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11/09/2000 3:46 PM

ooc(On the seventh planet of the Clararian system every
member of a lower class is only allowed to live there
for 20 years. However one day long ago a particularly
twisted upper classmen decided to create a giant maze
filled with deadly traps and creatures. He would
allow the lower classmen to attempt to find there way
through the maze. The prize for finding the end of the maze
would be upperclass status and freedom to stay on
the planet. The people going through the maze are only
allowed to bring one weapon and enough food to sustain them
for 2 weeks. They can band together as they please
but only on can be the victor, If a group of people
manage to get through the maze then they will have to
betray each other in the end because only one can win
No one has ever found there way through this maze before)

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11/09/2000 7:00 PM

Sounds like a twisted version of Surivivor...LOL

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11/09/2000 7:05 PM

Jelve has just entered the labrinth ?sp he has
assembeled a group of severel people to explore
with him. He decides to wait for someone elses
input before continuing.

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11/13/2000 9:00 AM

OOC:It does,don't it?Can I be 'the rat'?
A man walks in from a corrider,naked except for a strange whip in his hand.He looks around,then sighs."No good Rojl!"he shouts behind his back."We have to go back!"
A lean woman comes out behind him,also naked,and with another of the whips.She looks at the people assembled."Oh no,Geoje.These are newcomers,we must help them!"
Geoje smiles at her."Everything for you,my love.But first, let us intriduce ourselves."
For the first time,he looks directly at the small party before him."Greetings.I am Geoje,and this is my mate, Rojl.We've been in this place for over a year now,and we're still trying to get out.Unlike some people,who just stay in one spot."
"Will you grace us with your names?"


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11/14/2000 3:33 PM

A catlike creature emerges from the shdaows, a half purr, half clicking noise coming from his throat. He stood 6'3, and wore nothing but a loin cloth marked in the colours of his clan. Razor sharp claws were retracted at the moment, but the bulges beneath the fingertips of the alien revealed to everyone that this kitty had some pretty big claws.

He wasn't big, but very skinny with cordlike muscles rippling beneath his fur. His family were upperclass citizens in that respect, but Murrgh had elected to run the gauntlet by his own free will. Many of his species had done this before, seeking a position on the clans council if they made it out alive. So far no-one had. "I am Murrgh, of clan Togar. My claws are in your service." he purred, offering the customary greeting for companions that was common in his race. It was strange that the catlike creature would offer his claws, when there was a vicious looking barbed spear strapped to his back.

11/15/2000 12:55 AM

"Welcome,Murrgh of Clan Togar.I am Rojl of no clan,and this is my mate Geoje of no clan."says Rojl,pointing out Geoje."Our whips our at your service."


"Observe the spider, how patiently he weaves his web.Then squash the sucker."-Garfield

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11/15/2000 3:45 PM

Jelve ignores Rojl and Geoje and turns to Murrgh.
he says "wow I have never seen anyone of your race
before, where are u from? are those claws sharp?
have you ever been to this planet before?..."and
many more questions before he notices that everyone
is looking at him strangly and stops talking,

I strike from the shadows :)

11/20/2000 3:24 AM

"These claws" Muurgh said, after nodding his head in acknowledgement to Geoje and Rojl and turning to Jelve, extending his claws breifly. "Are sharp enough to rip the hide off a rhinobeast." He said with a touch of pride in his voice. "And my people are native to this planet...we live in the jungles in the southern hemisphere. A place we all know that you humans tend to avoid. It is rather fortunate that only a select bunch of humans know of our existence." The big cat said, looking around at the other competitors and seeing that they would all be worthy companions of the great Muurgh.

11/22/2000 2:19 PM

"How long have you been in the Maze,Muurgh of clan Togar?"asks Geoje.
"Oh,sush Geoje!"shushes his mate."My mate knows nothing of manners,honorable Muurgh.I apoligize for him."
"It has been good meeting you.May our whips serve each other at our next meeting."she says,adding her and Geoje people's formal leavetaking.
Then Rojl and Geoje walk forward into a curve and are gone.


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11/22/2000 4:15 PM

"Hmm. Humans. I fear I will never understand their behaviour..." the big cat said as he watched the pair walk off together. No doubt to mate... he thought with a disgusted scowl. He turned to the others.

"I grow tired of introductions. If any of you feel worthy, you may occompany me." He said, walking off towards the direction he thought he should be going.

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