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05/27/2000 8:32 PM

(ooc ok here we Autumn. It's now part two.)

*Pyranthas opens up the door and walks outside and hurries dow the stairs. He then runs to the market and gets what he can and then runs back to Autumn's house.*

Ok I got what we will need. Food, water some rations and an about six water skins. Are you ready?

05/18/2000 12:30 PM

*as he returns, she is locking the shutters and quenching the fire in the hearth*

Looks up at him and laughs, "Here, let me help you with some of that," adds a few waterskins to her usual hunting gear.

Grabs her bed roll and her blue traveling cloak and heads out the door, "Ready," she says a little nervously and locks the door behind them, "Let's go home."

05/18/2000 12:38 PM

*he slides the ralling and then waits for her at the bottom. Once she catches up he hurries through the streets towards the road heading south with much haste.*

05/18/2000 1:30 PM

Keeps pace with Pyranthas, "The weather is good, I think 2 days to the outskirts of Qualinesti is right on," looks up at him and watches his handsome and intense face, and she shivers a little.

Keeps talking nervously, "My father never allowed my mother nor I to get anywhere near the forest because of the archers you mentioned."

*pulls out her small dagger and does target practice into the passing tree trunks as they walk, throwing and fetching, throwing and fetching*

05/18/2000 1:35 PM

*he watches her out of the cornor of his eyes and smiles to him himself. He then watches on of the daggers fly at a try and he uses a simple hand movement and it stops right before the tree and then he moves his hand again and it goes into another. He smirks to himself as he does this.*

Wow Autumn, your really good. How did you every do that. That would definately take someone by surprise.

*he pulls out ten daggers and throws them all and they each hit the tree he was aiming at all in a straight line. He flicks his wrist and they fly back to his hand and he puts each of them away.*

05/18/2000 1:48 PM

*witnesses the elf warrior's deadly skill and momentarily wonders if she should feel safe, or feel afraid. with a shake of her head, decides it doesn't matter*

*jogs over to the tree and removes her dagger. stands and turns it over in her hand a couple times then begins walking again as Pyranthas approaches*

"Very funny," she flicks a glance up at him from behind her long black hair, and tries unsuccessfully not to smile.

05/18/2000 2:02 PM

*he looks down at her*

You have nothing to fear by me Autumn. I will not harm you and I shall see that no harm comes to you along the way to our homeland young elf maiden.

05/18/2000 2:14 PM

*blushes slightly and nods her head, and pulls her hair out of her face and puts it in a braid again*

"Thank you, Py," she says softly, feeling more at ease.

*she intends on sticking close by him, at least until she gets her advernturing legs back

*begins imagining what her father's shop and home look like*

05/18/2000 2:30 PM

*he smiles back at her and lifts her face to his and starts to lean forward to kiss her but then he stops and spins around to see that same guy he fought just the other day.*

Well... now that you are out of town, you have no place to hide.

*the minotaur comes over to his side and swings a great axe, and then the mage walks forward. He casts a sleep spell, but Pyranthas just looks at him and grins at him. Pyranthas quickly draws both his swords and spins them around and takes on the minotaur and the human warrior at once. He fight almost as well with two weapons as he does one. The minotaur swing his axe at him, by the elf ducks and then slices the weapons head off so he in left with nothing but the handle. He battles the warrior with easy with the other hand. The minotaur dives at him, but the elf leaps way up into the air and then brings his vorpal blade down into the monsters neck and slices the creature in half. He whorls his weapons around with deadly skill and he then slices the swordsman's blade in half with his vorpal and then drives his other sword into his enemies stomach. He pulls the weapon out and lets the man drop to the ground. He then looks over at the mage who starts to back off.*

Oh no you dont!

*he runs and leaps over him and then spins around and kicks him in the chest with enough force to drive him back ten feet and knocking all of the air from his lungs. He puts his swords away and looks at him.*

Just try something mage and you wont live to see another day.

*the black robe spits at Pyranthas and then casts a lightning bolt spell at him. The lightning hits the elf and knocks him back. He stands and shakes his head. The black robe stares at him in astoundment. Pyrantha then stares at the black robe and lighting flickers from his fingers and then crosses them infront of his circlet and then flings them out and a field of lightning fills the air aroud the mage.*

Autumn! Lets go.

*all can be heard is the screaming of the dying mage.*

05/18/2000 3:46 PM

"Blessed be!" she looks once more at the black robe then takes off running along side Pyranthas.

"The Seeker guards parole this area," she says once they round a curve in the road and put some distance between themselves and the bodies, "That mage has been harassing me for years. Once again, I owe you my thanks Pyranthas."

Thinks, "We may lose a couple hours, but perhaps we should get off this road for a spell and take the game trail."

Looks at his face and smiles, "Or, maybe not. Besides, I'm sure there are many who will be glad those three are gone. Solace should give you a metal," takes his hand in hers and squeezes it, then drops it and puts her hands in her pockets and walks closely to the warrior.

05/18/2000 6:14 PM

*he slides his arm with hers and smiles at her.*

Guards you say huh? well I think we can get by them, but there may be away to get to Qualinesti quickier if we take the game trails. That may be our quickest route my dear.

*he catches what he says.*

Sorry bout that. I didn't realize what I was saying but lets get off the road. I am more at home in the woods.

05/18/2000 6:21 PM

Smiles up at him, "The woods it will be then," steps off the road and ducks beneath a branch.

*she moves quickly, weaving in and out and around trees, brush, rocks, never making a sound and close to invisible against her surroundings*

Finds a clean trail, "South is this way," points as she sees him approaching, "Let's keep moving," grabs a handfull of wild raspberries and tosses him a couple.

05/18/2000 6:30 PM

*he moves at a jog and leaps over things with ease dodging low branches and rocks. He makes no sound.*

Yes... South is our destination.

*he catches the raspberries and pops them in his mouth and continues at his jog. until he reaches a for in the path*

Which way?

05/18/2000 6:50 PM

Walks down the trail popping berries into her mouth, "Well, I know this trail fairly well. We are on the Haven side. Darken Wood," she shivers, "will be coming up soon to the left beyond the hills, and well, then there's Qualinesti, of course. I say we camp on this side."

*tosses the remainder of the berries into the brush*

"Tomorrow, how soon before we reach the Elf Stream should we be looking for the archers, er, I don't know. I haven't been too close to Qualinesti, you know."

05/18/2000 6:55 PM

As soon as we reach the border we will have to worry about archers. We will camp on the side closer to Qualinesti, just because I do not like dealing with the undead.

*he walks along now beside her talking with her.

05/18/2000 6:55 PM

As soon as we reach the border we will have to worry about archers. We will camp on the side closer to Qualinesti, just because I do not like dealing with the undead.

*he walks along now beside her talking with her.*

05/18/2000 11:14 PM

*walks and talks with this elf warrior, and feels stronger and freer than she has in years*

"Here," points to a grassy area which opens amidst the trees, "Let's rest, we've been walking most the day."

*drops her cloak and sits on it and takes a swig from a waterskin and suggests that he do the same*

*points to the pack he carries with the food rations, and with a mouthful of water motions with her hands for him to pass it to her*

Swallows, "Sit, Pyranthas. Tell me of your life...of why you were on that road the day we met," sits akimbo and looks at him very interested.

05/19/2000 5:30 AM

*he sits down and passes her the rations. He then takes a swig of his skin and looks at her.*

Ok, we might as well stay here for the night then because my story is a little long. As you can probably tell, I am not your average elf. I am know as a Templar amougst my people. We Templar are a secret group of elves that have very powerful mental powers. We do not use magic, for it is forbidden in our order, but it does not include magic items. We Templar are kind of complicated to understand, but I am trying to explain this my best that I can.

Well I told you I was a guard of the Speaker, well it was correct, all of use Templar are the Speakers personal guards. I was how ever a part special group Templar know as the Fist of E'li. The members of the Fist of E'li are the most powerful of the Templar. We all have a certain skill that is is extrodinary, like my swordsmanship. We were magically infused by elven mages by the Speakers orders and the magic increased our strength. I have the strength of an ogre, while others have the strength of a minotaur. I am the weakest in strength but I am the most powerful with mental powers. My mind would not allow all of the treatments to go on. One of the other treatments they did was a treatment to enhance our vision and sences, but they failed. Our strength was the only thing inhanced.

Now to get to my history. I was asked to be a Templar as the age sixty-five. At that time I was also a master swordsman. My skill had grown very quickly because of my powers. I could see moves before my opponent would make and I could natuarally move faster. Well I became a templar and the ten years later, I was sent off to a secret training facility of the Templar and I was trained as a High Master Swordsman and I was also inducted into the Fist of E'li.
Fifteen years later, I was sent on a "dipolmacy" mission in Neraka. In Neraka I finished my job and then we were send into battle against the ogres. We won of course. I was made the new lead of the Fist. Under my leadership, we were unstoppable againstour enemies. Told the speaker I was leaving for about ten years to complete training and to become a Grandmaster Swordsman.

I became a Grandmaster Swordsman about twenty years ago. All was quiet for about twenty years, until the last month. I knew that there was termoil amoungst the Fist. There were many who were jealious of my skill with the blade. I beleive there was a few who plotted against me. I was not a hard person to get allong with or am I a hard person to get along with.

Then, it all happened a week. I was framed for murder of an elvish theif who was going to be going on trial. The actual elf that did the crime had someone erase my memory of all of it and then had a false memory placed int my head, telling me that I was the one who killed the elf. I was then put on trial and was banished from my country. They then again put another memory into my head and told me I was only a guard and then they allowed me to take my stuff with me, per request of one of the other Templars. They tried to make me forget about everything, until I was in the bar the other day with you and E'li spoke to me. He explained to me who I was and what I was and that is why I stormed out of there. I am going back home to get my revenge and to find out the truth.

Well that is my story Autumn. As I said, it would be a long tale.

*he sits down and closes his eyes. He moves closer to Autumn and leans against her.*

05/19/2000 6:51 AM

*absorbs all he has told her, and frowns sadly. she thinks, 'he has a long battle ahead of him, alone against what odds?'*

"Yes. You shall rip down the curtain that hides the truth, Pyranthas, and have your revenge," she smiles softly then and lets him rest, content to take first watch.

*unfurls her light bed roll and uses it to cover him against the night. looks to the darkening sky and thinks about Qualinesti and thinks of E'li*

05/19/2000 7:01 AM

*he smiles as she says this, not really being asleep, he rests his eyes and searches the area for danger with his mind and senses no danger, he then rests his eyes and goes into a trance like state and recalls some of his memories in Qualinesti. His life had been destroied by someone, but who. He would find out. After a few hours of sleep he walks up and takes the watch.*

Get some rest. My body is built to deal with more stress and also we elves require less elven than humans, so you are probably a medium in between us, but I'll take the watch for the rest of the night.

05/19/2000 7:15 AM


"Yes, I am a little tired," hugs her small dagger to her chest, lays down and curls into a ball.

*closes her eyes then opens them a crack and watches Pyranthas a while until her eyes become too heavy and she falls into a deep sleep*

05/19/2000 9:03 AM

*he closes his eyes as he watches the area an lets his mind do the work. He leans up against her back and smiles and thinks about his return home.*

05/19/2000 9:38 AM

*his mind scans the area and searches the area for anyone who may be trying to sneak up on them, or any intelligent creature in the area.*

05/19/2000 9:43 AM

*stirs in her sleep and curls tighter into a ball*

*dreams of rose quartz and aspen trees, of betrayal and a warrior's revenge. whimpers a little*

05/19/2000 9:53 AM

*he stands up and sits next to Autumn and kisses her forehead.*


05/19/2000 1:36 PM

*a large figure approaches them as Py is concentrating on Autumn*

"Sweet." is all he says.

*he leans against a tree opposite them and looks them over*

05/19/2000 7:28 PM

What can I do for you Knight of Solamnia? You never could actually catch me by surprise.

05/19/2000 8:13 PM

"Huh? Wha? Py?" sits up on her elbows, blurry-eyed sees the knight and scurries to her feet clutching her dagger.

*looks the Knight of Solamnia up and down. decides he looks familiar and smiles a little. moves to stand behind Pyranthas*

(OOC Gunthar, this is Autumn Half-Elven in this thread. she much diff than the swordswoman!)

05/20/2000 8:39 AM

*he stands up and looks the knight over, then walks over to him and gives him a hug.*

It has been a while Gunthar. How is your training with the blade coming and how are things in Solamnia? Oh my it has been awhile. I can remember training you with the blade about twenty years ago.

05/20/2000 8:50 AM

*she smiles at this reunion and puts her dagger in her boot and sits back down. pulls a comb out of her pack and fixes her hair then takes a long pull on her waterskin*

*stands and begins gathering up her things*

05/20/2000 8:59 AM

*he takes a quick sip off his waterskin*

What are you up to my friend

05/20/2000 4:01 PM

*the knight sits down at the base of the tree and lays his sword down beside him*

"I have learned much since I last saw you, friend. I learn very quickly. I have killed my long-time enemy, Gork, but have found that he was only a puppet to his brother, Pork. I have found you to ask for your help with dealing with him, but I see that you have more pressing business here."

05/20/2000 4:38 PM

*finishes readying her belongings and stands, nibbling on some dried venison. waits to be introduced, then decides to say hello to the knight*

"Hello. I'm Autumn. Nice to meet you Knight of Solamnia," she smiles then looks at Pyranthas and allows him to continue talking with the knight.

*wanders around happily, thinking of the road to come*

05/20/2000 5:01 PM

*nods his head at autumn*

"Nice to meet such a striking young maiden. I am called Gunthar Goblinbane, Solamnic Knight of the Rose. I am on a quest of vengence for the murder of my family at the hands of the vile goblins."

05/21/2000 7:43 AM

Blushes slightly at the knight's greeting, "Nice to meet you noble knight. And I am saddened to hear of your loss."

*leaves the knight and the warrior to themselves while she goes to sit under a tree and widdles a small piece of wood*

05/21/2000 7:38 PM

Gunthar once I regain my grace and I am no longer know as a dark elf amoungst my people I would gladly help you on your quest. I must get going to Qualinesti. If I could I would bring have away to make yourself invisble from even elven eyes. We elves can see heat when it is night time, so we would have to travel during the day.

05/22/2000 4:55 AM

*finishes her widdling, puts away her sanding cloth, and stands*

"Py!" tosses him a small piece of wood from an ash tree.

Shaped into the form of a dragon, the wood is polished to a silvery hue, "Platinum dragon!" she smiles.

05/22/2000 5:36 AM

Well I best be going now Gunthar if I want to get to Qualinesti.

*he walks forward a little and then his eyes glow and he changes his facial features and appears to be a totally different elf, with different close. He swongs his bow over his shoulder.*

Ready Autumn?

*he starts walking down the train towards his homeland.*

05/22/2000 6:40 AM

"Yup," she says and picks the carving she made for him up off the ground and races to catch up.

05/22/2000 6:47 AM

We must hurry if we wish to reach my home by nightfall. Before I left I had it arranged that if I was to come back I would still own my house, as a different person. I happened to have a friend who holds the deed for me. I will meet him and then I shall get my key. It will look as if a new person moved into it.

*they finally reach the Qualinesti forest and they enter the forest.*

05/22/2000 7:07 AM

*he can sence where all of the elves are hiding in their posts. He knows they see him, but they don't reconize him. He smiles to himself. Autumn hears a voice in her head and Pyranthas communicates using his telepathy.

The Boardguards are everywhere around use. I can sence them. We will probably be walking for the rest of the day and then we shall reach Qualinost. We shall probably reach my house at night.*

05/22/2000 7:28 AM

'Boarderguards' she thinks 'I'm really in the Qualinesti forest'

*she looks all around her and trembles with excitement, and some apprehension*

*keeps pace with Pyranthas and smiles broadly up at him. but upon seeing this different face set sternly, she decides to watch her feet instead. the same smile stretches across her face, but it is now hiden by her long black hair*

05/22/2000 9:30 AM

*it is night fall and they finally reach the capital of the elven empire, Qualinost. The buildings sparkle in the moonlight. The streets are lively and full of people. Pyranthas leads the way to a small house and he knocks three times. A tall elf in white robes walks to the door.*


Maginathas, it's me, Pyranthas. I'm here for the key to my house. Here is the money I promised you my brother.

*he hand the tall mage a small bag filled with jewels, and the other elf hands him a key and a scroll. This new elf Maginathas bares an uncanny resemblance to Pyranthas's true form, except he has shoulder length hair of the same color and sky blue eyes.*

Thank you my brother.

*Pyranthas shakes hands with the elf and then hurries along the streets to a farely large two story house. The elf walks to the front step and then unlocks the door and then enters the building and whispers "Home at last..." He closes the door once he sences Autumn has entered. He then transforms to his true nature.*

Welcome to my home.

*He looks around and everything was the same as he had left it. Good he thinks to himself. He says a word and his house lights up. He smiles and is in good nature to find that the enchantment that Maginathas placed on his home is still intach. The house in finely furnished with beautiful tapistries and big puffy chairs. There are swords hanging on the wall over the fireplace and many medals hanging near then. He walks over and puts his gear down on the floor and then sits on his emerald green couch and relaxes.*

Could you get the curtains please? I am here illigally and I could be killed if I am seen here.

05/22/2000 10:04 AM

At the sound of his voice, she turns from the window and looks at Pyranthas's true face, "oh um...yes...of course, Py," closes the curtains and takes one last lingering look outside to the city.


She is shaking, "It's so beautiful. The stories do not do this city justice."

Drops her traveling and hunting gear on the floor, and sits on the edge of the couch next to him, her eyes scanning the the walls of his house, "I have never been in a private home so large," fidgets with the fringe on her jacket, nibbles on a fingernail, glances at the curtains and then to him, "This must be an incredible moment for you...returning, that is."

05/22/2000 2:33 PM

*he looks at her and smiles. then removes his shoulder guards and then takes off his jacket and sets it over the back of the couch.*

Well, I come from a fairly rich family and I made my keep by working for the Speaker.

*he stands and stretches his arms. He then walks over to the fire place and presses a button and a door opens.*

Come on.

05/22/2000 3:17 PM

*he walks down a corrider and then into a room. He walks over to a wall and hits a button and certain stones lift up and reveal many items. In one compartment, there is cross bows and bows. In another there is a steel baton and many swords, an axe, a whip and a mace. In another there are many rings, bracers, a few belts, gloves and some cloaks. He moves quickly to them and removes his bracers and grabs another pair and places them on and then removes his belt and his boots. The takes off his pants and grabs a pair of black leather pants that is a little tight but they will do for what he wants them for. He quickly stretches his legs so he can stretch the leather and then he places his belt back in and then grabs the baton and snaps it in his wrist and it expands into a full six foot steel staff. He grabs two crossbows and hangs them on his belt and grabs plenty of bolts and places them in a quiver he places at his side. He attaches the mace to his side and then grabs the whip and places it to his side. He grabs a ring and places it on and then places some black leather boots on . He stops and then looks at Autumn.*

What was that you threw at me back when Gunthar was talking to us. Here let me fit you into some of this stuff. There maybe a little fighting we may have to do. Place these boots on your feet. They are boots of speed. They will be handy incase we have to fight some templar. They double your speed. You may want this belt too.

*He picks up the belt and fits it around her waist and then holds her a little and closes his eyes and stands there for a minute holding her in his arms.*

05/22/2000 3:34 PM

*stands there gape-mouthed and watches him. twiddles with her hair and then notes the seriousness in his handsome face. her giddy mood changes dramatically*

"Here," hands him the 'platinum' dragon she carved from a piece of ash, "For luck."

*unlaces her soft leather boots and slips into the ones he gives her. lets him fit her with the belt and feels herself go stronger. she adjusts her short sword to accomodate*

*holds him silently*

Then, "I want that," points over him to a smaller crossbow, "Please."

05/22/2000 3:47 PM

*he takes the dragon she carves and places it into his belt. He walks over and picks up the crossbow and hands it t her and some small arrows with it. He also grabs a two hand sword for her and hands it to her and she takes it in one hand easily.*

You are going to want to use this. If you dont you will break your short sword blade.

*He gives her a strap so she can place it on her back and then walks over to her and looks into her eyes. and then bends down and kisses her.*

05/23/2000 4:44 AM

Come on lets head over to the tower. There is a Slamori down here. I created it to go right to my room in the tower.

*he starts to walk towards another wall, but then he grabs a medallion and hands it to her.*

You are going to want this. It will protect you from the other templars mind control ability. I am the only one who has this artifact. It is one my twin, Maginathas made for me when I wanted to be able to move around without being detected. Now I have learned how to hide my powers when I went away not too long ago. We got to get moving. Come one.

*he hurries towards the wall and opens another door and enters into the darkness.*

05/23/2000 4:46 AM

Looks up at him, "Py. Let's go get your good name back," she shutters then smiles at him proudly.

05/23/2000 4:49 AM

*takes the medalion and follows him into the darkness without fear*

05/23/2000 4:53 AM

*he smiles and then enters the slamori and into the darkness.*

Stay close.

05/23/2000 5:11 AM

She whispers, "You don't have to worry about that," clenches and unclenches her fists repeatedly, loosening her muscles up.

*walks on his right, and two paces behind*

05/23/2000 5:19 AM

*he stops and remembers he doesnt have his jacket.*

Wait right here. I shall be right back I have to get a few more things.

*he turns and runs quickly towards his living room and grabs his jacket and his shoulder guards and his other things and then runs back.*

Ok, let's get going.

*he moves along the wall and he scans the area and then stops and he pulls out a small bag and pulls out some dust and sprinkles it into the air.*

That trip wire is designed to set alarms off in my room at the Tower.

05/23/2000 5:36 AM

Looks at him admiringly, feeling a little clumbsy, "Alright Py, I shall watch my step."

*touches his arm for a moment and his strength and courage eases her fears. she feels immense calm now. after doubts, she knows she is prepared to face whatever is ahead*

05/23/2000 5:48 AM

*he carefully steps over the wire and waits for her and then heads down the path.*

05/23/2000 8:24 AM

Follows closely, "How much further, Quisalas?"

*smiles at him and begins braiding her hair, getting it out of her face*

OOC -- i'm learning elven ;)

05/23/2000 9:22 AM

*he looks at her and smiles and keeps moving and then he comes to a door at then end and opens a small slider at then other end of the wall. He scans the room with his eyes. He can see someone in the bed. He frowns and then looks at Autumn and whispers into her ear.*

Put your braclet on you will need it and make sure you have that amulet on. Do not make a sound ok there is someone in the bed. I hope the door doesn't squeak. After I change I will need you to open the door.

*he changes into a mouse.*

05/23/2000 9:44 AM

*nods and tucks the amulet into her shirt and finds her bracelet and puts it on. she begins to blend in with her surroundings*

*her eyes grow wide as he changes form, and she can't help but smile*

Takes a breath and thinks 'it's just like hunting...move as silently as a grasshopper's heartbeat.'

*opens the door*

05/23/2000 3:38 PM

*he scurries though the door and to the other door. He waits for Autumn.*

05/23/2000 4:29 PM

*slides silently through the door, eyes on the sleeping form in the bed. she quietly closes the door and moves swiftly to Pyranthas, watching her step*

*leans against the wall and opens the other door slighty. there is some light coming from the corridor, but not much. motions for him to take a look around*

05/23/2000 4:33 PM

*he scampers down the hall and waits by the door of another room*

05/23/2000 11:50 PM

*follows quickly. reaches for the door and pushes. it opens easily*

05/24/2000 4:31 AM

*he scurries in and then changes back into his true form.*

Good coast is clear. Now we need to go into one more room and we will be safe, but we would probably be safe in here for now, but it will be better in the ventalation system.

*he pulls a rack down and pushes Autumn inside. Then he jumps up and pulls himself inside. He replaces the lid.*

Head north.

05/24/2000 4:55 AM

*sees three tunnels snaking out in different directions. takes out her compass and finds north and moves as swiftly as she can in that direction*

It's good to see you back to normal, Py

*she doesn't dare speak, not knowing how far her voice would carry throughtout the tower*

05/24/2000 7:24 AM

*he smiles as he hears her thought. Go up ten feet more and then stop. It will widen and I will beable to get up with you and we will camp there for a day.*

05/24/2000 8:27 AM

*does as he says. finds a spot and rests. realizes she forgot to remove her bracelet and does that now*


*drains half a waterskin as she waits for him. listens to the sounds of the tower which come from different directions*

05/24/2000 9:26 AM

*he smiles and finally reaches her and looks down the grating. Nothing... we will have to camp here for the day.*

05/24/2000 10:25 AM

*sighs and looks around her. starts feeling a little uneasy at the thought of having to spend too much time in this enclosed area*

*closes her eyes for a moment and pictures herself outdoors. she calms*

Watches Pyranthas, I am wondering...what do we wait for, Py?

05/24/2000 7:59 PM

we are waiting for the new templar leader to come to his office. I want to se who it is to see if it is anyone I suspect as trying to get me out so h can lead.

*looks down in the room and waits.*

05/24/2000 10:25 PM

Py. I...I don't want you to concern yourself with my safety, if it comes to that.

*nods to herself. she wants to help him. she is committed to this action now*

*moves nearer to him*

(ooc...i couldn't icq u this morning for some odd reason :( sooooo....good morning!)

05/25/2000 4:51 AM

(ooc morning to you to *grins*)

I know what these Templars are capible of and they are very deadly. I will be lucky if I survive this.

*looks at her*

05/25/2000 5:02 AM

*shutters and looks down into the room. suddenly more fearful*

Surely E'li will be with you, Pyranthas.

05/25/2000 5:12 AM

Yes... E'li will be with me.

*the day goes on and no one enter the room below. He looks up at Autumn.*

We better return to my house. We can do another stake out tomorrow. I want to sleep in my bed tonight. Come on.

*he hurries down the air duct and then heres something in the room below. He stops and listens.*

Who will be next to knock out of the Templar ranks?

I haven't decided yet but thosae Templar freaks at a pain.

05/25/2000 6:49 AM

*reaches for and touches his arm. she watches his face as they listen to this treacherous exchange*

(xdrive ready)

05/25/2000 9:23 AM

Come on lets get back to my house. I heard enough and I have enough information right now. I will inform the Speaker as soon I can can. It will be at least a few days. This elf shall be shown justice.

05/25/2000 9:36 AM

*follows him back to his house as stealthily as before. once there, she relieves herself of her weapons and goes to the window and glances outside*

"Py..." turns to him, "Let me fix you some tea. Your cupboards aren't bare, do you suppose?"

Walks to him, removing the braid from her hair and shaking it out, "Try to relax...you'll think easier then, about all this," she says, not fully understanding.

05/25/2000 10:20 AM

Actually I never really head any food here anyway. I always ate out or was at the tower. I can take you to the market place really quickly so we can get some groceries.

*he changes his facial features slightly and his hair becomes shorter.*

Shall we?

05/25/2000 11:00 AM

Smiles broadly up at him and places her hair behind her ears and out of her face, "We could do that? I mean, you'll take me there?" watches his appearance change again.

She wants to see more of the city, even if it is a real quick trip, "Yes, please. Let's go," starts pacing, she can barely contain herself.

"Ummmm," looks around deciding what she should take along, and decides she has all she needs on her already, "C'mon," she giggles and tugs at his sleeve as she moves to the door, "Let's go get some tea!"

05/25/2000 5:04 PM

*he smiles and follows her out the door*

05/25/2000 5:21 PM

Grabs his hand and drags him along at a swift pace, "Oh! Look at that!" points to a regular building.

"Oh, these aspens rival the vallenwoods! Listen to how they whisper with the wind. Oh, Py!" slows and hugs his right arm with her arm and walks next to him.

"Which way?" her brown eyes are lit up, almost golden.

05/25/2000 6:01 PM

Well... lets head straight ahead to the market place. Then I shall take you to a few shops that I always like to go to. Follow me. If anyone askes, I shall tell them that you are my new bride and you have never been to this land before.

05/25/2000 6:07 PM

Giggles, "Ok," then turns more serious but does a poor job of that. Her face is too lit up.

*they enter the marketplace and she breaks away and begins smelling fruit and touching silken fabrics, moving along the crowd. she has never been among so many elves before, and she feels strangely at home here*

"Py!" she waves to him, "Look at this," holds up the largest loaf of bread she has ever seen, tucks it under her arm and begins to gather exotic fruits in a finely woven basket she found and decided that she simply must have.

05/25/2000 6:12 PM

*he smiles and runs over to her and sees all of the goods she is getting.*

This stuff is lovely my dear. Did you get any tea yet?

*he throws a small ruby to elf at the booth.*

That sould cover everything

*the elfs eyes lght up.*

Thank you sire anything elf I can get for you andyour beautiful lady?

05/25/2000 9:38 PM

*gleams at the merchant, then looks over all she has gathered*

"Hmmm?" smiles up at Pyranthas, "Oh! Tea! Yes, of course," rummages thru the basket and shows him a small sack of tea leaves, "And this," reveals a dusty bottle of wine, "I hope that's alright. I thought, for celebration later, when your 'work' is complete."

Looks around the marketplace Thank you, Quisalas. With all that is on your mind, with the dreadfully serious matter at hand, you allow me to romp around in this beautiful city like a silly girl.

Turns her gaze to him, "Thank you."

05/26/2000 4:34 AM

*He smiles to her.*

Your welcome Quisalas. Is there anything else you need? You may get anything else you need. I am going to look around.

05/26/2000 5:03 AM

(ooc how bout some bar-b-que sauce...hahaha...j/k)

"No, I think I'm all set."

*follows behind, looking at absolutely everything, as he moves on thru the market*

05/26/2000 5:17 AM

(ooc looks like the ship is going to be starting over again cause of our little buddy. Guess it looks like I am going to have to do everything all over again *grins* naw I am staying out it)

*As he walks, he stops at a small shop which sells weapons. He looks around and sees nothing he likes and then goes to an armor shop and sees nothing he wants. Next stop is a small magic shop. He walks inside and sees an elven lady standing behind the counter.*

05/26/2000 6:49 AM

(ooc KENDERS!! i posted in casual forum btw)

*she walks along, keeping an eye on Pyranthas as he browses the shops*

*watches as he enters the little magic shop.
she reads the shop's sign and drops her basket. apples roll everywhere*

Wainrethas Mageware and Herblore Shoppe

"Oh my."

*blinks a couple times, then bends to gather her things back into the basket. straightens her hair and walks into the shop and goes to stand by Pyranthas*

Stares at the woman behind the counter, then, "Lady Canthalas?"

The mage woman regards Autumn, "Yes, that is my name. How may I help the two of you today?"

Autumn reaches in her jacket and removes a letter from her father and hands it to the mage, "I am Autumn, daughter of Wainrethas," shifts nervously from foot to foot.

"Yes. I know dear," Canthalas says, "I have 'watched' your travels to Qualinesti," points to a snowy white pigeon, "Yes Autumn, you have seen this bird before...I can see the recognition in your face. Shortly after Wain's death, I began sending her out to you so that I may see how you are coming along. I promised your father that.

The mage regards Pyranthas, "Your secret is safe with me, warrior. And, although I do not busy myself with tower intrique, I think that I know enough to say that you must make haste with your plans...if the templar are to remain and you are to be vindicated," she doesn't smile, but her eyes shine at him with an inner light, "May E'li go with you."

Hands Autumn a small leather bag, "This has been waiting for you. It is enchanted. Anything you carry in it cannot be seen if one were to look inside...unless you will it to be. Within this bag you will find another letter from your father and the deed and key to this shop. Tuck it away safely."

"Thank you, m'lady," Autumn smiles at the elder woman, "I do not know a thing about shopkeeping, so I trust that you are going nowhere? I am not sure what I am to do in the times to come. So much has happened recently," she shakes her head happily, "My mind is spinning," smiles warming up at Pyranthas, "Currently, my attention is with Py and his mission."

The mage finally smiles, "Yes. Ehem. Well, I am growing old and I love this shop, so I have no plans on changing what I am doing, young lady."

Autumn looks again at Pyranthas, "Do you want to look around a bit before we continue on?" for some reason she is suddenly anxious to leave this shop she has wanted to see for so long.

Py, I want to go now.

05/27/2000 6:25 PM


Um, we better get going. I want to trap this elf and get him to say what he did. I have away of interigating. Lets go. Thank you.

*he runs outside and grabs Autumns apples and places them in the basket, and then hurries quickly towards the tower. He walks right up threw the gates and up the stairs to the Speakers room and pushes open the doors.*

Honored Speaker of the sun, I need you to please follow me.

Who do you think you are barging in here like that?

I have some information you would like to know about. It is about the elf Pyranthas. He was innocent. I have proof. Please follow me.

*he waves his hand slightly*


*he walks over to him and follows him down stairs. They stop infront of the door.*

Listen to what you hear Speaker.

By us getting rid on Pyranthas it allows up to get into the castle easier to kill off the other Templar. We did a great job to get Pyranthas framed.

*the speaker looks in disgust.*

I have heard enough open the door.

*Pyranthas shoves the elf opened and the elf and his cohort stand in the staring.*

What the!

*Pyranthas changes into his true form.*

The dark elf has returned!

He was never a dark elf. I ban both from Qualinesti, and deem you both as Dark Elves. Guards take these Dark Elfs away.

*he turned to Pyranthas*

Even though by elvish law you are susposed to be killed for returning, you shall not be killed and you shall be pardoned. I am sorry for everything that has happened. Please take your old posistion back.

*Pyranthas smiles.*

I would like that Speaker.

05/27/2000 6:53 PM

*stands outside the mageware shop holding the basket. she is receiving many thoughts, helter skelter, from Pyranthas as he charges down the street to the tower*

*she follows quickly, but stays at the gates of the tower, pacing back and forth, having been stopped by a guard*

"Be ok, be ok, be ok," she mutters to herself.

Stops at looks around at a gathering crowd, "What?" continues pacing, the elves gathered shake their heads and disperse.

*closes her eyes and hears I would like that Speaker*

*smiles. goes to the gates and peers through to the tower*

05/27/2000 7:26 PM

*He walks outside in his true form with the speaker hanging onto the drak elfs and then pushes them to some guards.*

We have wronged Pyranthas! These elves were the ones who killed that elf the other day and not Pyranthas! He is innocent. For that, I shall allow him back into our land.

Thank you Speaker. I have a gift for you my lord.

*he pulls out a diamond the size of an apple.*

*the speaker stares that the large gem.*

05/27/2000 8:08 PM

*in her mind she hears ...gift for you my lord*

*picks up her basket and heads to Pyranthas's house, smiling and looking rather peculiar the entire way*

*once inside, she sets a table with wine, tea, fruit and bread. she removes her jacket and goes to wash up with the fine soaps she acquired in the marketplace*

"Mmmmmmmm," she sighs when she is finished and sits at the table and pours herself a glass of wine.

05/27/2000 8:23 PM

*the elf walks into his home with a big smile on his face. He walks over to Autumn and gives her a kiss.*

Thany you for being here for me Autumn. You have been a great help.

He sits down and pours himself a glass of wine, and as soon as he pours his glass of wine an elf dresed in the same type of outfit as Pyranthas runs in. This elf is older.*

Pyranthas, I have horrible news. Those dark elves have kill your twin. They killed Maginathas. He went with us to the border and right as they left, they shot a very deadly poisonious cross bow bolt into his chest. He dies instantly. They then were teleported away by magic. They must have had a ring of teleporting.

*Pyranthas spills his wine in his lap and the glass shatters. His face turns deathly white. He walks outside and he begins to shake. Electric energy surrounds him and he floats into the air and then blasts his energy into a tree and it is blown to peices.*

No... no.... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

05/27/2000 8:32 PM

"PYRANTHAS!" she stands and knocks her chair over and looks to the elder elf, "Who are you? You look..." runs to the door.

*stands in the doorway and her heart breaks for this warrior*


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