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10/26/2000 7:18 AM

You are stirred from your feverish sleep by loud noises.
Your head aches, your whole body does. More loud noises,
explosions you think, followed by pained screams. You try
to move, but can't. Every special ability you may possess
fails. Whoever got you here certainly knew what he or she...
or it..was doing.

As you scan the area around you, your eyes being the only
part of your body you can move, except for your mouth, which
you can barely get enough sound out of to curse whatever
being may be listening, you see scores of people of all sorts,
all of them strapped up in such a way to prevent them from

The screams again, closer this time, much closer. The door, a huge
iron door, creaks as if under a lot of pressure. Then it's blown out
of its hinges. A bright light carries it, so bright you are blinded by it.
As your vision returns two bodies fly through the now open doorway, dead
as they hit the ground. Both are torn beyond recognition, twisted out of shape,
bones and guts laying open. Hideous laughter pains your ears, a dark figure wearing
an even darker cloak walks through the doorway. You know instantly that he, you immedeately recognize
him as a male, is the one responsible for this slaughter. A point proven as he walks
into the light. Eyes, completely black with red irises, forelie that he is no ordinary being.
His mouth is shaped into a terrible mocking of a grin, blood dripping
from his chin. His arms are covered to the elbow in blood, like he just pushed them through
someone's body. Perhaps that isn't far from the truth.

He looks at some people, you included, then laughs hard.

'What a pathetic bunch of weaklings,' he says in a low, deep, but also terrifying
voice 'I wonder why I even did the trouble, little trouble though it was -he looks at the
corpses at his feet and grins-, to come here and take you.'

He crosses his arms in front of his chest, then moves his arm to tap a finger
against his chin.

'Why did I do that again?' he says, feigning distress 'I know....-his voice turns
darker again-, why don't you try to convince me?'

((OOC: Okay, this kinda popped in my head this morning. I'd like to see who of you can
amuse [he has a sense of humour, wicked, but still ;) ] or intrigue him enough to keep
yourself alive. Remember that you are completely immobile, with barely enough strenght
to speak, so even verbal spells can't be done. And your head is aching to much to be any use
in psionics. Not that you could hurt him, though ;).))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

10/26/2000 9:16 AM

Fej Rockhopper, though extremely pain-wrought, could not imagine anything more exciting! Swallowing to wet his throat, he started in a dry, raspy voice; "Who are you? How did I get here? Oh well, I must say it is quite a pleasure to be in your presence!" Which wasn't far from the truth, the strange man was certainly impressive with killing things. "Hey, do you think you could kill an elephant with your own hands? I bet that would be soo coooool!" The kender coughed, which hurt his back and caued him to wince. "You ever go squirrle flinging? It's quite fun. I have a friend who got one to go a good 70'. I am --or at least I was, I think my circulation has been cut off in that arm [chuckle] What a weird feeling! Anyway, I was trying to build up my arm so I could fling a squirrle at least 100'. Woulnd't that just be sooo coooool?!"

Fej's companion in the next table over gave him a week raspberry. "You idiot, he doesn't care about your stupid hoopak." The young elfmainden snapped. She paused to close her eyes as her head suddenly swelled with pain and nausea. "The rats have more class than he does."

10/26/2000 12:30 PM

Joe thinks fast.He doesn't want to be blown up like those people,not at all.His body may be failing him,but his mind is still sharp.
"Your...Eminence,"he croaks,deciding to call him something good,"Could you tell me how you did all those things to those undoubtbly evil people?It sounds interesting,and I'm sure you enjoy your work and would love to tell someone about it."


"he is such a fuck... lol..."- Slappy

10/26/2000 11:58 PM

Turns to Fej and frowns an eyebrow.

'Well actually, I just did kill an elephant with my bare hands,
didn't you hear its trumpetting?'
'Nice try,' he grins 'I work with Slaad, though. They're way more
wacked than you are.'

He turns away, giving you a bit of hope you may survive.

'Ah, yes,' he says to Joe, eying him with contempt 'You mortals are
so good at grovelling.'

Walking up to Joe, he grabs his chin, smudging it with fresh, warm
blood, he narrows his eyes.

'You'd like to know how I killed the lot of them?' he asks 'Fine
then, I'll show you...'

As you look into his eyes, you are flooded with images and sounds.
Blood and guts everywhere, the screams of pain and horror. You also
experience their feelings, pleasure from the killer and horrible suffering
and torment from the victims.

'Had enough already?' he says as he lets you go, the images gone, but
certainly not forgotten in your mind.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

10/29/2000 7:30 AM

"What are Slaad???" Fej immeditly asked.

10/30/2000 5:05 AM

Promptly forgetting Joe, the dark one turns back to Fej.

'Ah yes,' he says 'The Slaad. No-one really knows what in the
Nine Hells those creatures are. They hail from Limbo, the plane
of pure and utter chaos. Some 'wise' scholars believe that not only
do they live in chaos, they are made of it, are part of it. I don't
know what to believe. It's not like I've met one who told me all about
their history and was actually sane enough to be believable, so....'

He shrugs in resign.

'That's why I keep my business with those oversized frogs short, they're
to unpredictable to have around.'

Smart observers may note that you might have struck a cord here, he seems
to enjoy talking like this.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

10/30/2000 7:57 PM

"Oversized frogs???" Fej immediatly started. He paused as the strain sent streaks of pain throughout his body. "Is that really what they look like???"

"If you're lucky, maybe he'll let you see one!" The elfmaiden spat. She looked at the dark man with a wild fear in her eyes.

10/31/2000 7:01 AM

'Strange, isn't it?' he answers to Fej's question 'Though
I find it even stranger that a race of pure chaos chooses
only one form for all their members, it makes no sense.'

'I just might,' he tells the elf maiden with a smile that could
be considered comforting, were it not that he's covered in blood
and he just slaughtered some people in front of you.

'What are your skills?' he asks Fej.

'Or better yet,' he quickly says 'Show me....'

The shackles boundig Fej suddenly loosen and you drop on the
hard floor. The dark man speaks a some incantation in a voice that
could only be considered inhuman, so low and grating. You look up
just in time to see one of the corpses stand up. Skin tearing and
joints creaking with every move, its head lolling losse on its
shoulders. A weapon materialises in your hands, you are surprised
to see that it's your weapon of choice.

'I think ol' happy over there is in need of some bashing,' the dark man
says, pointing towards the walking corpse 'Don't disappoint me.'

The man stands with such confidence, that you are sure that you'd be dead long
before you could even raise a weapon againts him.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

11/01/2000 12:42 PM

The pictures drown out Joe's thoughts,leaving only blood and gore in his mind.His nose start bleeding,his pupils vanish,and only a speck of normally brown eyes remain.
Then that too,is gone.His body relaxes,yet his chest still rises and falls,as if the Gods can't decide if Joe is dead or not.


"he is such a fuck... lol..."- Slappy

11/02/2000 4:14 PM

Fej is immobile for a fraction of a second as he regards the creature with intense curiosity. Then, he grabs a pebble, slips it in the hoopak that came from nowhere (he'd have to ask that man about it sometime!) and launches it at the creature. Deftly doging any blows made toward him, the Kender soon regains his strength with giddy excitement. He grabs whatever loose objects he can find, launching them at the creature's eyes.

The elfmaiden had been concentrating on the man's eyes, not his blood spattered mouth or arms, and he seemed almost charming. . .*No!* She closed her eyes and surpressed a scream at her sudden, unexpected thoughts. She could tell now that she was going insane . . .

11/14/2000 2:48 AM

'Yes, bravo,' the dark man applauds Fej 'Good show.'

At that moment he picks up a line of thought from one of
the prisoners.

'Charming' the word echoes through his mind, an excruciating
pain starts building inside his head. Screaming an unearthly
scream, he collapses to his knees, his hands grasping his head
in pain. His skin starts to change in color, somehow less and
less evil.

'Get back you weakling shit,' he sputters, cursing with every word
'Give it up!'

'Never,' he says, but in a totally different voice, melodic and beautiful
instead of grating and evil.

With another scream he reverts completely back into his dark and evil
form. Slowly he stands up and chuckles.

'I almost lost to that goody goody there,' he thinks to himself.

'Who caused this!' he snarls, looking around.

Then he notices the Elven maiden and realises it could only have been her.
He stalks up to her, a low growl escaping his lips. As he reaches her,
he presses one hand against her throat and starts to squeeze.

'You little whore,' he growls, though there is something in his eyes that
seems to apoligize for this.

'I'm sorry.' you hear the same melodic voice he spoke with earlier
resound in your mind.

His grip on your throat loosens.

'What?' the dark one says, eyes widening. He squeezes again, then stops
altogether, his hand slowly backing, shaking all the way.

'He's doing this,' he snarls, he tries to move it towards you again, but to no

'Consider yourself lucky,' he snarls, giving up the battle against his own body
'This time.....'

He turns and walks away, his body no longer resisting his will.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

11/14/2000 9:56 PM

The elfmaiden watches him as much as she can. She couldn't believe it; there actually WAS good in him! She swallowed, thought, and replied. "My name is Analasnaia, but my friends call me Ana."

Fej watches, confused. He leans on the hoopak in thought.

02/10/2001 12:29 PM

OOC; Fej walks up to Dark One and smaks him over the head with his hoopak; "Hey!! This was a really cool thread!!! Where'd you go?!?!?!"

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