:10 PM

The Thorn stopped writing and looked up for a moment. "No Cai'de, I've never seen anything more beautiful. Just their existence brings me hope. Who knows what these two could do."

01/23/2001 9:26 PM

Kalia nods to Cai'de and The Thorn...Hope...

"hope is the only thing we all can cling to...IT is that hope, that keeps this world in the light."

she murmered staring up at the stars, stars that where slowly fading into the dawn.

Kalia looks down at Glasswalker whos head is in her lap..The Thorns words echoed in her head....((Who knows what these two could do..)) She sighed, afraid truely of what she could do, and fearful that what she wanted to do would never come to pass...the hope in this world was as the stars above her..fading into the dusky grey dawn.

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/23/2001 9:34 PM

The Thorn shut his tome. He didn't need to record anymore. He hadn't slept in a while and he was tired from casting his spells on the Goro. He shifted his position to become a little more comfortable. He pulled a blanket out of his backpack and covered up to get a couple hours of rest.

01/23/2001 10:13 PM

Katyr stands and starts to gather all her belongings.

she looks at kalia "well we can't stay in this grove any longer, if as you say all of darkness seeks you then no doubt they would have scouts and spies and even bounty hunters out looking for you, you have to keep moving."

She looks at Kalia with pity, it must be a never ending nightmare for her, always on edge never feeling safe. she couldn't even begin to understand what that was like and she didn't think she ever would.

"What are your plans, where are you headed now?"

01/24/2001 8:25 AM

Kalia Looked at Katyr.

"Very Few know of my existance in this form...most are looking for me in my dragon form. My plan as of now is to try to return to the dragon Isle..any who wish to join is welcome..I could use the company."

Kalia's eyes swept the group, thankful for their acceptance. She sighed. sorrow an fear weighed on her heart. she stared up twards the east, and the rising sun. she smiled, for this is what she looks forward to each day, because she never know what would happen during the day..

For the most part she went unnoticed, he magic saw to that. but now and again her abilitied shone through her shields like a flame.

she stod up and grabbed her staff. She swept the group with her saddened gaze and turned away.

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/24/2001 10:15 AM

With the rising of the sun the Thorn awoke from his nap. He rolled his blanket up and placed it back into his backpack. The dragon isle's were a place normally forbidden to humans. He might learn more about the existence of magic, where it came from and other questions like that. And the most important question of all, how to keep magic going forever.

The mage stood and stretched. His body was sore, but his mind was sharp, and he was ready for almost anything. He picked up his staff from where it lay next to him. The plain oak staff was magical. It was his master's old staff, magically enchanted with powers that he hadn't discovered yet.

"I will travel with you. I have many questions that I would like answered," said the Thorn.

01/24/2001 11:03 AM

Cai'de awoke, which was funny as she hadn't remembered falling asleep. But she had, and in a very uncomforatble position, and each move she made sent hot sparks of pain shooting along her tired nerves. Looking around, she slowly remembered the night before, and the tired persistance in her mind and body was less important now than the hope shining in her eyes. Slowly she stood, wavered for a moment, then made her way to her Dapple, who stood asleep as the others prepared for travel.

"I, too, will join you, and give you my services to further your cause." She said to Kalia, mounting her horse.

01/24/2001 1:06 PM

As people rise, and begin to awake, breakfast is made, tents packed and bedrolls rolled. But a problem arises. As the people join up for this new campaign, the Thorn notices it. Glasswalker has still not awoken from his sleep. His wounds have not healed either. He is sweating profusely, and very pale. He looks like he is going to die. He needs some form of medical attention that has not been administered. The demon Goro had obviously done something to him before the battle.

01/24/2001 10:52 PM

The Thorn walked over to investigate Glasswalker's condition. He had seen someone administer healing to the mageling last night so he wondered why Glasswalker still hadn't awoken.

"Glasswalker, can you hear me? Wake up man, we are getting ready to leave." With no response to these promptings, he asks a question he fears to ask, "What's wrong Glasskalker? You need to tell us so we can help you."

The Thorn turns and address the party, "We have a problem, something is wrong with this one."

01/25/2001 9:59 AM

Kalia smiled nodding to both Cai'de and The thorn..Though they where not like her she couldnt help being like them...hope surged through her as tears filled her golden eyes.

She reached out to Cai'de and touched the woman on the shoulder and pale warm glow jumped from her hand to the woman. Cai'de looked up in surprise as most of her aches and pains from the awkward sleep gone.

"We have a problem something is wrong with this one" Kalia turned to the sound of THe Thorn's voice and was startled to see Glasswalker still asleep.

she walked over to where he lay..she stared at him intently, then closed her eyes....
something was missing....

Glaswalkers Amulet..the one he was trying to get back from the Goro before it changed.

"The amulet..the one he was trying to get back from the Goro...help me find it!" she cried searching the ground around her

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/25/2001 10:42 AM

The Thorn recalled hearing Glasswalker shout to the Goro about some amulet. He hadn't seen it, so he had no idea what he was looking for. But, the mage knew someone who could probably find it easily.

The mage sought out that person. "Pehlya, we have a problem and you can help us a lot. Glasswalker has lost his amulet and we need help finding it. It would mean alot to Kalia if you helped us find it."

01/25/2001 11:14 AM

Cai'de immediately relevated herself to her hands and knees and shuffled back and forth over the broken ground. She had a feeling it might be helpful to go through the Pehlya's bags, but she figured that the Kender's child-like innocence would find it before long. To think, it was actually helpful to have a kender around!

01/25/2001 3:15 PM

Pehlya smiles broadly,"I can find it!" She looks around, her sharp kender senses seeing every blade of grass till something catches her eye. Pehlya walks over to the object on the ground and picks it up. "Do you think this is it?", she holds out an amulet and awaits their answer.

01/26/2001 12:05 AM

Kalia eyed the amulet for a moment and a flash of memory of Glasswalker Grabing an amulet from Goro's neck..in her minds' eye she saw it flash silver and blue...

She opened her eyes and looked again.. the amulet was silver with a blue stone of some kind in the center...

She nodded slowly sensing the magic around the object..

"I'm not sure what it is, but that is the amulet that he was trying to get back...Put it around his neck..lets see what it does.." Kalia said kindly to the Kender smiling.

She watched as Pehlya placed the amulet around Glasswalker's neck.

some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

01/26/2001 8:11 AM

Pehlya steps back after placing the amulet around Glasswalker's neck. "I hope that helps him!", she nibbles on the end of one of her topnotches anixiously. "Poor guy." She sighs, the demon wasn't as much fun as she had expected.

01/26/2001 12:42 PM

The Thorn walks up behind Pehlya, placing a hand on her shoulder. "You did well little one. For helping us so quickly, there is something I'd like to share with you," says the mage.

The silver robe reaches into his pouch and produces a scroll. He unrolls it and hands it to the kender. As she looks it over, the Thorn explains that it is a map to his home, the silver tower.

01/26/2001 4:39 PM

Pehlya stares in excitment and surprise at the map then procedes to hug the the Thorn(As well as a kender may), an act most humans despise and which usually ends up with Pehlya flat on her rear. "Thank you! What a nice present, i love maps! I must have umm...10 million! Definately way more than Uncle Tas!" She smiles and tucks the map into a map case hanging amongst her pouches. "By the way, does this mean i can come visit?"

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02/06/2001 12:47 AM

Joe watches the happenings with great interest.And at the finding of the amulet with even more interest.But the most interesting is this proposed trip to the dragon Isle's.The prices Dragon eggs were going for these days...
He walks to the new form of the dragon,to which he had become quickly jaded again."I would join you.I would not wish Takhisis's rule on anyone."
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/06/2001 10:29 AM

Kalia starts and stares at Joe. her golden eyes piercing as if she could see straight through to his soul.

she stood and held her staff in her hands. The blue crystal sphere glowed in the morning sun. Her silvery hair was whiped around her face, gleaming bright in the sunlight. She looked from person to person.

"I would be grateful for any help that any may give...but I warn you know...my trust is very fragile. If any of you should betray my trust or Ayslynn's I will not hesitate to drive you away...if you resist...I will not be held responsable for my actions." she said loudly so that all could hear.

with that she sent a mental projection of the moment that she had killed the Goro...the memory echoed in every mind that stood in the clearing.

She turned to focus her attentions back to Glasswalker. A faint golden glow focusing on the palm of her hand. she placed her hand on his head and transfered as much healing power as she could...she sat that way for several minutes.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I see things that never where and say "Why not?!"

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02/06/2001 3:35 PM

Pehlya smiled at Kalia, "My mother told me once not to play with the dishes, they were fragile and well, i did and they broke! But i've never broken something i cannot see, like trust. I think it'sd be really hard to break something if you can't see it! Maybe its invisible, i met an invisble person before but..." she rambles on and stops when she notices the others have stopped paying attention. "I guess what i'm trying to say is that I want to help and I promise not to borrow things that aren't mine!" She grins, hoping that the rest will take this as a serious vow, kender are hard parted with their handling habits.

02/06/2001 9:47 PM

Before Pehlya responds to Kalia's warning the Thorn tells the kender, "You are welcome at my home anytime. It would be my pleasure." The mage releases the hug and watches the kender scamper over to Kalia. He too, would be going on that campaign, for there was much he could learn from these dragons and others.

The mage speaks up, "I would like to accompany you also, if I may."

02/06/2001 10:42 PM

Cai'de watches as everyone devotes themself to the Crystal Dragon and her quest. Why should Cai'de go? What did she have to offer? She had powers she didn't understand, a past she couldn't remember, a future that, at the moment, seemed very confusing. She approached Thorn.

"I would like to join with you and the others, but I wonder if my presence would be a help or a hinderance. 'Too many dwarves spoil the carving' as the old saying goes, but I would like you're help in fine-tuning the powers that I recieved from Black Claw. I am certainly no help when I cannot guide a simple bolt of lightning, now am I?" She chuckled, trying to light the mood.

02/07/2001 9:59 AM

Kalia smiles softly at the Kender.

"I believe you little one...and you are all welcome to join me...and Cia'de, maybe I can help you as well...you forget..I was raised as a human...untill 2 years ago I had no memory of being a Dragon, but for a reocurring nightmare...I too still have many powers that I do not understand!"

with that she holds her hand out to Cia'de sna smiles a genuine warm smile.

02/07/2001 10:50 AM

The Thorn responds to Cai'de plight, "I can attempt to help you but your powers are not like my own. I can offer encouragement, guidance, and criticism, but to actually train you... I think I have someone better in mind when we have the time. I would still like you to accompany us though, as I will be able to describe to Pyranthas the extent of some of your powers, as they seem to be similar to his. Is this acceptable?"

02/08/2001 10:24 AM

Joe smiles charmingly at the transformed cyrstal dragon."Well,of course we go with you for good reasons!We are all good people here."But in his mind he see's once more what this powerful being had done to the demon,and he thinks I must be careful.Very careful.

Joe watches his rainbow, all shining colours, appear from the direction of the wood.Strange,what was it doing there?He directs it with a mental flick towards the Thorn and Cai'de,listening in on thier convarsetion.

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02/09/2001 1:55 PM

Ayslynn stared down at the human named "Joe" then she turned to Kalia and rested her heavy chin on Kalia's shoulder. Kalia reached up absently and scratched the opal scales. The Dragons blue eyes half closed in pleasure.

(((Kalia dear, I do not trust that man. nor his flighty little Rainbow))) came Ayslynn's gruff voice in Kalia's mind the thought was punctuated by a snarl and a claw swipe when the rainbow came too close to Ayslynn

(((He smells of deceit...watch your back around him))) Ayslynn said as she watched the man and his rainbow alternativly.

02/09/2001 3:50 PM

Cai'de only glances at the rainbow, hardly aware of its presence. "Thank you, Thorn, for your offer. I must admit that one thing I'm afraid of is that there's a little bit of Black Thorn left in them. My intent is to use them for good, but that certainly wasn't his idea, and I don't want to become proficient and then tainted . . ."

02/10/2001 10:50 PM

OOC: You mean the Black Claw.

"It's my pleasure. You have a unique skill and it could be some sort of perversion of magic. Magic is magic though and I'm sworn to defend it. Training you would be the best way," says the Thorn. The mage looks at Kalia, wondering when they were going to take off.

02/10/2001 11:37 PM

Kalia smiles and shrugs as if reading The Thorns thoughts. Still scratching Ayslynn's nose, she motioned to the the group

"As soon as everyone is ready...we can leave. I will be happy to answer any more questions that any of you may have." Kalia smiled again and Motioned to Ayslynn who nodded.

Ayslynn focused her eyes on Kalia and borrowed a bit of power from her friend, and polymorphed into a large white horse. Complete with a plain leather saddle and bridle. The only oddity was that the horse's eyes where a bright Startling blue that seemed almost Human

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02/11/2001 12:30 PM

The Thorn had no horse buthe was ready to leave, he would travel by foot. He just hoped Cai'de found her horse, for it was known to give her troubles every once in a while.

02/12/2001 10:03 AM

Joe sighs.How long were they going to talk?Time to speed things up a little."Yes.Lets go already,we are ona urgent mission.Delay is of the Dark Queen."
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02/13/2001 4:20 PM

Pehlya beams and skips about, causing her many pouches to bounce around wildly. She begins singing/chanting (shrilly and off-key at that), "An adventure! We're going on an adventure! Yay! An advent-" She stops her dancing and singing in mid step to look at the horse. "Wowie! You two sure do change a lot!!!" She shrugs and tugs on The Thorn's sleeve, "Will you tell me a story while we walk? Please?"

02/13/2001 4:29 PM

Cai'de takes Silvermoon's reigns, giving him a you'd-better-behave-or-else look, and swiftly mounts. "Silvermoon can accomodate one other person if necessary." She says.

02/13/2001 6:59 PM

"Sure little one," says the Thorn as he begins to walk. "One time, back when my robes were brown and not silver I became stranded on an island. I was looking for a special crystal when I heard a noise. I made my way through a bog to find a flying blue elf fighting a black dragon."

The mage looks at Cai'de, nodding at the invitation but choosing to walk for now. He was appreciative of the gesture, and he felt like he was becoming closer to his friend.

02/13/2001 11:52 PM

Kalia smiles at the group and takes the reins. Her horse was wearing only a halter, no bit. Ayslynn was her friend, and carried her willingly as such.

"Lets get going! I have a feeling that time is slipping by and that something is not right amung the Dragons of Light"

02/14/2001 10:57 AM

The Thorn continued his story, "The dragon was defeated, and the weird man left. I came upon the remains of the dragon and took part of it for spell components. I followed the blue person to a temple I had never seen before. I went inside and saw the man doing some kind of ritual. That is how I met my friend Pyranthas for the first time."

02/14/2001 12:37 PM

OOC: Sorry i've been gone for so long.....

A low grumbling moan is heard as Glasswalker rolls over.

"@#$% and your !@&$ing mother and %#$@ but when #$%#@ and I hope that that son of a @#$%! gets his dues and when the handle breaks off he'll have to go to the #$%@#$! healer to get it removed!!!"

Glasswalker rises slowly, his BROWN eyes quite large and unfocused. His BROWN eyes refocus,

"Where the @#$% am......"

His voice is gruff, entirely differant. He looks around dizzily. His eyes suddenly flash BLUE....

"Oh...you found my amulet...thank you whoever did it..."

Hi voice is soft again...

02/14/2001 4:53 PM

Cai'de's mind twitchs at Glasswalker's actions. She didn't trust him. She lightly spurred her horse so that she was beside Thorn and the Kender. "Pehlya, would you like a ride?" She asked.

02/14/2001 5:13 PM

The Thorn also listened to Glasswalker's rambling. He thought that they had cured the man but his rantings had brought worry to the mage. The silver robe would also keep a eye on the mageling. With his story at an end, his mind began to wander. He daydreamt about his home, the silver tower. It had been some time since he had been there, and it needed to be attended to in the near future.

02/15/2001 2:57 AM

Kalia stared back at Glasswalker and listened to his rantings but the thing that she picked up on was his eyes one moment brown, and the next they where Blue...His aditude changed also.

Hesitantly she reached out her hand to help him to stand.

"I am Kalia, I saw to it that your amulet was returned to you...and This Kender found it for you..." She said gesturing to Pheyla (OOC sorry if I spelled that wrong...should've replied to a different post!! sorry)

02/15/2001 10:05 AM

Joe walks to Glasswalker...or to the thing that was trying to be Glasswalker...or to both...and suddenly holds a knife to its/his/thier throat."Now,I don't know if you're a demon or a regular person or a demon possesing a regualr person,but I've heard that when a demon posseses some-one, the only way to expell it is to make the demon drink the hosts blood.I've also heard that demons must abide by oaths made on thier own blood.So lets do both."
The dagger shifts positions and opens a vein in the man/thing's arm.He puts the open,bleeding wound on Glasswalkers mouth."Swallow...Swallow,or I cut your head off!I've also heard that that works against demons.But if your just a person,you wouldn't want that.Drink!"
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/15/2001 12:29 PM

OOC: You're good Joe....

"Fool, I am no demon! I am the great Glasswalker!"

He throws his arms into the air in a dramatic gesture.

"I don't drink blood you fool!"

He turns around, nervously finguring the medallion.

02/15/2001 12:40 PM

Silently, above the clouds, a shadow glides, like an elegant bird, only, it is a dragon. The bronze dragon and his rider have been traveling far, searching...

"I know that it is down there...somewhere..."

Suddenly, he senses the power, and presses his dragon into a sharp dive.

Above the group, a shadow envelops the camp, as a bronze dragon lands in their midst. The rider hops of and removes his helmet with a grin.

"Of course it doesn't drink blood sir, it does worse, it drinks your soul."

The young man pauses, adding a dramatic effect.

"My name is Duncan Courtland, and I have been hunting that thing claiming to be Glasswalker. Not the man...but the Amulet."

With a shreik, Glasswalker throws himself at Duncan, knowing that his secret has been blown. With a deft hand, Duncan unsheaths his long dagger and rams it through Glasswalker's chest. He then pulls the Amulet off of his dying body.

"My job is done. Farewell friends."

He turns to leave, and begins to mount his dragon.

"OOC:I hope someone wants an explanation?!"

02/15/2001 1:53 PM

Pehlya smiles at the offer of a ride, "Thanks, but no thanks! Horses don't seem to like me very much. Last time i was on one it bit me!" She pulls up the sleeve of her yellow blouse to display a week old scratch, "Well it WAS here!"

She turns to look at the bronze dragon and almost chokes, "These past few days have been very unusual....................i like it!" She grins and looks up at The Thorn. "That was a really nice story! Thank you! If you ever want me to tell you one i got a million!"

02/15/2001 2:16 PM

The Thorn smiles at the kender, "Maybe sometime Pehlya, but not now." The mage strides over to the amulet the knight had torn from the dead Glasswalker. He placed it in a pouch, he would deal with that when he got back to his tower. Until then, it would be safe where he placed it. It was one pouch that kender couldn't borrow out of, a pouch of displacement.

02/15/2001 10:03 PM

Kalia stepps forward and instanly changes back to her true form, The Crystal Dragon Crystalamira...

"What may I ask is going on!?" She said softly arching her serpentine neck her Crystaline scales sparkling in the muted sunlight.

02/15/2001 10:25 PM

Cai'de had started to steer Silvermoon toward Glasswalker, however with the appearance of yet another dragon, albeit good, the poor dapple was then spooked, and in rearing up Cai'de was thrown from him. She was suddenly thankful that no one had taken her offer as she lay dazed and sore, her horse now out of sight. She watched as Kalia returned as the Crystal Dragon and challenged the newcomer and Glasswalker's actions. The twitch in her mind has subsided, replaced now by an immense pain in her shoulders as she struggled to stand.

02/16/2001 1:06 PM

Pehlya looks over to Cai'de, "Ouch! That had to sting." She comes over and tries to help Cai'de stand, "I suppose i'm a bit to short to help well, but umm.......i can still do it!" After a few moments of trying to help Pehlya suceeds, "Are you alright? Your horse sure did throw you hard! See? Horses are mean!" She glances over at Ayslynn and raised her voice just in case the dragon had heard her "REAL horses though, not dragons who change into them! Those are VERY nice." She smiles nervously, as interesting as it would be to offend a dragon it didn't seem like a good idea.

02/16/2001 3:03 PM

The Thorn looked up at Kalia not knowing what to say. He hadn't started the mess, just was trying to prevent the amulet from hurting anyone else. He backed away from the scene, looking at the new dragon, waiting for an explanation.

02/17/2001 2:57 AM

Joe lets go of the now dead body of Glasswalker,or the demon,or whatever.He ignores the sudden change of Kalia into the dragon once again.For someone keeping a secret,she sure told a lot of people.
"Wait!Will this demon bother us again?"this was all he cared about.A demon stalking him could get annoying.
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/17/2001 1:53 PM

"I don't think so," said the Thorn, "but perhaps we should burn the body just in case." The mage didn't mention the amulet he had taken.

02/17/2001 5:10 PM

"Burn it? Yuck.", Pehlya snorts and pulls an orange hankie from her sleeve, quickly covering her nose. "Sounds interesting, but i think i'll stand over here, DOWNWIND." She shifts over to a tree, downwind, as to avoid smelling burning flesh.

OOC: i stole Simkin's hankie!! Ha!

02/17/2001 9:58 PM

"It's just a suggestion," says the mage. "Does anyone else have any ideas?"

02/18/2001 7:16 AM

"Its a good idea."Joe says."Got any dwarf spirit--never mind,I have some."He takes out a bottle of the greatly alcoholic dwarf spirits and pours it on the dead body of Glasswalker.
He then looks expectantly at the mage."Would you mind lighting it?"
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/18/2001 9:37 PM

The mage snaps his finger and the body bursts into flames. The Thorn moves over by Cai'de, not wanting to smell the burning corpse either.

02/19/2001 9:21 AM

Cai'de turned away, her bach aching incredibly and her stomach welling up with nausea. She never did deal well with death . . .

02/19/2001 2:26 PM

The Thorn placed a hand on Cai'de's shoulder. He hoped it would calm her. The mage didn't like death either, but it happened and everyone had to deal with it at some point.

02/19/2001 5:26 PM

"Sir mage, I hope you know what you are doing."

Duncan smiles, and sees that The Thorn doesn't.

"I at least owe you an explanation, I suppose."

He climbs down from his dragon, and takes a seat at the remains of the fire.

"Stay put Greabolt (Graybolt). Okay. Back when the gods had created the world, and magic was relatively new, there was a great and evil mage, Glasswalker. He destroyed the lands and killed many. The gods cursed him to die, or so the story goes at least...
Anyway, in the final hour before his death, he transfered his essence into that medallion, heart, mind and soul. Palidon tried to destroy it, but Takhesis hid it from him. She also cursed the medallion. It holds the very being of the mage, now milleniums dead. It draws whoever it can to it, it talks to them, convinces them they deserve to wear it, and when they do, it begins to take over."

He pauses for a drink from his ale skin, letting the words sink in, and to add a dramatic affect.

"Now, the medallion slowly alters the mind of whomever it finds. They are themselves one morning, and him the next. They slowly gain his memories, his fellings, his knowledge and power. As time progresses they remember spells, cantrips, secrets only few magi could or would ever know. He takes hold. Their life ceases, and his starts over once again."

He approaches The Thorn, with an outstreched hand.

"Palidin has given us the mission of retreiving this amulet to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. My best guess is that it managed to find a poor farm boy, and took him. It doesn't have much of a choice.
So the doppleganger found him, or perhaps the amulet led them together, I don't know. But the doppleganger stole the amulet and took his form. Then happened to stumble across you guys. I don't know his motives, but it was most likely to kill you. So the demon is dead, the body went thru withdrawls from the amulet, and tried to track it down. If you had not given the amulet back to him, he would have died, and it would have convinced one of you to wear it, and I'd of had to kill you. So it all worked out."

He retreives the amulet from The Thorn, and again mounts his dragon.

"I thank you for your assistance, but I must be going before anything worse begets you. Have faith, and perhaps we'll meet again!"

He snaps the dragons' reins, and Greabolt spreads his wings, taking to the sky.

02/19/2001 11:31 PM

Kalia stares up at the departing Bronze Dragon and its rider...Kinda annoyed that she was seemingly ingnored...

02/20/2001 12:05 PM

Joe watches until all of Glasswalkers body is burned."he listens prephiarily to Duncan,and makes a mental note not to steal the amulet.
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02/20/2001 12:19 PM

OOC: Whatever happens next, I HAVE to have you guys going down the trail...

The group travels down the path, contemplating Duncan's story. They travel for a few miles before dipping down thru a small valley and emerge from it back into the forest. They begin to come across burnt trees and rubble, smoke still rising from the debris. They come around a turn in the trail and step into a small clearing. The grass is burnt, small fires still flickering faintly, and smoking. They travel thru the clearing and come upon the trail again.
About a quarter of a mile down the path again, they come upon mass destuction. Trees have been uprooted, burnt, shattered. The trail is blocked, and a small hill has been destroyed, covering the rest of the path. On the ground is a small, shining object. Pehlya notices it and approaches it quickly. It appears to be a peice of.......bronze? The Thorn notices and approaches her, asking what she has found. She holds it up to the light, and he recognizes it. The scale to a bronze dragon.......partly covered in blood!

02/20/2001 12:39 PM

OOC:I think its best if you don't play with other people's chars without thier permission.It could cause problems.

Joe looks at the scale.It reminds him of the other bronze.What was his name...never mind.Which meant there was a rider somwhere here too."Hey,lets look for that Duncan guy!He could be injured!"
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

02/20/2001 2:18 PM

OOC: Yes, please don't play our characters. Also, I have written the amulet into another thread (and remember, it was in my pouch of displacement so you or anybody else COULDN'T retrieve it) so I'll keep it for now. As for the rest, I'll play along.

"I don't know," says the Thorn. "Something doesn't feel right. Do you feel like we are being setup? That Duncan seemed awfully pushy, and his dragon didn't say a thing. Maybe we should just continue on Kalia's quesst to reach the Dragon Isles."

02/20/2001 9:35 PM

Kalia stared ahead saying nothing, her golden eyes troubled. Her hand clenched the staff of magius tightly. A thin gasp escaped her lips as a Shadow passed over her and her alone, a shadow that had no owner, nothing physical cast it over her. She gave a strangled cry and sunk to her knees, her grip on the staff so tight that her knuckles where white.

02/20/2001 9:44 PM

"Are you alright?" the Thorn asks Kalia, seeing her sink to her knees. "Do we need to stop so you can rest?"

02/20/2001 11:57 PM

Cai'de's mind twitched more than ever. Watching Kallia, Cai'de suddenly gripped Thorn's sleeve. "We have to get out of here . . ." She whispered.

02/21/2001 8:38 AM

OOC: Okay, I apologize for using your characters guys. I'm sorry, but Thorn, Duncan needed that amulet for my part of the story to progress!!! If you don't want to play along with me, fine then.

Over the rise of the trees, two dragons suddenly burst into view, one red, one black. The red lands in front of the group on a pile of downed trees. A large, armor clad figure peers down.

"You have it...give it to us!"

The black dragon flies around and lands down the trail, blocking off the path. The red rider begins to speak again.

"I said...you have the amulet. Give it to us or fair the same fate as your bronze friend over there."

He points, and the bronze dragon can be seen under a pile of charred trees.

"So, will you give it to us, or do we take it?"

02/21/2001 11:18 AM

Kalia's head snapped up and saw what remained of the Bronze. Suddenly she became steady again and stood. Her face was filled with barely controlled rage. A Bright flash of light eminated from her. She stood again as the Crystal Dragon.

With a roar, she spread her wings to shield the party, glancing behind her to watch the black as well as the red. Although She was larger than the other two by at least 20 feet, she knew that she could not handle them both alone...

With the full sun shining down on her, her scales maginfied the light 100 times, blinding the human Dragon riders, and partialy blinding the dragons themselves.

02/21/2001 11:29 AM

The Thorn draws an arc in the air and a portal appears in front of him. He grabs Cai'de and drags her through with him. They appear several yards back up the trail, behind the black dragon. The mage instantly point a the black dragon rider, sending an acid arrow in his direction.

02/21/2001 12:35 PM

OOC:YOu know what,i'll play with your char too.Just a teeny bit.
Joe lets the others battle the dragons.He'd reason with the winner,but he preffered that it be the Crstal and the mage then the red and black.He looks at the dead body of the bronze dragon and suddenly notices a a human body...Duncan!
Joe runs to the injured Duncan."Are you alright?Where's the amulet,we need it!"he starts searching the mans clothes,but can't find the blue stoned amulet.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

02/21/2001 5:34 PM

Cai'de is nearly struck dumb with the dragonfear. Everyone was too close for her to summon a storm. She'd probably hit the kender. She knew she could lift and throw objects with her mind, but her aim sucked . . .she'd probably end up hitting Thorn and she knew she didn't want that to happen. She ducked off the path for a moment and returned with a relatively long, straight branch. She broke off the excessive twigs and smiled, content with her home-made spear.

02/21/2001 9:09 PM

The acid arrow hit the knight right in the back. He toppled from his saddle, just leaving the black dragon for him and Cai'de to deal with.

02/22/2001 9:06 AM

With a roar, the black dragon spins around, it's attention drawn from the now incredibly beautiful dragon Kalia to the Thorn. With a howl, it takes to the air, preparing to divebomb the Thorn, it's back still to Kalia.

02/22/2001 9:12 AM

Duncan lay there, a tree across his legs, apparently dead. A low gasp can be heard escaping his throat.


Blood flows freely from his mouth, and a tear streams down his cheek.


His voice trails off as his eyes stare blankly at the face of Joe.

02/22/2001 9:32 AM

Cai'de knows she cannot pierce the black dragon's skin with a simple branch, but seeing the dragon airborn, she smiles and plops down on the ground to concentrate. Cloud to cloud lightning was so much more easier than cloud to ground!

02/22/2001 11:20 AM

The Thorn guesses what Cai'de is planning. He uses his magic to create a globe of invulnerability around him and the woman.

02/22/2001 11:56 AM

Kalia glared scornfully at the black dragon before turning her attention to the red in front of her. Her golden eyes where full of rage. She roared a challenge..for now that the black was occupied. she could handle the red.

02/22/2001 12:01 PM

A groan, a crack, and a tree branch shifts. Graebolt's head rises slowly, curling around over Duncan's body. It looks directly at Joe, not more than a foot away.


He is battered, bloody, and terribly wounded. Scales are gone, muscles exposed, flesh shredded by claws. And he stare at Joe for a moment. Something flashes in his eyes, and he he inhales deeply. Joe can hear the words echo thru his head.


02/22/2001 3:22 PM

The sky is soon boiled over with clouds, and Cai'de is looking up from her cross-legged seat on the ground. Lightning snakes across the underbellies of the clouds, its' ragged white arms lash out at the black dragon.

02/22/2001 7:38 PM

The Thorn smiles down at Caide. "You are doing a great job. If you protect me with your lightning, I'll protect you from the dragon's acid." The mage expects no response, as Cai'de was concentrating intensly. "We'll make it through this, I promise."

02/23/2001 3:38 PM

Joe looks at the dragon slowly inhaling,and hears the words 'Move...Quickly!" resonate in his head.He throws Duncan a few meters away,and jumps after him just before the bronze let lose with its breathweapon.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

02/23/2001 7:05 PM

OOC: i hate my computer, and i'm pretty sure the feelings mutural.

Pehlya watches the battle with an eager interest, yet she doubted that she could help, being just a kender. Cursing her foul luck she readies her hoopak, just in case there was some small oppurtunity for her to help out.

02/23/2001 7:52 PM

Kalia raised her head high, a dominant air about her. She folded her wings glose to her sides, keeping them safe from the possibility of the Red letting its breath weapon loose.

She too inhaled deeply, feeling the Ice Fire burn in her throat. She backed up slowly to give herself plenty of room to let loose the flame of ice in her throat and to stay clear of the bronze.

02/24/2001 1:33 PM

With a roar, the bronze dragon breaks free from the trees, sending peices of tree and rubble everywhere. Free, it is now visible that it's right forearm is broken and there are punctures in it's wings. It's stomach is freely bleeding, and the end of it's tail is a stub. regardless of it's wounds, it takes to the air towards the black, his attention still turned towards The Thorn. With a cry, it crashes into the black as he is turning around, and they tangle in mid air. The black, being the bigger of the two, gets the upper hand quickly, and bites deep into the throat of Greabolt. They begin to struggle in mid air again, wings exerting full force to stay airborne.

02/24/2001 3:52 PM

Kalia let loose, her breath weapon blasted directly into the face of the Red, the frost clung to the reds face. Kalia slashed out with her foreclaws, ripping long furrows into the reds neck, while the red thrashed frantically trying to free itself from the cloying frost.

Another blast of Ice flame froze the reds' wing solid, as the Chromatic tried to flex the frozen appendage the membrane of the wing shattered. The red Roared in anger and pain.

"Leave here while you still can evil one!" She cried as she formed a lance of light, similar to the one that she used to kill the Goro. With a cry of anger akin to pain, Kalia threw the lance at the rider upon the dragons' back. The light engulfed the man, grew bright, and then faded. when the light was gone. The man's armor was all that was left, and that fell to the ground beside the astonished Red.

02/24/2001 7:43 PM

The Thorn looked to help the failing bronze. From inside the globe he couldn't do much. He recalled his spells. Finding one that fight aid them, he cast strength on the bronze, giving it more power to fight back.

02/25/2001 8:41 AM

Pehlya covers her mouth with one hand, pitying the poor bronze. Its wounds looked gruesome and it didn't seem like it would win. She looked around to see if his rider was present but she didn't see him. Guesing the truth she began to sniffle and wipe her eyes with a hankie.

02/26/2001 10:00 AM

Greabolt lets out a roar, and attacks at point blank range with his breath weapon, spraying flame everywhere. The black spasms from pain as the attack blasts a hole through it's wing, and they begin to plummet. The bronze spreads his wings to slow the fall, but the weight of the combined dragons is too much to hold. They continue to fall, rolling thru the air.
With a sickening crunch, they hit the ground together, the bronze on the bottom, smashed beneath the black. The bronze trys to roar, but little noise comes out. With anger flashing in his eyes, he lets loose another, smaller breath blast. It catches the black clean in the face, sending him sprawling back. The bronze tries to rise, but it is apparant that his hind leg is broken from the fall. He lashes with his tail, tripping the black.
From across the clearing, the red roars a cry to his fallen comrade, and trys to take to the air.

02/26/2001 11:32 AM

"Oh no you don't!!" Kalia cried, lashing her tail to catch the red across his face. She used her wings to buffet the other dragon, breifly confusing him.

She took another deep breath to release another gout of blue flame, that tore through the Red's left wing. She screeched in pain as the Red began to attack back.

02/26/2001 1:42 PM

The Thorn watches from his protective barrier. Cai'de hadn't unleashed her lightning yet but the mage thought it might be because the others were so near. The dragons were duking it out, suddenly, he had just become a spectator. All over the amulet he had. The amulet he would destroy after studying it.

02/26/2001 8:21 PM

Cai'de watched apprenhensively. She knew she was not a sharp enough aim to miss the bronze and hit the black. Periodically lightning would streak across the clouds, as Cai tried not to let it build up. She tried to think . . . what could she do?!?

02/27/2001 2:01 PM

Pehlya smiles briefly, it seems she was wrong. The bronze was very fierce! Quickly noting its wounds she hoped that perhaps it would survive. She looked around and saw the rest of the group in various places, no one seemed hurt and she was glad. To lose people after she had just met them would have wounded the sensitive kender.

02/28/2001 10:01 AM

With a howl of pain, the black dragon takes to the air again, turning to face Greabolt. Greabolt in turn, takes to the air after the black, pushing off the ground with his good leg. His other leg hangs limply from his side. He tackles the black, and bites deep into his throat.

"Now..." the thought echoes through the air. "Now...I will not live after this fight...Now...let loss the lightning...Now......"

02/28/2001 10:13 AM

Cai'de closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment, then unleashed an immense bolt on the entagled dragons. She held the moment, the bony white fingers of lightening reaching out, grasping, probing . . . rain pelted down and a lashing wind stung it to the faces of the onlookers. Cai'e began to shiver as she became lost in a dark world . . .at this moment something she hadn't experienced took place; the powers took control of her. Not in any way that would affect anyone, the lightning still sizzled around the battling dragons, but Cai'de was no longer aware of the outer world. Her eyes squeezed shut, all she saw was the death of Greabolt as caused by her . . .

02/28/2001 10:17 AM

Pehlya's eyes widen at the lightening and she holds her breath. She was wrong once again, death seemed evident for the metallic dragon. She wiped her eyes on a handkerchief and continued to watch the battle progress.

02/28/2001 10:33 AM

OOC: Hey can I join this adventure? If so, what is the current location and storyline?

02/28/2001 12:22 PM

The Thorn held Cai'de up. When she had closed her eyes, she had begun to sway. She wasn't there, the mage could tell. He had seen his friend Py do the same thing many times. The battle was turning in their favor.

03/01/2001 2:54 PM

With a despairing roar, the black raises his head towards the sky...

and bolt of lightning catches him directly in the head. The shock blows the two bodies apart, sending them crashing to the ground. The black's body spasms, and lays still. Graebolt lays still also, body charred, face bleeding, in more agonizing pain then the group could ever imagine...

The black sees the blast, and sends more flame towards Kalia. Turning tail, he takes to the air, and begins to fly away, slowly, with a damaged wing.

03/02/2001 8:58 AM

Cai'de collapsed, unconcious.

03/02/2001 10:59 AM

With the immediate threat gone, the Thorn lowered his magical shield. Cai'de had collapsed, and the mage wasn't sure what from.

"Kalia, Cai'de needs helped. She passed out and I don't know what from. Can you see if she's all right?" asks the Thorn.

03/02/2001 6:51 PM

Kalia let out a scream/roar of pain as the Black's blast caught her unguarded, tearing into her wing. Quickly she folded it and the flames extinguished. She turned to glance at The Thorn, taking her attention away from the Red.

OOC: I thought that the Bronze breath weapon was lightning, and the Blacks was Acid??? oh well I'll play along!!

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03/02/2001 7:15 PM

OOC: From what I can tell, the black is dead and the red took off.

"Kalia, I'm no healer and I don't know what's wrong with her," pleads the Thorn, worried about his friend. "You have to help her."

03/03/2001 4:23 PM

With a flash of light, Kalia stood back in her human form. She turns back to walk back to The Thorn and Cai'de. She looks her over, studying her breathing. She kneels down beside her, and places one hand on Cai'de's Forhead, and one hand on her stomach.

"I am going to try to give her some of my energy, maybe that may bring her around, Has she ever tried anything like that before?"

03/03/2001 5:07 PM

"If you think that'll help. Just hurry," says the Thorn.

03/04/2001 4:55 PM

OOC: The black is dead, the red has retreated, and the bronze is laying on the ground at near death. As for his breath weapon...my bad...I had a huge brain-fart :p sorry.


the words echo through their minds

"Please tell Andreia I...will miss her...and my son...goodbye...for I will not...see him...again......destroy...it...silver-robes...destroy it quickly...or it may be you next time...and not me..."

The Bronze rolls over slowly, onto his back over his broken wing.

"Finally...take me by your side...Paladin............"

A single tear rolls down his cheek, mixing with his still flowing blood, to fall to the ground. Quite by chance, it lands on a severed bronze scale. His final breath is ragged, and pain stricken.

03/04/2001 5:23 PM

Cai'de has been subjected to much more concentration and focus than she thought she could handle, and she basically drained herself of her strength. Just FYI.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

03/05/2001 10:00 AM

OOC: I'm sorry everyone, but we ARE before the chaos wars...I just have to do it....

Down the path, bumbling along slowly, comes an old white-bearded man in mouse brown robes...
He approaches the dragon and stops.

"Oh, my poor Greabolt..."

A tear rolls down his cheek.

03/05/2001 10:37 PM

Kalia froze as she saw the old wizzard. Her mouth worked but no sound came forth. She started suddenly reminding her of her rudeness, and bowed her head.

03/05/2001 11:05 PM

"Uh, Kalia. I'm sure the Platinum One appreciates the gesture but he has his problem ans we have ours," says the Thorn pointing at Cai'de.

03/06/2001 10:02 AM

The brown robed man raises his arms dramaticly, beginning to speak.

"You have served me well, and gave your life to save these people. You will always be remembered. Poor thing..."

He reaches into his pouch, searching for...something.

"Now then, where are those ingrediants? Ah,here we are!"

He begins to mumble, his eyes closed.

"Okay, got it...I hope...now what were the words to the spell?"

He ponders for a moment, and then seems to remember. He replaces the ingrediants in his hands with differant ones from his pouches. He rasises his hands and speaks. The Bronze begins to glow, there is a flash of light......and suddenly...

Chicken feathers fall everywhere... ;)

03/06/2001 11:50 AM

Kalia smiled and shook her head. watching the feathers fall to the ground. she turned to Cai'de. She placed her hand on Cai'de's forehead. A pale golden glow formed around her hand.

"She will be ok...she just needs to rest. I assume that she never tried to do what she did...it drained her." She paused looking around.

"Well we can either set up camp or I can let Ayslynn carry her. Either way, she must rest."

03/06/2001 12:07 PM

The old mage mumbles, dropping his arms. The body of Greabolt is still laying there on the ground, feathers sticking to his drying blood.

"Now, how did that spell go...?"

He turns around, shaking his head. He notices Pehlya, still drying tears in her hanky.

"Kender...ha ha ha...little kender..."

He turns back around to face the dragon.

"Well, I have to do something...how did that fireball spell go...?"

03/06/2001 2:06 PM

"We should probably move, now," says the Thorn hearing the old one say fireball.

03/07/2001 4:01 AM

Joe walks out of the bushes,carrying the Bronze's rider on his back.HE ignores the mumbling wizard."Hey,anyone care to heal this guy?And after that,maybe go to the Dragon Isle?Finally?"he asks pointedly.
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