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06/06/2000 7:47 PM

*he sits at his desk drinking some wine and reevaluating his preformance out on the ship*

I call myself a grandmaster swordsman.... I was horrible out there. I had no grace or my normal fluid motion. What is wrong with me. I was a blood thirsty killer out there. I fought lke a... like a HUMAN!

06/06/2000 7:58 PM

Marcus checks the sky again and seems troubled.

"This storm is not natural... As if somebody doesn't want us to reach our destination..."

He muscles a minotaur handling the rigging, "Call for the captain, something is definitely wrong..."

Making sure no one is watching, he pulls out a strange looking device and starts punching in some switches and buttons. A wavy green light seems to glow from a lamp on the device.

"This storm is definitely magical. Definitely dragon magic."

06/07/2000 2:29 PM

*the elf walks out of his chambers slowly towards Marcus.*

What is it?

*he looks towards the storm coming.*

I dont like the look of that storm.

*he sees lightning flash... red lightning flash*

Red lightning.... something is up that is no normal storm, and it is headed in the way of Mithas. Damn it! I need more crew members here. I need to also get some more food and water. Alright! We're going to Mithas as fast as we can. I may be able to generate some winds, to speed us up, but it will weaken me for a while.

*he closes his eyes and and the wind behind them begins to push them harder and faste along. The ship moves along quickly for about an hour and then Pyranthas opens his eyes and slumps to floor.*

06/07/2000 4:58 PM

*he slowly pushes himself to his feet and hears a minotaur yell*

Mithas is in sight! We will be able to dock soon Captain. You! get the captain to his chambers now!

*the biggest of all of the minotaurs orders to another one. the smaller of the two lifts the elf up and carries him to his cabin.*

I want you to stay here at the captain's door and to help him with what ever he asks for got it!

Yes Mingaz.

*the big minotaur named Mingaz walks over to the stern and watches Mithas come inrange and also keeps a look at the sky.

06/07/2000 8:10 PM

Marcus, who is now back to being his old self, watches the approaching storm clouds with apprehension. He shakes his head in dread.

"This is bad, if that storm hits us while we're at sea..."

An errant bolt of argent red lightning lashed out and hit the starboard bow where a minotaur was standing. The smell of burnt flesh permeated the air as he was burnt badly. Acting on impulse, Marcus went to his side and immediately administering first aid. But another bolt lashed out and strucked another who was manning the crow's nest. That minotaur was unlucky and fell to his death.

"If this continues, there won't be a single person left to man this ship. I better do something."

Pulling out a diamond from his pouch and a piece of earth he began chanting as the winds buffeted him. After the final syllables he touched the deck of the ship with his free hand while clutching the spell components in another. In a brilliant flash, a blazing aura surrounded the ship.

"Keldan's Lesser Globe of Invulnerability. Enough to stop lightning..."

He raised his gaze to the sky and gasped at the awesome sight that greeted him as the sky parted to show the source of the storm...

06/07/2000 11:36 PM

*makes certain Pyranthas is ok then stalks to the deck goes to stand by Mingaz*

Gazes way, way up at him, "Hiya big guy!" sees his unamused expression and slinks away.

"Marcus! You are helpful afterall," looks to the sky, "Is that a dragon?" takes out an emery board and begins filing the blood from her fingernails.

06/08/2000 10:57 AM

*Pyranthas sleeps an thinks thinks about his past. His long struggle though his life and then just look where all of his training has gotten him. He is traveling down a different path now. He sees his platium dragon in his dream. He then sees the dragon channge into one with five heads and it whispers to him 'You can bring use all back Pyranthas, only you can. Kill the dragons on the dragon isles.' He tosses and turns and then wakes up screaming.*


*he clutches his head and then falls out of bed. He slowly gets up and then shakes his head and slowly stands up and then wonders how he got into his room.*

06/08/2000 4:24 PM

*hears Pyranthas screaming below decks, finishes her nailfiling, and stomps down and pounds on his door*

"Bad dream?" she laughs, "Listen, you better get your lily-white topside. Troubles a brewin'."

06/08/2000 5:41 PM

*wonders what Autumn is going down stairs yelling where is cabin is on the top deck. He shurgs and then gets out of bed and walks onto the deck*

06/11/2000 11:44 AM

ooc--details details heh heh

*points to the sky*

"Well, what do ya make of that?"

06/12/2000 1:05 AM

Marcus rubs his chin for a moment, "Illusion, most likely. But why an Illusion of the Five Headed Dragon. Why?"

06/14/2000 5:50 PM

*Pyranthas walks out of his room and then looks at the sky and starts shaking violently with angry.*

Go Away! Leave me alone Takhisis!

06/15/2000 7:48 AM

"Takhisis! For real?" cowers behind Pyranthas, "Damn!"

06/18/2000 2:57 PM

*the elf looks at he cloud and sparks start of come from the elfs fingertips.*

Takhisis... leave me be...

06/20/2000 4:22 PM

(ooc do to lack of intrest and time, I shall be closing my part of the thread. If someone wants to openit back up be my guest.)

06/20/2000 8:52 PM

Marc's eyes flutters open, the brine making him blink back again. He was lying on white sand, the surf washing over his feet. Pushing himself up, he surveys his surroundings. It seems that there are others washed up on this gods-forsaken beach.

He raises his hand and waves at one he sees from the distant...

"Hey, You There!!!"

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