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10/02/2000 11:56 AM

He was trapped, a yearning chasm spread before him a 40 foot drop into water which he would surely drown in this was it he thought as he turned to face the beast that was stalking him taking his axe in both hands, he prepared to meet his doom. It shot from between the trees, and Torrel began to swing his axe aiming to take it in the head if he was going to die at least he would make it die from its wounds.

10/03/2000 12:14 AM

*The huge beast suddenly freezes into a stonelike statue. From its massive shadow, Hooded walks out and approaches the desperate axe wielding man.*

"Do I know you?" Hooded says and looks closely at the man. "Hmm... no I don't. Sorry to interrupt." Hooded says and walks off. The beast reforms into its original living form and resumes its attack against the man as if nothing had happened to it.

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10/03/2000 5:27 AM

A silver white tiger jumps out from the tree's behind the monster and topples the being.
It starts savaging the monsters throat,holding on with its claws and teeth as the monster tries to throw it off.
"ROAARRWW!!"Is the sound the tiger makes as it fights.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/04/2000 12:54 AM

*Hearing the tiger enter the fight. Hooded turns around and drinks from his wineskin, watching the fight with mild interest.*

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10/04/2000 11:15 PM

Pain, and more pain, as the tiger seeks to end my life. The spell that has possessed me drives me onward towards my prey. I want to welcome my oncoming death but the spell makes me resist.
It will not let me stop till the man lies dead at my feet. My eyes wildly search for the mage who had froze me just now. Perhaps, he has the power to end this...

But my tongue will not allow me to call to him. All I can do is move forward like the ferocious beast I must appear to be and rip my prey to shreds. Even now, my horns are aimed to run him through. All that can save him now is the tiger on my throat...

Pray he kills me, little man, for I am your doom...

10/05/2000 1:01 PM

The tiger stops snapping at the monsters throat for a second,as if sniffing the air for something.
Then,as if it had found something,it suddenly changes its tactics.The silver claws now rend at the belly of the beast,a voulnerable but not fataly dangerous area.The tiger succeds,and the monsters belly is cut open,the strange guts of it falling out.
The great cat then jumps off the monster and in front of the man it had tried to kill.It nudges the man with its head, pushing him toward the monster.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/05/2000 1:38 PM

The tiger that appered at the beasts throat dragged its head down making my axe only severe its horn but gave me the time to roll to the side and bash it with my shield as it made contact with the beast light flared around us and we were frozon as the light spread to bathe the whole area in brilliant white light as the beast that was before me shrank and reformed A:into a slender robed B: A seven foot tall muscle bound monster of a man C: a white robed woman that looked to be a cleric D: a stunningly bueatiful woman in kinky leaver armour (ooc i wouldn't like to pick you character for you so heres a choice please be the beautiful kinky one eternally greatfull for saving her).

10/05/2000 11:04 PM

The tiger and the axe wielder work in concert to defeat my monstrous form. The pain is more that I can withstand! Light flashes around me and I can see no more...

Did they kill me? At least, your plan failed, my love. No one else had to die...


(After the effects of the white light disappear, a beautiful white-robed woman with long brown hair lies unconscious in place of the beast. The horrible wounds the beast had do not seem to be anywhere upon her person, but her breathing is ragged and she is oh so vulnerable.)

10/06/2000 12:39 AM

*Hooded sees the vulnerable white robed cleric on the ground and snaps his fingers, materializing his dagger instantly into a tight grip. Hooded walks up to slit the woman's throat. As an after thought, Hooded looks up at the gathered crowd.*

"Oh. I'm not interrupting someone's kill am I? I'll step back and let someone else have the pleasure of this kill if it was booked before I got here?" Hooded asks with unaccustomed politeness.

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10/06/2000 6:56 AM

The tiger roars at Hooded.
It walks up to the cleric, and instead of killing her,it licks her face.It then looks at Hooded with a look as if to say; "This is mine.Go away."


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10/07/2000 1:01 AM

(The woman stirs, face wet with slobber.)

...What? Hurts..to breathe...


(Her eyes flicker open and she sees the dark form of the tiger looming over her. The danger hasn't come to her attention yet. She's still too weak...)

Who is this?

(When she sees the tiger stripes, her eyes widen and she finally speaks.)

"Have you come to f-finish the job, my friend?"

10/07/2000 6:39 AM

(OOC:You know,when I started with the tiger,I didn't mean to make this a 'Tears of the night sky' reprint.It just happened.)
The tiger turns a strangly intelligent face to the cleric when it see's her awake.It purrs,a comforting sound,and licks her face again.
It then turns back to Hooded,its eyes glinting.

"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/08/2000 11:54 PM

OOC: Never read the story. Just going with the flow!

IC: (The woman is startled by the constant licking. Either the cat likes how she tastes, or is friendly...or both. Hesistantly, she holds out a hand to stroke its muzzle.)

"Nice kitty. My, you're a lot friendlier now."

(The tiger gives her a look that shows off a greater intelligence than any feline she ever encountered. She then notices the other men nearby. One she recognizes as her former prey, the other must be the mage that casted the freezing spell.)

"How do you do, sirs. Is this where you choose who gets to kill me?

10/09/2000 3:42 PM

"creature of evil! You give me no aid and then make to kill this woman AArrrrrhhhhg! I will not allow this to come to pass!" He hurls the axe at the man before him and charges, Shield thrust forward pulsing with magical energy once more in an attempt to ram him with it. But still grogy from his rescent activities only succeeds in tripping over the tiger.

10/09/2000 3:53 PM

The tiger recoils as the wannabe avenger of evil falls flat on his face.
Moving up until its face is at the same level as his,it snorts its amusment into the warriors face.
It then returns to the clerics side.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/09/2000 11:21 PM

(The cleric lets a chuckle escape her lips at the amusing antics of the axe wielder. Not the sort of reaction she expected from her would-be kill but amusing nonetheless.)

Um, perhaps it's not the best time, but I would like to know your names. Mine is Alisia.

(She then gestures to the tiger.)

Is this tiger yours, sir mage?

10/10/2000 2:27 AM

*Seeing the tiger stand possessively over the cleric and lick her face. Hooded looks on in confusion. Seeing the intelligent eyes of the tiger however, Hooded nods in understanding. Obviously a soul trapped in the wrong body. Understanding the torment of being trapped in another species body, Hooded regards the tiger almost sympathetically. Almost.*

"Well, it seems we have something in common Tiger. For that, I let you and the cleric live. My generosity stops there however. Don't expect any more favours. As for my name, you may call me Hooded."

*Hearing the axe wielder addressing him, Hooded turns and reflexively casts a shielding spell. The axe hits the invisible barrier and falls to the ground. Hooded looks at the axe, his thoughts taking some time to catch up with his reflexes. Turning to the axe wielder.*

"Umm, was that axe aimed at me?" Hooded asks with a deathly calm voice.

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10/10/2000 8:07 AM

The tiger snorts indignatly at being actually thought to belong to someone.
It senses Hooded's comradie,and if its thoughts could be translated into a humanoid toungue they would be unmistakebly amused.
He thinks that I am of his kind.Humanoids are so stupid,even their so called mages.We of Tarnor have real mages,of real intelligance.
None of this is noticable in its outward appearance.As Hooded is threatened by the axeman,it settles down by the cleric,ready to defend her if need be,and watch the murder of the axeman with pleasure.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/10/2000 9:54 AM

"Master," says a high, squeaky voice "I found the herbs you wanted."

Slowly an small figure dressed like Hooded shambles into the clearing. The hood is down, and everyone can see the face of an abused goblin. "What would you like me to do with them master?" asks Wart.

10/10/2000 11:47 PM

(Hearing the mage Hooded's proclamation about letting her live and seeing the axeman in disarray, Alisia saw no sense in idle chit-chat. Especially out in the wild, where she had no clue of her whereabouts. The hooded goblin who just appeared was the last straw.)

"Would any of you know where in Krynn are we, and what is the quickest way out of this...this...wilderness?"

(The tiger was lying next to her as if it didn't have a care in the world. Giving it a quick friendly scratch on its head, she steadily rises to her feet. The kurse-spell had taken its toll on her body, leaving her still weak, but she was determined to walk out of this place if she must. She then noticed she was wearing her slippers, the perfect things not to protect her feet with!)

10/11/2000 2:51 AM

*Hooded regards Wart irritably. The thought of finally killing the pitiful goblin was a temptation that grew daily. If it wasn't for the goblin's uncanny ability to locate the rarest of herbs, Hooded would have done away with Wart a long time ago. The herb scavenging ability of the goblin saved it from being killed, but not from being tortured on a continual basis.*

"Put the herbs by that rock Filthy Goblin and then lie on the ground and wait for your daily medicine. I have a surplus of acid in my belly which I don't want to waste. In the meantime, decide if you want your armpit or the small of your back acid burnt." Hooded says to Wart in a business like tone.

*Turning to the cleric and the tiger.*

"We are in Qualinesti cleric." Hooded's voice trails off as he sees a flash of movement in the trees. "That was an elven scout. A large posse of elves has been tracking me for months. Since they saw you with me, they'll be after you as well now. Oh well, enjoy your remaining minutes of life." Hooded says and turns back to Wart. "Change of plans Filthy Goblin. We leave immediately." Hooded says and begins to walk off.

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10/11/2000 7:28 AM

**Airiana, posing as a Qualinesti scout, dodges
through the trees. The mage had noticed her.
'I will have to be more careful', she told herself
as she quickly moves into position. She gave a
tap on the tree, mimicking a woodpecker. The
Qualinesti Warriors send back two taps and a
tongue-click. They were ready to attack. But
wait, who was the maiden? A cleric, with THIS
mage? It seemed inpossible. But, she had to be
sure. Quickly noting the maiden's location,
Airiana sends a signal telling the Warriors of the
new target.**

~ ~ Airiana

The last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

10/11/2000 12:05 PM

The tiger lifts its head,sniffing the air.It then nudges the cleric toward the woods,butting her with its large head.

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10/11/2000 9:29 PM

"Qualinesti? Elves?"

(Just as she ponders this revelation, Alisia feels the tiger pushing her towards the trees.)

"Hey! Wait a min...!"

(The tiger shoves hard, causing her to trip in her slippers. As she falls forward, an arrow from the woods nicks her shoulder. Had she been standing, the arrow would have buried itself in the middle of her head.)


(Blood stains her white sleeves. Despite her fatigue, she scrambles for the cover of a large tree. The tiger is nowhere to be seen and the mage has disappeared. Another arrow lodges itself in the tree three inches above her head.)

"Paladine, aid me!", she whispers frantically.

10/12/2000 3:36 AM

**Airiana hears the maiden's prayer to Paladine.
Being as careful as possible, Airiana comes out of
the trees. She speaks to the maiden in the
common tongue, hoping she understands.**

"Are thee friends with the mage? If so, these
Warriors will kill you, to whom is thy alligence?"

**Airiana motions for the arrows to stop until she
gave the signal. 'The maiden looks so frightened..
Is it just an act?' Airiana wonders to herself as
her long dark hair flutters about her face.**

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

10/12/2000 6:32 AM

The tiger watches from the woods,more silent than even the best trained elves.
As it watches the elven warrior come out of the woods and confront the cleric,his cleric,he feels anger.
These...humanoids dared to threaten her!
Not even thinking,he jumps out of the cover of the tree's,and stands before his cleric,growling softly and baring his sharp fangs.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/12/2000 8:57 AM

Wart takes off immediately on the heels of his master, head down. He was thinking hard on what punishment he would take this time. His master protected him though, and for that he was grateful, otherwise he would probably be dead somewhere.

10/12/2000 10:45 PM

(Alisia looked up to see the lady elf step out from the nearby trees, asking her questions about the mage. Just as she was about to say how she barely knew him, the silver tiger leaps out in front of her! By Paladine, it was protecting her!)

Why is it doing this? Why is it risking its life?

(The cleric slowly rose, clutching her bloody shoulder. The elf didn't look to be backing down from the threat of the tiger. She noticed other faces in the woods, all with arrows trained on the two of them, with who knows how many more out there. She remembered the mage's words about the tiger. It didn't belong to him nor the axeman.)

"Stop it! We barely know the mage! My allegiance is not with him! Nor is the tiger! Leave us alone!"

(As she uttered those words, Alisia quickly grew pale, the kurse-spell, the loss of blood, and her current situation too much for her body to take. She then crumpled to the ground, like a puppet with cut strings...)

10/13/2000 1:59 AM

*Hooded runs with haste. Not happy about being in the woods. This was elven habitat. Feeling the presence of the elves ease off slightly. Hooded silently thanks his good fortune for the tiger and cleric. No doubt their presence had distracted the elves. Seeing Wart catch up, Hooded turns to the hobgoblin.*

"Move it Filthy Goblin. Haste, haste, haste!"

*Hooded continues with the fast pace. Despite goblins being filthy stinking creatures, Hooded had to admit they had good endurance. Much later Hooded notes a cave and heads to it with Wart.*

"This should hide us from elven eyes... for a while. The elves are probably burying the tiger and cleric as I speak." Hooded says to Wart in a tone which doesn't invite reply.

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10/13/2000 7:34 AM

At Alisia's fall,the tiger roars,a blood chilling roar,a roar designed to activate the fear impulses in humanoids,the urge to freeze.
As the humanoids freeze,the tiger lifts the cleric up with one paw,throwing her on its back and going in search of a handy cave.

"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/13/2000 5:38 PM

Watching the Mage vanish with dismay, Rengar rises to confront the Elves that have appeared on the scene. I seem to be forever confronting one enemy after another? does it never end? The cleric faints, and then the tiger roars leaving him left with his mouth open about to declare his alleigence.
"My Alleigence is to Paladine, and no other. What are your intentions here elf, do not invoke the wrath of my god by bringing harm to the cleric, the tiger saved my life and i would very much like to return the favour, pray that you do not give me the opportunity."he smiled to himself as the elves all around him stared wide eyed with fear.

10/14/2000 2:14 AM


(The ground beneath her was moving. Or rather, she was the one moving, at an incredibly fast pace.)


(Alisia grabbed on tight to whatever it was that she was riding.)

Feels furry..."gasp!"

The tiger???

(Sure enough, the large silver feline was her steed as it headed to some unknown destination.)

That's right, I fainted... The tiger must have saved me from those elves. But where is it going?

"Um, you probably couldn't tell me where we're heading, could you? ...Guess not...", she noted glumly.

(For many minutes, it was all she could do just to hold on. Finally, the tiger stopped. As soon as it did, the cleric got off and looked about. Sore from the trip, she sat on the ground and messaged her muscles. Her shoulder had gone numb. They seemed to have stopped at a cave. Ah, a good place to rest, heal, and avoid troublesome elves! Alisia headed for a recess in the cave wall, while the tiger padded off into the distance.)

What an intelligent creature it is. Well, while it's keeping watch, I best do my part. I haven't had a chance to heal my shoulder properly. Now's as good a time as any.

(Extremely weary, she noted with dismay how much a strain it was just to pull off her tunic. There was dried blood everywhere on her sleeves. Concentrating on the task at hand, she invoked the name of her god.)

"Paladine, aid your humble servant. I bid thee to make me whole again...", she murmured.

(She could feel the shoulder knitting itself back together and some of her strength renewed.)

"Thank you, Paladine. I'm sorry for the mess I got myself into. It could have gone worse and the axeman could have been killed. I thank you for not blaming me for all the trouble that..."

(She pauses, as she hears voices from deeper in the cave. It sounds like the mage, Hooded, and his goblin underling. Of all the caves they chose... Alisia sighs as she puts on her bloodied tunic and dusts herself off.)

Hmm, the mage or the elves, which is worse?

10/16/2000 6:31 AM

**Airiana looks at the man.**

"Our intent be not to kill yonder cleric, tiger,
nor thee. Our quarrel be with the mage. If thee
wish to help us on our quest, then so be it. If
not, then good day, good fortune, and may the Gods
bless thee."

**With that, Airiana quickly and quietly slipped
into the trees. Within seconds, not a trace of
her or the Warriors could be found.

Following the trail made by the goblin, the
stealthy scout goes into a cave...**

~ ~ Airiana

10/16/2000 11:10 PM

The tiger roams the land outside the cave,and brings back to Alisia two dead rabbits for her to cook.

He then leaves again in search of a larger prey for himself,perhaps some of those humanoids he had seen in the forest.__________________________________________________

"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/17/2000 2:04 AM

*Thinking of the persuing elven force, or more accurately the leader of the persuing elven force. Hooded fantasizes about killing Airiana. Crushing the throat... slowly, oh so slowly. Watching the eyes bulge out of sockets. Snapped out of his dreams by approaching footsteps Hooded snatches Wart's latest offering of herbs. No matter how many times it happened. Hooded always felt a sense of surprise. Wart had surpassed himself once again. Amongst the many herbs was the rare plerilum. How Wart had managed to find any in these woods was a mystery. Hooded puts the plerilum away carefully. Plerilum could be used as a substitute for almost any herb and saved the magic user having to use much strength. In a rare show of generosity, Hooded decides to forget about Wart's "medicine" for the day.*

"We must make haste Filthy Goblin. Elves don't tarry for long when they smell blood." Hooded says and walks to the entrance of the cave. Seeing the cleric, Hooded curses whatever gods are listening and greets her with a sneer. "What are you doing here Fool Cleric? Tracking me on behalf of the elves no doubt?" Hooded says and peers into the woods, spying an occasional flash of black and white stripes.

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10/17/2000 6:18 AM

**Just as she spotted the cleric, Airiana sees
the vile mage, Hooded. She thought about how easy
it would be to kill him right now, while he was
off-guard. It would only take one spell... one
simple spell... but that would be against
the will of her tribe. She would be put to death
for it... Wait a minute! She didn't belong to
any tribe! She was a Silver/Red... in morph. Oh,
how easily one forgets, gets caught up in the drama
of it all, being an elf... But no matter, it
wouldn't take long... Airiana took out her Dark
Dagger... given to her by Talakissis (SP?)

~ ~ Airiana

The Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

10/17/2000 7:35 AM

Wart eyes the tiger with fear. "Master," he whimpers, "the elves could be using the cleric as a trap. I think I see one," he says and points over to Airiana's direction.

10/17/2000 1:33 PM

With the dissapearance of the elf Rengar decides to follow the heavy footprints of the tiger instead as he goes bombing through the underbrush after the tiger he hears an outraged yell and doubles his speed bursting through the trees he barely manages to raise his shield in time to block the fireballthe surged from that bloody mages hands.

10/17/2000 5:33 PM

The tiger,after seeing that no-one was threatening his cleric,remains in the concealing woods and wonders which tastes better,goblin or elvish flesh.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/17/2000 11:09 PM

Rengar turns towards the mage, thinking it was the one called Hooded, but...

"Ahh, Rengar, old friend, it wasn't enough to have killed my "beloved", but you still have the nerve to draw breath???", this coming from a black-robed mage with short reddish hair, spectacles, and a cut beard. "Where is my beloved's body? The kurse-spell was disrupted, and that could only have meant her death. Soo...where is she? Surely, you are a man of integrity and did not violate her...did you? Hahaahahaaaa!"

(Meanwhile, far away in a certain cave, Alisia was finishing off the last of the rabbit she had prepared with a little help from Paladine. She didn't realize she had been so hungry! Once again in the tiger's debt, she yearned for a way to communicate with it to express some sort of thanks.)

Hmm, maybe Paladine will grant me that power...

(At that moment, she heard the cursing of the gods as uttered by the mage Hooded. His anger was directed towards the cleric...)

He thinks the elves are using me to find him! First the elves are confused and now him! This is like living a nightmare. One bad thing after another! If only I could have controlled Phieros' anger, I...

"No, sir mage, we, the tiger and I, sought shelter same as you. The elves do not discriminate with their foes. To them, we must all be enemies of this forest. The cave was the best place to rest.", the cleric said to Hooded as he and his goblin servant were looking towards the woods outside the cave. What were they staring at?

The lady elf! She is by herself, but she seems ready to cast a spell. Her bretheren are probably hiding in the woods to finish off any survivors. And here I am, in the middle of this, probably to be killed along with the mage just for being in the same cave as he!

No, this is not how it will be... My life...shall be the only one lost today...

"Go, mage. I will hold off the lady elf. Use whatever spells to flee this place...", she said to Hooded with a look that caught his eye. "All life is precious, worth fighting for, all that claptrap. Paladine at least taught me that."

She then whispered under her breath, the mage barely hearing her words, "Heh, look at me now, the bloody cleric sacrificing herself for another. Phieros would just die...", tears were welling up in her beautiful face, "I was ...cursed and almost killed another and now I shall be judged in front of Paladine. So, you're off the hook, sir mage ...Now go!"

She walked out of the cave, her back to Hooded. She stalked her way towards the lady elf, and to certain doom...

At that moment, further away, Rengar was in his own danger...

"It matters not. She is dead, you are not. I suppose one must do the job HIMSELF!!!" the last word screamed as the newcomer black mage hurled another fireball at Rengar...

10/18/2000 1:26 AM

The tiger lifts its head,its ears sticikng out.Seeing only its cleric performing dramatics,it decides to find that warrior it had saved earlier,perhaps to keep him and perhaps to eat him.It would decide when it got to him.
It searches for his smell,and finding it,sets off.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/18/2000 2:31 AM

*Hooded raises his hand to strike Wart for speaking without permission, but stays his hand when he catches sight of Airiana. His long time enemy. An enemy he had fought before Nerfus had cruelly drained the magical energy from his shapeshifting ring. Reflexively sneering, Hooded makes brief eye contact with Airiana before turning to the cleric. Hearing her talk about sacrificing herself, Hooded nods with grudging respect. Hooded briefly thinks about some words of gratitude, but when none spring to mind he turns to Wart. Gripping his arm in a tight grip, Hooded mutters the words to an invisibility spell. Hooded runs from the cave, dragging Wart with him. Knowing it wouldn't be long until the combination of physical and mental exertion would cause his concentration to falter and cancel out the invisibility.*

"Quiet Filthy Goblin." Hooded whispers to Wart in response to the goblin's panting.

*His concentration shattered, the invisibility spell wears off.*

Dragon Peak
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10/18/2000 6:39 AM

**Airiana looks at Hooded. 'He has become weak,'
she thinks, smiling to herself. With little
effort, she casts a simple fireball spell. Hooded
looked far too weak to block it... especially
since he was preoccupied by his vile little Goblin...**

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

10/18/2000 7:01 PM

The tiger finds a place where the smell of the humanoid warrior was strong,but so was the smell of another,one of power,the tiger senses.This humaoid warrior belongs to this other,it decides,and starts back to its own cleric.
As he arrives,he gives little notice to the other humanoids,and so runs between Ariana and Hooded just as the elf casts her spell.
The Fireball hits the tiger and disapates,leaving the tiger confused as to where the sudden heat had come from.Looking at the astonished humanoids, it grows more perplexed.Perhaps it had entered in the midst of a duel between the two.
Yes,that was it.The tiger jumps into the cave and curls into a ball next to its cleric.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/19/2000 12:04 AM

OOC: lol, Joe, unless you mean another cleric, my char is walking out of the cave towards the elf acting her dramatic self. I'll play along though...

IC: (As Hooded goes invisible, Alisia continues her way towards the lady elf...)

Phieros would laugh at this "sacrifice". He would see it as another attempt at taking my own life. He'd say, "So, Alisia, you still give little value to your life."

(The cleric could see the lady elf's features now as she walks towards her, certain of her death at the hands of the vengeful elf.)

"Well, so what if I do!", she screamed as a fireball streaked from the hands of the elf towards where she last saw Hooded.

(Before Alisia could dispel the fireball's effects, that amazing tiger leaps out of nowhere and scatters the fireball with its own body! Alisia loses her urge to fight the elf and instead runs to where the tiger is. She envelops it into a grateful hug, tears streaming from her eyes.)

"Silly cat, you ruined my moment.", she said affectionately, "Now how is Paladine going to judge me? I suppose we'll find out together..." Her words trailed off as she sees the lady elf coming towards them. She sits by the tiger and awaits her fate...

10/19/2000 2:49 AM

*Knowing his enemy over many many years. Hooded anticipates her upcoming spell. With the use of plerilum it would be blockable, barely. Quickly grabbing a pinch of plerilum from his pouch, Hooded begins muttering the arcane words to a defensive spell when the white tiger absorbs the fiery blast. Hooded looks at Airiana with a slight glean to his eyes, they both knew he had received a lucky break. The tiger's intervention would leave Hooded with ample strength to cast further spells. Plus the recovery time would be quicker. Seeing the cleric run out and hug her tiger, Hooded thanks the gods for his sudden run of luck. Another distraction to aid his escape. The border into goblin territory was only half a days walk away. Giving Wart a shove, the pair turn and begin retreating into the forest.*

Dragon Peak
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10/19/2000 10:12 AM

Wart moved instinctively in front of his master. From a sheath concealed on his person, the goblin removed a blade. Hacking through the dense part of the forest, the goblin knew the way to safety, and home. He would lead his master there.

10/19/2000 11:41 AM

"Mage of evil, by paladine i will crush you!" His shield glows white once more as he attempts to ram the mage with his shield axe raised high to deliver the killing blow.

10/19/2000 11:44 PM

The axe came down and sliced cleanly through the mage. ...Too cleanly, there was no blood. As Rengar ponders this, the black mage adjusts his spectacles, an evil grin on his face.

"Ironguard, what a fascinating spell. I felt nothing. YOU are nothing!" Another spell flares out of his stretched hands. A globe of acid splashes over the shield and a bit splashes onto Rengar with a hissing sound.

"I've had it up to here with Paladine! Paladine this, Paladine that! You and Alisia both utter such nonsense over that doddering idiot!"

The hissing sounds grows louder, as the acid burns its way through. "How much can that shield withstand? Not another spell I bet..."

10/20/2000 8:03 PM

*Hooded follows Wart. Watching him increase his pace all the while. The goblin could smell his homeland more with each passing step Hooded noted. Sensing a faint wiff of acid in the air. Hooded puts a hand on Wart's shoulder, halting the goblins frantic pace. For a moment Hooded thought the acid must be from a black dragon. But it smelled slightly different. What sort of mage would know an acid spell though? Hooded looks in the direction he came and then in the direction of the goblin territories. Split by indecision. The goblin territories were a safe haven. Although whoever cast the acid spell could possibly be coaxed into a temporary allignment. An allignment to kill Airiana. Yes, killing Airiana... slowly. Oh so slowly. Hooded licks his lips.*

"Filthy Goblin. We head back. Quietly. I don't want pointy ears hearing our return." Hooded says. Remembering the goblin's tendancy to crush every twig he walked by.

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
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10/24/2000 11:26 AM

"Yes master," Wart replies, disappointed about not being able to go home. He followed the mages every step, trying to make the least amount of noise possible.

10/25/2000 12:13 AM

**Airiana sighs as she sees the fireball hit the

Why, pray tell, do thee stop me? The mage is of
no use to thee.

**She turns to the cleric.**

And thee! What would Paladine think of such a
thing? I'll tell you. He would consider it a
disgrace to thee, himself, and all honor of the
two. Killing thyself will bring only sadness for
thee in the afterlife.

**She said, shaking my head.**

Now, if thee will excuse me,

**she looks at the tiger and mutters magic words,
the tiger is healed.**

I must leave, now.

**With that, she changes from her Elven form back
to her true form. A Silver/Red.**

'Now, vile mage, let us see who will kill who.'

**She whispers softly in his head, an ability known
only to Dragons.**

'Let us see...'

**She sniffs once, that was all she needed. The
goblin left quite a distinct odor. Laying down and getting ready to jump, she
springs into the air and opens her wings.**

'Let us have some fun now, Hooded.'

**She laughs in his head as she spots him below.**

'Dragonsbreath is deadly...'

~ ~ Airiana
Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

10/25/2000 1:40 AM

(Alisia hears the lady elf's words and ponders them.)

Paladine, I am sorry for thinking such thoughts. But, truly, what is there left for me? My life was in Phieros' hands and he has betrayed me. I have nowhere else to go...

(Realizing the lady elf spared her life and that of the tiger's, the cleric was about to say a grateful word to her when she saw the elf transform into a silvery-hued red dragon and fly off.)

She turns to the tiger, "By Paladine, what was that about?"

Meanwhile, the black mage continues to press Rengar. One of the rings on his fingers pulse with power as an energy force in the shape of a ram's head shoots out from it and slams squarely into Rengar's shield, sending the axeman off his feet. The mage points his Ring of the Ram at Rengar again and prepares to fire another charge...

10/25/2000 3:40 AM

OOC:The tiger is unharmed.He didn't even notice the fireball.He don't need healing.
The tiger watches the humanoid turn into a large dragon with something aproaching amazment.
So this is no humanoid,but a normal four legged human.Perhaps I should comunicate with her,ask for help.
The tiger starts running at its top speed,very fast,after the dragoness.


"he is such a fuck... lol..."- Slappy

10/26/2000 12:23 AM

(Alisia watches as the tiger all of a sudden takes off, following in the dragon's wake.)


(Realizing she was going to be left behind in this strange wilderness, Alisia runs as fast as she can in her slippers, praying that she will not lose sight of the fleeing tiger. Five minutes later, the tiger is gone and she is lost.)

(Soon, it will be evening. Tired from the run, Alisia sits by a tree and rests her sore feet. Her slippers were the worse for wear. She wraps her arms around her knees and mopes over her fate yet again.)

"Let's face it, Alisia, the gods have it in for you, (sigh) even Paladine."

(A single tear wells up in her eye. As she flecks it off, the cleric notices a raspberry patch with fresh berries nearby. Stomach growling, she strides over to the patch and picks a handful of berries, caring not for the stings to her hand. Before she pops them in her mouth, a sudden thought flashes in her mind.)


(She places one berry in her hand and waves her holy symbol over it, praying to Paladine for the first spell she was ever granted in the beginning of her service to the god. She then pops the raspberry in her mouth, savoring its ripe sweetness. After eating that one berry, her hunger was satisfied and she felt fully rejuvenated. The goodberry spell worked! Paladine still answered her prayers!)

"Forgive me once again, Paladine, of my doubts."

(She then sat by the tree again. Perhaps, the tiger will come back for her. Best stay put...)

10/26/2000 2:20 AM

*Seeing Airiana transform into her native dragon guise, Hooded clenches his teeth bitterly. It had been such a long time since he had felt the air currents underneath his wings. A long time, but he remembered the exhiliration of flight vividly. Shoving Wart, Hooded rushes for a dense cluster of trees. Knowing the dragon wouldn't be able to detect him there. Not by sight anyway. Pulling out a few leaves of the perilum Wart had found, Hooded mutters the arcane words to a complicated acid cloud spell. The unknown properties of the perilum allowing him to cast it using relatively little strength. On completion of the spell, Hooded continues to move on in search of the dark mage for help. Noting with satisfaction the sounds in the sky. The acid cloud spell had obviously worked. Hooded could hear the strange noises emanating from the cloud even from this distance, caracature sounds of thunder boomed around the forest. Sweet images of Airiana being showered in acid filled Hooded's mind. Turning to Wart.*

"Silence Filthy Goblin. I hear a voice ahead of us."

*Hooded and Wart move on, hoping for the dark robed mage. Hooded spits in disappointment when he once again stumbles across the cleric of Paladine.*

"The gods jest with efficient cruelness." Hooded mutters to himself.

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
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10/26/2000 3:53 AM

OOC: Sorry, I thought the tiger got hurt…

BIC: **Airiana feels the pain of the acid rain start working through her scales. It angers her.**

'Thee wilt have to do better than that, my old enemy. Tell me, art thee beginning to weaken. I promise thee, this is but a minor setback…'

**Airiana quickly rushes to the ground and to a nearby cave to heal. It wouldn't take long... neither would the acid rain's down-pour. Quickly healing herself, Airiana waits for the down-pour to stop.**

'Just wait, my dear enemy, I shall get thee...'

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

10/26/2000 10:57 AM

Wart eyes the cleric of Paladine once again. I could use a beer, the goblin thought, but my master doesn't like that. Looking around the goblin spots the raspberries that the cleric had eaten earlier. Shuffling over, Wart collects some while his master curses the gods.

10/26/2000 1:42 PM

As the acid rain starts,the tiger runs quickly to the cover of a cave,though not quickly enough to avoid getting an acid burn down his calf.
It stops to lick the wound,and starts into the cave,the wound not healed but the pain eased.It smells the female human again,and decides that this one deserved to be addressed in real speech.
From its fanged mouth come words in a language of roars and purrs,so advanced and powerful a language that it sounds like a carefully aranged symphony.
"Rowwr,paarrrro,Roepurr farrr rwerrr."Which translates loosly as "Hey,anyone home?"


"he is such a fuck... lol..."- Slappy

10/27/2000 1:17 AM

"Well, sir mage, we seem to keep bumping into each other, hehe...", Alisia says nervously to Hooded.

(Seeing his goblin servant heading for the raspberry patch, the cleric holds out her own bounty of berries.)

"Umm, you can go ahead and have these. I picked too much.", she says to the goblin while handing over the bundle of raspberries.

(The acid rain soon subsides, but Alisia noticed it not, for as the rain started, she encountered Hooded and the rain seemed to avoid his presence. So, she was able to avoid the worst of it.)

(In another part of the forest, moments before, the newcomer mage shot yet another charge of his ring at Rengar, enjoying this little game. The force of the ring knocked the axeman into a copse of bushes. As the mage was about to set fire to those bushes, the acid rain started. Cursing this turn of events, the mage fled for cover, ducking into the hollow of a rotten tree. Acid drops splash around the immediate surroundings.)

What is going on here? What fell magic is this? This is no elven spell and no forest creature would dare use such a spell to harm the forest. Is there another mage nearby?

"Hmmph, unless the acid sizzles your bones dry, we'll have another "chat" later, Rengar, my friend...and I'll suppose I'll have to have a chat with the mage who has interrupted my fun."

10/27/2000 4:27 AM

*Hooded walks up to the cleric with a clear look of disdain on his face.*

"I am hated by the gods. They endeavor to remind me of the fact every waking day." Hooded says bitterly and spits towards the sky. Then remembers himself and spits on the ground also. "I think we're being told to fulfill some sort of mission." Hooded says to the cleric, being sure to keep a cool business like sharpness to his voice. "I suggest you do some of that voodoo praying clerics do and find out what they want." Hooded says knowing full well that the gods rarely spoke to their "pawns".

*Picking up a handful of raspberries, Hooded sniffs them with undisguised disgust.*

"Maybe this foliage will serve as good bait in a rabbit trap. My belly begins to rumble, I must aquire raw meat to sate it."

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
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10/27/2000 11:46 AM

Wart comes back over to his master. "Here," he mumbles, keeping his head down. In his gubby paw is a rabbit, the blood still dripping from it. "I found it in the bushes while looking for more herbs master."

10/29/2000 10:27 PM

(Alisia pales before the mage's words.)

His bitterness is similar to mine before I found Paladine. He reminds me too much of Phieros...

(A powerful urge crept up from the cleric's innards.)

"Umm, excuse me for a few moments. I have some...business to take care of that requires privacy. You go ahead and carry on with your...hunting. " she told Hooded, obviously embarrased to say she wanted to go the bathroom outright.

(She then disappeared into the nearby trees.)

(The goblin came back with a freshly-killed rabbit for his hungry master. As he saunters over to Hooded, some force picks up the goblin and holds him up about a man's height. The invisibility spell is dropped and a black mage with short-cropped red hair and spectacles appears, holding the goblin by the scruff of his neck.)

"Many thanks for the meat." The mage looks over to Hooded, a smile on his face. "Oh, was this yours? I'm inclined to be generous if you have your servant here fetch us another hare and if you tell me what you are doing here in this forest."

(Alisia, finished with her business, walks back to where she left Hooded. She hears talking going on. The voice of another talking to Hooded. Caution told her to hide behind the bushes, for the tone of that voice was too familiar...)

(As she peeks through the shrubs, her heart pounds nearly audibly.)

Oh, no...

The newcomer mage gestures to himself, "By the way, Phieros Ravenflame, at your service.", said in a mocking tone.
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10/29/2000 11:45 PM

*Seeing Wart return quickly with a hare. Hooded stands and stares at the goblin for a moment. There was something strange about Wart, Hooded realises. Why didn't he notice it sooner. Or was the goblin just amazingly uncanny? Deciding to question the pig eyed Wart, Hooded opens his mouth but winds up standing speechless as the black robed mage enters the clearing. Squinting his eyes suspiciously, Hooded wonders how the mage got so close without being detected. Hearing the respectful words, delivered in a mocking tone. Hooded clenches his fists angrily. Not used to being addressed such. Several death spells spring to mind, but Airiana was close by. The hybrid red and silver dragon needed to be dealt with first. The black robed mage would have to be dealt with differently. For now. Despite his hunger, Hooded waves off the meat. Refusing to show a weakness such as hunger to this unknown man.*

"Please help yourself Black Robe." Hooded pauses, readying himself to enjoy the coming insult. "I often give food to those who can't fend for themselves." Hooded jabs and turns to Wart. "Another dead animal for our guest here. He looks famished." Before Phieros can reply, Hooded continues quickly. "Enough foreplay Black Robe. I grow tired of pointless chatter. I am known as Hooded. I am here to dispose of elves and a certain abomination named Airiana. Mayhap we can come to some sort of arrangement? If not..." Hooded shrugs. "One more battle on my dance card makes no difference to me."

Dragon Peak
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10/31/2000 2:27 AM

"Ha! Well, my visit to these woods is three-fold. First..." Fire flows out of Phiero's hand, enveloping the rabbit, "...is the death of an axeman named Rengar who has now slipped out of my grasp thanks to your little "shower". Second..." This was accentuated by a crackling sound as one of the rabbit's eyes pops due to the heat, "...I came seeking the fate of my "beloved" who I sent into these woods to kill the axeman in the first place."

(Alisia, still behind the shrubs, stays ever so still, her only movement is her shaking fists, with hands clenched quite tightly.)

"Third..." The fire abruptly stops, the rabbit now a crispy barbeque, "I have a hungry friend who just so happens to have a fondness for elves. I thought these woods would be the best place to start..."

The mage then looks towards the trees beyond the clearing the mages and the goblin stood in and yells in a harsh whisper, "Sylzarr!"

Hidden well within the tall timber, a large, serpentine neck comes into view. The green dragon it belongs to looks at the mages with a sinister intelligence and seems to nod in acknowledgement.

"Ah, my precious beauty. And always hungry." On that note, Phieros tears off one of the rabbit's limbs and proceeds to take a bite. "In case you're wondering, she has casted a silence spell on herself, awaiting my signal. If it's elves you wish to dispose of, then lead us to them."

(Alisia pales at the sight of the dragon. She never knew Phieros communed with one! She silently prays to Paladine for this madness to stop...)

10/31/2000 7:34 AM

OOC: Sorry everyone, I haven't been able to get
online for a while... I'll try to get everything
right, but please, if I mess up, correct me.


**Airiana notices the tiger enter, it spoke in a
voice often used by animals with superior
mindpower. Airiana quickly changes back to
Silver/Red, she replies, using the same speech as
the tiger.**

"Roaar, arrr rwerrr." TRANSLATION: {"Yes, I am."}

**Airiana smirks.**

"Hello, tiger. What brings thee here?"

**She asks calmly as she goes to the entrance of
the cave.**

"If thee wish to speak with me, come along. If
not," she makes a gesture with her claws signaling
respectfulness, "good day."

**Airiana looks at the tiger once more and walks
out of the cave.

Picking up the goblin scent easily, she walks out
into the woods. She quickly makes a silence spell
and walks closer. She sees a Green, two Black
Robes, one being Hooded, the other unknown to her,
and the Paladine cleric.

Hearing the bargain about the elves, she shrugs,
they matter not to her, not when she has her old
enemy in her sights.

She smirks as she thinks of the perfect spell to
cast. Why didn't I think of that earlier?
She wonders to herself as she raises her claw to
Hooded's heart-level. More out of habit then of
worry of being heard, she whispers the words of
the spell. A lightning bolt erupts from her claw
as it connects with Hooded's chest, he falls to the
ground. Stepping closer, she removes the silence
spell from herself.**

"Do not worry, Black Robe, my quarrel is not with
thee. I am the 'abomination' Hooded spoke of. My
name is Airiana," she bows respectfully, "and thee
may do with the elves as thee like. In fact, I can
tell thee where they are." She points south,
across a clearing. "They search for Hooded not far
from yonder cave. Now, if thee wilt excuse me," she
bows again, "I must leave. Good meeting you...
Forgive me! I haven't asked thy name. Pray tell,
what is it?"


~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

10/31/2000 3:14 PM

OOC: Airiana, you can't choose if your shots hit, that's up to the next person who writes on the message.

Wart, having wandered into the forest to find fresh kill for the new wizard, spotted Airiana heading towards where his master was. He hurried through the brush, knowing something was wrong. "Master," he shouted as he jumped into the clearing and pushed Hooded out of the way. The lightning bolt hit the goblin square in the back and he crumpled to the ground.

11/01/2000 3:24 AM

OOC: Sorry, I've been in too many RPGs that do
the whole auto-hit thing...


**Airiana scowls as the lightening bolt hits the

"Stupid goblin!"

**She yells as she sees the goblin hit the

"Thee shouldn't have done that!!!"


~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

11/02/2000 1:52 AM

OOC: No worries.

*Hooded whatches Phieros shrewdly as he explains his reasons for being in the elven woodlands. Hooded nods, pleased. The two were working on a common cause. Seeing the dragon, Hooded squints his eyes. Hooded had no love for the gas breathing greens, but green dragons were renowned for their hate of elves. Plus the green would surely agree with Hooded about what was needed to be done with Airiana. Chromatic or metallic, all pure bred dragons hated the thought of cross breeds. With another dragon in the fight, the abomination red/silver would surely perish this time. Turning away from the mage, Hooded addresses the green dragon in the secret dragon tongue.*

"Cousin. An abomination roams these woods. Spawn bred of the union between red and silver. For the honour of our kind, I ask your aid to rid this world of the foul being."

*Hooded waits for an affirmative nod. Knowing the green would not reply verbally while the silence spell remained, when suddenly he hears Wart screaming at him. Followed by a loud crackling noise. Hooded doesn't have to look up to know who was responsible for the attempted killing blow to himself.*

"Well well. The abomination, face to face at last. You just killed my least ever incompitent slave." Hooded says. Trying to distract Airiana to give Phieros or the green dragon a chance to attack her. "The gods frown upon you Foul Spawn. Today they deliver you into the hands of death."

*Hooded looks down. Expecting to see a dead Wart. Blinking in surprise, Hooded sees the goblin is still breathing. Irritably, Hooded pulls out a healing potion and throws it in the general direction of the goblin.*

"Don't waste it Filthy Goblin. I'll make sure you pay in kind for that potion." Hooded says, obviously forgetting the goblin had just saved his life. Turning to Pheiros. "Black Robe. Listen to the abomination not. She is foul and needs to be culled."

*Hooded snaps his fingers, bringing his dagger instantly into a tight grip. Experience telling Hooded that whenever powerful magic users gathered, cold hard steel was always an advantage.*

Dragon Peak
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11/02/2000 10:40 AM

Wart claws at the potion lying next to him. He barely had the strength to move. He didn't know how he was alive, but he was in pain, lots of it. Somehow he managed to work the stopper free and drain the vial down. The pain eased but not all of the way. The goblin slowly crawled towards the cleric. He made it about five paces before passing out.

11/02/2000 11:31 AM

OOC:Sorry for not posting,computer go bye bye,if you know what I mean.
As the large being answers the tiger in its own toungue,greatly dilouted,yet still the toungue,it smiles inwardly.At least it was not alone in these primitive lands.
The tiger silently follows Airiana out of the cave,invisible to all eyes save those of others of its kind.It notices with suprise another of the real species,but different,silent.The tiger recognizes a taker of the vow of silence,having once taken it himself.This one was a warrior,or at least as close one could get in these lands.
It remains in its caamofluage,concentrating on both dragons,but always watching everyone else.It would need to decide which side to join,if there was a battle.


"he is such a fuck... lol..."- Slappy

11/03/2000 12:27 AM

Phieros had never seen a silver/red hybrid dragon before. He never thought such a thing could exist. Reds and silvers were supposed to be enemies. But if humans can crossbreed with elves, why not the same for dragons. Having been around a dragon before, the silver/red's frightful presence didn't affect him as much as it would a normal person. But it did get him excited and he noticed Sylzarr tensing to spring into action. The hybrid must truly be a hateful thing to the green. Suddenly, Hooded's goblin servant was blasted near to death, a lightening stroke that came a bit too close for Phieros' comfort.

While Hooded communicated with the hybrid called Airiana, Phieros quickly decided on his next action. He thought to himself, "Sylzarr's enemies are my enemies." The green dragon suddenly shot out from the trees. It blew its breath weapon at Airiana, deadly chlorine gas enveloping the air surrounding the hybrid.

Mumbling to himself, Phieros prepared his next spell, "The hybrid is likely to have gained both of it's parents' immunity to fire and cold. ...Ah, I have it!"

An acidic sphere is launched from the mage's outstreched hands, heading for one of the hybrid's wings...

Meanwhile, moments before, Alisia jumped as the whole area became electrified as Airiana casted her lightening spell at Hooded. She took the opportunity to roll away and duck under an old uprooted tree nearby.

The cleric then hears a wheezing sound coming towards her. It's Hooded's goblin! The creature had a huge scorched mark on its back and was slowly crawling towards her hiding spot. She looked to where the mages were. They seemed ready to fight the hybrid dragon she saw earlier. The goblin was on its own. Feeling pity for the creature, she pulled its unconscious form into her hiding place. Phiero's green dragon shakes the ground as it flies rapidly towards the other dragon.

Having nothing else to do but hide, Alisia prays to Paladine for a healing spell for her new patient. It may not be wise, for she knew not the goblin's behavior, but it kept her mind off the battle and Phieros.

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11/04/2000 3:09 PM

*Hooded watches the green dragon attacking Airiana triumphntly. The occasional thin scent of poisonous gas mist drifting painfully up Hooded's nose. Looking for Wart but not seeing him, Hooded furrows his brows annoyed. Not having time to look for him however Hooded turns and listens to the mage join the battle with an acidic sphere. The combination of attacks would surely test the hybrid red and silver dragon. Combining steel with magic, Hooded throws his dagger at Airiana. The dagger flies straight and true.*

Dragon Peak
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11/06/2000 3:51 AM

** Airiana feels the pain of the attacks against her. A strange combination of ice and fire erupt from her throat as she roars in pain from both the acidic sphere and the chlorine gas. She tries to draw in oxygen, but instead brings the terrible gas in her lungs. Backing away quickly, she takes another breath, this time bringing a full breath of fresh air into her lungs. Shaking her head, Airiana clears her mind as she gets ready for an attack from Hooded. Surely the Gods do not will such things on their servants? A quick prayer rushes through her mind as she summons the deadly fiery-ice combination.

Hybrids have some really cool positive things about them. They usually get all of their parents’ advantages, and hardly any of their weaknesses. In this case, the dragonsbreath would be one of the really cool positive things. The fire is frozen until it hits its target. When it does hit, it first gives the target something like frostbite, and then it explodes into the fire that usually engulfs the person entirely, usually taking a few minutes to wear off.

Anyhow, Airiana aimed the fiery-ice combo straight at the Green just before Hooded’s dagger hit. She moves slightly so the dagger doesn’t hit its original destination. She feels the searing pain just below her heart.

Airiana takes another deep breath and aims another burst of fire/ice towards the Black Robed Mage.**

“I am sorry. I didn’t intend on including thee in this fight… but, what thee gives is what thee gets.”

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

11/06/2000 8:38 AM

Hearing the incredibly loud ruckus above, Halgar Hammertoe peepes his head out above a hole of his post. "For the love of Reorx, dragons!!!"

Halgar stays frozen for many moments not knowing wether to stay and watch, or report back to the clan. Transfixed by the scene, and the sight of the strange colored dragon, he stays carefully out of sight and watches on.

11/07/2000 1:14 AM

Sylzarr reels from the strange attack as the unusual and PAINFUL feeling of being hit by both intense cold and intense heat causes it to halt its flight towards the hybrid. The green dragon barely manages to avoid crashing towards the ground and swoops upward to gain its bearings. The green readies itself for another attack from the silver/red. Instead, the hybrid was already attacking Sylzarr's human partner!

...Phieros saw Airiana the dragon take out Sylzarr. Sylzarr seemed to survive the attack, but she wouldn't be in no shape to help him now, as the hybrid turned to face him.

Quick on his lips, Phieros uses a dimension door to teleport to a safe location just before the blast of fire and ice hit his last spot. The mage Hooded would just have to find his own way to survive!

As Phieros exits the other side of the dimension door, well away from the battle, he was pondering his next spell to use against the hybrid when he tripped over something. Stumbling to the ground, the black mage saw a glimpse of a dwarf, before it ducks underground...

11/07/2000 7:42 AM

**Airiana looked at the spot the Black Robe was
in moments before. She looks all around, not
seeing the mage anywhere, she decides to focus on
the task at hand. The Dragon called Sylzarr
looked in great pain. Airiana smiled inwardly as
she released another blast of fire/ice combo at
the Green.

Taking a moment to look around, hoping to spot a
friend in this time of trouble, she removes the
dagger from her chest. Where in the name of the
Gods is Nutaria? She asks herself, hoping to
see her full-blood Red half-sister somewhere close

As she looks around, Airiana finally sees a hopeful
sign, Red wings appear on the horizon, along with
the body of the Red. She dives down below the tree-
tops and sets down near her half-sister.**

"What trouble have thee gotten in to now?" She asks
in the Dragon tongue.

**Shaking her head, Nutaria joins her sister in the
fight, but taking a more hands-on approach. Nutaria
flies over to the Green and savagely goes to bite her
on the neck.**

'My sister will not give up.' Nutaria whispers
in the head of the Green.**



~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

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11/07/2000 9:49 AM

"Ouch! Dagnabbit! How in the great forge did you find me!," Halgar mumbles at Pheiros. "Looks like your dragon friend needs a hand."

*Halgar curses his decision to get invloved in this whole thing.*

"Follow me and keep your head down. There's a cave that opens up right behind where them dragons are wresteling. Get one of 'em magics of yours ready and I'll lead the way."

Grumbling to himself, Halgar whispers "If there's anything I hate, its a two against one fight!"

11/08/2000 12:29 AM

Phieros, still astonished to have stumbled over
the dwarf, allows himself to be led through the tunnelwork. His concern was more over the fate of his dragon. If the dwarf can lead him to a possible ambush spot, all the better.

"I thank you, sir dwarf. May I know your name?"

Elsewhere, Alisia finished casting her cure for the goblin's serious wounds and was pleased to see the vicious burns healing over and that Paladine even granted her the spell in the first place. She laid the goblin down in the further recesses of the tree roots. Not much else can be done but to leave him be. She peeked out of the cover of the tree ...and was nearly hit by a big chunk of ice as it flew over her head. A curious blast of fire and ice had impacted the ground nearby, where the mages had been.

There was no sign of Phieros. Did the lady elf/hybrid slay him already? There was also no sign of Hooded. Phieros' dragon seemed hurt as it flew in the sky nearby. Alisia stared at the dragon battle with little emotion. She didn't know if she should feel bliss or sorrow for the mage who had changed her life so much. She just felt...empty.

"My...love, are you truly gone?"

A roar from one of the dragons snaps her out of her reverie.

Sylzarr barely had enough strength to keep flying. The second cold fire blast impacted directly on her chest. Her scales were terribly burnt where the breath weapon hit it. Seeing the accursed hybrid being joined by a red that called herself its sister, the green's blood boiled in rage.

The red swoops towards the weakened Sylzarr, jaws open for a bite on the neck. Sylzarr hangs in the air, the red almost upon her...

...Then Sylzarr releases her chlorine gas into the red's face!

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11/08/2000 2:58 AM

*Hooded watches his dagger fly straight and true into the gas and acid vapour surrounding Airiana. Although losing sight of the dagger, Hooded knows it hit his target just below the heart. The dagger being a long time "friend" to Hooded, it had more than just cutting and stabbing abilities. Snapping his fingers, Hooded's dagger returns instantly into a tight grip. Taking a moment to lick a bit of the blood off it, Hooded closes his eyes for a moment. Sorting through his mind for an appropriate spell to follow up the attack. Too slow however. Hooded feels his left arm freeze. Automatically knowing from experience that the hybrids breath weapon would suddenly turn into a searing heat. Swearing as the heat envelops his arms, Hooded glances around for Phieros but doesn't see him. First his slave had gone missing and now the black robe. Retreating into the brush to regather his thoughts, Hooded senses more than hears the green dragon. Quickly quaffing a healing potion, Hooded runs in the direction of the green dragon. Seeing the green dragon battling a red, Hooded's face turns the same color as the red dragon with rage. What self respecting full blooded dragon would help an abomination hybrid? Then Hooded remembers Airiana's half sister. Seeing the green dragon under heavy attack, Hooded mutters a shielding spell to protect the green dragon from the fiery breath weapon. Pausing only briefly, Hooded decides to take a gamble. The death of the abomination red/silver was worth it. Muttering the arcane words to a teleportation spell. Hooded breathes a sigh of relief as he lands just behind the green dragon's neck. Knowing the green wouldn't appreciate an unknown rider, despite the perilous situation, Hooded addresses the dragon quickly.*

"Tolerate me on your back cousin dragon. It bodes well for us and ill for the abomination and its equally foul ally." Hooded says gripping the scales tightly, just in case.

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
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11/08/2000 3:23 AM

**Airiana stops attacking the Green and signals for her half-sister to do the same.**

"I am sorry, cousin Green. Thee may hate me, but my quarrel lie not with thee. Only the Black Robe on thy back. I do not intend to kill thee, nor would I in any other circumstance. My apologies.”

**Airiana and Nutaria both give a bow and trot off into the forest.**



~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

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11/11/2000 10:40 AM

Wart lays unconcious with the cleric, dreaming of being able to cast his own spells.

11/12/2000 6:11 PM

Sylzarr barely acknowledges the mage on her back, so focused on the enemy dragons and her own pain was she. Hearing the hybrid backing down from the fight and then seeing both dragons retreat, the green lands on the ground and roars in triumph. Sylzarr dislikes leaving the fleeing dragons be, but her wounds were great and it felt so good to finally land. On top of that, she was sill quite famished and the attack on the hybrid and the red used up her reserves. She lowered her neck to allow Hooded off. Her fight with the other dragons was done for now. If the mage still wished to pursue them, it will be without her help. Where was Phieros and those scrumptious elves???

Meanwhile, the aforementioned mage was making his way out the cave that the dwarf, Halgar, led him to. Upon exiting the cave and brushing the dust off his robes, Phieros halted as two dragons (!) rushed by him outside. The hybrid and ...a red dragon! The dragons had the fresh smell of chlorine about them. Did Sylzarr forced these dragons to retreat? Phieros saw the green land in the distance, roaring its victory. He uses another dimension door to teleport to the dragon's side, absent-mindedly leaving it open for the dwarf to follow. Upon reaching the green, Phieros saw a sight that made him do a double-take...

She was standing alone in tattered, bloodied white robes. Yet, still a vision of beauty. A pity he knew how she really was like underneath all that. Why is she still alive...and human once more?


OOC: Hey Airiana, I don't want you to think we're ganging up on you. Don't make your chars leave the thread. The hostility is just part of the story and is nothing personal. Just wanted to make sure that was clear.

11/13/2000 9:45 AM

Wart finally gains conciousness. Seeing that the battle is over and he had done nothing (except save Hooded from a lightning bolt) he locates his master and proceeds to grovel for forgiveness in not helping in a perilous situation.

11/13/2000 10:23 AM

The tiger watches the fight begin and end,never choosing sides.It had almost decided to fight on the side of the pink creature,but when its sibling arrived he saw that it would be interupting.
As the fight ends,he follows the two female's.They had fought well.Perhaps...it was well that he had recieved the gift from the Young.
After a while,a strangely large white dragon lands before Ariana and her Red sister.It nods its greetings.


"Observe the spider, how patiently he weaves his web.Then squash the sucker."-Garfield

11/14/2000 6:55 AM

Wart continues to grovel, worried that his master has not punished him yet. Maybe he was seriously injured.

11/14/2000 8:28 AM

OOC: Tyrin_Mithrilaxe, Sylzarr, Alisia, Phieros,
and all your other characters (not really sure
which one to address...)Don't worry, I'm not
leaving, just got tired of fighting. (It's not my
strong point in RPing...) Anywho, let's get back
to the game...

Joe, is the Dragon an albino (SP?) or a White
Dragon? I've proceeded as if it were a White... if
I messed up, correct me please.


Airiana nods back at the large White, knowing
most Whites are usually on the shallow end of the
brain pool, she decides not to complicate matters
with speaking too much.

"Hello Cousin, what brings thee here?" Airiana
asks as Nutaria nods to the Dragon.

"Hello," is all Nutaria decides to say. She,
obviously thinking the same as Airiana, decided to
keep it brief.

Airiana and Nutaria both walk over to the cave's
entrance, relax themselves, and wait for the
White's reply.



~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

11/14/2000 8:41 AM

Wart realizes during his groveling that the lightning blast had fried all the berries he had stored in his pouch. Now his stomach was rumbling in harmony with his groveling.

11/14/2000 3:04 PM

OOC:Its a white dragon.Very bright white,more then most.
The dragon anlyzes the responses he gets,and from these formulates the language to speak.
"Greetings.I be...Rawro.Comest I from a far far land.Where do I be,fair one's?"he says, in his accented dragonish.


"Observe the spider, how patiently he weaves his web.Then squash the sucker."-Garfield

11/15/2000 1:46 AM

*Hooded gets off the green dragon, swearing vilely in dragon the whole time. Stomping off, Hooded talks to the green dragon over his shoulder as he departs.*

"Coward." Hooded says simply. Using the most offensive dragon insult known to mortal kind.

*Seeing Wart grovel at his feet. Hooded stands watching him silently. Deliberately delaying punishment to build tension in the goblin. When Hooded hears Warts stomach grumble, he reaches into a pouch and withdraws a Thorbardin Flesh Nibbler. Throwing the creature on the ground, Hooded watches it scurry towards the goblin, hungry to nibble his flesh. Walking off, Hooded leaves Wart to his fate. Now doubt he'd catch up later if he managed to survive. After several minutes of walking, Hooded hears a strange draconic accent which had to belong to a white dragon. Although there seemed to be something different about it. Walking forward stealthily, Hooded spots a white glare up ahead. Squinting his eyes at the reflection the white scales emanated.*

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
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11/16/2000 1:51 AM

Alisia simply stands where she is, as Phieros calls her name. Tears come down her cheeks as a flood of emotions keep her frozen. ...Then without warning, she casts one of her most powerful spells that Paladine has granted her, a vertical column of flames that spirals down from the heavens. The divine flamestrike slams into Phieros, enveloping him with heat and fire.

Alisia screams at the column of flames, "Go....AWAY!!!"

The flames then rush back up from whence they came, leaving behind a charred form of man.

Kneeling down on the ground in obvious pain, Phieros stares painfully at his beloved, a smile spreading on his face.

"That ...was most unexpected, my love. What did I ever do to deserve that?"

Alisia backs away a few steps, looking hesitant and unsure. Phieros uses the opportunity to slip a protected vial from his charred robes and press it to his lips. Already feeling vitality flooding back to him, he quickly mouths the phrase to his next spell, a power word...


The cleric finds she cannot move and loses her balance. Toppling to the ground with a THUD, only her eyes betray her fear.

(No, NO, not again!!!), she cries in her head.

Sylzarr peers from within the trees. Oh, not this again. The dragon had watched the mage do this to the cleric before and knew what was going to happen next. Oh, how the mage loved to torture the girl. The green dragon looks back towards where the other mage, Hooded, had disappeared to. So distracted was she by her hunger, she barely heard what the mage had said to her. Did he call her 'coward'? How rude! Sylzarr pictures all the wonders her chlorine gas would do to the mage as she waited for Phieros to finish with the cleric.

Phieros peers at Alisia's fallen form with his magesight. There! The kurse-spell lay dormant within her! Whatever means she used to dispell it did not totally drive the spell away. Phieros looks around to ensure his privacy and then holds up his hand, removing a cap off one of his rings. Upon the ring is a tiny needle. The mage then kneels beside Alisia, whistling a tune that she had taught him, and rolls up one sleeve of her robe, revealing her arms bare.

"A bit of your blood, my lady.", he says mockingly, as he presses the needle into her arm. Her eyes almost roll over in pain and fear. "Shall we have another go at this? I've proven that even clerics can be helpless before their gods. How about a second time?"

He then caresses her cheeks and strokes her unmoving body, her eyes a window of torment and confusion. He whispers the spell that will strengthen the seed of evil within her, an evil that will spread once more and give her body a new shape, a menace made flesh.

Alisia knows she will soon be made to kill at his bidding. She knows that by doing so, her life will be forever haunted and become a string of torture and torment. Yet, she can do nothing about it. Phieros sees the tears coming from her eyes and collects them on his fingers.

"Ah, I shall savor this, sweet Alisia.", he says as he licks the salty fluid delicately from his fingertips.

Alisia can no longer hear, as her body is once again wrapped in a blinding light, her form already changing...

Phieros steps back as the hulking creature stands before him. Yes, she definitely looks even more vicious than before. The creature was three times the mass of a human, with grotesque horns sprouting from the shoulders and head. The body was sexless, the cleric now unrecognizable. Sharp teeth grinded in anger and irritation. Its eyes were black, pits of madness and desolation. Phieros had seen pictures of a render and this is what the creature resembled. The new victim of his kurse-spell pawed the ground with its thick claws, anticipating blood and flesh. Phieros knew just how to sate it, while testing its abilities as well.

"Find us elves, lots of elves.", he said with a voice strengthened by magic, "You know where they last were. Sniff them out and kill any you find. Now...GO!" The last word was like releasing a leash on the creature. It bounded away, wasting no time. Phieros looked towards where Sylzarr waited. "If I'm correct, precious, all we must do to sate your hunger is follow my beloved's trail."

The creature came upon a familiar scent. Crashing through the brush, it came upon a certain goblin as it struggled with a tiny monster that seemed to be nibbling on its flesh...
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11/16/2000 9:01 AM

Halgar once again curses his choice to get involved in this whole stupid fight. From his vantage point in the narrow cavern of the hillside, he saw the mage he just helped brutally change the girl into a hideous beast. The nerve of him to hurt the lass!

"I shoulda let dem durn dragons eat his skinny rump!" he whispered and slipped back into the cave. "Maybe they still can!" Halgar, being the guard post for his clan, knew all the tunnels and where they led. He was like a smart gopher, and he was about to pop up again.

Halgar poped up right smack under the red dragon. He cursed and knocked on its underbelly. "'Scuse me!! Hey!." he yelled and started to tickle by its scale. "Move over, dagnabbit!! I can tell ya where your durned mage foe is!! Now dont you spew out that dragon belch of yours when ya move now, ya hear! I got some info for you."

11/16/2000 11:05 AM

Wart looked at the monster coming to eat him. He turned to flee and tripped over hisown robe. The small monster was upon him, trying to eat his flesh. The goblin was doing his best to fend it off when a grotesque creature crashed through the brush where the goblin was fighting for his life. Realizing the new creature was a bigger threat, Wart howled in dismay. He turned to flee and tripped over a stone, moving it slightly. There was some sort of hole underneath it. Wart pushed the stone aside while avoiding the flesh nibbler and crawled in, pulling the stone over the opening. He stood a moment in the darkness to let his infravision adjust. Then he was off down one of the various tunnels.

11/16/2000 3:43 PM

*After Hooded's eyes adjust to the white glare his jaw grinds in anger. The abomination red and silver hybrid had somehow found herself another ally. Only a white dragon Hooded reminds himself, but a dragon all the same. Grinding his teeth, Hooded stares at the revolting white dragon. Committing the vision to memory, the white dragon would need to be dealt with. Hooded turns his gaze to Airiana's half sister the red dragon. Another which would need to be dealt with. As much as Hooded hated elves, the abomination took precedence over everything. Hybrid dragons were foul creatures, the green and blue amphi dragons were evidence of that. This chromatic and metallic dragon defiled the gods. Its allies were just as foul. The honor of dragon kind obviously meant nothing to them if they could abide the presence of Airiana. Remembering the mental exercises a white robed mage once taught him, Hooded fights back the instinct for confrontation. The mental exercises dampen the fire for a time, however in the end Hooded finds himself walking into the clearing. Three dragons in front of him. He snaps his fingers bringing his dagger instantly into a tight grip.*

"Well well. Isn't this just lovely." Hooded says scowling and directs his attention at the white dragon and red dragon.
"Hating the gods is one thing. Defiling their laws is another. You shit on everything that is dragon by helping this abomination." Hooded waves his hand in the general direction of Airiana.

*Hooded stands hating the three dragons and regretting the release of the thorbardin nibbler on Wart, his resourcefulness would be a welcome string to his bow at this point. Preparing a short range teleportation spell. Hooded gets ready to disappear at the first sign of attack.*

Dragon Peak
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11/17/2000 12:59 PM

Rawro almost lifts to the air at this new being's invasion."What manner of being do thou be?"he exclaims is dragon.
"Are thou...humanoid?"


The time for action is past! Now is the time for senseless bickering.
He who dies with the most toys,wins.

11/17/2000 10:10 PM

"Yes I am." Hooded lies. No doubt Airiana would expose the lie to the white dragon later, but for the moment Hooded hoped to gain information.

"How can you abide the presence of that abomination?" Hooded waves his dagger in Airiana's direction. "A regal dragon of the purest white should revile such filth."

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
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11/18/2000 2:05 PM

Rarwo moves his snout in a grimace."So I hast found a humanoid.Thou art indeed a strange species."
At Hooded's question, the white seem puzzled."These hues art not natural?I had thought..."
He stops speaking,then resumes."They seemest most lovely to me."__________________________________________________

... Jesus cried with a loud voice: Lazarus, come forth; the bug hath been
found and thy program runneth. And he that was dead came forth...
-- John 11:43-44 [version 3.0]

11/20/2000 1:33 AM

The cursed creature formerly known as Alisia sees the goblin disappear into the ground, the flesh nibbler hot on his heels. The creature leaps forward and stomps on the flesh nibbler, the sheer impact of the act drives the nibbler a foot into the ground. The creature then lunges after the fleeing goblin and attempts to dig its way after him. Its strong, sharp claws burrow easily into the earth, sending rocks and dirt flying in all directions in a frenzied attempt to sate its hunger.

Something compels the creature to stop its digging however. It climbs out of the hole it's made, already about five feet deep, and continues its search for elves. Another familiar scent reaches its nostrils. Like a silent hunter, the creature rushes through the trees towards the scent.

"(sigh) She's heading towards where the dragons fled to. She must smell elves on the hybrid dragon." Phieros says to Sylzarr, as the two skulk about the trees a ways back. "Let's see what comes out of this, my precious. Be patient just a little more..."

11/20/2000 2:40 AM

Airiana looks at the White with curiosity. He
was able to understand, though he obviously had
problems understanding all that was being said.
"Thee are in a forest of Qualinost, Cousin."
Airiana told the White.

Nutaria felt something under her. Moving
quickly, she notices that it's a dwarf. Listening
to his talk, she decides to respond. "Where is
he, dwarf?"

Airiana sees Hooded approach and speak to the
White who called himself Rarwo. Rarwo seems to be
offended by Hooded’s words. Airiana blushes
slightly after the White’s remarks. "Thank thee
for thy kind words, Rarwo. My hues are natural,
unlike what the former Dragon before thee says, at
one time in history, all Dragons got along. Back
then, hybrids like myself, were commonplace.
Though most did not survive nearly as long as I."

Airiana glared at Hooded. Nutaria stared
intently at the dwarf below. They both awaited
their replies.

OOC: Hooded, Am I correct about the whole 'former
Dragon' thing? If not, could you tell me, for my
enemy, I don't know all that much about you.[Edited by Airiana at Tuesday November 21, 2000 6:25 AM]
[Edited by Airiana at Tuesday November 21, 2000 6:25 AM]

11/21/2000 11:03 AM

Wart finds a ladder and starts to climb up. He was getting tired, this was harder then he had ever worked for his master before. The goblin reached the top of the ladder and opened the cover of the hole slightly to peer out. He saw his master, three dragons, and a dwarfs head. Maybe he could get closer through the tunnels. Wart disappeared back down the ladder and into the darkness.

11/21/2000 10:06 PM

As the red dragon moved over Halagars head, the dwarf heard the mage already speaking.

"Humph. Looks like the durned guy came by of his own accord."

*shoots the Hooded mage a cold hard stare*

"You had better turn that poor lass back into the nice pretty little thing she was." Now speaking louder so the other dragons would hear, "That heartless thing created a monster out of the pretty girl. It's pretty horrilbe looking and as mean spirited as any ogre with its ass on a forge. If that hooded whippersnapper sends it your way, please be careful with her and try not to kill her."

Halgar stops momentarily to sniff the air. "Thats new. I'll swear that I can smell goblin from within me own caves!"

11/22/2000 1:35 AM

OOC: Yeah Airiana. A black dragon who is trapped in human form. The shape shifting ring Hooded uses was drained of magical power in human form. And lacking the mental discipline to morph magically unaided, Hooded is thus in human form until he can find a way to be a dragon again.


"They did not survive for a reason." Hooded says referring to hybrids, his voice growing in volume as his anger increases. "Abominations! Can't you see that white cousin?" Hooded spits in the white dragons direction in disgust. "You are equally foul." Hooded waves his hand in dismissal and turns to walk off when he notices the dwarf for the first time. Screwing up his nose in distaste. Hooded reluctantly listens to the dwarves words. Did he just call me whippersnapper? I'd be at least five times his age, Hooded thinks mildly annoyed. Hearing the dwarf tell the news about the cleric, Hooded listens carefully. A plan formulating itself in Hooded's mind quickly.*

"She will only want to kill elves in that form. It would be best to delay finding her until she has exhausted herself. Then kill her."

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
Minus the *'s

11/22/2000 2:36 AM

The creature slowed its strides, hearing voices with its keen senses. It curled its lips back, showing off its vicious fangs, cautious of any threats. Peering through the brush, it saw a strange group indeed. Three dragons (!), a dwarf, and a black mage were communing with each other. The red/silver dragon had the scent of elves about it, but the creature saw none. It was careful not to let the dragons sense it, for they were powerful foes indeed, even the cursed one knew that. For the first time since its creation, it was unsure of its next action.

And inside the tattered mind of the cursed one, taking advantage of the creature's confusion, the mind of the cleric finally gains awareness...

"Helpless again... Stuck in this...this form! Why? WHY??? PALADINE!!!"

If it was possible for a tortured mind to cry, Alisia would have done just that. But her hysterics take a back seat to the cunning of the predator. The creature moves out of its hiding spot and stalks over to the assembled group.

Standing shy of 10 ft. of muscle and claws, the cursed one looks about the group and utters in a deep, scratchy voice, "Elves...ELVES!!!"

11/22/2000 3:05 PM

The white stands confused.These events were just to much!humanoids, former dragons,hybrid dragons,Qualinost(what was Qualinost?),and now he smells something.
"Cousin,Sisters,I hast smelt a thing.It hast the smell of one of the Roaerrrgs,yet also hast the smell of humanoids!It is here."Rawro says."I shalt catch the beast,and thou can tell me what it is."
The white exhales a cone of frost to where he smells the thing.He then clears the area around it by stomping the plants to the ground.


... Jesus cried with a loud voice: Lazarus, come forth; the bug hath been
found and thy program runneth. And he that was dead came forth...
-- John 11:43-44 [version 3.0]

11/24/2000 1:07 AM

*Hooded snorts irritably at the white dragons action. The predator would be primarily after elves. After the white dragon's attack however, it would probably go nuts at the people randomly gathered in the small clearing. Remembering that the beast is in fact the white robed cleric, Hooded leans against a tree casually. Indifferent to the creatures life or death.*

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
Minus the *'s

11/24/2000 7:26 AM

Still halfway in his hole, Halgar bounces up and down screaming, "Thats the lass. Aye, dragon white. Be gentle. That darned mage made her into what you see, er hear."

Halgar scurries back into the tunnels, not wanting to see the events from too close, just in case the dragons did hurt the lass in her monsterous form. All he needed was a better vantage point higher up the hill. And then there was that scent of goblin to chase...

11/24/2000 1:03 PM

Rarwo looks confused again."That thing be a humanoid lass?It would explain the smell..."


... Jesus cried with a loud voice: Lazarus, come forth; the bug hath been
found and thy program runneth. And he that was dead came forth...
-- John 11:43-44 [version 3.0]

11/24/2000 6:48 PM

Wart slipped up the ladder. He peered through the new hole and saw Hooded several feet away. The goblin scampered out of the hole to stand next to his master.

11/25/2000 3:56 AM

The creature stands, surrounded by frozen fury. The white dragon intentionally missed with its ice breath, leaving the cursed one relatively unscathed. The cold, however, hammers at it, dulling its senses. Red anger fills its head, murder on its mind, even towards a dragon. It tenses, ready to spring on this new attacker. It begins its charge, one step, two step, and ...BOP!

A wooden staff flashes before the creature's face and smacks itself on the creature's nose. The sharp pain startles the cursed one into halting its run and causes it to stagger. It turns menancingly towards the soon-to-be-dead wielder of the staff...

"Oh, why, hello there! Didn't mean to hit your noggin like that!", says an elderly man with a long white beard dressed in plain robes and a pointed wizard's hat. The aforementioned staff is on the ground, knocked out of the wizard's hand by the creature's impact into it. The cursed one proceeds to slash at the old man with its sharp claws, missing him as he quickly kneels to pick up the dropped staff.

"Naughty staff, mind your manners next time! Heh, guess I better be careful where I teleport...Woah!", he exclaims as the creature slashes again, this time its claws rebounding off an unseen barrier about the wizard. "Kinda friendly here, aren't you? Well, name's Fizzan! Or I think it is...Need to write my name on paper next time! I always forget it!"

The creature backs away from the wizard, sensing something unusual with this prey. It roars in frustration, once again unsure of its next action.

Inside the creature's head, Alisia watches the scene before her, unable to act or speak in the cursed body. At first, fearful that she would ravage all those that she encountered, she is glad that, so far, her efforts have met with failure. She is still not sure why her cursed form had spared the goblin before and now seems unable to attack this old man.

She prays fervently to her god, her prayer spoken only within her thoughts, "Paladine, please, please, aid me! I can't bear no more!"

"Child, I am here..." says the old man, his face turning serious.

And inside the tortured mind, the cleric hears these words and out of the creature's mouth, uttered in its raw voice, "...P-PALADINE???"

11/25/2000 12:17 PM

As yet another humanoid appears, Rarwo goes to the air.This is too much!I must learn more of these, and why there is the smell of Roaerrrg on that beast!
The white swoops down,capturing the beast in his talons and accidently also taking the other humanoid thing with it.
Rarwo now flies to a cave where he could speak to this strange being and by that understand these people.

... Jesus cried with a loud voice: Lazarus, come forth; the bug hath been
found and thy program runneth. And he that was dead came forth...
-- John 11:43-44 [version 3.0]

11/25/2000 6:55 PM

*Hooded feels the blood drain out of his face in fear as the old wizard appears. Giving Wart a shove, Hooded quickly backs off. After gaining some distance Hooded turns and runs away quickly. Noting Wart's presence close behind him because of the goblins pungeant smell. Puffing and panting, Hooded stops to catch his breath. His heart beating wildly. Partly due to the run but mostly because of fear of the deity. The white dragon fool had somehow not even known. Hooded shakes his head.*

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
Minus the *'s

11/27/2000 6:09 AM

Airiana sighs as the White carries off the
formerly-known-as-Alisia and the
formerly-known-as-Paladine. "I knew this would
happen..." She smirks as Hooded shrinks back and
runs away from Paladine. 'Run thee evil one,
Paladine shall find thee in the end.'




~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

11/27/2000 11:46 PM

From his perch higher up the hill, Halgar hears the poor cursed lad call out Paladine's name.

"By Reorx! The lass may have half a chance after all!" the dwarf bellowed, hopeing that she was truly in contact with her god, and not merely call his name.

To his right, he sees the hooded mage speed away with the goblin trying desperatly to keep up. "Hmmm. Might be a good idea to keep and eye on that one. I smell trouble from that one."

Halgar drops into the depths of his hill and retells the events of the day to the council of Clan Hammertoe. And the tunnels of this hill clan were vast indeed.

11/28/2000 12:33 AM

"Um, Rawro, is it?" exclaims the elderly wizard as he is carried aloft towards the white dragon's cave. "Your timing is...impeccable." this followed by the rolling of eyes.

The creature-formerly-known-as-Alisia struggles against its captor, resorting to biting with its longs fangs into the dragon's talons, screaming in rage all the while. If the dragon felt any pain, it didn't show it, nor did the talons budge.

They come upon a cave, perhaps a few miles away from where the dragon had taken them from in the forests of Qualinesti. Rawro safely deposits them to the ground before settling on the ground himself.

The cursed one roars in defiance, yet makes no move against the dragon nor the wizard. It growls softly and pads around the cave. The one called "Fizzan" looks at the cursed one and shakes his head. He then turns to Rawro. "So, is this your version of a welcome or something? Name's Fizran,...I think, how do you do? Best make it quick, because I believe I have something important to do..."

Meanwhile, back in the forests, Phieros and his dragon ally, Sylzarr, have stumbled upon an elven hunting party as they investigate the whereabouts of the cursed one. The hunting party, the remnants of the one that accompanied Airiana when she was in elf form, had backtracked searching for their lost ally when they noticed the magically-silent green dragon. Sylzarr licks her lips in grim anticipation. Let the feast begin!

11/28/2000 1:51 PM

"Yes humanoid,Rarwo is my name."the dragon says in understandable Commmon.He ignores the one he had originally wanted,he could sense that this one was much more powerful.
"I sense that I know you...who,what are you?Tell me of this land,where I think you must be a Great One."

... Jesus cried with a loud voice: Lazarus, come forth; the bug hath been
found and thy program runneth. And he that was dead came forth...
-- John 11:43-44 [version 3.0]

11/30/2000 2:38 PM

Wart follows Hooded until his master stops running. All of the exercise was killing the goblin. He hadn't worked so long in his life. Not even for Hooded.

12/04/2000 1:38 AM

*Hooded studies the panting goblin. Hooded was feeling exhausted himself, but refused to show it to his slave.*

"Do you want to go home now Wart?" Hooded doesn't wait for a reply. "Too bad. We have work to do."

*Hooded considers the situation. There were always elves to kill, but that could wait. The abomination Airiana had to be dealt with, but that would have to wait also. The appearance of Paladine was a whole new angle. Why had the platinum dragon descended to the plane of mortals? There had to be a reason, some dire situation somewhere. Hooded starts to feel very optimistic. Hooded hadn't survived this long without learning the lesson that where there was a problem, there was opportunity. Unlikely situations called for unlikely alliances.*

"Wart my foul goblin companion. We backtrack again." Hooded says and walks back to whence they came.

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
Minus the *'s

12/05/2000 12:30 AM

The wizard looks flattered, "A great one? Well, well, finally one who understands and appreciates the lessons I teach, eh? But why so confused, lad? You are in Krynn, in the land of Qualinesti, the wild elf lands, I believe." Fizran's attention turns to the cursed one as it seeks a way out of the cave.

He turns back to Rawro, "I wish I had more time to talk but my time here is short and there is something I must accomplish." He then tips his hat to the dragon and leaves the cave following the cursed one.

Meanwhile, in the cursed body, Alisia cries for her god, to hear his voice again! Has he come to aid her or...end her pain? Her cursed body is afraid of what is to come and seeks to go back to the one who created it in the first place.

"Alisia...", says a stern voice in her head.


"Why do you run?"


"Child, turn around and face me."

The cursed one does as it's bid, albeit reluctantly. Standing in front of it is the patient face of the elderly wizard.

"Face me and be afraid no more..."

Elsewhere, carnage ensues as the green dragon Sylzarr, at long last, dines on the elves she relishes so much. The elven hunting party makes its final stand as they cast spells and hurl their weapons at the hungry dragon. Those who stand to defend themselves are struck down by the lightning blasts of the black mage, Phieros.

"I'm sure Sylzarr wouldn't mind a few fried ones. Eat up and soon we shall leave this place!"

Phieros looks around, seeing no sign of Alisia anywhere. He would have to reestablish the magical link that ties him to her to find the monstrous creature.

"That girl is more trouble than I bargained for. Bah, I clean my hands of her! Let her do whatever killing she wants!"

He then sees a familiar face approaching. His face brightens when he sees who it is. "Ah, Hooded, the smell of death attracts you? Sylzarr is almost finished here!"

12/05/2000 3:36 AM

OOC: Sorry everyone, I've been having some
computer problems.

BIC: Airiana walks away toward the sound of the
death cries of the elven hunting party. When she
gets there, she sees Sylzarr and Phieros. "Well,
thee found them, I see. Would thee mind if I joined
you? My Red side seems to be coming out a little
as of late."




~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

12/06/2000 11:20 AM

Halgar returns to the hillside cave with others from his clan just in time to see the Qualinesti carnage. "By Reorx!!" he cries and makes a move to jump out and aide the evles, but is restrained by two of his kin. "Aye, yer right. I'd end up just like dem poor lads. In all my centuries, I'd only seen one dragon, and a good one at that. Now, four evil ones appear. What can we do?" Halgar's voice cracks from sadness at the sensless elven deaths. Suddenly, Halgar spins on his heals and runs yellin down the caves. "I'll tell ye what I'll do!! Hee-hee!"

His cousins run after him, baffled, thinking his beard had somehow maganged to stragle his brain. Maybe all the events had somehow managed to snap his strong reslove.

Halgar still giggled all the way. Deeper and deeper into the caves he ran. Owennil Hammertoe, one of the few dwarfs will persuing Halgar recognized the way. He was the only one in that group that had accompanied Halgar when they accidentaly found a dragons lair many years ago. A sliver dragons lair.

12/06/2000 3:43 PM

Wart trudged behind his master. He knew Hooded wasn't upset with him anymore because the mage was back to hurling insults at the tired goblin. Wart managed to identify and scrounge up several different herbs on the walk back. There wasn't much else for him to do now that they weren't at the lab. The goblin fingered the dagger he kept at his side for last resorts.

12/11/2000 12:05 AM

*Hooded treks through foliage with Wart until they find themselves before Phieros.*

"Elven deaths have an especially sweet smell Black Robe." Hooded turns his head to see Airiana. Shaking his head.

"Foul Abomination. No wonder hybrids are hated in dragon circles. Turncloaking and backstabbing comes so naturally to you." Hooded says coolly. "I will forget your filthy presence for a time however Abomination. For Paladine has descended from his Fortress." Hooded turns to Phieros and looks about for the green dragon. "For what purpose? The answer to that can wait. No doubt Paladine will be recruiting lackeys as we speak. The cleric is an obvious choice for him. The elves will be next. The next action is obvious. Locate the cleric and force her to talk by any means necessary. This time the meddling of the platinum dragon will be squashed." Hooded says clenching a fist. Takhisis would surely reward Hooded for such a deed and Hooded knew exactly what boon he would ask for.

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
Minus the *'s

12/11/2000 1:47 AM

Sylzarr swallows another elf, savoring its unique taste that makes the race, as a whole, a delicacy. Oh, how she waited for such a feast! The bodies of elves were strewn everywhere (at least the ones the green dragon hasn't devoured yet), numbering some two dozen. As Sylzarr scoops another one in her anxious maw, she sees an unwelcome sight as the hybrid and her red sister approach her and the mages. She utters a low growl, slurping up the elf in her cheeks and picking up a few more. Let them have what remains. The burn marks on her body were a bitter reminder of their previous battle. and she had no intention of continuing it.

Meanwhile, Phieros absorbs all that Hooded tells him with a look of incredulity. Paladine here??? His face pales. Recruit the cleric? A cleric of Paladine he has cursed? What is Phieros' fate for such a crime? Why was Paladine here indeed?

"What did you have in mind, Hooded? Are you ready to trade spells with a god???", he says in near-exasperation.

Calm! Must retain collectiveness and composure... This was to be expected. The kurse-spell is no minor magic. Even the gods would take notice.

Phieros glances at Hooded, noticing Sylzarr's apprehension at the hybrid Airiana's arrival. "Hmmm, oh right, then I shall attempt our...opening salvo...so to speak. Just a matter of reestablishing a magical link..." The look he gave Hooded was most impish indeed.

Elsewhere, nearby a certain silver dragon's cave, the cursed one stands still, pawing the ground in uneasy apprehension. Inside its mind, a conversation was taking place.

"My lord Paladine, is it truly you?"

"What does your heart tell you? ...Forgive me, child. You have been through much. The least I can do is not answer your questions with questions. Yes, I am who I say I am."

The cursed creature's body drops to the ground, kneeling before the god-turned-wizard. The consciousness of Alisia weeps, her cries silent within the hallowed mind of the cursed one.

The elderly wizard raises an eyebrow, "Now, now, child, there is no time for this. The forces that have changed you are most dire indeed, one of the reasons I am here. Now get up and let me have a good look at you."

As Alisia's monstrous form rises, it tenses for a split second. Its lips curl back, as it emits a guttural growl. Fizban, otherwise known as Paladine, peers at the creature.

"Child? Oh, bother, not the mage again...", he says before he is bowled over by the cursed one's charge...

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12/11/2000 6:17 AM

Airiana looks at Hooded. "A turncoat I am not.
It is not my fault that the gods make one blood
rise above the other. It is in no way my fault for
being born a hybrid, it was the fault of mine own
parents, not I. Hoodded, thee shouldn't blame things
on others that they had no control over, for I did not,
and nor do I now, have control over such matters.

At any rate, I can see I am unwelcome here, by
both Sylzarr, and, as always, by Hooded.
Therefore, I shall leave, taking a few of the
elves, if thee wouldn't mind as it were my
intension originally to kill them off and eat them
at my leasure." Airiana bowed to Sylzarr and
Pheiros. Nodding her head to Hooded, she took up
three of the elves and turned back towards the
cave. "Good day to all of thee."

OOC: Nutaria isn't with me, she's back just above
the Dwarven hole.



~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

12/12/2000 5:43 AM

Rarwo watches the strange humanoid leave.Perhaps the time had come to return to Home,to Borest,time to leave this strange continent.
No.There was still much information to gather.Was it time to use the great spell given him by the elders?The spell to drain the mind of all its knowledge...
Yes,it was time.The strange one,the one both humanoid and dragon would be best.Rarwo leaves the cave and flies,following the strange one's scent.__________________________________________________

I've seen better organized creatures than you running around barnyards with their heads cut off.

12/12/2000 10:39 AM

Everything that was going on was beyond Wart's comprehension. On the other hand, he enjoyed elf also. Finding one that had been mostly slurped, he built a small fire and started cooking the elf in a stew, adding some herbs he had found along their trek.

12/13/2000 10:50 AM

Halgar and Owennil ran until they heaved and panted and collapsed on the narrow cave floor. Owennil glared at Halgar. "If I could have caught yer runnin' feet, I would have tripped you and hauled you back to the clan home. What in Reorx's name has gotten into you, cos? I know where you're headed. And we're just about there. Halgar, come to yer senses. Tis a dragon around that turn. Come home and leave the fight that aint yurs to begin with!"

Halgar props himslef up to lean agains the cold cave wall. It was unusually cold, he noted. They were close to Shyrnn indeed, the magificent Silver Dragon he accidentally came across over a decade ago. "Owennil," Halgar panted, "The lass mentioned Paladine's name. Now I don't know why, but I get the feeling that the god himself watches the events this day. We owe it to the guy. I mean, if he's a cousin to Reorx, then he's a cousin to us, right?"

"Right indeed, my furry footed friend!" exclaimes a human boy the same height as Halgar causing both dwarfs t jump to their acing feet.

"How the devil did you get 'ere boy! Didn't you know there be a dragon no more than 500 feet away? You must be lost lad, and lucky to be alive..."

Halgar stopped speaking as his jaw gapped with surprize. The boy just stood there and smiled. Smiled with that unmistakable stare he met a decade ago. The boy with silver hair held out his hand to Halgar saying, "You are right, friend. Paladine takes care of his family."

12/14/2000 12:56 AM

*Hooded's eyebrows furrow slightly. Mildly annoyed at the mage Phieros' question.*

"Of course not Black Robe. Not even kender would be foolish enough to tangle with a god directly. God or no however, Paladine has weaknesses. Whatever his plans are when he sets foot on Krynn he always makes the same mistake. He puts too much weight on mortal shoulders. What would be if Huma had've been slain earlier? Or Tanis at an earlier stage? Paladine would have lost all. If the cleric is Paladine's current pet..." Hooded lets his words trail off. Turning to listen to Airiana's words, Hooded waves a hand dismissively. His face wrinkling in disgust.

"Only an abomination would come up with logic like that. Not your fault! You live, you breathe. That makes it your fault Abomination." Hooded spits on the ground for further emphasis. Watching Airiana depart, Hooded curses all gods in the light house of the pantheon. Any other time and killing the abomination would be his pleasure right now. The befuddled wizard was a more pressing matter however.

*Hooded sorts through some of the herbs Wart gathered. Pouching the majorim, hazel, fezilbrush and hemakka, then throws away all the yssetooth herb. Hooded had told Wart not to gather the useless yssetooth countless times but the goblin seemed to be attracted to it and always collected a large portion. Despite the useful herbs Wart had gathered, Hooded only remembers the yssetooth. Looking at the goblin furiously, Hooded thinks up an original punishment and grunts in Wart's direction.*

"Filthy goblin. Come hither..."

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
Minus the *'s

12/14/2000 6:21 AM

Airiana hears Hooded's words as she walks away
and sends him a message through mind-speak. 'To
take one's own life is to be at a disadvantage and
disfavor of the gods in the Afterlife. I, for one,
shall not commit such a horrid act against the gods.
If they will me to live, then I shall. If they will
me to die, still, I shall.'

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

12/16/2000 4:59 PM

Rarwo follows the scent of its quarry to the clearing where it and certain other humanoids are.There is also another dragon there,the green warrior,but it could be ignored for now.
The white dragon lands."Black friend,mayhaps cans't I speak with thee?"he asks,again in the language of dragons.
Rarwo concentrates on the bracelet on his tail.One look in the eyes would be all it takes to suck the memory's out.


I've seen better organized creatures than you running around barnyards with their heads cut off.

12/18/2000 7:32 AM

Wart stops in mid bite. THe stew tasted so good, and it was just like his master to interupt his feeding. With stew still trickling down his face, the goblin peered up at his master, "What is it master?"

12/19/2000 2:07 AM

Inside the cursed one's consciousness, Alisia curls up within her mind, disbelief etched within her thoughts as the very idea of attacking the very god she worshipped, even a mortal version of him, was almost enough to drive her insane. How could she be so helpless? Why was this happening?

"Because you are allowing it to, child..."

The cursed one halts its rampage upon the wizard. One moment, he was in its grasp, the next he was gone. Looking this way and that, the creature notices Fizban but a few yards away, brushing the dust off his sleeves.

"That was quite a show of brute force, cleric of mine. Can I see that same strength within your soul?"

The creature howls at its frustration, the spell of Phieros, commanding it to do his bidding. And that was to tear the wizard/god apart...

"Ah, another go at it then? Very well, child. Some lessons have to be learned the hard way..."

Meanwhile, after listening to Hooded's words and watching him leave as he made his own plans against Paladine, Phieros took out of his robes two pieces of broken crystal. Once, when the crystal was whole, it contained a piece of Chaos-essence. A small piece, derived from some minion of the fell god who sought to destroy all of Krynn. Phieros had dreams of this crystal, and when he found it, sought to shape its power. Phieros suspected his god, Nuitari, had sent him the visions. Of the many uses of the chaotic magic found within the crystal, was the means to create his so-called kurse-spell. He met a nubile young priestess, a very naive lass, who was attracted to him and for awhile, he was to her. However, her worship of Paladine would not do in his world. And he hated her for that. He hated Paladine more for what he did to his life... Soon, his spells required live subject experimentation. The axeman who had been meddling in his work gave him the excuse to put his kurse-spell to use. Thus, began his "teachings" upon poor Alisia...

...As for the cursed priestess, her attempts at regaining control of her body were for naught. The magic was too strong. However, Fizban always stayed one step ahead of her rushes and swipes. She was tearing up ground and slashing trees apart in anger.

"Child, must we dance this over and over again? When will you realize?", Paladine said in her head.

"Realize WHAT???", she screamed aloud in her mind. Her frustration made her brave.

"Your true self. Poor child, you have merely forgotten. The magic used on you has changed you more than physically. Stop thinking like a ...human."

"Like a human? What?"

"I need your help, Alisia, the chaos-magic is something I cannot exorcise easily. It is not merely a blight upon you. It is a blight upon Krynn itself."

"What can I do, my lord? I cannot stop myself. Phieros did h-his work well..."

"As I said, stop thinking human, and remember how you originally came into my service..."

The creature stopped in mid-swipe as the words hit home and the cursed one's eyes opened wide.

Alisia nearly cried out as images flowed, supplied in part by Paladine but also memories tucked away, deep within and forgotten.

The cursed one knelt to the ground, the magical link to a certain black mage abruptly broken. The cleric was gaining control of her body again. "My name is not Alisia, is it?

"That name is a shortening of your full name, Sylvalisha. But you adopted it to be among the humans. Do you remember now?"

"More and more, my lord. And the kurse-spell, how did it affect me?"

"You were already weakened by the mage's grip on your heart. And the chaos spell perverted your true form. If you are ready, I believe I can exorcise it now."

"I-I am."

Fizban/Paladine wasted no time and began the process to undo the effects of the kurse-spell. Only with the cleric's help and undying devotion to him was he able to succeed. Once again, her body was awash in light, and after a few moments, a large form laid in place of the cursed body. The silver dragon that was once a beauteous human cleric slowly rose and stretched her wings to their full length. Fizban held within his hands a gray opaque crystal, a containment of chaos. "That work is finished, and you have performed admirably, child. How do you feel?"

"More alive than I ever felt in years!"

"Good, good. However, your work is not done. Order must be ...maintained."

"I understand...all too well. I will not fail you, my lord."

Fizban glanced towards the cave nearby. "Shrynn, my child, I have returned another to our flock. She has served for many years as a human cleric of my church and almost lost herself. She is sure to be famished from her time spent as a human and will need thy assistance. You have grown in power yourself since I saw you last. Mayhap, you can help each other out. I bid you farewell, once again. A piece of chaos needs to be banished from Krynn and is a rather ...delicate matter. Fare thee well, the both of you!"

Fizban/Paladine then simply fades away.

Elsewhere, the crystal halves in Phieros' hands crumble to dust. The dust burns into his hands, leaving him howling in pain. The link to Alisia has been broken! Phieros' eyes widen at the implication. What will be Paladine's retribution? And better yet, who will stand with Phieros when all is said and done?
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12/20/2000 1:06 AM

*Hooded hears the red/silver hybrids words in his mind and narrows his eyes. Watching her walk off irritably. It irked Hooded to not take up such a prime chance to rid the world of the spawn of forbidden union. At least she is killing elves at the moment thought Hooded. That was some consolation at least. Seeing Wart leave his stew with regret, Hooded looks at him scowling.*

"This is useless." Hooded throws the yssetooth into the goblins face. Then walks over and kicks his stew into the dirt. "I have decided to never let you return to your native lands as punishment. For now, go and help Phieros. See what herbs he needs and collect them. His help will be needed to bring down Paladine's pet."

*Hearing Rarwo talk in his strange accent, Hooded regards the white dragon suspiciously.*

"Say your words quickly white cousin. I have a cleric to kill. If it weren't for the cleric, I'd be attacking either the abomination or you at this point in time."

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
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12/20/2000 6:41 AM

Wart stared at Hooded horrified. He had never loaned him out to another mage. What had he done so wrong. The goblin didn't remember gathering the yssetooth. "I'm sorry master," whined Wart, notcaring about the stew anymore. "Please don't make me work for him. I promise I won't do it again ever," pleaded the goblin. "I can get better herbs, I know it. And..." the goblin trailed off, realizing he shouldn't tell his master what he was going to say.

12/20/2000 1:26 PM

One silver tear trickled down Shrynn's child face as he heard the words of his God in his heart. He had been chosen to aid him, and the gravity of such an honor nearly took his feet from under him.

"Halgar and Owennil, those are your names right?" Asked Shrynn to the two disbelieving dwarves, "Paladine has a mission for us. You may accompany me, or stay here in the saftey of your kingdom. The choice is yours." Shrynn began walking down the tunnel that led to his lair.

"I'm comin'," grumbled Halgar.
"No, yer not," agrued Owennil.
"You mean not without you?" Halgars eyes lit up.
"Not without no one! Let's go home!" Owennil gruffly spit and started the walk back to the clan home, muttering and curseing to himslef all the way until he realized much later that Halgar wasn't following him. He turned around to the empty cavern and stared.

Shrynn escorted Halgar back to his lair and with his childlike human eyes, looked up to the opening of sunlight high above. "Close your eyes, Halgar. We have friends near by and we will be taking a short cut." With that, a strange clould of mist enveloped the boy and started to grow and sparkle. The radiance of Shrynn's true being took shape and left Halgar breathless. Shrynn had grown! Bah! He must've been a young dragon. Halgar frowned. What if he was still growing?!

Halgar regretted not closing his eyes and the silver took him in one of his claws and accended up the magestic cavern wall and emerged on the sunbathed ground. To his surprize, another Silver dragon stood before him.

"Greetings Silvalisha! This is Halgar. You must be starved." With that, Shyrnn took flight to find her some livestock.

Halgar stared at the second Silver dragon dumbfounded. "So, ya like caves?"

...Are you sure Vegemite is food?
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12/24/2000 7:56 AM

Rarwo looks deep into the strange mix of humanoid and dragon and at the same time concentrates hard the magic amulet on his tail,as he had been tought to do.
"Sorry to do this to thee."he says,and begins to suck the memory's from Hood.

'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/02/2001 3:03 AM

Silvalisha looks to Halgar and seems to smile. "I would not know. I haven't been in a cave. I lived amongst humans for quite a long time." Shrynn's reminder about her hunger awakened her craving for meat, lots of it. A huge growl comes from her stomach. "Oh, my. Was that me?"

Meanwhile, the white dragon, Rawro, begins his plot to steal Hooded's memories. As the magic amulet begins its work, his tail is slapped hard, interrupting the process. "Ah, ah, ah", says the green dragon Sylzarr. "Paladine plots against us and you seek to weaken us all? Are you mad? A white dragon you are but you do not acknowledge Takhisis, do you? Explain yourself!"

Phieros, glancing at the interaction of the two dragons, looks to Wart. "Eh, Hooded sent you? Well, then you could help by disposing of this." He puts in the goblin's hands the pieces of the crystal that housed the chaos magic. "I have no use for it no more."

01/02/2001 3:26 AM

Rarwo looks this new dragon in the eye.He had a few new memories,but certainly not enough."I be sorry,I know not of this Takhisis,"A aquired memory surfaces."A lady is she?"
He hopes the green would ponder his question and not notice that once again he was starting the process,touching the amulet and summoning its power.Begining to catch memories from Sylzarr.__________________________________________________

'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/06/2001 10:55 PM

*Hooded only half listens as Wart fumbles out a grovelling excuse. Still annoyed about the yssetooth, Hooded silently congratulates himself for finding a punishment to hurt the goblin. In the early days it had been easy to torture Wart. But the goblin seemed to be building some form of immunity to torture, much to Hooded's disgust and annoyance. Hearing the goblin's tone grow hesitant and his words trail off, Hooded turns to Wart to ask what he was going to say but clutches his head in pain. Falling to his knees, Hooded grips his hair as he feels something worming it's way around his mind. Hooded identifies the effects of the magical spell within two seconds of it taking effect. Like all dragons, Hooded has a profound ability at identifying spells. Falling back on instinct, Hooded mutters the words to a last line of defence spell. Closing off a large portion of his memories. The memories would be lost to Hooded for a long time. Perhaps forever, but at least they wouldn't be stolen. Blood drips out of Hooded's nose in small drops. The spell had not only closed the door to most of his memories, it also blanked out a large portion of his personal identity. Looking around disoriented, Hooded looks at unfamiliar faces wandering what just happened. Seeing Wart, Hooded has a vague recollection that he has some sort of hold over the goblin. Standing up on unsteady legs, Hooded walks like a drunkard. Only wanting to get away from these people.*

"Goblin." Hooded says as he stumbles off. "Get me away from here."

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
Minus the *'s

01/09/2001 7:17 AM

Wart hastily replies, "yes master," noticing that Hooded didn't want him to work for another right now. Draping his masters arm over his shoulder the best he could, the goblin lead the mage to a small stump, on of the entrances to the underground tunnel system he had used earlier. "We can hide down here master," wheezes Wart after revealing the opening.

01/09/2001 7:21 AM

OOC: Haha! Cool! I'm gonna mess with Hoo-ded! ...Sorry, just had to warn ya..

BIC: Airiana finished the elves, one was just a little extra crispy but, she had been hungry... and still was, now that she thought about it. Deciding to see if she could find any more spare elves lying about, she walks back to Sylzar, (SP?) Pheiros, Hooded, and Wart. Noting the fact that Rawro was now among their numbers. She arrived just in time to see Hooded's counterspell.. and to see him stumble off while being nice to Wart.

What did he do, I wonder? She thought to herself. Then, it hit her. A memory defense spell! That can take centuries to wear off... if it does... I wonder if he remembers he's a Dragon...

With that final thought, Airiana smiles at Sylzar, who's memories are being abosrbed by Rawro, pickes up a few more elves, and hurries off towards Hooded. She gobbles down the elves quickly and shifts to human form, not her favorite, but it was the most widely excepted.

She took the shape of a woman around twenty-two years of age, she had long black hair that was put up tightly in a French-braid style. Despite this, her hair still went to the lower part of her back. Her eyes were forest-green, her skin a dark tan from the looks of many long days in the hot sun. She wore long red robes, marking her as a mage, the smell of rose petals always seems to hang around her, always more potent then all of her other spell components.

Walking up behind Hooded, she catches him as he almost falls. "Are you alright?" She asks, pretending to look for signs of drink on him.

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons
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01/10/2001 12:04 AM

Sylzarr stared blankly for a minute, the spell of absorption having been cast. Unlike Hooded however, she was a dragon in full command of her faculties, a faithful servant of Takhisis as well. The spell took longer to do its work and gave the green dragon enough time to utter a warning to her "partner".

Phieros, noticing the goblin had disappeared along with Hooded, had been formulating a strategy on how to possibly speak with and gain control over his beloved again. Maybe somehow salvage something from this whole mess. Barely noticing the hybrid Airiana shapeshifting and chasing after Hooded, he was about to teleport to Alisia's last known location when he heard a scream from Sylzarr. His link to the dragon was being threatened by an outside force! Sylzarr uttered the name of the white dragon, who was nearby, and that was all Phieros needed to act.

Pulling from his robes a globe of pure obsidian, Phieros hurled it between the two dragons. The dysjunction exploded with tremendous force, toppling trees and hurling Phieros off his feet.

Sylzarr felt more than saw the force that interrupted the absorption spell. Taking no chances, she took to the air. She sprayed the whole vicinity with chlorine gas to discourage pursuit from the treacherous white dragon.

"My thanks for the save, mage. You have proven useful yet again...", Sylzarr said telepathically through her link with Phieros.

Phieros laid on the ground, his lungs burning from the chlorine gas drifting nearby. Sylzarr was well and away. That brought a smile to his lips. He slowly got up, knowing full well that the white dragon may come for him. Recalling the spells available to him, he prepared for confrontation. Alisia may have to wait...

01/11/2001 8:56 AM

Rarwo rocks as the spell is disturbed and once again his subject escapes.He roars in anger,a great tearing roar,certainly not normal for a white.He takes to the air to avoid the chlorine from the green and roars again as he see's it escape.
He searches for the one who had disrupted his spell and finds him,a lone humanoid standing almost directly below him.The dredges of memory he had gotten from Sylzar identified him as 'Phierios'.A pet perhaps?
Never mind,he would destroy this insect and then find another dragon,an unsuspecting one,to use his magic on.The white lands."Thou art dead,humanoid.And know this; thou dost die by the claw of Rarwo The White,son of the Lord Rotro the White,ruler of the great continent of Lopter!"
And with these words,Rarwo breaths at Phieros.He breathes not the icy breath of the white dragon,but the acid spittle of a black.


'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

01/13/2001 4:12 PM

OOC: Airiana, check my last post.

Wart made sure his master was down the passage, before he followed. The goblin shut the hatch behind him and slid the deadbolt across the opening. "We're safe now master, you may rest," squeaked the goblin.

01/16/2001 5:59 AM

OOC: Oops! Sorry... damn, I wanted to bug him too... hey, just change mine as I find a way into the passage.. if that won't work, then please ignore this and the last post.


~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

01/16/2001 6:37 PM

"Master, are you okay?" whines Wart, noticing that Hooded hadn't said anything in several minutes. His master just kind of sat there and looked at him, not really recognizing the goblin.

01/17/2001 1:03 AM

Amid the splash of acid, a faint outline of invisible force can be see surrounding Phieros. The mage expected a cone of cold from the white, but the unexpected acid spittle was repelled the same. Phieros glanced at the force shield ring he wore, the same ring that protected him from Alisia's flamestrike spell earlier. The ring now had a crack on it, its magic waning.

Phieros quickly took a firey-red bead from his robes and hurled it towards Rawro. Not wishing to see the result of his actions, he quickly casted another dimension door, taking him to Alisia's last location. As he casted the dimension door spell, the bead exploded into a delayed blast fireball hurling towards the white dragon.

The fireball exploded as Phieros leaped into the portal. Then all disappeared in a bright flash...

01/17/2001 1:30 PM

An explosion rocked the tunnels that Hooded and Wart were in. Wart looked back to see the entrance they had come through partially collapse.

It didn't bother Wart though, he had spent some time down here avoiding those wretched dwarves and he knew another way out. "This way master," Wart said to Hooded as he headed down a new path.

01/21/2001 5:33 AM

Rarwo quickly breaths a cone of cold at the unexpected fireball,but misses.It explodes on his right wing,hurting him badly.He roars in anger once more."Thou art dead when I find thee!"he shouts to the air.
Touching the wound with a ring on his claw,it heals immediatly,but the ring shatters."One used up,and I did not even hurt the thing!"Rarwo mutters to himself.Sniffing out the scent of the man,he follows him.

'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/17/2001 2:18 PM

Wart led Hooded down a new tunnel. The goblin could tell that his master was feeling a little better. Wart hoped he would talk to him soon.

02/18/2001 2:32 AM

Phieros emerged out of the portal and came upon another clearing in the woods. He looked around. Alisia should be here...

The black mage heard a sharp crack behind him, followed by munching noises. He turned and saw a sleek silver dragon gorging itself on a pile of freshly slain deer. The dragon paused, seeing the intruder.

Not another dragon, Phieros thought. Too many dragons in these woods. What was going on here? He made a mental call to Sylzarr for help.

The silver dragon spit out the leg of the deer it was chewing on and uttered, "Phieros?"

Phieros started after hearing that. How??? No, it can't be... It can't possibly be...


The dragon's eyes turned to slits. "My, Phieros, you seem winded." The dragon flicked the deer leg towards the mage. "Here, have a bite and rest", it said in amused tones.

Phieros responded with a powerful blast of chain lightning. "I'm ending our relationship, love. Don't take me wrong, I really did love you..."

02/18/2001 7:01 AM

A blast of cold hits the feet of the mage before he casts his spell,freezing him in place.A woman walks out of the woods,naked. She watches Phieros try to escape,but is unable to."So...I hast chosen a body suitable for a...discussion.You humanoids intruige me.What,thou dost not recognize me?I be Rarwo,a Great White.Son of The Great White."
The woman sits."Now,tell me of this place called Ansalon."
'Cry Havoc!And let slip the dogs of war.'
Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

02/21/2001 10:36 AM

somebody was looking for this so I brought it back!"No bows, no swords! Leave all your weapons here!"


02/25/2001 11:52 PM

Phieros saw Rawro, now a naked nubile woman, stride towards him, asking him his incessant questions about Ansalon, as if the creature came from another world. Hmm, it probably did.

"...You're an unusual one, dragon. You try to drain my partner's mind and you attack all in your way, for what? To know more about Ansalon? To know more about Krynn? Go visit the library in Palanthus! I'm sure it'll more readily give you all the information you wish for!"

Before he could say more, the black mage was snatched by a huge claw as Sylvalisha took advantage of the mage's helpless state. Phieros winced at the pain as the grab nearly severed his frozen feet from his legs. Blood welled from his legs, but the silver dragon cared not a whit. Sylvalisha turned to the naked lady, "This one is mine. Seek your answers elsewhere." Then she strode away.

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02/26/2001 1:58 PM

Wart had done a good job of getting his master away. Not only that, the goblin had managed to lose the evil dragon crossbreed and avoid the dwarves that were pursuing him. Hooded still hadn't said anything and Wart was beginning to scheme. Maybe his master didn't remember who he was. Maybe the goblin could be his master. Maybe...

02/28/2001 2:08 AM

OOC: Hee hee hee... not for long, you haven't.

BIC: Airiana, now in one of her least favorite forms, that of a female human, is walking across the grasses of the forest. Looking down, she finds a goblin-sized hole in the ground. Maybe I can squeeze through..., she thinks to herself as she drops herself into the hole. She grabs her red robes so they don't get dirty from the tunnel.

Following the path there, she soon runs across Wart and Hooded. Hooded wasn't looking his best and Wart looked as if he was planning something. They won't recognize me like this... hmm, I bet I could have a little fun... Trying to look as innocent and as air-headed as possible, she looks around the tunnel and purposely trips over Wart. "Ahh!" She yells as she hits the ground. "Ouch... Oh, I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. ...Are you alright?" She asks timidly as she gets to her feet and dusts off her robe. "I seem to be a little lost... do you think you could help me?"


~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

02/28/2001 12:31 PM

"What are you doing down here? This is a dwarf tunnel, did you know that?" says the goblin. "Are you a mage? My master is the strongest mage ever."

03/03/2001 1:32 PM

OOC:I'm asuming that the silver dragon is taking the mage in her claws.I'll correct the post if i'm wrong.
Rarwo stands still.His shock obvious even in the female body."ENOUGH!!" he roars,the thunderous sound almost humuorus coming out of the girls pretty mouth."I will go to this Palanthalas place,but first I will make sure no-one survives who knew of me!No...more...mercy!!!"
As he shouts those words,Rarwo morphs again,in blinding speed.By the middle of the sentance he was a white large enough to rival an Overlord.And the last word was roared from the great maw of a.....cat?
Not just a cat,a tiger,but nothing to compare to the horrible monster that just seconds ago had been growing.Rarwo smiles,a toothy cat grin.Then,he appears to vanish.So fast does he run and attack that the gaping wounds on one of the silvers wings seem to be inflicted by clean air.
And the kitty stands in exactly the same spot it had been,and smiles its toothy smile.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/06/2001 3:03 AM

Airiana pretends she is shocked. "A dwarf tunnel? WOW!! I've never been in a dwarf tunnel before!" Listens to Wart's babbling about his master. The strongest mage ever?! Surely he doesn't put himself above Fisindanalis and Raistlin, does he? She asks herself while still playing her role. "Yes, I am a mage. You serve Raistlin?" Looks down at Hooded in astonishment. "That's Raistlin?! ...He looks sick. I can heal him, if he needs it."

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

03/06/2001 2:35 PM

"He's Hooded, not Raist-whoever. And he's fine," states the goblin. "I thought you were a mage, not a healer."

03/07/2001 8:35 AM

"I am both." I stated simply. "I inherited both my mother and my father's talent, I am both a healer and a mage."


~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

03/07/2001 8:45 PM

OOC: Out of nowhere, a ten year old boy pops out of the abyss and runs towards Airiana. He then gives her a nice big hug (I think he missed her) then ran out of the tunnel. :)Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And then there was..........Me

03/17/2001 2:15 PM

The appearance of the little boy spooks the goblin. Wart decides to cut his losses with Hooded and try his own luck. "He's yours," shouts the oblin to Airana as he runs down one of the various dwarf tunnels.

03/28/2001 12:03 AM

Sylvalisha turns to see the gash on her wing. "Stubborn creature..." she hisses to herself. "A friend of yours?" she says to the mage in her claws.

Phieros, watching his leg as it oozes fresh blood, winces and says "Nope..."

"Well then, he will not miss you much then, Phieros." The silver dragon climbs and climbs into the sky, ignoring a certain catlike creature. "I seek your co-conspirator, the mage Hooded. Where is he?"

"Heal me and I shall tell you where I left him..."

"...Very well..." Energies drift from the dragon as both the tear on her wing and the injury on the black mage's leg close up. "Now...where?"

Phieros, looking somehow both relieved and defeated, said to his former lover, "I left him and his goblin near those hills over yonder. Near the dwarf tunnels."

The flap of the dragon's wings showed her acknowledgment...

03/29/2001 2:06 PM

The tiger moves,almost as in a nodding to itself.And then it moves,and is at the dwarf tunnels.Waiting.
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

04/04/2001 6:48 AM

Airiana smiles as Wart runs off. She waves to the boy as he runs off, too. "Okay! I'll take care of him for you... Bye!!" She yells to Wart's retreating figure. Time to have a little fun... Airiana quickly heals Hodded and waits for him to awake.


~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

04/04/2001 3:03 PM

{A rift opens just above Airiana's head. Peaking out Furanthas speaks with joy in his tone.}

"Hello their fairest of them all. Tis been again much to long. Thee looks as ravashing as always though. I was concerned to hear you would be moving quiet some time ago. Hast thou moved? And where might I ask do you dwell now. Not much has changed for me though. Still searching."

{A look of saddnes cross's his face for a moment. But once his gaze meets Airiana's a bright smile returns. His eye's change to a emerald green.}

"Have I caught thou at an innapropriate time? If you wish we could meet somewhere later?" "Power comes with Discipline."

04/06/2001 12:00 PM

*Airiana pushes the nonresponsive Hooded away.*

"Hello, my Dearest friend!! Yes, I have moved. To New York."

*To answer Furanthas' question of inappropriate timing, she shakes her head and smiles.*

"We can meet now, if you like."


~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

04/27/2001 11:56 AM


Is anyone gonna reply any time this century? The last post (which was written by me) was posted Friday, April 6th, 2001!! That was twenty-one days ago!!!

Com'mon peoples!! Please write something!!


~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

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