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10/11/2000 3:34 PM

The Curses of Raistlin Majere are Long lived and now a young Red Robe mage by the name Kattischa is trying to eliminate them. She has put up signs to this effect everywhere.

"Curses of Raistlin. Any information regarding these curses, their effects and possible ways of dispelling them would be greatly appreciated. Meet me in the Inn of the Golden Dancer in the next week or so. Ask for Kattischa."

The curses are well known, dangerous and sufacing anywhere in any form with no explanation.

10/13/2000 5:56 PM

*i walk into the room and go to the front counter.*

"Is Kattischa here?"

*I shudder, but the fit passes quickly*

"I MUST speak with her."

10/13/2000 6:01 PM

*The innkeep nods and leaves, returning a few minutes later with a red robe mage.*

"Can I help you?"

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