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11/07/2000 12:13 AM

It was a warm sunny day and you know that nothing
can go wrong with it. But something seemed to gnaw
on the edge of your senses. SOMETHING is not right,
but you are not sure if it is you or something
entirely different. A dread, palpable to your
"mundane" senses, overwhelmed you for a space of
a heatbeat. Then it was gone...

A scream so startling it rent the air for a brief
moment, and then silence reigned again. A deathly
silence. A silence so profound that it chilled you
to your bones.

You crashed through the trees in the general
direction of where the scream came from, a feeling
welling inside your soul. A feeling that you
rarely encounter.


Slapping away a few branches that brushed your
face, you came to a clearing, slightly rising,
covered with white flowers of spring. Near the top
of the small hill, you see a man , his back turned.
Nonetheless you see the dainty white legs of a
woman in crimson robes, though her face was
blocked by the man.

A sudden feeling of embarassment washed over you.
This man and woman must be lovers... The thought
slowly making its way trough your mind. Cursing
the sudden flight that sent you running here, you
blush mildly.

You slowly turned away, mildly apologizing, when,
in midstride, you hear a sound.

The sound of crunching bone.

The chill that vanished a moment ago returned. The
unreasoning terror slowly crept into your soul.
You bid your head not to turn, to resist, to run

You turned.

And what you saw would always haunt the endless
recesses of your mind.

Blood dripped upon the man's shirt, pieces of pink
brain hung from his , its , mouth. The upper half
of the woman's face was gone, a stray eyeball
hanging limply from the right side of her face.

The thing opened its mouth, a terrible scream
ripping through the last vestiges of your sanity.

Then you awaken, sweating, breathing hard. A
nightmare, you say to yourself. A product of too
much studying the magical arts without rest.

You look out the window beside your bed and looked
up into the night sky for comfort.

A few das from now, all the mages of Krynn would
meet. Maybe you can finally find a way to banish
that same dream that haunt you each night...


Just Maybe.....

(OOC: I was planning to have this story for a
Halloween Special but I was a bit late. Anyway,
it is good to be back a being able to spin some
new yarns. By the way, everyone is supposed to
have the same dream. I don't want to spoil the
fun right now. So relax, and have yourself and
your characters a good night... You will need your
sanity intact for this quest... :) )

11/10/2000 5:53 PM

Jevrecus bolts upright in bed after his terrifying
dream. Deciding that trying further to sleep would
be futile he gets up studies his spell book then
goes over to his desk and begins tinkering with one
of his many minor magical inventions. Thinking all
the while about his terrifying dream. Wondering
what it could possibly mean if anything. He decided
it was probably just his nervousness because in a few
days he would have to show one of his inventions
to all the mages of Krynn!
(ooc I know virtually nothing about dragonlance, I
am just tired of waiting for people to post in the
Forgotten realms forum so I cam here, Krynn is the
world right?)

I strike from the shadows :)
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11/13/2000 10:59 AM

Ghostbuster wakes from his sleep with a shout.He remembers every little bit of the dream.That scream...he shivers.
Then,he starts thinking.He was shivering,but it wasn't cold!It was rather warm,reminded him of that day when his Uncle T--his thought is interupted by another.He had once heard someone describe the phrase 'shivering in fear'.
So was he now an afflicted kender?He try's thinking of some monster.No,he's not afraid.But the dream still made him shiver.It must have been magic, and some magic too, to penetrate the shields Paladine put on his sleep.
Perhaps he was meant to find out about it.He decides that this is a mystery worthy of advise.He would go the temple of Paladine in Palanthalas.The Revered Son/Daughter would help him.(OOC:I have no idea,who's the Revered whatever?Should I just make one up?)__________________________________________________

"Observe the spider, how patiently he weaves his web.Then squash the sucker."-Garfield

11/14/2000 7:02 AM

OOC: Crysania is the current Revered Daughter.

The Thorn awakes from the dream in his tower. The dream had bothered him for some time now and his efforts to research it had been fruitless. He had looked for several different clues to banish the horrible images. This time, when he went to his library, he pulled a new book off the shelf, Monsters of Krynn and Their Behavior. Perhaps there was a clue in there.

11/25/2000 12:58 AM

Mi'hourha sits bolt upright in another wing of the tower, and begins sobbing wildly. That face... it was her face... and that man... Who was he? She knew that man's body shape...

Mi'hourha climbs out her bed and wipes her cheeks. She must stop crying and start finding out what's going on.

She recalls a book in the library... Monsters of Krynn and Their Behavior... perhaps there was a clue in there.

She goes to the library whereupon she discovers the Thorn rummaging for the same book.

"Oh, hello, umm, uhh, I was just looking for...for a book..."

She starts trembling, the shock of her ordeal too much for her to handle. Suddenly she passes out in a dead faint.

OCC: Hey Mertonius, Great idea! I like it!

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12/03/2000 8:38 PM

Little by little, the nightmares start to strip away the veneer that was your sanity. A horrifying sensation that few can say that is all together too real.

You slip again into uneasy sleep...

The next day, a letter arrives from the head of the your order.

Silvyana, assistant to the head of the White Robes has died.

Suffering from an unknown malady that drove her mad. A madness that came from nowhere. A madness that killed the Red Robe...

And again, the man in your dreams crept back into the reality that is your sanity. Red robes, crimson robes, a woman dying...

And slowly, your mind slips...

As madness descends...

12/18/2000 7:56 AM

Now that the Thorns order had been accepted by the orders of magic, he felt inclined to seek out the other heads of the colors of magic and inquire if they had the dreams too. With that he left for the tower of high sorcery.

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