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10/12/2000 1:37 AM

A ripple in time, alternate universe, whatever you call it the Heroes of the Lance never were. The bastard half-elf was chased from the elven boughs and could not live on his own. A frail twin hadn't the strength to make it past his early years. A young man was made bitter by his father's ideals rather than inspired by them. A dwarf with a family history of heart trouble died young. For one reason or another these heroes never met in the Forest city, never shared good times and ale in a warm inn together. But events still stir, the gods are on the verge of war, who will step forward to brave the danger...?

10/12/2000 1:43 AM

Otik gave up. Looking at the rag in his hand he realized that it was dirtier than the bartop itself.A couple of rangers in the corner had perhaps tasted a bit to much mead and were now laughing uproarously, Palidine only knew at what. With sleepy exhuasted eyes he scanned the inn wondering what patrons were here that the Draconians would throw out tonight...

10/14/2000 10:19 AM

As he scanned the room, he noticed someone walking in.She sat down at a table, and put some steel pieces on the counter. "Dinner and a room for the night, please." She then leaned back in her chair and looked around.

10/16/2000 3:04 PM

Smiling Otik yelled back to the cook, "Potatos fer' one!" Warmly he looked back at the woman and then frowned, suddenly remembering something. "Err, miss I'm afraid all our rooms are taken." He puased, turned something over in his head a few times and finally after deciding the girl wasn't of the Dragon Army he said, "Mostly those damned Lizard-Men are taking up the rooms and I wouldn't even consider letting you share a room with them, but that man," He pointed at the larger of the few Rangers, "seems to be of a good sort. Perhaps he'll let you stay and share the price."

My Life is Naught But a Macabre Carnival-Gareth Wayright Ranger of Cormyr

10/23/2000 8:31 PM

A tall young female warrior overhears the conversation and smiles.

"You can share my room. It gets kinda lonely sometimes..."

holds out her hand.

"Kit. How D'ya do?"

10/23/2000 11:32 PM

A blue-headed kender enters.

"I need work--if thats feasible. I dont "borrow" and i do red magic. Cantrips are my speciality."

Smiles disarmingly.

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