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10/12/2000 1:24 PM

(ooc...Well, it's been a long time since I've seen there has been a bar thread, and I miss the old Dew Drop Inn from the old forum. It had.... sentimental value.)

An old man stands behind the bar and looks around. The Inn is old and worn down. Dust is everywhere. Pyranthas Bronzeblade walks inside and looks around.
"I'll have a wine please."

"For being my first customer since we have reopened, its on the house! I'll give a free drink to the next nine people!"

Pyranthas takes his drink and then sits down at a dusty table next to the fire place.

"Looks as if you could use some help cleaning up. I'll gladly help you old man," The Templar says as he downs his drink and then gets to work cleaning the in up. With in a few hour, the place looks like new again.

Come have a drink.
Bronzeblade Keep

10/12/2000 1:39 PM

A red-headed merc with dried blood on her silver breastplate and bracers enters the bar. She stands short yet straight and strong in the doorway and slowly looks around, the muscles in her left arm pulsating as she caresses her sword.

Curls a lip, "I need a bath," with arrogance she strides to the bar, her black leather trousers and sleeveless top making that leathery squeaking sound as she moves to the bar.

Placing her chainmailed hands upon the hard wood of the bar she puts her face in the barkeep's face, she smells of leather and roses, "I will take that free drink, plus offer you twenty gold for a room and a meal," slams down a heavy pouch, "Make that drink a mulled wine, if you'd be so kind," smiles and takes a stool.


*walks on moss*

10/13/2000 8:51 AM

Pyranthas looks at the new comer in the blue robe and then sits back and falls asleep in his chair next to the fire place.

Come have a drink.
Bronzeblade Keep

10/13/2000 1:42 PM

"Mmmm, nizze and cozzy here...", exclaims a voice from outside the door. In stalks a large huddled form, wearing a hooded blue cloak. Underneath the cloak, a tail could be seen swishing side to side...

It took a seat at the bar, at first having a little trouble sitting on the barstool. After successfully getting its balance, it motioned to the bartender with a golden clawed hand.

The journey has been long and hard. Perhaps here, friends and fortune could be made.

(If my tongue were not so long, I could speak without the hissing, and maybe others will not look at me strangely. I shall try again...)

"I sshall have one of those free drinkss, bartender. Your besst wine..."


10/14/2000 5:02 PM

A shout is heard from outside the inn.
"No!Forthelasttime!I won't build you a better trash can!"
A Gnome walks in,muttering angrily.
"stupidgulllydwarfsIcan'tunderstandwhycan'ttheyleavemealone..." noticing the people inside watching him,he smiles nervously and says."nevermind."
He jumps up into a chair by the bar,and says with obvious effort,"A Glass Of Water, Please."


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/14/2000 5:13 PM

Aurora strums her fingers on the bar in restless bordom when the blue robed strager with the strange accent takes a seat beside her.

"Good evening, Sir! You seem to have travelled far. How fares your journey?"

10/14/2000 6:38 PM

The gnome recieves the water and looks around the room,evaluating the people in the room.
As he notices the sleeping Pyranthas,he smiles.
"Ah!Asubject!letusseenow..."he says to himself as he walks over to the sleeping man."Nowweputhisfingerinit..."as he says this,he suits action to word and inserts Py's middle finger into the glass of water,"andwait." __________________________________________________

"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/15/2000 2:45 PM

Autumn turns and sees a puddle form under Pyranthas's chair. She chortles.

"Um, um, um....Khellendros?" stands and runs and leaps into his arms, "I missed you!" spills her mulled wine all over him.

The two of them tumble and fall, landing upon Ingrid, "Ooops! Sorry!" scrambles to her feet, "Nice to meet you, ma'dam," then eyes the obviously lizardous one, "Want a piercing?" whips out a hollow needle, "3 gold and I'll be gentle," grins displaying her multiple piercings.

"My new vocation," she whispers loudly to Khellendros and nods very business-like.

Don't worry, it's only kinky the first time.

10/15/2000 2:59 PM

The Gnome watches Pyranthas's actions with interest,and when he is put down,he imediatly takes out a notebook and starts writing in crabby handwrighting."Interesting Develpment of Finger in Water Experiment.Subject absorbed water.Normal result?no."
He returns the notebook to his backpack and sticks out his hand."Hello.Mynameis...Imean,My Name Is Kalligofenicdeorganherotgasrpet.Sorryformy,Imean,Sorry For My Short Name,But I come from A Young Family.Whats Your Name?"
Kalligofenicdeorganherotgasrpet, or Kalligo for short,takes a deep breath.It is obvious that speaking slow is hard for him.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/16/2000 2:19 AM

"Oh, the journey hass been long and I fear the road iss longer sstill but here I plan to relaxx and partake in a few pleasuresss. Thank you for assking.", the hooded stranger said to the woman named Aurora as it lapped at its wine. Ah, most refreshing!

Then the hubbub began and soon the creature found itself staring at the one called Autumn who was selling her talent while lying on the floor.

"That'ss a mosst generouss offer, my lady, but...", the creature pauses to fold back his hood, revealing the reptilian visage of an aurak draconian with multiple piercings in his many fins around his head, "I already have plenty..."

The draconian helps pull the tangled mass of people apart, introducing himself after helping them stand.

"I am Gildess. Iss everyone alright?"

10/18/2000 11:14 PM

Aurora falls on her bum, under the mass of Autumn and Khellendros.

"Whoa. No more for you tonight," she chuckles to Autumn and accepts Gildess' hand of assistance.

"Well met, Gildess. Thank you."
Aurora gives him a strange look, but a warm smile.

"It's not every day that I get the honor of meeting one of your kind. What brings you to these parts, Sir?"

10/19/2000 12:36 AM

Gildess seems to smile.

"I sseek fortune and alliess, my lady. Same ass any of you, I ssupposse."

"(ahem)...Forgive me of my sspeech. The hissing is something I cannot help..."

"Anyway, if you are wondering why a draconian iss here, well, perhaps that iss a tale I can tell you over another drink, perhapss?"

10/19/2000 10:39 AM

Slowly, a goblin shambles into the inn. For a goblin, he is well dressed, wearing a black robe, and he's clean too. He appears to have several bruises about his face and his left eye. He moves over to a corner and and plops down at a vacant table. "Ale," says Wart timidly.

10/20/2000 10:51 AM

Wart looks up at the mention of gnome. He hated gnomes. A gnome had nearly killed him one time with one of his stupid machines.

10/20/2000 12:48 PM

Kalligo lowers his hand.Apparently this elf doesn't shake.
He turns as the goblin enters.He seems famaliar."Ohyes!YouwerethesubjectofuncleFlish'sexpirement!Sadwhathappenedtohimthough."He adds less excitetly.

"Hi!I'm Kalligo."He reaches out a hand.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/20/2000 10:19 PM

Aurora takes her seat again and motions for Gildess back to his.

"I'm always game for a good tale! Especially when it is true. Please, tell your story."

10/22/2000 2:09 PM

"Oops! Sorry m'lady," she apologizes to Aurora, "I am seeking work, a battle of some sort. Perhaps you know where I can find a dragon?" grimmaces at the draconian.

Dusts off Khellendros's robes and Autumn begins to strip off her armor, tossing it careless in a corner, "Check this out," flexes a muscles, "I want something to slay!" pounds her fist again.


Don't worry, it's only kinky the first time.

10/23/2000 1:22 AM

"...Sso, then I sslew my commanding officer and fled my battalion. I travelled miless and miless, with no particular plasse to go. For awhile, I ussed magic to alter my appearansse but that grew tiring and I wanted to meet otherss the way that I am. And now, here I am, ssharing a drink with...", Gildess stops his rambling after noticing Aurora's attention on Autumn.

"Ah, I sseek work ass well. Perhapss we can work together to sslay dragonss and such! Have a drink with uss, warrior-woman, my treat!"

10/23/2000 10:05 PM

Aurora puts a hand on Autumn's shoulder and smiles at her long time friend.

"Ah now, before we see action, lets hear our guests tale. He seems a bit different than others of his kind. I think he's quite charming."

*Aurora winks at Gildess*

"Please continue..." she askes the Draconian when
Khellendros extends his invitiation. "Well, the more the merrier!"

10/24/2000 12:59 AM

Gildess nods as Khellendros invites them all. Seeing Aurora wink at him, his cheeks glow a bit blue. He then ambles his way over to the magically-grown table and sits between Autumn and Aurora.

"Hmm, what elsse shhould I sshare with you all? Ah, yess, how about the time, during my travelss, I encountered a kender who actually admitted to sstealing! Hahahahaa!"

10/24/2000 9:39 AM

"Perhaps you are right, Aurora, let us enjoy the evening," pours out the mulled wine, "Have another drink."

Turns to Gildess, "How bizarre," Autumn comments on the draconian's tale and finishes another mug of mulled wine, "I once met a gnome," glances at the gnome who is present, "Who's name was Bob," curls a lip in a poor immitation of a smile, "So, Gildess, did you kill the kender?"

Hears Khellendros address her and stands, "Just a moment, I'll be right back."

Autumn walks to Khellendros's chair, bends over and kisses him hard on the mouth, knocking him and his chair over with a THUMP, "Yes, it is I, Your Eminence," casually returns to her seat and slides back in between Gildess and Aurora, "So, did you kill him?"

Fiddles with the hilt of her sword.

Don't worry, it's only kinky the first time.

10/24/2000 10:41 AM

Wart also scurries up to the table. The invitation had been made in general and perhaps he could get some information that would please his master.

10/24/2000 2:02 PM

Kalligo takes a seat at the table,taking for granted that such a noted reasercher as himself would be included.He takes out his notebook and starts making notes.
At Autums comment,he lifts his head."Bob?Perhaps You Mean Bobaranthusaterpyonewpriyot.A Good Friend Of Mine And A Fellow Reasercher."


Erotic is using a feather. Kinky is using a chicken.

10/25/2000 1:14 AM

Gildess turns to Autumn, "Well, I had no choicce. The fool tried to ssteal my belongingss and when I had caught him, he tried to backsstab me. Me! An aurak! Quite a viciouss one, he wass."

Gildess laps a little more wine. He then basks in the company of others. Perhaps, his lonely wanderings will come at an end here in this inn.

10/25/2000 9:03 PM

Aurora bursts out in laughter at Glidess' description of the Kender's demise. So much so that the Ale she was drinking spewed out her nose and onto the little Gnomes head.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" she laughed as she took the napkin and patted his head dry.

10/26/2000 7:04 AM

"Good. One less kender," nods approvingly at Gildess.

Studies Kalligo, "Perhaps you are right about that name. So smart, your race is. Whatcha writin? Making planes for a flying machine or something?"


Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into
jet engines.

10/26/2000 10:34 AM

Wart laughs at the sight of beer showering the gnome. how he hated them. Perhaps there was some way that he could get this one killed, or at least in trouble.

10/26/2000 12:48 PM

Kalligo shakes himself,throwing beer in all directions.
At Autumns question,he shows her his sketches."Here.Thesearemy-Damnit,Ialwaysmessupthehumanluanguage...These Are My Plans For The Water System For Mount Nevermind.It Is Based On The Human Body.Do You Mind Helping In An Expirement Proposed By Mount N.'s Very Young Gnomes Commitie?"
"If Not,Just Put Your Finger In A Glass Of Water And Go To Sleep.The Commitie Said The Reaction Is Quite Interesting."
All this time,Kaligo is writing in another notebook.He was getting the hang of this infernaly slow language.


"he is such a fuck... lol..."- Slappy

10/27/2000 12:06 PM

Wart was going crazy. The damn gnomes ramblings were driving him insane. Finally he couldn't take it. He stood up and shouted, "Shut yer' trap you monstrosity. You are driving me crazy. I'll kill you!"

10/29/2000 7:10 PM

~A lady dressed in midnight black robes appears in the Inn and walks to the darkest corner that somehow manages to become more dark and cold as she enters it. She ignores the strange glances she recieves from a few of the patrions. She looks up and her ice cold blue eyes observe everything and everyone in the Inn. She calls over a barkeep and orders a red wine.~ Some things never change. ~Her wine arrives and she sips it for a few minutes.~ I see that my arch rival is not here.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

10/29/2000 7:47 PM

Gildess looks on the antics of the gnome and goblin in idle amusement.

He then turns to Aurora, "Sso, Lady Aurora, what taless do you have to sshare in thiss table?"

10/30/2000 9:16 PM

Aurora grabs both the goblin and the gnome by their collars. "Either kill each other now, or sit down, be quiet and start drinking." She lets them go and continues to entertain Gildess with her latest journey escorting a merchant band to the Qualinesti outskirts, and their skirmish with a band of smelly ogres.

"...So I fired an arrow, and the last thing its eyes focused in on, was the shaft imbedded between its eyes!..."

10/31/2000 3:20 PM

"You're dead," screams the goblin as he pulls out a knife and jumps across the table at the gnome.

10/31/2000 7:07 PM

"Fight, Fight, Fight!" slams her mug repeatedly upon the table and urges on Aurora, the Gnome, and goblin.

In a drunken surge of idiocy, Autumn stands on her chair and moons everyone, then tips over and lands at the feet of the mysterious woman in black robes. Rubs her forehead and looks up at The Dark Lady, "Mommy?"

*passes out*


Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into
jet engines.

11/01/2000 2:30 AM

*A catlike noise is heard. Hooded lands on the ground and stretches. Making it quite clear he's been hiding in the rafters for a long time. Looking around at the annoyed faces, Hooded "politely" sneers at each in turn.*

"What's the matter? Bad timing?" Hooded says and turns to the smallest and most vulnerable looking barmaid. "Barwench. A mug of your most expensive dwarf spirits..." Hooded pauses dramatically. "And make it snappy."

*With that, Hooded goes to a table and sits by himself. Some things never change Hooded notes looking around at the gathered patrons.*

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
Minus the *'s

11/01/2000 7:42 AM

Aurora rolls her eyes as tiny hands and feet grab and kick at each other. It would have been funny, had her shin not been in the way of the goblin's flailing feet.

"Aw, hell. Are you hungry Gildess? Because I see two tender appetizers fighting in front of us!," she yelled loud enough for the two little brawlers to hear.

11/16/2000 12:18 AM

Gildess lets a threatening smile come to his face. "Hmm, yes, I hear gnome flesh can be quite tasty when warmed by magic fire. Thought I'm not sure about goblin meat..." Gildess' right hand lights up as a small flame flares up from within.

He nods to Hooded and to the Dark Lady in acknowledgment when the Dark One gets her eyes off the spectacle that Autumn caused.

Perhaps, it was the wine, but the gnome and goblin really did started to look tasty...

11/16/2000 11:09 AM

Wart's fury built, and with the sudden mention of being eaten, he feared for his life. He knew he had to kill the gnome now. The goblin thrust the knife into the gnome's chest over and over again until he quit moving. Wart then got up and went to sit by his master quietly, never looking at Hooded.

11/17/2000 8:40 AM

Kalligo stands up and removes his expiremental blade-proof vest.
"Wellwadyaknow!Itworked!Goblin,I Thank
You.Maybe You Would Like Some Reward For Your Help In The Expirement?"the gnome says,happily putting the vest back on after checking it for holes and finding none.
"Perhaps You Could Paticapate In Another Expiriment? It Has To Do With A Glass Of Water And Your FInger,And No-One Has Agreed To Do It."

The time for action is past! Now is the time for senseless bickering.
He who dies with the most toys,wins.

11/17/2000 10:06 PM

*Hooded furrows his brows annoyed at Gildess. Hearing his words as a threat against his goblin. No one damaged Hooded's property but Hooded. Just to prove his point, Hooded picks up a chair and aims a swing at Wart.*

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
Minus the *'s

11/21/2000 11:18 AM

Wart catches his master's movement out of the corner of his eye. Rather then taking a chair shot to the head, the goblin pulls the annoying (and not dead) gnome into the chairs path.

11/22/2000 2:52 PM

Kalligo screams in sheer terror,a high pitched screech.He hastily ducks,and the chair falls over him,hitting the table.
"Youmother*beep*whythe*beep*didyoudothat?!I'll*beep*killyou!"the excited gnome shouts.He reaches into a vest pocket and takes out a strange looking stick.It appears to have a round spot,and a thick and barrel like metal.He pushes the round spot.
After the dust from the explosion had settled,Kalligo views the remenants of the bar with delight."Itworks!!Itworks!"he happily cries,skipping and jumping.He then takes out a notebook and starts writing franticlly.


... Jesus cried with a loud voice: Lazarus, come forth; the bug hath been
found and thy program runneth. And he that was dead came forth...
-- John 11:43-44 [version 3.0]

11/26/2000 12:41 AM

Gildess looks at the destruction surrounding him and after his tenth goblet of wine, looks around in a drunken haze and says, "That'ss some potent wine!"

Turning to Aurora, he then says, "Is thiss what you mammalss call being drunk? Becausse I think I am!"

He then passes out next to Autumn.

11/27/2000 11:55 PM

Aurora stares at Gildess and Autumn at her feet, and the gnome's handiwork close by. For moments, she just sat there, unblinking. "A drunk draconian and merc. And Kaligo, instrument of desctruction." She whispered quietly to herself. Then, she errupted into laughter at the spectacle of it all.

"Quickly!!!" she yelled, "I need an artist to commission. This is a rare sight indeed, and it would be a grave disservice to the world of humor to let it go by unrecorded!!"

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12/02/2000 6:08 AM

Kalligo talks rapidly to himself,smiling and giggling."Yes!Yes!Itworks,Icanstartmarkertingthem!lets see,10-20silverperpiece,atleastathousandpeicessoldintenweeks!I'llberich!"
He thinks a little."Letstellthelittlepeople."
The gnome turns to the group at large."Dear People,I Am Marketing My Invention,'The Very New And Very Interesting Exploding Things Device,Powered By Sulfer And A Mixture Of Other Things'.10-20 Silver A Piece.You Can Find It At My New Store."
Kalligo then runs out the tavern.__________________________________________________

We're sorry,but the planet called 'Earth' is due for destruction.Please evacuate this world in ten seconds...nine...eight...seven...six...five...four...three...two...one.
Thank you for listening,and have a nice death.

12/04/2000 11:52 PM

Gildess groggily wakes up and looks around. Seeing Aurora excited about something, he mutters to himself, "N-need fressh air..."

He excuses himself from the table and heads outside. As soon as he breaths in the fresh air, he gets the urge to purge and soon the ground is littered with his foul excrement. Belching, he wipes his mouth and heads back inside. He then feels a tap on his back. He turns around...


A hoopak smacks him right on the head and he stumbles back into the bar.

A female kender stands in the doorway, a serious expression on her face (surprising for a kender).

"You ate your last kender, Scaly! For making a meal out of my brother, I'll...I'll...tan your hide!"

12/06/2000 3:58 PM

Wart didn't want to be around his master when he was in a foul mood. Seeing the disgusting draconian leave, the goblin shambles over to Aurora's tables and sits down beside her. He can't draw, but maybe the goblin could put some moves on her. It had been a while since he'd seen a female of his own race, so she would have to do.

12/13/2000 11:00 AM

Aurora notices the little goblin sitting beside her inching closer and closer every minute. She crinkles her nose at the odors wafting from his little form.

"Ah Wart, how quickly we turn our attention from the gnome. I take it you two are friends now?"

She changes the topic when she realized that Wart was being a little flirt. Aurora chuckled inwardly again at the sight. She would never be THAT drunk as to flirt with a goblin. But, she thought to herself, it would be funny to see wart passed out on the floor with Gildess and Autumn.

"Barkeep! Three ales for my fine friend here!" she yells and gives them all to Wart. "Its on me, Wart! Drink up!"

12/18/2000 7:53 AM

Free ale. The goblin had never gotten free drinks, normally people just told him to go away and Hooded always made him buy his own. Maybe Aurora really did like him. To impress her, the goblin slammed the first two, but kept the third to nurse while he talked to the two people, or was it one, sitting next to him.

12/19/2000 3:20 AM

Gildess took another whack in the stomach and was knocked back by the adept kender. Drunk as he was, he was barely aware he was in danger. He turned swiftly around to get his weapons he left at the table and unknowingly knocked the kender off her feet with his long tail. Gods, he could barely remember his spells. It seemed the other patrons were ignorant of the attack on his person as well. He approached the table, saw the goblin being friendly with Aurora, and promptly retched all over him, unable to contain his stomach after that last whack.

"Ssorry, ssmall one. Blame that one on the kender back there..." He pointed towards the angry she-kender as she stood up, ready for more trouble.

"So what? What are you gonna do about it? Your skin is still mine, Scaly!", she exclaimed.

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12/19/2000 6:43 AM

Wart sat there in disbelief. He had been dirty and disgusting, but never, and he means never, had he been covered in puke. The goblin made a move to go wash himself clean but when he stood up the smell assalted his nose and made his stomach churn. He turned to the side (to avoid Aurora) and promptly puked on the passed out patrons on the floor. Having relieved himself of his dinner, the goblin staggered up to a room to find a water basin and clean himself.

12/21/2000 1:55 PM

Aurora smiles at the little Kender woman. "Well, you certainly are brave, but correct me if I'm wrong but dont you think hitting a Drunk Draconian in the gut is a sure fire way to get eaten as well?"
redwizards.com (http://www.redwizards.com)

12/22/2000 12:12 AM

The female kender looks sternly at Aurora. "Do I know you? Well, don't butt in! Scaly, here, ate my brother! And now he's all mine..."

Gildess wipes his mouth, as he gives the kender another look. "Ah, yess, I remember. Your brother was a basstard. The little backsstabber got what he desserved. I will not apologizze for eating him." (Of course, that was the drink talking, Gildess was a more prudent draconian, normally.)

The lady kender shook with rage. "DIE, monster!" As she ran and aimed the pointed end of the hoopak towards Gildess' head.

12/22/2000 4:23 PM

It was that moment the Wart decided to come stumbling out of the room. Being drunk, the goblin proceeded to fall down the stairs and crash right into the female kender.

Wart untangled himself and staggered over to Aurora. "Hey beautiful, sorry about the interruption," slurs Wart (who is now clean).

12/31/2001 8:56 AM

(OOC -- better late than never. so, husband, you want to play? i'll show you i've still got it.)

Outside, a woman's commanding voice can be heard over the bustle of the midday marketplace, "OUTA MY WAY, MISFIT!" a kender gets a steeltoed boot in the ass and goes flying over a rooftop when he asks the tossle-haired warrior what it is that she's carrying in the large sack.

Her shouting and oathing grows louder as she approaches the door of the inn where it all began for her, "I hope the mulled wine is still flowing," entering she pauses to take a look around and to allow any patrons therein to get a good look at her.

The first thing one would notice is her battle-worn black leather catsuit and the contrasting brillance and flawlessness of the elven chainmail. But this is no elf, and that is the second thing one would notice...her muscular human form and the fullness of her human lips. The third thing...the threatening and confident way in which her long sword so lovingly moves against her hip.

Autumn heeps up the blue sack she has traveled with for miles, and saunters on over to the bar, "A mulled wine...and make it snappy," she says to whomever.

Then spying a familiar face she sensed would be here, she grimmaces a bit and goes and dumps the dragon's heart from the sack and pours it at his feet, "Pyranthas...a gift," then she winks at him without an inkling of playfulness and picks out a table to call her own, not inviting him over yet not disinviting him either.Grilled oysters. Need I say more?

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