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10/01/2000 3:42 PM

A hippy character sits in the middle of a circle of candles.He has long hair,and is dressed in a long flowing robe.Behind and at the corners of the circle are others, sitting,playing guitars, and smoking Indian Pipes.
He is mededitating,doing yoga.
He opens his eyes and looks up."Ah,I see I have visitors.Come, sit,medidatiate,tell me of your travels, tell me your stories."
"I am the Guro of this place,this place that is living on Beduin time,time without measurments.We are not of any world, we are of them all,Kyrnn as much as Earth."
He produces a Nargila and sets it in the middle of the circle."Now sit in the circle,smoke of the Nargila,and live in Beduin time." ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/02/2000 3:45 PM

*A kender walks up. He is the first kender ever to successfully grow a beard. He has long hair and wears colorful clothes. Sitting down.*

"Heyyy mannnn. I'm Karma the Kender." Karma says, pulls out 5 tabs of LSD and chucks them into his his mouth.

Dragon Peak
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10/03/2000 4:40 AM

"No dude,LSD is bad."The Guro hits Karma on the back of his head and makes him spit out the LSD.
"Have some grass ,grass is good for you."He says and offers some topnotch grass to the kender.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/03/2000 11:08 AM

{Walking into the hotboxed room Furanthas cracks a smile that spreads from ear to ear. Looking over at Joe he walks over and takes a seat grapping the nagira and hitting it like a mad man. Filling his lungs to the point every hit only lets smoke out. Holding it in for a minute he releas's a thick fog horn of a toke. Licking his lips once he looks at joe and reaches for a inner pocket. Pulling a silver container with a dragon ingraved like smoke. Opening it the room fills with the strong stink of some killa Chro???.}

"Now this be some real sh?t and I'm gonna yoga you up."

"Power comes with Discipline."

10/03/2000 12:55 PM

Balen walks in and sits down. "Now this is my kinda place, dude." He grabs a pipe and starts smoking. Then he looks to the kender. "Whoa, a kender with a beard. Gnarly." He shrugs, passes everyone in the room a daisy, and goes into some deep meditating.

10/03/2000 1:39 PM

{Chanting a verse in his head Furanthas watch's as some nagira floats up out of the silver container. In mid air suddenly a bubble of solid clear ice sorrounded the Quarter of nagira. Whipering a quick word that sounded like a release of pressurized air. The inside of the bubble burst into flame only a moment later from bright flames could thick grey smoke be seen swirling inside the bubble. slowly closing his open hand into a solid fist, at the same motion the bubble constricted smaller and smaller. Eventually becoming the size of a marble. Raising his finger's out of the fist one by one the bubble reacted by spliting into five smaller pellet sized bubbles. Relaxing his hand and mind Furanthas looked at the others and gestured to the bubbles.}

"I learned that from a great Ice mage. Try one, It'll hit you hard so be prepared."

{Smiling again Furanthas reached out and grabed one of the pellets and placed it in his mouth , then took a deep slow breath. Instantly his eyes Slanted, and turned red. Exhaling quickly his voice sounded smokey as a Pure puff of smoke came out.}

"This be the sh?t... Hahahaahahaaha!! straight."

"Power comes with Discipline."

10/03/2000 1:45 PM

The Guro smiles at Furanthus and Balen.
"Hey,welcome!Have some grass,do some yoga."
"And who's this Joe guy?I'm the Guro,dudes."
A midly troubled look appears on his face."Dudes,do you think I should cut my hair?I mean,I like it,"He touches his long blond/brown hair with concern."But people say its way too 1960's."

"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/05/2000 11:59 PM

**Airiana appears in the circle in Elven form.
She smiles at her Dearest friend, Furanthas.**

"Hello, my friend, how are thee?" She askes as
she sits down, taking an Indian pipe and breathing
it in deeply.

~ ~ Airiana

The Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

10/06/2000 12:32 AM

*Karma stares at Guro blankly.*

"Heyyy mannn. Don't be square mannn." Karma says in a droning voice. then pulls out another 5 trips and sucks them hard. Dissolving them quickly.

*Karma looks between Furanthas and Airiana.*

"Hey dudes. I didn't see ya there. My name is Karma, coz I got great karma mannnn."

Dragon Peak
Where F**K Lives
Minus the *'s

10/10/2000 11:54 AM

{Looking next to him Furanthas is overwhelmed with happiness.}

"My dearest friend. How are thee doing? Tis been almost two week's since we last conversed. Ya still got it though!!"

{Looking at Airiana with respectfull eyes. Admiring her beautiful elven face. His eyes change a soft emerald green.}

"Thou is still the most beautifull creature I have ever seen."

OOC:You smoke? I would have never thought it.

"Power comes with Discipline."

10/11/2000 7:05 AM

OOC: Only of the Indian pipe... nothing else. By
the by, what's your email. I could keep in touch
with you easier through that then tracking you
down on message boards. :P

BIC: Airiana lets out the smoke slowly, closing
her eyes until the breath is completly exhailed.

"I am doing fine, Furanthas, and what of thee?
Doth (SP?) all go well?"

**Airiana blushes slightly at Furanthas' kind

"I thank thee, my friend, though I think myself
unworthy of such a comment." She says as she
breaths in more of the sweet smelling smoke of the
Indian pipe.

**As she lets it out, she passes it on to the
person on the other side of her and begins to

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

10/11/2000 12:10 PM

Joe takes the indian pipe,inhaling and sighing.He passes it on,going into yoga stance.


"I must have these dudes!"- dude vadar

10/13/2000 6:07 PM

A young fighter walks in.

"Hey people Can I join in the fun?
I'll Bring Baileys, vodka, dope, crack, chop, whatevers goin'."

10/17/2000 2:54 PM

OOC: Yes that would be much more direct. Its Fury@dragonlance.zzn.com. I beleive you need to have a yahoo account.

"Don't be modest, Thine could stop a army of charging ogre's with thee's radiant beauty."

{Furanthas looks breifly around the room to be sure no one is taking note of them.}

"Hast thou seen or spoken to any of my kind lately. Tis quiet a gift I have, My powers are unlimited. The gods smile on me and I'm learning to smile back. I think not of my horrible past but look forward to my......Succesfull future."

{Plucking yet another Pure marble sized ball of Kanaris smoke. Furanthas place's it in his mouth and inhales deeply. His face turn's red and he begins to make a squeeking noise as he tries to contain his coughing.}

"Power comes with Discipline."

10/18/2000 6:36 AM

**Airiana smiles at Furanthas.**

"Not recently, but I spoke to one just after I
reached the Dark Realm... not of Good blood, of course
but I spoke to her nonetheless."

**Airiana smiled again.**

"Now, tell me, have thee been in good health, this
Kanaris doesn't improve it in the least,
thee should know."

OOC: As soon as I finish writing in my other RPG,
I'll write you at your email. ^_^ Tootles!

10/18/2000 2:27 PM

"Tis good to hear of others like me even if they follow a darker path. Yes I have been in quiet good health, in fact I'm presently trying to learn how to control the element of air. Gesturing towards the tiny balls of smoke. I do know that Kanaris is not a health improver but it does open my mind while relaxing my body."

"Power comes with Discipline."

10/25/2000 12:20 AM

**Airiana nods her head.**
Aye, so 'tis. I have been looking... I hope to find others. I am making it
my quest to do so, for thee, my friend.

**She smiles at the mention of controlling air.**

A persuit(SP?)I once had, myself.

**She waves her hand and the balla of Kanaris
smoke are blown away.**

There are other ways of relaxing thy body, my
friend. I hope thee find one that suits thee,
Kanaris shall kill thee in the end.

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

10/25/2000 9:56 AM

"I'm honored that thou hast chosen to search for others of my kind. Thine's compassion is limitless."

{Furanthas bows to his dear friend with a deep respect.}

"If thine would like to assist me in learning to control the element of air? I would be honored to be taught by thee."

"Power comes with Discipline."

10/26/2000 6:38 AM

**Airiana blushes slightly.**

"I would consider it an honor to have a pupil with the compassion for his studies as thee."

**Smiling, she walks on the outer edges of the circle.**

"What would thee like to learn first?"

~ ~ Airiana

Last of the Pink-scaled Dragons

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