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06/20/2000 8:52 PM

(ooc OK, where were we. Our pirate ship floats out on the sea, and we are on the island treasure hunting with the kender's map. Oh, and our boats on shore are filled to the rim with unconscious minotaurs. I believe the kender has just led us through the brush and we entered into a clearing with primative lookin' grass huts. It looks deserted, or is it....)

Stumbles out of the brush, "GAWD! Good thing I am wearing my armor!" scowls at the kender and starts plucking thornes and twigs and other assorted crud from her curly red hair.

*enters the clearing, drawing her sword...*

05/09/2000 3:21 PM

The Shadow, now back as the unnamed Sexy Barbarian Chick, crouches silently in the grass and looks critically at the huts. At her look Autumn stopped talking, and all was quiet. No sounds were made, nor did any come from the huts. Odd.

The others realised this suspicious occurance, and the Barbarian Woman slunk stealthily up to the nearest hut. Pressing her ear up to the crude wall, she shook her head, indicating nothing was heard going on inside.

Creeping along the wall, she started to make her way towards the door.....

05/09/2000 3:47 PM

*taps blade of her sword in her free hand, watching the barbarian babe, then she senses magic in that hut. smells the damn stuff, practically*

*she moves her sword so that it reflects sunlight from it's metal onto the door, catching the barabian's attention*

*she sticks her sword in the ground, shakes her head, and makes hocus pocus motions with her hands*

Then she mouths 'Magic' and she shrugs and motions for someone, anyone, to go check it out because she's not going anywhere near that hut.

*picks up her sword, sees a shadow move beyond another hut, and goes to investigate*

05/09/2000 6:49 PM

*Hooded enters the village and watches the barbarian chick and the captain wander around in a stealthy fashion. Seeing the hut which the captain didn't enter, Hooded waits for her to depart and then enters the strangely enchanted hut unseen by the others. Sure that this is the right place, Hooded begins his search, intent on stealing the magical crown and making a run for it.*

05/09/2000 7:16 PM

*creeps behind the hut where she saw the shadow move, leans back against the wall, takes a mirror from her pouch and holds it up and out to see around the corner, and peers into it*

"Great," she says to herself with no enthusiasm what so ever.

Repockets the mirror and steps out in view of the one who cast the shadow, sword dragging along the ground, "Ehem!" watches irritatedly as the pirate slave toy of hers stumbles at being discovered, "Get your arse back to yon beach!" swats him with her sword as he passes, and snatches from his hands a pouch full of jewels and one dead rat with a bite taken out of it, "ewwwwww", tosses the rat away.

*forgetting the stealth going on, she stomps happily into view of the others, smiling, and holding up the bag of gems*

"Looky what I found!" she hollers and watches The Hood as he heads to the spooky hut.

05/09/2000 7:17 PM

*looks around casually*

"wow..the sexy barbarian chick is here!"

"Autum, the sweetness of my mornings is also here too!"

"I am glad I landed in the right vilage. Last time a landed in one full of kender. I am still missing one of my scales. DAMN those kender..."

05/09/2000 7:45 PM

~A flash of dark luminous light engulf an are in the surrounding forest and then it suddenly stops. You hear a loud rustling in the bushes and suddenly a dark figure walks from them. He wears the robes of black magic and stands 9 feet tall~

"Hello dear old friends." says a deep voice

05/09/2000 8:01 PM

*stops, flabbergasted, and drops bag of jewels and they spill across the ground*

"Aryx!" she stomps to him and slaps him on the back, "Damn good to see ya!"

*flicks at glance at the shadowdragon, Elvenblade, and hisses*

05/09/2000 9:05 PM

"Gods! I really feel different after entering that clearing."

The kender looks around at everyone.
His eyes bulge in horror!

"Don't enter that hut! It's a trap set bye the natives!"

He makes a run for the end of the clearing as a pack of barely humanoid 'things' start popping from the ground. Flailing tentacles instead of arms, a pack of Anthalids (Manta type Mind Flayers) attack the party as they end greeting each other.

05/10/2000 3:04 AM

"pssst, kender shut up."
*Hooded walks into the hut and looks around. Seeing a chest he opens it up. A seemingly limitless supply of tentacle thingys spew out of the chest. Hooded snaps his fingers and his dagger obediantly appears in a tight grip.*
"We've got work to do." Hooded says to his dagger.

05/10/2000 3:23 PM

*sighs and goes to pick up all the gems in the sand*

"Dang it all!"

*she spies Hood entering the oogy hut that gives her the creeps*

Sneaks over and peers in a crude window, "Whatcha doing?!" sees the tenticle thingies, "WHAT THE!" jumps back from the window, "EWWWWWWWWW!"

05/10/2000 7:57 PM

The tentacle thingies started groping and touching everyone in the most icky, gross manner that the kender immediately went out and threw-up.

"Gwark! Cough! Sputter! Gwark!"

The things started sticking on everyone trying to enter every orifice they can find!

05/11/2000 4:17 AM

*Fighting the tentacle thingys furiously, Hooded is still overwhelmed and is eventually captured by a particularly large tentacle thingy. Examining the tentacle closely. Hooded decides this must be the tentacle thingy chieftan. Unable to manauvre his dagger and stab the tentacle. Hooded looks at the people around him with a 'hurry up' expression.*

05/11/2000 1:31 PM

Sighs, "Must I do everything MYSELF!?"

*gets the courage then stomps around to the door and enters the hut. sees Hood struggling with the tentacle thingies, and one enormous tentacle thingy in particular*

Bows, "Greetings, er, Master Tentacle," waits for a response from the thingy and doesn't get one, it just continues to squirm and ring the life out of The Hood

"Ehem, I can see that we have disturbed you so if you wouldn't mind releasing The Hooded One, we will be on... OH! ACK! GO WAY! GO WAY!" starts swatting at smaller tentacle thingies, "Not the hair! Not the Hair!" she bats and swats at them, twirling in circles, arms flaying crazily about her head.

*unsheathes her sword and starts swinging it around the hut dangerously attempting to do some damage to the disgusting wiggly things*

05/11/2000 2:18 PM

*the knight enters the hut and looks at autumn flailing like a scardey-cat and the hooded one getting the life squished from him by the large tentacle thingey*

"Can't ANYONE do anything without me?!?!?!?!?!"

*he grabs a smaller tentacle thingey and starts batting the other small tentacle thingeys with it until they quit squirming around. he then looks at the hooded one and the largest tentacle thingey*

"What ARE you doing?"

*he walks up to them and starts prying the hooded one free of the thing's grasp*

05/11/2000 5:01 PM

*the hut is ripped to shreads by her sword*

She accidently swats Gunthar in the arse with the flat side of her sword, "OOPS! Sorry bout that!" swats him again for good measure.

"Poof. Poof" blows her messy hair out of her eyes and regards Hood, "Yes. What ARE you DOING? Sheesh!" regains her composure and climbs out of the hut through a hole in the wall.

05/11/2000 7:13 PM

The kender looks closely at the tentacle thingie as he pulls his dagger from its sheath. His eyes suddenly rounded in delight and hugs the thing!

"Purple! I didn't recognize you! You have grown big since three years ago!"

He notices that Purple is still strangling Hooded.
The tentacle starts waving Hooded in the air threateningly.

"Purple the Tentacle is a psionic tentacle created by my boss Mertonius." Explained the kender.

"It seems that he sensed that Hooded planned to leave us once he grabbed the treasure!"

"But, where is the treasure, Purple? Why is it not here?"

05/11/2000 7:57 PM

*Hooded's face turns red. Anger fills him as
Purple, Chieftan of Tribe Tentacle grips tightly.
Feeling the tentacle loosen its grip slowly as
Gunthar works away at it. Hooded finally falls
to the ground gasping for air. Furious, Hooded
spews a large amount of acid over Purple, killing
him. Hooded kicks the now dead Purple vicously and
repetitively. Swearing and cursing at Purple.
Hooded looks around the hut, searching for the

05/11/2000 9:39 PM

The kender cries, "You kiled him!"

He started banging Hooded with his fist like a small child that lost a toy.

"The treasure is not here! I know where it is! He told me before he died!"

His gaze falls to the Purple Tentacle and turns to the female warrior who was untangling some tentacle from her hair.

"Purple only wanted to warn us before...."

A great shadow comes over the area. They all run outside and look up the sky. There, they see a monstrous shadow dragon bearing a glinting gold object in its huge claws, flying south to the old volcano that makes up the island. Watching in fascination, they see it wheel in the air and land somewhere in the otherside of the island.

05/12/2000 12:50 AM

"This isle is simply SWARMING with shadow dragons!" watches as the dragon heads to the horizon.

"Sorry bout your, er, friend thingy," she hisses to the kender, then pats him on the head but also knocks him over as she stomps past him to Hooded.

Grabs and spins Hooded around and shakes him like a rag doll, "Whatcha lookin' for!? huh!? huh!? huh!?"

"Maaybee...THIS!" picks a crown up off the ground with the tip of her sword, and spins it around, then flips it in the air, catches it and holds it tightly in her hand, wagging it in Hooded's face.

05/12/2000 5:46 AM

The kender makes a grab for the crown and examines

"This is not the crown! The real crown has and image
of 15 entwining dragons each with eyes made with the
color of each kind of dragon."

He looks at the crown again.

"But this gold and platinum crown would be worth, let me see.."

He pulls a monocle and looks closely at the crown.
He gasps!

"This crown is worth about a tenth of a red dragon's
hoard! And you were just playing around with it! This
could buy half the city of Palanthas!
But I think that shadow dragon that flew to the south must
have the real crown. Those minotaurs must be looking for
the crown."

05/12/2000 1:34 PM


*snatches the crown away from the kender, eyes ablaze. puts it on her head and begins to pace back and forth*

05/12/2000 1:42 PM

*Gunthar 'bows' to 'queen' autumn*
"Has m'lady found a nice new toy?"

05/12/2000 4:52 PM

*The barbarian chick returns, no one had noticed she was gone*

*Flicking a glance at the tentacle thingys, most dead, and the acid still dripping from Hooded's chin, she hisses at the Shadow Elvenblade, but it was half-heartedly; she seemed weary*

*Pulling out a pouch, she throws it on the floor at Autumn's feet*

*Sliding down the wall of the hut, blood starts to pool around her. Trying valiantly to wrap some crude skin-turquinets about her ribboned thigh, the others could see she was failing rapidly.
The muscle was slashed and protuding in ragged gouges, and the spurting artery gradually pulsated less and less*

05/12/2000 8:14 PM

*picks up the pouch, looks inside and smiles, and quickly tucks it away. goes to the barbarian chick*

"HEY!" she hollers, "No No chickidee," tends to her wounds, stopping the bleeding, "These wounds are claw marks, for certain (thinks of the barbarian's true form)," then glances around at all the MEN just STANDING there, "WELL?!"

05/12/2000 8:30 PM

The kender runs over the wounded barbarian chick and examines the wounds. Pulling out a healing salve, he anoints the most grievious ones. The wounds immediately began to heal rapidly as a suffusing glow from the ointment rejuvenated them.

"I borrowed this ointment from a friend of my uncle Tas. His name was Palin or something and he used this ointment to heal some of his own wounds he took from a certain Kitiara from the Abyss or something..."

He examines the wounds, noticing that they somewhat look smaller than dragon but not quite...

"Draconian! Draconian scratch wounds! But there aint no Draconians here..." His eyes bulged...

"Maybe there are Shadow Draconians here!"

05/12/2000 9:02 PM

*Watching Autumn spin the crown teasingly on her sword, Hooded's forehead creases in irritation. Noting the kender's seemingly expert examination of the crown, Hooded dismisses it, for now. Seeing the barbarian chick return wounded, Hooded walks over and looks at her wounded thigh with inerest.*
"Hmm, that's a harsh one." Hooded says to Barbarian Chick as he sits down onto the floor and begins nibbling at some rations. "Hey look guys," Hooded says to everyone. "Get a look at this leg bleed. It's really splurting out... hang on, its starting to slow. Must be running out." Hooded observes apathetically.

05/12/2000 9:16 PM

All of a sudden Uncle Tas rushes in and says,"WAIT!!" That's not healing salve!! It's the terrible Ointment Of Endless Gas! She'll be fartin' like a donkey in a minute or two unless she drinks THIS! *holds up potion bottle full of the most putrid thing in all of Krynn:PUREED DRAGON CRAP!!* Sadly, Tas explains,"It's the only thing that cures gas. *takes big whiff* Ahh, just like mother used to make....."

05/12/2000 9:27 PM

*Sucking in her breath sharply at the kender's healing potion (it obviously hurt), she snarls and siezes the little guy at the throatwith one hand. Her palm squeezed instinctively, surprisingly strong considering she had lost over half her blood.

"What kind of poison is this, little vermin?" she growls fiercely, her pupils freakishly dilated
"What is this you put on me?"

*Suddenly releasing the poor little guy and sending him stumbling backwards, she slaps Hooded across the face, drawing three thin cuts diagonally across his cheek*

"Where i come from, little indignant slur," she hissed
"You would get more than just some backhand for that..."

05/12/2000 9:56 PM

*Hooded rubs his cheek, then snaps his fingers. His dagger appears obediantly into a tight grip.*
"Keep your hands to yourself wench." Hooded says to Barbarian Chick angrily.
*Hooded stands up and stomps off, mega ****ed off. Turning his anger on the kender as he walks by.*
"Kender, find us this crown. Snap snap."
*Hooded shoves the kender, shooing him out the door.*

05/12/2000 11:41 PM

Of the party tramped their way south.

As they walk, the Kender begins to describe the crown.

"It is roughly the size of a normal crown, but it was, I think, enchanted to grow large enough to encircle a dragon's head. It has fifteen types of gems, metals, and stones to signify each kind of dragon on Krynn. It is said to be created the same time as the dragon orbs were created. It was said that anyone who has the crown is to be made rightful ruler of all dragonkind. That person can manipulate another dragon's will to do his bidding.But...."

He kender hesitates as they come across a narrow rope bridge that spans a chasm some 300 feet into a raging river. The party was half way through the bridge when, looking at the otherside of the chasm, a party of twenty goblins suddenly trample out of the forest. One of them suddenly looks up and notices the party. It shouts and another forty goblins appear and charges the party at the opposite end of the swaying bridge trapping our entrepid adventurers!

05/12/2000 11:56 PM

~A ball of flame engulfs 10 of the Goblins at the back of their ranks and then another consumes 7 more Goblins. They run around frantic now squealing and shouting. Many run back into the forest while others try and regain the compsure of their rag tag force ans stand their ground. The Black Robed mage appears floating down from the tree tops behind the Goblins, who do not hear nor see him. He then makes a gesture with his hands and the earth beneath the Goblins rises and encircles them in a large prison of rock~

"I do not believe they will be bothering you anymore." he says

05/13/2000 12:25 AM


The kender makes his way to the mage and jumps him knocking some of his pouches down into the ravine.

"OOPS, sorry."

05/13/2000 12:32 AM

*pants heavily, then releases the rope bridge railing of which she was holding on for dear life*

Straightens HER crown, "Alrighty then," nods to the black robed Aryx and stomps off the bridge and onto solid ground.

Looks around at this rag tag bunch and says, "A dragon crown hunting we a go!"

Gazes into the pouch tossed to her by the barbarian chick and smiles, "Want one?" offers the barbarian woman a sweetcake, "You obviously fought dearly for these," scowls at the others, "None for you!" stomps happily along, munching, her pricey crown bouncing on her head.

05/13/2000 8:33 AM

~Stares at the kender for a moment and then turns and continues on~

"How are my friends today?" he says as he brushes dirt off himself.

05/13/2000 5:36 PM

*Hooded watches 40 or so goblins die in about 5 seconds and then continues journeying with the rest.*

05/14/2000 4:05 PM

Stops eating for a moment, "Hey! What's that?"

*points to the old volcano they are quickly approaching and they see snaking lines moving along the side of the volcano...a living line of something*

"Garsh! This isle IS inhabited, and by many."

*straightens her crown and considers what it would be like to be ruler of all dragonkind, and shutters a little*

*tucks the pouch into her belt, unsheathes her sword and polishes it's blade as she stomps along*

05/14/2000 6:08 PM

The Red/Silver Dragon lands on top of a cliff nearby. He sees all the actions taking place. But he is no t noticed, he knows no one would mind his presence.

05/14/2000 7:00 PM

*thinks she sees reflection of a dragon in her sword as she polishes away, but she's thinks maybe it just her imagination. smiles and stomps happily along*


05/14/2000 7:48 PM

(OOC: Sorry, I went down with a nasty fever and couldn't post.)

The kender took all to stride as he waited for the party to stop their bickering.

After a while he tramped off to a direction east of the volcano.

"We won't reach the cave of the dragon at this rate. I think we should take a shortcut through the ruins..."

As the party made their way through the thick underbrush (with th occasional scream from the ladies as they felt bugs crawl into their scanty clothing :) and a few muttered curse from the men who found leeches sucking at their groins)they finally reach the ruins of an abandoned tower.
Everyone looks around, each noting that instead of feeling what they would normally feel in the presence of such destruction (even that of the Hooded One) they felt a profound sense of loss and pity that even threatened to send the normally violent barbarian and hooded to tears. The place seeped with so much sorrow...

05/14/2000 9:25 PM

The Red/Silver flies over to the Dragon's cave first, and gets insode, hiding and awaiting to see what is next.

05/15/2000 3:07 AM

*Hooded watches the ruins with the foreign feeling of sadness. If Hooded could cry, there was a slight chance he may have at that moment. An image of himself fighting another dragon filled Hooded's mind. Confusing as to why he felt sad, when such images were usually a bedtime fantasy for Hooded. Shrugging it off to magic, Hooded heads for the ruins. Knowing the general location of the crown, Hooded decides to try and shake the crowd and then nab the crown for himself.*

05/15/2000 1:13 PM

"Huh?" wipes her eyes, "What the heck is this?!" starts to panic at the sight and sting of tears, not sure what they really are having never shed them before, "My eyes are melting! My eyes are melting!"

*after a self-pitying moment, gets seriously POed at her lack of control. through a blur, she sees Hooded sneaking away. she stumbles in pursuit of him and almost catches up when a glowing spector of some sort appears in Hooded's path*

She stops in her tracks, "Look Out!"

05/15/2000 4:45 PM

*Hooded clicks his finger. His dagger appears obediantly into a tight grip. Muttering arcane words, Hooded freezes the spectre in place. Hoping someone will use the chance to take out the spectre. The difficult spell quickly draining Hooded's energy.*

05/15/2000 5:55 PM

(OOC-I was off in Branson, Missouri performing live before the Lawrence Welk show, so I've been outta town.)

*there is a glint of metal in the dark cave as the specter dissipates. the group leans in closer to get a look at what caused the specter to dissapear. suddenly, a large knight jumps out and scares the heck out of all of them*

*the knight laughs as all of the rest of the group jumps back from the knight's surprise*

"My my. What a gullible bunch!!"

05/15/2000 8:42 PM

Unknown to them all, in the darkness of a hidden hole they were being watched by a pair of distinctly inhuman eyes. Turning to a cloaked figure beside him they nod and, with a sibilant gesture, fade into the darkness.

Their Master would be pleased.

New toys for his pleasure.

The party made camp near the ruins, but far enough to avoid its mysterious effect. Night was rapidly falling and, sitting around the warm campire they began making plans and sharing their thought on what they would do after they found the treasure. No one mentioned the crown.

"Well, for me, I would give my share to those kenders at kenderhome." Rattled the kender as he began the discussion on the division of the treasure.

05/15/2000 8:44 PM

Seeing the figure, the Red/Silver Dragon hides on the darkness, hoping that his comrades do not fall prey of this vile creature's intentions.

05/16/2000 5:55 AM

*from nowhere an tall elf dressed in black comes and grabs the crown. He then darts away at a very accellerated speed. He yells in elven*

If you want your crown back come and get it!

05/16/2000 12:23 PM

"DAMN YOU!!" chases after the elf and stops short of the hole he fell into as he ran away.

Teeters on the edge and peers over and sees a grinning elf, "Give. Me. My. CROWN!!"

05/16/2000 12:29 PM

*the elf lets go and grins at her and floats in the air and looks at her and laughs. He then flies through the air down to the bottom of the pit and then enters a bunch of caverns and then ends up back at the enterance and leaves the area. He leaves a note scrolled on the ground saying 'If you want it come and get it'*

05/16/2000 12:40 PM

"ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" her howls of rage and frustration at having lost her new toy echos crazily thru the ruins, "MY PRETTY CROOOOWWWWN!!"

*jumps into the pit and kicks wildly at the ground, ruining his message*

*jumps up and down, pulling her hair, and sputtering. then stops. straightens herself, and unsheathes her sword*

"I'll come and get it all right," she hisses calmly.

05/16/2000 12:55 PM

*the elf admires his new prize and then pulls out another crown from a hidden pouch and looks it over. This crown has 15 dragon heads and made of solid gold. He puts both of his prizes away and hurries away towards his newly aquired ship which he just happened to find docking and he sails back towards Ansalon*

05/16/2000 1:49 PM

*takes off in clumbsy pursuit of HER crown, and falls face first as she hits the beach, getting a mouthful of sand*

Sees ship sailing away, "ARGH!!!! To the plane of all men and no women with you, ELF!!!"

*slips and stomps her way across the beach and reaches one boat-load of the beat up and tied up minotaurs. picks up an oar and starts beating these 8 mins about their heads*

"Wake Up! It's an emergency! Your cap'tin is dead, and you work for ME now!" starts shoving the heavy boat into the water, "ARRRRRRR!!" she is seriously irked now and the mins look at her admiringly...she's meaner than their cap'tin.

Jumps in the boat, swinging the oar, and loading it up with the min's weapons. Unties them all, "Row! Row! Row! The ships getting away!!!"

*they approach the ship and tie to it's hull and she leaps out followed by her 8 mins and scales the netting onto the deck. the mins surround her as she drops anchor and releases the mast which knocks Pyranthas overboard*

"Where's My CROOOWWWN!!!!"

05/16/2000 2:02 PM

*he flies back up into the air and onto the ship and looks at the eight minotaurs and grins. He thencloses his eyes and then crosses his hand infront of his forehead and thenrelease them outward and a storm of lightning strikes the minotaurs and they scream in pain and finally drop the the ground dead. He then draws his blade and spins it around with such skill that it causes the human warrior to be hypnotised by it's movement.*

You mean my treasure? Well I have it of course. It is going to look very nice with the rest of my treasures I have collected.

*He rushes forward and lands a blow to her sword, slicing it in half. He then spins around and drives his fist into the back of her head with tremendious strength and knocks her down and watches her go out cold. He then ties her to the main mast and waits till she awakens*

05/16/2000 3:35 PM

*moans. feels a heavy throbbing in her head. as she comes to, she realizes she is restrained and sitting on her calves*

*opens her puffy eyes slightly and thru a haze sees her sword lying on the deck in two pieces and Pyranthas leaning against the deck rail concentrating on cleaning his fingernails with a dagger*

*closes her eyes and reaches down and slides her dagger out of her boot and cuts through the rope*

*she feigns slumber and waits, thinking of her companions and hoping for back-up*

05/16/2000 3:55 PM

*looks over and notices her*

Oh your awake.

*walks over and knocks her out again and this time places some shackles on her*

05/16/2000 4:01 PM

*dreams of dragons. of blue dragons sleeping. Hurricane....*

*moments later a blue dragon appears on the horizon approaching fast. soon it is upon the ship and rips the mast from the deck, tips it up side down and Autumn slides down it and falls into its saddle and awakens*

"OH, my aching head! Awww, hi baby," caresses Hurricane's neck and stands in the saddle.

*they hover above the ship, and Hurricane spews a bolt of lightening at Pyranthas's feet and growls deep. the deck catches fire*

"The ship is gonna sink, fool!" Autumn reaches a hand down to Pyranthas and Hurricane grumbles loudly at this.

05/16/2000 5:10 PM

*Pyranthas looks at her and smacks her hand away. He levitates into the air and flies away from the sinking ship with his treasures. He looks back to see if they are in persuit of him. He then pulls out the crown of dragon control and then pulls up into the air and levitates and stares at the dragon and puts the crown on his head. His eyes flare and he can feel the crown meld into his circlet and he grins. He makes a few movements with his hands and watches the dragon start to go into spasm. He laughs as it goes up and then dives and rolls and flies in circles*

05/16/2000 5:28 PM


*Hurricane regains control and lands back on the beach*

"ARGH!!" falls off the dragon and starts kicking sand and fussing and fuming, then gets dizzy and falls down hard on her arse.

*wags a fist in the air*

Looks at the burning and sinking ship, "UhOh. They're gonna be maaaaaaad..." cringes at the thought.

05/16/2000 5:31 PM

*the elf smiles slyly and flies off to Ansalon*

05/16/2000 6:00 PM

*snaps her fingers and Hurricane is now a blue glass bobble around her neck*

"Damn Elf FREAK!" she mutters as she stumbles back to the ruins, "Errr....there's been a, ummm, accident," bites her lip as she addresses the group.

"Don't any of you care?! I have no sword now!" reaches to the pouch of sweetcakes the barbarian chick brought back and stuffs her face with them.

*looks at the bottom of the pouch. her eyes open wide and she reaches in and pulls out a large golden key bejewelled by dragonheads*

"What the..." holds it infront of her face and watches as the multicolored jewels begin to glow.

05/16/2000 9:02 PM

As the dragon flew away from the island, a huge shadow form skimmed the upper reaches of the sky.
And then, like a falling star, made a lunge at the dragon. The form was non other than the Master of The Island, Blackheart Shadowbane, Lord Dracolich and legendary king of dragons.


With this both dragons began a duel of wheeling death in the sky. Bolts of energy flared and dragon blood stained the sea. The dragon was definitely no match for the ancient one. Pulling back, the dracolich made a cupping gesture with both bony hands...

Reaching out towards the dragon, the blast knocked the magical grasp of the dragon sending the Crown of Dragos to the endless deep of the sea...

The Dracolich stared at all present.

"Know this ye mortals and dragonkin, non may hold the crown 'till the return of the ancient gods of Krynn... This they entrusted to me and to my kind. All shadowdragons are subject to no one and are devoted to protecting crown to the death. They may NEVER use it for their own gains, or the destruction of Krynn would follow..."

With this he stared at the shadow dragon amongst the companion.

"I know you young one. To this, this ancient stewardship, I entrust you to guard the Crown of the Dragons for all eternity if need be."

The Ancient One nods at the direction of a cave at the cliffside.

"The other treasures you seek are found in yore cave at the cliffside. Ye may take any to your hearts content."

With this, The King of Dragons slowly faded from their sight, returning to his ancient vigil of the crown at the bottom of the sea.

05/17/2000 9:26 AM

(ooc much as I hate to tell you this, I already have the crown and have excaped with it. Maybe you should have read what was up ahead.)

05/17/2000 7:07 PM

*Elvenblade wakes up on the ship in his elven form*

"Where the hell am i?"

"Did i miss something?"

05/17/2000 8:38 PM

*looks around confused of his surroundings*

05/17/2000 8:50 PM

(OOC: Only the destined heir could use the crown my friend. At this point, acquiring the crown transfers the curse of eternal guardianship to you. You may use additional powers associated to the guardianship of the crown. You may not be destroyed while the crown is near you though you may not wear it. You are immune to fire,acid and cold attacks though magical but non dragon type attacks damage you at half their full rating. Remember, being guardian of the Crown means that if anyone tries to take it away from you would lead you into a berserker rage. While in this rage, count all your attacks at double their strength but you may not use any magic. You would continue to fight till the enemy is driven away or killed. Remember Pyranthas, you are now known as The Guardian Of Dragos. That title is enough to give you the respect of all other dragons. Use it wisely in you future quests.

05/17/2000 8:54 PM

See's that no one is listening to her, tucks the bejeweled key back in the pouch and stomps back to the beach and relieves a dead minotaur of his sword and scabbord. Walks back to the ruins then to a cliff, "SHIP!" points to the sea with her brand new sword.

05/17/2000 8:59 PM

*walks up behind autumn in a confused manner*

"I guess I'll just follow the capt'n then."

*towers over the capt'n right behind her, standing a good foot taller than her. he looks down over her head at what she's doing. he stares and stares, looking you know where*

05/17/2000 9:27 PM

*smiles at his 'honor' and gives the Knight Gunthar an elbow in the ribs*

"See that! I took one ship, I can surely take another, with your help of course," regards all still present, "ARGH! What say ye all?!"

(OOC -- Elvenblade! get your loverboy dragon arse off that burning and sinking ship! Here comes another! Slight detour folks, but I'm not finished yet!)

05/18/2000 4:36 AM

(ooc hey autumn where'd you get your sword from? Well anyways buddy I am not wearing the crown.

1. I am not a magic user. I am an elvish warrior know as a Templar. The Templars are very rare and are probably more so the equivulent of a Jedi, but with a few more powers.
2. It was aborsbed into my circlet and it's fuctions have been changed. It now allows me to control dragons with my telepathic powers. Also I was kinda back on Ansolan again when that Dracolich came from no where.)

05/18/2000 5:14 AM

(OOC -- Pyranthas...ewwwwwwwwwwwww....details details...go see where I got that sword now.

05/18/2000 4:55 PM

*watches what seems to be a familiar looking ship approach the island and lower anchor*

05/19/2000 5:25 AM

*laughs as autumns elbow tickles him*

"Shall that be our next target?"

*knowing immediately the response, he heads out towards the beach. looks back to the rest of them just standing there on the shore and waves them onward*

"Come on! We haven't got eternity to wait! Well, some of us may, but others don't!"

05/19/2000 5:43 AM

*an elf floats in the air over the land with a crown on his head. He looks at Autumn and laughs.*

Looking for something?

*he grins flies towards her and goes to hand it to her, but then he shoots high into the air laughing and then flies back towards Ansolan once again.*

05/19/2000 10:20 AM

"Damn You!!" she hollars as the elf disappears.

Then turns her attention to the ship, "Gunthar, my man, to the beach!"

*thinks of stategy*

"The dragons," scowls at the dragons, "Can get us to the ship easily, no?"

05/19/2000 11:04 AM

*thinks**thinks harder**thinks even harder**gets a reaaly bad headache from thinking*


*rubs his head in pain*

"I know!!"

*he kneels down and starts muttering a few words. the ground beneath him slowly rises up and floats in the air*

"A little trick I learned from the druid Saai. Hehehehehehehe."

*he does the same trick for all other non-dragon members of the party. they sail across after the evil mean and nasty pyranthas to reclaim captain autumn's crown*

05/19/2000 4:50 PM

Crouches and holds on for dear life, "Gunthar?! I'm not so sure that's the Elf FREAK on that ship! But, if he's not, I'm sure we'll cross paths again at some point, damn him!" looks over at the silly knight, "My hero!" she laughs heartily.

*they approach the ship and see minotaurs and ogres swarming across the deck*

"Oh My!" stands up and unsheathes her sword, "Ready yourselves people! ARGH!"

05/19/2000 6:46 PM

*laughs at the capt'n's sudden fear of flying*

"To battle!!"

*jumps off his flying pad and lands on the deck with a loud 'thud'*

"DIIIEEEEE!!!!!" he yells as he draws his sword and starts dancing like a fool, but ogres and minotaurs drop like flies in a room filled with insecticide

05/20/2000 9:45 PM

OOC--sorry guys long story back now!!

*The barbarian chick, now back from whatever she was doing, morphs into her Brass form (her REAL form???????) and hovers overhead; neatly supplying an air scout, protection, shade AND air conditioning at the same time!! how efficient!!*

"Well, what is that blasted elf doing now?"

05/21/2000 12:43 AM


*one, two, three, four, five minotaur heads fall to the deck, curtesy of her new sword*

"WHAT THE?!" looks up at the brass dragon and gives the thumbs up.

*battles side by side with Gunthar, and the deck is awash in foul blood*

*she slips, and wobbles, and falls, and regains her footing and is a blue and red mess*

"Cool!" she looks down upon herself then continues the slaughter.


05/21/2000 9:12 AM

*comes upon a disgustingly fat minotaur and decides to have a little fun with this one. he darts to one side of it and nicks open his side. the minotaur turns to face him, but Gunthar had his free hand in the wound and had a hold of one of its rolls of fat. the minotaur spun around with such force that the glob of fat that gunthar had ripped out into his hands. he held the gelentalus glob of disgusting lard up to the minotaur's face, who promptly feinted, falling on another minotaur, squishing the life out of it*

"Gad, I loooove killing these things!" he yells as he throws the glob of fat underfoot on an oncoming minotaur who slips on it and onto his blade.

05/21/2000 9:30 AM

"GAD, Gunthar!"

*spies two orges running below decks*

"Where do you think you're going?" she says calmly and with no emotion.

*saunters on over to the stairwell, and upon seeing her bloody dragonscale and her dull eyes, they shriek in fear and get stuck in a doorway as they both try to muscle on thru at the same time*

She leaps down the stairwell, "You make me sick," runs them both thru on her sword and gags.

05/21/2000 12:35 PM

*Gunthar's enourmous laughter can be heard filling the deck as he continues to mercilessly slaughter everything on deck (except autumn that is)*

"Well, that looks like the last of 'em." he says as he thrusts his blade in the chest of a minotaur that lands on top of a pile at least seven thick.

05/21/2000 12:54 PM

Looks around at the carnage, "Oh my!"

*once she is done looting the bodies, she begins to toss them overboard*

"Sheesh! I need a bath!"

05/21/2000 2:24 PM

*jumps merrily from one dead body to another, dancing on top of the dead corpses. he jumps on the particularly fat one that he maimed. the fat min grabbed his leg and looked at him*

"Hmmm, should have finished it off earlier."

*Gunthar easily breaks the fat one's grasp and picks it up. he then tosses it overboard and it sinks to the bottom of the sea like a rock*

"I hope he can't swim. I want him to suffer. Heheheheheheeheh."

*helps autumn finish clean off the deck*

05/21/2000 3:21 PM

OOC--autumn, im a BRASS!!! lol

*Watching them fight the battle all my themselves, she spits some acid on the bodies and they dissolve nicely enough so that the two wouldnt have much to clean up*

*Lowering her altitude, she gives them a big grin that plainly says 'ive suffered, ive gone, but im back fer good!!!'

*Landing neatly but then slipping in the acid she spit herself, she regains her balance with dignity and swallows one body she missed, but lo!!! that was not a minotaur going down the great, acidic esophagus!!!!!*

*Instantly realising her mistake and upchucking Gunthar as quickly as possible, she tries to clean him off as best she could but only succeeded in embarassing him further (i mean, he IS covered in gristle and last month's fermented milk from one of the village children!!)!!!*

05/21/2000 4:26 PM

OOC - Brass...gotcha

Watches as the Brass Dragon pukes up Gunthar, "Hey Knight, now you can say you've been..." thinks better of that, "Nevermind," snickers, dives into the sea to clean off, then reboards the ship and leans against the railing and scratches flesh from out beneath her nails.

"Shall we wait a few for the others before setting sail?" she asks, "Gunthar. Be a dear and fetch some ale from below decks.

Turns to the dragon, "Hiya chickidee! Thanks for yer assistance here."

05/21/2000 5:10 PM

*looks down at his once fine armour*


*he shakes what little of the gore he can off of his self and sighs*

"Sure capt'n"

*he walks past autumn, but turns around on his heel and gives her a biiiig hug (bear hug), smearing as much of the stuff off on her as possible. absolutely ruining her newly bathed armour*

"Right, now for the ale...."

*he walks down below deck and pops back up with three kegs of ale. he sets them down on deck and opens one. he promptly jumps in head first, washing as much of the stuff off using the alcohol in the ale as a disinfectant*

05/22/2000 5:48 AM

*autumn hears laughing in her head and then she hears a voice hissing*

You are not getting that crown back... never...

*she hears more laughing... much louder and harder this time.*


*the elf flies by their ship and slashes their sails, slowing the boat around. He then turns around and then slashes at the main mast with his sword and it topples down. He laughs and then flies off once again.*

05/22/2000 6:31 AM

Grabs her head, "Get OUT of my friggin' HEAD you elf FREAK!!"

*watches the sail as it collapses*

*picks up a minotaur's battle ax and hurls it in the sky, narrowly missing Pyranthas*

"DAMN YOU!!" wags her fists in the air.

Goes to the keg of ail, "Thank you Gunthar," she says surprisingly calm.

*pulls the knight out of the keg and climbs in herself*

"Dragon," she says quietly to the Brass, "Can you repair the sails?" slowly her head sinks beneath the froth.

05/22/2000 6:59 AM

*Autumn hears in her head more laughing and then she hears the words NEVER SHALL I LEAVE YOU ALONE! and then she hears more laughing.*

05/22/2000 9:50 AM

*hic. crawls out of the keg of ale*

*mumbling something under her breath about "pebble in her shoe" and "pain in the ass", she stomps below decks and angrily examines all of the quarters. finds one suitable for her fine tastes and slams the door behind her*

*several minutes later she returns on deck in a new set of clothing and armor conveniently found in her chosen quarters*

*finds a brilliant two-handed sword and 2 delightful daggers in the pile of booty and re-arms herself*

Wearing a blue body stocking, silver chainmail tunic, her own leather boots, and a long black velvet jacket that sweeps the decks as she walks, she goes to the Brass Dragon, "This is WAR, and NO I am NOT losing my MIND!" rubs her temples and grimmaces.

05/22/2000 2:00 PM

*the knight walks over to the edge of the ship and lowers himself into the sea via rope. he completely submerges himself and then climbs back on board. he looks at autumn and whistles*

"That dress becomes you."

*walks up and takes the wheel and turns the ship around to face Pyranthas*

"Screw the sails, we got the power of the Earth!"

*mutters a few words and the water around the ship suddenly creates a great and powerful current, forcing the boat ahead with such force that all except Gunthar are thrown down on their ass. they quickly catch up with Pyranthas*

"You damned elf, what do you think, stealing the capt'n's crown like that!"

05/22/2000 2:19 PM

"OOMPH!" she hits the deck, "Go Gunthar! But be aware, he is one CRAZY elf!"

Stands and straightens her hair and smooths her new clothing, "Ehem, it is kinda nice, ain't it? I saw something like this once in Palanthas and always wanted one. I think the material is of spectacular make and design. Oh...yeah..."

*unsheathes her sword and goes to the prow of the ship*

05/22/2000 2:26 PM

*the elf stares at them from a distace in the air and then and flies at the hull at the shit and then flies straight into the water. There is a smashing sound and then the sound of water rushing inwards. The elf the flies out of the water and stares at the ship as it takes in water.

05/22/2000 2:27 PM

*looks at the CRAZY elf and smiles*

"You won't be getting away this time!!!"

*he focuses his powers and the elf slowly falls from the sky, all mental and magical powers diffusing from the area*

"Now we fight on equal terms."

*he draws his sword and prepares to face his first opponent that he might actually break a sweat against*

05/22/2000 7:00 PM

*The hovering Brass was about to help with the sails but then was outdone by Gunthar*

*Irritably returning to her place, she watches with interest the elf being forced from the air by the OTHER guy down there, the guy she swallowed and now wished she had NOT regurgitated him*

*Shrugging massive shoulders, she lands on the deck and is instantly the scantily-yet-oddly-tastefully-clad barbarian chick (as of yet unnamed)*

*Leaning against something, she drapes her arms over the hilt of her deadly two-handed blade and looks steadily at Gunthar, ascertaining him of the fact that if he were to be hurt to the point that he is unable to fight and the insane elf did not respect that; then the other would not live to see the next sunrise. She also made it clear that under any other circumstances she couldnt care less what the @#$% happened and therefore wouldnt lift a finger otherwise*

*Gazing out into the water, she sighs*

05/23/2000 4:31 AM

*the elf draws his sword and charges forward at an accellerated speed and slices through Gunthar's sword and then flings him away with a twitch of his hand. He then looks over to the Brass and connects to her mind. His eyes flair and he tells her to attack the knight. You will attack him. He then floats into the air and unleashes an electric surge into the air. He then runs and dives into the water and swims along underwater. After a few minutes he flies up into the air like a missle and flies off. Autumn hears in her head You have not won. I shall return and we shall fight and when I do, we shall fight one on one.

05/23/2000 4:40 AM

ARGH!!!" pounds her head on the railing.

Looks around sleepily, "Are we sinking?"

05/23/2000 5:10 AM

* Of course you are sinking! I destroyed the hull of your ship. You will be going down rather fast.

He flies across the water and then lands on a small island off the coast of Qualinesti and then enters a hidden building and then falls fast asleep in a secret chamber.*

05/23/2000 5:28 AM

"Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!" runs around in circles on the deck.

"WAIT! Gimme a sec!" scurries below decks and fills a trunk up with shoes, jewelry, hair assessories, and garments made from the finest fabric on Krynn, "WOW! These minotaurs and ogres sure knew how to dress!" Lugs the trunk to the deck and tosses it in a life boat.

"Women and children first!" pushes past Gunthar, "Follow that elf!"

05/23/2000 5:44 AM

*he slumbers and regains his energies. As he sleep, he remembers many things that happened in his past. He remembers his how his life was at one point. When he lived in Qualinost. Then the others in the Templar order betrayed him and he left the city never to go back once he had proven himself innocent before he left for his second time. The incident made him furious and he almost lost his mind. He decided to then become a treasure hunter. He was once the most loyal subject the Speaker of the Sun had, but then he was betrayed and it stuck to his heart. He had become tainted and had become cold. Even though he misses his elven home, he realizes he can not go back he has fallen too far away from his old ways. He has to find away back...*

05/23/2000 2:14 PM

*looks at his ruined weapon*

"And I paid good money for that too."

*looks down as water rushed towards his feet, still on deck. he begins to laugh maniacally as the water covers his feet. he continues to just stare at the horizon, laughing as he is submerged in water. he is completely covered in water within seconds and bubbles can be seen where he was, indicating that he was still laughing. the others think 'what IS he doing'. after a few moments, a rush of water surges from the spot he went under. Gunthar appears out of the water, flying insanely fast towards where Pyranthas went*

"Well, elf. Two can play at that game."

*he laughs like a mad man as he shoots across the horizon, never looking back at the people in the life boat*

"You WILL pay. Yes, you will." he says over and over. He has apparently lost his mind, which having as much power as he does, could be a very very very very bad thing...

05/23/2000 2:40 PM

"WHAT THE?!" stands in the lifebooat and throws her arms up in the air, "Well! That's just grrreat! Flying elves! Flying knights! What next?!"

*looks down and sees water start to fill the lifeboat as it is lowered into the sea along with the fated ship*

"Damn," lifts up the hem of her exquisitely crafted velvet coat so it doesn't get wet.

05/23/2000 3:35 PM

*on the island Pyranthas sleeps and he can feel the energies of another being coming towards him... it's the knight. He is coming to his island. He's got to hide quick. He wakes up quickly. The only place where he would be safe would be in his home land... in Qualinesti. He hurries and gets his gear and then runs out of his hiding place and heads out though the jungle. He then dives into the water and swims to the main land and runs through the forest and manages to get to Qualinost and heads to his house and locks the doors. He then heads into another secret entrance and heads to the Tower of the Sun to warn the Speaker of the "Insane Knight" come this way. Prehaps he has gone too far now...*

05/23/2000 11:54 PM

*grabs her boot knife and slices thru the ropes holding the boat to the doomed ship. grabs the barbarian chick and yanks her into the boat. she lands with a THUD*

*begins scooping out water as they float away*

"Some pleasure cruise, eh?"

05/24/2000 3:05 PM

*flies into Pyranthas's secret island and yells* "Where are you you cowardly elf?!?!?!"

*looks around and sees that he isn't here, so he decides to look for him, he closes his eyes and looks to the earth for answers. he senses the power of the elf in his home of qualinesti*

"So, you go to warn your people of a mad man, eh? We'll see who's the mad man. Hehehehehehehee. Hahahahahahaha. Haaaaaahahahahahahaha!!"

*the knight laughs insanely as he launches again in pursuit of the elf. he nears the fabled city of qualinesti*

"We'll see who has the last laugh. Hehehehehehehe."

*he hovers in place and looks at the magnificent city*

"Too bad it's gonna get ruined because of one elf. Hehehehehehehehe."

05/24/2000 3:48 PM

"Row row row the boat gently down the...everybody sing along now!" nudges the barbarian chick, "stream merrily merrily...awwwwww...DAMN!"

05/24/2000 7:05 PM

*the knight looks at the beautiful city and laughs*

"Elf, come out and show yourself. Or I shall be forced to destroy the entire city, starting with that fine little house of yours..."

*he waits for a half second*

"I see you don't respond immediately. You need some motivation."

*he waves his hand and the building that Py had called 'home' quickly buckled and caved in on itself*

"I have the courtesy of not harming any other buildings, but if you do not face me like the coward you are, I shall destroy the entire city looking for you."

05/24/2000 7:51 PM

*10,000 elves all come out of hiding and unload their arrows at him. Pyranthas exits the Tower of the Sun and sees his home destroied.*

You went too far. You destroied my home. I only destroied a boat which is nothing compaired to a home. I have worked for years for that house and you have the nerve to destroy it.

*His eyes flare a bright green and a great electrical field enters the air around the knight. Next, the elf looks up and concentrates on his energy and release an energy blast at the crazy warrior. He then draws his sword...*

05/24/2000 8:02 PM

*the knight closes his eyes briefly and his skin becomes stone as the electrical energy and the energy blast was grounded by the stone*

"You stole my captain's crown. And then you proceeded to make a mockery of her. And then you decide to run away from a fair fight. I warn you elf, you do NOT want to try my patience any more. Now, I will forgive you if you return my captain's crown. You may keep the powerful relic you wear on your head, but return what you stole from captain!!!"

05/24/2000 10:38 PM

~back on the sea with the ever silent barbarian chick~

"Seven-thousand-three-hundred-sixty-nine bottles of elven wine on the wall, seven-thousand-three-hun....AWW..DAMN!"

Sings and rummages thru her trunk of fine clothing, "I LOVED these shoes! Now look at 'em!" wags them in the barbarian chick's face, "They got all wet!"

*tosses the shoes out of the lifeboat and they are quickly swallowed by a giant fish*

05/25/2000 2:30 AM

(OOC: Hi Guys, It's Good To be Back! {Takes a deep breath and starts coughing} You need to take a bath Autumn, not being disrespectful of course, I would rather die than insult someone like you .)

A portable hole suddenly pops out of the trunk and out comes the kender.

"Hey, did I miss something while I was away?"

He then proceeds to rummage along for anything in the trunk finally comming up with some really expensive looking pieces of very revealing clothing.

"Hmmmmm. I wonder how she would look like in these?" He thought.

"Hey Autumn, how would you look like in these?"

05/25/2000 3:02 AM

(OOC Hey! It's you! Welcome back, smartypants! ;)

"WHAT THE!!" her eyes bulge in shock and she scrambles to her feet, practically falling out of the boat at the site of the kender, "Don't DO that! You scared the DAYLITES outa me!"

*snatches away the scanty clothing he is fondling and starts whapping him about the head with them*

She sits down hard, "OOMF! Well?! Pick up an oar and start rowing! I don't suppose you have a MAP that would tell us where we're headed NOW do you?"

Mumbles under her breath, "What would I look like in these. Hmph," takes a closer look at the sheer clothing, "Yeah. What would I look like in these?"

05/25/2000 5:03 AM

The crown was never her's in the first place. It belonged to the Speaker. Someone stole the crown and I simple went to take it back for him. If you want it youl will have to kill the Speaker and to kill him, you will have to get through every single elf here plus the rest of the Templar guards.

I was not trying to fight her. I had to do something to prevent her from stealing the Speaker's crown. That is the only reason I destroied her ship. You have nothing to do with this knight, if there is a fight it is between your "Captain" and myself. Not you. Leave from this land you hamnas are not wanted here.

*Fifteen other Templar walk behind Pyranthas and look up at the crazy knight, allong with all of the archers that ready their arrows.*

05/25/2000 2:53 PM

"You puny elves do not scare me."

*laughs as the elves fire a volley of arrows at him. they all bounce off of him pathetically*

"Now I will show you REAL power!!!"

*he makes his hands into a fist and violently raises them towards the sky. fire erupts from beneath the elves and incinerates them and the birds flying thousands of feet above them*

"You pathetic elves do not know power. You claim to be the smartest and best race of all. And you can't even kill ONE human. Hahahahahahahahahaha!"

*the fires die down and he reguards the fifteen templars and pyranthas standing futiley on the ground*

"You weaklings don't scare me! I have the power of the entire planet on my side. If you destroy me, you destroy a part of yourself and your home too."

05/25/2000 3:58 PM

*finds a deck of cards in the trunk*

"Poker anyone?" starts dealing the cards out to the kender and the barbarian chick, "Aces are high, penny ante."

*they drift and drift toward unknown shores*

05/25/2000 5:44 PM

That is nice Captain Planet. It is nice to see that you are a murderer and shall be damned as a Death Knight for the rest of your life for doing something like that. You see we templar are a special race of elves that were given very special powers by Paladine himself. We were created to protect our lands from EVIL creatures such as yourself. Look at what you have become. You have become a monster. You killed 10000 archers just to get a crown for your "Captain" I am sure she would never want you to kill so many elves for one stupid crown. If you want the crown bad enough go see the speaker and see if he will give it to you. As it is my race has suffered enough from the dragon overlords, and now you kill 10000 more. Think of their families. Think of what you have done. I do not think this is permised by the code of the knights. I have been with the knights before. I was made an honorary Knight of the Rose, so I know their code farely well. You call yourself a knight. Knight do not kill masses of people. You entered our homeland with hostle attempts so my people were ready to fight back and you slaughtered you. I hope you can live with that your whole life, that you murdered 10000 elves who were trying to protect their homes.

*he turns to the templars after his long speech*

My fellow Templars, we have witnesses this horrible crime against our people done to use by this minion of darkness. We must send him from this land. He claims if were were to kill him it would destroy our lands, but you realize it would cleanse our lands, for he has been corrupted and has corrupted the land. We must do our only defense that we can do to protect our land from him, and that is to banish him.

*the templar all gather and they all glow. A blue field of energy surrounds the crazyed knight and and he is sucked into a gem. The gem floats into Pyranthas hands and he then floats into the air and flies towards the sea to find autumn and her ship. He finds her and then tells her what happened by explaining his whole story to her and appologizing for what he has done.*

Please keep hold of this gem. If you realease him please make sure that he will leave my country alone. I will be leaving again to hunt for more treasures and to collect things which belong rightfully to my country. I truely am sorry for everything I have done. I will take you to Qualinesti so you may see what your "Knight" has done.

*he flies behind the little boat pushing it and brings them to the shores of Qualinesti. He then brings them to Qualinost so they can see what has happened to the city because of Gunthar.*

I must be going now. I wish you all good luck. Free if if you feel like it.

*the Templar then flies away towards the east*

(ooc this is my last post in here.)

05/25/2000 5:58 PM

"Be well," she says to the elf as he flies off.

*Autumn, the barbarian chick, and the kender stand and look at the horror*

Glances down at the gem in her hand, "Gunthar! Shame on YOU!" tucks him into an inner pocket of her velvet coat, "You stay there for now, and think about what you have done. When you are finished with your timeout, I shall decide what to do with you."

05/26/2000 2:21 AM

The kender pulled out a strange looking amulet from his pocket. Twisting and turning it around it suddenly changed into a well-crafted scepter.

"I hope this works. The last time I used this i ended up taking the place of my Uncle Tas..."

The kender started chanting and pulling at various parts of the strange artifact. At this everyone turned at him, all eyes upon him as they stood in the craft.
A brilliant flash erupted and engulfed them all. They felt themselves being twisted and folded and ripped apart. An occasional scream was made and a few curses implying the demise of the kender was made....

Autumn and the others with her (including the kender) woke up suddenly from what she thought was a nightmare. The strange magical scepter-amulet the kender used has disappeared. Autumn examined her surroundings.

They were back in the same village they met the Tentacle thingies!!!

As she stood up and muttered something of disemboweling the kender she saw some movement to the east of the clearing...

Looking to the east she saw the Barbarian Chick and the others emerge from the forest.

A startling revelation washed over her.

The mysterious artifact threw her and her companions back in time...

05/26/2000 3:20 AM

((Holy crap...this thread is huge!...its the biggest on the entire forum system!))

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05/26/2000 7:33 AM

(OOC it'd be even larger if we didn't lose the original thread from the old forum...what were we at there? about 250 posts?)

"DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!" starts fussing and fuming and kicking up dirt.

Turns to the kender and begins to chase him around the island village, "You left my clothes chest....IN QUALINESTI!!"

05/26/2000 1:32 PM

*looks at Autumn with a bewildered look on his face*

"We were never in Qualinesti, you silly person."

*shrugs his shoulders as he walks forth*

"Shall we continue our search for the crown?"

05/26/2000 2:07 PM

"Blast it all!" grabs the kender's map and whaps everyone about the head with it, "Remember THAT?!"

05/26/2000 2:29 PM

"Remember what?"

*looks around crazily, trying to take in what has happened*

"Did I miss something?"

05/26/2000 7:28 PM

*the elf appears standing there with the crown in his hand.*

Is... this what you are looking for? Well I already got it.
I knew you would be going back in time so I figured I would go back in time myself with a device i found. Well now that I have it, see you in the future and the Speaker will love the return of the crown. Oh I have already taken the dragon crown too so have fun.

*he pulls out an object and dissapears heading back to the future.*

05/26/2000 8:00 PM

*Returning from a jaunt back in her homelands, the barbarian chick eyes the crown but looks longer at the time-travelling device Pyranthes has in his hands*

05/26/2000 11:46 PM

Looks dully at the elf Pyranthas, "Keep it. I got what I want," pulls out a diamond tiara puts it on her head and romps around, mocking him.

"Oh! Look!" she points to the ship, the original one. Having traveled back in time, the ship is still intact and seaworthy.

"Gunthar!" goes to him and whaps him again with the kender's map.

"Woman," turns to the barbarian chick, "One of the minotaurs we piled in the boats back on shore has woken. Um, and he's coming up fast behind you."

*plays with her tiara*

05/27/2000 8:51 PM

All of a sudden a great booming sound came from the volcano. It shuddered for a moment then suddenly it split open from the middle. The biggest friggin dragon that ever appeared on Krynn sent forth a great bellow.

"Free at last! Free from the wretched curse that kept me bound to stone! Free from the power of the Crown of Binding! Krynn would be mine!"

The gigantic beast gave forth a searing blast of flame that torched the ship and battered everyone with winds as he took to the air and flew towards the main continent.

The kender gave forth a gasp as he remembered something, "Damn, it was the Crown of Dragon Binding that I was searching for. The crown that could hold any dragon to stone."

The kender fell to his knees for bringing about the cause of destruction of Krynn. But a fire flared in his eyes as he kenlt.

"No, there is still a way to get the crown."

Pulling out the scepter he began twisting it and tuning it to the future. Activating the device it shuttled them forward again in time.

Landing hard on their backsides everyone takes a look at their surroundings. Burnt aspens and a ravaged surrounding greeted their arrival.

"I know I calibrated the thing for Qualinesti, but this place is so different...."

05/27/2000 11:12 PM

*rubs her ass as she stands. still holding the kender's map, she commences with the whapping*

Finishes the whapping, "Where ARE we? This CANNOT be Qualinesti! And WHEN are we?!

Drops the map and looks around, "Ohhh, by the gods...look at that!" points to a broken and burned tower rising above that shattered aspens.

"Well, I'm going THERE!" sets off to the tower, "I always wanted to be Speaker!"

05/28/2000 8:42 AM

*jogs off after autumn and notices a bulge in one of her pockets*

"What is that?"

*he grabs in her pocket and pulls out the gem that 'he' was sealed in in a different future (present?) and looks intently at it*

"Hey, that's me! What is going on?!?!?!?!?! This is getting really REALLY confusing. And why would I be sealed in a gem?"

*walks after autumn not paying any attention to the ground and trips over a tree root*

05/28/2000 8:49 AM

"Great! Now there's two of you!"

*not watching where she's going, trips and falls over Gunthar, getting a face full of dirt*

05/28/2000 8:53 AM

*grunts as autumn lands on him*

"Thank you for falling on me."

05/28/2000 9:04 AM

Rolls off and stands, "No problem," starts off again to the broken tower.

05/28/2000 11:19 AM

*moans as he gets up and follows after autumn. never turning his gaze from the crystal that 'he' is imprisoned in*

05/28/2000 3:44 PM

*Following after them with a cap of minotaur horns on her head, she wonders what happened to the others, especially that irritating whats-his-name, Pyranthas, and that Hooded One as well*

05/28/2000 5:03 PM

*the elf appears before the Barbarian chick and pulls out his time traveling device and transports back into time. He see the dragon as it excapes from the mountain and drives his vorpal sword into it. He then flies and an even faster than he normally does and slices the dragon into peices in a few moments. He then transports back to his time, and Qualinesti is back to normal. He appears infront of the Barbarian chick and flies away*

05/28/2000 9:47 PM

OOC -- This is a dead thread imo.
Autumn is hereby abandoning ship.
Thank you all for playing with me on, ARGH, dis er prirate ship!
I am currently forming new idea for diff thread, and I would like it if you joined me there.
Keep yer one good eye peeled, maties!

*grabs the kender's map one last time and whaps everyone about the body and the head in a severe fashion*

"BLEH!" she stomps away, "I'm outa here!"

06/01/2000 3:53 PM

*noticing everyone has left, Pyranthas decides to climb aboard the ship and claim it as his own.*

Alright you minotaur scum your all working for me now. let's get this ship a sailing. There is treasure out there and I want to get it all. Got it. Now get to work.

*a minotaur looks at the elf boldly and walks up to him and desided he will no stand for some elf telling him what to do. He pulls out his axe and steps forward.*

We will nt work for some elf.

Is that so cowboy?

*The minotaur swings his axe at him, but the elf leaps up over the monster and then splits the creature in half with his blade.*

Any others who would like to go up against their captain's orders?

*All the minotaurs scurry and get the ship ready to go.*

Much better.

*the elf then goes to his new cabin and sits behind a desk.*

06/01/2000 4:30 PM

*since it is now his ship know, the first this he does is go outside and he climbs up the mainmast and removes the pirate flag. He then sticks a flag up that has the emblem of the Templar. Next he climbs down and then grabs hold of the whell. He gives it a quick spin and sets the ship for a new course, North in look for the Dragon Isles.*

06/01/2000 5:11 PM

*he hums a little pirate tune as he sails his ship to the north.*

06/01/2000 5:15 PM

We need to get some supplies Captain

*a big hulking minotaur says to him.*

Ok we will stop at Palanthas and then get some. Then we shall continue pur trip North.

Yes sir.

06/01/2000 5:38 PM

*he navigates to the docks and then tells the minotaurs what to get and to tell them to come right back to put everything away.*

06/01/2000 5:40 PM

*the minotaurs go after water and emerald green paint and some gold paint.*

06/01/2000 6:02 PM

Hey! Don't forget the food.

06/01/2000 6:17 PM

*he sits down on his ship and sips some wine. He sees the pit with slaves.*

Hey you minotaurs free them slaves and then go and get some wood and patch that up will you I will not have my ship look like a pirate ship.

06/01/2000 6:24 PM

*he takes the wood from the minotaurs and repairs the boat once the slaves are released.*

06/01/2000 6:28 PM

*the montaurs come back with paint.*

Get painting. I want this boat to look brand new. Got it.

Yes sir!

06/01/2000 6:35 PM

Ok then. Get to work.

*goes back to sipping his wine*

06/01/2000 6:41 PM

*he pulls out a book and reads some of it. He looks up for a second.*

Hey you! Stop leaning on that railing! If you have time to lean then you have time to clean! Now go was the dishes!

*goes back to reading*

06/01/2000 6:43 PM

*leans back in his chair and gets into the book. Too bad he just finished reading it.*

06/02/2000 6:59 AM

*a blue dragon with a rider appears on the horizon*

*she can be heard cussing and swearing and pitching a fit*

06/02/2000 8:32 AM

*the ship being all painted, Pyranthas finishes with painting the lettering on the ship. It reads Templar of the Sea. Pyranthas looks at it with pride and then looks up and sees the blue dragon with it's rider.*

Damn it...

*He mummbles.*

She's going to try and take my ship! Everyone get ready to shove off. All of the supplies loaded? God. Raise anchor and let's see how this ship wil go now. I redid some of the woodwork down stairs and it should now be quite a bit faster with the stuff I added to it.

*He runs to the hull and slices a rope with his dagger and the old wood work falls off and it looks as it it is a new ship painted emerald green with the gold lettering along the hull.*

Lower the sails and lets see this baby go!

*he runs to the wheel and takes over with the navigation.*

To the North shall go looking for new treasure and new uncharted lands!

06/02/2000 9:29 AM

*the boat moves double the speed that it used to.*

Work on putting a new mast up and sail. I have the stuff. I want this to be the greatest ship to ever sailed the seas. I have the rigging we will need in the cabins below. For now we got to out riun that dragon.

06/02/2000 10:17 AM

*Autumn and her dragon approach from behind maintaining their distance*

*she reaches down and pulls out a large crossbow from its place in the saddle. she grabs an arrow with a wickedly sharp arrowhead and a wooden shaft with a message carved in it*

*stands in the saddle, takes aim, fires. the arrow soars thru the sky at lightening speed, making a highpitched whistling sound*


*the arrow descends powerfully and rips thru 3 minotaurs, a wall, and then embedds itself in the deck floor*

the message is written tiny and reads: My dearest Pyranthas. Like my new crossbow? Py, Py, Py...We have some unfinished business, you and I. Can't we play nicely together?

*stands in the saddle still, and waves at the ship, keeping her distance*


06/02/2000 10:43 AM

*he spins around and yells at her*


*he spins the wheel hard changing direction of the ship.*

Fire the Balista!

*a huge arrow from below deck fires and hits the dragon's neck with much force. The thing screams in pain as the huge arrow is embedded into it's neck.*

Hahaha! Direct hit! This time shoot to kill!

*another huge arow fires from the balista and hits it's wing. The blue dragon spirals downwards towards the water.*

06/02/2000 10:53 AM

Get that net ready to capture our prisoner and make sure you kill the dragon.

06/02/2000 11:08 AM

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not my BABY!!!!" she leans forward and tries to stop the bleeding.

*the dragon spirals downward, screetching and spitting*

"DAMN YOU!!!!"

Looks at the approaching water, "AWWWWWW, SH....", hits the water and struggles with the dragon saddle reins and belts and is tossed and tangled and pulled under the water by the violently flailing dragon.

06/02/2000 11:14 AM

*The minotaurs rush to the side of the ship and fire many crossbow bolts into the dragon and then they cut the straps on Autumn's sattle and throw a net over her and pull her up onto the ship.*

We got her Captain.

*the minotaurs drag her to Pyranthas.*

06/02/2000 11:21 AM

"Unhand me," she whispers calmly to the minotaurs.

*her head is bleeding, the blood blending with the water, making her face almost completely bloody red*

*she stares up at Pyranthas and says nothing*

06/02/2000 11:24 AM

*he looks down at her and then walks over to her and back hands her.*

You ruined my ship just after I repainted it

06/02/2000 11:33 AM

"It's just a scrape," she whispers dully, "You ordered my dragonmount killed," she is barely audible when she speaks.

*clenches then unclenches her fists*

06/02/2000 11:36 AM

Well I had to do something. I could have you wrecking my ship this time.

06/02/2000 11:44 AM

*stares at him with her bloody face, net tangled about her feet*

*hears the heavy breathing of minotaurs behind her*

*in one clean motion she unsheathes her sword, spins, and lops the heads off of 3 more minotaurs, continues in her spin and stops with the point of the blade infront Pyranthas's face and holds it there for a second then lowers it*

"Now we're almost even," she whispers.

*without wiping the blade of her sword, she resheathes it and collapses to the deck*

06/02/2000 12:41 PM

(Having fun Py?)"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/02/2000 3:08 PM

Stirs, "Ohhhhhh," pushes herself to her knees and begins to crawl slowly to the railing of the ship.

"I'm coming babydoll," calls to her dragon, "Autumn's on her way," is utterly dilirious and begins to tangle herself up in the netting again, and drags the heavy roping along with her.

06/02/2000 7:23 PM

(actually I am in my little play land here TK)

*He lifts her body and bids her to ralling of by the wheel. He slaps her a little until she wakes up and then he picks up her sword and places it at an angle.*

You killed six of my crew. For that, you loose your weapon.

*He slams his foot into it, snapping the blade in half. He then throws it overboard.*

You, yes you get over here. Untie her and then put her in a room and see that she is feed. She will be our guest this evening. I may need her skills if we reach the dragon isles.

06/02/2000 9:50 PM

"WHATSGOINGONUPTHEREDAMNIT!" came a voice from the hold.

A gnome of indeterminate age came clambering up from the hold.He looks up at the Captain and salutes.


A strange hooting sound comes from the hold as a steam blast blew from the stern rocketing the ship forward at incredible speed. Long plankings erupts from the sides of the ship and kept on elongating itself till it reached twice the length of the ship. Strange devices called 'cannons' erupted from the sides of the ship and on the 'wings'.

The gnome makes his way down the hold of the ship.

06/02/2000 10:02 PM

Quick fix the ship! I'll take care of the gnome!

*he runs down after the gnome and then flings him overboard into the sea.*

Let the sharks head with him. Get rid off all of this junk he put on my ship!

06/03/2000 12:32 AM

(ooc -- Py took this ship...it was abandoned, I stopped thread, he stepped in, so it is his now. No changing direction of this thread. Want to play? Then play along. You may know Py from his antics in the Treasure Chest thread. Well, he will not be stealing the chests from that thread anymore unless he steals them along with us. Let's show him the same curtesy he is showing us in the T.Chest. Everyone kiss and make up and we all will have fun togher. We are going to the dragon isle now:) )

*having cleaned up and rested in her 'prisoner quarters', she wakes to the sounds of construction on the ship. can here Pyranthas pitching a fit above*

*although a dull ache exists in her for the loss of her dragon, and she has lost some of her fight, she rises from the bed and stands*

"Bah! Oh my aching head..." finds that her door is unlocked so she exits and goes top side.

"I have reconsidered, Pyranthas. I have nowhere to go now. No way off this ship. I will accompany you to the Dragon Isle," she stares at him for a long time.

Looks around and grimmaces, "If anybody stands in the way of this mission they shall face the fury of my sword!" reaches for her sword and remembers she is unarmed, "Damn! And that was a good speech, too."

Looks sternly at Pyranthas, "You owe me a dragon now," turns, weeps a little, and waves byebye to her poor dead dragon.

06/03/2000 8:52 AM

(ooc the way you have treasure chest set up I would be able to steal anything from you anyway. There is now way to get a good rivalry in there.)

*he smiles at her*

I told you you would have a dragon. You shall have a dragon of silver. I shall change you over from your dark ways and allow you to see the light. Now, you do need a sword and I have one that is much better that that sword you had.

*He pulls a sword from his coat and hands it to her.*

This blade is elvish made. This blade is stronger that that other blade you once carried. Now just try now to use it on me or my minotaurs. I am going to be stoping by Mithas so I may get a few more sailors there. It is going to be hard to find the Dragon Ilse considering they only show themselves to who they want to. It is said that those islands have all the climates on one little island for all of the dragons of Paladine.

*walks over to his wheel*

How is our course to Mithas?

Good Captain. We should be there within a day.

06/03/2000 9:23 AM

Takes the sword and gets a feel for it, "Nice."

*holds it up and peers into the flatside of the blade and finds her relfection and fixes her hair, then sheathes the sword. It is heavy at her hip.*

*paces around the ship, growling at minotaurs she passes*

Mumbles to herself, "I'm Pyranthas's pet project now, humph. Let him try," rethinks this attitude, "I would like a new dragonmount though," continues to pace and mumble. This goes on for hours.

06/03/2000 8:38 PM

*he walks over to the minotaur navigating the ship*

I'll take over now. You go get something to eat.

*he ties the wheel off setting the course. He then pulls out a dagger and cuts his hair so it is now shoulder length. He walks to the edge of the ship and tosses it overboard. He then walks over to the wheel and unties the wheel.*

06/04/2000 7:33 AM

*stops, rolls her eyes, and stomps over the Pyranthas*

"Nice hair cut," goes to stand behind him, stretching up on her toes to peer over his shoulder which isn't easy seeing as she's such a shrimp.

*keeps watching what he's doing over his shoulder, hoping to make him uneasy. whistles a sailing tune...off key*

06/04/2000 8:32 AM

Thank you.

*he ignores her whistling.*

Are you trying to bother me because if you are, it is not working.

06/04/2000 10:18 AM

Don't be silly, Py. I can call you Py, right? You don't mind. Cap'n Py! Commander of the High Seas!


*reaches in a pouch and removes a flask and takes a swig*

*goes 'ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh' breathily right in his ear*


*the ship lists and she staggers into his back. decides to hold onto his jacket for support, tugging him as she wobbles around behind him*

06/04/2000 8:18 PM

As silently as a cat, Marcus made his way into the hold of the ship. Seeing that no one knows that he is presently on the ship (AND I MEAN NO ONE KNOWS!!!) he slips way back to the ale casks and wine barrels. Prying them open he silently poured in each a vial of muck colored liquid. The drinks momentarily swirled madly for a moment and then stilled. Noting that no color change and smell change (assured also that there was no taste change. REALLY SURE THERE WERE NO TASTE CHANGE.) he gigled madly for a while.

"He he he, I wonder if there are bathrooms near the place they were going."

Hearing some sounds comming from the latch of the hold, Marcus made his way back to the far corner of the hold. He watched as a minotaur and the woman topside made way to the wine and ale barrels to take a drink to ease their quivering...

"He he he..." mouthed Marcus silently.

06/05/2000 4:29 AM

*a slave woman, Gunthar's old pal, goes to the barrels with a minotaur buddy of hers and drinks up*

(ooc--please don't do my actions for me, okidokey?)

06/05/2000 4:30 AM

Let go of me!

*he sences someone new.*

You! Get over here, and take the wheel.

*he runs down towards the wine keep and draws his sword.*

Who are you and what are you doing on my ship?

06/05/2000 5:31 AM

*he wonders how everyone got on his ship.* He grabs then newbie and then grabs to slave woman and drags them upstairs. He then ties them to the main mast.*

We have a few stow aways on board. What shall we do with them?

Kill 'em!

Hang 'em!

Throw 'em overboard!

Feed them to the sharks!

He looks at them. Autumn? What do you think?

06/05/2000 6:49 AM


*wasn't paying attention*

"OH! Tow 'em behind the ship! Hang 'em from the crows nest!"

*goes to the barrel of wine*

"Get 'em drunk and watch 'em tumble off the ship!" holds Marcus's mouth open and pours a generous amount of wine down his throat, "Mmmmm...tastey, ain't it?!"

06/05/2000 7:11 AM

*he sticks a rope around both of their feet and then tosses a rope to the minotaur up in the crows nest.*

Hoist 'em up!

*he then walks back to the wheel and goes back to piloting the ship. He looks up at the skies and sees a huge cloud coming thier way.*

May way for a storm! We got a big one coming up! Let us pray it misses us.

*he looks at the storm that is coming.*

Damn *he mutters*

Lower the sails! Everyone below! I'll stay up here to pilot the ship. Lower the stowaways and bring the inside and lock em up.

06/05/2000 7:27 AM

"BAH! It's just a little weather!" frowns at the weather.

06/05/2000 7:30 AM

That is what you think. I have sailed the seas for years and I have learned the hard way. Now get below.

06/05/2000 7:35 AM

"And if I refuse? What then?" looks below decks "I am NOT stuffing myself in that hold with those smelly minotaurs!"

*takes another swig from her flask*

06/05/2000 9:40 AM

*he grabs the flask and throws it overboard.*

I will not tolerate you drinking on my ship. Even the minotaurs are not allowed to drink on this ship. If you wish to stay up here, then I suggest you stay close to me. Otherwise, you will not survive this journey. I have sailed through storms like this before and beleive me I know what I am doing.

06/05/2000 10:56 AM

*pouts. then her face hardens*

*looks at Pyranthas, then over to the entrance to the hold below decks, then to Pyranthas, then back to the hold. she does this several times before she makes up her mind*

"I stay here, Cap'n," she mutters flattly, "You treat me like I am an imbecile, and a weakling. I am neither of those things," she wraps her arms around her waist and goes to the railing, watching the approaching storm.

06/05/2000 12:10 PM

When that storm hits, it is going to hit hard. Now get away from that railing. If you dont, you will be swept overboard.

06/05/2000 1:22 PM

"I'd never get that lucky," she sighs.

Turns to Pyranthas, "Let me be of some assistance. I'm not a child, I can do SOMETHING useful!"

*steps away from the railing*

06/05/2000 1:29 PM

You want to help, then stand behind me and tie this rope to your hand.

*he has a rope ties to the wheel that is tied to his right wrist.*

It is so you will not be washed overboard.

06/05/2000 1:55 PM

*decides she doesn't care to be drowned today, and does as she is instructed, wrapping the rope tightly around her left forearm*

Plants her feet firmly on the deck, "You really do care," she smirks.

06/05/2000 2:00 PM

*he looks at her and then at the sky.*

This one is a big one.

06/05/2000 3:47 PM

Wait a sec...

*he looks at the sky and then into the distance with his sharp elven eyes.*

All hand on deck! We got some pirates coming this way! and then have Magic Users on board. Get ready for an attack. Damn! I wish I could have seen the ship before. Lower the sails I want to try t out run them first.

*he slices the rope around Autumn's wrist and thne the one on his with a dagger which he pulls from his jacket. He looks at her.*

Well, looks like I was wrong for once. You happy bout that? You take the wheel. Come with me.

*he walks to his cabin and then unlocks the door. He then goes to a trunk and starts pulling out some armor.*

Put this on. It will give you better protection than that old armor. This is elvish armor, but it should fit you ok. When we get to Mithas we will have your armor repaired. The minotaurs are very good at making armor. That sword I gave you wasnt a good choice of a weapon for you. Let me see it.

*he takes it and then sets it on his desk and then grabs a short sword and also hands her a cutlass.*

These will be better for you. Unless you have been trained to fight with two blads, I wouldn't recommend doing it. Now get ready and I will wait for you. It is going to be a tough fight and be ready for anything.

*he walks to the door.*

One more thing, stay by me in battle.

06/05/2000 4:19 PM

*dresses and looks at herself in a mirror*

"Damn, but your good looking!" takes the swords, places them at her hips, and heads topside.

*goes to stand near Pyranthas as instructed, a face devoid of fear or any type of emotion, unless it would be a mild hungry look. her blood boils beneath her skin, making her ready for battle*

"Let's do it," she says to Pyranthas.

06/06/2000 2:28 AM

After a while, the vial of Giant Strength finally runs its course (OOC: I was planning of making the Minotaurs go berserk with it and lead them to mutiny, but since you didn't let me do that... oh well...) and allows Marcus to break down the locked door of the brig (OOC:That is what they call that holding area in a ship, mind you PY !) Hearing the cries of storm, pirates, and mages he readies himself to repulse the raiders since if the ship sinks he might end up going down with it.

"Ya need help around here? It seems you need a little help. Mind a Geomancer work with you?"

Marcus pulls himself up with muscles enough to make a minotaur look like the local temple's boys choir and stalks towards Pyranthas.

"All I need is for assurance that I get a wee part of any treasure you find. "

06/06/2000 4:58 AM

*he looks towards the human*

Sure, you can get a part of the treasure.

*Pirates jump onto the ship and are hacked down to size as the Grandmaster spins his sword around slicing away at the humans that jump aboard, slicing them inhalf with his vorpal sword.*

06/06/2000 5:11 AM

"AHHHHHHH!!!" comes out swinging.

"Hello!" relieves a pirate of his head, then bends and relieves him of his dagger and puts it in her boot.

*swings around to find another attacker charging at her...she in turn charges at him and seeing the fearless gleam in Autumns eyes, he darts the other way*

*she runs up some steps and leaps into the air, sommersaults and lands before the pirate who is momentarily stunned*

"I love you," she coos then slices the shape of a heart in his chest and stomach.

*she walks away calmly as the pirate's insides spill onto the deck*

06/06/2000 5:29 AM

*the elf runs and leaps onto the pirate ship. The mage on board stares at him and casts a fireball at him. It hits the elf and he stands there harmless. The elf looks at him and then makes a slash with his sword and a small fireball flies back to the mage, and the mage screams as his body burns and drops to the ground. He then runs down into the cabin and dices a hole into the hull of the ship and is sucked out of the ship and into the ocean. He keeps a firm grip on his sword and then shoots out of the water onto his ship and stands on deck soak and wet. He stares at the dead bodies on his ship and the fleeing pirates.*

Take no prisoners!

06/06/2000 8:58 AM

*takes her newly acquired dagger from her boot and throws it, planting it firmly in the back of a fleeing pirate. leaves that dagger in it's new home, and swipes the dead pirate's dagger and puts it in her boot*

Starts to stomp away, then stops and looks down at the dead man, "Nice necklace," swipes the necklace, "Nice ring," swipes a ring and places it on her thumb, "Nice hat...naw."

Leaves the hat and saunters on over to Pyranthas, "Hi. How's it going?" pauses for a moment to survey the carnage.

06/06/2000 9:56 AM

I am fine...

*he looks around and then lowers his head and murmers a silent prayer. He goes and starts draging the dead and throwing them off the ship. He then walks to his cabin and closes the door behind him.*

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