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12/02/2000 6:33 AM

Allright, I know my chars have been sort of weird,almost never the same,but no more.These are the defenite set in stone chars:
Ghostbuster Lillypad: Kender Cleric of Fizban,not particulary powerful.Experienced in the ways of the world,but hasn't lost his kender curiousity and fearlessnes.
Joe: A human.Not much is known about him,and he has many disguises.His faviourites are a juggler and a thief.He is followed by a rainbow that was attached to him by a mage,and it reflects his moods(bright colours when happy,dim when sad or determined,etc.)
Kalligofenicdeorganherotgasrpet: A gnome,who by incredible luck had an invention work.His 'Exploding Device Shop' has just opened,but he hopes to get rich.He has problems speaking slow,and is always accenting the Capitals.__________________________________________________

We're sorry,but the planet called 'Earth' is due for destruction.Please evacuate this world in ten seconds...nine...eight...seven...six...five...four...three...two...one.
Thank you for listening,and have a nice death.

12/02/2000 8:40 AM

OOC: they sound interesting!
my chars. name is Pehlya Rockskipper, a young kender who's very curious, about anything. She's a little shorter than the average kender and has twin topknots, really pigtails, lol.

12/02/2000 10:20 PM

Hmm, my chars in the DL forum are as follows:

Gildess, a benevolent aurak draconian mindful of his constant hissing in his speech

Dale, an intelligent telepathic black-footed ferret

Jip, an intelligent telepathic passenger pigeon

Alisia, human cleric of Paladine with a deathwish

Phieros, sadistic black human mage whom Alisia fell in love with and was betrayed by. Allied with a green dragon named Sylzarr

And who knows how many more I'll try out!

12/10/2000 5:27 AM

OOC: Anyone know what kinda picture file you need for your registry? I'm not too good with pictures. is it gif? jpg? something else? Please help me out.

12/11/2000 12:30 AM

OOC: any format should work

Hmm, my char...

Names: Hooded a.k.a Borac, Obsydalathus, Black Death, Elf Reaver

Weapons: dagger

Aim in life: To learn the mental discipline necessary to morph back into native form. Or to find a magical artifact which can do the same.

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
Minus the *'s

12/11/2000 3:01 PM

Oh yeah, chars...lol...

So far, my only char is Larah, a half-demon. When shes in a bad mood, she can be really mean. Thats the only one I have...so far...

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