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07/17/2000 8:12 AM

(OOC- as far as i can remember, we were at the goblin camp and Whistle had arrived; Steel-toed boots were revealed and one unlucky goblin acquired a large bruise on one shin!!)

*Walking towards the now-roaring campfire, she held in her hand a small black stone. Making sure the kender was alright tormenting the toiling goblins at making her hut, she threw another stick onto the fire and walked around thoughtfully*

05/09/2000 6:34 PM

*Hooded watched the hobgoblin construction crews.
Surprised at how fast they managed to get the
buildings up. Seeing the kender, Hooded snapped
his fingers, his dagger obediantly arriving into
a firm grip. Turning to Eltanin.*
"Kill it." Hooded said, jerking his dagger in the
general direction of the kender.
*Hooded began walking teasingly toward the kender,
with several death spells in mind to combat the
inevitable attack from Eltanin.*

05/10/2000 2:59 PM

*Figuring this would happen, she clenched the rock tightly in her fist, obviously the product of some strong emotion*

"No," she growled
"Leave him be, he's a friend. You know under any other circumstances I myself would not allow one such as Whistle to come along. But this is different. And you WILL leave him be, undestand?"

*The fierceness in her eyes and face and body was certainly something to have second thoughts on. Her eyes seemed to blaze, and she seemed to curl her mouth into a snarl*

05/11/2000 4:27 AM

*Seeing the threatening stance, Hooded looks at Eltanin half amused, half irritated.*
"What are you talking about? Listen to its high pitched voice and look at its restless fingers. It's a kender for gods sake."
*Hooded scratches his chin. The big picture was Nerfus after all, but a kender... *
"Hmm, maybe I'll leave him alone for a price." Hooded's natural greed mechanism kicks in.
"An old necklace of powerful magic would suffice. If he keeps his hands to himself and makes an effort to talk with a deeper voice, I'll give it back." Hooded scratches his nose.
*Hooded collapses to the ground, the compromise effort exhausting him.*

05/12/2000 4:37 PM

*Sighing irritably at his compromising schemes, but seeing how much it had drained out of him, she considered it. Shrugging her shoulders, she aquiesed*

"Fine. Take this one," Reaching into a pouch, she brought out a sparkling amulet attached to a daintily-constructed choker. Holding it non-chalantly in her palm, the little danglies running through her fingers, she tosses it in his direction. As it flew through the air, the onyx jewels (they were all dark-coloured) seemed to catch the sunlight's rays and dance with them individually, delighting in the display in made on the outside.

*Though it fell into the dirt right at his feet, it was not covered in the dirt that covered the ground, nor was it scratched by the stones that rubbed against it. It seemed to repel anything that would mar its beauty, and it seemed to glow in that knowledge.*

"It's narcissism and yours will make a good match; keep it, if it will insure the kender's life." Her tone was bitter, and her words were spat out like cough medicine*

"Keep your word, Hooded One, and you will keep your life"

05/12/2000 9:35 PM

*Hooded snatches the amulet with greedy quickness.
Donning his new garment immediately. Hooded feels his dagger give a sigh of relaxation. Hooded could feel the magical hum of the onyx jeweled choker in time with his daggers magical hum.*
"Stay out of my way Cutpurse," Hooded snaps at the kender and walks off.
*Hooded walks off to examine the magical properties of his new onyx choker, waving a hand in Eltanin's direction meaning he would honor his word. Whether or not he meaned it, was unknown.*

05/13/2000 9:55 PM

*Sighing with a mixture of relief and something else, she puts her hand to her forehead and rubs the temples wearily*

"Well, i dont know about you, hooded one, but i am weary. Tarakona will stand the watch, and the goblins have finished the cave-hut so there is only one way in. I have searched the cave, the three pathways are lit by glowing lichens and all lead into seperate small rooms. I will take the far left...."

*Walking slowly to the cave, she motions to the bushes. They rustle, and Tarakona steps silently out, gliding from the shadows of the bushes into the night like an oily blackness*

*How long he had been there, and HOW he got there, did not seem to bother Eltanin. He sat at the cave entrance, off to one side, allowing room for two more to enter. Not looking at either Hooded or Whistle, he stared into the forest, alert and on guard*

05/14/2000 4:17 AM

*Hooded postponed his examination of the choker to watch the beast arrive out of the shadows, exchanging a brief hateful glance with the animal. Turning to Eltanin.*

"In that case. I will take the far right."

*Hooded walks into the cave entrance,holding his nose as he walks past Tarakona insultingly. Hooded sits down in the room, deciding to wait an hour or so before executing some form of ambush on the beast.
While Hooded waits, he looks into a mirror of seeing so he can spy on everyone, aiding him in his plan to murder Tarakona.*

05/15/2000 2:29 PM

*Catching the slam Hooded gave him out of the corner of his eye, Tarakona snapped his teeth at Hooded's back and pinned his ears back; an expression of the highest degree of insultion and hatred of his kind. His hackles prickled as Hooded's footsteps echoed down the path, and he snapped irritably at the kender to get moving*

"Oh, Hooded," the woman called over to Hooded absently from her path
"I wouldn't think that mirror trick will work, considering, well..." she broke off
"considering that it just wont work..........but you do as you like, just some constructive criticism before you waste your energy on such futility..."

*Tarakona's disdainfully amused snort can be heard from outside, and Eltanin can feel Hooded's growing irritation through her skin*

*Making a small fire with some of the limited kindling contained inside her little cave-room, she warmed cold fingers and heated some dried meat on the rocks*

*Teleporting the delicious-smelling venision on a piece of cloth over near Hooded's feet and also to Tarakona outside, she chewed on some of the juicy meat herself. Wondering if Hooded would even taste a morsel of the stuff she gave him, she shook her head at his suspiciousness of her of all people.

Curling up in a fur wrap she leaned against the wall and fingered one of her necklaces, drowsy but not quite willing to fall completely asleep*

05/15/2000 3:34 PM

*Looking into his mirror, Hooded looked at the scrying images he summoned with annoyance. Eltanin and her beast appearing as fuzzy undefined images. Hooded holds back from smashing his mirror against a rock in disgust, and instead puts the mirror in a cloak pocket for future use. Standing up, Hooded paces back and forth drowsily. The days events draining him. Smelling venison being cooked, Hooded's mouth waters. Still pacing back and forth irritably, Hooded notices the chunk of venison on a cloth, Hooded pauses for a moment considering. Picking up the venison on the cloth plate, Hooded walks down the cave-hallway to Eltanin's cave-room with tired legs.*
"Trying to poison me, huh?"
*Hooded casts several poison nuetralizing spells on the meat right in front of Eltanin. Seemingly unaware of her irritated glances. Finally taking a bite of the venison, Hooded resists the urge to say mm-MMmm.*
"Nerfus knows we're coming. We'll probably be dead soon." Hooded says conversationally. "I can feel him watching." Hooded shivers slightly, but recovers quickly.

05/16/2000 6:59 PM

*Shaking her head irritably, she sighs and ignores his accusations of poison*

"Oh come now. If I wanted to kill you i could have and WOULD have a long while ago, you know that!"

*Looking away when he mentioned Nerfus' probable knowledge of their journey towards him, she shivered and didnt bother to hide it*

"So you have felt his eyes also." she nodded as if confirming
"Yes, I cannot shake the feeling of being watched...It is as if a chill creeps into the bones and you look at everything twice, thinking the mind plays tricks with the shadows. And i of all creatures should feel most comfortable in the eve, I must admit that i do not feel safe anywhere..."

*Looking about, her eyes narrow*
"Now where IS that blasted kender.....?"

05/17/2000 2:57 AM

*Hooded shrugs indifferently.*
"Maybe the kender has been killed by one of Nerfus' agents." Hooded says thoughfully.
"'Nerfus sends the snakes with glee,
Forcing his prey into the unknown hole.
The prey will run, the prey will flee.
They go to Nerfus to lose their soul.'"
*Hooded quotes the nursery rhyme abscently. Afterwards he turns his back on Eltanin. Hiding his fearfull eyes. After a few moments, Hooded turns back around to face Eltanin. Suddenly angry.*
"Good riddance to the kender. I'm glad if Nerfus got him. Hopefully that filthy flea ridden beast will be next." Snaps Hooded, throwing the half eaten venison into the fire, sending up a shower of sparks.
*Hooded turns and stomps out of the cave-room.*

05/19/2000 5:41 PM

*Shaking her head, she watches the venision burn and the magical sparks created by Hooded die slowly away*

"Well, perhaps he was. I wonder......But no matter. When he turns up he will turn up, if he does not, then I will grieve later.
Yes, a nice rhyme. I recall hearing it a while back."

*Knowing he was now too far away for him to hear anything she said next, she stopped with a wry smile on her face*

*Curling up in a thin wrap, she falls into a light and uneasy sleep*

05/19/2000 5:51 PM


*Eltanin wakes early, the damp chill seeping through her wrap and her cloak, causing her to shiver, though the chill was not uncomfortable. She was used to it*

*Walking cautiously out of the cave (you never knew), she eyed the exhausted forms of the goblins, having completed more than enough of what she had expected them to. Silently passing them by and soundlessly entering the brush, she nods to Tarakona and heads to the stream*

05/19/2000 5:59 PM

A Red Dragon hovers the skies, getting the attention from some goblins, they run and leave everything they are doing, scared and trembling, they hide on whetever they can after seeing the great Red on the sky.

05/20/2000 5:04 PM

*Hooded returns to his cave-room and lies on his back deep in thought. Just as he begins to finally drift off to sleep, light begins to fill his cave-room and he realizes it is dawn.
Exitting the cave in a bad mood, Hooded kicks several hobgoblins, telling them to get back to work. Not bothering to work out why they are running around in scared circles. Not seeing Eltanin around, Hooded quickly locates some tracks heading towards the stream and walks down.*
"We have to leave. Forget the hobgoblins, they can be a distraction or something. Soon this whole area will be swarming in Nerfus' cronies."
*Hooded ignores Tarakona's usual hateful stare and points in the direction they will be heading.*
"No time for games flea bag move... fu**. Eltanin tell the filthy animal to move."
*Several huge snakes slither out of the undergrowth. Hooded snaps his fingers, his dagger appears obediantly into a tight grip. Hooded takes a few slow steps backwards,*
"I suggest you run, if want to live."
*Hooded turns around and runs, not waiting for a reply.*

05/20/2000 9:40 PM

(OOC--sorry havent been around much ive been grounded and in trouble and deeeply imbedded in a pit-of-asps-like science project but im back now!!! a little tired and wanting to pick a fight REAL bad (ive also just seen Braveheart for the first time since it came out, as WELL as Gladiator - the best movie in the entire world - so just bear with me, its also 12:28 AM and ive been listening to Howard Stern in the morning for a while hahahaha hes cool i make no sense) so yea!! ill stop yammering and write my post now but i tell you now, take no offense, its the mood!!!*****

*Rolling her eyes at his insults to Tarakona, she steps out of the brush and sees the snakes. Now she knew why Hooded had turned and fled like a coward; she was not surprised but said nothing*

*Stopping dead in her tracks and glassily eyeing the snakes warily, she suddenly bursts out laughing*

"OOH, HELLO snakey poos!! Have you come from Nerfus, yes you have you little cuties....awwwww!!"

*Picking one of the Cottonmouths up she nuzzles it and coos when it flicks its black tongue*

*Her face suddenly darkening and contorting into a grimace of rage, she grabs the other snake by the tail and twirls them about her head like whips. Smashing them both against two trees, they fall to the ground like licorice*


*Charging at the remaining two vipers, they slither back into the brush, obviously relaying what they could decipher from her roared excrements*

*Stumbling out into the clearing, she raises her arm, points to the sky and falls face first into the sand*

*Tarakona cautiously walks forward, and, sniffing her limp body, he lays down beside her and puts his head on his paws*

05/21/2000 1:54 AM

*Hooded continues to run. Finally he collapses out of breath. Seeing Eltanin not behind him, he figures out she must have stayed to fight. Hooded thinks briefly about turning around to help, of course deciding against it. Hearing a noise, Hooded tenses but breathes a sigh of relief when three hobgoblins come dawdling out of the brush. Hooded watches their relaxed composure through gasping breaths.*

"Fight help she." Says a hobgoblin, turning around.

"No." Hooded says to the hobgoblin. "No rescue. We move forward from here. Where are the others?"

*The hobgoblin shrugs and looks to Hooded for orders. Hooded ignores the hobgoblin.*

"Just send one?" the hobgoblin persues daringly.

"No." Snaps Hooded and stands up with his dagger.

"Okay, fine." Hooded abruptly changes his mind and waves a hand at the smallest of all the hobgoblins. Tak the Weakling, as he is known amongst his hobgoblin brethren turns back to persue his lone rescue mission.

"You two." Hooded says to the other two hobgoblins. "Build me a fire. I need to relax after the long run."

05/21/2000 3:01 PM

*Upon waking up, she looks about to see the camp deserted and Kanmeros nowhere to be found*

*Getting slowly into a sitting position, she holds her aching head in her hands and squints into the harsh sunlight. Tarakona was still there, and through mind-link she was updated on what all happened. She was slightly uneased at the fact that she could only remember snatches of what happened*

*Getting to her feet, her head instantly clears but she feels energy leave her body; an ancient survival trait programmed after centuries of dangerous jaunts that required an actively working mind - the brain was auto-healed but it took a small but noticed toll on her once-rejuvinated energy*

*Now as sharp as ever, she smells the small goblin before she even hears it. Teleporting the little guy to her so she wouldnt have to wait another 20 or so minutes for it to meet her otherwise, she waits for its little brain to sort itself out after the confusing instant change of scenery*

*Listening patiently to the stammered words, she then nods and orders it to go back to Hooded, saying she'd be right behind it*

*Watching it jog back into the forest, she morphs into a falcon and takes the aerial route, her preference. Gliding over the trees and a worn path, she sees the campfire before long and lands on a branch nearby. Watching Hooded recline, she grins ruefully and morphs into a pretty Kagonesti elfmaiden, knowing the response she'd probably get when Hooded saw it. Wondering if he'd recoginse her, she slips unnoticed by the goblins and adds more wood to the fire*

05/22/2000 3:47 AM

*Lying back luxuriously, Hooded warms his damp feet by the fire. Hooded uses the time to meditate, rejuvinating his spells. Hooded hears a faint rustling and looks up to see of all things an elfmaiden. Thinking he must have fallen asleep, Hooded shakes his head to wake up. Only to find the elf still there. Hooded stands up disbelieving.*

"Bad mistake elven wench," Hooded snaps his fingers and his dagger materializes into a tight grip instantly. "Tak come here. Time to get some torture training." Hooded says to the small hobgoblin.

*Hooded looks at the casual stance of the elfmaiden irritably. Looking deep into her eyes, Hooded's left cheek muscle twitches once or twice.*

"Very funny." Hooded says to Eltanin and vacantly throws his boot at her head.

*As Tak approaches, Hooded waves a hand at the rabbits spit-roasting on the fire and waits impatiantly as the hobgoblin serves up a few portions for the group.*

"What happened to you back there? How in the abyss can you bare that revolting form?" Hooded says, stealing a quick glance at the body.

"I've been out of my true form for too long." Sighs Hooded. Looking at his shapechanging ring with a concerned look.

05/22/2000 6:34 PM

*Hiding a grin she becomes a little solemn*

"Yes," she says
"ANY body is most uncomfortable to that of mine.....but, until........things are....better, i must remain like this. It's so cramped, and nasty, and hot.......oh well." she shrugs

*Biting into the succulent rabbit, still elven, she closes her eyes as the taste invades her mouth.

"I dunno where you learned to cook," she said appreciatively
"but you sure learned good! What spice is that?"

*In unusually good spirits, she leans against Tarakona and relaxes by the fire; knowing there would not be many peaceful nights like this.*

"Oh, back there?" her brow furrows in sudden thought
"Well, I got mad......and kicked some snake ass. But its all fuzzy......." she shakes her head

"But never mind. It'll come...." she was oddly...OKAY...about it.....and Hooded knew there was something more

05/23/2000 3:56 AM

*Hooded bites into the rabbit. Making a point of not looking at Eltanin's elven form.*

"Mmmm, it is a good herbal combination. Never could work it out. A cleric I knew a long time ago gave it to me." Hooded waves a white pouch, which is unusual considering almost every item he owns is black. "Had this pouch of herbs for years, it never runs out."

*Listening to Eltanin's explanation of her battle with the snakes, Hooded chews on a chunk of rabbit thoughtfully. Knowing that Eltanin was either holding something back or Nerfus had somehow influenced her mood. Hooded decides to forget the matter for now and relax for probably the last time for a while. Finishing the meal of rabbit, Hooded reaches into his pack and pulls out his last bottle of dwarf spirits.*

"Eating cooked meat, drinking dwarf spirits... what next?" Hooded looks at his shapeshifting ring, the ring not recharging fully for a long time a major concern.

*Hooded takes a sip of the potent spirits and watches the hobgoblins 'sparring' contentedly. Tak the Weakling fighting his two comrades making an entertaining sight. Passing the bottle to Eltanin, Hooded cheers the hobgoblins on.*

05/24/2000 5:52 AM

*Accepting the bottle with a nod and taking a long swig, she coughs as her eyes water*

"Mmmm, good.....stuff!" she manages to choke out

"A cleric, huh? Interesting........Why do you keep the bag white? I would assume it would...insult...your colour scheme..." she said this last part out of the corner of her eye, watching for a reaction*

*Stretching, she stands and murmurs something, and nothing happens. Frowning, she chants the spell again and she shimmers for a minute but then it dies away*

"I can't change!" she is aghast
"I could feel it that second time, but if this don't work i'n going to be a blasted Elf for a long time!!"

*Lying back and glaring hopelessly at the sky, she screams horribly at the stars*

05/25/2000 1:40 AM

"Only the best," Hooded says, taking a swig of the dwarf spirits. The back of his neck prickling with the ingestion of the powerful dwarven liquor.

*Seeing Eltanin's failed attempt at shape change, Hooded shudders. Half because he knows he is trapped in his body too, the other half because he would be forced to be in the presence of an elf. Hooded takes a long pull from the bottle of dwarf spirits, regretful of being trapped in his human body indefinitely.*

"That elven form makes you a weak link in the chain." Insults Hooded to make himself feel better.

*Looking at the hobgoblins fight. Hooded draws a little comfort. Finding solace in the increasingly violent spectacle.*

05/26/2000 2:38 PM

"Yes, a shame it is," she bitterly agrees about his Elf remark, to his surprise*

*Sighing and laying back, she reflected on what little positive things there were: her form was competent and athletic, not to mention stunning - even for an elf!!! Tall, she could run fast yet dive and dodge like the best of them*

*Giving up, she leaned back and then thought the better of it. Jumping up she runs into the forest and starts to kick at a tree*

05/27/2000 5:16 AM

*Hooded watches the vicious kicks to the motionless tree for a period of time. Eventually growing bored of the spectacle.*

"Calm your weak elven self." Hooded spits angrily.

*Walking towards Eltanin with a drawn dagger. Hooded suddenly pauses, hearing a twig snap. Turning back to the camp, Hooded sees Tak the Weakling standing over the inert form of his hobgoblin colleagues. Tak successfully winning the 'sparring' fight. Hooded signals Tak to sneak into the trees to search for intruders. Moving swiftly behind a tree, Hooded spots at least a dozen dwarves. All wearing armour with a snake emblem. Nerfus' brainwashed dwarves, a dangerous breed. Contacting Tak telepathically, Hooded tells the small hobgoblin to charge the dwarves. Tak would run to his death, but the sacrifice was worth it. Tak charges in and kills two drawves before being slain himself.*

"Are you ready or what?" Hooded says turning to Eltanin, temporarily forgetting her as the new threat approached.

05/27/2000 8:32 AM

*Hearing the twig snap, she stops and spots the dwarven puppets as soon as Hooded does*

*Drawing her darts and a long thin tube, she crouches behind a bush and brings down three with accurate shots to their vulnerable necks before they notice anything*

*Cursing silently as she runs out of her coveted poison darts, she sticks the tube in the back of her pants and rolls behind the very tree she was kicking earlier as a war-axe thudded into the ground where she had been seconds before*

*Breathing in relief, she sees Tak's slain form on the bloody ground and frowns. Climbing that huge tree, she draws her bow and shoots down tens of dwarves as extra-long arrows cut through two or more dwarves each at once*

*Knowing she had many more arrows and delighting in the fact that they could not find her and were frantically losing focus on the battle because of that, she leans back and waits a while for their confidence to return, wondering what Hooded was doing*

05/27/2000 10:04 PM

*Seeing most of the dwarves going down to a cruel shower of arrows. Hooded mutters a few arcane words and a black cloud materializes above the dwarves. Raining acid on the dwarves with hissing effieciency. Hooded watches with interest as the acid sizzles into their skin, the dwarves don't die imeediately, but lie on the ground writhing in pain from the acid burns. Hooded walks up to the dwarves, wanting to question one before it dies.*

"Dwarf..." Hooded's voices trails off as all the bodies and weapons of the dwarves suddenly disappear.

*The scent of magic in the air is thick and Hooded knows Nerfus must have magicked the dwarves to make them disappear somewhere.*

"Hmm, interesting..." Hooded says as another twig snaps somewhere.

*Rolling his eyes, Hooded scrambles up a tree and waits, watching to see what snapped a twig this time.*

05/28/2000 3:37 PM

*Nodding appreciatively at the impressive spell she had never seen before, she frowns when the Dwarves disappear. Wrinkling her nose at the familiar arcane smell, knowing it wasn't Hooded's trademark wafting over to her, she freezes when she hears the twig snap at her right*

More, she thought
Can't be good....Where are the buggers, I can't see them....Gods In Wherever, i despise this form.....

*She stops when she hears another snap to her left, then another behind her*

Gods, we're surrounded!

She whips around on her branch, trying to see WHO it was...

Well, we'll have to wing it then.....

*Silently drawing her bow and knocking an arrow, she draws and fires at the closest snap, which were more numerous now*

*There was a cry, a gurgle, then a thump as whatever it was landed in the foilage below. Then it hit her...the smell...steel and human - but who could say from there? Solamnic, White Lily, Renegade, New Order.....did it matter?*

*Then a voice came from somewhere, everywhere, obviously a magical product*

"Surrender, Traitors, you're surrounded at all sides!!"

Traitors!? Immediately looking meaningfully at Hooded in the tree beside her

05/28/2000 3:37 PM

*Nodding appreciatively at the impressive spell she had never seen before, she frowns when the Dwarves disappear. Wrinkling her nose at the familiar arcane smell, knowing it wasn't Hooded's trademark wafting over to her, she freezes when she hears the twig snap at her right*

More, she thought
Can't be good....Where are the buggers, I can't see them....Gods In Wherever, i despise this form.....

*She stops when she hears another snap to her left, then another behind her*

Gods, we're surrounded!

She whips around on her branch, trying to see WHO it was...

Well, we'll have to wing it then.....

*Silently drawing her bow and knocking an arrow, she draws and fires at the closest snap, which were more numerous now*

*There was a cry, a gurgle, then a thump as whatever it was landed in the foilage below. Then it hit her...the smell...steel and human - but who could say from there? Solamnic, White Lily, Renegade, New Order.....did it matter?*

*Then a voice came from somewhere, everywhere, obviously a magical product*

"Surrender, Traitors, you're surrounded at all sides!!"

Traitors!? Immediately looking meaningfully at Hooded in the tree beside her

05/29/2000 3:56 AM

*Hooded looks over to Eltanin. His face remaining blank, but a small measure of amusement is evident in his eyes.*

"Scum traitor." Hooded says to Eltanin, almost good naturedly.

*Looking around in a full circle. Hooded grimly notes the dire situation. Tens, if not hundreds of beings swarming into their general location. As the twig snapping gets closer. Hooded notes beings of all races advancing, all with the same symbol of Nerfus on their breast plates. Reaching into a pocket, Hooded pulls out several throwing darts already tipped with potent poison. Hurling 8 of the 12 darts, Hooded brings down 5 of the strange Nerfus warriors. Seeing there are still many more, Hooded sorts through the spell itinery in his mind. With just enough strength to cast one more spell, Hooded mutters arcane words and turns the poison darts into deadly insects which buzz around and kill more Nerfus warriors. Lots of Nerfus warriors fall to the ground dead. Exhausted, Hooded turns his attention back to Eltanin.*

"I'm spent. You better deliver elf."

*With that said, Hooded loses concsiousness and falls out of the tree and onto the ground with a thud.*

05/31/2000 3:08 PM

*Glowering at his mention of 'elf', she also sorts through the massive spell catalogue in her mind while shinnying down the tree. Picking one deemed for mass destruction, she shouts the syllables and traces the multitude of symbols in the air. Now able to see the warriors surrounding her, she imagines the result of the spell and grins*

*Finally ending the verses and arching her hands above her head, she brings them down with force. Whitish-blue light shoots out at all sides and cuts through the lines like knives through butter; the warriors are either vaporised on the spot or burned beyond recognition*

*Her knees buckling, she surveys the carnage while sliding down against the great oak - or what was left of it. Wondering what would happen to them, she tries to scrounge up the last bit of energy and creates a force field around her, her tree, and coincidentally Hooded as well. The warmth of the magic keeps the cold out, and neither of them move*

05/31/2000 4:01 PM

*Hooded wakes from his comatose sleep. Looking around, Hooded feigns surprise.*

"So, you actually managed to fluke it elf."

*Hooded reaches out a hand and touches the force field. Bzzz. Touches it again, bzzz. Apparently enjoing himself, Hooded repeatedly touches the force field producing repetitive bzzz sounds.*

"How long will this force field stay up? Stopping myself from stabbing an elf in an enclosed space will be a difficult task."

*From nowhere an arrow is vaporized on impact with the force field. The arrow was headed straight for where Hooded was sitting.*

"Where's that flea bag. Why doesn't the lazy beast do something usefull?" Hooded says irritably. Reflexively lashing out.

06/01/2000 6:54 PM

*Rolling her eyes, she sits back*

"That 'flea bag' is right there," she points to a burnt stump, and in the shadows all that was seen were a pair of red eyes glittering at him

"And it wasn't a fluke, you know it." she seemed about to say something else, but then decided otherwise

*Chuckles at his elven reaction instinct*

"Well, considering the fact that we're both.....well, it doesn't matter. The field will disintegrate in a while, and i'm not wasting more energy on shutting it down myself. Besides, the archers in the forest are elven, and they followed Tarakona. He finished off the rest of the warriors, and they're Kagonesti. From what he gathers, they're interested in him only. They can't see us because of the field, but they're a little confused at their arrows disintegrating. Though they're young, they will be fleet of foot to their camps and soon the elders will be on their way....perhaps it IS a good idea to get a move on!"

*Snapping her fingers the field disappears, but a second later Hooded feels a warmth about him, and another slight buzz. At her nod the confirmation of invisibility was made, and they took to the path*

06/01/2000 8:06 PM

"In that case, let us make haste."

*Hooded walks silently, not seeing any of the kagonesti
elves, but he knew they were nearby.*

"I'm surprised we're moving on, I thought you'd like
to hang around to have a chat with your elven brethren."

*Picking up some dirt, Hooded uses the dirt as a
substitute for sand and casts a sleep spell on Tarakona.
Muttering the arcane words silently and weaving in
a masking spell to cover the traces of magic. Seeing
the red eyes drooping a little, Hooded's left cheek
muscle twitches a few times.*

"Oh no!" Hooded says acting concerned. "Nerfus must
be casting some form of spell on the beast."

*Hooded pauses for what he thinks to be an appropriate
amount of time.*

"We must leave the beast. Yes, he will die.
However, this is an important mission. Many lives
will be made easier with the death of Nerfus. Many
slaves will be freed and many curses lifted. No creature
is above that." Hooded sighs, as if regretful.
"You know that to be true Eltanin, even I can see
that." Hooded places a hand on Eltanin's shoulder.
"I mourn your loss, but noone said this mission would
be without sacrifice."

06/02/2000 10:38 AM

*Glancing concernedly at her beloved companion, trying vainly to stay awake, Eltanin is suspicious but says nothing. With Hooded's regretfulness, faked or true, it didnt matter; it made her more suspicious of him than before*

*Walking to Tarakona and laying her hands on his steadily drooping head, she crouches there with him as his legs buckle and he slowly lowers to the ground. With his head in her lap she murmurs to him, just loud enough to hear if one strained yet uncomrehensible nevertheless. Hooded realised it was that language they shared, a dialogue only to them*

*As the great animal's eyes closed, they shot Hooded a look one would never forget, and it burned into the mind. Eltanin murmured over him, and his form disappeared from view, apparently some sort of masking spell; but you never knew with her.*

*She stood up and dusted off her cloak, walking forward past Hooded with strong steps*

"Come along now, we haven't the time to dally..."

06/02/2000 12:15 PM

*the noises of an argument can be hear ahead. they push ahead and find a woman in black robes whacking a large man in black leather armour on top of the head*

"You idiot!!! Those elves wouldve killed us!!!" the woman yelled.

"I'm sorry Lor, I didn't know they were hostile." the big man said.

"Why would elves be friendly to two humans!?!?!?!" the woman yelled as she whacked him on the head again. "C'mon we've got to go before they spot us again."

*they then notice the others comming towards them and the warrior unsheathes a big two-handed sword. the woman calmly turns to see the two approaching them. she leans on her staff and readies some spells*

"Are you the ones that so kindly took care of those elves? We really appreciate you helping us out." the woman called Lor said.

*Cal looked at Lor in wonderment. he was ready to charge the two when Lor put her hand on him to restrain him*

"Now, what are you doing here?" the woman calmly added. "We search for a man of great evil. One that we must destroy."

06/02/2000 12:47 PM

*Stopping when she sees the two ahead of her, she pauses and looks at Hooded. Obviously the invisibility spell wore off. Changing her mind lest she go blind, she stares at the two quarrelers*

"Oh, yes, the elves...well, they weren't all elves, more of an assortment of races.....and yes, the elven ones following you are also probably the ones on our tails........" she pulls off her hood to reveal striking elven features, deep blue eyes the only true giveaway of a false form

"Yes, i am not elven by birth. I changed to this shape for convenience and a magical barrier prevents me from changing back, blast it all. I am called Sarai," she pauses, using the fake name for protection

"What is your business in these woods?"

06/02/2000 2:41 PM

*Cal grunts as he lowers his sword, but doesn't re-sheath it. he looks to Lor to talk their way out of this one*

"As I said, we are searching for a being of intense evil. We must destroy him." Lor says eying the female.

*Cal follows Lor's gaze and sees a giant beast sleeping off in the distance behind the two strangers*

"I see you two have lost a companion." Lor says as she cocks her head to the side to get a better view of the beast. "Was it the elves? Because if it was, we can help you with that. Us two alone could not defeat them, but with the addition of two more..."

*Lor eyes Cal who nods in agreement*

"We can assist you in dealing with them." Lor says. "If you assist us in killing our target...""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/03/2000 4:02 AM

"Yes. How sad it is. The beast is gone, not the magic of elven spell weavers. Something far worse. Let us not mourn that which is lost." Hooded says to the three people around him.

*Ushering everyone on, Hooded sneaks a hateful glare at the beast. Dreadfully remembering the stare he received before the beast fell asleep. The beasts red eyes glowing with a hate ridden vow of revenge. Hooded cursed himself for his laxness. With a bit more thought he could have finished it, there and then. Seeing a flash of movement behind them, Hooded sighed in relief. With a little luck, the elves would soon deliver the killing blow against the beast for him. Turning to the two apparently named Cal and Lor.*

"I sympathize with your grudge against the elves. Normally I would offer my services to exterminate the vermin. However, the mission we are on exceeds everything else. No time should be wasted on elves, we must make haste."

*Hooded turns to Eltanin and whispers.*

"Forget the elves, Nerfus killed the beast. You must gain revenge in honor of your fallen comrade."

*Hooded watches tensely, his murderous plot, hinging on this moment.*

06/03/2000 1:31 PM

*Looking back at her beloved Tarakona, she snaps her fingers and again he disappears from view; perhaps another, more powerful masking spell*

"Revenge, yes, sounds like a plan..." she growls, with her fists clenched, but then glares at Hooded with intelligent rage. Could she be on to his plan? Then she looks at Cal and Lor with the same, unnerving clarity, and into the bushes at the hidden elves she seemed to pick out instantly

*Then, as sudden as it came, her face smoothed and she dusted off her skin breeches and covertop, trademark of the Kagonesti she imitated*

"So, who is it you two are after? If by chance it is the same one, we could gang together and be more powerful.."

06/03/2000 7:15 PM

*Concentrating hard, Hooded projects an image of the beast's exact location to the general area of the elves. Knowing one of the elven spell weavers or seers will detect the message, but not know who sent it.*

"You have made a valiant decision Eltanin. If I were a bard, I would sing of this sacrifice all across Ansalon. As it is however, we need to move forward."

*Hooded checks his shapeshifting ring. Not surprised to see it still not recharged.*

"You two." Hooded waves a hand at the two strangers. "If our goal is a common one, your help is welcome. The first priority is to escape the elven scum on our tail."

*Hooded sets out at a brisk speed. Praying to the entire pantheon in general that the elves will finish the beast.*

06/04/2000 12:34 PM

*Cal looks around completely befuddled by all the magic casors around. he then looks to Lor for guidance, but sees that she has alrady set off with the others*

"Hey! HEY!! Wait for me!!" he yells as he runs, making so much noise that a deaf goblin could hear him a hundred miles away.

*Lor casts Cal a warning glance and he slows down, making much less noise. he catches up with them without losing his breath. Cal looks expectantly at the others, but gets nothing but hating stares from any of them. he lags behind just a little to escape the hatred of those three. Lor sighs*

"When will you ever grow up?!" she asks him, not expecting a reply. she then turns to hooded, "I know not the man we seek. All I know is that he is a man of immense evil and needs to be exterminated before our plans can go into effect." she smiles as she thinks about world domination and killing stupid elves by the thousands."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/04/2000 10:41 PM

*Hooded looks at Cal in disgust.*

"Tell your buddy to be quiet or I'll slit his throat." Hooded says to Lor, not considering Cal worthy of direct conversation. "Hmm, well the man you speak of could possibly be Nerfus. We're heading to his fortress now."

*Hooded looks at Eltanin plodding along without the usual vigor to her step. Concluding that her malancholy must be a result of the beasts absence.*

"I don't know why you care about that flea ridden beast anyway." Snaps Hooded, "You should've killed him years ago."

06/05/2000 3:06 PM

"Yes," she says to Cal and Lor
"He is right, the man you seek could very well be Nerfus......Either way, it is benefit to both of our groups to stick together."

*Growing quiet again and reflecting on the status of her companion Tarakona, she held that curious black stone from earlier tight in her fist; unbeknownst to the others, she knew where her friend was and knew the elves wouldnt touch him, that little comfort made her even more determined*

*Turning to Hooded, a little irritated at her thoughts being interrupted*

"Yes, i know what you think, and its irrelevant! He does not have fleas, his kind repel them if you must know. And quit that, they wont get him!" walking off ahead with Cal and Lor

06/05/2000 4:23 PM

*Hooded waves a dismissive hand at Eltanin's words.*

"He does so have fleas." Lies Hooded. "I saw thousands jumping around on his back. The elves will get him, as much as I hate the pointy ear berry eaters, they sure know their woodlore. You should cast some form of spell and kill him now. Save the beast the humiliation of being killed by elves. Show some mercy for the gods sake."

06/06/2000 7:42 AM

*Lor turns to Hooded, puzzled*

"If you so hate the beast, then why not let it die a horrible death at the hands of the elves? Does it not make sense to make those you hate suffer the most they can? Or are you having second thoughts about wether the elves will kill the beast or not?""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/06/2000 3:18 PM

*Raising her eyebrows at Hooded, a trifle amused*

"Yes, my dark friend, why is that?"

*She chuckles darkly*

"Perhaps he doesnt want Tarakona to suffer...though he undoubtedly dislikes him, perhaps the hate doesnt run as deep as perviously thought..."

*A slight smile on her red lips she sidles up to Lor and whispers in his ear:*

"I would assume he doesnt trust that my companion is even still there, but doesnt want to turn back to check himself..for obvious reasons, of course...."

*Confirming her belief with her eyes, she breaks away and conjours up a tall red stallion with a mane clipped so short it stood up. Mounting swiftly, she looks down from atop the steed's bare back*

"My legs were tired...would you care for one?"

06/07/2000 2:28 AM

"I would like to see the beast suffer. I only mentioned it so we could eliminate all possible distractions from this mission."

*Hooded considers looking into his scrying mirror but dismisses the idea. The cantrip to activate the mirror would leave the tell-tale scent of his magic. Weaving in a masking spell would cover that, but Hooded needed to meditate to regain his lost spells first. Looking at Eltanin's revived spirit, Hooded works out that the beast had somehow woken up and escaped. Eliminating the need to check for himself anyway. Hooded kicks a stone irritably. Turning to Eltanin.*

"Yeah, conjure me up one of them horses as well. The time has come to put some distance between us and the elves, there are some more caves about half a days ride distant."

06/07/2000 8:16 AM

"No need to conjure us horses." Lor said as she looked back at Cal who nodded in understanding. "We have our own means of rapid transit."

*Lor casts a silence spell on Cal, who starts running with incredible speed, not making a sound now with the silence spell. Lor then casts a levitate spell on herself and floats after Cal*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/09/2000 4:50 PM

*Shrugging her shoulders at Cal and Lor's alternate modes of transportation and conjuring up a mule for Hooded, she nudges her Blood Steed into an easy gallop and takes after Cal and Lor, leaving Hooded stuck with the stubborn, braying mule*

"Good thinking you two," she calls after Cal and Lor
"An interesting mode of transport! Too bad Tarakona couldn't have seen this; he would have gotten a kick out of that!"

*Seeming not to realise the incomprehensibility of Tarakona getting a kick out of ANYTHING and not seeming to worry that he was missing - it was almost as if he was with her after all, she laughed as she caught up with them and sent Hooded an amused glance as she turned the corner*

06/09/2000 10:47 PM

*Seeing the others hurrying off. Hooded gets onto the mule with extreme annoyance. He has trouble breathing his anger is so overwhelming. As the mule moves forward, Hooded automatically comes up with several plans of revenge. Pulling out a wine skin, Hooded takes a long pull to calm himself. Catching up to Eltanin.*

"Very funny Elf." An emotionless voice emanates from Hooded.

06/09/2000 11:20 PM

"Yes, it was, wasn't it?" she laughs playfully, and scratches the mule's neck.

"You have to have humour in times like this," she said, her eyes holding more to say than her lips

"And I can feel we are getting closer to Nerfus. You probably can too, and it bothers me that you said nothing. At any rate, we have or probably will soon pass the magic barrier that restrains our magic use. Then that means we can absorb and use the energy emmitted from the field itself for some powerful spells, including a polymorh incantation. Wouldn't that be nice?"

Riding beside the tiny mule astride her tell red stallion, she decides to try a polymorph spell right there. Wanting an opinion for a small curiosity, she turns to Hooded*

"If I were to try to polymorph, what would you suggest, my dark friend? Or you, Cal, and Lor? Have any preferences?"

06/09/2000 11:39 PM

"Humour. What will humour do? I've never stabbed someone dead with humour. I've never blocked a sword thrust with a shield of humour. Nerfus needs a throat full of steel." Hooded says and unsheathes his dagger for emphasis.

*Hooded considers what form he'd most like to see Eltanin take.*

"Anything but an elf. That puny form is an insult to behold." Hooded says heatedly.

*Hooded hears a loud whistling noise and sees a hollow arrow thud into a tree. A trademark elven ranger arrow. Hooded jumps off his mule and into the underbrush for cover.*

06/09/2000 11:56 PM

*She sighs, and jumps when the arrow thuds into the tree right beside her*

*Swearing, she clambers up the branches and seats herself at the topmost limb. Sucking in her breath, she sends a mental message to Hooded and Cal and Lor*

**I see one elven archer down by the creek, and..........snakes....hundreds of vipers are slinking their way over here; cottonmouths, pits, cobras, and....mambas," she shudders at one of the deadliest
"they're on their way and they're coming faster than we can flee - there's no time to run, even on a steed like that-" she sends an image of the fidgeting red stallion, which she immediately conjures away, as well as the mule

"We need an escape, not even the tree will keep these at bay! Obvious we're close, and Nerfus is getting scared"

*Looking frantically about, she feels an urge to just wipe the vermin out with one, clean action*

06/10/2000 4:44 PM

*Hooded scrambles up the tree when he hears that snakes are closing in. The tree providing slightly better protection than the ground. Hooded checks his shapechanging ring. Annoyingly, the ring remains uncharged. Seeing the multitudes of snakes, Hooded spits in frustration.*

"Nerfuses fortress must be nearby for him to be sending out his hordes of pet snakes. I've been thinking about this one."

*Hooded pulls out a small golden hammer and mutters a few words of magic. The gold hammer dissolves into nothing and there is a vibrating pulse on the ground. All the snakes stop moving purposefully and begin writhing around on the ground pointlessly.*

"Stole that golden hammer off a dwarven mage. He had a fear of snakes. Anyway, that will disorientate them for a while, but not long. We need to take the chance to try and find, then enter the fortress, now."

*Hooded looks to Eltanin, Cal and Lor. Being so close to the target making a trace of battle lust excitement enter his voice.*


06/11/2000 2:39 PM

(OOC sorry this ones shorter than id like - Hooded u know why)

"Ready," she breathes, her eyes bright and dancing

*Craning to look at Hooded's handiwork, she grins and sees where they're coming from*

"Over there," she links to them
"They seem to be congregating in a huge mass, then make their way towards us.....If we can get down that hole somehow, we'll probably be very close to Nerfus's exact location! What do you say?"

06/11/2000 7:09 PM

*Cal stumbles up to Eltanin and opens his mouth but quickly gets frustrtated at not being able to verbally communicate with the silence spell still intact. Lor comes up behind him, caressing a snake*

"Cal does not care for snakes as much as I do." she purrs as she calms the viper on her arm. "I'm sure I could ease my way through the entangling snakes, but I don't know how well you or your hooded friend will fare."

*she looks at the still muted Cal and sighs*

"And we might as well leave this oaf here...."

*Cal's eyes brighten up and he nods energetically his agreement*

"....to be eaten by the multitudes of snakes."

*Cal then looks at Lor with worried fear in his eyes, undecision ruling in his simple mind*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/12/2000 2:19 AM

*Hooded looks to where Eltanin is pointing and nods.*

"I agree. The entrance has to be there. If it isn't," Hooded shrugs. "We won't have the chance to regret it for long."

*Hooded turns to Lor.*

"There will be more than snakes to worry about soon. I suggest you start moving." Hooded says, deliberately ignoring Cal.

*Hooded sets off at a sprint. Hearing running footsteps next to him. Hoping the vibration hammer spell will last long enough.*

"There it is!" Hooded says panting, pointing to a hole about 50 paces away.

06/12/2000 9:21 AM

*Lor slides past hooded and gives him a sly smile*

"Tired already, are we sugar?" she laughs an insane laughter that echoes throughout the forest as she slides to the entrace without distrubing a single snake. she looks back to find Cal still standing outside of the circle of snakes. "C'mon scardy cat. Let's get going." but Cal stays still. Lor then gives him a nasty look and he sighs and sprints forward, hoping the snakes would not be able to get him. he is about to dive head first into the hole when Lor grabs him. "Not yet, fool. Ladies first." she moves forward and motions for Eltanin to come forward too. she kneels down and looks in the hole. "Nothing to worry about." she jumps down, keeping her hands at her side to keep her robes from flying up off of her body."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/13/2000 2:11 AM

*Beside the entrance hole, Hooded puts his hands on his knees and puffs quick breaths. Feeling the end of the magical vibrations, Hooded jumps into the entrance hole. Seeing the odd stray snake inside, but nothing immediately threatening. Inside the underground fortress is a seemingly neverending hallway. Every 15 paces or so is door on either side of the hallway. Hooded falls to his knees, as if seeing the immensity of the task ahead for the first time.*

"Welcome to 'The Maze Of Nerfus'." Hooded says grimly.

06/13/2000 7:25 PM

*Shrugging and looking amusedly at Cal and Lor, she follows Hooded down the hole*

*sucking in her breath at the sight before her, she leans on the wall for support*

"Gods, thats amazing........"

*Then abruptly straightening herself and inhaling deeply*

"There's no way we can get through this, even with my senses and Hooded's magic. Cal and Lor, if you don't have any suggestions, then.....well, Tarakona will have to be brought in, and thats not wise under his present circumstances..."

06/13/2000 7:48 PM

*Cal comes sliding in through the hole and falls flat on his ass, still making no noises from the silence spell. Lor calmly looks on at the immense number of doors*

"Looks like we have no choice but to go through them one by one. Our efforts would be hastened if we split up, each taking one room, and then calling if it is correct. And if it isn't, well then, just keep moving on."

*she looks at her pack, specifically the food*

"We don't have much rations left. Didn't expect to be out too long. So we better get cracking unless anyone has any better suggestions?""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/14/2000 3:46 AM

*Hooded nods in agreement at Lor's suggestion to 'get cracking'.*

"Yes, we should get moving. Splitting up is no longer an option. The obstacles will be many and varied. Pooling our skills is the only chance of success we have."

*Hooded moves to the first door and opens it. Looking inside with a confused look. A dense forest lies inside the "room". Massive hewterwood trees reach up to an azure sky. Hooded's confusion disappears suddenly as a memory resurfaces. Hooded turns to Eltanin, regarding her through narrow slitted eyelids.*

"What is this about the flea bag!? Where is he?" Hooded waves a furious hand and snaps his fingers. His dagger materializes obediantly into a tight grip. "Don't try any of that elusive bullshit on me Eltanin, the time for secrets is over. We're in Nerfus Town now and I need to know." Hooded says angrily. The thought of a vengeful Tarakona an annoying distraction under the current circumstances.

06/14/2000 7:48 AM

*Lor and Cal look at each other in confusion. Lor steps forth and grabs Hooded's hand*

"This is obviously one of Nerfus's tricks to thwart us. Let it not get to you." she says."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/16/2000 4:45 PM

*Whirling about to face him, almost visibly bristling, Eltanin is inches away from Hooded's face*

"I am secretive with good reason, and that way it will stay. I tell you everything that I need to, that's quite obvious. Now, I will not take any more of your lip, got it?" without taking her nose from his she reached into her pouch and withdrew the shiny black stone that came up occasionally. Saying a gutteral word she throws the stone onto the floor and it explodes, in a small way. Then a pop, and Tarakona is there.*

*With a snarl, he paces around and takes an irritable swipe at Hooded; then sits down with an aggravated thump by Eltanin's feet*

06/16/2000 5:31 PM

*Hooded regards Eltanin with a sneer. Seeing Tarakona appear out of the explosion, Hooded gives the beast a hateful stare. Hooded then subtly points to the dagger at the top of his boot. None of which goes past the observant beast. Turning to Eltanin.*

"That's low Eltanin. Hiding that beast from view. How untrustworthy can ya get." Hooded says accusingly. "Oh well, any suggestions what to do next anyone?"

06/17/2000 2:21 PM

*Eltanin returns the stare and takes a step back, folding her arms and with cold eyes she narrows her eyes*

"Why do you even care, hooded one? What do you know about trust, anyway? Hypocricy will get you nowhere in anybody's books, not that you care..."

*Tarakona's eyes were slitted and his black lips curl, displaying jagged teeth that left much to the imagination, especially in the dim light*

"And what did his absence mean to you anyway? He was as good as dead to you whether or not he was there or gone; surely you're not surprised," her words dripped with sarcastic venom
"That i saved my BELOVED from a fate at the elves hands?" she unfolds her arms and purposely studies her hands - -

"Or," she said sweetly, her voice as innocent as candy
"I can send him back and we can find our way without him. Hmm?" she looks at Cal and Lor with raised eyebrows and wide eyes, and Tarakona stands as if on cue, as if ready to take the leap into wherever he was before at her one word

"Well? Shall he go?"

06/17/2000 4:17 PM

*Hooded regards Eltanin with a strategically nuetral expression.*

"You're right Eltanin. I don't care."

*Hooded looks at the beast and curls his upper lip. The hateful tension between the two at its highest point ever. Remembering the quest for Nerfus. Hooded sighs, almost in defeat.*

"Alright, fine. We need a path finder. The way I consider it, each one of these doors will have a different environment setting. There will be a way out of each "room". The flea bag here will have to find that way out. Eventually we'll come to the one leading to Nerfus."

*Hooded looks into the room with a forest setting.*

"Let's go then." Hooded says and waves a hand at Tarakona. "If his majesty is ready that is."

06/19/2000 10:28 AM

*Cal and Lor look at each other, completely clueless as to what's going on and shrug. they turn to go into the first door*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/28/2000 6:37 PM

*Her lip curling at his back and seeming to bristle inhuman hackles, she smooths her face irritably with her hands and scratches her head*

*Following them through the door, Tarakona obediently slunk ahead of the group, flicking his tail at Hooded as he passed by*

*Blending soundlessly into the new environment, which happened to be serengetti-like, he bent back the tall grasses and made a subtle path in which the others could follow if they so wished*

06/28/2000 7:56 PM

*Hooded follows Tarakona's path. Turning to Cal, Lor
and Eltanin.*

"My apologies, being in such close proximity to Nerfus
is making me lose my cool. I will try and resist it,
but be prepared to see me slink deeper and deeper
into insanity." Says Hooded. His voice quaverring
at the mention of Nerfus, but remaining level at
the mention of slinking into insanity.

*Progressing further down the trail. Hooded swears
to himself he heard some footsteps. But seeing the
beast and the others expressions remain unchanged,
Hooded continues along the path behind Tarakona.*

06/29/2000 7:36 AM

*while Cal and Lor are walking Lor bends over and whispers something into Cal's ear. he looks at her with a semi-surprised look and then nods. they then continue walking behind Hooded without any other change in emotion*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/29/2000 9:08 AM

*Tarakona's ears flatten as Hooded spoke, then perk up and he fixes his attention on something in the bushes*

*Eltanin crouches down as Tarakona flicks his tail, and she seems to blend right into the evening darkness. Remaining as still as the tree she was beside, she doesnt move as a muffled scream that was cut off and a thud waft over from the direction that Tarakona and gone*

*Tarakona reenters the little clearing they were in and he drops a mangled arm at Hooded's feet*

06/30/2000 3:16 AM

*Hooded regards Cal and Lor (especially Lor) suspiciously. Seeing Tarakona suddenly appear with an arm. Hooded picks it up and studies it. Examining the hand of the bodyless arm. Hooded presses it's fingers together, the fingernails curve together, forming a crude kind of hoof.*

"Satyr." Hooded finally says. "Damn goat people. At least hunting one down will solve our ration shortage. You haven't eaten goat until you've eaten a satyr." Hooded recommends.

*Snapping his fingers, Hooded's dagger materializes instantly into a tight grip. A gut feeling telling him the satyr was not alone.*

06/30/2000 10:21 AM

*Cal puts his hand on his sword hilt to draw it to assist in hunting the satyrs, but Lor stops him and eyes hooded with a sly grin*

"I believe our hooded friend here can take care of them. No need to interfere with his work."

*Lor sits down by a tree and pulls out a diary and starts writing in it. Cal sits down beside her, his hand still on the hilt of his sword*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/30/2000 4:06 PM

*Hooded turns and furrow his eyebrows with annoyance when he sees Cal and Lor absent. A subroutine of his mind plans plots of revenge. The rest of his mind concentrates on the scene in front of him. 14 satyrs are gathered in what appears to be a cohesive military unit. Tarakona must have taken out their sentry, Hooded deduces. To compensate for Lor's absence, Hooded is forced to catalogue a few more spells into his mind. His hand tightens in anger at the dark sorcerous Lor.*

07/04/2000 7:43 PM

*Lor sits under the tree and basks in the cool shade*

"Cal, get me some food."

*Cal rummages through his sack and pulls out an apple. Lor takes the apple from him and begins to eat it*

"Lovely scenery, don't you think so Eltanin?" she says."Two minus one leaves none."

07/08/2000 5:55 PM

*Eyeing the Hooded One and hiding her smile, knowing that Cal and Lor irritated him - now possibly coming up a close second to Tarakona. Wondering then if her close proximity to Nerfus's magic would at all chance her inability to shapeshift, (the elven body now getting on her nerves), she mutters the words and managed to shift into her original human form. But she knew she only barely made it through*

*Now feeling quite better in a human body (not a whole lot better, but good enough for now), she keeps a straight face and nods serenely at Cal and Lor*

"Yes, quite. A little dark, but thats the way i like it, at least! Well, i better help him hunt now, or else we'll all feel his wrath at some point or another later on!"

*With a slight smile, she sends a telepathic message to the Hooded One on her success in shifting form. Motioning for Tarakona to wait with the two by the tree, she slinks a ways, across from the dark mage but close enough to see if one squinted. Which didnt really work because she was practically invisible in the shadows cast over her*

*Nodding to him, she waited for him to move forward*

07/08/2000 6:57 PM

*Hearing Eltanin's telepathic message, Hooded delays attacking the force of satyr. Seeing Eltanin's silhouette close by. Hooded appreciably notes her return to human form. Seeing the nod, Hooded begins the attack. Throwing his dagger with pinpoint accuracy, a satyr falls to the ground. Hooded's dagger protruding from the satyr's chest. Pulling out his blowpipe, Hooded dispatches a dart into a second satyr. Following this, Hooded moves close to Eltanin. Ready for the main course of battle. Hooded snaps his fingers, his dagger returns instantly into a tight grip.*

"Good to see you sporting a more appealing form." Hooded says to Eltanin and begins muttering arcane words of magic. Preparing some spell to take out some more satyrs.

07/08/2000 7:44 PM

*As the two satyr fall, she watches as the rest begin to shift and bray nervously. Knowing that they had enough for several days' worth of food, she presumed Hooded wanted the entire herd culled. Shrugging unemotionally, she mutters something in that language Hooded had heard her speak to Tarakona in*

*Rising from her palms, a black smoke shifts over to the herd and the satyrs drop, one by one. They twitch. As the deadly nerve gas finishes off the rest, it shifts back and returns to Eltanin's palm, and dissipates just above it*

*Smiling plesantly, she closes her fist and wipes it on her shirt*

"Dang stuff, makes my hands sweat. And yes, this form is much more comfortable. Why don't you try to shift, and I'll get Cal and Lor to clean up this mess," she sweeps her arm across the neatly culled herd, still twitching and convulsing in silent agony in a slow death. Snapping her fingers, the satyr go limp, as if released.

"If i leave them too long like that the meat gets tough - no good that way." she explains and winks at Hooded. Striding over to the camp, she leaves Hooded to ponder next to the staring kills*

07/09/2000 2:26 AM

*Hooded looks on admirably as the satyrs fall in a painful death. Nodding to Eltanin, Hooded gathers up the satyr corpses and guts them all with practiced quickness. Kicking the intestines and guts into a nearby stream. Walking back to the others Hooded breathes in the afternoon air.*

"Nothing like a fight to get the blood circulating." Hooded says cheerily. Throwing Lor a disgusted look. "Maybe one day you'll know enough to be able to battle, right now you are obviously to weak." Hooded says, enjoying the insult.

*With several plans of revenge in his mind Hooded walks back to the cache of food and cuts off a few raw strips of meat to eat as a snack.*

07/09/2000 2:38 PM

*Pausing in step on the way back to the camp, she turns thoughtfully back to the fleshy graveyard. Apparently looking for a specific thing, she spots one that catches her intrest and goes over to it. This beast had a huge stomach, but average-sized limbs and torso*

*Snapping her fingers, one of Hooded's daggers appears in her hands. Mildly intrigued but not surprised when it does not burn her palms, she sets it aside and kneels by the fallen satyr. Bracing herself by the animal's legs, she carefully inserts the point all the way to the hilt through the navel. Slowly but accurately cutting a thin incision vertically down to the groin, Elts then withdraws and thunks the blade into the ground. Rolling up her sleeves she slowly sticks one arm through the cut and is soon elbow-deep in belly gore. Apparently catching hold of something, she begins to pull it out. Finally, out comes a squirming satyr calf - obviously not harmed by the gas*

*Walking back with a sticky, red arm holding a braying, wet, hungry satyr fetus by a fetlock, she passes Hooded and enters and back into the camp without a word*

07/09/2000 2:38 PM

*Pausing in step on the way back to the camp, she turns thoughtfully back to the fleshy graveyard. Apparently looking for a specific thing, she spots one that catches her intrest and goes over to it. This beast had a huge stomach, but average-sized limbs and torso*

*Snapping her fingers, one of Hooded's daggers appears in her hands. Mildly intrigued but not surprised when it does not burn her palms, she sets it aside and kneels by the fallen satyr. Bracing herself by the animal's legs, she carefully inserts the point all the way to the hilt through the navel. Slowly but accurately cutting a thin incision vertically down to the groin, Elts then withdraws and thunks the blade into the ground. Rolling up her sleeves she slowly sticks one arm through the cut and is soon elbow-deep in belly gore. Apparently catching hold of something, she begins to pull it out. Finally, out comes a squirming satyr calf - obviously not harmed by the gas*

*Walking back with a sticky, red arm holding a braying, wet, hungry satyr fetus by a fetlock, she passes Hooded and enters back into the camp without a word*

07/09/2000 2:55 PM

*Lor smiled at Hooded's insult*

"Oh, how thoughtful of you!"

*she claps her hands together in front of her and looks at hooded affectionatly (mockingly of course)*

"I absolutely adore your willingness to hunt for all of us!"

*she waves her hand and a dead Satyr appears over a fire, roasting for the large warrior Cal to eat*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/10/2000 1:32 AM

*Hooded leans against a tree casually and watches Eltanin with interest. Seeing her perform a caesarian section, Hooded follows her back to camp. Not asking her what she is doing on general principle. Seeing the cooking satyr, Hooded walks over and kicks Cal viciously in the nuts.*

"No nookie for you tonight." Hooded says to Lor and kicks a writhing Lor in the nuts again.

*Hooded walks over to Eltanin, unable to contain his curiosity any longer. Hooded reluctantly addresses Elts.*

"Hmm, so what are you doing?"

07/10/2000 12:34 PM

*Still walking with the satyr in one hand, she sits down under the tree beside Lor. Apparently not noticing the gore spattering her clothes and all the way up one arm, she pats Lor amiably on the back*

"Well, what will your warrior do now, Lor my friend? It seems he's.....done in for the night, no? Well, thats fine,"

*Leaning comfortably back against the tree trunk, she releases the satyr calf and it stumbles in a pathetic flee into the brush. Satyr can walk as soon as they're born, but this one was not fully formed when Elts extracted it from the womb - another month more and it would have been born naturally*

*The rustling of the brush as it wobbles farther in is loud and clumsy-sounding. Then it stops, the resumes in a more hurried manner. Then it lets out a frenzied bleet before it is cut off by another, more stealthy rustle. A loud CRACK follows it, and a juicy chewing follows that. Whatever it was was eating the brain first*

*This resumed for several minutes, then it gradually died away. The now-full thing then began to make its way towards the camp, but Eltanin didnt seem to be worried*

07/10/2000 4:16 PM

*Hooded listens to the sickening crunching noises as if listening to soothing music. Snapping out of it, Hooded looks around at the group. His eyes settling on Eltanins.*

"Why don't you look worried?" Hooded says inquisitively. "By the by, whatever that thing out there is. It better not be another one of your friends, I feel like a little more hunting." Hooded says and snaps his fingers. His dagger materializes instantly into a tight grip.
"Hey! Who's been using my dagger." Hooded says irritably and gives his dagger a scathing look.

*Walking towards the crunching noises, Hooded mutters unintelligably to his dagger about betrayal and affairs. Smelling the trademark dragon smell, Hooded prepares several spells and walks into a clearing. Seeing a small blue dragon.*

"Prepare to die sapphire scum." Hooded says reflexively.

07/10/2000 8:02 PM

*Not letting go of his gaze (which was hard to do considering she couldnt see his eyes), she snaps her fingers and his dagger reappears in her palm*

"I'm not worried because there's no need to be. Tarakona is behind it, you are in front of it, and i am just beside it. A she, by the looks of it, and is quite aware of that fact and will not make any aggressive movements against us."

*Standing then and walking to stand beside Hooded, she thunks his blade into the dirt*

"And I wouldn't kill it if i were you. Why? Because that is a Blue, and we are in the middle of a forested area. Blues, by nature, prefer mountainous areas. Now, why do you think this little girl is here? Shes old enough to fly her way out. My guess would be Nerfus. Itd be best NOT to kill this valuable spy, no?"

*Walking a wide circle around the motionless blue, she crouches down and takes hold of a wing joint, the blue remains motionless but follows her with her eyes. Extending the wing, Elts reveals a ripped, tattered, and scorched membrane - obviously purposely done to maim amd render flightless. The blue flinches as tender nerve endings scream when newly-knitted skin rips apart and starts to bleed again. Elts stops and therefore stops the skin from reopening further; allowing the blue to refold its wing at its side. They were then struck with the realisation that the young dragon would never fly, and whether she had ever even experienced the joy of flight before Nerfus had taken hold of her would forever remain in the blue's ageless soul*

07/11/2000 1:50 AM

"Hmm, good point." Hooded replies, considering for a moment. "This dragon would be about 10 I'd say. Easily old enough to be flying and talking. This pitiful excuse for wyrmkind does none of this. Very unusual."

*Hooded walks forward and grabs the injured wing. Moving it around with fast, bulky movements. The dragon lets out gasps of pain, not screams of pain.*

"It seems Nerfus has extracted the vocal chords. That wound underneath the blue's wing is trademark Nerfus. He must have permanently wounded this dragon at birth. See the scorched membrane there, not natural. Obviously Nerfus magically maintains the wound for his own pleasure."

*Hooded pauses and looks deep into the blue dragon's eyes. Seeing fear and submissiveness, Hooded snaps his fingers. His dagger materializes instantly into a tight grip. Seeing the blue dragon's begging eyes, Hooded nods and steps forward, placing a hand on the blue's forehead.*

"I'm going to kill her."

*Hooded begins an arcane chant.*

07/11/2000 9:12 AM

*Lor casually walks up to the two, leaving the squirming Cal behind. she stands next to Hooded*

"Boo!" she yells to thwart his concentration and stop him before he can finish the spell. "If this Nerfus guy maimed this dragon for pleasure. Would it not suffice to say that he did it in his own lair? That means this dragon knows exactly where his lair is and how to get there."

*she eyes Hooded with a worried look*

"Its sad that such a capable mage as yourself has not the brains to think of that. What is the world comming to? When powerful mages are mere idiots?"

*she crouches down and holds the bottom of the dragon's maw in one hand and puts her other on its forehead. she starts soothing it after Hooded tortured it so*

"It will take time to soothe her so I can read her mind. Eltanin, you can assist me here, but Hooded. You, you can go play gay with Cal some more if you want. Cause I know you were just groping him with your foot and you so enjoyed it. I won't have much of a problem if you two want to spend the night together. I can't understand why you would want such a stupid oaf for a lover, I sure wouldn't.""Two minus one leaves none."

07/11/2000 3:07 PM

*Hooded looks at Lor with annoyance. Closing his eyes again, Hooded resumes his chant and places his hand on the dragon's forehead. There is a cracking noise and the dragon falls to the ground dead.*

"Not at all Mageling. Distance means nothing to Nerfus. How do you think he drained the power from my shapeshifting ring? How do you think he sent those snakes and has managed to halt Eltanin's shapeshifting also?" Hooded says and pauses.
"I don't know how he does it either, but he certainly doesn't need to bring things into his lair." Hooded scoffs. "Your plan was sound, if we were dealing with a normal mage." Hooded says and pats Lor on the shoulder. "Keep trying, you'll get there one day." Hooded says in a patronizing voice.

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07/12/2000 12:11 PM

*Sighing and gazing at the limp form of the Blue, she removes a scale from the tip of her small snout*

"Its a shame, she would have grown to a beautiful dragon. And its ALSO a shame," she snaps, her voice changing to crack like a whip
"that she had to be destroyed before we could speak with her. As well, she could have known the exact whereabouts of Nerfus' layer!"
But no matter. Whats done is done."

*She glances at Lor*

"I say, you have poor taste in men."

LOL JUST KIDDING HOODIE!! haha its just revenge, shes mad at you for killing the blue hahaha!!! ;p

07/12/2000 6:42 PM

"My 'taste' of men should not concern you. And besides, no one here strikes my fancy."

*she glares at hooded, hoping he's smart enough to get the message. she then looks at the dead dragon*

"Might as well make the best of the situation we're in."

*she grabs one wing and pulls out a dagger. she cuts the wing off and replaces the knife in her robes. she holds up the wing and examines it*

"It will do."

*she says a few arcane words and a hole appears. she places the wing in the hole and says a few more arcane words and the hole dissapears*

"Shall we be moving on? Or shall we make camp here?""Two minus one leaves none."

07/13/2000 4:34 AM

*Hooded looks at the surrounding area. Turning to Lor.*

"We should definitely camp now. Unlike you, my day has been busy. Perhaps if I had been sitting under a tree all day I'd be more inclined to travel."

*Hooded walks to tree stump and sits down. Almost managing to cover the exhaustion settling over him. Turning to Eltanin.*

"I did that dragon a favour. She was an insult to the entirety of dragonkind. A dragon is a regal, noble beast. That thing couldn't make a sound and was timid as a kitty."


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07/13/2000 11:08 AM

*Climbing to the lower branch of the big tree, she sighs and waves her hand*

"Whatever, Hooded, it doesnt matter now. Cal, Lor, would you mind cooking some Satyr? Something fast, whatever you like. The dark one and i," she glares at Hooded's back
"are quite tired after the hunt."

*She stretches sore muscles, and takes a swig from a waterskin*

07/13/2000 1:27 PM

*Lor walks back to where Cal still lay squirming from Hooded's kicking and looks at the roasting Satyr*

"Almost done."

*she takes a seat and looks at Cal*

"Baby, suck it up and get a hold of yourself." she says

"But it huuuuuuuuurts!" he protested.

*Lor sighed and shook her head at Cal's foolishness. she then turned her attention to the cooking meat. she watched as the fire enveloped and ate at the body of the Satyr. she then waved her hand and the fire died down once the Satyr was cooked to her satisfaction*

"Dinner is served."

*she cut off a piece and threw it up to Eltanin then cut a piece for herself. she sat back and enjoyed the meat. Cal looked hungrily at her*

"Some for me?" he asked.

"Get it yourself. And that goes for you too hooded." she answered."Two minus one leaves none."

07/13/2000 8:31 PM

*Catching the meat and nodding a thanks, Elts bit into the meat hunrgrily. She smiled a compliment on the well-cooked meal, and Tarakona lay down by the fire beside her*

*Politely inquiring if he too could have some by staring at Lor without blinking, Tarakona sent his sympathies to the squirming Cal as well*


07/14/2000 3:48 AM

*Hooded looks at Lor irritably and goes and grabs a chunk of meat off the satyr. Giving Cal an amused look, Hooded returns to the tree stump and sits down. Regarding Eltanin and Tarakona.*

"How disgusting. Why do you allow the disease riddled beast to be so near you when you eat." Hooded says to Eltanin, triumphantly noting the annoyed snarl Tarakona gives him.

*Although enjoying the cooked meal. Hooded eats it with a screwed up face. Pretending he doesn't like the taste to annoy and insult Lor.*


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07/14/2000 9:38 AM

*Rolling her eyes at the cheeky black mage, she looks down at him*

"FIRST of all, which i have told you time and time again," she says it slowly, so he might get it this time

"Tarakona does not get diseases; he's immune. And SECOND of all, you should take it as a compliment that he's even letting himself NEAR you; to be honest he's not quite fond of you, to say the least." she pauses, to let it sink in

"Besides, he's hungry, tired, and likes the warmth of the fire just like us. And he DID save our lives today, you know," she added

*Tarakona, ignoring Hooded, still stares at Lor*

07/14/2000 10:32 AM

*Lor cuts off a big chuck of the Satyr and throws it to Tarakona. she then looks at Cal and thinks that he's not going to be eating anything tonight. she then leans back and finishes her meal. she then lowers her hood and folds her hands over her chest to lie down, ignoring Hooded's disgusting face. Cal then finally furls up in a fetal postion and lies down to rest also*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/15/2000 9:02 PM

*Hooded prepares his bedroll. Happy he has managed to annoy everyone, Hooded lies down feeling a strong sense of accomplishment. Moving his dagger to catch the glint off the fire. Hooded scowls at Tarakona and rolls over to go to sleep. A rustling sound is heard in the nearby area, but Hooded ignores it... too tired to take note of it.*


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07/17/2000 8:12 AM

OOC-thx hooded, now I have to think of something!! lol

*Elts, on the other hand, did. Letting the others sleep, she told Tarakona to check it out. Remaining in the camp to guard the slumbering, she had a dagger of hooded's, a bow, numerous other hidden tools that delighted the sick in torture, and spell components*

*Tarakona, disappearing into the bush, suddenly darted back into the camp. Pouncing on Hooded, Cal, and Lor, he made a barking sound that sounded very much like a gutteral 'minotaur'*

*Slipping into the bushes, Elts decided to take a look for herself. Tarakona did not normally flee from minotaur, unless there were-*

*Elts looked up and through the bush, and every other once-thought tree was a prime minotaur warrior. This was not just ONE minotaur, this was a LEGION!*

08/06/2000 5:04 AM

All of a sudden a mage falls off a cliff down at the feet of the three adventurers. "Oops, I must have tipped over too far. Can anyone show me the way to Llorkh? I'm meeting a friend there and I am going to beat him up. He took my wizard's cap."

The mage points to his bald head, "It gets cold at night with no cap on you know." He then looks at the party and tips over again, then falls asleep, cuz he's a narcoleptic mage.
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08/08/2000 4:46 PM

In front of that minotaur legion was.... a kender! With a huge smile on his face, he ran up into a tree, and started throwing rocks at the minotaurs who haven't seemed to notice the group much.... yet.

08/09/2000 3:52 AM

*Hooded slaps his forehead in frustration. The mission was hard enough without having to deal with a narcoleptic mage and a kender. Seeing the immediate threat of the ogres however, Hooded snaps his fingers. Bringing his dagger instantly into a tight grip.*

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