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07/06/2000 1:26 AM

Okay... I kinda lost track of where we were last
so... anyone that wants to start where we left
off... feel free to do so...that is if you want
to continue...


Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

05/18/2000 1:50 PM

Hello again Airiana!
I just come on again after a vacation.
How are you?
Do you still have the Heart-Emerald?
You still are the lovely-est creature I've ever seen.
{Furanthas bows with great admiration.}

05/18/2000 11:06 PM

The Red/Silver appears from the sky and lands besides the female Red/Silver bowing to her.

"Hello blood of my blood...how goes all?"

05/19/2000 3:42 AM

*looks at Furthalas and smiles*
"Of course, kind sir. Why would I not?"
smiling, Airiana lifts the beautiful heart-emerald up where Furthalas can see it, it is still hanging beauifully around her neck.*
"Have thy kept my present as well?"

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

05/19/2000 3:47 AM

**Airiana looks at Kanmeros. Smiling, she gives a curtsey to match his bow.**
"All goes well, indeed. How are thee this fine day?"

Last of the Pink-scales Dragons… Well, maybe not…

05/19/2000 5:38 AM

Ok i take it is a little late to join in?

05/22/2000 1:18 AM

All is well, dear dragoness...

*He smiles and looks at Naj*

Of course not! come on in.

05/23/2000 3:19 AM

*Smiles at Kanmeros*

"So, what have thee been up to while I was gone?"

*Sees Nadja*


*Smiles sweetly*

"How are thee this fine day, Nadja?"

Join in... please?

Oh, and Kanmeros? I went to your site...
it's awesome!!... Could you draw me too?


(Uh, man!! I can't write:
Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons anymore...)

05/23/2000 1:49 PM

{An expression of worry cross's Furanthas's face.}

"Gift?...I'm sorry but I must have missed that reply. But if you would be so kind to refresh my memory." Furanthas's smiles and his eye's turn Light brown.

"Power comes with Discipline."

05/24/2000 1:48 AM

**looks at Furthalas**

"I gave you one of the most prized pocessions of the good Dragons."

**Seeing a look of nonremembrance on Furthalas' face, she continues**

"The Silver bound Spellbook."

**looks at Furthalas and awaits a reply**


05/25/2000 2:09 PM

{As if he got hit over the head with a bat his memory kicks in. His eyes brighten to a luminous green. Reaching into his most secret of pockets he remove the gloriously beautiful black and silver book. His eyes look at the gift and change to emerald green. Opening the book he quickly absorbs a spell he previously wrote.}

{Turning towards a mountain way off in the distance he begins to speak and tense his hands. When the last word is spoken his hands fly closed into tight fists. At the moment his hand became fist's, they also began to give of a mist like the mist around dry ice. His hole body tense now, he raise's his fist's toward the mountain. Saying the release word his fist's suddenly change to flat palm's together. And in the middle was a ball of the Purest cold, which now was hurtling towards the mountain. A second later the tiny ball struck the mountain near the base. Almost instantly the rock began to split as thousands of huge wedges of ice shot towards the summit. Once the spike's hit the top an amazing beam of blue light shot into the sky. Momets later the ground begins to tremble and right before their eyes the mountain explodes from the inside, sending huge chunks of rock and ice in all directions.}

"Well that was intense!"He said as his strength drains from his body. Falling to the ground on his knees breathing heavy Furanthas's eyes are a Dark red.
"Power comes with Discipline."

05/25/2000 8:42 PM

OOC: Of course! :] I'll start a sketch of you Pink dragoness :D

"Ah, I've been around...got deserted on Krynn, but I have done my job asa scholar there..I go to my birth place, Silvanesty."

The Red/Silver lays down and wonders how the female red/silver came to be...

05/26/2000 3:35 AM

**Airiana looks down in horror at the weak
Furanthas. She runs over to him and kneels near
his heart.**

"Furanthas! Are thee alright? I think thou hath
performed a much too powerful spell."

**Closes her eyes**


**A small container appears in her hand it is an
icy-blue color and the liquid inside's colors are
changing more rapid than Furanthas' eyes. Carefully,
Airiana lifts Furanthas' head and makes him sip
the potion slowly.**

"Furanthas... here, please drink this... it will
help you recover your strength..."


05/26/2000 3:46 AM

OOC: Thanks Kanmeros!!


**Airiana smiles at Kanmeros**

"I trust thou have had much excitement on thou's

**Airiana hears Kanmeros' thoughts and smiles.**

"I was born in Kindermore. My mother was visiting
a friend there when she realized her eggs needed
to be layed. So, when I hatched, she was very
frightened... she hadn't seen a Red/Silver in
many years... and to think that her own children
were part of that horrible breed made her go into
a fit of rage.

I was playing with my sister, Lanatas, when it
happened. Mother killed the other eight of us...

but she didn't find Lanatas and I. We hid until
she started to fly away. Then we followed her.
The other Silvers wouldn't hear of her
killing us and so we were kept. Lanatas didn't
make it through the night, they said an evil spell
was cast upon her...

Shortly afterwards, they decided that I would
cause them too much trouble in the long run and
sent me away..."

**Airiana lies down near the river.**

"And then I met my father... he did the same as
the Silvers... that's how I came into being...
how about thee?"


05/30/2000 9:24 AM

{The gentle touch of Airiana brings reality closer than the darkness. Seeing the liquid and hearing her words Furanthas swallows the potion. A moment later a wave of coolness wash's over him, soothing his burning mind and muscles. The spell was a stretch of his power but still not enough to break his will.}

"Thank you Airiana. I almost went into my bloodlust personality. I'm ashamed to have lost control so easily."

{Raising himself off the ground Furanthas thinks of his weakness and his eyes start turning Blue. But a fire within, a fire of undying anger, pain and love. Blaze's in his blood filling him with his own energy. Regaining control instantly his eyes shift once again to a solid Forest green.}

"Power comes with Discipline."

05/31/2000 12:48 AM

The male Red/Silver frowns as sadness covers him deeply. How could any of his kind do this? Even to those of half their color...that is not rational to any Dragon of light!

Turning his head, he looks into her deep eyes.

05/31/2000 3:40 AM

**Airiana sees Furanthas regain himself and she

"Thee art welcome, Furanthas. Thou should be not
ashamed of thyself... it is something that happens
to all... even I have went to a raged state as
thee were about to do."

**Airiana smiles again.**

"Worry not thy head, thee need much rest to
recover from thy spell..."

**Airiana whispers a few words that only those of
her kind would understand. In a sparkle of golden
glitter, a blanket appears, and Furanthas and
Airiana are transported to a house. Furanthas
materializes on a bed beside a fire.**

"Thou need rest. I shall see that thee get it."

**With that, Airiana pulls the blanket over
Furanthas and sits down in a nearby chair.**

"Goodnight to thee, my friend."

**Airiana smiles and the Heart-Emerald around her
neck glows with a blue light as she closes her
eyes and begins to drift off to sleep...**

OOC: Sorry if I confuse you two... its kinda hard
to write to the both of you in one message...


05/31/2000 3:48 AM

'My mother was in too many ways like those of the
black moon... Her only thing against them was my
father... Most of the Silvers thought her scales
should be that of Black instead of Silver... Do
not be sad, Kanmeros. It is in the past...'

**Airiana answers Kanmeros' question through
telepathy, knowing ideas are better conveyed in
the mind than words.**

OOC: Sorry if I confuse you two... its kinda hard
to write to the both of you in one message...


05/31/2000 1:44 PM

{Suddenly finding himself in a warm and comfortable bed,He looks around and relax's once his gaze meet's that of his Trusted Friend. Feeling the heat of the fire on his face he smile's, and as he drift's off to dreams of magic,courage and love he hears a voice like an angel say.

"Goodnight to thee,my friend."

and a soft blue light dance's with the bright reds and he sinks into the most peaceful sleep he has had since a child.

"Power comes with Discipline."

05/31/2000 1:47 PM

OOC: BRAVO on the two conversations at once I'm queit impressed by your enginuity.

{Furanthas bows with admiration in his Emerald green eye's}

"Power comes with Discipline."

06/01/2000 3:48 AM

**Smiles as she dreams of her dear friends.**

[In her dream]

{{ Airiana is flying through the air with Kanmeros
by her side, and Furanthas sitting at the base of
her neck. They are flying over Kindermore and
below her, she sees her mother and her brothers
and sisters. Instead of Lutrice (her Mother)
killing her children as happened in reality so
many years ago, Airiana sees her mother smiling at
them and she lays down to rest. A sudden haze of
white fog surrounds Airiana, preventing her from
seeing any further. The fog is lifted and now
Airiana sees her mother and all her brothers and
sisters again, but this time they are all full
grown. Airiana, Kanmeros, and Furanthas land near
them and Lutrice smiles.

"Thou have come home, my little one! Who are thy
friends that thee bring along?"

Her mother asks inquizitively (SP?). Airiana
smiles as she introduces Furanthas and Kanmeros
to her mother.

"Thou must be good friends of my daughter... I can
tell thou art both good souls, My blessings to

Lutrice says this to Kanmeros and Furanthas. They
both smile and nod their heads... }}

**Airiana suddenly wakes up. There was someone
outside... With the wave of her hand, Airiana dims
the fire. Making sure she doesn't wake Furanthas
up, she creeps outside to find out who the person
may be.**


**Sneaking up on the person she pulls out a daggers
and turns the small Elven-looking person around.**


**Airiana sets the dagger's tip in the center of
the Elf's back.**

"What are thou doing around this place? How did
thee get here?"


Nutaria feels a vise-like grip on her shoulder,
and a dagger at her back. Slowly, she turns around
and hears the words uttered by the taller Airiana
who was in Elven form. Seeing Airiana, Nutaria

"Airiana Half-Silver?? Is that thee? It is me...
Nutaria... thou's sister..."


**Airiana smiles as she realizes that the figure
before her is her half-sister, Nutaria.**

"Nutaria? How art thee?!?"

**Airiana smiles and hugs her sister. Suddenly,
she notices a beautiful jewel hanging from
around her sister's neck... it was a Sphere
shaped Diamond... just like the one Furanthas

"That Diamond... it was Lutrice's... wasn't it?"


**Nutaria smiles and holds the Diamond necklace in
her hand.**

"Yes, it was... But I am more interested in thee
right now, sister. Why have thou came to


"To aid a dear friend... Furanthas... He also
carries a Diamond... He cast a spell that was very
strong... he needed to recover so I brought him

OOC: Okay, this one is kinda to both of you...
It's kinda long... hope you don't mind... Also,
sorry if Nutaria or any of the rest is confusing.


06/01/2000 2:48 PM

OOC: Airiana my dearest friend. Today you learned of my secret. I hope that you think no less of me. But I can't talk till monday so I bid thee Farewell.

P.S: You are the only one who know's. And I know that my secret is as safe with you as with me.


{Furanthas dreams on in his peaceful sleep, dreaming of the bond between him and Airiana.}

"Power comes with Discipline."

06/05/2000 3:50 AM

OOC: Fear not, my friend... I shan't tell another
soul thou secret... though I have seen a few of
thou's kind...


**Airiana walks Nutaria inside to sit down.**

"So, what brings thee to Kindermore, dearest

**Nutaria looks at Airiana and her smile fades.**

"I was sent by the Reds, Airiana... they want you
to return to them... as a Dragon of the Dark..."

**Airiana's beautiful eyes are suddenly given a
dark glow.**

"But... but I swore to them that I could never..."

**Airiana chokes, tears begin to spill from her
eyes and the Heart-Emerald glows with a grayish

"What of my friends? Furanthas? Kanmeros? They
couldn't possibly be taken as well... could they?"

**Nutaria shakes her head.**

"No... not unless one were to try to stop this..."


06/05/2000 7:43 PM

{As Furanthas dreams of happiness his heart suddenly fills with sorrow. Knowing deep inside that this sorrow is that of his Dear friend he wakes instantly. Looking quickly around the room he see's Airiana and this new elf. Moving quickly out of the bed he slowly move's to stand behind Airiana. Checking the heart-emerald, Gray light's drift over her shoulder and into Furanthas's heart. Immediatly he know's what caused her sorrow. Speaking a quick word he move's to sit next to her in a summoned chair.}

"Airiana I know only of what your sister has said, But that is all I need to know. Thou is my dearest friend, and I will give my very soul to see you happy."

{Not even noticing her sister's presence Furanthas gently place's his hand over her's. His silver dragon eye's staring at her with solid devotion.}

"If red dragons be thy enemy, Red dragons will be my enemy's."

{As he spoke of reds his silver blood began to surge with hatred.}

{Looking sturnly at Airiana's sister}

"I know you not but we have a mutual acquintance. And your sister is my dearest friend and I wish nothing more in this life than to see her at peace. So as her friend please grant me the knowledge of how to stop this."

{As he wait's for her answer he notice's the diamond sphere worn around her neck.}

OOC: You have seen others like me? So I'm not the only one of my kind! This is most gracious new's, I'm honored to have a friend such as thee.

{Bowing with all the grace he know's his heart brighten's.}
"Power comes with Discipline."

06/06/2000 3:56 AM

**Airiana looks at Furanthas and her eyes swell
with tears.**

"Furanthas, my fahter calls me... I am to be
taken away from the Light... he wants me to claim
my rights..."

**Looking deeply into Furanthas' eyes, she

"I am the 'Princess of The Darkness'... It cannot
be stopped... My sister, Nutaria is called the
'Dark Messanger,' if thou try to stop her... she
will have to bring thee to the Dark as well..."

**Nutaria looks at Furanthas with much pain.**

"I am sorry Draguman... this is her destiny... I
have not the choice..."

**Airiana looks away from Furanthas as a dark
purple tear runs down her cheek.**

"We have tried to stop this before... but we've
found no way... this is controlled by the Dark
Queen herself..."

OOC: Draguman means Dragon/Man



06/06/2000 2:00 PM

{Furanthas is shocked only for a moment by this discovery, for he has seen Darker souls in less beautiful forms. And to think that such a gentle and caring person as Airiana could be the "Princess of the darkness".}

"Airiana, I care not that you have such a title. For you are the most caring person I have met since my mother died. And if I should have to become one of the dark I would do so willingly."

{Seeing the purple tear fall from her eye, Furanthas thinks of every way he could help. Then the thought struck him.}

"What if I came with you into the darkness. And escorted you to your father. Then as time passed I would gain his trust, My dark side would rule as my good side waited. And one day we could both vanquish him. And if Takhisis intervined I would sacrifice myself for thee's freedom. When I say sacrifice I mean use my most powerful spell."

{With trust in his eye's Furanthas opens his silver robes to reveal his well toned upper body. Scared into his skin was words of magic. Placing his hand over the undicypherable symbols, he looked at Airiana with complete seriousness.}

"This spell has been passed down through 6 generations of my family. It is our legacy, our right since birth. Ever since my Grandad's grandad's Grandad had a life of endless misery we have passed this spell through the family. It is called "Last wish" And I can use it but once. The spell build's in strength since birth. Depending on the way one's life goes. Mine has been filled with pain so when I use it All who have hurt me or anyone I may call friends will know the sorrow of my life. While in this state of sorrow they will be completly diffenceless. Even gods may feel this sorrow. So if things turn for the worse I'll use my "Last wish" and you can vanquish all who you need to vanquish. The spell last's for one hole day so you do have time to do what you must."

{Closing the folds of his robe once again Airiana notice's a tear of crystal silver role down Furanthas's handsome face.}

"Power comes with Discipline."

06/06/2000 7:12 PM

*The Red/Silver backs away a bit from the new Dragon uncomers and nods shaking a bit to them both*

06/07/2000 2:09 PM

"I'm sorry Kanmeros if you were kinda left out for a while. But If thee feels inclined to defend one as beautiful and caring as Airiana I would be honored to share the quest with one as renowned as thee."

{With respect in his eye's he bows solemnly to the older and far more experience Kanmeros.}

"Power comes with Discipline."

06/07/2000 7:10 PM

Kanmeros nods and sees that she is in fact a noble Dragoness herself.

"I will valiantly defend your daughter and not to cause her any harm."

Bowing, he then lays down and looks at the river.

06/07/2000 8:55 PM

A fluttering sound suddenly went up from the forest followed by lilting giggles from a small voice.

"Oh look, three dragons!"

A small butterfly-like creature suddenly sparks into existence, butterfly-like for its size and and the shape of its wings. But the shape of its body was that of a small dragon. It seemed to shift in and out of their presence.

"Hiya! I'm Xxxchthlch. And I'm a fairy dragon!"

The dimunitive being started darting out so fast flying around Ariana examining her closely. He then tried to suppress his giggles by covering his mouth his claws but ended up giggling with his mouth covered. He then landed on top of Ariana's head and looked down to her eye (he was upside down, if you don't mind.) and gave her one of his cutest grin.

"You wouldn't mind having one of you cousins with you, huh? Huh? Can you let me join? Can you? Can you? I wanna join. Yeah, I wanna join! You wouldn't mind having a fairy dragon, would you?"

06/07/2000 11:55 PM

Kanmeros looks at the fairy dragon with curiosity.

"Well, yes, it is ok by me...but you need to ask the female red/silver over here."

He points over to her. (Sorry, I forgot the name, forgive me :|)

06/08/2000 3:40 AM

**Airiana looks at the strange group around her...
She smiles at Kanmeros and Furanthas.**

"Thy truly want to go with me? To the Darkness?
But what if my father figures it out?"

**Airiana's mind is mixed with so many emotions:
fear, excitement and happiness because her friends
are coming, and a swarm of doubt. She turns to the
curious Fairy-Dragon.**

"Are thou sure you wish to come? This shall be a
dark and dangerous journey... we may even need to
face the Dark Queen herself... I shan't stop thee
from coming if thou truly wish to, but know this,
if we are caught, the Dark Queen will take all of
our souls..."

**Airiana stops and looks at her sister, Nutaria.**

"Sister, dear sister, if we must do this now, how
is it we will make my friends appear to be of the

**Nutaria looks at Airiana, Kanmeros, Furanthas,
and then the small Fairy-Dragon.**

"It will be hard, especially him..."

**She nods her head in the direction of the

"I have never known a Fairy-Dragon to be of the
Darkness... but, I'm sure it can somehow be

**Nutaria stands up and closes her eyes, she
leaves elven form altogether and goes back to her true
form, a Silver/Red. She flaps her wings twice and
mutters a few words only that of a High Dragon
would understand. Suddenly, the whole room turns
dark. She opens her eyes.**

"Any that wish to NOT go through with this, speak
thou's peace now. If not, I shall convert thee
all to the Dark... Thee will remember thou's true
mission, though non but ourselves will be able to
tell... Speak now if thee object."


Princess of the Darkness/Dark Messenger

06/08/2000 6:12 AM

The dimunitive fairy dragon giggled again and
flew around so fast.

"You don't need to mask my presence. We fairy
dragons tend to be ignored by other races since
we are supposed to be the figment of some twisted
'imagination' or something. No one can detect our
presence since we don't actually 'exist' in the
same plane as you guys are!"

Triple X started giggling some more. He started to
wave his hands and the space before him started to
twist as if in a whirlpool. "The truth to the
matter is that when a real dragon dies while
planeswalking, he or she becomes a fairy dragon.
Fairy dragons are made up of all spheres of
reality and thus ignore prime material restriction.
And there is one more thing that makes us so so
different from other races..."

X started hovering in air as if he was sitting on
something. He picked on his toes and started
giggling again.


06/08/2000 1:00 PM

{Casting Airiana one more devoted glance, Furanthas bows slowly.}

"I will fit queit well as one of the darkness."

{Furanthas smirks at a personal joke.}

"Your freedom at whatever the cost dear friend. I will be with you whenever thee needs me."

{The heart-emerald began to glow redish silver as Furanthas await's the spells effect.} "Power comes with Discipline."

06/08/2000 1:04 PM

"I pray you not to cast sashadow on my already dar-half, I try to keep a balance on being of two worlds...I had gone to the darkness myself, and been accepted since I am but only a visitor."

And if must fight Dark Queen, so be it she has already haunt my dreams long enough."

06/08/2000 1:37 PM

"Balance is essential if one is to have a solid plan. But sometimes one's dark side lay's claim on the soul, and all intention's turn towards thou's self. This is what makes the darkness seek more to claim for it's own."

{Seeing the faraway look in Kanmeros's eye's Furanthas feel's even more inclined to visit the queen of darkness.}

"Dreams are one's only way to contact your inner self. To invade one's dreams is to invade one's home."

"Power comes with Discipline."

06/09/2000 11:47 PM

"I am confused as to whom to serve, my father Paladine, or my mother Takhisis. Both worlds are withing me, and it eats me just to think what can happen if I turn to one side, specially that of darkness..."

Kanmeros moves his head in an almost counter-clock wise, feeling his neck bones snap. "WHen shall we start the journey?"

06/11/2000 9:39 AM

**Nutaria looks at Kanmeros.**

"As soon as I have changed thee all."

**Nutaria flaps her wings again and looks around.**

"Are there any others besides the Fairy-Dragon
that refuse to be changed?"

**Not really waiting a reply, she mutters a few
words and Airiana's normal Pinkish scales turn a
more redish color. Nutaria's already dark scales
turn their true color, a deep black/red color.
Realizing this might upset some of the others
around her, she mindspeaks to them all.**

'Airiana and I are linked by our father, not our
mother, though I was raised as a Silver.'

**If the true feeling of the others willed them
not to change, they did not, the rest became some
other form of a being of the Darkness, depending
on the depth of their Dark side.**

"Alright, are thee all ready?"

**Looking around, both Airiana and Nutaria await a


Princess of The Darkness/Dark Messenger

06/12/2000 2:28 PM

{As Nutaria spoke Furanthas's silver robes remolded on his form. Blackness covered his body and the swirling waves of black cloth started taking shape. Black elven armour covered his chest and a blood red cloak appeared around his neck. His golden slicked back hair changed to a deep black and his eye's no longer were emerald green but now a Burning red with black pupils. Black armoured shin guards cover his Dark green leggings.}

"Furan" He spoke quickly.

{Instantly a sword appeared in his hand. It's blade burning with a red glow. The hilt was shaped like a dragons arm and the base has a claw grasping a red Crystal shaped like a flame that seemed to glow from within. Looking at the sword he know's that this is the dark form of his Silver dragon Staff.}

"My dark side is physically stronger than my good side. I may use weapons now but I still have a few spells I can use. Fighting is what I grew up doing and I'm a master in the art."

"Power comes with Discipline."

06/12/2000 8:31 PM

Kanmeros nods and looks forwards.

"Let us go then..."

Kanmeros Soulflame
~*Dragon Scholar of Krynn*~

Kanmeros.com (http://www.angelfire.com/tx4/kansgallery)

06/13/2000 3:37 AM

**Airiana nods to Furanthas, and then to Kanmeros.
Lookes at her sister.**

"Lead the way, Nutaria."

**Nodding her head too, Nutaria walks out into a
clearing in the woods. She waits for everyone's
arrival and she looks around at them all.**

"If thee haven't thy wings, I will be happy to
take thee to our destination. Unless thou have
some other way of getting there?"

**She was looking at Furanthas as she said this.
Not waiting for a reply she nods her head.**

"Follow me!"

**With that, Nutaria leaps into the air and
begins to fly south. Airiana waits a moment to
see how Furanthas planned to make it through the
air with as much speed as Nutaria.**

"Will thee be alright, or does my dearest friend
wish for a ride through the sky?"

**Turns to Kanmeros**

"As soon as thee get in the air, thou will see my
sister, follow her... I'll be up there in a

Princess of The Darkness/Dark Messanger

06/13/2000 4:06 AM

"Alright! Here I go!"

With this, X slowly shrank more in size and became smaller and smaller. He turned into a beautiful red ruby. A briliant flash followed and a searing pain spread from from Airiana's chest. There, right in the middle of her chest, a red ruby glowed with a light that emanated a solitude that quieted the spirit and banished all fears.

06/14/2000 3:30 AM

**Airiana feels the pain and looks down to see a
brilliant ruby.**

"Must thee be such a pain?"

**She jokes to X and looks back to Furanthas.**

"How shall thee go, Furanthas?"


Princess of The Darkness

06/14/2000 1:05 PM

{Thinking to himself for a moment he looks at Airiana with pride.}

" I will go as a my favourite Silver."

{ Saying the magic words softly his form starts remolding. After only a moment a great silver with gold horns and gold tipped wings stands before Airiana.}

"I would be honored to fly with thee. As one of thine's kind."

{A smile flash's across the dragons face as the silver dragon eyes shift from the beautiful Airiana to the vast blue sky.}

"Shall we my dear."

{Furanthas say's as he leaps into the air with his great silver wings gusting air about.}
"Power comes with Discipline."

06/15/2000 2:04 PM

To my Dearest friend: Airiana

"My Dear Airiana. It pains me greatly to tell thee such dark news. But thou may be aware that summer is starting. And in fact mine has just begun. No school, no homework, just relaxation. Only one draw back. I'll only be able to speak with thee once and a while. But please do not think any less of me if I'm gone for a while. Our friendship will last as long as the memory of each-other is strong."

May all my strength be yours.
And our friendship as strong.
For friends cannot fade.
But are only missed for so long.

Your Dear friend: Furanthas

"Power comes with Discipline."

06/18/2000 12:26 PM

Wheres the site? I wanna see it!!!

06/19/2000 1:22 AM

Kanmeros follows Ariana towards the way.

Kanmeros Soulflame
~*Dragon Scholar of Krynn*~

Kanmeros.com (http://www.angelfire.com/tx4/kansgallery)

06/19/2000 4:27 AM

**Airiana smiles at Furanthas and sees him launch himself into the sky. She sees Kanmeros following behind her.**

"Well, let us go then."

**With that Airiana launches herself into the air.**

'Furanthas, please remember thee must change into a being of the Darkness before we get there... they will probably notice a Silver flying through the sky...'

**Nutaria slows down, realizing how far back the others are.**

"Hurry thyselves!! We must be in the Dark Kingdom before the moons rise!!"


Princess of The Darkness/Dark Messenger

06/19/2000 6:07 AM

A strange humming sound comes from the ruby.

"Happy Happy. Joy Joy. Happy Happy. Joy..."

The entire party becomes bathed in a soothing energy.

"Haste spell..." A voice echoes in Airiana's Mind.

06/19/2000 6:43 PM

{Aknowledging Airiana's point Furanthas begins to concentrate once again. Shadow's cover his form, Like a floating cloud of black smoke. But slowly a tinge of dark blue appears, his bulk deminish's and slowly the shadow fades. Now flying quickly through the sky was a large for it's kind, Blue/black dragon. It's scales were a dark night blue, Its spike's Were pure black and ran all the way from head to tail. It's eyes were like black dragons, red with dark blue pupils. Lifting his head he breathed deep and released a wave of Green lightning that carryed a mist of gas with the bolt. Looking back towards Airiana and the others he smiled with a sinister expression.}

"Yes. Yes this is queit right for the dark me. Does thee think I shall pass as a dark dragon?"

"Power comes with Discipline."

06/20/2000 4:47 AM

**Airiana smiles as the spell X cast over the group starts to effect her. She looks up and sees Furanthas as a Blue/Black Dragon.**

"Yes, my friend... thee will most certainly pass as a Dark Dragon..."

**Nutaria looks down below her.**

'We're getting close to the Dark Kingdom... let only thou's Dark side show from here on, okay?'

**With that, Nutaria starts to dive down.**

'I must go speak to the Dark Queen and tell her we have arrived. All of thee wait just inside the gate until I return.'


Princess of The Darkness/Dark Messenger

06/22/2000 6:34 PM

Kanmeros follows silently as he sees Nutaria go down over to the Dark Mother of the Cromatic Dragons. He sighs heavilly as he lays down on the hot grounds.
Kanmeros Soulflame
~*Dragon Scholar of Krynn*~

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06/29/2000 5:51 AM

**Nutaria speaks breifly with the Dark Queen and turns back to the group which had now gathered by the gate.**

"The Dark Queen wishes to speak to all of thee. She is curious as to why such a large group has followed The Princess of The Darkness and myself. I hope thee all can come up a grand story. The Dark Queen doesn't take kindly to liars."

**Airiana nods her head and starts to walk towards a large tent. She motions for the rest to follow her. She sees Kanmeros lying on the ground and stops to go over to him.**

"Are thee alright, Kanmeros?"

**Airiana lies down beside Kanmeros and awaits his answer as she looks deeply into his eyes.**


Princess of The Darkness/Dark Messenger

06/30/2000 12:43 AM

"I...yes...I am..."

Kanmeros blinks once and avoids her gaze, hoping that his questions that no even him could answer can be answered by the Queen of Darkness...but what if...

Kanmeros shakes his head and gets up, following the rest of the group.

"Excuse me..." He says to Airiana politely as he gets up.

Kanmeros Soulflame
~*Dragon Scholar of Krynn*~

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06/30/2000 8:00 AM

**Airiana looks at Kanmeros with curiousity.**

'What did he mean about his questions being answered by the Dark Queen?'

**She ponders this as she enters the tent...**


Princess of The Darkness

07/05/2000 2:55 PM

Airiana? I would like your e-mail addy please :]

Kanmeros Soulflame
~*Dragon Scholar of Krynn*~

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07/06/2000 1:26 AM

sure... AirianaHalfSilver@dragonlance.zzn.com
if that one doesn't work, send it to: Starreyes_Nightfox@yahoo.com


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