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10/24/2000 5:00 AM

(OOC:Hehe!At last a sci-fi RP forum!Hail Matt and Chung!)
(OOC2:This is in the Star wars world,if you disn't understand from the topic)
The time is a thousand years before the rise of the evil Galactic Empire.The Republic and its Senate rule wisely,and the Jedi Knights keep the peace.
But even in the most sedate time,evil plots...
Fareth,3'rd Sith Lord of Arkath,smiles at the many aspiring apprentices before him.It is not a nice smile,nor one to offer reasurance.
And then he speaks, in his soft powerful voice.
"Welcome apprentices.I am Lord Fareth.You will adress me as Lord.You have come from many worlds,all of you human,all of you pure."
"Some of you have been the rulers of your worlds,some of you have been powerful advisors,some of you have even been Jedi."
Now his voice is harsh,the power more apparent."That means nothing here.Nothing!You all want to become Sith Lords.And as you know,there are only 100 Sith Lords,and only a few positions are unocupied now.Your new training will be like nothing you have ever felt!But it will be worth it,worth the agony,worth the everpresent knowledge that failure is death,worth the ocasional forays with the Jedi.I know,For I have gone through
His voice returns to normal."Now leave.You may choose who shall be in rooms.No duels allowed,on pain of death to all involved."
And the third most powerful man on the Sith planet of Arkath walks back to his room.__________________________________________________

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10/24/2000 5:54 AM

The Sith Warrior Torell watches his superior walk away, leaving the new recruits to go and find their rooms. The hooded figure stands silently, contemplating his masters words and knowing that they would hold true.

Not many of these new faces would make it through the first week here, he thought as he looked at each of the recruits in turn, trying to pick which ones would go the distance in their training.

"Remember what Master Fareth has told you. Your lives depend on it." The sith warrior said, following his master through the massive set of blast doors that led to his chambers.

10/24/2000 3:07 PM

Slightly nervous the new recruit, Eflung Armen
walks to his room contemplating why he ever
decided to attempt to become a sith lord in the
first place. Before finding a room he decided on
momentary insanity. However it seemed this momentary
insanity would have a profound affect on the rest of
his life, that is IF he had much more of a life after a few days here.

10/25/2000 3:26 AM

Fareth turns to Torrel once they are alone."So,warrior,did you feel a power among any of them?Are any worthy in your opinion of the position?"


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10/25/2000 4:15 AM

The sith bowed his head to his master before speaking. "I did, my lord. There were a few potentials, but one that caught my attention. He registered under the name of Eflung Armen, and I sensed that he is not yet sure of his desicion to come here...much like I was when you found me. Maybe I should test him tonight?" Torell asked, hoping that his assumptions on the newcomer were correct, and that he could be easily trained to harness the power of the darkside.

10/25/2000 10:07 AM

A tall Sith Lord walks in. His skin is as dark as his black robes. He stands before Fareth and begins to speak.

"I am Darth Shadow. I come from the future. Two thousand years into the future. I am here to warn you. The Sith will almost be destroyed because they fight amongst theirselves during an up coming battle. Train the Sith's to work together. Otherwise in the future, there is only two... A master and an apprentice," with that he then walks off into the shadows and disappears.

10/25/2000 1:02 PM

Sensing a stiring in the force Eflung Armen got up.
He knew something important had just happened
however he was not sure what it was or even how he
knew. He left his room to take a walk.

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10/25/2000 2:49 PM

(OOC: Py,I can't believe you used that quote!Why,man,why?)
Lord Fareth watches Darth Shadow appear and disapear with calm.Sith Lords do not feel amazment or suprise,only mild iratebaality and raging and murderous anger.This couldn't have been one of the last Sith Lords.He was to weak,not even as powerful as the twelfth Sith Lord of Arkath,and Fareth sensed this.
He is instantly suspicious."I believe that the Jedi have sent either a spy or a warning,warrior.Alert the Sith Warriors.All non-Warriors and Sith Lords are to be kept in quarters!"
"Oh,and find that talented apprentice of yours.Bring him to me.We will see if he has doubts after that!"
That said,Fareth lays back,and relaxes as much as he can.After 'meeting' with the boy,he would have to inform the 1'rst and 2'cnd Sith Lords of the spy.Fortunatly they were off the acedemy.Here he was in charge.
He notices that Torell still stands before him."Well,warrior?Move!"


"he is such a fuck... lol..."- Slappy

10/25/2000 4:43 PM

"Immediately my lord." Torell says to his master and exits the chamber, heading towards the place where the new recruits were finding their rooms. The sith had specifically had the complex desgined so there would be less rooms than candidates...therefore promoting fighting over rooms...the perpetrators of which would would be made an example of.

He found the room with little trouble, finding the sith-to-be waiting, doing some excersices. "Eflung. No questions, just follow me." the warrior said, leading the other back to his master with haste.

10/25/2000 8:29 PM

"Would you like totest my powers?" The sithlord says as he walks out with a double bladed light saber with black blades. "I am the sith who starts our order back up in the future. You may think I am not that powerful, but I have learned a new power of the force. How to hide my power." At that point his power peaks and with a few simple hand movements, his lightsaber splits into two weapons.

10/26/2000 12:16 PM

With a gesture and an exercise of will,Fareth drains one of the weapons energy source.
"So you say.I sense power in you,yes,but not that kind of power.The Sith would have to grow weak indeed before one such as you became a Darth."
He takes out his own double bladed lightsaber with its pure white blades.He detracts one,leaving it with one blade."Very well,let us test our skills.Darth against Darth.Defend yourself."
With no more warning then that,Fareth strikes fast against Darth Shadows handle with the blade of his lightsaber,meaning to destroy his opponents weapon, only to find it not there anymore.
He smiles.He had not had a good fight in months."Your move,Shadow."


"he is such a fuck... lol..."- Slappy

10/26/2000 3:38 PM

"Alright..." He says as he leaps into the air and summons his other half of his weapon and reconects them. He then reunites the power sources and goes in at his attack. He spins the staff around quickily in one hand and shoots a lightning blt from his other. He shuts off his blades and puts it away. He throws off his robe to reveal a chest plate of black and some special bracers. He holds out he arms and two blades of black appear with out touching them. He hits them together so that he can see that they are real. He then uses his speed ability and runs around Fareth and slices his robe off from him and then laughs as he looks at the other Sith Lord.

10/27/2000 1:45 PM

Eflung stands watching the duel amazed at both of
their skill and abilities. He is beginning to see
the level of power he might one day obtain. his
doubts immediatly vanished and were replaced by
a sense of awe. He decided at that moment he
wanted to be not just any sith lord, but the most
powerfull sith lord ever !

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10/29/2000 7:13 PM

Torell watches as the unknown Sithlord engages his master in combat.

Raising his senses, Torell touched the now unleashed power of this new Sithlord, and allowed himself a smile. He was nowhere near the level of his current master, Fareth.

Why he does not strike him down, and stop toying with him, I will never know...Torell thought as he watched his master easily defending himself. He counted numerous times where he himself would have ended the combat, but noticed his master was just testing the power of the Sith that had supposedly established a new order of Sith in the future. He thought that if the Sith had been wiped out, then there would have been many secrets lost over time, especially the closely guarded secrets of alchemy and sith sorcery, and therefore this Sith must have come seeking them...if he indeed was what he says he is.

He turned to Eflung, who was standing beside him. "Ignore the infedel who would try and defeat Master Fareth. He is nothing. I will be able to train you to become much more powerful than this one if you are ready to give yourself over to the darkside." He said quietly, out of earshot of the buzzing and snapping sounds of lightsaber combat.

(OOC: I was just wondering how to do italics...is it like the ezboards with [] or is it just plain HTML?)

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11/01/2000 12:34 PM

OOC:Py,ok,youve established your powerful,but don't overdo it.And Odin, its .
Fareth's smile becomes a frown.This Shadow was more powerful then he thought.The Sith Lord of Arkath couldn't beat him easily.
But I can still beat him.It will require...power.
He draws on his hatred,his anger at being defied an easy victory,and unleashes it through his arms as blue Lightning,the essence of the dark side.
The bolts of dark power hit Shadow and throw him to the ground.As quick as the lightning he had just summoned,Fareth brings his lightsaber blade to rest an inch from Shadows neck.
"You are powerful, I admit.But I am more so."He says with a voice frought with rage.His voice softens little,but it softens."Perhaps I could teach you.You have potential."


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11/02/2000 9:41 AM

"Please, teach me great one. I wish to go back to my time and be able to train my Sith Order to become powerful Sith Lords and to eventually wipe out the jedi."

Shadow deactivates his Psiblades and stands up.

"I beleive I could teach you a few of my tricks too, such as the power trick. It is very useful when going up against jedi. It allows you to move without being detected by them. It is very handy for me where I am know as the 'Jedi Assassin.'"

11/02/2000 4:09 PM

Torell watches with pleasure as his master finally unleashes his power on this new Darth Shadow, and subdues him.

"It seems that we all have something that we could learn from this..." the warrior says, his cortosis ore armour dully reflecting the light of his masters chambers. "I request to test Eflung, my Lord, so that we may begin his...and this newcomers training."

11/03/2000 7:45 PM

Eflung eagerly looks at Torell and master Fareth.
Hoping that his training will progress quickly.

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11/06/2000 2:44 PM

Seeing a slight nod from his master, (OOC sorry for doing actions for ya Joe, but I want to get this thing going!) Torell takes the young apprentice aside, probing his mind, looking for the spot in the others mind that would repel him if he was force sensitive.

After a few seconds of probing, Torell felt the right part of the mind and pushed slightly, the unconcious reaction of the force from the other sending Torell flying violently across the room, slamming into the far wall. The sith looked annoyed, but got up anyway, knowing that his reaction was much similar when Fareth tested his force potential.

"You are strong, the force is with you, Eflung. I will begin your training now, and I assure you that in short time you will have much more power than you could possibly have imagined." He said, seeing the spark in Eflungs eyes that signalled he was ready.

"Are there any questions before we depart?" The sith asked, not just to Eflung but to all those that were present.

11/06/2000 6:23 PM

Eflung turns to lord Fareth and asks "how many years
did it take for u to become a sith lord?"

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11/07/2000 2:39 PM

(OOC) don't you mean Torell? ;) If you didn't, then just ignore this post!


Torell turns to face his apprentice square on, a thoughtful look on his face. "I took a vow many years ago that I would not become a Sithlord, but the best Sith warrior there could be. Although I am more powerful than many of the reigning Sithlords at the moment, I choose to stay by my original masters side and serve him till I die. This is the devotion I expect from you, until you become powerful enough to go for the position of Sithlord." Torell said, turning to Fareth and giving a slight bow of acknowledgement.

"All in all I have been practicing the ways of the Sith for nearly 20 years, although Master Fareth found me when I was six. The ways of instruction have been improved since then, and I'm sure you will become a Sithlord in a much shorter span of time." The sith said, the Sith hyrogliphs(sp?) on his armour catching the light, shining a mystical silvery colour.

11/08/2000 3:02 PM

OOC:No prob,Odin.But my comps fixed,so no need to do it again.And I'm guessing he meant me.
Fareth smiles at Shadow,his almost good humor returned now that he had demonstarted his power.
"Yes,we could both learn and teach one another..."It seems that Fareth would continue,but it is then that Torell asks for permission to test Elfung.
Fareth nods.Torell always had the need to test the students,despite the fact that if they were not powerful they would not be allowed to train to be a Sith Lord.
But Torell had a gift for finding the most powerful of the powerful.Already two Sith Lords had been tought by him.
As the apprentice asks his question,Fareths face hardens."You ask how long I trained?You ask how long I trained for this?"
His voice grows angrier,each word coming out with a cutting edge."I trained for this my whole life!My parents died,by my own hand!I became a Sith,then a Sith Lord, and I helped found this world of Sith!Where you could be trained to be a Sith Lord!But even here there are rules.And each of these is very simple.You hesitaite,you die.You use the Light Side,you are banished with your memory Force Wiped.Warrior!"he calls to Torell,who had stood watching him berate the young man silently."Take him and train with him.And explain to him,what it means to be trained."
(OOC:I have no idea what.Invent something suitably evil)

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11/09/2000 3:24 PM

His desire to become the strongest sith lord only
increased after Fareth's outburst. As he walked away
with Torell he muttered under his breath "perhaps
if it took you your entire life to reach the level
of power you have today then you should have given
up long ago and become a Jedi! they are more
tolerant of slow learners!"

I strike from the shadows :)

11/09/2000 4:19 PM

Hearing Eflungs muttered remark, Torell was momentarily taken back by the sheer stupidity of his comment, but said nothing, prefering to let the force do the work.

He dove into Eflungs mind, finding the nerve ending that is the main cause for headaches and pinching it, instantly causing a more intense pain than a severe migraine headache
could ever cause. The aprrentice sith had no other choice than to drop to his knees holding his head, but as soon as he did that, Torell released him. "That was a minor punishment. If Fareth had heard you say that, you would most likely have suffered a fate worse than death from him, potential Sithlord or not. I hope this is the last lesson I have to give on respect. The next will not be so pleasant." Torell said, and helped his apprentice to his feet.

"We will begin testing your danger sense shortly. Every force user has some kind of specialty that he or she has, whether it be mind control, combat, control over the elements, it will be determined for you in the tests to come."

11/09/2000 7:08 PM

Standing up still holding his head Eflung obediantly
follows Torell to the training center.

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11/13/2000 9:22 AM

Fareth recovers from his outburst.These new apprentices!Thinking that being a Sith Lord was something that you did, not understanding that it was what you are.This Shadow was a Sith in truth,despite not being the greater then Fareth.He had Hatred and Anger.Ah yes,Shadow...
"So, Shadow.I find this new skill of yours very interesting.Could you show it to me?"he says,and sits down on thin air,levitating.


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11/13/2000 2:43 PM

Torell lead Eflung through a few slight twists and turns, the hallways gradually becoming smaller in overall size and turning into a small labyrinth(sp?). Torell increased his pace, turning into a sprint that lost his apprentice.

Your test has begun, my apprentice. Torell said into the others mind. Make it to the end of the maze, using the force to guide your way as well as sense for danger. he continued, moving over to a control panel and security screen where he could track the progress of his apprentice and set traps for his remotely.

11/14/2000 3:14 PM

Determined to get through the maze, thought not
knowing exactly how, Eflung decided to close his eyes
and attempt to follow the path hoping that the force
would guide him. suddenly he sensed danger, he
whirled around and saw behind him a.....

I strike from the shadows :)

11/14/2000 3:50 PM

The wall opens up behind Eflung, and a fine net shoots out at head level, looking to slice through the sith apprentices head. Torell noticed that he had indeed sensed the trap before the wall opened, a good sign of a strong warrior.

But it wasn't over yet.

11/15/2000 3:50 PM

Eflung ducks under the net and runs down another
corridor away from the trap.

I strike from the shadows :)

11/18/2000 8:08 PM

Torell watches as his apprentice reacts as every other student had so far, and ducked under the net, which sent him down a corridor that had little holes all over the floor, walls and roof, and was colored a dull red. It did'nt take many people long to realise that it wasn't painted red, it was stained with blood.

As Eflung walks down the corridor, a blast door behind him closes, sealing off the way back back, making the apprentice have to walk through the hallway.

(OOC: OK I may as well tell you so you can put it into your posts, that the little holes hold poison tipped spears and are scttared around the hallway at random :))

11/20/2000 6:53 PM

Eflung stops abruptly seeing the holes and the red
walls and putting two and two together. Knowing
there are no other paths he closed his eyes and
began to run down the corridor, With his eyes
closed he had no idea when to jump or duck however.
He was never hit. He ran through the corridor
almost to the end without getting hit. Then as
he paused for only a moment to anticipate getting
out he was nicked by one of the spears. It seemed
he had celebrated his victory to early. However
the wound seemed minor and he walked onward for
a while before the poisen overwhealmed him and he
slumped to the ground.

I strike from the shadows :)
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11/22/2000 2:26 PM

OOC:As resident Big Boss,I wish to order a challenge surmounted only by using the dark side,not the light side.


... Jesus cried with a loud voice: Lazarus, come forth; the bug hath been
found and thy program runneth. And he that was dead came forth...
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11/22/2000 4:05 PM

Torell notices Eflung slump to the ground, but was impressed at how far he made it down the hallway. No student had ever completely made it down, but this one had come close. He formed an image of himself in Eflungs mind, and instructed him on how to go about neutralising the poison that was in him.

In moments, Torell was in front of his apprentice, roughly lifting him to his feet. "Your danger sense is good enough. Now for some combat training." he said with a slight grin. He tossed Eflung a lightsaber, and ignited his own, coming in lightning quick with an overhead strike that would have split the apprentice in two, had he not ignited his blade and blocked it. Torell used the force to open up a side panel that was in the hallway, and pushed Eflung out into the area with the force.

(OOC: OK, here comes the darkside!)

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